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next thing that happens is the votes themselves are corrupted and acorn's position is, well, maybe we gave you a $400,000 or more -- 400,000 ow more fraudulent voter registration forms, never fear there, were no fraudulent votes that came from that. in fact, the attorney general of nevada who happens to be a democrat and is involved in the prosecution of acorn, and i applaud him for that, says that he's certain there were no fraudulent votes that came from this. . i don't know how anybody can be certain that there were fraudulent votes that came from more than 4,000 or so fraudulent registrations. 400,000 fraudulent voter registrations and no fraudulent votes? that is a leap of faith i can't take. it's logical to me that the more fraudulent registrations you have the more fraudulent votes you have. it's not logical that every
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fraudulent registration would be a fraudulent vote. but it's clearly logical that with over 400,000 fraudulent registrations you are going to get fraudulent votes. how many is the question, who were they, we don't know, because a fraudulent vote is almost the perfect crime. if you can walk into a vote -- a polling place and the poll worker says who are you and you answer, my name is joe schmo and let's use a previously used address, 2609 canale street, new orleans, and they hand you a vote. no i.d. required, no picture i.d. required. in fact, in new mexico, and this is part of the congressional record with the secretary of state of new mexico testified before the judiciary committee about three years ago, it comes down to this. if i am working as a poll worker in new mexico registered to vote in new mexico and someone walks in to that
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polling place and says, i am steve king and i live at -- names the address that i live at -- even if they say they are me and i am working the polls, by law in new mexico i can't challenge that fraudulent voter. it's against the law to challenge voters in new mexico and many other states because  the liberals have so corrupted the process. first, they passed motor voter so when people get a driver's license they ask them, do you want to be registered to vote, well, who says no? and a test that you are a citizens of the united states. well, who says no? what if you don't understand the language, are you really going to read that as a legal document and know that if you attest that you are a citizen of the united states that you're guilty of perjury? by the way, out of 306 million or so americans does anybody know anybody that has been prosecuted for falsely saying that they are a citizen?
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no, it's an unprosecuted crime, a crime of perjury, which exists as a felony in every state that i know of, unprosecuted. so our voter register rolls were corrupted by the low standard of motor voter, and then we had the florida fiasco in 2000. and there if we looked across what was going on in florida there were allegations of voter fraud on both sides. i don't know if there weren't some on both sides, but what i saw was that -- was indicators that there could have been significant votes shifted. and i think all the scrutiny that came into those counties helped. i think a lot of people went down and watched the hanging chad count. but i also have seen film of the director of the miami-dade county election board, michael -- last name starts with a l,
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and it's i can't remember. it's been nine years. in a previous election there's videotape of the hanging chads that would come in. how would they deal with the hanging chads in miami-dade county in florida? they had 70 volunteers from the league of women voters -- now, they haven't been on my side very much. they don't seem really bipartisan to me. long tables, 70 volunteers from the league of women voters. they would sit down at a table and they would bring in these punch card ballots and set them on one side of each of the ladies that were there working, issue them three nice sharp number two lead pencils, where you take your basic skills, where i come from, and they would take these punch card ballots and clean them up. they'd punch the pencil through the hole, rack it off and stack up these cleaned up ballots
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over on this other side where once they got done cleaning up the haing chads, these 70 volunteers for the league of women voters, then the process ballots would go through the vote counting machine. now, does that give you a lot of confidence if you put somebody there at a table to decide your vote for you where they poke the pencil and where the chads are hanging? not to me it doesn't. that process should never have happened. the collier brothers did a research on election fraud down in florida. neither one of these gentlemen are alive today, and i don't have any sign of foul play and i don't allege such a thing. i couldn't track what brought about their demise. but i read a fair amount of their material and me did a video, a movie in investigative journalism where they went into the previous les board director of miami-dade county who took care of the voting machines. sitting in a warehouse along the swamp and walked in and said, what do you do?
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well, i fix these vote counting machines. and i keep them up in shape. how do you make this all work? and they got to talking about how elections got rigged and he said, here's how it is, and the video exists. he pulled some plastic gears out of a door and said, we grind one of these teeth off on this plastic gear, we put it in the vote counting machine and where we put that gear makes a difference on which side gets an extra vote for every 10 gets through. openly in the videotape. and they went up into the loft, in the attic, and filmed a bunch more before they got suspicious before they had to get out of there with their cameras. i saw this research back then. i bring this out, madam speaker, because just because this wasn't a particularly close election in november of 2008 doesn't mean that we shouldn't be alarmed about the corruption of our election process. 537 votes made the difference in florida, and florida made the difference on who would be
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the next leader in the free world, madam speaker. and those 537 votes could easily be blended through the more than 400,000 fraudulent registration forms that acorn has admitted to turning in that corrupted our voter registration rolls and opened the door for the corruption of our election process. now, i've discussed the community reinvestment act, and now i've discussed the election voter registration process. and these are the get out the vote democrats. please don't forget. if we should forget, i should put another fact out. president obama as a candidate for president, then senator obama hired acorn to get out the vote and wrote the check to one of their subsid year corporations for over $800,000. there's three ways the president is tied. more than three ways the president is tied to acorn.
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one is as their attorney. one is as an employee of project vote heading up project vote in chicago, receiving paychecks. acorn through project vote into president obama. one is hiring. the third one is hiring acorn to get out the vote. there are rumors that donor lists got circulated back and forth. i haven't been able to chase that down. the fourth component is the white house has hired -- the white house has hired acorn to participate in the census. now, over 400,000 fraudulent registrations turned in, admitted by acorn, i suspect significantly more. i never met someone who admitted to such wrongdoing and admitted to it in the full magnitude of their wrongdoing. they always try to minimize. so at least 400,000, and now the president who has worked for acorn in two compass its, hired acorn in at least one
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capacity, now hires acorn as another capacity to help with the census, to help count the people of the united states. now, if you want to direct what goes on in america, if you want the power of this country, there are two ways. through the ballot box and influence the election so you get your people in these heats here and in the seats in the senate and in the white house where there is tremendous power. that's one component. another component is through the united states census. what does it do? well, the constitution requires us to count the people every 10 years. not by a formula. actually counts the people. it takes a lot of people out there to actually count them. but once the people are counted, it affects two big things. one is the redistricting process where new lines get depraun on the maps of all the states -- drawn on the maps of
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all the states of the union and those maps are drawn and approved by the state legislatures and some of them it's very, very bart san when they decide how to ex-- partisan when they decide how to expand the number of democratic and republican seats. and in my state it's fortunate because it's far less partisan than any other state that i know of. but that sets the -- that determines in a large way who will be in the jorts in the state legislatures -- majorities in the state legislatures in the next election. some seats will be lost and some seats will be won as a result of the census that's taking place in 2010. not only does it make a difference in who's in the majority in the state legislatures in every state, bicameral, with the exception of nebraska which is unicam rale. but it makes sense -- unicameral. but it makes sense here, madam speaker. when those lines are changed it
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makes a difference on sometimes who comes to this congress. it makes a difference on whether a few more republicans get elected or a few more democrats get elected. and if you can stack the count in certain areas you can expand the number of seats and make a difference on who holds the gavel here behind me, madam speaker. if we just look at the count of illegals in america, there's a study done by a reputable organization, dr. steve camerota, as i recall, that comes to a conclusion that there are between nine and 11 congressional seats in america. that was an election or two ago. the analysis shifts. there was between nine and 11 seats in america that is shifted because we count illegals along with legals for purposes of apportionment. it takes in my opinion a constitutional amendment to fix that. but someone like maxine waters in california will require perhaps 50,000 votes to get
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re-elected to congress because i suspect she doesn't have as many legal americans there and a lower percentage of citizens and certainly a lower incidence of people voting. my particular seat it will take about 120,000 votes to be elected or re-elected to the fifth district of iowa because we have a high percentage of citizens and a low percentage of illegals. the census makes a difference. if the census is an accurate count then we can draw better lines. if the census is an inaccurate count, then the lines will be drawn to favor the partisan interests of the people that produce the inaccurate count. now, if i were going to look across the entire united states of america and try to come up with entities that had the wherewithal to significantly provide the manpower for this census and who had the most ability to corrupt the process, number one on my list of alarm would be acorn and all of their
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affiliates. for all these reasons that i've said. but how can anyone expect to get a legitimate count on the census from the very people that have produced the illegitimate voter registration forms? and yet, president obama, his administration has contracted with acorn to assist with the census. excuse me. pardon me. madam speaker, the question came up, question came up last night in the national media about, do i have any proof of this because acorn denies this? and, madam speaker, i have in my hand the documents that do determine. these are documents that come from the u.s. census bureau. and they read that -- let's see -- they were looking for some entities that could help with
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the census. their goal was to work with national organizations and corporations that could help us reach the hard to count populations. excuse me. and as i look down through this information that includes an agreement with acorn, it says our overall goal was to work with those organizations that could reach the hard to count populations. and here's what they did to identify who to partner with. they went to the list of national organizations. they added advisory committees. they used a cluster segmentation approach. they looked at the economically disadvantaged, the unattached mobile singles. that's the term i had not seen before. and high density areas with ethnic enclaves. ok. these are legitimate places where we would have difficulty with the census.
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i recognize that and i agree with that. but then they had criteria for not partnering with a group. one is if they didn't meet the criteria above that i mentioned. the second one is if they are hate groups. now, i'd like to see that list of hate groups that's filed under the united states census bureau. it seems like the department of homeland security had identified conservatives as hate groups. it seems like the f.b.i. had resources to send investigators out to mill through the crowds on tax freedom -- on tea bag day, april 15, tax day. the f.b.i. was looking at the people that came to the courthouse square to voice their objection to the oppressive taxes that have been imposed upon this country and the irresponsible spending, and they're identified as hate groups. conservative group, hate groups, i don't know of a liberal group that would be on that, but i hope we are able to make that request and get a list in the congressional record of who are the hate
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groups. i suspect i am probably alleged to be on some of them. then other groups that were not considered were law enforcement groups, anti-immigrant groups. i don't know what an anti-immigrant group is. i know there are some anti-illegal immigrant groups. i don't know of a single anti-immigrant group, but that gives you the sense of the bias ideology. and also people that are fearful of participating in the census. it gives them a way out. or any groups that did not serve the hard to count population. they've written some regs that will qualify acorn. i have in my hand a document from the u.s. census bureau, national partnership. it's a document that says the association of community organizations for reform now, acorn, their task, check marked and dated january 13, 2009, 3:02 p.m. dear sir or madam, i'm writing to inform you that on behalf of
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the 2010 census partnership program, we'd like you to be a partner for the u.s. census. acorn is in. it's not a matter of con jengture. acorn is involved in the census and if we don't suspend that here in the congress, the result will be, i fear a corruption of the census process that is nearly as serious as the corruption of the election process. why would you go to the people that have exactly the wrong track record and put them in control? why did the president ask to move the census within the white house and out of the department of commerce? why is rahm emanuel involved in directing this, the man from chicago, the chicago politics, visits and arrives at the white house with the president. by the way, if one goes back also and even begins to think that president obama wasn't involved with acorn and this is
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just a random hiring process that took place because it made sense, i would point out also that president obama chaired, for a time, sat on the board for a longer time thombing woods foundation in chicago, which distributed funds to community organizing groups and directed funds to acorn. as chairing the woods foundation he sent money to acorn he also set sat on the board of the chicago annenberg challenge. this is a liberal education initiative, the brain child of the unrepen tant terrorist william arrest. william arrest re-- william ayers recruited president obama, to sit on the board of the annenberg foundation to give money to acorn. president obama is tied in with acorn, part and parcel. he's been their attorney, been
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an employee under project vote, he's hired them and written them a check out of his campaign for over $800,000. sat on the board of the woods foundation, the chicago annenberg challenge, both of them sent money to acorn. william ayers, the unrepent tant terrorist recruletted him. by these document, acorn is working on the census and at a minimum providing temporary employees to work on the census to count the people. we know what's happened to our election process, it's been corrupted. by the way, there are news reports of fraudulent votes and prosecutions on fraudulent votes and people that voted multiple times that were enabled by the registrations of acorn. some of that, madam speaker, is in the news today. so i revere this election process and i would rather lose elections than i would lose the integrity of the election process.
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i'm happy enough to accept the results of a legitimate census, no matter what it is. if it draws a district out of iowa, i'll lament that. i want to have the most representation possible from iowa. but we've got to have a real count. we've got to deal with integrity. when we have corrupt organizations with the trappings of a criminal enterprise this congress should shut off funding to that criminal enterprise. but instead we don't get a vote vote and we don't get a debate because the rule os unprecedentedly changed and corrupted up there on the third floor in the rule committees where nobody goes and if many did they couldn't get. in we need cameras there. we need the press there. we need open rules here on the floor and we need people that are willing to engage in this debate and take -- come whatever may if you believe in yourself, stand up and say so, i'll be happy to yield to you but i see it never happens. you sit on your hands and you accept that this power that you happen to have right now, but
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the american people are going to take it back and give it to the people that they trust. with that, madam speaker, i would yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back his time. the chair lays before the house the following enrolled bills. the clerk: senate 614, an act to award a congressional gold medal to the women air force service pie lots, wasps. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman have a motion? mr. king: i move the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question son the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is agreed to. acardingly, the house stands adjourned until 10:30 a.m. on tuesday next fo
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they completed one this week, spending for the commerce and justice departments. live coverage when the house returns next week, here on c- span. >> there's still time to get your copy of c-span's 2009 congressional directory. with information on house and senate members, supreme court justices, and the nation's governors. it is $16.95 online at >> live tonight, coverage of the radio and television correspondents association dinner. president obama will make
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remarks, and guessed entertainers will and crude -- will include the singing group, sweet honey and the rock. >> people to not want to think of roosevelt's conservation as policy -- so much as policy as passion. as people are talking about environmentalism and green movements, results is becoming a key figure to understanding. he was the only politician of his day that absorbent are wind and understood biology -- absorbed darwin and understood biology. >> sunday on a "q&a." the first of two hours with douglas brinkley on "the wilderness warrior." also, download the cspan
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podcast. >> how c-span funded? >> from the federal government? >> grants and stuff like that. >> from sponsors? >> it might get some government funding. >> of yours? >> 30 years ago, america oppose the cable companies created -- america's cable companies created c-span as a public- service. >> in the house, members supported a resolution supporting the iranian people and the protests surrounding the presidential elections. the resolution passed 405-1. next, a portion of the debate. >> house resolution 560,
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expressing support for all relation -- iranian citizens to embrace the values of civil liberties and the rule of law. >> pursuant to rule, the gentleman from california and the gentleman from florida will each control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. >> mr. speaker, every day since iran's election, the streets have been filled with demonstrators. each day this past week, the number seems to be growing. even state-run media and iran have put the number of demonstrators at hundreds of thousands. one british newspaper reports that there were 1 million demonstrators yesterday. what do these demonstrators want? are they simply in favor of the candidate? or are they making a more
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profound statement about the iranian regime? nobody knows exactly. we do know one thing. the demonstrators feel their intelligence was insulted and their dignity insulted -- assaulted by the results with which the june 12 correction -- election were handled. this morning, the supreme leader offered and no results. it is not for us to decide who should run iran, much less determine the real winner of the june 12 election. but we must reaffirm our strong belief that the iranian people have a fundamental right to express their views about the future of their country freely and without intimidation. the iranian regime is clearly embarrassed by the demonstrations, and has not shrunk from using violence to
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stop them. a least eight demonstrators and quite likely a number more have been killed and hundreds have been injured. the regime has also tried to ban media coverage of the demonstrations. foreign journalists are consigned to their homes and offices. aseveral have been expelled from the country. cellphone coverage has been blocked. the regime has interfered with the internet, and taken down many opposition websites. we cannot stand silent in the face of this assault on human freedom and dignity. i repeat that we have no interest in interfering with iran's internal affairs. that era has ended. this resolution affirms the universality of individual rights as well as the importance of democratic and fair elections. beyond that, it's simply
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expresses its solidarity with iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law. i do not know how many demonstrators fall into that category, but i do know that many of them do. this resolution also condemns the bloody suppression of freedom. it is not a judgment on who won the elections, it is an acknowledgment that we cannot remain silent when cherished universal principles are under attack. mr. speaker, i want to offer my appreciation to our ranking member and to the gentleman from indiana for working together on a resolution which puts the house of representatives on the side of the people of ran -- iran.
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with that, i asked my colleagues to join me in supporting this resolution, and reserve the balance of my time. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to start out thinking of our esteemed and distinguished chairman of our foreign affairs committee for working with us in a bipartisan manner. we brought this timely resolution to the floor. i also want to thank our republican conference chair, and a great number of our foreign affairs committee who authored this legislation. i rise in strong support of the fundamental, universal human rights and civil liberties to which the iranian people are and will titled -- the iranian people are entitled. it uses a sham


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