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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 20, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> more top nonfiction authors and books throughout the weekend on c-span2's book tv, with books on the economy. john talbot expose this myth about the reception -- the recession and what it will take to recover, and jay richards on why he thinks capitalism is the best way to help the environment. the end of overeating. former fda commissioner david kessler explains how americans can control their eating habits. . .
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chair daniels. ogata, creator of universe is -- oh, god, creator of universes, we're here to recognize a friend, a patriot, a leader, a lover of our country. in this moment, as we should in
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all moments, we recognize your presence in the work of our hands, your light, and the clarity we attain. your spirits, and the wisdom we achieve. your inspiration, and the good that we seek to do. we ask for continued guidance and a blessing, even as we know that we often merit them not. we thank you for our many guests. -- figts. -- gifts. so many across the nation and the globe are not here this evening. our tradition teaches that five years old, the person should study scripture. at 13, the commandments. at 20, one is ready for 1's life pursuit -- one's life pursuit.
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at 50, one is ready to give counsel. at 60, one becomes an elder, and with your grace, a sage. one would ask, what is the proper course that a man should choose for themselves? he would then say, that which is an honor to him. gila's a daughter from his fellow men -- he illicits honor from his fellow men. you do not know what the reward allotted for each action. he would teach, know what is above you. the seeing eye, a hearing year, and all your be recorded in a book -- your deeds recordd in a book. we might even say, to use the technical term, a total mench.
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perhaps not quite of job, but a devoted cubs fans -- cubs fan. something almost biblical in itself. there are three crowns, the crown of torah, crown of the priesthood, and the crown of kingship. but the crown of a good name surpasses them all. al from, a good name. we asked god's continued blessing on you. blessed are you, ruler of the universe, who has kept us alive, sustained us, and brought us to this wonderful moment for you and for all of us. [applause]
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>> thank you again, rabbi, for the blessing. and thank you all again for joining us on such a wonderful as special occasion, celebrating the contributions of al from, not only to this organization, but to the larger political body. i was on the phone earlier today before coming over, and was chatting with someone i am working on a project with. i shared that i was in washington largely for this evening's event. he and i are about the same age. i turned 39 a month ago. i remember graduating from college in 92, and working for my father's reelection campaign to congress, and how we were so
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excited that this arkansas governor and this tennessee senator would be the nominees for the party. i shared it with the fellow i was talking to on the phone, and he agreed that it was the first time that a democrat was poised to win the white house. in '84 and '88, i was excited about our candidates. i remember being excited about jesse jackson's candidacy as a 14 year-old freshman student. there was something magical about this fellow, bill clinton in 1992. there was a guy that helped lay the foundation for so much of this. he noticed that middle-class america was not being representative -- represented.
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their concerns were not being addressed. and they were not given the tools to achieve their dreams and aspirations. from chuck to dick gephardt, to jim jones, to john, bill, and barbara. obviously, to that great chairman and 91 who we will hear from later. i thought about the congressm from mississippi. the great leader in the senate from connecticut, joe lieberman. i thought about dave bliss here this evening. i thought about ellen and the great senator from indiana. i thought about my dear friend and vice chairman and partner in sharing -- in sharing this organization. and of course, my immediate
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predecessor, my friend, the great governor. for we have all been a part of something very special. mainly because of the courage and determination and tenacity of a fellow black men who is now a fellow again that you will see later, and our friend al from. tonight's dinner is special, not only for those of us in this room. what al did more for our party and the body of politics, and the most to get for our party -- the more he did for the larger body of politics, he helped make our party, or at least a huge wing of it, not only believes in the future, the shapers and chasers of the future. it is his blueprint, and in some new ways, the blueprints that he started that he leaves for bruce and the rest of us to take to
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new levels and new heights. it has made it possible for some many democrats across the south and the midwest, the south least, the northwest, the midwest, and even the northeast. -- and even the northeast to win. even though i didn't win in 2006, you made it easier for me to love my god, to feel strongly about taxes being low, about businesspeople creating jobs, and that the same time -- and at the same time, the government had a responsibility to give people the tools to compete. we all owe you a debt of gratitude. for someone who loves politics and making public policy, i dare say there are not many people in this city or around this country who have done more to
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advance and find good people to serve in politics, there are not many people have sacrificed more that we all know you have. this night not only is for you, but it is to celebrate all of the young politicians, middle- age politicians, and even a few older ones who you helped pave the way for. it gives me great pride to introduce my partner and the president and ceo of the dlc, bruce reed. [applause] >> thank you so much, congressman, for fine words and great work. for president clinton who changed our party and made democrats sprout, to secretary sebelius, and all of the other
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former dlc shares, the vice chair tom and a dozen others are here from the senate. and many house members and state and local fichu -- and officials, and think all of you from far and near who have come here tonight. this is an amazing crowd. all these years, al from mid name for himself as one of the all-time great trouble makers. it will ruin his reputation forever when the world finds out he has as many friends. tonight, it saddens me to tell my favorite joke one last time i was born with the ultimate washington curse. i look like alfred, and i think like our from -- al from.
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it could be worse, it could be the other way around. [laughter] the truth is, thinking life -- like al from is the privilege of a lifetime. the world is a vastly better place, because over the years, so many democrats in this room and in this town have come to have like -- and have come to think like al from. [applause] we take for granted now, but we should not forget how well -- how he got started. back in the 1980's, congressman pat schroeder used to tell audiences that democrats need to do three things to win back the white house. unfortunately, nobody knows what they are.
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well, al from knew. he understood that it would take a different time a democrat -- a different kind of democrat. if you have forgotten what the political wilderness was like in those days, just take a look across the aisle at the sad state of today's republican party. we can't feel too bad, after all, they did plenty to earn it. republicans have lost back-to- back land sides in 2006 and 2008. they do not have the courage to challenge old orthodox is and interest groups. they would rather hold on to old approaches then embrace new ideas that work. and even though their ranks are
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shrinking fast, they cling to the same old approaches that are sure to strengthen -- short to shrink itheir party. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ for a long time to come . tomorrow, and in the days and months ahead, i will say more about the important work that lies ahead for the dlc. to " tony blair, a fair is a
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lot that is done, a lot more to do. we have of ideas tow wave of put forward, and a new generation of democrats -- the democrats to bloom. like rachel store to you will hear from an -- who you will hear from in a few minutes. the moment we stopped counting ourselves to take on tough issues -- the moment we stop challenging ourselves to take on tough issues, we miss the chance to prove to the american people that we will not stop fighting for real change. tonight is a chance to remember how we got here, and to pay tribute to the great insurgency al from started to modernize progressive government, made the world safe, and help find the road to victory out of the agony of defeat. this morning, a journalist wrote a loving tribute entitled "al
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from wom." -- won. democrs won, and the country one. -- won. the progress we have one has been its own best reward. like any great trouble, al has been blessed with many co- conspirators, from will marshall was president -- who was present at the creation -- [applause] to jennifer callahan who has stayed with al to this day. [applause]
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is to all the sponsors who worked so hard to pull off this to be tonight this room is filled -- to bnight. tonight, this room is filled with elected officials who put their careers on the line for reform. on behalf of all those co- conspirators, i want to thank al for the lessons he has taught us. he showed us that ideas matter and obstacles don't. he is a thin man than he was back then, but the party a stronger because of his thick skin. he showed us that orthodoxy is a one-way ticket to the wilderness, and the path of least resistance is a dead-end street. when the party wanted to break
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some china, how was adopted in a china shop and needed -- al was the donkey in a china shop that we needed. [applause] and most of all, he showed us that in the end, the fickle fashions of washington did not really matter. we did not care -- he did not care who was up one who was down, he just wanted to keep fighting for the same principles he believed. all of you who stood by the dlc, and the commitment to the ideals of the new democratic movement a stronger than ever. his parents emigrated to indiana and raise our son to believe the opportunity for all was the democrats mission.
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the patron saint of the dlc, the love of his life, ginger from. [applause] he spent the last quarter- century willing the democratic party back from the dead. he is going to spend the next quarter century on a more quixotic cause, when the cubs back to the world series. tonight, all of us pledge to honor his legacy with a new wave of new democrats on the rise, new majorities in congress, and a new president in the white house. this party will remain a place where ideas matter. we have always wanted to unable every generation to build a better and brighter future for
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the next generation that comes along. in the end, that is what he has done for us. democrats are far better off than we were 24 years ago. so is our country as a result. [applause] our party's map is bigger, our nation's civic ethic is stronger, and our children's future is brighter because of the cause he has left us to carry on. and now, to remind you about how far we have come, and how much we can still do, we will then the lights for a video on the incredible adventure of how he changed the face of american politics. >> there are so many things we can measure. the power of the sun. the wind. electricity.
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and sound. an engine. but how the measure the power of an idea? it can only be measured by the mines it opens, the innovation its parks, and the lines again change -- and the lives it can change. in 1984, ronald reagan wins 49 states. democrats are out of ideas. the new deal coalition has been split asunder. for the forgotten middle class, democrats stand for weakness abroad and big government at home. out of the rubble, a young congressional staffer named al from organizes a small group of governors, senators, and activists who decide to chart a new path, organizing the democratic leadership council to forge a new, modern agenda, and
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plot a small revolution within the party. with the core values of opportunity, responsibility, and community, the dlc begins to create some proposals designed to reconnect democrats to the forgotten middle class. job creation, welfare reform, it strengthened military, a tough approach to crime, and a new embrace to national service. despite fierce resistance, the courageous new democrat agenda marked the beginnings of a long climb back to power, resuscitating a dying party by making it once again a party of opportunity and growth. in april 1989, he travels down the arkansas to recruit the state goes the young governor to assume the chairmanship of the dlc -- the state's young governor to assume the chairmanship of the dlc.
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together, they write the declaration which lays out a newbold government philosophy for the party. soon thereafter, clinton delivers a speech in cleveland that propels an to the forefront of national politics. later that year, he launches a presidential campaign as a different kind of democrat. >> we offer our people a new choice based on old values. we offer opportunity. we demand responsibility. we will build an american community again. we are, as democrats, a revitalized democratic party. in november, he ends 12 long years of republican rule in the white house. as a key adviser to the campaign, a transition, and the president, al becomes the conscience of the white house,
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and bruce reid goes to the white house as domestic policy adviser to the president. soon, a democrat agenda becomes national policy. the 100,000 cops program not only reduces violent crime, but puts to rest of the nation's perception that democrats are soft on crime. americorps reflects the party posing a commitment to civil duty. -- the party's commitment to civil duty. it shows that the party believes in making sure that every american has the opportunity and responsibility to get ahead. clinton is propelled it to a historic re-election. the first democrat to do so since franklin roosevelt. in his second term, he accomplishes what appears to be impossible.
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the passage of a balanced budget that provides the nation with the first surplus in 30 years. those successes, products of a startling different brand of democratic politics, begin to see progress is the world over. he begins a global dialogue with british prime minister tony blair and a host of other leaders. the third wave movement. the new democratic movement and continues to emerge in the new century, developing a deeper vaults of new ideas and talent. a new generation of leaders claims the mantle of reform, proving that ideas matter more than ever hillary rodham clinton -- more than ever.
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hillary rodham clinton, gen and appalling tunnel, bill richardson, bill ritter, can salazar, mark warner, and dlc leaders all make their mark on the national spotlight. the new dlc chairman harold ford, jr. continues to speak out as one of the nation's up and coming senators. rahm emanuel leads democrats back into the majority on capitol hill after penning with bruce reed a plan in 2006. in continuing with the tradition of helping young leaders emerge and the stars, the dlc founds a new program with an eye towards the future. a quarter-century later, barack obama and joe biden's historic victory in 2008 proves that the
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party is ready. the new administration and congress have the chance to build a long lasting change and reform, and the opportunity to carry out a new democratic agenda. education reform, national service, health reform, energy, fiscal responsibility, and long- term growth. on the democratic leadership council, the organization that al built from the ground up is taking on a new challenge. under bruce's leadership, house legacy lives on. the power of a good idea can still inspire our party and to transform our nation. >> 25 years ago, he had the courage to see it was time for a different kind of democrat. today, our party is stronger, and our country is better off. he was right. ideas are worth fighting for. that is as true now as it was
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when the democrat met a hope. >> looking back at his two terms in office, it would be hard to think of a single american citizen who was a private citizen that has had a more positive impact on the progress of american life in the last 25 years than al from. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, a former dlc chair. [applause] >> i hope everybody in this audience has a great deal of sympathy for me. i am sandwiched between a profound video about the life of al from,


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