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tv   C-SPA Ns Supreme Court Week  CSPAN  October 9, 2009 9:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tonight, get ready for the weekend with some friday night fights. jon minus kate plus nancy grace. do the math on that one. >> that's why they're coming off -- >> that's why the show is coming to a stop. >> quit arguing and work on your marriage. wouldn't that be a better idea? and go back to a happy family? >> love her. then world record holder and television legend regis philbin talks about everything. and you may know him as the creator of an obscure little show. the very funny larry david joins me. all this and more tonight.
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i had so much fun with him on wednesday i had to have him back for more. joining me now is actor, comedian and author, david allen greer. his new book is "barack like me." david "is barack like you," how is he like you? >> i hope not. i don't think he would have been elected president. it's a play on words. one of the things is i'm not barack obama. i couldn't make it through the press line of "dancing with the stars" without cursing people out. yet alone, president. >> he is extraordinary. >> yes. yes, he is absolutely -- >> the movie "guess who's coming to dinner?" sidney poitier had to have a ph.d., had to work for the u.n. and be perfect in that film. i thought when obama was elected that is how perfect the black guy had to be in order to get elected. >> you're absolutely right. i remember one point during the
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election, and i -- how much time and energy was spent by barack obama and his organization just proving to america, i'm just like you. there's nothing to fear. i have a wife. i have two kids. >> they still don't believe it. the birthers still believe he wasn't born in the united states. >> well, he wasn't. other than that, i still love -- >> he was born in hawaii. but people still think that he's a muslim instead of a -- they just make up stuff as they go along, you know? you made your case for america to vote for obama last year. let's look at this. >> al i got to say is white america, wake up. i'm talking about all the white folks who refuse to vote for a black man. i got news for you. he's not black. he's half black. he barely passes the brown paper bag test. >> what kind of studying do you have to do to pass that test. >> it's very simple. brown paper bag next to the
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skin. yes. >> you know, comedians have trouble, white comedians are having trouble making jokes about obama. do you think that they're scared they're going to be construed as racist? >> i think for a while they were. definitely when i was doing chocolate news. that was during the primary leading up to the election, and i know "the daily news," "snl," a lot of people were afraid to really say any jokes about him for fear of being branded racist. it seems to have loosened up now. >> he wasn't doing anything wrong. when george bush was in office, it was a bonanza. he didn't read. he talked crazy. sarah palin is a bonanza for comedians. obama is not that funny, frankly. >> he's not. i think for america, we like presidents that stumble down stairs. >> we do. >> or smack their head into doors. that vomit in the laps of foreign dig tears. you know what i'm saying?
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i don't think barack obama is going to go out like that yet. he is so tight. his thing is so smooth. you have to find -- >> have you found anything yet? do you see a hook? >> i am looking -- >> we're lee lying in the comedy world on black comics to come up with the material. >> i find a lot of comedy about him but it's more along the lines of what you saw in the chocolate news. it's not -- i mean, i don't see a lot of comic flaws or things about his character that i can exploit and say, wow, you know how he blinks his yous? no, he's no that guy. >> the jokes is how perfect he is. how boring it is to have a perfect president. >> how perfect i am. >> how perfect you are is even better. you did march with martin luther king. that's a great thing. in 1963. how old were you? >> i was a little, little kid. i remember -- here's what it is. when martin luther king jr. came to detroit, it was his march on
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poverty. and he gave a preliminary version of the "i have a dream speech," and he was invited to detroit to march by reverend c.l. franklin, aretha franklin's dad. so my parents, our whole family marched whether i wanted to or not. i was a kid. i wanted to play ball. i didn't want to put on church clothes and march all day with my parents. i was bribed with ice cream, but it was one of those situations where my mom said, look, this will be historic. you will remember -- >> any kid could go play baseball. that was a historic moment. on the other side of things, you also tried to join the black panthers when you were a teenager. kind of like the -- i mean, they were not exactly the most peaceful group. >> no, they weren't. >> martin luther king was nonviolent. the tigers -- the 1968 democratic convention. >> that was sexy back then. from '63 to by the time i was
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15, i mean, to be revolutionary, to talk that talk was sexy, was smooth, was cool. i couldn't wait to be, you know, a black panther. of course they wouldn't let me join. in my book i talk about the death of the black man. when i was a kid, that's what we wanted to be. the death of the angry black man. i wanted to be link from mob squad with a big afro and telling white people, you know, forget you. i want to be that belligerent guy. when we were kids, we were like, oh, that dude is cool. you know, you know? >> do you think you'll join the gray panthers? do you think that will be cool? >> probably. probably. >> your dad, your dad wrote a book called "black rage" in 1968. your father's a writer. >> yeah, he wrote a couple of books and he's still militant after all these years. >> he still is? >> yeah. when i was kicked off of dances with the stars, he wrote me an e-mail and said, is it too early to call racism?
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do you think these white folks were jealous of a good looking black man who went to yale? they couldn't take it. i was like, calm down. calm down, edrid. >> i love that. >> he was absolutely ready to, you know, marshal up the troops. >> what an interesting father you had. my father barely spoke to me. now, you also write you're cool with gay marriage. the black community is not that cool with gay marriage. >> who told you that? >> there's something called the down low we talk about. >> we all watch the oprah winfrey show. >> i don't think the black community is cool with homosexuali homosexuality. tell me i'm wrong. >> i can't speak for the majority of the black community, but i'll tell you this. there's probably the contingency of the black community that's very church going, that identify themselves as born-again christians, maybe they have a
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problem. i, myself, identify myself as a heathen. i really don't care. >> you're a heathen? you don't care? >> listen, i'm getting a divorce now. if gay people want to get some of this, come get it. 50/50 shot at best for success, okay? i personally don't want to wake up next to me in bed, okay? i want something softer, more beautiful, feminine. that's my personal taste. you know, if gay people -- >> my field position is misery loves company. i totally appreciate that. >> i want to see gay people stuck with their significant ev other that home depot with that far away look -- >> that deer in the head lights, please, god, help me. >> another indigo girls concert, no! >> david allen greer, thank you very much for coming on. it's really been a pleasure to see you. okay. back in just a minute with larry david.
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i love this guy. he's a captain of the tv industry. he produced and co-created a little meg hit called "seinfeld" and created a starring vehicle for himself. let's take a look. >> everything i can do, you let me know. >> you know what? there is something you can do. yeah. you can come over today at 1:00 and visit with her. >> visit her in. >> yeah. >> are you kidding? >> what, you didn't mean it? >> of course not. >> joining me now from hbo's "curb of enthusiasm." does it feel like old times being here with me? >> in the sense that we worked together? >> yes. i don't think we've ever said -- i've never sat across the desk from you. >> you've sat across the table because in 1987 when i was doing some show for lifetime, remember
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that? >> of course. >> you were writing for me on the show. you used to come over to my apartment with really a stack of notes and concepts. your mind was always filled with ideas. then we worked out the stuff and we would then order in and the show would pay for it and you would get so excited. they're going to pay for this? >> yeah. anything for free. you know, you'd take anything. i notice, now, like i have some stuff, you know, that i give away. you know, people in the office. nobody -- you can mention, like, a record from 1970 -- yeah, i'll take it. anything that's for free, people will just take. they don't discriminate. they don't care. >> they still want it. >> they want it, yes. >> but -- >> it's the best way to get rid of your garbage. really. >> after that, the staff, they hang around here. we have hank and frank.
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>> here? >> like gallo and santa padre. okay. i want to show a little clip of you doing standup. >> no, come on. seriously. really? >> come on, let's just show it. >> chuck scarborough, who's the -- he writes the anchorman. he's the kind of guy you want to play tennis with. he's such a nice guy, you can cheat the pants off. >> i didn't hear what i said. >> doesn't matter. doesn't matter what you said. i can't believe they dug that up. >> what the hell is that. >> that's you, i guess. >> yeah. yeah. >> i like you. you're so cute now. >> see, that's young larry. yeah. you know, last night somebody came up to me and said, my god, you know, you look so much
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better in person than you do on tv. >> i hate that. >> i said, what is that? is that supposed to be a compliment? what, i look like a dog on tv? i don't get that. >> fix you up for television, so you should look better. >> look better, yeah. >> you are a very -- i remember you from the old days of "catch a rising star." you were what you would call a temperament l comic. >> yes. >> the comics always loved to come into the room and say, larry's getting up. everybody would look at their watches and see how long you'd last. >> i didn't know if i was going to have a break down on stage. yes. you didn't know what was going to happen. >> what would happen to you when you would get up there and didn't get the first laugh, let's say? >> i didn't? i don't like it -- i don't react well to adversity. i'm a baby. you know? really almost the way that john mackknow used to be when he played tennis if a call went against him. that's how i was. something went against me. if a person -- i could be doing
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great. if i saw one person talking during the whole thing, i'd go hey, hey, you. oh, look, you don't like this? >> then you'd walk off. then you'd leave. >> i can't do this. i'm getting out of here. >> that stops -- >> one time i actually -- i've done this story before. i went up on stage, it was "catch a rising star." went up on stage and looked at the audience and i went, i don't think so. >> just the way they looked. >> just the way they looked. and i left. yes. >> you didn't have any money in those days. >> no. >> you don't have cab fare. you were living in that dungeon for actors. >> yeah. >> the manhattan plaza. now you have money. very successful. you made a lot of money on "seinfeld." really a lot of money. not like my kind of money. your money. big money. >> let's not forget i got
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divorced. >> i know. california, she took off, didn't she? >> yeah. >> that is outrageous. >> isn't that crazy? >> you are the one who's funny. you're the one who made all the money. why should she get half? i don't get that. you must have got hit with the economy a little bit, too, right? >> yeah. so, you know, i really don't have anything near what's -- >> but you had. that's so good. you can't live -- >> i'm not complaining. >> yeah, don't complain about it. in the new season of "curb" you have arranged for a "seinfeld" reunion. am i right? >> yes. >> okay. let's take a look. >> why would we do something like this? i mean, i remember you talking about whenever a sitcom does a reunion episode, you say, isn't it pathetic? pathetic? desperate? pathetic. when we would watch other shows and see them do reunion shows you would look and make that face, that very judgmental face of yours. >> who did you call first? did you call jerry first? >> jerry. >> then who? >> people ask me that question
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and i'm not telling them. >> why did you decide to do it now? the reunion? just like that? >> i had the idea a few years ago, and hurricane katrina came along and the thought of the idea about taking in the blacks, which became the art for that season. that seemed topical at the time to coincide with katrina. i needed to exploit that tragedy any way i could. >> as only you could. >> so then i did that. so i threw out the idea and i thought this season, you know, maybe we could do this. it was a very ambitious thing to undertake, really. >> to get them all together. >> to get them all together and to get all those schedules down and get all the sets and all that and then write the shows. what were the shows going to be? one thing to say you want to do a reunion, but what's it going to be about?
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>> you're thinking all the time about those shows, aren't you? always thinking about the plots. >> yes. >> everybody loves to work on "curb" because you don't have a script. they improvise and make it up within your parameters. you haven't asked me to be on, i noticed, over the years. >> i haven't exactly or haven't had? >> haven't had. one of my clients told me -- >> we had suzy epsin on -- >> we're the same -- one of my clients told me michael richards is in one of the -- something about him. i don't know what it is because the information is not out. could it be that his take l craziness he went through saying the "n" word. >> what about it? he's not on just one episode. >> one of the episodes. >> we will touch upon it, yes. we will touch upon it. >> let's talk a little. is there anything else you want to tell me about "curb?" any little secrets or any little
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things that are going to happen? you're single now on the show. "curb" larry is single and the real larry is single. we're seeing parallels, right, in the script? are you going to meet another woman? >> i have a couple of dates. >> in reality or on the show? >> hopefully, hopefully i will have a couple of dates in reality. i kept my fingers crossed. i've been divorced two years. maybe one day i will have a date, but, no, on the show i have, you know, two episodes, two dating episodes. >> two dating episodes. you dating anyone in real life? >> presently, no. >> no? you're loose? >> yes. >> oh, wow, all you women. okay. woodsy allen -- >> i'm loose -- >> my kind of guy. you came to the right place. >> i run the gamut. >> new york is full of women who are loose and promiscuous. >> i've heard that for years. >> do you think they're more shut ty in l.a. or new york?
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>> i was part of the hippy generation, free love and all that. i kept going, where is it? >> the whole sexual revolution -- >> just pass me by. >> when i come back i want to taung a little bit about your past. larry and i will be back. stick around.
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umt to know what else is acceptable? totally and incompletely unacceptable you would grill my daughter, gracie, about whether i took her to a birthday party and then you call me a liar? >> i would say julia -- >> we're back with larry david for our final segment which i'm dreading already that you have to leave. i am. i love this quote. the more people i o offend the better. that's you. >> i said that? >> yeah, you said that. you had one show where you had
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to tell a girl who has cancer that you're breaking up with her. vivica fox. >> well, no, i didn't tell her because the doctor beat me to it. >> i know. but you wanted to before. >> i tried to beat the doctor before she got the diagnosis, yes. >> you and newt gingrich have this in common. he told his wife he was breaking up with her while she had cancer. did you get the idea from gingrich? >> yes. >> you did? he was helpful to you? >> yes, very helpful to me. >> you know, they always say comics and funny people have miserable childhood. did you? >> no. i don't think i had a miserable childhood, no. >> no. >> you know, i used to do a line in my act, i had a wonderful childhood which was tough because it's hard to adjust to a miserable adulthood, you know? >> i can relate to that. >> no, but i didn't have a bad childhood at all. >> they loved you. you had a bunch of aunts and uncles around you. >> they loved me, you know, there's a -- parents -- i don't
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know, back in the '50s, whenever, they didn't love like the way parents do today. parents, today, you tell your kid -- you know, 100 times, i love you. so sick of it. yeah, you love me. shut the hell up already. i get it. you love me. there's more hugging and all that today. you know, you see it, but you see it in most everyone. >> doesn't it make kids insecure to keep telling them -- do they really love me or are they just saying this? >> who the hell knows? i don't know. my day, i never heard any of that. there was no hugging. >> no hugging. >> there was only watching, you know? how's he doing? >> where is he? >> how's he doing, where is he? he's talking to a girl. what's going on there? oh. you know, this watching. >> did they worry you might be gay? >> oh, god, no. >> there was nothing gay in the '50s. no one was gay in the '50s. >> no one was gay. no one was allergic to peanuts.
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>> that's true. that basically tells the '50s. that's it about the '50s. >> by the way, women had no problems getting pregnant. >> no, that's true. nowadays -- that's because they were under 30. now they're in their 60s getting pregnant. that's the reason. will you come back and sit with me again when you're in new york? >> i will. >> this show is going to be on, we don't know. that's hit so far. >> good. >> yeah. thanks, larry. i so appreciate you coming. it was great to see you. >> good to see you. okay. done forget to watch hbo's "curb your enthusiasm." one of the funniest shows on television on sunday nights. easiest interview you ever had. >> easiest by far and probably the best. >> thank you. ddddddddd
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earlier this week i had the pleasure of talking to a tv legend. he also happens to be the world record holder for most hours on television. that was before regis philbin did this show. we start with a rare clip from his first show. take a look. >> they wrap things today, like, it infuriates me to open anything. >> what do you think when you see that, rege? how many years ago was that? >> i think that was one of my best shows. you know, i started a talk show
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in 1961 and it ran 3 years then they brought me up to hollywood to follow steve allen on the "westing house" evening show. >> yeah. >> of course, i just wasn't ready for that. on my show in san diego i produced it myself, i flew the people in from los angeles. >> power. >> i put them up at the hotel. i did everything i wanted to do. i got to hollywood, i find out i got a producer, i got a associate producers, i got writers and i wasn't prepared for that. i blew that wonderful opportunity. >> look at you now, how many opportunities you've had since that. >> it took me a long time to accomplish where i'm at now. >> so many co-hosts. >> yes, over the years. so many is right. >> you've had -- what was the first one? >> first one years and years ago was mary hart. >> mary hart with the legs. >> she had legs then toorks. >> was she sexually harassed at her job? >> not by me. no, i saw her, i was doing a local show in -- i was going to
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start a local talk show on television. i was doing the news on kabc in los angeles. i knew the show was coming and they wanted me to have a co-host. so i asked mary har. pfs she was one of the first. before that it was sarah parsell and cindy garvey here in new york. then ann anner nathy. >> i used to sit in with you a few times. >> i enjoyed that. >> they never offered me the gig. >> who denied that? >> i had a job already. you're a character in a certain way in the business. "saturday night live" has captured it. let's look at that. >> my god. >> i love these. >> i'm back. i'm back. i never felt better. >> oh -- >> very funny. >> you find that flattering when you see that?
9:33 pm
>> i kind of enjoyed it. i don't know. i thought he was very good. the guy who started this whole thing was dana carvey, though, when he appeared on "saturday night live." i'm out of control! he would say, you know? i never said that. >> you do laugh like that. >> i can't believe -- >> you really scared me. >> what you go through every morning on that panel of women? i scared you? >> you scared me. there's, you know, i'm on this new show now and i'm all by myself here. >> let me ask you something. >> it does feel different. i don't have people interrupting me. >> how do you think they feel about you getting primetime spot? >> i think they're happy for me. >> you think so? >> you don't think so? >> when are four women happy for another woman getting something they'd love to have? >> you're assuming they'd love to have another show. >> they want so sit here. >> sherry shepard has a -- >> i'm on this show tomorrow
9:34 pm
night. >> you're making the rounds. >> i'm not making the rounds. people invite me. >> how many hours a week do you work? >> four. i'm on four days a week except when we go to -- >> what about the millionaire show? you're on that also. >> i'm not on the millionaire show. went off six years ago. can somebody help me here? >> what do you mean? aren't you back hosting? >> it was for ten nights. thank you for staying in touch. >> do you think you actually saved the network like they say? >> i absolutely did. in the years that millionaire show came on, abc was desperate, more desperate than they are today. that's saying a lot. so, anyway, yes, i went on there and, bang, the show was an enormous hit. >> yes. you did. kathy always said -- or was it kelly? >> it was kathie lee. then kelly. >> so now you like kelly the best? >> do i like ellie the best? i love them best.
9:35 pm
they're all my girls. >> how do you feel about the fact barbara walters is considered a living legend and you're not? >> because she's lived longer than me? oh. hey, hey. don't ever tell barbara that. >> no, no. she's not watching. >> wait a minute. barbara walters is a true icon if you want to call anybody an icon. no, honest to god, she blazed a lot of trails in this business for women, for people -- >> she's a pioneer. we wanted to get her a stagecoach recently. >> thank you. no, but she's great. i don't consider myself in her league to tell you the truth. >> why not? you're on icon on television also. >> no, i'm not. >> she could interview fidel castro, you could interview who? newt gingrich. >> i never interviewed him. >> you don't do that? you don't like politics? >> i really -- as a matter of fact i don't like politics. i really don't. it's so jaded now and everybody
9:36 pm
has to follow the party line. >> what about when fdr was in office? >> then i interviewed him. >> let me ask you something. what do you think about leno's show? let's talk show biz for a second. do you think he made a good move or what? >> the first week he did. ratings went through the roof and that. >> curiosity. >> it's a tough thing, isn't it? to do a variety show with all of the best the networks have got to put up right now. >> yeah. >> he may survive. he will survive this few weeks until people either make up their minds about what they're watching on the other networks and come back to him or maybe they don't. >> why did he give up his desk? the desk, all comedians need notes in front of them. need a desk. >> yeah. >> that was a big mistake. i'm going to call him. >> exactly right. i was almost going to call him and say, jay, don't give up the desk. the desk is everything. >> exactly. >> he wanted a different look. he wanted to have more of a variety show than what he had. why not do what they were doing before which was a big success?
9:37 pm
>> i know. anderson cooper has been sitting in for you. do you think he has your mojo? >> anderson cooper every night dreams about getting my job permanently really. >> really. >> he doesn't want to grow up like the wolf. he wants his own job. >> i think he has grown up like the wolf already. now, what about this halloween show you have coming up? i've heard you're doing -- what costumes are you doing? >> i don't know this year. it's yet to be decided by my producer. he makes all the decisions. >> yeah. doesn't he listen to you? >> we all -- >> isn't he really your bitcn instead of you being his bitch? >> i hear kathy griffin say that. how dare she say that about gillman. it was funny. i think we started the whole thing about the host getting dressed up for halloween. do you girls? >> we're going to get dressed up. >> every year? >> every year. it ruins my makeup and hair. >> if something changes it drives you crazy.
9:38 pm
we always came up with a pretty good show. you know, i think it's a lot of fun. i just hate going through it. >> well, i mean, one year you came out as a woman and kelly came out as a guy, right? >> exactly. i did that, i think, with kathie lee and then with kelly as well. she does a funny regis, kelly. >> she does. >> oh, yeah. >> before we go -- >> where are we going? >> now you want to stay? before you were -- you know what? i know you don't do politics, but how about pop culture. are you shocked and upset jon and kate gosselin are getting a divorce? >> you know, she was on the show. i may have made a big misstake. i have a thing against reality shows. i think they are so fake. i think they are all produced before they begin. i think people know where they're going, what they're going to say, what the situation is. these things just don't happen. you have camera set up. these guys, the producers tell them, hey, this is -- i thought it was -- i thought it was a setup. the divorce. now i think it's headlines like a divorce, especially with a
9:39 pm
woman who has eight kids. >> exactly. i don't care if they have adults. >> well, i didn't say i loved them either. i'm talking about what reality shows can do. >> look, if these shows -- >> you're a very attractive woman. honest to god, with this lighting you can go all the way. >> the lighting is fantastic. never a dull moment with regis. back in just a minute with something that's been bugging me.
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9:41 pm
tell me something. has anybody in this country heard of a salad? the new food fad sweeping the nation is a donut burger. 1,500 calorie bacon cheeseburger with a glazed butter krispy kreme donut in place of the bun. it looks gross like some kind of giant zit waiting to explode. all that's missing is the whipped cream, maple syrup and pepperoni pizza. the combo platter comes with a side of fries and defibrillator. 65% of americans are obese or overrate. 66% if you count rush limbaugh's
9:42 pm
head. can i ask a question? exactly how big a burger do we need? we have quarter pounders, half pounders, fat burgers, in and out burgers. i'm sorry. nobody needs to eat half a herd for lunch. a bar owner in georgia claims to have invented it and named it the luther burger. in honor of luther who died of a heart after tack at age 54. is this the best way to honor him by seeing how quickly they can get his fans to join him? heart disease is the number one killer in this country. are the people selling these two tons of fun cooks or killers? that's a little harsh, but think about it. if tobacco company have to put warning labels on cigarettes, why not do the same thing on donut burgers? hey, tubbo, when you're finally done chewing, feel free to call 911. that should do it.
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i would love to be mom and dad. >> hey, you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk. go out with one 22 after the next while she's at home with the children and say you want to work it out. that's not working it out, jon gosselin. >> nancy seems a little annoyed there. here to talk about the latest in the jon and kate mel lo drama and a few other things, comedian kathleen madigan. joe levy. comedian and commentator, chuck nice. he's nice. is there any woman in america this guy can get along with, jon gosselin? >> no, had he never seen her program? what did he think she was going to do? add studenty to the list that he think he would get along with nancy grace. >> completely dumb. every time i see him on tv, he's saying i don't want to be on tv. you know what, that makes you and 300 other million people, jon. that's where television shows are taped, at tv stations. >> right. >> i watch that, i see a woman
9:46 pm
with blond hair laying into him really giving it to him. i think he must be having a flashback to his marriage. >> yeah. he's used to it. >> panic. >> that's a very good point. >> he was dumbfounded. >> kate was here. >> we have another sound on tape as they call it around here from that show. let's see this. >> i just love it. why is this always about you? why are we talking about you? she asked you about your children. >> because she's an important part of -- >> can we speak without you piping in? how does it always get back to you? >> i don't know. i just thought, you know, you need -- >> that's a good place to start. >> you know, love and hate is so close. maybe nancy really likes -- >> you know, it's really good to see him actually hold his own with a tiger like that. you know? to be able to get in there and fire right back, you know? >> he's on television here. she's in new york on your show. who's in pennsylvania?
9:47 pm
who's raising these children? >> should change the name of the show to "plus 8." get both of them out. >> two of the kids are super annoying. let's get rid of them too. >> come on. >> they're really annoying. >> here's what he said, jon gosselin. when we told the kids we were going to get divorced, the 5-year-olds said, they all speak at the same time, i guess, and they said, what's for lunch? >> even they knew it was coming. >> his point being they don't really care that the parents are getting divorced. you buy that? >> i don't. >> i think they want to make sure they're going to be fed. they're worried about their parent's income. is there going to be food? these are basic questions. >> i don't think they realize these people are their parents anymore. >> maybe it's the camera crew? i think they'd miss the camera crew, wouldn't you? >> those people are nice to them. service lady has hershey's
9:48 pm
kisses. you're going to like those people if you're a kid. >> why doesn't the crew adopt those kids and dump the gosselins? >> that would be great. "the crew plus 6." >> speaking of the night bright groups, let's move on to leaf vie johnston. he's going to pose for playgirl online. is alaska ready for this? >> is the internet ready for this? >> every gay man in america is ready for it. >> did you see those photos of him topless in "gq?" >> he's been going to the gym for six months. >> may need more than six months. >> when you saw him in the pistachio commercial, he had a beer gut. he's been throwing them back. >> he'll work it out. he's a kid. >> i say go for it, make the money now. two months from now no one's going to know his name. >> if that were only true. >> he'll be gone. >> i'm not eating any of those
9:49 pm
pistachios if i ever lay eyes on that spread. >> do you think he knows -- >> it's not like he has a career plan that he might ruin by being naked. >> that's true. >> i was going to run for president, but i took naked pictures of myself. >> what about the apex technical school? can he go there? something like that, you know? does he realize playgirl is basically a magazine for gay guys? do you think he knows that? >> no. >> why don't we -- i'll tell you, you know what, why don't we put him in -- i don't think he's going to look that good in a bikini. i don't think he's going to do the waxing that's necessary. i question his commitment. >> that's where you're wrong. i say keep the mystique. go for the bikini. don't do the news thing. >> i think if you told him we'll give you $100 if you let us wax you, he'd be like, all right, dude. >> i think he'd give you change.
9:50 pm
>> he'd be on the first bus to brazil if you could get there by bus. you know who else is getting naked, serena williams. she's doing a magazine cover also. u.s. open something -- >> espn. the body issue. she's one of a bunch of athletes who have posed in some sort of state of undress. >> uh-huh. all right. >> i've seen enough naked men. there's no reason to see serena without her clothes on. >> oh. >> she's not really naked, is she? >> she looks great -- >> is it really naked, though? >> covering the boobs and covering mrs. happy. she's like, you know, in a position. she looks very good, actually. >> really, isn't that a little too much? >> this one, i'll show you another one. oh, we have to break.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
we're back with my fabulous fanl. this one disturbs me. spent 18 months in prison for operating a dogfighting ring and michael vick is getting his own tv show. is it sad to say this show will not air on "the animal planet?" >> not involved. >> yeah. the dog whisperer will not be there. here's a deal with b.e.t. with for an eight-episode reality show. >> called "everybody hates vick." >> yeah, i mean, they keep rewarding these losers on television. >> if every episode was dogs attacking him i would watch. i would -- >> they can just use him as a
9:55 pm
fire hydrant. >> that would make me happy. do you think it will hurt b.e.t. at all? >> i think -- well, no. i think it will, actually. i take that back. there will be people who will not watch the show because it's about him. you know? there will be people who will just say, i'm not watching that. >> i don't think nobody is going to care. nobody watched t.o.'s reality show. >> whose? >> see, see, made a point. >> let's move on to another story we covered this week. everybody covered this one, according to a friend, alleged letterman extortionist joe halderman is a hell of a guy. they say he's very good. he's very nice. he was living with his chick, what's her name? stephanie. >> he only wanted $2 million. it's letterman. he could have asked for $50 million. >> people have been talking all week. is it sexual harassment? i felt it was a bit wrong. i thought tafs little bit wrong.
9:56 pm
>> has letterman came on to you? >> he never had me on his show so i don't care what he says. >> i was on six times and i never got hit on. that's depressing. >> he likes girls that works there because those are the girls he meets. he never really goes up. he has a lair up at the top of the building. >> now we understand why he doesn't go out. there's no need to go out. the party's at work. >> i know. it's weird, isn't it. >> that's little odd. >> i never thought it was a sexual harassment. what i came to this week, when i came to and i said it a couple times already, but if i was on that staff and i was not the one getting hit on, i would feel like, hey, she's getting a little bit of an advancement and what about me? >> right. >> let me tell you, i would feel the exact same way. >> she's no the sketches and you're running out getting coffee. >> exactly. i was talking to the comedian about a fact that if you were in "catch a rising star" in the old
9:57 pm
days, you guy, the comics and somebody else was getting the 10:00 spots where you want to hone your craft and that person is not as funny as you are and getting the props because you're sleeping with the owner, you would not like that. i think that's how i would feel with letterman. that's the problem. >> don't believe anything you hear from these comics about me and the clubs i work at. i understand that's the rumor. i think i'm funny and i think i deserve those spots. >> yes, you do. >> you're also running on, what do the other women know? >> oh, they knew. come on, you always know. >> is there anybody who really thinks this is okay? he's the boss. he's basically signing the paychecks. >> that's right. >> is this really -- it's letterman. i hadn't thought of it that way. it does makes sense. he's very funny. >> if you're that funny you should do whatever you want. thanks for my panel for joining me tonight. that was a lot of fun. thank you for watching. good night, everybody.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
breaking news tonight. satsuma, florida. a 5-year-old little girl tucked into bed, five hours later, she's gone. vanished. the back door propped wide open. daddy comes home from the nightshift to find not a trace of little haleigh. the last person to see the 5-year-old alive that night, new stepmother, misty croslin. bombshell tonight. just hours after croslin handcuffed and questioned in an alleged road rage incident, she dodges those charges and flies first class to new york city to
10:01 pm
take to the air, declaring her innocence. how does a fish get caught? he opens his mouth. even in this brief interview, croslin can't keep her stories straight. first, claiming she knows nothing about the 5-year-old's whereabouts, but then in a stunning twist, she blurts out, quote, the other side of the family took haleigh. then a 180 on the failed lie detector. first claiming she passed then admitting she failed. blaming her own guilty conscience. is that an admission? no wonder her lawyer tells her, don't talk. has little haleigh's disappearance, the nine-month search for the brown-eyed 5-year-old and the fingers pointing at baby-sitter turned stepmom, misty croslin, taken a toll? croslin and cummings divorced.
10:02 pm
croslin claiming the divorce nor the holes in her story have anything to do with their split. have ronald cummings worst fears been confirmed that his new wife stepmother misty croslin, implicated in the disappearance of his 5-year-old little girl? >> we have been planning this for a while, actually. >> i know they love her, haleigh, and they love each other. they will be together. >> congratulations. >> the two of us have agreed to go separate ways. >> everybody is questioning ronald. why now? why after the last person to see haleigh gets married to the father of little haleigh? now, after everything, they are splitting up. >> with the family problems and everything else, it's too much on the relationship. >> they have been saying they have not been fighting. they have been saying misty was on vacation when she went to orlando. now, we know why she's in orlando this time. >> why now? why a divorce now? >> we can't go anywhere without
10:03 pm
being questioned or people staring at us. or anything like that. >> for the first time, i don't believe you. i think you do suspect your ex-wife, soon to be ex-wife's story. i think you don't want to discuss it in the midst of a divorce. why? i don't know that yet, but i'll find out. >> i don't want a divorce, but it's what he wants, so, whatever. not going to fight him. obviously i feel like it's on the other side of the family that has her. it's how i feel. >> do you feel that police have looked at everyone they need to look at? >> i don't think they have looked at everyone as close as they have me. and tonight, a close knit new hampshire community reeling after a beloved young nurse and her 11-year-old little girl brutally attacked with a machete
10:04 pm
in the early-morning hours in their own home asleep in their own beds. daddy out of town, working. suspect? oh, no. not random killers after the street. not dope dealers, convicted felons. oh, no. allegedly, a group of teenagers including boy skrouts and a mormon missionary student. do police suspect more involved? as we go to air, are more arrests to come? at this hour, the little 11-year-old recovering from critical injuries. we learn tonight the perps actually hack off the little girl's toes. one word -- sick. the little girl's mother, dead, and now we want justice.
10:05 pm
>> stabbed and attacked with a machete in their homes. fourteens charged. >> they were boy scouts, high school students. one a devout mor monday on the verge of becoming a missionary. now, four teens arrested in connection with the brutal ma schennty mother of mom and nurse kimberly cates. >> basically, they fell apart, we're told by friends and neighbors that chris gibl began to dabble in knives. >> could there be more suspects? law enforcement saying they haven't ruled out additional arrests. investigators executing search warrants. questioning multiple winces. who is responsible for the horrific attacking? >> good evening, i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. hours after croslin handcuffed and questioned in a road rage incident, she denies charges.
10:06 pm
flies to new york denying her own innocence. how does a fish get caught? she opens her mouth. >> got down on his knees and said will you marry me? >> d-i-v-o-r-c-e. that's right. divorce. >> the fight, it's just everything. >> you told me that changes, even subtle, small changes in misty croslin's story about the night haleigh went missing bothered you. what changes, if any, do you recall? >> i can't really recall the exact changes, and they're real small. it's not like she -- she pretty much tells me the same things each time i ask her about it. >> they keep saying you failed. do you want people to know something about that? >> they're going to know. they're going to know. i just have to wait until my lawyer is ready. >> okay. >> that weekend was a lie. >> okay. would you -- are you saying that
10:07 pm
you didn't fail the polygraph like people and law enforcement are kind of claiming? >> no, i did not. >> okay. so bottom line, you don't know where haleigh is? >> bottom line. >> why do you think you failed it? >> i didn't want to do a polygraph. i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the guys said that i failed it because i feel like it's my fault because i was the last one to be with her. >> do you think he's divorcing you because the stress is too hard? >> yeah. >> what about his claims that there are -- you're telling different stories? do you think he believes you're guilty now or something? >> no, i don't think so. >> what has he said about it? >> he hasn't said much about it, you know? he believes me. he doesn't think i have anything to do with haleigh going missing. >> ronald kuchlings, did it ever disturb you that misty croslin's story actually changed?
10:08 pm
>> yes, ma'am, it did. >> you were just seeing misty croslin on cbs' "the early show" a few hours ago. straight out to marlaina schiavo. explain to me. she says she can't talk to police because her lawyer doesn't want her to. her lawyer didn't want her to go on cbs' morning show but there she is in full color. >> you got it, nancy. she came up here against his wishes. he told me, he did not want her doing any interviews. he, himself, has yet to do an interview. she comes to new york, talks about the polygraph. she tells a local reporter on her way she never failed the polygraph. them she gets on the cbs early show and admits she failed a poly. and why? due to the fact it could be -- >> she feels guilty. >> she feels guilty. >> let's take a look at what croslin had to say this morning, hours ago against her lawyer's wishes.
10:09 pm
>> so, are you saying you didn't fail the polygraph like people and law enforcement are claiming you did? >> no, i did not. >> i did take a polygraph. >> and you passed it. >> my understanding that i passed it. i want everybody to know i was home because i did pass my lie detector test saying i was home. i didn't want to take a polygraph, i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the guys said i could be failing it because i feel like it was my fault because i was the last one seen with her. >> the car came up next to me with the driver hanging half out of the window, just basically saying over and over again, you know, we're going to beat you up, you're dead, you're dead. they wanted me this think they had a weapon. >> it's a big lie. that lady is crazy and i don't know where she's coming up with i was going to kill her. nothing happened like that. >> that's not what she said when the alleged victim called the police.
10:10 pm
you saw croslin on cbs' early morning show. to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer on the story from the very, very beginning. what are the other inconsistencies in her story? much of it coming to light on her interview on national tv against her lawyer's advice. now, i understand why he told her to be quiet. >> she says in response to one question she doesn't know who has haleigh and they should be looking for the person who actually does have haleigh. in the very next breath she says she believes it's the other side of the family that has her. >> okay. let's take a listen to what croslin said. >> bottom line, you don't know where haleigh is? >> bottom line. someone came and got her, obviously. i feel like it's the other side of the family that has her. that's just how i feel. >> do you think he's divorcing you because the stress of all this is too hard?
10:11 pm
>> yeah. >> what about his claims that there are -- you're telling different stories? do you think he believes you are guilty now or something? >> no, i don't think so. >> what has he said to you about this? >> he just, he hasn't really said much about it, you know? he believes me. he doesn't think i had anything to do with haleigh going missing. >> ronald cummings, did it ever disturb you that misty croslin's story actually changed? >> yes, ma'am, it did. >> straight out to special guest joining us, haleigh's grandmother, teresa neves. ms. neves, i'm sure you know by now misty croslin's comments from earlier this morning on the cbs morning show. what do you make of it? she's claiming the other side of the family. would that mean ronald's side of the family? is that who she's referring to took haleigh? >> i do not think so, miss nancy.
10:12 pm
>> we have talked to her about talking to the police. >> what does she say? >> she says she talked to them. >> they want to talk to her again. why won't she do it? >> i have no knowledge of them wanting to talk to her where she wouldn't do it.
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
10:15 pm
so, are you saying you didn't fail the polygraph like people and law enforcement are kind of claiming that you did? >> no, i did not. >> you took a polygraph? >> yes, i did take a polygraph. >> and you passed it?
10:16 pm
>> i mean, my understanding is i passed it. you know? i want everybody to know i was home because i did pass my lie detector test saying i was home. i didn't want to take the polygraph. i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the guys said i could have failed because i feel like it's my fault because i was the last one to see her. >> you think he's divorcing you because the stress of all this is too hard? >> yeah. >> what about his claims that there are -- that you're telling different stories? do you think he believes you're guilty now of something? >> no, i don't think so. >> what has he said to you about this? >> he just -- he hasn't really said, like, much about it, you know? he believes me. he doesn't think i have anything to do with haleigh going missing. >> ronald cummings, did it ever disturb you that misty croslin's story actually changed? >> yes, ma'am, it did. >> someone came and got her, obviously. i feel like it's on the other side of the family that has her.
10:17 pm
that's just how i feel. >> do you feel that police have looked at everyone they need to look at? >> i don't think they have looked at everyone as close as they have me. >> the media spotlight has been on you. what has this been like for you over the last couple months? >> really hard. really, really hard. i want things to be back to normal. i want haleigh home. definitely. >> do you think she's still alive? >> i feel in my heart she's still alive. yes. >> that's misty croslin on cbs' "the early show." let's unleash the lawyers. joining us, high profile lawyer out of the seattle jurisdiction, anne bremner. also joining us, renowned defense attorney, mickey sherman. out of new york, author of "how can you defend those people?" also with us, sue moss, family law attorney, child advocate. sue moss, weigh in. >> her game of blame is simply lame. who's she going to say next? the zenaida game?
10:18 pm
let's look at the facts. biomom was 100 miles away. misty was nearly 100 inches away. it's very clear from the facts and the fact she changes her story again and again that misty is the center one to look at. >> anne bremner, now i know why her lawyer said zip it. >> yeah. absolutely. closed mouth gathers no foot. the fact of the matter is, nancy, just because she's getting divorced over this circumstances or because she's branded with a scar let "g" because she's guilty, there's no probable cause here. there's no evidence. anne, we have to put bremner up. >> yes, nancy? >> you have an excellent reputation as a defense attorney. >> thank you. >> but that simply is not what i asked you. i'm asking you, not about probable cause, i'm asking about her decision to appear on national tv. >> nancy, you're absolutely right. it's a terrible decision. i can't think of any reason for her to do that.
10:19 pm
any whatsoever. then she had three very bad areas in the interview, herself. she didn't come off to look to be innocent. >> we're showing you right now the wedding video. >> right. >> now, this is a video of ronald cummings and misty croslin's wedding from nbc's "today show." that was a brief i do. it's very obvious they're not coming clean about the cause of their dors. they're both saying, people look at me. so? that's not a cause for divorce. >> i think the magic is gone. that's a fact. to go on the morning shows, the choices, listen to your lawyer, whether the lawyer is competent or articulate or not, or get to be in new york city in person on the cbs or nbc or abc morning shows and these people will take the morning show every time, even though it's damaging to them, personally, makes them look like idiots and doesn't help their case a bit. >> there were so many inconsistencies in what she
10:20 pm
says. she even points out, i want to go back to haleigh's grandmother teresa neves, who has been at the forefront in the search for her granddaughter along with her son, ronald cummings. teresa, to actually blame your side of the family or else crystal sheffield, the biomom. we all know she was 100 miles away. it narrows it down to ronald's side of the family who she is trying to blame. >> i don't think she's trying to blame us, miss nancy. >> you believe she's trying to blame the biomom's family? >> i do. >> why do you think that? where would she get that? there's not a shred of evidence to suggest crystal sheffield's family had anything to do with this. >> i cannot explain her thinking. i can only tell you what i think the statement meant and i do not believe she was talking about ronald's side of the family. >> i hope not. you have been in the forefront of trying to find the little girl. lillian glass, you have very
10:21 pm
carefully reviewed all the video from today. what do you make of it? you're the expert. >> she shows signals of deception and is completely in denial. >> the two of us have agreed to go separate ways. if, in the long run, something comes about haleigh, then she can -- it will be whatever.
10:22 pm
10:23 pm
10:24 pm
what is your fear for your future, when you look ahead? >> bring haleigh home and have a normal life, again. >> do you worry you might be arrested? >> no. i don't. i'm always seeing all kinds of different things. i don't pay attention to them. >> do you think that ronald cummings will go through with the divorce? >> yeah. yeah, i do. >> and you are resigned to go on without him? >> that's what happens, it happens. but, we are going to still stay
10:25 pm
in contact. if something happens down the road, then we might end up back together. i don't know. >> why do you think you failed it? >> i didn't want to take the polygraph. i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the guys said it could be the reason i failed is because i feel like it's my fault because i was the last one to see her. >> mistky croslin on cbs' "the early show." you hear croslin, the last person to see haleigh alive, the little brown-eyed 5-year-old out of satsuma, florida, says she may have flunked that polygraph because she felt guilty. guilty at having been the last person to see her, in charge of her, taking care of her. to dr. lillian glass, psychologist. body expert, author of "i know what you're thinking." we're showing video of her today on cbs early show and at the
10:26 pm
airport where she was questioned. you have very carefully reviewed this and reams of video. what is your analysis, lillian? >> it's very interesting. one of the things she does is she shakes her head no when she means yes. the only thing that rings true is when she was asked, is this difficult on now you? that's when you see sincerity. other than that, it's complete deception and she's in complete denial in terms of what she has to say. >> how do you know that, lillian? >> it's very interesting. one of the things she does is a lot of shoulder movement. she does a lot of lip licking. they are signals of deception. you see things that are completely incon grew wous. especially when she said she wanted to take the hypnosis. one cannot be hypnotiip no tize
10:27 pm
unless they want to be. you see issues here. >> one way or another i want my daughter to come home. i need some closure. dddddd
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
are you saying you didn't fail the polygraph like people and law enforcement are kind of claiming that you did? >> no, i did not. >> you did take a polygraph? >> i did take a polygraph. >> you passed? >> i mean, my understanding is i passed it, you know? i just want everybody to know i was home because i did pass my lie detector test saying i was home. i didn't want to take the polygraph. i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the gays said the reason i'm failing is because i feel like it's my fault because i was
10:31 pm
the last one to see her. >> the car came up next to me with the driver hanging half out of the window basically saying over and over again, you know, we're going to beat you up. you're dead. you're dead. they wanted me to think they had a weapon. >> it's a big lie. that lady is crazy and i don't know where she's coming up with i said i was going to kill her. nothing happened like that. >> bottom line, you don't owe where haleigh is? >> bottom line. someone came in and got her, obviously. i feel like it's on the other side of the family. that has her. that's just how i feel. >> that's croslin on cbs "early show." susan moss, mickey sherman, anne bremn bremner. nothing under the constitution will disallow or bar that statement from coming in at trial if there ever is a trial, anne bremner. >> that's absolutely right. it's voluntary, it's knowing.
10:32 pm
she wasn't in custody. it wasn't the police. she didn't ask her lawyer which she shouldn't have done. absolutely comes into evidence. >> mickey, it's not that she didn't ask for a lawyer. we all know she's got a lawyer, but she is adamantly refusing to heed his advice. he won't do an interview, do you blame him? he's got a fairly good reputation. he keeps telling her, don't do this, don't do this, and she does everything except talk to the police. that's the one kicker. that's the one exception. >> nancy, usually, honestly it's the more educated, upper demo clients who won't listen to us because they're smarter than us and they're just paying money and we should listen to what they say. usually the lower demos, lower economic clients, they usually listen to us and take our advice. sure not happening here. >> sue moss? >> keep on talking. we'll keep on listening and maybe we'll get a conviction. >> to you, our chief editorial producer, isn't it true when cops get to talk to her, every
10:33 pm
time she gets a hard question she says, you know, i've got a lawyer. how does that go? >> right. right. putnam county sheriff's office is telling us she has walked out of interviews with them in the past. she's never said no to an interview but when she gets a tough question she reminds them she has a lawyer and won't answer. >> what about it, schiavo? >> it's true. i spoke to that the other day. when he spoke to her 20 minutes before she left town, he got interesting things. he'd like to follow-up on them. she has yet to come back. >> now, another thing that i noticed she said to brian, the detective at the prosecutor's office, is the lady, the alleged victim of the road rage incident is crazy. i interviewed the woman. she's not crazy. she's an established pharmaceutical sales rep, she makes a great living. she has a family. she was out working that day. if you look at the timing, from the time she called police, she
10:34 pm
says they were following her, railing at her, hanging out the window for 30 minutes. it's still going on when police get there, brian. so, the lady is not crazy. she looked right at that camera and says that didn't happen. >> yeah. you know, first of all, i find it hard to believe going through the scrutiny that she's going through with the police, with this incident with the little girl, i find it hard to believe she can even behave in that manner and have the energy to and want to try to lay under the radar. she seems like the person who wants to put blame on everybody else. doesn't take responsibility for her actions. she definitely has a lot of issues. >> to the doctor of university of maryland school of medicine, doctor, thank you for being with us. one of the theories that emerged is little haleigh could have taken oxycontin at a drug party. would just -- i don't believe the theory, but would just one oxycontin tablet -- could it
10:35 pm
kill a child? >> well, if she took one and chewed it up. oxycontin is a dose that's a slow-release drug. sometimes drug abusers use it by chewing up the tablet and they get a fast rush. they get a 12-hour dose in one dose. for a small child, it could be an overdose. kids usually don't swallow pills, they usually chew things so there is that potential there. >> you know what i find so problematic, among many things she said this morning, back to the lawyers, susan moss, mickey sherman, anne bremner. anne, she says, have you noticed that people who are suspected -- she's not aer. of interest right now -- that are suspected of wrongdoing, of murder, always say i think they're still alive. >> i know. >> they always say that. >> it's like going too far as you know, nancy. i don't know anything, i'm not involved. they are not dead. taking it way to dead. >> if they are, to sit there after all the interviews with cops, i'm not worried about being arrested.
10:36 pm
>> that's right. i would worry. every time i run a stop sign i'm worried. >> absolutely. >> what about it, sherman? >> elizabeth smart, she was alive. there's an exception to the rule. >> you're right. mickey, you're absolutely right. i'm not asking you about the exception to the rule. i'm asking you, why is it that people that are suspected say they're still alive? the victim's alive. i have a feeling. >> well, obviously, she's trying to profess her innocence in one fashion. if there's any relationship to affinity to the young person, boy or girl that's lost, it's wishful thinking. when anybody has a tragedy, they are hoping for the best. that could be a parcel of it or it could be a magnet hat doesn't cover it. >> she says she feels like the child is alive. she's acting like the child's biological mother. that really disturbs me, because, you know, she should be at a junior prom, not pretending
10:37 pm
to be mom. >> i want to go back to teresa neves, this is haleigh's grandmother. teresa, what is ronald making of all this? i mean, she's clearly got inconsistent statements. >> yes, ma'am, she does. ronald has decided to leave this up to law enforcement, let them decide what is right and what is wrong, and hopefully bring haleigh home. >> has misty croslin signed the divorce papers, yet? >> no, ma'am, not to my knowledge. >> i'm sorry. i couldn't hear you. did you say no? >> not to my knowledge. she has not signed them yet. >> why? is she hanging it over your son's head? i mean, why? >> i do not know. it was my understanding she would sign the papers right away. i guess she's busy doing other things right now. >> like what? what's in orlando? why does she keep going to orlando?
10:38 pm
>> she is staying there with someone she met while doing the test with tim miller. everyone, as we go to break, i want to say a big thank you to lifetime drop-dead diva, about a model who dies in a car crash, beautiful. then turns into a lawyer who now has to rely on inner beauty and brains. in episode six she squares off over an appearance on our program. drop dead diva, lifetime, sunday, 9:00 eastern. >> tell miss grace i'll do the show if she gives me the whole hour. yes. that works. everybody is calling about the case. newspapers, cable. >> you like talking to the press, don't you? i'm the lead attorney on the case. those reporters talk to me before you. i decline their calls. if i decide to stop talking, who do you think goes on nancy grace? >> well played, bingham. ddd
10:39 pm
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10:42 pm
breaking news in the shocking boy scout murder. investigators say there could be additional arrests in the case. >> the participants intended to kill the occupants of the home, if anyone was present. . >> four teens currently arrested in the machete hacking death. of 42-year-old nurse kimberly cates. kimberly cates died of multiple stab wounds to her head, force sew arm and leg. her 11-year-old daughter surviving recovering in a
10:43 pm
hospital. investigators gearing up. multiple search warrants executed. dozens of people interviewed as authorities search for a motive and possibly additional suspects. >> christopher gribble is charged with the most heinous crime, murder in the first degree. >> prosecutors say christopher gribble was armed with a knife and steven spader had a machete. authorities say william marks and quinn glover were also armed when they entered four tro road in mont vernon. kimberly cates and her 11-year-old daughter were sleeping inside. >> they targeted this home randomly. it was on an isolated road. >> gribble and spader face three charges that include first-degree murder. prosecutors say both suspects hit kate and her daughter with their weapon. kimberly cates died in her bed while the 11-year-old suffered serious injuries. >> it doesn't appear her injuries are life threatening.
10:44 pm
that isn't by any means to minimize the severity of the attack. >> the girl is horrified. >> the participants intended to kill the occupants of the home if anyone was present. >> straight out to "the boston herald." joe, i just heard the disturbing news that the little 11-year-old girl's toes were hacked off? >> exactly. sources told "the herald" that the girl's toes were chopped off in this heinous attack. she's recovering in the children's hospital in boston. they discovered her toes at the crime scene. >> to dr. lee with university of maryland school of medicine. doctor, is there any way -- i know of other body parts, hands, legs, fingers and more that have been reattached. is that a possibility here? >> well, i mean, it depends on the amount of time and when they
10:45 pm
found the toes and if they transported them and they didn't have a long ascemic time. certainly, with fingers, which are more useful, it depends on which toe. a big toe, they will spend the time to transplant because it helps with balance. sometimes, a baby toe, to go through all that surgery, they might not do it. >> why did you say asemic? what is that? >> askemia means how long the toes were off before they could put them on ice and get the blood vessels to contract so the tissue doesn't start to die. you want to get the, you know, the part brought to the hospital. >> as fast as you can. to the lawyers, susan moss, mickey sherman, anne bremner. you know, mickey sherman, that was to torture that little girl. that was to torture her. now, you can't tell me anybody is caught up in the heat of passion, they are in a pact mentality, then i find out the little 11-year-old girl has her
10:46 pm
toes chopped off with a machete. i can hardly even form the words, sherman. >> how do you do it? the problem is, it's indefensible. it's absolutely indefensible. this is why people embrace the death penalty. you know, we saw because of the fallibility of the criminal justice system and the innocent project results, we say we have to get rid of the death penalty then comes one of these cases which i call the end of the end of the death penalty. we want to say, kill these guys and then get rid of the death penalty. >> we are showing photos. take a look at this. these are some of the guys being held on murder and attempted murder on an 11-year-old little girl. murder of the mother. here are the photos of the suspects from facebook. i especially want to show, rosie, a shot of one of them holding a knife. could you please get that one for me? there you go. i believe there's one more.
10:47 pm
holding a knife. there you go. now, how would you like to bring that home to dinner, dr. lillian glass? >> horrible. it's just egregious and it shows there's a lot of say dichl. you can see it in their faces. it's repulsive. it sounds like a ritualistic type of behavior. >> out to clark goldband, our producer on the story. what more can you tell me? >> we are standing by for breaking news. authorities not ruling out additional arrests. four suspects already there in custody. authorities on the ground questioning more witnesses and seeking more answers. as you talked about, the 11-year-old girl had her toes removed. and unfortunately -- >> don't say removed. don't say removed. that's not what happened. they hacked her toes. a little girls toes. what is that, fourth of fifth grade, off with a machete, clark. they didn't remove them.
10:48 pm
don't -- don't sugar coat what has happened to this family. the father is out of town, working to make a living. he leaves for one night. that night, his wife is murdered, asleep in her bed, his daughter is nearly hacked to death. now, boy scouts and a mormon missionary being held on murder charges. what can you tell me about these alleged perpetrators, joe? joe joining us from "the boston herald." >> i can tell you a lot. christopher gribble, that's the one with the knife, he was supposedly going to go on a mormon mission, but he also spoke about how he -- the commandment of thou shalt not kill, he was having trouble getting over that. facebook friends tell us christopher was racked of hate, anger, rage. this was also true of steven spader. he, too, was dark. he turned from a kid into theater to someone who is full of hate. they went in the early morning
10:49 pm
hours of sunday and just hacked this -- allegedly hacked this family apart. >> i'm just -- i'm just sick. i'm sick at heart. this child holding on to her life at the hospital. the father, no more wife, no more mommy. i got to tell you, trying to raise two children, it takes two. as we go to break, happy birthday to north carolina friend, jodi. a smile that lights up a room. heart of gold. captain of the special olympics cheerleading team, the ladybugs. a world tennis and swimming champ. loves taking care of children at local daycare. happy birthday, jodi. special hello to faithful viewer, abby. she's a 7-year-old westy. she insisted on reading my new book, eleventh victim, before anybody else at home. abby and her family, susan, casey, chris and ralph never miss the program.
10:50 pm
thank you. tonight, cnn heroes. >> hello. i'm deepak chopra. for the past few years i've had the honor of serving on the honor of serving on the blue ribbon that selects the top 10 "cnn heroes." as a contributor to the global fund that sponsors projects that transforms communities around the world. i see just how much we all need heroes. i am thrilled to help introduce one of this year's top 10 heroes. >> it was the people trying to fit in your life. the children are supposed to have a proper upbringing, but this was far from normal. >> i'm a pilot and i fought for the orphanage.
10:51 pm
from the beginning we give them vaccination and food. we don't give them anything more valuable than a proper education. >> abcdefg ♪ >> very, very good. >> to teach them, just be who you are and help others and do it from your heart.
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10:54 pm
>> are what a week in america's courtrooms. take a look at the stories and the people who touched our lives. >> why a divorce now? >> we can't go anywhere without being questioned or people staring at us or anything like that. >> okay, so you are getting a divorce because people stare at you? i don't believe that for a minute. >> jon and kate plus eight. >> i would love to be mom and dad. we are not going to be mom and dad. >> you talk the talk and don't walk the walk. >> jon took $230,000 out of a joint could and claims he only
10:55 pm
took $22,000 out. >> a nurse and her 11-year-old girl attacked with a machete and a knife. >> steven and christopher are charged with murder. >> william marx and glover are charged with burglary and experience and armed robbery. prosecutors say all four of the suspects allegedly knew that the plan was to kill anyone who may be inside the road. >> there was someone following me and harassing me, telling me she was going to beat me. >> it's not believable. the car was going 80 miles an hour. >> i know, but i'm saying i don't think a prosecutor will believe me. >> it relates to the movies. >> let's stop and remember marine corporal jason carella on a second tour. he lost his life and wanted them to toast him with irish whiskey.
10:56 pm
he loved camping and dreamed of starting a family in alaska and being a state trooper. leaves grieving parents, brother josh, fiance beth, jason carella, american hero. our biggest thank you is to you. tonight at new york control room and from california friend, also known as ourdirector's mother. isn't she beautiful? the proof is in the pudding. that was barbara. all of your thoughts and prayers, i would like to report my mom is out of the report. she fell ill at church and i guess god answered her prayers. see you tomorrow night. until then, good night, friend.
10:57 pm
i'm a.j. hammer in new york. some of what we are covering for you at the top of the hour, famous for nothing. they take no prisoners, eye-opening special report. the brand-new hollywood stars who are famous for doing absolutely nothing. the kardashians, all the hills people. also loving the hollywood bad boys. dave letterman sleeping around and jon gosselin's womanizing and levi johnston for having a baby with sarah palin's teen daughter. why do women love the bad boys. will one be named the provocative celebrity of the week? we pick the most outrageous and controversial and provocative celebrity of the week. are models total freaks. a push to ban models from magazines.
10:58 pm
tv's most provocative entertainment news show at the top of the hour on hln.
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right now on "showbiz tonight." famous for nothing. tonight, a take no prisoners eye-opening showbiz special report. the brand-new hollywood stars who are famous for doing absolutely nothing. >> we have all of these no names who just go on reality television and all of a sudden, bam. they are famous. >> the kardashians and all the hills people. why do we care about them? should hollywood a-listers be scared of the d listers? "showbiz tonight" with the stars who are famous for nothing. loving the hollywood bad
11:01 pm
boy. david letterman's sleeping around. jon gosselin's alleged womanizing. even levi johnston has a career for having a baby with sarah palin's teen daughter. "showbiz tonight" asked, why do women love these bad boys? and the most outrageous, the most controversial. "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. 's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. an explosive special report. famous for nothing. we are not just talking about the levi johnstones and jon and kates of the world, but the kardashian sisters show up at the opening of a cupcake store
11:02 pm
in hollywood and we are there and just this morning, chloe kardashian said she is there at the table with the likes of oscar winner, whoopie goldberg. the award winning joy behar. i tell you, this is frightening. can i tell you the scary part of this whole thing? the worst may be yet to come as we reveal in this special report, famous for nothing. it used to be you had to know how to act or sing or have some sort of talent to be famous. now you have a lot of stars out there who are famous for, well, nothing at all. >> we have all of these no names who go on reality television and all of a sudden they are famous. >> jon gosselin dominated the news. >> i can't sit with someone i despise. >> i have a stack of bills i
11:03 pm
can't drop in the mail. >> all they did was reproduce, a lot, and break up. >> likewise the kardashian sisters are celebrity news makers despite the fact that their shows are not talent showcases. >> they really do absolutely nothing except for show up for events and fight on television. >> they say they make no apologies. >> we are who we are and if people don't like it, we are still that way. >> sorry a-listers. all the attention we used to give you is now being hogged by a core of reality show stars with no real talent. >> let's try to break into his voice mail. >> no shame. >> can you put your ego aside. >> i'm not the bigger person. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you hollywood is under siege from an invasion of the famous for nothing stars! there is little doubt who led the invasion of the famous for
11:04 pm
nothing. >> paris hilton. >> she showed the world how someone with no noticeable talent can crash hollywood celebrity clubs and it urn it into a business. >> heidi, will you marry me for real? the dream wedding. >> the stars of the hills have taken what paris hilton did to another level. >> with the hills, there is a madness created because we pretend these are ordinary girls in los angeles and they are getting paid to be on this show. >> the report said she found out how much the talent of the hills are pulling down for their work. we must warn you, some viewers might find this next part disturbing. >> he was receiving $125,000 per episode and the three close buddies each receive $100,000 per episode.
11:05 pm
spencer does not fare quite as well. he is newer to the show. he is at $65,000 an episode. >> heidi montag disputed the numbers, but it's to say the stars of the hills like paris hilton make tons of money. >> lauren conrad has a clothing line and there book deals and spencer and heidi have a book coming out. they get paid for showing up places and parties in vegas where it's like $25,000 to mill about for two hours and go home. >> that's a pattern the kardashians started to follow with the constant and lucrative presence on the party circuit and the hit reality shows. >> you really think you are responsible enough to have a baby. kim kardashian said what she thinks of hater who is say she's famous for nothing. >> hate is the new love, honey.
11:06 pm
that's all i can say. >> as stars like jon and kate have shown us, those who seek fame for nothing are risking privacy and even marriages. jo piazza said having fame without the talent to back it up can make your 15 minutes in the spotlight whiz by faster. >> they are completely replaceable. there thousands of families that step in the place of jon and kate plus fait they could reproduce as much or would step in the place of the kardashian fist they were willing to make jackasses of themselves on television. >> despite the risk and short shelf life, there is no shortage joining the famous for nothing club. so talented a-listers, you have been warned. the famous for nothings are here to stay. >> run for the hills! scratch that. run away from the hills!
11:07 pm
the famous for nothing stars are destroying hollywood as we know it. not with talent, but with -- no one really knows. "showbiz tonight" is declaring it's time to stop the insanity. joining me is an entertainment journalist from $5 cooper lawrence is the author of cult of celebrity. i have to start with the biggest famous for nothing stars. of course the kardashian sisters. the other day, there was chaos at a cub cake store opening in hollywood. not because everyone was excited to get a cub cake, but they were there. where did they come from and why do we care about them? help me. >> these girls are talented. they have a highly rated reality show. they are willing to put their lives out there. most importantly, they are masters of marketing. these girls know how to get
11:08 pm
prep. for the most part, sex tape aside that took place several years ago, they are clean, fun family. they are not boozing it up and getting drunk and you won't see the sisters rolling out of the club and stumbling and showing off their panties. this is good, clean entertainment. >> they are famous, but i don't get the talent part. if you are just throwing a camera up on someone and filming what goes on in their life, that is not talent-based. khloe earned enough star power with her talent to guest host this morning on "the view." that blew me away seeing her up there and she talked about carrying lakers basketball champion lamar odom after a month of knowing each other. >> my mom and bruce got married three months after they met and
11:09 pm
have been married 19 years and have 10 kids together. i can't explain it. my mom was supportive because she knows. i know it's crazy. >> it was crazy. she admits it. you wrote what was a best selling book, the cult of celebrity. why do we care about khloe kardashian getting married? >> it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with us. there was a study where they followed 1.3 million kids and found our levels of narcissim are higher than any before. what does a narcissist love more than to watch someone like them. people who are narcissistic believe they should just be famous and don't have to have a talent. you should want to watch me. they are living it is lives of these narcissists. if you are watching someone like this, you are taking notes and thinking they don't have a
11:10 pm
talent and i don't have a talent. they are famous and i should be famous. let me figure out how to do this. if they can do it, so can i. >> my head is going to explode. acting like the narcissists we are, it makes me feel like standing in a dressing room with mirrors on both sides. >> that's what it's like. >> in the famous for nothing club. the cast of the hills, you probably have seen them on tv. they make ridiculous amounts of money to live the high life and have it filmed on tv. per episode, lauren conrad was getting paid $125,000. krinist $90,000, highy and spencer, a combined total of $165,000. that is insane to me. good for them for cashing in, but they are making this money while there talented actors out of work making nothing. what am i missing?
11:11 pm
>> mtv, that's their highest rated television show. i think the network's history. they are making probably 10 times what their stars are making. in my opinion, i think they should be making more. think of how much the network is making. >> okay. >> you don't agree. >> here's what i would suggest. scratch them a check and send them off money if you think they should be making more. >> there is good reality shows and bad reality shows. don't dismiss it because it's reality. there shows that don't make it on the air. this is a successful running show. >> i thank you both. >> thank you. >> among the things i don't get, this is something. why do women love the bad boys. look at this guy. he drinks, smokes, sleeps around and he is married and the most popular man on the show. >> he cheats on his wife and
11:12 pm
supports her financially and treats most other women like dirt and women who watch the show love him. >> women also love david letterman. levi johnston. jon gosselin. what is so appeal being these guys? the debate over the bad boys. these bad boys are the nominees for "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. find out who we pick. the war against models. >> models are freaks of nature. i think it's unfortunate because they are called models because it suggests they are an aspirational ideal. >> did he say models are freaks? the push to get models off the pages of magazines. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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11:16 pm
take a look at this picture. look how thin this model is. the ad set off a raging war online with bloggers bashing ralph lauren to make the already thin model look even thinner. amazing. they have apologized, admitting that the photo shopping they did resulted in a distorted image. i can tell you because of freakish pictures like these, there is a big fashion magazine banning models from the covers. welcome back it "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. the raging new controversy. are models total freaks? "showbiz tonight" is taking you to germany where a women's magazine is banning models from its pamgs. some are calling models freaks of nature. from berlin, here is diana for "showbiz tonight." >> if you find all this a bit
11:17 pm
much and size zeros many sizes away, take heart and treat yourself to a pastry. at germany's top fashion magazine, they decided to ditch models in favor of what they call real women. >> fashion changed. nearly everybody is a trend setter today. michelle obama and all the musicians and girls who live in the big cities. i think you can see the designers aren't the only trend setter. >> no more models on the magazine's front covers or anywhere in sight. come january, it's real women only. women with jobs and their own life stories and bodies of all shapes and sizes. it lends another industry voice to after ever growing chorus who said super thin models can encourage eating disorders.
11:18 pm
many like the idea of a model-free magazine. just like you and me? it's brilliant. better than i thought. i have been waiting for this. >> i have a daughter and she only sees thin women, she will think the others are fat who aren't thin like that. it's a good decision. thumbs up for the women on the streets, but not likely. >> they credited people with common sense when they are looking at a magazine, they don't think i want to look like that. models are freaks of nature. i think maybe it's unfortunate they are called models because it suggests they are an ideal. >> they hope it's a strategy that will sell. a gamble and an industry where thin is still in. >> "showbiz tonight" has not just germany pushing for a healthy image.
11:19 pm
a group of politicians wants to create a law that wants to say if they have been photo shopped. the operators i think they look beautiful. even though we have been working them so hard getting to the calls about jon and kate. we have a call from claudia from hawaii who said jon is the who needs to be blamed for the mess. >> caller: jon is the one that created this mess. kate is always there, ready to work on their relationship, working on the house and working on the kids. jon is the one that is going through mid-life crisis, wanting to screw around. he started all of this, not kate. he's the 1 to blame. she is ready to work things out. >> we heard from rochelle from michigan. >> caller: i think is more to blame. what you see is reaction to kate's action. she is manipulating and he is
11:20 pm
acting to it. maybe not in the right format, but he is reacting to it. we have all seen how kate acts and this is just a reaction. >> you can call us to sound off on this or anything else. showbiz phone lines are open all the time. 888-sbt-buzz. you must stick around because it's friday and that means we're naming the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be david letterman, levi johnston and his posing nude or jon gosselin for being jon gosselin? brand-new after weeks at each other's throats, are jon and kate making peace? is there a truce? there may be hope for mideast peace if they can work it out. is tori spelling dangerously skinny. is she not eating because of her fight with her mom?
11:21 pm
the showbiz truth squad is on the case. here comes the "showbiz news ticker." more stories making news right now.
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>> you remember this? the couple that danced down the aisle to chris brown's forever. millions watched it online and the wedding party ended up on the "today" show and tonight, i can you they inspired a scene in jim and pam's wedding on the office. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." did you see this? the office has been one of my favorite shows on television and
11:25 pm
jim and pam got married on thursday night's episode and it was one of the best ever. they had a whacky bunch of characters. when the time came to start the wedding, they had to do something outrageous so office mates borrowed the moves where a real life minnesota couple danced down the aisle to chris brown's forever. watch how it went. ♪ pretty great. jim and pam knew their wedding would be full of chaos and they ran out and officially got married at niagara falls before it went down. i'm not ashamed to admit i got a
11:26 pm
little emotional. a big old snack down on the facebook page. look out if you are logging on. a lot of you are fired up about levi johnston. getting set to get naked possibly for play girl magazine. here are your posts. these are the ones we can put on tv. i cannot believe we live in a country where you are famous for getting someone pregnant. >> this is america and if he wants to show it off, why not? go for it, levi. you can follow us on twitter where we get you breaking news alerts. the showbiz lineup and bad boys and women go together like peanut butter and jelly. >> they have to out the ages yearning for the bad boy.
11:27 pm
>> why do women like david letterman? these bad boys are nominees for the most provocative celebrity of the week. who will take home the trophy. marge simpson poses for "playboy"? homer says woo-hoo! now the "showbiz news ticker." more stories making news right now.
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