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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  October 22, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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right now on "showbiz tonight." brand-new shocking developments in the espn sex shocker. did steve phillips's mistress try to get him to his family's home. a frightening new 911 call is released. >> i have a crazy woman who was involved with my husband came to my house. >> "showbiz tonight" asks, should the married baseball
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analyst who had an affair with a much younger coworker get fired? brand-new developments in the michael jackson case. newly released documents on the investigation into his death. brand-new clips from the movie, "this is it." will katherine jackson see the movie. >> chris brown's feelings with rihanna and why he's upset with oprah. is it time to forgive chris? our show starts right now. >> are i'm aj hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. tv sports caster steve phillips is in hot water over his affair with a 22-year-old production assistant. >> the espn sex scandal got more
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shocking. a just released 911 tape is putting a frightening new spin on this outrageous tale of sex, lies and tv. on this new tape, you can hear phillips's wife calling for help, saying she fears for her family's safety as her husband's former mistress shows up at the family home. that is just the beginning of a sorted affair that is making for big news breaking today. >> some are call together a modern day fatal attraction. >> for might top fatal attraction even though there is no bunny involved. >> this is not a movie, about you a real life sex scandal that like the david letterman scandal has set the gossip pages on fire. this also involves a dashing and married tv important. espn baseball analyst and former new york mets general manager, steve phillips. >> he doesn't pass the gut check. >> phillips admits to an affair
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with a young assistant, 22-year-old brooke hundley who went to the dark side, way to the dark side. after phillips ended things. >> according to steve, they only had three intimate encounters before he broke it off that led to go all fatal attraction. >> according to police reports filed by phillips, his wife and 16-year-old son, after phillips ended their brief affair this summer, she began calling his wife and sending her letters n. this letter obtained by the "new york post," she writes i'm a real person in his and care deeply about his happiness. i'm coming out now because i'm sick of hiding and sneak around behind your back. >> to describe birth marks steve had in his personal regions and things like we both can't have him and i want him to be happy.
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>> this is a terrifying situation. >> it got more terrifying because hundley allegedly tried to confront his wife at his home. >> i have a crazy woman involved with my husband and she came to my home to me and my husband. >> the wife saw hundley at the home while she was alone with their 7-year-old son. >> we are down my driveway. it's a blue car. a blue sedan. >> i'm sending officers right now. did she confront you or threaten you? >> she has been threatening me via text and phone calls. >> phillips's 16-year-old son told police that hundley also harassed him lie a text and facebook to get dirt on his dad. in his report, the teen said she asked specific inappropriate questions about my parents. do they sleep in the same bed? do you think they will be getting a divorce? >> as a 16-year-old, you don't
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want to think of your parents that way. the questions that were asked were over the line. >> in a statement to police, a clearly frightened steve phillips said about his ex-mistress, this woman has clearly displayed erratic behavior and delusional tendencies and i have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself. >> this is not an affair, but a dangerous situation. luckily it didn't escalate as far as it could have. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you e, spn has been rocked. phillips is on a leave of absence n. a statement he said i am deeply sorry i put my family and colleagues through this. some are not ready to forgive phillips whose past affairs have been public. >> it's disgusting and unfortunate he has done this not only to his wife, but set a bad example for his four sons. >> as for hundley, she is still
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an employee and police tell "showbiz tonight" phillips dropped the issue and she will not be charged, but as we always see in these public sex scandals, everyone involved gets hurt. >> it's an epidemic and affects politicians and you have letterman involve and a baseball analyst. you think guys, get it together. why is this something you feel the need to do. >> whatever the reasons for having the affair, he couldn't have imagined it would end up like this. he lost his wife and reputation. should he lose his job over this scandal? joins me from hollywood, the creator of the website. carlos diaz is a correspondent for extra. my friend, let me begin with you. when you hear an outrageous story, i am thinking it's hard to know who the bigger offender here. steve phillips cheating on his wife with a 22-year-old or
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brooke, his production assistant for the threatening behavior? >> i will have to go with they are both wrong. it's never right at all to cheat on your wife and he made the first mistake, but her behavior after this is terrible. it is kind of a fatal attraction move to be broken up with and try to mess with the relationship of the person that broke up with you. i have to go with steve being more wrong. he has done it before and should have learned his lesson and bringing espn down with him because he should be talking about baseball. basically it's a black eye on espn at this very, very important time for them. >> this guy was sued for sexual harassment in 1998 when he was the energy manager for the mets and didn't learn his lesson. he lost his wife. do you think he should lose his job over this or should his personal life be out of bounds?
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>> all joking about fatal attraction aside because it's easy to do, but this is a scary situation for his children and for his wife. i think steve phillips is a chronic offender in this area and needs psychiatric help. this is the conversation we are having about corporate america like david letterman and steve phillips. should they be punished and lose their jobs? if you are talking about joe smith from iowa, would we be outraged? sometimes we let fame and celebrity get in the way and steve phillips, he should have thought about all he would lose before he made the choices. >> what it comes down to regardless of the personal judgments we may have and whatever the company policy is. you can't be involved with anybody who works with you or for you, you are out on your butt. let us move on to another involved in a sex scandal. feeling the heat after he admitted to sleeping with women who worked for him.
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the national organization for women wrote an angry letter to his production company that is called worldwide pants, calling the work environment toxic for women and they demanded a meeting. his company said three out of four producers on the show are women. they also said among the late night staff, 58% are women. let me go back to you on this. a lot of people say that's a lame response. >> it is a lame response. the guy who made it is a guy and david letterman probably didn't want to sleep with him. what goes on here, we have to take apart the layers. this is about power and workplace power. it is not equitable for women in the workplace contrary to popular belief. it is a place where women need to walk a fine line being powerful and too powerful. if they are involved with coworkers or wear revealing clothes, they use their to gain favors. it's not an even playing field. david letterman is a boss who
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manages a company of people. he has to lead by example and set the tone and if this was one time, a one-time experience and he was deeply sorry, we have a different sensibility. this is a chronic issue for him and we love dave. nobody wants to look at his behavior. we have to see through the celebrity and look at the action and the influence it has. if this was middle america and not cbs, would we have a different opinion. >> despite all of that, the human resources department said they have no complaints and talked to all the female employees. do you think they have obligations to sit down with the women's group to save face? >> obligated, no. should they? yes. let them in and meet with them. it's a great pr move and a great smoothing over technique. what can it hurt? >> i agree. i have to end it there. not to placate, but i think they
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have good that can come out of it. thanks, guys. >> chris brown's brand-new interview. guess what. he is still mad at oprah. >> oprah gets on the tv and said can i clear it up first? >> you are mad at oprah. >> why is he holding a grudge against oprah and is it time to forgive chris for beating rihanna. we have the heated debate. new michael jackson bombshells and new documents revealed in the investigation into his death. what do they show? your first look at brand-new footage from the film "this is it." a shocker in the john travolta extortion case. nobody saw this coming. you will not believe what happened and what happened next. this is "showbiz tonight." >> more stories from the newsroom that are making news right now.
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>> per did you see this? one of the hottest halloween costumes, jon and kate plus eight star kate gosslyn. this is the eight is enough wig with the signature reverse mullet. it goes for about $20. eight kids not included. i'm a.j. hammer. >> i'm brooke anderson. grab a mob was the message from president obama to his critics who said he hasn't done enough since taking office. the crowd loved it so much they
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started a mop chant. everybody is putting their own twist on the mop med for. >> he is chuckling. not even a mop could wipe the smile off the president's face. >> a mop cleaning up somebody else's mess. >> it's one thing to wrap himself in the american flag, but to wrap yourself in mop? >> president obama is trying to mop the floor with critic who is go after him for not having fixed the country's problems yet. >> we don't want them to say you are not holding the mop the right way. >> not since gene kelly practically made love to one has attention been lavished on a mop. >> don't stand there and say you are not mopping fast enough. don't accuse me of having a socialist mop. >> that's exactly what some are saying.
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there is even a socialist mop tie for sale. critics of the president say the mop stops here. president obama can't keep blaming his predecessor for the mess. >> he said there is a right way to hold the mop. conservatives take it as a slap in the face. everyone is putting their own twist on the metaphor. >> even jay leno. >> 'don't you grab a mop and clean up. you are not holding the mop the right way. >> president obama's supporters taunted the opposition. >> grabbing a hula hoop for kids.
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mr. obama is grabbing his imaginary mop. >> you are not holding the mop the right way. >> maybe we should kick the bucket, but he is holding on to the metaphor of the dog with the mop. >> here's a fun fact. she was able to get a whopping 142 swifl switchles in. >> the phone lines have been slammed. people are calling in about jon gosselin going to a family values event, looking for parenting advice. >> we got a call in from carol in ohio who said the whole thing was another ploy to get time on camera. >> he never misses a chance to get publicity. if he wants spiritual advice, he
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would be home praying instead of the happy parties. >> we heard from latrice who said they need to get their acts together. >> it's not about them. their children will be grown some day and think about the kids and do what's best for the kids and not themselves. >> showbiz on call to let them know what they are thinking about. >> the showbiz on call phone lines are always open. call us at 888-sbt-buzz. >> we will play your calls here on "showbiz tonight." we're also online on our home page from "showbiz tonight." >> sorry chris brown mad at oprah winfrey? chris talks about whether he is
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holding a grudge against oprah. is it time to forgive chris? david beckham gets caught. what he did caught on camera that is against the law and just when you thought this commercial couldn't get any better -- just wait until you hear the techno remakes. the song that is soaking up the spotlight. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln and time for the news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, showbiz caught on camera. i know beckham, but how about send it like beckham as in a text message while driving. he got busted big time texting and driving. he was leaving soccer practice from the l.a. galaxy and it's illegal to text while driving in california. he is not the only one doing it. maria shriver got caught using her cell phone plenty of times. >> nicole kidman was speaking out about whether hollywood continues violence against women. she was testifying before a
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subcommittee and said hollywood probably has played a by portraying them as weak and sex objects. she said she personally stays away from those kinds of roles. >> i get offered films often that depict violence against women and if i feel it's exploitive or would actually demean women i'm not interested and i pass. i can't be responsible for the whole of hollywood, but i can for my own career. >> she spoke as good will ambassador and is promoting violence against women act. >> we are getting a lot of comments on or facebook page about sarah palin going on the oprah winfrey show. that is supposed to happen next month and it may not be a good move for palin. douglas b writes palin already does not do well in interviews and oprah will make her look like an amateur.
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>> i think oprah should ask her why she quit her job as governor. she is a money hungry wannabe politicians. sign up for our pages at >> the showbiz lineup and what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. is chris brown still mad at oprah? >> oprah gets on tv and said can i clear that up first? >> is chris holding a grudge and if so, why? "showbiz tonight" is asking, is it time to forgive chris brown for beating rihanna. also brand-new, michael jackson bombshell. new documents revealed in the investigation into his death. what do these show? we have your first look at brand-new incredible footage from the movie, "this is it" and
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his mother is speaking out. a stunning turn of events in the trial of the people who tried to extort millions from john travolta in the aftermath of his son's death. you are not going to believe what happened at this trial. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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brand-new michael jackson bombshell. the first time. documents revealed in the investigation into michael's death. the first look at brand-new footage from michael's movie, this is it. shocking new interview tonight and why he is mad at oprah. >> can i clear that up first? >> chris brown versus oprah. "showbiz tonight" asks the question, is it time to forgive
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chris for beating rihanna. the shocking decision of john travolta $25 million extortion case. tv's first most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back. broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> tonight, new breaking bombshells in the michael jackson's death investigation. your first look at brand-new footage from michael's final rehearsals. >> the breaking development unsealing do you means what police were looking for at the home and office of conrad murray, the guy who is suspected
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of getting the legal dose of propofol that killed michael jackson. in more news breaking, jackson's mother is speaking out for the first time since he died. wait until you hear what she said did the movie. is she going to see it? "showbiz tonight" will show you an amazing look at footage from this is it. the controversial movie featuring michael's last concert rehearsals days before his death. wait until you see how he looks and sounds. jane velez mitchell who is the host of issues and the author of the fine new book, i want. also a legal correspondent for in session. i want to begin with the first look at this is it. it won't hit theaters until wednesday, but we got ahold of new scenes from the movie that shows jackson rehearsing days before he died. check out michael performing the
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way you make me feel. ♪ it is hard to get away from the idea when you see him move around on stage and hearing his voice and watching him perform, set against the backdrop of the fact that he died days later. pretty remarkable. >> it's astounding. actually mind-boggling. we heard about his illness in being emaciated and suffering from insomnia. if you have all that going on, it's hard to do a spin and land perfectly on both feet. you see him doing precisely
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that. for me it's astounding because i covered his criminal trial in 2005 and he was in the hospital when he walked into court. almost carrying him in and out. we have seen pictures of him in a wheelchair. this is absolutely the polar opposite and it reminds me that it's always hard to tell what is fiction and fact when it comes to michael jackson. it was a case of smoke and mirrors and we wondered is that voice really his voice. does he talk like a regular guy when nobody is watching. you never know what is going on. >> a lot of people are going to see the movie because they are curious and want to see what shape he was in before he died. it's no surprise that filmmakers wanted to show jack on his game, at his strongest. at least based on the footage that we are seeing here, it's easy to suggest that michael probably could have pulled off 50 concerts. >> they are saying the 50
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concerts weren't going to be one after another. there was a time span. when i look at this and it will be released next week in whole as the movie, i think about the criminal investigation. there is an investigation taking place right now. the death was ruled a homicide at the hands of another. we don't know if charges will come, but there is a jury pool that will look at him appearingly very fit up and down the stage and rehearsals are tough. >> that's a good point and a lot of people have been questioning the timing of the film's release and it was put into production after he died. we sat down with the film's director. he spoke with us about how it felt putting this movie together so soon after jackson's death. you have to watch what he said. >> i will collapse and never get through it. it's too hard, too soon. it was healing and helpful. it's that kind of experience. michael is very present and very much alive and in the moment.
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you feel that. i'm looking forward to sharing that with the world. >> he said it was healing and helpful. a lot of people are saying releasing the film four months after michael's death is plain tacky and greedy. come on back in here and we will get your take. bad timing or was it the right move? >> i think it's the right move and it will bring closure to all of his fans out there. you take a look at the clips and you see it really honors michael jackson as a talented performer. i don't think it's tacky at all. you watch it and he looks crisp and hitting the moves and it's smart business. they need to capitalize and not wait until the interest is not as high. i don't think that's greedy because it's not exploiting, but honoring him. >> do you think it's about the fans wanting to see performance or morbid curiosity? >> it's a combination of both. there is a lot of fan who is
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want to forget about his troubles and simply enjoy and relish his music, but then a whole other set of people who are obsessed with all the troubles of a criminal trial where he was acquitted of the talk of drug addiction and they have that curiosity. i basically think it will be a big hit because everyone wants to see it for different reasons. >> it's in this limited run and it will be out before too long. someone who suffered a great deal. michael jackson's mother who we love so much, katherine. we are hearing from her for the first time since she lost her superstar son. this amazing tribute to michael. michael said how much that meant to her. watch this. >> i loved it. i thought they did a really, really wonderful, beautiful job. this is my first time at dancing with the stars and i'm looking forward to coming back. i had a really nice time. >> wie understand michael was a fan of the show.
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>> you know michael, he loves to dance. he would watch because he loved to watch the dancers and especially the stars that are dancing. because some of them are -- can't dance a bit. >> heart warming seeing her smiling like that. great to see her with a smile on her face, especially when you consider the ugly legal mess going on over his estate. >> that's right. i think it's wonderful they did the tribute and more wonderful that she went. i'm sure she was touched. this is a powerful woman. she is not only the legal guardian of the children, but definitely has control over that estate and all the issues that are coming in. >> a lot of people are wondering, will the jackson children see the movie? watch what she told me. >> that's been a question they have been asking me. i don't think i can bear to look at it right now. eventual in time i will watch
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it. >> not right away. you can't blame her, can you? >> of course not. that's got to be traumatizing because there is her precious son whom she lost and he is there in seemingly alive and full of life and yet not here with us. it is a tragic passing. he died way too young. >> thanks, guys. i appreciate it. >> chris brown is speaking out in a brand-new interview and this guy is still mad at oprah. >> oprah gets on the tv and says -- >> can i clear that up first? >> chris versus oprah again? what's his beef now? we are asking is it time to forgive chris for beating rihanna. big stars coming in to fire up. also making news, a stunning move in the john travolta extortion trial i don't think anyone saw this coming. get ready to say wow when you see this hysterical sham wow show.
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>> you can use it anywhere. it holes tons of water and now it's all mixed up. the incredible sham wow remix. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> now more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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>> welcome back to "showbiz tonight." >> tonight a stunning development in the jan travolta extortion trial about a judge that has declared a mistrial. evidence that someone on the jury which was still deliberating may have linked the verdict to a lawmaker. listen to the sound that tmz got ahold of of the lawmaker saying one of the defendants was off the hook. >> well, we have some good news. pleasant bridge water is a free woman!
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god is good, plp. pleasant is a free woman, plp. >> that's the progressive liberal party and pleasant bridgewater is one of the people who wanted money to keep quiet about the details surrounding the death of his teenage son, jett. >> explosive confessions about rihanna and his beef with oprah winfrey. what is that all about? the first radio interview since brutally attacking rihanna and he is totally ticked off that oprah took sides in the case. plus, chris reveals intimate details about the call he got from will smith after his arrest. is it time for everyone to forgive chris brown? we have the shocking brand-new results of our question of the day. we asked is rihanna obligated to be a role model. the rater of the self esteem
11:45 pm
website and mar vet is a publicist and strategist. chris brown is going on tour to thank fan who is stood by him after his case. now he's lashing out at one of the biggest critics. oprah winfrey. oprah slammed chris on the show warning her if he hit once, he would do it again. chris told hot 97 that he was blindsided by oprah's attack. >> i felt at the time i needed a helping hand and just me as a person for her to reach out and just talk to me and rihanna and make it like look, this is what it is. this is wrong and this is right. this is right, this is not what it's supposed to be and i'm not saying have me on her show, but make it to -- just help. that's all i was asking for. at the end of the day i thought
11:46 pm
we had that relationship where it could be like that. >> i get that he is disappointed that oprah did not support him, but why does he act like he is the victim here? >> he slammed rihanna's head into a car window. >> absolutely and oprah's only obligation is to her audience. what she said to rihanna was simply the facts. if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. she doesn't owe chris anything and he may be looking for love in all the wrong places. she is not his parent and the advice she gave to the audience was truthful, correct, proper guidance and that's all that oprah is expected to do. >> it was great advice. sounds like a burch ever whining to me from chris brown. another shocking confession here, chris said that will smith was one of the few stars to reach out to him with amazing words of encouragement. chris admits he was stunned, but grateful for the call.
11:47 pm
>> we are in that situation and certain people that called me like will smith and he was like really talking to me one on one, man to man. >> will smith? did you know him before? >> i met him a couple of times and spoke to his kids, but he reached out a hand to help. he was really a man. as a young black man myself, i needed older black men to step in and say this is not how you do things. >> this is not how you do things. chris having someone like him as a mentor is awesome and hopefully he will never harm anyone again, but do you think it's time to forgive chris brown or is leaving rihanna bloody and bruised unforgivable? >> it's not up to me to forgive him or not. >> yes, it is. >> all right, here's the deal then. if it is up to me then no. this is the biggest bunch of malarkey i have heard.
11:48 pm
he is a complete idiot and playing the pr game and i'm sure he is not as he needs to be and not getting the point as it was said earlier. it's not anyone's responsibility to teach him how to control his anger. that is for him to do. i believe forgive him when he dedicates all proceeds to every domestic crisis shelter in the country. then i believe him. >> a portion of the proceeds is going to a domestic violence charity, but not all. you are right. it's a bunch of malarkey too. i want him to be sincere this. interview is the last time he is going to publicly talk about the rihanna attack. it's eight months and we have not heard word one from rihanna. do you think rihanna owes her fans to speak out? >> i think she does. she is a model. the day she signed on to represent cover girl, she became a role model that day.
11:49 pm
you do owe it to your fans because they want to know how have you dealt with this and forgive them and why did you forgive them? more importantly, chris should be allowed to move past this pain and to redeem himself. we can't hold this kid's future hostage by his past. >> we can do things and we can also have conversations right now that don't let celebrities off the hook so easy. >> we are not here to judge and can't let people push past the pain of their mistakes if we hold their past hostage. >> stop acting like a victim and be remorseful. genuinely. we do have to leave it there for now. thank you both. >> right now, did you see this? the sham wow remix. a big time into mercial with the sham wow. it soaks up tons of water. showbiz operators are standing by with your first look. ♪
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it's catchy and for kicks, cannery play guy, different product. the slap chop. ♪ >> my troubles feel slapped away. some people do have too much time on their hands. >> stay put. we have our first look at john tra vo travolta's new film. it is their daughter's very first film. it is really funny, too. it is good to see the family
11:51 pm
getting laughs. they deserve it. now the "showbiz" news ticker. more stories making news right now.
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now your first look at john travolta's new movie. this is ella's first movie and robin williams is in it, too. >> entering the u.s. sports market is a huge deal. >> bonzai. >> hey mister, can we help? >> whoa. >> why did you do that? >> sorry, my bad. >> you're a monster. >> how are you? >> well, hello. didn't know they could afford to hire super models here.
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>> dan? >> vicky? >> you haven't seen that woman in seven years. >> i really don't where to start. >> daddy! >> i have kids. >> twins. >> i will be an old dad. and you will be uncle charlie. >> we can do this. >> we can play. >> you remind me of the old dude who stole my girlfriend. >> my beef is not with you. >> you ladies ready to play ultimate frisbee? >> i think so. >> how did that feel? >> one of my magic pills. >> watch out for sudden loss of depth perception. >> i think i remember where they go. >> this is weird.
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>> catch your later. >> an honor. >> nice to meet you. >> oh! >> my kids are in there. >> the zoo closes at 3:00. >> we are in a zoo. >> we are in the gorilla encloe sure. >> don't look him in the eyes. just look away. >> every man for himself! >> penguins. >> oh. >> run. >> charlie! ♪ so lost without you >> "old dogs" will be in
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theaters on november 256789. >> we got the final results of our "showbiz tonight" poll. 21% of you say yes, but 79% of you say no. here is an e-mail. >> that is it for "showbiz tonight." >> and i am brooke anderson in hollywood. >> conservative commentator ann coulter will be on tonight. i like to hear the other side. plus espn baseball analyst steve phillips gets into trouble for swinging his bat at a young
11:58 pm
production assistant. and a man who has seen and written about it all will be right here.
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tonight, as the white house's war of words with fox continues, ann coulter will be here with a few words of her own. plus george w. bush has finally stopped cutting brush so he can make some cash as a motivational speaker. what is wrong with this picture? and yet another high-profile cheating husband has been playing law with the system. oh, yeah. all this and more right now. well, we disagree on just about everything under the sun,
12:01 am
but somehow we can maintain a civil discourse because we're adults, that's why. conservative commentator and author of "guilty, liberal victims and their assault on america" ann coulter. >> you always have trouble with names when you're on with me. fortunately, it wasn't mine last time. >> i have trouble with my teeth. i want to tell you first of all, a lot of people on the left do not like it that i have you on my show. >> i think they're jealous because i won't go on their shows. >> people like richard belzer the other night, munch from "law & order." he said why are you having her on your show? she's a fascist. they start calling you names. what do i say to these people? >> up -- >> that i'm not a fascist. >> this is taking too long. >> i don't know. i kind of like having them call me fascist. i have difficulty putting myself in your position of caring about
12:02 am
that. that's why it's taking so long. >> i think people would like everybody to agree on every show. >> since it's all the trend now, i will quote chairman mao -- it's a good thing, not a bad thing to be attacked by the enemy. >> sure that's not martha stewart. >> or mother teresa. >> what's the first reaction when you heard the white house was taking on fox news? >> i -- i'm not -- obama must be on vacation or something. i mean, it's so massively stupid. and now everybody's out there speculating on why he's doing it to try to get, you know, the other networks not to cover the stories of government corruption that fox is covering. which is the most likely reason. >> the acorn story? >> nea, van jones, kevin jennings. as one of your fellow liberals points out, they're not covering it anyway. how does that explain? i think it's because they can't help themselves.
12:03 am
>> the president said -- he weighed in on fox news for the first time on nbc's "today requests show, listen to this. >> what our advisors said is we are going to take the media as it comes. and if media is operating basically as a talk radio format, that's one thing. and if it's operating as a news outlet, it's another. but it's not something i'm losing a lot of sleep over. >> people are pissed off -- he is too, because fox lies a lot. they lie. let's give you an example of glenn beck, for instance, one of your pals. he said that 45% of doctors say they'll quit health care coverage if reform passes now
12:04 am
the ama endorsed obama's overhaul in july. that's not true. >> the ama doesn't represent all doctors. 45% of all doctors. that's like taking a poll of what lawyers say and then saying the aclu doesn't say that and that's a group of lawyers. the ama is to lawyers what the aclu is to lawyers. >> do you -- >> you can't call that a lie. you can say i don't like this poll. take my own poll. you can't call it a lie. >> i think sit a lie. >> with my conversations with doctors, i'd say it's 90%. i agree with you. it seems they are under estimated. it's the wrong number for how many will drop out of the practice of medicine. >> the ama you have to give some credence. >> it's like the ama does not represent all doctors. i have asked doctors what is up with this ama. they say it's all the doctors who cannot practice medicine anymore. they're all losers. >> last time you said most people don't like the public option. that's up to 5 2%. >> that's phony. >> your polls are not phony, my polls are? >> you're calling it a lie. >> it's separate. >> try to keep up with me.
12:05 am
>> fox can put on what you said and say she told a lie. she said 57% support the public option. >> 52%. >> 52%. the one glenn beck cited was a poll he saw. >> how about this one. the only country that has automatic citizenship. that's not true. brazil has it, canada has it, guatemala has it. a lot of countries have it. >> okay, that's -- assuming you are right there and i did not know that. i've not looked at what other countries make you a citizen for simply being born here. but the point is that isn't a lie. >> okay. >> it's a mistake. look, if you're going to talk that much, he has a radio show. he's got a tv show. if you're going to talk that much, people are going to make errors and trip over themselves. to be kons traconstantly jumpin- they treat fox news like they're stalin and everything has to be analyzed.
12:06 am
there's more respect for roman poe lance i can than fox news. everybody makes mistakes. just yesterday, little contessa brewer on msnbc was introducing jesse jackson and introduced him as al sharpton. that's a little bigger than making a mistake about how many people -- >> i'm going to defend contessa brewer. >> if you're going to defend glenn beck, you're defending contessa brewer. she is yours. >> she is not. i don't know who she is. how about hannity. he says that in cash for kl ump nk e-- clunkers you can go to the junk yard, tow it to your house, and get $4500. that's not true. you have to own the car for a year. why is he putting that out? >> how about the one from my column that went out today with everyone on msnbc citing the willie horton ad as a race of racism and the introduction of vicious personal politics. >> he was pretty vicious. >> no.
12:07 am
no -- they keep doctoring what they're claiming was the bush ad to make it look like they showed a picture of willie horton. anyone who knows anything about the 1988 campaign knows that george bush never showed a picture of willie horton. they scrubbed it from that ad. >> george the -- >> that was 1988. >> that was his campaign against dukakis. >> correct. it was a fantastic ad. the furlough program was unbelievable than letting convicted murderers out. >> can't go back that far. >> you're going to go back that far, that's a light being promoted nightly on msnbc. the point is the lies on other stations are so much more egregious, so much more irrelevant. you disagree with a poll because you have a poll that says something different. that isn't a lie. >> what about karl rove? this annoyed me also. can we get that sound on tape for karl rove? he's spoken out about the fight too. listen to this. about fox. >> if you go out and call an entire news network, you know, out, and basically tell the rest of the media don't emulate them, don't follow them, don't be like them or we're going to attack you too, it's across the line. this is an administration
12:08 am
getting arrogant and slippery in the dealings with people, if you dare to oppose them, they come hard at you and cut your legs off. >> that's the height of hypocrisy. sh this is the same guy that outed a cia agent. he's talking about vindictiveness from the left? give me a break? come on, ann? >> i'm not following the parallels at all. >> vindictive. >> george bush was -- >> they come hard at you and cut your legs off. >> george bush was interviewed on cnn by larry king. he was interviewed by brian williams, he was interviewed on all of these stations. he never stood up and said don't listen to dan rather the way the president of the united states tells congressional republicans don't listen to talk radio and fox news. >> didn't he get dan rather fired from cbs? >> he got himself fired by running lying slanderous mocked up national guard documents on
12:09 am
the news against the president in a time of war. instead, you never heard george bush say don't listen to dan rather then obama gets his feelings hurt. i tended to agree with what rove said there. at first -- >> of course you did. >> why is it the white house doing this? you have helen thomas and all of the liberals saying, wow, this is stupid, there's -- people are wondering why the white house is doing this. that's why i said, at first, i thought it's not bleeding, they don't want fox stories picked up other places. they make the excellent point they're not picking them up anyway. it's to raise money from the base. i don't think so. you got money from the base by attacking fox? >> it might be a distraction from the fact that progressives are on his case about the public option and afghanistan. just like george bush used orange alerts to distract us from his shenanigans i'll be back with ann coulter after this. >> hey, i had more.
12:10 am
12:11 am
12:12 am
12:13 am
it does offend our values when executives of big financial firms, firms that are struggling, pay themselves huge bonuses even as they rely on taxpayer assistance to stay
12:14 am
afloat. >> i'm back with ann coulter. what did you think of the president -- what do you have to say about that getting the money back from wall street. >> i say aha, ha, ha -- >> to whom? >> to wall street, who gave more money than they've ever given a president. i feel about them about the young college kids who supported obama to make a fashion statement and they're all out of work now. enjoy the obama economy. wall street gave more money to obama than any other presidential candidate. i hope you got to go to nice parties in the hamptons. now your bonuses are cut. >> you think they should get the money back? >> i can't stand it. >> bush was the one that started the ball rolling. they gave him the money when he left office. >> it was like that compared to now. i was against that. obama took it up in a big way with all of his goldman friends working for us.
12:15 am
wall street is joined at the hip with democrats and republicans get saddled for defending wall street. they don't like us, they don't vote for us. screw them. >> we see republicans, money. that's how people think. >> we're the small businessmen. they're the money manipulators on wall street who do not create anything, make society a better place, enormous mansions and they run for governor in new jersey. >> i said it today, i'll say it before and i say it again -- the mall should have given the bailouts. who are you afraid of? timothy geithner or frankie --
12:16 am
see my point? >> that's good. i vote for you. >> conservatives say we're going to turn in to sweden. what's wrong with sweden? have you been to stockholm? >> they're a little bit socialist. >> it's a country -- >> it's not sad and useless. >> i don't think you're going to count on sweden to, a, invent pharmaceuticals, b, protect the sea lanes. the rest of the world has no military because thank you, united states, we're here to protect all of the pip squeak countries. >> we're too good. more wars -- >> why do you want to be sweden? >> more military buildup. that's what we're known for. great? >> pharmaceuticals. you're not going to have any pharmaceuticals being invented. democrats have a genetic inability to understand the market -- how things get invented. do you know how much it costs to bring a new drug to market. it's something like $800 million for a new drug. so, yeah, you can say once merck has figured it out, well, i can get those ingredients for $4, why are you selling it to me for $100. you're never going to figure out what the drug is, it will be the end of the patent office in 1700. >> all right, you go -- >> i have a lot of information in. >> you did. you did. but you know, it's interesting
12:17 am
that you can get health insurance for viagra -- you know -- >> yes! >> they will pay for viagra but you will not pay for birth control. don't you think that's interesting? >> i don't think they should pay viagra. i don't think they should pay for people to have babies. i don't think you should pay for marriage counseling. you should buy catastrophic insurance which you cannot because government intervention. >> why not have more babies? >> why shouldn't they pay for me to have an addition on my house. it's -- >> it stimulates it economy. it puts people to work. >> and people will stop having children? >> what do you want to go back to? the 19th century where nobody paid anything and people are on the streets begging. >> no, we already have medicare and medicaid and the chips program. we have socialism mucking things up. and particularly with the restrictions on insurance companies as we discussed the last time. >> i want to change the subject now. because it's my show. i saw a report that said threats against obama are straining the secret service. what do you think of that? a newark airport guard was
12:18 am
arrested for making threats against the guy. what the hell is going on? why are there so many threats? >> um -- i -- i do not -- i mean, i do not know what the evidence is. i would be shocked if there were more threats against obama than there were against president bush. >> i'm telling you, trust what i'm saying. >> i think they may be more aggressive about investigating it. >> he's getting more threats. >> as i have witness in my own life but described in guilty, every presidential assassination or attempted presidential assassination was committed by a left wing loon or they had no politics at all. >> the home grown terrorists are the ones we have to worry about. >> they're all liberal. >> you can't make that jump from murderer, terrorists, to liberals. it's outrageous. >> it's all described. assassin by assassin and moreover, you can go to -- >> they're not liberals, ann,
12:19 am
they're murders, they're terrorists. stop it. >> what's the ideology? >> stop it. >> they are communists -- look -- >> they're communist. >> lee harvey oswald tried to move to the soviet union. he was on his way to cuba. he was a communist. you have one after another of all of these guys -- so it isn't good -- it isn't because obama is liberal. if something happens to him, it will be >> it's because he's black. let's just say it. >> no -- >> yes, it is. >> maybe liberals -- liberals are a little racist. >> she says it with a straight face. that's what i love about her. >> they are. would you like examples? >> no. i'm -- i don't want to go in to that. it sounds -- >> charlie rangel or the democratic party treating governor patterson? >> charlie rangel is on the way out. they're after him. >> that's what i am saying. they are jumping on his case and leaving chris dodd alone?
12:20 am
they give the head of the dnc -- >> you act is if the republicans don't attack their own -- don't go after their -- after 100 years. they go after them in -- the democrats go after their own. >> if you're comparing -- >> the democrats are going against their own the same as the republicans. >> putting them in the same universe -- >> liberal and charlie rangel as the same category with timothy mcveigh? >> no. no terrorists are liberals. therefore -- >> charlie rangel. >> new discussion. >> no. you have completely combined conversations to create a frankenstein's monster. >> you think you're the only one allowed to confuse the discussion. >> liberals are racists and my evidence of that is how liberals are going after charlie rangel but not chris dodd the way they go after patterson and roland burris. >> they would have to go after karl rove. valeri plame. cheney. >> did not make donna brazil the head of the dnc. howard dean will take the wasp by the green pants. donna is one of the smart est
12:21 am
of the democratic party. she's not made head of the dnc. >> because when we come back, i want to talk about george bush and see who's smart. back with ann coulter in just a second.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
i'm back with one of the very few blond conservative women i know. i heard president bush is getting a new gig as a motivational speaker. look at some of this material. >> oh, boy. >> our enemies are innovative and resourceful. and so are we. they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people. and neither do we. >> we've got issue in america -- too many good docs are getting out of business. too many ob-gyns are not able to practice their love with women all across this country. >> teach a child to read and he
12:25 am
or her will be able to pass a literacy test. >> if you're a single mom in america, you're working hard to put food on this family. >> families is where this nation finds hope, where wings take dream. >> there's a saying in tennessee -- i know in texas -- fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. fool me, you can't get fooled again. >> he's funny -- he should be a comedian. him being a motivational speaker is mark sanford being a family therapist. it doesn't work. what do you think of all of this? >> despite the total tendentiousness of that little clip, he's not the strongest speaker. it hurts it republican party. you need a good speaker except
12:26 am
for fox news, the entire media is against us. >> the victimization, don't go there. >> it's very important to have someone like reagan who can speak and republicans feel that most of all right now. >> ray gone could not speak without a script. the rhetoric was so simple -- tear down this wall -- gorbechev is like, okay, he said to tear down the wall. let me tear it down. i mean -- >> no, what happened was cheers went up across the wall in east germany and in a matter of years, it went down. >> gorbechev's word not reagan -- >> this is cover in treason. >> i know you talk about the saint ronald reagan, the right gets -- >> she's almost in tears. >> ronald reagan, to the contrary, reagan or palin or i guess bush comes up, you're the ones who need to go to the therapy. i don't know if it's motivational speaking. you do need the therapy on the three of them.
12:27 am
as for motivational speaking, i think motivational speaking is kind of moronic and stupid and someone who maybe listened to too much motivational speaking -- >> was who? >> huntley who just sending the letters to the espn guy -- you know, all of that was about how i'm really motivated and i have motivation and ambition and i can do anything in life. maybe had too much of the motivational speaking. what is motivational about bush is what he can say, not necessarily the pretty language or the idiotic things that you get from motivational speaking sessions. >> i mean, come on. >> what? >> that's -- >> that's your argument? oh, come on. >> what's he going to say? nothing perks me up like invading a country? what's the motivation? what's he going to say? >> he's -- >> may have finally learned how to say nuclear. laura bush must want to kill him. she is like it's nuclear, you idiot. >> he wasn't the only one. jimmy carter can't say it. >> my friends hate it when you're on the show. but i love it. i appreciate it. seriously. sincerely.
12:28 am
>> we're putting that on a clip. i want a clip of behar mispronouncing -- >> i'm not the president of the united states. >> george bush -- >> back off.
12:29 am
12:30 am
another powerful position has admitted to an affair with a assistant. i was shocked too. what makes this tabloid friendly is his 22-year-old mistress has watched fatal attraction one too many times. hide that rabbit, kids.
12:31 am
joining me to talk about men and the ambitious younger women who love them are comedian nick depalo, lauren lake, attorney and "let me tell you" and the author of "lawyers suck." he has an affair with a young woman. she breaks it off. she goes to his house. listen to the 911 call -- >> it's scary. but isn't this what happened when you fool around with a 22-year-old girl and you're 30 years older than he is. >> a real love story. >> a wacky environmentalist, she
12:32 am
drives a prius. a left wing nut case. >> what is this guy thinking? >> she's very, very unattractive. >> how is that relevant? >> wait a minute. >> he's not thinking. >> it is interesting. it is interesting. it's a good point. his wife is a real babe. the 22-year-old -- i don't want to say anything derogatory, it's always interesting when you meet the other woman because she's not quite what you expect. >> never are. >> prince charles. he drops diana, the beauty, goes with -- >> horse face. >> the rottweiler -- >> the guys are not thinking. >> i'm quoting what -- >> i'm -- >> they're not thinking. >> it's a different part of the body. >> you get a little money, power, success, halfway decent looking. it's a recipe for infidelity in many cases. and it's unfortunate, 22 years old. >> how unfortunate. >> and -- >> oh, no.
12:33 am
>> 22 years old? >> i love this argument from women. 22, she's so young. you guys don't drool over young guys. >> i married a young guy. my husband is ten years younger than me. >> he left me. i married a hot guy. i'm going for an old 90-year-old billionaire. >> emotional needs. >> thank you. >> she contacts this 16-year-old son, this crazy girl on e-mail. she poses as a teenager when she does that. asks questions about the parents' relationship, and it's now being reported that she hired a stalker through craig's list to harass phillips' wife. >> you can hire a stalker. >> he didn't know the gun was loaded. >> i'm doing my own work. >> you're terrible. >> been hiding in bushes. >> you don't know what you're getting. >> look at this picture from
12:34 am
"the new york post." look at the picture? have it. we will get it. there it is. he posed with her. he's a moron. >> clearly -- >> she's mentally a little off, right? >> the picture was not a setup. >> no. >> she definitely is two sandwiches short of the picnic. creditable enough to get a job. >> no. >> she was there. did you read the letter? >> jack black. >> i read you part of the letter. i'm 22, i'm not stupid. to top it off, steve has a big birthmark on his crotch --
12:35 am
>> that's not true. >> which part? how do you know that? a big birthmark on his crotch above his penis and another left inner thigh. you know i'm not being fake. >> that's disgusting. >> she did the whole letter. she said, i want to -- hi, it's just writing you, the wife, to let you know i si'm having an affair with your husband. the last two kids is because he's guilty over bad affairs. in case you don't think we're talking about the same guy, let me describe his crotch. that's bizarre. >> that's how paula jones got clinton in trouble in the first place when he was the governor of arkansas. remember that? >> yeah. >> she identifies genitalia and that led to the impeachment case. >> when will these men learn? >> written a letter, put it in the house. >> put him up -- >> thank you. >> not going to -- >> will you quit acting like we're wired the same, men and women. we're totally different. are we pigs and dogs are aren't we? >> we are wired differently. i don't know what your beef is
12:36 am
with me. i'll tell you my beef with men -- my beef with men who continually cheat but expect sometimes there's going to be a ramification. this girl is a nut case. granted, the same time, when are you going to learn? >> yeah. >> not talking about you. >> everyone -- >> hold on a second. that argument doesn't go. men are pigs. i've had some experience. >> some men are pigs. >> it's the green room just before you hit me. you're lovely. this woman is 22 years old. women go to the field. they like getting hooked one powerful men. clearly she's off. but you can't blame it on the men. these women are inclusive. >> you guys are missing my point completely. what i'm saying is that once you make the vow and you're married to someone. i'm not yelling, i'm passionate. once you make the vow to someone and you're married, all i'm saying is don't you owe the duty and care to your wife to -- >> that's my point. if you're not -- >> let him talk. >> can i ask a question? in the history of show business,
12:37 am
has it never been a famous woman who cheated on her husband? where's that story? >> we're not doing that now. >> you hear that? we're not doing that right now. >> it makes a nice argument. >> next segment. >> would you cover that story if it happen? >> don't you think married men should pay attention to this type of story. >> we learn this stuff in high school. >> a lot of women say their husbands calmed down after they saw that movie, for good reason. you remember that movie? >> yes. >> the interesting thing about this movie and the whole argument. michael douglas has this swanky great life, hot wife -- >> michael douglas, the actor? >> in fatal attraction, the movie. he had this perfect wife. all of a sudden, one weekend the wife went away up north. an opportunity, i'm going to take it. he's presumably happily married and he thought he could get away with it. that's why he did it. >> jimmy kimmel is going out with someone on staff. but he's not married.
12:38 am
we're not getting too upset with him. it was not a guy. letterman wasn't worried when he was fooling around. he was in a committed relationship for 23 years. what is it about men. why do they do anything with the men in their wives for a few minutes of nookie. >> how did you know the wife didn't have a deal with letterman. you can do whatever you want. you can do whatever you want, you make $40 million a year and i can live like a queen, i'll turn a blind eye to you. >> cynical because they can. >> i just made that up. >> interesting because of the interesting correlation for that is john edwards. he was running for president. and he had an affair and probably an illegitimate child and he thought he could pull it off. >> it's the oh go. it's ego but at the same time, if you don't know who you're with and you don't know --
12:39 am
>> oh, please. nothing to do with ego. >> doesn't -- >> no, it doesn't. >> a person has -- >> let's hear from the men. i want to hear. what is the motivation. he's telling us. >> it needs to be scratched. it's nothing to do with ego. it's stupid what he did. but men are risk takers. >> so it has nothing to do with ego. >> it's more risk than women. >> how come you get so tick ed off when the wife does it. the men go crazy when the wife is having an affair. >> who goes crazy? >> their egos are injured and -- >> men go crazy when -- when they're married and is a custody suit and they lose their kids because all of the laws benefit the life in this situation. you can say -- >> men go crazy. they cheat all the time. >> it's a lie. >> it's absolutely not. how long were you marry? >> 6 or 22 years. one or the other. >> well -- 6 years. but i've been with her for 15. >> 15 years. what if she was having an affair on the side? >> she would be doing me a favor at this point. no, i'm kidding. i'd say, look, don't put it on youtube. you know? >> you don't care at this point. >> it would make me nuts.
12:40 am
>> well, you just agree with what you said we were -- >> come on, now. >> i have a feeling that you can't even imagine it happening. >> my wife? it's baloney. i can. i picture it every night. >> she lives with him. she knows. but, listen, can i ask you a question, nick, you are the expert here. >> okay, we have to go. you can ask him off camera. thanks to my panel. by the way, the very funny nick depaulo will be at the improv october 29 through february 1.
12:41 am
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12:44 am
this man once said his greatest achievement was not killing anyone. let's hope that doesn't change tonight. i've been an admirer of his for years, celebrated essayist, novelist, playwright, satirist. we don't have enough space on the prompter to fill in everything that this guy has done. he's "gore vidal" snapshots in history's glare. welcome to the show. pleasure to have you on the show. >> it's a joy to me, joy, to be on your show. >> now, i started with you wanted to kill somebody.
12:45 am
you have anybody in mind right now? >> yes. >> nobody present i will say. >> have to go to the district of columbia where i go to work to cleanse the republic. >> so you don't want to name names? >> no, i won't name names. >> all right. >> i'll name a couple of names. barack obama. >> i like him. >> mm-hmm. >> >> i wish he knew more about the united states because i was for hillary at the beginning on the grounds she knew how to be president. having sort of done the job as a spouse. and and i realized that he's too intelligent for the job. >> obama is -- >> of course. we have the worst educated population of any first world country. and i hope you're listening and
12:46 am
i hope you know that your lack of education is the joke of the world. it's not a very nice joke. >> you're talking to the americans now. >> the americans, yeah. >> do they make fun of us in italy where you lived for all those years? >> italians are kind. >> but you have a point. he's a little too smart for the country in a certain way. after bush, i don't know if the country could take the shock of such a smart guy. >> he didn't. what happened was, for the first time the american people are people. we're listening on primetime to a president of the united states duly elected officially, anyway -- duly elected president who is speaking as one intelligent, well-educated man to his fellows. well, they never heard anyone like that. >> now -- >> now since i'm president, you got that. i'm a wartime president. and he's marching along there. and let me tell you, if we don't fight them over here, we're going to have to fight them here. i'm all for fighting them right here at that moment, you know? but i couldn't jump into the screen fast enough to kill him off. that's one murder that i missed not committing.
12:47 am
>> yeah, too late anyway. >> all right. so obama, the other thing about him is he's always trying to be bipartisan. you know? >> it don't work. >> it's not working. >> no. and i think he realized it' not working. and feels like he's been president, you know, since mckinley. and i wish him well. and he comes up with nice ideas. but this health care thing has me in knots. my brain is in knots. >> it does? >> i know what it means. >> none of us understand it. it's to our credit we don't. we aren't working for the banks that we got $700 trillion or something? >> yeah.
12:48 am
>> from the previous administration? which was, god, they were generous to a fault. >> they loved to give money to the rich in this country. >> the rich deserve the money. you see, if you're a protestant, i suspect you might be catholic -- we protestants are protestants and protestants firmly believe if you're a good person, you're rich. >> yes. >> if you're a poor person, you're poor. >> and you deserve to be -- >> otherwise, god wouldn't have made you that way. >> that's right. that's calvinism. >> oh, well, i knew you'd drop his name. are you still dating him? >> no. he -- he wasn't that good in bed. >> well, i don't know, everybody swore by him.
12:49 am
but washington and the old days. but it's the new regime now. >> last night at the y -- or the night before when ever it was, it was interesting. we were talking about comedy. you're very funny and you're a satirist. and i'm in the comedy business myself even though you can't tell from this interview. >> i can tell. >> any way, you said something interesting. you said comedy is cruel. now, that would make dick cheney funny. and he's not. >> come on. vice president of the united states, a working sadist? who's trying to get more prisons to lock up people to give them the water treatment? come on. i can't think of any higher comedy that we've had. >> it's a riot, all right. >> wow. that's about as funny as it gets, you know? >> so, that's -- the other thing i want to ask you, so many things i could stay here all day. but you -- you have a long-time partner, howard -- >> mm-hmm. >> i read you said the secret to the success of the relationship was no sex. >> of course. >> ever. >> i thought it was clear. >> i'm not sure if it petered out. >> we were virgins.
12:50 am
>> that's a platonic relationship. >> i never knew what plato was up to. we only have his word for it. >> so, that's interesting. so you were able to able to sta on. >> no. imagine being jealous of anybody over sex. >> it happens all the time. >> i know it does, which reminds you, if you go in the street and grab something passing by, you're just as well off as you were upstairs looking out. >> that's a good point. i presume from that you're not interested in gay marriage in any way? it doesn't interest you? >> oh, no. >> or straight marriage? >> both put me to sleep. >> okay. we'll have more with refreshi refreshingly and brutally can d candid, coming up.
12:51 am
>> i don't think it is our tradition anymore. i think our tradition has shifted in my lifetime, we're at the certainty stage, novel risks, po et have been pushed out. in my lifetime i have watched the novel lirisks pushed out an what do we have the center? one of the most ridiculous expressions on earth.
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
final united states then believe that the united states policy is wrong in vietnam and the viet kong are correct in wanting to organize their own way politically. this happens to be pretty much the opinion of western europe and other parts of the world. if it's novelty in chicago, that's too bad. i assume for the point of american democracy -- shut up a minute. >> no, i won't. >> they are well treated by people who os tra sized them and i'm for ostracizing those who
12:55 am
egg on american marines to shoot them. i know you don't care. >> the only person i can think of is yourself, failing that -- >> now listen, you -- stop calling me -- >> let's stop calling names [ bleep ] >> you'll stay plastered. >> so you got along nicely with him? >> he was all girl. >> after he died, i love-you said i thought hell was found be a livelier place and he joins forever those he serves in life applauding their prejudices and fanning their hatred. it didn't matter, you didn't like this guy, did knew. >> no, i didn't. >> before we go, i loved the book. it's beautiful. everyone should go out and buy the book. it has pictures of you and family and your mother. i read you loved your mother. >> just an adorable person,
12:56 am
yeah. when i saw that little boy, the one in the balloon, no, i will not talk about it, but the balloon boy. he's doing an interview afterwards and he can't stop throwing up. >> i know. >> i was like that -- not at 6, but at 10 years old -- because every time i had -- my mother was mad woman and she was raging all the time, happily, she was drunk most of the time, and i can remember every time i had to say something to her, which was not very often, if i could help it, i'd start vomiting. >> really? >> yes. if she were a modern mother, she might have said, there's something wrong here. >> but she didn't? >> no, she changed the cook. it was actually quite good. >> there's one more quote i want to run by you. this is something that i read a
12:57 am
long time ago, from da vinci. it always sort of keeps me thinking, maybe it won't be so bad after i'm dead because he says, a well spent day, you might know this quote, brings a happy sleep, so a well spent life brings a happy death. i thought, what a great thing to believe. do you believe that? >> well, we have an old italian expression for it in italy. it means he's just whistling dixi dixie. >> so much for the great de va vin vinci. >> linney. >> thanks. i actually interviewed you years ago on the radio. you said, i look different on the radio. that was good. >> superb when you were there. >> thank you. thanks to everybody for joining
12:58 am
me tonight and thank you for watching, everybody, good night and good luck. who said that? >> edward r. murrow.
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight, live, florida. a beautiful little second grader looks like an angel, walks the ten-minute walk home from school with her sister and little twin brother, all of their little friends. she run ahead. gets separated. just moments, broad daylight, 7-year-old somer thompson never seen alive again. 4:00, only an hour later, mom rushes home, flags down police. no good. bombshell, tonight, 55 miles to
1:01 am
the north, no tip, no lead. police spend countless man hours sifting through about a hundred tons of garbage after trailing somer's orange park trash truck. there's no other way to say it than just say it. they spot the little girl's legs sticking out of that filthy garbage. who, who would murder this beautiful brown-eyed little cherub and throw her away like trash? before somer's murderer lands in hell, we want this child killer now. >> and i want you to know that i will not sleep until this person is found. i hope they get you.
1:02 am
and hope they make you pay for a long, long time. you don't take from somebody. you didn't take her from just me. you took her from my family. you took her from all of these people and you don't do this to a little baby and put my baby in the trash like she's nothing. it's not okay. this is not okay. >> we can now say officially that the medical examiner there has positively identified the body that was located in the landfill yesterday as the missing child from orange park, somer thompson. >> this predator, this sick, i don't know what i'm allowed to say, but this sick man, person, what -- he's not a man, he's not a person, was waiting. he'd been waiting and that was the perfect opportunity. there was no one else around. that's the only thing that i could think and probably told her, i'm going to take you to your mommy. >> there is a child killer on the loose and that's why we're going to catch this person and bring them to justice. >> watch out, we're coming.
1:03 am
we're going to get you. and tonight, live, to the heartland, a 9-year-old little missouri girl who played with little friends walks home, still daylight through her own neighborhood, no more than a quarter mile. that's only about a thousand feet. she never makes it home. the little girl is afraid of the dark. tonight, as the sun is setting, where is 9-year-old elizabeth? >> law enforcement urgently searching for 9-year-old elizabeth ulton. elizabeth vanishes on just a quarter of a mile walk from her friend's house to her own home. >> i just want my little sister home, safely and i don't know who would have done anything, but we all want her home safely.
1:04 am
>> law enforcement scouring the area, on foot by atv and by air. elizabeth cell phone sends out signals but drops off. law enforcement now believes the battery is dead. >> i think as a parent, how difficult it has to be to cope with the idea that your 9-year-old baby's not home. >> as desperate golden hours tick by and the race to find elizabeth. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. live, orange park, florida. 55 miles to the north, no tip, no lead. police spend countless man hours sifting through about a hundred tons of garbage. after they trail somer's orange park trash truck to this dump. there's no other way to say it than to just say it. police spot a little girl's legs sticking out of that filthy garbage. >> i just want him found.
1:05 am
i want someone to have to pay for what -- for what has been done to my family. her and i were just really a lot alike. we had the same personality. and i just miss holding her. and giving her a kiss. and not knowing if i actually said i love her. i know that she knew that. but just never know. >> it's with deep regret and sadness that i have to inform you that a body has been found in the landfill in folkston, georgia. my son, when he found out, my oldest, he punched things. he just balled. he just fell out. and for a child, a son, a boy, i know men don't show emotion a lot, but we, all of us, my whole entire family, my friends, everyone were devastated. i can't believe that they would put my baby in the trash.
1:06 am
>> we have a suspect out there somewhere who's watching this broadcast right now and i don't want to tell that suspect what we're doing. >> understand. >> but i will tell him this, we're coming to get him and we're going to find who did this and we're going to bring that person to justice. >> we're going to get you. >> straight out to tiffany griffith with wokv radio. she's standing by there at somer's home. tiffany, thank you for being with us. i -- i knew that they were searching the landfill. police insisted they did not have a tip of any sort, but they found the little girl. what exactly happened? >> well, as we know, it is routine that whenever investigators have a missing child or a missing person in the area, the first immediate thing they do is, like they say, follow the trash and follow that trail and they went immediately to the dumping ground where they know a lot of the garbage from this orange park neighborhood goes. and it did lead to the discovery.
1:07 am
>> tell me the time line -- elie jostad, what can you tell me about the time line, as to when they found the little girl? >> right, well, nancy, this was just tuesday morning. one of the investigators from the sheriff's office suggested they follow the trash from her neighborhood to this landfill. they searched tuesday. wednesday, about 3:00, they discovered that body. and the body was there through the night as they continued to discover or search for evidence in the immediate vicinity. at 2:00 a.m., little somer's body was transported to the medical examiner's office, where she underwent an autopsy. >> tiffany griffith wokv radio. everyone, we are taking your calls live. we're about to be joined by somer's neighbor, ms. rukab. tiffany, how did they identify this as being the little girl? >> well, as we know from following that time line we knew as of yesterday they had made a development and discovery of a child's body. by early this morning
1:08 am
preliminary tests did show that this was the body of 7-year-old somer thompson. by this afternoon, they could confirm via dental records that this was indeed somer. >> joining me right now from the somer's home lisa rukab, this is somer's neighbor. she knew the little girl very well. her entire family, her little twin brother, the mother, all of them. ms. rukab, thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> ms. rukab, as a victim of violent crime myself, i thought i knew the pain that murder victim's families go through, but i don't think that anything could compare to losing a child. when did the family find out that a body had been found in a trash dump? when did the police tell them this? >> i'm guessing last night. 6:00ish, 7:00ish.
1:09 am
we had our suspect suspicions and then at 9:00 p.m., they had confirmed it to the family. >> did they confirm it was little somer through a birthmark on her body? >> yes, ma'am. >> how are -- i mean, i've seen the mom, but how are the little brothers? how's the twin brother and the sister? how are they holding up? >> they're as well as to be expected. they're young. so we really don't really know what's going through their minds right now. but they're very, very heartbroken. it's probably going to take -- this will follow them for the rest of their lives. >> oh, oh, of course, of course. what are they telling the little brother and sister about where she is, about what happened? >> i'm not sure. i haven't really heard that but i'm sure they're letting -- they're not hiding anything.
1:10 am
i don't think that they're, you know, covering anything. i think that they're full, letting them know everything that's been going on. >> when they were told that a body had been found, did they know immediately that it was somer? or were they holding out hope that it was somebody else? >> we were definitely holding out hope. we had heard that there were two more in clay that we also did not know about. so we had optimism that there would not -- you know, the odds were on our side that it may not be her. >> tell me how the mom is doing? >> diena has really impressed me. i don't think that i could have held up as well as she's really done. she's gotten strength from somewhere to come out and talk to the media and be thankful to everyone. she's -- she's, you know -- she's really doing, you know,
1:11 am
good on this front. but at home she's probably going through her own little need time away and quiet time and stuff. >> ms. rukab, just looking at this little girl with those beautiful brown eyes, little bangs, i just can't imagine somebody grabbing her by the arm and taking her away and hurting her. what was she like? what was the little girl's disposition? >> very playful. she's very open-minded. she's a very smart little girl. she knows everybody. she's a very -- i guess you could say, she would basically be someone you could connect with. she's very friendly. she loves people. she loves kids. she loves to play. >> i just want him found. i want someone to have to pay for what -- for what has been done to my family.
1:12 am
>> diena, so many people have come and they've given food. is there anything you need? >> my baby back. that's all i can say.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
just wanted to come out and
1:16 am
again say thank you to everybody who looked for my baby who has been taken from me by someone. and i said yesterday on the news that i didn't care if you've ever gotten into trouble, i want you to know that i will not sleep until this person is found. i hope they get you and hope they make you pay for a long, long time. you don't take from somebody. you don't -- you didn't take her from just me. you took her from my family, you took her from all of these people and you don't do this to a little baby and put my baby in the trash like she's nothing. that's not okay. this is not okay. she really, her and i were just -- we were really a lot alike. we had -- we the same personality.
1:17 am
i just miss holding her and giving her a kiss and not knowing if i actually said i love her. i know that she knew that but you just never know. watch out, we're coming. >> dina? >> we're going to get you. >> that is the mother of little somer renee thompson, a little second grader who has lost her life. her body was found in a trash dump. police, after countless man hours are sifting through nearly a hundred tons of garbage, 55 miles to the north of orange park, florida, they found the dump by following the trash trucks as they left somer's neighborhood. see a little girl's legs sticking out of the trash. it is somer. to the lines. shanney in florida. hi, dear. >> caller: hello. how are you this evening? >> i'm good, dear, what's your question? >> caller: i am very sad.
1:18 am
10 days ago in jacques, in that same subdivision they had an attempted abduction and i'm wondering with the kids walking home, no one heard her yell. there was a lady and two white males in the vehicle for that attempted abduction and i just have this gut feeling whensoever whoever abducted this child she felt comfortable enough where there were no screams. i live 15 minutes away from there. plenty of kids are walking from home at the same time. so i just think it's really odd that there -- that no one heard anything during that busy time of school. what do you think? >> i think it's very odd too. and i want to tell you, we are hearing about that prior abduction attempt. this was just the week before somer was taken. a little girl 5 years old, similar to somer, just a block away apparently a hispanic female and two males in the
1:19 am
vehicle tried to tell her that her mommy wanted her to come home and they were to take her. now police are saying they don't know that was an abduction attempt. they don't know if it was connected. but if those are even remotely the facts, shanney, in florida, i think there has to be a connection. out to tiffany griffith, wokv radio. tiffany, what can you tell he that prior attempt? >> what i can tell you about that prior attempt is that the mother of that child and also the person who acted as the good samaritan who clearly saw something was wrong and quickly acted to work in the best interest of that child made sure that that child got home safely and she said that she turned around and the vehicle that had apparently approached that other little girl had zipped off just as soon as she'd arrived on scene. investigators are telling us exactly as you said that it doesn't look like this has any connection to somer's disappearance. and that, yes, they also do have more questions and don't necessarily want to label that
1:20 am
other incident as an abduction attempt. >> hm. elie jostad our chief editorial producer. i understand that police are looking at -- and also the answer to shanney in florida. how could this have happened without screaming. you could easily get kid in a car and nobody hears a thing. but what can you tell me about police looking at a vacant house in a park across the street from where she went missing? let's see that map again, norm. go ahead, elle. >> right, nancy, this is 1080 gano avenue. gano avenue is the street that somer was walking down with her brother and sister when they got separated. apparently there is a vacant house. there was a fire in this house several months ago. it's been vacant ever since. out in front of that house is where they now believe somer was last seen. so they've set up a mobile forensic's unit to search that house. >> tears have dried up and i'm
1:21 am
just -- i'm so angry, i can't express with words of disregarding my child like a piece of trash. i hope they crucify him.
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
i think that when she ran off she was upset and she got to a point and decided to stop and wait and that this predator, this sick -- i don't know what i'm allowed to say, but this
1:25 am
sick man, person, what -- he was not a man. he's not a person, was waiting. he'd been waiting. and that was the perfect opportunity. there was no one else around. that's the only thing that i could think. and probably told her, i'm going to take you to your mommy. >> to marc klaas. everyone, we're taking your calls. not only is the little girl found dead, she has been thrown away in the garbage. police find her by noticing her legs, the little 7-year-old girl's legs sticking out of tons of filthy trash. marc klaas, that scenario that her mother has put forth that someone was waiting sounds true. it has the ring of truth, i think that's what happened too. >> i -- i wouldn't doubt that for a moment. the first thing i'd like to do, though, nancy is offer my condolence to somer's family. i know what they're going through. i've been there myself. they are in a bottomless pit of
1:26 am
grief right now. and hopefully they will be able to extricate themselves. but the reality is that of people that murder little children as a result of an abduction, 57% of them have a history of previous convictions of violence against children. the most common scenario, or i should say the most common victim -- let me put it this way. 72.6% of these children who are kidnapped will be dead within three hours. 74% of those victims will be little girls. more than half of all children that are murdered as a result of an abduction are first picked up within a 1/4 my their home and a full 1/3 of those kids are the
1:27 am
first contact is made within a half block of the home. the obvious lesson in this is that we cannot allow our children to go outside unaccompanied, bottom line. >> watch out, we're coming. we're going to get you. dddd
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
>> we love you. >> thank you. >> i was alone here so i held my head and i cried. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you make me happy
1:31 am
>> my son when he found out, my oldest, he punched things. he just balled. he just fell out. and if a child, a son, a boy, i know men don't show emotion a lot, but we, all of us, my whole entire family, my friends, everyone, we're devastated. i can't believe that they would put my baby in the trash. >> there is a child killer on the loose and that's why we're going to catch this person and bring him to justice. i fear, i fear for our community until we bring this person in. this is a heinous crime that's been committed. and you know we're going to work as hard as we can to make this community safe. >> there's no measure of punishment that you deserve except the same death my daughter went through. that may sound really hard but
1:32 am
that's my daughter. >> we are taking your calls live. we have received word that a child's body has been found in a trash dump. there was over a hundred tons of trash. 55 miles to the north of orange park, florida, home, somer's body has been found and identified. first, identified by birthmark and now through dental records. there is no doubt that this body is the body of 7-year-old little somer. we are taking your calls. to abigale in illinois. hi, abigale. >> caller: hi, nancy. god bless you, nancy, for your relentless pursuit for justice for victims of horrific crimes. >> i don't -- i don't feel like that. when i was listening to the mother singing, not too many hours ago, i had the twins at
1:33 am
swing and i was singing that very song to them. they were laughing and the sky was blue. it's hard to believe not far away they were identifying this little girl's body. i worned how many days and nights this mom sang that same song to somer and just sick about it. what is your question, love? >> caller: thank you, nancy. i would like to know if the police have checked all the sex offenders in somer's city let alone surrounding cities. >> let's go to tiffany. what more can you tell me about the park across from where she lived and vacant house they're zeroing on. if somebody was in that vacant house, by god they left some sort of forensic trail.
1:34 am
>> good questions. with the original search in the three mile area, they were looking at 57, then add 37 additional sex offenders. they have checked with 95% and still five they're looking to question. they told us they've been able to clear those sex offenders they have discussed. it doesn't mean they will not go back and do specific interviews but right now, don't have specific information on this crime. that house, it was vacant, nobody living in it at the time. it was owned by family. they weren't living at that home. at some point it was involved in a fire. so som somer walked by witnesses, right
1:35 am
across the street from that house is a park and investigators are looking into a restroom there where a big of evidence has been taken from the restroom. we don't know what's inside but we hope to learn more. >> i want to go to bethany marshal. psychoanalyst and author of "deal breakers." bethany, we're getting floods of calls and e-mails and an overwhelming question is why? why? you know what i used to ask that in my head since prosecutors don't have to prove motive. i would be sitting in the courtroom looking over at some defendant who committed a crime a child or a murder and i would think, why? why? but then after about five years of beating my head against a cement block, i figured i don't really care why. i don't care why. all i care is that i get the right guy and that he gets justice. but why? you're the shrink. why would somebody want to grab this little girl by the arm? if she's walking home from school at 2:45 p.m. with her friends, drag her into a vacant house or stick her into a car,
1:36 am
probably torture her. probably sexually assaulted this little 7-year-old girl and then murder her. why? what drives somebody do that? >> you just put your finger on it, nancy. the number one reason for child abduction is sexual assault. and the research is just -- it's horrifying. the research shows that usually these guys use pornography in order to field their wish to kill. it shows that only two-thirds of men who commit abduction sexual assault, homicide, have a prior arrest. and of that population, only half of them have an arrest for a crime against a child. so it is not enough to look at a sex offender registry to determine whether or not you're safe in your neighborhood. of these offenders, they go to jail. most of them have a history of offenses against children for 17 years. children are not immune from sexual assault simply because
1:37 am
they're close to home. marc klaas was right, half of these child abduction homicides occur within three blocks of the child's home. keep your eye on your children. >> you know -- >> don't let them walk to school alone. >> -- brought up something really interesting and i want to go through this list that we came up with, norm, about who could possibly do this? very often, you will see that children are abducted by people they know. and i'm not talking about crazy uncle weird. the familiarity could be more to attenuated like elizabeth smart. the person who abducted her was someone that mom had hired do odd jobs because she felt sorry for the guy. then there is of course jesse lunsford. she was taken by couey who lived in her neighborhood. megan kanka. ghan's law, -- megan's law taken by westerfield. may he rot in hell.
1:38 am
he was a neighbor. martha moxley was murdered by a neighbor. one of the kennedy clan. the list goes on and on and on. and it doesn't necessarily have to be a relative or a close family friend. but someone they are in contact with. someone that knows them. we are taking your calls live. first, i want to go to tracy sargent and cinco. k-9 handler of the search and recovery specialist of homeland security. tracy, cadaver dogs were used in this case. how does it work? >> yes, ma'am. landfills really offer a unique challenge to dogs and to teens because of all of the debris, the contamination, it really requires the dog some intensive search to pinpoint where that person might be. it's oftentimes dogs will alert in a landfill to things that we may not even be searching for such as bloody rags. other things. the dogs will pinpoint all human
1:39 am
remains in a landfill. so it's not unusual for them to alert even the thing that we're looking for is not there. what we're going to demonstrate too is that here in the studio are two debris piles and we're going to kind of simulate how the dogs can be effective in a landfill even though the challenges are there. the dog's going to tell us what pile to search for further evidence. cinco, hunt. so what you noticed here, he went through this pile here that tells us that there's nothing here. so he went to this trash pile and he's telling us, we need to check in this area. so from there, investigators will go through the tons of debris to find out what is that dog responding to? is it responding to the little girl or is it responding to something else? at that point in time we will reward the dog and then we will tell the officials, check in this area. but landfills offer, again, a
1:40 am
very unique and very tedious, difficult challenge for dogs. but they can be effective in landfills. >> with us tonight from homeland security, tracy sargent, and her cadaver dog, cinco. we are taking your calls live. but if you're just joining us, the news reporting tonight that the child -- that the body of a small child has been found in a trash dump. and it is 7-year-old somer. as we go to break, we ask for your thoughts and prayers for georgia friend of the show. lucille dent set for surgery, a real beauty in her youth. never missed a sunday in church before entering a methodist home for seniors. she tunes in every single night. ms. dent, please, stay strong.
1:41 am
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1:43 am
we can now say officially that the medical examiner there
1:44 am
has positively identified the body that was located in the landfill yesterday as the missing child from orange park, somer thompson. her family has been notified of these findings. as you can imagine due to the investigation, we are not in a position to discuss the cause or manner of death or any other details of the autopsy. but i will tell you that her identity was verified through dental records. >> please, you don't have to tell them who you are, you don't have to -- you're not going to be in trouble if you give the answers. just help us find who this is. don't let another -- i never thought in my -- in all of my life that i would ever have to do this. be -- even know anybody, i don't want to see another parent feel empty. >> let's unleash the lawyers. joining us tonight, richard
1:45 am
herman, renowned defense attorney out of new york. hugo rodriguez, defense attorney, former fed with the fbi out of atlanta. well, richard herman, i don't know how many death penalty cases you have worked on but this would certainly be one for the books. there is no way once this perpetrator is caught that there will not be a death penalty sought. no way! >> no way, the outcry from the community's going to put enormous pressure on a district attorney's office. they are going to have to bridge it. >> they don't need pressure. don't act like this is a political decision. take a look at this little girl. nobody needs to exert pressure, richard. >> yeah, they need the pressure here and they're going to get it, nancy. it's devastating. this case is absolutely devastating on behalf of all of the criminal defense attorneys you invite on your show, this is absolute devastation. to hear the parents speak -- >> you know what, please, please don't. just -- i appreciate the sentiment but just save your breath because some defense attorney's going to feel like it's their duty under the
1:46 am
constitution to try to get whoever did this off. we all know that. you know, hugo rodriguez, in the state of florida, as in every state, there are certain mitigating and there are certain aggravating factors that are looked at when the death penalty is sought. this would certainly fit into the florida death penalty special criteria, but it may end up being a georgia case because when you don't know where the crime was committed, you prosecute where the body was found. yes? no? >> yes, as to your answer. but i'm in florida, florida has a death penalty. duval county, where this is from, will prosecute more than likely. and they have a history near florida and they will charge murder one, plus kidnapping, which would cause not only death but an additional 50 years a prison would never get out of jail and i agree with herman. >> okay, number one, it's wade
1:47 am
county, not duval. >> excuse me. >> but number two, another legal theory for it to be handled in florida, which i believe has a better death penalty record than georgia does, would be that even if this child was murdered in georgia, even if the crime began in florida? >> the crime did become in florida. i think from forensics where they found the body they're going to find other things that will tie her to that community where she was abducted and it will be in florida and as you said, we have a history in florida of bringing these death penalty cases one of the largest in the country. >> yes you do, and richard herman, correct me, it's clay county. but richard, right now, what would your advice to be to -- be to the killer? >> to the killer. >> yeah. because you know throw -- throw a bone for pete's sake. of course it's a him. >> see that's the problem. it's not necessarily a sex offender or a him. you can't just focus on those groups. yes, you have to investigate
1:48 am
them. but don't limit it. that's sunday schoolteacher put that poor little girl in a suitcase and threw her in a river. you cannot limit it to that group. >> you know what, richard herman, put herman up please. i stand corrected. you are absolutely correct. we do not want to limit the search. everyone, we are taking your calls. i want to go out to marc klaas. marc, weigh in. >> well, you know, the gal that murdered sandra cantu is the only female predator that we're aware of. she's the only female pedophile i think that we're aware of just as we didn't know anything about female psychopaths before -- before -- we didn't know anything about this until this gal had murdered sandra cantu. this is most likely a man. he's most likely a sadist stick psychopath and he doesn't care what you, i, or anybody else think. he did this for instant
1:49 am
self-gratification without consideration for the consequences of his crime. >> very quickly to bill majewski, what are your thoughts, bill? i think i have got bill majewski with me. >> that vacant house that's in florida, i think that's going to be a treasure trove of forensic evidence that they're going to be gathering as we're speaking now. hopefully they will then, with that evidence, be able to connect that murder to the individuals that were involved in it. >> back -- >> all of kind of dna evidence will be there and a multitude of other things. >> back to lisa rukab. the neighbor of the somers family. what are the neighbor's plans at this point? they don't even have the little girl's body. >> no, ma'am. i'm thinking as soon as savannah gets finished and we get her back home, we do have a funeral home here that's -- that's taken care of everything. as far as what they're doing right now, we're just waiting for her to come home so we can go from there.
1:50 am
>> and to dr. michael bell, how will they be able to tell if the child was sexually molested? >> well, they'll do a rape or a sexual sought kit and look for the body fluids in the usual places. >> with me dr. michael bell, palm beach county chief medical examiner. we'll take your calls. as we go to break, it's national breast cancer awareness month. tonight, womens personal health resource founded nine years ago by oncology nurse barbara whose mom fought cancer struggled to find wigs and everything she needed to fight that battle, women's personal resource helps breast cancer patients with skin care, scars, exercise, lounge wear, swim suits, all from ma mastectomy, lumpectomy and research patients. if this battle touches you, go to together we can win the war on breast cancer.
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1:54 am
i want to take you to another story of a missing girl tonight. hopefully you can help us. very quickly to lad egan, news director, anchor news affiliate kcrg. what can you tell us about 9-year-old elizabeth? she is a 9-year-old fourth grader last night at 6:00 p.m. heading home to her house from a friend's home, only four houses between the friend's home and her home, a quarter-mile walk, and she disappeared somewhere going home. >> but, lad, wasn't it only
1:55 am
about a quarter of a mile, but it's only like 1300 feet. >> yeah, a very short distance. and -- and the family called the authorities within 45 minutes of her not arriving home. so not a lot of a time frame we're talking about that she went missing in. >> okay, to our producer on the story. matt, what happened. >> she was walking over to a friend's house at 6:15 p.m. when the parents saw she didn't arrive, she called cops. cops have gotten a ping on her cell phone behind the house in the woods. but, the family is suspect because they're saying that the -- they're saying -- the family is saying that the -- she would never walk in the woods, number one, number two, she was terrified of the dark. so there's no way she would have left the cell phone there. >> good point, good point. lad, back to you. lad egan joining us from krcg -- matt has a point. but to me, that simply means she would not have entered the wooded area herself, someone dragged her there or discarded her cell phone there?
1:56 am
>> exactly. that's what we're talking to authorities about. they say the family says they only walked on the side of the road, although sometimes she would walk behind the back yards of all of the houses to get back to her house. but she would not have walk in the woods. that's what the family says. ened that cell phone -- the battery is now dead. they can no longer ping its location. they've searched in that area all day long, they went through the area twice, they vice president found the phone and haven't found her. >> everyone, the tip line for this little girl. another missing young girl. 573-634-9160. we're talking about elizabeth olten, just 9 years old from the heartland, st. martins, missouri, please, look at this girl. everyone, let's stop and remember army staff sergeant juan campos, 27, mcallen, texas killed, iraq. on a second tour award the bronze star, purple heart. meritorious service medal. remembered as a leader who always smiled.
1:57 am
leaves behind mother, maria, three brothers, two sisters, widow jamie, one son, andre. thanks to our guest, but thanks to you for being with us. special good night from friend of the show, v.g., virginia. what a smile. everyone, i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. and our prayers tonight with little somer and little elizabeth's family. god bless them. until tomorrow, good night, friend. >> i'm brooke anderson. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. brand-new developments. did phillips' mistress try to get into the family's home.
1:58 am
and michael jackson, new developments into the investigation of his death. it starts at the top of the hour right here on hln.
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