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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 26, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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well, good day to you health care and it carries on in the senate. expect the senate to add in the part that caused so much controversy for the hel care reform bill. that's right. the public option. there's a break in the story of the 18-year-old that turned up in new york and didn't know who she was. why the whole thing may have happened. michael jackson album is out in most of the world, so expect some lines as the double cd hits stores today. what some are saying, though, about how well sales will or will not do. all those stories this
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morning for you. hope you have a good day. first off for you, more bad news for president obama as he contemplates more troops in afghanistan. just hours ago we learned of two deadly helicopter crashes in the country. in all at least 14 u.s. citizens died, in one of the incidents nato says a chopper crashed in northwestern afghanistan. u.s. troops and civilians died in that incident. in a separate accident two different helicopters collided. mr. obama and his security team will discuss afghanistan and pakistan again today. then there's the government that's getting ready for a worst-case scenario with the h1n1 virus. friday night president obama declared a national emergency that gives doctors and hospitals basically the okay to cut through government red tape so they can be ready if the flu outbreak becomes a true pandemic. almost over 1,000 people in the u.s. have died from h1n1. it doesn't help that there's a vaccine shortage right now as well. >> influenza vaccines are
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produced through biological steps. it's like baking bread. you're growing viruses in eggs, individual eggs are inoculated with the virus and then each egg is cracked and you try to see how much virus you've gotten. we haven't gotten as much virus or the manufacturers haven't gotten as much as they would have expected. >> over the summer the government estimated about 100 million doses would be ready by now, but only about 11 million have been shipped to doctors and hospitals so far. the new estimate is to have 50 million doses by mid-november and then 150 million in december. an 18-year-old woman who turned up in new york city two weeks ago with amnesia has been identified. her name is casey peterson. her father says it's not the first time she's disappeared and lost her memory. an expert talked about what might have happened here with cnn. >> psychiatrists would call this a disassociative state where there's certain memories which are so upsetting to someone that
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you separate them out and you sort of compartmentalize these memories in your brain. you can sort of block things out. >> casey's father says she has been living with a family friend since her mother died. he says their relationship has been difficult, and he's on his way from washington state to pick her up. a public option will now likely be in the next senate health care bill. on and off as you probably know. a senior aide to harry reid says a final decision will be made on them, and he's poised to include a bill with a public health option allowing states to opt out. senators from both parties sounded off. >> the only real way to bring costs due is a new entity competing. the insurance industry will not do it on its own. the one other thing i'd say, and this is really important, you're not required to take the government option. it's not a government plan being forced on people. that was the rhetoric in august.
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it's an option. >> we had the first vote in the health care debate last week, and it was a bipartisan majority, 100% of republicans and 13 democrats agreeing we should not borrow a quarter of a trillion dollars at the outset. in other words, not send a bill to our grandchildren in the very first vote of the health care debate. we'll see how it unfolds. >> all right. a public option was considered virtually dead a few weekis ago. from the first time we hear from a crew member on the northwest plane that jovr shoet the mims airport by 150 miles last week. >> nobody was asleep in the cockpit. no arguments took place. other than that, i cannot tell you anything that went on because we're having hearings this weekend, we're having hearings on tuesday. all that information will come out then. >> for more than an hour air traffic controllers could not reach them. during wednesday's flight, senior white house officials were closely monitoring that. the ntsb interviewed the pilot
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and co-pilot yesterday and it plans to interview flight attendants today. police met the plane after it landed safely. they asked flight attendants to keep passengers in the seat while they checked the cockpit. also under review a possible delay by the faa in notifying the military about this. fighter jets never took off. northwest airlines is cooperating and doing their own investigation in that story. more than 160 people were killed in the bloodiest attacks in baghdad in more than two years. at least 540 people were hurt yesterday when two suicide car bombs targeted government buildings. president obama called the attacks outrageous, but iraq's prime minister said the bombings would not derail the elections in january. he promised to punish those responsible for this attack. people have given more than 1,000 tips to detectives
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searching for the killer of a little girl. florida authorities say they don't know what happened to 7-year-old summer thompson on her way home last week. over the weekend neighbors raised more than $18,000 so her mom does not have to go back to work right away. >> if it were me, i don't see how she could go back to work so soon. she has bills to pay, she has a car payment and other children to take care of. >> we had to show our support here, me and my family. >> we all have children, and we can all relate. we're all hurting for the thompson family and we want them to know that we love them and we're praying for them. >> summer's body was found in a landfill in georgia on wednesday. there's a public visitation tonight and maemorial service tomorrow. the burial reception tomorrow are private. you're about to hear part of michael jackson's new cd. ♪ like i said ♪ i'm going to light up your
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world ♪ ♪ night and day >> that's the title track from the jackson's "this is it." the two-disk cd is released in most of the world today and in the united states tomorrow. a film of the same name is being released this week, but some say the sales for "this is it" may not soar. >> i think this time around we're not going to see the same intense response, but we will see people buying it regularly over a period of time particularly once the exhibition kicks off, which is happening this week. the film comes out as well, of course. that will create a huge amount of awareness and connect with that wider, mainstream audience once again who will buy the album, too. >> the cd includes demo versions of "beat it" and "wanna be starting something." there's a spoken word poem as well. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. we talk about the pacific northwest. they're waking up, and they're seeing clear skies, lots of sun.
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>> you wish. not this time. not this time. big storm now developing, and this will get some legs to it as it moves through the rockies in the next couple of days and gets a lot of wind in the desert southwest. places like arizona into las vegas and nevada, windy day on store tomorrow. that's go we're watching. heavy rain around the puget sound. the snow elevation is about 4500 feet. that will lower to about 3500 feet later this afternoon, and we have winter storm warnings out there for the olympics and the rest of the washington state mountains. you can see it right there. 4 to 12, maybe 18 inches above the highest elevations. you get down to the south, those blue-shaded counties are advisories. about 3 to 6 inches of snow and also into idaho and parts of montana. the snow is out there. over the next couple of days, obviously most of the snow in the hilltops and the mountains in the valleys. the whole thing will move to the south. we see purple shades come in, about a half a foot of snow or
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more over the next 48 hours. this area of low pressure comes out of dallas. it's a cold front steering a lot of moisture through the gulf coast towards dallas. let's go live to dallas right now, big d showing the rain showers one against. you had a bout of rain overnight last night. the low clouds are there. watch four weather delays here and houston getting slammed by big thunderstorms, too. we'll touch on that and plus a look at airport delays in 25 minutes. >> hold on a second, bob. this is texas. why don't you tell us about another lingering big storm on friday, too? >> this is a different one. this one picked up and moved in overnight last night. you should see the radar picture for the afternoon. we'll talk about that in a half hour. look at this video. a patrol car in washington state got hung up on a pir from a power pole. another car hit him and ran into into the pole. power lines were snapped and they started a grass fire underneath the car. no one was hurt. what a picture. there's good news in a bad economy this morning, and this
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time it's an area where we've been desperate to hear something positive. jobs. we hear from the family of a girl who police say was run over by her angry father. how they explain what happened there.
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a huge fire at a fuel storage facility is finally out. firefighters from puerto rico have taken it on since friday, and they're keeping watch. it started with an explosion with the force of a 2.8 earthquake on the richter scale. hundreds were forced to evacuate, and the fbi is investigating graffiti found on two tunnels that referred to a fire. a church janitor is accused of stabbing a priest 32 times with a knife. new jersey authorities say he killed the reverend at the church after an argument on thursday. investigators are pursuing several possible motives. more than 150 people gathered for a mass yesterday to pray for
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both reverend hines and the suspect. >> we're all praying for ourselves to get through this. we're just hugging each other and coming together as a family. >> i really can't get over it. it will be a while. it will take a while to get over it and things, because it just came so fast. couldn't believe it. >> well, the suspect worked at the church for 17 years. the prosecutor says investigators found the priest's cell phone and bloody clothing at the suspect's home and at a park across the street. put your hands together for this one. more job openings may be on the horizon. many companies say they plan to hire instead of firing people. money expert jen westhoven is here. as we were talking about the story, this is really good. this is the last indicator they're watching to turn positive. >> that's right, richard. it's not -- look, this isn't like a great turnaround and i'm not saying everything is better. but that we see things change
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direction, that's good news in a bad economy. in this new survey more businesses and business economists said they do plan to add jobs in the next six months. that's a good sign that we're seeing more companies, 24% now say they plan to hire. so it means that these are economists who work for companies who talk to the ceos, who are looking out six months ahead and saying what's going tob in the future. they're going to hire and spend more on equipment and technology. that may help the job market. of course, we've lost more than 7 million jobs since the recession started. if you love concerts and cruises, why not combine the two? richard, do you know the george favorite combination? corn beef and love. anyway, i thought this was funny. famous musicians hit the high seas. you can go along. here's one band. ♪ what's your name little girl
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♪ what's your name >> we don't always have the most up to date footage of lynyrd skynyrd. fun to be on a cruise with members of the band, and they're going to have a five-day cruise to cozumel, mexico in january according to aol. you can also cruise with lyle lovett, rick springfield or the four tops or theme cruises. you can't cruise with elvis but the imperson naturors you could. >> a the lo of shuffleboard and bingo, stuff like that, i guess? >> i don't think so. i don't know on these. i think it's a little more rock 'n roll. >> that's different. that's right. we hear from the family of a girl who police say was run over by her angry father. we told you about that story last week, but now we hear from her brother. how they explain what happened.
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the family of an iraqi girl wo police say was run over by her own father in arizona says he tried to call her over the weekend, but his wife hung on up. 20-year-old noor is in critical condition after final surgery. her brothers her father was in a rage because she was becoming too westernized. >> she's still unconscious, hasn't opened up, said a thing. she's moving around a little bit. they think it's responsibility n spontaneous movement. seeing here in the hospital broke my heart. >> the father is still at large. his son saying his sister is married to an iraqi man, but she moved in with another man after she moved to the united states. her father considered that a rejection of his traditional muslim values.
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they are the most expensive team in u.s. sports, and now the yankees and their $200 million payroll are in the world series. we have more on that. they sure are. they're not cheap, you're right. >> you know how you can annoy bob? start singing darth vader's theme from "star wars." >> he'll go crazy? >> these guys are called the evil empire because they're easy to hate. congratulations yankees. at exactly 12 o. 01 eastern they defeated the cinderella angels whose payroll shaf of new york's. what a full circle for alex rodriguez. we were all over this guy when he had a steroid scandal at the beginning of the year, and now he's done something he's never done before. led his team to the world series. yanks and phillies, broadway versus broad street, game one in the new bronx stadium on wednesday. nascar driver juan pablo montoya is laughing off racist comments made by bob griese
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about him on the air. he was in the middle there. said this about montoya dropping out of the top five during the ohio state/minnesota game. >> where's juan pablo montoya? >> he's out having a taco. >> out having a taco. montoya is clompian. he apologized twice on the air. after he finished third on sunday, he joked at his expense. he said ibd say i spent the last three hours eating tacos, but i was actually driving the car. and brett favre is, in fact, indeed human. he was in the middle of leading his team to another fourth quarter comeback, but the super bowl champion steelers stole it from him, stripping the ball of favre. woodley ran it back for a touchdown. now, minnesota responded by running a kick back for a td. here they are driving on the next series. his pass is picked off. the steelers win a thriller. i could come down on favre for this loss. it's not really his fault, so i'm not going to.
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watch this, a basketball player attacked the fans in the philippine basketball association. look at it. words cannot express. he goes crazy on the guy in the front row. he said the fan was insulting him incessantly. are you kidding me? if that was grounds for beating up a fan, they'd have to cancel every game in philadelphia, chicago and new york. he was success spendsed the rest of the season without pay. he wants the league to crack down on bad fan behavior. were your feelings hurt really? rupert grim fully recovered from his bout from the h1n1 looking at rally car action. crazy video here. the driver rolls his car. he would be okay, bullet here's the dash cam video. fortunately he and his co-driver walked away from the crash. lastly, we have time for the wackiness. this in colorado. and that's all i got. the pictures say it all on that one. coffin races, and that's sports
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in the spirit of halloween. >> for some reason i thought it was in england. i don't know why. that's where all the good stuff coming from. sip of coffee, and the next thing you know you're in the hospital. that's apparently what happened to medical researchers as a prestigious university. now the investigation is on.
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it could be three months before interstate 40 re-opens near the tennessee/north carolina border. it was hit by a massive rockslide over the weekend. you can see troopers say some of the rocks are the size of the house. the suggested detour will add 60 miles from asheville, north carolina to eastern tennessee. so do plan accordingly if you're in that part of country. police are trying to figure out who would have poisoned six harvard university medical researchers. they drank coffee laced with a chemical preserve active. the researchers were hospitalized and released. officials will not say whether they think it was intentional and no one has been arrested.
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a school spokesman says right now it looks like an isolated incident. now, let's go to detectives re-opening the files of the lockerbie bombing case 21 years later. officials in scotland want to see if they can tie the evidence to a new suspect. the name he the. he was the only one convicted before, but officials felt he didn't act alone. he was given a life sentence but was allowed to return to libya in august because he only had three months to live. some churches in oklahoma city held a block party for the homeless and offered everything from phone cards to free haircuts. organizers saw it as a way to pamper those facing hard times. >> maybe it will give me a better opportunity to present myself to a company to where i could find a job. >> i can actually walk away from this feeling real good. >> people were also treated to lunch, massages and family portraits as well. the block party is one of several events scheduled this
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month to combat homelessness. we move from one feel good story to hopefully feel good news from bob van dillodillon. >> george bush is a delay over an hour because of the thunderstorms headed through. more rain stretching towards north texas, too. so more delays at dallas. i want to show you what it looks like with the radar and with the the planes on top of it. here is houston. look at that big squall line directly overhead. that's a thunderstorm line moving slowly over the gulf coast. rain stretching back into arkansas and northern louisiana. here's what we have. dallas watching for an hour delay shortly popping up here. houston right now over an hour. chicago, st. louis, and seattle, short delays, too. more on that in a bit, richard. >> it won't let up. >> it looks like a two-day affair. there's now controversy surrounding the michael jackson movie and what it supposedly
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does not show. a.j. hammer is all over that story for us. >> good morning. coming on "showbiz tonight" beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, michael jackson movie outrage. there's an explosive new debate over whether it's misleading the public by he keeping scenes out of the movie that showed michael in bad shape. >> oprah winfrey under attack. why one of the trainers from the biggest loser is called oprah utterly misguided and misinformed. "paranormal activity" raked in $21 million making it the number one movie in the box office this weekend. it beat out saw 6. "where the wild things are" came in number three. president obama declared a national emergency because of the flu. is it really that bad right now? we'll hear from you about this. .
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over to bob van dillon, and bob will tell us about what's happening in the south. you gave us a taste of what some of that was, the folks in texas and in the south are dealing with. >> this rain is blossoming right now, richard. a lot of jet stream action
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ahead. you get more moisture pumped into the thunderstorms themselves. the end result, look at all the rain developing between dallas to houston towards san antonio. here's that thunderstorm line right by the state line with louisiana, too. we zoom in towards that shreveport radar. most of the heavy rain is over the city and stretching down i-20. it's into the san antonio region as well. here's san antonio. it's a decent shot of rain. you need it and get more for today. that thunderstorm squall is right overhead of houston. that's why you have an hour delay, even mother that now at george bush at the airport. that line is directly overhead. it will race into the greg maddux shortly but more rain on that radar picture. pull it out farther. you see the flash flood warnings. all the bright shaded green area around dallas and houston, too. look at the rain. it's light and scattered but out there towards wisconsin, northern parts of michigan and through illinois, too. chicago could get a delay here or there. we're watching that rain around
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seattle through portland, that pacific northwest storm will crank up shortly for you around northern parts of idaho. we have the warnings out there, areas shaded in red mainly about 3500 feet elevation. you see 4 to 12 inches of snow, above 4500 feet. you get 18 inches of snow. over the next two days watch that snow line drive down into wyoming, northern parts of colorado and utah, too. bring about a lot of wind for you. las vegas into lower california by tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about that tomorrow. a lot of interesting stuff happening, transition month for you, october. heavy rain in texas. snow coming in strong now in the pacific northwest. >> should we be worried about flooding in texas, louisiana? >> absolutely. the warnings are out there. rain has been in and out of the region. today this squall line is dropping tons of rain. that's something to watch. some police officers apparently think it's a crime if someone doesn't speak english. dozens of police in dallas have given tickets because of that, but one woman's case could put
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an end to this.
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bill cosby turned down the mark twain prize twice, but tonight he'll finally accept that award at the kennedy center in washington. it's regarded as a top honor for the median. he refused this award in the past to protest the use of profanity and racial slurs by many performers. jerry seinfeld and chris rock will honor him. congratulations. a texas woman got a traffic ticket for not speaking english. she was also cited last week for making an illegal u-turn and not having her driver's license. she wants a deeper investigation
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from the dallas police. she's a legal u.s. resident and plans to file a complaint this week. >> i basically told my mom that she had gotten a ticket for not speaking english. she was worried that now every time she drives and you know she gets pulled over will she get another tiblgt for not speaking english. >> the dallas police chief apologized for the ticket. he said 38 other drivers got the tickets and the officers who issued them will be investigated. the fda is letting you buy drugs that you think are helping fight deadly diseases but may not be. the associated press said it obtained a new report from the government accountability office which lists several drugs part of a quick approval process, but on follow-up tests they didn't live up to their promise. the fda says this approval process gets drugs to people faster in some cases taking the drugs away would eliminate the only available treatment for people with serious illnesses. we have reefed another
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milestone, and it's not a good one. 7 more banks went under this weekend, meaning more than 100 banks have failed so far in this year, 2009. money expert jen westhoven is looking out for you. we don't need to worry about our deposits for a very good reason, right sf. >> that's right, richard. you don't because of the fdic insurance, but i know when you hear a headline like that, it's a little unnerving when you hear about it. the fdic ha handling these smoothly. they do them over the weekend because they can transfer if your money is in one of the failing bank, they transfer is it to a different bank so krur checks and atm cards work smoothly the whole time. you shouldn't have a problem. more than 100 bank failures here and the number is still climbing. it tells us that the financial crisis is really not yet over, and as long as that's going on, it's going to have prepurr cushions in the economy. the good news is as we get through these, hopefully we'll come to an end, three were in
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florida, one each in georgia, wisconsin, illinois on friday. why are they failing? because we have all of these bad loans out there, whether they're bad mortgages, bad car loans or in many cases commercial real estate loans. that's what we're still getting through. if you're a parent you can get your money back for those baby einstein videos if your child did not turn into a genius. this is a fight going on for years between the video makers and a group called the campaign for a commercial-free childhood. in the past there was writing on the boxes that made it seem like if your baby watched them your baby would be smarter. in fact, there's a lot of research that shows kids can learn slower if they're exposed to tv. i think it's the american association of pediatrics. it's the u.s. group of ped tricks. they say no tv for kids 0 to 2. no screen-based entertainments. kid test to be slower and not faster. we have all the refund information now on our website.
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you don't need your receipt. you can just mail it in because you probably bought them a long time ago. >> i like this next story. if you go past a kfc today and you like it, stop in, free grilled chicken for you. the last time we tried this is oprah talked about it. so many people went in they ran out of chicken. people were upset because they were standing in line and had a coupon. this time kfc says they're ready. >> no coupon needed? you just walk in. >> i'll drive through that drive-through 100 times. thanks a lot, jen. the late king of pop's movie premieres tomorrow at midnight. the documentary shows the final months of michael jackson. this is the question, and we go straight to richelle carey where we get your views. i'm looking forward to the
10:44 am
story. >> are you looking forward to seeing it, "this is it"? it's the documentary made from hours and hours of rehearsal video of michael jackson getting ready for his final tour. most people really haven't seen it. they didn't realize it in full-length to the critics, only a few minutes. no one really knows what it is. some people say from what they see they think he looks healthy and others say he doesn't. we will deal with that later on today in some of the newscasts. michael jackson just passed way a few months ago. some fans want to see as much michael as possible as soon as possible. there are other fans that say back off. this is too soon. you're just trying to make money off michael as soon as possible. a lot of people will make money of it. the bulk goes to his estate, but sony and other people make money off of this. some say this is tasteless and too soon. >> they put out millions, the promoters, and they want to recoup the money.
10:45 am
there's a business reason, too. >> some say this is a money grab and in no way memorializes michael in no way. this is clips right now. tell us what you think. what do you think? do you think this movie gives michael jackson's fans some closure? his family says they're not going to see it. this is really about the fans, it seems, or is it just too soon to think about capitalizing on the late entertainer's death. there's a lot of money to be made. call us or e-mail. you can also comment on my facebook page, search richelle carey on "hln" and facebook and join in the discussion that way. tell me, be honest, do you want to go see it? >> i don't know if i'll see it. i'll wait for dvd. >> you're curious. >> i'm curious. >> richelle carey up at noon. college students trying to go inside a bar. some weren't let in. the bar says it's all about the
10:46 am
pants, but the students think it's something else.
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students from a college in st. louis filed complaints of racism against a chicago nightclub. nearly 200 students were on a class trip, and every african-american was refused admission. they were told they didn't meet the dress code because their can pants were too baggy. they cooked up a little experiment. take a listen. >> he's actually wearing my pants. he actually later on went back to the hotel. we did a switch of pants, and he put my pants on. keep in mind this guy's about three inches shorter than me and probably close to 40 or 50 pounds lighter than me. but he went back to the bar later on that evening with the same manager, same bouncer at the door, and was able to just walk in while actually making jokes with the bouncer about not paying for the people behind him. >> a spokesperson for the original mother's bar told "the chicago tribune" the club is taking the issue seriously and is doing an international investigation. washington university will hold a town hall meeting tonight.
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the least nutritious cereals are usually the most advertised to kedids. it says those cereals have more sugar and sodium and less fiber than those targeting adults. kellogg's says it has good standards for advertising to kids. friends and family of connecticut football player jasper howard are gathering today in his hometown of miami for his funeral. we have more on that story right now. >> just capping off an incredibly emotional week for his friends, family, the entire team, richard. the funeral is about in ten minutes in miami. that's his hometown. his teammates arrived there this morning about an hour ago. saturday the the team honored howard in the game against west virginia. a player carried his jersey and another his mhelmet. they held hands and had a moment of silence for him. sunday was a showing of howard's
10:50 am
remains in miami. an emotional day for friends and family. in other news in the nfl, houston/49ers game, george w. bush and george h.w. bush parachuted parachuted with robin meade. and look at that, the golden knights came paratrooping in. three young women, one of them, though, was not robin meade. houston would win it, 24-21. and nfl jets' mark sanchez was literally hot dogging it. sanchez played pretty well in the jets 38-0 win over oakland, but he was caught on the sidelines eating a hot dog. now, technically it's against the rules and he later apologized, said he was nauseous because he hadn't eaten. it's not a big deal. who cares? the hot dog did come from the stands. >> it's against the rules to eat a hog dog? >> apparently. he should have had a power. 80,000 plus watched the new england patriots take on the tampa bay bucs.
10:51 am
this game sold out in minutes, 80,000. some american stadiums don't even pull in that many people. the patriots dominated the game and there's a lot of speculation that the league could expand to include a team from london in the future. it would be a long flight for the team, though. nfl refs could start wearing helmets. a hit to show you here in the vikings' loss to pittsburgh. he had to leave the game. espn is reporting now that the nfl might give the refs helmets in the future, sort of like baseball helmets. he would be okay. and the memory of a fallen soldier has three men on a mission, visit every nfl stadium in the country. a 30,000-mile journey in honor of their west point classmate. the men used to talk about making the trip with joe before he died and that's a look at sports. >> good for joe. that's very heartfelt. >> very much. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. a group of conservatives says the country is spending way too much on way too many things.
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so they're taking their beefs on the road. xxxxxxxxxxxx
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right now on "showbiz tonight," michael jackson movie outrage. >> want to take them places that they've never been before. >> an explosive new debate over whether "this is it" misleads the public by keeping out scenes that shows michael in bad shape. plus, was michael's death announced to his concert team while the cameras were rolling? targeting oprah. one of the trainers from "the biggest loser" slams oprah. while jilian michael says oprah winfrey is utterly misguided and shockingly misinformed. her words. tonight, oprah under attack. and it's time for "showbiz
11:01 am
tonight" to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be hulk hogan for his suicide confession, rihanna for her racy new picture, or balloon boy dad, richard heene, for being balloon boy dad richard heene? tv's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson coming to you tonight from hollywood. and the madness over the new michael jackson movie is building big-time. >> definitely is, brooke. tonight, there is downright outrage over michael's movie and it hasn't even opened up yet. "this is it" is the brand-new film. it's made from footage from michael's final rehearsals.
11:02 am
he died before those final rehearsals. tonight, new words from jackson's relatives that they are not going to see the film, but why not? and now fans from as many as ten countries are rallying together to slam the filmmakers behind "this is it" accusing them of hiding the truth about michael's failing health and cashing in on his death. we can tell you without a doubt, these outrageous new michael jackson claims made for big news breaking today. >> get me out, bam. something right there. into the new nighttime. >> reporter: it's perhaps the last look we'll get of the king of pop doing what he did best. ♪ if this town is just an apple ♪ >> this brand-new footage from the upcoming documentary, "this is it" shows a dynamic michael jackson rehearsing for his comeback concerts in the days before his death. it's clear that seeing michael
11:03 am
jackson singing and dancing one more time will be irresistible for fans still mourning his life. but "showbiz tonight" can tell you, some of michael jackson's fans and even members of his family are either hesitant or downright furious about "this is it" and may not even see it. jackson's mother, katherine jackson, tells access hollywood, it's just too soon for her to see her son on the big screen. >> i don't think i can bear to look at it right now, but maybe eventually in time i will watch it. >> are you guys going to go and watch the movie as a whole family? >> and in this new video from tmz, jackson's sister, la toya, said pretty much the same thing. >> we're not seeing, my mother -- we're not seeing it. ♪ i've never looked so good before ♪ >> reporter: even with the lack of support jackson's family is offering for "this is it," his heirs stand to benefit the most from the movie. jackson's estate got a chunk of the reported $60 million sony
11:04 am
paid for the rights to the rehearsal footage that makes up the movie and 90% of all the film's revenue reportedly goes to his heirs. >> there's michael. >> reporter: plus, as part of their deal, sony assured jackson's family that "this is it" will not show jackson in a negative light. >> that's a cool move. >> okay. >> reporter: that means, don't expect to any signs of the insomnia and heavy sedative use that caused jackson's death. and you won't see footage of the moment where the cast and crew found out jackson had died. and because of those omissions -- ♪ they don't really care about us ♪ >> reporter: some fans don't care for this movie. in an online campaign against "this is it" called "this is not it," fans are bashing the movie, saying creators ignored jackson's health problems. >> they're really upset, saying that the people who should have been in a position to help michael are the once that are going to make money off this
11:05 am
movie. >> reporter: the film's director, kenny ortega, was asked about controversy on the "today" show. >> it's funny anyone would say anything negative's been excluded because no one's seen the film. >> reporter: and ortega explains why he thinks michael would have been fine with people seeing the rehears rehearsals. >> he had reasons for going back on stage and those reasons are in the film. >> reporter: even if michael's mom, sister, and some web-savvy critics won't be seeing the film when it opens tuesday, it looks like plenty of people will. more than 1,600 showtimes reportedly have already sold out since advance tickets went on sale for the movie's two-week run. >> there are fans, people who have loved michael jackson their whole life who really are just horrified by all of the stuff that we've been hearing the past few months about his drug use, about his problems. and a lot of people do want to just go to the movies and see michael in a positive light and see him the way they remember him.
11:06 am
>> hold for applause. fade out. >> so is this film really trying to cover up the tragic truth about jackson's life just days before his death? joining me tonight in new york, carolina bermudez, a senior editor with "in touch weekly." also tonight from hollywood, tanika ray, an entertainment journalist. let's start off with this brand-new controversy over the website called the people behind this site are saying the people behind the movie acut out anything that mae michael look unhealthy. but let's say that filmmakers only used footage that showed him in a positive light. carolina, is there anything wrong with that? >> i don't think so. that's probably what they would have wanted them to see. just because they're not including the negative footage, that doesn't make it any less valuable. he was a legend in his own right and i think he died doing what he loved doing and that was
11:07 am
performing. and unfortunately, this is the last documentation that we have of it and i know there are a lot of people who really want to see this film. >> you use the word "documentation," but this is not being billed about a documentary about michael's death or a documentary about his final days, it's just showing the rehearsal process and giving people this taste of what has to be expected at the london shows. kenny ortega has been addressing claims that all the negative footage of michael has been excluded and here's what he told the "today" show. >> it's funny that anyone would say anything negative's been excluded when no one's seen the film because they don't know what's in the film or not. it's candid, it's honest, it's real. the cameras were turned on, you know, just a few times and that's the foot animal that exists in this film. >> with all due respect to kenny ortega, the cameras were turned on than more than a few times. the movie was made from 80 hours than footage.
11:08 am
maybe he misspoke. tanika, do you think the filmmakers had any obligation to show the bad as well as the good? >> you know, i don't think so. they have theatrical creative license to do whatever they want. and basically, you can't make everybody happy. if they did a documentary on the negative stuff, there would have been a legion of fans outraged by that. i'm going to look at it as paying homage to michael jackson and his beautiful, amazing, creative life that we all loved so much that is in the pit of our stomach. we all want to see what he was going to do in london for those 50 shows. and now we're going to get a chance to kind of get a glimpse of it. and i think that's to be celebrated. i think, also, to the point before about why the family's not going to see it, i think it's just too fresh. you know, they're going to see their family member that is going what he loves, yes, but i think it's going to bring up a lot of emotions and i think that's why they're staying away. for the most part, i think they're going to sell all those tickets out in two weeks and we're all going to love it. >> of course. and i think as far as the outrage is concerned, i do understand it, because so many fans are just still so angry
11:09 am
over the fact that michael died, over how irresponsible his death was and the people around him were being. now, this, i find fascinating. according to "entertainment weekly," cameras were, in fact, rolling when michael's concert crew got the announcement that michael had died. i mean, that, i can only imagine how powerful that would have been to have seen. they didn't include that in the movie. carolina, i'm thinking that the critics should give the filmmakers some credit here, because i think that shows that they weren't out necessarily to just exploit michael's death and make it sensational. >> absolutely. if they were, they would say, this is the clincher. people will come just to see this part right here. i do believe that they are taking a chance here with putting it out there and letting people see these last moments. it's going to be hard for people to see michael jackson as he was, anyway. that can be looked as at a negative, but the fact that they left that personal side out, because these are people who worked closely with michael jackson over a period of time. i mean, i really do think they're looking out for his best
11:10 am
interests here. >> i want to play some more. "showbiz tonight" did get ahold of another brand-new look of the film today. watch this extraordinary footage of michael doing a human nature in rehearsals. check this out. ♪ if this town is just an app apple ♪ ♪ and we take a bite ♪ and they say why, why ♪ that is human nature ♪ why, why >> very quickly, tanika, i see that and i think people are now just going to be even more curious about what's on those other 78 hours. >> absolutely. you know, it brings a little tear to my eye, because that's the michael we all love. i have very good friends that danced with michael over the years and they say nothing but kind, beautiful things about a man who gave so much in his humanitarian efforts. all he wanted to do was to touch everybody and to make everybody love each other. and i think this movie is going to help do that for him. >> great closure for michael, well deserved. i'm looking forward to it.
11:11 am
carolina bermudez, tanika ray, appreciate it. >> thank you. tonight, oprah winfrey is under fire. one of the trainers on "the biggest loser" is using some pretty strong words to describe oprah's weight battle. how about misguided and misinformed? so why is this trainer slamming oprah? i'll tell you. also, an explosive brand-new development in the $100 million sexual harassment suit against leii liza ma nelllaly. and it's time for "showbiz tonight" to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. plenty of candidates this week. will it be hulk hogan for his confessions that he contemplated suicide, rihanna for her racy nude photo, or balloon boy dad richard heene? you've got to stay tuned to "showbiz tonight" to find out. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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did you see this? the white house has just released this, the official photo of the first family. look at the obamas looking so great, i've got to say. and an interesting factoid here. the photographer, famed annie leibovitz for the shot. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer. >> and i'm brooke handerson. hey, a.j., we never, ever flub our lines here at "showbiz tonight." >> oh, no, brooke. we are trained entertainment news professionals. >> yep. but did you see this? it has been a week full of downright embarrassing moments for some news anchors on live tv. from a major mix-up involving two civil rights leaders to a newscaster who looked like he could have been swallowed up by a killer seagull. it's been so bad that i'm suggesting a new warning. caution, being on tv could be hazardous to your career. here's cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight" on why it's been a bad week for bloopers. >> reporter: what do a pigeon, a giant seagull, a fan falling off a cab, an anchor making the
11:16 am
gesture for crazy and al, jesse, jesse, al, al, jesse have to do with one another? it's the week in bloopers and what a week it was. this australian anchor got caught making the international known gesture for crazy coming out of a taped sound bite with a senator. >> it was so quick, you might think you're crazy. the anchor later apologized to the senator, who laughed it off saying, maybe i am crazy. so here's what happens when you get your reverends mixed up. >> joining me now to talk about this in the nation's real problem of joblessness, the reverend al sharpton. what's your reaction to hearing someone say, you know, when it comes to income, inequality, all's well. the rising tide floats all boats? >> i'm reverend jesse jackson. >> right. you know, i'm so sorry. the script in front of me said reverend al sharpton. i'm looking at your face, i know
11:17 am
who you are, reverend jackson, i'm so sorry. >> reporter: good recovery. blame it on the teleprompter. here's a little refresher, reverend al sharpton, reverend jesse jackson. this australian 9 news anchor has a lot of gal. >> they hope someone burden ed with information. >> the seagull sauntered past the monitor. >> i could see it in the news studio. >> reporter: it was this bird that took on the eagles at sunday's televised game between philadelphia and the oakland raiders. the pigeon hung out on the field and even joined the raider's kickoff coverage. >> this is great. >> reporter: talk about a winged formation. the raiders and the pigeon beat philadelphia, but baseball fans celebrated the phillies getting into the world series by dropping the f-bomb. >> [ bleep ] great! >> reporter: and falling off a taxi. this guy didn't over tip, he tipped over.
11:18 am
>> yikes. i am glad this week is over so there is no chance of my ending up on that list. that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." brooke, the "showbiz on call" phone lines will not stop ringing. a lot of people still calling in about chris brown and rihanna. >> they sure are, a.j. they're together again, at least in the headlines. chris is doing a fan appreciation tour and rihanna has a new single and a racy photo to go along with it. so is it time to forgive chris for brutally beating rihanna? we got a call into "showbiz on call" from renee in iowa. >> caller: i don't think it's time to forgive chris brown. we wouldn't forgive somebody on the street that beats his wife, so why should we forgive chris brown so easily? he needs to grow up, do a whole lot more penance than what he's done and maybe the forgiveness can start. >> sidney calling in from
11:19 am
illinois has a different take. >> caller: of course it's time to forgive chris brown, but we can't brand him for the rest of his life as a woman abuser. we have to give him the time to grow and show us that he can change. of course, he's still young. so it's time to forgive and forget and let him move on and make better decisions in life. >> thanks a lot, sydney. >> and we got a call from robin in minnesota who says rihanna has no obligation to be a role model. >> caller: i don't think anybody should be expecting that rihanna should speak out, she has no reason to speak out. she doesn't have any obligation to speak out. she was a victim of a crime. we should just leave her alone. >> we appreciate your call, robin. the "showbiz on call" phone lines always hoopen. >> call us at 1-888-sbt-buzz, that's where you can leave us a voice mail so we can play your calls here on "showbiz tonight." your calls to "showbiz on call" also now online, right there on our home page. just set your web browsing
11:20 am
device to oprah winfrey is under fire from a fitness guru. one of the trainers fromme biggt loser using pretty harsh words to describe oprah. also, it's that time again. time for "showbiz tonight" to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. plenty of great candidates this week, too. will it be hulk hogan for his confessions that he contemplated suicide? perhaps rihanna for her racy new photo or balloon boy dad richard heene? you've got to stick around to find out who gets it. also, a close call for actor dennis quaid, caught on tape. why dennis and a cop had a chat after dennis may have had a few drinks too many. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. it is time now to roll out the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, the unbelievable story of hln's very own jane velez-mitchell. you can see jane every night hosting issu"issues with jane velez-mitchell" at 7:00 p.m. right here on hln. she's a big-time tv star now, but her life was not always so glamorous. tonight, jane is sharing her own very private battle with addiction. he reveals her powerful story in this fantastic brand new book called "i want: my juourney fro addiction and overconsumption to a simpler and more honest life." i sat down with jane to talk about her book. >> i was a blackout drinker.
11:25 am
i was really lucky, i never even got a dui, but i would black out, literally, and not remember what happened. and that is so totally frightening. and that is a hallmark of addiction. hallmark of alcoholism, when you don't remember what happened after you had a couple of drinks. o it was a life or death thing for me. it's the most important thing. my sobriety has to come before everything else, because without that, i don't have any of this. >> you also talk about, very openly, how after you were able to confront and deal with your alcoholism, you came out as a lesbian and you were in a love relationship. >> yes. >> which is such a nice thing to read about and hear about. and you said this, i got honest about my alcoholism and then i got honest about my sexual orientation. it sounds like, for you, or perhaps for anyone, it had to happen in that order. >> well, i had nothing to hide behind once i got sober. because when i would have uncomfortable feelings, i would drink them down. and when i got sober, i had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
11:26 am
and to me, i feel i'm a living, breathing example of how sexual orientation is not a choice. i chose to be heterosexual, i was married, i have boyfriends who i'm still very close with and friendly, but there was a missing component. so as hard as i tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle, ultimately when i got sober and didn't have any way to drown my feelings, i had to acknowledge to myself that i'm gay. >> you can read all of jane's incredible story in her book. it's such a great read. "i want: my journey from addiction and overconsumption to a simpler, more honest life" is available right now. and the "showbiz lineup." here's what's coming up at the bottom of the hour on "showbiz tonight." oprah winfrey is under attack over her weight. one of the trainers from "the biggest loser" is using some pretty harsh words to describe oprah. misguided, misinformed. so why is this trainer slamming oprah? and also, "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative
11:27 am
celebrity of the week. will it be hulk hogan, rihanna, our how about balloon boy dad richard heene? stay tuned. and if a regular whopper isn't whopping enough for you, behold the seven-patty whopper. and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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however, she may have a little more information in this field than oprah. and i don't understand why no one's allowed to attack the sacred, anointed oprah -- >> no, pat, you can't do it. >> sorry, oh, my gosh. >> but the truth is, when you look at the massive reach that oprah winfrey has, if she is setting a bad example for people by her actions, that can be detrimental to people's health. that's what jillian is saying. and the "showbiz tonight" facebook fans fired up about this, all day long, people writing in. crystal b. is writing this on our facebook wall, as long as oprah isn't going around judging others on their weight, jillian should just mind her own business. if oprah is healthy and not asking jillian's opinion, then who cares what jillian thinks of
11:36 am
oprah's weight. brooke anderson, let's bring you in to get your take. we talk about oprah all the time. what do you read here? is jillian judging oprah, or is she trying to make sure people have the right information? >> i'm a fan of "the biggest loser." personally, i think that trainers jillian and bob sinc e sincerely want to help people improve their health and happiness. i do not think she was just judging oprah for the sake of judging her. i think she wanted to get the facts out there. and sure, she does not mince words and sometimes her approach is off-putting to some, but she gets results and the truth hurts sometimes. >> it does. listen to what jackie a. writes on our facebook wall. people only focus on oprah's weight because she makes it an issue and she tries to promote certain diets and jillian is setting her and her fans straight. just when i thought no one would dare take the name of oprah in vain, people are now calling her out. so, pat, see, it's happening. don't you think jackie here makes a great point? oprah does talk about her weight
11:37 am
regularingly on the show. she may miss the mark on her show once in a while and if she does, she could get slammed for it. >> she is so revered and women and men take what she says to heart. if she's misinformed about a health issue, that's a very important thing that needs to be corrected. i think with jillian, it's her tone. that's what really sets people off. it's acerbic and the tough love approach and people are aguest at that. but the information is wrong, oprah needs to know it. >> tough love gets result. let us move on to against quaid's close call with the cops. this happened early thursday morning. dennis quaid and his wife, kimberly, walked out of a restaurant in l.a., had a couple of their friends with them and dennis got into the driver's seat of his car. at that moment, a cop car shows up. here's what happened. >> you the man, dennis! >> thanks. >> walk this way, dennis. walk this way. >> what?
11:38 am
>> i know we don't want to drive. i'm going to pull over right here. >> step out of the car. step out of the car. >> right, what do you want us to do? >> step out of the car. >> can we go in the restaurant? >> yeah. >> a pretty close call for dennis quaid there, if, indeed, he had been drinking, i think, you know, a whole lot of different things got save there had. carolina, do you think his star power had anything to do with the fact that that cop seemed to have saved him from himself? >> absolutely. that cop was a guardian angel in so many ways, not only to dennis quaid, but potentially to others too. this happens all the time in west hollywood, a.j., we hear it all the time. even back in the day when steve-o was caught with a pipe of marijuana in front of west hollywood police officers and they never did anything to arrest him, this is something that happens in hollywood all the time. celebrities get away with everything. if that were you or i, we would be charged with a dui, they would have thrown us in the
11:39 am
slammer right away. so he got a break. >> and fortunately, as you said, he wasn't allowed to drive and maybe this is a time where that's okay. carolina bermudez, pat lalama, thank you. i want to know what you think about this brand-new attack on oprah about her weight and what about oprah's weight loss advice? when she has all these different people coming on her show. that is our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. oprah winfrey, do you trust our weight loss advice? here is where you vote. shii we are all excited around here because it's friday. and that also means it's time to pick the most provocative celebrity of the week. hulk hogan almost committing suicide, rihanna's shocking nearly nude photo, richard balloon boy dad heene. the most outrageous, the most controversial. who will be the most provocative celebrity of the week? also this. >> i was petrified. i was like, this can't -- this
11:40 am
is not happening to me. this can't be -- >> this is so unbelievable. a big-time rock star opens up about his shocking breast cancer diagnosis and the incredible reason why he kept it a secret for so long. and take a look at this whopping who were. it's got seven, count them, seven patties. with this thing, you definitely won't be asking, where's the beef? this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer. >> and i'm brooke anderson. tonight, "showbiz tonight" is naming the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be hulk hogan who tragically revealed in his brand-new book that he considered suicide after a split with linda hogan? then there's rihanna's provocative new photo that was released with her brand-new
11:44 am
single, russi"russian roulette." was this the smartest move considering this is her first song since the chris brown beating. or is the most provocative celebrity of the week, richard heene, the balloon boy dad who put his kids at risk for a shot at fame. joining me tonight, megan alexanderanihaanika ray. megan, who do you think should be named the "showbiz tonight" most provocative celebrity of the week? >> brooke, i think rihanna's cover screamed the word "provocative" and i'm actually deeply puzzled by it. if that photo of a real-life rihanna bruised and blooded by chris brown wasn't so fresh in my mind, i might say, oh, this is just art, but that photo is too fresh. i deeply question her entourage and the people around her, why they felt she should be in such an overtly sexual and physical photo. and if you listen to the lyrics
11:45 am
of that single, it's a scared little girl who is crying for help and is still in a very dark place. >> the photos and the lyric are deeply disturbing to me, i agree with you, and rihanna has vexed some of her fans after releasing this photo for her new single, "russian roulette." tanika, do you agree with her? >> i do think it's very provocative, but you think you have two options. you either go with it or try to completely erase the last image that people have in their minds and go the pollyanna route and i think she's decided to go with it. it is provocative, it is no joke, they talk about guns in the song. it's not for little kids. she once said that her idol was grace jones and maybe that's the direction she's going in. i don't know. i don't know if i agree with it. >> no doubt, she is going with it, that's for sure. >> megan, you do have to admit though, richard heene, the controversial balloon boy dad, is a pretty good pick this week.
11:46 am
he's been painted as a fame monger, who would use his kids to get anything. >> we're all pretty upset to see the way the little boys have been reacting. brooke, i hope this is indeed showing the public that reality television is a lot more scripted than we think and maybe the cast canning process will be affected by this real-life scenario of somebody that wanted so badly to get on tv. maybe we'll be changing and having a little bit better guidelines on how we set up these shows, because people are so hungry to get on tv, i think we need to take a closer look at the whole fame issue here. >> this guy makes my skin crawl if, in fact, he did use his kids in that way to gain fame. and before we do reveal the winner of the most provocative celebrity of the week, i want to show you a few write-in nominees from our facebook wall. christina b. writes, rihanna for sure. it's sad and shocking. lorrie j.ryes, roman polanski.
11:47 am
how does he have enough nerve to ask for bail when he's been running for 30 years. tina e. writes, chris brown. enough is enough. tani tanika, do you have a wild card? >> i do. i think it's hilarious this group of young girls that have been robbing lindsay lohan and paris hilton. they're like a group of cheerleaders that are robbing them blind when they're partying. i think it will be a movie of a week in the future. >> they're being called the burglar bunch, not a very bright group of people, and a number of them of the suspects have already been arrested. that's a good pick. and i've got to tell you, there really was a fired up debate in our "showbiz tonight" newsroom about all of this, but the moment is here. who is "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week? the nominees again, hulk hogan, rihanna, and richard heene. and the winner is, in a very close vote -- >> heene! >> richard heene, you got it. i've got to tell you. >> yes! >> disgusting. >> so many people disgusted by
11:48 am
heene's behavior. tanika, you've got to admit, heene is one heck of a provocative man. >> he just grosses me out. what happened to the day when young consenting adults just didn't wear panties to become famous. now they have co-conspirators who are 6 years old. enough is enough. enough with the reality shows and just making any old person that makes headlines a star. it just needs to change. and i think this will hopefully get there, we'll get a little bit closer to that. fingers crossed. >> maybe so. and selina g., one of our friends at home, was also fired up about this. she couldn't agree more that heene was the most provocative celebrity of the week. it's heene, i remember because joy behar said it rhymes with weany. he's a big doody head, as joy would say. megan, do you agree that doody head qualifies him for the title this week? >> i want to laugh, because it's so ridiculous that richard heene has been the talk of the town for so long, because it's so scary what he's doing. but to just take it a little bit more serious, these three people
11:49 am
that have been nominated for provocative celebrity, they've got some serious issues going on. serious problems with all three of them. >> we'll leave it there. we'll talk next week. i'm sure we'll have a lot more provocative people. >> not about heene! >> that's right. no more heene. moving on tonight, one of the biggest rock stars out there reveals he hid his breast cancer because he was too embarrassed about it. peter criss got the bad news that he had a lump and found out it was cancerous. he didn't tell anyone but his wife. listen to what criss tells elizabeth cohen about when the doctor broke the shocking news to him. >> i was petrified. i was like, this can't -- you know, this is not happening to me. this can't be happening to me. i went into total shock. i was like, it just don't happen to men. >> well, fortunately, now criss is cancer free. he has a message for all men out
11:50 am
there. breast cancer is not just a women's disease, so if you feel something, don't be afraid to check it out. moving on to a whopper of a story. take a look at this monster burger. it's seven patties thick. you will not be beef?" if you eat this thing but maybe the antacid. this is "showbiz tonight." more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now -- time now for "making it work." "showbiz tonight" gets secrets from stars how they make their relationships work. tonight, liz death hasselbeck. the "view" co-heft just returned to work after having his third child with tim hasselbeck. elisabeth told him one of the keys, keep the lines of communication open.
11:51 am
>> good teamwork and honesty. it one of us is up for a feeding at night, just needs time to look at the other person. even -- i said to him the other day, can we take our own walk around the block. just talk. it was nice. being honest about the little thing, what you need, what you can't do, helped tremendously. because you are -- you're kind of maxed out with the third, and i can't imagine any more than that. >> yeah. three is a lot, but they seem to be handling it very well. this "showbiz tonight" on hln.
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