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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 27, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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the underperforming? >> we need better defensive players. [laughter] that is the story. i assure you, we have as many good coaches as any team does. we work, as a fact, more with players on defense of and drills and any -- i will tell you as a fact -- as any team. there are some players who aren't very good. the never will be good. if you want to really get this, you have to figure out how you miss the players who might be good often silly. there is room for not good defensively. there are parts of the ballclub that have to be. we think we can do that and achieved a good defense. we can still be effective offensive lee.
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it may mean some additions or changes or new players. it can be done. >> what happens to the promise to acquire at least two top- rated free agents each season? is adam dunn all there is to show after a few years? is any available because nobody else wanted him? [laughter] >> what happened to my softball questions? i know no such promise. it is contrary to everything i believe. i know the promise was never made. all we can do is look at the holes we haven't tried to kill them. -- we have and try to fill them. we have been oriented towards pitching. we have holes in the other areas. we need to fill them up through
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trade. that is the more efficient alternative. the next way would be through free agents. that is what we look to do this off-season. we did it with some success. we will continue to do it. >> when you spoke here a few years ago, you talked about working with foreign embassies to identify good talent overseas. what is your assessment of how that has worked out? >> working with the embassy has worked out great. we still have nuns developed a pipeline that we need to have. this has been my biggest disappointment so far on the player development front. we have been stumbling. this is what people recognize. three years ago when we came in, we almost, before you are given the franchise, the general manager came to us and say we had an opportunity to sign a
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young phenom. we sat down and they said what you think we should do? they plunged ahead. they spent $1.4 million on a phenom. they have the right instincts. they still got burned. that is a strategy -- that is a strategy. they did not deserve that. this is happen to team after team after team who is in subject to the problems that we have had. to sum up, we have great relations with all the indices. -- to all the embassys/ we need to step up our efforts. it is still a critical parts of success in baseball. this is all through latin
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america and the pacific rim. it is a critical thing of importance. this year, the draft. we still do not know the draft expenses will be. we will not be able to make a big international push until 2010. it remains important. >> the world baseball classic this year displayed major league talent from countries like japan and korea. are you now pursuing players from korea and japan, and if not, why not? >> we are not pursuing players particularly, but we are scouting all over the place. we have two people that make trips there annually to stay on top of things that happening in the pacific rim. it is becoming more and more important. seven years ago, we did not know that we would succeed here.
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everyone realized the kind of town that was there. we are aware of it. we are on top of it. we did draft a japanese national last week out of a u.s. college. that is the closest we of gotten to an international player. >> you see the same place we do. do teams have a mechanism to bring a terrible calls to the officials? >> we do, but let me add enough time to tell you this. i was once a gm of being nba. i was one of those crazy people, always criticizing the rest and questioning every call. the oldest baseball tradition is to go to a ballpark and he'll kill the umpire. -- and yell, "kill the umpire."
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that ended for me. twice i was involved in on court arguments with the referee. a boat tour initiative by them. -- both were initiated by them. that was the attitude i had back them. that changed for me. one time, the harlem globetrotters were playing for the washington generals at the omni in atlanta. their legendary coach legendarysnowed in. he cannot get to the game. who was going to coach? they picked their oldest player to be the player/coach that it. because i was young, i went to the kids and said, you know, you may get into the history books. they have lost 10,000
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consecutive games. [laughter] you call a couple plays into torture truce. you come out and win a game, you'll be in the record books for ever. you could see him getting fired up. [laughter] he said, you are right. the first half goes on and he is screaming and calling out plays. have time comes and they are up. as the team is walking out for the second half, i go to the coach, you are in this thing. you can do it. he says, you are right. he is out there in the is screaming and yelling. the globetrotters dribble the ball. they throw the basket. they have the rubber band. they threw the bucket of water. the end of the game city does someone shoulder. they win for the 10,001st
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consecutive time by 15 points. they walk off the court. the last one to walk off the court is this player/manager. i sit, wait to go. he looks to me and says, dam or referees. -- damn referees. [laughter] after that, i said we have to stop. it was crazy. i just stopped. >> what should happen to all the players to do steroids? should mark mcgwire and sammy sosa be kept out of the hall of fame? >> that is a question i came here to ask all of you today, because it is the writers to decide who goes into the hall of fame. can we get some opinions out there? this is really out of my jurisdiction. i have strong opinions.
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this is really all of your responsibility. i await irresponsible answer. [laughter] >> what and to share your opinions with us now? what i am waiting for your guys. >> they have diverged from the scandal relatively unscathed. what is your secret? >> i do not want to make jokes about steroids. it is not funny. forbid the impact on the game. it has such an impact on society, particularly children. we do not know the we have not been touched by it. the most chilling thing for me about the mitchell report was the declaration that i do not represent at all the names in this report or all of the names in baseball. i'm not telling you we have it. what am i supposed to do with that knowledge?
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we do not have any particular answer. we are all in baseball working hard to get through this. we now have the most stringent and effective testing and enforcement program and all professional sports. we finally have a handle on it. i do not take lightly. we have worked to try to get the solution. we finally have a very big cooperation. we have a handle on it. it is nothing that we take lightly. we also have to be vigilant for the next designer that comes along. we are trying to stay ahead of the medicine, but it is a full- time job. >> any thoughts of sitting out rob dibble anytime soon? >> yes, you do not know what kind suit i have in mind. [laughter] i was with a broadcaster the
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other day to said, at least he has few words tattoos. i said, do you know that for sure? how'd you know that? >> what is your season-ticket -- above or below 12,000? >> all our industry struggles with the economic situation. we are down from last year. we understand all the reasons. second year in a new ballpark and there will be a drop off. the biggest reason is the fact of the economy. all these things are happening at the same time. it gave a quite a hit. i am pleased to say that we are still far above what teams in our position get. we need to get it back up.
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as they grow, i know we will. one thing i will say for sure, it was great. the fans are great. there was a lot of support. i've had a reinforced every day since i have been here. as soon as we do our job, which we have not done well enough yet, we are going to be one of those teams that can sell stadium's night in and night out. >> the natural -- the nationals are losing. why should i renew my season tickets? >> that is a good question. i have these conversations 20 years ago with people in atlanta. the people who listened to me then never regretted it. i am going through this building process with young kids. i talked about how fans appreciate more homegrown kids they can grow up with. that is what is going i think we are in a building process.
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these kids need to -- they want to feel that these kids are part of their hometown team. come on board. be a part of this. this is your team. the sea to get today are seeking to for a generation and beyond. -- v. seats you can get today are the seats you can keep for a generation and beyond. the recession has delayed things. we had serious conversations the summer. we were very good about not giving away any of our prime real estate in the ballpark. we wanted to hold up the key areas for the events like sponsors. we did not want to give it to anyone. this naming rights partner has to be strategic. it passed the senate for our ballpark and for our fans and the exposure that we give our company. that is on the back burner now. everyone knows about it.
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your ad pages are down across all media. we are experiencing the same thing on big-ticket items. those things will take longer. >> we are almost out of time. before asking the last question, we have a couple of important matters to take care. but me remind our members of future seekers that on june 26, the chairman of the financial accounting standards board will address regulatory reform in the financial markets. on july 1, the secretary of the smithsonian institution will be here. on july 8, admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chief of staff. i like to present our guest with the traditional npc mug. [applause] >> i now have a matching set. this is awesome. >> for our final question, we
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have someone asking, did in your parents ever to do not to play outside in the rain? what is with the playing outside during a downpour? >> did i tell you how great nationals park is to come to? [laughter] we have games. it is so great. it does not have a roof. i did nothing we would need one in washington. -- i did not think we would need one in washington. these things are difficult and every secretive if there is any way to play the game, we are going to play the game. this is for the workers and for people who bought tickets to traveled. those people should do so. if there is any way we are going to play the game, we will. this often inconveniences' other people. we will try to do our best. there is really no good alternative to playing in the game.
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i think whether it is rain or shine, it yet tickets, you should come. where once the plane the game. thank you very much. -- we are going to be playing the game. thank you very much. [laughter] >> i like to thank you you all. our also like tin thank the national press corps. -- i would also like to thank the national press club for organizing this lunch. the video archive of this luncheon is provided by the national press club of broadcast operations center. our events are available for free download on itunes as well as on our website. nonmembers may purchase transcripts by calling 202-622- 7598 or even as at
10:47 pm for more in formation. thank you very much. we are adjourned. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> this week online and addresses energy bill, president obama, followed by john boehner.
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>> for more than three decades, we talked about our dependence on foreign oil. for more than three decades, we have seen that depended grow. we have seen our reliance on fossil fuels and jeopardize our national security. the is in a polluted the air and endanger our planet. we have seen other countries realize the critical truth. the nation that believes the creation of a clean energy economy will be the nation that leaves the global economy. now it is time for us to realize this, too. now is the time for us to leave. the energy bill that passed will finally create a set of incentives that will spark a clean energy transformation in our economy. it will spur the development of low carbon sources of energy, from wind, and gm -- geothermal
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power and cleaner coal. it will spur a new energy like the efficient windows and other materials that reducing cost and cooling costs in the summer. it will make possible the creation of millions of new jobs. make no mistake, this is a jobs bill. we are already seeing why this is true in the clean energy investments we are making and recovery act. in california, 3000 people will be employed to build a new solar plant that will create 1000 permanent jobs. in michigan, investment in wind technology is expected to create over 2600 jobs. in florida, a solar projects are expected to employ 1400 people. the list goes on and on. this legislation will finally make a clean energy possible. it will lead to the creation of businesses and entire new industries. that will lead to american jobs that pay well that cannot be
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outsourced. i've often talked of the need to build a new foundation for economic growth so that we did not return to the endless cycle of bubble and bust that led to this recession. clean energy and the jobs it creates will be absolutely critical for this new foundation. this legislation has been carefully written to address the concerns that many have expressed in the past. is it increasing the deficit, it is paid for by the polluters that amid dangerous carbon emissions. it provides businesses and families as they made the gradual transition to clean energy technology. it gives rural communities and farmers the opportunities to participate in climate solutions and generate new income. it will protect consumers from the cost of this transition. in a decade, the price of the average american will be just about a postage stamp a day. because this is so balanced and sensible, it has already attracted a remarkable coalition in many different
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groups. i want to thank every member of congress to put politics aside to support this bill. i call on every senator and american -- we cannot be afraid of the future. we must not be prisoners of the past. do not believe the misinformation out there that suggest there is a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth. it is not true. we have been talking about energy for decades. there is no longer a disagreement over whether our dependence on foreign oil is in danger in our security. it is. there is no longer a debate on whether carter pollution is putting our planet in jeopardy. it is. there is no question on whether the jobs will be centered around clean and renewable energy. the question is, which country will create these jobs in these industries? i want that answer to beat the united states of america.
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i believe that the american people share that view. i want to congratulate the house for passing this bill. i want to urge the senate to take this opportunity to come together and meet our obligations to our constituents, our children, god's creation, and future generations. >> i'm john boehner, house republican leader. when i am home in ohio, i get an earful about the debt democrats are running a. they claim a spending binge is necessary to put americans back to work. the promise unemployment would not rise above 8%. our nation has lost nearly 3 million jobs this year. unemployment has soared above 9%. now the president admits that unemployment will soon reach double digits. after all this spending, all this borrowing from china, our children and their
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grandchildren, where are the jobs? it is about the worst for middle-class families and small businesses. democrats are pushing a government takeover of our health-care system that will cost at least $1 trillion. the president has claimed that americans will be able to keep their doctors under the democrats' plan. the budget office reports that of these 23 million americans will lose their current health coverage and their doctors. another report projects that nearly 100 million americans may be forced onto government rules. our nation could lose an additional 4.7 million jobs underneath the health care proposal based on analysis developed by a white house chief economic adviser, dr. christina romer. small business jobs will be lost. small businesses are the engine of our economy. we should help them weather the storm and create jobs. this'll be a real stimulus.
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republicans encourage investment that allows families to keep what they earn. we need a real stimulus plan. our health care will put forth a better alternative that will reduce costs and increase the quality of care in a way americans can afford. this without new taxes, costly mandates, or a government takeover that would bureaucrat in charge of medical decisions. this week the president and democrats continued their push for a speaker pelosi's energy tax. by imposing this tax who drives a car or flips a switch, this plan will drive up the prices for food, gasoline, and electricity. even president obama has said that energy prices will "skyrocket." the consequences will be severe
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in rural communities. the democrats' bill will give millions adjusted competitors like china and india. a recent study estimated it will cost is between 2.3 and 2.7 million jobs every year. we should be creating american jobs, not destroying them. that is why we proposing a better way. it is and all of the above strategy to clean up the environment, lower energy costs, and create more jobs. our plan will increase energy production, promote the use of alternative fuels like nuclear and clean coal, and encourage increased efficiency. republicans are offering common- sense solutions that will make a real difference in creating jobs, making health care more affordable and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment and reducing energy costs. we hope our democratic colleagues will work with us to make these reforms a reality.
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thank you for listening. >> of the next, a conversation with chief justice john roberts and a discussion on recent supreme court's decision. after that, stan kasten talked about his role as president of the washington nationals baseball team. then a house hearing on health care. >> tomorrow, house republican talks about his party's legislative priorities this year, including government involvement in health care. what we do not need is to introduce a government run option into our private health insurance from americans love competition. i do, too.
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the federal government compete with the private sector the way an alligator competes with a duck. it consumes it. most americans and i saw this -- most americans understand it a federal auction became available to all americans that millions of americans would lose the health insurance that they have right now. this is not because the government mandates its, but because millions of employers seeing an available public auction would simply inform employees that we are no longer incurring the suspense of offering health insurance. you can call the government to get your health insurance. >> this is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> conservation at the beginning was a battle. there are to quayside to it. should you drill it in or not drill?
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>> his leading role on the early days of the conservation movement. >> you is not would you call a holistic -- he believed in hunting. he wanted -- he did not believe in hunting into a species extinct. he cared about butterflies and wildflowers. he wanted to make sure we have a place for that. >> part 2 above douglas brinkley on "the wilderness warrior." that is sunday night at 8:00 on c-span. you can also listen on xm satellite radio. you can watch for one of our interview with douglas brinkley at >> now from the conference. this will be followed by
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discussion with a group of legal analysts on some of the decisions handed down by the supreme court, which complete his term on monday. this is about two hours and 40 minutes. >> could we have you take your seat please? >> good morning. we have a very extra special program this morning. it will focus entirely on the supreme court. chief justice marshall's of worry that the supreme court role in the tripartite government would not be for killed


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