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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 30, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the door is open. >> we're not going negotiate with ourselves. i appreciate the opportunity to comment -- >> on financial regulation dregulation drew very definitive line is about what it does and does not want to do. >> i would ask you to look at the legislation on health care and see those bright lines. >> can you describe tomorrow's town hall? this is going to be a continuing pattern? >> an interesting concept. .
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three questions of received, questions from the audience. there is a continuing conversation about how to move healthcare reform for were, how to get a bill that puts cost for the american people lower and gives the accessible and affordable health care to people that do not currently have it. >> [unintelligible] >> you acknowledge that?
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>> right. now have to explain myself. i was setting up the point that the bright lights and you discussed in legislation was not set. therefore, i was a little cute about it. let me call on john for a second. >> is a possible what you have not said is that maybe some of these things do go against the campaign promises, but it is more important to get a bill that has most of what you want and you are willing to compromise on things that you promise and the campaign? >> the president is going to watch the process. he is going to be flexible. we will evaluate it as we go. hours referring to you quoting me. >> the cbo scores on the health
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and finance bills got a lot of controversy in washington. last week, the president commented on cbo. that got a lot of attention. do you feel like the president's remarks on cbo were blown out of proportion in any way? he was complaining about their lack of wanting to make concessions. >> i think we got this question after the meeting. what he was expressing was, look, we are going to follow what cbo -- house cbo scores health care legislation. the frustration is how they scored the bills and let the notion that the permission and job that they have in this instance is simply to look at and evaluate some of that
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legislation and what it does rather than some of the game changers in terms of going 9ayt taking into broader accounts of what it can do to help families, lower health-care costs. that is what i was expressing. there is a broadness to what we are trying to do on health care policy. it is not scored by the cbo, because that is not what cbo does in all honesty. there is that focus here on just what the each individual sections did. there is frustration from earlier with independent pieces of legislation. >> we come to the money that is
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proposed, is -- is that of the do with the cbo's not scoring that? >> i do not think that is what he said. i hope nobody took that as what he intended. that is not the direction that he was moving. >> going back to honduras and iran, you said you are pro- honduras that way because you want to address rumors and we are not involved. that is exactly the situation in iran. condors yet taken a very strong position on -- condor is, you have taken a very strong position. >> as a penny -- i appreciate this, as opinionated as it may be. i do not think the president is weak on iran. maybe henry kissinger's and others can address this.
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>> use of the position is that -- but when it came to a rian, you'll make take position. >> i think that everybody recognizes the democratic process that has happened in honduras. i do not think anybody disputes or disputed a week ago that he was the president. in terms of elections in iran, who won an election. the president said we do not have observers on the ground. this is for runyon's to settle. i think obviously if you look at what has gone on in the country, there are a significant amount of sirenians -- of iranians that do not like the result. >> president obama said that he
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had asked secretary gates for some type of plan on how to implement a change. do have any sense of what the time frame would be and when the plan would come forth from then? the president asked for this? >> not that i know of. consistent with what we talked about in terms of work with the pentagon to insure that. >> back on health care. yesterday, they said they would not hesitate to use it to get a bill passed. republicans are demanding too high. do you think that move should be employed? >> that gets a great deal had wary are in the process. but it is a bipartisan bill. >> the president has confidence in the system moving forward.
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there are steps that many committees are taking to work amongst themselves to find a legislative solution. obviously, i think having the ability and a different avenues gives congress and understanding of how serious the problem is and the fact that we want to go through congress and work with them and can -- in a constructive way to get comprehensive health care reform, i think that is. what do you think the demand is too high? >> i've not going to draw lines here. the process continues. the president and the administration feels good about the progress that is being made. we will continue to work in the system to find a solution. thank you.
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tonight at 8:00, we will hae a speech with mr. odierno. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> we will have the press conference at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. quite how c-span funded? >> publicly funded. >> donations may be? >> government? >> it gets it through federal funding. >> public funding. >> i do not know. >> 30 years ago, america's cable companies created c-span as a public service, a private business initiative. there is no government mandate or money. >> the democratic emetic the of
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condors address the united states general assembly to do days after being forcibly removed from office. this speech happened shortly after passage of a resolution. it is about 50 minutes. let's allow like to invite him to address the assembly. -- i would like to invite him to address the assembly. >> president of the general assembly, ambassadors,
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representatives of countries to the united nations, distinguished special guests chancellor of honduras, ministers who accompanied us here today, ministers from oliver countries reap, distinguished minister of venezuela, of ecuador, distinguished friend margaret
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kelly, director of the general assembly. the resolution and that the united nations has just adopted unanimously with the vote of all countries that are members of this assembly expresses the indignation of the people of honduras and worldwide who continue to struggle for the only principles that can prevail in accordance with united nations. agreements, international human rights agreements, and the fundamental value of humanity, namely the right to life, to freedom, to justice, to
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individual dignity and collective dignity, as well as the right of citizen participation. also significant in this new century art challenges and world conditions that are becoming complex, where we have greater strength and awareness and more instruments to be able to respond to the problems that we face, that finding solutions that are increasingly global. to which we are all committed. this resolution is historic. it is significant. it will empower every last citizen of this world to be able to continue these great conquest of humankind.
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there are some that stand in the way of conquest that you did the use of force and violence should continue and that that should prevail over the coexistence of held by the united nations. we have no doubt that always opting for the coming good, i always pursuing our common design, this will serve as the load star for all of our systems in order to be able to achieve the objectives of the better world. in our own defense and of future generations, the united nations -- starting with the
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organization of the american states, the organization of people of the caribbean, many of whom are good friends of honduras. the organizations of the country's of all southern america who have expressed their voices unanimously condemning the barbarity that a small group of people have sought to inflict upon our country. the rio group in return, which brings together all at american countries, yet today adopted the same resolution -- yesterday adopted the same resolution. countries affiliated through the central american bloc of countries, salvador, costa rica,
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panama -- at a significant meeting served the country. they to eductive this resolution condemning, rejecting, and calling for respect for the democratic decisions taken in honduras. they too have come to the floor for the organization of central american and caribbean countries. so has central america. this includes mexico and colombia. they too have used the same
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terms and their institutions have expressed their view. europe, by the european union, and through the prime minister and his majesty, they too outlined a same firm position with regard to any movement of aggression attacking the democratic will of the people. today, following this decision, which joined a decision taken by the people of america, we have ratified what we had agreed upon
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earlier and we are sending a signal for future generations and for humanity. all countries, without exception, have expressed themselves loud and clear with regard to the acts of atrocity which occurred on sunday the 28th of june. from the night it states with resolutions -- from the united states, all dignitaries, prime ministers, from latin america, have all spoken to your humbled servants. they express their outrage by the acts perpetrated by the cursor first of power in honduras by the ursurpers of honduras.
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the president of columbia will be here in washington. he was in washington the day after these tragic events for democracy in condors. the president of mexico, philippe, for the meeting of the rio group. along with all countries that are members of the group's, this meeting that was convened as an extraordinary meeting, had a view to express the of bridges and vince that have taken place in -- i express the outrage that
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has taken place in honduras. the president of guatemala, the president of coaster ricasta rio extended his hospitality to me after i was thrown out of an airplane. that was at 6:30 a.m. that is the day that the coup d'etat occurred. the president of macabre who is the host of the meeting of the integration system. president of ecuador who traveled with the single aim of
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standing with the democracy of the world. isn't the interest of one single country or one single people is when you of holtz a democracy -- when you uphold the democracy? the president of venezuela to pay very close attention -- a who paid very close attention to events very early on. there were early signs that there was something of a bullet. this plot was taking shape. it resulted in a brutal coup d'etat. the presidents of bolivia who spoke on behalf of people of the world, also indicating his
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protest. the terrible discomforts, because some presidents have passed through times of weakness in their terms. we have all been affected. often, these threats are nothing more than that, simply threats. when these threats are issue behind rightful defendants, that means we had still not progressed enough. have we still not been able to reign in violence and resolve it peacefully using legal terms? were they necessary?
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another country of laws and constitutions to enter into dialogue and to resolve any disputes which may concern an activity or an event that is taking place in our country. to the presidents of carearacom, and i will not name them all because they are english names. i have a hard time announcing them. -- pronouncing them. i would like to announce president raul castro from ha vanah who is here with us to
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voice his repudiation of these gross acts perpetrated by a military group, doing nothing more than establishing an elite that stand in the way a change in transformation. there has always been a group who wish to maintain the status quo, who wish to keep things the way they are, who wish to keep the establishment viable. it is always difficult to bring back change. nothing comes free of charge. it has never been easy for the people of the world to find space for themselves to develop instruments to uphold these rights. the united states is one such instrument to uphold freedom. i would like to applaud this organization to guarantee
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democracy worldwide. i wish to acknowledge it. thank you all delicate. thank you. -- delegates. thank you. and not been put on trial. i have not been called to the stand to defend myself. nobody has told me what my crime is. nobody has indicated what might error is. no accusations have been brought to my attention by any judge. i assumed the president in 2006 after elections were held in 2005. i haven't a margin of 3%-5% over
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the rival candidates. -- i had a margin of 3%-5% over the rival candidate. we broached a new era in the country immediately applying democratic, peaceful standards with one single -- system participation. this is an assembly. a nation is an assembly. participation takes place in an assembly. that does not mean an isolated group or an elite or a group of politicians with specific interests who only uphold the specific interests. it is the participation of the citizenship which empowers democracy and shows the true significance. we wish to provide this quantity
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for democracy. i never thought that i would ever have to go back to the dark days to uphold democracy. we have often been dealing with the inefficiencies of our national systems, national economic systems, in terms of our democracies. the longstanding requirement for democratic participation, more needs to be done to improve the democratic system to protect our institutions. when i address the assembly, i pointed out the trade imbalances between the regions of the world. we have sought to improve
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trading conditions so that the best of the tree can be rectified, those that -- so that the asymmetries can be rectified. i never thought that i would be accused of committing a crime. i never thought my words can be turned against me. that an elite in honduras would attack me, believing that i was seeking to bring down the system of privilege that the upheld. i always made use of a human rights, the freedom of expression. the freedom of conscience. by increasing the minimum wage to workers to adjusted to the cost of life in honduras, i never thought that would be seen by the elite as an attempt to put a brake on economic
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development of the country. i tried to find out the exact cost of living in honduras. this is the cost of living in terms of food only. it does not include transportation. it does not cover rent. it only covers food. the cost of living to support an individual from that small amount -- i said no contracts should be awarded for individuals that earn less than that amount. i received 180 replies immediately from the most conservative circles in the country, because i was seeking to


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