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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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there are street riots, they can have a pressure lever against these establishments, and tried to force these officials to actually listen to them. this is wrong to think that way. this is the beginning of dictatorship.
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this will never accept humility. a miscalculation is a wrong calculation, the consequences will direct those commanders behind the scene. if necessary, people will get to know them in due time.
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i ask all the brothers of mine, all the friends to act based on for eternity, on friendship, abide by blog -- by the law, peaceful ways are there in front of you. i recommend you to take that way. i hope god almighty will choose that way. everyone wants progress for the country. the 40 million voters should be celebrated. if some people want to choose another way, then i will have to talk to people. i will speak to them more
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frankly. the people announce their readiness to take the leaders' words. the third group i want to address, i want to address the leaders of the media, western music -- a western media and arrogant powers. in the last few weeks i have
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witnessed the words and deeds of the statesmen in the united states and officials of certain european countries. i have followed all of these, leading to the election. on election day, and the night after the election, and also of the past couple of days after the election was held. there was eight changing process before the election. you could see the bias in the words was that they wanted to talk about the election so there would be fewer people going to
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the polls. they have their own estimate -- estimations. they had predicted almost the same results. this is what they did not expect to see, this 85% turned out, 40 million voters. they never imagined this. when they saw this turned out, they were shocked. they realized it what has happened in iran. they came to understand that the need to adapt themselves with the the new situation, in international and regional issues, nuclear issues, regarding the issues inside iran.
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they were in for a shock. they realize there is a new chapter in the issues related to the islamic republic, and that they have to come to terms with this new situation. this is when they saw this great, popular, vote on election day. their own people covered the election. on friday morning, they started all these comments and reports, and some feedback. when some candidates started protesting, then they felt that they found a chance. they jumped at the chance, their tone after the election changed
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on saturday and sunday. little by little, they cast their eyes on some of these street rallies invited by some candidates on the streets. they pinned their hopes, and they gradually removed their masks and showed their true colors. some foreign ministers and presidents and heads of state of a number of european countries, and also america, they made comments that help you to get to know the real, true self and a true intentions. the u.s. president says that
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they -- we were waiting for a day like this to see people on the street. some people interpreted these remarks to --, and then they write letters and they say that we are ready to have respect. on the other hand, they make such comments. which should we believe? inside the country, the elements of these -- foreign elements, they started street rioting and vandalism, setting ablaze to public property. they made shops and businesses in secure. they looted some shops. they tried to defraud people of
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this security. peoples security was targeted by these people. this is nothing to do with supporters of the candidates. this stems from ill wishers, mercenaries, and the elements working for the espionage machines of the west and zionism. [chanting] the slogan of the death to america. what happened inside the country the wrong way is a mistake, misled the some people outside of the country.
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zionists american capitalists of the years before, based on his own comments that was reflected in some media and press. he said that i sent a million dollars in georgia and i started the velvet revolution. these fools thought that the islamic establishment, this great nation, this nation cannot be compared. who are they comparing this nation with? they have not come to note this revolution, these people.
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what matters, what is the worst thing to meet amid all of this is the comments that were made in the name of sympathizing with human rights, and taking -- making it hard on people, these comments that american officials made. they said that we are worried about the iranian nation. do you consider anything called human rights? who is bringing fighting to afghanistan?
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who is crushing iraq under its soldiers' boots? in palestine, who supported the to radical zionist regime and gave them so much fun and political support? -- so much funds and political support? the democrats, when they were in power in the u.s., at the time when the husband of this lady in america, mrs. clinton, 80 + people related to david were burned alive at that time.
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there were -- these were democrats that did this. they called it david -- a religious sect. for some reason, they were not liked by the u.s. administration. they could not push them out of the house. they put the house on fire. 80 women, men, women, and fire were burned. -- and children were burned. america and some european countries should feel a little embarrassed, and they should not open their malls and say anything they want to say. the islamic republic is
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defending humanity. we support the oppressed, pot palestine, iraq, afghanistan, and where people are being oppressed, we support them. this is a sign that we are raising the flag of human rights, believing in islam is race in this country. we do not need any advice on human rights. that is what i wanted to say about the election. finally, i want to address day -- the imam of the shiites.
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we tell him that we are doing what we have to do, what we are obliged to do. we have said what we have to say. i have my own life. i have a handicap to body -- handicapped body, and i have a good name, i owe that to you. i put this all on the line and i am ready to sacrifice all i have for the cause of this revolution and establishment. i am offering it all out to you.
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we want you to pray for us. everything in this country, this revolution belongs to you. this establishment is yours. you are our supporters. we will continue to have the full work force, we ask you to support us all along the way. they are ready to give their life for the cause of the leader. >> those remarks from friday. earlier today iranian police
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fired tear gas and beat protesters. what you are looking at is amateur video of the protest. iran's english language state to the has reported a suicide bombing took place earlier today south of tehran. there are a number of protests happening around the u.s. today. a quick schedule know, on monday, remarks from iran's former prince. he is expected to call for a democratic, secular, government. that will begin live at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. here is a look at our schedule. coming up next to the british
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house of commons, the speaker michael martin is stepping down tomorrow. and the circumstances following the crash in buffalo, n.y.. following that of the communicators, president obama's choice to head the effort cc. -- the fcc.
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people don't want to think of roosevelt's conservation as a policy, as much as a passion. he put aside 240 million a. of wild america. now when people are talking about and formalism, roosevelt is becoming the key figure to
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understanding this. he was the only politician of his day who understood biology and bird migratory patterns and mating habits of the deer and elk and antelopes, and did something. >> wilderness warrior. or download the c-span podcast. >> now tributes to michael martin, who addressed members for the final time. his last day is sunday, june 24th. he had to step down after an expense scanned appeared he is the first speaker of the house to be forced out 16¢ 95. british prime minister - gorham brown -- gordon brown spoke.
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>> order. one of the things of the speaker
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moving on is a signature. i can inform the house that in the past few weeks, i save several hundred bottles of -- dare the chancellor will be pleased to know that some bottles are fetching as much as 150 lbs. on ebay. i wanted to help the chancellor to stimulate the economy and was surprised i could do that in such a way. i give tribute to my staff.
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no speaker could ask for a better and more dedicated staff. thank you for giving me first class support. the expertise is plain to see. i also think the members of the chairman's panel for working nights and days. so i want to say thank-you to the one person -- it is planned for members to observe the police security officers, messengers, going about their duties.
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the speaker's chaplain, has given me in valuable spiritual help. the speaker's office, there is much that is on some. they go out of their way to help. they are held in the highest regard.
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the cpa do so much for us. i must make mention to those men and women, those associated with facility and who are behind the scenes, cleaning, maintaining, and working hard. so often come up with no recognition. some of these men and women you do not often say. i have taken every opportunity, when i can come up to thank them for the hard work on your behalf. as testimony to the dedication, a recall on the seventh of july,
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many walked home and walked to work when the transport had stopped, and they made sure they were at the bus the next day. that snow storm that stopped london this year, many made a huge effort to walk into work for this house. i proposed a and a printer step scheme. -- and apprenticeships scheme. which allowed local boys and girls to achieve their highest goals.
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by this summer break, they will be receiving their final certificates. they're giving so many people a good start in life. when you have the responsibility of caring for speakers house, my wife and i resolve to leave this place as a place of welcome. so many members honored us with their presents. it was a pleasant -- pleasure to receive democracies throughout the world over the past many years. i will leave speakers house in the knowledge that i have opened the house to some many charities, or celebrate a
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special anniversary on occasion. it was also a joy to receive regular visits from the children. we welcome many volunteers, professionals and associations including the royal college of midway, the world war ii veterans, a hospice in my constituency, and the huntington disease association. i have been able to welcome others, and was pleased to initiate the annual jewish celebration of hanukkah taking place in speakers house with the members of staff, members of the
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staff and others together. i want to mention recent issues which have troubled me. the police search of the hon. member's office led to my statement, which i asked today, i am pleased, i have been assured that i no longer require the of these members from the opposition and the chair and with no government majority will establish the first of -- transparency. i want all lessons to be learned. i will give evidence to any


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