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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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>> right now on "showbiz tonight," jon begs to forgive him. caught on tape, jon's public apology to at a jewish temple. >> i am sorry for doing the things i did and i do ask for forgiveness. >> the rabbi right here in the exclusive interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight". the great debate, should kate forgive jon? just released, the disturbing anna nicole shocker.
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>> when you have gas and you feel it and it's like ow! >> mistake her pregnancy for gas? where did this tape cam from? scary star stalkers. ryan seacrest, miley cyrus and justin timberlake. tv's first provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood and jon begs to forgive him. what we have is truly extraordinary. caught on tape at a jewish temple publicly asking to forgive him for acting like a
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jerk. he is with us for an interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight". but wait, there is more. just a short time ago, the nation watched as kate went on television and was grilled by an nbc news correspondent. the latest developments in the drama seemed almost surreal and they made for big news breaking. first, he was a devoted husband and father of eight. then he was in the tabloids as a hard partying lady's man. now jon gosselin is turning over a new leaf, so he says. >> ski for forgiveness. >> in a new york city synagogue, he had his own night of atonement. he is apologizing to his soon to be ex-wife, kate. >> i am sorry for doing the things i have done and ask for her forgiveness.
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>> sheer announcing a break from his 22-year-old girlfriend as he announces he has been screwing up. >> jon gosselin is on this big apology tour. he was on his tour in 2009 and now he decided that he wants the general public to like him again. >> the general public stopped liking jon soon after he and kate announced a split this past summer. >> his behavior has been high school teenage boy let loose when his parent guess out of town. >> several months and lots of bad headlines later, he landed in this synagogue for an apologetic and public chat with his spiritual advisor. >> this rabbi is a celebrity in the industry. he was michael jackson's spiritual advisor. >> with prodding from the rabbi before 50 paying audience members, jon admitted he hasn't
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been the best model for his children. >> i will be the model of my daughter's husbands. if i act the way i have, they will probably marry someone like me. >> in the last eight months? >> that would be very bad. >> he is apologizing for starting a relationship with 22-year-old haley glassman, the daughter of the doctor who performed kate's tummy tuck. they became a twosome after jon and kate announced their split. he admitted it was a bad move. a confession seen this morning on "good morning america". >> i will apologize for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. if she would have had that to me, it's a stab in the back. >> just last week, haley accused jon of being emotionally abusive and jon is owning up to that and
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in his confessional shown on "good morning america," he said he and haley are putting the brakes on their relationship until after the divorce. >> i don't want another failure from my past actions. i don't want to make the same mistakes i did with kate. >> "showbiz tonight" said she is not sure goz lynn is giving up his fame-seeking ways. >> it's like him choosing to work with the rabbi shows he is not ready to give up fame. he didn't go to the priest down the street. he chose a celebrity rabbi. i buy the fact that he is sorry, but is he sorry for what he's done or because america dislikes him is the question. >> "showbiz tonight" is also breaking big news because coming up here, get ready for my explosive one on one exclusive.
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the headline making interview you will see right here on "showbiz tonight". here's tonight's burning question. it comes down to this. should kate accept jon's apology. cooper lawrence is a psychologist and author of the book cult of celebrity. in hollywood, carlos diaz is a correspondent for extra. it was startling to see how apologetic jon was. i have to say there was no ambiguity. he came to the point and the whole nation got to see it this morning when it was played on "good morning america". watch. >> i apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. if she would have done that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> yeah. then jon plain and simple asked to forgive him. should she? >> let's put aside that these are two mediaer whos.
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these are two people with eight children and getting divorced. the research shows forgiveness is good for you. if you hold on to anger, it leads to not only anxiety and depression, but other health issues. for her, letting go is really a good thing regardless of how you feel about each of them individually. >> should kate forgive him? >> she has no choice. this is a brilliant move on jon's part. i disagree because in the piece, he is seeing the rabbi, but what he's doing is saying he is sorry to the world and not just a rabbi. he said he's sorry and now can no longer say i don't know this man anymore. he's going out with thele women and doing all these things. she is forced to say i forgive you or i don't. if she doesn't, she's the bad person. >> these are not actions. these are just words. >> there actions. he went back to pennsylvania and he was in new york last night. he went to pennsylvania today
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and cleaned up the kids and the house and being a dad. he is being a dad again. he is forcing her to say okay, i forgive you. you are being a dad. >> we will see if that lasts. he has to put money where his mouth is. as jon asks to forgive him, on the other hand he blamed kate for the way he acted saying i was looking for the affirmation at the clubs and bars that i wasn't getting from kate at home. i was giving love and it was being reciprocated back. i didn't feel respected. she said i was the 9th child and i felt like it. he said i will apologize and you have apologizing to do yourself. >> we all saw the show. he was more than disrespectful. there is no surprise he would overreact after they separated by dating anything that would have him under the age of 25.
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it's no shock there. a lot of men do that. he did do it. he was hurtful to her. i think he should own up to his responsibility regardless of what the impetus was. >> jon was not the only one speaking out. the nation watched an extraordinary interview with kate broadcast tonight on tlc, home of the jon and kate plus eight show. she sat down with nbc new correspondent taped before jon's apology and talked about the toll the last few months have taken. >> how is this affecting you all that we don't see? >> i'm awake in the middle of the night, thinking, am i making the best decision? >> there is on of the left speaking in a nationwide special, jon on the right speaking before 50 paying customers in a new york city synagogue. what's wrong with this weekend?
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icate is much more powerful. >> no, i disagree. jon's interview was seen in entirety. you can watch the interview and get an opinion. kate's interview was edited by tlc and they want her to look good. she has the crocodile tears and the same kate we have seen over and over. at least we see a different jon with him apologizing. it's a jon we have never seen and the kate we have seen a thousand times before. >> we appreciate your insight, thanks. another reminder that coming up, my one on one exclusive with the rabbi with jon gosselin last night. the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight". moving on, i just cannot believe this brand-new released anna nicole smith tape. watch. >> look how big my belly's getting. it's gas. >> it's a baby. >> no, it's gas. >> it's a baby.
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>> mistaking her pregnancy for gas? where did this tape come from and could it lead to jail time for her former boyfriend, howard k. stern and her doctors? brand-new, it's lohan versus lohan. lindsay goes after her dad in a public rant calling him a lunatic. will she take her own dad to court? for the first time, the mother of the baby who survived getting hit by a train speaks out. i can't even bear to watch this video rolling on to the tracks. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz news ticker" and more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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will jay leno return to the
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tonight show? a new interview with broadcasting and cable magazine, leno said he would rather have stayed on "the tonight show". if he was asked, he would go back. right now "the tonight show" hosted by conan o'brien is getting beaten by david letterman and leno's show is not doing so hot. no changes are in the works yet. welcome back to "showbiz tonight". i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. three very scary stalker stories involving big stars. brand-new breaking details about "american idol" host ryan seacrest's stalker. is ryan in danger? breaking tonight, justin timberlake wins a temporary restraining order against a woman who trespassed on to his grounds. about miley cyrus's safety, they didn't have enough evidence to charge her stalker. kimmer is pin is a senior editor
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for in touch weekly. i wanted to get with this scary ryan seacrest stalker. a guy was form amalie charged with stalking seacrest after slipping into the studios at e where ryan does his radio and shows. the same guy was arrested for attacking seacrest's security guard outside a hospital in orange county. this has to be incredibly scary for ryan. >> especially someone whose job it is to be out there. you can turn on the radio and you know exactly where he is. he's ate or at the children's hospital in orange county. he was broadcasting live and talking about the celebrities. this is his appeal and being able to twitter and talk about where he is and what celebrity he is talking to. it's scary because it's not like angelina jolie where he can
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shoot a movie. >> great point. listen to this. the u.s. army confirm this is guy is currently a member of the u.s. army reserves and is assigned to a special forces unit. ryan was granted a temporary restraining order and there will be a court hearing november 17th to extend that for three years. moving now to another scary stalker story. this one involving justin timberlake. for a 3rd time, 48-year-old karen mcneal made it on to his property before being placed into protective psychiatric custody. justin has just gotten a restraining order. i wonder why he waited so long. >> you have to wonder that. apparently she had restraining orders from axl rose and the guys from metallica. her behavior has been more ominous and threatening. justin kim ber lake has a lot of
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people who send him gifts or say they love him or want to be near him and you have to find the balance between a groupie or a fan and someone that is dangerous. it got to the point where she was considered dangerous. >> they have to be very, very aware and careful. it's truly frightening. thank you so much. we appreciate t. just a short time ago, kate gosselin was interviewed and the phone lines are still being flooded with calls about jon and kate. we got a call from carrie in pennsylvania who thinks the women that defend jon are way off. >> caller: i'm annoyed at the fact that people, especially women are saying he's such a great guy when he is gal vandting around and even his girlfriend is talking crap about him. when his wife is keeping a low profile and doing everything she can to take care of the children. >> thank you for your call. debbie calling in from
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mississippi thinks kate is a hypocrite. >> caller: i'm sick and tired of kate making jon to be the money-hungry wildlife guy like he's an unfit father. look at her. it's the pot calling the kettle black. not only does she love celebrity, she is celebrity hungry, money hungry. >> thank you, debbie. call us and let us know what you think about this or anything else. 888-sbt-buzz and leave us a voice mail. we'll play your calls on "showbiz tonight". >> jon is apologizing to kate. jon begsicate to forgive him for his woman sizing. >> i apologize for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. if she would have done that to me, it's like a stab in the back. >> jon does all this at a jewish temple. the rabbi who was right there at
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jon's side is right here in the exclusive interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight". every time i see this video, i have to turn away. the baby who survived being hit by a train as the stroller rolls on to the tracks. the mother of the baby speaks out for the first time and also this. >> when you are having gas and you feel it and it's like ow! >> that's your baby kicking you. >> no. >> she's having brain trouble. >> brain trouble. >> the anna nicole smith tape mistaking her pregnancy for gas. now the news ticker and more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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>> did you see this? this beautiful woman with the great voice. you know her. she's hln's morning express anchor, robin meade. she can really sing as was obvious. ronnin who we all watch weekday mornings was at a concert in atlanta. foster worked with celine dion
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and andrea bo chilly. he said he heard her on you tube and invited her on stage. she knocked it out of the park sing when will i be loved . ♪ ♪ >> robin meade, the next
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"american idol"? i think it's possible. our facebook fans singing tunes about oprah winfrey. was it right to have bebe on her show, a guy who allegedly assaulted his ex-wife after coming down so hard on chris brown after beating rihanna. i believe it's called the oprah winfrey show and she can have whoever she wants. oprah is going to say whatever to whoever. it's all about the ratings. sign up for our facebook page. now the show biz lineup tonight. jon gosselin's apology to kate at a jewish temple. >> i apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. if she did that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> the rabbi at jon side is the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight".
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>> lindsay lohan calls her dad a lunatic in a public rant. >> look how big my belly's getting. because it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> no, it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> the disturbing new video of anna nicole smith mistaking her pregnancy for gas. this is "showbiz tonight". now the news ticker with more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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>> i apologize for having a relationship in the public eye. if she did that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> the rabbi who was lending a helping hand to jon gosselin is right here. in the exclusive interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight". also the completely disturbing, just released anna nicole video where she mistakes her pregnancy for gas. >> look how big my belly is getting because it's gas. >> that's your baby. >> no, it's gas.
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>> it's your baby. >> it's eye kwhiling video and brings up disturbing questions. lindsay lohan's public tirade against her own father and why she calls him a lunatic and wants to go after him in court. more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker". we continue right now. we welcome back to "showbiz tonight". i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. jon and the rabbi. jon gosselin's confessions last night in an intimate discussion at a synagogue. he revealed about the pitfalls of fame with his new spiritual advisor. >> i think i'm misunderstood.
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like i said, i'm not a fame seeker. >> tonight we go one on one with the rabbi himself. she taking all your questions. nothing was off limits as he revealed details about what he's going through as he navigates the messy divorce. >> i apologize for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. >> joining me tonight is rabbi bo teach of the broken american male. >> hi, brooke. how are you? >> great. good to have you. jon really put himself out there and talked about bad relationships and apologized to his soon to be ex-wife and why he and haley are taking a break and went into his own parents's
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divorce. it was really heavy stuff. why did jon decide to reveal this intimate information right now and so publicly? >> i think jon has been rightly condemned for immoral behavior, but ought to be applauded for moral courage. we have high rates of infidelity and divorce and it's time men take responsibility for their actions. you can't humiliate your wife in public and apologize in private. he said i caused her great pain by being photographed in public, that was a courageous thing to do. i believe he is doing it because high understands he is at a turning point. will he continue the behavior that is not in with moral convictions or be the man he wants to be? one of the things i found the most move suggest he was going to be dwarsed later when his children became offage and googled his behavior and feel uncomfortable because every
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parent wantings to be a hero to his or her kids. >> he wants to take responsibility now before it gets worse. i want to take a look at a profound moment in your discussion. he paints a really sad picture of himself as a man who hit rock bottom when he came to you. let's watch. >> it didn't know what to do anymore. i needed a rabbi and i found one. not because he is jewish, but i had no one else. >> this is a shocking revelation. what kind of person was jon when he came to you for help? >> let's go back for a moment. isn't that interesting? we live under the illusion that fame brings happiness. this man is saying he was utterly lost. fame became intoxicating and
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made him into someone even though we have to take responsibility, but someone he didn't want to be. three very sad stories. lindsay lohan, jon gosselin and anna nicole smith. fame can be used for good purposes and jon is someone inspired by his father's example and he spoke about his father as a child's dentist who treated handicapped children so they wouldn't be bullied. when you live under parents who were not famous and they tried to live decent lives, you begin to assess your own in light of their example and you feel inadequate. jon wants to change. having said that, i reminded him because words were moving and eloquent. in the final analysis, he was judged by his actions in the coming future. >> you make a great point about fame. it is dangerous for some who can't handle it. we asked our facebook fans what
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burning questions they had about this. our facebook wall has been buzzing, especially when jon dropped the bombshell that he and haley glassman were taking a break. what he said was first seen on "good morning america". >> slow it down and calm it down until i get through my divorce and until everything is settled and okay. i don't want another failure in my relationship from my past actions. i don't want to make the same mistakes i did with kate. >> here's a question from "showbiz tonight". are you going to counsel jon on how wrong it will be if he stays with the daughter of the surgeon who did kate's stomach repair after the birth of his children? wouldn't that be a reminder of the pain he put on his family. have you talked about this?
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>> the reason why putting this relationship on ice is so important is reasons. when you are going through a divorce, your children are in a lot of pain and they have to be a priority. you are not divorced yet. if a marriage is sinking, you repair it or dissolve it, but the children deserve clarity. you don't date on the rebound. you have to create it out of strength and not out of weakness. if they return to the relationship and it's real, god bless them. it's premature to talk about other consequences. they have eight children and even if they are not husband and wife, they always will be mom and dad and they need the priority. >> absolutely. hailey told the world that jon was emotionally abusive. not only did he admit she was right, but tried to explain last night why he acted like a jerk. watch this. >> for 10 years i kept it all in and never said anything. all of a sudden it just came out
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one day. unfortunately it was and unfortunately it was hailey. >> a lot of people are not going to buy it. how did he seem to you? did he seem contrived or staged? a lot of people are going to think that was how he came across in. >> brooke, there two sides to all of us. there is a more sincere inner side that is selfless and another side that can be selfish and narcissistic. i think jon was speaking from his heart last night. when he goes into the lime light, will he be in touch? you can't fake that sincerity. in the final analysis, he has to judge his live and should be evaluated in light of his future actions and not in his comments. words are nice, but actions are everything. i said think about this. no matter how famous you are, are you a success in life.
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the people who think the most of you think the least of you. it's not the audience that matters most, but it's his children. they are the ones whose respect he most wants. >> rabbi, thank you for taking time with us tonight. i'm sure jon appreciates your advice to him as well. tonight, just released disturbing video of anna nicole smith. >> when you are having gas and you feel it and it's like ow! >> that's your baby kicking you. >> no. >> she's having brain trouble. >> anna nicole caught on tape because she thought her pregnancy was a bad case of gas. video you will have a hard time believing. lindsay lohan's tirade against her own father and why she is calling him a lunatic. who can forget this video of a six-month-old boy run over by a
11:40 pm
train when his stroller rolled on to the tracks. he survived with barely a scratch and for the first time his mom spoke out about what that moment was like. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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>> it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> no, it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> brand-new startling video obtained by "showbiz tonight" of a dazed and confused anna nicole smith in clown face in a home video in 2006. did she really think her pregnancy was a case of bad gas? welcome back to "showbiz tonight" in hollywood. did anna nicole smith forget she was pregnant and thought she had gas? in this video obtained by "showbiz tonight," anna nicole believes her baby bump is a horrible case of gas. you have to see it to believe.
11:44 pm
why is she taking to her twitter page to call her father a lunatic? jane velez mitchell you can catch every night here on hln. carlos diaz was a correspondent with extra. i have got to start with this video uncovered today. it's absolutely disturbing footage of anna in clown make up completely spaced out at a child's birthday party. she can't figure out if she's pregnant or has gas. watch this. >> the clown needs some medicine. >> i need some. look how big my bell's getting because it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> no, it's gas. >> it's your baby. the clown good need gas
11:45 pm
medicine, she needs baby medicine. >> it's gas. >> it's a baby. >> you know when you are having gas and you feel it and it's like ow! >> that's your baby kicking you. >> no. my baby is over there. >> watch this. it's real. >> let me get a shot of the baby. let me get a shot of the baby. put it down. okay. >> look. >> she's having brain trouble. >> fact that this child was exposed this this is reprehensible to me. that video presented at a
11:46 pm
hearing that ended up with howard k. stern and smith's doctors ordered to stand trial with them providing her with illegal prescription drugs. how can she forget she was pregnant? >> the fact that she was this apparently stoned and pregnant is so disturbing on so many levels for the health of the child. to answer your questions when you are high anded, you can forget the movie dude, where's my car. that's a comedy, but that happens all the time. in fact with alcoholism, for example, there is something called wet brain where you destroy so many brain cells that you become mentally disabled as a result. this can and does happen. >> very, very sad to watch. a judge decided the video will not be played when stern and the
11:47 pm
doctors go on trial in december, but it will be in evidence. the judge said he cooperate be sure this video showed anna was on drugs. carlos, not on drugs. she seems totally spaced out. was she acting? >> that's the thing. you have seen this video and i have seen the whole thing, there was no point where you see her taking drugs. it's wise not to have this in court for the jury to see. if you interviewed anna nicole smith, she always kind of acts kind of out there. this not knowing that you have a baby in your stomach and think together might be gas is taking it to the nth degree. >> it is so upsetting to watch. i want to move to lindsay lohan's smack down with her own father. this too is over prescription drugs. michael has been going around telling the world that lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs and going after
11:48 pm
conservatorship because she won't go to rehab. she took to her twitter page and wrote this. my father is a lunatic and doesn't deserve such a title because he hasn't been around other than when he threatened me and my family. after verbally abusing and physically abusing people. it's sad to get a phone call from my baby sister asking why is daddy doing this. he crossed a line and hurt me and my family for the last time. i'm going to spend time with the ones that love me and i love now. does she have the right to be furious? >> i don't think so. personally this is not coming out of the blue. she has a history of trouble. car accidents, high speed chase and dui. very recently she was an hour and a half late to court and got slapped with another extra year of probation and a judge is
11:49 pm
warning her to take the classes seriously. i think she has a track record and her dad is responding to that. he had his own problems. >> they had their issues, but seems they should be quiet. we will end it there. thank you both. >> thank you. >> for the first time, the mother of the baby who narrowly escaped death being run over by a train is speaking out. did you see this? who can forget this video at a train station outside australia. a mother goes into a panic as the stroller carrying her 6-month-old son rolls off the platform and into the path of an on coming train. she almost jumped in front of the train herself and the baby survived with hardly a scratch. matt lauer asked her about that moment when the stroller rolled on to the tracks.
11:50 pm
>> there was a moment that i thought i should companied and i thought i should have a look at? and -- at that time i just -- i was -- blank. i was in complete shock. >> oh, baby doing fine. a miraculous, happy ending to that story. >> okay the i have some new baby pictures to show you. let's take a look. took baby kate to the pumpkin patch. there she is. a fairy, lady bug part of the type. a girl has got to have choices right. sitting up on her own. plopped her among the pumpkins. she had a fabulous type. we had a fun first halloween with her the i hope all of you had a great halloween as well. not everybody though spent halloween looking cute in a pumpkin patch. lots of people went to see a scary movie. wait till you see this. "showbiz tonight" goes
11:51 pm
undercover inside a movie theater to investigate horror movies. got to see what we found out. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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did you see this. heidi klum and seal say halloween is for the birds. showing up dressed like crows for heidi's annual halloween party. interesting choice. this halloween weekend, lots of people went to see the horror movies, paranormal activity and saw vi. why do people look to be scared? >> reporter: why? put yourself through this? 90 minutes of nail biting. seat sinking fright, that's not exactly a cheap thrill. >> $18. >> reporter: we set up our own camera inside a theater.
11:55 pm
and caught movie-goers like this one, who couldn't sit still during the late night screening of the box office thriller "paranormal activity" she was scared speechless after the show? >> were you scared at all? >> yes. >> reporter: this harmless adrenaline addiction that psychologists say keeps fanatics teetering on the edge. >> my god this could actually be real. >> see how i sleep tonight. >> it acts as a safe way to experience danger. >> reporter: this college professor studied psychology of fear and explains why those who crave horror have an appetite. >> i can get this intense experience no matter how horrible or scary it is or violent it is, as soon as the credits roll, i'm done. horror has been with us for a long time as a genre. >> reporter: from films like
11:56 pm
"scream" and "saw" to cult classics. >> it's alive! >> reporter: reese says there is a dark side to testing the limits of the human psyche. >> if you are emotionally invested in movies the negative experience is going to stay with you and that is not something you would enjoy. >> reporter: according to, this year horror movies have grossed nearly $1 billion in ticket sales. box office experts say blockbusterfi films could fuel terror releases. like paranormal's, director who says something you can't see elicits more fear than blood and gore. >> if you can't see it, you don't know were they attacked. >> reporter: turning such an unpleasant emotion like fear into fun? what a concept. >> on friday, we asked you to
11:57 pm
volt on our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. moments ago we got the final results. jon gosselin and octumom -- that's a wrap for "showbiz tonight." thank you for joining us. i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. remember, you can catch "showbiz tonight" on the 11s, 11:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. in the morning 11:00 a.m. eastern on hln. tonight on "the joy behar show," rush limbaugh tells fox news president obama's policies are ruining the country. does he have a point? or is he just trying to rile up his ditto heads? then comedian and "sex and the city" actor mario cantone comes by to dish the dirt on levi johnston. joining me in the studio, tv icon ted danson joins me to
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explain why he's the hippest thing since twitter.
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tonight on "the joy behar show," the gop turns on one of its own congressional candidates. is the right wing driving the republican party right off a cliff? if so, can i watch? in 1982, ted danson was the hippest man on television. today he still might be. how does he do it? he'll be here to tell us all. mario cantone takes a break from "sex and the city" to join me in the studio. all this and more tonight.
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this weekend while most of us were watching the marathon or the series or trick-or-treating with the kids, rush limbaugh went on another rant against the president. listen to this. >> he's very young. i think he's got an out-of-this-world ego. i think he's very narcissistic, and he's able to focus all attention on him all the time. that description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say he's immature, inexperienced, in over his head. >> with me now, arianna huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of "the huffington post" and katrina vanden heuvel, editor and publisher of "the nation." it's unbelievable this guy is talking about narcissism? with such a humble guy, himself.
12:02 am
>> unbelievable that fox would put him on for half an hour on a sunday-morning show to basically just rant against the president, against the administration, against everything, without really challenging him. that is really -- >> he did not really challenge him. i agree with that. >> this made a softball interview. this is more than a softball interview. this was sycophantic. chris wallace was, like, lapping up every word. it went unchallenged. you have a guy, rush limbaugh, who, you know, he has a -- he's a bully and has a bully pulpit on his radio show every day. >> right. >> here he is getting half hour on allegedly a news channel and what he had to say was not really new. i mean -- he's out there to kind of cripple, delegitimize, take down the president. this is not new. >> to me he looks like another angry white guy, you know, who's annoyed they're out of power and it's annoying to him. >> what's happening is he's really tapping into the anger that's spreading about what's happening. that's what is dangerous.
12:03 am
you know, whenever job numbers get where they are now, you know, moving into double-digit unemployment and foreclosures are skyrocketing, all that anger is there and if it's not addressed properly it can be addressed and it has been throughout history by demagogues, by people who manipulated and who look for scapegoats. >> he tried to play nice, though, during the interview. listen to this part. >> i'm an american. i love this country. i want everybody in it to do well. >> except gays, single mothers, senior citizens, poor people, and the president. >> this guy -- first of all, he looked a little too coifed for rush limbaugh. there was a metrosexual quality that worried me. i like metrosexual and he's looking it. rush limbaugh, i mean, he also told lies. i mean, he said at one point, totally unchallenged, that this health care reform is going to take 1/6 of the economy and put it in government hands. >> i know.
12:04 am
>> fat-check alert. you might get 6 million people in a public option if you're lucky. that's part of the problem of our media generally. >> he should have really checked that. >> his father has to be just wondering the degradation of news embodied in a family. >> it's shocking to me, chris wallace -- i thought he was, you know, pretty even, fair and balanced. the only one over there. maybe shepard smith maybe. >> allowing him to go on saying that the president doesn't care about afghanistan, that -- all that stuff, you know, it's just over the top. >> he also said that i hope he fails. i hope he fails. then he says i love america. you know, it's just -- it's quite disgusting. >> he's been saying that for so long, to count that as news -- i mean, we need to hear it again and again to understand that a guy who challenges others as being anti-american is saying some ugly stuff. he's -- the thing that strikes me about this moment and rush limbaugh kind of brings it on to the fox news program, is the republicans who have declared this is all-out war. you could have had a different kind of approach. all-out war on obama.
12:05 am
he's leading it. they really do want to take him down. one year into -- >> it's interesting that you say that. because everybody is saying that obama is conducting an all-out war against fox and limbaugh. it's a question of who threw the first grenade. >> i think the obama administration, i mean, challenged what they're doing and now it's time to move on. you know, it's not really a good use of their -- >> axelrod is saying it's a surreal day when you're getting lectures on humility from rush limbaugh. do they really -- is this a good strategy to attack? >> i don't think so. i think -- there are so many real issues affecting the people that to focus on what fox is doing is really beneath them. and they handled that much better during the campaign, to pick your targets and fox is not a worthy target. >> i agree with arianna. i felt from the beginning when this sort of started that you demean the presidency, let others do it. far outside. and, you know, let -- you know what? focus on ending the jobless
12:06 am
figures, getting people jobs, jobs, jobs, because then you de-fang or defuse these guys. but i think fox -- it is true fox is not really a news organization. it is an adjunct wing of the gop propaganda arm. at the same time the president should got get into the mud with a network that is essentially filled with people throwing mud. >> he appeals to the very, very extreme base of the republican party, this guy, right? >> who, rush? >> rush limbaugh. okay. and this moderate gop or upstate new york, i can't hardly say her name, scozzafava -- dede scozzafava, she was a moderate republican and she's withdrawn from the race. isn't this leaving the mental house, mental patients in charge of the mental -- >> in charge of the asylum? >> that's it. that's it. for putting words. i can't even get through this. don't you think that's what it is? >> they're paying a heavy price for that. right now according to the
12:07 am
latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll, you have 17% of americans who declare themselves republican. mind you -- >> how many? >> 17%. >> 17%. >> it's time to 17%. >> every time i turn on the tv they're saying the liberals are down to 20%. >> well, you see -- >> who is left then? >> liberals are the problem, too because the one whose are gaining are independents. 44% declare themselves as independents. congress, congress approval rating is 21%. maybe that's what you're referring to. there's no question democrats can't just say, look at what's happening to republicans and we are going to be fine in 2010. >> isn't this good for the democrats? that it's marginalized like that? >> first of all, i think of the republican party, people used to call it the log cabin. you have a sliver of the sliver of the log. republicans are pushing people into the watter that won't sign on to the ideological purity test. you know, i have to say, i think it's bad for the country. it's bad for the country because
12:08 am
we deserve at least two decent political parties. that have something on their minds, that care about an affirmative political agenda. i think they're just -- these republicans who won't allow a moderate republican to get elected in the northeast, they're going to consign themselves to permanent minority status. >> good. >> the republicans -- the moderate republicans -- >> i don't have a problem with that, do you? >> a lot of republicans played a role. they were for choice. they made sense. >> the log cabin republican -- that's like -- >> what if these people come back into power? >> i think it's pretty much who to declare any kind of victory, because there's still a lot that's going to happen in the next year before the next election. unfortunately, the dissatisfaction that's growing means that any independent, as we're seeing in new jersey -- >> let's talk about that. >> a lot of support. >> what's going to happen over there? let's look at this ad about christie. >> christie threw his weight around as u.s. attorney and got off easy.
12:09 am
if you didn't pay your tax, ignored ethics laws, would you get away with it? chris christie, one set of rules for himself, another for everyone else. >> okay. threw his weight around. is that a fat joke or what? is it or not? come on. >> definitely a fat joke. >> it's a fat joke? >> definitely a fat joke. >> that's really the whole conversation is about now the fat joke and about him being fat. it doesn't make any sense. >> not necessary. you know what? i don't think he had to go there. >> he didn't have to go there. >> absolutely did not have to go there. >> did he have to go there? >> he didn't have to go there. >> you like corzine, right? >> i like corzine and i think this race shows he is running as close as an obama campaign as -- you know what i mean? we're all talking about referendum, this is going to be a referendum on this. i think the race upstate new york has been a republican seat for, like, 100 years, right?
12:10 am
it's going to be a barometer of where the republicans are heading, not a barometer where people are thinking about obama. i think virginia is crazy. the guy is a right winger to the whatever and running as, like, a little sheep. you notice palin, they don't want palin in there which is interesting. he's running as a problem solver. new jersey is where corzine, who knows what will happen in new jersey. i think he's run a race where he's bringing out the base, the liberal base, african-american base, labor base. >> one question before we leave? >> yeah. >> rush limbaugh is saying obama will be a one-term president. agree or disagree? >> nobody knows. >> what do you think? >> don't know. depends on how he governs. the point is he -- he wrote a book called "the audacity of hope." his campaign manager, david plouffe has a book coming out tomorrow called "the audacity to win ,"yet they're governing very timidly. he needs to discover the audacity of governing. when he discovers that he will win again. >> it's always the alternative, who's the alternative? >> there is no alternative. >> sarah palin. thanks, ladies. up next, ted danson joins me.
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12:14 am
lately i've been going nuts over women's arms. it's really the armpit. i just love it. it's this other secret place to burrow into. you don't have to slide as far down the bed. maybe it's laziness. >> some of the more memorable characters include the cranky dr. john becker, skirt-chasing-bartender sam malone, and boozy magazine publisher george christopher, as
12:15 am
we just saw in that clip from the new hbo series, "bored to death," which i love. he is actor/activist, ted danson. happy to have him here with us. >> hello. >> i do like that show very much. >> it's fun. >> it's very funny and it's clever and you're terrific in it. >> thank you. jonathan ames is the writer and he's a new york novelist and truly a remarkable character. >> i saw him in one of those, you know, trailer things. >> yeah. >> he's kind of like the jason character there. >> yeah. you know, he's incredibly bright. princeton, you know, really, really respected novelist. he's like this -- he has this innocence and you can't be sarcastic around him. it goes over his head. yet, there isn't a perversion he won't jump into, you know, feet first. >> he's a man. >> yeah. that's true. but a sweet, innocent man. is that also dismissible? >> men and there perversions. i want to show people how we
12:16 am
booked you on this show. >> yes. >> larry david was on my show and you called him. take a look. we have footage. >> ted danson. >> ted danson? can i speak to him for a second? >> hold on, joy behar wants to talk to you. >> he wants to be on the show, ted danson, he's booked. you're more than a pretty face, ted. >> he's not more than a pretty face. >> do you remember that conversation? >> i do. i do. that's hysterical. >> we caught that little thing before we went on the air so we used it. funny, huh? >> i wish i brought my phone. i'd call -- >> you could call larry. we'll get you the phone the next segment and you can call larry. larry is in hot water with the catholic league now because of this thing about urinating on the picture of jesus. >> he splashed. he did not urinate on. >> he splashed. that's true. >> an innocent mistake. >> i guess that's an enormous --
12:17 am
difference -- people are questioning why there's a picture of jesus in the bathroom? a awe i guess there are homes that have pictures of jesus in the bathroom. >> you think so? >> are you saying you shouldn't have pictures of jesus in every room of your house? i think you can -- no, i don't -- >> you'll get me in your trouble with the catholic league than i am already. >> the catholic league really sit down and watch larry's show every week? >> yes. there's a guy over there, i won't mention his name. he is paid a lot of money to do exactly that. to monitor. >> calls you out on it. calls you anti-catholic and other nonsense he comes up with. >> right. >> larry david offends all religions. he doesn't just do catholicism. >> he's a car accident waiting to happen. he does it with you in life, too. you've hung with him, i'm sure. it's a scary thing to go out to dinner with him. >> he is. he's not loud about it, but he -- >> larry david in martha's vineyard in a nice little quiet restaurant, blue-haired people,
12:18 am
comes late to a dinner with mary and myself and several other people. his back is to the entire restaurant and he -- thinking he's whispering, tells us why he's late using the "f" word over and over again and we watched the restaurant start to clear behind him. we're having to go, you know, sorry, sorry. as he walks out he says, nice restaurant. little too quiet for jews though. and walks out. >> does he really? >> yes. that's true. that's larry and it's, like, we clean up behind him. >> i like the way you play yourself on that show. does he help you to play yourself? >> no. your job on the show is to serve larry up softball so he can whack them out of the park and to push him into being larry. >> yeah. >> to provoke him. i don't know that i'm playing -- except that's what i do in life too. i do love to provoke larry. >> i thought you wanted to say you play yourself in life. >> i like to play myself in
12:19 am
like. >> that's a good trick. you're getting rave reviews for "bored to death." how did you get this part? i love that show. it's so funny. >> probably damages opened the door in a lot of ways. i think people stopped thinking of, oh, there's old sweet sitcom ted when they saw him in the back of an escalade having sex with a hooker doing cocaine and telling somebody on a phone to kill somebody else. they went, "oh," he can do other things. >> i love that. >> you have a very varied career. i remember something about amelia, which you played a pervert. >> well, incestuous father, i guess that's the same thing. >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's interesting. we were talks about how years ago i guess the '60s or '70s there was a movie about a sexual pervert -- pedophile. after he did the part he never got another part again. i will tell you his name, later, i can't remember it right now. you, that did not brother you, didn't touch you. >> that piece was so thoughtful, though. it was one of the first ones
12:20 am
that in certain countries parliament was reconvened to pass legislation after they screened that show. >> really? >> it was that well -- it was also before anybody talked about those things. such a taboo. >> an important thing. >> is was well done. >> very well done. you're great at comedy. you have -- you're great at drama. >> i'm good at acting and very funny writing. i don't know that i'm -- i'm any not larry david. larry is drop-dead funny. i can be funny with material that's meant to be funny. >> you're a comedic actor, whereas he's a comedian? it's a little different. he has a comedic persona. they always ask actors this question who do both. which is harder, comedy or drama? >> comedy. >> comedy is harder? >> this is funny, that's not, that's not, that's not. >> crying is hard too. all that stuff that you have to do. digging deep. going down deep. >> makeup, a little squirt in the eye, you cry.
12:21 am
no, no, drama, you don't have to be good. you have to show up and be semi-real. >> i don't know if i could do that. next, ted's secret for maintaining a successful hollywood marriage, coming back. >> i think you do this on purpose. you self-sabotage. >> george, are you coming back to bed. i'm lonely.
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12:24 am
instead of ordering a ted danson, people go and order a larry david. what's the difference? >> one tastes good and one sucks. >> taste the sandwich. >> i don't want to taste it. >> you don't want to taste it? >> no, i won't taste your sandwich. >> well, that's ted danson and his pal, larry david, from "curb your enthusiasm." so, ted, you're married to the beautiful mary steenburgen. >> once again -- mary steenburgen. who loves you.
12:25 am
>> didn't i say it right? >> you have the fear thing in the middle of her name which happens -- i see people -- you're married to mary steen -- >> we don't know if it's burgen or burgen sometimes. beautiful and lovely thing. person, actress. >> she's a lovely thing. >> most marriages between two performers doesn't always work so great because the egos clash. what is it you do to make a success? >> we're both very shallow. >> you're both shallow. that's good. >> we talk about hair products and are very happy together. >> do you fight over whose hair products are better? >> no. it's the same as any relationship. we have a two-week rule. that's the hardest part in relationships when you go off to morocco to make a film for three months. that's hard. we have a two-week rule. whoever can goes finds the other one, you know, no longer than two-week separation. that's what we started out with. down to about a week now. >> a week?
12:26 am
life is drab without my wife. it's true. >> that's delightful. really. isn't that nice? say aww. >> i'm just using it to score points. whenever she's mad at me, she says, sure, you say these nice things to me on shows. >> i know. you once said if it were up to you everyone would be in a step -- in a 12-step program. >> what the hell did i mean by that? >> what the hell were you talking about? like everyone's an alcoholic it sounds like. >> yeah, well -- >> like go and let god -- that part maybe. >> that's good, too. >> that's a good one. >> that's good. i don't really know what i meant, but -- interesting. i think it would be good, you know? that's a pretty amazing program. >> now, this is a random question that i have to ask you. >> yeah. >> you appeared on the cover of "playgirl" magazine in the '80s. >> no, i didn't. did i? >> yes, you did. >> i am so cool. >> do you realize that "playgirl" is a gay magazine?
12:27 am
i don't think you realize that? >> that's cool. >> yeah, i'm just saying. i'm glad you -- do you have tips for levi johnston going to be appearing in the centerfold? >> no. >> you don't have anything to say. >> how is he -- >> how is he hung? we're going to find out shortly. the gay community is waiting to see it. >> i love my character on "bored to death" actually decided to experiment into bisexuality because he thought it might enhance his women readers if he actually appeared more, you know -- >> that's right. >> -- gay. >> that was a very funny episode. you play a gay guy very well i thought. >> i do, thank you. >> to play that whole thing. you're multi -- you're bisexually fascinating. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> that's good. >> sit tight, because we have more -- >> i will sit tight after that comment. i was in your shoes once.
12:28 am
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12:30 am
i was in your shoes once. i mean, i was young, i had a whirlwind romance and i got married and it turned out to be a disaster. i don't want this to happen to you now. i mean, look at diane and me. we waited five years to get married and if it were up to me, we'd wait another five. >> that was my guest in the role that made him famous, the womanizing sam malone on "cheers." that's a long time ago now. what is that?
12:31 am
>> has to be, like, 20 plus. >> you look gorgeous still. you're so hip and stunning still. >> i don't know what it. >> are you taking hormones? >> yes. >> let's talk politics. i read that last year you said that you would have done anything in your power to make sure a democrat won. >> yeah. >> how do you think obama's doing? >> i think, you know, how -- to grade any -- i think he's doing incredibly well. i think he's the right person for the job, incredibly bright and thoughtful, but to sit there in this pile of crap the world is facing that has been becoming a pile of crap for a very long time and grade that person as they dig themselves out is kind of crazy. so i think he's doing really well. is there a pile of crap we're still digging out of? yes. >> george bush and that administration left us with a lot of that crap in my opinion. >> my opinion as well. >> we're agreed on that. just yesterday rush limbaugh
12:32 am
said obama is very narcissistic and is over his head. what do you think of that? >> rush thinks somebody's narcissistic? >> yes, yes, i know, the chutzpa. >> he's a wonderful entertainer, rush. i think that's a very funny comment. well done, rush. >> i don't think he meant it to be funny. >> he is. he does. isn't he one of the highest paid entertainers? >> yes. >> so he's an entertainer. >> i think he's worth, like, going to be making or made $400 million. >> right. so that -- yes. the people of the people, rush, one of us, yeah. those are the people that really piss me off, to be honest. i totally understand people who are angry and are fearful. i understand people who church is a huge part of their life. i understand people not wanting their daughters to watch mtv. i understand and have empathy for all those people. the people that come along and make use of those people's fears and insecurities to make money or to make something, a position for them, you know, more
12:33 am
palatable, those people are shame, shame. >> you want to name names? >> rush. we're talking rush. >> who else? >> you know what? pretty much the religious right does that. by in large. you know? >> they're extremists? >> yeah. >> they prey on people's fears? >> yeah. the people's fears, you totally understand. i understand that. i understand wanting to go to a mega-church because the rest of your life is tough. you know? i understand all of that, but then you come along and organize those people off of their fears and anger and i think that's too bad. >> and encourage them to vote against their interests. that's what drives me bananas. >> i know. who's going to be able to get the government, what do you call it, within insurance, the government -- >> the public option. >> the public option. right. only people who don't have insurance. >> right. >> so people who don't have insurance would rather not -- >> they don't want it. they don't want to have too much
12:34 am
competition for the insurance companies. >> as opposed to getting covered. >> people need to be educated more than they are in this country and they're not. i was a teacher. i know what goes on. oh, yes. >> what did you teach? >> i taught english -- high school english. >> nice. >> yeah. so you and your wife, mary, are pals with the clintons. am i right? >> i'm running over everything i said about rush going uh-oh. >> what's he going to do to you? he's all talk, bluster. >> he thinks i'm an idiot already. >> he thinks you're an idiot? >> he thinks everything i do with the environment is idiotic. >> the environment. you want to discuss that a little bit or should we talk about the clintons? >> let's talk about fun things. >> okay. the clintons attended your wedding. >> yes. >> together? >> yes. to explain that, mary became kind of famous in little rock in arkansas about the same time the president became governor or bill became governor. so they literally raised kids together.
12:35 am
he gave her away at our wedding because her father had died. they truly are -- we are truly family friends. >> you're friends with the clintons? >> yes. >> were they fun guests at the wedding? >> super, yes. >> were they kissy-kissy? >> all of the above. yes. >> do you think that marriage is steady now? >> dear god, yes. >> do you believe that? >> totally. i don't believe it. i experience it. >> you get to a certain age, what am i going to be bothered with anything else right now, you know? i think they might be at that point. >> i -- well, wait. i'm at that certain age. i'm the same age. >> i know, but you're -- >> you're trying to be shocking. >> i am trying to be shocking. what about the statue of bill? he got a statue in kosovo. i thought that was really nice. >> nice. >> because of, you know, he stopped the wave of ethnic cleansing in serbia, or so i read. i think that that's a lovely thing for him. he must be very proud of that. >> i bet he is. i didn't know that. >> i thought he was a pretty
12:36 am
good president. >> i think that in the midst of all of that chaos, 72% of the world -- of america woke up and thought and believed that he was taking care of them. >> he regrets he didn't go in there earlier. he does. >> yeah yeah. no, no, he does. >> i mean, i think -- we were on a roll with him. we were in a surplus. people were working. then along comes 9/11 and the world changed. >> the world was so on our side. that moment, the world was so on our side and we did kind of squander that. >> we squandered it big time and are still paying for that. you know, they talk about obama not deserving the nobel peace prize. he got us out of that hole where people hated us after george bush's war in iraq and i think he deserves it just for that because he has people -- >> i think they are being activists, too. i think the panel or whoever gives the nobel prize were being activists. they were saying, you know, here, we're going to put the mantle of peace prize on you and almost force the conversation to
12:37 am
be about peace. i think they were being activists because clearly after six, eight months, or whatever it was, one could argue that, you know, wait, what has he done? so i'm sure it was great for his distracters. i think they were being activists and trying to stir the pot and make peace be the conversation and not war. >> i saw george will on george stephanopoulos this weekend and he was saying, yes, he changed the conversation in the world and now we have people around the world that don't think we're idiots anymore and don't think we're warmongers. what good is it, he said? he thought it was just a big nothing. >> who knows. you know, we judge so quickly, you know, the second after something happens, and who -- you don't know. all these little things have ripples but we don't talk about -- we don't wait for the ripple before we start judging and, you know -- >> right. >> -- and figuring things out. >> you just returned from
12:38 am
europe, lobbying for the world trade association to save the oceans. >> wto. >> why does it say world trade association if it's wto? >> i don't know. let's get names because it's wto. >> so it's ossociation? >> organization. >> or arganization. they do trade agreements. takes them eight years to figure out, you know, if you lower your tariffs on computers we'll give you more cotton. so this massive agreement that takes forever to hammer out. for the first time ever they're talking about reducing fishing subsidies because fish -- there too many boats out there. it's an $80 billion a year industry. >> $80 billion? >> yep. of landed fish around the world. $20 billion of that is subsidized and for bad subsidies, meaning increasing catch so that you're paying people to go out and do more of the wrong thing. >> and they're depleting the
12:39 am
world's supply? >> about 18% of our fisheries have collapsed. 75% the united nations says are either fully or overfished. >> there's not going to be anything left to eat soon. >> there can be because fish bounce back. if you do the right thing, it could be okay. >> let me ask you a question from people who wrote in to us about you. okay? >> yes. >> do you still follow a vegan diet? >> i'm an actor from l.a. i follow vegan diet. one week, the next week -- i'm in chinatown eating one of those puffy things with pork in them. i'm a, you know, a clown from l.a. >> i see. everyone in l.a. that i talk to worries about mercury poisoning from fish. only in los angeles. no one in new york. i've never heard it in new york. >> "the new york times" did a study where pregnant women have too much mercury in their system. >> i'm not pregnant. why do i have to worry about it? >> because there's always after this show. i don't know.
12:40 am
thank you so much for coming on the show. by the way, cilantro counteracts mercury. thanks to ted danson. his show "bored to death" on hbo. next, mario cantone. fasten your seat belts. 
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12:43 am
go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. >> oh, i love them all. >> sure. satin with the lace applique.
12:44 am
>> i think the white is too white. >> no, but with your skin tone -- >> hates it. move on. >> you know him from his appearances on tv, in the movies and on broadway. i know him as the dirty little laugh whore he is. this week he's performing at the new york comedy festival at caroline's from thursday through sunday and today sitting here with me. my pal, mario cantone. >> hello, joy, i'm only going to look into the camera, not speak to you. >> look over here. >> oh, i'm sorry. how old am i? >> so, i want to talk to you about so many things. >> so many things. first of all, congratulations, this is really nice, it's just ♪ you and me on hln ♪ >> let's start with chaz bono. >> chastity bono? >> chastity has become chaz. >> did she get the penis? >> i don't know. >> then she is not a man yet. she has everything else. the beard, hair coming out of her face. >> she does?
12:45 am
>> yes. she feels like a man and she's a man now. >> she's a man. ♪ she's a man, my daughter's a man ♪ well, that's good that she's a man. >> cher would be happy, don't you think? ♪ i'm a so happy >> if cher was in opera, she would be like -- ♪ i was devastated when my daughter told me ♪ ♪ then i grew to accept her ♪ then she said mama i want a penis ♪ and i said go get your penis ♪ >> all right. wait. >> that's cher's opera. >> okay. what about lindsay lohan? >> i love -- see, i love lindsay lohan. >> she's cute, nice girl. crazy. >> she's mentioned in the same breath with all those other crazy people because she's actually a very talented actress but has the crazy parents and all that. >> she's saying her father wants
12:46 am
conservatorship over here. isn't she, like, 40? how old is the girl? >> she's young. >> she's too old for her father to have conservativeship over here. >> conservativeship? what the hell does that mean? >> i don't know. >> conservative what? >> he says she should be -- she says he should be behind bars. about her father. she says he -- >> he should be behind bars. no question. you know, he's the reason. it's always the father. >> it's the father. okay. speaking of that, what about -- >> and the mother leaves you in the dust. >> the mother -- >> then you become a comedian and it's all horrible. >> it's never any good. >> look, if you want a close-up, look, it's true. the italians, we do have a little oil coming off of us. >> now, speaking of mothers -- >> mommy. >> -- what about -- what about kate gosselin? >> let me tell you something, joy, i don't care about kate gosselin or her ex-husband, jon, and their 54 kids because i never watched the show.
12:47 am
the first time i heard of these people was on the cover of a magazine. >> he thinks you're hilarious. jon gosselin. >> he does not, you're a lying tramp. you always have been with that door knocker of piece of amber door knocker of piece of amber around your cleavage. it looks like a volcano erupted. it's like, oh, lava! >> i'll put out an amber alert. >> i know, my nipples are missing. look, all i know is that i don't know -- i don't care about him. i don't care about him or her and it was very upsetting. i'm dedicated to the "view" and i was doing your show for years. the fact she was co-hosting is upsetting to me. who is she? where is her talent. >> ratings. called ratings. >> i have one thing to say, i have to lift up my right butt cheek and let some air out. that's all i have to say. >> what the hell are you talking
12:48 am
about? >> don't mind me. >> let's talk about what's his name, levi johnston. >> i love levi johnston because i know he's a big homophobe. the more i say it, he'll want come kill me with a hockey puck. i love you, levi. i can't wait to see you naked. i can't wait to see you naked. "playgirl." >> does he realize mostly gays read that magazine? >> that's what's hilarious. he's going to have hundreds of homosexuals masturbating to him. that's how retarded he is. the dames are going to love me. i'm sure he doesn't say dames, no one says that since 1927. >> what makes you think he doesn't know? >> he doesn't know. he's not an intelligent boy, obviously. come on? >> do you believe him when he says sarah palin used to refer to the down syndrome kid as her retarded kid? hear little retarded kid. he said that she said that. >> yes, i believe everything levi johnston ever said. >> i thought you just said he's a moron.
12:49 am
>> he called me on the phone and said i'm doing this for you, mario. i'm a doing "playgirl for you. did she say that? i don't know. >> why did he have to go report that anyway? >> because he's a moron. with a hot pair of pecs and a big one. >> okay. who else do we want to talk about? let's talk about you. >> me? >> you. >> one of my favorite subjects. me. >> okay. what about you and jerry getting married? >> if it becomes legal in this country -- in this country? in this state. i'm from massachusetts. i could go there. it's not legal here. what's the point? i'm going to go to connecticut and buy a house in greenwich. that's not going to happen. i don't want to do that. when it becomes legal here i will marry him. >> there was a time when you never believed in any kind of marriage, gay marriage or any -- what made you change your mind? >> i'm older now. >> though you look very youthful. >> what do you mean? i'm going to be 50 in december. >> you don't have to tell
12:50 am
everybody. >> everybody knows. you can go on the internet. once you lie you look like an ass because they can go look it up. he's 50. i'm going to be 50 in december. >> i can't believe you're 50. you don't celebrate the relationship. god forbid someone gets sick, something happens, and, you know, i've been with him for, like, 19 years. i mean, this is it. as my mother would say, when she found out my father had another kid or she was cheating, where am i going to go? where am i going to go? >> my mother said the same thing. >> where am i going to go? >> i said, how about around the corner? >> my mother, liz -- liz, why don't you leave him? where am i going to go? i have no place to go. >> we'll have more with mario cantone after this. >> this is the most fun i've had since i don't know.
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
i'm back with one of the men from "sex and the city," mario cantone. i have some questions from the viewers. >> from the viewers? >> yes. >> what would my fans like to know? >> here's what that really baffles me. they say, are you gay? >> that's hilarious. >> yeah. >> no, i love it. i just say this so i can get laid. i wish i was straight sometimes because chicks dig me. >> who would you date? that's another question. if you were straight, who would you date? >> i think -- i -- >> samantha, what's her name? kim cattrall. >> i know her. like, someone, like, alyssa
12:55 am
milano i think is a beautiful girl. yeah, i -- >> you stick with your own kind, italian, right? now, this one says, i wonder how he learned to do liza impersonations. >> i learn to do liza minnelli when i sat with her and had a little dinner with her. >> what does liza think about -- >> like, everything is -- talk to me. >> so, liza -- >> yes. >> are you going to get married again? >> so, i'm doing this musical and it's so terrific. and it takes place in a -- it's so hilarious. we're singing and it's rocking and everybody turns over. pianos crush people. it's terrific. i have a great number. >> they want to know if you can do a wendy williams impression. >> how you doing? no, i really can't. i did her show and i love her. she's tall, though. >> very tall.
12:56 am
she's been on the show. she's very great. who else do you want to do? let's do betty davis for a minute. >> let's do the stages of betty davis. i was watching this weekend, young betty davis. she had a brain tumor in it. she was dying. she was so hyper. she was like, ed, come quickly! they want to operate on my head. look, head, i'm wearing a beanie. they've operated on my head. quick. be my best friend. when i die have champagne and be gay. then she goes up the steps and she's going to die and says, i don't want anybody here. here, doggy, i'm going to die. get the dogs out of here. she lays down and it blurs and she's dead. yeah. so that's the young betty davis. >> when she got older and had a stroke. poor thing. >> the baby jane phase which is, like, are you enjoying yourself? yes, i am, jane. then you're an idiot. you don't eat your lunch, you don't get any din-din.
12:57 am
that's that phase. >> and then -- >> she just kept going. she was like -- on the oscars when she was like, and the winner is -- paul newman! for "hannah and his sisters." >> he wasn't in that. >> exactly. he wasn't in that. but, yeah, it was "the color of money." >> betty davis and liza and judy, those are the gay icons. who are the new young gay icons? >> it's pathetic. >> madonna -- >> she's fine. it's good. >> who else? >> then it goes down hill. lady gaga? go out with that, because she looks like a -- what's with the coconut donut around her head? >> thank you to mario and my guests. thanks for watching. good night, everybody.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight. live to the heartland. a 9-year-old missouri girl has a playdate, walks home, still daylight, only about 1,000 feet. never makes it home. the search for 9-year-old elizabeth olten comes to an end. her body found in a wooded area just houses from her own home. murder suspect tonight in custody. not a registered sex offender or a parolee. it's a 15-year-old girl. we confirm suspect is the big sister of elizabeth's little playmate. bombshell tonight. youtube and twitter uncover a
1:01 am
previously well-hidden dark side to the 15-year-old accused child killer. listed hobby on her youtube profile? "killing and cutting." repeat. "killing and cutting." that's her hobby. this along with freakish video of suspect electrocuting herself and her little brothers on an electric fence. we have the video. >> stunning developments today in the case of 9-year-old elizabeth olten, whose body was found in a heavily wooded area behind her home. social networking sites are allegedly painting a dark portrait of the 15-year-old teen girl accused of murdering elizabeth olten. ♪ >> ah! >> the teen suspect's alleged
1:02 am
youtube profile page lists her hobbies, including cutting and killing people. the youtube page also contains disturbing video allegedly showing the teen girl suspect giving herself shocks from an electrified fence on purpose, for fun. >> she killed for sport. she killed for a thrill. she's a cold-blooded psychopath. no remorse, no guilt. maybe she's watched one too many "slasher" films and says that's the kind of thing i want to do because that will give me the fun, which i don't get out of normal teen activities. >> she will remain at the youth detention center until the hearing that will determine if she'll be tried as an adult or not. and breaking news. live, ohio. cops raid the home of convicted rapist back on the streets. accused of yet another sex attack. once inside his three-story cleveland home seasoned detectives stunned to find women's bodies hidden throughout the home. bodies on every floor of the home. even stuffed in the crawl spaces. unsuspecting neighbors in shock
1:03 am
over a killer living amongst them. >> right now six bodies recovered from a house of horror. the stench of death so strong, neighbors gagged whenever they went past this house. now we're finding out the guy who lives there is a convicted rapist. why didn't anyone notice? >> we've taken a confirmed three bodies out of the home. we've now with the assistance of the coroner's office removed what we believe are the remains of three additional victims. >> 50-year-old suspect, his name is anthony sowell, he served 15 years for rape before moving into that house in 2005. >> police found the bodies during an investigation into separate rape allegations. a woman said he attacked her in that house september 22nd. >> what investigators did was they called in the coroner's office. the coroner brought in a cadaver dog. the cadaver dog was able to go through the residence and to be able to find bodies in the crawl space and shallow graves outside the home and also just laying about. >> the coroner says it could take days, even weeks to i.d. the bodies.
1:04 am
at least five of them were apparently strangled. and the sixth body is too decomposed to make a determination. >> bodies may have been there for weeks, months, possibly years. >> what we're seeing is these men that are on the sexual registry are continuing to abuse. i mean, this is a violent rapist. and he clearly is a sociopathic serial killer. also tonight, live, the florida panhandle, a newborn baby girl vanishes without a trace from her own home, halloween. tonight, who took baby shannon? >> investigators in the >> investigators in the panhandle of florida need your help. they're looking for a 7-month-old girl who disappeared and may be in danger. >> breaking news.
1:05 am
a florida missing child alert has been activated for 7-month-old baby girl shannon lea dedrick. police say shannon is believed to have gone missing between 3:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. saturday. shannon's parents say she was taken from their own home. >> sheriffs said nothing indicates she was abducted. but he also said she quote, didn't crawl or walk away. >> volunteers have come out to assist police. they've gone through, scoured wooded areas, cold through dumpsters. they've looked behind buildings, they've done everything to try to find this child. and unfortunately, she's not been found. >> investigators attack the immediate area with search teams and canine units, finding nothing. searches continue. just how did a 7-month-old baby girl simply disappear? good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a 9-year-old missouri girl has a play date, walks home, still daylight, only about 1,000 feet. she never makes it home. tonight, the search for
1:06 am
9-year-old elizabeth comes to an end. her body found in a wooded area just houses away from her own home. murder suspect in custody. it's a 15-year-old girl. bombshell tonight. youtube and twitter uncover a previously well-hidden dark side to the 15-year-old accused child killer. listed hobby on her youtube profile? her hobbies are killing and cutting. >> new details emerge in the case of 9-year-old elizabeth olten, found murdered after vanishing while walking a quarter mile home from a friend's house. >> the olten family knows this 15-year-old girl. >> the children played together. yes. >> her youtube profile and twitter page giving insight into the mind of the 15-year-old female murder suspect. a youtube page, allegedly from the 15-year-old female suspect, show her hobbies, including killing people and cutting. not only that, but a twitter page allegedly from the teen
1:07 am
girl suspect contains disturbing quotes, including discussions of addiction and terrors. >> this is somebody who has an anti-social personality. she's not normal. she wouldn't go ahead and do the kinds of things you that think a teenager would be doing. >> will this 15-year-old girl face adult trial on an adult trial on an adult crime? that crime, allegedly premeditated, planned malice murder of this 9-year-old little girl. her little sister's playmate. straight out to ladd egan, news director with krcg. ladd, i'm stunned that i -- we have to find out more about this girl through youtube and twitter? what do we learn, ladd? >> well, nancy, the blogosphere is quite ahead of what the media's actually reporting just in what is being blogged about. and people came across her
1:08 am
twitter page and also her youtube page. and twitter, it's now all been erased. maybe her attorney or her family was able to log in and erase those. but before they were erased -- >> guess what, ladd? i got it. i've got the twitter and the youtube and let me tell you, it's sick, weird, and twisted. go ahead. >> yes. and as well, we were able to print it out before it was deleted. now, she only tweeted around 13 times, and they, you know, cite some poets but also you could describe it as dark. she discusses addiction, terrors. she says she feels like she's in a cage and buried. but nothing -- you know, determining what is actually normal for teens, but it is definitely -- >> what is normal for teens? are you kidding me? what is normal for teens? describing as -- yourself as being buried in flesh above
1:09 am
ground? i'm not a shrink. i'm not an m.d. i'm just a j.d. but i can tell you this much, ladd egan. that's not normal. let's unleash the lawyers. joining us tonight, veteran prosecutor specializing in crimes on women and children, has prosecuted many death penalty cases, eleanor odom out of the atlanta jurisdiction. also out of atlanta, defense attorney peter odom. out of new york, defense attorney renowned in his jurisdiction, alex sanchez. okay. eleanor, give me best-case scenario. as a prosecutor, could i get this into evidence? this 15-year-old girl, if she's going to be treated like an adult, and we learned today that that decision will be held in open court, that's right, we'll be able to get into the courtroom and see what this girl is all about. can i get in the youtube and twitter if i can establish she actually posted it? eleanor? >> yes, you can, nancy. that's a simple evidentiary issue.
1:10 am
you can get it in. it shows her state of mind. i think it's great for the prosecution. >> okay. peter odom, how do you plan if you're the defense attorney to keep this out? her hobbies are killing and cutting people. >> well, first of all, we want to see the whole thing, but we can't use this -- >> we want to see everything. not just little snippets that paint her as a bad person. >> be careful what you ask for. you will surely get it. i can't even report it all on air. okay? i've got it all right here. i can't report it all on air. >> what's not allowed is to try and just portray her as a bad person. if it's relevant to -- >> but what if that's what it shows? >> if that's what it shows, it's not admissible for that purpose. it's only admissible to show potentially her purpose if she's charged with first-degree murder but not just to portray her as a sick individual. >> alex sanchez, what about video that we have? let's show that, rosie. of her electrocuting not only herself but her little brothers on an electrical fence.
1:11 am
this is from youtube. go ahead, alex. >> this may surprise you, nancy, but all this information you're talking about may actually be more helpful to the defense than it is to the prosecution. because if there's any type of mental defect defense then you're going to want to introduce this type of evidence before the jury, to establish that she's a very disturbed, seriously sick individual and should not be held accountable to the same degree as somebody else. >> okay. to you, cheryl mccollum, crime analyst, director of cold case squad pine lake pd. cheryl, you're seeing this video that she apparently set to music where she electrocutes not only herself but her little brothers. >> right. >> rosie, let's show some of the killers of the past. you know, if you take a look at many serial killers, you find out that they tortured other people, they tortured animals. >> right. >> and here you have her putting
1:12 am
her little brothers on an electric fence. >> yeah. bottom line, if this is how they play, i want to see how they fight. >> everybody, we are taking your calls live. out to sharon in alabama. hi, sharon. >> caller: hi, nancy. i've had a problem bothering me from the first time i heard this case. i've heard of many a time on your show that it's so hard to move a dead body. and i'm just having a hard time picturing the 15-year-old girl getting little elizabeth out of the house and taking her that far without some help. >> that's a good question. rupa mikkilineni, exactly how far was the burial spot or the hiding spot of the body from the home? >> it was only a few hundred feet, nancy. but still, for a 15-year-old girl to carry another girl, 9-year-old girl that far, is pretty difficult to imagine. one theory that we're hearing is that maybe she lured the girl into the woods. >> so maybe that is actually the murder scene as well.
1:13 am
good point, rupa. we'll all be back live taking your calls. as we go to break, send us your favorite family photos for our upcoming n.g. family album. go to and, everybody, at your request, here are the halloween photos of the twins. here's little lucy as a pirate and john david as a fireman. and he's holding his little dalmatian dog. he had a fire hat that went with it. we don't know what happened to that. but they happily terrorized the neighbors with lots of tricks on halloween night.
1:14 am
1:15 am
1:16 am
1:17 am
♪ ah! >> the teen girl suspect's alleged youtube profile page lists her hobbies, including cutting and killing people. several messages from what was allegedly the teen's twitter page discusses topics such as addiction and terrors. those alleged messages have since been erased from the website. >> a 15-year-old committed the
1:18 am
offense of murder in the first degree. >> if this crime is premeditated, she's going to be doing some adult time. >> have you ever had somebody go in and just reach inside you and pull your heart out? that's what it's like. >> there is no way this juvenile will get a fair trial in this city, county, state. i don't know where my client would get a fair trial once this name is released. and the facts of the case are released. >> b.s. even o.j. simpson got a fair trial and was acquitted in double murder. don't crank up that same old verse, second verse same as the first, we can't get a fair trial. this case is highly disturbing. a beautiful 9-year-old little girl in her own neighborhood goes to a playmate's house. she is murdered. never makes it home the 1,000 feet. broad daylight. behind bars, awaiting trial, not some convicted killer. not a sex offender. not an escapee or parolee.
1:19 am
a 15-year-old girl. and tonight, her postings on youtube and twitter reveal a previously hidden dark side. we are taking your calls. to ann marie, illinois. hi, ann marie. >> caller: hi, nancy. the twins are growing up so much, and i want to -- >> can you believe it? >> caller: it's crazy. "the eleventh victim" is fabulous, and everybody needs to go buy that book. >> they're turning 2 on wednesday. >> caller: didn't close it. it was fabulous. nancy, my question is this. with the twitter page and the youtube video people that potentially followed her on twitter, did anybody not find this alarming and maybe tell their parents --
1:20 am
>> good question. pat brown, criminal profiler, what about ann marie in illinois' question? if i saw something like that on youtube or twitter, i would find it very disturbing. if i knew it was a minor, i would try to contact their family. >> well, i think ann marie's got a good point. what she's pointing out is we have a very disturbing teenage culture going on here. there's an anti-death culture where people are going on the net, looking at gore, looking at "slasher" films, going out to see "saw." when i was a teenager i saw "mary poppins," "romeo & juliet." but these kids are not seeing that, they're seeing a lot of gore and violence and getting obsessed with it. now, that doesn't make a non-psychopath do something like this, but it does take a psychopathic person lean toward violence get justification and say isn't that cool? and she gets really into it and nobody calls her on it and -- >> it's almost like she's bragging about it on youtube and twitter. >> absolutely. >> everybody, we're taking your calls live. this 15-year-old will be in court in a couple of days to determine whether she will be treated as an adult on this murder charge. everybody, as you know, november, national alzheimer's awareness month. over 5 million in the u.s. live with it. the seventh leading cause of death in the u.s.
1:21 am
it's a brain disease, progressive, fatal, no cure. warning signs, confusion, memory loss, misplacing things, changes in mood and personality. early diagnosis crucial. for more information go to
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1:24 am
the sheriff said that they received a handwritten note, and he wouldn't elaborate on if someone brought it to them or if they found it. and he said that note led them
1:25 am
to find this juvenile and then it was that juvenile who led them to the body out in the woods. they even said they went over this area twice and didn't come across the body until this juvenile -- >> straight out to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer. ellie, what can you tell me about the upcoming court date? will the cameras be open? typically with juveniles closed courtroom. >> right. well, this is the certification hearing. this juvenile will be certified for trial as an adult if the judge decides to do so. now, the judge has ordered that that hearing will be open to the public. however, he has prohibited either video or still cameras from that hearing. >> now, ellie, we talked about this earlier. the supreme court had a recent -- well, in the last five years, i believe, ruling that no longer in this country in any jurisdiction if you're under 18 are you death penalty eligible. now, in missouri, as i recall, it's a choice between gas chamber and lethal injection. >> that's right.
1:26 am
>> that's quite a choice. but she won't face that, even if convicted. now, ellie, try to boil it down for me. if a juvenile is treated as an adult, if she gets life without parole, is there a chance when she turns 21 that she could walk free? yes/no? >> there is a chance, yes. >> okay. jeff gardere, psychologist, author of "love prescription," jeff, we need a shrink. weigh in. she's 15. have you seen these youtube and twitter sightings, her hobbies are cutting and killing? help me, jeff. >> yeah, i think when we look at this issue of cutting and killing i think perhaps she is probably cutting herself, killing animals. these are all of what we see being a sociopath or even a psychopath. i would say that something has happened. now, she's not the victim here. the real victim is elizabeth olten. but i would think -- >> the only victim -- >> right. >> -- is elizabeth. >> but something has happened to this young girl.
1:27 am
we need to know more about her family. >> why? unless she is certifiably and legally insane, why do i care? are you trying to somehow create a defense for her? >> because she's a product of her environment. >> so? >> we need to find out where it comes from. >> but why? why do i need to know that, eleanor? >> you don't need to know that. all we need to know is she did it and she needs to suffer the consequences.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
grieving families are now joining cops outside a convicted rapist's home in cleveland, ohio. police say they could smell death just 15 feet from the door. six bodies scattered all over the home. >> the coroner says it could take days, possibly weeks to identify the bodies. at least five of them apparently were strangled. the sixth body is too decomposed to know how that person was killed. >> the 50-year-old suspect, anthony sowell, he served 15 years for rape before moving into the house in 2005. >> according to investigators, he was actually walking down the street when he was looking
1:31 am
rather suspicious. he was wrapped sort of in a hood, and there was a gentleman who was driving by and noticed him. >> he looked at me real hard. and i had a chance, you know, to look at him real hard. i said that look like the dude that the police is looking for. >> once a violent sex offender, serial murderer, you know, he's not going to stop. so we have to look everywhere. six bodies in his own home. and here's somebody that would go on doing this from here to eternity in unchecked. >> i don't believe these individuals can be rehabilitated at all. i mean, i think we need to wake up as a society and they need to be put away for life. >> in the last half hour the suspect has been arrested in the fourth district and has been confirmed. a citizen came into the 4th district police station, stated that they saw the suspect on a street called manor. zone car responded to the area, located the suspect on mount vernon, placed him under arrest without any problems.
1:32 am
he was taken into the district, fingerprinted and identified, and stated that he was the suspect. >> this man was living in his three-story home with multiple dead bodies. seasoned detectives go in, and they're going in -- he's a convicted rapist. they go in to arrest him on another rape that he allegedly did after he got out of his 15 years behind bars, and they find -- instead of finding him there, they find half a dozen, at least, dead bodies. dead bodies on every level of the home including stuffed in the crawl space. my prediction? there will be more. out to ken robinson with wtam 1100. ken, what happened? >> well, anthony sowell, a known sex offender who spent 15 years in prison, he was released in 2005, he served the maximum
1:33 am
amount of time -- >> whoa. whoa. mr. robinson, hold on. >> yes. >> the man gets out in 2005. >> that's right. >> and in that space of time we already have half a dozen dead women in his home that we know of? and i'm predicting there's going to be more. he's done all that since 2005? >> since 2005. we're not sure when the alleged killing spree actually started. but he's been out of prison since 2005. he served his time. he served his maximum time -- >> that's four years. >> mm-hmm. >> in four years we've got at least six dead bodies. and once they start excavating that back yard, ken robinson, the lord in heaven only knows what we're going to find. i didn't mean to interrupt you. go ahead, ken. >> well, i was just going to jump in and say today cleveland police started going -- searching abandoned homes. this is a very depressed area. there's a lot of abandoned homes in the area.
1:34 am
they started going inside homes, looking to see if the suspect left any evidence there or any other bodies there. so this probe may be expanding. >> with me ken robinson from cleveland, joining us from wtam 1100 a.m. lieutenant thomas stacho joining us, special guest joining us from cleveland. he is the p.i.o. with the cleveland police department. lieutenant, thank you for being with us. do we have any idea, lieutenant, who are these victims? >> well, we're working right now with the county coroner's office to identify the victims. we've asked people in the community to come forward with any information on missing persons. we've dedicated a number of our detectives at the fort district about a mile from where these bodies were found to take reports of missing persons. we're asking the public to come forward with identifying information, photos,
1:35 am
biographical information. our detectives are interviewing those people and turning over our findings to the coroner's office. >> and i disagree with that banner you're seeing on the lower third. six missing women found dead. there's going to be more. there are going to be more than six women. out to ellie jostad, joining us. what was his m.o. that we know of? because in this case we actually have victims who lived to tell the tale, the women that he raped in the past and the woman he allegedly raped in september, which leads me to another question, ellie. he rapes her allegedly in september. why are police just going into his home in november? >> yeah. we don't know the answer to that question, nancy. but what we do know is that rape he was convicted of, this 1990 rape, the m.o. there, he lures this 21-year-old woman into his house to have a drink with him. she says that after they're in there he becomes angry, he punches her in the face, he begins strangling her with a cord.
1:36 am
he rapes her. now, she managed to get away. there's another woman in the september rape who describes a very similar m.o. she runs into him on the street, he invites her to come drink with him. she says no, thank you. he punches her then, drags her back to the house. same thing, strangles and then allegedly rapes her. >> with me tonight, dr. howard oliver, joining us out of l.a. former deputy medical examiner, forensic pathologist. dr. oliver, thank you for being with us. doctor, assuming -- let's just assume the worst-case scenario that these bodies have been degenerating for the past four years. now, i don't believe that because there's a stench and if they were that long dead the stench would be gone by now. i'm guessing. but let's just say they're four years old. i've had a case -- i've had cases where bodies had been found a couple years later, and
1:37 am
we had to use an artist reconstructionist to try and show the jury what the victim would have looked like in life. if these women have been dead four years, can we get a facial i.d. on them? is that possible? >> yes, it's definitely possible. most of the information you'd get with a body that deteriorated and that old would come from a forensic anthropologist, but you could, using anthropology, get a pretty good idea of what this person looked like. the stench would be gone. >> you're taking a look at some notorious serial killers. jeff dahmer. there you're seeing john wayne gacy, the clown killer. there's dahmer. there's ed gein. aileen wuornos. gein was infamous. wuornos killed a dozen men. then you've got the btk. the guy that worked at the dog pound. ted bundy of course the smooth-talking handsome killer. there's david berkowitz. they all have a lot of things in common. and this guy we're talking about tonight fits into that category.
1:38 am
out to the lines. rebecca in louisiana. hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: well, i want to know what is it that they didn't have him on parole or anything, they just let him go? >> good question. and hello to all of our cajun friends joining us tonight. back to ken robinson, wtam 1100. why was he out walking the street -- it's my understanding that law enforcement had been to his home to check up on him many times but they didn't have a warrant to go in. couldn't they smell what was inside? >> i guess there's two parts to that. two answers to that question. number one, he was out -- >> six dead women. >> six dead women. he was out because he served his 15 years and police could not go inside his home without a warrant, you know, for arrest or a warrant to search. so he complied with all the requirements that he was
1:39 am
required to do, register as a sexual offender, notify police every 90 days of his whereabouts and police would come and check on him, and, yes, he would be at his home. >> well, there goes his insanity defense he could scrupulously adhere to the rules given to him. everybody, we're taking your calls live. seasoned detectives go into a three-story home, cleveland area, to find at least six dead bodies, all women. and we are predicting more. one of the most prolific serial killers of our times. very quickly to tonight's safety tips. you and your children, easy targets, shopping at grocery stores, strip malls, and malls. here are tips to avoid being targets. keep your eye on your children at all times, number one. don't leave them unattended in shopping carts, even just to go to the next aisle. be mindful of your pocketbook. don't leave it open. don't carry large amounts of cash. stay focused. stay off your cell phone. i know it's tempting. but it is a distraction. carry self-defense products like pepper spray. try your best to shop in
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daylight hours. i know that's hard. remember where you parked. even if you have to write it down on your parking ticket or on your checkbook like i have to do. and have your keys out when you go back to your car. children should know how to alert an employee or store security if they get separated from you. for more information go to
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a 7-month-old baby girl is missing, and her parents say she vanished from her own home. police desperately searching for shannon lea dedrick. a florida child missing alert initiated. local, county, and state investigators converge on the scene. breaking news. just moments ago cops say they've identified a person of interest but won't reveal who. why? reports the parents' home still sealed by deputies looking for valuable evidence. >> investigators in the panhandle of florida need your help. they're looking for a 7-month-old girl who disappeared and may be in danger. the washington county sheriff's department says shannon lea dedrick vanished from her home on saturday and a statewide alert was issued late yesterday. her parents reported her missing. the sheriff said nothing indicates she was abducted. but he also said she, quote,
1:44 am
didn't crawl or walk away. the girl is two feet tall, weighs 11 pounds and has brown hair and, as you can see, blue eyes. >> the child obviously did not walk or crawl out of the home. that's why i don't understand why the police are saying there's no foul play. you have a 7-month-old baby lying there asleep in the home. this is on halloween. now she's gone. look at this little baby. joining us, jay felsberg, managing editor "washington county news," joining us from florida. jay, what happened? >> well, as near as we can tell, from the amount of information that the sheriff's office has has released, the parents woke up at about 11:00 on saturday morning. and found the baby missing. by 11:23 they had contacted law
1:45 am
enforcement, which in this case was the washington county sheriff's office. the home they live in is on brown street, and just outside the city limits of chipley. so it came under county jurisdiction. >> hold on. jay, let me stop you right there. with me, jay felsberg, "washington county news." have the participants taken polygraphs? >> not that i'm aware of. the -- >> jay, was there -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> that question was asked at a press conference this afternoon, and the sheriff declined to comment on the details of the investigation. >> okay. i don't like it. number two, was there any forced entry on the home? door, window, anything pried open? any marks, even? >> again, nothing was released at the press conference. i've gone out to the house. i didn't see any signs of forced entry personally. >> have the parents, jay felsberg, made any public pleas for the return of their little girl? >> none whatsoever. the sheriff said at the press conference he was acting as their agent and requesting assistance on their behalf. >> have they been on the press at all? >> no. >> what more can you tell me, jay? >> well, at the present time
1:46 am
there's over 70 volunteers, officers and firefighters searching. they'll probably cut it off at dusk. they'll be resuming it again in the morning. they started out in an area right behind the house, a wood area. and they have continued to expand the search. so far no signs of anything. nothing really found by the special scent dogs or other search dogs or other searchers. >> jay, it doesn't look good at all. >> no, it does not. >> jay felsberg joining me. clark goldband, what can you tell me? >> investigators have a broad timeline they're working with here and it's because according to reports the parents went to sleep around 3:00 a.m. and didn't wake up until about 11:00 a.m. when they called law enforcement. it's about an eight-hour time window and it's not exactly clear when shannon was taken. >> wait a minute, they're trying to tell me that a 7-month-old baby sleeps through the night? right, clark? that's directed to you.
1:47 am
i know you don't have any children, clark, but that's their story? they didn't wake up all night long? now i'm really having a hard time with this. >> according to reports, they woke up 11:00 a.m., noticed the child was gone, and called the cops. >> why were they awake at 3:00 a.m.? what were they doing at 3:00 a.m.? >> we don't know. >> what do you know, jay felsberg, why were they up at 3:00 a.m.? >> that's a good question. and once again, that information has not been released. and there were a number of questions asked at the news conference. sheriff haddock was very circumspect about providing any details of the investigation because he says basically because it's under way. >> jay, do they have -- does the little girl have any siblings? shannon lea dedrick. 7 months. she's only 11 pounds. look at her. any siblings? >> not that we're aware of. >> so this is the only baby in the home? is this the mother's first baby? >> correct. >> we're taking your calls live. out to laurie in new york. hi, laurie. >> caller: hi, nancy. hi, eleanor. it's nice to see you back. >> you know, let's take a look
1:48 am
at eleanor right now, everybody. eleanor odom is back with us. just a very few brief days after her marriage, beautiful, beautiful marriage. she feels bad when she's working out in the morning, goes to have her heart checked out, does a stress test. they don't let her go home. she has just survived open heart surgery. and you look great. >> thank you. thanks, everyone, for your prayers. >> okay, laurie. what's your question, dear? >> caller: i have a question in two parts. the baby, does it -- does she have any health problems? i know she's 7 months, but only 11 pounds. and has the cops tested to see if any of the parents are having extramarital affairs and maybe they can be suspects as well? >> good question, lori in new york. i'm trying to think back. little lucy was born at only two pounds. and i can't remember how long it took her to get to 11 pounds. clark goldband, what do we know?
1:49 am
>> an aunt has spoken out in the press, nancy, saying that in fact shannon has a larger than average head size and this is something her mom apparently passed down to her. so the aunt is saying that it will be quite -- >> she doesn't look unusual to me. just looks like a regular baby to me. all babies' heads look big, clark. >> well, this is what the aunt has said in press reports. and the aunt is also saying that this should make it easier to identify her if you see shannon. >> she looks like a little angel. okay. to the lawyers. eleanor odom, peter odom, alex sanchez. alex, weigh in. what do you i? >> before you mentioned that you didn't think the police mentioned that there was no foul play. i think they are alleging foul play. they seem to be pointing fingers directly at the parents because if you say the kid did not get up and walk away by himself and that there was no evidence of anybody breaking in, what are you saying? so i think they're focusing their attention on the parents. >> i'm saying the facts that i know. peter odom, weigh in. >> well, let me tell you, nancy, the police are being very circumspect about this but they're probably letting the parents lay low and maybe seeing
1:50 am
if they'll make a wrong move. it's a common investigative technique. >> eleanor? >> i would actually agree with that, nancy, and i think it's real important to look at the people who are closest to the child first. the parents who, whoever had access. >> quick break and we are taking your calls. happy birthday to a mom of a 15-month-old baby girl and loves going to church and wants to be a correctional officer. happy birthday, beautiful. happy 70th to twin sisters emily and eileen. eileen was a flight nurse for 20 years including vietnam. she loves antiques, her twin, emily, the first female commercial airline pilot and captain in the country. they are best friends and after years apart love living near each other. happy birthday, emily and eileen. thank you, verizon for supporting the atlanta victim
1:51 am
and witness assistance program. supporting victims in every way as they make a traumatic and painful journey in the judicial system. the program established in atlanta when i was a prosecutor and still going strong. verizon, thank you.
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1:54 am
an intense search right now for a 7-month-old baby. little shannon beat rick was reported missing halloween day by her parents, but it doesn't appear to be a kidnapping. >> we are appealing to the public in this area, if they have seen any suspicious activity or someone is carrying a baby, they would give us a call. >> welcome back. this 7 month old baby allegedly taken out of the home. although police are saying no foul play. denise in alabama, hi.
1:55 am
>> caller: i love your show. >> thank you for calling, dear. what was your question? >> caller: there was no forced entry in the house? >> not that we know of. go ahead with your question. >> caller: the parents went to bed at 3:00? what time did they put the baby down? >> mine are almost 2 and they are both up saying let's play. clark, it's not fitting together for me. this is a cursory hearing of the story. we are just getting into it. they go to bet at 3:00 a.m. and even if they were awake until 3:00 with the baby, i never know of a baby that would sleep until 11:00 or 11:30. babies don't sleep in. >> these are the questions we have been asking. law enforcement is tight-lipped and there have been reports mom was down at the police station talking with them voluntarily. >> 30 seconds left.
1:56 am
why are police being so tight-lipped? >> that's a good question. i don't know what kind of evidence they have. once again they have been circumspect about releasing it. at the moment i wouldn't care to speculate, but they are conducting an intense investigation. >> shannon beat rick, 2 feet tall and 11 pounds. let's stop and remember navy s.e.a.l. lieutenant michael murphy from new york. a penn state grad and turned down law schools to enlist. awarded purple heart and the country's highest award. lost his life under heavy fire. shot twice and crawled on to radio hq for help. loved hockey, reading, book gates of fire. leaves his parents and brother john. michael murphy, american hero. thanks to our guest and especially to you for being with us. become back, eleanor. see you tomorrow night 8:00
1:57 am
sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. i'm brooke anderson. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. jon gosselin's public apology to kate. a rabbi side by side with jon right here. a disturbing new anna nicole caught on tape shocker. anna nicole smith mistaking her pregnancy for gas. we start at the top of the hour here on hln.
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