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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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candidates handpicked by the ruling apparatus to create the illusion of political participation. there was no election in iran this year. there has been no action, no democracy in iran for decades. the candidates and the winners were picked in advance by the regime. real democracy was never an option. this oppressive regime relies on so-called elections to provide a veneer of legitimacy. that passat has been shattered by the protest taking place in iran this week. the brutal nature of the iranian regime is well documented. on tuesday, i have the honor of attending with secretary of state hillary clinton, the release of the state department's annual trafficking report which cited iran as a ti er 3 country among the worst. the regime does little, if anything, to prevent men, women, and children from being
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trafficked for sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude. slavery. iran's pour human-rights record worsened, and continued to commit serious abuses. the government severely limited the citizen's right to change their government peaceably through free and fair elections. authorities held political prisoners, and intensified a crackdown against women's rights reformers, ethnic minority rights activists, student activists, and religious minorities. we must look beyond the past week, which is almost the most -- which is only the most recent example. we cannot afford to lose sight of the threat that it presents to our own national security
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interests, and indeed, to global peace and security. iran draws even closer to crossing the nuclear point of no return. admiral mike mullen, the chairman of our joint chiefs of staff has stated that they have enough uranium to make an atomic bomb. international inspectors also report that iran has enough low ridge uranium to achieve nuclear weapons break out possibilities and possible military dimensions to it iran's nuclear program remains unresolved. additionally, iran continues to develop chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles while army and bankrolling violent islamic extremist world wide -- worldwide. we need to keep this in mind
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when we determine the appropriate response to the iranian regime's policies and actions. today, we must focus on the hopes of the individual iranians who had been robbed of a better future for almost 30 years by regime that promises almost nothing but misery and malaise. now's the time for all responsible nations to stand four square with the people of iran as they seek freedom, as they seek true self governance at home. we must send a clear signal today to the iranian regime and all of its proxy's and affiliate's that free nations will not tolerate further efforts to silence the voice of the iranian people through violence and coercion. with that, mr. speaker, i like to reserve the balance of our time. >> the speaker lays before the house of the following bills.
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>> an act to designate the federal building in united states court house located at 306 east main street and elizabeth city north carolina at as the j. herbert w. small federal building in united states court house. >> i yield myself one minute. mr. speaker, my friend, the ranking member correctly cited a whole series of very important issues that we -- the united states has with the government of iran. she is correct. the reason i worked to bring this up on this quick notice is about what she pointed out at the end of her comments.
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this resolution is not about a recitation of all those issues. it is about an affirmation of something that this house of representatives has done in places all over the world, whether it is and tibet, cuba, or in eastern europe, the middle east, or any other region. to reaffirm our commitment to stand for certain fundamental, universal principles involving human rights, participatory democracy, and the affirmation of the rights of the people of any country. today, it is about the people of iran. with that, i reserve the balance of my time. >> we have an impressive lineup of speakers on our side. i like to start by yielding five minutes to the gentleman from
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indiana, the author of the bill. >> the chairman from indiana is recognized for five minutes. >> ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. >> without objection. >> i rise with a great sense of humility and a great sense of moment before this body. but a great sense of gratitude. to the rescue member for her extraordinary leadership in bringing this resolution to the floor, a resolution in which, as the chairman of the committee just stated, it will give the american people, through their elected representatives, clear opportunity on this day after a week of violence and to malts -- tumult in the nation of iran, support for all iranian citizens
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that embraces civil rights and the rule of law. i am especially grateful for the leadership and a spirit brought to this legislation by legislation -- chairman howard berman. i am grateful that he demonstrates a day in public mindedness that is in keeping with the best traditions of this institution. ronald reagan would say, you and dyer told increasingly that we have to choose between a left or right. i like to suggest that there is no such thing as left or right, there is only an up or down. up the man's age old dreams, the ultimate and individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the road of totalitarianism.
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today, howard berman states that on the issue of speaking a word of encouragement to those who would stand with extraordinary valor for their own liberty, there is no left or right in this body. it has been stated before, but it has been an extraordinary we can be life in the nation of iran. one week ago, from the very moment that the presidential election -- election results were announced, the press called the results and the question. among the reasons for that, even before the demonstrations had begun, millions of ballots, paper ballots, had been tallied and counted within a matter of
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hours. the official government results of the election were met with public consternation among the people of iran. while the did -- while the defeated candidate launched an appeal, what hasn't sued on the streets has been the biggest demonstration in the islamic republic's 30 year history. sadly, following the election day, the actions by the government and the militias that support the government have turned to violence. pro-government forces have attacked demonstrators over the past week causing fatalities, resulting in the arrest of dissidents. we have heard of foreign reporters not being able to get to the public. wherever the jamming of
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electronic communications. -- we have heard of the jamming of electronic communications. in this moment, the people of the united states of america long to be heard. through their elected representatives, the american people will have that opportunity. this resolution simply states the house of representatives expresses its support for all uranium -- iranian citizens. it also condemns the ongoing violence by demonstrators -- to demonstrators by the government interference with the internet and cellphone. it affirms the universality of individual rights and the importance of democratic and fair elections.
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i have said many times this week, and it has been echoed by my colleagues like the republican whip, that because of america is freedom. in this cause, the american people will not be silent. there is no intention here to pick sides. there is an intention here, and a true spirit of bipartisanship, to allow the american people to be on the side of liberty. to be on the side of freedom. i urge my colleagues to join us in supporting this legislation. the voice of the american people has before, and will again make a difference in the advancement of human liberty in the world. i urge support. >> time has expired. who seeks recognition at this time?
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>> i am pleased to yield to my dear friend and a member of the foreign affairs committee, the gentle lady from nevada. >> i think the gentleman from california for yielding and for his steady leadership on this at some of the other issues. i also think the gentleman from indiana for his leadership on this at some many other middle eastern related issues as well. mr. speaker, i rise in strong support of this resolution and in support of the people of ran whose voices deserve to be heard in a free and open democratic way. we're not here discuss the outcome of this election or involve the united states in the internal politics of iran. the american people, through their elected representatives, are here today to stand with the people of ron -- iran.
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we want them exercise their right to free speech and fair elections. it takes an enormous amount of courage to stand up to your government in an oppressive society. the american people applaud those heroes that face intimidation and oppression for expressing their views. i am personally in all of the iranian people and help others will learn by their example. i also support president obama, who i believe has steered an excellent course in dealing with this situation. while some have called upon him to condemn the iranian government's more forcefully, i believe it is essential that the united states not interfere in this remarkable debate and public demonstration. what the world is watching unfold in iran is condonation enough of what is happening in that country. -- is condemnation enough of what is happening.
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it is a wise course, and i believe it is one we would have benefited from in years past. i think the gentleman from california once again. i encourage all of my colleagues to support this legislation. i support it. i yield back the balance of my time. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i am proud to yield two minutes from deep -- to the gentleman from virginia. >> the german from virginia is recognized for two minutes. >> i think the gentle lady. mr. speaker, the iranian regime 's full palette -- brutality is on full display for the world to behold. i rise on behalf of those that have been injured or killed protesting the outcome of their election. i salute the leadership of the generally from florida, and the
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gentleman from california -- the gentle lady from florida and the gentleman from california. it is america's moral responsibility to speak out on behalf of the protection of human rights wherever they are violated. regardless, mr. speaker, of the outcome of the election, make no mistake where the power lies. it lies with the clerical regime who conducts its most egregious activities in the dark. hidden from the world's eyes. it escapes the media attention -- escapes media attention. iranian centrifuges enrich uranium are often hidden -- and
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are often hidden from inspectors -- from inspectors. this is the regime that we are talking about. this week, the true colors of that regime are on broad display. we must rally the world around the cause of the iranian people. i urge the administration, i urge president obama to follow the lead of this house to speak out on behalf of the iranian people and their quest for freedom and human rights. i yield back. >> to the gentleman from california. >> i want to yield myself 30 seconds. the gentleman and the madam for whom i have great respect, the minority whip, spoke about
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america's moral commitment to speak out on behalf of people yearning for freedom. we have even higher moral commitment. -- we have an even higher moral commitment, to things that expands the extent of human freedom around the world. it is in that context that i know that this house and this administration are pursuing this mission. the higher authority to do the things that produce the greatest likelihood of the expansion of human freedom. >> time has expired. >> ideal the two minutes to the member of the committee, mr. scott. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. thank you for this timely resolution. this is a time of great thought
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and deliberation. and concern of what the united states must do and say. our words have got to be carefully calculated to make sure that they are seen as not meddling, as not trying to tell the iranian people what to do, because quite honestly, mr. speaker, the iranian people have already spoken. they have decided. i believe it is our responsibility, if we hold true to the principles of our founding fathers, as i was coming over on the floor, i was thinking what i could say. the words of one of our great founders beams very deep in my heart as i think and watch the news reports.
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the great patriot said, give me liberty or give me death. that is why the united states of america cannot be silent. is our foundation. -- it is our foundation. i was reminded of the words of thomas jefferson when he wrote that all men are created equal, and guard in doubt by their creator -- and are in doubt by their creator -- endowed by their creator, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. it is important that the world understands that america is that shining light of liberty and freedom that patrick henry and
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thomas jefferson spoke about. we support the iranian people. we condemn the violence. >> the time has expired. >> i am pleased to yield two minutes to my good friend from california, the ranking member on the subcommittee of international organizations, of human rights, and oversights. >> i rise in strong support of this resolution which ratchets up to a degree, america's willingness to express its heartfelt support to the iranian people. it has been said you cannot champion the oppressed unless you're willing to take on the oppressor. america should not intervene in every struggle taking place. but we should be on a pot -- unapologetically on the side of those who are in desperate battle for their own freedom.
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tempered rhetoric cannot be interpreted by tyrants as weakness. we need to send a strong message to those tyrants and a strong message to the people who are willing to risk their lives on the streets that we are on the side of the people and the side of democracy and freedom. and the other message would be of the trail of our fundamental principles. the principles of liberty and democracy that some americans have sacrificed pass on to our generations. it is up to us to make sure that those struggling throughout the world know we are on their side. i was honored to be ronald reagan's one of five speechwriters. he was told to tone down his rhetoric.
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with his strong words, he ended the cold war. he ended it without the conflagration that hung around our heads for decades. he made it a more peaceful world with a strong message with no policies -- with no apologies. we should follow ronald reagan. it would make it a better world decide what the people -- to side with the people of iran. >> i am pleased to yield two minutes to my legislative brother, the gentleman from florida, a member of the committee. >> ayatollah khamenei is the
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ruthless dictator of iran. ahmadenijad this is puppet. the others who aspire to the presidency are upset. the iranian people are utilizing this moment in the division of the dictatorship to heroically expressed their opposition to the dictatorship. the issue is not one of who is entitled to be puppet president, the issue is that the iranian people are entitled to an end to the dictatorship, and to lend -- and the president of the united states has been silent and confused. the congress of the united states clearly stands with the iranian people, and they will prevail.
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dodge the gentleman yields back. -- >> the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from florida that is recognized for two minutes. >> i like to thank my chairman for bringing this bipartisan statement forward which supports our american view of the events in iran. the iranian people deserve a democracy that counts every vote and treats its citizens with the utmost dignity. they deserve to trust their own government. these are not free and fair elections by piece -- by any stretch of the imagination. it is our duty to speak out wherever freedom is suppressed, whether by our allies or by our foes. any iranian government that seeks a nuclear weapon and spread to state-sponsored
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terrorism as a threat to the united states and our allies. that is why the united states has taken either side in this conflict. it is for the iranians to choose who leads them. the struggle belongs to them. the message we send today is, the world is watching. i urge my colleagues to support this resolution, and i yield back the balance of my time. >> i am pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from california, a member of the budget and financial services committee. >> i think the lady from florida. this country has always stood with those around the world yearning for freedom, a voice, and a better future. whether those people were nazi germany, communist eastern europe, apartheid south africa, or a number of other places around the world, we have stood with the freedom fighters.
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it is now time for us to stand with those in iran who seek freedom from one of the world's most impressive, most dangerous, and most dictatorial regimes. i hope this resolution is not the end. i hope it is the beginning of the support that this government, both in congress and the white house gives to those people. i yield back the balance of my time. >> who seeks recognition at this time? >> could i get an assessment or calculation of the remaining time on both sides? >> i can do that with precision. the gentleman has nine and one- half minutes remaining. the gentle lady has 4 and 1/4 minutes. >> the gentle lady is recognized for one minute.
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>> think you very much. today, i stand with my colleagues in this congress. i stand with president obama, and a vice president biden in support of the iranian people, their right to express themselves, their right to have peaceful demonstrations, and i stand in support of this resolution. i hope that the ayatollahs understand that these demonstrations are about the future of iran, and the right for their people to have a voice in their government. young and old, liberal conservative, all ages, all economic groups are part of these demonstrations. as president obama has said, the entire world is watching. in the world is inspired. we applaud your efforts to move your country towards a more democratic, peaceful country.
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thank you. >> i would like to reserve our time at this time. >> the gentleman from california. >> mr. speaker, i am pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from illinois. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today in support of a non-violent movement for social change in iran. i have always maintained that the middle east is in the need -- is a need for a non-violent movement for social change. not only in iran, but also in gaza strip. a non-violent movement in syria. a non-violent movement for social change. non-violence is the answer to the political and moral questions of our time. mankind must evolve all human
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conflict, a method which rejects retaliation. we are not only supporting democracy in iran, where also supporting the non-violent thrust for democracy in iran. so the complex may be settled without resorting to weapons, to violence, and to conflict. not only within the country, but amongst nations. today, mr. speaker, we rise to support non violence. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we have one additional speaker, and i would like to call upon the author of the resolution, a great member -- mr. pence for the remainder of the time. >> digital and is recognized for 4 and 1/4 minutes.


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