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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 12, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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seismic developments in the search for little haleigh cummings. the world appears ato be crumbling around haleigh's stepmom ', misty. first she was kicked to the curb by her husband, ron. now she's getting the boot from her lawyer. why? plus, jon gosselin turns the tables on his wife, claiming he's not the only one sticking his hands in the family cookie jar. as these two sling mud over money, i've got to ask, what about the kids? are the walls finally closing in on misty cummings? she's about to lose her husband and her lawyer. ron cummings says he wants to divorce his teenaged bride. she, of course, was babysitting little haleigh the very night
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that haleigh vanished eight months ago. now misty's lawyer says he's also had enough, bye-bye. lawyer robert fields told misty not to do an interview on national television last week. she went ahead anyway and during that interview, made this out of the blue accusation on the cbs "early show." >> someone came and got her, obviously. i feel like it's on the other side of the family. that has her. that's just how i feel. >> oh, really? any proof? or was that just something she thought of off the top of her head? is she talking about haleigh cummings' mom, crystal sheffield, or somebody from ron cummings' side of the family? we don't know. misty didn't name anyone. she didn't get specific. it just sounds to me like this girl is desperate to put anybody else on the hot seat any way she can. her changing story has certainly made her the focus of the investigation all along, so here's a question tonight. can equusearch help ferret out
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the truth? word is one of their female volunteers has gone undercover, cozying up to misty. will she finally be able to get the real story from this girl? now back to my expert panel and investigative reporter art harris of the he's been on top of this story from the very start. what can you tell us about equusearch trying to get misty to open up and talk? >> it's fascinating. they set up the lie detector test she failed quote miserably so tim miller found a volunteer who befriended misty. i'm calling her the undercover mama misty never had. she took her to orlando, took her to get her nails down, her hair done. these were tastes of the outside world misty had never experienced. >> she had never had her nails done before? >> not like this. this is swampland. so here you are out there, you
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know, she's going on the road with this woman, wonderful woman who has taken her rnd her wing. she's going to church, talking to ronald on the phone and he's hanging up on her telling her not to come back. as you know, we have reported her ups and downs that week, two weeks ago. >> did this woman get anything out of misty? >> right. >> well, you know, she has been regularly talking to police. i understand she spoke with them today for two hours but it's unclear what she has told them. i'm told, though, jane, that there is some interesting information that could help. >> okay. well, we will have to wait and find out what that interesting information is, i guess. the volunteer was with misty, as you just heard, during -- this is totally crazy -- a bizarre road rage incident that occurred on their road show last week. brock was driving with misty in the passenger seat when another driver on the road got frightened and called 911. listen to this. >> they were hanging out of the window flipping me off, you know, telling me they're going to kill me, motioning as if they
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had a weapon in the car. you know, it turns out they didn't have one but they definitely wanted me to think they did. >> the lady is crazy and i don't know where she's coming up i said i was going to kill her. nothing happened like that. >> all right. so did cops handcuff and search misty and this newfound friend? police apparently -- go ahead. >> jane, this was -- there were some rumors that somebody flashed a gun but sheriff's deputies pulled them over, checked them, there was no gun found. they were allowed to leave. >> i got to go to tom ruskin. you're a former new york city detective, you're an investigator. how come cops can't get the truth out of this young lady, apparently, and do you think this scheme to have a woman befriend her and try to get her to open up is effective? >> yeah. the latter is definitely yes. you have nothing to lose by putting someone close to her and maybe she will confess. the more cops can talk to her, the more her story's going to change and the more they're
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going to be able to twist what she's saying against previous stories and maybe make her confess. insofar as what they found out in the past, be remember, she had a lawyer for awhile. now she doesn't have a lawyer. at the point where she lawyers up in the legal term of things, they can't question her anymore. >> misty's attorney dropped her hours after her appearance on a national tv show. he told misty do not do the interview, don't go on tv. she didn't listen to him. why was he so opposed to it? what was the danger? why don't lawyers like their clients to talk, mark eiglarsh, especially on the presumption they've got nothing to hide? >> because the fish that kept its mouth shut never got caught. i don't know if she's guilty or not but i tell my clients number one, you're going to follow what i'm going to tell you, okay, and they say yes. and i say number two, we will keep our mouths shut because in this country, the government, the state, they bear the burden of proof. you don't have to prove to society whether you're guilty or not. they're always going to believe you're guilty so just keep your
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mouth shut and you know what, i would have dropped her faster than she pulls out cigarettes. >> let me just say this, robin bond. there was a client of an attorney, robert blake, the famous actor from "baretta" who was urged not to do a tv interview, wound up being acquitted and the first thing he said was thank you to the interviewer, he said you got me off because you gave me the vehicle that enabled me to what i consider put on a dramatic tour de force performance tearing up and talking about his daughter. >> jane, i'll tell you one thing. >> she didn't have an opportunity to speak to misty. i can't believe she was on the cbs morning show and got to make a statement like i believe somebody else in the family did it. in fact, i know it. and nobody came back with a follow-up question. if she had been in front of you, you would have asked more questions. what did we get out of the interview except another
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innuendo? >> there is no evidence, no evidence that anyone on either side of the family had anything to do with this. >> of course not. >> police have ruled out anybody on crystal's side and anybody else. >> dr. reef karim, i want to talk about the addiction aspect of this. there have been widespread reports that misty was out partying and allegedly doing drugs. she have invited her on the show many a time. she hasn't disputed that. what role does addiction play in this child's disappearance? >> well, it's not shocking that there are all these inconsistencies in regards to just her overall thought process. if there is addiction involved. and also, there's a psychological relationship that a person has with their attorney, and not jiving or not responding to the attorney's advice, that's a big deal in regards to this case, especially when you're partially under suspicion. >> dr. reef, i will jump in here. because you know, i'm a recovering alcoholic. i talk about it all the time. i have talked to many recovering addicts. and i'm not calling her an addict. i'm not doing that.
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but hypothetically speaking, addicts lie. they lie big. and they are grandiose in their lies, we know that. when you consider some of the lies that drug addicts tell, it's absolutely astounding. they actually, and again, i'm not accusing her of being a drug addict. i have no idea. all we know is it's been reported that she was off with her friends doing drugs in the few days leading up to haleigh's disappearance. but i'm talking about drug addicts in general, hypothetically speaking, they lie. >> jane, i'll tell you one thing further. in all the hundreds of arrests that i've made in my career with the new york city police department, and in crimes that i actually witnessed people doing, not one person ever came into the precinct and said you're right, you got me, i'm giving myself up. never did it happen. >> the thing is -- >> even if this is addiction -- >> hold on. dr. reef, for one second, talk about the addict's capacity to lie. >> well, when you're an addict,
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you're doing things against societal norms. in order for any of us to just lead a day-to-day existence and be cheating and stealing ascorig and using and withdrawing, it's not normal for an every day person so you've got to lie, got to cheat, got to manipulate, got to steal sometimes, you've got to let people down, you've got to live with the guilt and the shame. deny it to yourself, deny all of the things that you're doing to yourself and to society. what happens is, that continues to almost hardwire in your brain. so that a treatment requires you not only to get off the drugs, that's the easy part in some cases. the harder part is to change all of those behaviors that were just hardwired into your system. >> let me jump in here because again, i invite misty on at any time or ron, for that matter, to tell their side of the story or misty's attorney if she gets another one. ron, you are the one who really
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delved into this case. what have we heard about her alleged drug use leading up to this? >> i can tell you three days before i spoke to three people who were with her, and it was a cornucopia of party drugs from rocksies, i didn't even know what they were, to cocaine, to pot, alcohol, and this was a bouillabaise of people reaching out to whatever was available. but afterwards, i spoke to the investigators who had to interview her and other people around her, and they told me that drugs were an issue because nobody could remember anything. >> okay. that's where we got to leave it. >> that's why she failed the polygraph, maybe. because she was impaired and she thinks she was responsible to some extent. >> up next, is missing california woman mitrice richardson suffering from mental illness? her dad weighs in. then the war of words between jon and kate gosselin, you will not believe how ugly it has gotten. those poor eight kids stuck in the middle of this real sewer.
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it's enough to make you scream. are you as outraged as i am? give me a call. 1-877-jvm-says. 1-877-586-7297.
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today's winner, ronnie f. from buffalo, new york. what a story.
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ronnie's mom died when she was just 12. that's when her truck driver papa started giving her energy pills so she could go to school all day and work all night. by the time she was 18, ronnie says she was a full-blown meth addict taking 40 pills a day just to function. she quit cold turkey when she found out she was pregnant at the age of 20. she has been clean for almost 40 years. 40 years. ronnie, for sharing your courageous story, you are going to be getting an autographed copy can of my new book "i want" plus a chance to win a trip to new york and visit me on the set of "issues." i promise you, girl, we're showing going to show you a good time on the set of "issues." as things get uglier between jon and kate gosselin, their kids start acting out. i will take your calls on that, but first, "top of the block" tonight. an update on missing california woman mitrice richardson. family and friends gathered saturday in malibu outside the sheriff's office where mitrice was last seen.
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it's been nearly a month since her arrest and mysterious disappearance later that night. her dad who organized the rally says his daughter may be suffering from mental illness. >> what i think happened to her is she just had a meltdown. i think she just set a bar so high that was intangible for her at this time. i think she personally had a meltdown but i want her to know that i don't care. i want you home. >> a desperate plea from a loving and caring dad. but is it enough to bring that woman, mitrice, home? what if she's hiding, living in fear of being rejected because of a battle with drug addiction, perhaps? they found pot in her car. and what about the mere fact that cops just let her walk out of jail in the middle of the night with nobody to pick her up? if she was a celebrity in malibu, mitrice richardson would probably not be missing right now. whatever. whatever the case may be, let's hope she's safe and returns home soon and that is tonight's "top of the block."
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just when you thought this messy public divorce couldn't get any dirtier, jon gosselin spouting explosive new accusations. he is firing back against kate's claim that he took their joint checking account to the cleaner's. kate tearfully accused jon of leaving her broke on nbc's "today" show. >> i was afraid. he was literally buying erratic purchases, randomly purchasing things, and i'm sorry. the last thing i wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay my bills. he took $230,000 of the $231,000 that we have liquid and i have a stack of bills in my purse i can't drop in the mail. >> but the "insider" reports that new court papers filed by jon say you lie. that's right. jon claims kate is full of it. that she secretly stashed a
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million bucks, a million bucks, and jon alleges kate took more than $100,000 out of their joint checking account. you need a score card to keep track of this nonsense. he wants it put back or he wants her held in contempt of court. now, kate's not taking that lying down. here we go, in between media appearances, she has filed for spousal support and child support. what? isn't she the one with the job? now that they're calling it "kate plus eight" and booting jon? the two will hammer it out in court tomorrow. and how are jon and kate's plus eights coping? new reports from "us" magazine claim the gosselin kids are distraught, confused and acting out. can you really blame them? come on. i'm distraught, confused and acting out just listening to all this nonsense. straight out to my expert panel. we are so delighted to have with us as well mike walters, assignment manager at tmz. right off the bat, i am wondering, why is kate filing
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for spousal support from jon? isn't he the one who's out of a job? >> yeah. legal positioning. this is unbelievable. not only does she have several books and making a lot of money, and we don't know if she's stashed money or not but she did make a lot of money. the other thing is after listening to the clip, i know i've read the documents, they both put $7500 into an account together to pay for the bills. $15,000 a month is plenty to pay 'your bills. so you're not left in the cold with your children so to speak, which is b.s. but here's the thing. the reality is both of them, it's he said/she said. i think the reason jon gosselin's getting the bad end of it on this one is because he has bad advice from bad people. kate's got tlc, huge pit bull lawyers. jon, not so much. >> jon's got a lot of girlfriends. he's taking advice from his girlfriend. who's the daughter of his ex- -- soon to be ex-wife's tummy tuck surgeon. oh, my god. seriously. >> they're going to go to court tomorrow.
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what it's going to come down to is each of them will bring the documents, the bank statements, who took what is black and white with banks. nou that. i know that. we'll see who took what and they'll decide and put the money back in the account. the judge will be very easy and they'll go putaccount. it will be skre easy, the judge will go put it back in, whoever did it, kate and jon. >> tl krechlt announced they're dropping jon and renaming the show "kate plus eight." but jon said no way. he posted this sign outside and halted production. he said he doesn't want his kids being filmed. listen to this. >> i'm asking you not to be on the show, and i'm asking my children not to be on the show. i haen mean, i don't want them to film anymore. i don't think it's healthy for them. and the reason i don't think it's healthy for them is we're going through diefrs right now and i don't think it should be televised and i think my kids should be taken off the show. >> sorry, we don't buy it because he had them on for five seasons, right? >> and they were never healthy to start with. >> jane, when i say hypo, you
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say crite. when the money runs out, all of a sudden he gets a conscience. >> we'll be right back. we've got so much more on this nut nuttiness.
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i would love to be mom and dad. we're not going to be husband and wife -- >> hey, you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk. you can't -- >> actions speak louder than words. >> go out with one 20-year-old after the next while she's at home with the children and say you want to work it out. that's not working it out, jon gosselin. >> way to go, nancy. giving it to jon on "the insider." here is my big issue tonight. does reality tv attract characters whose personalities are a toxic combination of narcissism and grandiosity? jon and kate, are they the perfect example? this divorce getting uglier and uglier. even before the big break-up, they were screaming at each other on their tlc reality show. listen to this.
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>> white sandals. >> no. i'm saying flip-flops. just let them wear what they want to wear so i don't have to hear it all day. >> what, so we lose their shoes and then they have nothing to wear? >> lose their shoes. >> i have enough to keep track of. this is what i'm saying. stand with me or stand against me on this. >> i'll talk in here. >> then you had ryan jenkins. he starred on the vh1 reality show that you're looking at here, "megan wants a millionaire." they pulled the show off the air after he allegedly brutally murdered and mutilated his model wife and then killed himself. even accused crooked politician rod blagojevich is now trying his hand at a reality tv show. new reports say he's going to be appearing on "the apprentice." dr. reef, is there a certain type of toxic person that is attracted to appearing on reality tv? >> yeah, you know, i've looked at the research on this, because i've written a couple articles on it -- >> there's research on this? >> yeah, there's research on this. there's research on television exposure to different personality types.
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and in looking at it, there's some people that it's called attachment theory. whereby you don't get what you need from your parents as your primary caregivers growing up, so developmentally you look for it later on in relationships. it's like if you have a chaotic childhood, you feel more comfortable with chaos in your adult life. so there are -- >> jane, i don't think that's what's going on. but that was -- >> hold on. >> hold on. there's a subgroup of people whereby they get attracted to it. however, there is also the reality show exposure that changes people, that gives people some type of subtype that they normally wouldn't have had except the exposure to the tv. >> it's like an addiction, it's progressive, it gets progressively worse. let me go to the phone lines. chris in ohio, your question or thoughts. >> caller: hi, jane. my mom and i just love you so much. >> thank you. >> caller: i just wanted to ask, why hasn't the court ordered a guardian ad litem or guardian ad
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litems for these kids? and why hasn't there been some kind of mediation? >> mark eiglarsh? >> you picked me and i couldn't hear the caller. >> why don't we have a guardian ad litem, somebody appointed by the court to watch out for the interests of these children? >> excellent yes. we should. and at a minimum someone should consider an intervention. these kids are being abused. they're not getting what they need from their parents. they're seeing them fight. they don't have a secure place to call home because it's in turmoil. someone should get involved. great question. >> all right. judge karen, ten seconds. final word. are these people just -- are they mean or are they nuts? >> this started off as the all-american family. i mean, this was like a great show. a lot of people didn't know who "jon & kate plus eight" was until they -- >> until they got a tv show. >> no, when the divorce start sd when it got nasty. i met a lot of people who said i never even watched that show. >> got to be tlaev right there. thank you, fantastic panel for
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joining me. remember, click on and preorder your copy of my new book "i want." dddddddd
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