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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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can seek a consensus, a collective commitment to restore and preserve the establishment. everyone entered the scene, into villages, towns, cities, small towns, major cities, at different ethnic groups with withfates different fates, evere participated in this great move. this election was a political earthquake for your enemies, if you will. for your friends, this election was a real celebration. it was an historical celebration
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and a victory for your friends across the world. 30 years after the victory of the islamic revolution, such a huge turnout of the people and showing their, been to the islamic establishment. this is a popular movement for renewing allegiance with the marchers and for the islamic establishment. it was a fresh breath. it was a new move. it was a great opportunity. this election showed off the religious democracy for the whole world to see.
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all of those ill-wishers were shown what this democracy means. this was a third path in the face of establishments and arrogant powers on one side and democracies devoid of a spirituality and religion on the other side. this is religious democracy. this is what brings the hearts of people closer together, and it pushes them to the scene. this was our ordeal. this is the point i wanted to make about the election. one point regarding the election, last friday's election
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showed that the people have their confidence, they have their hope, they have their fervor, and they live in this country with all of the enthusiasm and feelings they have for their country. this is against what some media and your enemies say in their propaganda. if people of this country are not hopeful of the future, they will never take part in any election. if people do not confide in the islamic establishment, they will never vote. if people do not feel free, they will never attend polling stations. trusting the islamic
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establishment was evident in this election. i will tell you later on that the enemy is targeted -- that the enemies targeted at the very people in this islamic establishment. they want this trust to be crushed. that is what the enemies want. this confidence is the greatest asset of the islamic establishment. they want to rip the establishment of this trust. they want to create doubt on the election. the confidence that people have in the establishment, they want to create panic among the the enemies of the i iranian people know without confidence, there would be low turnout.
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when there is low turnout, the legitimacy of the establishment would shake. that is what they are after. that is what they want. that is what the enemy pursues. they want to take away your trust so that your turnout is no more. so legitimacy is no longer there for the establishment. this harms much more than setting fire to banks and putting busses ablaze. -- buses ablaze. this cannot be compared to any other loss. such a great move, the people
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actively turn out. the people are told that you have made a mistake, you should not have confided in the islamic establishment. that is what the enemy wants. this is what they have been pursuing even before the election, a couple of months before the election was held. in late march, i told people that the enemy is repeated the whispering into that yearears, t voter fraud is on the way. there were paving the ground for that. then i told our great friends inside the country. i give them the warning not to echo that.
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the as long as the establishment is trusted by the people. -- the islamic establishment is trusted by the people. this is not gained easily. with all of the painstaking, [no audio] it has managed to keep this confidence. the third point is the issue of rivalry. competition, the rivalries, there were totally free while at the same time serious between various candidates. everyone was witness to that.
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the campaigns and the debates that you saw, they were to the point, straight, so much so that some people opposed them. i will tell you that there were some how right at times. some problems were also created. you can see the consequences. we had this assumption and we still assume that the competition between the four presidential candidates was actually competition between people and thwaves between grous of the various the
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establishment. it enemies tried to the various media. they try to make believe in those media. there is a fight between supporters of the islamic establishment and the opposition. no, that is not true. they have no right to say that. that is not true. the four presidential contenders that entered the election race, they all belong to the islamic establishment. they have been and still are. one of these people are the president -- is the president of our country. the president, a hard-working president, who is serving everyone. one of those candidates used to be the prime minister of a years
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when i was president myself -- of eight years when i was president myself. one of the candidates was the commander of the islamic revolution four years and one of the major commanders during the course of the iraq-iran war. one of those people for two terms was in charge of the legislature. he was the speaker of our parliament. these other elements of the establishment. they all belong to this establishment. of course, they have differences of opinion. they have various kinds of plants and projects, which differ from one another. they all belong to this islamic
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establishment. this competition was made within the establishment. it was not a competition between inside and outside establishments. they have been trying to say otherwise that this was a competition from inside and outside the establishment. no, that is not true. this was the competition from within the establishment. i know them very closely. i know them all. i know they're thinking, their tastes very well. i am familiar with their personal traits. i work with all of them closely. i know them well.
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of course, i do not approve of all of their viewpoints. some of their attitudes and approaches could be criticized without a doubt. some of them i considered more appropriate to serve the nation officially, but it has been up to the people to decide. that is what happened. people pick who they wanted. my will was never told to the public. what i wanted was never publicized. people did not have to listen to that. people had their own criteria and they acted based on those. millions here, millions outside the country, they decided for themselves. this is an internal issue of the islamic establishment.
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changing the reality is purely treacherous. it is not a fight between the islamic a stylish trend and the outside world. it is only a difference of opinion between elements within the framework of the establishment. the people who voted for these four candidates, the people did trust in the establishment. they thought it is better for the establishment, and they voted for that person. they tried to choose the one they found most appropriate to serve this establishment so the people have acted according to the principles of the establishment.
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the debates in the campaign, it was an important initiative. it was an interesting initiative. it was to the point, serious, transparent. the televised debates nullified the campaign of those from the outside. there were serious. candidates for our discussiare issues. these debates have been positive. there have been some- complications, too, that i will mention later. the positive aspect was, in these debates and televised
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discussion sessions, everyone talksaid what they wanted to say quite clearly. a wave of criticism paved the way. everyone had to respond. they were criticized and they had to make a response. they defended themselves. the stances of individuals and groups without ambiguity, they were put forth for the public eye cannot naked and honestly. they talked about their plans, their commitment, their projects. all of this was publicized for everyone. people could judge for themselves this way.
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people felt that in the islamic establishment, they are not looked upon as strangers, as outsiders. there is no inside or outside in the islamic establishment. everything is clear for the whole nation. everything was expressed clearly for everyone to understand. it turned out that the people's vote stemmed from the same contemplation. the people's vote is not a ceremonial in nature. the right of voting belongs to the people. people want their own pick. this is what the televised debates indicated. for sure, one reason for an increase, at 10 million increase in the turnout compared to last
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turnout the during the previous election, it has been the same factor. the fact that people's thoughts and mentalities, all of this was involved. they came to the same and they identified the person that wanted and they voted. the televised debates also -- they found their ways into homes and into streets. this strengthens people's right to choose. it helps them to nurture their minds and their thoughts and they give them a better decision making power. this is favored by the islamic establishment. i should add the point that such talks and debates should not lead to the point that results
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in the carrying grudges against one another. if it was the same way as it was that day, that was good, but if it is going to be turned into arguments, then gradually, it will bring grudge with itself and hard feelings. such debates should be conducted at different levels. they should continue by vomiting and putting aside those negative parts. they should continue. officials and individuals should know that they are being criticized and they should feel responsible to come up with their own answers and feel
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responsible towards the criticisms. if one individual is criticized at a time, this is considered an opportunity for him to enlighten people's minds and to reveal the facts and the truth. this is quite positive. this is devoid of the shortcomings i will mention shortly. if such debates during the year, if they continue in four years, during the time of an election when such debates are seeing, you will not see an explosion of excitement or commotion. of the ideas will be exchanged -- all of the ideas will be exchanged. there have done some deficiencies that need to be removed. in some cases, you could see in
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these debates, the logical point was undermined. the destructive aspects would prevail at times. it is depicting the status quo of looking upon the the dark side of things could be seen during these debates and also casting doubt on the performance of the previous governments would be seen. they were both-. such allegations were raised. they were never proved anywhere. sometimes, they've relied on rumors.
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sometimes, on just remarks were made both regarding this government with all the services rendered and sometimes on the comments regarding the performance of the previous governments in the past 30 years. the candid this kind of lost their temper during their they also raised some unpleasant issues and-points. -- and negative points. i sat and watched all of these debates. i enjoyed the freedom of expression and those debates. and the fact that the islamic establishment has managed to go to the help of the people and help them to decide better.
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this is what i enjoyed. but the parts, the deficiencies made me sad. for supporters of the candidates, those parts in which-aspects that i mentioned, supporters did not like those parts either. it was done on both sides. here on this platform, the sermon which is part of the prayers, i should reveal the facts. both sides, both candidates in these debates had their own problems and deficiencies unfortunately. on one hand, they were most
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explicit insults against the incumbent president of the country even two or three months before these debates. they had -- the speeches were given to me. i could see for myself and sometimes heard there have been allegations and insults to the president's of a country whose votes came from the people. then it wrong retributions to the president. date accused him of lying. this is no good. they fabricated some documents of government performance and they handed them out here and there. we can see. we know what is happening in
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this country and we know that these are all against the facts. they are not true. they swore then they call the president superstitious. they called him names, which is embarrassing. they forgot about morality and law. on the other hand, almost the same thing happened by the other candidate. the performance of the past 30 years, it was undermined. some people's names were mentioned. the people who are among the great personalities of this establishment. they are the same people who spent most of their life for the
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cause of this revolution. i have never mentioned people's names in a sermon. i have to mention some names here. s of a quick, -- specifically, [unintelligible] i have to mention their names. i have to tell people. of course, nobody has accused these gentlemen of corruption. regarding the relatives and family members, if anyone has any complaint, they should refer to judicial sources. the you cannot raise issues before they are proved. if there is something that is proved, every society member is equal.
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you cannot raise such claims if they are not approved. when such things are mentioned, then it misunderstanding happens. the youth thoughts think the wrong way. i knew him before the revolution. i have known him for 52 years closely. he is one of the main elements of the revolution in the course of the islamic revolution. he has been one of the most
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serious and active supporters of the revolution before and after. he was one of the most effective political figures alongside [unintelligible] after his departure, he has been alongside the leadership to date. several times on several locations, he nearly got assassinated. before the revolution, he gave away his belongings for the cause of the revolution. our youth should know these facts. after the revolution, he had different responsibilities. eight years, he was president. before, he was the parliament speaker. he had other major positions.
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all through this time, i do not know of one incident in which heat accumulated wealth. -- in which he accumulated wealth. these are the facts that everyone should know. the most sensitive periods, he was at the service of the revolution and the establishment. in numerous cases, of course, we had differences of opinion. it is natural. but we should not create misunderstanding for people. of course, between him and the president, since they have had
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their differences of opinion, since the president came to office, they have had their differences of opinion on foreign policy in the manner of spreading social justice, as well as some cultural issues. our president thinks -- the president's ideas are closer to those of mine. [chanting in foreign langu age] >> it is the same story regarding -- he has also served this revolution. he has rend


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