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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 8, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. how are you doing? i'm robin meade and it's thursday, connected to friday at least. i can say that. glad you're joining us. here's what's going on. health care reform passed a big money test. a key senate bill would cut the deficit and four huge earthquakes hit today. you're going to hear about the aftershocks and a tsunami warning. plus this -- a stunning undercover ring that shows how easy it is for the wrong people to get their hands on guns. first, though, a car bomb exploded just as people were getting to work today in the middle of afghanistan's capital. afghan officials say the suicide
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attack killed at least 12 people. the blast toppled walls in restaurants and damaged a checkpoint at the indian embassy. officials there think the embassy was the target. here's our sister network cnn. >> reporter: when i spoke to one shopkeeper, he says he blames this on the rivalry between india and pakistan. it's usually the indians that are the target. he says willing to give up in trying to leave afghanistan. >> well, no one at the indian embassy was killed but about a year ago, two diplomats died in a much bigger attack there. pakistan denied the accusations they were involved.
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the senate plan being considered would cost $829 billion over ten years. . also uninsured americans get coverage. four major earthquakes hit the south pacific happening near vamuatu. people went running for high ground. the warning was called off quickly. several other relatively large aftershocks have also hit the area. a major international i.d. theft ring. 100 american and egyptian suspects were indicted yesterday. they're accused of personal info by getting people to respond to phony e-mails.
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most people are commenting from the nation's education secretary. arne duncan met with students from the same school as a teenager who was beaten to death in the streets last month. holder says it should concern everyone. >> youth violence is not a chicago problem. any more than it is a black problem, a white problem or a hispanic problem. it is something that affects communities big and small and people of all races and all color. it is an american problem. derrion albert's death was captured on video. it was not an isolated incident. one father said that his son was killed in a similar fashion 18 months ago.
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we need help in the community for these community leaders. nobody. they do nothing. well, last year more than 30 young people suffered violent deaths in chicago. attorney general holder says that the obama administration is asking for $25 million in next year's budget for community based crime prevention. many parents apparently do not want their kids to get the h1n1 flu vaccine even as it's becoming available. 38% of parents in a thoo associated press poll said they were unlikely to give permission for kids to be vaccinated at school. many were concerned about the side effects. no serious complications turned up in vaccine testing. thousands of people lined up for a chance at federal money meant to keep a roof over their heads. look at the lines in detroit yesterday. the city handed out 50,000
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applications for only 3,500 housing assistance checks. police and tactical units stepped in to stop people from pushing each other. several had to be treated for fainting and exhaustion. several of the people did. just a sign of desperate times. whatever! do you hear yourself saying those words? maybe you just say the word, whatever. it was named the most annoying word in the world. in a poll 47% of americans surveyed didn't like it. okay. 47% in the united states. still, whatever, annoying. also on the list, you know, anyway, it is what it is. and at the end of the day. annoying, all of them. >> terrible. they're all terrible. >> i'm surprised any-hoo wasn't in there. >> just shut up. >> think out of the box. that is so overused. >> and how about not for nothing. oh, no, just joking. i'm just kidding. my bad.
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if you're doing any travel today, heavy rain out of texas stretching to the midwest. look at the heavy rain right around kansas city stretching all the way down to the panhandle of texas. it's ahead of a cold front. it's a slow mover so the heavy rain is going to be today through tomorrow before finally edging into the southeast and it's going to drop a lot of rain over the next 24 hours, three to five inches around st. louis. so that's what it looks like here. kansas city, showers and thunderstorms already going down the line of i-70 to st. louis and you can see the rain showers right there and the leading edge of it now in towards indiana. so it is on the move. in areas around the lower part of the great lakes -- detroit, chicago, cleveland. you're going to get some rain showers today as well. look at the big slug of moisture in towards springfield. three to five inches of rain today and probably an inch or so tomorrow. so we have all the flash flood watches. those are all the dark shades of green all around the midwest and in towards texas. more on that in a bit.
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let me show you some video. yesterday talking about the gusty winds around the great lakes. about 104,000 customers lost power in michigan after overnight winds reached 65 miles an hour in some spots. you can see just took down some tree limbs and power lines as well. that was yesterday. rain in the forecast for you today. more on that in about half an hour. >> what are some of your annoying sayings you say? >> probably, let's say. not for nothing is one, for real. i don't care for that one. whatever is worse. whatever. whatever. i'll tell you. whatever. >> my 20-year-old niece lives with us because she's going to college, says, really? all the time like -- and she means it like in a sarcastic way like, really, that's all we could do? really? all right. only 78 shopping days until chry christmas. really? and at least one story is already cutting the prices by 50%. ooh, really. remember that astronaut accused of attacking romantic rival? of course you do. her lawyers have some questions for the victim, alleged victim?
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it is time right now for a salute to the troops. today's salute is from a woman who has two family members in the military. so here's her double salute to her brother and cousin. >> howdy, robin. this is patti from texas. i would like to salute my brother, john, and my cousin robby miller. i love you. i miss you. i can't wait to see you when you come home soon. you have to take me riding in your new truck and, rob, you are the best soldier. you are a fantastic husband. you have grown a lot. you've come a long way, and we just cannot wait for you to come home and be with us for good. >> tabbie, great, great message. good family pictures, too. if you have somebody in the service like tabbie did, go to new undercover video shows
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how easy it is to buy a gun illegally in the united states. new york's mayor sent private investigators to seven gun shows in three states. correspondent richard lui joins us now with more on what they found. what did they find? good morning to you, robin. 37 pages of this report, gun show undercover, what they're trying to do in this report is to expose what they call the gun show loophole. in most states private dealers can legally seal guns without doing background checks. here is some of the undercover video you were talking about. however, if they have any reason to believe the buyer could not pass a background check, they are not supposed to sell them those guns. the p.i.s tested that out. watch. >> private collection, no tax, no paperwork. >> okay. no background check? >> all right, good. i probably couldn't pass one. one of those things, you know. >> i hear you. >> all right. let's do it. >> okay, buddy. >> so, robin, that's the alarming part is how he laughed
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and still sold it to him. the investigation found 19 of 30 private dealers or sellers sold guns to people who said they could not pass a background check. that's over 60% of the cases. >> even while they were sitting there saying they could not pass it? >> right. >> these stings that were done in ohio, tennessee, nevada. so why is the new york mayor getting involved in what happens in other states? >> the very same question. mayor bloomberg saying criminals are getting those guns and bringing them back to new york city. at a news conference yesterday he called for a federal law to require background checks on all gun sales. >> closing the gun show loophole and cracking down on sellers who violate the law has nothing whatsoever to do with the second amendment. it's about basic law enforcement plain and simple. >> all right. but the mayor says he's not planning to file lawsuits against any of the private dealers on the tapes we were showing, the national rifle association taking issue with that saying, quote, bloomberg's priorities are clearly media first, justice later.
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end quote. robin? >> all right, richard, thank you very much. you know, some kids are getting a crash course in the dangers of texting and driving. >> missing three out of the four red lights was good enough for me to say don't do it. >> new for you in 20 minutes, see how a driving course teaches teens to put down the phone when you're driving. look here, target is making a major move to get you spending. it's slashing prices on your kids' favorite things. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. that's good news in a bad economy and even before the who will days? >> you know, in a way, robin, i want to warn parents to be careful. if you spend too much early you might not have much left later on. they are trying -- the toy wars are on. at target they're doing 50% off. they are following walmart's lead by slashing some toy prices to get you in the store. so popular toys for 5 bucks. the main thing about this is
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that they're expecting that you and me, all of us, are going to keep a tight rein on our holiday spending, that we're probably only going to spend the same as last year so those retailers want to try and get as many of our dollars as they can. they often think if we spend early, we'll still spend later on. so they just think that you might spend more that way. so be careful for your budget. last week mortgage applications jumped to their highest level since may. behind the surge mortgage rates below 5%, relatively low home prices and that juicy $8,000 tax credit from the government. it is scheduled to expire november 30th. but there are talks under way among democrats about extending that credit in some form to help keep the housing market stable. robin, back to you. >> up 16.4%. all right. thank you. we could learn any day whether president obama will send up to 40,000 more troops to afghanistan. but the president wanted something from the war's top
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commander first. also ahead, police pulled over a car. they found a 9-year-old behind the wheel and she's looking kind of familiar.
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attorneys for the former astronaut accused of attacking a romantic rival will get to question that woman again. lisa nowak's attorneys want to
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get one of the charges dropped. the judge also ruled the defense could see the case file to make sure they have all the info. >> the facts that were concealed for us either inadvertently or intentionally were very important to the case. >> well, the prosecution says there's no evidence that it purposefully withheld information. police say that nowak drove from houston to orlando to con frant the woman about dating a former astronaut. i think i meant to say purposefully. taking advantage of another team's exhaustion. here's rafer with more on that. their opponent, this is the yankees, right? >> yes. >> their opponent didn't even have a day off. >> they didn't have a day off and didn't arrive to new york to their hotel until like 4:00 in the morning so a little bit lopsided but, you know what, it's game one. i mean, the twins, talk about going from the highs and the
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lows. here they are celebrating after they beat detroit on tuesday to get to the playoffs the night before and then they had to board a plane and flew to new york where they were just so tired and it completely showed. jay-z and kate hudson were not tired. that man, derek jeter, made history. the first postseason home run in the new park and whoever caught that ball is going to be a rich man or woman. yankees win 7-2. game two on friday. check this out. a little lie may have cost a college football player millions of dollars. oklahoma state receiver dez bryant was suspended for the rest of the year by the ncaa because he lied about meeting deion sanders. now he visited deion's home this summer. that is not a rules violation to meet with him as it stands but when he was asked about it he said no. lying is a rules violation. deion later confirmed the meeting. this guy is a top nfl prospect. he could still come back for his senior year, though.
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just tell the truth. and lastly, you'll enjoy this, senior citizens, bring on the heat. the miami heat held auditions for its dance team the golden oldies, shake it, mama, literally. over two dozen folks over the age of 60 years young tried out. they've been doing this now for three -- look at the moves these people have. >> is that tom delay? >> oh, i love it. great stuff. now that he dropped out of "dancing with the stars" he probably could do this. he has some free time. i don't think it pays very well. >> shake that groove thing. oh, man. >> more sports in the next half hour. i'm sorry if i offended anybody. >> thank you. >> wait for it. >> going to hurt themselves. all right. hi, bob. >> you're going to make the same movement on that plane today, the jiggling, because it's just going to be windy, bouncing around. like that. you have a big cold front moving on through. heavy rain. show you flight explorer. here is st. louis. a line of thunderstorms right over you. a lot of wind wrapped up in
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that, too. you'll be dodging the storms for most of the day. delay wise, a half hour or more, boston, new york city metro because of the wind in the morning. otherwise cincinnati, chicago, detroit, st. louis, kansas city, memphis all featuring rain and storms moving through. 30 minute to one-hour delays and out to the west san francisco morning fog. dallas and denver showers and storms. more on that in a bit. denver might get a little snow, too. >> ew. >> i know. you don't care for that. i know. >> thank you. first it was it was politicians and now late night comedian david letterman at the middle of a sex scandal but it's not all negative for those in the public eye. here's hln's joy behar with her "not for nothing" commentary. david letterman, who makes fun of everyone else's sex life, gets caught cheating on his partner of 23 years with young women who work for him and his ratings go up, up, up. in fact, on monday night, he beat every show on nbc prime
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time. and being embroiled in a sex scandal doesn't hurt in politics either. i remember when bill clinton was doing the nasty with monica lewinsky. his approval ratings were even higher than when he was just doing his job. the people of south carolina are rallying around mark sanford, their christian governor who somehow mistook an argentinian woman's vagina for the appalachian trail. how fabulous is that? next time if sanford wants to win in a landslide, maybe he should have an affair with a swede and tell his wife he's snowboarding in minsk. let's face it, sex sells. sex scandals may ruin marriages, upset families and become national embarrassments but so what? the main thing here is that americans are transfixed. they don't want to miss one little salacious detail. it's a ratings bonanza. you know what? hey, this is a new show and i could use a little leg up, you
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know. maybe it's time for me to have a dalliance of my own at work here. this studio is crawling with men, be you know. i don't mean too much offense but there's no way, okay? even i have standards. but that's just me. >> you can catch "the joy behar show" at 9:00 eastern on hln. they said it would never last.
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the taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 12 people in afghanistan's capital today. the associated press reports the car bombing targeted the indian embassy. this happened just as people were getting to work in what's typically a busy part of town. nonpartisan budget analysts are weighing in on a key senate health care reform bill and they say that it will cost less than expected. in fact, it's supposed to even help cut the deficit. that plan would expand coverage so 94% of all eligible americans have health insurance. a former brazilian state
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legislator and tv crime show host is now considered a criminal fugitive. oh, the story gets better and better. police say that he was involved in drug trafficking and say that he would have his criminal rivals killed and then have his camera crews arrive first on the scene which in turn would drive up his ratings. interesting. those are some of the headlines that we are following. i'm following you. how are you doing? i'm robin meade. morning, sunshine. new york city's mayor is urging congress to stop illegal sales at gun shows. he spent more than a million dollars on an undercover investigation to highlight how rampant the problem apparently is. and correspondent richard lui is joining us now with more on what they found in this investigation. >> good morning to you, robin. yeah, at gun shows private dealers do not have to do background checks but it's illegal to sell to people they think may not pass one. now the undercover investigation in this case found that nearly two-thirds ignored those rules
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but not everyone. >> do you do background checks? >> no. >> well, that's good because i probably wouldn't be able to pass one. >> why wouldn't you be able to pass one? >> oh, i just wouldn't. >> if you're basically tell me you wouldn't pass a background check, then i wouldn't be about to. >> i don't want to jam you up or anything. >> yeah, well, i think that's what the rules are. >> all right. our investigators also tested licensed dealers. they found 16 out of 17 sold guns to straw purchasers, someone with a clean record who buys a gun for someone else. that was one of the tests. we'll have more on this for you in about 30 minutes. >> meaning the person who has a clean record, you don't know the person that they're buying it for whether they have a record? >> they're buying for somebody else. >> thank you. so more on that investigation. all right, you know that texting while driving is a dangerous distraction. well, now there's a push to make sure teen drivers know it. some high schoolers in oklahoma went through a driving course while messaging friends using their phones and even eating. it was an eye opener for many of
6:33 am
them. >> i couldn't even get my password into my phone. you had to look at it. i couldn't even get my password into my phone to start a text message because of the guy sitting next to me, sitting here going like this over and over again and playing with my radio. it was -- there was no way. >> more states including oklahoma are considering new laws to make texting while driving illegal. oh, my word! an olympic hopeful was told you can't sell sex to pay your way into the games. and who thought they could? hi, rafer. good morning, robin. apparently tae kwon do competitor logan campbell from new zealand thought he could. he set up a brothel to try to raise enough money to pay for his way to the 2012 games in london. that's right. a brothel. he was trying to raise $300,000. here's the thing. prostitution is legal in new zealand, but his country's olympic committee, according to logan, threatened legal action if he it ins to advertise his business using the olympic
6:34 am
connection. now the committee has yet to comment. now, again, he wasn't breaking the law. we are talking about selling sex for sports. we want to know what you think about this. go ahead and post a comment on our facebook page and we will read your comments later in the show. >> wait a minute. by what you've written there it sounds like if he doesn't advertise there's an olympic connection he can still do it. like the money is his the way he's raising it. >> then he would have to make the choice between having a brothel or going to the olympics. >> so he can't have a brothel no matter if he advertises the connection or not? >> he wouldn't be allowed to represent his kun be try in the olympics. according to him if he continues to keep the brothel open and try to be a member of their olympic team. >> interesting. >> so he has to make a choice essentially. >> thank you. one airliner is trying to lighten its load by asking people to go to the bathroom before the flights, like this is going to make that much difference. japan says that getting rid of the extra weight, wait, will cut back on carbon dioxide emissions because the planes would use less fuel. it's part of an environmental experiment that also includes
6:35 am
using recycled paper cups and plastic bottles instead of glass. they want you to use the bathroom before the flight. >> i would imagine that would work the day after thanksgiving but that's about it. you know. >> i'm agreeing with you. i'm not going to argue with you. >> whatever. an ounce is an ounce. if it lightens the load, there you go. let me show you what's happening, robin. a big stream of rain up out of texas moving to oklahoma, unfortunately gets into the midwest later this afternoon in the form of severe weather. right now it's all heavy rain and it will be channelled here for the next 24 to 36 hours and that means some problems for you flood wise. the heaviest rain now right around the panhandle of texas. you can see there by amarillo, showers and thunderstorms developing and then moving due to the northeast right around kansas city, some rain and that stretches down i-70 right in towards st. louis. so here is your heaviest belt of rain in the morning. the leading edge of it working
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to indiana, ohio, detroit gets it later this afternoon, too. you see most of it is confined to a little bit of a parallel between springfield and st. louis. that's the heaviest rain this morning but it will blossom out later this afternoon so all these areas you see shaded in dark green under a flash flood watch, three to five inches of rain between today and tomorrow afternoon and that rain shield is going to stretch into the southeast by the weekend. a tough go. the next 24 hours, a lot of rain right around springfield, missouri. that purple shaded color six to eight inches of rain probably pretty accurate, too. now on top of that some severe thunderstorms later this afternoon. a little daytime heating plus the energy from the trough. watch powerful thunderstorms right here, the main threat, gusty wind. that's what i'm thinking for the afternoon. the back side of that, all snow in lower parts of north dakota. more on that in a bit. let me show you live atlanta. finally some good weather out of the major city. looking very nice today. it's going to be warm today. 80 degrees. mostly sunny.
6:37 am
by tomorrow 85 and hot so there you go. not quite into fall yet across the deep southeast. more on that in about a half hour. >> bring on the heat. >> yeah. >> better than snow. >> i think so. >> gag. i was just reading a story about levi johnston. >> our favorite. >> yeah. you've got to wait for this one, okay? also, you may have to wait and wait and wait for your next flight to arrive. we're hearing why more flights delayed may be ahead. and just look at this kitty cat. its owners say it is potty trained. poor little guy, could he get any privacy? there's a down side, though, to his little trick that they taught him.
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you've got to hear about a controversial report about children and violence. the justice department says that more than 60% of u.s. kids were exposed to violence last year either directly or indirectly. but at least one criminologist is slamming that report. he says it's inaccurate because it includes kids who heard about violence against someone or a possible threat to their school or home. a strange looking accident really tied up some people's morning commute. check out the suv that somehow ended up dangling from an interstate ramp. this was in little rock, arkansas, yesterday. no word on how it happened or how the driver is doing. get ready to see more flight dela delays. long delays are twice as common now as they were in 1990. and the report says flight delays are going to get worse. it says that about 10% of flights arrive at least two hours late. researchers say that short flights between cities and ill-equipped air traffic control system may be to blame.
6:41 am
president obama is meeting with top lawmakers in his party on how to help people who do not have jobs and boost the economy. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. the white house is still struggling to create jobs. yeah, thanks, robin. this is the one part of the economy where we see a lot of other parts recovering but jobs, we know from the numbers, they're still getting worse. congress' top two democrats nancy pelosi and harry reid met with the president in the oval office yesterday. one thing they're looking at is bringing back the idea of rewarding u.s. companies who create jobs by giving them a tax credit, say, maybe $3,000 for every job they create. they also talked about extending unemployment benefits. that's been be tied up in the senate and still is. we'll see. and they talked about extending two big tax credits that right now they are scheduled to expire. one is the one that makes it easier if you've lost your job
6:42 am
to buy health insurance and the other one is the $8,000 tax credit if you buy a home. those are things that could help the economy, could help the jobs market. we'll watch them closely. a working mom's happier than stay at home moms? a little bit says a new poll. what do you think about that? now don't get me wrong. stay at home were happy, too, 80%. 85% of working moms rated themselves as happy. most of the working moms said they'd be happier if they could work part time. they wanted to spend more time at home. not so much the dads. 80% of them said, i'm okay with working at the office full time. back to you. >> we're just getting our facebook page updated at the moment. i'd love to hear what people say about that story. a long-awaited seinfeld reunion is happening on the show "curb your enthusiasm" on hbo.
6:43 am
>> thinking all the time about those shows, aren't you always thinking about the plots. >> yes. >> and everybody loves to work on those because they improvise and make it up as they go along within your parameters. >> right. >> you haven't exactly asked me to be on, i've noticed, over the years. i'm just saying. >> i haven't exactly or i haven't asked? >> you haven't asked. >> well, hear all of joy's interview with him on "the joy behar show" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln. a powerful member of congress has been the target of a year long ethics investigation. republicans want charles rangel punished. they're trying every which way to do it.
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6:45 am
house republicans are keeping the spotlight on the ethics problems facing powerful democrat charles rangel. now they tried for a third time yesterday to get him booted from his post as chair of the committee that writes new tax laws. now just like the other two
6:46 am
times they failed, rangel's under investigation over allegations that he did not pay taxes on some investments. rangel has said he's the victim of a sneer campaign. okay. it's always fun to start your day with a pet trick. come here and watch this. so here we are with the potty trained kitty cat that uses the toilet. the cat's owner looked it up online how to teach your cat to do it and it worked. the story does not end there. >> we're looking at ways to maybe try to decrease the amount of litter that he would kick around and just kind of surf the web. >> but they made the mistake of also teaching the cat how to flush the toilet. the cat keeps flushing and flushing. they got their water bill, bob, it was sky high. so now they're like -- the cat apparently liked to watch the water go down. he was smart enough to figure it out if i keep flushing i can see the water go down. >> the cat from "meet the parents." >> hi, bob. >> you know your cat is ready for potty training when you put
6:47 am
newspaper down on the floor in front of him and he picks it up into the bathroom. then you know he's ready for that. big thunderstorm complex now rolling right across towards st. louis. if you're watching this area for delays most of the day it will stretch up into the northeast, too. new york city looking at wind-related delays. that's the first part of the morning. this afternoon should be just fine. more delays coming at you down to the south. looking at showers and some thunderstorms rolling right in there. more rain for you, a possibility when you get to areas like chicago. showers and thunderstorms heading for you for the afternoon. maybe an hour delay. down south it's dallas with showers and thunderstorms there. more in just a bit, robin. thank you. new information shows that most of the world's moslems still live in the middle east according to the pugh forum on religion and public life. nearly two out of three live in countries like indonesia, pakistan. the northeast and north africa are home to about 20% of moslems. this could be important to u.s. policy on moslem outreach.
6:48 am
an iraq war veteran and former nfl player died unexpectedly. here is rafer. good to see you, by the way. what is going on? there's a lot of questions right now. the whole thing is very mysterious. either way it's a sad story. this man, tony feign, served 2 1/2 years in iraq. he was signed by the baltimore ravens this summer but was cut on september 5th. authorities say he died of unexplained causes after he collapsed at a friend's house and what his agent says appears to be an accidental situation. he was facedown and unconscious and went into cardiac arrest. >> only 27? >> only 27 years old. they're not saying what the cause of death is. police have assigned a detective because the case -- the cause of it seemed unusual. by the way this happened right before he was supposed to go to court for allegedly assaulting a police officer in the baltimore area. he's out of prison, back in the nfl and michael vick is getting his own tv show. the "l.a. times" reports vick has partnered with b.e.t. for a new eight-part docu-series
6:49 am
called the michael vick project, tentatively. it will show his comeback and troubled past. no word on his compensation. most of you think becoming a master at karate thinks it takes a lifetime, meet a 5-year-old girl from india named varsha n vinod who started learning the sport when she was 2 and took it up after watching her father. so you hear that, dads? kids see you doing stuff, they're going to pick up your behavior. >> look how cute she is. >> but don't mess with her, right? >> good for her. >> 5-year-old black belt. there they are touring london. every father's like, that's a good idea. a neighbor's quick thinking helped save two toddlers. he woke up to his house on fire, flames stopped him from reaching his sons on the second floor. his neighbor quickly got a ladder and the father was able to get the boys down. >> they call you a hero.
6:50 am
yeah, but i think it's an overstatement. it happened in a flash. it was very, very fast and very scary. >> well, the neighbor had the ladder from the previous owners of the house. the family's okay. the organic food you're buying is 100% organic? hln money expert clark howard says you need to read between the lines. >> i always roll my eyes when my wife comes home with some groceries and there will be this organic thing and that organic thing and the other organic thing. then when i do the grocery shopping, well, if you might imagine, i buy whatever is the cheapest. well, who is right? the thing with organic is a problem. why? because the federal government has been playing fast and loose with what items are allowed to have organic on the label. so you may, in order to protect yourself or do something better for you or your family, spend the money on organic, but the washington post reports item
6:51 am
after item that you would buy as organic has all kinds of non-organic stuff in it. and while we're on that topic, what does natural mean? do you believe that when you see natural on a food label, it means absolutely nothing. there have been no standards enforced on what that word means. so before you spend extra money, know what you're buying. i'm clark howard. for more ways for you to stretch your buck, go to >> clark will teach you to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. catch him at noon eastern right here on sartsz and sundays on hln. the 30th national shrimp festival kicks off in alabama. you can buy what is believed to be one of al capone's old
6:52 am
hideouts. the minimum is $6 million. this woman was robbed, beaten and kidnapped. now she's talking about the ordeal, that she thought she would never survive.
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