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bizarre regulatory scheme. then we get to page 238, the united states negotiating objectives with regard to multilateral environmental negotiations. so here we are tellering the administration what they're -- telling the administration what they're objectives are going to be as they negotiate environmental issues with our country's -- with other countries around the world. the the presidential reports, page 239, not later than january 1, 2017, and every two years therefore, the president shall submit a report to congress on the effectiveness of the distribution of emission allowances under rebates part 1 and mitigating carbon leak and in eligible industrial sectors. . let me go to page 260. let's go to page 260. modification of earned income credit amount for individuals
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with nonqualifying children. why does this bill neglect middle class families in america? why is it we are only going to help some people who would qualify for the earned income credit for individuals with no qualifying children? further down here it says, the secretary determines experienced a reduction in purchasing power as a result of the provisions of this act. it's a flatout admission that every american is going to pay more for all of their energy. and it goes on and on and on. ladies and gentlemen, does this give you some idea of why the american people think their congress is out of touch?
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the idea that the federal government can create this giant bureaucracy to try to control how much co-2 gets into the atmosphere. we know that if we were to do our all-of-the-above energy strategy, we would see renewable sources of energy on the scene available, producing jobs more quickly than under the underlying bill. we know that under our bill you can actually have nuclear energy plants being built, cleaning up the air at a much faster rate than the underlying bill. but there's really a big underlying difference between our approach and the approach of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. that is trusting the american people. you give the american people -- if we give the american people the right incentives, they'll make the right decisions.
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but that's not what we have on the floor today. what we have on the floor today is typical big government. and a fight we have between the two sides of the aisle really boils down to one word. it boils down to freedom. the freedom to allow the american people to live their lives without all of these extra taxes and all this bureaucracy. i would just say to my colleagues, i did my best to try to get through the 300-page amendment that was filed at 3:09 in the morning. obviously somebody knew this was coming. but it wasn't filed until 3:09 this morning. this is not the way we should be doing legislation. the american people expect more of us and you know what? they deserve a lot more from us. so i would say to my colleagues, let's not go down this path. increasing taxes on every single american. let's not go down the path of
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moving millions of jobs to china, india, and other countries around the world. let's trust the american people. let's give them our all-of-the -above energy act and allow america to flourish, jobs to flourish, and most importantly to allow freedom to flourish. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the gentleman -- point of order. there is no order in the house.
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the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the gentleman, the minority leader, was yielded 2 1/2 minutes. could you tell us how much time he consumed? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman used the customary amount of time yielded to the minority leader. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the 2 1/2 minutes was extended to over an hour. and this is from the same party that had a 15-minute roll call extended into three hours while
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they tried to twist arms of their own people. madam speaker, i would like order in the house. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will state his parliamentary inquiry. >> i withdraw. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: to close the debate i wish to yield the remainder of our time and i presume it will not be an hour or two, to our distinguished speaker who -- because of whose leadership we have the attempt to do something that the republicans neglected and that's to help our country deal with our energy problems. mr. speaker, nancy pelosi. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from california is recognized for one minute. the speaker: i thank the gentleman for yielding. thank you, madam speaker. i want to join those who have sung your praises as a distinguished presider over hundreds of hours of of debate
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in the house of representatives. your service here, your leadership here will long be remembered and be an inspiration to us. katherine will be very missed, but now she's off to college. thank you, ellen tauscher, for being such a great chairwoman and presider over the house of representatives. the speaker: madam speaker, i also wish to acknowledge the leadership of our chairman who so ably brought this important legislation, this historic and transformational legislation to the floor. chairman waxman of the energy and commerce committee, chairman markey of the energy security and climate change committee. congressman rangel, chairman
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rangel of the ways and means committee. and chairman peterson of the agriculture committee. we thank them for their leadership and for giving us this opportunity today. madam speaker, no matter how long this congress wants to talk about it, we cannot hold back the future. and so in order to move on with the future, i want to yield back my time, submit my statement for the record, urge my colleagues -- urge my colleagues to vote for this important legislation. when you do, just remember these four words for what this legislation means -- jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> the house then went on to pass the energy and climate change bill on a vote of 219-212. darren small son joining us on the phone.
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that vote was close. do to get this bill passed? >> they were working the hall ways, the house floor. president obama got involved early this week, calling members, inviting members up to the white house, freshmen and sophomores primarily. and basically you had the energy and commerce committee democrats, the people who wrote this bill, going one by one, member by member, and trying to convince them what they had passioned out of committee was a bill that had taken their interest into account. that energy and commerce committee you would hear was a microcosm of the larger house because of how many cole and oil patch kelvin sampson crats were there. they had to make more to the farm state democrats. they probably got 20 democrats from rural america to go along with this bill because of the negotiations they did with
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colin porter son the agriculture committee chairman, and then whipping in the last couple of days of other bills. they called it a fishing poll bill. you saw nancy pelosi personally on the floor lobbying members. >> speaking of those who closed the aisle, there were tefrl. >> the republican number was higher than people thought. there were eight all together. mary, crist smith and another from new jersey were the ones we most likely expected. david reicher from washington state was probably one that jumped out. he is in a tough district. he has had some very close
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re-elections, and that was a tough vote for him. he ultimately went for it. two our republican votes on the ball. >> the other yes, sirs were leonard lance. so those were surprising on the republican side. then on the democratic side, there were probably a larger number that wanted to vote no, and nancy pelosi was able to hold on to some of them. some of the nos were in very the freshman from eerie pennsylvania, an industrial district that hasn't been doing well economically. she had turned down invitations to talk to obama officials. you could tell she was
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struggling. john salazar from we were colorado was a no vote despite work from mark udall. >> what was minority leader jonbenetter up to in the process? the house filibuster? >> he has the right to speak as long as ept. >> he was reading through the bill. he had some points through the pioli. it was a 309-page management amendment until waxman and company didn't roll out until 3:00 in the morning. that bill came out, and there were a lot of questions about what was in it and who had read it. joan boehner read allowed what
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was in it. he made sure his points were heard. as the votes were being cast later, you heard the republicans chanting b.t.u. on the floor. that is a reminder of the 1993 democrats and house took under president clinton's urging. a lot of people said that vote in 1993 led to the republican takeover in 1994. the republicans are trying to bring back some history. the arizona republican said today this was the first step for the democrats to go back into the minority in 2010. >> darren samuelsson. thanks for bringing us up to speed with the process so far on the energy and climate change bill. >> happy to do it. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," sir richard dalton, former british am bass do to iran discusseses the situation
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in iran. former world bank chief communist joseph stiglitz explains that when the economic climate is over, the stigma of american capitalism will be diminished. ron fair child talks about his group's efforts to improve summer learning. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> now, president obama and german chancellor merkel. among the topics they discussed were the situation in iran, guantanamo bay detainees and other things.
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they spoke for about 35 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the chancellor of the federal republic of germany. >> it is my pleasure to welcome chancellor merkel to the white house. we had a very productsive discussion in the oval office, and our meeting will continue this afternoon. chancellor merkel's meeting is the latest chapter in the large partnership of our two countries. the service of our men and women in uniform who stood together in a long cold war and together in afghanistan, the innovation of our entrepreneurs who helped sustain our economies and the bonds of frensship and trust between our people, which are unbreakable.
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>> in recent months i have come to appreciate these bonds through chancellor merkel. we worked close you through the 2k3w-20 summit and the summit in practicing. i admire her leadership and her pragmatic approach to get things done. she and her people have welcomed me to germany twice, and today i am pleased to return the hostility. she shares my belief that no single nation can meet the challenges of our time alone. today we reaffirmed that the united states and germany, one of our closest alleys will continue to play a leadership role across the range of challenges. we are building on the bold steps we took at the 2k3w-20 summit by confronting the economic crisis. i under scored our commitment
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to strengthening financial regulation, and i welcome their commitment to reform. as we prepare for the g-8 summit in italy and the 2k3w-20 summit in pittsburgh, we agreed on protectionism and actions that have sustainable growth. i reiterated america's commitment to stand with germany and lead in confronting the climate and energy crisis. i have been very impreffed by germany's foresight in its commitment on clean energy. i hope the united states will match that commitment today when the house votes on a new energy bill in our country. the chancellor and i discussed the tragic situation in iran. today we speak with one voice. the rights of the iranian
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people to assemble, to speak freely, to have their voices heard, those are universal aspirations. their prafery in the face of brutality is a testament to their enduring pursuit of justice. the violence perpetrated against them is outrageous. despite the government's efforts to keep the world from bearing witness to that violence, we see it and condemn it. the iranian people will be the ultimate judge of their government's actions, but if the government desires the respect of the international community, then it must respect the rights and heed the will of its people. the iranian government has other responsibilities. working with germany as well as russia and china were working from preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapons capacity. well encourage iran to take a path that respects
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international new orleans and leads to greater security and prosperity for the iranian people. we discussed the broader middle east, including two states, israel and a palestinian state living side by side in peace and security. during our revent visit, the chancellor spoke eloquently of germany's responsibility to the safety and security of israel. going forward, germany will be an important part to the security of israel and the palestinian states. we agreed that confronting violent extremism and preventing terrorist attacks demands our continued commitment and a comprehensive strategy in afghanistan and pakistan. this includes dismantling, disrupting and defeating al qaeda and its alleys. germany has been a strong parter in the nate mugs in
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afghanistan, and we honor those who serve there including american and german soldiers who gave their lives this week. we committed to a more substantive relationship with russia, working with their government where we agroo and i don't wanting those areas we disagree. well continue to explore ways that the united states and russia can advance our mutual interests. meeting these challenges will be neither quick nor easy, but i am reminded of a lesson from my recent visit to dress deny. the chancellor took me to a timeless baroque church devastated in the second ward wor. for decades it lay in ruin. but thanks to the donations of
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germans, americans and people around the world, it was rebuilt and today it stands as a stunning symbol of what is possible. in that spirit, i want to welcome my friend, chancellor merkel. >> thank you very much, and let me say that the whole of the german people, we have fond memories of your vifflet and very moving memories of your visit to the former concentration camp. we celebrated on the 23rd of may the 60 anniversary of germany. we are aware that germany would not stand as it stapts today if the american partners had not helped us. we know that now in this 21st
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crept, challenges cannot be met pie one nation going it alone. we need to do this together, and in this spirit we conducted our talk. we had a number of issues on our jared today. i would like to up to date line that the iranian people need to be given the right to peaceful demonstrations. that the iranian people have the right to have votes be counted and the election results substantiated, that the rights of human beings and citizens are nailable. in context it is desirable that the peace process in the middle east gains progress. that sends out a positive to those forces in the middle east
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who are not really to be faceful. >> germany and america will work closely together on those just as questions related to arms and reductions. we would like to wish you, president obama, the best of success during your visit to russia. partnership is very important for germany and the europe union, but we have an interest in seeing a good relationship between the united states and russia. we need help with iran, and we want to forge good relations with russia and china. we have done that over the years in the format of the juningses. we dealt with the preparation of the g-8 meeting that is upcoming and also the meeting of 2k3w-0. i think that has been progress. you have made very important steps here in the united states to financial regulation. we in the europe union are also
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working on that. we can take stop and see where these regulations meet and try to create a level playing field. we are very grateful that we are also able to get together with the united states to work on principles as to how matters are to be taken in the future after this crisis. we have to emerge from this crisis and recovery of our economies is a great precondition for progress. we talked about climate. ju as i did this morning when i was in conscience carb congress, i said this is indeed a change when i see this upcoming bill debated today on climate. this really points to the fact that the united states is very serious on climate.
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it should not be up to date estimated this brings to us to come to a good and sustainable result during the copy hagen conference. i have been in many meetings, and i know what is at stake when you talk about reduction targets and how tricky that is. so i wish you every success. i hope that you will come to good results when the vote is taken. i think it is so important, and we need to talk to emerging countries, but the fact that with the united states we stand where we stand today is an enormous success. thank you for the gracious hospitality offered to me and the exchange of views that we were having. >> we have time for a few questions. i am going to start here.
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>> thank you, mr. president. a couple of weeks ago on iran, you suggested there were few differences between mr. mousavi and president ahmadinejad. i am wondering if you have changed your view on that? and will you apologize for interfering into their affairs like he suggested you should? >> jeff, how many questions are you getting in here? you got two in, and we want to make sure we give some other folks a chance. >> first of all, what i said originally was that given the structure of the iranian government and that power resided ultimately with
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khomeini, the supreme leader, and fitch at that point this weren't significant differences in the core national security interests that we had talked about diplomatically, i.e., nuclear weapons development in iran, the scomportation of terrorist activity, that we could not automatically assume that there would be a huge shift on those particular national security issues depending on who won that election. i think what is slultly clear is over the course of subsequent days, that mousavi has shown to have captured the imagination or the spirit of forces within iran that were
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interested in opening up. and that he has become a representative of many of those people who are on the streets and who have displayed extraordinary bravery and courage. i continue to believe that ultimately it is up to the iranian people to make decisions about who their leaders are going to be. but as i said this week, and i have said previously, a government that treats its own citizens with that kind of ruthlessness and violence and that cannot deal with peaceful protestors who are trying to have their voices heard in an equally peaceful way i think has moved outside of universal
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new orleans, international new orleans that are important to up hold. channels lor merkel and i share doctor chancellor merkel and i share the belief that what has happened in iran is unacceptable when it comes to violence against its own citizens, and we call on the iranian government to up hold those international principles. what was the second part of your question there, jeff? >> i was wondering if you had a reason to apologize or if he should apologize to you? >> i don't take mr. ahmadinejad's statements seriously about apologies, particularly given the fact that the united states has gone out of its way not to interfere with the election


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