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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 10, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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the d.c. sniper terrorized the nation's capital for weeks. he now has just 11 hours for a stay of execution. his two ex-wives were yakked and a pastor said it is strong. plus this, part of a baby stroller has clipped off 12 kids' fingertips and a million strollers could have this very same problem. how to find out if yours is affected and how it fix it. plus, your driving along and you see this. is that a pole dancer in a truck? uh-huh, wearing nothing but a bikini. i'm richard lui. first off for you, breaking news. we are learning a man could be holding a principal hostage at a high school. we are just hearing that he is
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in custody -- that's what we're hearing from police. it is in pine plains, new york. about 90 miles north of new york city. the school is under lockdown. students are said to be safe but police have confined earlier the gunman to one room. again, what we are hearing is that he is in custody from police. local media reporting, the man has a son in the military and is upset with the government. we'll keep you posted as new information comes in on this. as you just heard -- as we just are hearing from officials there that the suspect is in custody at the moment. now to another story that we're watching. if you're in the south, you're concerned about this, ida. now a tropical depression. we got that note about 10 or 15 minutes ago. it's losing some steam as it moves over southern alabama but it's expected to head for the florida panhandle. it came assure on dolphin island a few hours ago but businesses are already reopening and people who live there say they came through this just find. ida's winds are being blamed for scattered power outages and it's
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already cause something flooding tooks. >> usually when we have hurricanes, it is so muggy, we can come out in our shorts. it's not brrr out here down at the beach. >> it's a little bit having it in november. you don't see it that much. but it happens and you just got to roll with it. >> meteorologist bob van dillen joins us in a minute with what kind of weather ida is bringing to the coast and a whole lot of rain is part of it. the man known as the d.c. sniper is scheduled to be put to death in 11 hours. john allen muhammad and his accomplice is accused of killing ten people in 2002. they are fighting it saying he's mentally ill. today hisplans on visiting him. he talked about what that meeting will be like. >> it will be a hug. but more important, it will be a conference. we will get some things out in the open. i haven't talked to him in years. i have some questions i need to ask him. >> in prison, muhammad wrote
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twice a week to his first ex-wife, the mother of the son you just saw talking a moment ago. in those letters mostly he talked about how much he loved his kids. muhammad's second ex-wife has a much different take on his planned execution. in about 15 minutes you will hear her explain what she thinks was the real motive behind the shootings. if you own a mcclaire umbrella stroller, stop using it immediately. kids are getting their fingers stucked, and in some cases severed in the side hinge. that makes you cink. we're talking a million stroll snerz. >> about a million strollers. some parents saying it took 12 kids for this to happen, 12 kids who lost a fingertip. this is very dangerous. other kids can get their finger pinched. we are talking about nine models of double and single stroller. these were sold over the last ten years. maybe you have a secondhand stroller and you haven't thought about this. the volo and triumph are some of
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the models affected. we have all of the models on our webpage. the solution is something, they put something over that hinge. the hinge that you see there is where the trouble is. if you get in touch with mclaren, they have a toll free number set up. they will get that out to you. if you need more information, all of the links are there, even though you may have to scroll down a little bit. >> thanks for the warning, jen. right now president obama son his way to ft. hood to join grieving families in a shaken community looking for answers to last week's deadly shooting spree. he will meet privately of relatives of those who were killed and then attend a memorial service at the army post. right now the fbi is starting a new internal review to see if it missed any red flags about the suspect, major nidal hasan. >> i guess no one saw the signs on him. they missed the signs with him. can you imagine they missed the signs with someone else? i mean, you know, ridiculous.
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>> i think there were probably a lot of connections that should have been made that weren't made but we're at war and we're under a lot of pressure and maybe that's -- that's what happened. >> and remembering those who lost their lives live to the senate we go. they are observing a moment of silence. it's in honor of the victims and families of the ft. hood shootings. 13 people died in those attacks, 42 others were injured. and then we see the senator -- senator reid from las vegas, who, of course, is the majority leader there. they just finished that moment of silence. new this morning, a car bomb exploded while people were sitting in traffic killing 25 and wounding dozens more. that's where police in northwest pakistan where three attacks hit the key u.s. ally in as many days. police say the blast twisted apart cars and destroyed several buildings. the nuclear-equipped nation has found attacks by militants will not derail its offensive against the taliban. the pictures are amazing in this story.
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a woman falls onto a train track moments before a train arrived and here's the video to show you. it happened friday in boston there she goes. she lost her balance putting out a cigarette and fell. transit officials say she was intoxicated. people frantically waved at the oncoming train. the driver stopped just in time. the woman is okay. the train driver was honored yesterday -- it looks like she's just right in front the at the moment and still standing there. >> she's putting out a cigarette? >> yeah. i don't know where the cigarette butt was and she didn't seem to be able to stand very steadily. >> she's trying to put the cigarette out on the third rail? that is not smart. >> and the fact she completely passed out and was later able to stand up. >> she's fine and avoided the third rail. i don't know how she did that. >> amazing. and stops right there. amazing. bob van dillen is there. what's up? you have been watching ida since last week and this week and just turned again -- just changed in terms of its grading. it's weakening with the wind. it's a tropical depression.
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no matter what you call it, still a heavy rainmaker, witch. here are your bullet points. winds 35 miles per hour sustained. that makes it a tropical depression. you can see the "l" right there for low. if you notice all of the heavy cloud cover, it's to the north of the circulation with a couple of feeder bands dropping down into the gulf of mexico and that's where you're getting the heavy clouds from. the heavy greens, the yellows, the red, that's where the heaviest rains are coming in now. that's basically around atlanta to the northern half of alabama and moving away from mississippi and kentucky and into the mountains and back into central south carolina. here's the big feeder band dropping down into the region. you see the winds ahead of that 19 miles per hour, not that bad. 16 miles per hour behind it. when you get inside the feeder itself, that's where you start seeing winds gust to 30, maybe 35 miles per hour. and the rain is all moving up to the north in atlanta, back down around into northern parts of alabama and stretches all the way down into the lower part ofs
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of tennessee. let me show you a couple of videos we have. this is in orange beach. you have the center of circulation move on by just about two hours ago. can you see the dryer air coming in. this is the way it looked two hours ago. looking beautiful. >> it does. >> waves still choppy out there across the gulf but things are getting back to normal already as the tropical depression heads to the north. where is all of the heavy rain going, richard? we'll talk about that in the next half hour. >> i'm thinking about this hurricane season. and you reporting on this, bob, over the last week or so. >> it's been slow. >> is this the first one that has given us the most concern? >> the first hurricane. >> and inland. >> only 5% of all tropical activity occurs in the month of november. it's odd to get this thing but we'll tell where you it's going in a bit. >> thanks, bob. perhaps you or a family member has struggled to quit smoking. a powerful new tool could help smokers quit for good.
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former president bill clinton will try to get senate
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democrats to support health care reform. he'll meet with senators during their weekly caucus today. democratic leaders have said if democrats fail on health care, they'll pay for it on election day. now, that happened when clinton failed in his health care bid back in 1994 and republicans took congress. brand-new details about the sex offender suspected of strangling at least 11 women and hiding their bodies around his house in cleveland. yesterday the niece of cleveland's mayor said she had a relationship with anthony sowell two years ago. she told affiliate woio he took good care of her, and she never thought the smells in his house might be bodies. meanwhile two more families learned their loved ones were in sowell's home. >> just told me that her body was intact. that's all. but it's still devastating nevertheless that she died in this manner and was found in a backyard. >> the fbi now says it's
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investigating whether suspect anthony sowell might be linked to unsolved killings and rapes as far away as japan. sowell spent time there as a marine. he faces five counts of aggravated myrrh. you can buy a satin new york mets jacket that once belonged to convicted swindler bernie madoff. madoff and his wife's personal belongings will be auctioned on saturday. can you buy their silverware as well. if you want their stationery, that will be there. prada purse. not sure which it belonged to. and meanwhile, that baseball jacket is worth up to $700, and it has his name on it. >> i think a lot of people might want to burn that, richard. >> they will buy it so they can burn it and do other things because they're so angry. >> i still hope they pay at lot, though, just because it goes to the victims. >> because they do need to get that compensation. >> yeah. there's word that insurance giant aig may be able to pay back all that money that it borrowed from the taxpayers to stay in business. that's billions of dollars, jen. >> can you believe it? >> i want to hear the details
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here. >> yeah, it's a bet. we don't know. this is one analyst's opinion but this could be good news in a bad economy. you remember insurance company aig. well, according to reports, moody's, a big financial analyst rating agency, their opinion is asian may be able to pay back nearly every penny of your money, and that's a lot of pennies. it is so far about $120 billion, according to some of the tallies out there. now, there's a big if here. the if is if the markets keep recovering. the stock market has recovered some. credit markets have been flowing. not, you know, widely. it's not like the old days but the markets are working. still this, company right, hated by so many americans after it richly rewarded executives even after those executives made choice that's nearly collapsed not only that company but possibly even the entire financial system and had to be bailed out. all right. here's a little bit more good news. if you're flying for the holidays, you might have a
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little bit of free time on the internet to help take the sting out of any delays. bring your laptop. at almost 50 airports there's going to be free wi-fi. it is thanks to google. it's a promotion they're running that starts today. it's just for the holidays and it's not at all big airports, though. before you pack that laptop and give up some of the that very coveted carry-on space, make sure that's the one. can you get it at miami, san jose, seattle and houston, but not atlanta, newark or jfk. it's all at back to you. >> atlanta being the busiest airport in the world, that's a biggie they're missing there. all in a drive here to get eyeballs, get more customers, right? >> yep. >> thanks, jen. smokers who want to quick might soon get a powerful new tool. a vaccine that may block pharma $10 million gran the t to do la trials of this. it is the last step before it could go to the fda for approval. this is designed to stimulate the immune system and prevent
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nicotine from entering the brain. a possible vaccine, wow. live to this picture right here. people infected with the h1n1 virus could get paid sick leave. senator chris dodd is proposing the idea this morning at a live hearing you see here on the costs of the flu outbreak. the plan is intended to keep sick workers home so they do not spread the virus in the workplace. it would also help parents take care of infected kids or deal with school closings. we're listening to that. we'll get you an update if there are any developments. some people who lost loved ones in the d.c. area sniper shootings planned to watch john muhammad's execution tonight but none of his family will be in the room. why one of his ex-wives, though, says she felt guilty when the shootings first happened.
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the d.c. sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled to die tonight. ten people died in the 2002 shooting spree but his second wife believes she was his ultimate target, his real target here. wilma muhammad said john allen threatened to kill her when she divorced him. so she took her three children to florida to hide. and said she felt guilty when she heard her ex was the suspect. >> i felt that way nshlly because i had done everything i knew how to do in order to bring attention to how dangerous john was for me. i had no idea that his anger would extend beyond me to include other people in his killings. >> all right. she says she does not believe he is mentally ill, as his attorneys are arguing. nasa is telling us not to worry.
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december 21, 2012, is not the end of the world. the movie "2012" opens friday and fueled internet rumors. it's based on the mayan belief that 2012 is the earth's end date. that's like thinking the world will end when your wall calendar runs out. >> the movie started the speculation? >> based on the calendar. >> wait a minute, hollywood's never wrong! >> no, they're not. hey, new this morning, shocking news, basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar, has revealed he has cancer. shocking because so many of us adore him, if you will. we watched him growing up. >> any time people of this stature, this magnitude, get this disease. it's a shocking thing to us, richard. kareem abdul-jabbar, at only 62 years old, not only a basketball legend but stars in movies like "airplane" and tv shows. he was diagnosed with a rare
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form of blood cancer called my lied leukemia. the good news, his doctors said this is not a death sentence. he is launching an educational campaign and is now working as a paid spokesman. we will hear from him in about ten minutes. i don't know if you remember oregon running back legarrette blount, suspended for an entire year for this punch. he will be back against arizona state. the school asked the pac-10 to reinstate blount. they said okay. he missed eight games for that shot. "monday night football," denver hosting pittsburgh, acknowledging o acknowledgi acknowledging our real heroes, veterans before the game. the steelers had an amazing come-from-behind win. leaps over champ bailey like nothing. >> oh, man, inches. >> and finds a few steeler fans in the denver crowd. finds a guy wearing his jersey and gives him the ball. you wear my jersey, you get a ball. and a 44-year-old jersey man
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is selling his collections of "sports illustrated" for $2 million on ebay. the collector said he has almost every "si" ever printed and a lot signed and spent $300,000 to $400,000 on travel expenses over the years to get them signed. he says he will sell them individually for a negotiated price. but, boy, that sets my beer can collection to shame. don't think anybody would want to buy my own pbr. but the signed joe namath maybe. >> that is amazing. here on brown suit day on "morning express." we do this once a month. >> one of us had to change. i didn't have time. >> i didn't either. this is a good one here. don't bother using a knife to cut up this italian dinner. there's no time. it was the first-ever meatball eating championship in las vegas. rafer, you can see the guy in the middle. >> josie chess nut. >> you can change the menu but can't slow down joe y yy chestn. that's right. he also won the hot dog and pizza and chicken wing contests. >> he should have endorsements
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for antacids. >> or something. a family of eight had almost no hope of being found alive after being stuck in a snowstorm but a phone call led to their amazing rescue. 
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ignominiousignominious. a car bomb exploded while people were sitting in traffic, killing at least 25 and wounding dozens more. that's from pakistani police. they say the blast twisted cars and destroyed several buildings. s it at least the area's third attack in the last three days. and ida has now weakened to a tropical depression, as it moves toward the florida panhandle. we learned that in the last 45 minutes. it made landfall in southern alabama earlier this morning, and ida is now expected moving east as it fizzled out. we have a live report from bob van dillen. what you still might need to worry about. and the white house is slamming report that's suggests
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president obama already decided to send more troops to afghanistan. national security adviser general jim jones says the reports are false. senior administration officials suggest that pentagon sources leaked misinformation. the president meets with his national security team tomorrow. those are some of the stories we're following for you on this tuesday. hope you're having a good day. the latest on this story was breaking news this morning. the man who police say was holding a principal hostage at a high school is now under arrest. this happened about 30 minutes ago at a school in pine plains, new york, north of new york city. about two hours north. no one was hurt. the town's supervisor says no shots were fired as well. right now armed officers are standing at front doors -- at the front door of the school. local media has said the man has a son in the military and is upset with the government. during wartime, u.s. troops know the risks that they are facing. but today at ft. hood, a memorial for 12 soldiers and one civilian killed in the kind of
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attack no one expected. a shooting rampage on the post and a fellow soldier is the suspect. president obama and the first lady are on the way to attend this service and meet with the families. some witnesses are still, though, stunned by what they saw. >> people start running and we could see people throwing chairs and stuff at the windows. and at first, we didn't know what was going on. we couldn't hear the gunshots because the doors were closed. as people started running out, you saw people drenched in blood and stuff and people are yelling, "he's shooting. he's shooting." >> nearly a year ago the fbi looked at this suspect, major nidal hasan. they said there were no red flags despite knowing about e-mails between hasan and a muslim cleric linked to two 9/11 hijackers. now the fbi's starting a new internal review to see if it could have done anything differently in that. it was seven years ago and seven years after now that he terrorized the washington, d.c. area. john allen muhammad is now scheduled to be to be executed
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tonight. his attorneys arguing he was mentally ill during the series of shootings that started octobernd, 2002. one man was gunned down that night. five more the following day. all of the people just going about their daily business when they were shot. over the next few weeks at that time, there were several more shootings including a 13-year-old boy. he survived but the final death toll ended at ten people. people in the d.c. area were panicked until police finally called john allen muhammad and his accomplice lee boyd malvo on october 24th. just in this morning, basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar has made a stunning announcement that he has cancer. here's rafer weigel with that story and more. >> good morning to you, richard. real stunny stuff to hear this but he is very optimistic about it, which is a good thing of the we're talking about a basketball legend and star in films like "airplane" and other tv shows. the 62-year-old kareem abdul-jabbar said as we
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diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer called myeloid leukemia back in december. but the good news is his doctor says it's not a death sentence and he has a very good chance to live a normal life. >> i had a very good friend who died just three, four years ago from a different type of leukemia, but when that happened, it was devastating. and i thought i had the same thing, and i had months or weeks to live. >> now, he is now partnered with a company that makes drugs to treat those with the disease and is now a paid spokesman for them. richard, trying to get other folks who may be, you know, fighting this disease some hope that, look, you can beat this thing. >> yeah. he's always been a childhood hero to many, including myself. we were talking about how we were both using a sky hook as kids. >> only shot i had was a sky hook. now i don't even have that. >> at our height, that's what we needed. now reaction from the three u.s. hikers doe takened in iran
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after an iranian prosecutor said he was charging them with espionage. white house spokesman robert gibbs said the u.s. has not gotten official con firlation of the charges from its swiss emissaries, but the possibility is weighing heavily on their families. >> every time the phone rings, we pick it up anxiously and we're hoping that it's new that's our loved ones are on a plane back home. certainly ahmadinejad's statements that we would be treated with ma'am maum leniency and get an expeditious review has had us hoping for the last seven weeks. but we continue to be optimistic that the iranian authorities will see this for what it is, and that is a minor mistake. >> the hikers were arrested back in july after crossing iran's unmarked border while on vacation in northern iraq. new this morning, two astronomers think they can explain a phenomenon that scientists could not figure out for years. now, they wrote in the journal "nature" this blue dot you saw a
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second ago is a knew trnutron s the youngest we have ever seen. it's only 100 years old. scientists discovered it an x-ray but didn't know what it was until now. neutron stars are basically super dense, dying stars. you ner you never know what's up in the sky when's you look at pictures and telescopes. >> way above us. >> ida. >> that i do know about. very well. >> meteorological aspect. and we're talking about sheets of rain coming down in the same spot for a period of time. flood warnings have been posted for lower alabama, through georgia. the watches extend all the way in towards the carolinas. there's your rain shield. it's heavy at times. centers of circulation down towards the center parts of alabama. slowly drifting towards the northeast. ultimately gets absorbed by a cold front and gets pushed out to coast later tomorrow. you see the one feeder heading down through tallahassee,
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through the gulf of mexico. a lot ever rain being ripped up. look at the winds. not that bad. 19-mile-per-hour winds sustained, hollywood beach, 16 miles per hour. that's it. look at pensacola. take you there live. the heaviest rachb is gone for the time being. partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny at times. the chop of the water's still out there. still on the stiff side. 35 miles per hour sustained winds to the north. breezy day out there for the panhandle of florida. good chop out in the gulf. that's going to last through today into tomorrow. what about the heavy rain shield now getting in through the northern parts of georgia through atlanta, back towards birmingham. the yellows, reds coming down at rain of one to two inches of rain per hour. flash flood warnings, the areas in light green, dark shaded green. where all of the watches are. you can see it's across a better chunk of northern georgia, getting into the carolinas. next 48 hours, can you see the rain shield as it goes on through georgia and south and north carolina. ultimately offshore and then becomes a coastal-type storm by
10:38 am
thursday and friday t will affect the northeast. whether he get more about that tomorrow. yeah, we're going to see some more ramifications about this storm as it moves into the atlantic. >> so for our friends in the south, some of them need it because of drought concerns before. but we're talking about a lot of rain here. >> talking about the possibility of maybe eight inches at the most for areas around atlanta and the carolina mountains. too much. >> thanks, bob. >> you got it. we have seen brawlsfessiona games. we have been telling you this story, we're talking this case high school. girls throwing punches.
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we'll take you to asia right now. for the first time in seven years, north and south korea clashed near their disputed
10:41 am
western seaboard. south korea saying it fired at a north korean ship across the border and ignored warnings today. the north korean ship fired back, but south korea says it retreat when's he got damaged. a white house official says this could be an accident that just got out of control. so the man accused of trying to blackmail david letterman is expected to ask a judge to drop the case today. a lawyer for cbs news producer be rot haldeman plans to challenge the evidence. the case said haldeman had him admit on his show that he had sex with women who worked for him. if you see one of the hot new toys for christmas, grab it, says jen westhoven. toy shortages are starting early this year. go out and get them, hey, money expert. >> hey. we have been talking about this is the kind of year where you decide to wait until the very end, you could be risking your stuff will be gone. retailers are worried maybe people aren't going to be spending as much this holiday
10:42 am
season. look, they're not in great shape either. they can't afford to be stuck with a lot of leftover that's have to be marked down soxt they're ord, so they're ordering in smaller batches. this is a mechanical hamster and has a whole ring it runs around like a real hamster. >> not the juju pet. please tell me know. >> it's really cute. >> you have to smile when you say the name. >> you could be right. but it could be hard to find one of these on the shelves. that's a toy people are buying up. other toys are mattel's mind flex and barbie fashionista, which barbie is counting on. also in the holiday line, maybe you're going to get to thanksgiving or the holidays on time if you're flying to see friends or family. in the latest month, airlines had their best on-time rate in six years. good news for flyers. they didn't necessarily make any great change where's i'm going to pat them on the back. it's that there are a lot fewer
10:43 am
planes on the skies and runways. 10% from the month before that. alaska, southwest and continental did the best if you want to get there on time. if you want to be late going to grandma's house and you need an excuse, delta did the worse. almost a one in five chance you were late in you flew on delta in september. richard? >> fewer in the sky means i guess fewer turns and you get their faster. that's kind of nice. thank you, jen. you may have growing doubts about the government's ability to ward off an h1n1 epidemic. the cnn opinion research corporation poll finds this, as you see on your screen, since august 8% more of folks across the country have lost confidence that h1n1 prevention will happen, but 53% are actually hopeful the government and private companies can produce enough of that vaccine. >> i absolutely agree. >> it's going to be a hith story. >> do you agree? do you have a opinion about
10:44 am
something? we have an issue we discuss every day here on hln in the afternoon. our richelle carey handles the "your views" question of the day. today's has to do with adoption agencies. >> yes. >> of course, when you have a kid, a baby that you're going to give over to some parents, you want to make sure they're a-okay. but the challenge what is acceptable in terms of the question? >> the issue is how much of someone's business do you have a right to know when it comes to guns? >> specifically. >> specifically when it comes to guns. i'm focusing on florida. the national rifle association is pushing for a new law in florida. what this is about is in florida, if you want to adopt a child, you have the right on these forms to ask do you have guns in the home? there's one couple that to be exception to this, richard. they said, hey, that's really not your business and we actually wonder what your motivations are there. clearly the department of children and family in florida think they have the right to ask this. they have been asking it. seems there hasn't really been a problem with this. but the nra is pushing for a bill to make that illegal to ask
10:45 am
perspective parents this question because they say this agency is actually an arm of the government. >> if they're registered. >> and they think it's a round about way of the government trying to get a registry of guns in the state. so they say you're overstepping your bounds when you're asking these questions. so they're trying to get this law passed to say you can't ask these questions. what do you think about this? should adoptive parents have to tell the adoption agency if they have guns in the home? do you think this violates the gun owner's privacy? does it make a safer home for children? i think we're going to get a lot of answers on this one. e-mail us at call us right now, 1-877-tell-hln. text us at hlntv. give me two seconds to get it on my facebook page. kind of flew down here so i don't have it on the page yet. but it's going to be. i'm richelle carey on hln so we can get this discussion going. >> it's a discussion. you will take to richelle on this one on one. >> thank you, richelle. >> you bet. the health care bill is
10:46 am
moving to the senate now that the house passed it. many republicans are still opposed particularly to the government-run health insurance part of that plan. but last night on "the joy bay hear show," democratic colleague representative maxine waters talked about how president obama is reacting. >> the president wants a bill no matter what. the president says he's going to sign basically whatever we send him, and that's that. he believes that having health care reform is crucial to his re-election, and i don't think you're going to see him getting involved in any way to fight for any aspect. don't forget, on public option, what we have to do was keep pressing, pressing, pressing, and we still didn't get the kind of robust public option that we really wanted to have. >> catch "the joy behar show" at 9:00 p.m. on hln each and every night. have you not heard the end of the tea party express. how the traveling protest movement responded to the passage of the house's health care bill, which max seen water
10:47 am
was commenting on. and you don't have to be 21 to get into this nightclub, complete with pole dancers. you just have to be standing on the street.
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we're going to tell you now about taking a wild ride around town. a las vegas nightclub has pole dancers perform on the back of a truck. we do not jest. you see the pictures here. they're driven around the vegas strip as part of the club's promotion. this started just recently but it already seems to work. >> just last night we had a double stretch hummer limo come in, followed us from the strip with 20 customers in it. yeah, it's doing its job. >> i have two kids. i don't want them to see it, but then again, i don't bring my two kids to vegas. i take them to disneyland. >> oh, man, he's talking straight right there. the truck is only on the strip from 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. >> what if you grew up there? my wife grew up in vegas. >> that guy should be a comedian though. very funny. that was great. >> but, hey, everybody does something different to try to get sales, right?
10:50 am
>> there you go. >> let's talk about a fight that broke out in a high school girls soccer game. high school. >> high school. richard, what is going on with women's soccer, right? this is the championship in providence, rhode island. hets go to the video. the last game, tolman and woonsocket, look at the girls go at it and start punching and then look at the hair pulling. this is high school. officials started breaking it up. and then during the trophy presentation, some yahoos in the fans starting to fight, over a soccer game! look at these faces. look at how young these girls are and this is how they had to end their year. what's going on with kansas city chiefs running back larry johnson? he was fired, cut, sayonara after he was suspended for using gay slurs and attacking his coach on twitter. johnson was not playing all that well either and he's had a history of other off the field issues. last year, a woman sued him for allegedly throwing a drink in her face in a bar. good riddance to him, a lot of
10:51 am
people are saying. and let's have a little fun now. the chicago bulls did a spoof on of all those '80s compilation albums. and here are some of the players singing, and i use the term loosely. listen. ♪ take me to funky town >> that's derrick rose springing some rick springfield. ♪ i wish i had jessie's girl >> this is my favorite. >> and kirk hinrich doing his best. >> we need that fun after those high school girls. >> yes, we did. absolutely crazy stuff. just because you are 106 years old does not mean you have to slow down. you'll see how this veteran celebrated his birthday shaking his booty. @@@@@@@@@@@
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right now on "showbiz tonight," should chris brown just shut up already? tonight, rihanna's horrifying new details about the night chris brown beat her. and wait until you hear what chris is saying today about her startling tell-all. should he just keep his mouth shut? is carrie a hypocrite? tonight, a brand-new carrie prejean sex tape shocker. startling revelations about what the controversial former beauty queen wrote before we learned about her sex tape.
11:01 am
tonight, "showbiz tonight" dares to ask, has the poster girl for conservative values become the biggest hypocrite ever? and, taylor's swift "snl" kick to kate gosselin. >> actually, every day i practice emphatically talking in front of a mirror. >> tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now! hello. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson, coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, should chris brown shut his big mouth? >> you know, chris brown has just responded to rihanna's chilling graphic, very first interview about the night he beat her up. and i am not alone in saying, chris, give it a rest. dude, you are not doing yourself any favors, okay? there is absolute outrage today after brown just could not
11:02 am
resist yet again stumbling while trying to climb his way out of the deep, deep hole that he's dug for himself after the night that he battered rihanna. and it made for big news breaking today. >> i was battered, i was bleeding, i was swollen in my face. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" can tell you, rihanna's first tv interview about her abusive relationship with chris brown was a major event. >> the whole thing plays back in my head. >> reporter: brand-new numbers show more than 8 million people watched abc's "2020" on friday night as rihanna told her chilling story about the night chris brown beat her bloody. and she revealed for the very first time that she witnessed her father abuse her mother when she was a child. >> i always said to myself, i'm never going to date somebody like my dad. >> reporter: but on top of all the outrage, chris brown has already earned for beating rihanna, he's now imagining to
11:03 am
get people angry at him all over again. >> he needs to stop talking. he has got diarrhea of the mouth. >> reporter: on the very night rihanna gave her tell-all, brown was on mtv with his own. >> you learn from your mistake, turn it into a positive and help other people with your situation. >> reporter: also brand-new statement to mtv suggesting rihanna shouldn't be talking at all. he writes, "while i respect rihanna's right to discuss the specific events of february 8, i maintain my position that all the details should remain a private matter between us." >> he is saying, you know, she should be quiet, because what we went through is a private matter. again, denial. again, trying to brush it under the rug. >> reporter: now "showbiz tonight" can tell you, brown's being accused of hogging rihanna's spotlight. the headline on is blunt to say the least, and "showbiz tonight" viewers are expressing similar sentiments on our facebook page. >> i don't think people think it's chris brown's right to decide whether rihanna should
11:04 am
speak about this or not. so he should remain silent. if she wants to speak about it, that's her right to do so. >> reporter: in her abc interview, rihanna had strong words for those who suggest she may have provoked a beating from brown. >> it's ignorance. i can say that. >> did you hit him? did you ever say to yourself, well, that was my fault? >> no, did not hit him. it was an argument. >> a verbal argument. >> verbal. >> reporter: and as far as chris brown goes, she's scoffing at his recent attempts to publicly apologize to her. about that song he wrote for her -- ♪ believe me, baby, i'm sorry ♪ >> when you heard it, what did you think? >> i didn't hear it. >> reporter: and about that youtube video which she watched for the very first time during the interview -- >> i have told rihanna countless times and i am telling you today that i am truly, truly sorry. >> sounds like he might have been reading off of a teleprompter. >> reporter: that's not keeping
11:05 am
brown from trying again to apologize. in his mtv statement friday night, brown says, "i am extremely sorry for what i did and i accept accountability for my actions." still, rihanna doesn't seem interested. >> what do you want to hear from him? >> nothing. what i want is for him to accept this as a man would and not find a way to feel sorry for himself. >> reporter: so it appears brown's words are having no effect on rihanna, or on his extremely damaged image. >> every time he says something, he digs his hole a little deeper. >> so was chris brown completely out of line for what he said about rihanna finally telling the truth about the night he beat her up? joining me tonight in hollywood, hyla, who is an entertainment journalist for and in new york, megan
11:06 am
alexander, who is a correspondent for "inside edition." hyla, megan, people everywhere outraged today over chris brown issuing a statement responding to rihanna's "20/20" interview. and i think perez hilton summed it up perfectly when he wrote on his website, he wrote this -- "princess riri can talk all she wants. shows the victim in this situation, not chris!" megan, should chris just shut up and let rihanna tell her story? >> you know, brooke, i really do think so. he has apologized, which he did a while ago, but then to continue to come out and make these little comments, it's not doing him any good. rihanna made an interesting comment when she said she wanted him to take it like a man. i think silence could speak a thousand words here. he needs to be silent, show respect to this woman. she has earned the right to talk. >> certainly. and every time he opens his big mouth, it just sounds like he's paying lip service. hyla, is chris just out of his mind to give a statement saying
11:07 am
the details of the night he beat rihanna are private? didn't he lose his privacy when he committed this heinous crime? >> of course. when you hit another woman, especially someone -- a big public figure like rihanna, you lose all rights to dictate how this plays out, especially in the press. two points i want to make. first of all, your publicity team, chris, fire them immediately. because whoever's advising you, they're a bunch of morons. and they're doing nothing but bringing you backwards and not forwards. second of all, you've got to be sincere. it's great you're saying these words, but what's behind it? people can tell, people can see. i mean, the guy can't even sit up in an interview. when he's talking, he's got his cap on and looks like a punk. >> yeah. he's not truly remorseful and it's obvious from his appearance, his demeanor, his temperament. and to me one of the most chilling parts of rihanna's "20/20" interview came when she described in her own words what happened the night of the attack. watch.
11:08 am
>> i was battered. i was bleeding, i was swollen in my face. so there was no way of me getting home, except for -- my next option was to get out of the car and walk, start walking in a gown and a bloody face. >> after hearing something like this, megan, i'm thinking, the only words that should be coming out of chris brown's mouth should be "i'm sorry." >> indeed, brooke, and he has said that and then he really does need to be quiet. this issue hits so close to home. we have all seen the internet just blowing up with comments from women who are praising rihanna for speaking out, supporting her, saying, you know, we are so proud of you for talking about this issue. it's not easy to talk about. this is obviously a very difficult situation. but i just want to praise rihanna again for talking. and yes, chris, it is not your turn to talk. you need to be quiet. >> no. he still feels some sort of sense of entitlement. and it's ridiculous.
11:09 am
the guy is delusional. and i agree with you, rihanna is very, very brave for having done this. and when diane sawyer asked rihanna, listen to this, if there was any chance she would reunite with chris, i think that everybody expected her to say "no," hoped that she would say no. instead, she left the door open and everybody wondering if she would one day take him back. take a look. >> i can't answer that question right now, because you never know what the future holds. >> hyla, after everything rihanna has been through, were you shocked to hear that she would even entertain the possibility of getting back together with chris brown? >> my heart sank a little bit when i heard that, but putting things in perspective, she's young, she's figuring this out. i mean, it was just a couple of months ago that she was hanging out with him again. i think she's trying to figure this out on her own. she's being adult about this. let's give her a chance to get to that point where she does close the door. i hope and i pray, eventually, she will get there. >> i do too. she seems like a bright girl.
11:10 am
i hope that she can stay away from chris brown for good. megan alexander, hyla, we'll leave it there for now. thank you both. as we move on tonight, it's taylor's swift quick to kanye west on "snl." ♪ might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my vma monologue ♪ >> and that's not all. wait until you see taylor's kate gosselin impression. so did taylor knock it out of the park? also, the carrie prejean sex tape scandal. the former beauty queen became the poster girl, of course, for conservative values, and now her own words are coming back to haunt her. tonight, why some people are saying carrie is a big old hypocrite. also, deep, dark star secrets. >> we were lacing our marijuana with -- coke. >> but you were freebasing cocaine? >> basically. >> whitney's not alone.
11:11 am
a bunch of big, big stars are revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. it is a not-to-be-missed "showbiz tonight" special report. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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♪ i call the shots ♪ i'm like a firecracker ♪ i make it hot when i put on a show ♪ >> britney spears strikes back. britney spears is mad, mad, mad about the huge scandal in australia, when it was discovered that -- i hope you're sitting down for this big
11:15 am
breaking news -- that she was lip sync at her concerts. oh, my goodness, brooke, i had no idea. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york with brooke anderson in hollywood. and tonight, britney strikes back. we told you about the big to do over britney spears circus tour over there in australia. a government official was just up in arms and thought the fact that britney lip synced some parts of her concert, it is misleading to fans. well, this official wanted a disclaimer on tickets that portions of the show were prerecorded. pret britney is extremely upset about this. and fans walked out of a show in perth because they were so disappointed. the manager said that was the biggest lie he's ever heard. >> oh, brother. tonight, the war at night. comedian george lopez became the latest and newest late-night warrior when his new show debuted tonight on tbs. and "showbiz tonight" can now
11:16 am
reveal right here, right now, that with lopez now on the battle field, it's just further proof that late-night is not just a white male game anymore. they're bold -- >> if it was a real messy show, this would be plastic on the couch. >> reporter: they're brash. >> i'm happy to announce that i haven't slept with anyone on my staff yet. >> reporter: and above all, they're diverse. >> hey, baby! hey, baby! >> reporter: george lopez, wanda sykes, and monique. actor/comedians of color are joining the traditional late-night establishment of white, white, and more white men. >> i think there's an untapped minority audience that these other networks are trying to get into. >> reporter: monique debuted on b.e.t. last month. sykes premiered over the weekend on fox. and tonight, lopez unveils his late-night show on cnn's sister station, tbs. >> if we can change the white house, we can change late-night tv. i think it's time for a latino latino to step in. >> reporter: each hopes to put a different spin on late-night.
11:17 am
sykes with light-hearted roundtables, lopez features a club-like atmosphere. >> you will see a show that does not have a desk. we do not have cards. it looks unscripted. it moves really fast. >> reporter: lopez aims for an edgier feel than traditional late-night shows, something he's worked on in test runs. >> the monologues every night have been incredibly political and pointed. you know, we name names. >> reporter: while lopez is the first hispanic to host a late-night talker on a major network, this isn't the first time late-night has sought younger, more ethnic audiences. think chris rock, magic johnson, and arsenio hall. "variety's" stewart levine believes the recipe for success is simple. >> i think they just have to be funny. you can be a minority host and try to get a minority audience, but if you aren't funny, people aren't going to watch. >> reporter: and with a potential historic change in television hanging in the balance, you can bet these comedians are working overtime to bring on the laughs.
11:18 am
"variety's" stewart levine also told me these late-night shows are a more financially viable option than the dwindling supplies of fresh comedies. a lot of people have been calling in about rihanna's shocking tell-all interview about that night that chris brown beat her. >> a lot of strong opinions about this. we got a call into "showbiz on call" from stacy in alabama, who's actually sticking up from chris. >> i'm calling about the chris brown situation. i think people just need to give him a second chance. everyone makes mistakes. just think about how many people who have skeletons in their closet and how many people's careers would be changed if those skeletons were to come out. >> we also heard from lynn who called into "showbiz on call" from california. lynn says it took a lot of courage for rihanna to speak out and she knows from experience how hard it can be to leave an abuser. >> caller: i would like to applaud rihanna for finally coming out. i was abused for ten years by my
11:19 am
kids' father. and for her to stand up like that, it took me ten years to get out of this relationship. and every time i see somebody abused, i feel bad. i would like to applaud rihanna, because she's probably saving somebody's life. thank you, rihanna, for standing up. >> thank you, lynn. please call us at "showbiz on call" to let us know what's on your mind. >> the "showbiz on call" phone lines are open 24/7. the number, 1-888-sbt-buzz. leave a voice mail and we will play some of your calls right here on "showbiz tonight." tonight, taylor's swift kick to kate gosselin on "snl". >> actually, you know, the hardest thing about being a mom is having patience. because sometimes the paparazzi say they're going to be someplace at 10:00 and they don't show up until 11:00. >> i think taylor makes a pretty convincing kate. there's big buzz tonight about taylor's "snl" performance.
11:20 am
did she hit it out of the park? also, the carrie prejean sex tape scandal. the former beauty queen became the poster girl for conservative values. now her own words coming back to haunt her. tonight, why some people are saying carrie is a huge hypocrite. and did you see this? absolutely unbelievable scenes from a college soccer game. this woman elbows the other team, she kicks, she pulls hair. it's all caught on tape. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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♪ might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my vma monologue ♪ >> now on "showbiz tonight," taylor's swift "snl" kicks to kanye west and kate gosselin. tonight, the country sweetheart goes after kanye and she goes after kate. is carrie prejean a hypocrite? startling new revelations about the former miss california sex tape just out today. what carrie wrote before the tape came out. has carrie, who is so pro-conservative values, become a total hypocrite?
11:31 am
we were lacing our marijuana with -- with coke. >> you were freebasing cocaine? >> basically. >> why so many big stars have just revealed their deepest, darkest brand-new secrets. it's a not-to-be-missed "showbiz tonight" special report. and more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker," tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now! welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> and i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. tonight, a new sex tape shocker. former miss california beauty queen carrie prejean is in the thick of a sex tape scandal, just as we learned today about part of her new tell-all book that reportedly bashes pornography. tonight, is carrie prejean a big
11:32 am
hypocrite? can miss family values save her reputation after this outrageous double standard? and well, while we're on the topic of outrageous, did you see this? country music star taylor swift making fun of kate gosselin. >> actually, you know, the hardest thing about being a mom is having patience. because sometimes the paparazzi say they're going to be someplace at 10:00 and they don't show up until 11:00. >> everybody talking today about taylor swift's over-the-top spoof of kate gosselin on "saturday night live." and wait until you see how she got revenge and let kanye west have it. >> i thought she was just awesome. i have become a big taylor swift fan, brooke. joining me tonight in hollywood is hyla, an entertainment journalist for five>> narrator:, and also joining us is megan alexander, with "inside edition." let me begin with the carrie
11:33 am
prejean scandal. this comes fresh on the heels of us learning that the new queen of family values made a graphic tape. tmz posted excerpts of prejean's new tell-all book, which among other things bashes pornography. hyla, when i hear that, i'm thinking, it's about time to officially crown her, carrie prejean, miss hypocrite 2009. >> a.j., you're giving her way too much credit. she's not a hypocrite, she's an idiot. she already dealt with this with topless photos. she just made the same mistake again. she completely lost her mind. i don't give her any credit for this. she should know better. if you take topless photos, they're going to come out. if you make a sex video, it's going to come out. these are no-brainers. >> know what you're writing when you're writing it and know that that other stuff is going to get out there. i would like flash you back, if i may. carrie prejean became a lightning rod earlier this year when she gave a controversial answer earliat the miss usa pag.
11:34 am
>> i believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. no offense to anybody out there, but that's how i was raised and that's how i think it should be, between a man and a woman. >> the good old opposite marriage question. that made her a hero to a champions of family values supporters everywhere. but then came the sex tape. and listen to what she writes about in her new book. "our bodies are temples of the lord. we should earn respect for administration of our hearts, not for showing skin to look sexy. i have since learned that your outer beauty can only get you so far in life." megan, is there any way for carrie prejean to redeem herself? >> i agree with the statement. it's a good statement. and maybe she has, indeed, seen the light. rumors are this table was possibly shot a couple of years ago. we're still not hearing all the details. a.j., i'm still waiting for her to come out and talk about it. i would like her to admit that she made a mistake and deal with
11:35 am
those consequences. days continue to go by and she's still not speaking about it. she's going to need too sooner or later. >> but you get the impressions that her actions sort of show that she's aware of some hypocrisy. she was demanding $1 million from the miss usa pageant after she sued them for firing her. then she dropped the whole thing like a hotcake when they showed that they had the sex tape. up until then, carrie was making her living, doing the rounds, speaking on the circuit about family values. she even got canned as a key speaker for family values at a conference that happened in new jersey over the weekend. and at many of those conferences, she talked about that infamous gay marriage answer. let's watch this. >> in my head, i was thinking, god, why is this question being asked? but, you know, what, i'm going to deal with this question. i'm going to answer it to the best of my ability, stay true to who i am, what i believe, and how i was raised. and that's it.
11:36 am
>> and you hear her say "true to who i am, the way i was raised," which is really in stark contrast, i would think, to having a sex tape. and now with the sex tape out, hyla, i'm going to wonder, what's going to happen with her career? people would have to be nuts to hire her to speak on family values. >> i have to disagree with megan. i think she has been talking about it. she's completely being hypocritical, as we're saying here, and no, no one can defend her now. you can make a mistake with topless photos. i think a lot of young women get caught up in the modeling business. they make a mistake, they get manipulated and day do that with the topless photos. in terms of a sex tape, no. i mean, there's too many things in a row here that shows who she really is as a person. and i'll be interested to see, you know, what the conservative talking heads say about her now. are the bill o'reillies of the world continue to defend her, like they have. >> brooke, you're the voice of reason here. let me ask you. is anybody ever really going to be able to take carrie prejean seriously again? she's got the decks stacked against her. >> it's going to be difficult, a.j. and i happen to agree with megan
11:37 am
here. i think she needs to own up to her skeletons in the closet, talk about them openly, and then try to move on with her life and with her career. but even so, it's going to be very difficult. i think a lot of people are not going to respect her or listen to her because of her actions, a.j. and now i do want to move to another big-time shocker. taylor's swift kick to kanye west and kate gosselin. everybody could not stop talking today about taylor swift's killer spoof on "saturday night live," impersonating kate gosselin's appearance on "the view." i've got to say, it's pretty darned good. watch this. >> so what? >> ha-ha, ha-ha, you are so funny. actually, you know what else is funny? how i got this hairstyle. my hair dresser was with halfway through giving me the rachael when his blow-dryer exploded on the back of my head. >> megan, what do you think? does taylor swift nail kate gosselin? >> she does.
11:38 am
and there was a reason that taylor swift was the youngest nominee for cma's entertainer of the year. the cmas are this weekend in nashville, tennessee. i'll be there. she's a talent, it shows. and laughter, the way she deals with things, laughter is one of the best ways to deal with any embarrassment in your life, over the ckanye west thing. i think she nailed it beautifully. great job. >> hyla, she seems like a natural, doesn't she? >> we know that taylor swift is a superstar in the music industry, but oh, my god, her potential is endless. if i was a studio, i might want to make a movie out of her. in the first half an hour, she takes on the jones brothers, "twilight," kanye west, and kate gosselin. that's amazing. way to go, taylor swift. >> who knew she was so funny. and speaking of kanye, she let him have it in her very funny musical monologue. it was her revenge when he grabbed the mike from her after her acceptance speech.
11:39 am
watch this. ♪ you might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my vma monologue ♪ ♪ but there's nothing more to say, cause everything's okay ♪ ♪ i've got security lining the stage ♪ >> megan, it was great, but i think in a way that she let kanye off the hook here. was she maybe a little too nice. it was her chance, it was "snl". >> you know, i think she dealt with it in a mature way. i think she's handled the situation well. i think she's a song writer, too, which i have a lot of respect for. she writes a lot of her songs, so she's always said, situations in life are material for her and i think she just melt with the material, did a great job on "snl." and i still think she handled it well. just laugh and move on. the best way to handle it. >> that's right. and she is a lady, she's very classy and i think that's why a lot of people really, really
11:40 am
love her. all right, hyla, megan al alexander, thanks, it was a lot of fun. and our "showbiz tonight" question of the day is this. carrie prejean's sex tape, is she a hypocrite? vote,, e-mail us, tonight, john travolta speaks. in his very first interview since the death of his teenage son, jett, travolta opens up about how his family is coping and the steps they're taking each and every day to get by. it's a very emotional interview just out today. and we will also have this. he makes you trip nude first. he'd oil you down. >> michael jackson's startling secret about what h his dad would do to him. tonight, the most dramatic, the most personal, the deepest darkest secrets of the stars revealed. but why are so many stars speaking out so recently? why now? it's a not-to-be-missed "showbiz tonight" special report. and you have got to see this
11:41 am
video. wow, a female college soccer player punches, kicks, pulls air, you name it. it's all caught on tape. i think it may be the dirtiest, most violent sports tape of all time. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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call it like it is and hating tennis was a deep part of my life for a long, long time. >> just after he shocked the world by admitting to using crystal meth, tennis great andre agassi opens up with another unbelievable confession. for most of his life, he actually hated tennis. >> that's just wild.
11:45 am
and andre agassi is just one of the many stars this year coming out with a shocking, dark secret. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york with brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight, it's a showbiz special report, dark secrets of the stars. from heartbreaking confessions of abuse to jaw-dropping revelations of incest, i can't get over how many celebrities have recently decided to come out with their darkest secrets. from whitney houston's drug addiction to michael jackson's tapes describing alleged brutal abuse by his father, tonight "showbiz tonight" reveals the most astounding, the most incredible, the most heartbreaking celebrity dark secrets ever. dark secrets from some of america's most beloved celebrities. >> he used to spit on me. he would actually spit on me. >> secrets we'd never believe unless we heard it straight from their own mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room bed. >> reporter: secrets both
11:46 am
shocking and heartbreaking. >> he'd whip all over your face, your back, everywhere. and i'd always hear my mother, no, joe, you're going to kill him, no. >> reporter: whitney houston stunned america when she confessed all to oprah about her drug use with now ex-husband bobby brown. >> you were freebasing cocaine. >> and weed. >> your drug of choice was weed combined with cocaine? >> weed and cocaine. >> and she dropped a lot of bombshells about her life with bobby brown and how emotionally abusive their relationship was. >> we started to paint our room, our bedroom, just eyes, evil eyes, that were looking at every point of the room. >> reporter: but secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillips's revelations to larry king about her incestuous relationship with her father, john phillips.
11:47 am
>> all i remember is getting in the room, getting high. you're in a blackout and not in your body and you come to in your body, i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> reporter: mackenzie's best-selling book "high on arrival" reveals all the gruesome details of this secret she had carried efor 31 years. >> i said, we need to talk about how -- and i used the word "rape" for lack of a better word -- about how you raped me. and he said, raped you, don't you mean "made love." and i thought, i am so screwed. >> reporter: her claims separated her family. >> had somewhat of a negative impact on our family. >> reporter: mackenzie's half-sister, chynna, told "showbiz tonight" she believes her sister and it took a lot of courage to come out with such a painful and dark secret. >> i can't hold any resentments. and i love my sister and i'm really, really proud of her. >> reporter: and for michael
11:48 am
jackson, many secrets of his own dark history didn't come to light until his sudden death in july. >> when michael jackson died, all of a sudden the pandora's box of dark secrets was opened. >> reporter: the world was shocked when investigators uncovered jackson's outrageous abuse of prescription painkillers, including a highly dangerous anesthetic called propofol to help him sleep at night. it's the drug that ultimately killed him. one of the most alarming and tragic of jackson's dark secrets were the audiotapes revealing michael's graphic descriptions of being abused by his father, joe jackson. >> he would make you strip nude first, he would oil you down. it would be a whole ritual. he would oil you down, so when the flip of the ironing cord hit you, it would just, you know, and it was just like me dying. >> reporter: rabbi shmuley boteach revealed these taped conversations with michael to "showbiz tonight". >> even when i hear it now, it's
11:49 am
painful. because it shows a side of michael that is so contradictory to the super star who played before millions of fans. >> i would just give up. there was nothing i could do. you know? and i hated him for it. hated him. >> i don't think michael was ever known as a man. i don't think we ever understood his brokenness. i think we judged him and rejected him. >> i think that everyone, all of michael jackson's fans, still embrace him, despite all of these things that we are finding out after his death. but i think that's the thing about most pop stars. finding out their dark secrets actually makes us really love our celebrities and our pop stars even more than we did before. >> and tonight, yet another brand-new michael jackson secret revelation. michael's dad filed court papers to get an allowance from his late son's estate. michael didn't include his dad in his will. joe jackson says he has $15,000 worth of monthly expenses.
11:50 am
those are expenses that michael was supposedly helping joe out with before his death. okay, did you see this? i think this could be one of the dirtiest, most outrageous sports videos i've ever seen. take a look. the university of new mexico soccer player, elbowed, kicked, grabbed a ponytail and ranked her to the ground during a game with brigham young. these ladies play hard but it is disgusting, especially because lambert wasn't kicked out of the game. she's apologized saying, i let my emotions get the best of me in a heated situation. i take full responsibility for my actions and accept any punishment felt necessary. that punishment has been handed down. lambert has been suspended from his team indefinitely. better late than never, i guess. tonight, john travolta speaks for the first time since the tragic death of his son's death jett. travolta is opening up, how his family is cope and the steps
11:51 am
taken eve and every day to get by. john's words out, just today. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time-out. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" news room making news right now -- you're watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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ask fee again what my show is about. >> no. you had your chance. >> come on, u?a?a?a?a?a?a?!?!?x
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12:00 pm
tropical depression ida pounding the gulf coast. where that storm is head and how much rain some areas could get. it could be a tough one for folk there's. also the man accuse of blackmailing david letterman is in court today. why his lawyer says this case should be thrown out altogether. a terrifying moment in boston when a woman, look at this, falls on to the subway tracks as a train is approaching. how bystanders saved into action to try to save that woman's life. why don't you sit back, relax and let us get you informed to get on with your day here. thanks for spending time with us. i'm christi paul.
12:01 pm
welcome to "news and views." something to show you. the governor of virginia denied clemency for this man, washington area sniper john allan mohammed. his last chances to avoid execution meaning he'll receive a leith's injection at 9:00 p.m. eastern. prosecutor say mohammed and an accomplice were snipers back in 2002 and suspected in killings as far away as arizona. that partner, malvo, is serving life without parole, by the way. the president and first lady are expected to arrive shortly at ft. hood joining grieving families and a shaken community in looking to answers to last week's deadly shooting spree. they'll meet privately with those killed and attend a military service at the post which begins at 2:00 eastern. officials say the suspect, major nidal hasan, will be tried in military court. no charges have been filed yet, but the fbi is starting a new
12:02 pm
internal review to see if it missed any red flags. >> i guess no one saw the signs on him, and they missed the signs with him. can you imagine if they miss the signs with someone else? i mean, you know. it's ridiculous. >> i think there were probably a lot of sections that should have been made that weren't made, but we're at war and under a lot of pressure, and maybe that's what happened. >> major hasan is still in intensive care at an army hospital in san antoniantonio. investigators say he acted alone and was not part of a terror plot. sources say he was never put on a watch list even after they found e-mails between him and a muslim cleric linked to two of the 9/11 hijackers. investigators say there was no mention of threats or violence in those. meanwhile, tropical depression ida. dumping drenches rain on parts of the southeast here. some places could get up to eight inches of it. the storm will likely continue for at least another day as it travels up the east coast. it came april shore this morning
12:03 pm
in alabama. already flooded some roads in alabama and the florida panhandle. we'll talk you live to pensacola, florida, in just a little bit. stick around for that. meanwhile, right now in duchess county, new york, police are trying to find out why a man walked into a school way rifle and took a middle school principal hostage. the school immediately went into lockdown as police arrived on the scene. an a standoff of more than an hour the gunman surrendered. no one hurt. the middle and high school are nine miles north of manhattan share a campus. identified the suspect at christopher craft, a man in his 40s who once attended the school. police ge on to say the gunman's son was recently suspended from that educational facility. the cbs news producer charged with blackmailing david letterman is in court right now. robert joe halderman threatened to expose letterman's affairs
12:04 pm
with women on his staff if he didn't pay him $2 million. halderman pleaded not guilty and his defense attorney is asking the judge to dismiss the case altogether saying there's not enough evidence to go to trial. letterman made tv history last month when he confess and his show he indeed slept with women who worked for him. the former astronaut accused of attacking another woman over an ex-boyfriend may take a plea deal today. she has a pretrial hearing in a florida courtroom about 90 minutes from now. prosecutors say the deal has conditions but they're not giving out what the details are. nowak pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping and other charges. the woman she allegedly attacked two years ago is expected to be at this hearing. if you have the h1n1 flu virus you should get paid sick leave from your employer to stay at home. the argument being made now and live picture, coming to you as senator chris dodd of connecticut is proposing this
12:05 pm
plan as part of emergency legislation in congress. again, that's what you're looking at as they discuss it. he says the idea is to make sure sick employees stay home rather than expose other people. the bill would make it easier for parents to care for sick children or deal with school closings. a similar measure has been introduced in the house. the house version would cover the h1n1 pandemic and other infectious diseases as well. it is a commuter's nightmare. falling off a platform in a subway station right in the path of an oncoming train. this happened to a woman in boston. we'll show you the rest of this video with a surprise ending.
12:06 pm
12:07 pm
what a close call for a woman who fell on to track trains moments it arrived. she was standing on the platform when she lost her balance
12:08 pm
putting owl a cigarette and falls. people frantically waving at the oncoming train as the driver stopped, look at this. just in time. she's just laying there. the woman got a few scrape, otherwise is okay. look at people trying frantically to get his attention. transit police say she told them she'd been drinking. the train driver was honored just yesterday. whew! so should all those people be too, right? a basketball legend, kareem abdul-jabbar is treat ford a rare form of leukemia. his doctor said it's not a death sentence and very treatable. he's trying to raise awareness and give hope to others who may have that blood cancer called mylloyd leukemia. "approached a pharmaceutic many company to launch a campaign and is now working as a paid spokesperson. about 1,000 smokers are signing up for a vaccine that may help them kick the habit. an experiment's immunization is
12:09 pm
designed to stimulate the immune system and prevent nicotine from entering the brain. supposed to take the pleasure out of smoking. navi pharmaceutical received grant to do large-scale clinical trials to determine how well the vaccine works and its side effects. it's the last step before the drug can go to the fda for approval. if you see one of the hot new toys for christmas you might want to grab it. toy shortages are started earlier. retailers are worried you won't be spending and don't want to get stuck with a lot of leftovers and are ordering in smaller quantities. particularly in toys, one of the hardest to nab, the schoo schoo pets mechanical hamster. they go into the bathroom, you hear a flushing noise. oh, no! other toys already getting hard to find, mattel's mindflex and
12:10 pm
barbie fasionista, just so you know. we are seeing more signs that americans plan to cut back on traveling this holiday season as well in an attempt to save money. a aaa study in southern california found 30% polled plan to take a road trip instead of flying. 40% say they're staying with friend and family instead guesting a hotel room. here is a holiday gift from google, though. if you're traveling this holiday seas season, if you are, take a laptop, because you can get free wi-fi at 47 of the nation's airports thank to going's pt program starts today and runs through the end of the holiday season. the list includes miami, orlando, houston, pittsburgh among others. google hopes you'll set its page as your home page, though, too. a freak snowstorm turned a family camping trip into a struggle to survive here. how a dad and seven kids finally were rescued after being trapped in their van for days.
12:11 pm
12:12 pm
12:13 pm
ed national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the ncht ra claims the question invades the privacy of gun owners and violates a florida law prohibiting the state from registering guns. the states child welfare department says the question is included on some but not all forms that prospective adopting parents fill out. a republican senator says he'll introduce legislation now banning the question from all adoption forms. in fact, an editorial in it gainesville sun argues passing the measure proves gun rights trump the welfare of children. that's a quote from that paper. so this is our "your views" topic. richelle carey has been checking out her facebook page. >> checking out our facebook pages on this one, richelle. i'm surprised how many comments i've gotten, like that. >> like that. because we're talking about kids and guns. those are the things people are
12:14 pm
passionate about and pretty diverse opinion, christi. listening to what you're saying about the story. get to the phones. charlie is calling us from pennsylvania. charlie, i understand, my producer louise says, you think the question is a bit intrusive. go ahead. explain yourself, sir. >> caller: number one, it is definitely a violation of an individual's trite the second amendment. with the individuals who are prospective parents not to have a gun, just think of the amount of people that will be eliminated. police officers -- >> well, charlie, let me stop you right now. it's my understanding they're not automatically off the list to adopt a child depending how they answer the question. this is just one of several questions. this doesn't eliminate them. >> caller: okay. i'm sorry. i didn't hear you. >> okay. charlie, i was saying, it's our understanding this does eliminate from in being able to adopt a child necessarily, just one of many questions. but the question, just asking
12:15 pm
the question still makes you uncomfortable? >> caller: it does. >> okay. all right. charlie, thank you. calling from wisconsin, mary, you think the question is okay? >> caller: yes, i do. i have nothing to hide if they ask me if i have a gun. of course i would answer the question. if i should own one, yes. i would say, yes. i feel that guns, to me -- more children are being accessed to guns and they're killing, and so with -- so many young children killing people, i find that guns in a home, no. i've never owned one. my children never other thanned one, and i think guns really should not be in the home. >> mary, thank you. a lot of comments, christi was saying, a lot of comments on facebook. search for richelle carey hln. picked a few comments for you. this is what kyle says. as much as i am for limited gun restriction, gun ownership does not preclude a family from
12:16 pm
bestowing a gentle, loving and caring environment for a child. being adopted i find it ridiculous i might be denied my adoptive parents as a result of an overreaching politically motivate the barren noiia surrounding my dad's hunting rifle. our understanding is no that they're actually rejecting parents because of this. nathan says i believe it is the choice of the adoptive parents to own a gun in their home. report gun ownership, does that mean we should make all parents report gun ownership? all parents. i believe we all have the right to bear arms and can create a safer environment with the practice of gun safety. that's a sample we are just getting started. let me continue to hear from you today about this. should adoptive parents have to tell the adoption agency that they have guns in their homes. do you think this violates the gun owner's privacy or make for a safer home for the children? e-mail us at if you prefer to talk, we can chat. calm us at 1-877-tell-hln or
12:17 pm
text, or jump in on the facebook discussion as well. interesting topic. isn't it? >> it is. i wanted to read one from breanna who posted on my facebook page. she says, i think that's silly. when you're in labor the hospitals don't ask if you have guns in your home. why should adoption be any different? >> interesting point. the other point, if they're going to hand over a child, they may feel they have to ask every question known to man. absolutely just the beginning. >> good to point out they're asking this question but it's not eliminating those parents either. we want to make that clear. richelle, thank you. >> you bet. ida is now a tropical depression. the storm made landfall along the gulf coast this morning. spots are really getting drenched right in our. the radar for you. sandra endo is feeling it in pensacola right now. sandra, how is it where you are right this moment? >> reporter: that's right, christi. the drizzling rain picked up in
12:18 pm
this area so far and all morning low so gusty. the winds have been so strong, actually. now it's kind of dying doug a little bit. look behind me. the surf is going wild. surf's definitely up here along the coastline. the huge waves crashing down along the shore and into the pier. we saw one kite border making his way out there enjoying what mother nature is bringing. this tropical storm has been downgraded to a depression right now and the good news, no reports of severe flooding so far, and as you know, also, this is the ninth named storm of the hurricane season, and it could be the last, because the hurricane season is sent to wrap up by the end of the month. christi? >> i have to ask, since you mentioned the kite border. do they have anybody out there monitoring the beach and keeping people out of the water? >> reporter: i see some grounds crew people here picking up trash and you see a lot of people actually coming out here
12:19 pm
on the beach today. the school is out in this county, at least, and they're just storm watchers. a lot of them aren't going in the waves, which is a smart thing, but there haven't been a lot of life guards per se monitoring the beach making sure people aren't going out there, but it's not recommended behavior. of course, there are going to be some people accustomed to this weather. as you know, this area, they're so used to these hurricane watches and enduring these hurricanes. so they say, ah, tropical storm. we can ride it out. >> yeah, yeah. i guess that's probably the mentality. i can understand. thank you so much, sandra. appreciate it. that storm expected to keep dumping rain up to three to six inches in some places through possibly wednesday. a man and his seven children spent two nights in a van trapped in a heavy snowstorm. mark shaver and his kids ages 3 to 14 were camping in oregon when the storm started and couldn't call for help because they didn't have a cell phone. >> i told dad that i wasn't going to make it another night,
12:20 pm
because i couldn't stand sleeping upright. >> the kids' uncle got the search started after he called police saying they were missing. all right. are you a risk of identity theft? a new website can tell you. hln money expert clark howard tells us about a free, easy way to help protect your identity. >> what risk are you at of identity theft? we hear so much about it. you see all the commercials about how there's this great way for you to keep your identity from being stolen and all that stuff. but how would you figure out how much risk you are actually at? well, there's now a mathematical formula for free. you can run yourself through and see how much risk you're actually under based on your profile of having your identity stolen. you go a website called when you get there, you fill out
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a short amount of information about yourself, and if you're trusting enough, your social security number. i chose to put an n there to see what it would show for me and guess what it showed for me? i was at pretty high risk of identity theft. thank goodness i've already frozen my credit. but check out your number and see if you need to take more precautions to protect yourself. i'm clark howard. for more ways to protect your wallet, go to get more great consumer advice from the one and only clark howard every saturday and sunday at noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln "news and views." he's going to help you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. all right. let's admit it. you expect fights to break out when you go to a men's hockey game, but a girl's soccer match? things got ugly at the end of this high school championship game, but it didn't end there. wait until you hear what happened during the trophy
12:22 pm
presentation. y8
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the governor denied a clemency appeal for john allen muhammad. prosecutors say muhammad and a teenage accomplice, lee boyd malvo were snipers in 2002 and suspected of killing in other states as far away as arizona. malvo, meanwhile is serving life without parole. ed commander in chief, we understand, has just arrived in texas. these are live pictures of michelle obama as she gets into the motorcade there, as she just
12:31 pm
exited air force one. brought the president to ft. hood for today's memorial. live pictures. there's the president and first lady in their motorcade as they make their way to the memorial that's expected to start in about an hour and a half now. we're following that story, by the way, all day here on hln, and, in fact, are going to take you to ft. hood in a couple's moments. live pictures as the president and first lady arrive for the memorial service to honor the 13 people who died at ft. hood last week in that mass shooting. the largest mass shooting on a post in u.s. history. i want to ask you if you have seen this little girl. police in maine say she's 2-year-old haley traynham. keep your eyes peel fundamental you're in the area. the search extended to vermont. the vermont state police act valuated its amber alert system as part of what is now a
12:32 pm
three-state search for this little girl. here's what we know. police say she's with her father, 38-year-old gary traynham thought to be driving a 1998 green dodge pickup truck with maine registration. the girl has shoulder length blond hair. blue eyes. just 2 years old. please, keep your eyes open for that little girl and her father. tropical depression ida is dumping drenching rain on parts of the southeast. some places could still get up to eight inches of rain here. ida came ashore before dawn this morning at dauphin island, alabama and flooded roads in alabama. also the florida panhandle leaving debris scattered in streets and yards. some areas are experiencing scattered power outage it's as well. no reports of serious damage, thankfully. the storm will likely continue another day as it travels up the east coast. one of our i-reporters who
12:33 pm
lives in destin, florida, captured ida's giant wave as they slammed the gulf coast. look at this. it's something to see. a beautiful sight on some levels, though, too. isn't it? jan took this video from her house near the beach. thank you, jan. she says some buildings lost their sea wall. when we talked to her earlier she said the waves were just getting bigger and bigger, and also told us the parking lots of some high-rise condos on the beach are under water. >> this is jetty east down at the point and can you tell their parking lot is flooded. trying desperately to pump it out. that's the guard shack. >> we want to thank you, jan, so much for sharing those picture, with us. if you have great pictures or video of ida as it came ashore go to and click on the upload now link. complete instructions how to submit your stories and never compromise your safety, please, for any pictures. we're glad so far as we've heard is safe.
12:34 pm
right now in duchess county, new york, police are trying to find out why a man walkeded into a high school with a rifle and took the prim hostage. the school immediately went into lockdown and police arrived on the scene. after a standoff of more than an hour, the gunman surrendered. no one hurt. the high school is in pine plains, 90 miles north of manhattan. a state official identifies the suspect at 45-year-old christopher craft, saying he's a former student and his son was recently suspended from the school. u.s. intelligence flagged communications from the suspect in the ft. hood shootings a year ago. federal agents say nothing came of that investigation. they reviewed communications between major nidal hasan and a man identified at the subject of a federal investigation, anwar ellackey the former imam of a suburban center left in 2002 and may be living now in yemen. after reviewing communications
12:35 pm
agents decided there was nothing to warrant further action. again, though, want to let you know, president obama and mrs. obama shgs video of a couple minutes ago arrives in texas for a memorial service for the 13 people killed, and we, again, have a live report coming to you from ft. hood in a few minutes. the cbs news producer charged with blackmailing david letterman is in court right now. prosecutors say robert joe halderman threatened to expose his affairs with women on his staff if he didn't pay him $2 million. the defense attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case altogether saying his client was merely trying to sell a screenplay. letterman made tv hisry last month when he quett confessed on his show he indeed slept with women who worked for him. the former astronaut accused of attacking another woman over an ex-boyfriend may take a plea deal. remember lisa nowak?
12:36 pm
a pretrial hearing in about 90 minutes from now. prosecutors say the deal has conditions but are not disclosing them to. nowak pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and other charges opinion the woman she allegedly attacked in a parking lot two years ago is expected to be at that hearing. if you have the h1n1 flu virus, you should get paid sick leave from dwrour employer to stay at home. that's what connecticut senator christopher dodd is proposing as part of emergency legislation in congress. he says the idea is to make sure sick employees stay home rather than expose other people. >> for the 57 million private sector workers who do not have paid sick leave available, coming down with h1n1 means you have, you have to make a choice. either go into work sick or risk infecting co-workers or stay home and lose, of course, a very important day's pay. the center for disease control strongly recommended that you stay home until your fever has ended and for at least another
12:37 pm
24 hours after that. this isn't just a workers' rights issue. it's a public health emergency. families shouldn't have to choose between staying healthy and making ends meet. >> dodd's bill would make it easier for parents to care for sick children or deal with school closings. a similar measure introduced in the house would cover the h1n1 pandemic and other infectious diseases as well. we just told you president and mrs. obama are in texas right now making their way to a memorial service for the people killed at ft. hood last week. samantha hayes is at the army post as well. samantha, what can we expect? how are they going to honor these 13 people today? >> reporter: christi, very traditional. we're going to hear from a few speakers including the president of the united states as well as the army chaplain here at ft. hood. some versus from the bible will also be read. and as is customary when something, whenever a soldier falls, we'll hear a 21-gun salute and a roll call reading
12:38 pm
the names of the deceased. we understand many of the victim whose survived the attack will also be here today as well as families of the victims t s whod and many in the ft. hood community and the killeen. this is open to the public. you can tell from behind me, these are temporary storage containers put up around the field. it is usually open space, to secure it bp because security is a high priority right now, as can you imagine, and the president and other high-level officials and lawmakers are probably entering right about now, or soon, because the memorial is just a little over an hour away. >> as i understand it, the suspect in this case is still hospitalized. do we know what his situation is, not just on that front but from a legal perspective as well? >> reporter: christi, he survived four gunshot wounds and is recovering in a san antonio hospital where he's also under guard. so the next question for hasan is to, you know, consider
12:39 pm
representation. legal representation, for the ongoing investigation that may inevitably lead to a military trial. we have heard reports that he has obtained counsel or is talking to counsel. perhaps even former military judge who is now a defense attorney and i believe very little information on that, not really any confirmation. as far as his condition is concerned, the hospital says he is still in critical but stable condition. his ventilator has been removed and he's been able to communicate to the some extent. >> one thing everybody's wondering is what is he saying? but we'll have to wait to find out. thank you so much, samantha hayes live for us at ft. hood. we'll check in with you throughout the day. as we watch that memorial. more detail, too, about a strain twist in that house of horrors in cleveland. the niece of cleveland's mayor is talking about the relationship she had with suspected killer anthony sowell. how she says he treated her and
12:40 pm
what she says about the stench in his home.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
three florida teenagers accused of setting a 15-year-old on fire will be charged as adults. all three were charged yesterday with one count of attempted second-degree murder. investigators say 15-year-old matthew bent directed 15-year-old denver jarvis, whom you see on the right, to pour rubbing alcohol on michael brewer last month. they say 16-year-old jesus mendez, in the middle, lit him on fire. now, for the moment, prosecutors are not charging two other teens they've been questioning. brewer has burns, though, over 65% of his body and is still in
12:43 pm
critical condition. we're learning more about the relationship between suspected killer anthony sowell and the niece of cleveland's mayor. who would have known there's a connection here? yesterday she said she lived with sowell from 2005 to 2007. though it isn't clear whether the two had a romantic relationship. the niece told affiliate woio sowell took good care of her and never thought the smells in his house might be bodies. he's facing five counts of aggravated murder and is suspected of strangling at least 11 women and hiding their bodies in and around his cleveland home. two more families have learned that their loved ones were in that home. >> just told me that her body was intact. that's all. >> it's still devastating. she died in this manner, found in a backyard. >> the fbi says its investigating, too, whether sowell might be responsible for unsolved killings and rapes as far away as japan.
12:44 pm
sowell spent time there, apparently, as a marine. i'm jane velez-mitchell. here's my "issue." rocked by tragedy. the cleveland community is outraged calling for a federal investigation into the city's police force because of the way they handled the cleveland strangler case. i say, good. let the investigation begin. the list of allegations is a mile lon, for starters. cops went to an though sowell's home in september but didn't notice the stench of death pouring from his house? couple that with allegations the cops ignored 911 calls from neighbor. never questioned sowell about rape accusation and allegedly laughed at families that tried to report their missing loved ones. i'm not saying this house of horrors is all the fault of cops. far from it, but it is there job to protect the neighborhood. and when 11 bodies are found rotting inside one house, it's hard not to agree with an angry community. i'm jane velez-mitchell and
12:45 pm
that's my "issue." >> find out what else jane has on her mind, watch her at 7:00 eastern every night right here on hln. and and order keeping jennifer lopez' first husband from selling a sex tape from their 1997 honeymoon. elany noah, seen with lopez when they were married. the actress sued him for $10 million claiming he broke a confidentiality agreement. yesterday he was barred from making the video public until today's hearing. know noah and lopez were married for 11 months. challenge your friends, yourself, test your knowledge. you can pick your favorite anchor including robin hln the "morning express." play now at a freak snowstorm turned a family camping trip into a strug toll survive. how a dad and seven kids finally got rescued after being trapped in their van for days.
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
sasherry. i don't know if you heard about this yet but the national rifle association wants to stop
12:48 pm
florida adoption agencies from asks couples if they own guns. the nra claims the question invades the privacy of gun owners and violate as florida tlau prohibits the state from registers guns. the state's child welfare department says the gun ownership question is include and some but not all forms that prospective adoptive parents fill out. a senator says he'll introduce legislation banning the question from all adoption forms. an editorial in the "gainesville sun" says passing the measure would prove gun rights trump the rights of children." so we'd like to pose this very question to you today. richelle carey's been doing that on her facebook page and we're doing it here at hln on our facebook pages as well. >> getting a lot of comments. some people say, i'm not just handing over the keys to a new car or a package. these agency are trying to give you a child. and they feel like, hey, that agency has the right to ask you every kind of question known to
12:49 pm
man. there's the other school of thought that's like, hey. there are responsible gun owners out there pup don't have the right to note this about me and especially not to disqualify me from being a parent. let's be clear. as far as we know, it's not disqualifying you from being a parent. some are saying you don't have the trite ask that question. the first couple that said, i really don't feel comfortable this. instead of suing they went this route, got in touch with the nra and the nra said we'll try to get it squashed qual altogether. one comment, a sample of some of the comments. there's my facebook page. kyle says, as maruch as i am fo limited gun ownership, i find the notion ridiculous that i might have been denied my at
12:50 pm
doptive parents as a result of overreaching politically moat vad paranoia surrounding my dad's hunting rifle. be clear. our understanding this is just a question that they want to have that's part of a broader picture and that part of a broader picture and we don't understand that it is limited anybody from actually being able to adopt a child. some people say this is a complete invasion of privacy and they don't have a right to keep track of what adoptive parents have guns. >> interesting. on my facebook page someone said a child's safety should take precedence. potential new parents may or may not be responsible gun owners. you can own a gun. it's whether you are a responsible gun owner which is an interesting discussion. >> very good discussion. we'll keep discussing. this is the question of the day. should adoptive parents have to tell adoption agencies if they have guns in their home or do you think this violates privacy rights for gun owners or do you think that some way it can make a home safer for a child? e-mail us at
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call us right now at 877-tell-hln or text us at hlntv or jump into the facebook world. we all have facebook pages. do that, too. >> we love to hear from you. thank you. thank you. love our discussions. have you heard a chicago bus ended up making a stop this morning inside a home. look at this. what a mess. the bus driver and three passengers were injured. had to be taken to the hospital in fact. the impact was so intense the opposite side of the house was cracked. a woman and her four kids were at home at the time of the crash but thankfully weren't hurt. no word on what caused the bus to lose control. here's a holiday gift for you from google. if you are traveling this holiday season, you may want to take your laptop because you can get free wi-fi at 47 of the nation's airports thanks to google. the program starts today and runs through the end of the holiday season. the list includes airports like miami, orlando, houston, pittsburgh and google hopes you
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will set its page as your homepage as well. it's a commuters nightmare falling off platform on a subway station into the path of an oncoming train. this happened to a woman in boston. we'll show you the end of this surprising video.
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