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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 21, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's in the middle of the week. come on. i'm robin meade. morning, sunshine. here's what's going on. let's jump into news in the fast lane. the h1n1 flu is hitting some groups much harder than others, and it's not who you might expect. a teenager is accused of planning a columbine-style attack. how the authorities found out. and then take a closer look at your food label. why one -- why on earth are some products like sugar cereals marked as healthy? it is tough in the grocery store
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to know what it is you should be choosing. more on be that story. first, the latest information on swine flu shows it's really hitting kids and young adults the hardest. the cdc says that in the past seven weeks more than half of all hospitalizations were for people 24 and younger and deaths were the swine flu seem to be concentrated among the young. >> this is dramatically different from what we see with seasonal flu. with seasonal flu, 90% of fatalities occur in people 65 and older. it's almost completely reversed here. nearly 90% of our fatalities are occurring in people under 65. >> now they don't have swine flu but so many kids called in sick with flu like symptoms a chicago high school had to shut down. more than 900 kids stayed home yesterday, nearly half of the student body. the school won't reopen until monday at the earliest. the homecoming game and dance from last weekend and officials think the illness may have spread there. police may have stopped another columbine.
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a 15-year-old new york boy is at a psychiatric hospital for allegedly plotting to attack his former high school. investigators say they found gasoline, fuses and a machete and that he had been trying to buy an assault rifle. >> sometimes we just as parents don't really know what's going on in that child's room, unfortunately. >> he must be very troubled. >> police say that he planned the attack for april 20th, the 11-year anniversary of the columbine school killings. senator john kerry will likely get a congrats today from president obama. he helped convince hamid karzai to agree to an election run-off. now karzai needed some arm twisting after more than a million fraudulent ballots from august election were discounted. so kerry met with karzai repeatedly over the weekend. he opened up about his own tough decision not to challenge votes from the '04 presidential election. we're hearing emotional new details about a virginia tech student who vanished from a
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metallica concert on saturday. morgan harrington's mom says she was home with her parents that morning trying on outfits for the concert. they expected her back sunday to study for a math test with her dad. >> pretty distraught with her absence and want her back home as soon as we can. in time to take the math test would be fine, because we miss our little baby. she is our precious daughter and we hope this attention can help bring her back to her home. >> police want anyone who took pictures at that can sert to look at them more closely to see if they can spot harrington. metallica posted a message on their website asking for help finding the young woman. there's possibly more trouble for the balloon boy's parents. oh, my gosh. well, now the faa says that it is also investigating last week's incident. a separate investigation by local officials could lead to criminal charges if they decide once and for all it was a hoax.
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but for the first time we are hearing richard heene's 911 call when he said he thought his son had flown away in the balloon. >> it was tethered down. i think my 6-year-old boy -- >> what's wrong? >> -- he got inside and it took off. >> okay. where is he at? >> maybe he should have stayed in the acting classes. a man who used to work with richard heene said he was trying to become a reality tv star. he tells tmz that heene went so far as to write and sing a theme song for one of his ideas. i give you now richard heene. ♪ if you want to learn the business of how things work ♪ ♪ where the planets, the whole universe ♪ ♪ tune into the show and watch ♪ richard heene science detective ♪
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>> heene denies the balloon adventure was a hoax. >> i'm jumping the shark. >> okay, everybody. simmer down now. simmer down. i have more news. >> the get rich scheme. >> my gosh. wait until you see the video of a man who nearly gets flattened by a bus in russia. the guy starts walking across the street and then sprints for his life. did you see that bus barely miss him? it did hit about 14 more cars before it came to a stop. yikes. there were some minor injuries. bus officials think the brakes failed. good thing the guy had long legs to get him out of the way. how in the world? well, it was a thrill overnight on "dancing with the stars." the show paid tribute to michael jackson. ♪ because it's thriller ♪ thriller night ♪ there's no second chance >> jackson's mother and siblings jermaine and la toya were at the
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show. the show's professional dancers also danced to "man in the mirror" and "i want you back." find out which contestant got the boot. i was going to do the prisoner thing. it could never compare to the philippines prisoners dance. >> those guys rock. there they are. >> and i think it's probably because they're in prison and who knows what happens if you do not dance well. >> are they at gunpoint practicing or just doing it for exercise? what's the story? either way it's great. >> exactly. >> the final result is great. >> all right. six minutes after the hour. let's talk about -- gosh -- the weather today. it still seems so wet for the autumn to me. also who is getting rained on at the bus stop today good morning, robin. it's a typical el nino pattern, the southern branch of the jet stream.
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it takes a lot of moisture off the pacific, often the gulf of mexico now, too. it's going through texas and to new mexico, straight into colorado. it's actually turning into heavy snow here, too especially in the higher elevations of northern new mexico, lower parts of colorado, almost by denver you're also in the winter storm warning. the area shaded in red, 10 to 18 inches of snow as it moves through the lower parts of the four corners and into texas this afternoon. the heavy shield coming out of austin in towards dallas. some of that will be heavy at times for as much as an inch to an inch and a half of rain here and then that whole rain shield stretches out to the gulf coast so flash flood watches and warnings. watches are dark shaded green. the warnings are light shade of green one to four inches between today and tomorrow afternoon so it's going to be nonstop for you once it begins around dallas over the next couple of days. look at rain getting back on in to nebraska and the whole rain shield itself gets one shot in towards chicago for the morning. another one near minneapolis and parts of south dakota, too. it's a soggy start, robin.
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more of that coming up in a half hour. >> gosh, it is, isn't it? the fbi just added a man accused of dozens of murders to its most wanted list. the measures he took to change his appearance.
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it is time right now to salute our troops. a long-awaited visit is coming up for the family of christopher foley, husband and father of three is coming home from afghanistan for system r&r and his mom wants him to know how proud she is of him. good morning, robin. this is joan foley. i'd like to send out a salute to my son, sergeant christopher foley. i want to tell you how much i
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love him and miss him. i want to say how proud i am of him. >> well, thank you so much. i can hear how much it touches you. and your message has touched us. if you have somebody in the service go to a man described as a ruthless kill certificate the latest addition to the fbi's top ten most wanted list. eduardo ravelo was initially wanted for racketeering but is also responsible for dozens of murders and assaults. plus drug trafficking and extortion. correspondent richard lui joins us with more on this list here. what makes him more dangerous than other murder suspects? well, good morning to you, robin. ravelo is the leader of a gang in el paso, texas, and the fbi says he rose to power last year by brutally killing the guy he replaced. he also has strong ties to drug car sells just across-the-boarder in juarez, mexico. they say ravelo does their dirty work killing enemies in exchange for drugs to sell in mexico and
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the u.s. >> so the fbi says he's been involved in gangs for at least 15 years. why has he been so hard to catch? that's a long time. >> a decade and a half. they think that ravelo is hiding with his wife and children in a mexican neighborhood controlled by his gangs. the fbi agent tracking him says he keeps a low profile and is well protected. >> he has an entourage. he has bodyguards. he has armored vehicles to protect him from rival gangs and also rival cartels. >> authorities think he also drastically changed his appearance. this is his driver's license photo from 1998. so he could look very different now. agents say he has since shaved his head, manipulated his fingerprints and even got plastic surgery. robin? >> isn't that fascinating about the fingerprints thing. thank you. >> sure. well, you might get frisky after eating a certain bowl of soup. wait until you hear about viagra soup. that's what i said. and the restaurant serving up
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that sassy dish. that's new for you in the next 30 minutes. is it just me or did that not look very appetizing? >> it looked like cat food. >> all right. more about -- oh, okay. he's eating the soup. it looks to me like a bunch of shellfish. >> yeah. looks like some calamari, maybe some octopus in there. >> clause in there. all right. i mean lobster claws. how does a box of sugary cereal end up with a label calling it a smart choice? that's what health officials want to know. this has been a discussion before recently. our money expert jennifer westhoven will give you the latest on this. just because you put fiber in a big box of sugar doesn't mean it's healthy for you. >> yeah. sugary cereals is one you just
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mentioned. mayor anywa mayonnaise was another. it's a green check -- check it out. basically the industry came up with this, the food industry. they were trying to have uniform labeling but the fda was saying we're going to have to take a look at this and see if this is really accurate because you might not think that sugary cereal and mayonnaise were a smart choice. the fda says logos like that may have been misleading. the government agency says you have to meet these standards before you put that kind of a logo on. honda says it may start build i building here in the united states. that would be some good news. the fit looks like a little mini minivan. it's a five-door hatchback. honda has been really surprised how many americans have been buying it. they didn't make a final decision yet but they already have two plants in ohio and one each in alabama and indiana. so they might shift the work there. we'll see.
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robin? >> thank you for the updates. one minute a little girl was walking home from school with friends. the next she was gone without a trace. now the search is getting more urgent by the hour. plus, we've heard of health insurance companies denying coverage for people who are overweight. but how about a child who is apparently too small?
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authorities fear for a little girl who they say never made it home from school on monday. officers in north florida are working 12-hour shifts looking for 7-year-old summer thompson. they turned up nothing in her neighborhood yesterday and now suspect foul play. thompson had a red bow in her hair and a purple hannah montana backpack and lunch box. it was elimination night on "dancing with the stars" and the end of the road for one gold
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medalist. >> natalie and alec. >> olympic swimmer got the boot. she and her partner scored 22 out of 30 during their routine monday. the remaining nine contestants are nervous because the show will feature a double elimination. >> very sad she's gone. >> i'm sure she does. olympic medalist. got to have good form. >> sad she's gone. >> you meant form as in dancing. >> yes, i meant as in dancing. >> all right. the uconn football team had its first practice since the tragic killing of their teammate. i can't imagine how difficult, can you, it was for them to get back tgt and to play the game. and how emotional it will be for them on saturday. good morning, robin. and the practice started with a very touching moment between jasper howard's mother and stepfather and the rest of the team. so these kids are trying to muster the strength to play against west virginia and it's howard's parents, the ones who
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suffered the greatest loss of all, the death of their child, who did what they could to help these kids move forward. >> the mother, the father went around, hugged those kids that were crying and let them know that it's nobody's fault. there's nothing that they could have done. it was god's will. it was god's way of what he wanted to do. >> and now the team is trying to win for jasper. more on that in the next half hour. all right. you remember this cheap shot we showed you on monday? carolina's dante wesley lays out tampa bay's clifton smith. well, he was suspended without pay for a game for this vicious hit on a defenseless smith. he's going to lose $36,000 for it. he's lucky he only got suspended for a game. he should have been suspended for more. he says he wasn't trying to hurt him and his coach defended him. i don't know how you defend that. the tampa bay lightning, speaking of tampa bay, decided to lighten the mood in practice,
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strip hockey. >> i love it. >> every time a player didn't score in a shoot-out they had to take off an article of clothing. martin st. louis had the most trouble. there he is on one skate. now he's on sandals. there he is. look at this. is this pathetic or what? he doesn't have to take often his pants. good for him. >> that's as far as it got, right? >> that's as far as it got for him otherwise we couldn't have showed you anymore. the next half hour the yankees have a secret weapon, kate hudson? i'm not kidding. i'll explain later. >> lots of guys would like to have that secret weapon. thank you. on the cover for a new single, russian roulette, singer rihanna is wearing an eye patch and not much else. the cover, which was released on her website, shows the singer posed in barbed wire that, let's just say, is strategically placed around the chest. the title of her new album is rated-r. wait a minute. which part was -- what was
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rated-r and what was russian roulette? okay. the titles of both of them. >> we might need to see that again. >> "russian roulette's" the single. bob, good morning. hey, good morning to you. so far so good. kind of jarring in the morning, though. a little bit. let me show you what's going on. safer flight explorer, rain heading into dallas right now. here is dfw. planes coming in and out. so far no problem but the rain shield is expanding and it's getting heavier so we will get the delays in dallas specifically in the morning and then more for the afternoon so today is going to be a tough day in or out of north texas, dallas. low clouds. 30 minute to one-hour delays. afternoon push looks fine. and then rain and storms in to minneapolis and houston. 30-minute to one-hour delays. more, robin, in a little bit. the faa is looking into why a plane landed on the taxiway instead of the runway at a major
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airport and if you can imagine if another plane were there how catastrophic that would have been. also, a man built a massive tree house in his backyard. now the town is saying take that down. 
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swine flu appears to be the most dangerous for kids and young adults. the cdc says that since september more than half of the swine flu hospitalizations have been in people under the age of 24. they think that older people have some immunity to swine flu thanks to exposure during an outbreak decades ago. a 15-year-old boy is being charged with plotting to attack his former high school. new york police say they have loaded up on gasoline, propane and fuses, and he was trying to buy an assault rifle. his parents didn't know about it until investigators told them. intense video here.
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a bus full had to be pulled from the water. it happened after a river burst its banks. everybody made it out okay. heavy rain across the country has flooded out roads, forcing some people to sit in traffic for hours. and those are some of our headlines. how are you feeling today other than the fact that it's wednesday? huh? i'm robin meade. a muslim clerk associated with zazi has been indicted, accused of lying to the fbi. you may recall that zazi is charminged with mrng to use a weapon of mass destruction in the united states. police say he was arrested after buying large amounts of chemicals to build a bomb. 16,000 nurses could walk often the job because they say their hospitals have not prepared enough for swine flu. a california nurses' union says their members do not have good access to protective gear that they need to use while treating patients with the swine flu. >> i'm sure that the respirator
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mask is available, making sure we have plenty of isolation gowns, isolation rooms -- all the things we need to keep ourselves safe and healthy. >> well, the nurses say they'll walk oftf the job for one day. that move would affect 34 hospitals in california's biggest cities. the hospitals and nurses union are in talks to avoid that strike. today the fbi releases the latest addition to their most wanted list. three new people will make the top ten this week. we told you last half hour about eduardo ravelo. agents say he's a texas gang leader and a hit man for a mexican drug cartel. correspondent richard lui, another man with ties to mexico just made the list as well. that's right. joe saenz is trafficking drugs across the border. he first got on their radar in 1998 when he allegedly killed two rivals of his gang. saenz was out of sight for a
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decade but police spotted him on a surveillance v at a murder scene. >> if you look at the video, he's rubbing his hands before he goes in the house and he's smiling. it looks like he really enjoys what he does. he enjoys killing people. >> in addition to the gang-related murders investigators say saenz kidnapped, raped and murdered the mother of his child, robin, because he thought she might turn him in. >> it sounds -- just like a despicable person here. so what are the chances that authorities will be able to track down these guys now that they're on this top ten list? how much of a difference does it make? >> if you're a criminal you don't want to be on this list. 491 people have been on it and 463 have been caught. now that's an almost 95% track be record. tips from the public are responsible for about a third of them. the fbi is hoping someone out there will see the pictures of
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these guys and help them make an arrest. looking at those percentages, it doesn't look good. >> well, let's hope they do find everybody. richard, thank you. a public option for health care reform isn't dead yet. a top aide to house democrats says that they've cut back on the spending in their proposal so it's now more in line with the senate plan. capitol hill bean counters estimate that both would cost less than $900 billion over ten years. a final bill could be ready in the next few weeks. you may get that loving feeling from a bowl of soup. viagra soup is being served at a new york restaurant chain. the steamy soup contains lobs r lobster, fish, clams, and at that key la. ha! you won't find the real viagra in the soup. the manager says viagra soup can help you get frisky until the break of dawn. it costs $32 a bowl or you can just do shots of at ttequila. am i right? >> all of these poor guys eating alone, too. what a waste.
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sorry, honey, hate to eat and run but we've got to go, now. >> roll the animation. >> good morning to you. a developing low right up the rocky mountains and that area of low pressure is spawning a new low at the surface and when that happens you usually see the rain pick up at times especially out of the gulf of mexico. look at all the clouds rolling through canada with the rain underneath it heavy. dallas, you're getting some rain showers just outside and then it's turning into snow when you get to the upper part of the four corners by new mexico. look at the snow stretching in just south to the metro area. with the weather advisories for denver but not for the city itself. four to eight inches is what you'll get here. 10 to 18 inches of snow, the highest elevations, lower parts. so that's for the day as the upper level low churns out some moisture and moves to the east. look at the rain heavy to amarillo and out of dallas as
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well. amarillo, look for half inch to an inch of rain today as it moves up to the north and also again one to four the next couple of days in the gulf coast. live to new york city. another day of warming temperatures. look at this. up to about 70 degrees today. going to feel real nice. more on that, robin, in a half hour. >> looks good. >> looks real nice. >> do you remember gary shandly? he is tonight's guest on "the joy behar show." this is what he says he was thinking about. >> i'm in the waiting room trying to get in the right mood for this show and there the tv is on with the news. >> oh. >> and the world is coming to an end. i think it seems pretty -- it seems like jesus was supposed to come by now, wasn't he?
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>> yeah, he's very late. >> he's really dragging it on. although when they arrested roman polanski i thought, oh, no, he's wrapping it up. >> chasm more of joy behar's show with garry shandling tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln. do you eat a lot of fish to stay healthy? well, some of that might not be as heart healthy as we've been led to think. also ahead, two people get on their knees in prayer in a business office. one thing, though, police say the guy with the hooded sweatshirt was robbing the woman.
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you told me who did that remake and i was shocked. fergie, right? some of the fish up might be eating for health benefits may be bad for you. fish? well, an article in "health magazine" has a new list based on toxins. and how well the fish survived in the environment and at the top of the good list were farm-raised mussels and oysters. for a complete list, because there are bad ones, too, go to our website at and scroll down the important website section. a navy team on the hunt for pirates turned up tons of drugs. when sailors from the "uss anzio" stopped them they found four tons. the navy says that money from the sale of those drugs could have ended up in the hands of terrorists in afghanistan. i don't know anybody who uses
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the word hashish. i've heard of hash, pot, marijuana. the rice of sending your kids to college is not dropping at all. i don't expect it ever will. more expensive than ever so many of our stories are because of the recession this price is down, that price is down. not college. college boards says higher education is costing more than ever. for a year at a private school more than $35,000 a year. that's tuition, fees, room and board. public schools a lot cheaper than that but still up 6%. $15,000 if you're in state. $26,000 if you're an out-of-state student. the good news is in this, trying to find something, there are more students who are qualifying for some sort of financial aid. two out of three now could be a tax benefit so that is helping a little bit but, i mean, wow, it
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keeps getting higher. i think it's more than $50,000 a year now. it's crazy. que we want to keep you up to date on the extension for unbe employment benefits. people counting on those benefits to feed their families, keep their house right now. it is stuck, though, in the senate. that's why we haven't been talking about it. by a lot of count, there's a lot of politicians wanting to attach amendments on it like having to do with a.c.o.r.n. it's turning into a mess. the real trouble with this is this is not a retroactive bill so everybody who loses their benefits while the politicians are dithering, they are ol -- out of luck. when they do pass the extension they won't qualify for it. the current senate plan if they could come to some kind of agreement, what it looks like now is 14 more weeks of benefits for everyone and then six weeks on top of that if you're in one of those states with a high unemployment rate of more than
6:43 am
8.5%. back to you. >> that's a lot of people. once it ends, what do they do? >> right now is calling for more hearings. >> jen, thank you. from high heels to combat boots, one small business owner is is taking people to the front lines of fitness. stephanie elam has this week's "small business success." >> reporter: lauren wants you to be all that you can be. she says her company pure power boot camp offers a true military-style indoor obstacle course. >> i base it on different elements or different obstacles of the armed forces over ft. knox in louisville, kentucky. >> reporter: this is not your average fitness class. clients are whipped into shape by former marines but not everything is done like the military. >> the military weights you down to build you up. we're all about building you up from the onset. >> reporter: she worked on wall street for seven years before starting her company in 2003.
6:44 am
she combined her passion for sports, entertainment and business and turned it into her profession. >> there was no other program that i could have emulated. there was nothing like it was a brand-new concept. it was let's throw it on the wall and see if it sticks and it did, knock on wood. >> all right. if you're a small business owner we'd like to see your success story g. to upload a video i-report, share your tips and you might be featured here on "morning express." more details in the beating death of a chicago honor story. a 17-year-old is cleared of murder charges in the case and you're going to hear that 17-year-old's reaction.
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new details in the beating
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death of a chicago honor student. murder charges were dropped against one of four teens accused of killing 16-year-old derian albert. new information led police to dismiss charges against eugene bailey. he was in custody for three weeks before his release yesterday. >> a lot of murderers, rapists and all of that. >> just think it was wrong. mi baby is 17 years old. he messed up his life. >> he's free but he has to go back out here in this world. you know what i'm saying? when he shows his face at school, he'll be looked upon differently. whatever school he goes in, everything doesn't change. >> the shocking cell phone video, derrian albert was killed in a fight after school. three teens are charged in his death. they are due in court friday.
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the new york yankees keep rolling along and some give credit to kate hudson. here's rafer. i'm not kidding. this is dominating sports talk radio. >> really? they think she's the good luck charm. >> like sports experts. i'm not talking -- not tmz. kate and a-rod have been dating a while. she's been to several yankees games at yankees stadium. even nick nailed them kate-rod. a-rod is notorious for being awful in the playoffs. i mean letterman's made jokes about it. he's been on fire this postseason. he led the yankees in a 10-1 trouncing of the angels. they're one game away from the world series and they ask why are you playing so well? he said i'm just in a good spot. others are crediting him pay in over $300 million for guys like mark teixeira and cc sabathia but that's not as good of a story. the connecticut football team had its first practice since the tragic killing of their teammate, jasper howard. the team has a game against west virginia on saturday. players are trying to rally around howard's memory.
6:49 am
>> we're going to beat west virginia. you know why? he's going to be there every play. he's going to fight every play. we're going to make every play. every play on the field. >> west virginia out of respect will also wear howard's number 6 on the back of their helmets. this was a fashion faux pas. titans head coach jeff fisher was introducing former colts head coach tony dungy at a charity event in nashville and shows off a peyton manning jersey from the rival colts. fisher's team is winless at 0-6 and then he said, i just wanted to feel like a winner. bad move, coach. your team is looking for inspiration. >> oh, my goodness. >> i mean, am i right? that's not a good idea. >> lift up your team. lift them up. >> for $25,000 you can have a new jersey nets player for one hour in an effort to sell the pricey courtside seats for $25,000 you get four courtside seats to ten games, parking and free food and a one-hour
6:50 am
appearance of a nets player of your choice at your home, office, school or party. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> i'm not kidding. for one hour they could come to your kid's party. keith harrington, our writer, says i want them to them to put away my groceries. >> how much? >> 25 grand. >> for 25 grand. that's still not cheap. you get the four ticket ooze. >> you get 40 seats with that 25 grand. and one hour. police say that a robbery suspect prayed with a clerk before robbing her. they say they armed -- the armed man went into a check cashing company in indianapolis on monday. eventually the clerk started crying and talked about god. and the suspect said that he had a 2-year-old to support. so he and the woman prayed about overcoming his troubles. police say he took her cell phone and 20 bucks and then surrendered the next day. paying your bills with auto pay can help avoid late fees,
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but clark howard warns it can also put an unexpected dent in your wallet. >> do you ever allow anybody to just scarf your money right out of your account? you know what i mean, where you set up an automatic draft of your account. let your mortgage company come take the money from your checking account, maybe let a car company that you did an auto loan with or a bank you did an auto loan with automatically come in and take the payments from you. or a utility company or a health club or a burglar alarm company. well, the number of people who do that has steadily grown. but it's dangerous. because once you have given somebody permission to come in and take money from your account, even when you aren't doing business with them anymore, many times they'll still keep taking the money. then you have to fight to get your own money back while bills are bouncing. what should you do instead? you want the convenience of paying electronically. use electronic bill pay with your bank or credit union. where you control the payments and you stop them when you are
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done with them. you don't want to worry about them taking money they're not entitled to. i'm clark howard. with more ways for you to protect yourself go to >> clark will teach you to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. catch him at noon eastern on saturdays and sundays.
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