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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 29, 2009 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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order to create this environment that i talked about that would be conducive to the resumption of negotiations, but israel and the palestinians need to comply with their obligations under the road map. besides know exactly what that means. for the palestinians, it means ending an incitement to violence against israel. demonstrating an ability to provide security. for israel, it means stop settlements, which is laid out specifically in the road map. a freeze on all activity relating to settlements, including national growth, is what it says. >> no compromises? >> well -- inherent in the word negotiation is sitting down and finding what one side, what the
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other side wants, and then working out a way to come to the resolution. at least our goal of a lasting -- to reach our goal of a lasting peace in the middle east. let's just see what happens. >> another question -- human rights put out a report faulting israel for using precision drawn attacks that resulted in civilian casualties earlier this year. any reaction? >> i have not seen that report. i think in general, of course, we call on all sides to avoid actions that would lead to more attention. beyond that, i do not have any comment. >> did the u.s. tonight of the said -- u.s. denty a visa?
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>> the short answer is no. we do have information -- we do have more information to give you, more details. i do have that. hold on a second. we are aware of the statement of iran's u.n. ambassador, where he said that he -- the first vice- president of the islamic republic of iran was denied a visa. we did receive a large number of applications to the u.n. conference and the world financial and economic crisis
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and its impact on development. on june 16, the iranian mission requested we return the passports, including the vice president's, without visas. on june 23, the application for identification were submitted to lay to be processed for a conference that began the next day on june 24 in addition -- on june 24. in addition, they did expedite the process for a smaller delegation. all in all, seven were granted. >> on iraq with the withdrawal of u.s. troops, a report on the ground in moses is that the military is keeping posts inside the city due to recent tensions
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between the kurds and the arab communities in iraq's second- largest city. the agreement is to pull back from all major cities within iraq. is that how -- are there exceptions to that as far as you know? >> as far as i know, the agreement is very clear. june 30, the u.s. forces pullout of urban areas. we are very committed to fulfilling the terms of that agreement. regarding this specific instance, i am not aware, but we want to do what is right by iraq. i will have to look into this specific instance. it may be a question for the pentagon and not for us. thank you. one more? >> the report on a sound -- the
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report on -- >> i have seen press reports but i do not have any confirmation. thanks. >> convicted swindler bernard madoff was a sentenced to 150 years in prison today for engineering and multi-billion dollars fraud scheme. it was called "unprecedented and staggering." the message must be sent that mr. madoff's crimes were extraordinarily evil. the 71-year-old former nasdaq chairman has been in jail since march when he pleaded guilty to securities fraud and other charges in the $65 billion fraud scheme.
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coming out this afternoon, we will be live with the u.s. pacific commander keating for discussion on the recent north korean nuclear test ban the threats they pose to the u.s. pacific region live from the atlantic council, 5:30 eastern on c-span. earlier today, the supreme court released a find of -- a 5-4 opinion in favor of white firefighters in new haven, conn., overturning a lower-court ruling that had been endorsed by supreme court nominee sonja -- sonia sotomayor. you can hear a portion of the oral argument tonight. that is the second court of appeals that took place in 2007. we will have that tonight at 8:00 eastern. a live look at the white house briefing room.
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the white house briefing is scheduled to begin momentarily. we will again for just a moment. it appears it may be ready to start. we will look again for just a moment. the white house press briefing coming up momentarily. while we wait, and looked at this morning's court "washington journal." financial times." she hopes for a v-shaped recovery. the u.s. economy will feel a substantial boost from the obama administration's emergency spending package over the next few months. christina rohmer has warned against tightening monetary and fiscal policy before career is well-established. she is the chairman of the council of economic advisers. she told us in an interview that
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2 is more -- that she is more optimistic that the economy is approaching stabization. she comments that as the opposition republicans step up their attacks on the stimulus, it has not prevented unemployment from hitting a quarter-century high of 9.4%. that is from yesterday in that interview in the paper. this is on the front page of "the baltimore sun" which says that new jobs and not likely. as the economy rebounds higher unemployment in jobless recovery is forcing. not only as the employer rate likely to climb, but it is expected to remain there well into the next year.
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economists say prolong the misery is squeezing retailers and other businesses. it could even threaten the recovery itself. we are asking you about the economy and your optimism or lack thereof based on the comments of christine rohmer and others. first up is from louisiana on the republican line. caller: good morning. so far the white house has not been accurate on the state of the country. we might get a boost in the next few months, but this health care and tax and trade bill -- if the capacity to will be disastrous. it will destroy the economy. host: arkansas, a arkansascaller, you are next. caller: in some places it has
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improved. but the media is under-reporting a lot of stepping of i read on this role at the bottom of the screen that about two weeks ago unemployment was down in 20 states. every time you talk about the economy all it does is remind people what the bush administration has done to it. they came in with a surplus. but they still it, still iraqi oil, and just messed up the airline system. host: kathy, our question for you is about your optimism -- are you as optimistic as christina rohmer? caller: yes, if the republicans would stop blocking everything. they need to help fix what they messed up. host: next call to germantown. that is on the independent mind.
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caller: let me comment on cap and trade. the recovery we're going through seems to be pretty much invisible. out of the $787 billion, how much of the heavy put to use as far as recovery? the producer everyone spoke to? how much has actually been spent? host: manassas, va., on the republican line. caller: yes, i have totally lost confidence in the obama plan. i did not like the banking bailout, the mortgage reform legislation, and i definitely do not like this cash for clunkers. i just read the details on the
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bill before the national transportation board gets hold of it. they are totally ineffective. i doubt that they get even 50,000 cars because you almost can i get a car. i just bought a 2009 morano. i have a 1996 lumina the gets lousy mileage for guests in this country did in but i do not qualify because i bought my car before july 1. this legislation is so per- business. i think his more conservative than bush. i made big money under bush. my pocketbook has been effective. i must have missed about $12,000 that i thought i was going to qualify for. host: when did you buy your car? caller: i just bought its in may.
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host: thanks for your call. a number of calls concerning the withdrawals of troops from iraq. the date was established come up being tomorrow, june 30. it was established in a secure pact approved last year. it sets the deadline also for the complete withdrawal at the end of 2011. iraqi officials have hailed it as a victory against insurgents. one more story on iraq. this is a story from "usa today." u.s. forces snubbed by iraqi forces. the colonel, the iraqi colonel is convinced he can get by with minimal support from u.s. forces. he says he really does not need them. they also quote a u.s. soldier, 26 years old, a platoon leader
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who is concerned that a diminished u.s. presence on the ground could lead to a set back considered. he noted that they step of the u.s. military moved out of a station last week insadr city, a bombing there killed 70 people. it says when we are not in partnership with them they just do not seem to practice the same tactics, and techniques, and procedures that keep the insurgents from having the opportunity to strike. also, this morning the "usa today" with the death toll in iraq. 4306 u.s. service members and 13 defense the parts of billions reported killed in the iraq war. missouri is next up. are you as optimistic as the white house? caller: yes, i am optimistic about it. but i would like to say in reference to your callers, your
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not screening them again. this lady from tennessee calls every week. she is just a good republican. she cares nothing about other people's rights. she cares nothing about the rules and regulations of your program. she calls every week complaining. y'all never cover-up. she is typical republican. although one is for themselves. host: thanks for pointing that out. we will try to keep a better view on that. would you like to comment? caller: i already have. you must need glasses because you can't read anything. host: the next call is from the independent line in florida. caller: one of my biggest concerns is that in a time when we are so-called recovering in the money is spent to stimulate the economy, with all the
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regulation and all of these laws taking place to announce seems that the majority of money will put the lawyers to work. how will this affect the air bridge -- how will this affect the average jooe out there? how will this affect us? host: good morning. caller: hello, i am very disappointed in the obama administration now. most people have forgotten the number of jobless claims which rose about 50%. is that helping the economy? in fact, the stimulus bill is not working. we need to scrap the whole thing. we need to focus on american
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jobs only. host: thank you, and here are a couple of stories concerning the hondoran coup. barack obama administration and you don't show this said they still recognize mr. zelaya as the president. the urges return and the restoration of democratic order. also this morning in "the washington times" the have an exclusive interview with ban ki moon. the un secretary general said on sunday he is making a personal effort to try to free the u.s. journalist imprisoned in north korea. illinois is next. your thoughts on the optimism of
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the white house on the economy? caller: you have afghanistan, iraq, we have health care issues. we have so much on the plate of the obama administration. one of my fears from the campaign is that people would want a quick fix. things were so dire for the last eight years. people's expectations were enormously high in the one a quick fix. we in america have gotten used to having things fixed in a hurry. information at our hands so quickly, so we want quick answers, and unfortunately the economic problems are so deep. host: you are breaking up a little so i will move on to the independent line in ohio. caller: yes, and not very optimistic about the economy. with this stimulus package that
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the democrats pretty much forced down our throat and did not allow anyone to read before they passed it >> we will leave this morning's "washington journal" to go to the white house briefing which is just beginning, live, on c- span. [laughter] >> re, sometimes those things that happen in bubble boxes come out of my mouth. >> and a question -- michael jackson from friday to today and then the letter over the weekend -- >> i do not understand. >> friday, when you're at the podium, you told us he was anticipating the question about
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michael jackson. >> i was surprised that nobody asked one. i do not think you were there friday. >> i was. >> with chancellor markell? -- merkel? >> no. >> i did not expect you to ask a question because you were not there. >> anyway, then your statement -- your stigman use said -- you said you did not lead us into believing -- and sunday we find out there is a letter. all the information from friday and saturday, the question was asked today, why not make the statement? >> i did not see anyone ask the question today.
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i think he expressed his thoughts on the thoughts of michael -- on the death of michael jackson. the president often writes private letters of condolence that, based on their nature, will be kept private. >> it was a private letter. how was it sent? can you tell us about the letter? >> i do not know -- i do not know whether they got it or not. >> can we return to honduras? has president obama spoken with zelaya since the coup? >> not that i know of. >> what can they do to try to bring him back to power? >> i think you will know that
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working with the oas and others in the international community over the past few days, -- we were working to refer the kind of constitutional access -- constitutional actions. our goal is to restore democratic order in honduras. again, working with partners of the international community. we are focused on restoring the democratic order. >> what does that mean when you say working with the oas and the international community? calls from the present -- from the president himself? >> i do not know that he has called anyone. this will be discussed in the meeting with the colombian
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president today. i just do not want to get into diplomacy out loud right this second. that is more the what f. >> on the honduras issue, trying to clear the picture on what the u.s. is considering, they're withdrawing the ambassador asked the leftist american government -- or even looking at a possible cut off of aid? >> i think some of that is in the next steps in evaluating this. i do not want to get specific at this point. >> today do anything to try to head that off? what does that say about its credibility? >> as i said a minute ago, the
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government working with partners is attempting to prevent the unrest we have seen happen over the last 24 hours. they worked on that over the last several days. we will continue to work to restore democratic order in honduras. >> about health care, yesterday on abc, david axelrod was asked about whether the president would veto health reform and make a tax increase under $250,000 per year. will the president veto any health bill -- [laughter] >> i think we get this question once a week. in some form or another. in many ways, what marks the
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difference between this health care effort and other health care efforts in the past is what exactly the president described -- a very large table of people sitting at in it and trying to solve the problem we have been working on for 40 years. we are making significant progress, and all those people are still sitting at the table. we have not drawn a lot of bright lines. we understand there is some flexibility on the part of congress to work through some of these policy issues. we are going to allow that process to continue to make that process. >> that would be true, but the president said he made a pledge that he would not raise taxes for anybody under tutored $50,000. is that still an offer? >> question is hypothetical because there are any number of
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different bills, different proposals. i think the president has outlined what he believes is the best way to pay for health care. >> he made a pledge and said i will not raise taxes. is that pledge still active? >> we are going to let the process work its way through. we are going to let the process worked its way through. all right? you have that awfully perplexed look on your face. >> what would be a reason for reversing the most conspicuous campaign promise? >> >we do not get into hypothetical questions months before we do that. we are making so little progress that you have asked me if you think the president is gone to
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sign the bill that is not at his desk. >> there is nothing hypothetical about reaffirming a promise. >> we are not facing any decision on this. many of these issues -- we are making progress. >> the administration should tell congress we can do this, this, this, but do not go there because it is not something we are going to do. >> the president in his principles and the money he gave to finance health care reform has laid out pretty clearly what his financing mechanism would be. which is to -- any increase in revenue which would affect top wage earners, a charitable deductions, returning them to the rates of the reagan administration. >> how much has the president --
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i know you have said you could turn that policy -- the policy change over to the pentagon. >> the president has himself been involved in meetings with the pentagon. a solution has to include working with the pentagon. it is something that the president has been involved in since coming to this administration. >> how high priority is this for him? >> we can get it done. the president has talked about this. i have talked about the fact that to have an enduring solution, this has to be done legislatively. that is -- i think most people recognize this will take time to do. working with congress and the pentagon. i think the president will address this in remarks later today.
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pardon me? no. again, in order to have a solution, this is going to have to be done legislatively. >> one more question, quickly on the d.c. issue -- why hasn't the president changed his license plates on the presidential limousine? is he going to change them to the taxation without representation license plates? >> the president is not -- the president is committed to changing the status of the district of columbia. i would ask you to arrest people in washington whether they would like to have that status change or the symbolism screwed onto the back of a limousine. yes, sir. cracks the president -- >> the president has a pretty warm relationship with the colombian president. do you expect the president to


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