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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  November 16, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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after a rare town hall of chinese college students, the president meets with the leader of country that has invested a lot of cash in the united states with the president now to try to accomplish at his trip's mid point. plus, you might cry foul over drug companies raising prices by almost some 9% or 10%, besides the company being in a recession. is it profit or to cover research cost? all of that this morning or "morning express." i'm richard lui. and gm is now saying it will start paying back more than $6 billion in loans by the end of this year. surprising some.
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much earlier than expected. gm said it lost more than $1 billion in the most recent quarter but that was far better than previous quarters. >> we feel confident we can begin the repayments as long as we can show the fact that we can pay back this investment. and now we just learned searchers looking for a missing 5-year-old north carolina girl are now looking for her body. police say they have information that shania davis' remains may have been dumped near fayetteville. over the weekend they charged her mother with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. the man whom police say was seen carrying the child into a hotel last week turned himself in. authorities say he admitted taking her but plans to plead not guilty.
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when that man turn himself in, they dropped charges against this manning the mother's boyfriend who says she was at home when the girl was taken. the weather is getting rough in the midwest. check out the surf here. that is at would-be island. in fact, high-wind watch in e fm effect there. bob van dillen is telling us more. >> the winds are peaking at 65 miles an hour or maybe stronger. it is right around bc. you can see the way it's dropping towards the east. rain showers from portland. it will change from snow to rain in the higher elevations. we have avalanche warnings in the cascades and olympics and heavy rain is out there. snow slippage is a possibility. av ladies and gentlemen warnings out for the northern part of the mountains. rain slides down to the south. five inches is a possibility
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around the coast where you get towards washington state down towards oregon. that's not the only thing we're concerned with. it's the wind as well. specifically along the coast. look at that plus a lig snowmaker for kansas. that's shaping now up richard in a couple minutes. that's snoqualmie pass. that was yesterday. that snow ought to be changing to rain shortly as that wrm air comes on true. that was outside of seattle down 90. more in a bit, rich? we're hoping it turns to rain. makes it tougher to get around. he will be back in five minutes with the rest of the country's weather. president obama in beijing. it was part of his eight-day trip to asia. he met with hu jintao earlier this morning. and in a sense president obama is checking in with the u.s.'s biggest banker. china's government may need assurance its huge debt of u.s. dollars are safe. and you don't see this very often. he pushed for greater freedoms
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in china during the and how tall. >> we do not speak to impose any system of government on any other nation. but we also don't believe that the principle that's we stand for are unique to our nation. these freedoms of expression and worship of access to information and political participation, we believe are universal rights. they should be able to all people including ethnic and religious minorities, whether they are in the united states, china or any nation. >> 11:00 p.m. or around 11:00 p.m. in beijing. president obama when he gets up, headed to the great wall and hochfully have a good time. good hike, too. have you noticed prescription drug prices jumped on you? the last year the companies raised brand-name prices about 9%. this as drugmakers promised to support the overall.
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they will shave $8 billion on costs after the bill passes but need to raise passes first to pay for drug research and development. a passenger plane hit a flock of birds after takeoff this weekend. fronteer airlines jet hit them about 4,000 feet above kansas city on saturday. okay. a little trouble with that tape. but, of course. this person describing what that hole experiment -- not experiment but whole incident was like. an airport spokesman saying the birds hit both of the engines but one lost power. the plane landed safely. earlier this year, a bird strike forced another plane to land in hudson river. a college football player spoke for the first time since his neck was crushed in a weight lifting accident. rafer weigel with more on that. great to hear from him. >> it was great to hear from him but seven words was all usc's stephan johnson was able to get
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out and doctor says that was a miracle. this was him last month after he greeted his teammates after dropping a 275 weight bar on his throat, crushing a larynx. he could not speak and was breathing and eating through his throat. because of a gladiator-like mentality, he repeated the words about his grandfather. >> run, stafon, run. >> whether he plays football again is not clear. he's a senior. he could get a degree of eligibility. when he asked about it, he shrugged. but i hope he does. >> it was inspiring to hear that. >> it was. >> rafer, be back with more. coming up for you later today, we are, of course, watching what's happening with weather. before we get to that, i want to talk about a record that will make you say boy what i used to do at home is nothing.
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people set up a knockdown of more than 4 million dominos. it is huge. take a look at this. >> three, two, one! dominos, as i was scribing. i think we have 16 million people in that country. it is a lot of dominos. it is a world record. to spice things up, organizers use different pictures around the world including new york, the new record beat the old one by more than 140,000 dominos. bob, you know they were tiptoeing along. they were laying these things. >> breathing very lightly. >> they were all on respirators actually. no open air. really great stuff. let's talk about weather. the northwest. still moving slowly through the midwest. >> i want to show you this picture. it will be a major picture for the next day, day and a half.
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upper level low sitting over kansas. basically what's happening is this. cold air from the main flow to the east. basically just going to drift up to the north over the next couple of days. surface low will weaken but the rain is out there. look under the clouds and heavyish rain is pulling away from houston in towards arkansas. rain stretching all wait in towards illinois, just shy of chicago and stretching in towards western parts of ohio and michigan. that's the lie stuff. behind t. all snow and nervy at times around nebraska/kansas border. look at the rain down towards louisiana. maybe an inch, two inches of rain in central illinois and indiana. same with parts of iowa getting decent rain. here's your snow, right around nebraska/kansas state line. look at the pileup to about 2, maybe 10 inches of rain in some spots. specifically just south of nebraska. four to ten inches of snow from manhattan to kansas today. two to four inches of snow will pile up from areas between i 80
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to i-70. something else we're watching. space shuttle "atlantis" is on its way towards the international space station this afternoon. they plan on launching this thing a2:28 eastern. the only thing of concern is a wind now about 15 miles per hour at times. also look at the mid-level deck of clouds. that will not go far too far soon. i tell you, it will not rain there. no thunderstorms just low clouds and also stiff wind out of the northwest. might not get it up. you can see breaks in the action with the clouds a little. i don't see rain in the forecast that. will slow them don't. i don't see any of that. >> sts-129. hopefully they will get up in the sky. >> delayed, delayed. i think they will get it up. >> one delay, they'll be lucky. a man who collapsed did not have a pulse 40 minutes and then lived to talk about it. >> it happened five steps after i finished the race.
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>> he had a heart attack after running a marathon. how doctors revived him.
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doctors seiched a runner who had a heart attack and steps after finishing in arkansas. and the 67-year-old had no pulse for 40 minutes. incredibly doctors were able to revive him, luring his body temperature to protect his brain cell cel cells. >> i didn't think he would probably wake up but would be limited. 45 minutes is a long time. >> if this event happened, like during the race, at mile nine or mile 20 or so when there was no medical care, would i have died because they couldn't have gotten to me soon enough. >> amazing. the man said he ran within a minute of his marathon time ever. what a survival story there. >> are you seeing fewer cops on
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your street? a new report on "usa today" said a dozen highway patrol officers is done. for example, oregon's police force was cut by more than 40% since 1985. while the population has gone the other way, it's dmrogrown b 22%. budgets are cutting departments across the country to leave stretches of highways unmonitored. another sign of the economy sun covered. consumers opening the wallets again. retail sales worse than expected. 1.4% rise thanks in part to strong demand in cars. more than 2% the month before if you're watching those numbers. also how does the vacation vegas day sound? hotel casinos are now offering big bargains to lure you back to vegas. vegas visitors bureau told "usa today" hotel rates are down almost 25% from one year ago. says hotels owned by stationed
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casinos. you can pay $125 for two nights and get $100 for food and drinks to boot. some at the mirage go for only $68 dollars. the decision to try five of the 9/11 suspects in the civilian court in new york has created a huge debate in washington. much of the argument is divided along party lines. democrats are backing up the president's decision for instance. they say the trial will show the world how effective and fair the u.s. judicial system in. republicans say it can give undeserved rights to people like khalid shaikh mohammed you see here. the alleged master mind behind 9/11. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully conflicted in murder. >> we shouldn't close guantanamo for the purposes of these type of terrorists. we are dealing with people who committed acts of were.
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they shouldn't be tried in our criminal justice system but our military justice system and it's inexcusable we are not using the military justice system to try these people. that's why we have such a system. >> critic says this has major security implications. rudy giuliani, who was new york city mayor's -- new york city's mayor on 9/11, says it will cost millions of dollars to hold the trial there and put unnecessary stress on police. former new york governor george pataki has a different concern. >> i have absolutely no doubt that the nypd is capable and ready to handle the security issues that will arise. that's not the point. the point is that we will be revealing information. we will be revealing sources and witnesses that will be used unequivocally by al qaeda to be able to figure out what our methods are, whoer sources are and to continue to plot attacks against us. obama officials say they
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have plenty of legal authority to keep classified information secret. the coach of the new england patri patriots, may be one of the worst moves of his career. this morning, the call nobody can understand. plus -- >> sorry for the tragedy the absolute tragedy, of childhoods lost. >> a historic apology from the leader of australia as many as 150,000 children who may have been physically and sexually abused.
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remember the mayor who confronted a man with an metal bar.
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milwaukee tom barrett is running for mayor of wisconsin. he said he delayed that decision until he coverford that attack. >> less than three months ago i stood here with my family to thank the citizens of milwaukee and people from all over wisconsin for their heartfelt and genuine well wishes and support in the aftermath of the incident that took place outside state fair. at that point in time, i was not thinking about running for governor. i was hurt. i had to heal and get my strength back. >> now, his hand and head were injured in the attack as you saw in those pictures earlier. he had ten pins in his hand and doctors removed the last two pins on friday. >> i think you win. >> we shall see. a marquee matchup overshadowed by coach's controversial calls. he like three-quarters of the field in front of him. >> he is getting a lot of
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criticism for this. fortunately before he lives, he's infallible. we're talking about the head coach bill belichick. this was after the colts scored their first touchdown. that set the turf on fire. here's what people are fuming about. fourth and two. up by six. they go for it and do not make it. that gives indy the ball back with 13 seconds left. peyton manning makes them pay. hits reggie wayne for the score. colts and saints, only unbeaten teams in the league. >> go figure. >> and danny tomlinson cried tears of joy before leading san diego over wane over philly. when l.t. got to the stadium and found a box from his wife. thought it would be a necklace. in it, a pregnancy test strip from tasha. they had been trying to conceive for years. he went on to have one of his best games for isn't. two touchdowns.
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nascar driver jimmie johnson. this guy is amazing. he dominated in phoenix. one race away to become the first drive tore fake the sprint cup driver for four straight years. he leads his teammate, mark martin and needs to finish 15th or better to win it all. last week during a grizzlies game, this poor guy, bring him out and jump rope blind-folded they tell him. as you can see, there's no rope. great form. this guy's having a good time. then when he stops and lifts his blind fold he realized the jig is up and look at his reaction. wait? >> what is this? >> he is mad. oh, my goodness. and all 17 people in the stands don't even give it up for this guy. come on. give it up for him. he's real trooper. one woman gives him applause. >> poor fella. thanks, rafer. no, no, no. a direct quote from secretary of state hillary clinton. the rumor she is putting to
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rest. plus -- >> when you look and see she has a lot of style, a lot of presence. she knows she's pretty. >> is that enough reason to pay $1.2 million for a cow?
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right now, president obama is in beijing. it's part of his eight-day trip to asia. he met with china's president hu jintao this morning. from that president obama met a rare town hall meeting where he will later get up for his day. rate now it's about 11:30 at night. six people were killed at a police station. it's the sixth attack in this area. tall pan leaders claimed responsibility for most of those but are denied being involved in some of the dead lift attacks against civilians and engineers spilled up the space shuttle
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"atlantis." the shuttle's taking key parts needed to take the international space station going. nasa will have 100 people watching the launch in florida and tweeting about it as well. they're expected to reach 150,000 twitter followers. these live pictures there as we get ready to send "atlantis" up into the sky if the weather's good. those are some of the stories we're following on this monday. hope you're having a good morning. first off, sixth man in missouri, in a missouri family is accused in a child sex abuse case. darryl moeller said he is devastated. no idea about the rape allegations against him. he was arrested in florida friday. six alleged victims said when they were children children, they were forced to participate in sex acted. police picked up another person but let him go friday. pep are upset nothing has been done with property seized for them under eminent domain. you might remember in 2001, town of new london, connecticut,
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bought up 90 acres of land for private development meant to support a massive new pfizer plant. the case went to the supreme court. that lapd is still undeveloped this many years later. the city remains the recession. now pfizer announced it's closing the planned. the city said the land grab was a waste but the development said the land will still be put to use somehow. today a tour of a prison that could house detainees from guantanamo bay. it sat empty five years. it's still element empty now but state officials say this plan could pump up to a billion dollars into the area and create up to 2,000 jobs. >> that made expensive building over there sitting empty. it put some people to work. that's what they need here. >> we need jobs in our area. very depressed. economically and emotionally.
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people are looking for these jobs. >> some people are concerned about security though. a republican congressman for instance is circulating a letter addressed to president obama. in the left is says, quote, we should not invite al qaeda to make illinois its number one target. ends quote. senator dick durbin took issue with that statement, pointing out dozens of terrorists are already in illinois prisons. take a listen. >> there are currently 35 people serving in the prisons of illinois convicted of terrorism. we also have people part of the colombian drug gangs, mexican drug cartels, the toughest, meanest cartels all in our prisons. >> the obama administration said it would enhance the security in thomson to exceed super-maxed standards. of note, no one ever escaped from a super-max security. and the house in cleveland
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where is he bodies were found, the radar found more. that means we could see more digging this week at anthony sowell's house. the search expanded four houses down. one woman said her niece found something behind a boarded-up house. >> they found bones about this long. they come running in the house and bringing it in the house with their bare hands. look what we found. >> police are not say fg they found anything. anthony sowell's attorney has not commented about the murder charges he's facing. he pleaded not guilty friday in the investigation into the bodies. there is search we want to tell you about, about a cholesterol drug. researchers set zetia did not shrink buildup in artery walls but its competitor here niaspan did. those two drugs are usually added to medications. zetia's producer said the study
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was too small to be reliable. a perfect cow is worth more than $1 million evidently. missy is considered to be as perfect as cows can get here. she lives in canada, where she was just sold for 1.2 million. so just what makes her so special? >> missy has a combination of a deet pedigree. a great family behind her. she has a great milk production. she also has a high genetic index and also is one of the best showcase in the breed. >> and she will be used for breeding, hence the the high price. missy one of only five cows ever sold for more than $1 million dollars. bob van dillen joins us now. million bucks for a cow. will bring a lot of good cows after that. >> perfect cow. >> we should hope. >> very lovely cow. >> $1 million/. >> maybe not.
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>> like this, the breeder, we got weather in the northwest. >> we will start there again. it will be a tough couple days. the cold front slamming in towards b.c. that will get right on in towards walk state down through oregon too late they are evening. look at the clouds ahead of it. all of the white. green shaded areas. ahead of the cold front temperatures are warming. the snow in the higher el indications beginning to switch back over towards rain and we have advisories still for avalanche warnings for northern parts of the cascades and olympic mountains. heavy rain down towards portland. winds, that's another factor. especially right across the coast. winds to 60 miles per hour. those are areas shaded in red. in fact we have video from yesterday. check this out. high-wind warnings in effect from winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. look at the size of the breakers there. unbelievable. you will see the waves continue to build. winds continue through the afternoon. by overnight tonight through tomorrow, winter died down a bit. we're also looking at snow
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across the higher elevations. then you get away from the pacific northwest. right across kansas, middle of the country. only dricfting up towards the north. ahead of that, line of thof thunderstorms through louisiana, stretching into arc arrange mississippi and tennessee. back side of that again it is all snow and heavy times now in northern parts of nebraska. northern sections of kansas. four to ten inches of snow in mae manhattan. you will find that over the border. two to four inches of the areas shaded in blue-green. good monday to you, richard. >> good monday to you, my friend. how much would you pay for a piece of bernie madoff? auctioneers got their target price for their mets' jackets and then the bids went hiker and higher.
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a california wine keeper accused of setting a fire that destroyed 6 million bottles of wine goes to court today. it destroyed $250 million worth of wine being stored for 150 napa valley wine and collectors. the trial is scheduled to start tomorrow but he scheduled a change of venue hearing this afternoon. prosecutor says he told the wine without permission and started the fire to cover that all up. that is a lot of wine. how much would you pay for a piece of bernie madoff? that mets' jacket have you been seeing pictured of with madoff's name on the jacket was auctioned with more than $14,000, 20 times more than expected. ruth madoff's diamond earrings,
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$70,000. one buyer explained the fascination with madoff's stuff. >> it's like getting a plate of china from the "titanic" and bernie madoff may have been an even bigger shep wreck. all said, the auction brought in more than $900,000 for the victims of madoff's pensee scheme. the value of your home could be dropping but it could be a different story next year. the national association of realtors said home prices are expected to rise about 4% in 2010. good news in a bad economy. the group says the extension of the home buyer tax credit should continue to boost sales and, therefore, prices. u unfortunately this year priceless drop 13%. >> i absolutely agree. >> do you want your view to be hea heard? take part in "your views" question of the day. richelle carey is here to tell us what the afternoon team is talking about today. >> i want say in charge.
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>> all right. >> i would think my producer louise is in my ear screaming have you to. >> part of the team. always compelling. >> try to be. try to be. we think this is a compelling topic. the pentagon, richard, is trying to block the release of photos over really a long period of time from 200 is to 2008 and these photos allegedly show abuse of suspects in u.s. custody. these are parts of a lawsuit by the aclu who quauwant these pho released. 44 pictures they are interested in. they are part of a military investigation into allegations that detainees in afghanistan and iraq were tortured and physically abused. now trying to-to-stop this, i say the pentagon and defense secretary robert gates say showing photos would endanger u.s. troops abroad. that's the argument on the government side. they don't think this is a safe thing to doxt aclu says no, the public has a right to see these pictures the pentagon and defense secretary filed an
10:43 am
appeal not really an appeal but papers with the supreme court to stop the release of the pictures. people are thinking of the abu ghraib pictures but thigese are not the pictures. >> gitmo? we don't know. >> is it important the public see these alleged abuse pictures or do you agree with secretary gates that the publication of these photo is a danger to u.s. troops abroad? e-mail us at cnn.come/hln or text us at hlntv or you can jump in the conversation, my facebook page. richelle carey hln. this is important stuff. >> you're going to get a lot of good views starting in an hour and 15 minutes. thanks. is the united states turning soci socialist? some people think so. u.s. troops are springing up like weeds in the springtime but are they parlts or extremists?
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deep in the woods of michigan and across the country there are men and women wearing camouflage firing guns and since the election of president obama, their numbers have surged. the southern poverty law center said there are 100 militias across the country. what are they training for? many say their right to buy their own guns may disappear. >> any time we get a democratic president in the office people become concerned, including myse myself, and we get a resurgence out here. >> just the simple fact we are out here and we are doing this will give somebody pause. will make them think twice. >> because you're ready to lefd your rights? >> ultimately, yes. >> there really is this kind of terrible fear mixed with fury about the idea that president obama is is now leading kind of socialistic, you know, takeover
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of america. >> members of the michigan militia in that video that you just saw there insist they are not extremists. cnn contacts the fbi, the department of homeland security and atf to ask about this story. all three declined to comment on that. brand-new details on the alleged ft. hood shooter. a yemeni-american cleric told wauk he did not order or pressure major nidal has an to hurt u.s. citizens. the cleric said he saw hasan's growing discomfort and e-mails they were exchanging. hasan is accused of shooting and killed 13 people at ft. hood and is still hospitalized at the moment. bruce springsteen just had a nightmare come true. he kept telling his audience this weekend, hello ohio. the only problem. he wa s in michigan. he didn't realize it until his guitarist said, hey, bruce, we're in michigan. then he suddenly looked embarrassed. but the audience still got a
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three-hour concert out of him. >> i hope so. >> extra "born to run" reprise out of that. >> bruce, we're not in madagascar. nfl owner caught on video making an obscene gesture. they don't do this, do they? >> i have never seen anything like this ever. this guy, bud adams, owner of the tennessee titans. let's say he's known as one of the more colorful characters in the league. during the titans' win over buffalo. adams, if we can go, is seen giving the bird one time, flightful animal the second time and then the double barrel. >> triple and double. >> a fan caught adams on iphone making the gesture and posted it on youtube. this is an 86-year-old man, people. "the national ten seen" said he was gesturing to the bench and he was sitting with roger goodell for part of the game. adams' players are standing by their own. the marquee matchup between tom brady and peyton manning was
10:49 am
overshadowed by this call. patriots went on fourth for two on their own 28. they are up by six with two minutes left and they go for it and they fail. that means the colts get the ball back and with 13 seconds left, peyton manning makes them pay. td pass to reggie wayne. they join the saints as the only unbeaten team. this isn't the only call they will be talking about. maurice jones-drew looks like he will score but takes a knee at the 1 yard line. jets' players told not to tackle them. they wanted to run the clock out and kicked the field goal with no time left. afterwards, he apologized to his fantasy football owners. he did. i'm not lying. the veteran against the rookie. 40-year-old brett favre continues to shut critics' mouths, including mine, playing like he's half his age, torching the lions. the qb matthew was made to look
10:50 am
like a rookie. the most-hiked women's golfer in years lived to it. michelle wie won her first pro town amount at age 20. and she . she turned pro and signed a big endorsement deal before her 16th birthday. it was a big deal. so she finally gets the win and when she did, she shed a few tears. lastly, the l.a. galaxy taking on houston and it was literally lights out. i mean, the lights literally went out. two times in the home depot center. what the -- who didn't pay the bill? times are tough. soccer star david beckham's team actually won, so the lights did not go out on their season. but reports are a failure in the southern california power grid caused the rolling blackout. and also making headlines, beckham's hairstyle. >> maybe that's why they turned out the lights. >> some don't like it. >> along with the brownouts, the blackouts they get in california. >> you know them. >> it happens. do you like fast cars? >> i do. >> this one is fast. this is a bugatti.
10:51 am
a guy in texas wrecked his $1.7 million bugatti. >> that hurts! >> he says a bird distracted him and he dumped it in a salt marsh. a $1.7 million car. it has 1,000 horsepower. it could be a little bit hard to handle, no doubt. said to be the fastest street legal car you can buy. goes 250 miles an hour. has 1,000 horsepowers, it's got air-conditioning and all the good stuff. faster than an f-1 car. >> that hurts to see! >> i can't imagine. >> that's like a rembrandt painting in water. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey is training to become an episcopal priest. his affair with a man ended his marriage and political career. mcgreevey said it would be inappropriate to comment about it right now, but that his spiritual journey is going well.
10:52 am
someone stole a military veteran's ashes right before his funeral. his family is heartbroken. >> you don't go to a funeral and like, go, oops, there's no body, you know? you don't do that? >> how it happened and what his family is doing about it now. to
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extortion shocker. cindy crawford allegedly blackmailed over a disturbing photo of her young daughter in revealing clothing and bound and gagged. tonight, the man allegedly behind the plot. and remarkable story revealing where the photo came from. tonight, "showbiz tonight" with the chilling extortion plot almost too alarming to believe. brand-new revelations today from sarah palin's tell-all book and her tell-all to oprah winfrey. what palin really thought when she found out her teenage daughter was pregnant. and the incredible revelations
11:01 am
about the father of the baby, levi johnston. tonight, "showbiz tonight" with the oprah/palin/levi johnston bombshell. and sarah palin in the running as "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be palin, disgraced beauty queen, carrie prejean, or lindsay lohan's dad, michael? tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. tonight, cindy crawford's extortion nightmare. i've got to tell you, when i first heard about this story, it made me sick. cindy crawford's daughter photographed when she was just 7 years old, in revealing clothing, bound and gagged. and today a man is accused of
11:02 am
trying to get crawford to give him big-time money so he would not make the photo public. and if that's not disturbing enough, today we learned the disgusting picture was taken by the girl's nanny. and it all made for big news breaking today. >> reporter: it's a sick, twisted story that plays out like an episode of "law & order," only this script is very real. cindy crawford and her business mogul husband, randy gerber, are fighting back tonight over an alleged extortion plot for tens of thousands of dollars. the worst part of this real-life drama, the reported scheme involves a provocative photo of their young daughter. a photo they didn't even know was taken. court documents say the photo shows crawford's daughter bound, gagged, and dressed provocatively. and she was just 7 years old at the time. >> extortion cases are nothing new in hollywood. and if you look at a recent extortion case, the david letterman case, if you put that
11:03 am
up against this, the cindy crawford case, the current case is so much ickier because it involves a child and extorting that child. >> reporter: in july, this man allegedly contacted cindy and her husband saying he had a photo of their daughter. "showbiz tonight" obtained the star couple's complaint against the man and it claims the suspect said he had a, quote, sexy photograph of the victims' daughter in revealing clothing, bound to a chair and gagged. he asked for money and then later he threatened to release the photo to the media. >> the crawfords right now are really sort of torn over this. a rep for cindy said they had no idea that the photo even existed. >> reporter: the complaint also said that cindy's husband complied and obtained a hard copy of the photograph from k a kayalar and gerber gave him $100 author for his trouble. a nanny had taken the perverse
11:04 am
photo, telling the little girl they were playing a game of cops and robber. >> it's shocking, really, for any parent to discover that their 7-year-old daughter is being exploited in this way for money and that it involves a former nanny. you really have those feelings of betrayal. >> and then it gets worse, kayalar, who was an ex-boyfriend of the nanny, apparently continued to harass the celebrity couple, demanding even more money. crawford's complaints led authorities to discover that kayalar was in the united states illegally. by september, he was deported back to germany. but kayalar continued to call and harass cindy and her family. just two months later, according to the criminal complaint, kayalar stated that $100,000 was a reasonable amount of money to keep him from releasing the photo of their daughter to the media. the star couple haven't given him anymore money and kayalar is still at large and allegedly still threatening to release the
11:05 am
photo. >> there is a chance he could be arrested, actually, in germany. it's believed he's actually in the city of stutguard. >> reporter: a spokesperson says, quote, randy gerber and cindy crawford intend to pursue any and all available legal action against anyone who aids the perpetrator in the distribution or sale of the photograph of their daughter. if caught and convicted, kayalar could serve up to two years in prison. >> for any celebrity to be involved in an extortion case, particularly when it involves your family, it's awful. but cindy in particular is a very private celebrity. she doesn't like to air her dirty laundry, she doesn't like to discuss her family too much. so for her to have this come out, it's really a slap in the face. >> it really is such a slap in the face for cindy crawford and her family. and the explosive new extortion plot isn't the only news that made for big news breaking today. jon gosselin is now claiming he's just too famous. yeah, it's true. in brand-new court papers that we are seeing for the first time
11:06 am
today, jon claims he just can't find regular work because everybody knows who he is. and he's filed a $5 million lawsuit against tlc, that, of course, is the network that made him famous with "jon & kate plus 8." unbelievable. joining me tonight in hollywood, hyla, an entertainment journalist from fivedolla fivedollar, and in new york, vicky ziegler. you just heard the disgusting and depraved details about what this guy allegedly tried to do with the picture of cindy crawford's 7-year-old daughter in revealing clothes, bound and gagged. hyla, i kept on asking today, what made this guy think he could actually get away with this. this is just plain crazy, isn't it? this is absolutely disgusting. there's zero tolerance i have for just a couple things. it's abuse on women and especially abuse on children. this guy is a punk and someone needs to find him, maybe do a little vigilante justice on the side before he gets turned into
11:07 am
the. co cops. >> and cindy crawford has done such a great job of keeping her family out of the public eye. vicky, does it seem cindy and her husband had no other choice but to go to the cops, or is it perhaps just as bad that we now know about the existence of this possible picture, now that she's had to talk about it. >> i think it's a cache 2 2. i think they did the right thing there. they're a class act couple and they've kept their children and their whole entire career out of the media as best as possible, their personal life. but at the end of the day, this is about, who can you trust? bring a nanny into the home, firing her, and then somehow a picture on her cell phone gets out and gets to her ex-boyfriend. it's disgusting. >> let's hope if this proves to be true, they have everything that's coming to them. let's move on to jon gosselin's brand-new claim today that he's just too famous. yes, in brand-new court documents that surfaced today in his $5 million lawsuit, get a load of what jon gosselin says.
11:08 am
i love this. "i find myself unemployed and without the ability to secure non-entertainment related engagements because of the enormous media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone fund, secure, and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily media intrusions that has impeded my life." hyla, he's basically saying, i can't get a job because i'm too darned famous. first of all, do you buy that? >> you know what? it pains me to say, you might have to admit that he could be right. who is more famous -- who's bigger than him? who's getting more publicity than jon gosselin right now? who's on the cover of more magazines? who do you cover more on your show? the guy is huge. and maybe his lawyers figured out a way, maybe we can make some money out of this. >> but here's the thing. vicky, i'll go to you, as an attorney, does he have a legitimate case? because i agree, hyla, you're probably right. he's not just famous, but he's
11:09 am
infamous. who's going to want to have him flipping burgers at their mcdonalds with all the paparazzi always hanging around. but can he really sue tlc? give me a break. >> i think this is ridiculous. on its face, yeah, it sounds great. maybe he was flipping burgers before he had eight children and got the show "jon & kate plus 8," but he has a contract, they executed it, it's been renegotiated it. this guy is a joke, seriously. and if he can't make money in any other fashion, then go away. go home. who even wants to see this guy anymore. i don't think he's even an good. i think he's going nowhere from a legal standpoint, a.j., on this issue. >> let this serve as a warning to anybody who wants to go for their 15 minutes of fame and then try to go back to a life where you don't have that anymore, you may have some difficulty and that's sort of the collateral damage that's done, is the price of fame. well, in this new court document, jon's also claiming some of the "jon & kate plus 8" show was staged. oh, the horror. now, he says that the people involved with the show actually rehearsed and staged scenes, they directed actions and
11:10 am
suggested dialogue, words, responses and conduct. now, hyla, obviously, we don't know whether or not that is true. we certainly have heard claims like that before about reality shows. but what does that have to do with suing tlc, in your mind? >> i have no idea. i think he's trying to muddy the water and confuse everybody. but this is not a new revolution. we understand that there's, you know, scripted reality. this is the way reality show works. sometimes there needs to be pickups, someone needs to say a line over. i don't know what he's trying to prove by putting this in this lawsuit. >> vikki, does claiming that some of "jon & kate plus 8" may have been staged get him any mileage in his lawsuit? >> no. i think they're trying to throw as much mud that can stick on the wall. i don't think they have a strong legal argument at all. no one said they were forced or coerced into entering the contracts with tlc. they've renegotiated, as i said, and they had attorneys. he's going nowhere. hang it up. he makes $45,000 an episode, more than most people in this country make. >> well said.
11:11 am
vikki ziegler, hyla, thanks so much, guys. does sarah palin want to start playing nice with levi johnston? >> we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time? we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that. >> tonight, brand-new sarah palin shockers from her interview with oprah winfrey and her new tell-all book. and what levi johnston has to say today. also, explosive reaction to my exclusive interview with donald trump about his war of words with carrie prejean. and disturbing new information today that carrie may be lying about being only 17 when she made that solo sex tape. and "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be carrie prejean, sarah palin for her brand-new tell all, or michael lohan for releasing private family phone calls about lindsay. now the "showbiz news ticker." here come more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom, they are making news right now.
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we welcome you back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. tonight, caught on tape, an awesome week for awkward moments on tv. from carrie prejean threatening to walk off "larry king live," to a dumbstruck kid on the "today" show. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: we never turn up our nose for news. >> this is disgusting. >> reporter: especially not at those wonderfully awkward moments. >> larry, you're being inappropriate. you really are. so -- >> larry: what?! >> i'm not going to talk about -- >> larry: i'm asking a question. >> we screwed up.
11:16 am
>> reporter: this week had more than its share of awkward tv moments, thanks to the former miss california usa. maybe you saw her getting miffed at larry king live and taking off her mike. >> larry: is she leaving? did you hear the question? >> no, i can't hear you. >> reporter: but i'm answering what i can't hear. >> and i'm about to leave your show. >> larry: who are you talking to? hello. >> reporter: we crown carrie prejean miss awkward moment. >> yet you say you're a victim. i don't totally buy it. >> did you see the attacks that i was under? >> it's the best thing that happened to you. >> i'm not worried about you, carrie. >> reporter: but our best awkward moment was barbara walters describing he ining herd movie. what was jon stewart doing? >> not a cloud in the sky. all of a sudden, the trees turn green again and it's cloudy.
11:17 am
>> reporter: trying to make the smaller rally seem bigger, said stewart. inadvertent mistake said hannity, but he apologized. >> so mr. stewart, you were right. i want to thank you and all your writers for watching. >> reporter: cnn's "situation room" went to pot this week. >> so, wolf, would you know a marijuana plant if you saw one? >> i'm not sure i would know. i could smell it. you could smell a marijuana, lou, but you probably wouldn't recognize a plant, right, lou? >> well, you're dead wrong. >> reporter: certitude plus attitude, what a dude. lou, we're going to miss you. >> this will be my last broadcast here on cnn. >> reporter: the "today" show announced the winner of its kid reporter competition. >> deidra shores! it's you! deidra, it's you! >> you're the winner! you're "today's" winner, deidra. >> reporter: if you're going to be a reporter, kid, you've got
11:18 am
to learn to fill dead air. we said fill it, not kill it. >> that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight". >> i've seen you do that, brooke, i have. just kidding. brooke, the "showbiz on call" phone lines have been ringing nonstop -- >> hold on, a.j., a.j., i'm going to let you finish, but i've got to say, our "showbiz on call" operators, are the best operators of all time. >> very funny, brooke, it's all the calls coming in about country's biggest stars giving kanye west a swift kick at the cma awards for dissinging taylor swift. ♪ mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be kanye ♪ . >> carol in delaware thinks this taylor/kanye thing has helped taylor big-time. >> caller: the little fray between kanye west and taylor swift, i think, it's brought taylor swift, actually, more popularity. i had never heard of her before then. now she's a real big deal.
11:19 am
so i think she won in this case. >> all right. thanks a lot, carol. >> caller: but casey calling into "showbiz on call" in arizona says, enough already. >> you know, i think enough has been said about that whole thing by now. at this point, people are starting to not look any better than him. i mean, initially, it was fine. but there's such a thing as overkill. and at this point, taylor herself will not be america's sweetheart much longer if this continues. >> thank you for your call, casey. call us at "showbiz on call," let us know what you think about this or anything else that's on your mind. >> that's why we keep the "showbiz on call" phone lines open all the time, all weekend long, in fact. 1-888-sbt-buzz. leave us a voice mail so we can play your call here on "showbiz tonight." tonight, it is the interview that everyone, yes, everyone, even me, we've been waiting for this. sarah palin going head to head with oprah. >> we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that. >> i've got the brand-new
11:20 am
revelations from sarah today to oprah. what does she have to say about levi johnston? plus, just-revealed secrets from her book. what did sarah really think when she first heard her teenage daughter was pregnant? and we name the most provocative celebrity of the week? will it be carrie "temper tantrum" prejean, sarah "going rogue" palin, or michael lohan for releasing secret videotapings of his daughter. and chris brown getting a stand-up ovation from a room full of women? now time for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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now on "showbiz tonight," brand-new sarah palin revelations today from her tell-all book and interview with oprah. the startling new things sarah says about levi johnston. >> we don't have to keep doing down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't like that. >> also, what palin really thought when she found out her teenage daughter was pregnant. the fired up reaction today to brooke anderson exclusive interview with donald trump about carrie prejean. plus, disturbing new evidence that carrie may have been lying when she said she was only 17 in that tape. and mr. cawill carrie be nae
11:31 am
most provocative celebrity of the week, or will it be sarah palin for her brand-new tell- l tell-all, or lindsay lohan for leaking secrets about his daughter. tv's most provocative tv continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broad casting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, when sarah met oprah. it's sarah palin in her very first interview with oprah winfrey about her tell-all book, "going rogue." >> yes, it is the sarah palin comeback tour and she is kicking it off by opening up to oprah winfrey. you remember when katie couric asked palin what newspaper she likes to read. >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over
11:32 am
all these years. >> can you name any of them? >> i have a vast variety of sources. >> well, today we learned what palin told oprah about that and it all made for big funews breaking. palin revealed how she really feels about levi johnston, the father of her grandson. but there's also a head spinning contradiction from palin about levi. and tonight, "showbiz tonight" obtained a brand-new interview from levi where he breaks more news about posing nude for "playgir "playgirl." joining me tonight in hollywood, hyla, an entertainment journalijournal i ist from and tanika, an entertainment journalist. palin really opens up to oprah about the katie couric interview that really, when you think about it, became such a defining moment in the presidential campaign from her after it basically made her look well, not that bright. watch this. >> did you think that was a
11:33 am
seminole, defining moment for you? >> i did not, and neither did the campaign. that is why segment three and four and five were maybe scheduled. the campaign said right on, good, you're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see and it was a good interview. and i was thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't what a bad interview was, because i knew it w wasn't a good interview. >> palin also calls curic badgers. she even writes in her new book she feels sorry for katie couric. hyla, does any of it make sense to you? >> i'm a little confused. why are you attacking katie couric? all she did was ask questions and she was a completely brand-new candidate on the national scene and we didn't know anything about her. she was asking her simple questions like, what newspapers did you read? that's not katie couric's fault for being able to answer, on the know, "the washington post" or hundreds of others newspapers
11:34 am
you can choose from. "showbiz tonight" did reach out tonight to katie couric. they said no comment about palin's claims in her book. tanika, sarah palin is obviously not going anywhere, neither is katie couric. would you not love to see a rematch between these two. wouldn't that be great? >> oh, yeah! first of all, i love oprah, you guys know, so i think this interview is going to be unbelievable and i'm sure everyone is going to watch it over and over and over. but her against katie couric is like a wwe matchup and i want to see it again. i want to see if maybe she knows how to spell her name this time, i don't know. >> oh, come on! you don't have to go there, tanika. >> i'm just saying! >> i think the interview would be a lot of fun and i think that katie certainly would have a good sense of humor about it. obviously, it's been discussed ad nauseam, as i like to say. palin also opening up to oprah on another big thorn in her side. that would be levi johnston, who is the father of sarah palin's grandchild. get this, in the new book, you want to know how many time palin
11:35 am
writes about the father of her grandchild? not once. it's not in there. but take a look at what oprah asked her and what she said. >> will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> you know, that's a great question. and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing. because, of course, you want -- he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing and he needs that too, oprah. i think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child. and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama. >> this was actually pretty refreshing to watch, keeping in mind, this is the same sarah palin who called levi malicious and someone in desperate need of attention, her words. hyla, is palin acting like a true politician here, trying to have it both ways? >> i'm a little confused. yeah, she's gone pretty hard on him in the media. and he just recently won an award, so maybe that's warmed her up to levi a little bit.
11:36 am
it is a porn industry award, so hopefully that won't be awkward at the thanksgiving dinner table. but this is smart pr. don't lower yourself to levi's standards. you're the future presidential candidate for the republican party. you can't go doing toe to toe about some guy that is in "playgirl" magazine. not smart. she finally got smart on oprah. >> i agree with that. and brooke anderson, off that point, you and i have said all along, as far as sarah and levi are concerned, that she would be better served to really, not even respond to him or to even talk about him or say anything. all right, so she's talking about him, but at least she's saying something nice. you think she's dealing with it the right way now? >> yes. and this is a huge contrast to what we've seen in the past, when she's talked about levi johnston, as you mentioned. i think the turnaround will work in her favor. she was classy when she so easily could have been trashy. let levi do the trashing. you know, i hope her responses were sincere, because really, who wants a family feud?
11:37 am
honestly. nobody. >> and if she does want to have a future and particularly if she wants to run for the presidential office again, high road. that's the road to take. levi, though, he is certainly keeping busy, in the meantime. he had that nude "playgirl" photo shoot. in a brand new development today, levi revealing how he thinks that guys, not girls, will respond to his nude photo shoot. listen to what he had on the derek and romaine show on sirius xm satellite radio. >> how do you feel about the fact that gay guys all around the country are going to rush out to take a look at all you've got to offer? >> that's totally cool with me. i mean, i don't have a problem with gay people. >> what's next on your agenda? >> i'm thinking about going to some acting classes back in california and we're going to start the modeling gigs and you'll be seeing a lot of me. >> oh, good for all of us. we're going to see a lot of levi.
11:38 am
hyla, let's put all of that aside for a moment. whatever you think of levi johnston, we have got to give this guy credit for perhaps getting the biggest bang for 15 minutes of fame of anybody in the history of the world. >> yes, 100%. you've got to give him a high five for that. you've just got to milk what was given to him, what was thrown in his lap. i think all of us would taken advantage of it, probably not the same way. i know i wouldn't throw my junk away in a "playgirl" magazine, but a.j., may you would. >> i don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon. and tanika, i think we all talked about the fact that when we first learned he was going to be posing for "playgirl," perhaps levi was not informed or did not realize that it was a magazine predominantly read by men. i think he actually handled himself pretty well, all that considered, and he did go on this show and put it all out there. >> yeah, i don't think he really cares. i've seen levi on different red carpets. he just wants to be famous. and whatever's going to do it for him, gay men, teenage girls,
11:39 am
he's down for it. >> remember that vani"vanity fa interview he gave where he said, he never wanted any of this. >> he didn't want it, but he's taking it. >> oprah's interview with sarah palin airs on monday. tune into "showbiz tonight" on monday night for a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. we'll have on the always fiery, the always controversial ann coulter. we'll get her first reaction to sarah palin's bombshell claims in her book and her brand-new interview with oprah. monday night, "showbiz tonight." now our "showbiz tonight" question of the day, it is this -- sarah palin, was it a good idea for her to sit down with oprah? we would like you to keep voting at, and e-mail us at a.j., i think it was a great idea for donald trump to sit down with us. everybody talking about our exclusive interview with him about carrie prejean. and there's other big news about carrie tonight. disturbing new evidence that she may have been lying when she
11:40 am
said that she was only 17 in that sex tape. plus, will carrie be named the most provocative celebrity of the week? how about sarah palin. or should it be michael lohan, lindsay's dad, for his disgusting release of secret tapes about her? tonight, "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. and chris brown getting a standing ovation from a room full of women? are you kidding me?! time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be carrie prejean for her solo sex tape and the fallout if fr her disastrous "larry king live" interview, or
11:44 am
sarah palin for her explosive tell-all book, "going rogue," or michael lohan for his week-long leaking of tapes involving his train wreck daughter, lindsay lohan? welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. we will be naming "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week in just a moment. but first, the explosive reaction today to my exclusive interview with donald trump and his response to carrie prejean's tv meltdown and her claim he humiliated beauty pageant contestants. also breaking today, the remarkable revelations from the boyfriend who she sent her solo sex tape. he disputes carrie's claim she was 17 when she made the tape, says she was older and wanted him to lie about it. joining me tonight in new york is brian balthazar. in hollywood, tanika ray, an entertainment journalist. brian, tanika, let's start with my exclusive interview with donald trump. i asked him what he thought of
11:45 am
carrie prejean's downright embarrassing tantrum on cnn's "larry king live." watch what we told me. >> i was watching this and i was very surprised to see it, because she was talking about how inappropriate he was. inappropriate is more of a sexual term, as far as i'm concerned. i mean, inappropriate? he asked a very, very easy question and i was surprised that she just didn't say, hey, listen, i can't answer that question. >> tanika, here's what i was hearing today. as news outlets everywhere reported on my exclusive interview with trump that donald was absolutely right. that carrie prejean blew it, big time. what do you think? do you agree? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, i think the reason why she stepped out of that interview is because she doesn't really have anything to stand on. and any time somebody peels back that veil, she cracks under the pressure. and for donald not to give it to her, i was surprised. he's being incredibly sweet to her, which is not really his
11:46 am
nature when somebody pieces him off. you remember rosie o'donnell and elisabeth hasselbeck. good for her, she hasn't pissed off trump enough for him to go at her, but she's crumbling. >> she had a real chance to say something meaningful and she didn't. she gave canned responses when she did answer questions, but for the most part, she just refused to answer questions and it was awful. >> i don't think she has anything meaningful to say. i think it's apparent now. >> well, she certainly didn't on "larry king live." and tonight, there are more shocking revelations about carrie prejean regarding her sex tape. carrie prejean's ex-boyfriend says carrie is lying and that she was older than 17 when she made her solo exhibitionist sex tape. listen to what he tell s tmz. >> how old was she? >> she was 19 when i was out there. the videos poured in all the way
11:47 am
up to just shy of, gosh, i mean, she had to have been in her 21 -- being 21 years old. yeah, i got a call from carrie, basically screaming at me, asking me why -- why did i do this? and then she basically, at that point, said, will you tell them i was 17? >> how did you respond when she said, "will you say i was 17"? >> i said, hell, no, i won't. >> brian, who are you believing here? >> i'm believing him. honestly, i think the first thing we can learn from this, there are very few people out there who are going to say to themselves later, boy, i'm really glad i made that sex tape. but that's the first inclination you're going to take, if there's a sex tape being released, the only way to keep people from seeing it is to be a minor when it was taken. i think that was her gut instinct to say, i've got to make this go away and the only way i'm going to do it so to say
11:48 am
i was under 18. i almost can't blame her for it, but i think the problem is she puts herself in a position of kind of being kind of high and mighty and very conservative. and people will forgive a lot, but they won't forgive hypocrisy. >> ding dong! >> yes! >> yeah, it's hard to forgive lying. she's certainly not coming across as very credible. a.j., all of this sure makes carrie prejean, what do you think, a leading candidate to be named "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. >> tanika just said it, ding dong! another nominee, of course, is sarah palin for her revealing and very intimate tell-all book, "going rogue." and we have michael lohan, who has been slammed for leaking very private voice mails left for him by his daughter, lindsay, and ex-wife dina. so who is "showbiz tonight" naming as the most provocative celebrity of the week? the winner, in a landslide vote is, of course, carrie prejean. tanika, are you with us on this
11:49 am
pick? >> look, she's obviously controversial, but the two ladies cancel themselves out with their my pohypocrisy. i'm going to go with michael lohan, because i feel like in all the people in the world that you trust, your parents should be the number one people that come to your aid and don't betray her. and for him to betray lindsay, i feel bad for her, perfectlytani. she called larry very inappropriate. larry king. you don't call the king very inappropriate. >> i think it's a tight race between carrie and michael. sometimes it's hard to tell if they're this foolish naturally or if they're making an extra effort. but i will say that i think this is one crown that carrie has won and earned. >> she has won it, earned it, and no one is going to get up and try to take it away from her. >> congrats, carrie. >> brian balthazar, tanika ray, thanks, guys. here's something else that i think is so provocative. chris brown gets a standing
11:50 am
ovation from a room full of women! are you kidding me?! time now for the "showbiz news ticker." these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. it's time now for "making it work" where we reveal the secrets how hollywood's biggest stars make their relationships work. tonight, country superstar faith hill. faith is married to another big-time country singer tim mcgraw. they've been together 13 years, have three kids. when we caught up with faith out promoting her new perfume she told us family is priority number one. >> our family's our main focus and we just work around their schedule, really. it's a lot of behind st. scenes working trying to coordinate the schedules so i'm not doing
11:51 am
something big and time consuming while tim is in the midst of doing something time consuming. so we try and even it out. so one of us is always there. >> a little juggling, but faith is definitely making it work. >> you're watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. right now, keep watching the bottom of your screen. more nonstop compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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