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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 6, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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major update in the haleigh cummings case, the missing girl's father about to call it quits with his teen-aged bride, the last person to see little haleigh. weeks after she goes missing, five weeks, to be exact he pops the question to misty. we were all baffled by that. now less than a year later they are on the brink of divorce. what's that mean in the search for this little girl plus a huge apology from david letterman first admits having sex with women who worked for him and just last night said he was sorry on national tv to his staff more importantly to his wife. hey, i'm glad that, you know, there's an apology to his wife
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and he will try to make things work but hopefully this is the end of it. call in with your thoughts. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. e-mail us at or text us. start your message with the word "prime." your chance to be heard. welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. this story should be all about finding little hague leileigh c, once again they shifted attention back to them, heading for divorce. not many viewers probably surprised about that. trouble in paradise, we're learning. you know, were we stunned when they got married in the first place a little over a month after little hay league disappears will get married, who does that when your daughter is missing then plan a honeymoon, baffling since the getgovernment we have our experts with us and want to hear from you, by the way. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining us once again malen
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malena schiav spodz and also with us mike brooks and ni coldeboeard. first to you, marlena. what's going on on the brink of divorce, huh? >> yes, this re, mike. the papers are all filled out. misty's lawyer has them in hand. she has not signed it yet, though, mike. this is the twist. she's gone. she took off. ronald told her sunday he wants a divorce and monday he headed to st. augustine's his attorney's office and by monday afternoon she was packing her stuff and chef left town with a friend. so, we are waiting to see when these papers get signed and what comes next, actually. >> she's gone again and just back from the amusement park trip to orlando. where is she now, do we know? >> heading back to orlando with that same friend who lives in orlando, staying with this woman she befriended this past year. >> so, misty hits the road.
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what about ron, any comments from ron, marlaina? >> yes. actually, i spoke to ronald earlier today, actually on our show tonight, mike, exclusively with his attorneys and he told me that, you know, his response, is look, everybody is telling me that misty's been hiding under my wing and i've been keeping her, protecting her. now, that's it. i'm divorcing her. here you go. now, look for my little girl. no mer excuses from the putnam county police. look for my little girl. you've got misty to yourself, she's free to go. i thought very interesting to say. >> mike, as investigators, you hear that it sounds like he's telling authorities glove off with misty, let's get answers, right. >> yeah, but, you know, he says he's not protecting her. well, okay, i don't think he was protecting her before. just she's not cooperating, mike let's look back here, right in the beginning, two law enforcement polygraphs, failed with misty. again, tim miller when they said, tim, will you come back and help us a bit here, tim goes
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only if you take a polygraph. he did, gave her a polygraph. private, she failed that one, too. then she takes off. you know this friend, you know, she needed to get away, that's what she originally said, mike. she needs a vacation? first of all, she doesn't have a job, she hasn't had a job. no income. and apparently this friend is footing the bill for her. >> that's a good question. let's get marlaina, who is paying for the trips to the amusement parks and lawyers and all that. misty does not have a job, ron doesn't have a job. do we know. >> it's really interesting. i don't know so much about the lawyer but mike is right her friend is footing the bill for this trip to orlando. >> any coal, what kind of advice should misty be getting, do you think she's getting the advice, keep quiet, don't talk. how do you see this? >> i certainly would bet she is told to keep quiet, don't talk.
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every time she's opened her mouth she's had inconsistent to say so it's better for her and her own legal interests if she stops talking but probably not better for solving the case. >> drew: make a good point, you hit on something you and i have talked about mike, already alluding to it. we know she's talked to the cops, 30-plus hours, still no consistent time line. >> no. >> do you see this as a break, all right? you break loose of this marriage that we were skeptical from from day one. now, do you change your tactics as an investigators and try and get the truth out of her? >> well, mike, you know, they said before and i still think this, she is is the one that holds the key information to finding out what happened to this beautiful little girl. i mean who was with her the last person with her? she was. was she there by herself? that still remains to be seen. you know, there's been a couple letters and some other people saying things right now but we don't know what the true story s. she's the one that holds the key. come back to satsuma, sit down with your attorney, with the putnam county sheriff's office and tell them the truth.
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>> exactly. let's listen here, guys, let's listen, this is february 12th, three days after little haleigh goes missing here's what misty said about what happened that night. here we go. >> i got up because i had to use the bathroom but i didn't make it to the bathroom. i seen the kitchen light on and i walked in the kitchen and the back door's wide open and i didn't notice about hay league then until i seen the back door open then i go and look and she's gone. and that's all i know. is when i woke up, when i went to sleep, she was there and, then, when i woke up, she was gone. >> marlaina, when we look and hear that again almost ten months ago now, since that time, what inconsistencies have -- are just glaring with misty's story? >> there have been so many. recently, i mean with tommy saying that, you know, her brother saying he came over at 10:00 p.m. and banging on the door and no one answered, there were for lights on, no tv. well, she told us back in the day that she, the tv was on and, you know, the kids were watching
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a movie. so, there's one right there. the other thing, mike, which bathroom did she go to? she has not been specific. there's one in the bedroom, you know, there's one across the hall. you know, she saw the kitchen light on. how did she see the kitchen light from the bedroom bathroom? so that's out and beds were made, mike. if they were sleeping in the beds why were they made and lastly she said she was turning the whole hose upside down looking under beds there. are no bed frames in that house. >> there you go. no bedframes on the floor. >> again. ron and misty headed for of course. what does that mean in the search for little haleigh. 1-877-tell-hln's the number. call in.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. continuing our conversation big news in the search for little hay league cummings, hearing her father, ron cummings and his teen bride misty are headed for divorce. we're hoping now they can fully focus, authorities have been but let's get all the focus on the search for little hay league missing almost ten months now. pamela is with us from north carolina. your thoughts here? >> caller: hi, mike. >> hey, pamela. >> caller: i have watched this from day one and also watched last night when mike brooks was on nancy grace and the thing that i cannot understand is all of the misstatements that she's made and when ronald came home that night and, you know, after all this stuff that's been said about him trying to get in touch with her and no answer, why in
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heaven's name did -- she not call 911 instead of waiting for him to come and what -- what in the world is this -- this is why the police can't question her, even though she's not a suspect? you can bring anyone if it's not, you know, if -- her -- each time she gives a statement and it's not correct, and it's already been proven -- >> pam larks you bring up some good points. thanks for the call. marlaina, quickly to you. when was the last time authorities talked to misty and tried one more time to get a straight story out of her. >> actually when they drained the pond about four weeks ago, mike and trite to get an answer but didn't get any further with her at all. >> mike to pamela's points, you can bring her in time and time again, can't you? there's nothing against that, is there. >> no.
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as long as she volunteers, she can come in. she has an attorney. she's already basically lawyered up, as we say. come on in and tell the truth. i guarantee you, mike, they are taking a look at everything she says, everything she's written, every statement she's made and they're trying to put throwing these inconsistencies. but there's just too many gaps in this pim line. pamela, the caller was right. she said she waited for ronald and i always found it very interesting that she just happened to call ronald, allegedly when he was pulling into the driveway, a little bit after 3:00 but, you know, mike, we heard from the initial police report and from the 911 call, ronald just hysterical when he was calling authorities and then in the report sounds like they were having a few issues back then, you know, when he he called her my dumb "b" word girlfriend. >> hey, donna, your thoughts. >> caller: mike, how are you? >> good, donna. >> caller: yes, hi. >> go ahead. >> caller: okay. you know, my opinion in this
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situation is, first of all, on the marriage, you know, i think that goes in regard to, well, he can't testify against her if she says anything however we have learned on nancy grace that in a case like this, oh, yes, he can testify against her. okay? and being a mother of three children, okay, who are all adults now and i had a child that was born the same year that adam was kidnapped, okay, so i took all the preventative measures and i think parents today should extremely, you know, take any measures that are out there for them for their children. >> donna, great point, you talking about adam walsh, son of john walsh, i take it. thanks again. first off, some speculate, all right they got marry sod they wouldn't have to testify against each other. clarify that for us, nicole.
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>> there is a rule that says a spouse doesn't have to testify against another spouse in certain circumstances. however, usually that rule does not aplay when you are talking about crimes against children. so, there's really no privilege here that can prevent ron from testifying against her. just because they're married. so, if that was what they were attempting to do, then they certainly missed the mark. >> you know, so many people i'm going read a facebook comment from laura when you talk about why they got married in the first place. shallth is what she writes. in the shocking at all talking about them heading for of coudi. we'll take a quick break. when we come back we'll talk further why they might have married in the first place and go to marlaina in florida and talk to mike, as an investigator did that make you suspicious five weeks into all this and as always we'll take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. horrific murder-suicide. george sadini, remember that story, fired more than 50 shots in a pittsburgh health club. three women killed. now one of the nine wounded suing the killer's estate. does she stand a chance to get any number, is there precedent for a case like this? we'll take your calls 1-877-tell-hln and keep those come on this topic hearing ron cummings and his teen bride, misty, are heading for divorce, misty, the last to see little hay league. on the topic wendy writes this on facebook writing i think he should have waited until you found out what happened to his daughter, talking about waiting to find his daughter. it all looks so fishy from the beginning. marlaina, did you ever hear a compelling reason why you get married five weeks after your little girl goes missing? >> never a compelling reason but several reasons, the first one misty's wishes because she loved hay league like she was her own
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mother and the second reason i heard, this is, again, this comes from a couple sources, he said something something along the liness, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, sort of alewding to the fact he wants to keep misty in his inner circle if she doesn't know anything. i wouldn't say compelling but those are the reasons he's given. >> mike, weren't you suspicious as an investigator five weeks in they get married? >> oh, yeah. they hadn't been together that long to begin with, mike. and then this, i'm thinking to myself, okay, well, you know, why did they do this? marlaina, we were hearing the same things she just said. i'm saying to myself, you know, what i think deep down inside there's a little privilege issue might come into it. but, they didn't do too much research into that, mike. they got married and went on their honeymoon to new york and were on a couple tv shows and came back to reality to satsuma, florida. >> anne marie, your comment or question? >> caller: hi, mike, love your
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show. >> thank you. >> caller: i was wondering for a few weeks now tommy croslin and misty's mother, the mother was in tennessee on check fraud charges and, also, the brother was called over there during the middle of the night. were they questioned thoroughly? >> yeah, marlaina, right? i mean, isn't tommy the one who said, hey, i went there, 10:00 p.m., didn't look like anybody was home. right? >> yeah. i mean, he said that. you might have to take this with a grain of salt, though, mike, i have to say. he finally said that, you know, a couple weeks ago and once he said it, they lowered his bond and he got out of jail. but, the bottom line is, he could have been protecting his sister all this time and this point a lot of rifts in the family and at this point he is probably thinking the gloves are off, i'm not protecting her anymore >> nicole, as you look at, this you've got players in the inner circle croslin, misty's brother,
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mom with the criminal records facing criminal charges, how does that play in as we try to find out what happened to a little girl. >> the reality is they want to talk to all these people. sure, they may have to have criminal histories but you often hear prosecutors say you have to go to hell to catch the devil. just because your witness has a criminal history doesn't mean you should disregard what they have to say, which a could be the tip or clue to solve the case. >> that's quite a quote there, i never heard it. >> she nails it. >> exactly. lisa, you why question here? >> caller: hi, mike. >> hey. >> caller: i'm going to go the other way and say what if this case is solved and it turns out that misty is innocent, what if she was set up by her brother or ron or ron's ex-wife? you know, all of you, especially mike, what are you going to say to misty after she's been put through all of this? >> well, i would say this and
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i'll throw it to you, mike brooks. >> sure. >> i think if misty would come with a straight story, then we wouldn't even be talking here. i mean, we're waiting for her to tell the truth. we've got 30 hours of conversation with police and no consistent time line. of course, we have questions about her and have since day one. mike, go ahead. >> i'm just saying what law enfoesment is saying to our caller. they believe there's more she knows than she's telling us and i feel the same way as a former investigator, law enforcement in putnam county they think the same thing, she's failed two law enforcement poly graphs one private polygraph. what is the real story? she was the one that was there. she's the last to see little hay league before she put her down to bed and, you know, heard all the inconsistency, marlaina, down in florida gave us a walk-through on the nancy grace show and it's not that big. >> got to leave it there. appreciate it. more "prime news" coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. all right, here's the big news i know many of you are still talking about david letterman's now polling gee, the story still has legs, admitting to having sex with multiple women on his staff, treats it like a joke in essence and last night we see a serious david letterman apologizing to his staff, also his wife. here's a clip from "the late show" last night. >> the other thing is my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior and, when something happens like that, if you hurt a person and it's your responsibility, you try to fix it. and at that point, there's only two things that can happen,
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either you're going to make some progress and get it fixed or you're going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed. so, let me tell you, folks, i've got my work cut out for me. and -- >> quite an admission there and a delayed response from the audience. you didn't get the out-and-out lasts of last week. he is working on it and admitted in a telling comment when he said his wife has been horribly hurt. we wondered they had been seeing each other since the mid '80s so not an open relationship here. this was cheating, she's horribly hurt but the jokes still coming on national tv. i'm hoping we're done with that but we'll see. i want to hear from you. call in, the number 1-877-tell-hln. joining us to talk about we welcome kelly zink and also welcome back carlos diaz correspondent for "xtra" both of your takes on this. carlos, do you think we're done, david's finished talking about this or do you think if we hear
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something he'll responsibility again. >> i think he's going to be done bringing up things. it would have to be something very big for him to respond to. i again, i think he wants to move on but dave's famous for, you know, making guests squirm and asking questions other people wouldn't ask so now the guests have a comeback, if ul, to david letterman and it will be interesting to see, in the past he's made paris hilton look off camera and kind of feel uncomfortable. right now they can come back to him with something embarrassing, ease well. >> what do you think, we've heard our last joke or he will still throwing the lines out there. >> we also have to look at the fact his show last night did a 4-2 rating. when you look at his competitor that did 1-7 even though lettered man says i'm done talking about this, if the show is doing that kind of ratings plus we have to consider the fact we don't know how many other women there may be. now we know of a couple for sure but as these other women may come forward, i mean, this story could go on for a while. >> good point there, how about
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that, though, let's hope they don't continue with this subject matter just for the rating points. i hope no, especially when you stop and think about his wife, regina lask spodz and being horribly hurt, i would hope they could take it behind closed doors and they could work on it. let's listen to a few of the cracks he is making about. this we heard the apology. hear' the funny side from dave. >> i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail. i got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. let's look at the news first of all bill clinton said that -- no. goodnous for south carolina governor mark sanford, because he -- >> how about that el jot spilio spitzer, you would take a look at -- >> again, he's a funny gif. are we bordering on inappropriate now, carlos? >> no. i wouldn't --
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>> or is that the way he handles it? >> i don't think we are. you know, what if you work at an office building and there's a guy there and gets caught doing something wrong fe says i don't want to talk about it you be quiet, i don't want to talk about it, everybody is like whoa, if he comes to work and like i'm kind of an idiot you can relate to him and feel for him that. was kind of funny what dave just did. >> again, funny stuff there but talking about a serious topic talking about a horribly hurt wife now, cheating, some speculating hey abuse of power -- binchts what is david letterman supposed to do? >> i don't know. you know, thousand is playing out in public opinion it cuts both ways we've had callers on both sides. what about this, kelly, i'll get your take, as well, carlos, the press conference not laying it out on the show where you can joke about it, humbly and contritely have the press conference and say your poll jooes and -- >> in letterman's case it would be the pot calling the kettle
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black, a guy who has made fun of guys like clinton. he really laughs a the this kind of stuff. for him all of a sudden to act like a stand-up guy, i think what he is doing is brave of him. so many would run and take a leave of absence from his job but the fact he is approaching the public, i think it is a kind of good thing. >> okay. >> to add to that quickly, you talk about having a press conference, se doing exactly what jon and kate should should do, having all their drama away from their show. their drama should be on he them. the drama of david later man is on "the late show" so you have to tune in to see it. you don't get it for free in a press conference. >> i get that and i get, hey, it's a ratings booster. >> right. >> but on a personal level, isn't it better behind closed doors? >> yes. >> do you really want to drag your wife and mentioned through jokes two or three days running. >> guys, we don't -- >> if you spend your life making
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fun of people, okay, and what they do wrong, when you do something wrong, well then, you've got to make fun of yourself. you're right somebody is hurt. >> you're saying that's the game he plays and will stick with it and that's what we'll get. >> exactly. >> linda, your thoughts here? >> caller: hi, mike. >> hi, linda. >> caller: i love your show. >> thanks. >> caller: very disappointed in david letterman. i've always been a huge fan. and he's a married man now. he's got a child. there's no excuse for his behavior. there just isn't. and i feel very sorry for his wife, regina. >> yeah. >> she stood by him for many, many, many years. david has years and years and years to sew his wild oats and it's time for him to grow up, be a good husband, be a good father and let's all just drop the subject. >> all right. linda, strong comments there. carlos, i think, we'll take a break but real quick, do we know anything more about a timeline,
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when were these sexual flings going on, was it ten years ago or ten months ago? >> that's the thing, too. people are saying he stopped doing it now. so, you know, to david's defense to lin today, you know, it's not ongoing. it's not like it happened yesterday so he was, you know, with regina 23 years or so but not like one of those things was married 23 years they were dating that long and that's when all these things took place. >> we'll take a quick break. i think we do wonder, were these relationships happening after harry and months before he gets married to regina lasko? we'll pick up the conversation and take more of your calls, 1-877-tell-hln.
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-- that you admire and respect and embarrassing situation and your job is to be funny about that whilst trying to keep your own job. so, this is my last show. >> tough spot for craig ferguson, as again david letterman's his boss and he has to crack a joke about it. continuing our conversation about this sex scandal, blackmail scandal taking your calls 1-877-tell-hln. also facebook comments let's read one from stormy writing
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this he's not sorry for having sex, why would he care he's caught? he's rich, rich entertainers only care about themselves that, from stormy. donna with us from connecticut. go ahead. hi, donna. >> caller: i'm from new brunswick, new jersey. >> go ahead, donna, sorry about that. >> caller: i think david letterman abuses authority and in the military would get an article 13 or up for court-martial. i hope he's sleeping on the couch to be honest with you. >> there you go, down to brass taxes with that. kelly, what about that, two people obviously having an -- taking issue with what is perceived as an abuse of power. do you think female viewers will take issue with this and possibly turn away? >> well, he's the thing, he didn't sexually abuse or assault these women. these women are actually coming forward and saying what a great boss he was, what a great man he was. so it's two sides of the story. it's not david letterman pushing himself on these women and we have to remember we don't know
5:42 pm
what's going on at home with his wife at closed doors. we don't the relationship they had. yes, these things happened before they were married but we can't judge relationships unless we are in them for ourselves. >> the point i made at the beginning was, at least from what we're gathering, it wasn't and open relationship. she's hurt. this is cheating in a sense, married or not and obviously from march on they were married and if it continued it would be cheating. but, carlos, i want to get your take on that, as well. it's the imagery of boss day, a guy in his mid 50s going after interns or people who work for him, not sure if they are interns or not in their mid 20s. that's an image some viewers may have a problem with and more places have a problem with. >> oh, yeah, that's a very big point. i think he's into his 60s now, even older. that's the thing where you get into kind of a not no pun intend but a gray area because it is not that attractive on that
5:43 pm
side. the one thing se doing right, though, is that we always complain that we want celebrities to tell the truth and david letterman is telling the truth or at least giving us what he considers his version of the truth. right now, you know, halderman in this case, his lawyer says there is a different truth we'll hear once this goes to trial. >> we heard that yesterday. marilyn is with us from california. your thoughts? >> caller: hi, mike. >> hey. >> caller: i agree with you. enough, enough. but, i do have a question. and your prior caller or speaker that you just had on got it. we know that there's going to be a trial. is this his attempt to play with the potential jury pool? >> you're talking about a trial for the -- >> caller: for the exstorgs, quote, unquote s. this his
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attempt to influence a potential jury pool? >> kind of getting ahead of ourselves, carl but that seems a ways off. >> a brilliant point by marilyn, great point and great job. it's true. another very smart thing on david letterman's point, you know, using his show as a pulpit to talk to people and say, hey, i'm the victim here. i'm the one who was extorted, that's amazing, too. if i was a woman that's the one thing i would be very, very ticked off about, the fact they are calling david letterman a victim when really his wife is the true victim here. >> well put. we'll have to leave it there. kelly, carlos, thanks, guys, really appreciate it. coming up we'll revisit a story, a gunman fires more than four dozen bullets in a health club a. survivor, pregnant, says she runs a higher risk of miscarriage and is suing the gunman's estate. is there precedent for a case like this? your thoughts, 1-877-tell-hln. call in.
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welcome back. what a horrifying ordeal a man walks into an aerobics class at la fitness in pittsburgh and starts shooting. we covered this extensively. the gunman killed himself and three women. a pregnant fitness instructor was shot in both shoulders. thankfully her baby survived and she survived now suing his estate. listen as she relives that terrifying day. >> i remember thinking, i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid fe saw that i was breathing he would shoot again. >> she says she is still at risk for miscarriage seeking $175,000 in damages. let's bring in george contas, attorney for the family to talk about this case.
5:48 pm
first off, how is mary beth doing. >> remarkably well. she's aresilient and very courageous young woman and she is trying to do her very best to move forward with her life in a productive acmend meaningful wa. as you imagine she's been through a lot both physically and emotionally. >> how is she recovering from the bullet wounds? >> she had several bullet wounds and she, in fact, still has a bullet that remains in her body. the surgeons felt it was best left and dealt with until after the pregnancy. she has a lot of pain and scarring that will be left from some of the exit room but also, also emotionally she is quite traumatize sdplood how is baby doing? so far so good? >> so far so good, thankfully a ray of hope in otherwise a terrible tragedy for not only my client but many other victims in the pittsburgh area. >> is there an increased risk of
5:49 pm
miscarriage due to this traumatic event. >> i heard you mention prior to the segment that is something we made a claim for because we are compelled to do that under the law. we need to file a complain that explains all of the different theories we have and possibilities. in addition to her physical and emotional injuries, that's something that's a possibility. again, thankfully, everything so far has been good. >> good. >> and mary experts to have a healthy baby in march and doing everything she can to see that happen. >> okay. let's talk about the lawsuit. suing for $175,000, is that correct? and, if so, how did you come to that number? >> that's correct to an extent. in the jurisdiction in which we filed the lawsuit here in a gary coun -- allegheny county you are not permitted by law to state a spk amount you are asking for you can ask for an amount greater than or less than $25,000 and we happen to have multiple counts here a count for negligent inflicks of emotional distress and battery and the like.
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when you add all those up it totals $175,000. >> okay. >> but that's only a figure that reconflicts what the court requires us to state and frankly this case has value well in excess of that. >> do you have precedence on your side? have there been cases like this? >> yes. there is a lot of precedence for that. it's not unusual. if someone commits a crime and dies later, in most states, in pennsylvania, you are required to sue their estate. if there's no one to sue, you have to go to court and someone appointed in that capacity. there was someone appointed. it happens to be his brother. he's the official representative of the estate. the suit was against him. >> any response from him? >> only through acceptance of
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service of complaint. now that the complaint is filed, we have formal discovery. we will be able to depose people now. >> no call back. real quick, others are filing suit as well. it could be five. are you going to work with them? is everyone going to have their own lawsuit? it would be difficult to divide up money. >> it's an interesting and practical question. it's a situation we'll have to deal with. i don't think anyone filed a formal complaint. there's a way of instituting, in a technical way, a suit. you are right, there are victims to this tragedy. it depends on what the court will do. the judge will consolidate claims and make us work together. >> great talk iing to you, we he to run. stay with us.         
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an update in the haleigh comings case. his father, ron, about to call it quits with his bride, misty. we were skeptical then as ron popped the question. now, they are on the brink of divorce. what does it mean for the search of little hey lee. david letterman admits to having sex with women. now, he apologized. great he's owning up to it, but enough with the jokes on it.
6:01 pm
his wife is hurt. 877-tell-hln. you can text us. start our message with the word prime. welcome, this is hour number two of prime news. this story should only be about the search of haleigh cummings missing. her dad is headed for divorce. trouble in paradise. they got married a little over a month after haleigh disappeared. now, a divorce. we'll take your calls as always. 877-tell-hln. with us, defense attorney, nicole and mike brooks. melina, give us the lowdown.
6:02 pm
what's going on with ron and misty? >> they have getting a divorce. the papers have been sent to misty's lawyer. ronald filed for it or is in the process of filing. he told misty he wanted to get a divorce. monday, he went two the attorneys office and filled out the paper work. it's in the works. >> let's get a call in, lee in maine is with us. lee, your comment or question? >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> yeah. >> caller: my comment is in regards to misty. i have been following this closely. the key is going to come from her family. i really believe that the half-truths and inconsistencies are because she's protecting someone. her brother put himself at the scene. i think that's going to end up being the key to solving the
6:03 pm
case for this little girl. >> you bring up great points there. let's get the sound bite ready from misty's mom. she thinks that misty may have something to hide. let's get that ready. in the meantime, i go to mike. she brings up good points about the family. >> oh, yeah. >> you have a brother saying, i go to the house at 10:00. misty says they were watching a movie. he says it didn't look like anybody was there. is that putting the squeeze on her a little bit? >> are we to believe tommy the brother? he said he pounded on the door. marley that has done the walk through and it's not that big. if he was pounding on that door, there's no way somebody would not have heard him inside that trailer. are they putting the squeeze on him? i was working down there as part of the task force, i would be
6:04 pm
doing anything at all to put the squeeze on anybody in this family. tommy got locked up. his mom, misty's mother is in jail for a fraud case for stealing from a neighbor. that's a total different story. who is to believe whom in this whole family feud, if you will. >> you mentioned tina croslin saying misty may be hiding something. >> i think she's holding something back. i think they both are holding something back. that's just in my heart. i'm going to tell her i love her and if you know anything at all, please tell me. i'll be by your side, but we'll get through it. tell me whatever you are holding back. >> there's misty, again. her own mom insisting she's holding something back.
6:05 pm
>> if you are misty's attorney and you have mom saying this, what do you do with your client here? how are you advising misty? >> if you have a client that can't keep her story straight, tell them to stop telling stories and be quiet. she cannot win if she continues to lie or tell thing that is are different. >> she's taken three polly grafgraftwo from law enforcement and the third when they said tim miller will you come back and help us look, again, for haleigh. he said i'll come back, if you, misty, take a polygraph. she failed and tim didn't come back. >> let me read the questions. it goes along with what her mom is saying. did you intentionally with hold information. no. what is the score? 99% deception.
6:06 pm
meaning, she lied. she failed. do you know what happened to haley? no. 99% deception, again. misty, not coming clean. she's the last person to see haleigh. fe is with us in georgia. fay, go ahead. >> caller: why haven't they questioned chrrystal's boyfrien? have they tried to drive from crystal's house to ron's house to see how long it takes? >> a couple points there. marlena, does crystal still have a boyfriend? who is the boyfriend? >> she has a boyfriend, yes. she has a fiance, actually. as far as the distance between ronald's house and crystal's house is about an hour, mike. it's about an hour she lives
6:07 pm
away. >> crystal was there, an hour away when haleigh went missing. >> crystal has been cleared. and ronald cummings has been cleared. >> let's take a quick break. more on this coming up. a lot of you want to line up on phone calls. you were baffled when they got married five weeks after haleigh went missing. what's it mean in the search.
6:08 pm
6:09 pm
keep haleigh safe out there. if you have information leading to her, call it in.
6:10 pm
it don't matter who it hurts. i'm not hiding anything for anybody. if somebody has something to do with it, let them fry. so be it, whoever it might be. that's who it is. bring haleigh home. >> there you have ron cummings, again. he wants little haleigh back. ron cummings is going to be on the nancy grace show tonight at 8:00 eastern. stick around for that a little later on. in the meantime, we continue our conversation. now, we are hearing they are headed for divorce. i want to read a facebook comment. i think it's messed up that he had time to go to chili's and ask her to marry him. if you look at this, why did they get married five weeks into the traumatic ordeal? was it cover so they wouldn't
6:11 pm
have to testify against each other? could that have been a reason? >> it's something they might have been thinking. it was bizarre. a spouse does not have to testify against a spouse in a certain circumstance. it does not apply in is circumstances where a child has been injured or a child has been harmed or is missing. >> that's off the table. let's go back to marlena. what's ron saying about this? what is the follow up? the marriage doesn't last a year, now hopefully, point number one is the search for haleigh. >> well, that's exactly what he's saying. this is the thing, mike. he said, you know what? everybody is saying i'm protecting misty and holding her you aren't my wing. she's free now. i'm divorcing her. here you go. find my child. there's no more excuses. that's him talking, sort of, to
6:12 pm
law enforcement and the public. i'm not protecting her, anymore. she's free to speak. they think she's the key to the investigation, go get her. bring my child home. >> what's been holding her back anyway? who has been holding her back from saying what's going on and what happened z? >> there's so many gaps. between 8:00 and 4:00. we just don't know. she's the one that holds the key to all this. they have had a number of conversations from the time he arrived there and said in the 11 -- the police report called her my dumb, "b" word girlfriend. they get married. they probably had a few conversations. ronald came to the realization that i think she's holding something back. >> let's go back to marlena
6:13 pm
again. that's one of the theorys out there, right? he just wanted misty close because she's the last one to see haley? right? >> you're right, mike. one of the theorys is keep her close to me. if she knows something, i want her close to me. but, again, there's a lot of theorys out there. there's a whole legal theory you were talking about earlier and the initial response to why he married her. it was haleigh's wish. so, you know, we can all speculate. the bottom line is, the marriage is over. >> and haleigh is still missing. diane is with us in nebraska. go ahead. >> caller: mike, i enjoy your show. >> thanks. >> caller: i have a comment, they said misty went to bed at 10:30. but they said the bed was never slept in and her brother says he was over there and couldn't arouse anyone. doesn't that give more validity to his statements and this is a
6:14 pm
way we need to go? >> you make good points. clear up the time line. misty says they go to bed at 10:00. her brother says -- go ahead. let you clear it up. >> she put haleigh to bed around 8:00. she did laundry and she went to bed at 10:00. at 10:00, haleigh was still in the home. the brother says he came over banging on the door 9:45 or 10:00 at night and no one answers the door. that leave as hole if tommy, her brother, is telling the truth. >> you have been to the house. from the front door, where he was knocking to where they were allegedly sleeping, shouldn't they have heard a knock? not a big house, right? how far is it? >> from the front door to the front bedroom where misty was sleeping is probably eight to ten feet at most. not to mention, this is a very
6:15 pm
small home. it's not soundproof. if someone is banging on the door, you are going to hear it. >> if she was doing laundry, like she said she was, he would probably hear it outside, whether the drier was going or on the wash cycle. the stories aren't adding up. i'm repeating what law enforcement said, they believe as i believe, there's information they know that she's not telling. >> law enforcement said it. much more on this coming up. we'll take your calls.
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
welcome back to prime news on hln. we have the latest on the haleigh cummings case. the little girl is gone almost eight months now. her father ron, and teen bride
6:18 pm
misty are headed for divorce. we are taking your calls, 877-tell-hln. mary is with us. go ahead. >> caller: it's taken me years to get through to you. i don't believe ron, either. i think the whole family is messed up. i think she might be afraid of him. i think there's a lot more to look into. when i first started watching you, mike, they said he picked that baby up from school, then he went to work. >> right. >> caller: who, between him, misty, and that grandmother seen that baby after she was picked up at school? >> all right, mary, thanks for the call. let's pick up on that. that last day haleigh was seen, who saw her besides misty and ron went to work. >> ron went to work, misty saw
6:19 pm
her. also, it was haleigh's great grandmother, annette, ronald's grandmother who saw her. she saw little haleigh after she was picked up from school. >> okay that's what we know leading into the night. you went over it, misty's story. they went to bed by 10:00. right? >> yes. you got it. >> then we come to 3:00 in the morning. she wakes up. haley is gone. 911 call. here is the 911 call. let's listen as we remember that ill-fated night. >> there you go. you have been
6:20 pm
talking about that phone call. ron cummings distraught. do you think he knows something? >> i don't know. you know, they say he's been cleared. but, i don't have a problem with the fact that he just happened to be pulling in the drive way when she finally got in touch with him, supposedly. tommy says ron tried to call, you know, made 21 calls, no answer. where was she? who knows what the real story is. the problem is, why didn't misty call 911 right away? you know, she went around looking around the house, lifting up beds. no bed frames, on the floor. you would see a lump. come on. it's not adding up. >> it circles right back to misty. ron was at work. ron has been cleared. let's make that point. ron cummings will be on the nancy grace show tonight in an
6:21 pm
exclusive interview. it was baffling when he hear 3:00 in the morning, ron comes home and the beds are made in the search for haleigh. it's got to get everybody out there. >> yeah. that's a crazy thing. she's saying she's flipping over the beds and looking everywhere. what is she looks under? the beds are on the floor. as far as the other bedrooms, there were no bed frames. the mattress is next to the big beds. there's no looking under the bed frames. it's crazy to say she was in the big bed sleeping with junior and the bed is made. it doesn't add up. >> it doesn't. we have to leave it there. coming up, a newborn kidnap. ripped from his mother's arms. they are going to be reunited. why was he taken away from mom in the first place?
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. here is the big news. david letterman's apology. he admits to having sex with multiple women on his staff. treats it like a joke. then, last night, we see a serious david letterman apologize to his staff and wife. here is a clip from last night. >> the other thing is my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior. when something like that happens, if you hurt a person, it's your responsibility, you try to fix it.
6:31 pm
at that point, there's only two thing that is happen, either you are going to make progress and get it fixed or fall short and not get it fixed. let me tell you, folks, i got my work cut out for me. and -- >> quite an admission and delayed response from the audience. you didn't get the out and out laugh like last week. he's working on it. he admitted his wife has been horribly hurt. it clears things up. they have been seeing each other since mid-80s. not an open relationship. the jokes still coming on national tv. i'm hoping we are done with that. we'll see. we want to hear from you. call in, 877-tell-hln. carlos diaz, correspondent for extra. let me start with carlos. do you think we are done with it? do you think david is finished
6:32 pm
talking about it? >> i think he's done bringing up things. it would have to be big to bring it up, again. i think he wapts to move on. he's famous for making guests squirm and asking questions others wouldn't ask. now, the guests have a comeback. in the past, he made paris hilton look off camera and feel uncomfortable. now, they can come back at him. >> good point. what do you think? have we heard the last joke or will he keep throwing the lines out there. >> we have to look at the fact his show diz a 4-2 rating. his competitor did a 1-7. if the shows are doing that kind of rating, we have to consider the fact, we don't know how many other women there may be. we know of a couple. this story could go on for awhile.
6:33 pm
>> good point. let's hope they don't continue with this subject matter for the ratings. when you stop and think of his wife being horribly hurt. i would hope they take it behind closed doors and work on the relationship. he's a funny guy. let's listen to the cracks he's making. we heard the apology. here is the funny side. >> i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trails. >> i get into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. on the news, bill clinton says -- good news for mark sanford because he -- how about that eliot spitzer. take a look -- >> all right, there you go. again, he's a funny guy. are we bordering on inappropriate?
6:34 pm
>> i don't think we are. i mean, you know what, if you work in an office building and there's a guy there getting caught doing something wrong, he says i don't want to talk about it, then everybody is like whoa. if he comes to work like i'm an idiot, you relate and feel for him. that was kind of funny what he did. >> again, funny stuff, but we're talking serious topic and a horribly hurt wife, cheating, abuse of power. >> what is dave letterman supposed to do? >> i don't know. how it's playing out in public opinion, it cuts both ways. i'll throw this to you, kelly. the press conference not laying it out to joke about it. say your apologies and that's all you say about it. >> in letterman's case, it would be the pot calling the kettle black if he denied it.
6:35 pm
here's a guy that's made fun of clinton. he laughs at this. for him to act like he's a stand-up guy, what he's doing is brave of him. so many people would run. they would have a press conference, take a leave of absence from the job. the fact he's approaching the public is a good thing. >> to add to that, quickly, you talk about having a press conference, he's doing what jon and kate should do. they are having their drama away from the show. the drama of david letterman is on the "late show." you have to tune in to see the drama. you don't get it for free in a press conference. >> i get it. it's a ratings booster. on a personal level, isn't it better behind closed doors? do you want to drag your wife and have it mentioned through jokes two and three days running? >> guys -- >> if you spend your life making
6:36 pm
fun of people and what they do wrong, when you do it wrong, you have to make fun of yourself. >> you're saying that's the game he played. he's going to stick with it. linda is with us in north carolina. your thoughts here? >> caller: i love your show. >> thanks. >> caller: very disappointed in david letterman. i was a huge fan. he's a married man. he's got a child. there's no excuse for his behavior, there isn't. i feel sorry for his wife. she stood by him for many, many years. david has years and years and years to sew his wild oats. it's time to grow up, be a good husband and father. let's drop the subject. >> linda, strong comments there. >> carlos, real quick, do we
6:37 pm
know anything more about a time li line? when was it going on? ten years ago? ten months ago? >> he stopped doing it now. in david's defense, it's not ongoing. it's not like it happened yesterday. he was with regina for 23 years or so. but, he's only been married to her for about a year. it's not like he was married to her for 23 years. they were dating that long and that's when it all took place. >> we set the table for you. we want to hear more from you on this. what are your thoughts? have you heard enough? are if jokes hurtful toward his wife who is the offended party here?
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6:40 pm
welcome back to "prime news" on hln. we are talking about david letterman. you have heard the apologies. we want to hear more from you. sandra is with us from canada. sandra your thoughts. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> good. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i totally agree that he's making a total joke of his coming out frontier. he is embarrassing his wife. he should be fire d from his jo.
6:41 pm
wow, i think a lot of people. >> it's full, here in new york city. i spent the whole weekend raking my hate mail. it's cold, too. i mean it's chilly outside my house, chilly inside my house. >> there you go. again, that's david letterman being david letterman through this. mary lou is with us in florida. what are your thoughts here? >> caller: i think his apology should be accepting. i believe he's truly sorry for
6:42 pm
what he did. he's a talk show host. it's not that he had sex with somebody in the white house. he's a talk show host. his job is making jokes. i believe he's truly sorry. i have been to his show many times in new york. he's a sincere, wonderful, nice man. he really is. >> do you think he should quit now? >> caller: no. i don't think he should quit. >> do you think the jokes should keep coming. >> not quit the show, quit with the jokes about it? >> caller: well, i think -- the audience will let him know when he's gone on long enough. when he doesn't get anymore reaction. i think he's a nice guy. yes, he was wrong. >> that e's my point in this. i hope he can go behind closed doors with his wife. stop talking about it. stop with the jokes. >> caller: he's doing it publicly. this is how the talk show hosts,
6:43 pm
rather than do it in secret, then it comes out like nobody knew about it until the arrest. >> it's out there. now, let's go behind closed doors with your wife and work on it. >> caller: i'm sure it is chilly in his house. >> thanks for the call. a lot of facebook comments as well. ryan, agreeing with mary lou. yes, i think he is sorry. i think he's dealing with it the best way he knows how, through comedy. >> an marie says i don't think he's sorry about anything. here is another one going along with that. it's cut both ways as we continue to cover it day by day. he's not sorry for having sex. why would he care he's caught. he's rich. rich entertainers only care about themselves. let's get another facebook comment in. bonnie writing this, this is nobody's business, but between
6:44 pm
letterman and his wife. i'm not the morales police. let's get another call in. diane that in california. go ahead. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i feel i'm the only one out there thinking this, but we have lost focus. why are we picking on david letterman? he had intimate relationships, consensual sex. can we focus on the guy who is trying to extort him? i mean this is the equivalent to me of attacking a rape victim because of the way she dressed or her past behaviors saying she deserved it. >> you make a great point. we talked about it when it first came out. how horrible this is, that, you know, it almost cuts both ways.
6:45 pm
first and foremost, we talked about when it first came out. he's going to have to go through a blackmail extortion. when we hear the details that his son, harry, was mentioned in this. there is the man that he allegedly asked for $2 million. he was going to expose this. joe holderman. i'm with you on that front. we shift to the conversation as it continues on concerning david letterman and an abusive power. the boss, david letterman, preying on younger women. it was consensual. thanks for the call. good passion on that. as we continue to follow this, we find developments. hopefully, it will die down. coming up, possible motive of the killing of jasmine fee yor ree. they find a will her husband
6:46 pm
wrote. a suicide note. more on that, coming up.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
welcome back to "prime news" on hln. stunning revelations in the horrific murder of jasmine fiore. ryan jenkins left behind a will, one that's considered a suicide note. he took off to canada 24 hours after jasmine foe yore's body was found. days later, he hung himself in a motel room. they faund a suicide note called will and testment. he says she was the love of his life, how frustrated she made him and he thought she was
6:49 pm
cheating. jane, i think we read this, there's no surprise when you hear motive. this is the guy who was jealous. if i can't have her, nobody else will. then he's talking about he thought she was cheating. it's the motive. >> let's blame the victim. it's part of the war on women we talk about on "issues." a man does a hideous crime like this, cutting off her fingertips and pulling out her teeth so she couldn't be identified. stuffing her remains in suitcases. he has the nerve in a note written approximately three days before the suicide to blame her, saying she made him jealous? this is part of the mentality that allows this violence against women to continue where these violent men justify their
6:50 pm
behavior and say, well, i felt jealous, therefore i felt justified in committing violence. there's no therefore. there's no connection there. >> this >> this is after he's already killed her. and talking about the heinous things that you are talking about. and jane, we see him as we look back at clips from "megan wants a millionaire." and there he is trying to play it up as mr. suave when he this anger and jealous rage just seething in him, jane. >> well it's a sad commentary on our society that we would find a guy like that interesting to watch on a tv show. i mean, he's a big phony. and he's oh coming off of this sort of slimy charmer on the show and then we find out later he's a lot worse than that. he's violent. and he is capable of committing a crime against this woman he supposedly loved that is so vicious that you saw the family at the news conference just
6:51 pm
literally sobbing uncontrollably because of the -- just gruesome nature of this crime. and, again, why this fine line between love and hate? the cops are calling this a love/hate letter. why is it that when we can't have what we want, we kill? there is a hunter prey relationship unfortunately in this country and elsewhere between men and women where men regard the women that they pursue as prey a and when they can't have them they killer. >> lost her and can't stand the thought it seems anyway of somebody else having her and she moving on with her life and because we know, words accuse anyway, words of abuse once in canada and then again with her back in june. >> yeah. >> so again it's just a sad commentary, as you ppds jane, we'll be watching "issues" with jane coming up in less than ten minutes from now at the top of the hour. 
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tonight, seismic developments in the david letterman sex extortion scandal. is this whole mess the result of a chilted lover a sort who has claims to see the mystery diary told the "new york post"the secret journal contains bombshell including claims that this letterman staffer was having sex with the "late show" legend plus living with her cbs producer/boyfriend. that's the same guy of accused of extortion. and head-fitting new details in the haleigh cummings case. blockbuster new reports suggest that ron and misty's marriage on
7:01 pm
the rocks and their chain-smoking relationship could be headed to the ash tray. i.e., divorce court. the question is, why? misty was the last fornsee little haleigh alive and she allegedly has not been cooperative with cops, has ron finally become suspicious of his teen bribe? also disturbing insight into the mind of a suicidal killer. cops found a letter on ryan jenkins' computer professing his love for his estranged wife and blaming her for his situation. the former reality show contestant killed jasmine fiori and then mutilated her body and stuffed it in a suitcase. we'll talk to a cop who's read the letter. plus, did jon gosselin drain the family bank account? his wife kate says the reality show dad withdrew more than $200,000 from their joint account leaving her with as mely 1,000 bucks. now she want happens the money back and also coming after his cars. can it get any uglier? "issues" starts now.
7:02 pm
tonight, a growing avalanche of dirty laundry in the david letterman sex extortion scandal. the "new york post" citees claims letterman's former staffer stephanie birkitt made shocking revelations in her dire beher secret love life with dave while she was living with the man now charged with trying to blackmail the tv star. that boyfriend allegedly found her diary when she moved out recently. leading us to ask the question, could this all be about jealousy? "the post" reports birkitt continued to have sex with her boss david lettermanman and although listen with her boyfriend at the time. that boyfriend, high-powered cbs producer joe halderman of "48 hours" he's now charged with attempting to blackmail david letterman. using that diary for 2 million bucks according to the "new york post." told that letterman was "her
7:03 pm
best friend." just her friend but admits in the diary still having an affair and the source claims that letterman would drive stephanie back to the home she shared with a "48 hours'" producer boyfriend. "issues" reached out to stephanie for birkitt for comment but did not hear back before a deadline. stephanie is of course invited on this program anytime to share her side of the story and i have to remind you, she has not been accused of any wrongdoing. but again, could this explosive diary have driven the "48 hours" producer to allegedly seek revenge against his perceived rival? if it's true does it go to possible motive? as for letterman, an awkward apology on his cbs show last night. >> i would just like to set the record straight, no, i'm not having sex with these women, those episodes are in the past. so my apologies to subjecting thom that vulnerability and being a brood being beat nen
7:04 pm
humiliated. i'm terribly sorry they put the snaf that position, inadvertently i just wasn't thinking ahead. >> remind ourselves dave is a crime victim here. let's not forget that, but are his comments making matters worse for himself? should letterman now sa hey, i'm done talking about this, people. i've said my peace. or is he in some kind of no-win situation, damned if he talks it, damned if he doesn't talk about. tells "the new york times" he has proof that letterman sexually harassed employees. really? well, while we certainly don't condone the actions of letterman and his staff into such a moral quandary you have to wonder where are all of these women who say they've been victimized? nobody's come forward and tonight's big issue sex with the staff. why oh why did letterman hook up with his subordinates. i've got a theory. i want to hear yours. . call mep 1-877-jvm-says. fabulous expert panel. wendy murphy. former prosecutor.
7:05 pm
author. and professor at new england school of law. curtis sliwa, founder of the guardian angels. brian russell, attorney and forensic psychology. and the one an only carlos diaz correspondent for "extra." carlos, i'm almost afraid to ask, what is the very latest on this thing? >> well, you covered a lot of basis. but one thing that really steps out for me is the fact that bob halderman's lawyer now says -- or joe halderman's lawyer says that he has proof that david letterman committed sexual harassment against one or more women and that he will prove that in court. whether or not that'll be admitted in court is yet to be determined. the next court is next month but that is the breaking news that everyone's looking at right now. >> yeah, and we're going to get to that in a second. but i have to recap and review here. because this is something that the dirty laundry just keeps coming out and we've got to fold it and put it away so that we know where we stand. today's "new york post" reported a bombshell about what stephanie
7:06 pm
birkitt allegedly wrote if her diary, that she was still having sex with david letterman and even while she was living with her emmy award winner cbs producer halderman. that's not one giving her the heimlich maneuver. prosecutors say the diary was used by hald areman in the alleged extortion mot against letterman. so did stephanie birkitt's revelationses cause this hard-driving producer to snap? halderman had a mount avon problems. wendy murphy, give me your take. relocated their two kids from connecticut to colorado. disturbing to him. court records show child and spousal support, costs total of about six grande month. that's got to be very disturbing to him. plus he had just taken out a home equity line of credit for 50, clan. and when stephanie birkitt recently moved out she was no longer pitching in with rent money. wow. did this guy, do you think, have an emotional breakdown?
7:07 pm
>> you know i get a financial breakdown, i don't know about emotional. you can already hear his lawyer making up the insanity defense claims. oh, it's just not like him. it's really a break from his normal ways of being. that's what you do when your client has no defense. i mean, is there a stronger case being prosecuted right now? so maybe, jane, maybe there was some jealousy, but here's a guy, who if you make me choose between jealousy as the motive and money, i think he had a much bigger money problem than a love problem. >> or as the shrinks would say it is multidetermined. i believe firmly that no one thing usually leads gob allegedly do anything like this. it's usually a multitude of factors that converge, causing one to flip over the edge. the attorney for letterman's alleged blackmailer made the morning show rounds yesterday. and this is kind of ominous. listen to what he said on nbc's "today." >> the motive intent and conduct
7:08 pm
of joe halderman is the motive and intent of conduct of david letterman. i look forward to cross-examining david letterman. >> all right, just what will that cross-examination look like. said he had evidence, as you just heard carlo say that engaged in sexual harassment and that he'd be sharing it in a courtroom. curtis sliwa, people start to forget that david letterman is the victim here. he is not the one who was accused of any crime. and yet this lawyer wants to turn the tables and embarrass him on the stand to the point where maybe he's going to plead with the d.a., make a plea bargain dawes i don't want to take the stand and get drilled by the guy. >> exactly. and this is shargel who normally represents mobsters. remember organized crime. i don't walk into his door unless you show the green for a retainer. this whole idea that halderman had no money, how did he afford gerald shargel?
7:09 pm
the whole point to get gerald is to intimidate letterman just as you said, jane, so he'll say to the d.a., look, give the guy a plea. let him go. maybe he'll be on home detention. but i don't want to go through this because this is going to be too embarrassing. that's why you hire a gerald sharjle. >> i don't agree with that. >> wait, wait. >> let's go, wendy. >> curtis, look it, say this, if i'm a judge on there case and letterman's got smart lawyers and a lot of money too, he's going to go to the judge and say, tell that guy to shut up. because he can threaten -- this is another form of extortion by the way, it's what lawyers do. i'm going to air some more dirty laundry about you, david, if you don't -- >> but, wendy, can he do it? can he do it, wendy? >> no here, cannot. >> why not? not judge will say -- because the judge will say, it's not relevant. this is an extortion case. you can't just toss nonsense around it unless it is relevant and open up your mouth about one ugly thing about david letterman that isn't relevant in this case and i will throw you in jail. that's what i would do if i were the judge in case. a form of extortion what that
7:10 pm
lawyer is doing? jane, jane, then it quietly shows up in "the new york times." >> that's what i was about to say. curtis is that even dave letterman, terry, psycologist, announced that this was phase one of the scandal. and he knew there was phase two and phase three coming as the details are leaked and who do you think is leaking them? obviously it would make sense hypothetically for the accused to leak up all of this dirty laundry to put pressure, right? >> get a gag order. get a gag order and make it enforcible. it happens, it is doable. and i don't buy into this. i don't believe that it is just going to leak no matter what david does. one leak comes out uthrow that lawyer in jail. you find out where the source come from. you can clam this stuff up and he's entitled to that. just because he's a crime victim doesn't mean huh can throw anybody out because he's famous. >> they're doing it now, wendy. they're look it now. "new york post"is reporting salacious details and you don't think more to come. more details about sex?
7:11 pm
>> there should be a gag order. >> there should be a gag order. >> i agree with you. >> and somebody can put a tap lines on to everybody connected to this halderman guy, his lawyer who is a thug. anybody who threat tone leak garbage when not relevant should have a tap on the phone. >> i hope that the judge is listening, gag order. we're going to hear all of this dirty laundry, more of dave letterman drama coming up and also taking your calls, 1-877-jvm-says. 1-877-586-7297. call me with your theory. a dramatic twist in the haleigh cummings case. does ron still believe in wife misty? then dave knows a thing or two about telling jokes. but now that he's the center of a scandal, how is he dealing? >> yeah, poked fun at himself a few times. he was a big sport about it. he will take a beating i would think from conan and the rest of the world.
7:12 pm
7:13 pm
7:14 pm
the reality is that it doesn't matter if he's been more consenting. it doesn't matter they perceive this as something they wanted to participate in. the fact, dave, you're describing a culture with sex and those sorts of innerpersonal issues are a means to advance,
7:15 pm
they air means to manipulate and that it is not healthy. >> not healthy, and it's some situations a career killer in any event, david letterman attempted to do damage control last night with a big mea culpa and also tried to diffuse the tension with humor. >> okay, let's look at the news. first of all, bill clinton said -- good news for south carolina governor mark sanford because he -- how about that eliot spitzer, would you take a -- >> i love him. he's brilliant, really. whatever you have to say about him, he's a funny guy. jane inn mis, your question or thought, ma'am? >> caller: my thought is i'm not particularly a fan of david letterman's but i have worked out in this world and i have seen an awful lot of women try to sleep their way to the top.
7:16 pm
and that's possibly the reason they do not claim sexual harassment. >> well, brian russell, the big issue here is that we do not have anybody coming forward and saying that they are victims in this case. >> right. we don't. i think -- i see where you are coming from. i think that you're right that sometimes powerful people tend to prey on the weak but i also think that caller is right, that sometimes people try to use sex to get things from their superiors at work. so as a psychologist, i look at this and i say, i really think that the motive is probably more about excessibility, controllability and concealability, accessibility that he's there. he's got control over there and because it is happening at work he can conceal it somewhat from his spouse. is now i personally believe that anybody who has been with their spouse or significant other for 20 years i tend to doubt that they don't have any idea what the guy is like, cause it's interesting because i think that probability blackmailer, or the alleged blackmailer, is the one
7:17 pm
who is probably the more scorned lover between him and mrs. letterman, and although of course that doesn't justify blackmail, and to get to your first question earlier in evening, blackmail is never something that somebody does because they are insane. blacksmall premedicated, stone-cold attempt to proffer off of somebody's pain or kbbsment. >> i like that. big issue, sex with the staff because i have a theory. why did dave letterman time after time hook up with a subordinate. sexy, beautiful women as guests. for example, the voluptuous scarlet johansson. made contact with her on camera anyway. and then ashley olson. we could go on and on, people. why did dave ask out some the famous, rich, beautiful, accomplished female guests? is it a psychological issue? my opinion, and i am going to a woman on this, who, wendy murphy, i think it is low
7:18 pm
self-esteem. i think that powerful men have to feel more powerful than the woman they're dating or they get insecure because of low self-esteem. >> you know, maybe, jane. i don't know. i'm not a psychologist. who knows maybe he did also date powerful, gorgeous women. i don't know. >> did he have the time? >> the thing that bothers me -- the thing that bothers me -- well he was a randy guy, didn't he? he said women, we don't know what that number look like. as much as a have defended him and he is an extortion victim, no matter what he did unless he committed a crime, what happened to him is far worse in the hierarchy of bad things. >> right. >> but what bothers me, frankly -- >> i don't know about that, wendy. >> let me just say this, we're talking about this as if the only people who suffer harm when there is sexual harassment in the workplace are the individual women and as long as they don't complain no harm. that's not true. systematically the way that women are not justified. >> but women napt their own
7:19 pm
victimization. that is something we have to -- >> i'm saying, david -- david has a responsibility. because he understands it. as basically as a woman's equality issue. i don't care if they fall on the ground. >> i got it. >> i got to take issue -- >> no, no, i have to go to the tease. sorry about this, guys. we'll be book this story. thank you, fantastic panel. up next a suicide note found on reality star ryan jenkins' computer. what does it say about his death and n his wife's murder and why are we just learning about it now? things take a dramatic case in the jon & kate divorce drama. the juicy details next and in my new book "iwant." i got sober 14 years ago. i sat down recently with dr. phil to talk about my new book, the interview airs this thursday on his show "dr. phil." here's a peek. >> i think this is a real
7:20 pm
chronical in courage and candor. i think this took a lot of guts to write this honestly. >> well, they say you're only as thick as your secrets. >> yeah. >> and i decided it was time to get honest. >> yeah. >> well, and why? what was the thing that pushed you over the line? >> i wrote a book called "secrets could be murder." an i started to realize how fatal and how toxic secrets are and then i started to look at myself and i realized, i had a lot of secrets. and that maybe by telling my story i might be of service to somebody out there grappling with the same problems. i'm dealing with so many of the same issues that people across america are dealing with, alcoholism, consuming addiction, all of these different addictive behaviors that are really destroying our lives. and i just decided, i'm going to
7:21 pm
tell my story and maybe somebody out there can learn something so they don't have to go through some of the hell i went through. >> now i want to hear your success story. what addiction you have overcome, how to do it? send your e-mail or i-report to me. if your story's selected you could win an autographed copy of my book "iwant" and get a chance to meet me in new york. i want to hear your story over triumph over addiction.
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in tonight's spotlight the escalating war between jon & kate gosselin. this family is spiraling out of control. soon-to-be exs. can't wait until that happens. apparently this latest tug-of-war is not over their eight kids or their reality show, what a shock it's about money. kate's demanding jon return $230 grand, she claims he drained from their joint account. she's also ordering him to sell his luxury cars, and it seems the uglier this divorce gets the more we see these two on tv. check out jon on "the insider"
7:25 pm
with nancy grace. >> you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk. with one 22 after the next while she's at home with the children and say you want to work it out? >> i know i was passive. >> why is this always about you? why are we talking about you. she asked you about your children. >> because she's an important part of his children. >> can he speak with you the you piping in? >> nancy won. jon gosselin, zero. back to my former guest former prosecutor wendy murphy. author. great book. wendy, should we expect this thing to get even uglier if that's possible before it is all said and done. >> well, thanks for nancy grace, at least for being around to kind of slap these people around a little bit. here is the thing, now dubbed if i were a headline writer for a newspaper i would call this one "kate & jon plus hate."
7:26 pm
i'm a child of divorced parents. the one thing thankfully my parents understood even back then was do not denegrate other parent in front children. next week we will hear, jon was bad in bed. kate picks her nose. don't you think it is stupid. but the children, the children are watching their parents rip at each other on television. what is -- make me choose between jon and kate, i pick the kids. >> i don't know. >> and not treated with respect at all. >> no, they aren't. >> they're being disrespected. >> selling your soul to reality tv. and i think this is just all very predictable. kate claims jon has left his family "without the ability to" get this, "put food on the table." she got very emotional on nbc's the "today" show. >> i'm sorry. the last thing i wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay my bills. he took $230,000 of the $231,000
7:27 pm
that we have liquid. and i have a stack of bills in my purse i can't drop in the mail. when you have left your children and their mother unable to pay the roof -- for the roof over their head it's not acceptable. >> by the way kate loves to cry on television. jon claims he only took a paycheck's worth from the account $22 grand. quite a paycheck. now why do these two still have a joint account anyway, they're getting a divorce. >> wendy, what do you think? why do they have a joint account. >> oh, oh, i'm sorry. you know what, jane, the funny thing is i was thinking that very question. you'd think the first thing they would have done is figure out how to deal with the assets but you know i'm very suspicious about jon. again, i don't like either of them but here is jon, oh, i think the children shouldn't, on the show any longer because i really care about their well-being. oh but he needs $200,000. >> and we'll be right back.
7:28 pm
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
testimony in the new details of the haleigh cummings case. blockbuster new reports suggests ron and misty's marriage is on the rock and their chain-smoking relationship could be headed to the ash tray. i.e., divorce court. the question is, why? has ron finally become suspicious of his teen bride? plus, disturbing insight into the mind of a suicidal killer. cops found a letter on ryan jenkins' computer professing his love for his estranged wife and blaming her for his situation. what led to this hideous murder? the world was stunned when ronald cummings married his teenage girlfriend misty croslin just weeks after his daughter
7:31 pm
haleigh went missing on her watch. after all, his precious daughter vanished. i have to say it again, on misty's watch. and then he marries her. and now another head spinner is ron divorcing misty? new reports tonight, ron's attorney says their whirlwind marriage is about to be finished. kaput, over, done. misty was the last person to see haleigh alive. is ron finally becoming us is spirks of his blushing teenage bride? he defended their mind-boggling decision to wed on the "today" show. >> i don't know. i think that my little girl would have wanted it, i would have rather have her to attend there. so obviously when we get back, a much larger things that are weighing. but we're just -- still drawing the focus off of haleigh. we need to be focused on haleigh. and not what i'm doing in my personal life. >> is misty hiding something? the gainesville sun reports the putnam county sheriff's office is calling misty the key person in this case. saying her account and the physical evidence just don't match up. and we do not know what she was doing that night.
7:32 pm
straight out too to my expert panel and also joining us former criminal defense attorney. it's been eight months, the spotlight has been on mistet whole time. what is the significance in your opinion of this announcement of an impending divorce? >> well, i think that it's probably ron's way of breaking all ties publicly with her and maybe in his mind. he knows that it will break the marital privilege if any communications during the course of that marriage. that would bare on this but i can't imagine that's the case. i think he's just done. >> i thought that whole marital privilege thing did not apply in this case. a florida law that says if it involves the safety the child that gets throne out the window. >> excuse me. that's not completely true. and we don't know what the crime against a child would be here. because so far -- >> she's missing! she's missing. >> but she's not a suspect or a defendant. that's number one. but number two is that -- that in florida, it wouldn't apply anyway because the
7:33 pm
communications when she was missing, first and foremost, those first couple of weeks, they weren't married. >> that's what i'm saying the spousal privilege would not apply in this case. >> jane, it wouldn't apply in any case. the bottom line is that the communications were not made at the time of the -- at the time that they were married. you know the bottom line here is we have no idea what ramifications this divorce has on any of this. he blames her because his daughter haleigh was missing under his watch -- under her watch. so we have no idea. we still don't even know if a crime took place here on the part of the family members. it certainly looks like misty is involved somehow. >> well, brian russell, you're the psychologist. let me just ask you this question. ron, the husband has been quoted as saying, when asked, why dumarry the woman who lost your daughter essentially? keep your friends close and your enemies closer. and also reports he's been
7:34 pm
overheard asking her to lie and say well i wanted to see if she's a good liar and that way i could judge if she's lying to me. do you think that essentially he tried to get information out of her by marrying her and when she stonewalled like when she stonewalled the cops and everything else he finally threw his hands up and said i'm not getting out of this, good-bye. >> i think that anything is possible. as a psychologist i can tell you going through a tragedy like a missing child that puts a strain on relationships with even the most solid of foundations and this certainly didn't look to me like that, and as a lawyer, i do tend to think that perhaps these two believed, mistakenly that getting married was create some kind of privilege and have now learned from us and everybody else in seeing it wasn't true and if that were one of the reasons, then obviously why keep it going. >> go ahead, wendy. >> jane, look at how young she is. i mean she's so young, she was probably scared, confused. i mean, it's just pathetic. she's a baby. she's 17 years old there. and she's caught up and she doesn't even know what so she's
7:35 pm
run away. >> oh, please. >> that's what kids do. >> not a baby. >> there's one baby. >>'s a baby in this story and it's haleigh. that's the one we should be feeling bad for. >> thank you, wendy. >> she was an adult and the one thing i want to say about this, look, it is clear to me that the marriage was intended to create a certain evidentiary benefit to one or the other. no longer part of their game plan, is the divorce is going to facilitate some other advantage. perhaps pinning them up against each other is going to ramp up the pressure. but i say this, two of them know something. she really seems to know a lot, and she has been inconsistent and she failed a lie detector. >> i we don't know what the lie detector test was, wendy. >> oh, no, she failed several lie detectors. hold on let me see the panel. okay, david? >> bottom line, do we have the proper resources investigating this case? i'm seeing one assigned detective, there's another homicide detective. we've got 100 leads a day. isn't this the type of case
7:36 pm
where we need to put a lot of resources in to find haleigh instead of some these other non -- >> resources from the squeeze play. these cops -- >> people, i want to move on. because there's a key, key piece of the puzzle here, possibly. this mysterious letter floating around allegedly written by misty's friend nannee. the letter says that a friend was talking to investigators and allegedly said, haleigh's got ahold of some oxycontin and died. we supposedly freaked out. and dash, put her in a black bag, into my car and took her to the pond. dash is apparently another friend. we're not name, obviously. again we have absolutely no proof this letter is valid. the cops say it's bogus. but they did, david schwartz, search a pond in the kbrairp the putnam county sheriff's office said a possibility that they would find physical evidence in the water. found nothing. what is your take on this oxycontin story that this child o.d.'ed? >> it seems like it's a dead-end
7:37 pm
because the letter states that haleigh was put in this pond and that seems to be false. it's an unfounded letter. obviously the police investigated this one thoroughly and they found no relevance to it whatsoever. a lot of deadends in this case and hopefully something will break know. >> you can't say that. how do you get off saying it's a dead-end when it hasn't been thoroughly explored? >> they drained the pond. >> let wendy finish. >> they drained the pond. >> let wendy finish. >> they drained the pond. >> we know the children are given drugs for certain things, mysterious things, often it's tied to pornography. the child may not have even been in the trailer at the night she was given those drugs. if there was a reason she was removed and brought elsewhere whether a drug debt or some -- >> wendy, you're making it up. >> wendy makes everything up. >> hold on. go to the next piece of the puzzle. misty originally said she was home sleeping. when she woke up and haleigh was
7:38 pm
nowhere fob found. listen to this. >> i got up because i had to use the bathroom but i didn't make it to the bathroom. i turned the light on and i walked in the kitchen and the back door is wide open and i didn't notice about haleigh until i had seen the back door open. and she's gone. and that's all i know. is when i woke up, when i went to sleep she was there and then when i woke up she was gone. >> i got to tell you if this girl's lying she deserves an academy award for that performance. affiliate reports that misty's brother and we have a mug shot for him, there he is, told police that nobody could reach misty on the night little haleigh went missing and i believe he went there and to the trailer on 9:45, he knocked, hello, hello, anybody home? and nobody answered. what do you make of that? ah, janney weintraub, throw it out to you. >> we don't that is true or not true either because we did not hear about that until month and
7:39 pm
months later until he was arrested and a squeeze play by the cops on him. so what we have him saying now later that he knocked on the door and no answer. first of all, she could had been inside, didn't want to see him. maybe he was on drugs, not on drugs. we don't know. facts. >> i am going to give brian russell the final word because he's the shrink. what do you make the divorce? ten seconds. >> i think it means that the relationship is strained. it's not serving the purpose that it was started for, whatever that was. and i'm not surprised at all. >> all right, anybody here surprised by the divorce? why don't we just put up the panel and see if anybody raises their hand before we go to break. let's see, anybody -- >> i actually am surprised. i'm surprised of the timing of it. i don't know why he did it except he's looking for her and making a statement. >> how could he marry her in the first place? that's shocking. >> that's the shocking part. i'm not shocked by the divorce iwas shocked by the marriage. thank you, fantastic panel. always a lively debate. up next, what happened when the accused killer of yale student annie le appeared in
7:40 pm
court today? and then does a suicide note found on ryan jenkins' computer reveal why he reportedly killed his swimsuit model/ex-wife? will we ever know what led to jasmine fiori death? a gruesome one at that. 1-877-jvm-says. 1-877-586-7297. they said it would never last.
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annie le from newport richey florida is brave enough to tell us her story. she was addicted to xanax. she says her 6-year-old son would spend hours sitting on the bed with her crying and literally begging her not to die. amy lynn found the strength to flush all of her pills down the toilet. but here's the heartbreaking part of the story. her son, now 21, and just last night she had to take him to rehab. we wish him the very best and hope he gets sober. amy lynn, thanks for sharing your courageous story. you'll be getting an autographed copy of my new book "iwant." i wish you the best. and now "top of the block" tonight. an update in the tragic death of yale student annie le. forger yale university lab techie raymond clark iii
7:45 pm
appeared in court today but did not enter a plea to murder. instead the judge scheduled another hearing for october 20th when each side may or may not present witnesses. whatever. police still have not told us what they know about a possible motive. other than saying it was a case of workplace violence. if and when that finally changes, "issues" will of course bring you that major development, asap. that is tonight's "top of the block." turning now to the motive behind a model's grizzly, and i mean grizzly murder. police have discovered a suicide note on ryan jenkins' computer. he is the reality tv star, police say hanged himself arch murdering his gorgeous wife jasmine fiori. her naked body found in august stuffed inside a suitcase and tossed in a trash bin near l.a. and this is the most gross part, fiori's fingertips and her teeth had been removed. >> one thing is for certain, she was killed either in that car or in that hotel room.
7:46 pm
somewhere in between. and mr. jenkins took her body and dumped it here at buena park. >> here's the shot of the couple from tmz, police say days after jenkins murdered fiori. he wrote a letter on his computer describing his love for her. but his words also drift with jealousy over her past relationships. in the letter he apologized to his family for the bad publicity. but he never acknowledged fiori's brutal death. three days after writing that, jenkins hanged himself in a motel closet. let me welcome back janey weintraub and david. attorneys. and also joining me jim moray and also an attorney and as well as chief correspondent for "inside edition requests and delighted to have the sergeant from the police department. sergeant, i understand that you've actually seen jenkins' letter. what can you tell us, describe it. >> it was roughly a two-page letter. it was supplied to us by the
7:47 pm
rowe canadian authority. after their investigation was complete they assisted in us -- or assisting in close our case. they supplied us with a mirrored copy of his computer that was known to be left at the motel -- >> what was in the letter? what did he say? >> -- >> it was called a love/hate letter, why? >> we described that because he both -- he both professed his extreme love for his wife, jasmine, and on the other side his distrust, his anger toward her lifestyle. >> yeah, eh, jim moray, you know what is so horrifying about this is that this guy was actually a reality tv star. and in the wake of this horror, i understand it shaken the industry. you're in hollywood, that literally they are rethinking the entire genre as a result of this horrific murder/suicide. >> well, they're certainly, jane, rethinking the issue background checks. i mean this certainly underscores the importance of background checks because in
7:48 pm
this case ryan jenkins had something in his background which would have prevented him from being on "megan wants to marry a millionaire." and it's also causing at least one network to put on hold any of these contests, like these love relationship contests. and i don't think for a second though that reality tv is going away. i think that you're going to see a pulling back a bit but i think that that genre, frankly, is here to stay. it's inexpensive. it does very well. and where there's money you're going to see more of it. you're simply going to see more safe guards. >> jane. >> go ahead. >> jane, what is the connection between reality television and this murder? i don't even know why any network would pull it back at all. it makes no sense. >> the connection is -- >> let's let him answer question. >> the connection is that if you see something in somebody's background where there's a violent history that person should not be a contestant but nothing about reality tv, you're
7:49 pm
right, that creates this behavior. it's simply coincidental but in this case there was no effective background check and had there been one ryan jenkins wouldn't be a reality tv star. we wouldn't even know who he was. >> fiori was reportedly reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend in the days before her murder. she was actually packing hear a trip to las vegas to visit her ex when she was murdered. hasmin there was when police had announced they had found fiori's mutilated body. >> ryan jenkins is an animal. what he has done to jasmine is unspeak ab unspeakable. it's just not right. >> always hate when they compare horrific murders to animals. they don't run around doing this kind of sick, sadistic stuff. but let me ask you this question, janey weintraub. is janey weintraub there?
7:50 pm
yes, she is. how do we put a cap on this? because this man's dead. he did not acknowledge in the letter that he murdered this woman. he only apologized to his family for the bad woman. he only apologized to his family for the bad publicity, which says a lot about him, but how does this family get closure, and will this letter help? >> i'll tell you something, the letter only emphasize what's this guy was. he was so sick and so psychotic, it makes us all wonder and be tuned up. were there other ways that he, you know, exhibited his symptoms of being so psychotic? was he crazy? did he do horrible things and nobody noticed? was this something, you know, that teachers should have seen or family members should have seen or even people on the set? was this something preventible? maybe we should take time and look at each other. >> when we come back, we're going to talk about this connection to the war on women and how this guy -- and we're going to talk to the sergeant about this -- actually had the audacity to blame her in his letter for what happened to her. and that is a classic hallmark
7:51 pm
of the war on women. everybody stay right where you are. we're going to have more on this hideous ryan jenkins case right after the break.
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
it would appear a violent struggle did occur in the vehicle on the right front passenger's side. the blood loss appears to be more significant in the back seat area. so it would appear that the injuries that we had originally seen miss fiore sustain are consistent with the blood loss that would have been in that vehicle. >> in plain english she was so badly mangled they had to identify her by her breast implants. that was buena park police describing the horrific final moments of jasmine fiore's life. you know, the war on women is partially fueled by men blaming
7:55 pm
women for their own reprehensible behavior. ryan jenkins is a prime example of that. following his murderous rage he had the audacity to blame jasmine for fueling his jealousy. this from a guy who was on a reality dating show. here he is on vh1's "megan wants a millionaire." >> time with megan alone was enough to let her get in touch with my deeper side. >> sergeant, in this letter that police found, is it true that jenkins takes no responsibility, expresses no remorse, and he doesn't even -- i think we lost the sergeant. but jim moret, he doesn't even acknowledge jasmine fiore's death. that's the most horrifying part of all this. >> right. his apology is really to his family, as you said a few minutes ago, for the bad press, the bad press that they were getting and that he caused. he blamed her. he said he was jealous of her for sleeping with ex-boyfriends. he professed his love for her. but it sounds like he was just
7:56 pm
blaming her and saying -- look, let's be serious about this, jane. this wasn't just a murder. he cut off her fingertips and took her teeth out. and when you talk about being identified by breast implants, that's the only way she could be identified. this was a horrific crime. and he never really enables the victim's family to get closure because he never apologizes or even acknowledges the crime. >> jane, this is -- >> go ahead. >> jane, this is a horrific murder. but i must say, there is no war on women -- >> oh, yes, there is. don't tell me there isn't. >> there is not, jane. >> there is. let me tell you something. if you switched the tables for one day and you had on the local news, women being arrested for raping and killing men -- >> there are millions of normal, healthy relationships between men and women -- >> yes, there are. >> the most horrific event that we could even think of in this case, but the bottom line is -- >> let me say this. women are afraid to go out at night. women are in -- in america are living in psychological burkas.
7:57 pm
i don't care if it's -- >> i've had a lot of cases. >> or jayne weintraub walking down the street at night in florida. we live in fear. we don't live in fear of other women. we live in fear of violent men. >> i'll tell you, i've handled a lot of cases -- >> stats show the vast majority of violent crime is committed by men and women are mostly victims, they are not mostly perpetrators. jayne weintraub, help me out with this. >> and she was just chopped up like, i hate to say meat to you, jane. but chopped up like dirt, like meat. and what's so sad to me is this guy was so sick and so violent that somebody missed the boat. anybody near him or having interactions didn't see something to help him -- >> she tried to get away from it. she tried to have the marriage annulled, and he lured her back. >> i agree. but to generalize it as a war on women in this country -- >> it is a war on women. >> -- is a fiction.
7:58 pm
>> i don't think it is. i think it's a sad fact we don't want to face because we're in denial. you're watching "issues" on hln.
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