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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 9, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and a very good friday morning to you. i'm richard lui in for robin meade. breaking news on this day. a surprise announcement less than an hour ago. president barack obama has won the nobel peace prize surprising many. why they chose him. plus, nasa is set to intentionally crash two spacecraft into the moon just as you see here. why on earth are they doing this? and then police went to a licensed daycare center and found explosives plus a load of marijuana. how doctors tipped them off and all of that.
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breaking news, our first top story on this day. good morning to you again. president obama has won the nobel peace prize. there were audible gasp s in the room when the stuns announcement was made an hour ago. the nominating committee said mr. obama was chosen for his, quote, extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy. they noted his research to the moslem world, his outreach to the moslem world in attempts to curb nuclear proliferation. >> only very rarely has a person to the same extent as obama captured the world's attention and given his people hope for a better future. his diplomacy is founded in the concept of those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population. >> president obama will get $1.4 million along with the peace prize. he's now the third sitting u.s.
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president to win it after teddy roosevelt and woodrow wilson. we'll be getting your comments on this all this morning as well as all of this breaking news again of president obama winning the nobel peace prize this morning. now to two nasa spacecraft about to crash into the moon on purpose. it happens in about 90 minutes. the first one, that does the dirty work. watch this video here. it's supposed to kick up a big cloud of dust. then four minutes later that second one behind it, blue there, will fly in through that to analyze the dust particles before it crashes as well. now nasa is hoping to find some water in the soil. >> we're really about human sustainability. so if we have water obviously we can break that down. obviously we have water for consumption, for human consumption, and we also break that down into hydrogen which can actually be used as a fuel source or a rocket fuel when we get there. also it be broken down into
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oxygen for breathing. it provides the basics for human sustainability on the moon if and when we do return. >> the cool part here is you can watch along with us. we'll show it to you live right here on hln. nasa predicts the dust cloud will be so big you'll be able to see it through a mid-sized backyard telescope. again, that happens in about 90 minutes. okay. be sure to bring an umbrella and rain boots if you live in the midwest today. meteorologist bob van dillen is here. how bad is it going to get for us? >> if you're looking for real water we have it across the midwest. it is coming down in sheets from texas through arkansas, the same spot as yesterday. it's that cold front that hasn't moved far to the east, just with thunderstorms training along that. we have all kinds of flash flood watches, warnings, flood warnings, too. here is what it looks like with the warning. you see the dark shaded green. dallas in a flood watch. to the red shaded areas, those are flash flood warnings, so you see what it looks like here. an additional two to four inches today before it all moves to the
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northeast and down across the deep southeast. more on that radar picture in a couple minutes, richard. >> thanks a lot, bob. the house is expanding its ethics investigation of congressman charlie rangel. rangel has already admitted serious mistakes on financial disclosure and tax forms. now investigators say they need to find out if he has more unreported assets. republicans have tried to remove rangel as chairman of the house ways and means committee which overlooks the tax code and the irs, which is accused of violating there. last night on our sister network cnn why democrats will not go along. >> i talked to some democratic congressmen in the past 24-48 hours who said the reason they're willing to wait until the ethics committee finishes its work is actually personal to them because they say today it's charlie rangel, tomorrow it could be them accused of something they think is perhaps unfair or wrong from their perspective. >> rangel admits he failed to disclose or pay taxes on rental property and did not report more
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than $250,000 in assets but he deny as "new york times" report that he helped protect a tax break for a company whose boss pledged $1 million to one of his projects. rangel says he's the victim of a smear campaign. all right. at least 41 people killed when a bomb exploded in a bustling market. this happened in pakistan less than a mile from a government building where lawmakers were meeting at the time. the nearby hospital quickly filled up with at least 100 more people hurt in the blast. it was so crowded some patients even had to share some gurneys. doctors got a little bit suspicious when a man walked into a hospital claiming he had accidentally shot his hand. now his wounds did not match the story. so when police went to his house, they couldn't believe what they found. >> we were able to find that there was a bomb manufacturing of some type within the home. as we're looking further we find there is an active, sophisticated marijuana degree of. and to top that, the unfortunate
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part, is that it is a licensed daycare center. >> police also arrested the man's mother and brother. charges against them include child endangerment. moving on over to bob van dillen once again, and he's watching what is, boy, quite a bunch of inches of rain that have come down in the midwest as well as in that area. bob, what are you seeing now? >> it's a soak er and the rain really continues in the same area as yesterday, richl ard. good morning to you. look at some of the totals i'm putting up for you now. oklahoma yesterday, five inches of rain in centralia. jefferson city, that's missouri, too, 4.45 inches of rain and it still continues in the general area. look at the heavy downpours right around dallas and that line stretches down to austin and san antonio, too, all the way to the border with mexico. you zoom on in to dallas radar and it's picking up the main squall moving down i-20 getting that i-45 later today in towards houston. powerful thunderstorms out there as well. but right now memphis, you're dry. look at the line of
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thundershowers over to the west and we had a tornado watch just an hour ago. it has expired. we're still watching up the line further to the louisville area, out of kentucky. had a couple of tornado warnings posted with these thunderstorm complexes as they rolled over to the east. no tornado warnings right now. no thunderstorm warnings either which is great. up to the north, you can see the rain shield extend iing in to columbus. that gets in to pittsburgh and you're going to see a lot of rain the next 24 hours here as well as the whole rain shield moves over to the east. it's a slow mover, there's no doubt about it. let me show you video from st. louis when it went over yesterday. flash flood watches and warnings all around the area. the rain continues for the most part down to your south right now. i think you're just about done in st. louis but i'll tell you what it's going to rain heavily over the southeast. we'll talk about that in half an hour. >> look at those pictures. >> it's tough. >> how about the nobel peace prize? >> it shocked everybody. i was up there in the newsroom and it was like, what? people said, obama? >> was that right? did we hear that properly?
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bob, president obama winning that nobel peace prize, arguably the most prestigious honor in the world. bob got his response, what you're saying coming up.
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we've got some breaking news this morning that came out, oh, about 65 minutes ago. president barack obama won the nobel peace prize. now he's only the third sitting u.s. president to receive this honor. that announcement was made just about an hour ago and it caught many by surprise including folks in our newsroom. we're waiting to hear what he has to say about that. we also want to know what you think about this. go to our facebook page, click on the link at so many of you have already gotten to that site, already made some comments. tim, who said i voted for obama, but nobel peace already? let's make this country better before we hand out prizes. all right, tim. dana as well.
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good for him. i'm not surprised at all. he is our president and we should be proud. keep them coming, by the way. we'll be reading these comments all day. we thank you both for your comment so far. people get to enjoy albuquerque's air balloon fiesta. balloons got tangled in power lines, trees and street lights. at least six accidents. power was even knocked out to a number of people for a time. one woman broke her leg after falling out of the gondola. a woman who uses a walker to get around got the best of a burglary suspect. >> i had to think fast. i knew i wasn't going down without a fight. >> new for you in 30 minutes, the creative way that she fought this fellow off. i think i'm afraid of her with that soft voice and that big stick. >> you always have to be careful. a life line could be coming soon for millions of unemployed folks. senate democrats say they've broken a stalemate on extending
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jobless benefits. that will help millions, won't it, jen? >> it could. we'll see. richard, you and i think everybody watching, you may be surprise just how generous the benefits are. the senate proposal is an extra 20 weeks of unemployment checks if you live in one of the states in red and in those states that's where unemployment is deemed high, more than 8.5%. in the rest of the states you'd also get something, an extra 14 weeks. this goes way beyond what the house had proposed which was 13 weeks in just the red states. but this is not law yet. the senate has to vote. the house and the senate have to agree but what a generous proposal out there. i tell you, richard, it kind of makes you think of when people had the criticism if you can't fix a problem, throw more money at it. they couldn't fix the fight so they threw more money at everybody. and they agreed to it. >> yes, we'll take it now. >> yeah. all right. mortgage rates dropped sharply. that is good news.
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it could help the housing market. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage now halfway between 4.75 and 5%. last year it was nearly 6% at this time. and rates, of course, have fall edge on fears inflation may be coming in, that it may damage the economy, but, also, because the federal reserve has been so active, well, the fed chief says that won't last forever, these low rates. speaking last night he said the fed would wind down some of the programs and would consider raising rates when the economy has improved sufficiently, when it can stand on its own two feet. >> he's pumped in like $2 trillion, hasn't he? put a lot of money into the economy. thanks, jen. here's a thought for you. marge simpson naked. got to hear this story. plus, a high school football star honored his late father the best way he could. he set new records and not just any. it's a great story and rafer has it for us.
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president obama extraordinary. >> gasp. did you hear that? that was the reaction when president obama was announced as this year's nobel prize winner, peace prize winner. he had not been mentioned as a front-runner among the record 205 nominees. the nobel committee said they chose him because of his efforts to solve complex global problems through diplomacy. if i can talk today. the nation's top cop is getting some eattention for his
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staff. one of 18 finalists for mustached american of the year. the winner will be announced in three weeks at the mustache bash in st. louis. you can vote online right now if you want to get in on this one. competition includes pilot chesley sullenberger and white house adviser david axelrod. who are you going to vote for? >> i voted for jason giambi. we'll show it to you later. he has a mustache that's like fu ma manchu. a young father paid tribute to his father by matching his impressive record on the football field. rafer weigel with more on that. richard, this was such an emotional day for this young man and everyone who watched it. we do not have video as we're having technical difficulties but his name is josh. oh, we do have the video. he is our true champion of the week from johns town, pennsylvania. he tied a school record for rushing touchdowns in a game
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with six. a record set by his late father, dave, in 1981. dave died after a long battle with brain cancer in august. josh credited his teammates afterwards but said he felt like he had a little help from above. and it's the u.s. against the world. the pga's president's cup and fittingly there's the president, george h.w. bush. michael jordan, the president of basketball. he was an assistant to team usa. and tiger woods was presidential in his performance. he didn't need any help. he and steve stricker dominated early. the u.s., usa leads after day one of the four-day tournament. and speaking of team usa, swimmer torres overcame incredible odds to make the swim team. now she faces an even bigger challenge. she will need surgery to repair a knee, recovery of 12 to 18 months but she has not given up on the 2012 games in london. i wouldn't hold it -- i definitely think she could do it. she's impressed a lot of people
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and won silver last year in beijing. and it's official, pittsburgh is the best sports town in america. that according to the sporting news. the magazine released its rankings in its latest issue. the bird is superb after the penguins won their stanley cup and the steelers won the super bowl. philadelphia was two. l.a., which doesn't even have an nfl team, was fifth. fifth. >> very surprising. >> in last place auburn, new york. now why are you going to hate on auburn, new york? they have the minor league team. they're 22 miles from syracuse. that's a look at sports. >> what about boston? >> boston was number three. >> okay. that's expected. >> chicago was fourth. >> chicago was four. thank you, rafer weigel. we'll be back with more. today could be crucial to the future of the war on afghanistan. president obama and his top national security advisers will meet and they could start to talk about troop levels today. a white house official says the president wants to focus on fighting al qaeda and isn't as concerned about going after the taliban. a top u.s. commander wants up to 40,000 more troops.
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now we told you about levi johnston, the father of sarah palin's grandson, and, well, the revealing spread his attorney says is going to be in the works for "playgirl" magazine. that upcoming appearance got joy behar's attention and she has a lot to say about it in her "not for nothing commentary." take a listen. just when you thought the sarah palin soap opera might be riding off into the tundra, up pops levi johnston. and i mean pops up. levi, bristol pay lynn's baby daddy, is going to inzip his levis and show us his johnston in "playgirl" online magazine. i hope he's not built like a moose. sarah is liable to shoot him from a helicopter. i don't know if this will hurt sarah's career but it will help levi meet fabulous men. levi, how do you feel about liza minnelli or madonna? you see, most of "playgirl" subscribers are male and not to
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become baby daddies like you, hockey boy. but levi is not the only one dropping his jeans these days. six famous athletes including tennis champion serena williams posing au naturel for espn's body issue. since when does it stand forever seen naked? i say big whoop. celebrities posing naked for magazines is nothing new. years ago marilyn monroe posed for "playboy" and burt reynolds, god help us, took it all off for "cosmo." it's enough with the nude pictures of pretty people. been there, done that. it's time for something new. just once i'd like to see a magazine celebrate brains instead of bodies. how fabulous would that be? imagine nude center folds of alan greenspan or doris kearns goodwin or madeleine albright, without the pins, of course. that has got to hurt. but that's just me.
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>> joy behar. you can catch "the joy ber show" at 9:00 p.m. eastern each and every night. all right. let's swing on over to bob van dillen. he's here with the air travel update. it's a friday. how are things looking? >> heavy rain stretching out from the gulf of mexico all the way to the northeast today so that is really going to slow people down. here is what it looks like. look at that line of thunderstorms going from kentucky to tennessee all the way down to texas. yeah, that's a big one and it's a slow mover so here is what we have for the day. lots of activity when it comes to the midwest and dallas, too. one hour or more. again, thunderstorms. the new york city metro, philly, detroit, some showers moving in with storms later. cleveland, cincinnati, chicago, more storms moving in. 30-minute to one-hour delays up there and then st. louis and memphis, heavy rain with some storms and then out west san francisco. yesterday 45-minute delay, right about the same thing today and that should last until about noon. more on that in a bit. >> richard? >> could be tough later on. thanks, bob. breaking news for you, president obama won the nobel
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peace prize. we found that out 1:20 ago. that caught a lot of people by surprise. what people are saying this morning about that. also, duct tape pretty much all looks alike, right? so why would researchers spend thousands of dollars to find out what happens when you tear the stuff? ddddddddddddd
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breaking news this friday morning. president obama is a surprise winner of the 2009 nobel peace prize and the $1.4 million award that comes with it. the nobel committee said it attached special importance to mr. obama's work toward a world without nuclear weapons. he took office less than two weeks before the nominating deadline. nasa is shooting the moon. this video is amazing in its animation. that's right. two unmanned spacecraft are intentionally going to plow right into the moon in about an hour. nasa will check out samples from the cloud of dust that gets kicked up as you saw in that
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animation. scientists hope to find traces of water thereafter. so the house is expanding its ethics investigation now. congressman charlie rangel has already admitted serious mistakes on financial disclosure and tax forms. now investigators say they need to find out if he has more unreported assets. the father of a man accused of plotting a terror attack on new york city will be in federal court this afternoon. yesterday zazi was indicted for lying to agents in colorado. he will face up to eight years in prison if convicted. good friday to you. those are the headlines we're following. i'm richard lui in for robin who is on assignment on this day. we've been asking for your thoughts, by the way, to the news that just came in about an hour and a half ago that president obama had been awarded the nobel peace prize. here are some of your comments just so far. roland, thank you for this one. shouldn't he end the war before he gets a peace prize? and then there's chad. congrats, obama, for frying to
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make the world a better place and not use our might to bully other countries around. thank you so much for your comments. keep them coming, by the way, whether you agree or not. we'll be sharing those with you this morning. the ucla student is in stable condition after a fellow student allegedly stabbed her in the throat. police say the attack happened in a chemistry lab yesterday. a witness says the teaching assistant applied pressure to the woman's neck to stop the bleeding. other students who were in the lab say the whole scene was a bit surreal. >> she was on the floor. >> could you see her neck? >> yeah, i saw that. >> did it look to be a serious injury? >> i thought she died. there was blood everywhere. >> the suspect is being held on a million dollar bail. all right. listen to this one. the senate finance committee will vote on tuesday on the long-awaited health care reform package. right now it looks like it may be the closest bill yet to try to reach the president's goals
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after so many months. the congressional budget office says it provides coverage for 94% of the eligible population and would reduce the deficit but there are still some major opposition from republicans on that. now we go to police from texas that are honoring a 5-year-old girl for saving her mom's life. about a month ago her mom cut an artery in her hand on a broken window. she was bleeding so badly, she asked her daughter to call 911. >> she told me to get out the phone from her pocket and call 911. >> all right, briana. she got three awards including one given to police officers when they save someone's life. her mom is doing just fine right now. so let's move to a story that rafer can kind of understand or maybe is worried about a little bit. a major league pitcher got the call of a lifetime. rafer, you might get that call one of these days when you're on air. >> well, i won't be getting a
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call up to the major leagues. you've heard of pitchers getting the call this guy really did. hamels, his wife was expecting the couple's first child. well, the 25-year-old still took the mound for game two of their playoff series against colorado. now he didn't have a great game but who could blame him? his manager later said his wife was probably on his mind. so he had to go sit down in the seventh inning hamels got the word from a team official, hey, buddy, guess what, she's in labor. and off he goes. there he goes. they would lose the game to colorado but it's a game hamels will remember the rest of his life and as of this moment we do not know if it's a boy or a girl. the fans are cheering him on. more sports in a minute. >> he got concerned about that, right? you get that call? >> yeah. larry smith more than me. >> all right. thanks a lot. chicago mayor richard daley is sending dozens more to schools and school bus stops to stop youth violence in reaction to
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the recent beating death of a 16-year-old blamed on gangs. the city is also giving money to help get students jobs. some teens are trying to get more involved. >> since we're the ones doing the killings and since we're the ones getting killed, the youth needs to step up. we need to think about a change. >> four teenagers have been charged with murdering albert last month. >> all right. let's go over to bob van dillen and talk about the weekend weather. bob, how is it looking for us? rain. this weather pattern is not good. it's just not. when you talk about all the flooding rains we've had adros the deep southeast, now flooding across the midwest. checking in to the ohio valley, it's a bad situation. here is what it looks like. it's a cold front. it's not a fast mover. you can see this streamline of rain developing out of texas and stretching all the way in the ohio valley. ultimately the northeast over the next couple of hours. here is what it looks like underneath the clouds. heavy downpours around central arkansas, lower missouri.
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heavy rain also in dallas and boston, in towards san antonio. flash flood watches and warnings are the bright shaded green areas and the flash flood warnings where the water really rises quickly. all the orange colors here, two to four inches of rain we're anticipating the rest of the day. to big "d," the heaviest rain has passed back to your east. houston, you're going to get it. shreveport and to louisiana, you get it later this morning and it goes up the line in towards arkansas. stretches all the way to western parts of tennessee and kentucky. here's the louisville radar. broken showers around louisville. down to the south, that's the squall line moving to the north and the east. heavy rain once again when you get into columbus and ohio. that moves in to pittsburgh later this morning. heavy rain also a possibility in new york late tonight. more on that. show you new york city right now. traveling up there, so far clouds are out there. temperatures about 75. 87 in atlanta today. how about that? >> and, yeah, a little yang
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there. >> extremely hot on the east side. >> your letter writing campaign finally paid off, bob. the most popular mom getting naked for "playboy" magazine. of course i'm joking. marge simpson, a big fan of the simpsons, on the cover of the november issue and there are even reports the cartoon mom will be featured in a tutorial. >> the artistry is good. >> this is the website. i'm not sure if anybody does want to see that but it's funny. so they're just taking it to the next level. a special collector's edition will help mark the 20th anniversary. there's the website. marge simpson poses for "playboy." a disabled woman says she was able to fight off an intruder half her age, how a can of air freshener was involved.
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president obama is the win earp of this year's nobel peace prize. it came as a big surprise because he was among 172 people in the running but wasn't mentioned as a front-runner. we learned this just about an hour and a half ago. the norwegian nobel committee says the president won for his, quote, extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. he is the third sitting u.s. president to win behind theodore roosevelt and woodrow wilson. now we have been asking for your thoughts to the news that president obama has been awarded the nobel peace prize this morning and here are some of your comments we've been sharing so far. brad from idaho, thank you for writing in. you sent us an e-mail saying how can you win a peace prize with two wars going on? and michelle on facebook says congratulations, mr. president. i'm very proud to be an american. keep those comments coming. whether you agree or don't, tell us what it means to you. click on the link at
6:41 am we'll be sharing your comments here. a 72-year-old disabled woman fought off an intruder with a can of glade air freshener. a man broke into her home. she tried to call 911 but the man knocked the phone out of her hand. >> this is when i picked up this can of glade spray and i kept spraying it in his eyes and he would grab me and threw me down on the hard floor. >> now she also said she tried to psych him out by offering him some wine. police soon arrived and arrested the suspect. you know if you don't have hair spray, grab glade. >> run on glade at all supermarkets right now. it does smell good, too, all of these burglars. if you use a regular cell phone and not a smart phone you may be suffering from feature envy. jennifer westhoven with the results of a noof survey. we always talk about these new things. >> i love the j.d. power surveys
6:42 am
and things like that. it gives you a sense of, hey, you get to see instead of just asking around your family and friends, how is everybody doing? it do they like their phones? which phone will make you the happiest? the phone isn't the key but would you be satisfied? well, if you don't have a smart phone like an iphone or blackberry you're likely looking over at your neighbor's smart phone getting a little jealous and recenting your phone for it. people without smart phones became less satisfied with their own phone while people who had smart phones became more satisfied. kind of reminded me of that story by dr. seuss. in the survey, apple's iphone topped satisfaction for consumers and business users and lg and blackberry tied for second by consumers. iphone, i, too, am envious. >> you used to look over all the time at my phone. your phone was older at one point. all right.
6:43 am
the white house planned to help at-risk homeowners keep their homes and stay out of foreclosure. is it working? well, a congressional oversite panel, they have a report due out today and it's going to say that, no, this plan is not doing enough and the treasury department should do more. the report says that in most cases or in many cases it's delaying the inevitable that it was never structured to deal with the new reality which is the massive new number of foreclosures that aren't coming because people got in over their heads, people are losing their jobs. they're unemployed. they can't pay their bills. the white house says the treasury says half a million homeowners have cut their payments so far and they say they're on track. back to you. >> internal debate right now the way the economy is going. david letterman's sex scandal is getting a lot of airtime. the extortion case may not see even the light of day. catch that and more on "showbiz tonight." here's a.j. hammer with a preview. richard, good morning. happy friday. coming up at 11:00 a.m. eastern,
6:44 am
a battle between jon and kate erupts on their twins' birthday. this is shameful. why is jon reading very personal e-mails from kate on camera and why is kate going on "leno"? and why david letterman may not want his extortion case to go to trial. brand-new revelations about letterman's alleged affairs to tell but. "showbiz tonight" begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on hln. the equivalent the sainthood, he's only been in office nine months and already president obama has taken on a major financial crisis, health care reform. now he's won one of the world's most prestigious awards. police dash cams capture car chases, crashes. some pretty amazing stuff. wait until you see what officers had to do on this video.
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we have some break iing new this morning if you're just joining us. president barack obama has won the nobel peace prize. now he is the only the third sitting u.s. president to receive this honor. the announcement was made just about an hour and a half ago and it caught many by surprise. now we're waiting to hear what he has to say, who had to wake
6:47 am
him up if he wasn't awake. we want to know what you think about it. go to our facebook page and we'll share your comments. lori says, now i've heard everything. it must be april fool's day in october, right? and there's karen who says, kudos to president obama. thank you both for your comments and of course keep them coming. go to our facebook page and we'll share your comments. all right. a virus linked to prostate cancer may be connected to chronic fatigue syndrome. a study in the journal "science" found it in two-thirds of patient with chronic fatigue. they do not know whether it's a cause of chronic fatigue or if it just attacks people with weakened immune systems. taking you to charleston, south carolina. the police department there has released video of a city councilmember's dui arrest. deb be ra moore nelly's car ended up in a ditch back in june. police say they smelled alcohol when they arrived and had to carry her out.
6:48 am
the video shows an officer taking many bottles of wine from that car. also, she pled guilty and says she will not run for re-election. probably a good idea, bob van dillen. >> mini bottles of wine. little half ones? it's better than a box, i guess. air traffic. let's take a look. we do have one delay. de-icing delays, real short in denver. a couple minutes if you're sitting there. temperatures right now in denver 28 degrees so it's cold. here is with a we have for the rest of the day. dallas with thunderstorms an hour or more. showers and thunderstorms heading to houston as well. watch for about hour long delay there and then across midwest, the rain is still out there. delays when you get on towards memphis and also cleveland. more on that in a bit. >> thanks a lot, bob. folks better be careful this friday as we look at those delays. david letterman's admitted dalliances have raised questions about pressure in the work
6:49 am
place. joy behar spoke with arianna huffington about this. >> it remains in the private realm and i feel strongly whether you're a comedian or a politician if it is a private matter it's between you and your wife. if the law is involved because of sexual harassment or prostitution or anything else, that's another story. but we have no evidence yet that it was sexual harassment. >> what do you think about that? >> i have a very high tolerance for sexual harassment. >> you write about politics. >> there's a lot more interesting conversation as you can probably imagine, some commentary, too, at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln each and every night. shifting gears a little here, one major league team is rallying around the memory of a fallen teammate to guide them through the playoffs. here is rafer weigel with this story.
6:50 am
yeah, and it appears to be motivating the club. it's very bittersweet right now, richard, for the los angeles angels. they lost pitcher nick adenhart at the start of the year to an alleged drunk driver. start of drunk driver. but his memory has been hanging on the wall with his number, and they beat the red sox 5-0. if the cards catch this line drive, the cards win. look where it hits him. that hurts for so many reasons. if you're just watching, sorry you missed it. the dodgers would rally to come from behind and win it 3-2. and from bingo collar to signal collar, 67-year-old
6:51 am
sherman lewis was on his way to a bingo game. they hired him as a consultant for the struggling team. he showed up. it was a bit awkward for the coaches. what's this guy going to do? he was on his way to bingo at the senior center when he got the call skrks n, and now he's be calling sweep to the right. joining the president -- good news. huebner will sifsh as the u.s. ambassador to barbara stri sand.
6:52 am
>> it's the first time an openly gay person has been served.
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