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tv   Q A  CSPAN  October 4, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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right now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it's war. john gosselin's incredible move today to shut down jon and kate plus eight the day after he got fired from the show. but now jon is being called erratic, opportunistic. tonight "showbiz tonight" with the jon gosselin smackdown. and the brand new all-out hollywood war over roman polanski. who is defending him? who says he should be locked up? tonight the stars are divided and speaking out to "showbiz tonight." plus, crazy over the car dashians. chloe marries a big nba star.
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the big bucks battle over their wedding picture. the obsession with the other kardashians. tonight the big case of being famous for nothing. i'm a.j. hammer. broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. tonight it's the jon and kate war. jon gosselin has taken dramatic action to try to end "jon & kate plus eight" days after being fired by tlc. jon refuses to let tlc bought house to shoot the show. they suspended production on jon and kate after he filed a cease and desist order demanding they stop taping the reality show. he post add sign that said "get lost." he told larry king he's doing it to protect the kids. >> i'm asking not to be on the
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show. i'm asking my kids not to be on the show. i don't want them to film anymore. i don't think it's healthy for them, and the reason i don't think it's healthy for them is we're going through a divorce right now. i don't think it should be televised, and i think the kids should be taken off the show. >> that's not what kate said. she said you never had a problem with the kids being on tv until he got fired from the show. not only that, tlc is striking back, too. "showbiz tonight" wants to know, whose side of the story are you buying? it is an all-out battle. carlos diaz, and attorney. this is outright war between jon and kate. jon today posted this notice right there on the front gates of the home that he and kate own together babing all tlc cameras from the property. jon is saying basically he wants to end the show for the good of the kids.
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he wants to protect them. this is what his lawyer tells entertainment tonight. jon realized his family was like a train wreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and the show, because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident, the victims of a train wreck. carlos, i hear what's going on, i read the statement and think something stinks here, considering two days ago tlc fired him from the show and changed the name from "jon & kate plus eight" to kate plus eight. is jon acting like a man scorned? >> exactly. that's exactly when he's acting like. how many times have we seen one parent say to another parent, if you act that way, you can't see the kids this weekend. now we've got jon telling tlc, if you are going to act that way, you can't see the kids ever. it's a terrible example of behavior from jon gosselin. tlc is handling this wrong.
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you get the kids out of the equation now and you have jon and kate work, through to their divorce on camera instead of on abc, instead of on all these different shows. get that on tlc. that's why your ratings are taking because we're not believing this rosey image of kate playing with the kids in the front yard anymore. we're not believing it. >> you're talking and i'm noticing the great irony that jon, through his behavior is trying to protect the kids but this very behavior is setting a terrible example for the kids. now kate is striking back and she's also suggesting the only reason he's doing this is because he got fired. you've got to hear what kate told "showbiz tonight" late this afternoon. she said it very clearly, i'm saddened and confused by jon's public media statements. jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, nfc, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on friday with the kids. kate went on to say jon used to
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share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that jon would have a lesser role in the show. kate is clearly upset here, she's confused here. whose side of the story are you buying more, jon or kate's? >> it's so obvious jon is not trying to do anything here but protect his check. jon is upset they pulled the plug on him and the show, so he's lashing back in one of the few ways he can. look how quickly he has. it almost sounds like this was something potentially brewing over time. the swiftness and quickness how they went into court and got the cease and desist. >> it happened lightning fast. you know, kate is not making this stuff. i can tell. "showbiz tonight" has dug up the proof to back up what kate is saying here. jon did go on the record about the kids only a few weeks ago. he told abc's prime time they
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were totally fine taping the show. you've got to watch this. >> do you ever think about whether the show is the right thing. if the kids were telling you they didn't want it, you would stop it. >> i would. >> you tell them what to do, they are five and eight. >> they are not being forced to film if that's what you're getting at. >> carlos, jon knows he said that and everybody saw it. it makes him look like a big old dufus. >> what kind of advice is he getting when they said put out the statement, when they just said on national tv the kids don't mind taping. it's obvious he is just trying to get back at tlc by using his own kids. >> by the way dufus is the clinical term i've chosen to use tonight. >> of course. >> no surprise, tlc was not happy with the cease and desist order john put out demanding they stop taping. they let jon have it. they just slammed him in the statement.
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listen to this. we're aware of jon gosselin's recent statements and remain disappointed at his erratic behavior. his latest comment are grossly inaccurate without merit and clearly opportunistic. i must point out until now, tlc has always been publicly supportive of jon. now i hear this real 180. they are sweating bullets their biggest show has gone down the tubes. it's jon's house not tlc. if he was going to get back at tlc for canning him, this really is. >> it really is. he is the second half of that family, the marriage, and he does have a say in what happens to the children. they are not divorced yet. there's no custody issue yet. he does have a say as to whether or not the children can be in the show. that said, not only did he say in his interview he had no problem with the children being filmed but his actions bely that, support that statement. he's been filmed every single day up until this week.
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it just makes no sense and has no credibility. >> an unbelievable contradiction. what do you think, did jon deserve to get fired from the show? this is exactly what we asked in the question of the day. the very first wave cain. a huge response on this when we asked on air and online. jon gosselin, did he deserve to be fired from jon & kate? look at this, 75% said yes. 25% said no. i must point out not everybody is behind kate. our "showbiz tonight" facebook wall lit up. look at this, kate makes me sick! i hope whatever he's trying to do works and that they cancel the show! carlos, it seems to me everybody is going to be a loser, jon, kate, and tlc. and sadly, as we talked about before, the kids. >> $75,000 an episode is what they were rumored to be making. $75,000 an episode you are flushing down the toilet.
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if i'm the kids, we need to have a summit. we need to have the kids get together and say, excuse me, guys, our college money is going bye-bye. can you get it together and work something out, please. >> let me not be hypocritical here, i've said all along it would be terrific for the kids if the show gets shut down. kate has gone on and on saying this is what we need to do to support the kids. doesn't it ultimately make sense for them to put a halt to the show? >> i think it does. i've always been one to say i didn't think the show was a good idea with respect to these children being functioning, normal, contributing members of society as they become adults. to see the parents bickering like this on air for everyone to see, i think is detrimental to them. so yes. >> i thank you. these are unbelievable turns in this ongoing, sad saga. i appreciate you being here tonight. as we move on tonight, let me tell you, the stars are taking sides. there's a brand-new, all-out war
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over roman polanski. >> what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> lisa kudrow is absolutely fired up. tonight, who is defending roman? who thinks he should be locked up for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. the stars are speaking out to "showbiz tonight." why do so many people go crazy over the kardashians? i don't get it. khloe marries an nba star and there's a huge battle over the photos. can somebody please explain the obsession with kardashians. why are they famous for nothing? when it comes to stars, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. what is going on with all these falling stars? literally, why are they tripping up? this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. it is time for the "showbiz
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tonight" news ticker. these are more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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did you see this? it's an elephant car wash. i love this. if you need to get your car cleaned, head to the wildlife safari. they have seen car sales go up 20%. i hear these elephants are working for peanuts. you know the part they do the best work on? the trunk, of course. we got our $5 worth on that elephant sound affect. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm a.j. hammer. didn't you see this? falling stars. former house majority leader tom delay almost drops his dance partner. conan o'brien bangs his head hard. what's with the falling stars lately? jeanne moos with "showbiz tonight." >> from the tango to the tonight show, to a bull riding ring, no bull, it's been a dangerous few days for celebs on the public
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stage. so with no further delay, we bring you the latest on tom delay, the former house majority leaders most recent routine on "dancing with the stars." now admittedly we had a field day when delay danced the cha cha cha in that brown spandex outfit.
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but he almost redeemed himself with his tango. the judges used words like -- >> dignity and grace. >> i actually really liked it until the end. you got the gut -- you've got to squeeze them together. >> even squeezing him together wouldn't have saved him from almost dropping his partner. >> how much did that girl weigh? >> but the real culprit may have been delay's previously injured foot. the feet of conan o'brien are what got him in trouble, with desperate housewives star terry hatcher. oh, no he wasn't. he a concussion. >> a slow motion replay of what happened right there, can we, please? i believe i won. >> no wonder his memory was foggy when they took him to the hospital. >> one of the neurological questions was how many nickels in $1.35. >> that would be 27, conan. >> you were this close to being back on at 11:30. >> this time close to getting
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stalked by a bull in a riding competition. legendary linebacker junior seau is used to be run over by football players but not a 2,000 pound bull. seconds later seau was up on his feet unhurt tossing his hat. it's dangerous being famous. at least tom delay could teach conan o'brien how to slide safely. >> that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." tom delay is getting delayed from "dancing with the stars." the show announced he will live to dance another week despite the fact he almost dropped his partner. "showbiz tonight" was right there for the star filled screening of the seinfeld non-reunion reunion episode of my favorite show. curb your enthusiasm. we tried to get jerry seinfeld to tell us why after 11 years he decided to do this. of course in typical jerry fashion we were left scratching our heads and laughing, of course. >> when someone gives you an idea that sounds wrong, that's right.
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>> something that's wrong sounds -- >> if it sounds right, it's wrong. >> are those words to live by. >> yes. george learned that in the opposite. >> jerry referring to jason alexander character george. a fiery debate over roman polanski, should he be locked up or left alone, even though he had sex with a 13-year-old girl 30 years ago. we got a call from a woman who think roman should serve time. >> my god, this man committed an act of rape against a child. i can't believe anyone. it wasn't even a charge, it was, in fact, an admitted offense against a child. oh, my gosh. he needs to go to prison like everybody else. >> we also heard from chris calling into showbiz on call from north carolina.
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chris doesn't get why some stars are defending roman. >> i'm absolutely disgusted there's even a debate over roman polanski. he's a child molester. he had sex with a 13-year-old. i don't care who he is, he needs to be brought up on criminal charges and brought back to the states. he has hidden and it's just disgusting anyone would even be celebrating a coward like that. >> thank you. call showbiz on call. let us know you what think about this, about anything. showbiz on call phone lines open all time. call the number, leave us a voice mail and we'll play some of your calls right here on showbiz tonight. and your call to showbiz on call are only on the home page, which is tonight. there's a brand-new star war over roman polanski. >> what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> some stars like lisa kudrow are disgusted, some are
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defending roman. tonight battle lines are drawn. stars are speaking out to "showbiz tonight." should roman go to jail? should people leave him alone. atmosphere fired up, not to be missed, "showbiz tonight." sarah palin's big shot at making money. she's going rogue to d d d dit. i'll tell you about this venture. can somebody explain kardashians to me. khloe gets married and there's a big bucks battle for the pictures. these people are famous for nothing big. this is "showbiz tonight" weekend. time for the ticker. more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are drugged or seduced. >> now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, the ugly war among some stars in hollywood over roman polanski having sex with a 13-year-old girl. tonight stars choose sides and speak out. sarah palin is hoping to get rich by going rogue. huge news about the former governor of alaska's next adventure. crazy over kardashians. battle over the pictures of khloe kardashian marrying an nba star. the weekend's first most provocative news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight roman war, the all-out
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battle over roman polanski. there is a bitter divide brewing over the famed director's fate. it all started at the zurich film festival where he was arrested. there's anniversary on the arrest on a decades old sex case. >> we hope today this latest order will be dropped. it is based on a three decade
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old case that is all but dead except for a minor technicality. >> now there's outrage coming from some of the biggest stars in hollywood. joy behar summing up the outrage on the view, taking on polanski supporter including actress debra winger. >> i don't think if roman polanski were a plumber she would be going out supporting him. >> founder of 15 minute public relations and the author of "where is my 15 minutes?" leslie marshall, host of the leslie marshall radio show. i want you to hear exactly what joy behar said this morning on the view about all the stars who have been supporting polanski since his arrest. i've got to tell you, joy pulling no punches. >> debra winger backing him up. i don't think if roman polanski was a plumber she would be supporting him. half the people on this list wouldn't be supporting someone
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who molested a child 30 years ago. >> a petition going around hollywood. howard, you're right there in the thick of it in hollywood. i have a hard time arguing with joy's logic. do you think she's making a good point? >> i think you have to understand what this case is about, a.j. it's not about what this man did 30 years ago which nobody applauds, everyone condemns. it's about a miscarriage of justice. thirty years later. we're talking about a state that is broke. 30,000 people being released from the california jails by an order of the court. we have limited amount of money. there's kids being shot every day in south central l.a. and we do nothing about. this is about political grandstanding by the district attorney and for their own ends. that's what it's about. >> when you hear stars rally around, crying, free roman polanski, let him go. how can they separate themselves from thesese charges that he rad this 13-year-old girl?
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i don't understand, even if it's not what the case is about how they can distinguish themselves from that. >> i don't get this. this guy is a fugitive. this guy has a warrant for his arrest. this guy raped, admits, a 13-year-old child, who was not mentally or emotionally prepared to have any sexual relationship. and the law states that it's statutory rape period. there's no question of consent. i don't care how much in debt the united states is. what do we tell a 13-year-old child victim looking back years ago, what do we tell that person today. i'm sorry, it's just too expensive. sorry your childhood was ruined, virginity lost, relationships probably broken up. i don't understand anybody defending this man. you don't need to be a parent. i was a 13-year-old girl. a 13-year-old girl is a child. he raped a child. he is a rapist and he belongs in jail.
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>> there's no question about it, it's a very complex story. we're hearing about it from all sides. there's a brand-new interview with the sister of roman polanski's late wife, actress sharon tate. the sister spoke out in defense of roman. you remember sharon tate was murdered by the followers of manson, all way back in 1969. watch what her sister debra tate had to say about all this. >> there's rape and then there's rape. it was determined that roman did not forcibly have sex with this young woman. it was a consensual matter. i am a victim's advocate and i know the difference. >> see, i've got to be honest with you. i'm confused by her comments. but howard, do you think debra tate there is speaking for a lot of hollywood stars out there defending roman today, even putting their names on that petition to have him free?
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>> i'm not sitting here arguing, i think a lot of people aren't arguing about the righteousness of what he did. it was wrong what he did, a.j. but the truth is getting back to leslie's comments, we do make decisions all the time in the justice. it's not black and white, it's gray. who is a threat to society. we're looking at a man that is no threat to society. while indeed he made a mistake three decades ago, he lived an exemplary life. he's lived a good life. that's what it's about is politicizing this decision and the grandstanding going on here. nobody is defending his action. >> there are a lot of stars who are on the other side of the roman war today. "showbiz tonight" was there at the feed a lot event in los angeles. we're out there on the red carpet. lisa kudrow was among those who
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didn't mince words. >> a 13-year-old girl, you know. what makes me worried is what does that mean for other 12 or 13-year-old girls who are being drugged or seduced. >> back to your point, leslie. on the one hand we have stars like lisa speaking out against roman. on the other hand we have big named stars like martin scorsese, putting their name on a petition to have him freed. whatever is behind their decision, it still comes back to the original decision. leslie, are you surprised more stars are not taking a stand against this guy? because obviously this story has now bubbled up to the surface and everybody is talking about it? >> yes. like joy said, if he were a plumber, would these stars be coming up. it's because he's a famed director. he's had a great life, did the
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victim? is it time for the great life to stop and for him to face the music and be incarcerated for what he did. lisa kudrow said what kind of message are we sending? i commend her for that. one in ten rapes is recorded in the united states of america, whether 13, 16, 30 or 70. we're going to have less and less young girls, women, coming forward when they have been raped. they are going to say there is no justice for the victims. that's what i think this will be about if roman polanski is not held responsible for the guilt he's admitted to. >> no surprise this hollywood war has caught the attention of "showbiz tonight" viewers. all day today "showbiz tonight" phone lines raging over this. rochelle says the end of the day, the law is the law, celebrity or not. >> i think hollywood is supporting someone who has done great film work over the last three decades since he's been a fugitive of the law and has victim has forgiven him. do i believe in forgiveness? of course i do. his victim has. it doesn't change the fact he
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admitted having sex with a minor child and that he fled the country. he's had all the success while being a fugitive of the law. whether we forgive him or not, he must pay the price for breaking the law. hollywood needs to remember that. >> howard, let me ask you, you deal with stars all the time. again, i understand you're saying their point is not that they argue with what he did and the fact it was a heinous crime. but very quickly do stars need to be careful about the association they will have coming out in support of roman polanski because it can appear they are support ag guy who commit add heinous crime? >> yeah. i think a lot of stars have given it a lot of thought. i think a lot of stars have studied the case. i think a lot of stars have a history of fighting for justice, even in the case of capital punishment and other issues like that. we're not arguing over someone's guilt. we're arguing over how we allocate justice in this country and that's where it keeps going back to. >> got to end it there, howard, leslie, i appreciate it. as we move on tonight, you know me, i love stars.
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i am not ashamed to admit i love star weddings. what's the deal with the kardashian wedding frenzy. khloe kardashian marries a big time nba star. there's a big money war over exclusive wedding pictures. i wouldn't see that coming. why are khloe, kim and kourtney so famous? tonight the bizarre fascination with the family famous for nothing. also tonight sarah palin is hoping to get really rich by going rogue. the huge news about the former governor of alaska's next great adventure. could it be the ticket for her to become the top of the republican presidential ticket? also britney spears getting a little freaky with a former 'n sync band member? what is the video behind this? we have the tape that has everybody buzzing. you've got to see it. i will show it to you.
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this is "showbiz tonight" weekend on hln. the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this week. i'm a.j. hammer. it is kardashian craziness. i've got to ask, what the heck is going on. an all-out war has erupted over khloe kardashian and lamar odom. why in the world would those pictures be worth up to half a million dollar. while i'm at it, what's the obsession with the kardashians. khloe, kim, kourtney, are they
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the ultimate example of being famous for nothing. right now from hollywood, senior editor from 'n' in touch weekly." also a journalist for $5 i brought you here to help me understand the kardashian craziness. you have khloe getting married to lamar order am in this lavish star studded wedding after knowing each other a month. we're going to see this on "keeping up with the kardashians." paparazzi seem to follow khloe, kim, kourtney everywhere they go. are the kardashians the perfect example of being famous for nothing. >> first of all, i want to say congratulations to the newlyweds. those are my girls. i love the kardashians. they are famous for being really, really good at self-promoting themselves and marketing, not to mention sexy.
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for anyone who says they don't have talent, they don't know what they are talking about. they have talent. they are really, really good at it. most celebrities in hollywood would die to be as skilled as they are at self-promoting. good for them. >> i love hearing you say that that's a diplomatic way of saying they are basically famous for no real reason one should be famous. kim, can you help me out? >> they are sexy, beautiful, that helps. they have the bruce jenner connection, the sports connection. there's even that o.j. connection back in their family. they have a reality show. they are good at promoting themselves. they are also willing to kind of put it all out there. they are willing to let us, the viewers, in on the details, very intimate parts of their life. that what's make them so fascinating. these days when celebrities are doing that, when tmz comes along they are opening themselves up and put it out there. we feel like part of the
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kardashian clan as well. >> i just want to point out -- say that again? >> brad pitt, he wasn't famous at one point, same thing with julia roberts, tom hanks. this show made them famous and this is why they are famous. don't take that away. >> it's very confusing to me. of course, kim, you're referencing their late far, part of the whole o.j. trial back in the '90s. we should give credit to the kardashians for this moneymaking machine. khloe is selling these wedding photos, could get up to half a million bucks. sister kim gets paid to show up on any red carpet. kourtney big sister making money off her unexpected pregnancy. highlights, i suppose they really are just laughing all the way to the bank, aren't they? >> exactly. it's no surprise the day of the wedding, all of a sudden news hits the blogs, kim and reggie bush are back together again. the drama with the pictures is very calculated. i'm not going to hold them accountable in trying to make a
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buck from hollywood. moving on, another big story breaking today. sarah palin goes rogue. we learn the memoir rushed into bookstores november 17th. the title. book is "going rogue and american life." they have printed a million copies. this is going to make palin super rich, just what she's always wanted, it seems. >> you mentioned they are apparently printing 1.5 million copies, the same as ted kennedy's autobiography released posthumously. here we have sarah palin who nobody heard about a year ago going against ted kennedy, a political dynasty. people have been writing sarah palin's political obituary since the day john mccain appointed her his running mate. she keeps coming back. people are fascinated with her. even if you love her, hate her, republicans would love to have her at fundraisers, talk show hosts would love to interview. wherever she goes makes news. whether she's ever president, that's up for debate. >> how long she's around is up for debate to. this morning on "the view" including guest host gloria estefan mentioned it was moved
11:49 pm
up before she disappears. >> to finish her book in time, it keeps her name out there, because she resigned as governor. so now she -- you think maybe she's trying to beat some other book coming out by somebody else. >> it's 400 pages or something, they said. i didn't know she had that much to say. >> very quick. do you think people are going to have that much interest in what palin has to say? >> 100%. political aspirations, i can't say. but hollywood, give her a talk show and give it a run. >> britney spears getting freaky with a former band member.
11:50 pm
it's a revealing caught on tape moment. who was it? her old flame justin? well, i've got the tape that's setting off an online frenzy. tonight "showbiz tonight" is setting the record straight. this is showbiz this week. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. time for the showbiz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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