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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  October 18, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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p. >> it's been three days now since the world thought a boy was trapped in this balloon. now authorities say they're about to file criminal charges in this case. hurricane rick picked up strength overnight and now is a very strong category 5 storm. where forecasters are predicting it will eventually make landfall. and fears are growing about the spread of the swine flu, but the vaccine is being used to fight the virus, seem to be slow in coming. hey, thanks for spending much of your sunday with us here at hln. i'm natasha curry. authorities could file criminal
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charges in the balloon boy case. on thursday, it was feared that 6-year-old falcon heene was in this homemade balloon that got loose, but since then speculation has mounted that it's was all a publicity stunt. >> we have made some significant progress in this investigation. obviously we are conducting interviews as we speak. we have been conducting interviews since noon. we've had investigators here as well as at the house. we're in the process of drafting and completing drafting and obtaining some search warrants and we do anticipate at some point in the future there will be some criminal charges filed with regards to this incident. >> sheriff's deputies were with seen entering and leaving the heene family home early this morning. they took several boxes and a kmrurt with them. the boy's parents were questioned for several hours yesterday. >> i was talking to the
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sheriff's department just now to further things along. we're doing well. >> richard heene and his wife insist their fears that their son was in this balloon were genuine and not part of a hoax. new this morning, a suicide bomber killed at least 20 people in iran today, including five senior commanders of the country's revolutionary guard. among the dead, the deputy head of the revolutionary guard ground forces. sait state-run media say a man wearing an explosive belt blew himself during a conference in southeastern iran. although no one has claimed responsibility, tehran is blaming jun daul la of carrying out the attack. hurricane rick is now a strong category 5 hurricane. the national hurricane center has clocked the storm's winds at 180 miles per hour. forecasters expect rick to lose steam and turn toward baja california and then toward mainland mexico later this week. now rick is the second strongest
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hurricane ever in the eastern north pacific. in 1997 winds from hurricane linda topped 185 miles per hour. more than 3,000 u.s. troops scheduled to go to iraq are staying home. a unit faced in new york was supposed to relief another unit in january. military officials say iraqi forces will be able to handle the patrol. >> reconciliation is a tough business. i mean, i've been in some of these meetings with people. they don't like each other. you have to get them to work together, get them to understand their futures are together. then you've got a bombing which makes it even tougher. again, i think the iraqi people have really signaled that they are really sick and tired of this stuff. >> yesterday's iraq security forcesor were the targets of militant attacks. at least nine people were killed, four soldiers died in an assault against an iraqi army
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convoy. in ra mahdi, a suicide bomber blew up a key highway bridge. the u.s. military used the bridge to transport equipment out of iraq. after spending nearly four months imprisoned in iran, a ""newsweek" reporter is free. he was arrested in the aftermath of opposition demonstration's protesting the reelection of ahmadinejad. he was among more than 1 you 00 journalists and reformists put on trial and stands accused of making false accusations against the government. a third person has died after taking part in a sweat lodge ceremony in arizona. lidge nowman died yesterday. she was among more than 50 people inside a sweat lodge run by self-hefl guru james arthur ray. they're charging the deaths as homicide. ray says he's hired his own team
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to investigate. his spokesman says that ray's team is cooperating with police. a justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple says he has nothing to apologize for. the elected official in south louisiana has drawn widespread criticism. keith says he does not marry interracial couples because he's worried about their children's future and he says he does not regret his recent decision. >> it's kind of hard to apologize to something that really truly in your heart you don't feel like you done wrong. >> the couple found another justice of the peace to marry them. bardwell has served as a justice of the peace for 34 years. his term ends in five years. he said he had decided earlier not to run again. an explosion that targeted a police station killed at least 11 people. the suicide bomb went off in pakistan's border city of perish awar. securitied forces tried to stop
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the bomber when he drove through the gate, but seconds later the vehicle exploded. two women and a child are among the dead. this is the latest in a string of deadly attacks in just the last few days in pakistan. deaths from the h1n1 virus are rising. especially among children. as kitty pilgrim reports, only a small percentage of the vaccine needed to combat the outbreak has been shipped. >> reporter: it it's week 41 of the swine flu he i democratic, and the delivery of vaccine is still uncertain in many parts of the country. the injectable vaccine only shipped this week. >> initially we only this the nasal spray available, but now it's about half and half that are available and will be coming out towards the states relatively soon. >> reporter: the cdc says they have now ordered enough to provide 251 million doses, but as of this past monday, only a fraction of that order, 9.8 million vaccines, were available to be shipped. only one maker of the swine flu
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vaccine is manufacturing all of its swine flu vaccine for the u.s. market in the united states. some 75 million doses. the other three producers make their vaccines overseas. the public health department of suffolk county, new york, is the distribution center for 1.2 million people, and it only received 600 doses of the injectable vaccine today and 1,000 doses of the flaizal spray last week. they say they will need 300,000 to 400,000 doses. steven levy, county executive, says supplies are uncertain. >> we just got the shipment today of the 600 injectable form and we're hoping for thousands more to come. we think sporadically over the next several weeks and months. >> reporter: dr. david graham, chief health commissioner of suffolk county, says he only finds out day to day what they will receive. >> we certainly could use more
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and sooner the better, but pour the doses that we do receive incrementally we're going to administer sthem as soon as they come in. >> reporter: until then, the county is prioritizing high-risk people to receive shots first. this morning we're following new developments in that balloon story from colorado. authorities there are going to have a news conference this afternoon. now, we're expecting them to tell us more about the charges that they plan to file in their investigation. here is a quick look now at what millions of us watched last thursday as police and the military scrambled to save 6-year-old falcon heene. >> this is a very, very dangerous situation not only to the 6-year-old boy but the people on the ground because this thing is moving at a very fast velocity. >> they are very upset. this balloon was never meant to actually carry anybody. it was just a family project they were working on. >> he's going down. he's at 100 feet. this is ending and it looks
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like -- >> he's coming down? >> yes, he is coming down. >> the balloon floated through the sky for 50 miles before finally hitting the ground. of course, the young boy was not inside this balloon. stay with hln for the latest developments and for the sheriff's news conference this afternoon. only two helicopters were used in that balloon incident last thursday, but they cost the state of colorado a pretty penny. an you can expect to pay extra to fly away for the holidays. why last-minute deals will be hard to find this year.
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in a few hours we could learn more about the criminal charges that colorado authorities want to file in the
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balloon boy case. officials are expecting to hold a news conference around lunchtime today. police used a lot of manmauer and money to search for 6-year-old falcon heene last thursday. colorado army national guard sent out two helicopters. the helicopter flights alone cost about $14,500. the black hawk was in the air for nearly three hours and cost about $4,600 an hour to fly. it costs s 700 bucks for the or to be airborne for an hour. fighting between rival gangs led to a gun fight for hours in rio de janeiro. a dozen people were with dead including two police officers by the time it ended. the police who died were with on board this helicopter that caught fire when it's hit by gun fire. chopper eventually crashes into a soccer field. rio was recently selected for the hostcy for the 2016 summer
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clps. if you're traveling for thanksgiving or christmas, don't plan on last-minute deals. experts say that unlike last year when airlines slashed fares after a sharp drop in travelers, this year ticket prices are already on the rise and not only will you pay more for a ticket but many airlines are also hitting you with a $10 peak travel charge. the new york yankees have the highest pay roll in all of sports and it's paying off. $161 million man cc sabathia winning game one with of the championship series on friday. alex rodriguez earning his part of his $275 million last night. yankees and angels, a-rod on fire. this home run in the bottom of the 11th inning tied the game. he's got three home runs in five playoff games this year. what a turnaround. then bottom of the 13th inning, yankees catch a break. throwing error into the outfield, that allows the
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winning run to score. yankees lead two games to nothing. oh, by the way, game ended 1:07 a.m. local time. how about that for a finish? all right. college football, flashback to first game of the season, sam bradford slammed to the turf, hurt his shoulder. missed three giems. returned last week, looked great. but yesterday slammed to the turf again. who knows how long he will be out. without him, sooners struggled his replacement jones was picked off twice. texas wins 16-13. the longhorns stay unbeaten. a classic finish between rivals notre dame and usc. rudolph, check out the great grab right here, but, oh, just out of bounds. notre dame had one last shot. clawson looking into the end zone, but nothing. southern cal holds on, beats notre dame for the eighth
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straight time. finally, just how much do you love the philadelphia phillies? enough to get the phillies "p" tattooed on your body? a tattoo shop in p.a. is doing them for free. owner of the shop says he's booked until mid-next week. i guess that's what happens when your team is winning. phillies and dodgers tonight game tonight, tied at one game apiece is the series. that's a check on sports. conservative talk show host rush limbaugh and the reverent al sharpton could not be farther apart politically, but they might be coming together very soon in court.
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criminal charges are on the way in the balloon boy case. there's' a news conference later today. authorities were seen leaving the heene family home this
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morning. richard heene and his wife insist thursday's incident was not a hoax, but officials are skeptical. >> as well as at the house. we're in the process of drafting and completing drafting and obtaining some search warrants and we do anticipate at some point in the future there will be some criminal charges filed with regards to this incident. >> the sheriff also said if it's determined that the incident was a hoax, local authorities could only charge for making a false report. two weeks after the fact, investigators still aren't sure about the sequence of events that ended with the death of a florida teen. police say officer gerald ard was in his police cruiser chasing 17-year-old victor stein who was on his vehicle. ard wanted to question stein because he was acting suspiciously around a construction site. they say that ard fired a stun gun from his car to try and stop stein. he missed but accidentally ran
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over stein with his cruiser. stein's death has prompted community protests. >> we are troubled by the fact that the officer would use poor judgment and shoot a taser gun from a moving vehicle to subdue a suspect that ended up causing the untimely death. >> it is just sad in the entire community. >> my prayers are that the truth will come out. >> officer ard has been placed on paid leave while the investigation continues. reverend al sharpton is demanding an apology from rush limbaugh or he's going to sue him. the conservative radio host says that sharpton played a role in two new york race riots. limbaugh made the claim yesterday, but sharpton was not involved in the incidents limbaugh revsed. limbaugh blames sharpton for derailing his bid to co-own the st. louis rams. sharpton says he'll sue if he does not apologize.
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a spokesman for limbaugh has not responded to requests for a comment on the matter. if you think restaurants go out of their way to treat preferred customers, you should see how they cater to restaurant critics. that's if they can spot them in a crowd. and, boy, do they try. whether you call it hotlanta or the atl, it's a hot city. we are taken to some of the secret spots in atlanta . >> my city is atlanta. i'm going to show you some of my best-kept secrets.
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we are at the atlanta cub came factory, the best cupcakes in town. my favorite is the red velvet. it's small but cute and i love the decor. it's a great atmosphere. not very well known map but it's going to get on the map quickly. we're at agatha's, a taste of mystery. it's a dinner/mystery theater. you come in, you eat, and there's a murder mystery going on at the same time. very interactive. during the show you'll have a few with speaking roles, people joining in in choruses. it's a lot of fun. >> this is aniece, a french restaurant. this is a part of atlanta but it's on a residential type street where there's old converted houses that are now businesses. it has a euro feel to it, the bar area is dark and quaint. you'll see a lot of locals and regulars that hang out there. i've shown you my city, now show me yours. just go to
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