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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 11:30pm-11:35pm EDT

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strength for fiscal year 2010 and for other purposes. report to accompany house resolution 573, resolution providing for consideration of the bill h.r. 2892, making appropriations for the department of homeland security for the fiscal year ending september 30, two r 2010 and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the house calendar and ordered prted. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from maine rise? ms. pingree: i move that the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it.
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>> in a fewhñ moments, president fre white house. most ofazz the questions were at iran and health care. conference about health care plans by republican members of the house. care legislation proposedl÷)qaçt -- house committees. they[ several -- the senate heh rxcommittee continues to lyqx!p@ markup a health bill tomorrow. btssenator chrisi dodd is sittin for tenants -- this senator ted ennedy who is being treated for cancer.
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term comes to an end, here chief justice roberts talk6h. about,be panelxof experience court watchers, édincluding linda greenhouse, jn crawford greenberg, and ted olson review thenek decisions handed down this year. live coverage of the saturday news conference today at the hourlong event werexh!q about h care and iran. $xlcmr÷2kr%tvd7áñ;zs c113!gw( [captioning performed by [captions copyright national cable s%9rjyúr.9ñ 20ñzço >> i would like to say a few words about this attrition in
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iran. the united states and the western community have been involvedmoñ by the beatings and imprisonment and the last few days. i strongly condemn these unjust actions and i strongly joined with the american people in mourning withóñw each life thats xñlost. i have made.b that the united states respects the sovereignty of thetislamic republic of iran and is not 's affairs. ocbut we must also bearuxs witno dlyiranian)rñ people and the remarkable0(÷ opening4dç within iranian society. and we deplore the violence against innocent civili9mì(lc@&+ anywhere that it takes place. the iraniano(i people are tryino have a debate/iñ about their future. some in iran -- in the iranian government in particular are trying to avoid that debate by accusing the united states and others in the west of instigating protests over the election. these accusations are patently
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false. they are an obvious attempt to distract people from what is truly taking place wi iran's borders. this tired strategy of using old tensions to scapegoat other countries will not work anymore in iran. this is not about the u.s. or the west. this is about the people of?c÷ n the iranian peoplehng can!uo-r themselves. is precisely what has happened in the lastsç few days. aqú/in 2009, no iron$tdtu is sg from bearing witness?)ñ to peacl protests of justice. despite the iranian government's budget efforts to expel journalist and isolate itself, ñpowere:ñ images have made their 8!ñ[áway through a qasab phoned computers to us and we have watched -- and computers to us and we have watched what they're doing. hge seen the time as dignity
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marched in silence.s dignity we have seen people of all ages risk everything to insistoét tht their votes areays/ál counted at their voices are,&é heard. mri+naboveñ[ñjgt all, we havem)n exg deathy9%ááu)eets. a o for justice areblc always on the right side of history. 2ç!váh the iranianrí" have a universal right to assembly and free speech. if the iranian government seeks the respect of the international community, it must respect those the will of its own people.ñ+ it must govern t$rough


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