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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 19, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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hood winked, bamboozled, the contraption that led everyone astray made of foil and scotch tape. that and the felonies authorities want to charge the family for now. and could it affect who lives or dies? some question the hospital's draft plan to handle a massive flu outbreak that says it's okay to take terminally ill people off ventilators to give to flu patients. and then a historic all-male college bans cross dressing. that's right. no more pumps, no more dresses and ruby red lips. no pajamas and sagging pants
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either. why the school made this move. all of that and more on "morning express." i'm richard liu. hope you're having a great monday. first off, colorado authorities say the whole balloon incident was a hoax and the parents could face charges. last thursday you were probably among the millions who watched this, a runaway balloon with a boy inside, we thought. but investigators now believe 6-year-old falcon heene's parents orchestrate td to get a reality tv show. the parents say richard mihumi heene are used to being on stage. >> after the fact we learned that these people are actors. not only appeared on several reality television shows and youtubes, we since determined they met together -- the way that they met and established their relationship was in facting school. >> authorities say a turning point came during an interview the family did on cnn's "larry king live." that's when falcon seemed to suggest the incident was for show. now, the heene s have repeatedly
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denied this was a hoax. their attorney says they're just loving parents. >> i think it's child abuse for law enforcement to slap the cuffs on a couple of parents in the presence of three kids and haul them off to jail when those parents are facing low-level charges violent expressed a willingness to turn themselves in. >> we opportunity hear your views on this story. what do you think should happen to heene family? and have children in general become victims of the united states' obsession of reality today? call us now, 1-877-tell-hln. we will get your comments on air in about two hours. new this morning -- a huge shift in the way the government police is marijuana. two justice department officials say the obama administration will announce today it's going to stop going after patients who use medical marijuana as long as it's legal in their state. the same goes for their suppliers. sources saying the justice department decided it has more important things to worry about right now. a third person has died
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after spending time in a sweat lodge in arizona. the 49-year-old woman had been in a coma. the sheriff said the sauna-like structure was covered with t.a.r.p.s and blankets. it's used for spiritual cleansing. it was at a retreat run by self-help author james arthur ray. he said he hired his own investigators to find out what happened in that. now to a connecticut football player and soon-to-be dad that was stabbed to death on campus. go to rafer with more on that. shocking the players and family himself. >> the victim's family said he spoke to him just houshz before he was killed. he was so excited his team had won. he been given the game ball. a few hours later he was told her 20-year-old son jasper howard is dead. police are still looking for the suspects. howard, soon to be father, had the best game of his entire career. his teammates say they will look after his unborn child. >> the idea he will grow up
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without his father tears me apart. because it ain't what it would be like what it will be like for that young child. but as jazz looks down on us, i can promise him and his family that son will have -- or daughter -- will have 105 uncles for the rest of its life. >> richard, what makes this scarier is the stabbing -- or scarier is the stabbing happened during a school-sanctioned dance. police say someone pulled a fire alarm in the building and then there was an altercation outside and that's when the stabbing occurred. richard? >> you just don't expect it to happen in those situations and that's why it's so shocking to many. thanks, rafer. justice sonia sotomayor is share smining some behind-the-s dirt on the day she became a member of the supreme court. at a reunion this weekend she told her school her alumni process was so scripted, what
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she wore to her acceptance certain ceremony was chosen for her. she was told to bring five suits and one would be recommended. a pilot never had a chance to eject. that's what officials say. the pilot's f-16 collided with another military jet. authorities are still searching for his remains. the other pilot landed safely but was injured. they were doing training maneuvers over the atlantic near south carolina. that happened on thursday. the host city of the 2016 olympics turned into a war zone over the weekend. 14 people were killed and a police helicopter shot out of the sky in rio de janeiro in brazil. two policemen died in bloody clash with rival street gangs. shots brought down the chopper. thousands of police officers are now patrolling the streets. bob van dillen joins us now right now. let's talk about a hurricane in the pacific. >> yeah. >> and this is no small one. >> no, eastern pacific hurricane. so it's still called a hurricane. once it gets to the western
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pacific, it's called a phi ftyp. it's a hurricane now but this thing was so powerful saturday evening stlund morning, it was a category 5. it was a 180-mile-an-hour category 5 that. made it the strongest on record. the strongest was linda in 2007. now winding down. it's essentially grabbing drier air and heading into circulation. that buzzes down the action in the middle of the storm. good news, want it to fall part. the winds picking up so it's buzzing it down. not as nicely uniformed as it has been over the last couple of days. that's great news but it continues to move to the northwest. 120-mile-per-hour winds now. still a major hurricane category 3 but it looks like it will approach baja peninsula some time early thursday, possibly category 2. rains itself out over the weekend in northern mexico. i don't think the u.s. will get much out of this but we are going to watch it over the next couple of days. the areas of west coast, areas
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of low pressure over the rocky mountains. another one god. another one towards idaho falls. another low off the coast of california. look at the light rain now, it's in idaho towards montana, stretching down in towards the great salt lake area. salt lake city, showers here but it's california with delays at sfo, they will be the worse weather in the country. we will talk about that in a bit. even though i say the worse, not that bad. the cold records in the east, record lows in tampa, 48 the low. how about that? >> tampa. >> 48. >> florida had some weather over the weekend you were telling me. >> earlier. but now things have gone down to fall and winter-slyke. >> so hurricane season -- >> ends november 30th. >> still have time to watch that. thanks, bob. madonna is making her neighbors angry. one filed a lawsuit friday saying the pop star is using her new york apartment as a rehearsal studio, and she keeps, they're saying, quote, blaring music, stomping and shaking walls, end quote, for several hours a day. the building's board is
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threatening to evict madonna. she is not commenting. a morning who lost a son in battle is at his side for his final journey. and an interracial couple fires back at a justice of the peace who refused to marry them.
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a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan will have a hero's burial at arlington cemetery today. army specialist stefan mace was one 1269 soldiers killed in a gunt battle with the taliban october 3rd. mace's mom did not want him to be alone for the journey home so she flew with his flag-draped casket for the last part of the trip. >> stephane who have wanted me to do that. we were very close, so i did it for him. i wanted to be the one to bring my baby home. >> he was in a tough situation over there. he knew how serious it was. and he knew there might not be a
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positive outcome. >> mace was 21 years old. he received six medals including a bronze star and purple heart. his mom said joining the army was his childhood dream. a 17-year-old pilot walked away virtually unharmed from a fiery plane crash this weekend. just in time as well. witnesses say the small plane burst into flames seconds after he crawled out. the team reportedly had trouble after taking off. his plane snapped a power pole before slamming into a road. >> absolutely amazing. never seen anything like that before and immediately my mother yells out, call 911! so we saw a number of people running over to the plane. i began yelling at them saying, get away because you know it's going to explode. and about 15 seconds later, it exploded. >> the high school pilot had only minor injuries at the end of that. when you park your car tonight, the odds are improving that it will still be there in the morning.
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money expert jen westhoven, that's always good to hear. when we park it, we want it to be there the next day. >> i love the story. ♪ i love technology >> yeah, yeah. >> i'm making a joke. but technology is why vehicle theft fell to a 20-year low according to the latest fbi stats. "usa today" reports that the big reason is because car manufacturers put in these anti-theft devices, ignition immobilizeders. they make it much harter to start a car without a key. the fbi also says it's been cracking down on auto theft. for instance, they don't want to give all of the credit away to technology, but good news is one of the reasons why we see the list of the most-stolen cars, new cars, generally speaking, not on them. if you're shopping at target, bring in your reusable shopping bags. you'll get a 5 cent discount for each one you use. we're calling that good news in a bad economy. every little bit counts. target said in a pilot program, shoppers used 58% fewer bags. that's according to "usa today." it doesn't have to be targt bag
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either, and all target stores will take part. that could mean millions of bags out of landfills, out of the ocean. we already know whole foods will give you five or ten cents back. it depends on the store. maybe that will encourage other stores. these two big chains doing it. >> every little bit helps. i was reading one statistic, this is about a year ago, china uses about 3 billion of those plastic bags a day. >> wow. >> that's a lot of plastic bags. >> i don't know how many we use a day, but i still think whenever they do those cleanups and things, they always find them in the sand dunes and water. >> oh, yeah. they last forever. >> yeah. >> they might outlive the roaches maybe. >> ooh! >> thanks, jen. an interracial couple who was snubbed by a justice of the peace speak out. what they say about the man who refused to marry them because of race.
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more details now on that balloon incident over the last bunch of days that investigators now say was a hoax. yesterday the sheriff admitted he misled the media last week when he stressed that he believed richard heene's story about that floating tin foil balloon there. he says he did it to keep the family's trust and key them talking to investigators. >> mr. heene voluntarily came in here under the pretext of we were going to return his aircraft to him. unbeknownst to him at the same time the minute he hit the door here, we had investigators prepared to go to the house and to talk to mrs. heene and try to get her corporation as well as conduct interviews with her and the children. >> the sheriff says they also have scientific proof that the boy was never inside the
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balloon. it was 18 pounds heavier that heene originally told them. investigator says a balloon expert told him at that weight, it could not have taken off with the boy on board. jim spellman from our sister network cnn got a closer look at how this balloon was made. >> from a distance, from the helicopter's cameras, it looked like a really kind of sophisticated weather balloon. but if you look up close here, it looks like aluminum foil. can you see scotch tape holding it together. here's a little duct tape. it looks like a thin frame of thin wood here. if you come around on the inside here, you can see some of the these wires here, and inside we see three nine volt batteries taped together. >> three nine volt batteries. that bucket there, they put sand in it, 37 pounds worth to try to replicate the weight of falcon heene. that's what authorities have done. heene may have to pay restitution for the search for that balloon, by the way. we'll add up the taxpayer costs
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in the next half hour for you. interesting stuff there. >> he should have to pay every dime back. >> we'll do that number for folks, too. some sick patients may be denied access to florida hospitals if there is a massive flu outbreak. "the sun sentinel" newspaper published some of the possible guidelines, which it got from a nonprofit news agency. it says the big focus is saving patients who could improve. doctors may take people off ventilators if others need them and have a better survival chance. it also says in the draft plan, hospitals may not even treat people with incurable cancer or end-stage multiple sclerosis if they have is the flu. officially the state has not released details as of yet. a new u.n. report this morning could rock politics in afghanistan, a key u.s. ally in the middle east. the report says less than 4% of ballots from afghanistan's august presidential election should be thrown out because of clear and convincing evidence of fraud. the associated press reports it could be hundreds of thousands of votes and it may mean a runoff there between president
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hamid karzai and the opposition leader if nobody gets at least 50% of the vote. the white house says it cannot decide on whether to sends more troops to afghanistan until this whole thing gets worked out. >> the question does not come how many troops you send, but do you have a credible afghan partner for this process that can provide the security and the type of services that the afghan people need. >> it could be a day or two before runoff is called. some believe that will give hamid karzai and his opponent time to cut a deal to share power. tom brady did something no other quarterback has ever done. he threw five touchdowns in less than ten minutes. rafer wig well moeigel with mor. you really had to have your stop watch out and get your tally going. >> no, because there's a little clock in the corner. >> i'm just saying, he did a lot in ten minutes. >> yes, he did. i see your point. >> tell me what the story is. >> it's amazing not only what he did, richard, but also wait until you see the conditions
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where he did it. this nor'easter that kim through foxboro, it's all snowy there. normally in conditions like this, there's not a lot of throwing, okay, but brady was throwing a lot. he was on fire. his five td passes in one quarter, that is an nfl record and a blowout of tennessee that. led to the largest halftime lead in nfl history, 45-0. the pats would go on to embarrass the titans 59-0. speaking of embarrassing, the new york giants got embarrassed by the saints who marched all over them. drew brees had a breeze with the g-men. he threw four tds. he's little by nfl standards. he's under six feet and playing like a giant. the wind spoiled giant quarterback eli manning's homecoming, who group right near the superdome. but the saints look like the best team in the nfl. look at this cheap shop from dante wesley, after he lays out carolina's smith after he calls for a fair catch. it is illegal and dangerous and
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could have ended the guy's career. wesley claims he mistimed the hit but leads with his feet and helmet. smith would have to leave the game with a concussion. two teams would go at it. wesley was injected and should be suspended and fined for that. the oakland raiders had 12 men on the field. pigeon. see him at the bottom of the screen. this is lining up for a kickoff. pigeon lines up with them and he's off. going down on coverage. he's the contain man. look at the pigeon go down with these guys and he seemed to help because the raiders would stunningly beat philadelphia 13-9. and he was signed to a three-year, $25 million deal and when he was told about it, said coo. that's a look at sports. more next half hour. >> at 20,000 pounds a feet for the kid, too. thanks, rafer. tens of thousands of people walked to raise money for aids research yesterday, despite the tough times. the 25th annual l.a. aids walk raised more than $3 million. organizers say the walk was especially important this year
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because of deep cuts to the budget for hiv and aids research. a college has new dress codes that bans dresses, makeup, high heels and purses. it just so happens this happens to be an all-male school.
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we were manipulated by the family and the media was manipulated by the family. >> he said it. the boy paerntss will probably face charges for the the story that he floated away in the balloon. felonies are possible here. authorities believe the heenes were trying to get a reality tv show but the couple insists the incident was not a hoax. a typhoon is threatening to hit a country still underwater from back-to-back storms. more than 850 people died in the philippines. a tropical storm flooded the country more than three weeks ago, only to have a phi foon hit
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days later. the latest typhoon can hit the philippines on thursday. >> he was a good kid. i never had no problems with him. all i wanted him to do was go to school and get an education, and he was doing what i asked him to do. i never had no problems with him. none. >> that was a mother of uconn football player jasper howard, who was killed following the game over the weekend. police say howard was stabbed on campus during a fight after a student dance. police are still interviewing witnesses here and have not named a suspect in that. those are some of the stories we're watching on this monday. hope you're having a good start to your week. back to our top story and those possible felony charges for the couple at the center of the balloon boy incident from last thursday. now, the sheriff wants to charge richard hein yin hene and his w conspiracy, contributingminor a attempting to influence a public
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serve aechblt those are the three possible felonies. but new this hour, one official said they will probably not be convicted on those counts. >> the sheriff is really trumping this up into a major felony case. if you look back on the history of hoaxes and publicity stunts, rarely are folks prosecuted for this. pt barnum would have spent his entire career in prison. when the media moves away, i think what you will probably be left with is a misdemeanor charge here, filing a false police report. >> the lawyer representing heene said they would be willing to turn themselves in. they have not been arrested as of yet. a 16-year-old girl is in serious condition after being beaten in a street fight in chicago. four people have been charged in the attack and will appear in court next month. witnesses say the fight started after people started talking trash to each other. >> at least 35, 40. >> golf clubs, baseball bats, 2 by 4s.
10:33 am
they jumped out of the car. >> i can't say what all is going on but i see so much brewing, so much just meanness and hatred. and these are little kids. >> this is just the latest in the string of violence involving kids in the chicago area. since january, at least 47 scho school-age kids have been killed. most died from gunshots. after a boy was beaten to death several weeks ago, president obama sent members of his cabinet to chicago to push for solutions to the violence there. three men unexpectedly collapsed and died during a half marathon in detroit. rafer weigel's here with more on that. rafer, when i saw that headline, i was like oh, please. you hate to hear that. you work out and train for these things and these things happen. >> by all accounts, these guys were in decent shape. it's just a tragically bizarre coincidence, richard. autopsies are expected to be performed today on the victims. authorities say cardiac arrest was the as you of death. all three men were running a half marathon in detroit. all collapsed within 20 minutes of each other. a 36-year-old man collapsed at
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9:00 a.m. and then a 65-year-old, who witnesses say had a heart attack and hit the ground hard, and a 26-year-old who fell after crossing the 13-mile finish line. they were all pronounced dead at the hospital later on. officials say they had six medical stations and 60 medical professionals on the scene. richard? >> wow. so young and old in that group they mentioned. >> great conditions for running. it was about 40 degrees. so heat wasn't an issue either. >> i was going to ask you that. thanks, rafer, for that story. lawmakers go back to work on health care reform this morning. dems will go behind closed doors to nail down a final bill. the goal here is that the bill will get to the full senate this week somehow. but there's a lot of work to do, as you can probably imagine. lawmakers having to turn five different versions just into one that can make it through congress. we've got some new tape this morning from the interracial couple who was turned away by louisiana justice of the peace. now the justice said he was worried about the future of any
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children of interracial couples that they might have. in a cnn interview this morning, they said they were offended by that explanation. we will bring you that a little later. it looks like it wasn't quite ready yet. the couple has since got maernried. louisiana governor bobby jindal and senator mary landrieu said the justice should quit or be forced out of office. hurricane rick, weak and getting weaker, but could still slam into mexico's coast that. storm is now a category 3 hurricane. forecasters predict it will keep losing strength as it gets closer to western mexico. but warn it can still be a dangerous storm. bob van dillen, our meteorologist, was telling us about that 30 minutes ago. it will start petering out as it hits baja, california. >> the last couple frames on that satellite imagery, it looks like it's fall ago part quickly. which is good news. still anticipate it would be a category 2 storm.
10:36 am
so it's not a small thing. >> no. >> we have a couple days to watch it. we do have that. i will be for the next couple of days. what i want to show su the low pressure center off the coast of northern california. it's generating rain and coming through the bay area, although in towards areas like santa rosa up by five, even towards eugene, oregon. more showers coming into that region. not going to be flooding rains but enough to slow you down to about an hour and a half delay now from san francisco at the airport and sfo. that's because of the rain and low clouds. look at the northeast, if you watch any of the football games yesterday, specifically that patriots' game up there in foxboro, heavy snow coming down at times. have you that area of low pressure, the nor'easter, moving away from you now so the conditions are a little more ideal. in fact, we have a baseball game right now. the alcs going on at 4:00 or so up in new york city. better day today. temperatures in the 50s. not quite as windy. still hanging out with the frost advisories for the carolinas, parts of georgia. freeze warnings for north georgia. some of the readings impressive. 48 in washington, up to 39 in pittsburgh after being in the mid to low 20s around that
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region. 47 in birmingham, 47 in atlanta, tampa up to 59. tampa broke a record 48 was the low this morning. even ft. myers got down to 51. that's what it looked like. one more look at the satellite picture. hurricane rick does not look healthy. that's good news but the track continues to pull it up towards the north and northwest. more details coming up in a little bit. >> doesn't seem like it was too busy for hurricane season so far. >> so far it's been great. had storms out there but nothing making landfall in the u.s. and that's great. >> always good news. thanks, bob. women in the slums of nairobi are fighting back against violent attacks. one of the most common crimes against women there is rape. and elderly women are particularly vulnerable here. but a new training class is teaching grandmothers a little, ha, self-defense. >> self-defense training is a skill that every woman, not only the grannies, not only the kids, but every woman should have these skills. it's not only about that, it's
10:38 am
about defending the women. >> these so call granny self-defense classes are taught by women in kenya and say women are just too overwhelmed to help. a college said the new dress code is have ago an uplifting effect on its students. it's taking stained against sagging pants, pajamas and other attire.
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wildfires continue to rip through queensland area of australia but the immediate threat to homes may be over. days of what they have been seeing here as though the earth is on fire. fire officials say they're still trying to contain 14 fires that are burning cross the state. that number is down from 41 fires in the area this weekend. firefighters will continue
10:41 am
backburning to try to help with containment in that. almost 30,000 soldiers have fought their way in the heart of taliban territory say pakistan officials. both the u.s. and nuclear equipped ally pakistan are concerned about the violence there. pakistan launched a massive offensive against the militants near the pakistan border. representatives say this is important because the area is a power base for insurgents. they have been blamed for deadly bombings over the last few weeks. an all-male college is telling its students not to wear dresses on campus. the cross-dressing ban son-in-law one part of what is a controversial new dress code in morehouse college in atlanta. the tradition a african-american school is cracking down on what it cracks down on inappropriate attire. other no-nos include sagging pants, mouth grills, durags. >> this is about our young men preparing ourselves to be the leaders that they are. >> i understand where they're coming fromment at the same time, some things are
10:42 am
restricting us and just, you know, to be ourselves. >> the school rep says the cross-dressing ban is aimed at only a handful of students. students found break ting the ce have to change before class. the list of alumni include martin luther king jr., spike lee and samuel l. jackson. you have seen this ad before. it says, we can get rid of anything on your credit score. you better watch out. people who are desperate to clean up their credit reports are getting ripped off along the way. money expert jen westhoven is looking out for you, us, everybody. you have to look out for these ads that promise everything. >> you do, richard. there are so many people who want to refinance or get a car loan. it could be tempting when you see companies who say they can get anything off your credit record. the headline is that two companies are settling with the ftc, but they're small companies.
10:43 am
really, i wanted to bring the story up as a way of reminding you, you have to be careful. if a company said they can come in and get rid of the evidence, your warning bells should go off. the bottom line is only mistakes on your credit record can be cleaned up but only old items. anything that is true in current, that has to stay. that's the ftc rules. beware of a company that promises you the moon. it's a tip-off it might be a scam. and also if you hire any of these companies, they're supposed to perform the service, deliver on their promise before you give them your money. that's another ftc rule, so keep that one close. don't be giving your money away and maybe getting ripped off. richard, this story -- it's a little morbid. i think people think about what kind of industries are recession proof. maybe you think, like, well, death. >> right. >> cemeteries are being hurt by the recession. this is on the front page of "usa today," and they said one of the big reasons is that a lot of people are looking to save money and what's happening is they'll on the for cremation if somebody dies in the family
10:44 am
because it's cheaper. it's only about $3,000 to be cremated, where as a full funeral can cost you more than twice that, according to the newspaper. very interesting. and just a quick one -- >> go for it. >> can you see it at the bottom of the screen there. dow a little more than 10,000. know it's psychological and we did this more than ten years ago. but we'll take it. >> jen, we missed you last week. we know you're at. when we hit 10,000, where is my jen westhoven. i can't talk about the dow hitting 10,000 without you being there. >> thanks. i missed that and the balloon! >> you're back. which is more important, by the way. all right. thank you, jen westhoven, and welcome back. by the way, we are talking about balloon boy this hour. the "your view" segment starting at 12:00 eastern. it's where you're able to pipe in, either threw e-mail, through facebook, or you can call in richelle carey, who will be anchoring during those hours. >> she missed the balloon. but, jen, there's more balloon. sit tight! there's more balloon. can you imagine? >> yes, yes. >> there's a legitimate new an
10:45 am
toll this balloon alleged hoax, richard. and people on facebook, e-mail, everywhere they can reach us were saying, wake up. wake up. wake up. we think what happened with richard heene and his boy falcon was a hoax. and now the larimer county sheriff said we're so convinced it's a hoax, we're going to file charges. they say falcon was never in that contraption and the family planned this from the beginning. so they're filing pretty serious charges, misdemeanors. i think felonies are coming as well. so this is what we want to know, because people say they're tired of it. >> right. >> they still want to talk about it. they do. we're going to give you a forum to talk about this. what do you think should happen to the heene family? the larimer county sheriff made it clear what they think should happen. they want to file charges. they don't think this is a small thing at all. here's another an toll thgle to richard. the accusation is they did this because they wanted so badly to be on a reality tv show. they already have been on "wife swap" and put the child up there
10:46 am
for interview after interview, even when he was getting sick. not only what do you think should happen to the heene family, but in general, what in the world do you think is going on with people becoming obsessed with being on these reality shows? >> right. >> there's something to talk about there, octomom is a good example. >> jon and kate. >> a lot going on there. >> a lot of people were struck when they saw falcon get sick on one tv interview. he didn't go home. he was on another show. this family, seems to me, wants to be on one television show bad. >> people have a lot of views on it. our facebook page is blowing up. the views can continue starting noon eastern. hour and 15 minutes. >> absolutely. we gave you an e-mail, go to my facebook page, text, hln tv. >> thanks, richelle. a bus ran into an suv, and it was all caught on tape. take a look at this -- the impact was so strong t. knocked
10:47 am
the bus driver's hat off and threw passengers from their seats. you won't believe what happened to the suv itself.
10:48 am
10:49 am
welcome back. we have amazing video of a bus smashing into a suv in new mexico. in this, that's what it looked like in the bus, when it couldn't stop in time for an suv making a turn. officials say the bus driver is not at fault. but check out the suv. it took two hours to get the driver out. surprisingly, he does not have any life-threatening injuries. the president of the mald e maldives went to great depths to highlight the great threat of rising sea levels. he highlighted the cabinet meeting underwater. the maldives are at the threat of falling into the ocean. the minister signed a document calling for all countries to reduce country emissions. malt d the maldives is like hawaii. beautiful. >> of course, you have been there, mr. international
10:50 am
traveler. >> i have been to that meeting underwater. all right. we have the man of sports. rafer weigel, let's talk your favorite man here. >> brett favre, brett favre. >> brett favre. >> you know what he is? >> he is the blues brother on a mission from god. and the rest of the nfl are of cops that are piling on top of them and the car's trying to keep up with him. because he and the vikings are the only 6-0 team in the nfl right now and of course they do it in amazing come-from-behind fashion. they were down by 1 with about three minutes left. favre does what he always does. he went down field and hit sidney rice. that sets up a field goal by another former packer, ryan longwell. the vikings are up 2. the ravens would drive all the way down with two seconds left, comes down to this field goal. steve hashka, wild left. but check out favre, he can't watch. he asked somebody, what happened, wanted? he missed it. and mark sanchez, we've been raving about the new york jets rookie, he had the spread in "gq," playing like a stud, the buffalo bills made him look
10:51 am
silly. he threw five interceptions, sanchez did, in the jets' overtime loss to buffalo. sanchez's coach thought about benching him. i've got some wackiness. watch this as this shot here hits -- what's that on the field? it's a beach ball. how does a beach ball end up on the -- somebody threw it on. that goal should never have counted, but the refs let it stand and the team didn't protest. you've got to read the rule kno? >> why didn't they protest that? >> it would have been seen as garbage on the rule. >> they would have to start over and do it over. the knicks hosting tel aviv, their coach mouthing off, gets one technical from the replacement ref and the ref gives him another technical and he's gone. he refuses for leave for ten minutes, arguing with the refer referees. finally, a rabbi comes out and pleads with the refs and a rabbi
10:52 am
and a coach and a referee all walk into a gym and that's a look at sports. >> wondering where you were going with that. >> a rabbi! it's that time again for your little angels to turn into ghosts and goblins. one of the most popular costumes this halloween may not be very scary, but it's making some people angry.
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ welcome to comcast local edition. i am donna richardson and my guest this hour is colonel george f. johnson iv superintendent of the maryland natural resources police. colonel, thank you for joining me. >> great to be here with you. >> in addition to being with the maryland natural resources you are president of the maryland police chief association, and who in addition to chief are your members? and who is working with you? >> it is comprised mostly of chief of police from all over the state and state government and law enforcement chiefs and
10:55 am
county and municipalities that exist in all of the state of maryland. >> i know as a group i know there are several initiatives taking place. there is a new one. checkpoint strike force. >> yes, it is a research based-multi-state situation where we pick and we go out there and we look for drivers that are impaired and work to get them off of the road and we do that through our sobriarity checkpoints and our saturation patrols. >> and so, which jerse - jurisdiction, one specific area or all of the jurisdictions now involved? >> all throughout maryland, the chiefs of police have signed on. every jurisdiction signed on in some way shape or form to participate in the checkpoint strike force. >> and so do you find that the checkpoints are helpful in
10:56 am
hopefully lowering traffic fatalities? >> absolutely. fatalities have been reduced 20 percent in the areas where we are doing the checkpoints . it proves to be extremely beneficial to us in many different ways. >> and do you find that the residents are supporting the checkpoints and do you have partner necessary this effort? >> yes, we do. as you know, it is a powerful organization of mothers against drunk drivers. we work with them chosely in this endeavor and other organizations. their surveys indicate 85 to 90 percent of the people they talked to support the checkpoints. >> do you do these at specific times of year or are the checkpoints ongoing initiative. >> they are ongoing initiatives. they will be taking place every week and everywhere and where
10:57 am
you think that it is the best possible opportunity to deploy the work force and effective use knowledge of our people in this endeavor. >> as you are having the checkpoints and i know initially you are looking for impaired drivers, but are you finding other things when you are pulling over the impaired drivers? >> oh, yes. people are very surprised what we run into on the checkpoints. the main focus is to get the impaired drivers that use alcohol off of the streets and identify them. but we are running into people who have warrants on them. their licenses are suspended, some people have drugs in the vehicle this we were able to detect and find. there is a whole gamut of things and seat belt usage. it helps us with the seat belt
10:58 am
initiatives and child safety seat. we are able to make different observations and of course, we put a lot of emphasis on the seat belt usage and child safety seat as well >> i know some jurisdiction or most of the them, there is zero tolerance if you don't have your seat belt on, it is amazing that people are still driving without them. >> it is with the seat belt usage, if you are involved in an accident with the impaired drivers that use alcohol that gives you that much more of a chance to survive. >> how can citizens assist with the checkpoint strike force? >> we need them to be our eyes and ears out there. as with many thing necessary law enforcement and we ask citizens to do. if they see a person driving erratically or aggressively and feel they are under the influence of alcohol. pick up the cell phone and dial the number 911 or what ever it
10:59 am
is that they feel comfortable in using. >> thank you, colonel for joining me. >> donna thank you for helping us. >> thank you for watching comcast local edition. i am donna richason.
11:00 am
now on this special edition of "showbiz tonight," the showbiz buzz list. the stories the "showbiz tonight" staff just can't stop buzzing about. tonight, "showbiz tonight" names the top five most controversial celebrity moms. lindsay lohan's mom. >> dina lohan's problem is it seemed like she wanted to share the spotlight with her daughter. >> madonna. she's kind of like a gypsy that goes in with a bag and picks up babies and carries them out. >> but who will we pick as the number one most controversial celebrity mom? the hottest hollywood men over 40 women can't get enough of. >> i think there's something charming and something really appealing about a man who has
11:01 am
something deeper to offer. >> they're good looking. they're successful. and we can't stop buzzing about them. and a barack obama impression that will keep you buzzing. a special edition of tv's most provocative entertainment news show, the showbiz buzz list starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer broad cacasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight, i've got the stories that our "showbiz tonight" staff just cannot stop buzzing about. like the hottest hollywood men over 40, the angelina/madonna baby wars, even people calling 911 because they're unhappy with their fast food. first up, though, one mother of a story. tonight, right here, right now,
11:02 am
"showbiz tonight" is daring to name the most controversial celebrity mom. you know how there are some celebrity mothers out there who act so outrageously, they have you screaming at the tv, arguing with your friends, or just plain obsessing over what these moms have done and what they'll do next. yeah, you know who i'm talking about. those moms. tonight, we are naming the top five most controversial celebrity moms. there are all kinds of moms out there, but it takes a certain kind of mom to make "showbiz tonight's" list of the most controversial moms ever. >> if she's out partying with her daughter or if she's just doing things that people consider bad mothering. >> reporter: and that brings us to the fifth most controversial mother, stage mom dina lohan. >> lindsay! >> reporter: mother of hot mess, lindsay lohan. dina fired up tons of controversy when she was constantly seen partying with her famous but troubled daughter. >> she just tried too hard to be
11:03 am
lindsay's best girlfriend instead of being her best mother. >> reporter: as if that wasn't bad enough, dina co-starred in a reality show "living lohan," with her younger daughter, aly, leaving some to accuse dina of feeding another youngster into the rough world that damaged lindsay. >> she wanted to share the spot with her daughter. >> "showbiz tonight's" fourth most controversial mom, the material mom, madonna. she got slammed for allegedly bending the rules to adopt little david banda from malawi, only to turn around and try to do the same with another malawian child earlier this year. >> she's like a gypsy that goes in with a bag and picks up a baby and carries them out. >> are we at the mid-life crisis with the young boyfriend or at the mid-life crisis, i want more kids. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight's" third most controversial mom, cougar mom, linda hogan. linda, the soon to be ex-wife
11:04 am
hulk hogan ticked off her daughter, brooke, and lit up the gossip pages in tmz by stepping out with a much younger guy. a guy who actually went to high school with her kids. >> she should have a right to be a cougar like anyone else, but i think that you have think about your kids feelings and not date within their homeroom. >> reporter: our second most controversial mom is a double bill. the spears moms, britney and jamie lynn. >> i think that the whole spears family can get the trifecta of bad mothering. >> reporter: britney's constant partnering and questionable decisions had an entire nation worrying about her cute as a button boys, sean preston and jayden james. >> every mistake she did made huge headlines. one day she's almost dropping sean preston when she's jostled by the paparazzi and another day, she's driving with him on her lap. >> reporter: brit ultimately lost custody of her kids in 2007 and in the process, she made ex-husband and rapper wannabe kevin federline look like cliff
11:05 am
huxtable. >> remember what a turd we used to think he was and now he's like father of the year. >> as for jamie lynn spears, became perhaps the youngest teen star ever to announce a pregnancy. >> puts the parents in an awkward position to explain why zoe has to drop out of high school to care for her now illegitimate child. >> reporter: and "showbiz tonight's" number one most controversial mom, the octomom, nadya suleman. come on, was there really any other choice? >> it's not quality of bad mothering i mothering, it's quantity of bad motheringing. >> reporter: yes, this mother of 14, yes, 14, had mothers everything sharing the same reaction. >> i want to [ bleep ] slap her sometimes. >> reporter: some people were furious because she had 14 kids, including octuplets, using in vitro fertilization, even though she was single, unemployed, and had no way to care for them without help. a lot of it. >> every day that passes by, i
11:06 am
face even more challenges. >> reporter: some people were up in arms about the way she turned hers and her kids' lives into a pseudo reality spectacle on and some just hate her voice. >> my name is nadya suleman and this is my life on >> i think that people detest women who create an industry out of their mothering skills. >> reporter: whatever it was, the octomom had more children and drew more controversy and anger than anyone out there. and if that's not a scary thought, there's this. one day, octomom will fade away and someone even more outrageous will take her title as "showbiz tonight's" most controversial mom. >> it's just human nature. i mean, people err and people err on camera. so we'll always have controversial moms. >> well, all of the moms on our list have certainly sparked lots and lots of controversy, but did we get it right? joining me tonight in new york,
11:07 am
amy palmer, a senior editor for "in touch weekly." in hollywood is lawyura saltmana correspondent for access and i have to begin by asking, did "showbiz tonight" nail it by naming the octomom the most controversial mom. amy, i'll start with you. come on, was there really any other choice here? >> there really isn't any other choice. i mean, the octomom pushed bad mothering to a bad level. she had children that she wasn't supposed to be having. she really just put herself on the forefront of controversy. so, absolutely, "showbiz tonight" nailed it on this one. >> and then she kept pushing our buttons and pushing our buttons. what do you think, laura saltman. can anyone even compare to the octomom on a list of this? >> certainly not, nobody can compare, but i'm going to call out cnn "showbiz tonight" and you keep calling them celebrity moms. nadya suleman is not a celebrity mom. she's a mom who had way too many kids, not a celebrity, you guys. >> all right -- >> but she definitely should be on your list. >> don't get into a semantic
11:08 am
argument with me about the octomom. she certainly has become a celebrity. she has paparazzi chasing her around. and in fact, she's -- >> but that's not a celebrity. that's a train wreck. that's not the word, what i would say is a celebrity. i'm not saying she shouldn't be on your list, she totally should be, she's the right choice, i'm just saying celebrity, that term bugs very much. >> well, certainly you're not going to deny us that madonna has to make the list of the most controversial moms. amy, think about it, isn't controversy a huge part of the reason why we have loved madonna for decades now? >> i mean, controversy follows madonna wherever she goes. so why not follow her into the mothering reign as well. she had a lot of backlash when she wanted to adopt this baby girl and she didn't get to adopt her. which is really kind of telling. like, there's a backlash against madonna all of a sudden with mothering. went, in fact, she has proven to be a pretty good mom. she's raising her children to be thoughtful and well spoken and educated. and i think she wants to give back to the world. but as we said, controversy follows madonna wherever she
11:09 am
goes. >> no question about it. >> all right, britney spears, clearly, earns her place on this list. laura, i'm assuming, before i ask the question, you're okay with britney on the list. >> yes, britney's a celebrity. >> mom britney, laura, is certainly a far cry from the brittany we saw in the mickey mouse club years ago, and really, not all that long ago. >> yeah. i like to call it a kid having a kid. it's not like she was 20 years old when she said her kids, she mentally was a kid having a kid. and i think that's why britney had all these problems. now, i think she's starting to mature and grow up and i think she's, hopefully, not going to be on next year's list for you guys and she'll start to be a really good mom as she matures. >> we would all like to see that, as britney continues on her very interesting journey. let us talk about controversial mom number five, dina lohan is on this list. dina is really famous because she is a mom. she's the mother of famous kids, lindsay lohan and younger sister, ali. and she's been known to go out
11:10 am
partying with her daughters. a lot of people say that she hasn't been really the best role model for her kids. but her daughters have actually defended her. and that, for one, is something i have never, ever understood. but, amy, do you think that dina has gotten a bad rap or do you think she's deserved the criticism she's gotten over time? >> it's kind of hard to say, although i would stay the proof is in the puding. lindsay lohan has had such a hard year this year. ali lohan, her younger sister is so -- she's 15, 16 years old, but you see her out there at clubs, not saying she's drinking, but she's out there, kind of in the spotlight. and it really is kind of telling that dina lohan wants her children out there. she wants them photographed, she is a showbiz mother. so with all the problems that lip lindsay's been having, maybe it is time for dina lohan to look at herself and say, what am i doing? i want to provide the best probable future for my children, and is this the best way? >> laura has said who she wants
11:11 am
to see off this list of most controversial moms, so amy, back to you for that very same question? >> britney spears has really been impressing me lately. i'm such a britney fan and i hope she's getting it together. it seems like she is. she's on the road with her tour, grossing record number of ticket sales, seems like she's trying to get her life together. i'm rooting for britney. >> all right, thank you both. so those women are making headlines because they are so controversial, but these women are making headlines because they are over 40 and still rocking. yes, of course, madonna makes this list too. also, sheryl crow and tina turner. women that look amazing, sound amazing, and are giving today's 20-somethings a really run for their money. tonight, "showbiz tonight" naming the top ten women over 40 who rock. and we're not forgetting the guys. the hottest hollywood men over 40 women cannot get enough of. they're good-looking, they're successful, and we just can't stop buzzing about them.
11:12 am
also this -- >> very pensive and his eyes are constantly looking downward as he's thinking. and he chooses his words very carefully. >> you've got to check this guy out. he does an amazing barack obama impression. you will be doing double takes all day long. you're watching a special edition of "showbiz tonight," the showbiz buzz list on hln.
11:13 am
11:14 am
you know what i say? i say, who cares?
11:15 am
just go home and have a glass of pinot grigio. so what? >> "saturday night live's" fred armisen getting huge laughs for his impersonation of "the view's" joy behar. but what happens when fred and joy meet on the set of "the view"? you've got to see this. totally hilarious. coming up in just a bit. welcome back to this special edition of "showbiz tonight," the showbiz buzz list. these are the stories the "showbiz tonight" staff cannot stop buzzing about. i'm a.j. hammer. and fred armisen also does a hysterical barack obama impression, but he's got some pretty stiff competition. tonight, just like barack. a young man from ohio has become a big youtube hit with his obama impressions. everybody buzzing about this guy's impersonations. here's cnn's kara finnstrom for "showbiz tonight". >> and i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: resembling a political figure can pay off. whether you're tina fey or an apy
11:16 am
aspiring actor from ohio. ♪ in the white house, doing my presidential thing ♪ >> reporter: 27-year-old imman krosoin has become a youtube senation for his music videos impersonating president barack obama. this one set to a beyonce tune has got more than 7.5 million views according to the website. >> i got into it because people were teasing me. every time i came to work, they were like, here comes barack obama, but it was only because i was the only black guy at work. >> reporter: he says he writes, shoots, and edits the videos. >> then all their attention goes on how you gray and how it shows on your wife's arms and sleeveless clothes get overwrite. >> reporter: and now he's landed a commercial with sanyo. >> is it too late to add this to the stimulus bill? >> reporter: his impression is based on careful study. >> but this isn't about me, it's about you. >> very pensive and his eyes are constantly always downward as he's thinking. and he chooses his words very
11:17 am
carefully. >> reporter: he's also studied president obama's dance moves. >> he's famous for that dance. and when i saw it, i was like, i have to do this dance. ♪ every time i see my mom, she's like, do the dance, do the dance. >> all right, get down. >> all right. >> cnn's kara finnstrom for "showbiz tonight." all right, did you see this? when joy meets fred. now, we've all been buzzing about "snl" star fred armisen's hilarious impersonations of joy behar. some people are wondering, why haven't we ever seen joy and fred together at the same time? on "the view," joy had some strong words for her impersonator and then he suddenly appeared on set. >> "saturday night live" has been "view" sketches recently, and although they're hilarious, i don't think fred armisen, who plays me, looks or sounds anything like me. take a look. >> you know what i always say? you know what i say?
11:18 am
i say, who cares? just go home and have a glass of pinot grigio. go to bed. so what? i swear to god, the only way i can have a movement is with a dump truck full of ben fiber. so what, who cares? [ cheers and applause ] i don't get it. so what? who care -- he looks nothing like me. >> nothing. >> not his face, nothing. who cares? the other thing is, so what? >> excuse me. >> who cares? >> excuse me. >> who's this? >> this is me and my horny dwarf. so what? >> so what? >> i can hardly tell who's who. i'm just kidding joy. check out this history-making buzz-worthy event thanks to youtube.
11:19 am
the online sharing site helped to assemble a symphony orchestra from musicians around the world and the chosen group got to play at new york's famed carnegie hall. one of the musicians gave us just a sample of this amazing event. >> i was conceiving this work on the street of new york, london, beijing, shanghai. i heard those street noises. ♪ >> then, i thought, my god, this is beyond, this is today. >> i'd been to carnegie hall before, sat in the audience and watched performances and, you know, dreamed about being on stage. never thought it would happen at all. >> the whole world tonight is googling around what's happening carnegie hall. >> the musicians were chosen by youtube voters picking from more
11:20 am
than 3,000 videos from 70 countries. just amazing. well, these guys are music to the ears and eyes of women everywhere, especially the women on the "showbiz tonight" staff. i've got to tell you, they cannot stop buzzing about them. i'm talking about the hottest hollywood men over 40 women can't get enough of. they are successful, they're easie easy on the eyes and they are coming up. tonight, wait until you see the baby wars. angelina jolie versus madonna. it seems like every day they're trying to one up each other with these baby adoptions. you've got to stick around for this very funny "snl" skit, angelina versus madonna. and it's fast food 911. the outrageous 911 calls made by people unhappy with their burgers, their shrimp dinners, for real. and they're call caught on tape. we cannot stop buzzing about this. this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight," the "showbiz buzz list" on hln. 
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now on a special edition of "showbiz tonight," the "showbiz buzz list," the stories the "showbiz tonight" staff just can't stop buzzing about. tonight, the hottest hollywood men over 40 women can't get enough of talking george, denzel, patrick. they seem to get better with age. but we're not leaving out the ladies. sheryl crow, madonna, tina turner. the legendary ladies who are still kicking butt, taking names, and looking darn good doing it. we are rocking out with women over 40 who rock. plus, it's an angelina versus madonna in a mother of a showdown. tonight, who's your mama? the angelina madonna baby wars.
11:31 am
this special edition of "showbiz tonight" continues right now. welcome back to this special edition of "showbiz tonight," "showbiz buzz list." these are the stories that the "showbiz tonight" staff just cannot stop buzzing about. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight, hot men over 40. well, "showbiz tonight" has teamed up with "more" magazine to name the top men over 40 who have their act together, are at the top of their game and look amazing while doing it all. i'm talking about stars like daniel craig, the hilarious steve carell, they're only getting better as they get older. "showbiz tonight's" brooke anderson give us an exclusive look at those hunky men over 40 who women love. >> reporter: they're sexy, successful, and they're all over 40.
11:32 am
i'm talking about "showbiz tonight" and "more" magazine's picks for the top ten men women love over 40. oh, my. >> i think what women love about men over 40, they lose a little, and i think there's something charming and something a little appealing about a man who has something deeper to offer. >> reporter: we start with george clooney. ever the wooer, george clooney typifies the hollywood bachelor that will pretty much make any woman melt. >> he's hot. he's still hot. >> wonderful actor. >> reporter: the same can be said of "grey's anatomy" star, patrick dempsey. you can't deny it, this man earned his nickname, mcdreamy. the dimples, the wavy hair. who would have thought this awkward teen from the '80s movie "can't buy me love" would grow up to be this guy. >> sort of funny and charming and sweet and i think that's what comes across. >> reporter: and what comes across in "showbiz tonight" and "more" magazine's next pick is the smile.
11:33 am
oh, that smile. we're talking about the strong, sexy, silent denzel washington. he's been on the big screen for years and he has yet to disappoint. >> i don't choose can films, they choose me, usually. >> reporter: well, denzel, we chose you as one of shiite and "more" magazine's top men women love over 40. we also put clive owen on that list. his movie, "the international" showed off his rugged good looks, piercing eyes, and an accent that makes women swoon. but his co-star naomi watts tells "showbiz tonight" clive has no idea he's so sexy. >> what makes him attractive is that he's -- doesn't have an awareness of his looks and in a really authentic way. >> reporter: when clive found out we named him one of the ten men over 40 women love, he was humbled. he tells "showbiz tonight" he's loving his 40s. >> the 40s for me have been, you
11:34 am
know, beyond my wildest dreams i could have hoped for 20 years ago or whatever. so i'm having the best time of my life at the moment. >> reporter: another heartbreaker having the time of his life, the king of reinvention, robert downey jr.. >> i was acting. >> reporter: oh, yeah, he's an actor and a bad boy who we've watched grow up. we've known him through a gamut of great '80s movies, tough times with drugs in the slammer, and now a big comeback with "iron man" and "tropic thunder," a movie who got him a nomination. >> there's no way i could have read the script and said, it's os artime. >> reporter: and now it's funny time. ricky gervais is one of the ten men over 40 that women love. >> really? >> reporter: he's a hilarious comedian and a writer for the hit show "the office." >> he's a new robin will yii yis far as i'm concerned. >> we're redefining gervais from
11:35 am
funny man to sex symbol. >> should i just do a song? >> reporter: let's hold off on that and move on to steve carell. >> i love steve carell, and i think in the last few years, he has really made his mark. >> reporter: he's at the top of his game. and not only does he do great comedy like "40-year-old virgin," but he's also proven he's got a real knack for drama like his role in "little miss sunshine." >> oh, how about that? >> reporter: if there's an actor over 40 out there that knows a thing about crossing from comedy into drama, it's will smith. he drives female fans of all ages to screams. it's hard to believe smith is over 40. remember him during his years on "the fresh prince of belaire"? >> are you robo butler. >> reporter: he's established himself as a two-time nominated oscar winner with a long career ahead of him. but if you're looking for an international man of mystery,
11:36 am
how's about daniel craig? we say this hunky bond character drives women gaga. so what is it about this incredible james bond character that drives women wild? >> i have no idea. i don't know. >> reporter: we do. >> he's kind of rocky and kind of craggy. >> reporter: rocky, craggy, and just plain handsome. and you can say the same of the steamy, sultry spanish actor javier bardem. >> you know, he's so incredibly sexy. >> reporter: he's a dream boat, all right. he won an oscar in 2008 for his role in "no country for old men" and keeps going strong. his latest film, vicky cristina barcelona has been hailed by critic. so what's next for this spicy spaniard? >> as an actor, what i do want to do next, is work. >> that was "showbiz tonight's" brooke anderson. so what is it about these men that make women go gaga?
11:37 am
that's actually in my script. gaga. joining me in new york, amy palmer, a senior editor for "in touch weekly" and lawyers a saltman with you saw "showbiz tonight" and "more" magazine's top picks for men over who drive women wild. amy, who is your favorite out of all of our picks? >> what laa list to choose from but i have to say denzel washington. he's strong, silent, but also has an intelligence in his roles. you can look at him and know he's thinking something really intelligent when he's doing his roles. >> laura, your top pick for these hot men over 40. >> whoo, i need a fan in here. it's hot in here, my goodness. you know, i'm going to go the funny way. i think steve carell is so sexy. i love the humor, i love that he's been with his wife for so
11:38 am
long, nancy, and he still loves her. you see them on the red carpet together and they're so cute. he, obviously, keeps her laughing at home, and i think that's what would make me at home be happy, to have someone make me laugh all the time. >> and he's a genuinely likable, likable guy. amy, who did we miss? who would you have added to this list? it's hard squeezing all of these guys into this one rundown, but who would you add? >> let's start with the obvious. i would start with brad pitt. he's really grown into himself as he's gotten older. now a worldwide ambassador for ecochange. that's so sexy to see a man who's taking his celebrity and using it for a good cause. and my second pick, if i can add a second pick is kyle chandler from "friday night lights." he's really somebody who i think is really just going to burst out into stardom anytime soon. "friday night lights" is a hit show for nbc and he really embodies the all-american man. so i would pick brad pitt and kyle chandler. >> as a huge fan of the show "friday night lights," i think
11:39 am
kyle chandler is an unbelievable actor who really should have more of his due coming soon. but certainly deserves all of the success he's had with that show. laura, what do you think? who else should be on this list? >> oh, gosh, hugh jackman! how could you to the put "people's" sexiest man alive on the list? he puts the "h" in hot! i can't get my words out. i get so flustered when i talk about him, because i just think he's so incredibly good looking and so sweet and so charming. he's just amazing. and my other pick, back to the funny and i'm going to say jim carrey. because, jim, not only is he funny, but the way he is with jenny mccarthy's son, who of course went through the battle with autism, how he's taken to that cause for her, i just think is so incredible. so you've got the good-looking guy, a funny guy, and a really sweet guy. hugh jackman and jim carrey. >> and all nice guys. and can we get somebody to turn up the air-conditioning in the
11:40 am
l.a. studio. i think you've forgot that jim carrey was a part of our list. good part on your part. it is pretty deserve. everybody from the slick and suave george clooney to comedian ricky gervais, funny man steve carell on there. amy, does it surprise you that we threw a few comedians on our list of men over 40 that just drive women wild? >> absolutely not. the way to a woman's heart is through laughter. women love to laugh. it's an extra bonus when a man who is good looking or not so good looking can make you laugh. that, to me, is super sexy, and i think that's what moviegoers are attracted to in these men. look at will smith, he has it all, he's smart and he's funny and so many other actors on your list as well, like steve carell. when i saw "40-year-old virgin," i fell in love with him because he just made me laugh. >> laura, speaking of will smith, quickly, is there anything that guy can't do? an he's an actor, a father, a movie star. >> i think if will smith ran for
11:41 am
president, he could probably win. >> all right. i'm going to mark that down and we'll see if we can put that together. thank you both. >> thanks, a.j. listen to this, angelina jolie and madonna, they're locked in an all-out mother of a showdown. yes, tonight, the hilarious spoof of the world's biggest stars and their baby wars. is madonna really trying to out-do angelina's adoptions? this is nuts. also speaking of madonna, there's no doubt she's one hot mama who is still schooling young pop stars on how it's done. madonna, tina, sheryl. just a few of our women doing their thing over 40. we're rocking out with women over 40 who rock. if there's one thing better than watching a baby wake up smiling, it's watching cute things falling asleep. >> yeah, the one thing "showbiz tonight" staffers can want stop buzzing about is this. we're talking about babies, kittens, puppies, the cute quotient goes through the roof when you see them all falling
11:42 am
asleep. so don't close your eyes. this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight," "the showbiz buzz list."
11:43 am
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11:45 am
i just got a baby from russia. >> that's not that crazy. >> oh, yeah? well my russian baby is a baby inside a baby inside a baby. >> the absolutely hysterical baby wars, madonna, angelina jolie, a take-no-prisoners adoption war on "saturday night live." welcome back to this special edition of "showbiz tonight," the "showbiz buzz list." i'm a.j. hammer and one thing that had us all buzzing was madonna's shot at adopting a succeed baby from malawi. as you know, angelina jolie has three adopted kids. so this had us wondering, are they really trying to out-baby each other. leave it to the warps minds of our friends over at "snl" to come up with the answer. >> i love babies, and i especially love getting babies
11:46 am
from crazy places, and malawi is the most exotic place in the world to get a baby. a spicy, exotic brown baby. more and more babies makes me feel good. i'm saving the world, seth, one tiny, exotic baby at a time. >> did somebody say baby? >> angelina jolie. >> i heard you couldn't get your baby. that's too bad. >> get out of here, jolie. this is about my baby. >> don't you have enough babies? >> no. don't you have enough babies? >> no. and anyway, i found an even freaky deaky place to get my baby. it's even more of a freaky deaky place m. >> really, where? >> my big, weird lips are sealed. all i'll say is that it's an island and there are tons of baby there is. >> a baby island? >> yeah. and you can just go there and pick out a baby. >> well, i'm going to an even crazier place to get my next baby. >> oh, really. where?
11:47 am
>> space. >> tonight, moving on to the women over 40 who rock. "showbiz tonight" has teamed up with "more" magazine to name the top ten women over 40 who are still creating big buzz on stage as if they were still in their 20s. i'm talking about legends like tina turner, who still sells out stadiums around the world. sheryl crow, who is 47, looks amazing, and is still going strong. they are tops on our showbiz buzz list. tonight, our exclusive look at the top ten women over 40 who can still rock out. ♪ simply the best >> reporter: legendary singer tina turner sings about being simply the best. and "showbiz tonight" can tell you, tina is just one of the best rockers over 40 who are fabulous. >> tina turner is 69. i'm calling her the grandmother of rock. >> reporter: the grandmother of rock who has plenty of company in the over 40 category. "showbiz tonight" and "more" magazine are team up to reveal the queens of rock over 40 who
11:48 am
still keep rolling, like tina. >> those legs, that hair, those mini skirts, that voice, the whole package is incredible. >> reporter: you can say that again. and tina even told oprah, being a senior has its fringe benefits. >> my senior life so much better than what i was young. the wisdom, the way i think, my attitude towards things. >> hi, attitude, meet madonna. our next rocker over 40, who just gets better and better with age. at the anyone of 50, she's got four minutes and justin timberlake on her side. ♪ we only got four minutes to save the world ♪ >> reporter: with hits like "four minutes," the master of attention getting still knows how to keep people guessing. >> she's just going to keep reinventing herself, changing who she is, always having a new boyfriend, always having a new look, always surprising you. >> reporter: it's no surprise her concerts always sell out.
11:49 am
>> the last sticky and sweet tour was the highest grossing tour of 2008, $105 million. >> reporter: that's a lot of doe re mi. and also still rocking is fleetwood mac's singer stevie knicks who is 60 and still rocking it, like she did on "ellen." ♪ until the landslide brought me down ♪ . >> i still want to be her. she's like a sister. >> reporter: a sister of rock who has company in this over 40 category of rock 'n' rollers like melissaet ettett etheridge. ♪ you don't have to live like a refugee ♪ >> still rocking it out, she's doing a great job, and i think she's actually at her prime right now. >> reporter: indeed, she is. etheridge's not just a rocker, she's a survivor who battled breast cancer, and at the 2005 grammy awards, shared her
11:50 am
message of hope with "showbiz tonight". >> i mean, chemotherapy's horrible and i know there are some people out there right now laying in bed on chemotherapy and i'm just here to tell you, yeah, it sucks, but you get better and the hair grows back. >> reporter: and stronger than crow still sings the theme song for women of all ages. ♪ all i want 20 do is have some fun ♪ >> sheryl crow has this amazing sort of boeheim yum quality that makes you forget she's actually 47 years old. her lyrics are always upbeat, happy, smart and insightful. whatever they are, they appeal to all age groups. ♪ >> kiley manon, we are out of our minds it's a notion you already turned 40. >> no matter her age will always have this sort of pixie-like sex appeal. >> which is why "showbiz tonight" and "more ar ar magazine induct her into our beautiful world of over 40 rockers. >> i think you'll see her keep going for another, you know,
11:51 am
20-something yers. >> so here, here for 20 more years to all the gals in this fabulous over 40 set. keep on rockin'! you know, the rest of the list of the top ten women over 40 who rock, bonnie raitt, 59. patti smith, 62. patti labelle, 64 and krissy hine, who is 57. rocking out to crocking, the cutest things ever to sleep. >> reporter: if there's one thing better than watching a baby wake up smiling -- it's watching cute things falling asleep. >> absolutely. baby, cats, dog, even bears all falling asleep, all super cute and all in one place. you do not want to miss the number one thing we can't stop buzzing about. this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight." the showbiz buzz list on hln.
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