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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  November 13, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. friday! how are you doing? i'm robin meade and i'm so much better now that you're here with us, okay? and here's what's going on today. renewed hope of finding a missing 5-year-old girl after police say she was spotted alive. now they're hoping a suspect in custody can lead them to the little girl. plus, the u.s. wants to seize an entire skyscraper and a mocks. how they might be linked to iran's government. and a facebook alibi. a man got out of jail because he had updated his status.
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first, though, what a story here. it appears that a missing 5-year-old girl has been spotted on hotel surveillance video but the man charged in her kidnapping isn't the guy on the tape with her. plus, they still don't know where little shania davis is. police won't say how he is connected to the man seen with her on the video. she disappeared from her home in fayetteville on tuesday and her dad made a desperate plea for her safety. >> let her go and bring her home safe. we all miss her and love her very much. if you're listening to daddy, i miss you so much and i'm waiting for you. i'm not going to give up. you don't give up either, honey. >> oh, that is so heartbreaking. police charged shaniya's mother's boyfriend with kidnapping. he says he is not guilty. detectives have identified the man on the tape with shaniya but
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are not sure of the connection between him and her family. new this morning, president obama is in japan and economic ties between the two countries are expected to be an important topic. so is the future of u.s. military bases. there's a local protests about a plan to relocate a key u.s. marine base. president obama's trip will also take him to singapore, china, and south korea. that darned ida is still a problem this morning. this time with heavy rain on the mid-atlantic, here's what some streets look like up and down the east coast after what remained of hurricane ida and tropical storm ida and depression ida. schools are closed and 70,000 people are without power, five deaths are blamed on the storms. here's what one reporter saw in virginia. >> hey, guys, i'm out here at bush and olney and you can see -- you can see where the water is well over my waist. >> oh, my goodness. why are you standing in that?
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bob is going to tell us what to expect in that area in just a minute. that was an incredible piece of tape. the republican national committee will no longer offer employees an insurance plan that covers elective abortions. yesterday the organization told its provider to drop that coverage. it's been included in their plan since 1991. the rnc's chairman michael steele says he didn't know that until a story was published in a political newspaper. he says he won't allow it under his administration. if you're thinking about buying a home or maybe refinancing the one you have, good news for you. mortgage rates fell to rock bottom levels. how low? money expert jennifer westhoven will tell you. good morning. they're back under 5% again. that is good news in a bad economy. the benchmark mortgage, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 4.9%. we're not too far from the spring low which was 4.78% and of course when rates dip under 5% it's psychological. a lot of people remember to get in action. they either refinance or they
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make the move so that's something all that activity can help the housing market. by the way, robin, big limits on overdraft fees. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. i love that story. >> yes, you do. 4.91%. all right, we could see one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in u.s. history. the feds are going after a man's skyscraper and four masks allegedly linked to iran's government. cnn's deborah feyerick explains. >> it is actually a front company for a larger iranian-owned bank and the bank channels money to support the nuclear program and parts of its military forces considered terrorist organizations by the u.s. now the four mosques include the islamic institute of new york in queens, new york, the education center in houston, texas, what you're looking at now, and two other mosques in maryland and california. president obama extended the emergency with respect to iran
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because relations with the country remain strained. >> well, the buildings in question will stay open and the tenants are not accused in the case. the foundation's lawyer says that they're cooperating with the government and will challenge the complaint. if you were sarah palin, would your almost son-in-law levi johnston be coming to thanksgiving dinner? that's what oprah asked her in an interview that will air on monday. so here's a sneak peek. >> so one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> you know, that's a great question, and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing because, of course he is a part of the family. you want to bring him in the fold and under your wing and he needs that, too, oprah. i think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that.
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we're more productive. we have other things to concentrate on. >> is he coming or is he not? >> ooh, i guess you'll have to wait until this airs next week to see the answer. palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new for you in about 30 minutes. and of course this interview comes as her book is about to be released next week. that's why the conversations. maybe levi johnston, maybe he's not a good conversationalist. >> put him at the kids' table. big deal. let him sit there. he has his child there. >> she seems to be nicer answering about him than we are. hi there. >> what's up, robin? let me show you what's going on. talking about this coastal low. it's the old ida reformed as a coastal storm up the north carolina coast, and you see the clouds wrapping up with that and the rain underneath it. it's been very heavy at times. langley air force base there in virginia over 10 inches of rain in the last 36 hours really
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coming down. most of the heavy stuff off the atlantic ocean. a breeze coming in, still pushing the waves up there. coastal flood warnings are up there for the areas shaded in bright green. advisories in to long island, nantucket and martha's vineyard. coastal flood warnings into the chesapeake, too. the s.s. minnow taking a beating. coming out of long island, look at the rain heavy at times. basically in manhattan but to mt. pleasant and close to atlantic city later this morning. the rain stretches back down in towards washington, d.c., baltimore as well, and it breaks up a little bit for you, the lower parts of virginia. so i think you're going to get a break with the rain today. the wind is still going to be a factor. the wind advisories, those are gusting at about 40 miles an hour. the jersey shore down to about virginia beach look at some of these wind gusts from yesterday afternoon. just huge. we're talking hurricane strength when you see 75 miles an hour.
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oceana, virginia, reported a 75-mile-per-hour gust. norfolk, virginia, about 74. even right around the york river, that is blazing fast. it's going to loosen up a bit today. not quite as breezy, about half that speed but, still, it's going to be a tough day. more on that in a little bit. guess what? the parents behind the balloon boy frenzy, they're going to be in court this morning and they're expected to change the story they've been telling all along. plus, wasting your time on facebook can actually pay off. one man is using the website as an alibi.
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president obama order add review to see if investigators failed to act on warning signs about the ft. hood shooting suspect. remember a terrorism task force intercepted communications between major nidal hasan and a
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radical muslim cleric last year. they said it wasn't about terrorism so they never passed the info along. defense secretary robert gates warned against rushing to judgment. >> frankly i abhor the leaks that have taken place because people who are leaking are leaking what they know, which is one small piece of the puzzle, and what's more they don't know whether or not what they're leaking might jeopardize a potential criminal investigation in a crime. >> yesterday the u.s. army charged hasan with 13 counts of premeditated murder for last week's murder. that makes him eligible for the death penalty if convicted. balloon boy's parents are due in court this morning. there you go. they're expected to plead guilty and admit the whole thing was a hoax. richard heene turned himself in to sheriff's deputies yesterday. he and his wife could both face jail time.
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they said they thought their son was in a runaway balloon. it turns out it was a publicity stunt. time right now for "salute to the troops." ricardo martinez and staff sergeant ryan melay, both are in the air force and both very missed. they have another thing in common. the person who sent in their salute is from denise martinez, ricardo's sister and ryan nealeigh's girlfriend f. you want to salute someone you love in the military, go to soon your bank will no longer be allowed to automatically charge you overdraft fees but you need to know a few things about this new rule before it takes effect. our money expert jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. so your urge is to go, yeah, but what's the catch? >> there really isn't a catch, just that you might have to take a little bit of action to make sure it happens to you. but this could be the end of a $35 fee for a $3 cup of coffee.
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that could never happen to you again starting july 1st. the fed just announced this new rule that says banks can no longer just automatically put you into their overdraft fee programs, right, where they are hoping to make big money off your little mistakes. so the new rule is none of those huge auto overdrafts on your debit card and at the atm. it doesn't apply to checks. people say, look, if i make a mistake on a check, it's important enough to me, i'd rather have you clear it and pay the fee, so that part's fine. if you go to the atm, sometimes you're at a different atm and can't see the balance, maybe you make a mistake or sometimes you got the math wrong in your head, you buy something little, you get dinged for a huge fee. now just like robin said, though, you might have to do something. i'm not sure about that so keep your eye on the mail, and i say that because like i just got something in the mail from verizon that said we value your privacy. we assume you would like to give us all of your details. if you don't want to you have to
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let us know. if we don't hear from you, we're going to take your details. >> you got that in your snail mail? >> i got that in my snail mail. i'm just thinking had maybe -- and that's an example of something separate, but maybe your bank is going to say, if we don't harper from you -- so you may have to take a little bit of action. again, watch the snail mail and, again, like robin said, snail mail not e-mail. banks contact you through the real mail. >> right, never e-mail, never give away your account. or never answer it when someone says i have a business proposition for you. >> free money. one quick one, these are some new leaks coming out about the possibility that iphone, you could get an iphone if you were on the verizon network not just the at&t network. and the leaks seem to be coming from inside apple's supply change. the latest news is from fortune magazine and they say there could be one by this summer, and
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they're looking at some of the manufacturers say that apple is building a phone that could work on the verizon network. of course right now still only on at&t. back to you. >> okay, thank you. >> that's millions of people, though, who really, you know, be if they didn't want to switch they never had the shot of getting an iphone. i thought a big deal for the companies. >> huge. thanks. the man who beat a tv news anchor to death has been sev sentenced and this morning we're hearing from the young woman's stepfather after this emotional case.
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the man convicted in the 2008 beating death of an arkansas tv news anchor is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. jurors deliberated for three hours before deciding the punishment for curtis lavelle vance. prosecutors had asked for the death penalty. anne pressly was the morning anchor at katv in little rock.
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her mother whispered it's okay when the verdict was read. >> there aren't any winners tonight. nothing that's been done here will bring anne back. we'll never see her smile. we'll never hear her laugh. we'll never know the joy of her presence with us until we see her again in heaven. >> well, vance's mother told the jury that she abused him as a child, including a beating that may have caused brain damage. for the first time in nearly 15 years, more american adults are apparently smoking. what? the cdc says that 21% of adults surveyed in 2008 said they smoked. that's just slightly higher than in 2007, but health officials say they're disappointed that the rate hasn't stayed under 20%. cigarette prices that remained steady for several years and one anti-smoking organization says that's worked against their efforts. so a coach is having to eat his words after three of his players were arrested for
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attempted armed robbery. why? what did he say in the first place, rafer? >> what he said -- 24 hours before this attempt happened, he comes out and braggs abos that program is having no problems. yeah, our program has been relatively clean. well, thursday three of kiffin's prized recruits were arrested for attempted armed robbery. police say two men approached a car in a parking lot, one with a gun demanding money. when the victims showed they had none, they left. cops say they pulled the car over. the men were inside with an air powered pellet gun and the victims identified them. the windy city is just fuming today. the chicago bears taking on san francisco. the bears traded everything but the kitchen sink for jay cutler. i mean everything in the off-season. it was a huge story. last night cutler threw a career high five interceptions.
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five. usually one or two in a game at the worst. he had a chance late. cutler drove the length of the field, end of the game, the last play he was picked often. niners win 10-9. joe namath may need to call off his dogs. he had a hearing over charges two of his dogs attacked people who came to his home. his yellow lab leo was declared dangerous and now leo has to wear a muzzle and always stay leashed at all times. charges against his other dog stella were dropped when a witness did not show. and lastly, check out the latest edition to "the guinness book of world records" the largest cheerleading dance ever. >> excellent. >> we thought you would like this being a former cheerleader yourself. 297 participants from the universal cheerleading association in memphis, tennessee, good for them. but are these really complicated moves? >> no. >> i'm just asking. i'm not criticizing. i think it's a great effort but should there be tumbling?
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and there were a number of records recently broken. we'll bring them to you all morning long. >> i thought the same thing watching. it did say dance. they are just dancing. it didn't look like a big routine or anything. >> good for them, you got everybody together. >> show us your skills. >> what's that movie -- >> "bring it." >> thank you very much. >> all right. thank you, facebook. a man arrested for armed robbery is out of jail because of an unusual alibi. when the robbery happened in brooklyn, rodney bradford was actually 13 miles away on his computer at his dad's apartment. bradford was picked out of a lineup but his lawyers used witnesses and facebook time stamp to prove his innocence. so you can no longer say being on the computer is a waste of time. >> i have to get a facebook page now. it's fantastic. >> you have one, it's called -- it's our show one. >> not the fake one, the real one.
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where we stand there like this. that's the one. >> that's the real one. >> what's up, robin? i want to zero in to the mid-atlantic coastline. rain showers and thunderstorms, too, a possibility. look at the rain through jersey and out of new york. we're going to get delays because of that. one hour or more for new york today, boston, philadelphia, seattle some rain and wind, too. more "morning express" in a couple of minutes.
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police say new video of a missing little girl shows her with some man at a hotel shortly after she disappeared from her home. police have identified him and charged another man in the case. they won't say how the two men are connected, and they still don't know where 5-year-old shaniya davis is. at least 16 people are dead after a pair of car bombings in northwest pakistan. 5 a others were wounded. a massive 800-pound bomb ripped through a government intelligence agency headquarters. a second car bomb hit a police
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station south of the city. a man accused of trying to extort $100,000 from cindy crawford and her husband. court documents show that he threaten ed threatened to release a picture of their then 7-year-old daughter bound to a chair and gagged. she says their former nanny took it as part of a game. the man was deported in september. he has not been arrested yet. a check quickly of our headlines. let me check in on you. still in bed, are you? it's 31 minutes past the hour. i want to make sure you're on time. i'm robin meade. which airlines are the best at not losing your luggage? according to a new transport tags department report, air tran followed by hawaiian airlines, frontier, continental and u.s. airways rounding out the top five. researchers say new computerized tags and tracking systems may have helped the rankings. oh, my goodness. an ohio mom is accused of taking her kids shoplifting. surveillance tape shows the
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woman and her two kids stealing clothes but when a security guard confronts them a fight breaks out. police say two more adults got out of a getaway vehicle to join the melee. the adults were arrested. the 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl are in protective custody. that darned ida, the storm is still a problem. this time the storm system is flooding parts of atlanta. 70,000 people are without power. five deaths are blamed on the storms. here is what one reporter in virginia saw. >> reporter: hey, guys, i'm out here at bush and olney and you can see -- you can see where the water is well over my waist. >> that's an incredible pets of tape. i'm just saying. not a smart move. the water was moving very quickly. we tell people all the time don't get in the water. >> this guy is up to his chest. >> shelters have been set up for some people in the areas hardest hit. the top white house lawyer is reportedly being pushed out.
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they say greg craig was the driving force behind president obama's controversial promise to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, by january of next year. the white house now says they cannot make the deadline because it doesn't know where to put 200 terrorism suspects held there. craig is not commenting. we have a new clip for you from sarah palin's interview with oprah. it's coming up next week. now palin talked about everything from the presidential campaign to her relationship with her almost son-in-law, levi johnston. she also got surprisingly candid about that interview that she had with katie couric during the 2008 race. remember a lot of people thought it really put her in a bad light. here's what she said. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. >> you talked about in the book, so i assume everything in the book is fair game. you do say that it wasn't your best interview.
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do you think that was a defining moment for you, that interview? >> i do not. in fact, that is why segment two, three, four and maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see and it was a good interview. and of course i'm saying, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> the entire interview with oprah airs on monday, the day before palin's memoir "going rogue" hits stores. we're still seeing a lot of rain. i'm assuming from what used to be hurricane ida. so let's talk about the weekend. meteorologist bob van dillen. >> yeah, good morning, robin. you saw the floodwaters in virginia. this is the reason why. this is all rainwater. this isn't ocean surge or anything. this is rain. langley air force base in hav a virginia, 10.38 inches of rain. that storm total not just
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yesterday but the day before oceana, virginia, 9.78 and wind gusts of 75 miles an hour. that's hurricane strength. that was yesterday. beginning to wind down. that low is still off the coast of cape hatteras. high pressure up to the north, a combination of the high and the low. again, the wind is right off the ocean today. already laguardia airport in queens, you're looking at a 90-minute delay all day because of the winds out of the northeast. heavy rains mostly offshore but cycling back to the jersey shore stretching all the way down towards washington, d.c. look at the flood warnings. these are all coastal flood warnings from the sandy hook area way on down to the delmarva peninsula into lower parts of virginia. coastal flood warnings. the water is getting pushed ashore. also heavy rain and winds gusting to about 40 miles per hour. sustained winds just often the jersey shore about 35 miles per hour. 37 when you get closer to atlantic city. another windy, blustery day for you and then the rain breaks up a touch around d.c. but still is hanging on just a little bit when you get into lower parts of
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virginia, virginia beach a little bit of light rain. we're going to be watching this for most of the day off and on for you no doubt. wind advisories, winds gusting to 40 today, not 75 like we had yesterday. again, 74-mile-per-hour gusts to norfolk yesterday afternoon, cape henry, virginia, 72-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that is incredible along with the wind. it was just a terrible day. this coastal storm way worse than a tropical storm when it came on through. look at the big weather system coming in through the rockies and the plains. it's a weak cold front. light rain now in northern parts of minnesota did you know to south dakota. how about some good weather? if you're heading to miami, it's going to be a cool start for you. this is just a couple minutes ago sun rise. 57 degrees. that's cold for them. the average low is about 68. the high today in miami only 75. well, that's actually pretty good. but 57, that's a cold start. that's double it up weather. >> i love it.
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last night on 0 "the joy behar show" she welcomed dolly parton and how popular dolly is among the gay community. >> you have a very big gay following, dolly. why do you think that is? what do they like about you so much? >> i think it's because they know that i'm different, too, and that it took me a long time to be accepted. and i think that they just kind of relate to that and, plus, a lot of my gay guy friends, they love to dress up. they're very creative. i think they relate to that side of me as well. but i think they just appreciate the fact that i just love everybody for who they are. we're not supposed to try to change people. we should allow people to be who they are and love them as they are. >> so would you say that you are pro-gay marriage? i'm just curious because your background would say otherwise. >> oh, i know that's true. i always say, well, sure, why can't they get married? they should suffer like the rest of us do.
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>> that was a funny answer. catch "the joy behar show" at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln. they should suffer like the rest of us do. all right. a mother of five kids reportedly was having money problems. the fbi says that she came up with a desperate solution. robbing banks. also, want to grab a piece of history? buy bernie madoff's golf clubs and, okay, well, the money does go for a good cause.
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♪ such a good song. a minivan driving soccer mom has been charged with a string of
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bank robberies in southern california the agents arrested a 37-year-old mother of five after connecting her wrecked minivan to the crimes. this is surveillance video of roxanne pennock. reports say the family was having money problems. the fbi says that she hit at least four banks. a kid's haircut got him suspended from school. whether it's freedom of expression or a distraction. well, dustin says he was sent immediately to the principal's office when he showed up with the cincinnati bengals helmet design in his hair. he was given an in-school suspension. he's in eighth grade, meaning he will be kept in isolation until his hair grows out so he can do his schoolwork. administrators say they've given dustin warnings about his hair in the past. his parents say they are proud of him and they are being unfair and that it is freedom of expression. >> is it a public school? >> it is a public school. >> huh. okay. it's very artistic, isn't it? >> i think the barber did a very
6:42 am
good job, for what it's worth. >> thank you. the mortgage meltdown has devastated the finances of a key housing agency. its cash reserves are shriveled and it could mean big problems for a lot of people. our money expert jennifer westhoven has more. so who needs to look out here? >> well, this is really something where the fha, the federal housing administration, it's one of those huge behind the scenes players in the mortgage market that maybe you're not necessarily aware of or maybe you just know there's something about fha with your mortgage but you're not quite exactly sure what. well, this is an agency that's backing a lot of mortgages. kind of giving banks more courage when it comes to making mortgages. you know they don't have a lot of courage in that area lately, so the idea is the fha may need some more taxpayer money, not necessa necessarily a bailout. it may be borrowing from the treasury but something is to keep your eye on. some economists say if the fha didn't get that money that could
6:43 am
have serious implications for the housing market, it's one of the key agencies that is helping to keep the market stable. something that we're watching. tons of stuff from bernie madoff and his wife ruth is going on the auction block. would you want to buy bernie madoff's boogie board? his belly was on it. sorry. or a fishing rod. let's go to other stuff. fur coats, designer handbag, dishes, even his rolex. well, now, that might be cool. it's called the prisoner. it's just ironic that's the kind of rolex it is. >> there is such a model? >> it's a model called the prisoner. >> the prisoner watch, how funny is that? >> you want to walk around going, i got bernie madoff's -- is that something to be proud of? >> yeah, i know. but, the good thing is, right -- >> yes, the money will go to madoff's victims and auction
6:44 am
organizers say it could be half a million dollars and half a million dollars between all those people is not much but this all adds up, be right, you see there they're trying to sell off some of the homes -- i think that's the palm beach place. i'm going to assume that's not the penthouse. it doesn't look very new yorky to me. they have the house in the hamptons. they have houses all over. >> don't they have a house on the northeast coast, too? >> that's the hamptons house in montauk. i'm just sit there going -- >> look at the face. i'm sure it's just not a print. all right, jen, thank you. it's not unusual for a former governor to give a speech at a university but this former new york governor was forced out by prostitution scandal so why did the university decide eliot spitzer would be a fine, fine person to come make a speech?
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♪ because i have a roof over my head ♪ ♪ the woman i love laying in my bed ♪ ♪ and it's alright darius rucker there.
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the head of an ethics program at harvard university is defending the decision to invite eliot spitzer to lecture there. oh, come on. you remember the former new york governor resigned after court documents showed he was client nine for a high-priced call girl. well, a harvard professor said spitzer was, quote, the most important living prosecutor on a wide range of corruption. the nfl reportedly stopped a gorilla marketing campaign into getting them to sell products during touchdown celebrations. well, it is smart of marketing companies. >> it's genius. >> so what were they getting out of the deal? >> they were trying to get them to sell some captain morgan's, allegedly, reportedly. they wanted players after they scored a touchdown to do the captain's pose, you know the one that i'm trying to do in the small box there. >> do it again. >> okay. we're going over here. you know the one i'm talking about. so yahoo! says the league learned of it after the eagles
6:48 am
selleck struck a pose on sunday. >> he did it. >> here he is, he denied intentionally striking the pose but seems pretty clear what he's doing. yahoo! exec says -- marketing execs say he agreed to do it and they would give thousands to an nfl charity. the nfl very strict about endorsing things during a game. no, no, no, no. the associated press is reporting the falcons head coach mike smith was fined $15,000 for his sideline scuffle. that's the coach right there with the redskins deangelo hall. when it looked like he took a swing right there. the league hasn't commented yet. two redskins players were fined but a lot less than coach smith. now time for our true champions sticking with the nfl. hines ward of the pittsburgh steelers. now hines ward hosted a bunch of bi-racial kids, dozens of them, from his native of south korea. he's half korean and half
6:49 am
african-american, and says he was mercilessly teased growing up in a country where being bi-racial is a cultural taboo. kids have said looking up to ward has really changed their lives, helped them out a lot. >> he's our true champion today. and a bunch of guinness world records why broken recently including the record for the fastest 40-meter human wheelbarrow run. i was terrible at it. these guys were very good. 17 seconds by adrian rodriguez of mexico. it was a unilateral -- it was like the united colors of benton, people from everywhere. we'll have the records broken throughout the morning and a lot of weird ones. that's sports. >> all i remember is it seemed to be on the dirtiest gym floor, like your hands come up -- >> and then when you would bite it -- >> all right. are you a small business owner who is really having a tough time? hln money expert clark howard
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has information on where you can turn for help. through this recession we've been in it seems everybody's been there to help people in big businesses try to get through. but what about you if person, a entrepreneur. who is there for you? it feels like you've been left on your own to try to survive tough economic times. however, there is help out there. what about you assembling your own kitchen cabinets. an informal group of people you gather together that are people who trust who have a business background or just experience. there are a number of more formal groups out there. service score retired executives has chapters all over america there's new groups designed to help just women business owners try to survive the tough times. if you feel all alone in the
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world, get your kitchen cabinet together to make a difference. i'm clark howard. for more ways i try to make a difference with your wallet go to >> did you know clark howard serves in the georgia state guard? this weekend you'll see him serving the troops. clark and i teamed up to help soldiers and you save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. catch us at 6:00 a.m., noon, and 4:00 p.m. eastern on saturday or sunday. if you would like to help the victims of the ft. hood victims or their families go to some of the stories we're busy watching already today in the morning express planner for you. at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the homeland security chief j gives a speech. the man accused of killing jasper howard will be in court at 10:00 a.m.
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this afternoon a sentencing hearing for former louisiana representative william jefferson. he had thousands of dollars in the freezer after a bribery sting. how is this for a get out of jail free card? police let a man out because of something on his facebook page.
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