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tv   American Perspectives  CSPAN  October 3, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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right now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, it's war. jon gosselin's incredible move today to shut down "jon & kate plus eight" the day after he got fired from the show. but now jon is being called erratic, opportunistic. tonight "showbiz tonight" with the jon gosselin smackdown. and the brand-new all-out hollywood war over roman polanski. who is defending him? who says he should be locked up? tonight the stars are divided and speaking out to "showbiz tonight." plus crazy over the
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kardashians. khloe marries a big nba star. the big bucks battle over their wedding pictures. the obsession over the other kardashians. the big case for being famous for nothing. the weekend edition of tv's most provocative news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. tonight it's the jon and kate war. jon gosselin has taken dramatic action to try to end "jon & kate plus eight" days after being fired by tlc. jon refuses to let tlc bought house to shoot the show. they suspended production on jon and kate after he filed a cease and desist order demanding they
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stop taping the reality show. he post add sign that said "get lost." he told larry king he's doing it to protect the kids. >> i'm asking not to be on the show. i'm asking my kids not to be on the show. i don't want to film anymore. i don't think it's healthy for them. the reason i don't think it's healthy is we're going through a divorce. i don't think it should be televised and i think the kids should be taken off the show. >> that's not what kate said. she said you never had a problem with the kids being on tv until he got fired from the show. not only that, tlc is striking back, too. "showbiz tonight" wants to know, whose side of the story are you buying? it is an all-out battle. carlos diaz, and attorney. jon posted this notice right there on the front gates of the home he and kate own together banning all tlc cameras from the
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property. jon is saying basically he wants to end the show for the good of the kids. he wants to protect them. this is what his lawyer tells entertainment tonight. jon realized his family was like a train wreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and the show, because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident, the victims of a train wreck. carlos, i hear what's going on, i read the statement and think something stinks here, considering two days ago tlc fired him from the show and changed the name from "jon & kate plus eight" to kate plus eight. is jon acting like a man scorned? >> exactly. that's exactly when he's acting like. how many times have we seen one parent say to another parent, if you act that way, you can't see the kids this weekend. now we've got jon telling tlc, if you are going to act that way, you can't see the kids ever. it's a terrible example of behavior from jon gosselin. tlc is handling this wrong.
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you get the kids out of the equation now and you have jon and kate work, through to their divorce on camera instead of on abc, instead of on all these different shows. get that on tlc. that's why your ratings are taking because we're not believing this rosey image of kate playing with the kids in the front yard anymore. we're not believing it. >> you're talking and i'm noticing the great irony that jon, through his behavior is trying to protect the kids but this very behavior is setting a terrible example for the kids. now kate is striking back and she's also suggesting the only reason he's doing this is because he got fired. you've got to hear what kate told "showbiz tonight" late this afternoon. she said it very clearly, i'm saddened and confused by jon's public media statements. jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, nfc, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was
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taping on friday with the kids. kate went on to say jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that jon would have a lesser role in the show. kate is clearly upset here, she's confused here. whose side of the story are you buying more, jon or kate's? >> it's so obvious jon is not trying to do anything here but protect his check. jon is upset they pulled the plug on him and the show, so he's lashing back in one of the few ways he can. look how quickly he has. it almost sounds like this was something potentially brewing over time. the swiftness and quickness how they went into court and got the cease and desist. >> it happened lightning fast. you know, kate is not making this stuff. i can tell. "showbiz tonight" has dug up the proof to back up what kate is saying here. jon did go on the record about the kids only a few weeks ago. he told abc's prime time they were totally fine taping the
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show. you've got to watch this. >> do you ever think about whether the show is the right thing. if the kids were telling you they didn't want it, you would stop it. >> i would. >> you tell them what to do, they are five and eight. >> they are not being forced to film if that's what you're getting at. >> carlos, jon knows he said that and everybody saw it. it makes him look like a big old dufus. >> what kind of advice is he getting when they said put out the statement, when they just said on national tv the kids don't mind taping. it's obvious he is just trying to get back at tlc by using his own kids. >> by the way dufus is the clinical term i've chosen to use tonight. >> of course. >> no surprise, tlc was not happy with the cease and desist order john put out demanding they stop taping.
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they let jon have it. they just slammed him in the statement. listen to this. we're aware of jon gosselin's recent statements and remain disappointed at his erratic behavior. his latest comment are grossly inaccurate without merit and clearly opportunistic. i must point out until now, tlc has always been publicly supportive of jon. now i hear this real 180. they are sweating bullets their biggest show has gone down the tubes. it's jon's house not tlc. if he was going to get back at tlc for canning him, this really is. >> it really is. he is the second half of that family, the marriage, and he does have a say in what happens to the children. they are not divorced yet. there's no custody issue yet. he does have a say as to whether or not the children can be in the show. that said, not only did he say in his interview he had no problem with the children being filmed but his actions bely
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that, support that statement. he's been filmed every single day up until this week. it just makes no sense and has no credibility. >> an unbelievable contradiction. what do you think, did jon deserve to get fired from the show? this is exactly what we asked in the question of the day. the very first wave cain. a huge response on this when we asked on air and online. jon gosselin, did he deserve to be fired from jon & kate? look at this, 75% said yes. 25% said no. i must point out not everybody is behind kate. our "showbiz tonight" facebook wall lit up. look at this, kate makes me sick! i hope whatever he's trying to do works and that they cancel the show! carlos, it seems to me everybody is going to be a loser, jon, kate, and tlc. and sadly, as we talked about before, the kids. >> $75,000 an episode is what they were rumored to be making. $75,000 an episode you are
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flushing down the toilet. if i'm the kids, we need to have a summit. we need to have the kids get together and say, excuse me, guys, our college money is going bye-bye. can you get it together and work something out, please. >> let me not be hypocritical here, i've said all along it would be terrific for the kids if the show gets shut down. kate has gone on and on saying this is what we need to do to support the kids. doesn't it ultimately make sense for them to put a halt to the show? >> i think it does. i've always been one to say i didn't think the show was a good idea with respect to these children being functioning, normal, contributing members of society as they become adults. to see the parents bickering like this on air for everyone to see, i think is detrimental to them. so yes. >> i thank you. these are unbelievable turns in this ongoing, sad saga. i appreciate you being here tonight. as we move on tonight, let me tell you, the stars are taking sides.
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there's a brand-new, all-out war over roman polanski. >> what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> lisa kudrow is absolutely fired up. tonight, who is defending roman? who thinks he should be locked up for having sex with a a 13-year-old girl. the stars are speaking out to "showbiz tonight." why do so many people go crazy over the kardashians? i don't get it. khloe marries an nba star and there's a huge battle over the photos. can somebody please explain the obsession with kardashians. why are they famous for nothing? when it comes to stars, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. what is going on with all these falling stars? literally, why are they tripping up? this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln.
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it is time for the "showbiz tonight" news tirker. these are more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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did you see this? it's an elevator carwash. i love this. if you need to get your car cleaned, head to the wildlife savi saf safari. they have seen car sales go up 20%. i hear these elephants are working for peanuts. you know the part they do the best work on? the trunk, of course. we got our $5 worth on that elephant sound affect.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm a.j. hammer. didn't you see this? falling stars. former house majority leader tom delay almost drops his dance partner. conan o'brien bangs his head hard. what's with the falling stars lately? jeanne moos with "showbiz tonight." >> from the tango to the tonight show, to a bull riding ring, no bull, it's been a dangerous few days for celebs on the public stage. so with no further delay, we bring you the latest on tom delay, the former house majority leaders most recent routine on "dancing with the stars." now admittedly we had a field day when delay danced the cha-cha cha in that brown spandex outfit. but he almost redeemed himself with his tango. the judges used words like -- >> dignity and grace. >> i actually really liked it until the end.
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you got the gut -- you've got to squeeze them together. >> even squeezing him together wouldn't have saved him from almost dropping his partner. >> how much did that girl weigh? >> but the real culprit may have been delay's previously injured foot. the feet of conan o'brien are what got him in trouble, with desperate housewives star terry hatcher. oh, no he wasn't. he a concussion. >> a slow motion replay of what happened right there, can we, please? i believe i won. >> no wonder his memory was foggy when they took him to the hospital. >> one of the neurological questions was how many nickels in $1.35. >> that would be 27, conan. >> you were this close to being back on at 11:30. >> this time close to getting stalked by a bull in a riding
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competition. legendary linebacker junior seau is used to be run over by football players but not a 2,000 pound bull. seconds later seau was up on his feet unhurt tossing his hat. it's dangerous being famous. at least tom delay could teach conan o'brien how to slide safely. >> that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." tom delay is getting delayed from "dancing with the stars." the show announced he will live to dance another week despite the fact he almost dropped his partner. "showbiz tonight" was right there for the star filled screening of the seinfeld non-reunion reunion episode of my favorite show. curb your enthusiasm. we tried to get jerry seinfeld to tell us why after 11 years he decided to do this. of course in typical jerry fashion we were left scratching our heads and laughing, of course. >> when someone gives you an
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idea that sounds wrong, that's right. >> something that's wrong sounds -- >> if it sounds right, it's wrong. >> are those words to live by. >> yes. george learned that in the opposite. >> jerry referring to jason alexander character george. a fiery debate over roman polanski, should he be locked up or left alone, even though he had sex with a 13-year-old girl 30 years ago. we got a call from a woman who think roman should serve time. >> my god, this man committed an act of rape against a child. i can't believe anyone. it wasn't even a charge, it was, in fact, an admitted offense against a child. oh, my gosh. he needs to go to prison like everybody else. >> we also heard from chris calling into showbiz on call from north carolina. chris doesn't get why some stars are defending roman. >> i'm absolutely disgusted
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there's even a debate over roman polanski. he's a child molester. he had sex with a 13-year-old. i don't care who he is, he needs to be brought up on criminal charges and brought back to the states. he has hidden and it's just disgusting anyone would even be celebrating a coward like that. >> thank you. call showbiz on call. let us know you what think about this, about anything. showbiz on call phone lines open all time. call the number, leave us a voice mail and we'll play some of your calls right here on showbiz tonight. and your call to showbiz on call are only on the home page, which is tonight. there's a brand-new star war over roman polanski. >> what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> some stars like lisa kudrow
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are disgusted, some are defending roman. tonight battle lines are drawn. stars are speaking out to "showbiz tonight." should roman go to jail? should people leave him alone. atmosphere fired up, not to be missed, "showbiz tonight." sarah palin's big shot at making money. she's going rogue to do it. i'll tell you about this venture. can somebody explain kardashians to me. khloe gets married and there's a big bucks battle for the pictures. these people are famous for nothing big. this is "showbiz tonight" weekend. time for the ticker. more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are drugged or seduced. >> now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, the ugly war among some stars in hollywood over roman polanski having sex with a 13-year-old girl. tonight stars choose sides and speak out. sarah palin is hoping to get rich bygoing rogue. huge news about the former governor of alaska's next adventure. crazy over kardashians.
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battle over the pictures of khloe kardashian marrying an nba star. the weekend's first most provocative news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight roman war, the all-out battle over roman polanski. there is a bitter divide brewing over the famed director's fate. it all started at the zurich film festival where he was arrested. there's anniversary on the arrest on a decades old sex case. >> we hope today this latest
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order will be dropped. it is based on a three decade old case that is all but dead except for a minor technicality. >> now there's outrage coming from some of the biggest stars in hollywood. joy behar summing up the outrage on the view, taking on polanski supporter including actress debra winger. >> i don't think if roman polanski were a plumber she would be going out supporting him. >> founder of 15 minute public relations and the author of "where is my 15 minutes?" leslie marshall, host of the leslie marshall radio show. i want you to hear exactly what joy behar said this morning on the view about all the stars who have been supporting polanski since his arrest. i've got to tell you, joy pulling no punches. >> debra winger backing him up. i don't think if roman polanski was a plumber she would be supporting him. half the people on this list wouldn't be supporting someone who molested a child 30 years
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ago. >> a petition going around hollywood. howard, you're right there in the thick of it in hollywood. i have a hard time arguing with joy's logic. do you think she's making a good point? >> i think you have to understand what this case is about, a.j. it's not about what this man did 30 years ago which nobody plauds, everyone condemns. it's about a miscarriage of justice. thirty years later. we're talking about a state that is broke. 30,000 people being released from the california jails by an order of the court. we have limited amount of money. there's kids being shot every day in south central l.a. and we do nothing about. this is about political grandstanding by the district attorney and for their own ends. that's what it's about. >> when you hear stars rally around, crying, free roman polanski, let him go.
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how can they separate themselves from these charges that he raped this 13-year-old girl? i don't understand, even if it's not what the case is about how they can distinguish themselves from that. >> i don't get this. this guy is a fugitive. this guy has a warrant for his arrest. this guy raped, admits, a 13-year-old child, who was not mentally or emotionally prepared to have any sexual relationship. and the law states that it's statutory rape period. there's no question of consent. i don't care how much in debt the united states is. what do we tell a 13-year-old child victim looking back years ago, what do we tell that person today. i'm sorry, it's just too expensive. sorry your childhood was ruined, virginity lost, relationships probably broken up. i don't understand anybody defending this man. you don't need to be a parent. i was a 13-year-old girl.
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a 13-year-old girl is a child. he raped a child. he is a rapist and he belongs in jail. >> there's no question about it, it's a very complex story. we're hearing about it from all sides. there's a brand-new interview with the sister of roman polanski's late wife, actress sharon tate. the sister spoke out in defense of roman. you remember sharon tate was murdered by the followers of manson, all way back in 1969. watch what her sister debra tate had to say about all this. >> there's rape and then there's rape. it was determined that roman did not forcibly have sex with this young woman. it was a consensual matter. i am a victim's advocate and i know the difference. >> see, i've got to be honest with you. i'm confused by her comments. but howard, do you think debra tate there is speaking for a lot of hollywood stars out there defending roman today, even putting their names on that petition to have him free?
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>> i'm not sitting here arguing, i think a lot of people aren't arguing about the righteousness of what he did. it was wrong what he did, a.j. but the truth is getting back to leslie's comments, we do make decisions all the time in the justice. it's not black and white, it's gray. who is a threat to society. we're looking at a man that is no threat to society. while indeed he made a mistake three decades ago, he lived an exemplary life. he's lived a good life. that's what it's about is politicizing this decision and the grandstanding going on here. nobody is defending his action. >> there are a lot of stars who are on the other side of the roman war today. "showbiz tonight" was there at the feed a lot event in los angeles. we're out there on the red carpet. lisa kudrow was among those who didn't mince words. >> a 13-year-old girl, you know.
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what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> back to your point, leslie. on the one hand we have stars like lisa speaking out against roman. on the other hand we have big named stars like martin scoresacy, putting their name on a petition to have him freed. whatever is behind their decision, it still comes back to the original decision. leslie, are you surprised more stars are not taking a stand against this guy? because obviously this story has now bubbled up to the surface and everybody is talking about it? >> yes. like joy said, if he were a plumber, would these stars be coming up. it's because he's a famed director. he's had a great life, did the victim? is it time for the great life to stop and for him to face the
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music and be incarcerated for what he did. lisa kudrow said what kind of message are we sending? i commend her for that. one in ten rapes is recorded in the united states of america, whether 13, 16, 30 or 70. we're going to have less and less young girls, women, coming forward when they have been raped. they are going to say there is no justice for the victims. that's what i think this will be about if roman polanski is not held responsible for the guilt he's admitted to. >> no surprise this hollywood war has caught the attention of "showbiz tonight" viewers. all day today "showbiz tonight" phone lines raging over this. rochelle says the end of the day, the law is the law, celebrity or not. >> i think hollywood is supporting someone who has done great film work over the last three decades since he's been a fugitive of the law and has victim has forgiven him. do i believe in forgiveness? of course i do. his victim has. it doesn't change the fact he admitted having sex with a minor
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child and that he fled the country. he's had all the success while being a fugitive of the law. whether we forgive him or not, he must pay the price for breaking the law. hollywood needs to remember that. >> howard, let me ask you, you deal with stars all the time. again, i understand you're saying their point is not that they argue with what he did and the fact it was a heinous crime. but very quickly do stars need to be careful about the association they will have coming out in support of roman polanski because it can appear they are support ag guy who commit add heinous crime? >> yeah. i think a lot of stars have given it a lot of thought. i think a lot of stars have studied the case. i think a lot of stars have a history of fighting for justice, even in the case of capital punishment and other issues like that. we're not arguing over someone's guilt. we're arguing over how we allocate justice in this country and that's where it keeps going back to. >> got to end it there, howard, leslie, i appreciate it. as we move on tonight, you
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know me, i love stars. i am not ashamed to admit i love star weddings. what's the deal with the kardashian wedding frenzy. khloe kardashian marries a big time nba star. there's a big money war over exclusive wedding pictures. i wouldn't see that coming. why are khloe, kim and courtney so famous? tonight the bizarre fascination with the family famous for nothing. also tonight sarah palin is hoping to get really rich bygoing rogue. the huge news about the former governor of alaska's next great adventure. could it be the ticket for her to become the top of the republican presidential ticket? also britney spears getting a little freaky with a former nsync band member? what is the video behind this? we have the tape that has everybody buzzing. you've got to see it. i will show it to you.
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this is "showbiz tonight" weekend on hln. the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this week. i'm a.j. hammer. it is kardashian craziness. i've got to ask, what the heck is going on. an all-out war has erupted over khloe kardashian and lamar odom. why in the world would those pictures be worth up to half a million dollar. while i'm at it, what's the
11:45 pm
obsession with the kardashians. khloe, kim, kourtney, are they the ultimate example of being famous for nothing. right now from hollywood, senior editor from 'n' in touch weekly." also a journalist for $5 i brought you here to help me understand the kardashian craziness. you have khloe getting married to lamar order am in this lavish star studded wedding after knowing each other a month. we're going to see this on "keeping up with the kardashians." paparazzi seem to follow khloe, kim, kourtney everywhere they go. are the kardashians the perfect example of being famous for nothing. >> first of all, i want to say congratulations to the newlyweds. those are my girls. i love the kardashians. they are famous for being really, really good at self-promoting themselves and
11:46 pm
marketing, not to mention sexy. for anyone who says they don't have talent, they don't know what they are talking about. they have talent. they are really, really good at it. most celebrities in hollywood would die to be as skilled as they are at self-promoting. good for them. >> i love hearing you say that that's a diplomatic way of saying they are basically famous for no real reason one should be famous. kim, can you help me out? >> they are sexy, beautiful, that helps. they have the bruce jenner connection, the sports connection. there's even that o.j. connection back in their family. they have a reality show. they are good at promoting themselves. they are also willing to kind of put it all out there. they are willing to let us, the viewers, in on the details, very intimate parts of their life. that what's make them so fascinating. these days when celebrities are doing that, when tmz comes along they are opening themselves up and put it out there. we feel like part of the kardashian plan as well. >> i just want to point out --
11:47 pm
say that again? >> brad pitt, he wasn't famous at one point, same thing with julia roberts, tom hanks. this show made them famous and this is why they are famous. don't take that away. >> it's very confusing to me. of course, kim, you're referencing their late far, part of the whole o.j. trial back in the '90s. we should give credit to the kardashians for this moneymaking machine. khloe is selling these wedding photos, could get up to half a million bucks. sister kim gets paid to show up on any red carpet. courtney big sister making money off her unexpected pregnancy. highlights, i suppose they really are just laughing all the way to the bank, aren't they? >> exactly. it's no surprise the day of the wedding, all of a sudden news hits the blogs, kim and reggie bush are back together again. the drama with the pictures is very calculated. i'm not going to hold them
11:48 pm
accountable in trying to make a buck from hollywood. moving on, another big story breaking today. sarah palin goes rogue. we learn the memoir rushed into bookstores november 17th. the title. book is "going rogue and american life." they have printed a million copies. this is going to make palin super rich, just what she's always wanted, it seems. >> you mentioned they are apparently printing 1.5 million copies, the same as ted kennedy's autobiography released posthumously. here we have sarah palin who nobody heard about a year ago going against ted kennedy, a political dynasty. people have been writing sarah palin's political obituary since the day john mccain appointed her his running mate. she keeps coming back. people are fascinated with her. even if you love her, hate her, republicans would love to have her at fundraisers, talk show
11:49 pm
hosts would love to interview. wherever she goes makes news. whether she's ever president, that's up for debate. >> how long she's around is up for debate to. this morning on "the view" including guest host gloria esteffan mentioned it was moved up before she disappears. >> to finish her book in time, it keeps her name out there, because she resigned as governor. so now she -- you think maybe she's trying to beat some other book coming out by somebody else. >> it's 400 pages or something, they said. i didn't know she had that much to say. >> very quick. do you think people are going to have that much interest in what palin has to say? >> 100%. political aspirations, i can't say. but hollywood, give her a talk show and give it a run. >> britney spears getting freaky
11:50 pm
with a former band member. it's a revealing caught on tape moment. who was it? her old flame justin? well, i've got the tape that's setting off an online frenzy. tonight "showbiz tonight" is setting this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. more stories from the newsroom, making news right now.     
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tonight, bete midler, i've got more stars than the betty ford clinic. all that from the time warner center in new york tonight. -- captions by vitac -- you never know what my guest is going to say, or for that matter, say about you behind her brack. she's outspoep and takes no prisoners. i'm wearing body armor right now. please help me welcome to my table, kathy griffin. >> i love that intro. here's why. because i love that you pointed out i talk about people behind
12:01 am
their backs. and here's why. i think it's interesting when people want me to cop front these celebrities. and the truth is, i was raised right. i talk about people behind their backs. and i wait until you leave the room. >> yes. >> so when people say that on reality shows, if you have something to say, say it to my face, i say, i would rather wait until you leave the room. it's more freeing. >> i understand that. sometimes you get into trouble. >> yeah. always. >> you've said things that i have down here, you know, suck it jesus for example. you said that -- >> when i won my first emmy. >> why were you interested in offending every christian in the world? >> i like to offend religious groups more than individuals. i like to offend individuals, don't get me wrong. i find the dieties and religious groups are the most fun because they have the worst sense of humor. when i told jesus to suck it, of me doing a spoof of the musical artists go up to the grammys, think, mileey did it, after dancing on the pole -- >> it's not pretty.
12:02 am
>> so i said, jesus had nothing to do with this award. suck it, jesus, this award is my god now. then an angry christian group took out a huge ad against me in the "usa today" and spent more money than bravo did advertising me on the "d" list. >> do you get death threats? >> yes. how do you handle that? that's a little scary. >> i just -- i kind of just laugh at all of it. now, that's probably why i'm not a security expert. like i wouldn't be a good homeland security person. because i would just say, oh, just laugh at those jihadists, they're a riot. >> i have one name for you. salmon rush day. >> he was on my life on the "d" list. i got tips from him. >> how to avoid jihadists? >> how to deal with a fatwa. >> you can have every move now. >> like barbara walters. >> let's leave her out of this. there's other people. regis, for example.
12:03 am
you haven't been invited back. >> it's in my book. did you know you're in my book? >> i heard about that. i skipped that section. my book has an index where you can look yourself up and see what page you're on, thereby not having to read the whole book at all. >> what did i do for you, or against you? >> i was on "the view" one time in the makeup room, and you said to me out of the blue, you said, have you been on regis lately? i said no. you said, you mean because you said on regis live that gelman was re jij's [ bleep ]? i said, oh, yeah. i said, wait a minute. i haven't been on the show. you were laughing. you said, that's why. in fact, i have not been on regis and kelly lee, let's go with regis and kelly lee, because that's how long it's been since i've been on the show, i believe i have a fat wa from gelman. and i didn't know gelman could put a fatwa on someone's head. >> she doesn't want to be known as regis' [ bleep ].
12:04 am
but maybe some people don't have the sense of humor that you have. so you have to watch that. >> you don't think regis beats gilman ever? >> he abuses him verbally. when you get into trouble like that, you will not apologize? >> i don't apologize for jokes. i apologize if i stepped on your toe, or if i -- >> literally or figuratively? >> i apologize for many, many things. i don't apologize for jokes. saying suck a cheeses at the creed of arts emmys is a joke, or starting a rumor that dakota fanning is going to rehab when she's 9 years old. if i would have said it about lindsay lohan, i could understand if people weren't sure i was kidding. but to say it about dakota fanning is funny. >> what about the fact that letterman, he apologized to sarah palin for the bristol joke. do you think he should have or not? that was a joke. >> that was interesting, in my book i talked about being banned from letterman and then as i was writing the book, my 12-year ban
12:05 am
was lifted. >> why were you banned from letterman? >> i think because i swore too much. i don't know for sure. the way the banning worse with the shows, they don't want to come out and say you're baped. they usually just not want to keep booking you year after year. >> of course. they don't want to admit it. >> after winning emmys and going to iraq, and after doing this. they can't find a spot for me but they can have spencer. but they can find a spot for him. so then letterman, i was a failout. when you're on the "d" list, that's what you do. the show has booked a real star. they get a head cold, paula abdul, a head cold. they call me and i rush over in a couple of hours and fill in. >> now, what does this mean, head cold? when you do it like that? >> i would say that paula abdul appears to be under the influence of really enjoying life. >> she says she has pain medication or something. >> i believe her. if she's saying she has pain medication, i'm agreeing with
12:06 am
her. >> i loved her on "american idol." >> i love her. >> i thought she was good. >> i don't think -- i think it's a big mistake not to hire her back. considering what they pay those boys, in the book i actually talk about sexism in hollywood. you obviously know that game. i'm sorry, i think it's appalling that seacrest makes $45 million. and $3 million is an amazing living, so she gets a tenth of what the guys get? a 12th of what the guys get? >> i think he was getting $45 million for various jobs, not just the one thing. >> but still. she's a big reason people watch that show. and she definitely was one of the big reasons i watched it. >> me, too. you needed somebody nice and and somebody who would maybe come on to the kids. she was great. now, the -- talking about sexism in hollywood. why in hollywood? it's all over the place. >> stand-up comedy, i can't believe how bad it still is. when joan rivers took over the "tonight show," i thought, this is it. >> me, too. it's going to be 50/50. and that there isn't a female in
12:07 am
network late night to this day, in fact that there was one joan rivers, and then never again is my -- >> she -- after she took a -- had her own show and didn't tell johnny carson she was getting her own show, the patriarch was upset, she was banned from those shows also. i think she was recently invited back once or twice over the past 20 years. she was banned also. is that a female thing? >> a female thing, yes. i believe -- as far as -- having those shows, i believe it's a woman thing. but even the clubs. the banning, i don't know about the banning part. i think a lot of these guys in late night don't necessarily know what to do with a woman. if you're not the hot chick, i don't think they know quite what to do with you. if you're not a starlet in a short dress saying our tv show is like a family. we switched cola for coffee one time, you know. awful. >> they love that. >> they love that. but with a woman comedienne, i think it's too much power we have. it's not easy to deal with. >> there's the whole thing that
12:08 am
generally think chicks aren't funny. when i do my shows, like you, i perform for a lot of gay guys, women, i can't tell you how many guys come up to me and say my wife kind of dragged me here and i didn't want to come, but you're really funny. >> do you think there's less sexism among women comediennes? >> sometimes yes, sometimes no. there's a few of us vying for a few jobs. we're all fighting for a handful of jobs. sometimes girl-on-girl crime did be the worst. i've been lucky to have a lot of girls help me out. i did stand-up in a coffee ho e house, they're feminists, they were very helpful. i love all the gals. i love chelsea handler and sandra bern hart. >> what about ellen degeneres? >> i love her. >> you were a little nasty in the book against her. >> i told about the experience on her show. >> what happened to you? >> i thought she really ruled
12:09 am
that set with an iron fist in a way that was a little like -- it took me back a little bit. >> if she were a man, you wouldn't be saying that. you would say she was very strong and tough. >> well, i thought she was -- what she did i felt she sort of ha me perform like a circus monkey. which normally i'm happy to do. >> it's worth the banana. >> i do have little cymbals attached to my fingers at time. i'm a big admirer of her and ha she has accomplished. but i think i'm currently banned from her show. >> really? it will lift again. you do just fine. you're not on the "d" list anymore. you're an "a" list person now. to be on the "d" list sounds wrong. >> i think you have to say that because i'm sitting across from you. cha-ching. >> no, you have a huge gay following. what do you think that's about? >> well, kind of like you, right? it seems like i just get along with gay guys. you know, i didn't have to put any effort into it. we're all alike. >> i remember in the early days, when i first started, the gay
12:10 am
audience was easier to deal with. they were downtown, below 14th street. >> so it was geography for you. >> when i became uptown and got hetero, you had to then deal with guys. >> i felt guys -- i call them the unshockable gays. they're already in a minority that has to struggle and they already feel like sometimes being on the outside looking in, i think sometimes that's what the "d" list is. i love gay audiences. for me, the kind of stand-up i do, what am i going to say to a gay person that i haven't heard. i don't get a lot of gasps. >> but somebody once said to me, joy, they don't admire you, they want to be you. what does that mean? >> first off, there's a lot of gay guys i would love to be. i think my life would be a lot easier if i was a hot gay guy. >> who do you think has a better fan base, you or cher ond craig? >> they're very passionate. >> when we come back, we're
12:11 am
going to have more with kathy griffin. i'm kathy griffin and i'm going to be on christiane amanpour. i think we're live from baghdad. oh, we're going to be at a desk. there's going to be a lot of ieds. we're going to gos ip. and talk smack about celebrities.
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
we are back with the very funny kathy griffin. i do remember your name. so now, you know, a lot of things in your book are serious. >> oh, yeah. this book hits you with a few serious topics that maybe you didn't expect. >> i did not expect to find out that your brother was a pedophile. tell me, what do you mean? >> here's the deal. i'm writing a mim woir, and i think if people are going to put down their hard-earned money, they need something they will not get if they see me live. or whatever. and so, you know, i had to write about the serious stuff, too. i was torn. part of me wanted to make it a humor book. i thought, you know, the type of books that i really like are the ones that are honest and
12:15 am
forthright. in fact, barbara walters audition was one of them. she was honest and revealing and joan rivers and paula deen's first book and all about the cooking. those are the type of books i like to read so i had to talk about my eldest brother, kenny, who is now passed away. he was a pedophile. >> how did he die? >> he actually -- so awful. he was homeless and a crack addict and lived on the streets for years, and he actually died in my mom's arms. >> sad. >> very, very sad. lived to be i think 60 years old. >> when you say he was a pedophile, did he molest children? >> yes. >> he did? >> that's what a pedophile is. >> you don't say that exactly in your book. >> that's what i mean. and it was -- i mean, look. it's a serious thing. >> you say he got into bed with you when you were a little girl. >> yeah. i mean, here's the deal. it started when i was a little kid like under 10 years old, and this guy was 20 years older than i and get into bed with me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. >> did he touch you? >> not that i recall. if you walked into a bedroom and
12:16 am
saw a 7-year-old kid and there was a guy 20 years older than her cuddling with her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. >> it's creepy. >> exactly. >> i don't know that he molested you. >> i don't know what the word is, by the way, and i've never used that word. i say sexually inappropriate. i don't know what to call it and different people call it whatever they want. i have talked to various experts about this topic. one thing that they talked to me a lot about was the denial often that, you know, comes along with that crime. also, remember, i'm 48. so we're talking 40 years ago. we almost didn't have the word pedophile then. >> that was before oprah and phil. >> exactly. so then later on in two of his long-term relationships, both of those mep told me separately about him molesting those kids. >> oh, i see. >> and then many years later, became estranged from him and it was a very divisive thing. my dad said why are you completely estranged from kenny, and i said, well, dad, you know,
12:17 am
i believe he's a pedophile. that's why. my dad confronted him later on and said kathleen thinks you're a pedophile, and my dad's response -- my brother's response to my dad was, i do what i do. >> oh. so he admitted it pretty much? >> look, if someone accused me of being a pedophile, my answer would not be i do what i do. so it's very sort of amorphous thing. it's a crime to me often that doesn't have the witnesses come forward and call the lapd, i called them to try to get them to investigate. they said they couldn't because they needed the kids to come forward. i had the address of the apartment he was managing. you know? i mean, i tried to get them to go ask. it's a big thing to deal with and it had a big influence on me. everything from probably -- >> it's scarring. i think it scars you. without really getting the point of it. >> it is all about secrets. my act is all about blurting out everything and no secrets and revealing everything and when i wrote this book, i couldn't write a book without writing about him.
12:18 am
all those it was the most difficult part for sure. >> did you tell your mother? >> yeah. >> what did your mother say? >> my mom and dad still didn't really know quite what it was and couldn't quite put it together. you know? it's a very tough thing. >> it is like the priest scandal. >> i had a gay priest cousin who died of aids. >> gay doesn't mean pedophile. >> but he would move parish to parish to parish and rumblings when i was a kid. once again, you know, it was -- >> he was a cousin? >> yeah. >> there's something in your family. >> i always wondered. that is a big part of the book. i am not a big secret keeper. i don't think secrets ever work. i think they just fester. >> it is not like you to not talk about things. it is good you did. let's talk about your husband for a minute. i have met your husband. seemed like a nice guy. what happened? you were so happily married for a while. he was in the car with you on the d-list. what happened? >> i was actually quite happily married. there is a part and then i think that there was some, you know,
12:19 am
financial improprieties that happened as well as other things. >> he stole money from you? >> $72,000. >> what did he do with it? >> to this day i don't know. >> did he buy a car? >> to this day i don't know. >> how did you find out? >> my accountant called. >> your accountant called? >> yes. >> then what happened then? >> at first he denied it and then he said it was me. i said the bank has the tape. i said, look, apparently there's a tape. if there's a tape, you might as well tell me before someone at my accountant's office sees it. >> so are you divorced? or separated? >> totally divorced. >> do you have to pay him alimony? california is so crazy about that. >> can i tell you? honestly, it wasn't about the money. it was so funny, the first person i talked to about it -- not the first person, but on tv i talked to larry king about it. he was talking about the money and the dollar amount and honestly it really is about the trust because -- >> of course. >> i started to question everything and do i really know him.
12:20 am
did i ever know him. why did he lie about this. this happened over a period of like two years. >> yeah. >> two years. going into my wallet when i was asleep, taking my atm cards, withdrawing $1,500 and putting them back in the wallet before i woke up in the morning. >> it's a betrayal. >> yes. it's bizarre. i couldn't figure it out. i couldn't find out why he needed it. he never showed up with a rolex watch. >> so you off marriage forever? >> i'm kind of off marriage. >> and there are single guys that are available. ryan o'neil. interested in him? >> that would be very healthy. or lana stewart. for a lesbian tryst. >> i think so. you could turn into a lesbian, that type of affair with your husband. if someone goes into my bank account, i am down with the girls. >> that's right. i'm kathy orman. say hello to kathy orman. >> we'll be back with the real kathy griffin or will we? find out what i mean when we return.
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earlier this week i had a chance to talk to bette midler who made tv history and won an emmy as johnny carson's last guest. ♪ long road [ applause ] >> one of great moments in television. now she is my first guest. here is hoping the magic continues. bette midler, thank you, honey for coming on the show. >> oh, you're welcome. >> it sort of tears us up when
12:31 am
we see that, doesn't it? >> maybe you. for me i am all smiles. once in a while i get misty eyed. he was a wonderful guy. wonderful guy. he did so much for me. so much for so many people that i know. >> not me. i never got on his show. >> that's too damn bad, joy. maybe you didn't deserve to get on that show. >> who cares? i'm sorry he's dead and everything. >> here you have a show of your own. hey. congratulations. >> let's not talk about that. >> he was great guy. you will have a great run. >> i am glad you are my first guest and you were his last. do you think he ever wanted to leave? does anyone ever want to leave? >> i think some people really want to and some people don't. everyone's different. i think there are some people working in television who will have to be carried out feet first. >> no names. no names. >> but there are other people who have just had enough. it is hard work. it is really hard work. when you look around, you're a curious person, you say, gee, it's a lot of the same.
12:32 am
i have been doing this for a long time and every day is pretty much the same. those kinds of people say i have had enough. >> what would you do if you were not in vegas? >> we were not talking about me. i am not retiring and you can't make me. >> will you never retire ever? >> i would never say never. if i were going to retire, i wouldn't announce it. i would just, you know, back up into the wings and walk away. i wouldn't say -- why would you say i'm going to retire? then if you change your mind -- >> look at cher, she always has a comeback. >> god bless her. she's made it pay. >> let's talk politics. >> okay. >> i know that you stumped for obama. >> i did. >> was that the first time you stumped far president? >> no. i stump for a lot of people. i stumped for a lot of democrats, i think since the late '70s. >> they have been calling him a lot of bad names which is really stupid. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a new low in political discourse. and it's very distressing.
12:33 am
i think it's -- i think people of goodwill are very distressed by it because it's so ugly and so whacky. >> what should people of goodwill do? besides talk about it like we are? >> people of goodwill should talk rationally and politely in a civil tone. and people should be willing to listen to the other side, and the people that you're listening to should be willing to listen to your side. that seems to be gone. >> we are trying to do that. someone like glenn beck has made a lot of money because he is out there being hateful in many ways. he calls himself a clown and a comedian. do you think he is funny? >> i don't think he's funny even a little bit. i have never had a laugh from glenn beck. i find him terrifying. i find him terrifying. he is like an old school demagogue and that is frightening. because, you know, if you look around at the rest of the world and what this kind of behavior has done, like in rwanda, where the demagogues got on the radio and fermented all that hate
12:34 am
between the tutsis and hutus. and the devastation that happened from that. it's terrifying. and that could happen, you know, you could turn on a dime. that could happen here. >> we have free speech here. everything he says we can -- >> i don't think hate speech is so free. i don't think hate speech should be free. i'm not for censorship but i also feel like, be a human being. >> but you can't stop people from hate speech because they have a right to say it. it's the first amendment. >> i think that people who are educated to be civil are civil. that's all there is to it. people who are not educated are just on the barbaric side, what can you do? that's the fault of the education system. and the way they're brought up. >> it's in a lot of trouble. the education system. speaking of that, what do you think of sarah palin? >> i think she is an interesting character on the american scene. >> do you identify with her? americans do. >> i do not identify with sarah palin. >> she hunts and fishes. do you? >> according to levi johnson,
12:35 am
she doesn't hunt or fish or cook. which i find -- >> do you believe him? >> that article was so fascinating. it had the sound of it, the voice in the article seemed so legitimate, that i kind of sort of -- it could go either way of the >> so you believe him over her? the little twerp. >> it was interesting. >> those people laughing are alcoholics anonymous. go ahead. >> i don't know many journalists. i know one or two of them. i tonight really know how they do what they do. i don't know how they manage to elicit all that information from someone like levi johnson. >> you don't know if he is telling the truth. >> do you know if anyone is telling the truth any time ever? it's gotten to that point that you just don't know. we used to have these father figures. oh, yeah. walter cronkite, he is telling it like it is. but, where is walter? you know? >> he died a few weeks ago. >> i know that. that's what i mean.
12:36 am
>> two dead people in this one conversation so far. >> and we could go on. >> we could go on. >> this was a very bad year. >> i want to change the subject. i know. >> and i am dying right now. >> no, you're not. you are and i are constantly being -- they think i'm you and they think you're me. >> separated at birth. >> look at the camera together for a second. there's a picture. look. do we look alike? i don't think we look alike. >> i had a look on my face like why are you pointing that camera at me? you're like, yeah, here i am. >> i look like someone is pointing something behind me. >> in this, we have had photographs taken where we do look very much alike especially when i had red hair. but i haven't had red hair for 30 years so there you go. >> i was on a cruise before i had "the view." right? i'm on a cruise and i performed and i walked around the boat, i talked to people for the whole cruise and then i overheard someone say, how could they afford bette midler? that was at the end of the cruise. >> that's hilarious. >> that's a true story. >> i was in paris.
12:37 am
i went on a little holiday not so long ago. >> did you see roman polanski? >> i did not see him. i was at the loo in the louvre and i was standing in line like everybody does, and someone said, you look just like bette midler. she said, i bet you wish you had her money. >> that is a good story. i love your work. >> thank you. >> i have to say. i saw you in vegas and new york and the old days, you know, when you were first starting with barry manilow all those great years and have your albums. gushing now over you. >> thank you. >> but you are not blue. you're not really blue. >> i work blue. >> i don't think that is blue. i would say you are baudy. >> first you -- i am bawdy. you have to tell the audience at home what blue means. >> that means you are swearing. you might drop the f-bomb. for example. >> yes. >> and other words that george carlin said not to use on television.
12:38 am
you can do it in a concert. >> you can and i do. i sometimes feel like i am working a little blue for my crowd. because my crowd -- >> they love it. >> they -- my husband says they pay to hear you swear. at first i was like offended and then i was like i think he is right. >> tell us what the hoolaween party is for? >> it is for my organization that i founded about 14 years ago. it is called new york restoration project. we clean parks in underserved neighborhoods. we are the owners and designers and caretakers of 55 community gardens. we teach children environmental education. >> very good. >> we teach rowing programs. we teach, teach, teach. >> you're very good. do you have ocd? >> i think i do. >> what do you have that causes you to want to clean up new york? it's a great thing. >> i think it is a compulsion. but i can't help it. i was brought up in the most wonderful spot in the world, hawaii. when i came to the continent of
12:39 am
the united states, north america, i said, why are the clouds brown? >> that was california. >> that was california. why is there garbage on the street? i couldn't understand that. that disturbed me. that was my mission. i got on that path and never left. i never thought i would still be picking up garbage so many years after i stopped dating it. >> that is a good line. >> thank you. >> so vegas, how do you like vegas? do you like it? >> i have gotten to know the town a little bit. i have friends there and relationships. >> friends there of normal people? >> normal people. there are a lot of normal people. i learned poker. i can't play blackjack. but i did learn poker. i have my little thing that i carry with me all the time. >> how does your husband like it there? >> he doesn't mind it at all. it is glittery and glamorous. in its crazy way. >> he is a performer. >> he is a performer. >> i saw him at your birthday party and did a performance art thing. he was very charming. >> he is extremely charming and brilliant.
12:40 am
just brilliant. i go everywhere with him. >> so you are going to keep him? >> well, 25 years, yeah. he loves all of this and he has seen the show 40 or 50 times and he cries and laughs every single time. >> oh my god. >> he is crazy. >> he is a keeper. really nuts. >> yeah. >> you should keep him, though. >> i got him. >> okay, bette. i am so happy that you came to see me. >> is this it? are we over? >> we're done. we had such a good time. this is my first show. the i had a wonderful night. go ahead. >> i want to say that hoolaween is on october 30. >> buy a table. >> buy a table. at the waldorf historia. be there or be square. crosby stills & nash will be entertaining. and i will probably serve chicken pot pie. >> and you usually sing. >> i always sing. and we are honoring the mayor. >> mayor bloomberg. okay. thanks, honey. that was bette midler, one of the best. back with another great star, vanessa williams in just a minute.
12:41 am
12:42 am
you know, not for nothing, but my show has been on the air for, what, like two minutes and already i've been called every name in the book. i've been called stupid, pushy, dumb, a loud-mouth and a marxist. i take exception. i am not a marxist. i own property. okay. it is in foreclosure but still.
12:43 am
this name calling doesn't bother me. you think it bothers me? i'm used to it. bill o'reilly once called me a pinhead. yeah, he's mature. and a christian columnist named eric rush actually called me a fatty bloom blaty. which version of the bible does he read? king james or dr. suess? let me say something to necessary negative naybobs, i am a mature woman capable of intelligent discourse. i love to engage in cogent debate and partake in well-informed conversation. okay? i relish the thought of sitting down with all of my adversaries. so glenn, rush, bill, i invite all of you to come on the show and discuss things like rational adults even if you are a big bunch of doodyheads. but that's just me.
12:44 am
12:45 am
my next guest made headlines when she became the first black miss america 26 years ago. that was a long time ago. seems like yesterday. today she continues her career as a world famous actress and singer. she just released her latest album "the real thing" and she's been nominated for an emmy three times for her role on abc's "ugly betty." oh, let's look at that. >> am i smiling? i can't tell. >> i think you are. >> oh, willie. so good to be back and have health insurance again. because i have this weird mole thing.
12:46 am
but daniel still runs roads, and lexus still runs me. what's our new move? >> to divide the house of mead. >> please welcome the beautiful and talented, vanessa williams. >> am i smiling? i can't tell. >> you are. kathy griffin and i were talking about plastic surgery, and she says that basically you can't get along in hollywood without some kind of plastic surgery, and it's not just people older, it's young girls getting stuff. what do you think? >> there is a pressure to stay young and stay in the game. i was lucky enough to when i was 40 i wanted to maintain the way i looked. edidn't want to look like anybody else. >> why would you want to look like somebody else? i would rather look like you if i were you, yeah. >> thank you. that's when i first partook in botox. >> the botox. we love the botox. >> we love the botox and it is easy and it's a needle and you're in and out in less than 20 minutes. you know, if you don't like it, you don't have to do it.
12:47 am
if you do, you get done every four months or so and it is wonderful and playing slater, i'm vocal about using botox as a character and allegin teamed up and asked me to be the spokesperson. it was a joint venture and doing the events across the country. talking about the effects and the safety, but also giving back and we have given $250,000 to dress for success which is a great nonprofit. >> yes, that is a good charity. >> it is a great combination. >> yes. but i mean, the thing is that you will say that you have it. >> yeah. why lie? >> everybody lies. you think that actresses are not lying? vanessa? come on. >> i guess that is what we get paid to do. lie for a living. >> if i directly ask some of them on my show on the other show, "the view," they'll say no to my face. they lie through their caps. i mean -- it's crazy. >> yeah. >> so, you know, i mean, i think
12:48 am
that also, you know, it doesn't apply to men as much. >> yeah, but you know, there's -- with the amount of botox going on, there's almost a million men doing it on a yearly basis so it's definitely an issue and something that men want to do, too. why not? >> i guess. >> cutting, it is not permanent. >> botox is not cutting and the shots, and people are getting chin implants. and the boob job. which i don't get of the >> if you've nursed four kids, you get it. ? is it normal to trip on your [ bleep ] on the treadmill? just asking. how old did you say you are? >> 46. they can google it in a second. why lie? they'll find out anyway. >> i started lying about my daughter's age. that's how i do it. >> tricky. >> are you not scared of getting older? >> do i like getting older? >> no one likes it. let's be real. no one likes it. >> i'm a little -- i mean, as
12:49 am
the body gets bigger, and what your normal routine doesn't work, that's when you start getting into a panic. like when your normal routine, all of a sudden you're still getting flabby and gaining the weight. that makes me nuts. >> it must are hard for someone like you, i would think. the because you are still beautiful. but you were really a gorgeous, gorgeous woman, miss america. come on, that's pretty pretty. >> yeah, but -- >> that's pretty damn pretty. >> i think the pressure was that i never felt any pressure. i didn't grow up being you're a princess, you're gorgeous. never in pageants before that. i was a junior at syracuse university. i won the whole thing within six months and had no idea what was going on. i didn't have the pressure of keeping an image up. i was just a college kid. so i don't really feel the pressure. of course, seeing yourself on screen, that's when it's like, oh, that five pounds i can't lose, what is going on here? got to do something about this. >> yeah, i know. i know. it's ugly. let's change the subject now. >> okay. >> you were the first black miss america.
12:50 am
>> 1983. >> you were breaking new ground. where did -- that was a new thing in those days. have we seen it since? how many times? i don't follow it that much. >> i don't follow it either but at least three or four for sure if not more. >> do you think that, you know, barack obama is catching a lot of flak from the right wing -- >> but there is no one else better to be the first. >> he is brilliant. >> he is brilliant. what he has had to face already, people shouting in his face. >> calling him names. >> calling him a fascist. >> and a communist, which are opposi opposites. >> liking him to hitler. it is amazing how passionate and scary for an american to see how divisive it has become. he is the man. he is graceful, articulate and great class and he has courage.
12:51 am
>> he would never have been elected if he didn't have everything needed. it is like "guess who is coming to dinner" where sidney poitier had everything. more with vanessa in a minute. !e
12:52 am
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breaking news tonight. satsuma, florida, a 5-year-old little girl tucked into bed. five hours later, she's gone. vanished. the back door propped wide open. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. the last person to see the 5-year-old alive that night? new stepmother, misty croslin. bombshell tonight, after croslin skips town following a bitter fight with haleigh's father, ronald cummings. tonight, police locate croslin. as we go to air we find she
1:01 am
refuses to take to police who want her requestioned about haleigh's disappearance. police surveillance on croslin. they say she won't give straight answers or account for crucial hours surrounding the alleged kidnap. in the last hours, croslin's mother in a tennessee courtroom on felony forgery. out of florida. bond, wants a whopping $100,000. now no bond. until florida cops take her home. she's already publicly stated crosiln hasn't come clean about the night haleigh vanishes. what else will she tell police now that she's behind bars? croslin's brother confesses in his own jailhouse interrogation. he goes to haleigh's house the night she goes missing, pounds on the door, nobody home. in another development, a woman caught on grainy surveillance
1:02 am
video delivers a detailed tip as to haleigh's location. police investigate. and we have the video. where, where, was new stepmother misty croslin during those crucial hours when haleigh goes missing and tonight where is haleigh? >> if i find whoever has my daughter before you all, i am killing them. days of speculation ended. misty croslin has been found. why did she go away. what does she know? >> we've been told she was on a forray to an amusement park. she was at universal studios with a friend and seen wearing a haleigh pendant around her neck. >> police know where to find misty. misty doesn't want to speak with police. >> if people think i had something to do with it or i knew where she was, i wouldn't
1:03 am
be sitting here today we would have her. >> a tip letter surfaces that gives specific directions to an alleged burial site where haleigh's body can be found. yards from haleigh's home. stuffed in a garbage bag. >> the letter isn't very long, a paragraph that ends with someone's initials. more than seven months after she disappeared it could contain information to help crack the case. >> you never know when the one is going to come in that will make the case. this could be it. misty's mother, lisa croslin may be questioned again by authorities. why? and where is the investigation headed in the desperate attempt to find out what exactly happened to little haleigh. >> i have faith in god. to take care of my baby girl, finding her. i don't care who had something to do with it. those are the people who need to be put away. live to nashville in the
1:04 am
search for a 4-day-old baby boy snatched by a woman posing as immigration. mommy answers the front door to be stabbed repeatedly. tonight, mommy makes a desperate plea from the hospital. to find her tiny boy. >> i heard a loud beating at the door. "please help me." >> federal agents and nashville police are searching for this missing newborn from tennessee. 4-day-old yair anthony carillo was reportedly ripped from his mother's arms. >> the woman is covered with blood from her head to her toes. >> she said a woman showed up at her house posing as an immigration agent. the woman demanded her baby and then stabbed her when she refused to hand him over. >> when ms. carrillo said "who are you?" a struggle ensued. she was stabbed several times. >> she been slashed across the throat. >> perhaps this individual was obsessed with children. perhaps this individual had claimed to be pregnant for a
1:05 am
long period of time but never was pregnant. this person has to have friends or family who know some peculiarity about them. also, after 30 years hiding out in luxury in europe, a hollywood superstar finally behind bars. 30 years ago he admits to raping a 13-year-old little girl at the home of movie star jack nicholson. that little girl testified under oath he also forced anal sodomy on her. she was just 13. tonight, hollywood superstars coming out of the woodwork for polanski's release. they're, quote, shocked. they're shocked. well, they're not shocked he raped and sodomized a 13-year-old little girl, a girl he got drunk on champagne and quaaludes. no. they're shocked he's arrested. shame on hollywood.
1:06 am
tonight polanski behind bars. lady justice comes through, thank heaven, better late than never. there is a disturbing yet growing defense of roman polanski in this country. and it's coming from hollywood. a look at the list of high-profile people who are defending this superstar director. martin scorsese, woody allen, debra winger. >> we hope today this latest order will be dropped. it is based on a three-decade-old case that is all but dead except for a minor technicality. >> this is for me a shock, and i'm ashamed to be swiss, that swiss is doing such a thing to a brilliant, fantastic genius. >> evidence shows that he got a little girl drunk, he gave a little girl drugs, he sodomized a little girl. >> he wanted to take some
1:07 am
pictures in the hot tub. i was in there topless. then he got in the hot tub. that progressed to, you know, eventually why don't you come in here and lay down? into a very dark room. and that's when i really realized what his intentions were. >> she was 13. he was 43. he gave her champagne and a quaalude. she said no. he still went ahead and had unlawful sexual intercourse with her many different ways. >> despite that polanski continues to receive support from hollywood. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. new stepmother misty croslin skips town after a bitter fight with haleigh's father, ronald cummings. tonight, police track her down. >> i'm just trying to do everything to find her. you know, answer any questions i have to. because i know i didn't do anything with -- to that little girl. i would never hurt her. >> cops say they're keeping a close watch on the last person
1:08 am
to see haleigh alive. misty croslin. but misty has a lawyer and doesn't want to speak with police. >> i've thought all along that she had something to do with it. and now this kind of just proves it. i mean, she's the last one to see our daughter, and her stories just don't add up. >> misty croslin left haleigh's dad, ronald cummings, for days. where did she go, and why did she just come back? >> she was a 16-year-old child whose job was to look after somebody else's two young children. and i can only imagine that this girl would want to get out and have some fun of some kind. >> this as authorities plan to question misty's mom, lisa croslin, with regard to haleigh's disappearance. as early as this week. but why? >> this mother, remember, came out against misty and said that she believed that her son was telling the truth and that misty was not. maybe they want to put her in jail so they can ask tough questions about why she came to such a conclusion. >> it's one paragraph long,
1:09 am
typed, and has three letters at the bottom that resemble initials. >> if the information is accurate it's going to be pretty volatile. >> if they go out and look for the right person, maybe they would have the answers. they're trying to get all the answers from me that i don't have. >> straight out to t.j. hart, program and news director wsky, 97.3. t.j., thank you for being with us. t.j., how long was she actually gone? >> she was gone for the better part of a week. about six to eight days off and on. but she'd been in contact with her family and she's been accounted for. >> and t.j., why is she still refusing to talk to cops? they have told her they want to re-question her about the night haleigh goes missing. >> she has a standing invitation according to major bolling and others at the putnam county sheriff's office to come in anytime she wishes, come in and straighten out that timeline.
1:10 am
her attorney has not made an offer to bring her in for questioning and she has not gone in since the last time she went in for questioning for a week. >> we are taking your calls. lakisha. indiana. hi, lakisha. >> caller: hi, nancy. i watch you every night. >> thank you. and thank you for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: you're welcome, sweetheart. i was just wondering where is misty cummings tonight and if she's been in touch with ronald since she's been gone all this time? >> marlaina schiavo, what about it? >> misty is in the satsuma area. actually tonight she was with teresa's -- excuse me, she's with ronald's mother, teresa. >> now, when you say she's in the satsuma area, is she back in the home with haleigh's father, ronald cummings? >> yes. she lives in the home. she's back in the home with ronald at ronald's grandmother's. >> so you're telling me they're together? >> that's what i'm being told, nancy. >> so marlaina, after all this time where had she been?
1:11 am
i know she doesn't have a job. ronald cummings has put so much effort into trying to find his missing 5-year-old daughter he has been let go from his job. how does she manage to stay down at disney world for a week in orlando, living it up at epcot? you know how much those tickets cost to get in? >> i do, nancy. and you know, she was with somebody. we don't know who she was with. we're told she was with a friend. but when i spoke to teresa, she said that those -- that the money and -- that went into this trip was paid for by someone she knows. so it was coming from somebody else. it wasn't coming from misty's funds. >> joining me right now is a special guest. teresa neves is with us tonight. this is haleigh's grandmother. miss neves, thank you for being with us. you have supported croslin from the get-go. why won't she speak to police tonight? >> miss nancy, that is a decision made by her attorney. she has gone in several times
1:12 am
voluntarily, against his wish. i guess she is waiting on him to say yes, let's do this.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
what's her date of birth? >> i'm going to [ bleep ] kill somebody. >> okay. tell him we understand. we need to get her date of birth. >> what's her date of birth? >> [ bleep ], we need to find her. >> somebody stole my child out of my bed. i come home from work, and my child was not there. >> i put her to bed and -- about 8:00. and i woke up and she was gone. and the back door was wide open. >> do you believe that misty was indeed home and that she's been telling the truth? >> yeah, i believe she's telling the truth. >> she is still the most important witness in this case. she's the last person to see the children. she was with them. she's an important person to be spoken to. >> they haven't left me alone for six months. i've been the one, the main focus. they just need to move on and look for the right person.
1:16 am
>> the officers are going to come out there and do what they can. we can't have him screaming and yelling at the officers whenever they get there. okay? >> uh-huh. >> i got better people to talk to than a [ bleep ] [ bleep ] who ain't coming. >> why are you so sure haleigh is still with us? >> because i stand on god's promise that if you pray and believe that he will give you what you pray for. >> joining us right now is haleigh's grandmother. you just saw her. teresa neves. miss neves, does croslin, misty croslin, haleigh's stepmother, realize the firestorm she created by dropping out of sight for all these days in the midst of the search for haleigh? >> i do not think so, miss nancy. i don't think anyone thought that it would be that big a deal. there were arrangements made for her and ronald to do something
1:17 am
with junior. those arrangements had to be changed, and misty just continued on with those plans without ronald and junior. >> then why couldn't anyone seem to tell us exactly where she was during that time? >> i don't know why anyone couldn't tell you that, because i could tell you. >> really? there were so many conflicting reports about where she had been. miss neves, again, you are stating that you believe she's waiting for the okay from her lawyer to talk to police. >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. in light of the fact that her new stepchild, her little girl is missing and police want to talk to her, hopefully to clear up questions and find the child, don't you think she should be at the police station right now instead of waiting for a possible call from a lawyer? >> my personal opinion, that attorney should have made this trip six months ago. but i cannot tell that attorney how to do his job. >> but you can.
1:18 am
i mean, she is with you. she is with you and ronald at your home. you can. you and ronald can talk to her. >> yes, ma'am, we can. and we have. but we cannot make her attorney do anything. >> miss neves, she said at one juncture that she believes up to four people were in the home the night haleigh went missing but then chalked it up to a dreamlike interlude that she had. what does she say about that? who were the people in the home that evening? >> miss nancy, i have not seen that. i have asked her about it. she says that that did not happen. you know, if i haven't seen it and i can't prove it, then i can't actually confront her with something that she says did not happen. >> miss neves, i don't mean to grill you, but it just doesn't all fit together. you've got her brother claiming he came to the home that evening at 9:30 to 9:45. she said she didn't go to sleep
1:19 am
until 10:00 p.m. he says he banged on the door to get in touch with her and nobody came. how does she respond to that? was she really home? >> she still stands firm on the fact that she was at home. to me it's a very dysfunctional family, and that's the best way i can describe that. one minute they -- you know, they say one thing, and then the next minute they call and say, well, i was sorry, you know, i didn't mean to say that and we'll do better next time. so i just don't know what to think of the whole thing. >> we are taking your calls live. to valerie in canada. hi, valerie. >> caller: hi, nancy, how are you tonight? >> i'm good, dear, thank you for calling in. what's your question? >> caller: i'm just curious. do you think that perhaps haleigh's kidnapping could be some form of retaliation to perhaps money that misty may have been owing to the people she was allegedly partying with
1:20 am
that weekend and -- >> good question. we know that misty croslin was a-wol for three days prior, the three days just before the little girl goes missing. let's unleash the lawyers. susan moss, child advocate new york. renee rockwell, defense attorney atlanta. paul batista, renowned defense attorney, author of "death's witness." joining us from new york. renee rockwell, that only happens in the movies. all right? you don't steal somebody's child to get, for instance, a drug debt back. if they want money out of you, they come and break your knees. they chase you down and beat you up. that's how that works. would you agree or disagree? >> well, nancy, i do agree that that is a fantastic explanation as to where the child is. but when you're fooling around with drugs and you have people potentially taking drugs or drugs lying around, it's very easy to imagine that something may have gone amiss --    
1:21 am
1:22 am
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1:30 am
the suspect, a woman, knocked heavily on the door. the mother, maria garillo, and answered the door. >> she told us the woman came to her door and said she was immigration and she was going to arrest her. and she asked her to identify herself, and the woman began to hit her and pulled out a knife and began to stab her.
1:31 am
>> covered from blood to her head all the way down to her toes. >> she suffered nine stab wounds. >> got big holes in her neck from being stabbed. she then slashed across the throat. >> she was able to get out of the house and run across the street for help. and when she returned the baby was gone. >> she kept saying they're after me. i said we got you right here. you don't have to worry about them after you no more. >> an amber alert has been issued for missing yair carillo. >> who could stab new mom and take a 5-day-old baby like this. >> straight out to mark stewart with wsmz. a mother answers the door to whom she thinks is an immigration agent. the woman, the assailant is a woman? that's highly unusual, mark. who stabs the mother repeatedly. the face, the chest, the breast, all over her body. and snatches the 4-day-old baby? >> nancy, that does seem perhaps unlikely, but it's the only theory at least publicly that police are talking about. they say perhaps this woman knew that maria had just given birth to a son and perhaps followed
1:32 am
her, targeted her, wanted a child herself and perhaps orchestrated this attack. that's the leading theory, at least publicly, police are saying. and off the record, discussions with our sources, we're hearing nothing else. >> well, obviously, that is what happened, because the only thing she took was the baby boy. kate howard with the "tennessean." what can you tell me about the circumstances? >> there's not too much known about it at this time except for the fact this woman, the mother did not know the woman who came to her door that day. she said she had never seen her before in her life. and now of course police are looking into the possibility that she had in fact been followed, possibly by that woman earlier in the day although all they know is a car was following her, they don't know who was driving. >> with me right now is sharon kimball. she is joining us there in front of the home where a stabbing and kidnap of a 4-day-old baby boy took place.
1:33 am
she helped the mother after the stabbing. out to sharon kimball joining us exclusively. miss kimball, thank you for being with us. also with her, eric peterson, also a neighbor. miss kimball, what happened when the mom, when you first saw the mom following the stabbing? >> well, when she came to my door, she said please help me. she said someone -- a woman has stabbed me and she has taken my baby, she's going to kill my baby. >> miss kimble, when you first saw her, when you saw her, the mother, what did she look like? >> she was covered in blood. blood was gushing out of the side of her neck. it was coming down her face. it was all down her body. it was just dripping everywhere. >> miss kimble, this is an important question. did she have anything in the front yard like blue balloons or one of those stork posters or anything celebrating bringing the baby home?
1:34 am
>> yes. it was something there saying a baby boy was born at a hospital. he was a new arrival. >> to eric peterson, also joining us there in nashville, tennessee. everyone, a young mother answers the door, to whom she thinks is immigration on a routine check. instead, she sees a woman who immediately there at the front door begins stabbing her repeatedly. why? to steal her 4-day-old infant. eric peterson is also joining us. eric, what can you add? >> oh, i just heard a loud beating at the door continuously. i finally answered the door, and this lady was completely covered in blood. all over. stuff was dripping all out of her hands. i thought it was a gag. i asked her, what's going on here?
1:35 am
she said, "please help me." and i saw the fear in her. and then i knew something was going down. >> what did she do? what, did she want to use your phone? what did she need? >> no. she wanted to come in and shut that door and told me to go get her kids. told me it was a white lady in the kitchen that was going to kill the newborn child. so i told her she couldn't come in dripping blood like that. i told her hold on, let me go get somebody to take care of you. so i immediately went and got miss kimble from out back. and miss kimble started attending to her. then i asked her if -- what type of weapon did the lady have. it was obvious that she had been hit with a butcher knife, but i wanted to make sure. once i found out what type of weapon she had, i immediately went around the house and got my dog, and we went down to the house. >> so eric -- eric peterson, eric, hold on. hold on. i know you're outside and there's traffic going by. mr. peterson, you actually went back to the house, and you thought the lady with the knife
1:36 am
may still be in there? >> oh, yes, ma'am. i just knew she was in there. but when i got down there, it was a lady in a gray two-door honda tried to run over me and the dog. i really didn't pay that much attention to her. she was a white lady, brown hair in a ponytail, and she went on by real quick after she tried to hit me. >> now, wait a minute. you're saying it was a honda and what color? >> it was a gray honda. two-door. all grayish. >> okay. dark -- >> like it's been sitting in the sun. >> oh, so light gray? >> dark gray. like it's been sitting in the
1:37 am
sun for a long time. >> to clark goldband, on our story. the lookout on the car that i have is a black four-door sedan that may look like a police car. but he's telling me something completely different. you are seeing video of the mother at the hospital begging for the return of her infant child just 4 days old. clark, what about the discrepancy? peterson is telling me it's a light blue honda, two-door. >> now, nancy, to complicate things a little more, a press conference just wrapped up a few moments ago where law enforcement said they're also searching for a kia spectra that was seen in the area in a walmart parking lot just hours before the attack on the mom. they believe that person may be a witness. there has been some discrepancy on that vehicle you had talked about. law enforcement still trying to sort that out. but they believe it is the four-door black sedan that looks like a police vehicle. >> okay. back to eric peterson, the lookout on the female that i've got is a white female, a white woman about 30 years old, 5'4", heavyset, blonde hair pulled
1:38 am
back into a ponytail, black blouse, blue jeans. does that fit the description that you observed, eric peterson? >> i come very close to that car, me and my dog. i seen a white woman. how old she was, i could not tell you. but she wasn't very old. i can say that. >> to dr. evelyn manaya, an expert in her field, the condition of this 4-day-old child -- when my twins were 4 days old, they were still in the icu. >> that's right, nancy. that's right. you know, the condition of this poor child is that obviously the child has to be taken care of. it can get dehydrated, as you already know, very fast. and you even pointed out on monday's show that the baby needs to be always on its back. now, he looks a little heavy. the baby looks like he's about eight something, eight pounds nine ounces, eight pounds ten ounces or so. so you know, he also needs to be fed more frequently. so that means every two hours. and it's very important.
1:39 am
not only that. they're more susceptible to infections. everything. you know? >> got it. to susan moss. this is not the first time that a female has done violence to get a baby. weigh in, susan moss. >> absolutely. unfortunately, it is not uncommon. mom was stabbed, the child was grabbed, and this perp needs to be nabbed. luckily, law enforcement is taking this very, very seriously. and i don't think anyone in this community is going to rest until the perps are brought to justice. >> paul batista, i guess your defense is going to be insanity? >> well, we haven't met her yet, nancy. we have to figure out who she is and what she's like -- >> when did that ever stop you? >> but it is a possible defense, nancy. it depends on who the perpetrator is. >> all right. we'll all be right back. we're taking your calls live. to tonight's safety tip. criminals target anybody. but with preparation you can be one step ahead and prevent a mugging. if possible, don't travel alone. groups deter muggers. avoid unfamiliar locations. stay alert and aware of your surroundings. it's so easy to become blase. don't make yourself a target. keep valuables out of sight.
1:40 am
don't flash expensive jewelry. don't show off large amounts of cash. learn self-defense. don't fight with a mugger. if you can give what they want, do it. your wallet is not worth your life. for more information go to
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1:43 am
it's vitally important that the community be on the lookout for an individual, for a woman, who has a child inexplicably. a person who was not pregnant but all the sudden is carrying around a child who meets this
1:44 am
particular child's description. the abductor once again is described as a heavyset white woman, approximately 5'4" tall who had her blond hair in a ponytail on tuesday afternoon. we're also being told that she spoke some spanish. >> it's not the first time a woman has committed violence, although it's extremely rare for women to commit this type of violence, especially in order to steal a baby. lisa montgomery killed bobbie jo stinnett, cut the child out of her body. effie goodson, michelle beeker, karina roberts, angela dimament. the list goes on and on and on. violence inflicted by women to get babies. and to you, paul batista. you're saying you haven't met her, so you don't know what the defense is going to be. it's always insanity. come on, tell the truth. you've got eric peterson, the
1:45 am
neighbor, she tries to run him down. he got a good look at her. the victim lived. i'm sure she regrets that, the perpetrator regrets that. everybody saw her. she has nowhere to go. so her defense cannot be not guilty unless it's not guilty by reason of insanity. >> well, nancy, obviously any competent lawyer who finally meets this client is going to have to really explore that defense. and it may be the only defense. >> put him back up on the screen. >> but it depends on what she is really like. >> she is really like? a kidnapper and a would-be murderer. that's what she's really like. >> the fact that it's a heinous crime does not mean necessarily, nancy, that she's insane within the meaning of the law. it has to be evaluated. >> you know what? you know what? i know that. i'm worried that you don't know that. but thank you for clearing that up, paul batista. caryn stark, help me out.
1:46 am
i need a shrink. >> okay, nancy. even though it's unusual for women to be violent, not baby snatchers. they are desperate. these are people who really believe this is their baby, and they're going to kill in order to have their baby. they've convinced themselves that they're determined, they're allowed to have this baby. >> and they're also convinced that they would make a better mother. you know, after covering all of these stories, there was no way i was going to put a sign up, a balloon. nothing in the front yard when i brought the twins home. blanket over their head. i want to go back to marc klaas. what do we do to find the baby, marc klaas? >> well, first of all, you know, these kinds of crimes used to happen in hospitals until hospitals clamped down on security. and now they're happening in the community. what we have to do is stop advertising the fact that we have newborn babies in our homes because, as you said, these kinds of crimes are happening with increasing regularity and
1:47 am
we're covering one every couple of months. and this just can't be. these mothers deserve to be at home with their little children so they can raise them in a loving -- and a nurturing environment. >> marc klaas, you are preaching to the choir. after reading this story, i guarantee you i'm going to be up pacing the house all night looking out the windows. okay. very quickly, i want to go to sheryl mccollum. you're the director of the cold case squad. how would you go about finding this baby and solving this case? >> you're going to tell the public to pay attention. any friend or family member that's giving you some bogus story about why they suddenly have a baby, it's bogus. call the authorities. >> so now we're relying on the public. everyone, the tip number, 615-862-8600. mommy's in the hospital covered with would-be fatal wounds. this 4-day-old baby boy is with a psychotic would-be killer. 615-862-8600. don't be tricked by the fact the
1:48 am
perpetrator is a woman. we are switching gears very quickly and taking your calls. a famous hollywood megastar collides with lady justice. take a listen. >> fellow filmmakers are rallying behind oscar winner roman polanski as his attorneys file a motion to have him released. >> he photographed me topless. he'd seen me topless. i just was thinking, well, this is very european, it must be all right. >> in all, 138 people including directors woody allen, pedro almodovar, and martin scorsese, among others in the film industry, signed a petition against his arrest. >> i said no. i didn't fight him off. i said no, no, i don't want to go in there. no, i don't want to do this. no. and then i didn't know what else to do. we were alone. >> recently unsealed grand jury testimony included a 13-year-old victim's story of being plied with champagne, part of a quaalude, then being raped and sodomized by a 43-year-old man. >> i need to go home because i'm
1:49 am
not feeling well. and then that progressed to, you know, eventually why don't you come in here and lay down? into a very dark room. and that's when i really realized, you know, what his intentions were. >> now, after 30 years after roman polanski, the megastar hollywood director, admits under oath he raped a 13-year-old girl, her sworn testimony is that he also anally raped her, he's finally arrested after 30 years hiding out in his luxury chalet in europe. and hollywood is shocked? eh, eh. they're shocked he's arrested. why weren't they shocked when he raped a 13-year-old girl he had high on champagne and quaaludes? that's my question tonight. tom o'neil, senior editor "in touch weekly," hit me. >> 138 filmmakers disagree with you, nancy. and with me. they signed this petition that
1:50 am
demands his immediate release because he was nabbed unfairly, they say. that he was en route to a film festival. and -- >> what's unfair about that? >> i know. they say that there's something sacred about film festivals, that -- >> okay. who is "they"? woody allen, who was accused of taking photos of his minor adopted daughter -- >> mm-hmm. >> that's an endorsement. martin scorsese, penelope cruz, tilda swinton, michael mann. who else? who am i missing? >> inaratu, the director of "babel." >> guillermo del toro. david lynch. okay. so they are petitioning who for his release? >> they're petitioning the government of switzerland to let him go because he was nabbed unfairly they say at an international cultural event. those should be exempt from these kinds of police nabs and the parallel they're making --
1:51 am
it's interesting but it's faulty. claiming at film festivals like cannes they let guerrilla film makers let in. that's set aside. not criminal charges like this. >> this director said under oath he raped a 13-year-old. it is only because he absconded that this case is 30 years old.
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