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art income credit for individuals was no qualifying children? further down here it says the secretary determines experienced a reduction in purchasing power as a result of provisions of the fact. it is a flat out admission that every american is going to pay more for all of their energy. it goes on and on and on. . give you some idea of why the american people think their congress is out of touch? the idea that the federal government can create this giant bureaucracy to try to control how much co-2 gets into the atmosphere. we know that if we were to do our all-of-the-above energy strategy, we would see
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renewable sources of energy on renewable sources of energy on the scene availab jobs more quickly than under the underlying bill. we know that under our bill you can actually have nuclear energy plants being built, cleaning up the air at a much faster rate than the underlying bill. but there's really a big underlying difference between our approach and the approach of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. that is trusting the american people. you give the american people -- if we give the american people the right incentives, they'll make the right decisions. but that's not what we have on the floor today. what we have on the floor today is typical big government. and a fight we have between the two sides of the aisle really boils down to one word. it boils down to freedom. the freedom to allow the american people to live their lives without all of these extra taxes and all this bureaucracy. i would just say to my colleagues, i did my best to
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try to get through the 300-page amendment that was filed at 3:09 in the morning. obviously somebody knew this was coming. but it wasn't filed until 3:09 this morning. this is not the way we should be doing legislation. the american people expect more of us and you know what? they deserve a lot more from us. so i would say to my colleagues, let's not go down this path. increasing taxes on every single american. let's not go down the path of moving millions of jobs to china, india, and other countries around the world. let's trust the american people. let's give them our all-of-the -above energy act and allow america to flourish, jobs to flourish, and most importantly to allow freedom to flourish. i yield back.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the gentleman -- point of order. there is no order in the house. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the gentleman, the minority leader, was yielded 2 1/2 minutes. could you tell us how much time he consumed?
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman used the customary amount of time yielded to the minority leader. mr. waxman: madam speaker, the 2 1/2 minutes was extended to over an hour. and this is from the same party that had a 15-minute roll call extended into three hours while they tried to twist arms of their own people. madam speaker, i would like order in the house. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will state his parliamentary inquiry. >> i withdraw. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: to close the debate i wish to yield the remainder
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of our time and i presume it will not be an hour or two, to our distinguished speaker who -- because of whose leadership we have the attempt to do something that the republicans neglected and that's to help our country deal with our energy problems. mr. speaker, nancy pelosi. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from california is recognized for one minute. the speaker: i thank the gentleman for yielding. thank you, madam speaker. i want to join those who have sung your praises as a distinguished presider over hundreds of hours of of debate in the house of representatives. your service here, your leadership here will long be remembered and be an inspiration to us. katherine will be very missed, but now she's off to college. thank you, ellen tauscher, for being such a great chairwoman and presider over the house of representatives.
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the speaker: madam speaker, i also wish to acknowledge the leadership of our chairman who so ably brought this important legislation, this historic and transformational legislation to the floor. chairman waxman of the energy and commerce committee, chairman markey of the energy security and climate change committee. congressman rangel, chairman rangel of the ways and means committee. and chairman peterson of the agriculture committee. we thank them for their leadership and for giving us this opportunity today. madam speaker, no matter how long this congress wants to talk about it, we cannot hold back the future. and so in order to move on with the future, i want to yield
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back my time, submit my statement for the record, urge my colleagues -- urge my colleagues to vote for this important legislation. when you do, just remember these four words for what this legislation means -- jobs, environment and energy daily is joining us on the phone. that vote was close. guest: they were working in the hallways, they got involved early this week it, and remembers to the white house. basically, you had energy and commerce democrats going one by
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one, trying to convince them that what they had passed out of the committee was a bill that had taken, you would often hear was a microcosm because of how many democrats that were there. they had to make a whole bunch more democrat -- decisions, got 20 democrats from rural america. over the last couple of days, the vote on the floors were an opportunity, a fishing pole expedition where they were able to work of their members. use a nancy pelosi personally lobbying the members.
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>> there were some party switchers. a number of republicans voted for the bill and a number of democrats voted against it. >> 8 altogether voted -- republicans voted for it. some republicans we had on the some had close reflections, and he went for it. to interesting republican votes, mike castle from delaware, these are states that trend to blue. this could help them down the line. the other gases, one from new
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jersey. those were surprising on the republican side. on the democratic side, there were probably a larger number that wanted to vote no but nancy pelosi held onto them. some struggle with the vote all week. john salazar was a no vote. >> what was john painter up to, mounting a house filibuster?
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>> the minority leader can speak as long as he wants. it was about an hour and 10 minutes as he was talking, reading through the bill. there were a lot of questions about what was in it and who was in it. it was an opportunity for him to make sure his life was heard. a lot of people say of the vote
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in 1993 led to the republican takeover in 1994. republicans are trying to bring back some history. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed with the process so far on the energy and climate change bill. this week's on-line addresses also focus on the energy bill. president obama followed by house minority leader john boehner. we have seen our reliance on fossil fuels to jeopardize our
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national security. it pollutes the air we believe -- we brief. of the nation that leads in the creation of a clean energy economy and leads the global economy. now is the time for us to realize this. now is the time for us to leave. the energy bill that passed the house will create the incentive that will spark the clean energy transformation in our economy, will spur the development of low carbon, everything from wind, and thermal power and a cleaner coal. it will reduce heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer. it will make possible the creation of millions of new jobs. we are already seeing investments -- proof of the
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investments. people will be employed to build a new solar plant, that will create 1000 new jobs. in michigan, investment in wind technology is expected to create over 2600 jobs. in florida, three new solar projects are expected to employ 1400 people. the list goes on. this legislation will finally make a clean energy profitable kind of energy. that will lead to the creation of new businesses and entire new industry. that will lead to american jobs that paid well. i have often talked about the need to build a new foundation for economic growth. clean energy and the joy of it creates will be critical to this new foundation. this legislation is being carefully written to address concerns many have expressed and the past.
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instead of increasing the deficit, it is paid for by the polluters who emit dangerous pollution. it gives rural communities and farmers the opportunity to participate in clemens solution and generate new income. it will protect consumers so that in a decade, the price of the average will be a poster stamp a day. it has already attracted a remarkable coalition of consumer and informant told groups, democrats and republicans. i want to thank every member of congress who put all of this aside. now i call on every american, you cannot be afraid of the future. don't believe the misinformation that suggest that there is
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somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth per it's not true. even -- we have been talking about energy for decades. there is no longer a disagreement on whether are dependent for foreign or out is in danger are country. it is. there is no longer a question about whether the jobs and industries of the 21st century will be centered around clean, renewable energy. the question is, which countries will bring these jobs? i want that answer to beat the united states. i believe in the american people, the men and women they sent to congress to share that same. i want to congratulate the house for passing the bill and urged the senate to take this opportunity to come together and meet the obligations for our constituents, children and future generations. >> when i am home in ohio, i get
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an earful about the crushing debt washington democrats are running out. the president spend the stock -- say the spending binge is necessary to put americans back to work. the promise of employment would not raise -- rise above 8%. our nation has lost nearly 3 million jobs this year. unemployment soared above 9%. unemployment will soon reach double digits. for all of this spending, and all of this borrowing from china, the middle east, our children and grandchildren, where are the jobs? democrats are pushing a government takeover of our health-care system that will cost at least one trillion dollars. the president has claimed that americans will be able to keep their doctors under the democrats' plan. the congressional budget report
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say that millions of americans would lose their coverage and their doctors. another independent report projects that nearly 100 million americans may be forced onto government rolls. our nation could lose an additional 4.7 million jobs under the health-care proposal based on analysis developed by a white house chief economic adviser. 1 million small business jobs will be lost because of the democrats costly mandates. small businesses are the engine of our economy. we should help them weather the storm. that would be a real stimulus. republicans have offered a plan to encourage investment and allow small business with families to keep more of what they earned, to help our economy get moving again. a real stimulus plan. on health care we put forward a better alternative about reduce costs, expand access and an increase in quality of care that in the way americans can afford.
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decision should be made by doctors and patients. this week, the president and democrats continue their push for speaker policies national energy tax. by opposing the tax on every american who drives a car or flips on a light switch, this plan will drive up the prices for food, gasoline and electricity. even president obama said that energy prices will skyrocket and consequences will be especially severe across our country. democrats' bill will ship millions of jobs to competitors like china. a recent -- we should be creating american jobs, not destroying them. that is what house republicans propose a better way, and all
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are above strategy to clean up the environment and create more jobs. our plan increases energy production, promote the use of fuels such as nuclear, clean coal and encourage increased efficiency. publicans -- republicans offer common-sense solutions. we hope the democrats will abandon their ideas and listen to read it. thank you for listening. you are watching c-span, public service provided by the nation's cable industry. coming up, robert gates on iraq's nuclear program.
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and president obama and german chancellor angela merkel. later, a look at the conduct of the justice department during the george w. bush administration. tomorrow on washington journal, a look at what the unrest and iran means for the future of the government with the jack and goldstone of george mason university. then a discussion on the end -- economy and world markets. later, director and producer talks about a film, shouting fire, stories from the edge of free speech. that is live at 7:00 a.m. here on c-span. how c-span funded? >> it is publicly funded. >> donations may be? >> it gives its funding through
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the taxes? >> i don't know. >> 30 years ago, america's cable companies created c-span as a public service. a private business initiative, no public mandate, no public money. >> defense secretary robert gates as he addressed a conference of senior defense officials from the persian gulf countries. he spoke about it around nuclear weapons program and the situation in iraq and afghanistan. he is introduced by general david patras --. trieste. petraeus.
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having had the privilege of meeting him i realized from the outset that this was a leader who got it. this was hours before he left to go to iraq. i have been privileged to work closely with him in iraq and then of course and the central command position. we have all seen the qualities that he has brought to the job. above all very impressive judgment, extraordinary calm, during pressure-packed. it's. something i think is unique in the histories of our secretaries of defense, and that is, he is about to do something that someone else has not done. to develop concepts and ideas,
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policies, but then to turn those into budgetary reality in a way that has been quite skillful and very determined. it will have an imprint on our department in a way that i believe is very positive for all of us. beyond that, i would offer to this group the chief of defence staff from the central command region that he is one that places a high premium on partnerships and on working with allies and coalition members that has distinguished his approach since the beginning, in his engagement throughout the world reticulate with the groups from central command.
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with that i would ask you to join me to welcome the secretary of defense. [applause] >> thank you. it is an honor to be here with the chief of defense. thank you to the leaders thankof centcom. this provides me an opportunity to convey his message of continuity and commitment to all of america's friends and partners in the gulf region and the middle east. today i would like to discuss with you the most pressing security challenges faced by the united states and the nations of the gulf and other arab states, and offer some thoughts on how we can deal with those
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challenges during greater resolve. since my career in government began more than 42 years ago, security and stability of the gulf region have been a central consent -- concern of every u.s. administration. i was on the national security council staff of the white house in the 1970's when the carter doctrine was formulated, based on the tenants that america would do what was necessary to defend our vital interests in the gulf. this policy was adopted by subsequent administrations. during the 1980's, the united states stood with the cooperation council to keep vital sea lanes open and then the coalition that came together in 1992 to repel aggression against kuwait. in short, america has been a steadfast and reliable security partner for our friends in the
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gulf and middle east for a long time, and will continue to be. today's -- today's environment in the gulf poses new dilemmas and opportunities to expand national borders. iran nuclear missile program, a terrorist networks, militias and criminal groups, iraq and improved security situation, injuring need to protect the free flow of trade and vital resources and the security situation in afghanistan and pakistan. this also has implications in te east. this covers a wide range of matters, from trade and infrastructure to counter
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terrorism and regional stability. for a few minutes i want to focus in particular on missile, air time surveillance and defense. we have made good progress in this area over the past two years. several council nations are acquiring or expressed interest in shared early morning. real-time information on air attacks that would allow maximum time for nations to defend themselves. all tcc countries who have expressed this desire for systems this demonstrates their commitments to regional security and upper ability with each other and with the united states. air -- the maritime security has been eight -- become a salient issue. as with terrorism, piracy is a
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problem that has serious implications. it should be of particular concern of any nation that depends on the seas for their commerce. last year, combined maritime forces base in bahrain established a security patrol to keep shipping lanes safe. i encourage you to participate in this important mission. given the vast coastal areas that we are talking about, more than 1 million square miles, there are limits to patrolling alone. more must be done. members of the international community must work together to pursue an detour piracy under the security council resolution passed late last year. companies and ships must be more vigilant about staying in traffic corridors and should consider about increasing their security personnel. gulf nations


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