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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 22, 2009 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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about the election and the corruption of the ballot box, or that what we're seeing in the streets is just the final straw on the back of the pressure cooker of people that are yearning to be free? >> iranians will examine with much scrutiny after the hold dust settles, so to speak, everyone's track record one way or the other, and the ultimate judgment rests with the iranian people at the end of the day. what is important is to remain focused on the job at hand. .
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by actual proof to earn people's trust that you are on our side, to join that group, i welcome it and i encourage it. this is what it is about right now. we know that as long as this regime is there, as long as the system is in place, we will not see the light of day. we know that this regime ultimately may go -- must go. do you remember past administrations? many of us knew it led nowhere, but it had to be at least attempted. it did not work for obvious
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reasons. now, there is no question that iran and understand that the only way we will rid ourselves of all the problems is a matter of this regime's altman collapse. that is what we demand and what we want to see happen. this is our moment of truth. the hour for iran after 30 years. anyone today, but solidarity and ryan's will speak more and more. even in the span of one week, we have seen that the demand that started on saturday, june 13th, one day after the june 12th date, and you contrast statements coming from iranians
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to today, you will notice that in the span of just one week, how quickly more and more people have been telling you through your own broadcasts our post -- aside from direct reports to me, what this is really about. it will only become more and more, also understand that there is still for millions of americans this atmosphere of fear to some extent. not of standing up and dying for their cause, they are doing so. but their fear of expression that gives of the regime the excuse to pinpoint them now. the collective movement will make people's lips and mao's
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open up more. >> >> we are receiving e-mail from iran. why isn't the war the same as they did in south africa? why in our -- why aren't they closing the embassy? thank you very much. >> i think that -- is what they are responding to. statements by many governments that have become stronger, not because they realize we have to take a position, but because they have been encouraged by
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iran itself. >> you have no choice to --. my concern is the present situation in iran. i am hoping and praying that we are not going into the hands of a -- and degradation. it can be viewed by foreign elements suspiciously for the benefit of one country against iran. that has been the case many
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times years ago in iran come in 1953, also with the situation in iraq. >> i hear you. >> so it will not interfere again, unless good intentioned people of iran -- >> the world is reacting to millions of people on the streets of iran demanding their rights. this is not a concocted under the radar conspiracy deal of some government to try to provoke unrest in the country. let's look at the facts as they develop. there were many outside who said
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they would rather speak to the status quo, we have to worry about the vote and this and that. additionally, they were disturbed about the fact that something could be changing in iran and they have no choice but to support it. this is the world reacting to a demand that people have. iranians realize this is our movement and they have ownership of it. let's be clear on that. what they are saying is, this or that country, who we know until now for what ever reason, chose to overlook us for the sake of political expedience. will they come and take a
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position? i think this is the first time in modern history that the demand of the people, of the normal man and woman on the street, i am not talking about officials, people on the street are asking for the world to interfere. this is the first time ever in iranian history. i have no confusion on that subject. [applause] thank you very much. if i may, on behalf of many who have specifically asked me to
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tell you from the four corners of iran, from the high-school is, from a seminary group, from students, from factory workers, they have all asked me among other things to tell you, the members of the media how much they appreciate your attention on the iranian cause, and some of them in a more audacious way, it is about time. thank you very much.
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the nation's highest court is issuing rulings today and accepting new cases. this morning the supreme court announced it is exempting a small texas governing authority from a key provision of the civil rights law. the voting rights act requires all or parts of 16 states mainly in the south with a history of discrimination in voting to get approval -- approval for making changes in the way elections are being covered. the northwest austin utility district -- can't opt out of the advanced -- approval -- can opt out. the court ruled 6-3 in favor of a teenage boy from oregon who whose parents fought to of their local school district. the 5000 two hundred dollars a
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month it cost to send their son to a private school. majority opinion says a school district must pay for private special and services if the public school does not have a proper and services regardless if the child previously receive special education services for the public schools. the supreme court has upheld a federal government permit to dump waste from an alaskan gold mine into a nearby wet -- late, even though all its fish would be killed. the justices say a federal appeals court wrongly blocked the permit on environmental grounds. the army corps of engineers granted the permit in 2005. instrumental groups challenged the permit, saying it violated clean water act. coming up today at 2 eastern time, we will be live with a senate republican meeting on energy policy, and the possibility of increasing the number of nuclear plants. senate republican conference will talk with an energy analyst.
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the u.s. senate gavels in at 2:00 p.m.. they will begin the day with the general speeches before returning to debate on a bill to create a commission to create foreign tourism in the u.s.. homeland security spending later this week and committees are working on health-care legislation. live senate coverage on cspan2. and the house and hear on c- span. members will return tomorrow at 1030 east and four short pieces -- for a short speeches. on wednesday, federal spending next budget year for homeland security and interior departments, as well as informal programs. defense programs and policy also. >> the fcc should be a model for transparency and fairness. >> tonight on the communicators, a discussion on
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president obama's choice to lead the fcc. what the sec would look like under a new chairman. tonight at 8 eastern on the communicators on cspan2. tonight, the f -- fcc. >> policies been funded? >> from the federal government? >> grants. >> maybe from sponsors? >> it might get some government funding. >> of yours? >> 30 years ago, america's cable companies created c-span as a public service, a private business initiative, no government mandate and no government money. >> in an hour, the president will make a formal announcement, welcoming the weekend agreement by the pharmaceutical industry to help close a gap in prescription drug coverage in medicare. he has invited the head of the
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senior citizens average -- advocacy group aarp. they have pledged to spend $80 billion over the next decade to reduce the costs for seniors and pay for a portion of mr. obama's health care legislation. we will have live coverage on c- span. this afternoon, the president will sign legislation letting the dog food and drug administration regulate tobacco. the law allows the fda to reduce nicotine in tobacco products and candy flavorings and black label such as low tar and light. you can see live coverage of that on c-span3. a look at this morning's headlines from today's washington journal. host: 1 spending bill is under their belt, what is ahead? guest: 2 more in the house and
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one in the senate. a bill to promote tourism and the senate, and a lot of committee work on health care reform. that will take care of the whole week. two bills for appropriations, homeland security funding and the interior environment fund in the house. also the tourism bill in the senate. host: we are covering the health committee markup. this must be the fourth day they've met. guest: that's right. in the house, they came out with their own plan, similar to the kennedy bill. it will be marked up this week in the house. every day there will be committee work on health care in both the house and the senate on different plants. host: susan ferrechio, we will
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check back with you. to bloomfield in west virginia, our democratic ally. where are the jobs in your community? caller: we are in the appellations, we lost our jobs and they have never come back. you can see what is happening all over the country, in michigan and everywhere. our jobs have been exported offshore. i don't think they will come back. this bill has had no impact here. we are encouraging everybody to go to our website , we are trying to get everybody to sign up. we need a national conference against free trade, to encourage jobs to be kept in america and
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put terrorists back in place. host: miami, in our democrats line. caller: i am from another country, been here 48 years. for so many years i see i am in a small business. we don't have a chance now days. for a long time, thanks to the administration of mr. bush, i have nobody else to blame it for. to tell the truth, the big companies were getting bigger. the worst enemy we have in this country is the big corporations. they don't care about the little ones, and the little ones are the majority. we are the ones moving the people.
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host: we are asking about jobs this morning. are you currently working in miami? guecaller: it is very slow down here. host: lansing, mich. on the democrats' line. caller: i just want to tell everybody, just calm down. the thumb and has only been in office for five months. he has not been in office for four years. i live here in michigan. * here are really tough. if a person like me can understand that we need time for this to work, i know this may seem a kind of strange to
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compare it to, but it is like a plan. they will add some water to the plant and give it time to grow. host: are you currently working? caller: yes. i work the front desk of a hotel. i deal with the public and the people every day. host: thank you for your call. a story on the front page of the washington post. recovers missing ingredient, new jobs. experts warn of a long dry spell. the likelihood of unemployment extending into the 2010 midterm elections and beyond poses a significant political hurdle for president obama and democrats who are barred under fire for
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spending, continuing high unemployment would undercut the argument behind much of that spending. the promise that it will create new jobs and improve the prospects of working america. this morning from usa today. eight story on where the stimulus money is going. cash goes to districts with legislators directing more funds, states getting most of the $2.2 billion of construction. fort lauderdale, fla. on the independent line. good morning. caller: i would like to offer my opinion as to what has happened here. i believe -- i am 49 years old now. i am moved to the point where i
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feel that our liberty is at stake. i believe our government is basically lied to the people, and i think that most people in this country are just too trusting and to loving to believe it. i think our government has taken our money, and this has been the biggest ripoff that has been done in front of us. they have stolen our money. i am sure there are people that would agree with me. host: are you working? what is the employment situation in fort lauderdale? caller: that money was stolen just like the money that went to iraq. host: north carolina on the republican line. caller: we are without a lot of jobs. they took away our furniture industry, working on tobacco.
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everything we have here is gone. i am very proud of the iranians on what they are doing right now. the freedoms and liberties we are throwing away. those people are dying to retain them. our economy is a big part of that. this has been going on for years. people better wake up. host: maryland, democratic line. where are the jobs in maryland? caller: we are holding our own. instead of the stimulus package, the bulk of it going to the banks, they should have put that money toward infrastructure,
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that would have created a lot of jobs. healthcare is the single thing that kills our manufacturing industry. many of the small businesses in the area are being destroyed because of the cost of insurance. insurance company is what is wrecking it. and doctors to make high salaries and insurance company are the ones killing it. host: are you working and does your employer provide your health care? caller: i am working, and guess he does his premiums have gone up significantly in the past couple of years.
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he has had to reduce coverage for us. we are just hanging on by our fingernails, because work is to it -- getting scarce. i am an electrician. host: our question for you is where are the jobs in this economic recovery, with stimulus legislation taking effect. there is an article this morning, lingering unemployment means pain in the pipeline. obama is likely to be confronted with defending the effectiveness of his economic policies as a nation endures its worst unemployment system in a decade. grand prairie texas's next. caller: i have been out of work
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for 3.5 months. the economy here is getting worse and worse. the jobs are going to immigrants. the employers don't have to pay the over -- or had on the labour force. they can pay an immigrant below minimum wage. host: what kind of work to do? caller: i am a delivery driver. my job is not cut because of the economy. they had to cut back. they could not cut -- keep up. if they would send immigrants home, there will create jobs in
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america for americans. host: the baltimore sun, the front page story says that there is an immigrant summit coming up at the white house. the white house loring the expectations for reform anytime soon. lawmakers will gather at the white house this week for a working session on immigration reform, a meeting that has been highly anticipated by latino leaders. they want obama to work on his campaign promise. we are joined this morning by the examiners chief congressional correspondent, susan ferrechio. over the weekend her poll numbers came out about an
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incident reported here in the the politico. the approval rate in nevada has plummeted falling to 39% in favor impression of the senator as opposed to 53 in may. what is his position so important for some republicans? caller: he came out last week and disclosed that he had an extramarital affair. he is out of the leadership now. he is not facing an immediate election challenge. there is time for him to recover politically. republicans are vulnerable right now. they are that in the minority in the house and the senate. they are trying to change their image and regain some of the popularity they had in the last decade. something like this does not help. it is just another blemish for the republican party. they have time to recover. there is some evidence that
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people are willing to take a look at the republican party. there fund-raising has been a little bit more robust, more encouraging poll numbers about who define themselves as a conservative as well as a liberal. what just happened with the senator from nevada did not help. host: you wrote about that over the weekend, green shoots for the gop. the senator out of the chair for the senate campaign committee. who, then, and what does that mean for their campaign efforts? guest: he is moving up into the leadership. he is someone who ran against tom daschle successfully. he unseated him in a tight race and south dakota.
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he is a promising leader for the republicans and ensign was as well. this came as a big surprise that he had to step out of the leadership. there are not any real leaders perce in the republican party's right now. mitch mcconnell has tried to position himself right now as a leader in the senate. there is no one in the white house right now, trying to make a stronger version of themselves and a leader has yet to a merge. host: we will check back with you in about 15 minutes and go into this a little deeper. back to our calls on where the jobs are to --. miami our republican lines. caller: here in


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