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tv   American Perspectives  CSPAN  October 24, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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right now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, hulk's suicide shocker. hulk hogan's brand-new shocking admission about picking up a gun and seriously thinking about killing himself. hulk opens up with heartbreaking details of what made him desperate enough to take his own life, and what made him change his mind. tonight "showbiz tonight" has the disturbing story and is asking, is it a good idea for hulk to be sharing his dark secret? get this, jon gosselin grabs the mike at a family values
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event. are you kidding me? >> obviously i'm going through a divorce. it's pretty public. >> wait until you hear what he asked. is this just a publicity stunt? and oprah's big news. sarah palin is going to be on her show. what will she ask? will it be a tense interview? and should oprah had sarah palin on weeks ago. tv's most provocative news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood. and on this weekend edition of "showbiz tonight," former wrestling and reality show star hulk hogan isn't holding back from his darkest hour. >> his brand-new revelations are
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disturbing. he reveals about his suicide shocker. he details the desperate moments during his bitter divorce when he almost took his own life. hulk makes dramatic confessions in his new book. in the excerpts just released, we're getting a view of hulk hogan we never could have imagined. how this strong, powerful hero broke down, took a gun. what snapped him out of it? hulk's confessions made for big news breaking. they are a super reality show family that seemed to follow apart before our very eyes. >> every day is drama. it's ridiculous. >> i've had it. >> hulk hogan, his wife linda and children were the center of the reality show "hogan knows best." >> it would take me two seconds to pack up and be gone. in real life you found more scandal than any reality show. "showbiz tonight" can tell you in a hard hitting new book, hulk hogan reveals all that drama
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took a shocking toll. >> it's pretty amazing to hear what hulk hogan is writing in his book saying he was so close to committing suicide that he actually had the barrel of his gun in his mouth. >> in his new book "my life outside the ring" he admits the end of his 23 year marriage to linda did a number on him. his depression hit a dangerous low in 2007 less than two weeks after linda filed for divorce. >> he apparently went out one night, was out at a strip club getting attention from women. he came back home, said he was so lonely, drank, took xanax and put the barrel of a gun in his mouth. >> i remember how it tasted when i put it in my mouth and the sound it made when the metal hit my teeth. even more shocking than the suicidal thoughts is what he said snapped him out of it.
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>> what saved hulk hogan from blowing his brains out was a phone call of laila ali. >> the adult of muhammad alli. they were hosting american gladiators. hulk wrote," at that moment, that call saved my life. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you that's not the only shocking allegation in his book. >> i'm not going to talk to you about this anymore. >> he writes in excruciating detail about the tensions that boiled to the surface as they filmed the reality show. >> in fact the family was falling apart. >> hogan pins much of the blame on his wife linda who he claims was verbally abusive and a problem drinker. he writes, quote, her drinking started to affect the family. it seemed like every night she would get into the wine. and before long, she would start cussing everybody out, including brook and nick. >> in addition to family drama going on, it was all exacerbated by nick's accident. nick totalled his car and then really seriously injured his
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very good friend who was left in a vegetative state. of course, this is what led to nick going to jail. >> hulk said linda was threatening to file for divorce during nick's legal trouble. he writes, i practically begged her, please, don't file. our son's just had the accident. if we do this now, it will make us look like the britney spears family. please don't file for divorce. but she filed for divorce in 2007. they just settled their nasty divorce and the tabloids can't get enough of this famously fractured family. >> makes you wonder why would anyone want to do a reality show and put their family through that. you look at what happened to the hogan family. you look at what happened to jon and kate for months, richard heene, allegedly he pulled off this stunt because he wanted a reality show. it really only leads to horrible things. >> "showbiz tonight" reached out to linda hogan for a comment. she didn't respond directly to
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hulk's allegation. here is what she tells us. my ex-husband's serial infidelities forced me to take the route i've taken. breaking my family apart was the last thing i wanted. >> explosive new confessions about rihanna and his beef with oprah winfrey. what is that about. in the first interview since pleading guilty to brutally attacking rihanna, he says he's still totally ticked off oprah took sides in his domestic violence case. details about the emotional call he got from will smith after his arrest. is it time for everyone to forgive chris brown? the shocking results for the "showbiz tonight" today. we asked if rihanna entitled to be a role model. we have jess and marvette. >> chris brown is going on tour
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to thank fans who stood by him after his domestic violence claims. now he's lashing out at one of his biggest critics, oprah winfrey. she warned rihanna if he hit once he'd do it again. he says he was blind-sided by oprah's attack. >> i felt at the time i needed a helping hand. not saying my career. but her as a person. just saying reach out to me and rihanna and make it like this is what it is, this is wrong, this is right, this is not what it is supposed to be or whatever the case may be. i'm not even saying have me on the show but make it to where -- >> help. >> yeah, just help. that's all i was asking for. because at the end of the day i thought we had that relationship to where it could be like that. >> okay. i get that he's disappointed that oprah did not support him but marvette, why does he still
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act like he's the victim here? he's the one that slammed rihanna's head into a car window. >> absolutely. oprah's only obligation is to her audience. what she said to rihanna was simply the facts, that if a man hits you once, he'll hit you again. oprah doesn't owe chris anything. i think he might be looking for love in all the wrong places. she's not his parent. the advice she gave to her audience, which was predominantly women was truthful, correct, proper guidance. that's all that oprah was expected to do. >> it was great advice from oprah. sounds like whining to me from chris brown. another shocking confession here. chris says will smith was actually one of the few stars to reach out to him with amazing words of encouragement. chris admits that he was stunned but pretty grateful for the call. >> when the situation went down, certain people called me. will smith called me. he was like really talking to me one-on-one, man--to-man.
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>> will smith? >> yeah. >> did you know him before? >> i met him at a couple of events. i've spoken to his kids, different things like that. he reached out a hand to help. you know what i'm saying, really was a man, as a young black man myself, i needed older black men role models to step in and say, look, this is not how you do things. >> yeah, this is not how you do things. having someone like will smith is awesome, hope fully he'll never harm anyone again. is it time to forgive chris brown or is leaving rihanna bloody and bruised unforgivable. >> i don't know chris brown. it's not up to me to forgive him or not. >> yes, it is. >> here is the deal. if it is up to me then no. i think this is the biggest bunch of malarkey i've ever heard in my entire life, brooke. here is the deal. he is a complete idiot around this. he's playing the pr game. not as remorseful. not getting the point.
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as said earlier, it's not anyone else's spopt to teach him how to control anger and look at demons in his life. that's up to him to do. i will believe him when he dead indicates proceeds to this tour to every crisis shelter in the country. then i'll believe him. >> a portion of the proceeds is going to a domestic violence charity but not all. and you're right, i think it's a bunch of malarkey, too. i want him to be sincere. he also says this new interview is the last time he's going to publicly talk about the rihanna attack. it's been eight months. we still have not heard word one from rihanna. do you think rihanna owes it to her fans to finally speak out? >> i think she does, as a role model. she is a role model. the day she signed on to represent cover girl, she became a role model that day. so yes, you do owe it to your fans because they do want to know, how have you dealt with this? how did you forgive him? why did you forgive him?
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i think more importantly chris should be allowed to move past this pain and to redeem himself. we can't hold this kid's future hostage by his past. >> we also can do things, have conversations right now that don't let celebrities off the hook so easy because they are celebrities. >> we don't let them off the hook. we're not here to judge. we can let people push past mistakes. >> chris brown needs to stop acting like a victim and be remorseful, genuinely remorseful. we have to leave it there. thank you guys. >> jon gosselin goes looking for parenting advice. >> as a single dad, what two or three values can i use to raise good kids. >> that's right. john went to a synagogue, a family values conference looking for answers. you've got to see this one for yourself. also, are rosie o'donnell and her longtime partner calling it quits? rosie opens up in a tearful
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interview. plus the balloon family's alleged hoax. >> the stories popped, time to hand out the coveted silver saucers. >> tonight we are picking out the best, most shocking, absolute weirdest moments of the whole balloon thing. we're calling them the balloon whoppers. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm a.j. hammer. >> i'm brooke anderson. if the claims the balloon boy saga was a hoax were true, it would involve quite a bit of acting. "showbiz tonight" has awards for
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the best and weirdest moments for what may be the year's weirdest story. jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." >> a kid who looked like the cat who swallowed the canary adrift in a balloon resembling an unidentified flying ship. ♪ better call the cops ♪ a weather balloon looks like jiffy pop ♪ >> reporter: now that the story popped, time to hand out coveted silver saucers. the most awkward moment goes to the parents. the acting of their son. she seemed speechless when he told wolf blitzer -- >> we did this for a show. >> yeah. >> for best pda, public display of affection, we award the silver saucer to the dad. >> i'm so glad he's here, you know. >> i'm really sorry i yelled at him. >> mom had a supporting role
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with comforting rubbing. we award the silver saucer for the most heartfelt tears to the mother. during that 911 call -- >> it's a flying saucer. >> yes. >> the silver saucer for worst acting goes to mom and dad during the reality show "wife swap." >> no, i'm talking from my heart. >> you're my wife, a man's nightmare. >> silver saucer for not acting but acting out goes to young falcon. before the family's interview with wolf blitzer, wolf introduced himself. >> say hi to wolf. >> hi. >> who the hell is wolf? >> during the interview falcon made faces, took his dad's phone and slapped his brother. but the kids also get the silver saucer for best high again when sneezing. the silver saucer award for best balloon cameo goes to "saturday night live."
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>> by, balloon. >> it was a hoax. >> yeah, we know. >> the silver saucer for most genuine moment goes to falcon's brothers for their reaction when he threw up on national tv. >> dad looked like he almost lost it. >> at least with the silver saucer award you can eat it after receiving it. just don't make yourself sick. >> i feel like i'm going to vomit. >> who the hell is wolf? >> while i think the whole balloon boy thing is by far the most bizarre story we've seen in a long time, it's the most serious. the incident is investigated by the faa. charges against the parents could be filed in the coming week. brooke, we have other family drama to talk about, because we always have the gosselins after all. >> true. >> a lot of people calling in about whether it's ever okay for kids to be on reality tv.
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>> that's right. we got a call from showbiz on call from nancy in washington. she said kate gosselin is clueless. >> i find it unbelievable that kate gosselin still believes her children are not being affected by being on tv. when you have them between you and the paparazzi, i don't know how you can find that not harmful. the children are going through an extremely hard time with the divorce and they do not need to see that on tv. i think she needs to keep the kids off tv. i think jon is doing the right thing. >> thank you, nancy. >> we also heard from karen calling into showbiz on call in michigan. karen says some families can handle the attention better than others. >> i think it depends on the personality of the parents. look at the duggers, their children are doing very well on tv. i think kate gosselin was very paranoid, afraid of a lot of things. if you watch the show, you can see that. always worried she wouldn't have enough money to raise the kids.
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so this motivates her. she was very nasty to jon. >> thanks, karen. showbiz online phone lines are always open. >> give us a call 1-888-728-2899. leave a voice mail. we'll play some of your calls on "showbiz tonight." >> oprah winfrey, sarah palin smackdown. palin on oprah. will there be fireworks? what kind of questions should oprah ask? jon gosselin on a spiritual quest? >> as a single dad, what two or three values can i use to raise good kids? >> that's right. jon gosselin in a synagogue at a family values conference. you've got to see this one for yourself. i never thought i'd see the day when marge simpson would pose for "playboy." does cartoon nudity cross the
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line or is it just plain funny. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln.
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as a single dad, you know, what two or three values could i use to raise good kids. >> now, on "showbiz tonight" this week, jon gosselin shows up at temple. he seeks spiritual advice and asks about family values. seriously? oprah winfrey sarah palin smackdown. big news, palin going on oprah. will there be fireworks? will they plays nice? what should oprah ask.
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marge simpson poses for "playboy." good news or a bad idea. tv's most provocative news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> and i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood tonight. jon gosselin goes to temple? >> that's right. tonight we have video of jon gosselin seeking spiritual advice at a temple. he made an unexpected appearance at a synagogue and asked a family values question in front of hundreds of people and it just so happened he was caught on tape. wow. is jon gosselin trying to be a
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better dad or is this a big pr move? wait, there's more. wait until you hear jon gosselin's $10,000 demand to a florida radio station. shocking oprah winfrey news, the interview afterlife time, former vp pick, sarah palin. seriously, can these two actually get along? a.j., i don't know, there could be big-time fireworks. >> i think this thing is long overdue. from hollywood carlos diaz, a correspondent with extra. all right. so jon gosselin wants spiritual advice. we have this brand-new video of jon getting up before hundreds of people and asking a deep question to some celebrity advisors. you know their names. take a look at this. >> my questions of the panel, as you know, obviously i'm going through a divorce. it's pretty public. as a single dad, you know, what
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two or three values can i use to raise good kids? >> yeah. okay. jon, i really want to believe that you want to change your ways. i hate to be cynical about this. midwin, let me start with this. i'm sorry, this smacks of an enormous pr stunt. what do you think? >> it really does. look, i'm always one for people looking for change and to find advice and counseling and what have you, but the manner in which this was done smacks of what jon has been doing all along, which is really courting the media. this is really what he does best and has been doing for months now. it does kind of smell a little suspicious. but hey, if he's trying to get help, more power to him. >> i guess so. it's almost like the start of a bad joke, a rabbi, a doctor, and a reality star at the temple. i do want to you listen to the
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sage advice. >> i know you're fighting to get them off the show. i hope you're successful. to the sense you are a celebrity, use the fame for a higher cause. what you've heard today, share with others. you have a microphone to the world. you're one of the most famous in the country and you can spread that valuable message. >> it is great advice. if it's not a pr stunt, you've got to wonder, why didn't he talk to these guys in private. >> a.j., give me a second here. come on, seriously, i've been saying this for so long. a, it is a total pr student. you don't run in and go i'm going to ask a question. b, this is what they should have been doing all along. it should have been about jon and kate, their divorce on tlc, move the kids out of the situation and focus on that. now they are just getting that message. jon actually sounded contrite. you almost felt sorry for him there. but they are giving the milk away for free.
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>> let's move to the business side of jon. he does want to make money for the mick if that's what we call it. brand-new revelations tonight about jon's wheeling and dealing. he's reportedly asked a florida radio station for somewhere between $10 and $12,000 because they wanted him on for a one-hour appearance. i've got to ask you, he's a huge celebrity. is he worthy of that kind of dough or totally out of line to ask for that showing up on a radio station. >> i think he's not out of line. remember, he no longer has a job right now. he's no longer cleccing a check from tlc. what else is he going to do? his face was plastered on news stands for the past eight or ten months. he to earn a living. this is how he's going to do it. >> brooke, back in here. anything wrong with capitalizing on this? >> i disagree with midwin. heck no, $10,000, if he asked for that load of cash, he's delusional.
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he does have to find a source of income to help support his family. come on, i wouldn't pay the guy $10 to do it. he really needs to come back to earth pretty soon, a.j. that's what i think. right now we do have to move on to a truly explosive brand-new announcement that oprah winfrey will be interview sarah palin. now, these two don't seem like natural bosom buddies, oprah campaigned against her in 2008. carlos, do you think there will be fireworks between these two? >> i'm sorry, the producer in my ear is reminding me i called this exactly last november, that she would sit down with oprah. it's fireworks, sweeps, perfect time. monday, people talk about it all week long. sarah palin needs oprah to sell her book. oprah kind of needs sarah palin for the ratings. >> yeah, it is in the middle of sweeps. it is smart programming. it's going to draw huge numbers i'm sure.
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our "showbiz tonight" facebook page already blowing up over there. sarah c. writes," i think oprah will be civil, therefore there will not be fireworks. although, it would be nice to see drama between the two. midwin, do you think oprah would kind of be tough on palin because they do have different political views? do you think she may come at her with some really challenging questions? >> i think she will come at her with challenging questions. that's what she does. she's a professional, a journalist. she goes about things with integrity. of course she will come at her with challenging questions because that's what people want to know. no matter how you think about sarah palin, at the end of the day she's a polarizing figure. she has a lot of support, a huge fan base. a lot of people want to know, what was she thinking. >> i think she needs to be much better prepared this time around
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than she was can katie couric. she's got to get herself ready for this, that's for sure. carlos, i want to talk a little bit about the timing here. don't you think palin maybe should have done this interview a long time ago? it sort of feels like too little too late in a way. >> no, it's exactly what midwin said. you don't go against the oprah, she'll take you to task. unless you know your ps and qs, oprah will find out what you do and don't know. here is the thing, i don't think there's that many fireworks. oprah's candidate won, barack obama, sarah palin is making a lot more money than she would if she was vice president. seeing the mess the country is in now, sarah palin is going, i'm good. i'm okay. >> oprah's man won the race, sarah palin wants to sell her book. midwin, what do you hope to see from the interview. >> i hope to see a side of sarah palin we haven't seen thus far. we've all seen the jokes.
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we've seen the tina fey coverage. we've also heard sarah palin in debates and what have you. but i'm looking to hear another side of her. i'm sure a lot of people are looking to hear explanations for what's been going on with her daughter and the family and the kind of photo ops and what have you? >> good point. we know that oprah will go there. midwin charles, carlos diaz, great to see you. thanks. so many people love to throw that word cougar around to describe people like madonna, courtly cox. courtney has a new tv show called "cougar town." >> hey, kid. >> courtney, 40 something looking great. is that word cougar offensive? is it time to go? the brand-new cougar debate next. have you seen the marge simpson "playboy" spread? for work purposes i had to take a look at this. i've got to sayah lot of people are really fired up.
11:40 pm
is a cartoon mom posing naked totally wrong or no big deal? making news, rosie o'donnell and her long time partner splitting up? rosie speaks on hln. the "showbiz tonight" news ticker. more stories from showbiz news making news right now.
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>> thank you, charles. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm a.j. hammer. >> i'm brooke anderson.
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tonight "showbiz tonight" caught on camera. you know bend it like beckham. how about send it like beckham. a text message while driving. becks got busted big-time texting and driving. he was leaving soccer practice for the l.a. galaxy. and it's illegal to text while driving in california. he's not the only star doing it. maria shriver also got caught using her cell phone while driving. >> tonight cougar fight, an all-out war breaking out and cougars, they are trapped in the middle. every since courtney cox's tv show cougar town made a preview, it's come under scrutiny. is it so bad to call women over 35 who are unmarried and interested in young men cougars. some people say yes. next up, marge simpson naked on the cover of "playboy." what would homer think about this? what do you think about this? are you outraged or is i all in good fun.
11:45 pm
psychologist and author of the cult of celebrity, and wendy walsh from mom there's a new column in the "new york post" who writes passionately by the term "cougar." she says it needs to go away. cougars. wendy, i want to know if you think andrea has this right. because i think cougar, demi moore, ashton kutcher, nasty and skanky doesn't describe them as far as i'm concerned. >> does apply to a women predator. we've called men dogs. men need equality and needs to be called wolves.
11:46 pm
i don't think cougar is power, it's a pretend power. >> she's basically saying it has this negative connotation. cougar was a word to throw around, have fun wit. courtney cox plays one on tv and plays one in real life. david arquette is 11 years junker. cooper lawrence should people have a problem with the term cougar cooper. >>-of- problem because it's meant to be derogatory, not a compliment. you don't look at an older woman with a younger man and go, hey, cougar. you look at it like it's a problem. it's not empowering. it wasn't coined by women. it was coined by men to put women in their place again. i think women are individuals. if you want to date somebody younger, go for it, without being worried about what it's being called. the new cougar controversy. as soon as we placed in on facebook our wall was full of comments.
11:47 pm
>> you have demi. you have courtney. you have madonna, of course. her boyfriend jesus, 23 years old now. sexy women, one and all, wendy. does it take away from their sex appeal to be called a cougar. >> i don't think it takes away from their sex appeal but it takes away from their whole i had it. i mentioned it was pretend power. listen, arnl.j., any woman in tr 40s can get a younger guy. they have loaded guns that will shoot at any target. really, ladies, are you smart? are you emotionally secure? are you able to nurture your children and the world or are you able to get a young guy? so what. >> one more comment. monica s. wrote --
11:48 pm
so there you go. that's more to your point, cooper, demi not a cougar, courtney not a cougar, mad no not a cougar. whatever you want to call them. they are having the time of their life. in that case, no harm no fall. >> the pressure to look a certain way. now you can't be a woman over 40, you have to be a hot woman over 40. if you weren't a hot 20-year-old you can't be another hot 40-year-old. now there's another level to live up to. >> can we move to this other controversy, which is just burning up, marge simpson's debut in "playboy." marge stars in the sitcom the simpson. she's featured in the new issue of the "playboy" magazine. can we put up the pictures. i want to show wendy walsh these new pictures.
11:49 pm
is it just outrageous or good fun. >> marge, marge, marnz, simpson are famous for chronicling all our times. when we get feminism we threw away rights, too, to look dowdy and be a mother. marge has to be hot now? she's posing for "playboy." what's up with that? >> you know it's a cartoon, right? wendy walsh. >> "american idol" runner-up is steaming things up in his photo shoot. if you didn't know he was gay you wouldn't tell from this super sexy photo spread. in fact, these are really the only photos i can safely show you without being fired. the other one features adam with his hands all over naked woman. when he goes out in public,
11:50 pm
women throws themselves all over women. he says -- check out the full interview with adam and, yes, the pictures and details on news stands october 27th. we have shocking o'donnell. is she splitting up with her long-time partner kelly carpenter? these two have four kids together. i thought they were the perfect couple. but now rosie is speaks out. things do not sound so good. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. it is time now for the "showbiz tonight" news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, president obama and the republicans may be reaching common ground for the common good, trying to counterback the right wing crazies. i'll talk to susie esman. she'll be here to discuss, among other things, how to tell if your husband is gay. and in the studio, another very funny woman, always fabulous, gary shandling. all that and more, right now. -- captions by vitac --
12:01 am
it looks like the obama administration is taking no prisoners. they're going after glenn beck, rush limbaugh, fox news, wall street, and even the united states chamber of commerce. is this a smart move or merely feeding the media frenzy? here with me now is peter saggel, host of npr's "wait, wait, don't tell me," and white house reporter for politico, and a correspondent for the nation magazine. welcome to the show, everybody. >> good to be here. >> neil, let me start with you. politico ran the first of a two-part series today and it talks about the white house's attack on the right. what is the strategy at the white house? >> this is a strategy they decided on in august after a pretty rough summer they had where sarah palin was essentially able to kind of define the health care strategy from using facebook. they essentially decided to get tough on the opposition. it's very much kind of a continuation of the 2008 campaign, where they're going after rush limbaugh, they're going after glenn beck, and what
12:02 am
they're really trying to do is marginalize folks who are the opposition. in that way, the real kind of strategy is really looking to 2010 and 2012. you know, in kind of marginalizing rush limbaugh, they might get more ratings. but what they ultimately do, at least is their hope is they'll damage the republican brand with the american people. >> aha. but only 21% of americans identify themselves as republican. isn't this overkill in a way? >> some people certainly see it that way. you heard today, for instance, lamar alexander on the senate floor was saying, this is reminiscent of the enemies list that, of course, nixon had, that started with 20 people, and it grew to something like 30,000 people by the time it was all over. so some people are making that argume argument. >> let's sho that lamar alexander, who worked in the nixon administration. he had some advice for obama. take a look.
12:03 am
>> i want to make what i hope will be a friendly suggestion to president obama in his white house. and it is this. don't create an enemies list. >> doesn't everybody have an enemies list? every administration, the nixon administration is notorious for it. but i'm sure clinton had one. everybody's got one, right? >> yeah. >> right. >> go ahead, peter. >> first of all, i always find it no oh fence to mr. alexander, but i find it hard to take seriously advice from a man whose first name sounds like a spanish verb. lamar? >> lamar. >> lamar. you remember when he ran for president, his campaign slogan was lamar, which sounded like an order. everybody, lamar! that's beside the point. >> or dancing on "dancing with the stars." >> that is exactly the point. >> we forget nixon didn't just have an enemy's list. nextson used the irs, the fbi, a
12:04 am
hired band of criminals and thieves to actually attack physically sometimes his enemies. >> let me tell you some of the people on his list. edward kennedy, nixon's list, george mcgovern, sargent shriver, the black panthers, paul newman, barbra streisand, joe namath. carol channing? are you kidding? "hello dolly"? >> everybody loves carol channing. >> it's weird, isn't it? the enemy's list, nixon's enemies list did backfire on nixon. will this backfire on obama? >> the fact that he sent a set of criminals to break into their offices or their psychiatrists' offices. that's a big discussion. >> that's a distinction. using the federal government to essentially target folks. that's certainly not what anybody thinks of that the obama administration is doing. but the slippery slope argument,
12:05 am
are you kind of sullying the image of the white house, by taking on glenn beck. i don't know how many viewers he gets, but i guess the larger question is, who actually believes what he's saying. isn't it just entertainment what glenn beck does and rush limbaugh. >> what do you think? >> i think this is working for the white house. because they are publicly calling these people out. it's not a secret enemies list. in the case of fox they're driving a wedge between some of the most irresponsible and hateful people on that challenge. and greta van susteren came out and said, hey, i'm not like these guys, my show is different. >> turning. i love it. >> what could validate the white house message more than having someone inside fox saying i'm not like those other guys. that fits to the fact that fox has been irresponsible and a political opponent. >> do you think msnbc be calling greta van susteren? >> well, people have to remember
12:06 am
president obama was under fire for his health care. this is a win there, because he gets to go on offense without doing anything on policy. he's going after the chamber, giving that fight that people were missing in august. so it's smart politics for his base. and it's public. again, it's not a secret. people can see this fight and make up their minds. >> he's been see as wishy-washy, and somebody not taking on the right in any forceful way. this is the attack going on now. >> these are easy targets, too. glenn beck and rush limbaugh, i'm sure their favorability ratings aren't too high. so it's an easy thing for him to do. >> i disagree. i think these are very powerful people in our discourse. glenn beck has targeted people and gotten them removed from the administration. sean hannity targeted the t.e.a. party guys. i challenge anyone at fox to show us coverage of larger anti-war rallies and gay rights rallies and other grass roots
12:07 am
movements. >> they don't cover it. i think the question is, can rush limbaugh turn people out to the polls. can glenn beck drive folks to the polls. i think that's still an open question. you saw david brooks do a column early on in "the new york times" that essentially said these people have huge megaphones and huge platforms, but in terms of driving policy and driving people to the polls, they're not able to do that. >> let's hear what dana per ino said. the more they fight, the more defensive they look. it's only been ten months and they're burning bridges in a lot of different places. >> to me, that's a little nuts. i know dana, she's a lovely woman. but she got up on the podium and said disparaging things about the msnbc. they sent out the press releases blasting "the new york times." all presidential administrations attack the press. >> is it a good strategy really? didn't bush look bad when he
12:08 am
sent helen thomas to the back of the room? that was bad. >> bad to whom? this may be one of his issues in which the average woman in america could care less. it's been going on forever. this reporter told me he once got a phone call from the clinton white house and then clinton himself screaming at him for his coverage. it happens all the time. >> helen thomas was asking hard questions about our foreign policy. glenn beck is asking stupid questions about birth certificates. so there's a difference in whether we're talking about icing out people doing real journalism or people just screaming at the president and stoking in glenn beck's case racial hatred. >> there's nobody on fox that he could talk to? like i always point to chris wallace's show. he's fairly balanced himself. his panel is somewhat balanced. he has juan williams as well as the heinous bill crystal. >> i didn't realize that. is that his first name? >> it's lamar crystal. speak to me. >> even major garrett in the white house press corps, he's a
12:09 am
straight-up guy and does straight-up reporting. that's a danger here. if you're equating all of fox news with glenn beck, i mean, it's certainly not the case. as your other guests said, it looks like folks are trying to distance themselves from other people on fox news. but also what i think is smart, maybe about this strategy, is that you are seeing republicans also start to distance themselves. you had lindsey graham come out and say basically -- >> that's the key to the whole story. right there. >> i think that's good for our debate. separate whether it's good for the obama administration. even if you don't like the obama administration, the quarantining of these toxic, conservative fringe voices is good. i guarantee you, the republicans will do better if we hear more about olympia snowe. than these folks who have no constituency. they only have millionaire budgets to offend all of us. >> i love the way you use
12:10 am
quarantine like they all have the swine flu. >> i don't think they're conservatives or republicans. i think they're conspiracy theorists. whether they're picking on the jews or masons or aliens from space, or lizards from space, believe somebody's out there against your interests and only i know the truth. in this case, it's progressives. they used to making liberals a bad word. glenn beck had the amazing thing where he equated progressives with tyranny and slavery 200 years ago. >> i know. >> as if he's our weapon against these people. >> he just twists everything around, you know? that is his way of doing it. but he has a huge audience. that's the problem. and he makes millions. we don't know his numbers actually. >> he was one of the highest rated television shows in an early hour, earlier than the primetime shows. a radio show reaching more.
12:11 am
>> and rush limbaugh. >> and he's got books. and limbaugh's got all those ditto heads. thanks very much. thank you to my panel. up next, susie explains how you can tell whether your husband is gay or not. should be interesting.
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
i know you took the doll's head. where is it? where's the [ bleep ] head! >> i don't know. >> the kid is home. hysterical. because her doll, judy, has been decapitated. because you two sickos took the
12:15 am
head, for god knows what reason. >> that was a very hilarious susie essman, an actress who accepts the fact that she may end up a fat, bald, sweaty woman with a dry vagina and a full beard. that's just one of the insights into her new book. wisdom about love, life and comedy. susie joins me. i have to say, one of my best friends. because i -- >> i know. i have to say that, too, one. because otherwise they call. but we say the best friend in the business. >> that's right. in the business. >> my friend lisa already called me that i said in the book that you're my best friend. and she's my best friend. >> so, you know, i was reading in the book about the comedy days that we went through together in the '80s. >> it was rough. >> you actually use this term. it was quite a romantic time. i don't see it that way.
12:16 am
i saw it as a very, very trying time. >> it was both. it was both. but there was a romance to it. it was hot in those days, in the mid-'80s when people were lined up around the block, and there was a buzz in every comedy club and we would work until 4:00 in the morning and we would go to the diner afterwards. >> chris rock used to go on stage. >> he was always scared when you and i were in the audience. >> why, because he would do like date rape jokes. >> something like that. one time, didn't he one time do a joke and he stopped and said, wait a minute, i have to see if behar is in the room. >> i know, he's scared of me. let's talk about some of the other things that were going on at that time. you were having a very hard time. we'll get to the funny part in a minute. but the tragic part in the book, it broke my heart at some points, because i didn't know that you were so suicidal. >> that was actually before i met you. i perked up once i met you. i met you -- must have been the drugs i
12:17 am
gave you. >> i met you in 1984. it was pre-doing stand-up that i was so lost, and so -- in such deep, deep despair at not knowing who i was, and what i wanted to do. and i knew that there was this person that i wanted to be, and i had no idea how to get there. i was, you know, early 20s. it was a very difficult time for people. >> you had a miserable boyfriend. >> i had a miserable boyfriend. >> what was the matter with him? being a narcissist like your father? >> in a word, yeah. you know what? he was having his own struggles at the time. it wasn't so much him, it was us together. >> but you talk about a scene where he and your father are talking about you. tell me about that. >> i was in a play, and they're in the living room and they're talking about me as though i wasn't there. which is always a pleasure, when people talk about you when you're sitting right there as if you don't exist. and they were talking about how bad i was as an actress in the play. no, she wasn't very good. really. well, thank you. no wonder i feel so confident and ready to get out there and
12:18 am
go get them. >> and yet you now do this character which is so empowered and the women just love it, don't they? the young girls like it. >> women were telling me last night, i did a book signing last night, they come up to me and say, susie green is my idol. i find this so hilarious that this screaming, yelling shrew -- >> why do you think that is? >> i think she's comfortable with her anger. you know me very well. susie green is all reactive. you know i'm very analytical. i'm very different from her. >> you're really not like her at all. once in a while. >> don't push me. don't push me. i could go susie green on you. susie green is all gut response. you say something to her, she responds. she's got her rules that she lives by. and she doesn't think about anything. and she eem totally secure in herself. she's totally secure that everything she thinks and says is absolutely correct. which is why she could dress that way. >> she does do a very boca
12:19 am
routine. >> like brighton beach. the russian ladies in brighton beach she dresses. because she's so secure that her taste is impeccable. she thinks cheryl has horrible taste. and cheryl -- >> dresses beautifully, exactly. it's the complete security in herself. >> who did you base her on? >> a myriad -- you. no, i'm kidding. a combination of people. but i basically just made her up. i kind of made her up. i always thought, when you were growing up and there were those girls who were so secure, and i was so insecure. you know? i kind of based her on those girls that were just completely sure of themselves and secure. >> but they were stupid. >> she's not the brightest. susie green is no intellectual. >> all right. back to the suicide attempt. >> yes. >> this quote, i mean, i can't get over this. it said that night i took every pill in my medicine cabinet from aspirin to valium to tums. >> i didn't want to have an upset stomach if i was going to
12:20 am
be dead. >> and laid down on my sofa hoping to die. >> yeah. >> i mean -- >> i did that more than once, actually. i did it twice. but you don't want to be redundant in the book. you want to perk it up, move it along. once is enough. i didn't want people to feel sorry for me. >> tell me how you got out of that. >> i remember the feeling, some pemg say suicide is a hostile act. because it's hostile to the people that love you. which it is in a sense. but i remember just feeling such depths of pain and despair, i just wanted it to be over. and every morning i'd wake up and it would be there. this feeling of -- >> the black hole. >> the black hole of self-loathing, and just despair. and it wouldn't go away. william styron describes this beautifully in his book about the darkness of depression. it's not like having a bad day. it's a completely different level. and i was in a deep -- we didn't
12:21 am
have prozac and all that stuff. >> no medication that would help. >> it was like mao inhibitors, and that lid mid. and i don't -- i don't know how i got out of it, except i think it was stand-up that saved my life. >> i want to talk about that in the next segment. don't go away. we'll be right back with susie.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
♪ welcome to comcast local edition. i am donna richardson and my guest this hour is colonel george f. johnson iv superintendent of the maryland natural resources police. colonel, thank you for joining me. >> great to be here with you. >> in addition to being with the maryland natural resources you are president of the maryland police chief association, and who in addition to chief are your members? and who is working with you? >> it is comprised mostly of chief of police from all over the state and state government
12:25 am
and law enforcement chiefs and county and municipalities that exist in all of the state of maryland. >> i know as a group i know there are several initiatives taking place. there is a new one. checkpoint strike force. >> yes, it is a research based-multi-state situation where we pick and we go out there and we look for drivers that are impaired and work to get them off of the road and we do that through our sobriarity checkpoints and our saturation patrols. >> and so, which jerse - jurisdiction, one specific area or all of the jurisdictions now involved? >> all throughout maryland, the chiefs of police have signed on. every jurisdiction signed on in some way shape or form to participate in the checkpoint strike force. >> and so do you find that the
12:26 am
checkpoints are helpful in hopefully lowering traffic fatalities? >> absolutely. fatalities have been reduced 20 percent in the areas where we are doing the checkpoints . it proves to be extremely beneficial to us in many different ways. >> and do you find that the residents are supporting the checkpoints and do you have partner necessary this effort? >> yes, we do. as you know, it is a powerful organization of mothers against drunk drivers. we work with them chosely in this endeavor and other organizations. their surveys indicate 85 to 90 percent of the people they talked to support the checkpoints. >> do you do these at specific times of year or are the checkpoints ongoing initiative. >> they are ongoing initiatives. they will be taking place every
12:27 am
week and everywhere and where you think that it is the best possible opportunity to deploy the work force and effective use knowledge of our people in this endeavor. >> as you are having the checkpoints and i know initially you are looking for impaired drivers, but are you finding other things when you are pulling over the impaired drivers? >> oh, yes. people are very surprised what we run into on the checkpoints. the main focus is to get the impaired drivers that use alcohol off of the streets and identify them. but we are running into people who have warrants on them. their licenses are suspended, some people have drugs in the vehicle this we were able to detect and find. there is a whole gamut of things and seat belt usage. it helps us with the seat belt
12:28 am
initiatives and child safety seat. we are able to make different observations and of course, we put a lot of emphasis on the seat belt usage and child safety seat as well >> i know some jurisdiction or most of the them, there is zero tolerance if you don't have your seat belt on, it is amazing that people are still driving without them. >> it is with the seat belt usage, if you are involved in an accident with the impaired drivers that use alcohol that gives you that much more of a chance to survive. >> how can citizens assist with the checkpoint strike force? >> we need them to be our eyes and ears out there. as with many thing necessary law enforcement and we ask citizens to do. if they see a person driving erratically or aggressively and feel they are under the influence of alcohol. pick up the cell phone and dial
12:29 am
the number 911 or what ever it is that they feel comfortable in using. >> thank you, colonel for joining me. >> donna thank you for helping us. >> thank you for watching comcast local edition. i am donna richason.
12:30 am
some of you may not know i had a bit of an acting career before i became a talk show host. let's take a look. >> look, garry shandling. you listen to what i'm telling you now. i want you to lay off my regship with leonard. he's not getting married again. what do you know about relationships, you yuts? >> joy, joy is such a perfect name for you. you know, joy. >> that was from the classic '80s sitcom, "the garry shandling show." on showtime, i believe, right?
12:31 am
the entire box set is out on dvd this week, by the way. my guest is the creator and star, actor, comedian, gary shandling. >> thank you. i can't believe you had to read that. i mean, you know me. >> i know. but i like to work with the prompter. i'm like obama. you don't forget stuff. >> like the supreme court justice. swearing him in and having to reswear him in. talk about a prompter. he couldn't get that out. you need a prompter sometimes. you need a prompter sometimes. >> you're nervous. >> i would give anything if there was something behind you with some jokes. >> you have it right in front of you. >> i can't look at you and the notes at the same time. >> i'm doing that. >> that's cheating. but thank you for mentioning the box set. i thought that was sexist and you couldn't say that. >> it is.
12:32 am
>> i never know what's sexist anymore. i guess it's all context. if you're selling a box set, it's okay to say? but if you have a box set, hey, hey, where you going, buddy. >> just the box. >> boob tube? let's go back to -- >> let's go back to your show "the gary shandling show." do you remember anything about the show? >> excuse me? i'm sorry, i got excited. first of all, i love "sex and the city." no, you're "the view," yeah. >> "the view" is no sex in the city. >> no sex in the city. >> yeah. >> so that was in the '80s, '85 to '86 to '90, i think. >> yeah, a long time ago. >> now, upon -- this is what happened. upon gathering outtakes, i've never said that phrase, and i don't think anybody does. you don't gather outtakes, it's a show business term. it's what we do on christmas at -- at christmas, we gather
12:33 am
outtakes. so we're looking at this tape for the dvd, and there you are, then there's you on the wing and then there's you in other episodes. and i'm going, i don't remember joy -- i never made the connection, so you have to help me. because what is your -- obviously i'm the guy finally who said, i'm the jeff buickus of my show. >> he's the head of time warner. for those of you who don't know. but they have more footage. i played someone who was dead. look straight ahead, gary. look straight ahead. i was dead. >> you have more than one tv. that's so cool. >> i was dead on the show. but you don't have to remember it. maybe you had medication at the time and it doesn't come back to you. >> i had no -- >> let's move on. >> can you imagine if i'm like this on medication? add medication to it?
12:34 am
what kind of medication? >> i don't know. >> some kind of medication that -- you know, it was bad to take medication back then. and now there's, what, 50 kinds of medications advertised on tv. i can't tell what people -- >> what's your favorite? >> i like the one where the guy has to go to the bathroom every hour and can't get through the golf game. i'm sad for him. >> do you suffer from that? >> no. i'm suffering from something, because they -- but i can't -- then there's one where the -- they foreclosed. that's terrible. the guy's melting gold, sending in jewelry. he's sad. there's a lot of sad people that -- i can't tell who's had their house foreclosed oval- >> but the viagra commercials are happy. >> on the mexican channel? >> yes. >> i have been melting gold. >> yes, okay. >> you have no interest in the melting gold. >> not really, no. >> i had my eye on your earrings, i'm going to be honest with you.
12:35 am
>> let's talk about your -- >> you seem to be in control. i'm impressed. >> let's talk about your stand-up career. i'm interested in that. are you interested in talking about that? >> yes. can you do ten seconds on, do you remember doing the show and what i was like? because you were fantastic. but you came back into different kinds of parts. >> i found you to be the star of the show. therefore, not really available to me. because i was just a peon and a little player. so that's why you don't remember me. because i was just a shy little girl doing a part. >> things have really changed. >> i know. i got into stand-up -- i was doing stand-up at that time. i don't know about you, but i had to have a near-death experience, a divorce, and i got fired from my job in order for me to do stand-up. did you have to have a traumatic event to throw you into stand-up? >> i had a death experience, that's true. that is true. >> death or near death? because they're different. >> one is onstage?
12:36 am
we well, i don't know that they are different, for one thing. because you're going to say near death. without getting into details, i don't talk about it to many people, let alone publicly, and i'm not kidding. you'll know when i'm kidding. >> okay. >> i was given -- i was hit by a car in '77 or something. i was given a choice if i wanted to live, can you keep living in this body or not. there's no joke. i failed to ask what my choices might be. >> what do you mean, to live in this body? they had another body waiting for you? >> we're talking about a near-death experience. >> did you see a light at the end of the tunnel? or were you just in jersey, boom, boom? >> it's not something i'm -- it's too intimate to talk about right now. i'd rather come back when you just do a show on death experiences. >> well, we could just turn this segment into a death experience conversation. is that enough? >> no, because you're going to
12:37 am
have somebody before me or after me that didn't talk about that. but i had one and you had one. did you see a light? >> no. but it did put me into stand-up. i figured, what's the difference, i almost died in real life, so why not die on stage. >> i was writing for sanford and son and welcome cotter, i was a young man, i was 23 or 24, and i moved to l.a. and i was writing of all shows for sanford and son, and then i had this car accident. and i was laying in the hospital and i thought, wait a minute, i best do what i want to do. >> right. >> and so i did start working out in the clubs. and i had no idea what i was doing. and i thought, well, boy, this stand-up is impossible. and i knew there was something about it that was going to teach me about myself. and that is the parallel path that i had. >> that's interesting. >> mm-hmm. because to be yourself, well, you have to find yourself,
12:38 am
because you cannot not be yourself on stage. and be really good, in my humble opinion. i think i admire those who are free enough to be themselves. and so, you know, as you know, you're searching out what your rhythm is, what you want to talk about. and i would say i'm still going through that process. i think it's a never-ending process. i parallel it to real life itse itself. >> and it toughens you up. all those people are waiting for you to make them laugh. if you don't do it and they boo you or don't laugh, you either get back onstage or you quit. tough to do. >> here we are on tv, and some people say, my god, how do you go on tv? don't you get nervous? of course, i do. but it's just nothing compared to what can happen to the third show in cleveland at 1:00 a.m. with 20 people. i remember walking up, and all 20 were drunk. and i'm not kidding, 18 or so of them -- i still remember it, because i counted them -- were
12:39 am
heckling. they were starting to yell at each other. so, you know, if your crew starts doing that, i can handle it. >> oh, them? >> bring it on. >> i'm going to take a break and then we'll come back and i have a lot with gary shandling tonight. so don't go away. you ought to be proud. she's in a coma. >> i know it's all our fault. joy, if you can hear me, we're sorry. really sorry. phoebe and i -- things got out of hand. >> ha! we win. we win!
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
i told you, i don't want to talk to the guests before the show. >> it will never happen before. >> i'll be in a conversation about retooling. >> okay. >> it's good. >> that show is the funniest thing. that's the scene from one of my favorite shows of all-time, the larry sanders show. >> that was a show after this. >> yes. >> this show was first. >> this is the one we're selling right now, the dvd collection. >> the so-called -- you know. so i came on to plug the dvd. and i realized a lot of people come on the show, i've seen you since the beginning of the show and i want to congratulate you along with everyone else. you've got great guests. >> thank you. >> it's because of you.
12:44 am
no one knows what hln is. i thought it was the home shopping network. i was hoping to buy something. i expected to be -- you can't buy those earrings? >> no, i'm not selling these earrings, no. >> so i'm in the waiting room. you're trying to get in the right mood for this show. of course, in the waiting room here for hln -- is that what it is? >> hln, yes. >> and there the tv is on with the news. and it's just the world is coming to an end. i think it seems pretty -- it seems like jesus was supposed to come by now, wasn't he? jesus was supposed to come -- he's really dragging it on. >> he's late. >> although, when they arrested roman polanski, i thought, oh, no, he's wrapping it up. he's wrapping up all the loose ends. we are very close to the end now. >> now, what do you think is going on? this week, we had some action on the health care bill, the baucus bill. >> i think that, look, this is
12:45 am
what nobody talks about. i think some people need health care, let's get that out of the way. that's not the point. the government needs a business. it's bankrupt. it's bankrupt. that's the truth. so, you know, instead of -- i'd rather have them saying, how do you feel than, do you want to buy a car. we've got to give them something, because we didn't get the oil out of iraq. everybody forgets, we have to go back a ways. here's what it is. the universe is expanding. and eventually it's going to collapse on itself. and there's going to be nothing. >> when? soon? because i have a lot of things to do. >> i understand it should be real estate disclosure. see, you've got to go back. you know, the problem is way before the mortgage crisis. but look, i get my eyes checked at the dmv anyway. >> is that how you check your eyes? >> yeah, it's the government taking care of you anyway, so they can just do it at the dmv and add other lines where you go
12:46 am
behind the orange cones and cough. they're already checking the eyes. how many more -- take the blood pressure right here. >> why do you suppose the democrats are so lame? >> let's get this, what the problem is. >> yeah. >> and then we can go name by name if you want. because i cannot watch barack obama if nancy pelosi's -- she's in the shot. and that's what she's playing. i'm in the shot. i'm i'm in the shot. at least biden pretends to listen. and speaking as comics, i thought when they yelled, hey, you lied, as a professional comedian, i thought his comeback should have been, are you speaking to miss pelosi? put it off on someone else. but i don't think -- >> but he's a gentleman. he didn't really respond. he kept going. >> he has a coolness about him. stick to the material.
12:47 am
we know what that's like. >> if you're bombing, just stick to the act. >> a tough crowd. but i think that we were talking about something else. and you got me into obama, who, by the way, the -- look. every minority's reflected in that administration except one. and i think columbus day is -- and columbus day week is the time to discuss it. are you aware there's one minority not reflected in his administration? >> columbus was italian. so pelosi is italian. >> there's no native american in the administration. >> oh, native american. >> wouldn't you think at least chief of staff? >> you got me there. you got me. >> what have we done? think about it. >> you're right. >> it's rahm emanuel in there. i think that's a different tribe. >> he's from the other tribe, the jewish tribe. >> yeah. >> so obama, now, he has also been slammed for afghanistan and the middle east. what about that? >> well, you were talking about
12:48 am
the democrats and republicans. so how do we have to be -- do we have time -- we can clear up everything. >> you can just make the leap to afghanistan now. >> let me say how they tie in. so the partisanship is there. the bipartisanship is nonexistent. aren't we angry about the partisanship and how we -- >> yes, we are. >> i think the israelis and palestinians look at the democrats and republicans and go, oh, my god. they're screwed up. >> right. >> we'll fix our problems first. >> exactly. >> but look it, this guy in afghanistan, karzai, is he corrupt or not is the question? and they just had the election. you've got to remember something that he said. and this is true. he said this to cnn, which is in this building. and i brought it up five years ago, because he said it five years ago. >> what did he said? >> karzai to a cnn camera said it's going so well here in afghanistan, it's not going to
12:49 am
be long before we have tourism. and he said that. why would i -- i couldn't make that up. i don't know how far down your vacation list afghanistan is. >> right after pakistan. >> i haven't been to vietnam yet. >> vietnam is a tourist attraction. people go there all the time. >> well, no thanks. >> it's supposed to be beautiful there. >> well, maybe this time of the decade. >> so is there any -- >> but i think that's a pretty big tip that something's wrong, when you're trying to spin it that hard, you've got to get a different guy in there. they're spinning and spinning too hard. >> don't you feel compared to the bush administration, though, he's doing pretty well compared to them? they were so destructive. >> i just think the problems started long before that, with america, what it's all about. we've lost track, and we lost track a long time ago. >> as a comedian, do you miss the clinton administration? because that was the best. >> no, i don't --
12:50 am
>> you don't miss that? >> i don't think i miss any administration. i think it's -- bush didn't follow that simple, simple rule that i grew up with. >> which was? >> don't invade more than you can spend. >> i know. he never followed that. >> it's so easy. he never followed that. >> it's so easy, but, you know, there's other things involved. it's about money. it's the -- in god we trust is just a spin. >> more with garry shandling after this. 
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breaking news tonight. live, colorado, the whole country on pins and needles. a little 6-year-old's life hanging in the balance, and the beautiful silver space-like balloon soaring through the clouds. tonight, it apparently all ends in felony charges. that's right. police, sheriffs, national guard, volunteers, the faa, even a whole airport and commercial carriers trying to save the life of a 6-year-old boy, falcon
1:01 am
heene, who his brothers and his parents say was trapped in that homemade balloon, racing through the sky. eyewitness reports emerge that something or someone falls thousands of feet to rough terrain near the colorado rocky mountains. after 60 miles of terror, the balloon lands. no boy. was he dead? was he injured? was he lying down some ravine with every bone in his body broken? oh, no! he was hiding in the family attic the whole time. blurting out on national tv it was all "for the show." on not one, but two morning shows, that same child, so nervous, he vomits when asked the same question. bye-bye, reality show, hello cell block. >> it has been determined that
1:02 am
>> yeah. it's a nying saucer. >> yeah. >> and that's gone, too. >> i'm sorry. is the flying saucer gone, too? >> yeah. 20 minutes. >> they've both been missing about 20 minutes. >> yeah. >> okay. >> oh, my god. my son. >> it has been determined that this is a hoax. that it was a publicity stunt. we believe that we have evidence at this point to indicate that it was a publicity stunt done with the hopes of marketing themselves, or better marketing themselves for a reality television show at some point in the future. >> did you hear us calling your name at any time? >> mm-hmm. >> you did? >> you did? >> why didn't you come out? >> um, you guys said that we did this for the show.
1:03 am
and tonight, a college football star on scholarship, university connecticut, at a college dance, stabbed to death. who cut this all-american's life short? nobody knows? at a college dance, packed with students, nobody knows, nobody sees a thing? no way. tonight, who ended the life of 20-year-old football star, jasper howard? >> a huskies homecoming dance party turns deadly after an altercation ends in the stabbing death of star cornerback and father-to-be jasper howard. >> 20-year-old jasper howard died of a single stab wound to the stomach. just before he was killed, howard called his mom. >> i talked to him for a while that night. i talked to him.
1:04 am
i didn't see him or talk to him no more. >> it happened after a fire alarm went off, this is at a dance, at the student center. this happened just after midnight. hundreds of people ran out into the streets and a fight broke out. >> as far as what the altercation was about, that actually is a subject of continuing investigation. >> we have not identified a suspect in this case. however, we are pursuing active leads. >> i just hope whoever did it turns themselves in. he didn't deserve this. he didn't deserve it. and tonight, live, texas, a 3-year-old little boy in extreme danger, stolen from his own home after the boy's young mother found murdered on her bedroom floor. why? you know what? i don't care why. i just want to know, tonight, where is 3-year-old mitchell romero.
1:05 am
>> an amber alert has been issued for 3-year-old mitchell romero who mother was found murdered inside the family home. police believe mitchell is in grave and immediate danger. >> denver city police arrived to 212 east tenth street to find 29-year-old veronica romero dead inside. >> the boy was last seen in the company of his father, mario romero, inside a maroon 2004 gmcgmc yukon with texas license plates. >> we've been talking to family members on both sides. it's just a matter of time before we're able to talk to them. >> three of veronica's sisters visited with police. a sister back at their home told us 33-year-old mario romero had abused veronica in the past and said it is, quote, a sure thing
1:06 am
that he's her murderer. >> police say romero is considered a person of interest in veronica's murder and is wanted for questioning. authorities in mexico are also on the lookout. as reports surfaced romero may be trying to take mitchell across the border. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. live, colorado, the whole country on pins and needles. a little 6-year-old boy's life hanging in the balance. and a beautiful silver space-like balloon soaring through the clouds. tonight, apparently it will all end in felony charges. bye-bye reality show, hello cell block. >> is this richard? >> yes, it is. >> how long has the 6-year-old been missing? >> just a few minutes. >> is the air balloon in the back yard? >> yes. okay, so it obviously has electronics?
1:07 am
>> no. he does not know how to operate. >> you are sure he is in that? >> we looked everywhere. my son said he went in before it went off. >> these people are actors. they established a relationship was in acting school in hollywood. they put on a very good show for us, and we bought it. >> absolutely no hoax. i want your questions in a box. i'll get right back to you, okay? >> one of the guys told me it was for some tv show. so that's what he was referring to. >> oh. >> that's what he was referring to when he made that statement. >> straight out to dan simon, cnn national correspondent. joining us from the heene home. dan, thank you for being with us. what's the latest, dan? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that richard heene is doing something he doesn't normally
1:08 am
do, nancy, and that is, he's keeping a low profile today. we saw him emerge from the house once with his entire family, got into a pickup truck, apparently drove to a grocery store. he's back in his home tonight. not making any statements. probably on the advice of his attorney. in terms of how this all came to light, what we are hearing from authorities is that they wanted to bring richard heene in for questioning. and they did so, used a little bit of trickery. they told him, why don't you come to the sheriff's station and we'll give you the rest of your silver balloon. so heene drives over there by himself, thinks he's going to pick up that balloon. lo and behold, the cops start questioning him. from what we understand, they administered a polygraph. we don't know the results of that polygraph. in any case, they questioned heene. meanwhile, their investigators come over to the house behind come over to the house behind me and question the rest of the family. they question the wife and they question the children. and at that point, after all the questioning is over, authorities were convinced that it was absolutely a hoax. nancy?
1:09 am
>> we are taking your calls, live, joining us there at the scene ft. collins, colorado. cnn's national correspondent, dan simon. to peter marcus, assistant editor of the "denver daily news." peter, thank you for being with us. peter, take me back to the very beginning. what happened? >> well, you know, the whole world was held captive. we thought that little falcon was flying across the colorado skies in a flying saucer/balloon. and then this weekend, we hear from the sheriff's department that they're saying this whole thing was a hoax. >> i want to go to clark goldman, our producer on the story. a lot of people took a look at this thing and were convinced nobody could actually be inside of it. where was the boy the whole time? >> nancy, law enforcement, investigators actually decided they wanted to contact aerospace engineers who used to work for the u.s. armed services to determine whether it could actually hold the 36-pound boy, falcon. law enforcement searched that house at the very outset and did not find falcon. they admitted a few hours later
1:10 am
maybe we didn't search that home as thoroughly as we should have. it turned out later that falcon was then believed to be up in the crawl space, or the attic that whole time. however, since then, the sheriff of larimer county has said it's not clear, falcon could have been somewhere else and then come back himself to the home. >> dan simon, back to you, joining us at the heene home, dan, how did the whole thing crack wide open? >> reporter: well, you know, there was that interview last thursday on "larry king live" wolf blitzer was hosting. there was that question by the father, richard heene, to his son saying, hey, when you were up in the attic, did you hear us calling your name? the boy says, yeah. they said, why didn't you come out? he says, well, we did it for the show. well, everybody saw that. and it immediately raised suspicions both on the part of law enforcement, everybody, of course, who was watching this. authorities grew suspicious, they wanted to question the heenes, and they also put up a public front supporting the heenes. they said they did that because
1:11 am
they wanted to continue to have their trust. over the weekend, they brought in the heenes for questioning. they brought richard in to the sheriff's station. they administered -- apparently administered a polygraph at that time. and investigators came to the house, did another line of questioning. and we don't know if there was a confession or whatever was said, but all we know is after those interviews took place, authorities came out and said it was a hoax. >> let's take a listen to what happened on national tv. >> did you hear us calling your name at any time? >> mm-hmm. >> you did? >> you did? >> why didn't you come out? >> um, you guys said that we did this for the show.
1:12 am
>> one of the guys told him it was for a tv show. that's what he was referring to. >> oh. >> that's what he was referring to when he made that statement. >> and i know i want to point out that the sheriff's office said last night that they believe your account of what happened. but they do want to question you a little bit more. >> falcon? are you okay there? >> mm-hmm. >> are you sure? >> he's tired. >> no, mom, i feel like i'm going to vomit. >> oh. >> are you okay, buddy? >> no. >> i think he's queasy. >> the child's so sick when he's asked that same question, after his appearance, being interviewed by wolf blitzer on cnn, he vomits on national tv. unleash the lawyers. sue moss, alex sanchez, anne bremner. high-profile lawyer joining us out of seattle. what's your defense of parents
1:13 am
that apparently put their child on the air? he blurts out, we did it for a show on cnn. then when he's asked that question again, he's so upset, he vomits on national tv on "today" and abc? >> you know, nancy, i knew you were going to ask me that. it's a terrible situation, but nobody died. it was a hoax. >> please answer the question. >> my defense is we got to see all the facts in the thing. life doesn't imitate art. it imitates bad tv.
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1:17 am
>> he has no idea how to turn it or anything, is that right? >> no. >> and he has no idea how to run it or anything. >> no. >> there's no communication. >> felony charges may be filed against richard and mayumi heene for claiming their 6-year-old son was onboard a homemade mylar balloon when it floated away from their backyard thursday afternoon. >> it wasn't until "the larry king" show where the family was interviewed by wolf blitzer, that we had the first aha moment. >> did you hear us calling your name at any time? >> mm-hmm. >> you did? >> you did? >> well, why didn't you come out? >> um, you guys said that we did this for the show. >> when wolf talked to the
1:18 am
father, and the father was asking, you saw the one little boy look at the mommy like, uh-oh. >> the fact that he would want his child to lie for him, that's the lesson he's teaching his child, lie to get whatever you want in life. that's the damage here. >> they're my clients, so i've heard a lot from them. obviously this is something the public rolls their eyes at unfortunately, but the presumption of innocence should be given to them. >> if she lied to 911 about the life of her son, susan moss, alex sanchez, anne bremner. susan moss, what charges could they be facing? >> absolutely filing a false police report, also endangering a child and others. their parental rights might go up, up and away for at least the time they'll be in jail, which could be a maximum of 13 years, based on the felonies they could be charged with. >> sanchez? >> it's incredible. it's like this whole world has this couple convicted already. based on the information i have seen and read, i don't see enough evidence at all which
1:19 am
would justify an arrest at this point. maybe the police have some information we're not aware of. but based on what i have heard, this case is based on speculation, on theory, and on suspicion. >> really? well, let me just refresh your recollection. to you, peter marcus, with the "denver daily news," what can you tell me about reported communications between a research assistance, or a prior employee with mr. heene many, many weeks before regarding a stunt like this? >> yeah, well, i think that was obviously the big twist to come out of this today, is that, this website, they say they purchased this story from a robert thomas, who's a 25-year-old researcher, who was working with definitely richard heene on developing some sort of science-based reality television show. and in their conversation,
1:20 am
richard had mentioned that he established some sort of a publicity stunt on the level of roswell. he's a bit of a ufo guy. and that, you know, that could create quite a buzz, quite a stir for the reality show that they had been developing. >> right. to dan simon, how long before this stunt actually occurred were these communications? >> reporter: the communications between who, nancy? >> between the employee and mr. heene. >> reporter: you know, i'm really not sure how long they were talking. but, you know, one of the things that i think is absolutely fascinating that we heard today, is that this balloon, everybody has seen it, when you take a 37-pound boy, they had a physics professor come and take a look at it, they said there is absolutely no way it could have even lifted off the ground. that's another compelling element to this bizarre case. >> as it turns out, those conversations about this stunt took place last march. that's how long this has
1:21 am
allegedly been in the planning.
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university of connecticut is mourning a star football player, soon-to-be dad. >> it all started around 12:30 sunday morning when someone pulled a fire alarm in the "u" forcing the crowd of more than 300 people, uconn students and others, outside. uconn police tell me that's when a fight started between the two groups, and 20-year-old howard and one other were stabbed multiple times. >> one of the victims who was stabbed has actually died. jasper howard, a uconn student, suspect remains at large.
1:31 am
>> there was an altercation. he got stabbed in the stomach. he went through surgery. 4:00 i call, the doctor told me he didn't make it. i was here at home watching the game. i watched the whole game. after the game he called me and was very excited. i talked to him for a while, that night, i talked to him. and i ain't seen him or talked to him no more. >> straight out to al jones with 1010 wins joining us at uconn campus. al jones, i don't understand how at a college dance, i mean, certainly you've been to a college dance before, at a college dance, a fight breaks out.
1:32 am
the place is packed with witnesses. a star student scrubbed in sunshine, a good kid, gets stabbed to death, and nobody sees a thing? i don't believe that. >> well, there are some witnesses. they have talked to a number of students who were there. they also have another football player by the name of brian parker who was actually there and has helped them identify at least one person involved in the fight. that person was arraigned earlier today on charges of breach of peace and obstruction of justice. not charged in the stabbing, mind you, but held on $100,000 bail. they're also asking for other students to come forward. and of course, there are security cameras around campus. it's the matter of, did they manage to catch some of the action on tape? >> to marlaina schiavo, our reporter, producer there also at uconn campus. marlaina, let me get something
1:33 am
straight. has an eyewitness told police who did the stabbing? >> police have not said that any eyewitnesses have told them who did the stabbing, however, nancy, police have indicated they may know who this person is because they said they don't think it's a uconn student. now, how would they know that? they obviously have someone in mind that doesn't go to uconn but might be a part of this. >> marlaina, what do we know about this young man? >> we know, nancy, that he comes from miami. he was on a full athletic scholarship. he was a star football player. he won this huge game that day. he was at the dance that night. we know that he came -- his mother said he came from miami, you know, to get away from the violence. unfortunately, that didn't happen the other night obviously. we also know he was a father-to-be. his girlfriend is pregnant.
1:34 am
she's here right now along with his mother and that's what we know right now. >> take a listen to what police had to say. >> this is a dance, a scheduled and sponsored dance that was occurring at the student union. at 12:26 while the dance was going on, someone pulled a fire alarm pull station which evacuated the dance out onto the street. there were approximately in the neighborhood of 300-plus people who were attending the dance, and they were in the street. an altercation occurred and concluded with the stabbing of two individuals. >> my thought and prayers go out to his mother, because as many of you know, the background where he grew up, through young childhood, through high school, to not only live through it but to get through it and be able to
1:35 am
get a chance to get out of there was a miracle in itself. and the idea of him coming all the way up to connecticut, where his mother thought he was safe, that he would grow up into a better man, and come back and support his family like he was planning on doing, is heartbreaking. >> i just hope whoever did it turns himself in. because he didn't deserve this. he didn't deserve it. >> to marlaina schiavo, our producer there at uconn campus, what more can you tell me, marlaina? >> i can tell you, right now there's still a killer on the loose. no one is in custody for this crime. we also know that jasper died with -- the cause of death was one stab wound to the abdomen.
1:36 am
obviously the manner of death is homicide. so we have no idea who did this, but cops are eager to find out more information, nancy. >> okay. marlaina, i want to clear something up. first you told me that they think they know who did it. because that's not the impression i had at all. so if you would be so kind to clear up for me what exactly the status is, marlaina, because you've given me two completely different answers. it's my understanding that witnesses are not naming a killer. and they were all right there. do we have a composite? do we have a name? is anybody giving it up? >> no. not at all, nancy. that's what i said. no witnesses have given up the name. the only thing police have told us is they are pretty sure it wasn't a uconn student. they've narrowed it down to that aspect.
1:37 am
but no, there are no names flying around. there's been no witnesses that have -- not one witness has come forward to say this is who did it. >> let's unleash the lawyers. susan moss, alex sanchez and anne bremner. to you, bremner, it's just like when tu pack shakur was killed. he was killed on the street, on the vegas strip. which has got thousands of people on it. 24/7. 365. and nobody saw a thing. nobody can name who did it. no matter how much it was investigated. investigated. same thing here. nobody knows anything. nobody can give a name. nobody can give a good identification. that is b.s. and think about it. think about it, anne. when i go home to those twins tonight, my prayer is that i live to get them through school, to get them into college. here's this young man, he's making it. he's on a scholarship. he's finally making it. and then this happened. did you see his mother? >> oh, my god. >> crying? there's a baby on the way. the mother, the baby, and nobody will talk?
1:38 am
i tell you what, if one of those witnesses were your client, anne bremner, all hell would break loose if i was on that prosecution team, let me tell you. >> that's the thing, nancy, you're so right. i've seen it in cases since i was a baby prosecutor, hundreds of witnesses and nobody saw a thing. homicide right in front of them. that horrible, horrible dynamic in these kinds of cases. and hopefully someone's watching your show right now, nancy, and sees, and will come forward. because somebody saw something. he was stabbed to death. >> and to you, dr. perper, how could one stab wound inflict so much damage? >> because the stab wound to the abdomen can go upwards, and can hit the heart, or major blood vessel, such as the aorta, or a major vein like the vena cava. one single stab wound deep enough and directed to the proper direction is going to cause that. >> look at this video of him, doctor. he's young.
1:39 am
he's athletic. he's giving 200%. he's out there slugging it out on the field. he's attending classes. and this. to be stabbed to death at a dance. everybody, we are taking your calls. i want to give you the tip line, 860-486-4800. tonight, a mother's heart is broken. we are taking your calls. to tonight's safety tip, one in every four women will experience domestic violence. it often begins with threats, name calling, it escalates to physical violence, beating, sex assault, even murder. if you are in immediate danger, obviously call 911. but secondary, get guidance from any battered women's hotline in your neighborhood. get a plan. especially if you have children.
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i promise you, not only will he live on through his child's life, but he'll always live on through this team's heart and mine forever. >> at at least two of our guys when this took place. one had jasper in his arms and the other was pressuring where the wound went in and, you know, had blood, you know, on his hands and those two young men i know are pretty deeply affected, you know, right now. >> about 12:33 a.m., uconn police and general patrol were notified of a stabbing that had just occurred just off of hillside road in the area of the student union.
1:44 am
the police officer investigating quickly determined there were two stabbing victims in close proximity to each other. >> howard and another student were stabbed, and howard died. no suspect has been named. >> there was an altercation. he got stabbed in the stomach. he had went through surgery. 4:00 i call. the doctor told me he didn't make it. >> both stabbing victims were taken to area hospitals. one treated and released. howard was pronounced dead hours after the incidents at st. francis hospital in hartford, where his coach, randy edsall, stood watch all night. a campus-wide alert was issued early sunday and uconn pd have stepped up their patrols around campus in the wake of the incident. they're working with state police on the investigation. >> back to dr. joshua perper. doctor, you were explaining how
1:45 am
one stab wound could cause so much damage. >> well, if a stab wound is applied to the upper portion of the abdomen, there is a possibility that the track of the wound is going to be directed toward the heart, so the person may have a stab wound on the heart which may be fatal. in the same way, one of the major arteries of the body, the aorta, can be cut. so this would explain why the death occurred so fast, and they were not able to assist the person, because apparently there was medical assistance, or assistance given very early after the incident occurred. >> to sergeant scott haynes, sheriff's officer, santa rosa county, florida. what do you make of the fact that no one has come forward with a name, or even a description of the killer? >> in a situation like that, there was a fire alarm that was pulled. there was a lot of chaos going on. a lot of people were outside.
1:46 am
so there was a lot of distractions. some people may not have been focusing their attention to something like that. unfortunately in stabbing situations, there's no noise, there's no gunshots. there may be people who weren't aware this actually went on due to their attention diverted to other places. that does make it more difficult. there's obviously some people that were right there that know what happened. and hopefully they'll come forward and do the right thing and talk about it. >> sergeant, i'm sorry, somebody was speaking in my ear. can you repeat that again? sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> sure. the fire alarm that was pulled, that type of diversion, there was probably obviously some chaos from that, the mass exodus from the building and large amount of people, and with a stabbing situation, there's no gunshot. it's a very quiet crime. the people who are in the immediate area may have known what went on, but this person, if he was taken by surprise, he probably didn't realize what happened right away.
1:47 am
so some people may not even realize that they witnessed a stabbing until they hear about this on the news and maybe they'll start coming forward. but there was a lot of things that were taking people's attention into other directions at the time. >> i want to go to dr. leslie austin, psychotherapist joining us out of new york. dr. austin, why is nobody coming forward? >> well, in fact, people may not have seen it, or they may be frightened. we don't know who their friends were. we need to let the police do their work and get a lot more details. somebody will say something somewhere soon enough and they'll find their man. >> we're taking your calls. cindy, ohio. what's your question? >> caller: hi, nancy. my husband, mark, and i don't miss a show. >> thank you. >> caller: i have a two-part question. >> okay. >> caller: the college dances, are they like the high school dances and you must attend there to go to the dance? >> i can tell you that right now.
1:48 am
no. because there were non-students and college students there. go ahead. >> caller: okay. the second part is, was the fire alarm pulled to get everybody outside so this could happen? is that what they're thinking? >> good question. al jones with 1010 wins joining us at uconn campus. al, what do we know about the fire alarm being pulled? >> the alarm was pulled at 12:26. as the sheriff's deputy said, you had a lot of confusion, people leaving from different exits. you may have had 300 people coming out but not all to one collective place. i talked to one student who said there was a number of people arguing, pushing and shoving. if you think about it, nancy, if you shove somebody or stab somebody, it's almost the same motion in the dark. the fact nobody saw the stabbing or have not told police about it is not that surprising. >> al, i've investigated many, many, many, many homicides. and more than i can even count. and i find it very, very difficult to believe that nobody
1:49 am
in a packed dance at college saw who took a knife and stabbed this young man to death. i don't believe nobody saw anything, and i find it very hard to believe that no one is coming forward. to teresa in michigan. hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: hi, nancy. i'm a big fan of your show. thanks for taking my call. >> thank you, and thank you for calling in. >> caller: i was wondering about the fire alarm pulled, too. would they have a camera on the person that pulled the fire alarm? because it sounds like it was a setup to get him outside. >> you know, teresa, i wonder the same thing. back when annie le was murdered, remember, at yale? the police kept saying there was no connection between the fire alarm and the murder. b.s. now, here, with so many people there, i think it's more possible it wasn't connected. but, al, didn't you say that there was surveillance video?
1:50 am
>> there are surveillance cameras, police will say numerous around campus. they won't give us a set number. whether there were cameras trained on that one spot, if they have any video, they have not shared that information with us. >> good police are desperate to find a missing 3-year-old boy believe to be in immediate and grave danger. an amber alert was issued for mitchell romero after his mother veronica romero was murdered. he was seen with his father mario romero. >> michael, what happened?
1:51 am
>> nancy, the latest, veronica row mayra was tlid rest in the tiny texas town of denver city, a city of only about 4,000 people. i talked to it a long-time city worker and they said at least a decade since there was a murder in this city. her husband who may have well murdered her in cold blood, still on the run have their 3-year-old child with him. police, very eager to speak to him.
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