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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 6, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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sirens, babies crying, sirens followed by warnings to take cover, families at the world's largest military facility in danger from a gunman who was allegedly one of their own, killing 13 in a shocking shooting spree. that is where we start this hour on "morning express" and we continue to get more details. just learning here the name of one of the 13 people who died in the shooting rampage at fort hood, cheryl pearson tells the "chicago tribune" her son
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private first class michael pearson was killed in that attack and she says he was 21 and joined the army more than a year ago. she also says army officials told her her son was shot three times and later died at the hospital. we're also getting new video of investigators poring over the crime scene last night. one military official explained how the alleged shooter, major nidal hasan, could have brought two loaded hand guns into a crowded building. >> you know, soldiers like citizens are allowed to maintain privately owned weapons and purchase them and use them for hunting and target shoosing. we're looking into, in this case, whether it was registered on the post, which would be a requirement for him to do so, but random checks are done on vehicles in and out of the gate and in this case he could have brought it onto the installation. >> military officials say major hasan is alive and in stable condition right now. earlier reports said he was dead. during this morning's news
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conference they blamed the chaos at the crime scene for the mixup. two moms say they do not take it for granted that their daughters survived this. >> my prayers are with the families that, you know, lost loved ones. and that i'm praying for them. and i know that, you know, my daughter's okay but there are a lot of families that don't have their child tonight, their spouse or, you know, and my heart goes out to them. >> i'm sure the parents that won't ever have that call again will have that feeling that i would have, though. they know that their child was doing something for their country and they're very proud of them. the hurt would still be there but they'd be able to be very proud. >> we're also learning major hasan's family says he had been trying to get out of the military since 2001. he had said he was taunted about
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being muslim. hasan also reportedly said he did not want to be deployed because he would have to fight fellow muslims. fort hood's commander says major hasan had options. >> there is such a thing as a valid conscientious objector status but i would point out there are many american muslims who serve our armed forces very honorably both in iraq and afghanistan, so i think there is a mechanism there to identify those who are, in fact, conscientious objectors. >> several muslim groups have condemned the fort hood shooting. the islamic information center for instance saying, quote, the individuals who perpetrated this attack blatantly acted against the teachings of islam and humanity. all right. we will of course be following this story. the owner of a convenience store near fort hood says major hasan stopped there often and in just a little bit you'll hear what the owner says about hasan and see more of the video obtained exclusively by cnn which the owner says shows him on some of his visits.
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we also have a live report coming up in the next half an hour. so stay with us as we continue to follow the developments in that story this hour. also coming out in just the last hour or two this morning new unemployment numbers hit the double digit mark. the october unemployment rate now 10.2%. melissa, when you look at this number, is it just a number or should we be worried? >> well, you know, it depends on who you ask of course. a lot of people are saying this does affect the psyche when you get above that threshold of 10%. it is a number that is much higher than what many analysts expected. they were expecting maybe 9.9% but now it has reached 10.2%. first time since 1983 we have seen the figure at this point. employers cutting 190,000 jobs last month. it was expected to be 175,000. this is a graph that shows improvement for those losing their jobs when you compare january of this year, february of this year, the spring months and then the past month of october. these numbers, however, keep in mind they may not reflect people out of work today. some people are just no longer
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eligible for benefits. some people get discouraged and give up their job search. also when you look at unemployment figures remember it is considered a lagging indicator when you look at the larger economy. job losses start when the economy is already in a bind, when we're already in a recession and then as you see the economy slowly improve, you have employers that are slow to hire. richard? >> so i guess we'll have to wait to see how the markets react to this. it could be bad. and of course as you were saying just tough for so many people across the country. >> this was such an important report that was due out today as well so it will be weighing on investors' minds today. of course all the people that find themselves out of work today as well. >> okay. thanks a lot, melissa. all right. we just learned from nato forces today that two of its soldiers have been missing in afghanistan since wednesday. we don't know the soldiers' identities or if they're from the u.s. but their families are being kept up to date on the ongoing search for them, nato saying the soldiers disappeared on a routine resupply mission in the western part of the country. we're following that story for you. now to the mothers or the mother, rather, of one of the boys accused of setting a teenager on fire has now
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apologized to the child's family. sherry jarvis saying she was praying for michael brewer's recovery. >> we'd like to express how horribly sorry we are. this is a horrible incident that should have never have occurred and we pray for michael's recovery every day. >> the five kids accused of setting 15-year-old brewer on fire are facing several charges but prosecutors have been granted more time to build their cases. brewer is still clinging to life in a hospital burn unit. a mistrust of police could be slowing the process of identifying 11 bodies found in a sex offender's home. coroners in cleveland have now identified three women but they need more families to come forward with dna samples. coroners are reassuring them at the moment the samples will not be turned over to police. suspect anthony sowell is being held without bond. his charges include five counts of murder. a house vote is set for tomorrow morning. a rare saturday meeting here on a $1.1 trillion overhaul of your
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health care. democrats trying to line up enough votes to secure passage got a boost late yesterday when both the aarp and the american medical association endorsed the legislation. republicans meanwhile rallied with tea party movement protestors on capitol hill signaling continued solid opposition. so, bob, they will be working over the weekend. not common for them. >> nope. >> and the folks in the northwest will be staying at home i'm guessing. >> i think so. it's a tough commute right now. specifically out of san francisco. big delay at the airport there. i'll tell you about it in a second. look what's happening. here's your cold front. it drives right through washington state, oregon, and towards northern california. behind it you can see the cloud cover. you can see the shape there, distinctive and in fact when you see kind of puffy, white cumulus clouds over the water you notice cold air there. that cold air is rocketing into the pacific northwest under the clouds. it's all commencing as rain in the valleys, snow in the higher elevations. 3,000 feet. that's it. that includes the cascades and olympic mountains of washington
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state. here's the northern california radar right out of eugene or out of eureka with the rain showers there. eugene, oregon getting rain showers. same in portland. it's been heavy at times there as well. about an inch, maybe 1.5 inch of rain over the last 36 hours. the rain continues to spill in through western washington state, through seattle. see a nice little downpour over the city itself and then get back toward spokane and it's liten ing up a bit but more rain this afternoon. an upper level low throwing light rain and cloud cover right around san diego. a morning event. by this afternoon it's okay. right about tropical depression ida? might turn back into a tropical storm and head to the gulf. we'll have full details in a bit, richard. >> and the east okay for us? >> just a windy day in the northeast. delays at the airports there, as well. we'll have the full airport delay list in about what, 15 minutes. >> thanks a lot. the owner of a convenience store near fort hood says he often talked with the alleged shooter and we have more exclusive video of the suspect hours before the attack.
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we are keeping you up to date on the breaking story out of fort hood, military officials saying they believe major nidal hasan acted alone in the shooting rampage that killed 13 people, injuring 30. here's what we know about hasan. the 39-year-old is of jordanian descent but was born in virginia. he graduated from virginia tech and was also licensed to practice psychiatry in that state. hasan used to work at walter reed army medical center as well but recently received orders to deploy to afghanistan. the owner of a convenience store in fort hood is saying the man he knew as major nidal we were just describing to you came in for coffee and hash browns regularly. he released this exclusive video to our sister network cnn and he says it shows hasan just hours before the shooting. the store owner told a cnn producer hasan often chatted with him when he stopped in. >> it was one exchange which really stuck out in his mind. this was a regular customer but
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about a week ago he estimates it was he came in and seemed to want to talk. he knew the store owner had been overseas and was also former military and he expressed to him specifically that day he was worried about his upcoming deployment and expressed that he had a problem against -- judging it a religious conflict but as a fellow muslim and someone was faith he had a problem with having, perhaps, the opportunity in the future to have to shoot or kill other injure or fight several muslims and that was something that was weighing heavily on him. >> as we were watching that video, there was actually a moment where it appeared if that were to be hasan that he was smiling. of course, this is what we are hearing. army officials say hasan is currently hospitalized on a ventilator. we're going to get back to that story. we have another story, the two northwest airline pilots who overshot minneapolis by 150 miles might be trying to get back in the cockpit. this is video of one of them. the ntsb saying they appealed the faa's decision last week to
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revoke their licenses. the faa says they put their passengers in serious danger. the pilots have said they got distracted doing cruise scheduling on their lap tops. emergency help for nearly 2 million out of work americans is on the way. president obama will sign a bill today extending jobless benefits up to 20 additional weeks. let's get over to melissa long. we're talking about extending benefits up to 79 weeks total and based on the numbers that just came out today this could be good news. >> yes. we have an unemployment rate standing at 10.2%, one of the big stories of the morning. we haven't seen a rate like this since 1983. so you're right, richard. today's bill does extend jobless benefits to a lot of people in need and adds an additional 14 weeks. people in states with unemployment higher than 8.5% will get an additional six weeks of benefits. meantime the bill president obama signs today may also boost the u.s. housing market because it is going to extend that
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$8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit past the end of this month now to june 30th. it also creates a $6500 credit for current homeowners to buy a new home if they've lived in their current home for at least five years and they get it passed through the senate and house this week. it is on the president's desk this morning. also the bill could allow some businesses to turn their losses into cash. this bill lets all businesses apply losses from either '08 or '09 to any five years before 2008 so they can get an irs refund on the taxes they have paid. two big exceptions however. first, no business that took the bailout rescue funds, t.a.r.p., the troubled asset relief program funds from the government, they're not eligible for the tax break. also, any refunds for taxes in the fifth year would be reduced by half. again, this is something businesses have really been angling for throughout the recession. this is a long time in coming for them. >> critics are saying, hey, this is billions of dollars we don't have and we're spending it again. >> yes. a lot of people concerned obviously about just where all the money is coming from. >> great stuff. thanks, melissa. back to the story we've been
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following for you today out of fort hood and the deadly shooting rampage there yesterday. were the stresses of war hitting the post especially hard? it is not the first time there's been trouble there. plus, why police say the nearly 1,000 pieces of stolen luggage they found in a home may never get back in the right hands.
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more on the story out of fort hood. we're learning more this morning. one civilian, 12 soldiers died in yesterday's tragic shooting rampage. allegedly carried out by a fellow soldier. according to the "the washington post" fort hood has had the highest number of suicides of any army installation since the 2003 invasion of iraq. the post is home to a program
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that specializes in treating soldiers for post traumatic stress disorder and the is suspected shooter is a licensed psychiatrist and may have treated soldiers for this before at walter reed. more on that story. a texas jury now has convicted a polygamist leader in the first criminal trial linked to the raid on the yearning for zion ranch last year. raymond jessup was found guilty of sexual assault stemming from his so-called spiritual marriage to an underaged girl. he could face up to 20 years in prison. phoenix police are having a hard time sorting through about a thousand pieces of stolen luggage. they say they found it in a couple's home. cops say they found 14 rooms filled from floor to ceiling with the stolen luggage and clothing. the chances of identifying the owners of the piles of clothes, medical gear, cameras, lap tops, and other items are pretty slim, though. >> none of the luggage has any i.d. tags so what he was doing is as soon as he was taking it
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from the belts he was taking ally dent fooig marks from it. >> well, police say keith king and stacy lynne legg king had been stealing from phoenix sky harbor airport for one year and video showed king parking in the garage and walking to the baggage claim area to take luggage. that's a lot of luggage. >> that's true. wait until you see this video. a women's soccer game got ugly as players were punching each other. a women's soccer game. >> never seen anything like it. it's amazing in this video, as amazing as it is, is the reaction by the referees which is nothing. no reaction. let's take you to it. byu taking on new mexico. number 15 for new mexico in red, an elbow to the chest so she gives a shot to the back. and then takes down this girl right there. it's just getting started, folks. and then takes down that one. that should have been a yellow card. nope. nothing. here they get tangled up again. watch this right here. the pony tail takedown of byu's
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cassidy chumway. wow. froze her right to the ground. the referees do not see it. lambert was never kicked out. she did get a yellow card for arguing a different call but she should be suspended. hall of fame basketball player nancy lieberman was the first woman to play with men professionally and now will become the first woman to coach them professionally. the dallas mavericks introduced her as coach of their developmental league team. the mavs' president thinks his players will have no problem taking orders from lieberman. lieberman breaking yet another gender barrier. truly impressive woman. new york yankees' victory parade starts about 45 minutes and they are already celebrating. this is live pictures in lower manhattan, the route called the canyon of champions. it goes from battery park to city hall, something new yorkers are used to. it's been nine years since the yankees had one of these but the giants had one last year. they call it the canyon of heroes because walking through the tall buildings, well, you get the idea. >> even tossing somebody up in
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the air there. >> kind of cold there. mid 40s. derek jeter and andy pettit and jorge posada went on letterman and the talk show asked how does it feel winning it all? >> what is it like? it's guys commemorating an experience that will last forever, isn't it? >> you just explained it all. we have nothing to say. >> and then they left. congratulations to the yankees. congratulations to jen westhoven's mom who was very upset. what is he talking about the $200 million payroll like that has anything to do with anything. i'm just telling you what jen told me. jen anagen's mother congratulations to all of you. >> there you go. >> all right. and oprah are teaming up for the biggest oprah's book club event ever here. go to book club to read excerpts from "say you're one of them." watch oprah's video blogs and share your thoughts plus register for the book club event
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happening on the new monday night at 9:00 eastern. and back to the breaking news. we're learning the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 soldiers was on the fbi's radar months ago. we'll tell you why. @@@@@@@
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the suspect in the shootings at fort hood is alive. hasan -- nidal hasan was shot several times by a civilian police officer when he opened fire yesterday. 12 of the people killed were soldiers and one was a civilian. here is what some of the first responders had to say. >> i think in relatively short order they got the scene controlled but, you know, our guys were there pretty early. as a supervisor that's your biggest concern. you hate to know your people are in a bad spot. having said that, those guys were very quick to just get the patients off the scene. >> we'll have a live report from fort hood. that comes in just a minute.
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new this morning, double-digit unemployment is here. unemployment hit 10.2% last month. that is higher than analysts expected. 190,000 jobs were cut in october. it is the first time we've seen double-digit unemployment since april, 1983, and the markets not necessarily reacting too negatively on that. we just learned from nato forces today that two of its soldiers have been missing in afghanistan since wednesday. we're not sure if the soldiers are from the united states, nato saying here they disappeared on a routine resupply mission in the western part of the country. those are some of the stories we're following on this friday. hope you're having a good weekend. now back to our breaking story. the news out of fort hood, new details every hour about the shooting that killed 13 people and injured 30. david mattingly live at fort hood. those numbers, david, it seems almost difficult for one person to cause so much damage. >> reporter: well, if you look at the situation, it's almost remarkable to think there wasn't more damage caused. the shooting went on for about
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ten minutes we're told. it was in a room with about 400 people inside it. no one in there was armed until the police -- two policemen arrived on the scene. that was three minutes after the first emergency call went. so that gunman was in there with two hand guns, one of them a semiautomatic, firing off rounds throughout this crowd for about ten minutes and the death toll ended up being 13 people. we finally have one name. this has been released to us of those victims. it is pfc michael pearson who was 21 years old of bolingbrook, illinois. again, he's one of the 13 dead. 12 of those killed were soldiers. one was a civilian. >> david, you were even telling us this morning about first responders. who was there first? who was able to stop this person? >> the people who were able to stop this were two police officers who were part of the -- who are civilians, part of the police force here on post.
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they got the call. the response time was about three minutes. they got to the scene and one of those officers, a female officer, exchanged gunfire with the shooter. they were both wounded in the shootout. major hasan was wounded with four gunshot wounds. he is now in a hospital bed under guard on a ventilator. he was alive. but the police officer was wounded. she was also taken to the hospital where she's in stable condition and being treated. she's being hailed today as a hero because it was her actions that ended this rampage. >> yeah, no doubt. she is definitely very key to what, hopefully, excuse me, what was the end of the rampage. david, lastly, i want to ask you about the fbi or authorities and what they know about major hasan, if anything. >> reporter: what they're trying to do now is connect all of these dots that we're hearing about. we're hearing that he was very dissatisfied with being in the army and wanted out. we're hearing from his family that he had been taunted because
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of his muslim faith. this taunting going back to when the attacks occurred at 9/11. so he was unhappy with the military, wanted out. he was dreading his deployment to afghanistan. we are told that he was treating a lot of the soldiers who have been coming back there hearing all sorts of horror stories about what had gone on there. we're also hearing that reportedly the fbi, federal investigators were looking at him because they found a blog post with his name on it. they didn't know, actually haven't been able to determine if it was actually attributed to it but it had his name on it and was talking about suicide bombers. a lot of dots appearing. investigators have to link all of those dots in some way that finally leads them to how this shooting rampage took place. >> yeah, and so sad for so many families there at fort hood. david mattingly, on top of the story for us, thank you so much for the very latest there coming out of texas. appreciate it. new this morning president obama's health care plan has
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lost some ground with folks across the country. at a new cnn opinion research poll, 45% of those asked favored the plan. 53% opposed it. that's a nine-point increase since october. but a total of 59% felt congress should continue working to make changes to the health care bills. now, tomorrow the house takes a floor vote on their bill. that's at 6:00 p.m. on a saturday. u-2 returned to berlin for a free concert on wednesday in front of the brandenburg gate. ♪ one love one life >> they still got it. the concert was to mark 20 years since the fall of the berlin wall. it fell november 9th, 1989, ending almost 30 years of east/west cold war division. bob, when i hear u-2 it reminds me, i was studying abroad at that time. those guys haven't changed at all. >> absolutely amazing sound. i was in high school when that
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happened. that's how long it's been. >> it has been a long time. >> that's how old we're getting. let me show you what's going on now. it is still hurricane season technically, lasts through november 30th, the last day. we have our tropical depression ida right over honduras getting a lot of rain especially right along the coast. it is drifting up towards the north at about seven miles per hour and the center of rotation gets back into the open waters overnight tonight or early tomorrow morning and you can see where it goes from here. it goes up to the north a little bit farther. may gain strength again when it hits the water and it's relatively warm it looks like it could become a tropical storm then head toward the yucatan peninsula, cancun, and then by sometime mid week next week we might be watching a tropical storm in the middle of the gulf of mexico and you can see where it's headed northward towards florida, mississippi, alabama. but, really, first has to restrengthen. let's hope it doesn't. as for the area of low pressure it's a clipper from yesterday. really bombed out nicely across the northern atlantic. wind behind it gusting to about 35 miles per hour near new york city, near boston.
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ocean effect rain. you're getting that right around cape cod and you get to the pacific northwest and another look at it. a lot of clouds, a lot of rain and snow. snow levels right now at the cascades, the olympics, 3,000 feet. so relatively low. it's going to be there through tomorrow with about a foot of snow just south of seattle. >> folks will be heading to the hills. >> i think so. skiers will start to like this. a little breezy though. >> fresh powder is always good. bob, have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> thanks. this guy is a hero to a lot of folks in the northeast especially new york. manager joe girardi went from winning a series to being a hero of a different sort. a good samaritan. >> how many times have you driven by and saw somebody stranded on the side of the road. >> right. >> maybe i'll make a call, maybe i'll stop. not only did the yankees manager stop to help, the person who he helped had no idea who he was.
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as you can imagine arab and muslim americans are concerned about possible back lash from the fort hood shootings. the association of patriotic arab americans in the military says their thoughts are with the victims and their families. the group says it hopes all americans will recognize that these were the actions of what they call a deranged gunman and in no way represents the wider arab american or american muslim community. those same sentiments are being echoed by a number of other groups as well. new this morning a 15-year-old suspect is in police custody for allegedly shooting a 17-year-old in the back of the head at point blank range. police in west philadelphia say it happened while the 17-year-old was on his way to school. he's in stable condition, good thing in that situation. all right. over to melissa long right now in for jen westhoven. some people on the brink of foreclosure could stay in their homes thanks to a new program
10:41 am
and that is sort of looming over our heads as an economy of how many more foreclosures will be coming in the coming months? >> and how many more neighborhoods could be affected if there is a foreclosure. fannie mae says it will allow eligible homeowners to rent their homes. again, rent their homes for up to one year. it's called the deed for lease program. it allows homeowners to transfer the deed back voluntarily to the lender and then they sign a lease to stay in the home. the program is for people who just are not eligible for loan modification. now, this is not a part of the obama administration's plan but the white house as you know has been leaning on fannie mae and freddie mac to try to help out with the foreclosure crisis. some people are outraged that workers at some wall street companies already got the swine flu vaccine. wall street giants including goldman sachs and citigroup got the vaccine doses for its at risk employees. in order to get the vaccine companies must have medical staff. the city health department says giving large doses of the vaccine to such businesses is a great avenue for vaccinating people that are deemed at risk
10:42 am
but the outrage is growing. democratic senator chris dodd says and i directly quote now, vaccines should go to the people who most need them not the people who happen to work on wall street. and, richard, this is a story just for you. you're a fashionista right? >> not really. >> okay. some people just can't live without shoes, new shoes, lots of shoes, pumps, boots, sneakers. shoe sales are up. "new york times" is reporting shoe sales last month were $1.5 billion. why? retail executives and analysts have some theories. here is one. consumers think of shoes as a necessity so they don't feel the guilt when they stand at the cash register. >> yeah. >> fashion strategists say shoes in bright colors may stick out and make you feel happy. that's a good thing. >> rationalization, melissa. >> i'm just giving you some of the theories. here is another one. women may get an emotional lift from buying shoes they don't get from maybe buying a new pair of jeans or the cocktail dress. doesn't matter if you've gained a few pounds. the shoes will still fit. what do you think? >> you know, i he asked them to
10:43 am
broaden the camera to see your shoes. are they new? >> no. they're three years old. >> so you don't buy into those excuses. >> no, no. this is interesting. it used to be the lip stick effect. now it is the shoe effect. the boot effect. >> great having you here, melissa. >> nice to be with you. >> have a good weekend. >> sure. many are wondering why yesterday's massacre at fort hood happened. we want your thoughts on the tragedy. richelle carey is here to tell us about how you can weigh in on the story for your show that starts in about an hour and 15 minutes. shocking to many. >> it is and people are still trying to process this. people are really emotional, starting to give a lot of feedback on my facebook page last night as you've been reporting. the suspect is major nidal hasan. he's a doctor, a psychologist in the army. okay? and in that role, richard, he listens to a lot of horror stories that the soldiers bring back from the battle field. a lot of cases, repeatedly because there are multiple deployments. we're trying to kind of shift the focus from the alleged shooter more to what you think
10:44 am
about what the soldiers are going through. something that a lot of us can't relate to and their families, as well. this is what we want to ask. do you think that this was just a random event or something more? again, we're not trying to get into the head of the alleged shooter. >> right. >> we're talking about the soldiers going back one, two, three, four, and five deployments. do you think we're asking too much of our soldiers? do you think there is too much stress on them right now? >> and, richelle, it's also the families. >> yes. >> it's not just the soldiers themselves. the entire family gets deployed if you will at the same time even though they're not there physically. >> exactly. what do you think? how do you feel about the effects of this on our troops right now? you can call us, 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at text yugoslavs at hln tv and also if you want to go to my facebook page search richelle carey hln and jump into a discussion. we just really want to know your thoughts on this horrible tragedy. 13 people dead. >> richelle carey starting in about an hour and 15 minutes.
10:45 am
do pipe in. we want to hear from you. thank you. investigators found horrifying conditions inside a peanut plant traced to a deadly salmonella outbreak. nearly a year later the victims' families have just one question about what happened to be a rock solid case against the company?
10:46 am
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the son of a florida prison inmate says he never had a reason to be proud of his dad until now. his father was among a group of inmates who rushed to help a prison guard after another inmate attacked him. we showed this video to you yesterday. the inmate had the 64-year-old guard in a chokehold. >> proud, very proud. finally did something good. >> really. >> something to be proud of him about. >> seeing him struggle, it's been hard, but this is something that's good. hopefully it'll change things up, give him a second chance. >> the jail said guard ken moon was not seriously hurt and is at home recovering right now. the sheriff's department saying it will write letters on the inmates' behalf that they can use in court. you know, so i'm on the way home or you're on the way home
10:48 am
from let's say winning the world series championship. and you're the manager of the yankees as well and you pulled over to help somebody else. this is a very interesting story. >> yeah, joe girardi manager of a championship team by day, good samaritan by night. >> right. >> richard, the victim who he helped had absolutely no idea who he was. we are talking about manager joe girardi on his way home from the team's celebration. they won the world series in case you didn't hear. he spotted a car crashed along a busy, curving stretch of highway outside the city and he stopped. he saw the car still jutted into traffic so he parked, crossed three lanes of traffic to help the woman out, even flagged down police as they drove by. the victim was fine. cops told her who he was. right now let's go to live pictures, speaking of, the yankees winning the world series. you are seeing live pictures of the canyon of heroes. that is the route by which or on which the team will travel with thousands of people already out there. it's supposed to start about 11:00 and will end at city hall.
10:49 am
mayor bloomberg will give them the key to the city. they are packing it in right now. >> if they keep winning these they'll have to repave the road. absolutely. the yankees had one nine years ago and the giants had it last year. very exciting stuff for them. one of the best pitchers in baseball was arrested on suspicion of pot possession. san francisco's tim lincecum who won the cy young award last year, there he is with the hat, was pulled over by cops for speeding near seattle. cops say when he rolled down the window, it smelled like jeff in "fast times at ridge mont high." he handed over a small amount of pot and a pipe and is facing misdemeanor charges. the owner of the l.a. dodgers' divorce takes a bizarre turn after frank fired jamie mccourt. she sued to get her job back. the court commissioner ruled no. however, lawyers say frank agreed to let her have sole access to their malibu homes and use of the swimming pool from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m., you're out of the pool. out. lastly, it is time for our
10:50 am
true champion this week and in honor of national diabetes awareness month it is quarterback jay cut letter of the chicago bears. cutler is a type one diabetic. he has done a series of webisodes talking openly and candidly about his candidly about his battle with the disease and even admitting at one point he thought he was going to die until he learned he actually had diabetes. the website, i was touched by his honesty. >> thanks, rafer. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. singer rihanna is speaking out for the first time about her assault by chris brown and last night on t"the joy behar show" spoke with a former victim of domestic violence. >> a lot of women blame theirselves. did you blame yourself? >> yes. >> how did you do that? >> if you were less that or more this, you wouldn't make him mad. his mother told me once, i told him not to hit you much.
10:51 am
and i remember thinking, when, just on birthdays? it was hard, too, because that happened in my life years before i ever was in show business, and then i got a show and they went and found him exacerbating things in his life more than mine. i'd moved on. >> well, tonight, comedian kathy griffin tells joy what she thinks about levi johnston and sarah palin. you can catch "the joy behar show" at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln. >> family in chicago is trying to figure out how a giant piece of ice fell from the sky, smashed into their house. the family saying there were no storms in the area when the ice hit their home and damaged their roof. >> a big boom, the whole house shook, and looked outside, i thought it was the "l" or something that exploded or whatever. and there was no one else outside, so we came outside and our tenant down in the basement was out. he was like, ice hit the house. >> imagine that. the house is located in the
10:52 am
flight path sometimes used by o'hare international airport. perhaps it fell from that. we're starting to learn the names of the 13 soldiers killed in that shooting rampage at ft. hood and the brother of one of them is speaking out about his heartbreaking loss. y8
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right now on "showbiz tonight," rihanna's tearful tell-all. rihanna opens up on camera for the very first time about being brutally beaten by chris brown. the painfully candid, very emotional tell-all seen today on "good morning america". >> tonight, why rihanna got back together with chris and then finally walked away. but was it wrong for her to speak out just as she's promoting a new album. the stripper speaks.
11:01 am
tonight, caught on camera, the stripper at the center of the josh duhamel/fergie controversy tells all. >> i really, really, really want everybody to know that this is the truth. >> tonight, the stripper's brand-new, explosive caught-on-camera claims that josh cheated on fergie with her and josh and fergie's powerful response. the shocking carrie prejean sex tape. the fired former beauty queen who spoke out against gay marriage confronted with a sex tape during an explosive court showdown. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson, coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, rihanna's tearful tell-all. >> i want you to forget everything that you have been thinking about how rihanna has
11:02 am
handled herself since she was brutally beaten by chris brown and what she's been going through, because i'm thinking that what we are about to show you will absolutely startle you. rihanna held nothing back, revealing her personal pain and raw emotions about what happened to her, her impairment, and the powerful lessons that she hopes every woman can learn from her beating, which is why rihanna's incredible confessions made for big news breaking today. >> don't react off of love, "f" love. >> reporter: blunt and powerful words from rihanna in her first tv interview since she was brutally beaten by her former boyfriend, chris brown. rihanna tells abc's diane sawyer she wants victims of domestic violence to do what rihanna herself did not do, get out.
11:03 am
>> come out of the situation and look at it third person, because love is so blind. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" can tell you, it's a shocking interview, where an emotion rihanna finally talks about what it was like to be caught in a painful cycle of domestic violence. >> shelves like she owes it to her fans finally speak out and break her silence. >> reporter: the horrific details of how brown left rihanna battered and bruised after a fight in los angeles shocked the world this past february. there was even more shock soon after when we all learned this super famous couple was actually back together again. >> they reunited and she received a lot of flak about that. >> reporter: "us weekly's" erica souter tells "showbiz tonight," even though brown's image was destroyed after the attack, rihanna's started to suffer as well when she went back to him. >> people worry that she going back to her attacker would send a signal to other women that, you know, this is okay and this is something that you should put up with. >> there are a lot of women who
11:04 am
have experienced what i did, but not in the public. >> reporter: rihanna tells diane sawyer the ordeal she went through was a million times worse because it was so public and because she was embarrassed. >> why be ashamed? >> because that -- i didn't want people to think that that's the kind of person that -- that i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. so far in love, so unconditional. >> reporter: but rihanna tells diane sawyer why she ended things with brown once and for all. >> when i realized that my selfish decision for love could
11:05 am
result into some young girl getting killed, i couldn't be held responsible for telling them, go back -- chris -- even if chris never hit me again, who's to say that their boyfriend won't? who's to say that they won't kill these girls? >> reporter: going back to chris brown is not an option for rihanna. as part of his sentence for the attack, brown's been ordered not to have any contact with rihanna for five years. ♪ i'm going to run this town tonight ♪ now rihanna's career is back on track. she's collaborated with jay-z and her new album releases this month. but with her new tv interview on abc and her new cover story in the new "glamour" magazine, it's clear that speaking out about what happened to her is another big priority for rihanna. >> this happened to me and it can happen to anybody. >> one thing that's really important to rihanna now is being the voice for other women who are victims of domestic violence. so that's part of her focus in
11:06 am
coming out and breaking her silence and sharing with the world what happened to her. >> so, now that rihanna is breaking her silence, will women embrace her as a role model? joining me tonight in hollywood, tanika ray, an entertainment journalist. also in hollywood, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." carlos, i'll begin with you. i think this was a really powerful and emotional interview with rihanna. how do you think she did? >> i think she did amazinglamaz. and i've interviewed her several times. and when people were calling for her to speak out and be the voice for domestic violence, she's just a kid. even though she's so confident on stage, she really is, when you talk to her, very much like a kid. but she came into her own in this interview, even at times, correcting diane sawyer when diane sawyer was talking about how many times it takes for someone to go back, you know, how many times they go back after domestic abuse, rihanna said, actually, it's more like eight or nine rather than seven.
11:07 am
she came across amazingly, amazingly strong and amazingly confident. >> and you're right, she is only 21 years old. we have to keep that in mind. tanika, what's your take? >> you know, i was very impressed with rihanna. and yes, everyone wanted her to speak out nine months ago when the incident happened, but she wasn't ready. but this interview proved that she's taken the time to look inside, she's listened to her supporters like jay-z and beyonce, the people in her inner circle and she's handling it brilliantly. chris brown may want to take a note for her page. because each time she's come out, it's seemed a little insincere and a little too early to conceptualize what he really wants to say on this matter. >> you're right. maybe he should look at this and say, this is probably what i should do, give it a little bit more time. be genuine about how i feel too. >> absolutely. >> i have to tell you, when i was watching her interview with diane sawyer this morning on "good morning america," i was really startled about her confession why she left chris
11:08 am
brown for good. watch what she said. >> when i realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, i couldn't be held responsible for telling them, go back. chris -- even if chris never hit me again, who's to say that their boyfriend won't? >> there has been so much speculation about why it did take rihanna so long to open up about the night she was attacked, but when you hear rihanna now, carlos, it seems to me she really struggled with how her actions would affect other women involved in abusive relationships. it seems to me that she was almost tormented by it. >> yeah, and in all honesty, the people here and people in a lot
11:09 am
of different places were saying, oh, she has a new album coming out, that's why she's speaking right now. but it's like tanika said. she took the time to consider her role in the big picture of domestic violence. and if she would have threw that comment out flippantly, matter of factually about how she didn't want anyone else to be hurt as a result of her and chris brown, if she just threw that out, it wouldn't have the weight. but when you see her say that, you can almost see the emotions and her going through each of the emotions as every word comes out of her mouth. >> she's given all of this some serious, serious thought. and also made another surprising revelation this morning on "good morning america." she said she felt ashamed by what happened. watch what she told diane sawyer. >> i didn't want people to think that that's the kind of person that -- that i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. so far in love, so unconditional that i went back.
11:10 am
>> tanika, very quickly, are you surprised that she was embarrassed? because, i mean, she was the victim here. >> no, i'm not surprised. and she said also in the interview that it's the only piece of her life that was left private that now is exposed to the world. and overnight, she became britney spears. i'm very proud of her. i've been interviewing her since she was a young girl that didn't even know how to do an interview to now sounding so eloquent and so, just self-conscious about what she's saying. and i think she did a smashing job. >> i'm very impressed. and she should be very proud of herself. now, get this. look who's trying to steal rihanna's spot. yep, chris brown in a brand-new mtv interview. >> i thought it was like, why did it happen? like, why -- like, what was i thinking? what is wrong with you? like, that's what i was thinking? >> i think it is just plain wrong for chris brown to be doing this now. tanika, carlos, we'll be back to you guys in just a minute to debate that. well, somebody else is telling all tonight. the stripper who says that she
11:11 am
and fergie's husband, josh duhamel, had an affair. >> i kept asking him who he was, because one of the servers were like, you know who that is. i was like, no. she was like, that's josh duhamel from "the transformers," fergie's husband. >> i was like, what? >> caught on tape, the stripper speaks, but josh and fergie are telling a very different story. who should we believe? and you remember anti-gay marriage former beauty queen carrie prejean, don't you? yeah, she has a sex tape. and phillies fans, why some people are saying the yankees won the world series because of kate hudson. time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. tonight."
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11:15 am
i'm a.j. hammer in new york with brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight, the carrie prejean sex tape shocker. the fallen beauty queen was in a bitter legal battle with the miss california pageant. they were countersuing each other over her firing and her breast implants, but "showbiz tonight" can tell you that it all came to a sudden end when the pageant confronted her with a sex tape of her and both sides worked out a confidential deal out of court. yes, the religiously devout conservative darling beauty queen made a sex tape. joining me tonight in new york, steve sangotti, his website is and also in new york, megan alexander, a correspondent with "inside edition." so, carrie prejean, we all remember, became the vase of conservative values with her anti-gay marriage answer. that was at the miss usa pageant. and now we find out that she made a little home video sex tape. steve, call me crazy, but i
11:16 am
think her career as the guardian of moral values may have come to a crashing end. are you with me? >> no, probably. but at least she can now be a politician. i saw the analogy of someone saying, do you think she could have a career like sarah palin and quite frankly, she's already acting like a politician, so it's all good. that's her next move. that's the thing. i love when people get up on the high horse, because the higher they get, the harder they're going to crash. she's going to come down hard now. >> and as shocking as it may seem, it's not that shocking. >> sex tapes are as common as duct tape. >> today cnn did confirm through a source that the tape is extremely graphic. megan, even without seeing this tape, and you know somebody's going to leak it out there, do you think carrie prejean at this point is just cooked? >> well, a.j., i think it will be real interesting to see how she reacts to this. you know, she's coming out with a book and i think she was catapulted so quickly to be a role model and to be a leader for her generation. so i tell you what, if she did do it, i think she should come
11:17 am
out and confess and move forward. i think we want an honest leader, if that's indeed who she wants to be. so i think it will be real interesting to see how she reacts if she's going to talk about it or not, that will be her best move, i think. >> it will be interesting if she has the capacity for honesty, because i think that's been a little questionable in her past. steve, i want to go back to what you were just talking about. because i do remember when carrie prejean back after the whole anti-gay marriage controversy, she was being compared to her fellow conservative sarah palin and some people were saying, as you mentioned, that perhaps carrie could have a successful career in politics. seriously, steve, if you have the capacity for that for just one moment, do you think carrie prejean could some day, perhaps, be the first governor of a state to have her very own sex tape? >> yes. why not? you know, the thing is, sex tapes have done a lot for people's careers. look at paris hilton, pamela anderson and the whole tommy lee thing. they really do catapult people into the public eye. and now america is so messed up morally in a lot of ways, this
11:18 am
kind of thing will be forgotten. we forgot what bill clinton did. he didn't have a sex tape, but he was running the country and he was with monica. they will forgot this. it might be just enough to give her the attention she needs to get out there in the public eye and create a career for herself. she'll need a good publicist. >> and regardless of what she does or what she says, i don't think she'll be preaching from my moral high ground anytime soon. >> that's the good news. >> thanks, guys. brooke, the "showbiz on call" phone lines just keep ringing. a lot of people have been calling in ever since we talked about the whole sandra bullock versus the porn star saga. >> you're right, a.j. sandra and her husband, jesse james, fighting for the daughter jesse had with his ex-wife, a porn star. sarah called in from alabama and said, it's a no-brainer. >> caller: what is the question. would you rather have a porn star raise a 5-year-old child or an all-american, wholesome person? my vote goes to jesse and sandra hands down. hands down. >> thank you, sara. >> we also heard from chris
11:19 am
calling into "showbiz on call" from louisiana. >> caller: i think the main thing is who's doing the best for her, like for education and church and that type of stuff. the mother, definitely, does not have what it takes. >> thank you, chris. remember, the "showbiz on call" phone lines are always open. >> call us at 1-888-sbt-buzz, that's 1-888-728-2899. leave a voice mail. we will play some of your calls right here on "showbiz tonight." and tonight for the first time, rihanna speaks out about chris brown beating her. >> i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. so far in love. >> now, rihanna isn't the only one speaking out. in an emotional new interview, yeah, chris brown has a brand-new one too. is that totally tacky? also, caught on tape, the stripper speaks.
11:20 am
the stripper who claims she had an affair with fergie's husband, josh duhamel, is making some shocking new claims. josh and fergie telling a much different story, so who's telling the truth? we've also got this. >> reporter: he may not be the world's greats wine connoisseur, but this frenchman sure knows how to pop his cork, and we don't mean the usual way. >> creative and hilarious solutions to one of life's little conundrums. what do you do when you have a bottle of wine and no corkscrew? now the "showbiz news ticker," these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. so far in love. >> now on "showbiz tonight," dueling confessions. tonight, rihanna's tearful, very first tv interview since she was beaten by chris brown. also tonight, chris brown out with his new interview. is it just totally disgusting of chris brown to do this at the same time? yankees win! the yankees win! because of kate hudson? tonight, "showbiz tonight"
11:31 am
reveals why kate hudson may be the reason why the new york yankees just won the world series. and brand-new tonight, you have got to see this, caught on tape, the alleged josh duhamel stripper speaks. >> asking him who he was, because one of the servers were like, you know who that is? i was like, no. she was like, that's josh duhamel from "the transformers," fergie's husband. i was like, what? >> tonight, shocking new claims from the woman who says she had an affair with fergie's husband. plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker," tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now! welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> and i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. and tonight, the rihanna/chris brown dueling confessions. "showbiz tonight" with the explosive developments that made
11:32 am
for big news breaking today. in a bombshell development today, "showbiz tonight" has learned that a confessional interview with chris brown will air on mtv the same day rihanna's first-ever tearful confessions air on abc's "20/20." hey, chris, you already had your turn on cnn's "larry king live." shouldn't you let rihanna that her chance alone now? we've got the hot debate. and in excerpts from rihanna's emotional new interview seen this morning on "good morning america," she reveals why going back to chris brown sent the wrong message to young girls everywhere. >> i just didn't realize how much of an impact i had on these girls' lives, until that happened. >> rihanna says it was wrong to go back to chris and that she's embarrassed she fell in love with a guy like him. but tonight, "showbiz tonight" can reveal that many people are absolutely outraged that rihanna is speaking out now, just before the release of her brand-new album. they say it's bad timing and it
11:33 am
takes away from what she's trying to do here. joining me tonight in hollywood is tanika ray, an entertainment journalist. also tonight in hollywood is carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." guys, i want to start with the dueling confessions between chris and rihanna. "showbiz tonight," today, obtained a first look at chris' interview, which is airing friday on mtv. i want you to take a look at what he said when he's asked how people perceive him these days. >> i'm confused right now, as far as the public perception, like, i think with my fans, they still love me, they support me. but, definitely, definitely, like, you have those people that don't support you, so it's like, kind of 50/50 to me. like, i got the people that come out and support me and then you've got the people that don't want to see me do anything. like, they want to see me kind of, basically, in jail. >> tanika, are people going to see him as incredibly insensitive here for trying to upstage rihanna and trying to
11:34 am
steal her moment? >> let's get this straight. it's not chris that requested to have this interview that came out the same day as rihanna's. this is mtv, they're competing during sweeps, which is when you want to get the biggest audience possible. you can't really blame it on chris. >> but come on, people talk. i'm not buying that he didn't know that she was about to speak out. >> oh, he knew. he was on the offense before when he spoke on larry king, now he's on the defense and he's got to salvage his reputation because his career is in jeopardy, big-time. >> totally. carlos, what's your take on all this? >> i'm wondering if -- because three things have happened. chris brown came out on youtube and had an apology, and everyone said it sounded scripted. and then he was on larry king and everyone said, oh, he didn't answer the question. now he's coming out and people are saying, the timing's wrong. i'm wondering is he doing all these things wrong or are we just not wanting anything to do with the chris brown? is it him or is it us? >> i think it's him, carlos.
11:35 am
i'm tired of the guy just flap, flap, flapping his jaws until he really sounds sincere. tanika? >> absolutely. i agree with you. he hasn't sounded sincere yet and that's going to work against him more than anything else that comes out of his mouth. he's got to get it together, take some time -- what, carlos? >> but my point is, and i follow you. my point is, it's one of those things where i don't think the public wants chris brown anymore. i think we're so, like, beyond him, it's just -- >> it's too soon. >> because he is, in my mind, a mess up. i think he just keeps messing up over and over again. but i think the public is just like, well, we don't really care about you anymore. we could care less about you. >> but i think the public also wants to see him truly change and improve himself to set a better example for other men out there. i do. >> and he hasn't proven that yet. >> exactly. he's got to prove that, he's got to be sincere. conversely, who sounded really sincere, rihanna on "good morning america" today. i have to say, i was absolutely floored by how candid and open she was about her abusive past
11:36 am
with chris brown. i want to show you how she described the moment she knew she had to leave chris. >> when i realize d that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, i could not -- i could not be easy with that part. i couldn't be held responsible for telling them, go back. >> even nine months later, it's obvious how painful it is to talk about her ordeal. tanika, i think it was commendable of rihanna for speaking out like this. what do you think? >> 100%. you know, i always loved rihanna. we've always had a really great relationship on the red carpet, but now i'm such a huge
11:37 am
supporter. and you know, reality and sincerity speaks volumes. and this girl got the time to get her thoughts together and she sounds amazing. and i'm just really proud of the message she's sending out there to the young girls. let's not forget, that is the audience that's going to be affected most by this. >> absolutely. and she says she did not realize how her actions going back to chris brown after he beat her would impact the decisions of all those young girls in the exact same situation. and when she did, she said she turned things around. take a look at what she said about that. >> it was a wake-up call. it was a wake-up call for me, big-time. especially when i took myself out of the situation and i'll say that to any young girl who's going through domestic violence. don't react off of love. "f" love. come out of the situation and
11:38 am
look at it third person and for what it really is. and then make your decision. because love is so blind. >> a.j., let me bring you back in here, because even though rihanna finally came forward, speaking out against domestic violence, in this brutally honest way, people are now saying that she's using her ordeal for publicity for her new album. >> yeah. and i've got to tell you, brooke, i just think that's crazy. and i've been at this long enough to understand why people who are very cynical might think she would be doing that. but to suggest she's capitalizing on her abuse to promote an album, that's ridiculous. i mean, she's got an album out, yeah, people are going to want to talk to her about this. she took control of the situation and now she's doing it to do some good. but "showbiz tonight" viewers are writing in on both sides of the story. there are some people that think the confession is fine, but the timing is awful. barbara from north carolina e-mailed us, "of course rihanna wants to speak out now, she has an album dropping.
11:39 am
it seems like she is using this horrific ordeal to her advantage. why wouldn't she say something three months ago?" i've said all along, when shelves like she should speak one she should speak up. do you think the time's sketchy? >> we knew she wasn't going to say anything until she had to. and yes, it seems like a little bit of a sketchy situation for her to come out now, but trust me, she's got 1,000 interviews to do with every entertainment news show, and everybody's going to ask her about it. so she did take control of the situation, struck first and gave her opinion and now there's really no place for anybody to go. we all have the facts, we're going to hear chris' side of the story and then we can just squash it and move on with the art. >> i agree, the timing is a little bit questionable in terms of that album release, but not how long it took her to heal and speak out. it's admirable. tanika ray, carlos diaz, thanks. tonight, the josh duhamel alleged stripper speaks and it's all caught on tape. >> i kept asking him who he was, because one of the servers were
11:40 am
like, you know who that is? i was like, no. she was like, that's josh duhamel from "the transformers," fergie's husband. i was like, what? >> it's like startling new graphic details and claims from the stripper who claims that she had sex with josh duhamel. now, josh is married to black-eyed peas star fergie. tonight, what are josh and fergie saying and who should we believe? all right, is kate hudson the reason the new york yankees won the series? sure, they've got a-rod, jeter, pettitte, mariano, but tonight i'll show you the yankees may have won because of kate hudson. also this -- >> reporter: he may not be the world's greatest wine connoisseur, but this frenchman sure knows how to pop his cork, and we don't mean the usual way. >> no corkscrew? no problem. tonight, the absolutely hysterical ways to open that bottle of wine if you don't have a corkscrew lying around. now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, tennis star serena williams gets naked, again. you may remember, serena sparked a major firestorm over that sensationally provocative nude espn magazine cover. well, now serena has stripped down once again for a brand-new sk sk skintastic photo. too bad tennis top officials aren't too happy with that latest revealing photo. you can check out the hot photo of serena on newsstands right now. welcome back toi "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> and tonight, josh versus the stripper. it's the ultimate battle of he said/she said. an atlanta stripper is speaking out about her claims of a steamy one-night stand with
11:45 am
"transformers" star josh duhamel, the hubby of black-eyed pea singer, fergie. but josh says it's not true. tonig tonight, you'll hear the stripper in her own words. and the yankees have won the world series, but "showbiz tonight" has got to ask, is super star kate hudson, the girlfriend of alex rodriguez, the real reason the yanks won? joining us tonight in new york, megan alexander and steve sangotti. this video is of tripper who talks about the details of her one-night stand with josh duhamel. she claims that she didn't leak the story, she claims they came to her after they were tipped off because josh was allegedly bragging about it on the set of his new movie. take a look. >> they were asking my questions and i was like, i don't want to deal with this.
11:46 am
you know, i do have two small children and, you know, i didn't want them to find out that i was a stripper. >> why even acknowledge it? why not just -- >> well, after the third time, he told me, you know what, i'm going to print this story regardless, we're going to find out what's going on anyway, so why don't you make money off of it. and i started thinking, you know, if they're going to know, why not? >> she may not be the most eloquent, but steve, i'm watching that and i think she at least appears believable. what do you think? >> any guy that watches of her, miss forrester speaking, is going to know there's a lot of truth behind it because it sounds very plausible. as a matter of fact, it's almost identical situation that i've seen happen before. i'm just going to say that. >> just leave it there. well, josh duhamel has denied he had a one-night stand with the stripper. this is what he tells shiite. this story is completely ridiculous and hurtful. it's unfortunate that we have to respond to a story that was created because money was exchanged between a tabloid and this woman. but the woman, the stripper is
11:47 am
standing by her story. let's watch more of her claims about how she says she and josh met. >> early in october and when he came in, of course, i didn't know what he was at first, but i knew he was really freaking hot. oh, my gosh, just so hot. anyway, he referred to himself as j.d. we had a couple shots and i gave him a dance. >> all right. megan, whose side are you buying? >> there still seems to be a lot of he said/she said, but things don't look too good for josh right now. and i'm looking at this superstar couple and i'm thinking, josh, you have a beautiful wife, she's talented, she's gorgeous, you had this beautiful wedding a year ago, your whole life is in front of you, what was he thinking if this really did happen? >> why don't -- you bring up an amazing point. why don't women understand this. siena miller, beautiful girl, halle berry, beautiful girl. there are guys out there that cheat on these women. it doesn't matter. it's guys that haven't sown their oats yet.
11:48 am
they got married too early, they didn't think it through. it's different. guys like different girls. that's how we're programmed. >> let's bring in brooke anderson. brooke, hopefully a-rod not cheating on kate hudson because she could be the magic tick and the reason why the yanks won the world series. >> good transition. i think we've had enough stripper sex talk. turning tonight to the burning question. should kate hudson get credit for the yankees becoming the champs of baseball? hudson was right there partying with the yankees and her boyfriend alex rodriguez last night after the yanks won the world series. ever since kate started dating a-rod earlier in the season after he divorced his wife and ditched madonna, it seemed a-rod and the yanks have been unstoppable. so, steve, how much credit should kate get? >> oh, absolutely, she should get all of it. it's really -- had nothing to do with matsui hitting it out of the park, nothing. kate, she's a great girl. listen, women roare only lucky when you go fishing. jessica didn't do anything for
11:49 am
romo, come on. >> speaking of jessica simpson, what a difference from when jessica simpson was called a jinx when she dated dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo. megan, thank goodness the yankees won or kate may have gotten the jessica simpson treatment. what do you think? >> that's very true. kate hudson, very lucky woman. and i think people look at this too and they think it's the all-american scenario here. we've got the great actress, kate hudson is a great actress, she's sitting in the stands next to jayz and her ack iconic pare goldie hawn and kurt russell. everybody loves a happy ending. >> yeah. it was like a soap opera in addition to the baseball game. steve, do you think that some people may have tuned in -- very qui quickly, some people may have tuned in just to see that little drama? >> i think a lot of women may have. i don't think guys did. they were too drunk by that point. but it's very romantic and kate is a great girl, everything that
11:50 am
you said she is. and if she brought great energy to a-rod and he was that much better playing, fantastic. >> maybe she did bring him a little bit of good luck. thanks. all right, as we move on mo this is something that happened to me. i had a bottle of wine but couldn't find a corkscrew to open the thing. >> you may not be a wine connoisseur but this frenchman knows how to pop his cork and we done mean the usual way. >> have no fear and get ready to laugh. we will show you how to pop that cork using your shoe, perhaps a phone book, maybe even a toilet. unless of course you're drinking mad dog. then it's just a twist-off. >> more stories making news right now.
11:51 am
you are watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop compelling and provocative news from ""showbiz tonight"
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a suspect is incustody in the deadly shooting republican page at ft. hood. what the army is saying about the officer accused of carrying out that attack. also new unemployment numbers are out. i'm sorry to say they are not good. how high the jobless rate is now. plus, the touching but sad reason why one illinois town is celebrating christmas early this year. you cannot miss that story. we're going to bring that to you and more. thank you so much for being with us on this friday morning. i'm christi paul. we're starting with the latest from ft. hood, texas, where military investigators are trying to answer a one-word question in the wake of this massacre. why?
12:01 pm
13 people died, 30 others were wounded when a gunman opened fire at the army post. now, this is the worst mass killing at a military base in u.s. history. the accused gunman major nidal malik hasan was shot and killed. he is in custody. his motive is unclear. investigators raided his apartment early this morning. they're going through the shooting scene to try to find more answers as well. a spokesman says the army is also focused on treating the survivors of the attack. >> approximately half of those hospitalized are required surgery. and all are stable today. our focus today is going to be on soldiers continuing to require medical care from admitted patients. that are both in our hospital as
12:02 pm
well as three other community hospitals in the area. we will focus on the behavioral health needs of our soldiers and family members and other folks in the community. so far the army has not released the names of any one that was killed or wounded in the attack. however, the chicago tribune is reporting the family of michael pearson has come forward to say he was one of those killed. his brother says he's baffled. >> i figure, no, he's on his way home. there's no way out of what 40, 43 people that got injured. he wasn't in that building. he wasn't. i told my mom. that there's no way he could have been there. there's no way somebody got on base and shot people unless it was one of our own. about a half hour after i said
12:03 pm
that it was on the news it was one of our own soldiers. >> so hard for him to get it out. we're learning more about the man who allegedly carried out yesterday's deadly rampage. he's an army psychiatrist and before being post at ft. hood he was counseling soldiers who had returned from iraq and afghanistan. the army said he required counseling himself while he was a medical student due to problems with patience. hasan is a muslim. he's a u.s. citizen. he was born and raised in the united states. he graduated from virginia tech with a degree in biochemistry and earned his medical degree while in the army. although he was never deployed outside the u.s., he was due to be deployed soon. the owner of a convenience store in ft. hood says the man he knew came in for coffee and hash browns nearly every morning. that's him there, as you can see. he released this video exclusively to our sister network, cnn. it shows hasan in the store just
12:04 pm
hours before the shooting. the store owner says hasan often chatted with him when he stopped in. >> there was one exchange that stuck out in his mind. this was a regular customer. about a week ago he came in and seemed to want to talk. he knew the store owner had been overseas. he expressed to him he was worried about his up coming deployment he expressed he had a problem as a religious conflict. but as a fellow muslim and someone of faith he had a problem with having perhaps the opportunity in the future to have to shoot or injure or kill or fight fellow muslim ls. that was something weighing heavily on him. >> here's another tape that shows hasan earlier in the week. those are in medical scrubs.
12:05 pm
his cousins spoke for the parents yesterday. in a statement he said "we're filled with grief for the families of today's victims." >> president obama spoke out about the shootings just a short time ago. he says it's too early to know what led to them. >> this morning i met with fbi director and the relevant agencies to discuss their ongoing investigation into what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow servicemen and women. we don't know all the answers yet. i will caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. >> calling it a modest tribute to those who lost their lives, the president also honored flags be flown at half staff from now until veterans day, which is next wednesday. then we'll hear from two mothers who waited to hear for their daughters had been
12:06 pm
victimed of the attacks. . because we're hln we also want to cover some of the other news of the day for you as well. this is a big story in itself. for the first time in 26 years the nation's unemployment rate has soared into double digits. the labor department says october's jobless rates are 10.2%. the unem rate in december was 9.8%. obviously surpassed that. a florida mother found out as we said about the ft. hood shooting as it happened because her son was shot while they were talking on the phone. you're going to hear her story. plus we're dedicating our "your views" segment to what happened at ft. hood. what you're saying about this massacre.
12:07 pm
12:08 pm
12:09 pm
>> so many of us cannot give the people of ft. hood out of our minds today. richelle carey has posted some things on her facebook page. i posted them on mine as well. we're getting an awful lot of responses. everybody is talking about it. we're so grateful they're sharing. >> people have a lot of responses. people are sympathetic to the soldiers, the soldiers' family. some are trying to figure out why the alleged shooter did this. we're picking everything to share with you. bobby sent us this from north carolina. this is an e-mail. of course, we're talking about
12:10 pm
this psychiatrist, major hasan, the alleged shooter in the case. we were asking, do you think possibly the stress of two wars has anything to do with what happened here? even though he had yet to be deployed, he's been listening to soldiers come and tell him their stories. let's keep talking about this. we have someone calling us. jessica is calling us from oklahoma. jessica, what is your thoughts on this? >> caller: i agree. it was going to be his first deployment. my fiancee is getting ready to go to his fourth deployment. i couldn't imagine -- >> jessica -- i'm sorry. i misunderstood you. did you say you have a family member getting ready for deployment? >> my fiancee is possibly getting ready to go for his fourth deployment. i know he did it to listen to them. that's what his job was. just to listen to them and this being his first deployment, i
12:11 pm
couldn't imagine what was going through his mind. it was a bad choice that shouldn't have happened at all. i really think they need to cut down the deployments. my fiancee was just gone for 15 months. we suffer, but they suffer more not knowing what's going on back at home. >> i'm going to get personal here. going on the fourth deployment. does your fiancee talk to you about this? about how hard this is? >> caller: he does. he does. sometimes -- i know he does have ptsd. sometimes he wants to deal with it in his own way. i'll never know exactly what's happened and what he's seen. he may never talk to somebody and tell them what he's heard or done. >> does he feel he has people he can talk to?
12:12 pm
do you know? >> yeah, my dad and some his friends that have been with him, they share that. i know he doesn't want to tell me about it because he doesn't want, you know, me to worry about him. >> did you ever imagine you wub approaching your fourth deployment? >> caller: he's been in the military almost 16 years. he's going to do it. i thought the last one was going to be it. he was going to be done, you know. and we can finally get back to being a family. that's even harder, you know. his stepchildren love him to bits. they get home and they have to walk on egg shells because they don't know how he's going to --
12:13 pm
they're trying to distance themselves. >> jessica, thank you so much for your phone call and spending so much time talking to us. i think people are really feel ing they want to reach out to everybody. >> thank you. my prayers are with them at ft. hood. >> absolutely. got a lot of comments on the facebook page. robert says i think it was random. but the stress is bad on them and their loved ones. larry wrote the stress of two wars can and probably has taken its toll on soldiers. that's not an excuse for taking part in an unprovoked shooting spree. let's keep talking about this. was the shooting just a random horrifying act? is it something more? what do you think about what soldiers and their families go through with repeated deployments? we want your thoughts on this. call us. e-mail us.
12:14 pm
if you want to text, text the word "views" plus your comments and name to hlntv. standard text rates apply. christi, she's an amazing young lady. think about what she's going through. deployment after deployment and what her fiancee is going through. it's unbelievable. >> it's hard on the people serving. it's hard on the people's family. someone saying hi brother is in afghanistan and now on anti-depressants and probably will be the rest of his life. it affects everybody. there's no doubt about it. we appreciate everything that you do and all the sacrifices that you make. >> it had to be agonizing to wait for the ngs. meet two mother who is waited for hours to find out what happened to their girls.
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
these are some of the images captured after the deadly mass
12:17 pm
shooting at ft. hood showing people trying to comfort each other, trying to get their brains around what happened f, absorb it all. at least 13 people consider killed in the attack. the suspected shooter, major hasan is now in custody after being shot himself. a florida woman was on the phone with her son stationed in ft. hood when this all happened. he was shot. he's going to be okay, we understand. as you can imagine, it's a phone call she's never going to forget. i was talking to him. i heard -- i said, what is that? i thought he was kidding around with me and turning up the video game. i said maybe it's a training exercise. so i started listening, then i hear all the screaming and the crying. >> homes after the attacks it
12:18 pm
was hard to get information. two moms whose daughters are roommates didn't know what was going on with their children for hours. thankfully both of their daughters were safe. >> my prayers are with the families that lost loved ones. i'm praying for them. my daughter is okay. there's a lot of families who don't have their child or their spouse or -- you know. my heart goes out to them. >> i'm sure the parents that won't ever have that call again would have the feeling that i will have. they know their child was doing something and they're having proud of them. >> one mom said she started shaking when she heard there had been a shooting. a civilian police officer is being called a hero for good
12:19 pm
reason. officer kim munley stopped the ram pain by shooting the gunman four times. you'll hear more about her actions when she encountered the shooter. cleveland's coroners is urging the families of missing women to give dna samples. a mistrust of police could be slowing the process of identifying 11 bodies found in a sex offender's home. relatives with checkered pasts are reluctant to come forward. only three women have been identified. the coroner's office is promising not the share the dna samples with police. anthony sowell is being held without bond. the florida mother accused of giving her child to a babysitter and then accused her of missing is appearing in court now. she's charged with decemb.
12:20 pm
her baby sister is being charged as well. investigators found the 7-month-old baby alive in a box beneath the sitter's bed. the sheriff got all choked up as he talked about the discovery after avenue five-day search. she is healthy and well. >> some families don't know what help is available to them. clark howard has some answers for you. >> are you unemployed? maybe you've never faced it before. maybe a member of your family is unemployed who has never experienced it before. there are certain things you have to look at and consider if you have never been through the cycle. i was talking with a woman the other day who has been unemployed for a while. she was asking questions about which bills she should pay, which ones she shouldn't. i said. what unemployment check are you getting? she looked at me like unemployment check. i said you haven't filed for
12:21 pm
unemployment? she said, i didn't think i should. i was like, yes, it's insurance. you should go apply. a lot of people who have never been unemployed feel it's not right to take unemployment compensation. it's fine. go get the money. if your situation gets really dire, you might be eligible for food stamps. look at what's available to keep food on your table. >> e get more great consumer advice from clark howard saturday and sunday at noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern here on hln news and views. save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. the quick response from a ft. hood police officer is what stopped yesterday's deadly attack. learn more about the female officer who brought the shooter down.
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investigators are trying to track down a motive in the worst killing in a u.s. base in history. 13 people died. 30 others wounded when a man went on a shooting rampage at ft. hood, texas, yesterday. the man doing the shooting was an army officer. major nidal malik hasan is in custody. he was shout four times by a civilian officer directing traffic for a graduation ceremony. this morning authorities raided the apartment in an attempt to find more answers. a spokesman for one of the hospitals treating the wounded
12:31 pm
said some of the victims' injuries are very serious here. >> some of these injuries were very severe. i have to get credit to the nurses and physicians that care for these patients. considering the extensive nature of these injuries i think it's remarkable they've done so well. but not surprising. we hope everybody will survive but it's too early to make any comments. >> so far the army hasn't released the names f but the chicago tribune is reporting the family of private first class michael pearson came forward to say he was one of those killed. his brother says he's just baffled. >> i figured no, he's on his way home. there's no way out of what, 40, 43 people that got injured.
12:32 pm
there's no way. he's already done this. he wasn't in that building. i told my mom there's no way somebody could have been there. there's no way somebody got on base and shot people unless it was one of our own. not a half hour after i said that it was on the news that it was one of our -- one of our own soldiers. >> bless his heart. president obama spoke out about the ft. hood shootings this morning as well. he says it's too early to know what led to this tragedy. >> this morning i met with fbi director mueller and the relative agencies to discuss their investigation to what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow servicemen and women. we don't know the answers yes. i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all
12:33 pm
the facts. the president ordserred flags be flown at half staff until veterans day. we have more details about the alleged gunman in the attack. whoo many are wondering why yesterday's massacre at ft. hood happened, we want to ask your thoughts on the tragedy. this is real healing for people that talk about it, too, richelle. richelle carey is here asking it on her facebook page. >> we're not asking -- this is not in any way trying to make excuses for the alleged shooter. we're just trying to figure out with the multiple deployments that families are going through, fighting two wars, do you think this had anything to do with stress. if you don't want to talk about the the shooter. if you want to talk about the soldiers. let's talk about what happened. 13 people are dead.
12:34 pm
the suspect is a major. he listened to the soldiers go back and forth and tell the horror stories. some on their third and fourth deployment. do you think the stress of two wars and doe employments is too much? we understand the major had not been deployed yet. he was gloing to be deployed. do you think this is just a random shooting and there's no rhyme or reason to it? so you can call or e-mail us. you can send a text if you would like to hln tv. standard text rates apply. you can jump in on facebook. big discussion is going on right there. a lot of people really just want to leave messages of support for the troops and their family
12:35 pm
members. >> we have a lot of family members on our pages as well. they're reading it and are very appreciative as well. richelle, thank you very much. we're going to stay on top of all the developments obviously, taking you there in just a moment. we do want to cover some of the other news of the day. we are just getting word, in fact, that there has been a shooting at a high-rise office building in downtown orlando. live pictures coming to you from where the local affiliates there. according to local reports as many as eight people have been shot. you can see the lineup of police vehicles that is dpsh i'm assuming -- right in front of this office building. fire engines and emergency crews both at the scene. again, as many as eight people shot in a downtown orlando office building. it looks like -- maybe emergency personnel there. maybe trying to evacuate the building. we don't know. we'll get you the information as soon as we have it.
12:36 pm
the nation's unemployment rate has soared into double digits. october's job let rate stood at 10.2%. the highest since april of 1983. let's get back to the suspect in yesterday's deadly rampage. major hasan is an army psychiatrist. they're not speculating on motives. but we are learning more about his life. samantha hayes has more on his background. samantha, clarify something for me. he was a u.s.-born citizen. but of jordanian decent. >> the jordanian embassy says no
12:37 pm
that's not the case. but he is a u.s. citizen. 39 years old. a military psychiatrist. worked with soldier who is came back from iraq and afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder. we don't know to what extent that affected his own mental state. they also want to find out more about the individual. who was he? what was motivating him? what was this about? today investigators early this bhorng went to his apartment in texas. that's very close to post here. they confiscated a computer and also went through a dumpster. a neighbor reports seeing him throwing things away yesterday before the shootings happened.
12:38 pm
we also have surveillance video from a nearby 7-eleven. this convenience store is very close to ft. hood. some images captured him there early in the morning, about seven hours before the shooting rampage. he was dressed in traditional arab garb. and our cnn producer who managed to get this video had a conversation with the store owner and tells us about a conversation that the store owner had with major hasan recently. >> there was one exchange that really stuck out in his mind. it was a regular customer. but about a week ago he estimates it was. he came in and seemed to want to talk. he knew the store owner had been overseas and was also former military. he expressed to him specifically that day he was worried about his upcoming deployment. he expressed that he had a
12:39 pm
problem -- but as a fellow muslim and someone of faith he had a problem with having perhaps the opportunity in the future to have to shoot or kill or injure or fight fellow muslims. that was something weighing heavily on him. >> christi, we expect to hear more information this afternoon in a press conference from army officials. investigators have taken a computer that he use maryland the apartment building. it was actually the computer of a neighbor. apparently the fbi had an eye on major hasan for several months. they were tipped off by comments me made on a blog or website described as being radical islamic website. they had their eye on him. to what extent, we don't know.
12:40 pm
but they hope to find out much more from the computer that they have taken from that apartment building. hasan is in a nearby hospital. a army officials have not communicated with him yet, but we understand he's in stable condition. >> samantha, thank you for the update. we appreciate it as always. we want to get you to another situation happening right now. live pictures from orlando where there has been a shooting at a high-rise office building in the downtown area. again, these are live pictures coming to you. you can see some of the -- boy, looks like traffic has been blocked off. a floor-to-floor evacuation notice. this apparently happened on the fourth floor. according to local reports. emergency crews, fire engines, all at the scene. you can see people running there. perhaps some of the people who have been evacuated.
12:41 pm
a floor-by-floor evacuation in process. we don't have any information on a possible shooter here. but we'll continue to keep our eyes on this and let you know what we find out. four people described as trauma red patients. that's from a local media affiliate there. could be a very serious situation. up to eight people possiblily shot here as you see the live pictures of emergency personnel and police on the scene right now. we'll bring you the latest when we get information about a possible shooter and if they can get anybody in custody. meanwhile, also in florida, a mother found out about the ft. hood shooting as it happened because her son was shot while they were talking on the phone. can you imagine? you're going to hear her story? we're dedicating our "your views" segment to the tragedy at ft. hood.
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12:44 pm
live pictures from orlando. this is in the downtown area. according to local reports as many as eight people have been shot, and we do want to point out the shooter is still at large. again, this is in downtown orlando. at least four considered serious trauma cases. the shooting reportedly happened on the the fourth floor. these are live pictures coming to you. we're going to update you as soon as we get more information. it's coming in fast and furious at the moment.
12:45 pm
. we understand edge water high school is on lockdown. i-4 at state rout 50 is closed due to this. again, police are looking for a suspect. at least one shooter at this point. we'll keep you posted. well, in the moments after the attacks at ft. hood, it was hard for loved ones to get information. two moms whose daughters were roommates didn't know what was going on with their children for hours. thankfully both of their daughters were safe. >> my prayers are with family that lost loved ones. you know, i'm praying for them. i know my daughter is okay. but there's a lot of families that don't have their child tonight. or their spouse or -- you know. my heart goes out to them.
12:46 pm
>> i'm sure the parents that won't ever have that call again will have the feeling that i will have, though. they know their child was doing something for the country and they're very proud of them. the hurt would be there still, but they would be very proud. >> one mom said she was shaking when she heard about the shooting. another i-reporter was trying to get to a draugs s graduation ceremony when he realized something was wrong. he had a hunch, and he was right.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
when word of the ft. hood shootings broke, many people were wondering who could have done such a thing? then we learned a suspect had been taken into custody. an army psychiatrist who had been treating vets, who had fought in iraq and afghanistan. what would cause a man who has taken an oath to help people snap and start taking lives? dr. paula bloom has worked with v.a. hospitals, who is well versed in the field of mental health in the military. she's joining us now.
12:49 pm
dr. bloom, thank you for being with us. since we know he was a doctor and had counseled people who had been to iraq and afghanistan, is there anything such as vicarious traumatization? >> yeah. i'm a clinical psychologist. i'm not a psychiatrist. yeah, there is a phenomenon of vicarious trauma or that kind of thing. but what we realize is it's not something that happens all the time. a lot of us go into this field because on some level we care deeply. it's kind of a weird job being a mental health person. >> in what way? >> it's unusual. any time i go to a party and somebody asks me what i do. people are like, why would you want to do that? it's an unusual job. >> so the truth is we're human
12:50 pm
beings like anyone else. so a lot of times you can help others and not really know that you yourself need help. >> that brings me to my second question. as a doctor would you not feel yourself starting to slip into some can spot in other people? >> it's so much easier to see clearly in someone else than it is in ourselves. in a lot of work settings you see so many patients, you work so hard, you don't have a lot of time in a lot of settings to consult with colleagues and get support that sometimes we don't see ourselves accurately in the mirror as we can see others. >> that's interesting. we're seeing hasan here in this video. you have seen this, too. this was his morning ritual. he went to the convenience store, ordered a coffee and hash browns. this was just seven hours before the shooting. you look at that and think is this something just caused him to snap or something that was already percolating below the
12:51 pm
surface. >> we're animals as human beings. the thing that distinguishes us is the ability to override our violent instincts, sexual, food, whatever. so a lot of times when we're in our higher brain we're logical, rationale. something can happen that pushes us to an edge. when you get engaged like that, you're an animal. you can't access what you're thinking. i'm not here to speculate specifically on him or his mental health but -- >> that's why i asked in general. >> we see this a lot. a lot of times -- for example, i know doctors, cardiologist, who smoke cigarettes. you can know what you're supposed to be doing and not doing it. >> interesting take. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate your expertise. thank you for being here. i want to get back to a breaking story we're following out of orlando. a high-rise office building in the downtown area where a shooting has taken place. these are live pictures coming to you according to local reports as many as eight people
12:52 pm
have been shot and the shooter is still at large, people. apparently according to local media they are looking for at least one suspect, we understand. the shooting happened on the fourth floor. all of the patients have been taken to the hospital. more in a moment.c
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