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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 9, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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barack obama for extraordinary -- >> do you hear that? there were gasps there. people have been stunned when president barack obama won the nobel peace prize this morning. and live this hour you will hear his own reaction to the big news. and nasa intentionally crashed not one, but two spacecraft right there into the moon. why on earth did they do this? plus -- >> this is a purse key that i have had for 15 years. >> find out how a man who lived in a cardboard box under a
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bridge got a brand new home. hi there. happy friday to you all. i'm brooke baldwin. here is what's topping the news today. you can imagine we are all obama here. in about 30 minutes' time we expect to hear from the president speaking for the first time. his own reaction about winning this massive award, the nobel peace prize. the nominating committee made the surprising announcement early this morning and essentially they said they chose mr. obama for his international diplomacy efforts citing his vision, his open. they specifically mentioned his outreach to the muslim world and his work on climate change and nuclear disarmament. >> only very rarely has a person to the same extent as obama captured the world's attention and given his people hope for a better future. his diplomacy is founded in the concept of those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes
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that are shared by the majority of the world's population. >> and some big name reactions trickling in. this one from former president jimmy carter congratulating the president saying, quote, it is a bold statement of international sfor for his vision and commitment to peace and harmony and international relations. president carter won the prize as well back in 1992. and another story we're keeping our eyes on, this is kind of cool. expecting new details from nasa on this morning's moon crash. did you watch this? any minute now the scientists will be giving us an update as to what they might have found early this morning. it was just a couple hours ago, right around 7:31 eastern time. two unmanned spacecraft plowed into the moon on purpose. it was a $79 million mission. what they were doing essentially is looking for evidence of water in the soil, in the lunar dust. that could open up they say some amazing possibilities in the future. >> one of the great things about eventual human exploration of the moon or anywhere is the idea
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we might be able to live off the land, use what they offer raesh bringing -- rather than bringing it with us. >> the first spacecraft, there were two, they kicked up a cloud of dust. a couple minutes later, the second through in to analyze the dust particles before it crashed, too. the cloud w supposed to be big enough so you would be able to see it through a midsized backyard telescope. an autopsy is planned today in the death of a soccer mom who made headlines last year. melanie hain and her husband were found shot dead wednesday inside their home. police think it was a murder/suicide. their three kids were not hurt. neighbors say one of them ran outside saying daddy shot mommy. melanie hain shocked other parents when she openly carried a loaded pistol to her daughter's soccer game last november. the house is expanding its ethics investigation into congressman charlie rangel. rangel has admitted already here to serious mistakes on financial
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disclosure and tax forms and now investigators are saying they need to find out if he has more unreported assets. republicans have tried to remove the new york congressman as chairman of the house of ways and means. last night on cnn correspondent dana bash explained why democrats won't go along with this. >> reporter: i have talked to some democratic congressmen in the past 24, 48 hours who said the reason they're willing to wait until the ethics committee finishes its work is actually personal to them because they say today it's charlie rangel. tomorrow it could be them acc e accused of something they think is perhaps from their perspective unfair or wrong. >> rangel fully admits he failed to disclose or even pay taxes on rental income and did not report more than $250,000 he had in assets. but here is the deal, he denies this "new york times" report that he had helped protect a tax break for a company whose boss had pledged $1 million to one of his projects. congressman rangel says he is the victim of some kind of smear campaign. coming from florida here,
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some news from police there in ft. lauderdale. they're looking at possible criminal charges against a former nurse. they think she might have exposed more than 1,800 patients to hiv and hepatitis. a hospital official is saying that the nurse refused iv tubing and other supplies. the hospital says that the risk is low, but it's asking all the patients involved here to get tested. the nurse has resigned. talking weather. make sure you bring an umbrella, rain boots if you live in the midwest today. bob van dillen watching that. bob, are we talking flooding here? >> major flooding. good to see you here early. wish i had better news for you. >> i know. >> talk about heavy stuff. look at it coming down right now. only intensifying when you get to the lower gulf coast and to louisiana now stretching to arkansas. notice a new watch box. tornado watch because that squall line is becoming a little more active right now. a little zoom into the area. here is your squall. goes right down through southern parts of arkansas, northern
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louisiana. it's way ahead of a cold front, but the energy is starting to rotate just a bit. so we could see some thunderstorms beginning to get a little rotation. in other words, we might see a quick tornado drop out. so far no tornado warnings. all these orange boxes here are severe thunderstorm warnings. that's for very gusty winds. you can see right here winds here gusting over 60 miles per hour. so watch for those squalls as they head through louisiana and arkansas, too. flood warnings, we have them all around. bright shades of green. dallas, you're included here. let me show you why. rain showers in dallas. big "d" just getting soaked. we're going to see about 2 to 3 inches of rain today. we saw 2 to 3 yesterday. this is the way it looks right now. let me take it back to just a couple hours ago and last night. dallas getting flooding conditions. you've already had about 2 1/2 inches on the ground. anticipate another 2 before it finally ends. flood warnings are a concern all the way to ohio. i'll pinpoint that in just about a half hour. >> what is it the side of a road or a river? >> can't even tell. when it's that deep don't even
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try to traverse it. >> not a good idea. >> unbelievable. >> bob, thank you. well, coming up, we're talking about this homeless man who traded in his cardboard box. pretty happy to be doing this. for the first time in 15 years he says he has a set of keys. it's an amazing story.
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coming into us new this morning, at least 49 people were killed when a car bomb there exploded in a bustling market. a government official sayses in t this is the deadliest sue said attack in peshawar, pakistan. some patients even had to share gurneys in the hospital. the arizona man known as america's toughest sheriff now at the center of a federal investigation. he's looking to see if joe arpaio raids against latinos broke the law. he's the ni known for dressing
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prisoners in pink and housing them in tents. the sheriff now says his department has a deal with the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws, and he says the feds are now trying to limit his powers. but it doesn't change a thing. >> i'm going to continue to do what i'm doing. we have state laws, even a federal law that i can enforce. nothing is going to change. the audit that the homeland security did, which they refused to give me, was an "a"-plus. we are doing nothing wrong. this is all politics, and they're not going to keep me from doing my job. >> the aclu is filing suit against him for civil rights abuses. a lifeline could soon be coming for millions of unemployed americans. senate democrats say they have broken a stalemate on extending jobless benefits. jennifer westhoven talking about that. a lot of people, tough times, more and more people filing for benefits. >> a lot of people are counting
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on those checks. they don't know what they'd do if they ran out. a generous proposal coming from democratic senators. an extra 14 weeks of benefits for everyone on unemployment assistance. that's all across the country. we got a map, too. if you lived in a state that's red, that means that unemployment is higher there. so more than 8.5%, that means an extra six weeks in addition to that. a 20-week extension in all there. it goes well beyond an earlier proposal that came from the house. it may be that the senate democrat leadership is playing santa a little bit here just to try to get this out of the committee and out onto the floor for a vote. it might be more modest by the time it becomes a law. due for a senate vote next week. hundreds of lawsuits are piling up over allegedly toxic drywall. there's a con ssolidated class action suit moving forward in louisiana. that's according to "the new york times." we know there's already been a recall of drywall that's been made in china. obviously, this is not like toothpaste or toys where you can just take it back with your receipt. these are people who in some cases have to gut their homes. one lawyer says up to 100,000
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homes may have to be torn down as a result, and the allegation is some people say there's sulfur in it. they can smell it. some people say they've gotten sick. what we know that it's doing is it kor rhodcorrodes the copper. in some cases all the electrical appliances have to be thrown out. >> it's a huge deal. some members of congress are pressuring the president to talk it when he goes to china. jen, thank you. we told you about levi johnston, the father of sarah palin's grandson and the revealing, literally, spread. his attorney says is in the works for "playgirl." that got joy behar's atententio. she has a lot to say in her "not for nothing" commentary. just when you that you sarah
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palin mighting riding off in the sunset, up pops levi johnston. i hope he's not built like a moose. sarah is liable to shoot him from a helicopter. i don't know if this will hurt sarah's career, but i'm sure it will help levi to meet some fabulous men. how do you feel about liza minnelli. most of the subscribers are male. levi is not the only one dropping his jeans these days. serena williams is pausing au naturel for espn, the magazine's body issue. since when does espn stand for every seen plaxico naked? i say big whoop. celebrities posing naked for magazines is nothing new. years ago burt reynolds took it
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all off for "cosmo." enough with the nude pictures of pretty people. time for something new. just once i'd like to see a magazine celebrate brains instead of bodies. how fabulous would that be. imagine nude center folds of alan greenspan or doris kearns goodwin or madeleine albright, without the pins, of course. that has got to hurt. but that's just me. >> you can catch the joy behar show 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on hln. police went to a licensed daycare center and found explosives and a load of marijuana. how some doctors tipped them off.
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all right. want to keep you posted here on president obama. the big news about winning the peace prize. we're now expecting to hear him talk about reaction to winning the nobel peace prize at 11:00 a.m. eastern. 45 minutes from now. the surprise honor also comes with a nice prize of $1.4 million. the nominating committee praised the president's creation of a new climate in international politics. at least one nobel expert told
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our sister network cnn that he did not agree with this decision. >> i am quite surprised. i was expecting this nobel committee to be daring and to want to have an impact on unfolding political processes. i was feeling quite strongly that the time was not right for obama, that he would still have to prove that he could walk the talk. >> we have been asking for your thoughts to the news really all morning long. want to take a look at some of your comments from your facebook page. peter wrote us and peter says a well-deserved acknowledgment to a president who is trying to return american to its place in world politics through diplomacy and respect. but willard says pretty short and sweet, i think joe the plumber would be better. keep the comments rolling. go to our facebook page, e mail us or click on the link at >> what is joe the plumber doing
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these days? >> no love for joe the plumber, rafer? >> not for that award. >> we'll talk about different kinds of awards in the olympics. looks like the 2016 olympics will have a few more events. rafer weigel, are we learning portuguese yet? >> we're not learning portuguese. i don't know if portuguese is a rugby powerhouse. it's a bit exciting. first off chicago doesn't get the olympics. it goes to rio. now the international olympic committee has approved golf for the 2016 games. why is that exciting because tiger woods will probably play in those games. he along with several others presented a video to the ioc to do this. he said if they took golf, he would play. remember, professions can play in the olympics now. also approved, rugby sevens which is a smaller version of rugby. speaking of tiger and golf, he and team usa taking on the rest of the world in the president's cup. there's a former president, george h.w. bush, with the team's captains. michael jordan was an assistant to team usa. this is a big deal.
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they only do it every two years. tiger woods was playing in it. he and steve stricker dominated early. the usa leads after day one of the four-day tournament. u.s. swimmer dara torres overcame incredible odds to win three silver medals in beijing. her arthritic knee will need radical surgery to repair it. she's going to be out 12 to 18 months. she says she's not ruling out the 2012 games in london. and lastly we have our true champion because it's friday. meet young man high school senior josh seidel from johnstown, pennsylvania. he tied a school record for rushing touchdowns in a game with six. that record was set by his late father, dave, back in 1981, but his father, dave, could not see it because tragically he died after a long battle with brain cancer in august. so josh, a very emotional day for him. credited his teammates but said he felt like he had a little help from above. >> following in his dad's footsteps a little bit.
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good for josh. thank you. >> welcome to the jungle, by the way. >> thanks. thank you, thank you. on vertable cars could be bad for your hearing. oh-oh, i have one. do you have one? >> no, i'm not cool enough. not cool like you. >> we'll work on that. >> researchers say the decibel levels from the wind can result in hearing loss. the findings are apparently in a new study presented this week at the annual meeting of the american academy of head and neck surgery. they say wear ear plugs or roll up the windows. >> why would you roll up the windows if you have the top down? new york can be more than bright lights, big city. in our new series, "my city, my secret" a cnn reporter shows us the hidden places to take a bite out of the big apple. >> i'm julio. we're in new york city. and i want to show you some of my best kept secrets of new
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york. we're inside the cathedral church of st. john the divine. this is a hidden gem in new york because people don't know about the musical programs, the outreach to the opportunity that the cathedral offers, and just the beauty of it. we're here at the hudson river park's pier 54. it's actually the remains of what's left of a magnificent pier. for me it's the place where i end my bike ride, on that little bench there. and it also has a very historical significance because this is where they brought the survivors of titanic when they came back. welcome to coney island, usa. this is where new york city ends. this is one of the world's most famous amusement parks. what makes it place very special, it's like stuck in time. i mean, the attractions are the same from years ago. the whole feel of the atmosphere of the place is very old fashioned. so those are the secrets of my new york city. i want to see your secrets. go to
10:22 am let's see them. so the 20th anniversary of the simpsons is coming up, and marge will help celebrate it by taking it all off for "playboy." all morning we have been hearing about president nobel's peace prize. we will hear from him in 40 minutes' time. stay here.           
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we are waiting right now to hear from president obama and his reaction to the big win, the nobel peace prize win this morning. it was originally scheduled for right now, 10:30 eastern time, but it has been slightly delayed. we are just getting reaction though from the republican party on the president's honor. in a written statement the rnc said, quote, it is unfortunate that the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights, end quote. another big story, this one is kind of cool. two spacecraft crashed into the moon this morning. yeah, there's the crater othey
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headed into. the spacecraft kicked up enough lunar dust for them to eventually figure out if the moon has any water. nasa says it will be a while before they actually know for sure if there is water on the moon. and the house is expanding its ethics investigation into congressman charlie rangel. rangel has already admitted serious mistakes on financial disclosure and tax forms, and now investigators say they need to find out if he has more unreported assets. and those are some of the headlines we're keeping an eye on this friday morning. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. more on details on president obama and his nobel peace prize win. he is expected to make these comments from the white house, the rose garden specifically, at 11:00 a.m. eastern. so in half an hour we should be hearing from the man himself. but in the meantime we're getting some new reaction to
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what some of the people are calling stunning news. here is what former vice president fellow peace prize winner al gore had to say. >> i think it's thrilling that president barack obama has been awarded the nobel peace prize. i think it's an honor for our country. it's an honor for him, first and foremost, of course, but it's an honor for our country. i think it's extremely well-deserved. i think that much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history as it has been by the nobel committee in their announcement early this morning. >> we dug up some information for you to explain really just how the peace prize winners are selected. so this year alone there were a record 205 nominees.
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172 people and 33 organizations. the nominating deadline was less than two weeks. it was february 1, less than two weeks before president obama actually took office, and he is actually the third sitting u.s. president to get the honor. so looking back in history here, it was teddy roosevelt who won back in 1906 partly for his work to start the international court at the hague, and president woodrow wilson won in 1919 for his leadership in world war i and, of course, for helping to form the league of nations. a ucla student is in stable condition after a fellow student allegedly stabbed her in the throat. get this. it happened in a chemistry lab yesterday. according to police, a witness says a teaching assistant applied pressure to the woman's neck just to stop the bleeding. other students who were in the lab say the whole scene was just surreal. >> she was on the floor. her neck -- >> could you see her neck had
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been cut? >> yeah, i saw that. >> did it look to be a serious injury? >> yeah, it looked like a serious injury. i thought she died. there was blood everywhere. >> the suspect is being held on $1 million bail. and the stepmother of missing 5-year-old haleigh cummings was questioned about a possible road rage incident now. media in orlando report a woman calling 911 saying she was being harassed and threatened by people in another car. police questioned misty cummings and the driver in her car about it. cummings lawyer told the local media in orlando it wasn't road rage and that there were inconsistencies with the woman's story. you may recall cummings was the last person to see little haleigh, and she, thus far, has denied any involvement in the case. doctors got a little bit suspicious when a man walked into a hospital claiming he had accidentally shot his hand. so his wounds though didn't exactly match his story. so when police went to his house, they couldn't believe what they found.
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>> we were able to find that there was a bomb manufacturing some type within the home. as we're looking further we come to find out also there's an active sophisticated marijuana grow, and to top that, the unfortunate part, is it's a licensed daycare center. >> police also arrested the man's mother and brother. charges against them include child endangerment. and talk a little more weather here with my new friend, bob. bob talking about what? flooding this morning? what else are you talking about? >> flooding. it's also -- we're looking at showers and thunderstorms rolling on through. some of these, brooke, are going to be severe. we have a severe thunderstorm that's now a tornado watch. that's that red watch box area, you can see it right there. lower parts of arkansas, northern louisiana, western mississippi. it's basically following the squall line as it races out of that texarkana area into a more volatile environment. you have some shear going on right here. the possibility of some rotating thunderstorms exist for the next
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few hours. so far no tornado warnings. all these orange boxes, severe thunderstorm warnings. these are about 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts as they move to the east. something we're watching definitely over the next couple of hours. as for the rain potential, it's out there. flash flood watches, warnings, 2 to 4 inches of rain additionally today on top of what you've already seen. the heavy rain is out there stretching down to texas. just past dallas right now. past the ft. worth area, getting on in towards memphis. look at the squall lines racing on by. just training over the same area over a period of time. that means you're going to see more rain than you usually would. 2 to 4 inches a good bet. more rain for kentucky and ohio. the main rain shield itself is working through central and northern parts of new york as that warm front passes through the region. 70s in new york. 80s in d.c. south of here it's going to be hot. live to atlanta. here is the way it looks. highs today, about 85 to 87. broken skies right now. we had some delays at the airport. watch for thunderstorms to wrap
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up in here overnight tonight. heavy rain by tomorrow morning. we'll look at that for the weekend. more rain. there you go, brooke. more details in a bit. >> pretty blue skies over atlanta though this morning. >> looks nice this morning but it will set the stage for stronger thunderstorms tonight. >> bob, you're pretty tall. how tall are you? >> 6'1". >> stick around for this. we're used to hearing women, we're saying they find tall men maybe more attractive than the shorter men. some women. now the men are speaking up in a new study. researchers found that taller men are happier and less jealous in our relationships. >> i agree. >> didn't you just celebrate an anniversary. >> eighth year, absolutely. not jealous at all. >> the opposite is true for shorter men. researchers, i don't know how they're doing this scientific research, but they're suggesting that tall men are actually more likely to try to get away with certain things i guess because they're still considered attractive. >> letterman is like 6'5", right? >> oh-oh. >> i'm just saying. >> we're just saying. >> if that was saying i wish i
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was 6'8" in college. it didn't work for me. >> i'm sure your wife is happy now. taking care of twins is tough enough, but what about two sets born a year apart?
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did you know this, the military dismissed more women than men for being openly gay last year. some new statistics coming out now compiled by a california research group. they found that a third of all dismissals under don't ask, don't tell were women. but women only make up 15% of those in uniform, and the palm center, the group who did the study, they say it's not clear if women were targeted or if there's simply a higher number
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of lesbians in the military. 72-year-old disabled woman fought off an intruder with a can of glade air freshener. yeah, glade air freshener. the woman says a man broke into her north carolina home. she tried to dial 911 but said the man knocked the phone out of her hand. >> this is when i picked up this can of glade spray, and i kept spraying it in his eyes, and he grabbed me and threw me down on the hall floor. >> oh. i guess he's a clean criminal now. she also said she tried to psych him out by offering him wine. i don't know if that would get a criminal to go away. police soon arrived and they arrested the suspect. i like she was trying to psych him out though. >> psych him out with a little wine. a little glade, a little wine. i don't know if that really worked. i guess in the end it did. hey, jen. >> she was willing to try different things. >> i guess so. we're talking about homes and
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especially some good news if you're trying to buy a home, planning to sell. the mortgage rates are down. >> because they're continuing to dip. it's really good if you're buying or selling or even if you didn't manage to refinance the last time. maybe it's time to try again if you can qualify. but rates down sharply in the latest week. that's good news in a bad economy. the latest rate on the 30-year. halfway between 4.75% and 5%. last year we were at 6%. still very low rates, but you should know that they may not be around forever. that was the warning last night from federal reserve chief ben bernanke. he was speaking and basically said what people often call taking away the punch bowl. meaning he was saying inflation -- excuse me that rates may not stay this low forever and that eventually once the economy could stand on its own, that the federal reserve would consider raising them. is the white house plan to help at-risk homeowners keep their homes and stay out of foreclosure, is that plan working? we've got two headlines that go
10:43 am
different ways today. first, a congressional oversight panel, they have a report due out today that will say the treasury department is not doing enough and that the program really only delays the inevitable and that it was never structured to deal with what we're seeing right now. a lot of new foreclosures, not because of subprime mortgages, but because people are losing their jobs so they can't pay their mortgages. now, that's one headline that says it's not doing enough. then comes the white house, which they've got a more positive spin, as you might imagine. the treasury department says they've hit a milestone, that half a million homeowners have cut their monthly payments so far and they are on track to help 4 million people in three years. so i think, brooke, we haven't seen the end of that story. we'll keep up on that one. >> all right. jen, thank you. a texas couple with newborn twins averages about four hours of sleep a night if they're lucky. get this, they actually have another set of twins. they were born this past december. i guess they're seeing double-double, two older children. samantha lopez and her boyfriend are taking care of all six kids
10:44 am
by themselves. >> the first day and night were real hard. we didn't get no sleep. we were making the bottles, feeding them. >> the couple, they're doing okay financially they say, but they do use food stamps to eat. and we are continuing our conversation about barack obama winning the nobel peace prize. the news just coming out this morning. talking to chuck roberts about this because it's a huge part of the "your views" segment. >> we can't wait to get the reaction. some people say it made their day. other people say, huh, it's so soon. the '83 nobel laureate said too soon. let's get some viewer reaction. >> i thought to myself does obama really deserve the nobel peace prize? and thinking about it, i'd say maybe. >> i understand why there are
10:45 am
critics out there. he wasn't actually in the nominating process. even he was caught off-guard by it. what's really bothering me are people are making so much about this being a political thing. >> so a mixture of praise and skepticism. "your views" it begins at noon all afternoon right here. president obama's nobel peace prize. what do you think. is the e-mail address. we'll air your comments beginning at noon eastern. you will be part of that mix. >> yeah, i will. it will be good to hear what people are saying on both sides of the issues. whether he deserves or maybe not necessarily. chuck, thank you. >> you bet. a police dashcam capture car chases and crashes. some pretty amazing stuff. you have seen the video. wait until you see what officers had to do here.
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10:47 am
the house has passed a bill to classify violence against gays as a hate crime. the measure is attached to a defense bill that the senate could approve as early as next week, but republicans have
10:48 am
objected basically saying it amounts to, quote, thought crimes legislation, and some conservative groups, they just might challenge it in court if it becomes law. the charleston, south carolina, police department is just releasing video of a city council members dui arrest. here she is. debra morinelli's car ends up in the ditch. there she is trying to get out of there. this happened back in june. police say they smelled a little alcohol when they arrived. they had to carry her out of the ditch. the video showed the officer taking mini bottles of wine. look, there's, what, five of them, out of car. she pleaded guilty and says she will not be running for re-electi re-election. >> not that there's any good time to be that hammered, but it's broad daylight. >> broad daylight, drinking and driving, getting pulled out of a ditch. got a good way to start a day. maybe a good way for a major league pitcher is to get the
10:49 am
call of a lifetime. >> you heard the term pitchers getting the call. phillies ace coal ham i wihamil wife they were expecting their first child. didn't have a great game against colorado. he probably had a lot on his mind. at least his manager admitted a lot. so he was pulled in the fifth inning when his wife sent a text message to the team secretary, i'm in labor. will you please tell cole when he's done pitching. now the phillies would lose, but hamils will remember it for the rest of his life. the los angeles angels are playing for nick adenhart killed by an alleged drunk driver in april. his number on the outfield wall. the angels rallied around their fallen one to win it 5-0. a hollywood ending if they win it all this year. meanwhile, up near hollywood, the dodgers hosting st. louis. if matt holliday catches this, the cardinals win.
10:50 am
no. oh, look at that, and look where it hilts hts him. it hurts for so many reasons. the dodgers were trailing. they tied the game after that. in the bottom of the ninth inning mark of the ninth, mark la retroto, he is the rear row. l.a. takes a 2-0 series lead and the crowd goes wild. lastly, from bingo caller to single caller. he was on his way to his senior center to call a bingo game when the washington redskins called him and hired him as a, quote, consultant. he is a longtime coach. they want him to help their offense. no coaches were fired. he will just consult, but the head coach, jim zorin was not too pleased about it, but i'm being glib about the bingo calling, that's a tough job. >> you done it? >> no, but i've been in those bingo parlors and it is serious business. and by the way, this guy is a pretty good coach. >> from bingo to the skins.
10:51 am
>> we'll see. >> we'll, i guess. david letterman, he's not bingo caller, pretty big late-night tv talk show host, right? and you've heard all about how he's admitted affairs with female staffers. that's definitely raised some questions about possible sexual harassment in the workplace. hln's joy behar spoke with columnist arianna huffington about it. >> if it isn't, it remains in the private realm. and i feel really strongly that whether you're a comedian or a politician, if it is a private matter, it's between you and your wife. if the law is involved, whether because of sexual harassment or prostitution or anything else, that's another story. but we have no evidence yet. i mean, we may have, that it was sexual harassment. >> what do you think about that? >> well, first of all, i have a very high tolerance for sexual harassment. >> you write about politics, no wonder. >> i used to have a sign over my door, sexual harassment welcome here. no one has knocked lately, that's all i can say. >> the conversation, i guess,
10:52 am
didn't exactly end there. you can watch more of the commentary with joy behar. her show happens at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on hln. and we are getting all kinds of reaction from president obama winning the nobel peace prize this morning. hear what former winners are saying about that announcement. they said it would never last.
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but for 60. it's the longest-lasting plugins ever. get freshness that won't fade away for 60 days. ahhh! with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson, a family company. right now on "showbiz tonight," the jon and kate birthday war. tonight, a brand-new battle between jon and kate erupts on their twins' birthday. why is jon reading very personal e-mails from kate on camera? >> i just got an e-mail from kate saying she doesn't want to see me. >> why is kate going on leno making fun of herself?
11:01 am
>> you're on time-out, mister, go to your room. >> reporter: tonight, "showbiz tonight" asks, who is handling their divorce mess better. dave's dilemma. why dave may not want his eextortion case to go to trial. tonight, "showbiz tonight" with brand-new revelations about letterman's alleged affairs. will all the new alleged creepy details come out in court? and will all his fans turn on him? and the outrageous new showbiz shockers. harry conick jr. outraged. why he just walked off a tv show. and jawdropping new details about levi johnston's nude "playgirl" photo shoot. tv's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. and tonight, i have got to be
11:02 am
wondering whether the 9-year-old twins of jon and kate got sung this song today, "unhappy birthday to you." because today, on the birthday of their twins, jon and kate acted like stubborn children themselves. and what jon did was caught on tape. we're going to show it to you. and frankly, if i was jon's parents, here's what i would be telling him, jon, go to your room, no reality tv for you for a month. because today the big question became how low can jon and kate go? and it made for big news breaking. ♪ >> reporter: let's face it. jon and kate enjoy a good public fight. >> okay is what you say every time i confront you about it. >> reporter: heck, they did it for four years on their tlc show, "jon & kate plus 8". >> it will fit on the ceiling. i want it up on the ceiling. >> yeah, so will this. >> reporter: and now they're fighting on tv pretty much any chance they get. about their financial woes. >> i have a stack of bills in my
11:03 am
purse i can't drop in the mail. >> reporter: about whether their show on tlc should go on. >> i don't want them to film anymore. i don't think it's healthy for them. >> reporter: and tonight "showbiz tonight" can tell you, they've reached a brand-new low. fighting over custody of their kids today on their twins' birthday. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: tmz has this brand-new video of jon reading a private e-mail from kate. in the e-mail, kate demands a last-minute change in their custody agreement. >> she wants to change custody. it was supposed to be a joint shared custody thing, which means we're both home, we both signed off on it. >> their kids' birthday party should be the one thing that's left that's sacred to their family, but they're so low they're using that to exploit each other. >> reporter: and jon and kate are both to blame for this brand-new low. >> i think kate hit a new low trying to manipulate jon through the twins' birthday party, but then jon came back with another yet low by reading a personal e-mail to tmz. >> reporter: and "showbiz tonight" can tell you, there are
11:04 am
almost too many lows to count. first, there's that e-mail. why would jon even think that it was a good idea to reveal all the intimate details of his custody to the public? >> i just got an e-mail from kate saying she doesn't want to see me. >> she doesn't want to see you? >> reporter: second low, jon actually let them see it. >> she said, due to recent events will be too stressful for the kids -- okay. >> reporter: okay. the third low? the fact that he read a private e-mail, knowingly launching what's sure to be a full-scale all-out war with kate on her twin girls' birthday. >> i think at this point, jon and kate will use any ammunition that they can to manipulate each other. and it's sad that at this point it's come down to their children's birthday party. >> reporter: jon goes on to read the intimate details of kate's e-mail about their custody agreement. >> i would like to split the evening so they can see us both. i would appreciate if you would pick them up at the bus stop
11:05 am
tomorrow at 4:00 and stay until 6:00. that's ridiculous. i'm going to stay longer than that. >> reporter: but on the other side, you've got to admit, jon only spending two hours with his kids on their birthday is kind of ridiculous. and that brings us to our record-breaking fourth low of the day for jon and kate. but this time, kate, it's on you. changing your custody agreement last minute with your ex on your kids' birthday? not cool. >> i think kate, at this point, will do anything to get back at jon. and she has control over this birthday party. so this is an obvious power play for kate to be like, okay, you can only stay for this amount of time. >> reporter: and jon didn't hide the fact that he was totally frustrated. >> that's ridiculous for me to drive home to new york to see them for two hours and then drive back to new york. i don't think so. i'm staying -- i'll stay in my apartment if i have to. >> reporter: it's another nasty battle in an all-out war. can it get any lower? >> frankly, i don't think this is as low as either of them are going to go. i think we're going to keep
11:06 am
seeing them going lower and lower until finally there's going to be a rock bottom, but this isn't it. >> and i can tell you jon gosselin isn't the only one caught on tape tonight. coming up on "showbiz tonight," kate caught on tape. check this out. >> hey, what did mommy just say? >> what? >> i asked you to stop taking pictures and you continued. >> okay, we're not your kids, ma'am. >> reporter: kate gosselin poking fun at a very secretary situation. so who's caught on tape moment is worse? jon or kate's? that is coming up on "showbiz tonight." now let me turn it over to you. here is our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. jon and kate's messy divorce, is jon more to blame for their drama? you can vote at or e-mail us, tonight, explosive new developments in the david letterman sex scandal. here's the big news that was breaking today. there is a brand-new report today that the man accused of extorting letterman, joe halderman, saw letterman with stephanie burkett just two
11:07 am
months ago and cnn has confirmed that burkett was, in fact, one of the female staffers sexually involved with david letterman. and halderman had jouust brokenp with her after living together for years. "showbiz tonight" has also learned that burkett is now on leave from worldwide pants, that's the company that owns letterman's the "late show." and in more big news breaking, "showbiz tonight" reveals why letterman may never want his extortion case to actually go to trial. joining me tonight in atlanta, b.j. bernstein, defense attorney and former prosecutor. in new york, vinnie politan, a radio host for sirius/xm radio. halderman may have been prompted to blackmail letterman after he saw letterman with his former live-in girlfriend just two months ago. b.j., is there any way that information like this could impact the case in any way? >> well, in terms of the case itself, the criminal case, it really shouldn't, because the issue in the criminal case is, what did halderman do? it's not what burkett did.
11:08 am
because this is not an instance where halderman should be the one to be able to get money from dave. if anybody has a basis for it, it would be the women who worked for him. >> so just so i understand correctly, they wouldn't look at that in any way as being a motive, perhaps, to point a finger at harlmlderman, saying he would want to blackmail dave? >> it potentially could be, but it would not be a good reason why. because he's just the third party to it. he's not part of the relationship. and that's the flaw with what the defense attorney has been going around on all the morning tv shows and putting out there. >> got it. well, the same day this report comes out, more big news breaking today. dave getting support from -- i find this wild -- of all people, south carolina governor mark sanford. you remember him? of course, he's the governor who shamefully admitted to having that affair with a woman in argentina back in june. and of course, who dave letterman, as he is one to do, made fun of relentlessly. now, he issued this statement today. he said, i feel sorry for dave. i take no glee.
11:09 am
both my thoughts and my prayers are with him. again, that is coming from the south carolina governor mark sanford. vinnie, are you with me that this is probably the last person dave needs speaking out in sympathy? >> yeah, he really doesn't. it's incredible. it's absolutely incredible. here's the problem, though, for dave letterman, is, you know, if, in fact, this extortion case, this blackmail case goes forward, a.j., you're going to hear more and more about dave's life. because as you've seen this defense attorney go around, making the rounds, talking about what he wants to do, it's clear what he wants to do and just about any criminal defense attorney wants to do. find another villain. and the case for this halderman guy is to make david letterman look worse than he is. and that's what's going to happen. >> and sadly, he's already gotten that job accomplished, just by all of this coming out in public, you know, in a way, he sort of one. but let's talk about that for a moment. because the attorney for the suspect is ready to force letterman to stand trial. a lot of people have been saying, you know, letterman just needs to keep this thing from
11:10 am
ever landing in a court. in fact, i want you to take a look at what judge judy said this morning on the "today" show about why exactly letterman should back a plea deal. it's a lot of what you said, vinnie. >> they've got the case, if they get an admission and a plea, and if david letterman is behind it 100%, it ends it, it's over and it's yesterday's news. but every morning we'll learn dribs and drabs of different woman, different scenarios, different things from the diary stephanie burkett kept. it doesn't help letterman? >> should letterman be pushing hard to stop this trial before any more dirty laundry gets out there? >> letterman had to know it was in consultation with the attorney before they approached law enforcement. judge pirro is correct, it would be done for him. but halderman seems to be qui
11:11 am
kicking back pretty darn hard. but his career is over if he's convicted of this. s saying he'll easily accept a plea for probation isn't something letterman should rely on. >> vinnie, help me understand, how much control does dave even have at this point of whether or not this thing goes to trial? isn't it a federal case? >> a victim never has control. you know, it's the people versus the defendant. it's not the victim versus the defendant. the victim versus the defendant would be some sort of civil case. this is a criminal case. it's the people of the state of new york against this defendant. so he really has no actual control. he can have some influence, he can say, please, try to wrap this thing up, fellas. i don't want to go through all this. and a prosecutor might look at the case and say, if dave letterman has to get own this stand and talk about all this sta stuff, i could lose the case. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. right now there are brand-new shocking stories that are so outrageous, so provocative, we have to call them "showbiz shockers." >> i went to prison and i sat
11:12 am
enough. i know now it was dumb. >> you think this is funny? >> you have got to see this. it is an unbelievable new spoof. what would have happened if chris hansen, the guy from nbc's to catch a predator," went face to face with roman polanski. another showbiz shocker, a nude shocker, new details about levi johnston posing naked. levi, the father of sarah palin's grandson, i wonder what sarah thinks about this. and this showbiz shocker, harry conic jr.'s new racial outrage. why she just walked off the set of a major tv show. >> we've spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that, we take it really to heart. >> the startling connection harry anger has to michael jackson. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. are we off our rockets? it's the lunar-tic mission to bomb the moon. and it's enough to wipe the smile off the face of the man on the moon. nasa has a plan to shoot a rocket at the moon on friday and that has got some going just lunar loony. here's cnn's jeanne moos for shiite. >> reporter: it gives a whole new meaning to shoot the moon. >> nasa wants to bomb the moon on october 9th. >> bombing the moon, what are they thinking?! they should bomb mars! >> reporter: nope, the target is definitely the moon. a crater on the south pole. a rocket the size of a school bus will be sent crashing into the moon. the impact will kick up a huge cloud of debris that will be scanned by a second spacecraft looking for water. >> our stupid [ bleep ] government and nasa is going to
11:17 am
bomb the moon. >> reporter: actually, no explosives will be involved, but the moon's defenders have launched their own counterattack. ♪ you lunatics, nasa to send a missile to blast the moon to bits ♪ >> reporter: some are joking, but others are serious. take this online petition with 560 signatures and comments like "heavenly bodies should not be disturbed." this spoof from the late '90s was prophetic. >> america can, should, will, and must blow up the moon. >> and we'll be doing it during a full moon to make sure we get it all. >> reporter: come to think of it, the first science fiction movie ever from 1902 foreshadowed the president. or less poetically -- ♪ nasa bombed the moon >> reporter: some worry about the effect on the tides. ♪ and the next day, new york had been swallow ed ♪
11:18 am
♪ and biding her time, half the east coast had followed ♪ >> reporter: but nasa forgets the disaster film scenario, the moon gets hit by things like meteorites with the same impact several times a month. nasa's purpose is look for signs of water in the debris. which is already giving people plenty of money-making ideas. bottled moon water. forget poland spring, make it spring of tranquility. it's enough to make the moon blue. ♪ blue moon . >> i guess we'll see what happens. >> reporter: leave it to letterman to come up with unintended consequences. >> this is something they weren't expecting. >> may the moon stand strong. >> can you imagine if someone shot back. this whole thing is set to happen at 7:31 a.m. eastern time friday. grab your telescope and get in on the big fun. and the calls we're getting in
11:19 am
on jon and kate are sending our "showbiz on call" phone operatorses out of orbit. we got a call from janet in tennessee. janet says, stop the show. >> caller: i would hate for a camera to follow anyone in their mid-life crisis, like jon, or in their divorce phase, like kate. people are watching this and saying, oh, gosh, at least i would donate that. don't you remember, it's a known thing, what people do when they get older or get divorced, so that's all they're doing, take the cameras down. >> thank you, janet. we also heard from michelle calling into "showbiz on call" from oregon and she does not understand how kate can cry poverty and just look amazing at the same time. >> caller: we're all tired of it, but kate whines about not having any money, yet how does she pay for all her maintenance? the beautiful hairdo, the makeup, the nails, the tan? i would love to know where that money is. >> janet, thanks for your call. you can call us at "showbiz on call" to let us know what you think about these guys or anything else. the "showbiz on call" phone lines are open all the time, the
11:20 am
number is 1-888-sbt-buzz, just leave us a voice mail so we can play your call on "showbiz tonight" and post it online, on our home page, i would think to celebrate the birthday of two of their eight kids, jon and kate would actually stop doing ridiculous things. i would be wrong. >> that is it! you're on time-out, mister. go to your room. >> go to my room? we're in the middle of a parking lot. >> then go to your car. >> kate appears on "the jay leno show" and makes fun of her divorce mess. jon reads very personal e-mails from kate on camera. how come these two just don't get it? tonight, the brand-new jon and kate birthday war. and you betcha! this is big news. remember how funny tina fey was playing sarah palin on "snl"? well, tonight, is tina actually getting set to play sarah again? it's tina in her own words. and caught on tape, the amazing, the marvelous, the spectacular potty trained cat.
11:21 am
this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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that is it! you're on time-out, mister. go to your room. >> what? go to my room? we're in the middle of a parking lot. >> then go to your car. >> now on "showbiz tonight," the brand-new jon and kate birthday war. kate goes on leno and makes fun of herself. jon reads very personal e-mails from kate on camera. and they do it as their twins celebrate their birthday. could these two get any lower? tonight, the outrageous "showbiz shockers." harry connick jr. storming off a show in protest to stand up for his country.
11:31 am
and the startling connection to michael jackson. you have got to see the shocking matchup of chris hansen from nbc's "to catch a predator" confronting roman polanski. >> i went to prison and i suffered enough. >> so that makes it okay? >> i know now it was not -- >> you think this is funny? >> it's the fake face-off that's raising new questions about roman's arrest. plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker." tv's first most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. and tonight, i got to ask, have jon and kate just hit rock bottom? as if things couldn't get any worse for their poor kids. on the very day jon and kate gosselin were supposed to be hunkering down for a happy
11:32 am
occasion, celebrating their twins, kara and maddy's ninth birthday, the warring couple are involved in a brand-new battle. it's all caught on tape. we'll show it to you. first up, caught on tape, jon's bombshell e-mail from kate. jon reads the explosive e-mail to the paparazzi on camera. next up, we're going to show you kate's brand-new skit with the paparazzi. kate caught on tape poking a little fun at herself and her crazy situation. janing me tonight in new york, cooper lawrence, a psychologist and author of this fine book, "the cult of celebrity." also in new york, vinnie politan, who hosts a fine video show for sirius xm radio. i must begin with jon's brand-new e-mail from kate. this blows my mind. jon's approached by a swarm of paparazzi on a new york city street. and for some reason that continues to baffle me as i continue to think about it, jon decides, hey, it would be okay to read this aloud, this very private and personal e-mail from kate. let me just read it for everybody. he launches into it right after
11:33 am
talking about his plans for his twins' birthday today. you've got to see this. >> i'll see all of them. yeah, i have to pick all of them up tomorrow. >> big plans for the birthday? >> i have -- i want to get them a cake and stuff like that. >> what kind of cake? >> i just got an e-mail from kate saying she doesn't want to see me. >> she says she doesn't want to see you? can we see it? >> hold on one second. >> can you tell us what it says? >> yeah, hold on one second. >> she wants to change custody. it was supposed to be a joint shared custody day, which means we're both home, we both signed off on it and we would both with be home. we do our custody schedule at the distinction of every month, and now she says, due to recent events, it will be too stressful for the kids -- okay -- to have both of us here as we had originally planned. i would like to split the evening to she can see us both. i would appreciate if you would pick them up at the bus stop
11:34 am
tomorrow at 4:00 and stay till 6:00. that's ridiculous. i'm going to stay longer than that. i don't care. it's joint shared. >> it was supposed to be a joint day -- >> yeah. all holidays, birthdays, yeah. >> how do you end up feeling with this? >> it doesn't matter, it's joint shared and it's a signed off day, i can stay as long as i want and i will. it's ridiculous for me to drive home to new york, see them for two hours, and then drive back to new york. i don't think so. i'm staying -- i'll stay in my apartment if i have to. >> holy moly. all right, let me just run this down. i can't believe that, a, he would divulge what time his kids get off the bus. hey, nice woay to clue in the whole world to what time your kids are getting off the bus. and b, read aloud a private e-mail from kate about the kids' birthday. is it not just shameful that jon and kate could not declare a truce for 24 hours for the sake of their kids' birthday. i don't get it. >> it is really shameful. he's obviously very, very angry
11:35 am
at kate, but he doesn't know how to rein in his anger and deal with just kate. he has to be angry and let the paparazzi know and it has to be a reflection on how he treats his kids. this is the one thing that psychologists will tell couples that are splitting up, make sure you keep it between the two of you. don't let the whole world know, don't let the kids know. keep it private. and of course, if we know, the kids will figure out later on. there's no forethought here. he's like a little child. >> how do you just not know to keep this to yourself? these are private, personal things. >> he doesn't care. he's angry. he does not care, a.j.. >> but it's common sense. vinnie, his twins turn 9 today. can you imagine anything worse for these kids than having your own father airing the family's dirty laundry. >> that's why i chose criminal law instead of matrimonial. the emotions put into cases like this, people act so out of control when you're talking about a divorce and it's always about me, me, me. and they forget about the kids, the kids, the kids.
11:36 am
and you can see it acting out. cases like this and things like this happen across this country every day, but now we're getting to see it because of all the attention and the cameras. >> i would have had to believe he would be a little smarter than to do something -- >> how smart can he be, he's wearing sunglasses, i didn't see any sun shining outside. >> he's a big star, though. and kate breaking brand-new headlines after she appeared on this skit on "the jay leno show." in the skit, kate has a little run-in with the paparazzi. watch what happens. >> it's kate gosselin, go, go, go. kate, kate, how was grocery shopping, what'd you buy? >> where's your plus eight, kate? >> seriously, i'm exhausted, leave me alone, and stop taking pictures. >> just a couple more, kate. >> hey, what did mommy just say? >> what? >> i asked you to stop taking pictures and you continueded. . >> okay, we're not your kids, ma'am. >> yeah, we're not part of your plus eight. >> don't talk back to your mother. >> you're not our mom, all right. >> that is it!
11:37 am
you're on time-out, mister. go to your room. >> go to my room? we're in the middle of a parking lot. >> then go to your car, no radio, sit there and think about what you did. >> why are you doing what she says? >> she reminds me of my mom. i feel obligated. >> you're hitting me with the camera, dude. >> will you help mommy with these groceries? >> okay. >> what did you have for breakfast? >> i don't know, cinnamon roll, whatever. >> come here -- >> don't! that's spit -- no, i am a grown man. what's happening? i'm out, i'm out! >> where you going? >> she's freaking me, she thinks that i'm her kid, she thinks that everybody is her kid. >> kate, just a fewmo more. >> come on, time to go. >> why are you putting me in the car? >> we have to get your sisters from school? >> no.
11:38 am
>> the car seat hurts! >> do you want your doggy, man? >> no, i do not. >> what are you doing! help me! >> it's actually pretty funny, but at the same time, i find myself sad watching that. i do need to point out, the skit was shot back in august, but isn't it scary how it's even more relevant today to jon and kate's whole mess? >> it's relevant because he's on the "today" show more than matt lauer is. this is somebody who want publicity as much as she possibly can, you know, she's very poor right now welco, a.j. has no money. >> that's right. >> and it's interesting how she's putting herself out there. and i have to ask, who's taking care of the children and what about the children and nobody seems to care about the children. it's all about them, it's all about him, it's all about her. and i got to tell you, if i was child services, i would be in there investigating this whole thing. >> you have to wonder, how long before that's going to happen? >> we've shone you both jon and kate. is jon more to blame for their drama?
11:39 am
i'm actually starting to feel that way. vinnie, what is your take on that? >> i think i'm with you. the tide is starting to turn. the more i see what jon is doing and how he's acting and how childish he's being, i'm kind of -- you know, it might be more of his fault. but the bottom line, when it comes to a couple, you decide to bring children into the world, and a whole bunch of children into the world, you've got to put that stuff aside and focus on what's in the best interest of these kids. and it's obvious to you, obvious to me, obvious to cooper, to everyone that they're just not acting that way. and sooner or later, something's going to snap here. >> cooper, who are you voting for on the showbiz question of the day? is jon more to blame? >> i'm with vinnie. i think jon is definitely more to blame. i think they're both to blame, because they're both interested in their own publicity and their own celebrity and they're not thinking about, really -- they're not taking any of this seriously, is how it's coming across. >> what i would like to see a judge step in right away, force some kind of mediation, but certainly put a gag order on
11:40 am
these two. thank you very much. tonight, "showbiz shockers." news today from some of the world's biggest stars so shocking i feel like my head is going to explode. harry connick's shock over a black face performance. >> we've spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that, we take it really to heart. >> wanted that made harry storm off stage at an australian talent show and the wild connection to michael jackson. tonight, i've got the international fallout. plus, the jaw-dropping, or perhaps i should say, pants-dropping new details today about levi johnston's nude "playgirl" photo shoot. really, dude? the father of sarah palin's grandson never ceases to shock me. tonight, it's the fake face-off that's raising new questions about roman's arrest. >> i went to prison and i suffered enough. >> so that makes it okay? >> i know now, it was not -- >> you think this is funny? >> and you have got to see this. an outrageous spoof of what
11:41 am
would have happened if chris hansen from nbc's "to catch a predator" actually confronted roman polanski. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. here comes the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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11:44 am
tonight, a night of "showbiz shockers." the absolutely mind-blowing news that convicted dog killer and nfl star michael vick is getting his very own reality show. "showbiz tonight" confirmed today that the show will be on b.e.t. and will focus on the football star's life now fresh out of jail for torturing dogs and forcing them to fight to the death. all this part of vick's plan to repair his image as he hits the gridiron once again with the philadelphia eagles. but wait, there's more. vick's new gig is just one of tonight's "showbiz shockers" that are almost too wild to be true. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. joining me now for more of those "showbiz shockers," from hollywood is hyla, an entertainment journalist from five dollar also in hollywood tonight, rachel zalis, a contributing
11:45 am
editor for "life & style". we all know chris hansen from the nbc show dateline "to catch a predator." that's where alleged pedophiles are caught on camera. so what would happen if chris hansen had confronted roman polanski about his raping of a 13-year-old girl. you have got to see this mashup video. it was put together by take a look at this. >> now, what was your plan here tonight? >> hmm, um -- >> it sounds like what you're trying to see is if you could score with a 13-year-old girl. >> i need a second. okay. she was young, you know, and we had a love affair -- >> you knew she was 13. she told you. >> nobody was hurt. i don't understand, why should i be b-- why should i be punished with the pleasure i had with
11:46 am
young women. >> you say here you like to pleasure people and be pleasured. >> i think it's both, actually. >> there's something i've got to tell you, i'm kris hanson with "dateline nbc." >> can we start it again? >> did you plead guilty or -- >> i pleaded guilty and i paid for it, you know. i paid my price. i went to prison and i suffered enough. >> so that makes it okay? >> i know now, it was not -- >> you think this is funny? >> but it was -- there was no premeditation. you know, it was something that just happened. >> i'm chris hansen. want to explain yourself? >> i would rather blow my brains. >> yeah. you know, some people might look at this video and find it funny. i get that, but, rachel, let me ask you first, i can't help but wonder if this was an actual episode of "to catch a predator." i think a lot less people in hollywood would be defending polanski as he sits in that swiss jail right now. >> i'm absolutely astounded.
11:47 am
first of all, i think it's really important this video came out, because he is a predator and hollywood heavyweights, such as scorsese, michael nickle, nick mendez are rallying around this man and i don't understand that. i mean, i don't care how many movies he's made, he took advantage of a 13-year-old girl, drugged her and had sex with her. and the only person that signed that petition demanding his release that actually made sense was woody alan. >> that's true, for sure. hyla, what do you think? seeing this video, does it put what happened with roman polanski and that 13-year-old girl in a totally different light? >> i think it does. i think these clips you're seeing from an interview, i don't think the media is playing that enough. it's good a that viral youtube video is going to help bring this to light. maybe some of those people that signed that petition should take a look at this and it might change their mind. >> well, we are not done with "showbiz shockers," because, wait, there's more. there was absolute outrage today after a clip surfaced of harry connick jr. as a guest on an australian variety show.
11:48 am
now, harry was just shocked when a group came out imitating the jackson five in black face. take a look at what happened after their performance. >> man, you know, if you take the jackson five and subtract this five -- >> whoa! >> is there any redeeming? just for showing up, perhaps a two or three -- >> if they turned up looking like that in the united states -- >> i deeply apologize on behalf of all of us, because i know that your countrymen, that's an insult to, you know, have a black face routine. >> right, right. >> like that on the show. so i do apologize to you. >> thanks, darrel, i just wanted to say on behalf of my country, i know it was done humorously -- >> yes. >> but we've spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, when we see something like that, we take it really to heart. >> i say good for harry, the way he handled it.
11:49 am
that was so outrageous. >> i don't think anyone in this day and age thinks it's appropriate to perform in black face. and on top of that, they were terrible. >> i want to read to you what we told "showbiz tonight" when we reached out to him today. he said, perhaps this is different in other parts of the world, but in the american culture, the black face image is steeped in a negative history and considered offensive. the black fais skit was a surprised to me and i was simply shocked to see this on tv. i do not think that the performers intended any harm. let's move on, our next showbiz shocker tonight, levi johnston, he could be posing for "playgirl." oh, goody. the father of sarah palin's grandson getting ready to get naked. his attorney says that levi is ready to do "playgirl," "playgirl," for their part, not confirming this yet. hyla, do you think that women all over the world are really dying to see levi naked or just dyinging to see him go away? >> you know, which whole situation wants me to go back and change my vote for president. if he was running around in the
11:50 am
white house, these pictures could be done in the rose garden or the west lawn, they could really make this really nice. i know, a.j., you're excited to get your advance copy of this. >> give us the female perspective on this, would you please, rachel? >> i don't know. i mean, i "play girl?" what is he thinking? >> on the other hand, tell me if you agree. i almost think at this point, you know what? good for him. he said he didn't want any part of the public eye but obviously is getting a big pay day if he's doing this. what the heck? i don't care. i agree a hundred percent. cash in. anyone in this position would do the same thing. it's an easy check. he did the peanut commercial, the pistachio one. that's funny. and then the "play girl." hey if you got a nice body, i wish i could show off. >> as if sarah palin didn't have enough to worry about there is also this. could tina fey once again be firing up her sarah palin "snl" impression? we are getting to that in a moment. thank you both.
11:51 am
more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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here he is, the latest nobel peace prize winner, he is surprised, humbled, not quite sure he deserves it, but president obama will be going to norway in december to accept the award. here is his reaction to the stunning news this morning. also this morning two spacecraft made quite a splash on the moon. at least they're hoping for a splash. scientists aren't sure yet what they kicked up in all that dust. find out why they deliberately crashed the probes. tiger woods setting his sites on a new goal -- olympic gold. how the world's top golfer is hoping to get his sport back into the games. it is friday, october 9th.
12:01 pm
hln news and views starting now. hi there tgif. i am brooke baldwin. the big announcement has a lot of people buzzing globally here. the president is this year's nobel peace prize winner and no one, actually no one saw this coming, least of all the president, himself. he says his daughter malia put the honor in perspective when she told him this morning, daddy, you won the nobel peace prize and it's bo's birthday. bo is the first family's dog. the president says he is not quite sure if he deserves to be in the company of the many accomplished people who have already won the award. >> i know that throughout history the nobel peace prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement. it's also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes. and that is why i will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century.
12:02 pm
>> former vice president al gore is also extending his congratulations to the latest nobel peace prize laureate. gore won the prize two years ago and he says president obama does deserve the honor. >> i think it's thrilling that president barack obama has been awarded the nobel peace prize. i think it's an honor for our country. it's an honor for him first and foremost, of course, but it's an honor for our country. i think it's extremely well deserved. i think that much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history as it has been by the nobel committee in their announcement early this morning. not all praise this morning. i want to read what the republican party chair michael steele said.
12:03 pm
he was quick to criticize the nobel committee and the president. it says, quote, it is unfortunate that the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace. it goes on here, and human rights. one thing is certain. president obama won't be receiving any awards from americans for job creation, fiscal responsibility, or backing up rhetoric with concrete action. again, from michael steele, rnc chair. what do you think about this? we want to hear from you today. now that the president has won the nobel peace prize, give us a call. call us at 1-877-tell-hln or send an e-mail at or text us. text your comments. text the word views and what you think here. don't forget to include your names. it's hlntv. standard text rates do apply. we'll be hearing from you later on this hour. nasa crashed a couple spacecraft into the surface of the moon today. did you watch this? this is all in an effort to find out if there is water below the
12:04 pm
moon's surface. the space agency first shot an empty rocket into the moon's south pole to kick up some of the dust early this morning and it is four minutes later they sent another probe flying through the cloud and the dust looking for signs of moisture. so afterwards, that crashed into the moon. nasa calling today's crashes successful. >> i can certainly report there was an impact. we saw the impact. we saw the crater. we got good measurements. we have the data to address the questions we set tout address. that is the fundamental bottom line. i'm not going to say anything about water or no water but we got the measurements we need to address the questions. >> you heard they have the measurements, some of the data and will take the data to analyze and determine if there is water on the lunar surface.
12:05 pm
a ucla student is in the hospital after a fellow student allegedly slashed her throat but guess where it happened? in chemistry lab. that is according to police. a witness says the teaching assistant applied pressure to the woman's neck to stop some of the bleeding. other students say the scene was surreal. >> she was on the floor. >> did it look like a serious injury? >> yeah. i thought she died. there was blood everywhere. >> the victim had surgery from multiple stab wounds. we're told she is in stable condition. the suspect by the way being held on a million dollars bail. an american dad who is stuck in japan in a jail for literally trying to snatch his kids from his ex-wife will now spend ten more days behind bars. japanese officials say they need the time to decide whether to charge christopher savoie of franklin, tennessee here. he was arrested late last month
12:06 pm
after traveling 7,000 miles to see the kids, so he was granted custody here in the u.s. but the ruling doesn't apply in japan. you see, in custody disputes in japan only one parent is allowed to actually be a custodian and it's almost always the mother. speaking of moms, misty cummings the step mom of missing florida girl haleigh cummings says she still believes haleigh is alive and in an interview this morning said someone on her husband's side of the family has her. take a look at the video here as she was heading to the interview in new york. here she is. haleigh's father, ronald cummings, reportedly now wants a divorce from her because of inconsistencies in her story. the girl disappeared last february. we've also learned police pulled crosslin cummings over at gun point wednesday in a suspected road rage incident. she and the other person driving were questioned and released.
12:07 pm
the driver who called police talked to nancy grace last night. >> i would assume as a lady driving by herself or living, this is one of your fears that there would be some type of incident on the road. >> absolutely. i've done this over a year now driving every single day all day and i've never come in contact with someone so aggressive and so relentless on, you know, just nonstop. i mean, i've never come across someone so aggressive. >> how long do you believe they pursued you? >> about 30 minutes. i would say about 30 minutes. i ignored it for the first ten minutes. it doesn't sound like a long time but when you're driving and avoiding another car who's coming at you, i mean, it was a very stressful ten minutes, you know, when they started -- they reached down and started flailing something around, you know, they wanted me to think
12:08 pm
that they had a weapon. they wanted to scare me. that's when i called the police. >> looming divorce, alleged road rage. is tight lipped babysitter turned step mom misty cummings' world tumbling down as the investigation into little haleigh's disappearance eight months ago heats up? nancy grace is hot on the trail here and has the latest on the search for this little florida girl and really just the struggle for answers in this case. that is at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on hln. the announcement this morning that president obama has won the nobel peace prize came as a complete surprise actually to everyone including the president himself. so our question to you, what do you think about this honor that the president is receiving? we will share your views coming up here on hln.
12:09 pm
12:10 pm
let's talk about the big news today that has everyone
12:11 pm
talking including the president after he has been given the nobel peace prize. want to know your views on this. go straight to the phones and start with lynn calling in from jacksonville, florida. do you think the president was deserving or not? >> you know, in all honesty whenever i thought about the nobel prize, i've always thought about people like mother teresa, nelson mandela, desmond tutu, and thought it was awarded based on concrete achievement. i don't see that obama has accomplished anything yet. i mean, a desire to change is not an accomplishment. it's a desire. football teams across the united states desire to win every sunday but half of them are not going to win. >> so you think maybe there is a difference between tangible accomplishments and perhaps what the committee cited as a vision and hope for change? >> i absolutely do. >> yeah. lynn, thank you. we have so many callers. want to move on. cedrick calling from memphis, tennessee. do you agree that it should be based more upon a tangible accomplishment?
12:12 pm
>> no. i do not agree it is based more upon a tangible accomplishment. i believe that the president does deserve the award because he has changed america's northern policy which was an issue -- america's foreign policy which was an issue. it's not that they don't like the american public but they didn't like america's foreign policy which was changed where america was looked at as bullies during the last administration. >> so you say yes there has been change. thank you. sue is on the phone from albuquerque. sue, what do you think? >> i voted for obama, yet i'm stunned about this great honor. who knew beer summits were such fertile grounds of world peace? i think the president has to get rid of his press secretary. that man misread the olympics and he never stressed to us the high esteem the scandinavians hold the president. this award,the only way the scandinavians can vote for an american president and this encouragement i believe is a denouncement of the previous bush administration's
12:13 pm
unilateralism but all this could back lash against our president domestically. everyone thought he was getting over exposed for not doing too much and it's like crying wolf. here he is with this great prize but people see obama every day and enough already. >> okay. sue, thank you. thank all three of you all for calling in. got a lot of e-mails. want to get right to this one from carol writing, congratulations to president obama for great work. it seems he is appreciated for is efforts by other countries more than by his own people. i am proud. carl writes in and says, one term as congressman, nine months as president that's all you need to do to get a nobel peace prize? sign me up. irene says president barack obama has won the nobel peace prize for giving the world hope. what more can you wish for? great views, everyone. larry writing in, larry says maybe former president bush so destroyed the united states' image internationally that now the world is grateful for mr. obama's attempt to rejoin the world community. thank you again for all of your
12:14 pm
comments. keep them coming, folks. president obama wins the nobel peace prize. what do you think? think about it for a moment. do you think he is deserving? call us at 1-877-tell hln or e-mail us at and text us, text the word views and your comments. don't forget your name. send it to hlntv. standard text rates definitely apply. good stuff there. seven years from now, the word "scrum" and "birdie" will become part of the olympic vocabulary the international olympic committee voting today to include rugby and golf in the 2016 and 2020 summer games. the current world number one golfer, yeah, you know this guy, tiger woods, has already said he'll play in the olympics if it became an olympic sport by 2016. golf and rugby fill the spots on the olympic roster left open after the ioc dropped baseball and softball. and how about this one to chat about today? are you a simpsons fan one of tv's most popular moms getting
12:15 pm
naked for playboy magazine. marge simpson will be on the cover. there she is. of the november issue. there are reports she'll be featured in a three-page pictorial in the magazine. the special collector's edition will help mark the simpson's 20th anniversary. a south carolina man is in the hospital following a vicious attack on the golf course. imagine this happening to you. the strange incident could very well keep him from playing golf ever again.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
witnesses say they heard a loud rumble and the next thing they knew their village just disappeared in this massive mudslide. take a look at the pictures here. this is the scene in the mountain communities of the northern philippines. rescuers racing against the clock now to pull, you see them pulling buried survivors out of there. dozens of landslides, just the latest calamity and the worst flooding the philippines has seen in decades. the death toll in this ongoing disaster climbing now to more than 450 people. now two u.s. navy ships are on stand by to help with the rescues. the charleston, south carolina police department has just released video of a city council member's dui arrest and her attempt to climb out of a ditch. look at this. you see the car. it ended up in the ditch back in june. police, yeah, they smelled some alcohol on her when they arrived. you see them kind of picking her up. they had to carry her out of the ditch. also the video shows the bottles of wine. you see the guy pulling wine out of the car. she pledded guilty and will not be running for re-election.
12:18 pm
how about this? this one hurts. an alligator attacked a 77-year-old man on a south carolina golf course yesterday and bit off part of his arm. authorities say the man was picking up his ball on the course when the ten-foot, 400-pound alligator pulled into a nearby pond. his golf partners rushed over to free him and wildlife officials were called in, moving in to try to capture the gator. >> sitting close to the bank so we were going to try to put a noose basically, a snare cable over him. and when we approached him and almost had it over his head he went back under the water, surfaced again. we tried it again. then he moved out a little deeper and played a little cat and mouse for about 30 minutes. then we were finally able to get a snag line on him, a line, a rope with a treble hook. and we brought him to the shore where we dispatched him and then pulled him up and opened him up and removed the arm.
12:19 pm
ems was standing by to take it. >> remove the arm. so the man was taken to the medical university of south carolina in charleston in hopes of reattaching the arm. doctors became suspicious when a man walked into a hospital claiming he had accidently shot his hand. well, his wounds didn't exactly match his story so when police went to his house they could not believe what they found. >> we able to find there was a bomb manufacturing of some type within the home. as we're looking further we come to find out also there is an active, sophisticated marijuana grow, and to top that the unfortunate part is that it is a licensed daycare center. >> it turns out the injured man had blown off his four fingers mixing a high power explosives. police also arrested the man's mother and brother. charges against them include child endangerment. which phone makes you happiest? just about everyone has a cell phone, right? if you don't have a smart phone
12:20 pm
like an iphone or blackberry you are likely looking at your neighbors and resenting your old phone. here is a survey. people without smart phones say they're less satisfied with what they've got while people with them are more satisfied. apple's iphone was tops for satisfaction among consumers and business users. lg and blackberry tied for second. here's good news in a bad economy. the commerce department says the trade deficit fell 3.5% in august which was a surprise to economists who expected it to go up. the continued rise in exports is also an encouraging sign that the global economy may be recovering from its severe recession. are you happy with your job? a recent survey set out to find out who the happiest people at work are. hln money expert clark howard tells us who they are and how you can become one. >> we're in the midst of people
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looking for work and a brutal continuing recession. i don't care what ben bernanke says about it being over. if you're looking for work it's still tough out there. but one place you might look is at your own employment office. that's right. what is it that you're capable of doing as a self-employed individual, as an entrepreneur? not only is this where you might create new opportunity but there's a new survey out that shows that people who work for themselves are the happiest of people regardless of your education level. even comparing you to people who have advanced degrees, professional degrees. you are actually, overall, having the greatest chance of fulfillment and happiness if you are working for yourself. you don't believe me? this survey was over 100,000 people, done by what's known as the gallup health ways well being index. check it out. i'm clark howard. check me out at howard.
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elvis presley's prescription pill bottles and american express card have already been on the auction block but you won't believe how much his hair is worth. dddddddddddd
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to our top story. this has a lot of people buzzing not just in the u.s. but around the world. president obama is this year's nobel peace prize winner. no one saw it coming. least of all president obama. he spoke earlier at the white house. he says he is surprised and humbled by the honor and doesn't consider it a recognition of his accomplishments. the president says he views the peace prize as a call to action and also says his young daughter sees the honor a little differently. >> well, this is not how i expected to wake up this
12:31 pm
morning. after i received the news malia walked in and said, daddy, you won the nobel peace prize and it is bo's birthday. and then sasha added, plus we have a three-day weekend coming up. so it's good to have kids to keep things in perspective. >> i guess his kids are reacting as are other major names around the world. former president jimmy carter praising the nobel committee for making a bold statement of international support for president obama's vision and commitment. he says the award demonstrates that the u.s. can be a symbol of hope for people all around the world. the former president by the way won the peace prize in 2002 for the humanitarian work he's done since leaving the white house. republican party chair, though, michael steele, a little critical here, quick to criticize the nobel committee and the president. he released a statement saying, quote, it is unfortunate the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements
12:32 pm
toward working towards peace and human rights. one thing is certain. president obama won't be receiving any awards from americans for job creation, fiscal responsibility, or backing up rhetoric with concrete action. well, news of the president winning the nobel peace prize took a lot of people by surprise including our own i reporters. the responses have been pouring in and have been mixed. ryan from los angeles had this to say. >> i thought to myself, does obama really deserve the nobel peace prize? and thinking about it, i'd say maybe. yeah. sure. why not? we went from diplomacy that was awful for the eight years that bush was in office. we went into everything by ourselves, with ourselves, with maybe britain and we went into places where people didn't want us and we didn't deserve to be. we come to a world where the standard of the usa is a lot better than it used to be. a complete 180 from what people
12:33 pm
thought of the usa before. we are respected again in the world. we have our moral authority. and we talk to people. >> well, joe from virginia has a different take on the committee's decision. joe says, obama is awarded the nobel peace prize. it used to mean something to receive the award. now it's laughable. it has forever been cheapened. what were these people thinking? the nobel prize should recognize a person who has accomplished highly significant and impactful humanitarian events. he had done nothing of a humanitarian nature. there have been nominees whose names were withdrawn. too bad this did not happen in this case. joe from virginia, thank you, joe and ryan, for your i reports. we also want to hear from you, your thoughts as well. go to and let us know what you think. and of course you can always give us your views on the story through e-mail, text, and phone.
12:34 pm
all kinds of ways to hear from you. call us at 1-87 #-tell-hln. shoot us an e-mail at, and text us, text the word views and your comments and name to hln tv. standard text rates apply. this is kind of cool if you watched this around 7:31 a.m. eastern time. nasa crashed a couple spacecraft into the surface of the moon all in an effort to find out if there is actually water there under the barren surface. the space agency shot an empty rocket into the south pole to kick up some of the dust and four minutes later a nasa probe flew through the cloud of dust looking for signs of moisture. after that it crashed into the moon there. nasa is calling today's crashes successful impacts but the space agency is not quite ready to talk about if the experiments actually kicked up any water. that was the purpose of the whole thing. or how much. >> i can certainly report there was an impact. we saw the impact. we saw the crater. and we got good measurements of
12:35 pm
the impact event. so we have the data we need to actually address the questions we set out to address. that's the fundamental bottom line. that's why the takeaway today is i'm not going to say anything about water or no water but we got the measurements we need to address the questions. >> he's got the measurements. nasa says they have to wait a little while to analyze the data to determine if there is water on the moon's surface. frightening stuff in a chemistry class here. a ucla student is in stable condition after a fellow student allegedly stabbed her in the throat. it all happened in a chemistry lab according to police yesterday. a witness says the teaching assistant had to apply pressure to the woman's neck just to stop the bleeding. other students in the lab really just said the whole scene was surreal. >> she was on the floor. her neck -- >> could you see her neck had been cut? >> yeah. i saw that. >> did it look to be a serious injury? >> yeah it looked like a serious
12:36 pm
injury. i thought she died. there was blood everywhere. >> the suspect is being held on a million dollar bail. misty crosslin cummings. you know her name. she is the step mom of missing florida girl haleigh cummings and she still believes haleigh is alive. in an interview this morning she said that someone on her husband's side of the family has her. take a look at the video on the way to this interview in new york. haleigh's father, ronald cummings, reportedly now wants a divorce from her because he says of inconsistencies in misty's story. she was baby-sitting haleigh and her brother when the girl disappeared last february. we've also learned police pulled crosslin cummings over at gun point wednesday in a suspected road rage incident. she and the person driving the car were questioned. they were released but the driver who called police talked to nancy grace last night. >> i would assume as a lady driving by herself or living this is one of your fears that there would be some type of incident on the road.
12:37 pm
>> well, absolutely. you know, i've done this for over a year now driving every single day all day and i've never come in contact with someone so aggressive and so relentless on, you know, just nonstop. >> how long do you believe they pursued you? >> about 30 minutes. i would say about 30 minutes i ignored it for about the first ten minutes which doesn't sound like a long time but when you're driving and avoiding another car coming at you, it was a very stressful ten minutes. when they started -- they reached down and started flailing something around, and they wanted me to think that they had a weapon. they wanted to scare me. that's when i called the police. >> i want to take you now live to some pictures we are just getting in from dallas. this is a car that police are pursuing. this is happening in dallas county, texas. this chase is under way.
12:38 pm
obviously we're getting pictures from the air from our affiliate there. we'll stick with the picture and i'll tell you the little that i know. six police cars from the howe police department are chasing that gray pickup truck. six cars are in pursuit. we can't see them but they're back there. the chase apparently started around 11:00 a.m. again, north collin county, now moving westbound on the interstate there, 6:35, toward the addison area. westbound 635. the addison area. the big question, as always, we don't know why this guy is on the run or woman for that matter. we don't know why police are chasing him. we'll continue to watch this and see what's happening. obviously we can't talk to the helicopter pilot and tell him to pull out to see how many police cars are after this particular truck and, you know, sometimes these things end well. sometimes they don't. we'll stay with these pictures. coming in it looks like from our cbs affiliate in dallas.
12:39 pm
again, just to let you know if you're tuning in this truck going under underpasses, flying along this highway, this is westbound 635. my producer is telling me there are reports of possible assault on a police officer and that is perhaps one of the reasons why this thing is happening. you can see some of the cars just sort of slowing down on the right-hand lanes to let this truck continue. can you imagine being on this highway? again, this is westbound 635. this chase started around 11:00 a.m. in the north collin county area. now in dallas county continuing on under the underpasses, through the highway. we don't know why this person or persons, perhaps, is on the run. we're hearing again local reports.
12:40 pm
this might pertain to some kind of assault on a police officer. you saw for a moment some of those patrol cars, some of the white cars behind it. it looks like no one is in the back. at least that's a good sign. but again, this is some sort of -- looks like almost a light blue or a gray pickup truck in dallas county in texas. six patrol cars i'm told. six patrol cars following this truck. we don't know why. we're just watching these images and trying to piece together bits of information that we do have here. we hearing anything else? just continuing to watch. you see the screen here. police say the driver is accused of assaulting a police officer. we're waiting to try to get some folks on the phone to help us walk through what's happening here. again, sometimes police pursuits, the police are able to pull the people over and arrest them for whatever reason. sometimes these things go on for a while. sometimes they cross county to
12:41 pm
county to county. the scariest part obviously is for the people, the other people who are on the highway who are trying to avoid this and the biggest issue obviously the police in addition to capturing the driver is making sure everyone else is safe. so again, this thing started right around 11:00 a.m. texas time. i believe that's central. and it's been going on ever since and we believe this driver, according to police, is accused of somehow assaulting a police officer. we don't know if that happened right before this pursuit. i mean sometimes these things happen because of a routine traffic citation. so you really just never know. you never know. let's see if i can pull up the highway. this is westbound 635 in dallas county, texas. let's see. the driver, again, accused of assaulting a police officer according to the local affiliates, continuing -- take a look at all these police cars.
12:42 pm
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven i'm assuming, eight possibly on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. nine. so a growing fleet of patrol cars behind this gray truck that is flying along westbound 635. i am told toward the addison area. i assume that's right around dallas somewhere. do we have this motorcycle cop on the phone? we are efforting a motorcycle cop who we're trying to get on the phone who perhaps can just explain to us what may be going through an officer's mind as they're really risking their own life flying along an interstate trying to get the car in pursuit to pull over. want to go now. we have steve on the phone. a former motorcycle cop. steve, walk us through this. what is going on?
12:43 pm
obviously the goal here for the police officers is to get the guy to stop but it isn't easy. >> no, it's not easy, brooke. they're following him in proximity. he's not traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. he is going faster than the other cars that he's passing, but the officers are -- law enforcement is waiting for an opportunity to seize him. they're likely calling ahead to other agencies and/or setting up in place where they can possibly detour him, box him in, or strip those tires. >> have you ever been involved in a pursuit like this? >> absolutely. a number of them. >> what is priority number one really? >> priority number one is the safety of the other users of the highway. they have to ensure nobody else gets hurt or no one gets hurt. you've got a 4500-pound car that's lethal on all four wheels traveling, you know, at a pretty good speed. so safety of the users, other users of that highway is a first and foremost priority. >> i guess we're hearing just to update everyone, i don't know if you're sitting and watching with me but we're hearing that the driver according to police, that
12:44 pm
the driver is accused of assaulting a police officer. sometimes these things start and it may be over a minor traffic violation. and sometimes obviously it's over something worse. you know, what have you found to be the case? >> well, we see that if an individual is a civilian, the police officer would go above and beyond to do so. it makes him a great danger to society so they want to get him. >> they want to get him and then for everyone else on the road, the best advice is what, to slow down, pull over, and let the car that's flying by continue on? >> yes. slow down, pull over, stay to the right. let law enforcement tail him until they seize the opportunity to possibly, like i said, spike the tires or box him in or get him off into a safer location. you see the police officers there that are, you know, staying alongside and staying out of harm's way. they're waiting to seize the opportunity right now. >> i'm just hearing in my ear that not only is this according to police a possible abuse of a
12:45 pm
cop but also because of a possible, maybe this guy drove out of a gas station. so that's what i'm hearing. let me ask you this though. we're watching as the screen pulls out. i think i counted something like nine patrol cars following him. but steve, what may be happening in front of the truck? maybe miles down the road? >> law enforcement will likely be setting up. you'll have a lead car that's communicating to their police headquarters who would then send it out on likely a countwide or statewide frequency to other officers up ahead preparing to hopefully slow this car down and stop him and/or take him into custody. >> so again if you're just now joining us a breaking story out of dallas county, texas. steve, stay with me as i recap this. i think we counted something like nine patrol cars following this gray or maybe a light blue truck as it's continuing down 635 westbound toward the addison area and what i'm just -- i was just getting in my ear was the fact that not only is this driver according to police possibly accused of assaulting a police officer, this might also pertain to some kind of, you
12:46 pm
know, maybe this guy drove away, drove off from a gas station. i don't know what this person might have done but that's what we're hearing and this has been going on since 11:00 a.m. this morning their time. i have motorcycle cop steve cardian, former cop on the phone, just sort of talking us through this. again, steve, if people are sort of joining us and watching, tell me, reiterate the fact the priority is sort of twofold. one, to make sure people on the highway are safe. the other cars, and, two, to stop the fleeing car. >> yeah. first and foremost, they don't want anybody to get hurt. that's their priority right now. and second, certainly, is to stop him so that he can't cause any reckless danger or damage to users of the highway, property damage, personal damage, and so on. >> if police are saying that this driver is accused of assaulting a police officer, what kind of charges are we talking? >> you're looking at a serious assault. second degree in most cases. that's an elevated assault.
12:47 pm
third is the mere presence, mere fact that he's a police officer makes it an aggravated factor with regard to the assault charge. >> and i imagine that not only after -- we know we can't accuse him for sure of doing this. this is what we're hearing from police. but the fact that he is eluding police in this chase has to add to those charges, correct? >> yeah. they're going to pile up. they'll have reckless use of the highway, reckless driving, a variety of vehicle and traffic infractions that they'll administer on him. and likely in multiple jurisdictions. there is going to be a number of people. reckless driving is a misdemeanor and the assault on a police officer is clearly a felony. how long, i know you've been part of chases like this. we've watched a bunch of them unfolding in front of us live here on hln. how long do they typically last? >> well, it depends on the agency, their standard operating procedure, with something this serious, it's not likely that they'll give this up at all. they'll stay and tail him until he drives to the end of the earth. >> okay. again, we have been watching this video unfolding just really for the last few minutes.
12:48 pm
you're watching live. thanks to our cbs affiliate in dallas. this truck heading westbound on 635, dallas county, heading toward the addison area. the incident began as a gas drive off. this is what we're hearing now. new information. officials say it began as a gas drive off and the collin county sheriff's office says as the suspect was being pursued he or she tried to run over a law enforcement officer. we've been talking to former motorcycle cop steve cardian and also joined by my colleague chuck roberts who i know has seen his fair share of these kind of police pursuits. i know as you've been sitting at the anchor desk. >> no two are alike. >> sometimes they're quick. sometimes they last for quite a while, you know, but i don't know. in your experience, we see them end all kinds of different ways. >> it can be a pit maneuver, they can put out spike strips and disable the vehicle as best they can. but this may be easier because the traffic is so light and they
12:49 pm
can go ahead of him and try to disable him in the aforementioned spike strip. he doesn't seem to be going off the freeway or off that route. there are indications he may be going into the heart of dallas which of course would be a lot more congested and present police officers with a lot more problems. but as you say, he apparently is being investigated for trying to run down a sheriff's deputy at what is called a crime scene. i'm not sure, your indication is it was a drive off at a gas station? >> a drive off at a gas station. >> it's amazing it escalated into something like this. >> steve, since we have you on the phone, chuck brought up a great point. the fact is this car has been traveling on the interstate but once you get on a secondary road, that is when it becomes even increasingly dangerous for people who are walking on the sidewalk, people who are in their own subdivisions. talk about the change. it's a different issue at stake. >> well, you've got residential roads that are typically not built for high speed driving. that makes it more critical.
12:50 pm
you have pedestrian involvement. which again, adds another aggravating factor. so they would like him to remain on the parkway with less obstacles in his way. they even have the mechanism to shut down that highway and not allow additional cars to enter it if he remains he remains on roadway. >> is the agency involved, the originating agency, in this case collin county, the county north of dallas, or do they transfer authority to where he is now or perhaps to the state? >> what's going to happen is the agency in the jurisdiction in which he eventually gets captured will initially arrest him, take charges and then he'll be given back to the initiating agency, the one that started the chase, to face their charges within their jurisdiction, as well. but he's lining up a multitude of -- it looks like there they're setting up the strips, but he'll have a number of charges. >> looks like they may have already tried to deploy those strips. of course it's impossible to just take out one vehicle. do you run the risk of disables
12:51 pm
several cars. it's worth it, but there is that unintended consequence. >> the strips let the air out of those tires very gradually, so for him to lose control of the car at the speed he's going, it's not likely, but possible. >> steve, you can stay with us. i want to bring in -- we're waiting for wally. and, again, i guess my question is how do these police officers now -- i know they're pursuing him, and you talk about the spike strips ahead of him. you don't know what direction this man or woman could be headed. is it just a game of pre-dekting what direction? >> the radio travels as lot faster than the car he's driving. so they keep close context to where he is, the road that he's on. they know how far away that the next exit is. and he'll be setting up and attempting like they just did a minute or so ago to deploy the spike strips. and other things.
12:52 pm
possibly they may try at some point when he gets that desperate to employ the pit maneuver or box him in with additional vehicles. >> light rask certainly works in their favor. he's in the making any erratic moves. >> yeah, let me get running. i got -- >> steve, i appreciate it. i think we may have wally, a rm forenew york city police officer and hostage negotiator. he's not quite ready get, but we'll get him shortly as we continue this fairly slow speed pursuit at basically at highway speeds. very light traffic in the north dallas area. in fact, it started in the county north of dallas around the noon hour. he's picking up some speed now as you can see. this is a ford f-150 pickup truck. it started in the county north of dallas. the driver is being sought for trying to run down a sheriff's deputy at what may have been a fairly in-knock could you husband situation, a driver runoff at a gas station. a criminal event, but trying to run over a sheriff's deputy raises the stakes considerably.
12:53 pm
this clays has been going on now for just about an hour. this is the north dallas area. there are some items in the back of the truck. it's not clear what they are. i think wally zines is with us. what do you you try to figure out about the demeanor of this this suspect? do you run the plate and find out if he's got prior ss? what do you know? >> first of all, you run the plate and find out who is the driver and if that person was the owner or was the vehicle stolen or reported followen. secondly, did the detectives who start working on doing all the intelligence work, we're dealing with a pickup truck and it has a very high center of gravity, so if they use the pit maneuver or the spike and it goes out of control, they have a high chance of flipping over. so they'll do that, they'll make sure that the area is in a relatively secluded with less traffic than there is, you know,
12:54 pm
currently right now. >> what other challenges exist when gets in to the crowded dallas/ft. worth metroplex in the heart of the city? >> you have to remember number one we have pedestrians crossing streets, we have other vehicles that are stop and go vehicles. he may get caught up in an area where there's traffic jam, he may decide to take the sidewalk. and it becomes more dangerous in that particular situation than where he is right now. the interesting and good part is that in today's law enforcement, we definitely have good communications and it's a county sheriff area where they'll able to locate -- notify the highway patrol, notify the local law enforcement and the state and other counties. so there are good communications with this abo with this. >> i can't tell if any of those fires are showily going down,
12:55 pm
but it looked like they threw out spike strips in an area which looked like it was -- that there was almost no traffic there. it does look like that left rear tire may be low, but that's just a guess. again, this has been going on for more than an hour. >> if you notice just since we started talking about the spike strips, there was a police car, a marked car that seemed to get up ahead of him, which means that they're probably getting ready to consider a maneuver or move some of the traffic that's on the express lanes out of the way to the right side of the highway for safety reasons. >> we are getting some more information that we're definitely confirming. we had heard that maybe the driver assaulted a police officer. officials are saying this whole thing started as a gas drive-off. officials with the collin county sheriff's office says the suspect was being pursued, the
12:56 pm
person tried to run over a law enforcement officer. so, wally, i asked you this, but i want to ask you again just for people just now tuning in here, when you talk about the charges that are piling up, not only from possibly trying to run over a law enforcement officer, but now evading police here, what are we talking about? >> we're talking about, first of all, since we take it from square one, we're talking about petty larceny,reckless, endangerment, attempted assault on a police officer, and it raises it up to a much higher level for the prosecution. also the down side to the whole thing is if he got caught when he just completed filling up his gas tank, he's got a lot of mileage to go. >> key go several hundred miles on a ford f-150.
12:57 pm
okay. high center of frgravity. more prone to flipping over? >> much higher chance because all the weight is on the top and once the maneuver starts, you lose the center of gravity and depending on what side they hit him, if they hit him on the right side, then he'll land up probably flipping on the left side -- on the left side. so it is dangerous. we've seen a lot -- i've seen a few of those situations in my career where trucks, pickup trucks, vanses especially, they have a high center of gravity and they flip much easier. >> is the fact that he's proceeding in the same direction on the same freeway, not doing any particularly we could rat tick moves, does that change the protocol and the chase? >> it gives them a better idea
12:58 pm
and a better tact planning of the next maneuvers that they want to do later on. if he continues to stay in that center lane, they can do the pit maneuver or maybe know that they can put the spike strip in that particular location. as we spoke earlier, there was a car that sped up, so maybe they are anticipating less congested area to have a spike strip out on that particular lane already so he makes contact with it. >> now, in a lot of metro area, there are great big digital signs that indicate to traffic problems ahead. might some of them now be reading chase in progress, move over to the side? >> sure. they have that capability. when we have an amber alert, you'll see it on all those signs. same thing. today's technology with the communications that we have today, it just workses out perfect perfectly. also keep in mind we also have the old cb radios that the truckers have and they use that
12:59 pm
a lot to notify truckers that there is a police pursuit in progress and truckerses work hand-in-hand with law enforcement. >> some would try to cowboy up and try to wedge him in in. >> sometimes that happens. we do have people like that. >> it is text as. >> it is texas. >> it's ill advised obviously, but i guess sometimes it happens. not just in texas. gr true, but the most important thing, safety is paramount. he's at a high rate of speed. he's on a highway which is a positive thing versus city streets. and eventually the greatest thing in law enforcement, time is always on our side in a situation like this in a hostage situation. you make moorehead way with the situation where you have time on your side. keep in mind, also, it's up to the supervisors. in chases today, there are many, many bad accidents where poce


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