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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 14, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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this event in my life 19 years ago was a tragic one, but today, 19 years later, i stand here and want you all to know that i am okay. >> she was eight years old, raped and left for dead. one woman fights back to see the day a suspect is found almost two decades later. how loved ones and dna led to this day. one small step for a health care bill, but perhaps one giant leap for health care reform. democrats finally get republican support in the form of one vote. which do you use, facebook, myspace, linked in? where you socialize could show how much you make. a study says one social network
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has far wealthier users than others, talking about hundred thousand dollar earn es. all on "morning express." first off, jaycee dugard adisappeared when she was 11 and had not been seen for 18 years and now, she's letting the world see her for the first time since she was found this summer. "people" magazine released this photo this morning. you see right here, dugard tells "people", quote, i am so happy to be back with my family, end quote. the two kidnapping suspects pleaded not guilty. first time we're seeing her in that picture. the health care reform bill crossed a major hurdle. the senate finance committee passed it and got one republican supporter. democrats have to blend it with a house committee version and make any changes they think will get enough votes to overcome opposition from republicans. it's a tall order certainly. republican supporter senator olympia snowe says the bill still needs some work. >> i believe in solving problems and trying to work through the
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legislative process to get it done. it's a monumental issue. it's very complex. it takes time. should take time. that's what the american people expect. we just got to give it the time and the patience that it deserves to work through the legislative process to get this -- get this to be in the best place for the best policy possible on such an issue that affects every american. >> that was the one republican vote on that bill. the president says the bill will not add to the deficit but republicans point out the congressional budget office also says the bill includes tax increases and a large portion of those will fall on individuals who make less than $200,000 a year and couples who make less than $250,000. some people in california are being warned to evacuate their homes. a huge storm pounded the state yesterday. that brought the danger of mudslides in areas like santa cruz where wildfires burned away the brush. more than six inches of rain fell on that area yesterday. >> yeah, kind of wondering if we
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were so lucky having our house saved from the fire, you know. this is another round of slow torture, so until the rains come tonight we'll see. >> i'm terrified. there's no way they control it even with the rails. >> still mother nature is giving us a one-two punch here. going south in california, a little bit, a dust storm causing a deadly 11-vehicle wreck, killing three people. the storm made it impossible for drivers on interstate 5 to see where they were going at the time. the h1n1 flu is affecting more healthy people than first thought. new research from the cdc suggests nearly half the people hospitalize wd the virus had no underlying conditions. some doctors are worried things could get worse. >> this is a winter virus. it spreads much more easily during the winter because the virus does better at lower temperatures and lower humidity. we can only expect more deaths.
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>> the cdc says for patients who did have a preexisting condition asthma is the most common. the government bought 250 doses of h1n1 vaccine and thinks there will be enough for anyone who wants it. so ford has issued the biggest recall in its history. we are talking 4 million older model fords. that's in addition to the 12 million already recalled because of a cruise control switch which can overheat, possibly causing a fire even with the engine off. federal safety officials say this is the eighth recall because of this problem. a list of the recalled cars on and the important websites section in case your car is one of those additional 4 million we're talking about. a woman waited years for the arrest of a man she says kidnapped and sexually assaulted her when she was just 8 years old. her throat was slashed, but that did not silence her. after police arrested a suspect yesterday, jennifer schuett thanked her boyfriend and police investigators who helped keep
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her case alive for all of those years. >> throughout this journey, i've had two main goals and they were to find the man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted and attempted to murder me 19 years ago so that he could not hurt anyone else, and to use my voice in telling my story to as many people as i possibly could over the years in hopes i may encourage other victims of violent crime to stand up and speak out against criminals. >> now jennifer there also says a man crept through her bedroom window back in 1990, she remembers waking up as a stranger carried her across a parking lot and she says that stranger told her he was an undercover cop and knew her family. you'll hear about the suspect and what led investigators to him. some amazing pieces of information there. plus, you're reacting on our facebook page on this incredible case.
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we'll share what you are saying in about five minutes. we've got good news for a delaware kid about to be sent to reform school over camping tools. zachary faces a three to five day suspension, after the local school board rewrote some of the rules. zachary brought a combination knife, fork and spoon to lunch, you see right there. pretty common. talking on the "cbs early show" before the school board made this decision. >> i definitely agree with them that they shouldn't bring dangerous weapons to school, but i shouldn't -- i don't think that the punishment should be this bad. >> that was zachary. he had been looking at 45 days at an alternative school for troublemakers. so a big change for him now. bob van dillen, we moved back west and if we go back three or four or five months you said richard, when we're looking at all these wildfires, it's
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going to be a problem later on. >> right. >> you're going to tell us about what some folks are concerned about in california. >> it's mudslides. burn away the vegetation, have dry conditions and it dumps about six inches of rain at one time you're setting the stage for problems. the rain continues to fall but the main energy source from yesterday is ashore and falling across apart the rocky mountains. it's going to rain anywhere from l.a. to seattle to the north. that's what we have. yesterday's rainfall totals, some of these totals over 6 inches. even san francisco, 2.64 inches of rainfall yesterday along with real gusty winds. what's going on? show you the radar picture, you can see showers, thunderstorms, basically northern half of california. san francisco still getting a chance of the rain. take you live to sfo area, here's what it looks like. you're getting the low clouds and there's the bay bridge looking gorgeous but the rain is going to be on and off today. winds not as bad. only gusting to about 30 miles
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per hour. yesterday, the golden gate, which is just to the left of that picture, can't eit, gusted at 63 mile per hour wind. that was unbelievable. 75-mile-per-hour wind gust at the airport at sfo. those are the winds. look at that, los ga toes, 87 miles per hour, oakland 58 mile per hour winds, that's severe. wasn't a thunderstorm, just the wind off the ocean and that's where we had all the problems. the rain is headed to the east, so is the wind. talk about that, richard, in about a half hour from now. >> plenty of rain in the south. >> that's the other concerned area. we've been talking about that all morning. >> keeping busy, bob. thank you so much. we told you yesterday about jon and kate going to court about money, a battle for the bucks. we've got more details now. they've been to court and there has been some more developments about the money. plus -- >> i never lock my doors and then he started in and everybody started locking up. he hit quite a few places around here. >> a teenager is accused of
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going on a crime spree in a small town, but no one can catch him and his adventures are turning him into a cult hero. put on a smile, my friends. the market could be hitting 10,000. it has been quite some time since we have seen that mark. what does that mean? jur 401(k) is looking a little better. we'll be watching the market for you.
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reality stars jon and kate gosselin are duke it out in court over cash. yesterday a judge ordered jon to give $180,000 back to his soon-to-be ex-wife by the end of the month. that's according to kate's lawyers. the judge also wants kate to account for a $55,000 she says she spent on household and child-related items. all right. since we're talking about money who hasn't dreamed of winning the lottery. there's a chance the prizes could get bigger.
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the people who run the mega millions and powerball games will launch a national lottery next fall. the jackpots could surpass the all-time record in the u.s., which is $390 million. tickets will be sold for 2 bucks or 5 bucks. also a deal has been reached in principle for lottery cross selling. powerball tickets to be sold in mega millions states and visser va. a great chance there. what color is your car? according to ford color preference varies from city to city. new york is ford's top market for black vehicles. blue is big in philadelphia. boston goes for green. celtics color i guess. san francisco, they like silver. ford's top market for -- that's where the ford top market is for that color and white big in phoenix maybe because white reflects heat because it can get hot in that part of the country. a woman says a stranger kidnapped her from her bedroom, sexually assaulted her and left
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her for dead in a field when she was just 8. jennifer schuett waited years but no one was arrested until yesterday. investigators say new dna testing led them to dennis earl bradford. court papers show he lived just two miles from her in 1990. bradford was convicted of kidnapping a woman in 197, as well. the fbi says he lives in arkansas with his wife and two kids right now. now, you have been talking about this case on our facebook page. we want to share some of your comments. tina m, you say, jennifer, thank you for standing up to the monster who took you when you were 8. you are an inspiration to all of us and your bravery should be commended. god bless. and then there's written k. you say jennifer is the epitome of resilience, has taken a tragic experience and used it to help other young women. those are a couple of the comments from facebook. if you want to see that page,
10:14 am, the link is there for you to add to that conversation. celebrities now have a way to retaliate against paparazzi. how a new law could make some photographers the target. and if you use myspace or facebook, listen up. what it could say about your life and how much you make, maybe.
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some teens suspected of setting a 15-year-old on fire were laughing about it. that's according to the sheriff in broward county, florida. two more teenagers were arrested yesterday in this case. the sheriff says they prevented michael brewer from leaving the confrontation. three others arrested are suspected of carrying out this attack. brewer's family says he's in critical condition and will be in the hospital for five months.
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if you habitually logon to facebook or twitter there's a good chance you have more money than people who use myspace. a nielsen study came to that conclusion and found 38% of linked in users earn more than $100,000 a year. rafer, where are you socialized on-line depends on how much money you make? >> i socialize with the tin can and string. that's mine. >> hello. is what you do. >> pretty much. >> your on-line socializing. rush limbaugh's bid to buy an nfl team is running into opposition from the league itself. players' union is what you're talking about before. >> now we're talking about actual owners of the team. this is significant because regardless of whatever deal they have, the team would need to -- the league would have to approve the sale. so first, nfl commissioner roger goodell blasted limbaugh's past comments calling them, quote, divisive and having no place in the nfl. you may remember limbaugh
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stepped down as an nfl commentator after he said eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. colts owner jim irsay would not vote in favor of limbaugh buying into the league. limbaugh says he's a victim of fabricated quotes and would only be a minor owner. tailback stefan johnson is expected to goalgo home today after he dropped a 270 pound weight bar on his neck crushing his larynx. he's expected to make a full recovery. we don't know if he's going to play for usc but players will wear a patch saying usc fight on when they play notre dame this saturday. a case of sour grapes or fermented one. australian golfer allenby attacked anthony kim after kim beat him in the president's cup. kw"
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"golf week said allenby called him a loose cannon after he got back to his hotel sideways after the sunday match. meaning he had been out having fun. kim denies it. either way, he schooled him on the golf course the next day. don't be hating on anthony kim. seattle seahawks shared a nice moment with troops who are fans of the team. several players visited with soldiers from the washington national guard while playing video games in real-time on-line with soldiers that were stationed overseas. very, very good. here's the irony the soldiers were stationed in qatar and they played guitar hero. i'm serious. the latest star that could buy a piece of the miami dolphins in the next half hour. >> that was good. >> it's true. >> it worked. we've learned that the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl in 1990 just waived extradition in court this morning. the fbi says dennis earl bradford could be in texas as
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early as tonight as a result of that waiving of extradition rights. jennifer schuett waited 19 years for the arrest in this. she says she was kidnapped from her bedroom and left for dead in a field in texas. bradded for was arrested in arkansas yesterday. here's a treat both for your eyes and your taste buds. last night french designers showed off some dresses with chocolate in them. the show kicked off a chocolate trade show that begins today. some truffles there for you if you want to sing and have some chocolate at the same time. fashion designers and chocolate makers worked together to create these dresses. the models included opera singers, actresses as well and some tv personalities too. >> something else i'll probably have to try and buy for my wife. >> if she likes chocolates. a painting bought for about $20,000 at an art action two years ago may be an uncovered work. a forensic expert says a fingerprint on the painting may prove this is the first major
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work from da vinci discovered in about one century. if it is, the painting may now be worth $150 million. last sale in the tens of thousands. three defendants convicted of raping a woman and beating her son got life in prison and one of the convict's brothers had to be dragged from the courtroom. he yelled "what are you doing to my brother" they were juveniles at the time of the crime. they were also convicted of dousing the victims in chemicals. a fourth defendant will be sentenced in december. what would you do if someone promised to pay for your shopping spree? one woman showed up in this store and told shoppers, knock yourselves out. but it was too good to be true.
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more healthy people are getting the h1n1 flu than previously thought. the cdc reports nearly half of patients hospitalized with the virus had no underlying conditions. now the agency also says for patients who did have a preexisting condition, asthma is the most common. new this morning a first chance to see a woman who is kidnapped 18 years ago right here you see, this morning, releasing the photo of jaycee dugard. a family spokesperson says dugard allowed the photo as a way to thank everyone for their support. there she is. today we reached a critical milestone in our effort to reform our health care system.
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>> that milestone is the passage of a health care reform bill. democrats have to blend it now with competing versions and make any changes they think will help it get enough votes to overcome opposition from republicans. some of the stories we're watching on this wednesday. hope you're having a great day. to a drive-by shooting in broad daylight that killed two teenagers. three more were wounded in this. happened yesterday on because busy city street in washington, d.c. police say hundreds might have seen the shooting and police think it had something to do with an ongoing neighborhood feud. >> it's time for this kind of drive through a neighborhood and open fire on people standing outside to stop. and we're already getting calls in from people who want this to stop. >> police are looking for a black suv with tinted windows. they're hoping more witnesses will come forward with information. president obama is holding a
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top-level meeting right now with key administration officials to discuss future strategy in afghanistan. this is the fifth time a meeting like this has taken place. recent recently. the president says he will make his decision in the coming weeks. the u.s. commander in afghanistan asked the president to send as many as 40,000 u.s. troops. a lot of folks will be waiting for that decision. a girl that ran away from home after she converted from islam to christianity will have to return to her home state of ohio. a judge in florida said the teen will be put with child welfare officials while a judge in ohio takes over the case. the girl says her father threatened to kill her for changing religion and he denies those accusations. we've got brand new details now about a deadly incident at an arizona sweat lodge that happened last week. the self-help author who ran the retreat spoke out for the first time yesterday in a speech to supporters. james arthur ray said he lost people he loved and cared about. he says he's hired his own
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investigators, people who were there say ray got pretty emotional. >> once he came on the stage, you could tell he was visibly very upset. he cried and that's the first thing he basically acknowledged, that this is what happened, you know. really appreciative of the people able to show up for support. >> two people died after passing out in what's basically a large sauna used for cleansing rituals. at least 19 others were injured. sheriffs are investigating whether there was criminal negligence in this. happening in florida, the space shuttle "atlantis" is being rolled out from its hangar. the 3 1/2 mile trek is expected to last about six hours. "atlantis" you might see there in the background is scheduled to head to the international space station next month. starting friday people on twitter can sign up to go to kennedy space center to see the launch in person. bob, this thing moves slowly. it's like one and a half miles an hour. >> i think it's one and a half or two.
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it's in between there. >> people walk about three, three and a half miles per hour. this is slow. >> it is. it has to be. they're going to light that puppy up november 12th. >> will the weather be good? is the weather good right now? >> some areas no. clearly not. let me show you what i'm talking about. the west coast earlier. let me show you the east coast traveling out here today, rain, heavy stuff has moved away from atlanta but there's another batch and that's basically around the warm front trying to get up to the north. not doing a very good job. i don't think it's going to get much farther up than macon but the cold front and warm front will produce more showers for the next couple days. heaviest rain pull away from the panhandle of florida. also we're watching the atlanta radar picture right now. the airport is right about here. we're looking at more rain coming in. we have a 15 minute delay at hartsfield jackson that will most likely get extended. still have that flash flood warning for the metro atlanta, metro portions around birmingham, right here around northern louisiana and texas with all the rain that's already
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fallen. another batch of rain, that's just a weak impulse but look at the rain that's generating by fort wayne, indiana. ze rog towards the indianapolis radar picture and most of the stuff toward your north. like this morning it's going to move due east over the city and get into the rest of the ohio valley later today, stretches towards western pennsylvania, west virginia, also towards the mid-atlantic by the overnight hours. west coast storm, another look at it real quick. all the blouse, the rain from northern california to l.a. live to los angeles, reporting light rain showers around central parts of l.a. high only in the 50s. you see what it looks like. rain showers and gusty winds once again. more on that in a little bit. four-mile visibility at l.a.x. >> thanks a lot, bob. an 8-year-old girl was attacked and left for dead. this is an amazing story. and now almost 20 years later, two decades later, there's an arrest in this case. you have to hear how she fought and fought to keep her case alive.
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we've learned the man accused in a cold case from 1990 waived an extradition hearing this morning. the fbi says dennis earl bradford, therefore, could be in texas as early as tonight because he waived that extradition. he's accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting jennifer schuett when she was 8. she says she was kidnapped from her bedroom and left for dead in a field in texas. the picture on the right is when she was in second grade and the left is today. bradford was arrested in arkansas yesterday. here's her stunning reaction by the way from jennifer. >> i hope that my case will remain as a reminder to all victims of violent crime to never give up hope in seeking justice, no matter how long it may take or how hard it may be.
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with determination and by using your voice to speak out, you're capable of anything. >> now, jennifer's throat and voice box were slashed in that attack. she says doctors said she'd never talk again, but she recovered her voice, she believes, so she can tell her story. she has a website for her case hoping victims of violent crimes will speak out as well. when jennifer's clothes and a man's underwear were tested in 1990 samles were not large enough for conclusive results at the time in her case. that has changed. today's fbi labs only require a dna sample smaller than a grain of sand. robots are now used to automate tasks in fbi labs. they could work on hundreds of tests in a day, if not hours. it could take years for human beings to do that many. could this be the day that the dow hits 10,000 for the first time in more than year. we've been watching that in the
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lower right-hand corner of your screen. right now we're at 9958. we are only 40 points away from hitting that all mighty 10,000. investigators are optimistic after seeing upbeat earnings from jp morgan chase and intel. that's good based on the situation we've seen since the financial collapse in recent months. while retail sells fell more than 1% it was a little better than economists were expecting. you can watch it with us in the lower right-hand corner. you might get a crack at that $8,000 home buyer tax credit even if you're not a first-time buyer. a vote is expected soon in congress on a proposal to make it available to all but the wealthiest. may be increasing that credit to $15,000. without an extension of the credit some say home prices could plunge further than they have already. the guy who brought you those fancy vacuums is showing
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off a cool looking fan that works with no blades at all. here it is. that's james dyson behind his fan in the middle of the circle. he calls it an air multiplier. it draws air into the base and forces the air out through the ring. now it costs $300. for that, you can buy an air conditioner, by the way. an air conditioner. chuck roberts is here. that guy dyson works on so many things. >> he's creative. he's great. >> doesn't run out of ideas at all. >> no batteries either. >> exactly. earlier we were telling you about the arrest of teen suspects accused of setting a 15-year-old on fire and then laughing about it. chuck roberts, we learned about the detail of them laughing about it today. folks are asking what has the world come to. >> the sheriff in broward county was asking too. we were in the newsroom and he got emotional about it. let's play a clip from that. >> unfortunately, it doesn't reflect very well on our community or on our society. you know, when we were in school, we might have had fights
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out in the schoolyard, but nobody ever thought of stabbing anyone or shooting anyone or setting them on fire. but that's where we are today unfortunately. i can't tell you -- >> this kid is going to be, you know, suffering the rest of his life. are kids more violent today or have kids always been this violent and it's being reported more often? that's our question. what's changed? what can be done? what do you think about this? there's that drive-by shooting, two teens killed in d.c. this morning or yesterday. the daren albert killing. it's awful. just because people are walking around with cameras or is there something different in our culture? we hope to get your thoughts. we would love to get your thoughts. toll free 877-835-5456. my facebook page. e-mail us at or comment on twitter, facebook. we're all over it. hope to hear from you today on this really important topic. >> and that kid that was set on fire, people laughed about it, just tattling? >> yeah.
10:43 am
apparently he was trying to stop kids from stealing his dad's bicycle and snitched on them. set him on fire? >> yeah. like you said, your views. chuck will cover that in an hour and 15 minutes. that's going to be very interesting comments. can you find love at about 30,000 feet? air new zealand held the first match making flight where singles got to mingle on board. passengers were treated to a pre-flight party and had icebreaker games too and a dance from the flight crew. this wasn't exactly a blind date, by the way. people were able it to post their profiles on a website before the flight. i just want to sleep on those flights. some air force members will walk more than 800 miles for their fallen comrades. they're walking from texas to florida to raise awareness for fallen troops. here they are in louisiana. they have support vehicles going with them along the way so they can take turns in walking. their destination is fort walton
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beach and they hope to arrive there friday. >> an elementary school is a pretty unusual place for a protest. that's exactly what happened in these pictures you see here. how it was sparked by a song about president obama.
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you need to see video of four accused drug traffickers apparently getting caught in the ocean. the mexican navy says the u.s. navy spotted them and the men started throwing packages overboard, set the boat on fire and jumped in the water. it says it found more than a thousand pounds of cocaine on the boat. the suspects are in custody in mexico. it was a nice boat. people protested outside an elementary school where kids sang a song praising president obama. >> shame on you! >> kids were in class during the protest monday. most protesters were not school parents. second graders performed the song about obama as part of an assembly last february. critics call it indoctrination but not everyone thinks it was a political message. >> schools should be teaching
10:47 am
reading, writing and arithmetic and not providing a political message. >> it was a man who has made history. that's not indoctrine nating anybody. the kids put on a play. . >> [ inaudible ]. make his family strong again. >> okay. that youtube video you see shows part of the song that the protest was made about. the school board says it was in no way political and the lyrics were sent home to the parents ahead of time. now is your chance to get a piece of country music history, stuff from johnny cash's tennessee cabin going up for auction. the items include cash's pool table and custom made furniture. >> hopefully it will generate a lot of interest and the bottom line will be a lot of money that we'll be able to fuel and put into our mission. >> if you would like some of the stuff, might want to bid on it,
10:48 am
go to on-line the stuff should be up in the next couple of weeks. a u.s. soccer player was injured in a car crash that was fatal for another person. rafer weigel has the details on that for us. what do you got. >> a scary situation, richard. everything we're learning about it is this young man is lucky to be alive. u.s. stricker charlie davies he is in serious but stable condition after suffering several broken bones and a lacerated bladder after a car crash on a virginia highway. a woman in the car did not survive. the accident happened about 3:15 in the morning on tuesday. coach bob bradley broke the news to his players that took it pretty hard. davies was a starter for team usa. it's unlikely he will be playing in next year's world cup. lance armstrong is responding to another investigation from the french. here we go again. this time federal prosecutors say they've launched an investigation into several teams from this year's tour after
10:49 am
medical equipment collected from teams contained, quote, suspicious material. the french newspaper said lance's former team is one of those teams. prosecutors deny that report and are not targeting anybody specific. the team says they have nothing to hide. lance tweeted ssdd. standing for same stuff different day. richard, if it's true, the french have a single white female obsession with lance armstrong. 1,000 pound stolen statute of thurman thomas that disappeared outside of ralph wilson stadium turned up in canada. an ontario man called orchard park police and said he rescued it from vandals trying to burn it. how does that get across the border? how did that -- what you got in the back there? what's that about? he said he put it on a flatbed truck. the statute weighs a half ton. not buying any of it. fergie could become the latest star to coown the miami dolphins. talk about bringing sexy back to the team. other owners have approved her
10:50 am
buying in. the dolphins have brought in celebs like mark anthony, gloria estefan and tennis stars venus and serena williams. that is a look at sports. a lot of stars buying into the team. not working out williams. maybe he could be part of the miami dolphins. >> what's that aboot? thank you, rifr, good stuff today. a couple had it out on "dancing with the stars." >> ultimate fighting champ chuck waddell and his partner were eliminated from the competition you're seeing here, and that's, of course, "dancing with the stars." this happened because one of the judges told waddell, you bring carnage and mayhem to everything you do. our hollywood a-listers just in. joy behar got an idea of what
10:51 am
wonder woman linda carter thinks about it last night. >> today's actresses are built like boys, i think, a lot of them. they come on my other show, "the view," and they look so thin, they look like they were raised with veal, like in a corral, where they stopped eating for years and just didn't grow. >> yeah, they are. i think it's basically unhealthy, and i went through my really unhealthy period as soon as i was the wonder woman. i was on the set all the time and didn't eat. when you stop that kind of behavior, you're like -- >> you blow up. >> catch "the joy behar show" right here at hln. it's been 400 years since galileo made his first selestial observations using a telescope that he made.
10:52 am
you might recall galileo said the earth resolved around the sun. the church condemned him and said the earth was the center of the universe. why supermodel christie bri brinkley's fourth husband say they're finally putting their marital spat to rest.
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what is the most provocative entertainment on television. it is ""showbiz tonight"." it's next, so stay tuned. right now on "showbiz tonight," the brand new jon and kate court smackdown. just today, jon and kate battle it out in court over money. tonight, "showbiz tonight" reveals what was decided and why the judge is absolutely furious with them. plus, we asked the controversial question -- should kate pay jon spousal support? the dave letterman intern shocker. tonight, is a big-time university making changes to its
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intern program because letterman slept with his former intern? >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. plus, as jimmy kimmel admits, he's dating a co-worker. the stunning results of our "showbiz tonight" poll, is it ever okay to sleep with your boss? and the outrageous new barbie controversy. is barbie really being replaced because her ankles are too fat? tv's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight, the brand new jon and kate showdown. they went head-to-head facing off in front of a judge and at the center of today's big battle, money and lots of it. kate says jon took $230,000 and
11:02 am
jon says kate may be hiding as much as a million dollars from him. tonight, i can tell you the judge in this bitter case is not happy with either of them, even scolding them for letting this fight get so messy. and in a late-breaking development, jon was reportedly ordered to return $180,000 to the family bank account. this money madness has only just started and these big, brand new fireworks making for big news breaking. the biggest custody battle going right now. ex-couple and celebrity parents, jon gosselin and kate gosselin met in court in pennsylvania for a tense faceoff. an angry jon says he's the rightful guardian and a tearful kate says that she is. >> obviously, i'm very upset. i can't sleep at night. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you jon and kate's custody battle is nasty, epic and no
11:03 am
holds barred. but this custody fight is not over their eight kids. no. today's big court showdown is over who has custody of the money! >> this divorce is getting really nasty. >> it's gosselin versus gosselin in "not without my money." >> it seems like the jon and kate story has reached a new low. >> in this tmz video we see kate and jon arriving in court for their faceoff which began when i kata kusd john of looting their joint account of more than $200,000. >> the judge ruled jon is to put back $180,000 that he took out. >> mike walters tells us that jon's been ordered to return a bunch of money to the accounts and that today, the judge smacked him down. >> he said that basically it was taken, and if it's not there by november 6, he will have to face
11:04 am
contempt proceedings. >> but he says kate has to answer for her financial dealings, too. >> they said that kate took $55,000 out of that account also, but she's to provide accounting to the court on the same date to show what she spent it on. >> everyone was tight-lipped as they left court. all jon wanted to talk about was the world series. >> the phillies will win the series. >> as a philly fan i don't know if we necessarily want jon on our side. >> kate's accusation that jon was looting their account has put the divorce in superbitter territory. in a tearful today's show appearance, she says jon's financial shenanigans was hurting their kids. >> the last thing i wanted to do was do this show and not be able to pay my bills. >> but jon says he took out far less than the $230,000 that kate claimed and the money he took out was his salary from the reality show "jon & kate plus eight" which he says has helped
11:05 am
earned the family over $2 million over the last two years. >> fame and fortune has hurt not only their marriage, but it's really taken a toll on both of them psychologically. >> that's far from their only fight. jon is trying to pull the plug on the gosselin's reality show saying it's harmful to the kids. while kate has teamed up with tlc to fight jon to keep the show going without him as kate plus eight. >> it's not just a family breaking up. it's the breakup of a corporation. >> we're told that jon and kate's big custody fight over money is a long way from the everyday parents they were when we first saw them. >> we're talking six-figure salaries. hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank accounts. not every american family can relate to that and it makes them seem very unrelatable and also, kind of nasty. >> and after today's big court fight, both sides were claiming victory.
11:06 am
kate gosselin tells "showbiz tonight," as difficult as this has been for me, i'm pleased the court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. >> and jon gosselin's attorney tells "showbiz tonight," we were very happy with the outcome of the court proceedings and the arbitration and we're hopeful that there will soon be a resolution. what are the chances of a jon and kate resolution? >> zero chance of that happening. >> it looks "jon and kate's "not without my money"" battle will continue to be a very public performance. >> i'm having a hard time believing that jon or kate can keep their fight private but tonight it looks like they have big reasons to start. in light of the latest breaking developments, "showbiz tonight" needs to know, is the judge right? is it time for jon and kate to step out of the limelight and get a grip and, i don't know, grow up? and the david letterman backlash rages on.
11:07 am
a professor from a major university steps up and says he promises to protect the interns from letterman. is it okay to date your boss? you won't believe the results of our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. joining me tonight in new york, there she is, jane va lez mitchell, the host of "the jane va lez mitchell show." jon and kate meet with the judge to discuss their financial woes and jon's told by the judge, put that $180,000 back in the bank account. that's a big deal. that means that the judge really believes that jon took the money and he wasn't supposed to. jane, i begin with you. given jon's track record, i'm thinking, jon is freaking out right about now that he's got to come up with 180 large. >> i think it's very, very likely he's freaking out thinking, how am i going to come up with this money because i spent it? take a look at his lifestyle.
11:08 am
he has two fancy cars, a bmw and mercedes. we watched him shop for his bachelor pad. that's got to cost a lot of money. he goes over the pond and is hanging out at lifestyle of the rich and famous with young women. champagne. all that costs money. it doesn't take that much to burn through 180 clams these days and if he has, how will he come up with the money? he doesn't have a job right now. this is wild. >> maybe we'll see him at a shack selling clams before too long. here's the other big development. a judge asked them -- and this is my favorite thing to come out of the court hearing -- please, please, keep your business out of the limelight. keep your divorce, as the judge put it, private and amicable. carlos, do you think they have it in them to keep things chilled and civil? i do not.
11:09 am
>> jon had a tie on proving that anything is possible. there's no way they can keep quiet. they haven't kept quiet the entire time. one side will say something. then he'll respond with his own statement and the bottom line is, if most relevant thing that came out of court is jon predicted the phillies to win. being here in los angeles, jon, you didn't do too well with your last handling of nine people. i don't think the phillies want you on their side, seriously. >> well, another development crazier than jon wearing a tie, jon gosselin getting divorce advice from a pretty unlikely source, if you ask me. lindsay lohan's dad, michael. why in the world would jon, let alone anybody, team up with this dad when he's already under such scrutiny? we'll tackle that provocative question later on "showbiz tonight." but first, this explosive development in the david letterman's sex scandal. top leaders are vowing to do everything in their power to protect their interns from the likes of dave letterman.
11:10 am
here's what a representative told tmz. due to recent circumstances, we will have a discussion with those in charge of placing our interns at the david letterman show in the future. we will difficult jenltly oh see this hardship out of harm's way. is this a bunch of unnecessa unnecessary -- >> i think it's a great idea and they need to tell these interns before they walk into these situations what their rights are. what the sexual harassment laws are that exist. how they can respond to something inappropriate because, let's face it, the casting couch is as old as show because itself but today there's a lot less tolerance for it. let's say, for example, a tv producer interviews an intern and at the end of the interview says, let's consider this our first date, wink, wink. what do they do? you know why i use that example?
11:11 am
that happened to me many, many years ago. >> a university official tells "showbiz tonight," it's not the official stance of the university. this was a rogue professor that made this statement. the fact that it came up really shows how the whole letterman scandal struck such a major chord all across the nation. >> and it's something coming to light and maybe the whole david letterman thing brings it to the forefront where you have interns in a situation where they feel intimidated and in order to get ahead they'll agree to something they shouldn't agree to. i can't speak about this because the interns here at "extra" are not allowed to talk to me. >> letterman is not the only one feeling the heat. jimmy kimmel came clean that he's been dating a writer on the show. our "showbiz tonight" question. jimmy kimmel, dating a staffer. is there anything wrong with dating the boss? jane, carlos, stay right where
11:12 am
you are. the unbelievable results coming up next. but first, oh, no! oprah winfrey getting grilled about dr. phil in the middle of a live broadcast? this was totally awkward. i'll show you this incredible tape. and poor jessica simpson. she loses her dog to a coyote. it happened right before her eyes. and now, people are still going after her by reporting fake sightings of her precious little dog. i got to ask, why the heck are people being so mean to jessica? this is "sh"showbiz tonight on hln. time for our showbiz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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the creepy stuff was that i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. now, my response to that is, yes, i have. >> maybe some people think it's funny. tonight the explosive brand new debate. is it okay for a boss to sleep with an employee? david laterman did it. jimmy kimmel does it. is it the right thing to do? tonight, is it okay to date the boss? david letterman thinks it is and so does late-night show host jimmy kimmel. they both confessed to having office romances. we want to know, is it a big deal? we have jane valez mitchell here. in hollywood, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." you must see the results of our wild "showbiz tonight" question of the day.
11:17 am
>> we asked this on air and on line. these are the results. 44 said yes, and 56% said no, it's not a big deal. there's been so much raging debate on this issue since the letterman scandal broke. are you surprised so many people think it's okay? >> no. it's very common today to have a relationship with somebody at work and for women it can be a lot smarter than, let's say, picking up a guy at a bar, which can be dangerous or meeting somebody online which can last be dangerous so there's some common sense there. the question is, what's the relationship between this boss and co-worker if there's the perception that this individual is being rewarded for her relationship with the boss. if there is evidence that this person was punished upon ending the relationship with the boss. and if other co-workers perceive that they cannot compete with this woman because she's having a relationship with the boss, that's where the problem comes in. and those are real issues that cannot be ignored because every
11:18 am
day somebody gets a leg up, no pun intended, because they're having a relationship with the boss. >> it has been bombarded with comments about this. overwhelmingly people say, no big deal. lori called to say -- i think a >> yes, it's okay if both parties know no one is going to get hurt or get fired. lori called to say -- i think a lot of people think a lot of time in the workplace they meet people how they meet them and if you date your boss a consenting adult should be able to date whoever they want. if co-workers have a problem with it, seek therapy, not blackmail. >> i've been saying this all along. if he's dating a staffer and
11:19 am
everybody is on the same page with it, i say it's okay. >> jimmy kimmel is here. and his head writer is right there, as opposed to the letterman situation who is like a gopher. jane made some great points. the one point she didn't make is what happens after the relationship. when you break up with someone at work then you got to see them every single day. >> where's the co--writer of the show going to go? i need to know how you feel about this whole dating your boss thing. call us at the number on your screen. let me know. what is with jon gosselin and michael lohan spending so much time together? these two have become best buds. michael went through his own nasty divorce and custody battle over his famous daughter, lindsay lohan, is giving jon advice.
11:20 am
these two guys hanging out. is it a great idea or the dumbest move ever? and what a big, awkward moment for oprah over dr. phil. it played out on live tv. i'll play it coming up. and the brand new outrageous barbie controversy. is barbie really being replaced because her ankles are too fat? yes, i said barbie. yes, i said ankles. will the most famous doll in history be forced to lose weight? time for our showbiz news ticker. @@@@@@@@@@@@@
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now on showbiz tonight, jessica simpson's new doggy drama. first, jessica loses her dog to a coyote. are people really taunting her again? tonight, jessica lashes out after the new wave of cruel comments. big hollywood stars famous for nothing much, megan, ashton, even jessica. always in the headlines but what exactly do they do again? >> they want to be famous for their great acting. they want to be famous because millions of people are buying their cds and that's not what's happening. >> tonight, they're rich, they're famous, but for what? and jon gosselin and michael
11:31 am
lohan, bffs? is jon getting parenting advice from lindsay lohan's dad? can you say "bizarre?" and more stories breaking from the showbiz news ticker. we continue right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight, poor jessica simpson. first she loses her beloved dog, daisy, to a coyote. and now people are calling her family with false sightings of daisy. jessica lashing out big-time. she wants these cruel pranksters to leave her alone. joining me, cooper lawrence, who is the author and psychologist
11:32 am
of "celebrity." none of us can forget jessica's valiant efforts to find her dog after it was snatched by a coyote. jessica is realizing she may never see daisy again. but now, people are calling in with false daisy sightings. people are actually calling in false daisy sightings. here's what she posted -- this makes me mad. no matter what you think of jessica simpson there's no excuse for this. cooper, are people just idiots? >> that's a clinical term, "idiot." it's cruel and we have no boundaries anymore. this is ridiculous. it's not like she put out an album or she put on some weight. this is a tragedy that happened to her and it's cruel to poke her for it. she didn't do anything so
11:33 am
horrible that she deserves this sort of repercussion from her public. it's bizarre, i think. >> i know jessica can be an easy target. people love to make fun of her. she lost her dog and it was a pretty awful way. ben, what do you think? should everybody just lay off and show some sympathy? >> it's undoubtedly cruel for people to make fun of her, especially at this point in her life. but, there's a way to contact her. of course people will contact her. is it cruel that people are giving false sightings? of course, but come on, jessica, get over it. people say much worse things about you, by the way. >> is she asking for more trouble by bringing this to light? do you think she should have kept it to herself? >> it shows how vulnerable she is and how little she understands about her celebrity. she's so open about her pain, all the time. >> her doggy drama is making big headlines and when you think
11:34 am
about, everything she does makes big news. her weight gain, messy love life. but we never hear much about her career. we want to know what is up with all of the hollywood stars like jessica who are famous for nothing much. >> look out hollywood a-listers if you think you're having your thunder stolen by the famous nothing stars, you should also look out for the famous for nothing much stars. these stars actually do act or sing. but, let's just say they're professional and artistic achievements don't match the amount of attention they get. >> there are people who are sort of famous but you've never seen their movies and you've never heard their music or seen their tv shows. >> jessica simpson, a big media darling despite one simple fact. >> no one is buying her music. >> and sienna miller.
11:35 am
the most world famous, secure indy art actress in the world. >> and megan fox. >> right now i have people asking me every day, amy, i hate to ask you this, but who is megan fox? i feel like i should know. >> maybe ashton kutcher. >> name an ashton kutcher movie. not "dude where's my car." >> and the "washington post" coined a term for this lives of stars. they're famesque. in the pantheon, jessica is the famesque. her acting and singing? not so much. >> when was the last time jessica simpson had a song on the charts? she gets so much more attention
11:36 am
then any other singer or performer of that caliber. >> but jessica simpson is far from over from the ranks of the famesque. sienna miller is a tabloid staple. but her movies are a different story. >> she was on the cover of magazines. we knew all about her love life but none of us in america had seen her in any movies. >> congratulations, duke, you just saved paris. >> even though her last movie was a hit among young summer movie goers, no one is giving her any credit. same thing with megan fox. >> and when megan tried to showcase her stuff, the heavily exposed star flopped her way on to the list of the famesque. she's one of those people who is giving all these interviews, she is posing for all these sexy photos. she's a celebrity but she's actually detached from any actual product or art form. >> and then there's ashton kutcher. >> i got so many letters and
11:37 am
e-mails telling me this was not true. ashton kutcher, he was a big star. he was in "that 70's show." he has not made a lot of movies that a whole lot of people have gone to see. we treat him like that because we like him. he looks fantastic to the red carpet making self-depp -- depracating jokes with demi moore. >> but maybe we should feel sorry for the famesque. they don't make as much as true superstars. >> all the invasions of privacy that julia roberts has to experience, but you're not getting 20 million a picture like julia roberts. >> and keep in mind their probably not too happy about being famesque. people want to be famous for their great act. because millions of people are buying their cd's and that's not
11:38 am
what's happening here. >> the one thing about being among the famesque, we know who you are. that means you're in the hollywood game and you're one big hit away from graduating from famesque to famous. so what's with this new category of stars? are they getting a raw deal or are they really taking over hollywood's a list? i am buying megan fox say member of this group. we know her name but we're not exactly sure why. we've seen her on the cover of all these magazines, and i'm always hearing people talk about how much she looks like angelina jolie. does angelina have anything to worry about with the likes of megan fox? >> not at all. they are clever.
11:39 am
maybe they're not making the huge salaries now, but if they become morrell vant by being in the public eye and staying on the covers of magazines and keep talking about them, that turns into money. they can get more money for whatever roles that he play. it does translate into money for them. >> you can certainly do it. megan fox were the perfect example of being famous for not so much? >> she has part of the transformer's franchise which makes a lot of money for hollywood and that gives her a place. carry fisher was only 19 when she was in "star wars." she became superfamous. maybe megan fox is just on the first run. she's so beautiful, people can't get enough of her. they want to see more of her. >> now, i know we'll get e-mails from viewers who say ashton kutcher does not belong on this list. quite frankly i agree. but let me ask you, cooper. ashton is better known these days for his marriage to demi
11:40 am
moore than his acting. >> no. he's very known for his tweeting. really. he's all about twitter and he's all about his production company and making money. that's what it comes down to. but he was an actor at one point and the one thing all these people have in common, they are all gorgeous. not just attractive. they are incredible to look at. like you, a.j. so people want to stare at them and watch them so they are always going to want to be in the public eye for that reason. >> the fact is, i'm neither famous nor famesque. jon gosselin and michael lohan. bffs? jon getting parenting advice from lindsay lohan's dad? are you kidding me? michael lohan who went through a nasty public divorce is apparently giving advice to jon who is in the middle of his own nasty public divorce. is this the worst duo ever? who called barbie the "f"
11:41 am
word? the barbie controversy break today. is barbie being accused of having fat ankles? will she be forced to lose weight? will she be replaced? and famous people caught on tape doing things with their >> when president obama said people had to be able to gum -- walk and chew gum at the same time. >> tonight, bizarre, the embarrassing, the downright weird things people do to get rid of gum. you don't want to miss this if you've got the stomach. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time for our shows business news ticker. more stories from the showbiz newsroom making news right now.
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11:44 am
the outrageous brand new barbie controversy that's creating a firestorm. is barbie really being replaced because her ankles are too fat? there's a famous big french
11:45 am
designer who women absolutely love think barbie's ankles need a makeover. barbie's ankles need a makeover. welcome back. i'm a.j. hammer in new york. jon's new mentor. you won't believe who jon gosselin is getting advice from. look at this brand new picture of michael lohan with jon's kid as the gosselin's pennsylvania home. sure, lindsay lohan's father knows a thing or two about a nasty public divorce. should he be the guy giving jon advice? is that the worst idea ever or is it genius? >> and the brand new outrage over a barbie doll makeover. is the famous french shoe designer saying -- slim down the fat ankles or else? are you kidding me? we have the psychologist and author of "the cult of celebrity." let's look at this picture. michael lohan, hours ago we talked to michael about his visit over the weekend to jon's
11:46 am
house. michael said he was there to talk to jon about some business deals and said he was giving jon some advice, man-to-man, from a guy that went through a messy divorce. here's what michael told us about his conversations with jon. i got to say, i think what michael is saying makes sense. given michael lohan's shaky past. a criminal record and a public battle with his ex not to mention his estrangement from his daughter, lindsay lohan. is that a bad idea for him to take advice from michael lohan? >> horrible idea. he screwed up his kids. his kids have nothing to do with him. oh, he's been divorced like every other father.
11:47 am
he has no specific advice to give him other than -- i don't know what. and michael lohan comes out last week and says that lindsay is having a drug problem. they need an intervention. first of all, if you're having a intervention you don't tell the person. lindsay doesn't talk to him. he's a terrible role model and he'll find a way to help jon gosselin alienate his kids. >> here's the thing. we sure know how you feel. i can't pick apart what he's saying. he says it's not all about the money. kate accused jon of taking $230,000 out of a joint account and jon claims kate took money, too, like a million bucks. kate won the first round in court. a judge ordered jon to return $1
11:48 am
$180,000 and jon and kate need to focus on the kids. should kate have to pay jon? clearly kate holds the purse strings, so in our showbiz question of the day, should kate pay jon spousal support? cooper, as outrageous as that sounds, what do you think? should kate have to pay jon? >> no, they both made money. they both have opportunities to make money. the show is about them and the kids. they should split everything, it's ridiculous. >> as much as i could talk about this for hours i need to move on
11:49 am
to barbie's ankles. a firestorm brewing over stories that a french shoe designer was going to slim down barbie's ankles. the doll. i got a brand new statement today from barbie. this is what barbie tells us. in is what barbie tells us. i can't believe i'm even saying that -- ben, besides the fact that barbie herself released a statement, why are people actually fired up over this? >> i think barbie could stand to lose a few milligrams, personally. she's an idolized toy. superman isn't that buff either. mickey mouse really isn't a mouse. the "showbiz tonight" facebook page on fire with comments coming in fast and furious over barbie's ankle makeover.
11:50 am
quickly, what do you think, cooper? does that person, holly, put her foot on the pulse of america. >> didn't we have this learned. >> what year is this? didn't we have this conversation 20 years ago? is paush by an icon? is she not? please, a.j. it's ridiculous. >> all right. tonight you may want to spit out that gum. it's the number one rule when you're on tv. sometimes famous people get totally busted in sticky situations, and now it's caught on tape. when president obama said that the president has to be able to -- >> walk and chew gum at the same time. >> reporter: he didn't mention the ability to talk and get rid of nick or rhett at the same time. >> some bizarre and gum chomping moments that make you go --. and now, we have more stories from the showbiz news ticker making news right now.
11:51 am
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-- captions by vitac -- after 18 years in captivity jaycee dugard is coming out of the shadows. what she looks like now. president obama meets with his national security team. the war will be very tough to win even with more troops. and a 15-year-old boy set on fire. his alleged attackers, other teens. at least one as young as 3. are a lot of kids out of control these days? your views on that. this is hln "news and views." richelle carey. thanks for your time. the last time jaycee dugard was
12:01 pm
seen publicly. she was an 11-year-old girl. now we know what she looks like at 19. she's opened up in the new issue of "people" magazine. she talks about the joy of being home. she gives a quote to "people." i am so happy to be back with my family. nothing is more important than the unconditional love and support i have from them. also on an interview on the "today" show this morning, a spokesperson said the family is adjusting vfr well. >> i have seen a family that i think if you didn't know the circumstances, it would just seem like any other family, just, you know, the love between jaycee and her mother and, you know, her sister, shanna, who was an infant when jaycee was taken. they've just formed a very, very close bond. to see them all embrace jaycee's daughters. and the five of them are very
12:02 pm
close and comfortable, happy. they kind of tiez each other sometimes. you know, sometimes there's differences of opinions. it seems like such a normal family. >> how about that. jaycee dugard lives in seclusion right now with her mother and her two daughters, and police say those daughters were fathered by her alleged captor philip garrido. he and his wife were arrested in august. they're accused of abducting dugard from a bus stop and keeping her in a compound behind their home. they have pleaded not guilty. a family attorney says dugard will testify. will testify against the garridos. first it was fire. now it's rain. folks in southern california can't seem to catch a break from mother nature, but at least this recent storm, it wasn't as bad as the pre diction said they would be. in fact, they're cancelling a flood advisory for los angeles county. that's because the heavy rains that soaked southern california overnight are beginning to ease
12:03 pm
up. the storm system knocked down terese and power lines and made a mess of the roadways. it's expected to hang over until tomorrow morning. now many residents fear possible mudslides in many areas that were hit by recent wildfires? >> yeah. i'm kind of wondering if we were so lucky having our house saved from the fire, you know, because this is another round of slow torture. so till the rains come tonight, we'll see. >> i'm terrified because there's no way they can control it, even with the rails. >> mother nature is giving us a one-two punch here, a test of endurety. >> she seems like she's had it. the storm knocked out power for 3,000 people. it was a dust storm that caused a deadly 11-vehicle wreck near bakersfield, california, yesterday. wow. look at that. three people were killed in this pile-up. you can see it caused a fire as well. the storm made it impossible for
12:04 pm
them to see on interstate 5 where they were going. president obama had another meeting with his national security team today to review the options for the war in afghanistan. even if he does send more troops, victory over al qaeda and the taliban far from uncertain. general stanley mcchrystal has laid out three options and u.s. officials tell the ap each option carries a high risk of failure. they say mcchrystal's report warns that the rampant corruption and the afghan government could doom the u.s. mission. the wars are not scaring away those who want to serve. all four branchs of the around services have met their recruiting goals for this year. increase ms. military pay have helped especially in a time when tell recession continues to hit so hard. senate leaders are meeting
12:05 pm
behind closed doors to work on merging two health care bills into one. that can't be easy. they need 60 votes to guarantee it passes. after months of debate the finance committee passed one yesterday. the $829 million bill requires all americans to have insurance but does not include the so-called public option. senator oh lliympia snowe was t only republican to vote for it. >> i didn't consciously set out outto be the only republican, interestingly enough. the chairman of the finance committee senator baucas had con veend about four months ago to build bipartisan support for a bill and it turned out i was the one remaining. >> senate majority leader harry reid wants to get legislation on the senate floor the week after
12:06 pm
next. once it passes its final health care bill, lit have to be merged again with the house version. so still a long way to go. the h1n1 flu is certainly affecting more healthy people than first thought. new research suggests that nearly half the people in the hospital with the swine flu had no underlying conditions. doctors are worried things could actually get worse. >> this is a winter virus. it spreads much more easily during the winter because the virus does much better at lower temperatures and lower humidity, so we can only expect more deaths. >> the cdc also says for patient whose did have a pre-existing condition, asthma is the most common. the government actually bought the 50 million doses of the vaccine. eventually there'll be enough for anyone who wants it. pretty big news here. ford has announced a massive
12:07 pm
recall of some of its cars. what models are involve and what the carmaker says is wrong with them.
12:08 pm
12:09 pm
three south florida men are sentenced to life in prison for gang raping a woman and beating her son. a 16-year-old was also convicted, and he'll be sentenced in december. one of the convicts' half brothers had to be dragged from the court roochlt he was yelling what are you doing to my brother? all four were teenagers in 2007 when the west palm beach woman was attacked. they barged into her apartment, raping her repeatedly and then beating her 12-year-old son. the victims were doused with chemicals but the attackers left when they couldn't find a match. and some of the teenagers suspected of setting a sa-year-old on fire were said to
12:10 pm
be laughing about it. that's according to the sheriff in broward county florida. two more teenagers have been arrested in the case. in all, five teens are charged with aggravated battery. his doctors says he's doing as well as can be expected but he faces an obviously difficult, difficult recovery. he was burned over three-quarters of his body. so our views questions today. this is the question we're asking. are more children violent today? maybe it's being reported more often. what's your take on this? a lot of you have been affecting by this. this is what jeff wrote. jeff says i agree with the bad parenting perspective. he thinks that's what going on. however i sympathize with the single parent fighting to keep food on the table. not having someone else at home is leaving a huge gap.
12:11 pm
the only thing that's left is kids raising kids and doing what they see on tv. patricia wrote this. let's get to some phone calls as well. rene is calling us from phoenix. rene, what's your take on this? >> caller: my take is this. first of all, they took prayer out. that's number one. second of all, they went on tv telling children, hey, if you feel your mom is whipping you or spanking you or kidiscipline, dl 911. when they came in there and took those two things from us, parents not being able to discipline, that went out the window. try to discipline them and here come the police. oh, you've got to go to jail.
12:12 pm
when i was growing up, every kid we got disciplined. that's why i'm the woman i am today. >> let me challenge you a little bit. i think some would say blaps cps might be a copout. hear me out on this. if you were to follow the families of some of these kids killing other kids, if you trace it back to their parents do you think you're going to find parents who say they wanted to discipline that couldn't or are you going to find parents who weren't involved at all? >> caller: trust me. you'll find patients afraid to discipline their kids because of going to jail. i've talked to thousands of parents. they say, as soon as we whip our kids, here come the police. and the police come. you go to jail. i experienced that with my daughter. she's 16. you hit me. i'm dialing 911. two days later, she tried me.
12:13 pm
this was in '97. she tried me. i gave her a spanking. police took me to jail. i have a misdemeanor to this day. >> rene, i appreciate you sharing something so personal and sharing your passion. thanks for lets me get the other side. william is calling from chicago. what's your take? >> caller: i don't think there's any more violence from 10, sa years ago but that it's being more reported. when you get more than two or three in a group, it becomes a pacman mentality where it only takes one idiot to make a decision and the whole group goes along with it. >> you all are very, very passion at about it and you have a wide range of what you think
12:14 pm
is going on. tell us what you think. call us right now at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at or text your views and comments. again, we will continue to hash this out and air your responses throughout the day. a girl w
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
home after she converted from islam to christianity will have to return to her home in ohio. the judge in florida said the teen will be put with child welfare officials while a judge in ohio takes over the case. the girl claimed that her father threatened to kill her for changing religions and he denies those accusations. reality stars jon and kate gosselin duking it out in court over money, of course. yesterday the court ordered jon to give $180,000 back to his soon-to-be ex-wife by the end of the month.
12:17 pm
that's according to kate's lawyers. last night they talked about the issues with suze orman. >> i've got a checking, savings, college account for the twins, boom. why do they have 1 the accounts between them? >> first of all, they have eight children, correct? the real thing is how do we know the money the kids earned -- those kids earn money. where is that money? that money should be set up in such a way truthfully one for each kid that neither jon nor kate can take it out without both signatures. >> nancy said, boom. she's great. the judge wants kate to account for $55,000 that she said she spent on household and child-related items. who knows. maybe they're both guiltiy of something. we told you about a health
12:18 pm
insurance that denied coverage for an obese baby. the colorado company changed its policy but it's got joy behar talking. here's her "not for nothing" commentary. an insurance company denied coverage for a 4-month-old baby boy because he's too fat. here's the baby. i don't know what they're talking about. he's adorabldorable. he's not fat. he's big boned. he's four months old and weighs 17 pounds. his mother says she's breast feeding them. the insurance company says the kid can't have health insurance because he has a pre-existing condition. he's 4 months old. when was he developing a pre-existing condition?
12:19 pm
was he eating twinkies in yut rowe? it's about dreams and illusions. i'll tell you. he's got the illusion that he's not a wax figure at madame touse touseau's and i'm dreaming of fitting into my size 12 jeans without spanx. what have we learned here? we learn never take nutritional advice from clueless insurance adjusters or morbid european designers, but that's just me. i'd kill for a cannoli right now. does anyone have one? >> the insurance company has changed its policy. it now says it will give coverage to bibs th s that are healthy but fat. you can join joy behar at 9:00 p.m. ford motor company is adding
12:20 pm
cars to a recall. the faulty cruise switch can cause a fire. it's added to more than a million wind starr minivans plus trucks and suvs built before 2003. ford is recalling about 16 million vehicles because of this problem. savings. there are places where you can get higher returns on your dough and that's certainly good news in a bad economy. hln's clark howard tells you where you can find the best rates. >> are you a sitting duck? you know what i mean by that. you hang out with the bank you've been using. they're offering you a worse and worse. the fees on a checking account, the puny savings on a savings account. do you have to sit there and take it? no, you don't. now, a lot of people are
12:21 pm
reluctant to move their checking account, but at the very least dip your toe in the water by moving your savings. if you look at the online banks, wow. the deals that are there are generally paying interest rates that are so much higher than you can get from a traditional bank that you're crazy to let your idol cash sit and stew at the giant bank. for your checking account, i promise it's not as hard to move it as you think, but what you'll get in return is a much better deal. try it. i'm clark howard. for more ways for you to pack a punch in your wallet go to >> all right. clark howard. he'll teach how you to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. if you get ripped off, clark gets kind of mad. catch him at noon eastern on saturday and sunday on hln.
12:22 pm
there are a lot of disappointed people who thought they were getting a free shopping spree. turns out that was too good to be true.
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well, we have an update in the shocking case of a florida teen who was deliberately set on fire. the doctors say he's not out of the woods yet. might not be for a while. five teens are in custody for the horrible attack which the police have described as an act of revench. we're join from the courthouse where one of the suspects made his first appearance. roger, thanks for joining us for giving us the first of the case which has affected so many of our viewers. what's going on. >> reporter: yeah. we're hearing about this story
12:31 pm
from people all over. the young man who made his appearance in court this morning is the one who's charged with attempted murder. this is the teen who police say actually set fire to the victim in this case. this morning's court appearance though means that all five teens arrested for this attack are now charged. the 1-teen charged with attempted murder made an effort to hide his face. we won't identify him because he's only charged as a juvenile but detectives say he was front and center, pulling a lighter from his pocket and using it to set fire to 15-year-old michael brewer. the teen's family was in court this morning. they refused to comment but at this point they say there's not much to say. >> it's a tragic event for all parties involved. they have no information other than what's been stated here in court today. they're walk blind into the situation. >> reporter: the fifth and
12:32 pm
finally teen went before the judge this morning. this woman said she was praying for brewer and his family. she was told her son played a minimal role. i don't know what he could have done but got over there and probably -- i don't know. >> reporter: the other three teens involved are all being held in juvenile detention while prosecutors decide whether or not to charge them as adults. two of them are brothers 15rks and 13 years old. it was retaliation because brewer snitched on him when he tried to steal his dad's bike sunday. his parents have not been home since they were arrested. >> him and his brother is not a bad kid? >> what did they do? >> hay go to the park, play basketball, go to school. that's it. >> well, the three suspects in
12:33 pm
court today actually we should tell you that the teens will remain in juvenile custody for at least the next 21 days while the prosecutors decide. as for the victim 15rks-year-old michael brewer, we can tell you his doctors did speak to reporters this morning and they say he has a long road ahead. he has second and third degree burns over 65% of his body, mostly on the torso and on his arms. right now he's on a medically induced coma and vent later while they treat his injuries. they say they're life-threatening but they're hopeful that because he's so young he'll have a better than average chance of surviving the injuries. we'll tell you ta if he does survive the recovery is unbelievable. he could be in the hospital for as much as five months. back to you. >> five months and this child is still not out of the woods.
12:34 pm
thank you for that very thorough wrap-up from ft. lauderdale, florida. we appreciate it. a lot of you have been deeply affected as you were of derrion. do you think kids are more violent now? do you think it's in the media more? what role do you think parents play in all this? there's a lot to discuss. call us now at 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at you can comment on my facebook page at richellecary. the last time jaycee dugard was seen publicly, she was an 11-year-old girl. take a look at what she looks like now. she's 29 and she's opening up about her 18-year captivity.
12:35 pm
she talks about the joy of finally being home. got a quote that jaycee gave to the magazine. she says -- in an interview on the "today" show a family spokesperson said the family is adjusting surprisingly well. >> i have seen a family that i think if you didn't know the circumstances, it would just seem like any other family, just, you know, the love between jaycee and her mother and her sister, shanna, who was an infant really when jaycee was taken. and they have just formed a very, very close bond. to see them all embrace squa see's daughters and the five of them are just very close and comfortable and happy. they kind of tease each other steams. you know, sometimes there's differences of opinion. it seems like just a normal family.
12:36 pm
>> well, jaycee dugard is in seclusion right now with her mother and her two daughters, and police say that the daughters were fathered by her alleged captor philip garrido. he and his wife were arrested in august. they're accused of abducting dugard from a bus stop and keeping her in a compound behind their home. they have pleaded not guilty. a family attorney says they will testify against the garridos. >> first fire and now rain. folks in southern california cannot catch a break from mother nature, but the recent storms, they weren't as bad as what folks first thought it would be. in fact, the national weather service is canceling a flash flood advisory. thinks were starting to ease up. the storms have knocked down trees and power lines and made a mess of the roadways. it's expected to hang through tomorrow morning and many fear possible mudslides, especially
12:37 pm
in the areas recently hit by recent wildfires. the storm knocked out power to about 13,000 people, mainly in the south los angeles and lar vista areas. ooh an i-reporter captured images of a powerful storm that hit santa cruz. he and his girlfriend were coming over hawaii before making landfall. he says it's unusual to have a storm like this hit so early in the fall. a lot of debris in the roads and the beachfront town, much like what the aftermath of a hurricane might look like. he says the people are stunned. he says the area yushlsly getting a few small storms before more severe storms hit in the winter. this storm took everyone by sur priechltz thanks to our i roerts to everything you do.
12:38 pm
if you have pictures, breaking news, go to and click on the upload link but always safety first before you do that. >> the pressure of coping with a divorce is one of the most common as melissa long tells us in today's "health minute." >> 8:29. >> blow it for everyone. >> cindy simmons and ray mariner know about the stress of divorce. both have experienced it. >> you're kind of overwhelming. >> i felt a sensation of failure. >> oh, i absolutely did. >> reporter: a associateologist finds that long after divorce we can see the scars to people's health, 20, 30, 40 years later. >> people who were divorced or separated were about 20% more likely to have a major chronic
12:39 pm
disease like heart disease or cancer than people who were married to hair first skrout. >> reporter: she says the culprit is stress, not your health. all is not lost if you do get divorced. >> what kind of things did you feel when you were getting your divorce? >> try and eat well. see your friends. exercise. try and get a good night's sleep sleep. make sure you see your doctors for regular checkups. >> reporter: find love again. >> i'm in a relationship for three years.
12:40 pm
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jie e-mail jane velez-mitchell. in 190 jennifer shoe it was raped, kidnapped and left for dead. she had her throat slit. 20 years later cops have finally made an arrest. here's the problem. the reason the cops found the suspect is because he commit add similar crime and was thrown in prison back in 1997. so cops obviously had his dna back then. so why did it take 12 years to match it to this cream scene? we need a system that would automatically run inmates' dna into a giant database of unsolved rapes and murders
12:43 pm
because the answers are there. we're just not connecting the dots. i'm jane velez-mitchell, and that's my issue. >> watch issues at 7:00 right here on hln. president obama had another meeting with the national security to talk options of the war in afghanistan. even if he does send more troops, victory over the taliban, ail kai darks it's far from certain. stanley mcchrystal hayes laid out three options for putting more troops there and u.s. officials tell the ap each option carrying a high risk of failure. they say the report warns that rampant corruption in the afghan government could doom the u.s. mission. and the wars in afghanistan and iraq aren't scaring away americans. the pentagon says all for four bran frps have met their recruiting goals for this year. increases in military pay have helped especially at a time when
12:44 pm
recession is hitting so hard. space shuttle "atlantis" is now on the launch pad at kennedy space center. it's scheduled to lan. next month. starting friday you can sign up on to attend the launch at kennedy space center. 3 maryland alex layne was denied health coverage because he was too fat. he's too cute is what he is. now the company has changed its tune and alex's parents are taking to the air waves to talk about it.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
i have an amber alert to tell you about. this is happening in texas. he's a year old. his name is maliki. he was taken from his home in the middle of the night, police say by his father. his mother was asleep. he was last seen at 111:00 a.m. monday morning in denton county in the town of justin. police believe the person who took him who, again, they believe was his father. they believe he's possibly armed.
12:47 pm
they say he took the cell phones from the home and also disabled the land line so that no one could call for help, no one could call 911. i hope you've been looking at his picture. his name is malakai and they're working with texas right now. you might remember we told you about a 3-month-old named alex layne. he was denied health care coverage because they said he was too fat. but as we're told, the company has now changed his mind. >> reporter: this afternoon he and his wife kelly are on the other side of the news talking about how the health care crisis has affected them. >> i'm not sure ha they expected us to do. >> reporter: at four months their son weighs 17 pounds putting him in the 99
12:48 pm
percentile. they were told they only cover people up to the 95% and he was too big to receive insurance. now days later a different tune. >> they said they could go ahead and change the policy not just for us but the policy in general. >> reporter: ceo says the matter was first brought to his attention after multiple media sources ran the story. he determined the 95th percentile cut-off is appropriate for adults who may be overwiechlkt but but not for babiy alex. >> it doesn't make sense to apply that. >> now he says rocky mountain will no longer use the baby's weight to determine if they get coverage. the langs say they're relieved their sun has insurance but are more worried than ever. >> kind of bittersweet because we know people are uncovered.
12:49 pm
>> they're hoping their story is somehow important. >> 4-month-old not having insurance is a very small particle in this huge big world. >> and what can happen when two sides come together to make the system work. >> if we can do this this fast why can't bit done in washington. >> finding a way to fix it, maybe washington could take a page out of the book at grand junction. all right, a girl who ran away from home after she converted from islam to christianity will have to return to her home. her home is in ohio. she's been in florida, and a judge there said she will be put with child welfare officials while a judge in ohio takes over the case. the girl says her father threatened to kill her for changing religions which he denies the allegations.
12:50 pm
reality stars jon and kate gosselin are duking it out over monday. yesterday the judge ordered jon to give $180,000 back to kate by the end of nancy grace talked with suze orman about the money issues the couple is having. >> what about all of the contusion. i have a checking, a savings and a college fund for the twins. boom. why do they have 12 accounts between them? >> first of all, they have eight children, correct? now, the real thing is how do we know that the money that those kids earned -- those kids earn money. where is that money? that money should actually be set up in such a way truthfully one for each kid that neither jon nor kate can take it out without both signatures. >> love the way nancy asks questions. the judge wants kate, kate now, to account for $55,000 she says
12:51 pm
she spent on household and child related items. big recall to tell you about. ford motor company adding 4.5 million vehicles to a major voluntary recall. the company says a faulty cruise control switch can cause a fire. the latest models added to this recall are more than 1 million windstar minivans plus other models of trucks and suvs built before 2003. the national traffic highway safety administration says ford is recalling about 16 million vehicles total because of this problem. who hasn't dreamed of winning the lottery? there's a chance the prizes could get even bigger. the people that run the multistate megamillions and powerball games say they'll launch a national lottery next fall and prizes could surpass the record. tickets cost either $2 or $5 and reached a deal in principle for cross selling lottery tickets.
12:52 pm
powerball tickets to be sold in megamillion states and vice versa. modern technology may beto painting. a fingerprint in the paint could be the key.
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