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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 16, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EST

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breaking news in the frantic search for 5-year-old shaniya davis. police say the body found dumped along the highway could be shaniya. her own mother appeared in court today for offering up her little girl for sex. plus this. cutting in line at walmart. did that get one woman 15 years she says cops are racist. police say she was belligerent and assaulted them while resisting arrest. take your calls 1-877-tell-hln,
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e-mail me at or hlntv, start your text with the word prime. welcome once again. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. just hours ago cops found the body of a little girl they think is shaniya davis. her mother is accused for giving her 5-year-old girl up for sex, prostituting her little girl. the last time she was seen alive she was being carried into a hotel room by a convicted felon. police confirming a child's body near fayetteville, north carolina, seven miles from that hotel. >> we have located a body based on some information we obtained we can confirm that body is the child and it was located off of walker road.
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>> we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining me now to talk about this, michelle sigona, investigative journalist, john lucitch. michelle, take us through the day. >> this is tragic news, as you can imagine. this body was found about seven miles away from the surveillance we had last seen of shaniya in the arms of a man named mario mcneill. he has been charged with first-degree murder kidnapping. that was six days ago. investigators received information over the weekend and had been searching this particular area for a possible body "dumped." that is the information they had received. investigators, volunteers, more than 200 people were on location looking off this particular highway and they did find it in
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a very heavily wooded area, just off the road. right now the fbi is out with this body. they are waiting to exhume it to determine if it is shaniya. this appears to be the body of a child. >> michelle, i'm going to stay with you as far as, it may be early, but we wonder how this went down. the allegations are mom gave up shaniya for prostitution. what is mario mcneil's role? >> that is the interesting part. early last week we spoke about a different guy clarence coe was charmed with first degree kidnapping. what i learned is mom, antoinette davis said he took my daughter. and then we fast forward to the
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video. we had a hotel worker call investigators last wednesday night to report that shaniya was, in fact, at their hotel. shaniya was there for last tuesday morning for only an hour. evidently once that video was put out and those surveillance pictures ma owe said i was the one with the child. they charged him with first degree kidnapping. then over the weekend antoinette davis was charged with human trafficking and prostitution of a child, filing a false police report, just to name a few. >> let's bring in our attorney, eric richmond, if this is shaniya and mom gives her up, what charges is mom facing? accomplice to murder? >> possibly. human trafficking and the promotion of prostitution. human trafficking is an interesting charge here, too,
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because that is usually in commercial sex industry or commercial sex business. this is a very disturbing crime, the age of the child as alleged. the fact that there might be a business being run by one or more of the players or people named is what that charge is about. so, yes, they are all very serious. >> mario mcneil has been charged with kidnapping. i would imagine those charges would become more serious if this is little shaniya and she has been murdered. >> yes. the facts are still coming out. we have sketchy detail. we don't know who these people are in relation to each other. we know some initial finger pointing but we don't know about how they are and their relationships. >> john, who is the key? is it mom? is it mcneil? both? >> it is all of them.
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you can't get anymore evil than a case like this. investigators are looking at why the girl was being brought to that hotel room in the first place. someone had to give up something. you find out the girl was buried in brushes 100 feet off the road cops don't stumble upon that. i believe someone gave something up as this investigation is moving forward. everybody involved in this case needs to go down gone and down hard. >> we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln and we will hear from little shaniya's father who had custody just a few months ago. stay with us.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. sad news to report. it is not official but it looks like little shaniya davis' body has been found seven miles from the last time we saw surveillance footage of her. judy in florida. your thoughts. >> caller: hi, mike. i'm really curious to know why if she was captured on video surveillance going into the hotel there was no surveillance of her leaving or being taken out. >> great question. let's go to michelle sigona. it breaks my heart to see that footage of her. a 5-year-old curled up and trusting mario mcneil. her hand on his arm. michelle, is there any surveillance of her coming out? >> here is what is interesting, when investigators got the call they did, in fact, go to the hotel. it took them a while to break
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the surveillance code. every surveillance that is taken in different hotels or liquor stores, there is a code you have to get in. investigators had a hard time getting in. once they got in they were able to review the surveillance stills. they only released certain still photographs out to the public. these are the ones they have shown. they are keeping close to the vest, if there was surveillance of her getting out. >> john, do you think there is a gold mine of information from surveillance after this where we see shaniya leaving? do you think they have that? >> absolutely. they definitely have it. if they have the video preceding that, they have to have the video after that. i think there is going to be a treasure trove of information especially what this little girl looked like, what her condition was when she left the hotel, especially if she was limp and maybe passed away at that time.
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they will have that entire condition especially if she was wrapped in something on her way out. they have it and they are holding it close to their vest for a reason. >> let's listen to the father. this is bradley lockhart. he had custody of shaniya a few months ago. the question is why would you let antoinette take over custody. >> of course, i had some reserves. she had been trying. i know she had been working for at least six months. she had been trying to get her life back on track and she said she had just recently got her own place. so i was wanting to give her a chance. she asked if she could be a mother. i felt she was sincere in asking. i figured to give her a chance. >> here is a facebook comment from sherry. her poor father who allowed the
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little girl to stay with the mom last month so she could have a chance to be a mother. the guilt he must feel and live with. he and the little girl are in my prayers. michelle, is it that simple? he wanted to give her a chance to be a mom? >> i spoke with bradley late last night. that appears to be the case. for the last five years he has been the primary child care provider for his daughter. when she was dropped off at antoinette's residence his sister dropped him off. he is a contractor and has to travel. it was the end of the weekend and shaniya was supposed to be picked up. she asked if she could keep her daughter. it appeared everything was moving in a good direction. he wanted to give her a chance to be a mom. >> this is candice writing this,
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this is so awful. the mother is a sorry excuse for a woman. how can you do this to an innocent, sweet beautiful child who had so much more living to do. we'll leave it there. we appreciate it. allegations of rape and incest inside a missouri home. some victims as young as five. six relatives including a father and his four sons are being held. and a new arrest. a new relative in the spotlight.
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welcome back. again, i have to warn you as we deal with this story, very traumatic. warn you about kids in the room. we are talking about allegations of child rape and incest. one of the worst sex crimes we've had to deal with. police arrested six family members. in western missouri. first arrested a father and his four adult sons. now dad's brother, daryl mohler, he is accused of having sex with girls 5 and 9. he says he is innocent. charges are forcing children to have sex with relatives. one woman who is now 26 said they were told to bury bad memories in glass jars. she says she was forced to have an abortion at the age of 11.
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bill grady at kmbc, stacy kaiser and eric richmond. bill, the new arrest, daryl mohler, that's the father's brother. but he's claiming innocence here, huh? >> he is claiming, yeah, as a matter of fact, mike, he is claiming innocence. he is claiming he has had very little contact with his brother. when he made his first appearance it was a deer in the headlights situation. he said he didn't know anything about this. he was a retired guy in florida and just living a quiet life and doesn't know where any of this came from. >> did one of the alleged victims come forward and say it was him? >> there is a total of seven victims. i was told over the weekend at least four or five more are expected. he has been named by at least one. again, this is one of those things you can well appreciate,
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mike, the authorities are holding close to the vest about who said what about whom and when it occurred. >> let's go to eric richmond, our attorney. help us out and the viewers as well. how are you going to prove this? these crimes could be 20 years old, 1988 to 1995. >> yes. there is going to be a major problem for the prosecution when it comes to evidence and we are talking about physical evidence. that might be hard to find at this point. and actually memories due to human nature are going to fade. this man was a deer in the headlights. this man needs an attorney and this man needs to speak to an attorney quickly. i know there has been an issue whether or not he deserves a public defender in florida. that is a separate issue. if there is a serious allegation against him, this felony allegation he shouldn't be making court appearances without
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an attorney. >> bill, back to you. there was another arrest, a gentleman by the name of larry kidd. what was his association with the family and he has been released? >> he has been released. what happened was larry kidd knew someone who knew the mohlers years and years ago. this guy came right forward and he cooperated with the prosecution. it is one of those situations where he got swept up in something. the man has been clean and sober for 11 years. he has been a drug counselor. his landlord told us he is a sterling character. i would trust him with my own kids. larry kidd came forward and talked to the media after he was reloosed saying i want to do anything i can to help these folks. he has been extraordinarily transparent and helpful in the case and appears to be a stand-up guy. >> stacy kaiser,
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psychotherapist. allegedly crimes against children up to 20 years ago, how do we make sure their memories are lock stock okay? do kids from that time, something that happened to them 20 years ago, do they try and forget? is it locked away in a memory and they try to shield themselves? >> i have worked with a lot of adults who were molested as children in my practice. there are a lot of people that block a lot of things out. for the most part many people have a great deal of clarity. they remember detail for detail down to a mole a person would have on their face. if people are coming forward they have reasonably clear memories. >> there is strength in numbers. the more of these victims that come forward, they are going to speak. it snowballs the other way where they feel empowered, right? >> absolutely. these victims may have been
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together in the house at the same time so they might jog each other's memories by having conversation about what happened in the past. >> eric, we talked about the challenges. that is what you need as a prosecutor, those details. >> absolutely. i would be looking for physical evidence, if they remember anything about this home or anything they can point to that would help direct this police investigation. one of your other guests pointed to it. the details are just coming in. it is a bizarre story on its face. maybe it will make more sense when details come in. >> we'll take a break. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. sarah palin big interview with oprah. promoting her new book "going rogue" unleashing on the john mccain campaign. said she was told to stay on script, given no cards to prepare for debates for what she calls nonanswers. did you watch the interview? does this interview change your opinion of sarah palin? we'll take your calls later, 1-877-tell-hln. we'll tail your calls on this story as well. how do we get to the point where someone changes line and looking at 15 years in prison?
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three years ago heather ellis was at a walmart in missouri. her cousin's line was moving faster. another customer shoved her and she was harassed by police. some customers say heather ellis was belligerent. police say she was given every opportunity to comply. she goes on trial. she is facing serious charges, two felony counts of assaulting an officer, disturbing the peace, punishment, possibly 15 years. this started with someone changing lines. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. joining me to talk about it, heather ellis' father, the reverend nathaniel ellis. and the protesters and eric richman. reverend ellis, let me start with you. can you believe we are at this
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point that your daughter could be facing 15 years for what started as a line switch at walmart? >> actually, if they have their way in this unjust system that is what she will get. >> have you processed the thought of that? that your daughter is facing this in a trial? >> certainly. that is why i am so vehemently against it and that is why we had the journey for justice on today to press our issue and force our outrage against the insidiousness of an overzealous prosecutor prosecuting a case of a young lady that is totally innocent of all bogus charges. >> how is your daughter, heather, doing? >> well, she has her ups and her downs. this is very horrific roller coaster nightmare. so sometimes she wakes up
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screaming. and sometimes, you know, she's crying. but we are encouraging her to hold on and to believe and know that truth will rise again. >> eric, as we look at this, we laid out there in general terms the allegations on both sides. heather gives one story, you have other people giving another. how is the legal system going to parse this out? it is a high publicity case. >> it is going to come down to witness credibility and who takes the stand, what they say they saw and heard and what the jury believes. and when the jury hears all of the evidence in the case they are going to have to make that determination just like any parent when they hear two sides of the story from both children. i haven't heard anything about
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surveillance footage or physical evidence that will prove one side or the other. they have to listen to all the testimony and hopefully have an open mind. it is going to be difficult for her to prove a racial intent. she can say that they used certain racial slurs but to prove they had that intent, they would have to believe they used those slurs in that act. it is a tough argument. you have to look at the jury pool in this particular town. i think this is a predominantly white town. the defense lawyers will have to take that into account. >> the population 11,000, 1,500 african-american population. 10% african-american population there. let me pick up on a point. a facebook comment from peter saying let the security camera do the talking. if there was aggression, but otherwise no harm. reverend ellis, is there any
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security footage? >> absolutely, there was certainly several views the first attorney subpoenaed and told them to keep the tape and do not destroy it. the only tape we have is one given from the prosecutor in which it has been tampered with and edited and spliced. it doesn't show them assaulting her or anything like that. different shots, really one view that they wanted to show. >> wow. okay. >> let's bring in boyce watkins, organized a protest on behalf of heather. as you have talked to people, she has a trial on wednesday, will she get a fair trial? are you confident in that? >> no. i'm not confident she will get a fair trial. i believe people want to do the right thing. i don't believe these are bad people. but when you go into this town. it is a scary town. when we were marching we saw
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people with swastikas on flags and confederate flags. in the courthouse there are almost no african-americans working in the courthouse. i don't think there is any african-american presence on the police force or the prosecutor's office. we would like to see some outside involvement in this case. the family feels they were intimidated when they tried to call in the fbi and the justice department to investigate. that is what i'm calling for now. i'm hoping that attorney general eric holder's office will get involved. the goal is not to pretend anybody's an angel. i have watched the surveillance tapes that have been presented by the prosecutor's office, there is nothing that says this woman did anything wrong. the truth of the matter, she is a college student on her way to medical school. her being off the street is not going to make america a safer place. they need to drop the charges altogether. >> that is a question.
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a preacher's daughter, no criminal history on the way to med school. can be facing 15 years. why couldn't something be worked out? take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news." there is a trial coming up wednesday. heather ellis is on trial facing serious charges, assaulting
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police officers, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace from an incident that happened about three years ago where she changed lines at walmart and from there you have two different stories. we have been talking to her father, reverend nathaniel ellis and boyce watkins who organized a protest on behalf of heather because she could face 15 years. and eric richman, our attorney. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. reverend, i asked boyce this question. i'll ask you. are you confident that your daughter is going to get a fair trial here? >> certainly not. certainly the cards are stacked against her. you have a judge that already has on two occasions stated his verdict of guilty. and to execute her, to punish her to the fullest extent of the law. >> he said she is guilty? he has already made that
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statement? >> he alluded to the fact. if you come in here at this particular time, one of the statements he made, she didn't have a lawyer, if you enter in, you are going to represent yourself and you won't be able to appeal it on the basis of your inkomcompetence and i'm go to push for the fullest extent. >> stephen sokaloff recused himself. he says that heather's supporters are portraying him as overly aggressive and racially biassed, diverted facts and his record and diverting the attention from heather's conduct. boyce, i'll let you comment. >> we presented the facts about the prosecutor and i assume when he talks about these people who are saying these things he is
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talking about me and the rest of our coalition. we are not out to attack the prosecutor. we want to make sure justice is served. the problem with a small town like this is you have people who think they run the town where the justice system becomes incest yous and you see prosecutorial intimidation in plea bargains are offered with the back biting threat of long prison time if you don't accept the plea bargain. the new prosecutor, he wrote a book with a picture of the confederate flag on the cover of the book. someone needs to educate him is the confederate flag is like the swastika for black people. the idea he can jump into a case less than a week before trial and be prepared to go to trial with that case, it may be the situation that sokaloff has backed off but impacting the
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case. we want to make sure justice is served. we want to make sure this lady's life is not destroyed for no good reason. >> we will follow it. reverend ellis, thank you, boyce, eric, thank you. morgan harrington. she has been missing about a month now. college student, went to a metallica concert. we are getting reports she left with a group of three or four guys, she may have been hitchhiking. and sarah palin just appeared on "oprah" promoting her book "going rogue." talking about levi johnston, heartbroken he has basically become a porn star. does it change your view of sarah palin at all? call in, 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back. finally some new leads in the case of missing college student morgan harrington. she vanished without a trace a month ago. she vanished at a metallica concert. she was so excited to see the group but somehow ended up outside the arena before the band took the stage. there is a report she left with a group of guys. virginia police believe she may have been hitchhiking. her family said it is not like morgan to up and leave. they talked to her every day. we wonder if authorities are any closer to finding morgan harrington. we welcome back her mother gil harringt harrington. gil, let me start with you. our thoughts and prayers with
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you. you must be weary at this point. >> thank you, mike. >> your thoughts about her leaving with two or three guys. have you heard that before? >> i have not heard that. this is very atypical behavior. i'm concerned about the piece of time from when she left her friends and went to use the restroom because for me things start falling apart and not making sense then. was she given or did she take something in the bathroom? why would she leave the concert? to me things just fall apart from she left her girlfriends and went to the restroom. none of it adds up to the girl that i know. >> from the study we have done as well, gil, she was looking forward to this concert for months and end up outside the arena. isn't that a sticking point? >> and her purse. who would give up their purse
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voluntarily with everything in it? >> we are as baffled as you are, gil. the second report is she is outside the arena and hitchhiking. was she trusting to do that to get a ride home to a friend's house? >> i think she was -- is a naive girl. she is young. but i have never known her to do anything like this before. i mean, morgan had a car, would not -- i mean, i have drummed into them caution at every point in their lives. i cannot imagine that she -- she did this. it is totally atypical. it doesn't fit into the girl that i know. >> let's bring in courtney stewart, senior editor for the hook. she followed this very closely. we talked about this timeline, morgan leaves the concert or
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leaves her friends about 8:40, seen outside the arena at 9:30. what more of a timeline do you have? the reports of two or three guys fit into that? >> i think a few details from the period of time police have said is critical have started coming in. i don't know that it helps make anymore sense. but i do have sightings and people who saw her during that period of time or people who believe they saw her and have shared snippets of their experiences seeing her or interacting with her. >> what are the snippets telling you? anything specific? >> i spoke with somebody inside the arena who saw her inside the arena that had the blood on her chin that police said was probably from a fall, did not result from assault. this person said she seemed kind
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of upset. she declined his offer of help. he was going in to hear the show and she was not in the concert area at that time. and then outside a man i recent heard a commotion while he was waiting on the sidewalk. he was waiting for some friends. they were late in arriving. it was about 9:00. he heard a commotion near one of the entrances. he was standing on the south side of the arena. he didn't really see what it was about, but really shortly thereafter, he said a young blond woman wearing black, and wearing a pantera shirt, approached him, put her arm out, he described it almost as though she wanted him to escort her and said let's go. and he didn't go with her. he said he felt like it was a little strange, and so he said, i'm waiting for my friends. i'm going to go in. and at that point this young woman, he says, became angry,
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cursed and then kicked him. >> he's saying that she -- that he believes it could have been morgan wanted him to escort her back into the concert? is that what you're gathering? >> i don't think he was sure. she was walking away from the arena at that point. he said he really didn't know what she meant or where she wanted to go, but just said, let's go, and had her arm crooked out like if you were going to walk arm in arm with someone. so that's very odd. and then just minutes after that, a woman who was arriving late had driven up from richmond with her husband and said she stopped to allow some people to cross and it was a group of people. and in that group was a young woman wearing all black. she did not see -- she thought the t-shirt had writing on it. >> courtney, we'll pick up on that when we come back.
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breaking news in the frantic search for missing 5-year-old shaniya davis. the body they just found dumped along the highway is likely little shaniya. this, as her own mother appeared in court on prostitution charges, offering up little shaniya for sex. did this little girl ever have a chance. sarah palin going rogue on oprah, promoting the new book by that same title. nothing off-limits. she's talking about her battles with bristol's ex, levi johnston. the katie couric interview. resignation as governor. as you see her with oprah, does it change your view?
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always love hearing from you. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. e-mail us, or text us at hlntv. just start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- this is hour number two of "prime news." cops found the body of a little girl they believe is shaniya davis. unthinkable allegations coming in against her mother, antoinette davis, accused of giving up her little girl for prostitution. the last time little shaniya was seen alive was in this disturbing surveillance video. carried into a hotel room by a convicted felon. a body found along the highway, just seven miles from that hotel. >> we have located a body. based on some information that we obtained, we can confirm that that body is a child.
6:02 pm
and it was located off of walker road. >> we'll take your calls, comments, questions, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. we welcome back michelle si goena, investigative journalist with michellesi and criminal investigator. and barbara davenport is with us as well. barbara, i have to start with you. you being right there and knowing these people, knowing this family, what goes your heart and mind as these details come out and they're not good? >> right now, i don't know what to tell you, what i'm more full of. i don't know if it's anger or sorrow. i just can't believe that they allowed this to happen to that beautiful little girl. >> barbara, you're so right. i'm sure our viewers echo your thoughts and emotions right now of anger and sorrow, as we see pictures of that cute little
6:03 pm
girl. just adorable, little shaniya. barbara, did you have any idea there was trouble at this home? >> no, i did not, other than unauthorized visitors. every time i pressed the actual tenant as to whether or not antoinette was living there, she told me no, no, my sister doesn't live with me. she just watches my little boy while i go to work. so she was asked on a few separate occasions whether or not antoinette was living there, and she said no every time. and now come to find out that was a lie. >> we're seeing footage of antoinette davis, shaniya's mom, in court for charges. she was basically offering up her 5-year-old as a sex slave. let's bring in michelle sigona. michelle, we want to know what happened to this little girl. and the time line as it unfolded. she's taken early morning on a tuesday, michelle.
6:04 pm
and then we see the footage of had who we believe is mario mcneill walking her into a hotel room. what do we know after that? >> what we've learned from investigators is, on that wednesday, just this past wednesday, someone from the hotel contacted investigators and said, hey, i think shaniya was here at our hotel. investigators immediately got into their vehicles and drove 45 minutes away from where she went missing, pulled up the surveillance and were able to identify that it was in fact shaniya. what they did is took the photos to shaniya's father, bradley, said, that is my daughter. but i have no clue who this man is. through following up with leads she were able to charge mario with first-degree kidnapping. that is who is being held right now, along with antoinette davis. >> is mario mcneill the delivery man, took little shaniya for
6:05 pm
prostitution? >> that's what we're still trying to figure out. those are some of the details that they are purposefully, investigators that is, are keeping close to their vest. they're doing that for a variety of reasons, because if someone comes forward with some other information to close that time line, and it does match up to what they have, they know they have their golden nugget, so they can move forward with the verified information. they're putting out just enough right now to everyone to be able to kind of have the information, and if they've seen something, be able to come forward, but to be able to keep some of thofls details back a little bit. you have to think that antoinette davis, from what i learned from investigators, was the one that came forward and said, clarns coe is the one who took my daughter. but he was initially charged with first-degree kidnapping. he has since been released and those charges are dropped. imagine that over the weekend, over a course of questioning and investigation, that, you know, more information came out and that's why investigators were
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able to charge her with a variety of things and also move forward in this investigation. >> so clarence coe, the alleged boyfriend is in the clear at this point? >> this is, again, according to the investigators, the charges are in fact dropped. i do want to mention that antoinette and also mario, that are being held right now, they're in an area that holds high-risk prisoners, and davis and also mario mcneill are only allowed to come out one time a day for a shower. >> we're going to pick it up from there when we get back. we have john lucich on this. when we talk about the hotel room, evidence found there, and also the possible crime scene where little shaniya was likely found. we'll take your calls as well, 1-877-tell-hln.
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they've been running strictly on adrenaline this past week. they've worked day and night tirelessly. again, to find this little girl, and to bring her home alive. so, again, you have a lot of people in shock right now. you always hold out hope that you're going to be able to reunite, especially a child with their families safely. so if this turns out to be shaniya, it's a very sad ending. it's very difficult. >> we'll continue our conversation about missing 5-year-old shaniya davis. authorities believe likely her body has been found. cute little 5-year-old. let's bring in john lucich.
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john, you can relate to that, the mad, frantic search for a little girl. you're hoping against hope she's okay, and what we have at this point have, the news is not good. >> no, absolutely, mike. in fact, that's got to be one of the most heartbreaking parts of being an investigator on a case like this, having to face what you didn't want to have to face in the first place. this investigation is going to move on and they've got a new -- they're inspired to find out who did this and get every piece of garbage that was involved in this and bring them to justice. inside that room they're going to be looking at, there's going to be a lot of physical evidence, dna evidence, fingerprints on a lot of different types of surfaces. they're going to hopefully be able to identify everyone who came in contact with that little girl in that room. it's something that there's no doubt in my mind that's on the hearts of all these investigators to bring to justice anybody who may have harmed this little girl in any way. >> justice for little shaniya. doris is in new york. your thoughts? >> caller: please stop calling her shaniya's mom, because she
6:11 pm
is not a mother. she is the one who gave birth. a mother would not do that to her child. us mothers, we love and protect, and shield our children. my heart goes out to all your listeners, and your viewers, that are mourning shaniya's death. >> doris, thanks for the phone call. you're so right. let's get another call. sheila's with us in ohio. sheila, go ahead. >> caller: yes, this is sheila calling from ohio. we just wanted to say that we watched this all weekend unfold. this is probably the worst thing that could have ever, ever happened. we just feel like the mom is just as guilty as the gentleman, or whoever killed this little girl. and she needs the toughest penalty handed to her as possible. >> it is sad. let me read a facebook comment from willie writing this. it is a sad day when parents can no longer be be trusted with her own children. i hope her mother is haunted by this for the rest of her life and her father can find peace
6:12 pm
knowing his daughter will always be safe in heaven. let's go back to michelle sigona. something that shaniya's father going to have to deal with, that he had custody and gave antoinette davis another chance to be a mom. because he trusted her. when did he have custody and when did he give up custody, michelle? >> well, what bradley told me last night, bradley lockhart, shaniya's father, what he said was that for the course of the last five years, that he's been the primary child care provider for his daughter. and that on october 9th, his sister dropped shaniya off at antoinette's house where she was living at the time, and that she was only supposed to keep her for the weekend. but antoinette called and said, would you mind if i kept shaniya for a little while longer? he didn't see a problem with that, because she had a job and appeared to have a good stable environment at this point. so he wanted to give her a chance to be a mother. he is a contractor so he was traveling. he was in portland at the time. he said, you know what, i'm
6:13 pm
going to give her the chance this time. let's just see what happens. >> it wasn't custody, just giving her a little more time with her daughter. >> that's to my understanding. based on our conversation, was he was just giving her a little bit more time with her daughter. >> so sad. again, guys, we're going to have to leave it there. michelle, john, barbara davenport, we appreciate your time as well. coming up, another story. it's equally disturbing. sex crimes in missouri. a father and his four sons accused of abusing younger relatives.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
welcome back. i have to warn you, as we deal with this story, very traumatic, warn you about kids in the room because we're talking about allegations of child rape, incest. one of the worst sex crimes we've had to deal with on "prime news." six family members arrested in western missouri. a father and his four adult sons. cops have now arrested dad's brother, darrell moehler, 72. accused of having sex with two girls, ages 5 and 9. he said he's innocent of the allegations against this family, forcing children to have sex with relatives, fake marriages. one victim, a woman, came forward, now 26, said that they were told to bury bad memories in glass jars. so there's a search going on for that as well. and she said she was forced to have an abortion at age 11. bill grady at knbz radio.
6:17 pm
also withes, stacy kaiser, our psychotherapist. first off, the new arrests. darrell moehler, the father's brother. he's claiming innocence here, huh? >> yeah. as a matter of fact, mike, he's claiming innocence, also claiming he's had very little contact with his brother over the years. and when he initially made his first appearance on saturday afternoon, it was one of those deer in the headlight situations. he said he didn't know anything about this. he had very little contact. and he was a retired guy in florida. just living a quiet life. and doesn't know where any of this came from. >> one of the alleged victims come forward and say it was him? is that -- >> there have been a total of seven victims now. i was told on friday -- actually, i was told over the weekend, that at least four or five more are expected. so he has been named by at least one. again, this is one of those things that you well appreciate, mike, that the authorities are holding very close to the vest
6:18 pm
in terms of who said what about whom, and when it occurred. >> good point there. let's go to eric richmond, our attorney. eric, we've talked about this. help us out, the viewers as well. how are you going to prove this? again, these crimes could be 20 years old when you're talking about a time frame of 1988 to 1995. at least that's what one of the victims is saying. >> there's going to be a major problem for the prosecution here when it comes to evidence, and we're talking about physical evidence that might be hard to find at this point, or might be stale. actually, memories that just due to human nature of fade. this guy like you said was a deer in the headlights. this man needs an attorney and needs to speak to an attorney quickly. there's been an issue with whether or not he deserves a public defender in florida. that's a separate issue. but, you know, if there's a serious allegation against him, he shouldn't be making court appearances without an attorney. >> well put. let's clear up another thing.
6:19 pm
bill rlgs let's go back to you. there was another arrest, a man by the name of larry kidd. i believe he's been released, right? >> larry kidd has been released. as a matter of fact, when we chatted with you on friday, mike, what had happened was, larry kidd knew someone who knew the moehler's years and years ago. this guy came right forward and he cooperated with the prosecution. it's one of those situations where he kind of got swept up in something. the man has been clean and sober for 11 years, a drug counselor, helped a number of other people. his landlord said i would trust him with my own kids. larry kidd came forward and talked to the media after he was released saying, i want to do anything i can to help these folks. and so he has been extraordinarily transparent and helpful in the case. and, you know, from all accounts, appears to be a stand-up guy. >> let's bring in stacy kaiser, psychotherapist. stacy, when you have -- these were allegedly crimes against children, up to 20 years ago.
6:20 pm
how do we make sure their memories are lock, stock, okay. and do kids from that time, you know, something that happened to them 20 years ago, do they try and forget? is it something that is locked away in a memory and they've tried to shield themselves from that? how does that all play out? >> i've worked with a lot of adults who were molested as children in my practice. they block a lot of things out. but for the most part many people have a great deal of clarity. they remember detail for detail, even down to a mole that a person would have on their face. it would be my hunch if people are coming forward at this point, that they have reasonably clear memories. >> there is strength in numbers. the more of these victims that come forward, they're going to speak. and it snow balls the other way, where they feel empowered, right? >> not only does it empower
6:21 pm
them, these victims may have been in the house at the same time. they may jog each others' memories by what happened in the past. >> eric, we talked about the challenges, that's what you need as a prosecutor, right? those details, as tough as they may be, for these victims to come forward with is this. >> absolutely. as the prosecutor, i would be looking also for physical evidence, if they remember anything about this home, or anything they can point to. that would help direct this kind of police investigation. one of your other guests pointed to it also, right now the details are really just coming in. so it's a bizarre story on its face, maybe it will make more sense as more details come in. >> we'll take a quick break. we'll take your calls, comments, thoughts, theories on this. you know the number, 1-877-tell-hln. y8
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back to "prime news" on hln. sarah palin is not holding back in a sitdown with oprah today. nothing off-limits. some of the 207 iks, why she quit being governor. her teen daughter's pregnancy and battles with bristol's ex, levi johnston. talking about the past election, the mccain campaign, whether she's going to run for president in 2012. call in, if you saw this, does your opinion of sarah palin change at all? 1-877-tell-hln is the number. before we get to your calls, here's a clip from today's interview with oprah. oprah asking about levi. >> so, one final question about
6:31 pm
levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> you know, that's a great question. and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing. because, of course, you want -- he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. and he needs that, too, oprah, he needs to know that he is loved. and he has the most beautiful child. and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down the road of controversy all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that. we're more productive, we have other things to concentrate on. >> is that yes, he is coming or no, he's not? >> oprah cutting through things there. we want to know what you think, call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the phone number. joining us to talk about it, a reporter from politico. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> what do you think? from what you saw of this interview, hearing, favorable reviews of sarah palin?
6:32 pm
not so much? what do you think? >> it depends on who you ask. for republicans, they saw the familiar person that they kind of fell in love with during the 2008 campaign. probably for democrats, maybe independent viewers, maybe not so much has changed. i think this was an interview that was clearly about palin the mother and the wife, and not so much palin of a candidate or contender for the white house in 2012. i'm not sure it changed very much. she was able to kind of come into america's living rooms for an hour with oprah winfrey, and she'll do the same in talking with barbara walters. i think in many ways she was targeting women with this interview. certainly i think her story resonated with a lot of the women that were watching. >> do you think some women who may not have liked her in the past may have their thoughts change on this at all? >> i think maybe they can identify with her more. i think what you saw in the 2008 campaign, she in many ways was kind of reduced to a caricature, that we saw on "snl." maybe she does come across as
6:33 pm
more human, more relatable to a lot of women who may have had more negative views of her. whether they changed their perceptions to her qualities as the presidency or policy views, that's probably less clear. and in some ways, i think if she is plotting to run for the presidency in 2012, she certainly might be following the barack obama model, who he, of course, came out neshlly with an auto by oh graphy that was very frank and followed up with a policy oriented book. >> she had to do this interview. she has to get her story out there. but you mentioned politics. let's talk politics real quick, nia. this is a snippet from that interview, talking about how she was coached for the debates. basically saying she was given flash cards, and does not paint the mccain campaign, not john mccain himself, but campaign advisers not in a good light. basically she was given non-answers to recite. she tried to be honest and
6:34 pm
candid. they told her, huh-uh, not a good way to go. was that a good thing to unveil that? >> it makes her look like the victim. it makes her look like someone who's kind of caught up in this whirlwind campaign, who wasn't quite ready for primetime. i mean, she kept kind of going back to not being prepared, or not -- or being naive, for instance, when she talked about the katie couric interview. she talked about it as if she was expecting katie couric to kind of talk to her about mothering or something like that. it was kind of a naive view that she had, i think, of what it means to be on this national stage. and clearly, you know, in retrospect, she seemed a bit out of her depth in terms of dealing with a lot of the more policy oriented questions that katie couric lobbed at her, or even questions that were simple, like what do you read. >> we'll talk about that, and we'll take a quick break and show that portion of the interview as it happened. also, sarah palin's reaction to this day. and we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln, continuing our conversation, sarah palin, promoting her new book "going rogue." has a sitdown interview with oprah winfrey. in watching that, does that change your mind at all, your views of sarah palin? 1-877-tell-hln is the phone number. we want to welcome kristen
6:38 pm
chase, a writer for imperfect your thoughts in watching sarah palin? was it a good showing for her? do you think she could change some minds for the better? >> i don't know. i think she might be able to change some minds. she didn't really change mine. i was hoping with the hair down, that we'd be able to see a little more care-free side of her. but unfortunately it seems a little too scripted for me. >> a little too guarded for you? that's interesting. i was talking to nia before the break of politico, complained by the campaign to be too scripted. you said she fell into that in this interview too much? >> i do. i think if she's looking at 2012, that she's going to have to be a bit guarded. she can't let the cat out of the bag. but i was hoping to connect with her a little more on an emotional side as a mom. connect with her in that way. and really, i think the most touching part was sort of watching the video clips of her interacting with her young son. >> exactly. nia, real quick on that front,
6:39 pm
do you think she was a little too scripted on this, needed to make a little more emotional connection? >> certainly so. that's probably bad news, until you hear your other guest christine talk about that. i think that was the audience that she was reaching for, women and mothers, to really connect with them. but to hear she didn't even do that for christine is probably a negative for sarah palin. i think going forward we'll have to look at how active she is in 2010, if governors are running and senators are running, to call her on the campaign trail. >> you want to make that heart connection with folks. joe's with us in florida. joe, go ahead. >> caller: hey, mike, how are you doing? >> great. how are you? >> caller: i've been watching your show for a long time. but some of the news we report right now is very sad. >> i know it. what do you think about this one, sarah palin? a little lighter fare for us. >> caller: it comes to me as someone trying to sell books. as far as being president, we're a long way from that. >> didn't make a connection with
6:40 pm
joe. let's get a facebook comment. diana writing this. i know this is one awesome lady and those who truly know her will support her. the corrupt press will not. and that's that. kristen, you know, that's one thing, if there's political aspirations in the future for sarah palin, she can't be -- she's got to bridge that divide. you can't have a love/hate that you heard here. >> you have to walk a fine line. if there's anything she did well, i think she was politely critical of the mccain camp. she might have pulled at heart strings, but not enough for people to be swayed to her side. >> this is anecdotal for me, i saw a snippet of it, someone was more sympathetic about it, about being prepped for these debates. nia, you mentioned the katie couric interview. let's listen to it as it happened on the abc evening
6:41 pm
news, asking her about what she read. we'll listen to sarah palin's response then and her reaction now with oprah. let's listen. >> what specifically? i'm curious -- >> all of them. any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> can you name any? >> i have a vast variety of sources where we get our news. alaska isn't a foreign country. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. >> you talked about in the book, so i assume everything in the book is -- >> yes. >> you do say that it wasn't your best interview. do you think that was a seminal defining moment for you, that interview? >> i did not. neither did the campaign. in fact, that is why segment two and three and four and maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see. and it was a good interview. of course, i'm thinking, if you
6:42 pm
thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was, because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> interesting there. she flat-out admits it on a couple fronts she didn't know it wasn't. saying the mccain campaign thought it was. any thoughts on that? >> what comes out of that interview and hr comments there, it doesn't seem like she really prepared for the interview. it seems like she has this idea that she goes on her gut, then she can kind of wing it, and she can maybe connect with folks in that way. i think that was the impression that folks came away with after looking at that interview, that she wasn't really prepared. i think that was one of the themes that came out over and over again, with this interview, that she wasn't necessarily prepared. and that is the theme that is going to cause her a problem in terms of whether or not she has these presidential ambitions. something like 70% of folks think she's just not prepared to be president. >> we have a poll here. let me read it real quick on that. leading up to this.
6:43 pm
is sarah palin qualified to be president? as for republican men, 55% say yes, she is. republican women, 47%. those numbers have to change. and listening to, you know, political experts, those who have handled people in the past with political aspirations, that's what they talk about, she has to be more disciplined. certainly you want to be somewhat off the cuff. i think people want authenticity, but also want preparation to take the highest office in the land. let's get another call in. ronnie's with us in alabama. ronnie, go ahead. >> caller: sarah palin is a beautiful, wonderful lady. but when it really comes to the issues, like oprah asked her today, she danced around the questions, just like she did in the primaries. >> so again, saying she is -- not the direct answers you would want. kristen, you talked about it, you want straightforward. you may not agree with every answer, but you want authenticity, right? >> absolutely. if you've got an opinion, let's hear about it. even when she brought up the
6:44 pm
pro-life issue, she said i'm pro-life and i want to empower women to know they can have the kids. what does that exactly mean? you can interpret that a bunch of different ways. if you've got an opinion, it may not be mine, but i'd love to hear you have some gumption behind it. >> exactly. ladies, thanks so much. talk to you guys again soon. the latest on morgan harrington. college student goes to a meltica concert. there are revelations she may have left with two or three guys, may have been seen hitchhiking as well.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
welcome back. following new leads on missing college student morgan
6:47 pm
harrington. she vanished without a trace last month. morgan disappeared from a metallica concert in charlottesville, virginia, october 17th. you know, we hear the reports, she was so excited to see metallica. but somehow ended up outside the arena before the band even took the stage. now there's one report saying she left with a group of guys. another report, virginia police believe she may have been hitchhiking outside the arena. her family says that is not like morgan, for her to up and leave. they had talked to her every day, even the dave of the concert. so through all this, are authorities any closer to finding this young lady? joining me to talk about it, jane velez-mitchell, host of "issues" with jane velez-mitchell, coming up at the top of the hour. jane, we're just getting little drips and drabs of information. the two new details of possibly leaving with two or three guys, possibly hitchhiking. do you think we're any closer? do you think we have anything here? >> i think it's all good news in the sense that this is a completely perplexing mystery and we have absolutely no idea what happened. and this is the first time we've
6:48 pm
gotten any kind of hard information about something that police can follow as a viable lead. and so if she was hitchhiking and she got into a vehicle, the key would be finding out what vehicle did she get into, and then law enforcement has a variety of techniques they can use to try to narrow down how many of those vehicles exist in the state and how many are registered in that part of the state and they can narrow down the possibilities. but this is a break-through in this case, make in moistake, there was absolutely nothing to go on except her purse, the cell phone with the battery taken out. that didn't lead them anywhere. >> exactly. from what i'm gathering, jane, see if you pick up the same, that those who may have seen her, not willing to come forth and flat-out talk to investigators. they may talk to a reporter, but it doesn't seem like they're coming clean with investigators. what's your thoughts there? >> it's hard to tell. there is a time lag here. this case was heavily publicized
6:49 pm
right after she went missing. so it would be likely that these people saw the story, and if they had seen her and they had seen all these things that they're describing now, why the heck didn't they come forward the day we did this story, the day after, or the couple of days after she disappeared. that would have obviously been preferable, because time is of the essence in these cases. they are in a race against time, as you well know, with every passing minute the chances of finding this young woman diminish. that's a sad fact. hopefully she's an exception to the statistic. >> missing just about a month now. let's bring in john lucich. john, as we talk about this, that there are people that have seen something, is that the norm, that they're not that willing to come forward and get involved in something like this? and how much does that hurt the investigation? >> there may be some people not willing to come forward. but the fact is, a lot of people have come forward. there are a lot of stories. the disturbing part of the stories is they're different kinds of stories.
6:50 pm
a, either there are a lot of blondes outside that stadium that night, or some people did not really see her. they may have seen another girl. so what investigators have to do, and i'm sure they've alread do, how many confirmed citings, they have to show pictures to these individuals and say are you 100% sure this girl right here is who you saw? and until they get to that point, these are just distractions leading cops. but good distractions, because the more leads the cops have, the more chances we have to find her and bring her home. >> exactly. let's talk about those, jane. let's compare notes here. the same ones you're hearing about the possible hitchhiking on this bridge outside the arena, and also possibly seen with two or three guys. are you getting the same thing? what do you make of it? >> i think there was another report that she seemed to have blood on her chin. so it doesn't paint a very positive picture. i mean, it's disturbing to see any time you hear a report of a young woman wobbly with several men, and then suddenly
6:51 pm
disappearing in a car, it's -- i don't even want to speculate. because i don't want to go there mentally. i'm hoping that there's some other explanation, and that -- that they can find her okay. but that's not -- that's not good. >> yeah. yeah, exactly. all right. jane, we'll be watching. "issues" coming up at the top of the hour with jane velez-mitchell. and john lucich and i will continue our conversation concerning morgan harrington and delve further into these allegations that she was possibly hitchhiking, possibly left with two or three men and kind of delve into the time line, as well, as when we're seeing it. the new rudimentary time line, did she split up from her friends around 9:30. and we'll take your calls and theories, 1-877-tell-hln.
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tonight, heart-wrenching, fast-breaking developments in the case of a missing angel. tragically, it appears likely this is the little girl found killed and dumped on the side of the highway. and that's just part of this nightmare. cops say 5-year-old shaniya davis was sold as a sex slave, allegedly by her own mother. this beautiful little girl was reported missing last week, but cops say she wasn't abducted. she was actually sold as a prostitute, and cops say this man was seen carrying the little girl into a hotel. who could do this to a little girl? and a story so evil, it defies comprehension. a sixth family member has now been arrested on charges he sexually assaulted and raped younger members of his own
7:01 pm
family. last week, this very same guy called the abuse allegations against other family members repulsive. well, now he is sitting next to his brother and four nephews in jail. cops say these men forced kids to have sex and made them watch as the other children were raped right in front of their eyes. and that's not the half of it. could there be more suspects and more victims? dead or alive? plus, breaking news in the search for morgan harrington, the beautiful virginia tech student vanished during a crowded rock concert. now police say harrington was last seen hitchhiking and getting into a car. meanwhile, eye-witnesses are coming forward, claiming they crossed paths with morgan right outside the concert walls. could these new developments lead cops to morgan? we'll have the very latest from family members. "issues" starts now. . crushing news tonight in the fast-breaking story of adaschle 5-year-old shaniya davis. a child's body has been found. and while cops are awaiting positive i.d., it's believed likely that child is shaniya.
7:02 pm
this north carolina child was last seen in the early morning hours last tuesday. her mother told cops she put shaniya on a couch at 5:30 a.m., but when she checked on her an hour later, little shaniya had vanished. however, that same morning, surveillance video taken at a motel 30 miles away shows the innocent and trusting child seeming to cling to the man holding her. cops say that is mario mcneill, reportedly the ex-boyfriend's of shaniya's sister. he is reported on first degree charges of kidnapping, but sha my ya is nowhere to be found. a frantic search was launched and then at about 2:00 p.m. eastern today, devastating news. >> we have located a body. based on some information we obtained, we can confirm that that body is the child, and it was located off of walker road. >> police told us stand by for more information, but at
7:03 pm
4:30 p.m., not much else. >> we're going to wait until we ex i'm that body, get it to the medical examiner's office, get a positive identification on it, and then go forward from there. >> meantime, shaniya's mother is behind bars, charged with a litany of nauseating crimes, including, get this, human trafficking. that's right. antonette davis is accused of forcing her 5-year-old daughter into sexual servitude and prostitution. so many unanswered questions, but a ton of information about the suspects and a possible motive. tonight's big issue, selling a child. hypothetically, what would possess a woman to allegedly completely abandon her maternal instincts? let me know what you think. 1-877-586-7827. mike eiglarsh, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. don clark, former special agent in charge of the houston, texas fbi. doctor dale archer, clinical
7:04 pm
psychiatrist. and barbara davenport, manager of the sleepy who will owe mobile home park joins me by phone. angie crouch is on top of this story. what is the latest? >> jane, this story appears to be just about as twisteded as it gets. the mother now being charged today, accused of selling her daughter into prostitution, and, being, mario mcneill who authorities say originally confessed to kidnapping this little girl, but apparently now is being extremely uncooperative. they're saying that he's now being charged with kidnapping. they got information about where they could find a body of a child. of course, they went there today. they did find the body of a child, but so far, they have not positively identified it. but it is, of course, presumed to be that of shaniya davis. they're not saying how she died at this point, jane. >> the suspect allegedly seen with the child at the hotel as angie just mentioned, 25-year-old mario mcneill, he is
7:05 pm
reportedly the ex-boyfriend of antoinette's sister, the mom's sister, and here he is in court after his arrest. >> november the 10th of 2009 with first degree kidnapping. it's alleged you did unlawfully, willfully and allegedly kidnap shaniya davis, a person under the age of 16. >> his rap sheet includes assault on a female and drug possession. cops say he confessed to abducting shaniya. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. to me, the key in his past is the drug possession. cops also say they served a search warrant on the davis home where the little girl was living this past summer. they found a variety of drugs. so mark eiglarsh, hypothetically, could drugs be at the very heart of this case? >> it could be, jane. but i know a lot of drug addicts who would never go to these lengths to be so evil. that might be something that they used as an excuse.
7:06 pm
i don't think that's going to carry any weight whatsoever. this is a level of evil that really leaves me almost speechless. i can't imagine allegedly what these two have done. >> tonight's big issue, selling a child. it seems inincomprehensible. we'll talk about that horrific criminal practice. but first, shaniya's devastated father who talked about the little girl on cbs's "the early show." listen to this. >> she is a precious little angel, full of joy. a little reserved when she first meets you, but once she gets to know you, she just runs around and plays and won't leave you alone. she is just a happy little angel. >> but now cops say that's the very 5-year-old child who was allegedly sold for sex, allegedly by her own mother, and is now believed to be dead. although the body of a child found about selfin miles from the hotel has not been
7:07 pm
positively identified. it sounds, doctor dale archer, astounding. but this is more common than you think. right now, about 300,000 kids are at risk for commercial sexual exploitation in the united states. that's according to the department of justice. the average predator can reportedly make over 200 grand a year off of one girl. doctor dale, we think of sex trafficking as something involving these international crime syndicates, tens of thousands of girls to the u.s. and then hold them as sex slaves. that's true. but there is also a huge crisis with the home-grown selling of children for sex. google it. because that's what i did today. you will see an astounding number of stories all across the country. >> and i'm so glad you're bringing it up, jane, because you're absolutely right. and the average american has no idea that this is not just an international problem. this happens in america every single day. and i will say that when we analyze the mother's motives here, three things are possible. one, pure greed. two, she had a psychotic condition. and three, and by far the most
7:08 pm
likely, is that she was a drug addict. and i will disagree with mark on this. i will say that addiction can be so over powering due to the brain chemical phenomenon that they crave the drugs so much, that it's more important than family, friends, loved ones, job, anything. >> yeah, i disagree with you e dale -- dale, i don't disagree with you, i'm just saying that argument will play no role whatsoever in convincing any prosecutor, judge or jury to let them go with a pass on this one. >> no, but i understand what doctor dale is saying, though. it's that what could destroy the maternal instinct? it's supposed to be the most powerful of instinct of a mother to protect her child. and remember, this woman has just been accused, hasn't been convicted of anything. but hypothetically speaking, it has been shown over time that one of the things that can destroy a maternal instinct, doctor dale, is -- and let me throw this at don clark. drugs. drugs can really turn a person into a zombie, where they essentially lose their maternal instinct, and the reason why
7:09 pm
drugs is legitimate to talk about here is that the suspect has a rap sheet that includes drugs, and cops say they raided and served a search warrant on this house where this little child was living, and they found drugs this summer, even though she hadn't been living there at the time. >> you know, jane, drugs are involved in this case. there is no question about that. i'm not going to argue the psychology of what drugs will do. but i can tell you right now when the dna test comes back from this little body that's been found out there, that's going to really tell the tale as to what really happened during the course of this little girl's abduction. so that's what i'm banking on is the dna. and if the dna comes back that the person in custody, a male is in custody, that that's his dna, that's not going to be any pity there at all. >> but let me ask you this, don. would they do a drug test at the time of arresting the mother to see if she was high on something? because i would think that would be a very smart move, because it could lead to possible motive. >> well, you know, it's possible
7:10 pm
that they could do a drug test. but i don't know why they would want to do a drug test. if she has sold her little kid, you know, maybe somewhere -- >> it goes to motive. >> i understand. >> it would go to motive. >> i understand, but maybe somewhere along the line that her defense lawyers may want to bring in and make sure that she had a drug test or something like that. but i'm concerned with the fact that she gave away or sold or whatever this kid. so i'm going to be looking at all of the elements that i can find to make sure that justice is served with regard to this mother. >> jane -- >> and that's what we're talking about, the possibility of why would you do something thissin incomprehensible that she is only accused of doing, and the only thing i can think of is to get drugs. or money for drugs, because what else could be so important that you would have such a craving to have that you would sell your own child? i can't think of anything else on the planet, unless you were needing a fix, needing something. needing a drug that you're craving, because you're an addict. i don't have any proof of that. it's just that that's usually
7:11 pm
what comes up in cases like this. we'll have to wait and see. more on little shaniya in just a bit many we're also taking your calls on this. 1-877-586-2987. the nightmare escalates. a sixth family member has been arrested for allegedly abusing his own members of his family. the details are almost too row voting to repeat on television. and then there is the other issue. could there be more victims? plus, an 8-year-old girl allegedly sold as a sex slave? actually, she is 5 years old. even worse. 5 years old! cops have found this little child, and they found a body on the side of the highway. they are wondering, could it be the body of this little girl? >> we have located a body, based on some information that we obtained. we can confirm that that body is the child, and it was located off of walker road.
7:12 pm
7:13 pm
7:14 pm
7:15 pm
>> she's a good mother. my daughter is a good mother. she is a straight, good-up mother. >> that was antoinette's mother defending her daughter. and once again, we have to repeat, this woman is just charged and accused of selling her 5-year-old daughter for sex. she has not been convicted of anything. i'm delighted to have with me on the phone barbara davenport who is not only the sleepy hollow mobile home park manager, and this is where the davis sisters, antoinette and her sister lived, but she is also a retired sheriff's deputy, so she knows what she is talking about.
7:16 pm
with the major crimes unit. give us your analysis, and i know you want to weigh in. >> okay. well, yeah, i'd like to correct the issue of the drugs found at the residence. >> go ahead. there was not drugs the atheir residence in sleepy hollow. this alleged rape took place july 25th when the sisters were residing on wall street. >> but they did raid a home where these two were staying, and the police had said that, and you also looked at the police report and being a retired sheriff's deputy from the major crimes unit, tell us what you found there. >> i found there was no indication of any drugs found or drugs seized. what was seized was a lot of evidence of manufacturing drugs for sale. but little baggies, razor blades, that type of thing. >> what kind of drug would that point to, did you get any
7:17 pm
indication? >> just based on the facts they were using razor blades, i would surmise crack cocaine. >> don clark, what do you make of it? >> well, you know, jane, i understand what the deputy is saying, and the fact of what they found there. but, you know, let's face it. if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it probably is. drugs had a lot to do with what took place here. i don't agree with it, i'm not going to give this mother any excuses whatsoever that she was getting money from -- >> it's not about giving excuses. it's about understanding so we can prevent it from happening again. justin moss, reporter, wncn. bring us up to date on what you are learning. >> reporter: sure, jane. we just got a breaking from the police just a short time ago. >> the latest is that they are now working with the state authorities to ex human the body at this point, and then they will work to get a positive i.d. as we said, we don't know at this point that it is shaniya dav davis, but police have called off the search.
7:18 pm
they're not saying specifically what led them to that area where they found the body. it's about six miles away from the hotel where shy mia was last seen. police also tell us, assuming the body is shaniya, it will take a few days for the autopsy to be complete, and new charges could be filed in the case. jane? >> well, shaniya's father had raised the child up until reasonable. he told the "early show" he wanted to give her mom a chance to raise her. listen. >> of course, you know, i had some reserves. however, you know, she had been trying, and i know that she had been working for at least six months. and she will be trying to get her life back on track, and she said she had just recently got her own place, so i was wanting to give her a chance. she asked if she could be a mother, and i felt that she was sincere in asking, and felt to give her a chance. >> so justin, he says he wanted to give her another chance
7:19 pm
because she was getting her life together. getting her life together from what? what was her rocky situation that she was recovering from? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. up until this point, she has not been arrested on anything, as far as we can tell from the department of corrections. we have heard from family members that she did have some drug problems in the past, but as you said, the father was looking to give her another chance by giving her shaniya, just custody a few weeks ago. >> and apparently, the department of social services had been visiting one of the homes where the davis family was located, correct? >> reporter: yeah, we're not clear on which home, whether it was at the mobile home park where shaniya was when she was kidnapped, but we do know at this point that the department of social services has been involved. >> jane, the good news for prosecutors is they don't have to prove a motive. i know it always helps in the criminal arena, but it's almost going to be extraordinarily challenging to ever, unless she admits it to law enforcement, to figure out exactly, souping she
7:20 pm
is guilty, why she did this. they just need to prove that she did it. motive always helps, but it's not necessary, legally. >> we're not trying to determine motive so that they can convict her. we're trying to determine motive for a different reason, so that we can understand how something this horrific could allegedly occur so that we as a society can say, whoa, this is a big problem that leads to that. doctor dale archer, if we don't start connecting the dots, we're going to see more and more of these horrific crimes day in and day out. i personally am getting nauseated by this litany of horror that i have to recite every day. >> and i think that's a huge and important point there, jane, is that drugs can take a mother, and turn her into the sell her of her child because of her drug habit. that is what needs to be pounded into america that, look, these are evil because the craving for these drugs is more powerful
7:21 pm
than any other force in an addict. >> got to leave it right there. everybody stay right where you are. we're going to have more on this horrific case. who could do this to a 5-year-old child? plus, fast-breaking developments for the search for morgan harrington last seen outside of a metallica concert. we have breaking news on this.
7:22 pm
7:23 pm
7:24 pm
the initial statement ms. davis gave to police led to the arrest of clarence koe, and when that was deemed to be untruthel, those charges were dropped. >> police on saturday explaining why they released the man who is reportedly the boyfriend of little shaniya's mother. angie crouch, investigative reporter, speaking of the little child's mother, you have some new information? >> reporter: well, this clarence koe, who is reportedly the boyfriend of the mother, first was arrested, then released, all charges had been dropped. and he reportedly told local reporters there that the mother is crediburrently pregnant with child. police have not confirmed that
7:25 pm
for us, but that is another kind of scary fact if this woman is indeed pregnant again, just lots more trouble coming. >> uh. all right, jenna, connecticut, your question or thought, ma'am. >> caller: good evening, jane. i'm calling, because i don't think i heard this question answered. if the mother was allegedly involved in a human trafficking plot, which it sounds kind of like it was, why did she call the police and report the child missing? >> that's an interesting question. barbara davenport, do you want to take a shot at that? >> she called and reported the child missing because the father was due back in town that very day to pick her up. and she had to come up with a cover story. >> i also heard, barbara, that there was some kind of a commotion at their trailer? >> no, no. i don't know how that's gotten blown out of proportion. what the neighbor heard was a -- was like a scrubbing sound against the side of her mobile home. and she realized in hindsight
7:26 pm
that it was somebody opening the lid to her garbage can, because that's where shaniya's blanket was found. >> just an observation, even casey anthony called law enforcement when her child went missing. just an observation. >> now, barbara, what about the residence? you're the manager of the mobile home park, these two sisters, shaniya's mother and her sister are living there. they've got other kids, and what were they like? were they good tenants or good homeowners, renters? >> well, the only two people that were supposed to be in that residence were brenda davis and her 2-year-old child. those are the only two people that were supposed to be occupying that mobile home. i started noticing a lot of traffic going back and forth to that residence. i asked brenda repeatedly who else was living there besides her. she told me that antoinette was
7:27 pm
there periodically, because she needed to watch her child while she was at work. >> and what is interesting about that, angie, is antoinette reportedly told the father of little shaniya, oh, got my own place, i deserve a chance to have my child back. but she didn't really have her own place. she was living with her sister. >> that's exactly right. now, apparently, she was working in the kitchen of an assisted living facility, and that was the new job that she had as part of getting her life back together. but apparently she wasn't telling the father the whole truth to this story, because if she didn't have her own place and was staying at this trailer park, clearly there was some discrepancy in what she was saying. >> this is such a horrific story. we will stay on top of it. thank you to my fantastic guests. this story doesn't get any worse. i mean, a horrific story of alleged child abuse, rape, forced abortions. cops say little kids sexually abused by their own family members. six men in custody!
7:28 pm
but could there be more victims and could there be more arrests?
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
a story so evil, it defies comprehension. a sixth family member has been arrested on charges he sexually assaulted and raped younger members of his family. cops say these men forced kids to have sex and watch as other kids were raped. plus, big breaking news in the search for beautiful morgan harrington, the virginia tech student vanished during a rock concert. now she was seen hitchhiking and getting into a car? could this be the morgan harrington? we'll get the littest. tonight, police say new
7:31 pm
statements from victims led them to arrest a sixth man, darryl moeller. he along with his brother and four adult nephews are accused of the unimaginable, really, of children in their own family. we're talking about rape, sodomy, even bestiality. these are the charges. this investigation stretches all the way from missouri to florida. mark young believes burrell moehler jr. raped his son years ago. listen. >> junior was quite fond of my son, and quite frankly, liked to sleep with him. it finally came to light, there is finally going to be justice, and, you know, i just hope and pray that, you know, these kids can get the help that they need. >> oh, boy. a neighbor of suspect burrell moeller senior appeared on our show, "issues" in shadow to protect her identity.
7:32 pm
she told me she never saw anything suspicious in the many years she lived next door to senior's farm. >> he seemed like a normal grandfatherly type. he used to walk his little dog up and down the street, he would be in his little bermuda shorts with white knee socks. he just looked like a little grandfather. he was soft-spoken, he was friendly, he was helpful. >> and she is talking about the granddad, the patriarch of this family. police say he was hiding a hittous secret, and they believe there are even more victims out there. could this alleged child sex ring be more horrific? i don't know how. i want to welcome back my fantastic expert panel. also joining me on the phone, bill grady, reporter for kmez. darryl, what is the latest? >> well, jane of an hour and a half ago, we got word from the prosecutor, that another layer of charges has been filed
7:33 pm
against the five moeller suspects who are now in custody. now, this involves a third victim who would have been a little girl between the time of 1998 and 1995. and what the best guess is from an investigator i spoke with in the case is that tomorrow, when the moellers have a status hearing, he fully expects that miss richy is going to ask that the bond be increased substantially. last week it came up in one of your shows why are these guys held under such a small bond and it looks like tomorrow that could increase substantially. >> well, that's good news. it was absurd. because as the gentleman said on our show, "issues" last week, they are the worst flight risks on earth. you can't imagine being accuse ed of anything more horrific than bestiality and with a child. look at these guys, they're all bearded, and oh, my god, just to think about it just makes my stomach churn. however, the latest suspect, all right, darryl moeller, his son
7:34 pm
is saying tonight that there is absolutely no way the allegations against his dad are true. listen to what he thinks about the case against his family. >> i have my ideas as to why these allegations were leveled against him -- my uncle. and what i don't understand is why my dad was brought into it. >> hmmm. he would not elaborate on his theory. what could possibly be the motive for leveling these heinous allegations, if it they're the no true? i think that it was only a matter of time, because doctor dale archer, the crimes are so horrific, if true, they are almost unimaginable that some would say, hey, it's somebody's imagination. >> yeah. and typically, you have to understand that pedophiles are loners, they act alone and are secretive and don't tell anyone. here we have a vastly and very atypical case where you have a leader, a patriarch of the family, who is probably
7:35 pm
verycarismatic and was able to convince others that hey, this is okay, this is normal. i am going to predict right now that this is the tip of the iceberg. because typically when you have a scenario like this, you have a large support group that's involved, and i'm going to predict that either other members of the community or members of that church or somewhere, some place, there are other people that know about this, and were involved in this. >> doctor dale, i have to ask you a follow-up. this seems to be the multigeneration multigenerational. so i was actually just talking with some of my producers, and we were talking about, well, where would they have learned, if they, in fact, did these horrific things, where would they have learned it? could this be something that some sick family behavior that's been handed down generation to generation? in other words, the grandpa did it to the sons and then the sons grew up and did it to somebody else? that's usually how it works. >> yes. and i think you're absolutely right. and that's what i was saying. i don't think this is the typical pedophile case at all. this is a culture. this has been there for years
7:36 pm
and years. it would not surprise me at all that there were generation after generation where this occurred, and it's just now come to light. but i think there are going to be more people involved in this as we uncover more. >> the latest suspect is, suspect number six, darryl moeller accused of having six with girls between the ages of 5 and 9 inside an abandoned house. he denies it and says he has had very little contact with his brother and nephews in the last four years. he is in florida and they're in missouri. he was on suicide watch after being arrested by media. when he was originally contacted, he told the media, mark eiglarsh, he told the media that these charges were repulsive. and that seemed to me to be -- in other words, this is a guy who is reacting to something that his relatives are accused of, and he says it's repulsive.
7:37 pm
wouldn't you normally say, well, i can't imagine my relatives being responsible for something? you wouldn't just say it's repulsive. >> i'm going to disagree with you, my friend with three names, and i'll tell you why. he knew, at least at that point, that there was allegations involving sexual conduct with children. that's enough for him to say that's reprehensible, that's repulsive. that means either he's formulating his denial and defense, or, you know, he didn't do it. and we'll give him the benefit of the doubt, because he is innocent until proven guilty at this point. >> why are these victims speaking up now, decades after these alleged crimes? police say a 26-year-old woman was the very first to come forward. she told them the moeller men repeatedly raped her as a child and forced her into mock weddings. do we know, bill grady, what happened in this woman's life to prompt her to come forward after so long and then what happened with her siblings or others that
7:38 pm
say they were also abused as children? >> its information i'm getting, jane is a lot of it is widely speculative, please understand. but we did talk within the last week with some folks from snap, a support group that primarily dealt with the sexual abuse case in the catholic church. they said it's not at all unusual for people to wait until they're even senior citizens to report these kinds of things. and usually, it will be something in their adulthood that triggers this trauma that brings it all back. >> you know, i understand that. but what i'm trying to figure out is, why -- what was the trigger now? we don't know it. but i have to ask you this question, don clark. according to the police reports, one of the victims said that she became pregnant, and was made to have an abortion at age 11 1/2. so if that's true, the first thing you think of is who performed an abortion? if a doctor was called to perform an abortion on an 1 11 1/2-year-old, that doctor
7:39 pm
would call cops. so that raises the question, did they do some kind of horrific home-made abortion, and if so, are they looking for fetuses possibly when they're digging up these ground? >> yeah, you know, jane, i think they're going to look for all of that. and they certainly are going to be looking to see if there was some type of home-grown abortion, which very likely that it could have been. but i can tell you, there are going to be a group people like i used to be that's going to form a task force, and they're going to look at this from bottom to top. and they're not going to just stop at just what's taken place now, because it's too much out there now. and they're going to have to really develop this evidence, because as one of your guests just said, a lot of these people, they don't want to talk, and they don't want to give it up. but that's what the law enforcement has got to do, that they have got to bring this all out now. >> all right. got to leave this there. but obviously, we're tracking this one. thank you, gentlemen. janet jackson breaks her silence. she is not mincing words. she is going right after m.j.'s doctor, blaming him for michael's death. plus, huge developments in
7:40 pm
the search for morgan harrington. now eye-witnesses coming forward saying they crossed paths with morgan just minutes before she vanished. we are going to talk to morgan's frantic father and in the hopes of finding this beautiful lady. we're taking your calls. 1-877-58 -7297. call me. >> i would like to say, if morgan is out there and hears us, please come home. if someone has morgan, please let her come home safely. nininii
7:41 pm
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7:44 pm
let's meet today's winner, jackie from bedford, texas. jackie says, by time she turned 26, she was drinking 365 days a year. she worked at a strip club, surrounded by alcohol. jackie joined a support group and was able to stay sober when she finally removed herself from that toxic work environment. get this. her 17-year-old son was born while she was in recovery. he has never seen her have a drink. how wonderful is that? jackie, for sharing your story, you're getting an autographed copy of my new book, "i want," plus a chance to visit new york
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city and visit me right here on the set of of "issues." if you're struggling with addiction or know someone who is, please check out my bock at it could help. it's my story of recovery. coming up, the latest developments in the search for missing morgan harrington. has she been spotted? but first, top of the block tonight. janet jackson breaks her silence about her famous brother's death, and she is pointing the finger right at michael's doctor. in a new interview, janet holds doctor conrad murray responsible for killing her brother, saying, quote, he was the one administering. end quote. doctor murray has admitted giving michael the powerful anesthesia propofol, and is still under investigation for manslaughter. so far, no charges are filed. but janet believes he should not be allowed to continue practicing medicine. michael's juyounger as i saytor goes into a lot of detail saying
7:46 pm
the entire family was in state of disbelief. bein of course, the world was in a state of disbelief. she says there is isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think about michael. today's top of the block. explosive clues in the mysterious disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington. morgan vanished during a metallica concert. now a new lead. police say she was spotted hitchhiking, that's right, thumbing a ride, the night she went missing. cops are asking anyone who saw a vehicle stopped on a nearby road, please call police immediately. they're also looking for anyone who may have let her use their cell phone that night. witnesses saw morgan on this bridge, you're going to see in a second, trying to hitch a ride. but her mom says she wouldn't hitchhike. no, she is saying her daughter
7:47 pm
just wouldn't do that. her mother begged for her daughter's safe return. listen to this. >> we are trying, honey. hang on. and to the person who has taken morgan from us, please, just let her go. she has so much more to live, and so much more to give. >> that poor woman, the hell she is going through right now. oh, my gosh. shocking new details. here is a video police believe could be morgan! this is a breakthrough. it was taken at the metallica concert and posted on youtube. look carefully. is it her? boy, i wish they could use some kind of video enhancement to get a sharper picture on that. virginia newspaper, "the hook" reports several witnesses saw morgan upset and bloody the night she vanished. another witness reportedly spotted a wobbly blonde near an empty parking lot with four
7:48 pm
young men. we called police to try and confirm these reports. they say they believe morgan did indeed have a cut. they told us the injury was probably due from a slip or a fall, not from an assault. they have also said they have no reason to believe morgan was in the company of anyone in particular when she vanished. morgan is profiled in the latest issue of "people" magazine, asking where is she. will these new leads help bring morgan home? we certainly hope so. this case has been aching at all of us since we found out that this poor girl vanished. straight out to my expert panel, also joining me tonight on the phone, dan harrington, marking gone's distraught father, dan. thank you so much. i can't imagine what you've been going through day in and day out, waiting to hear something about your daughter. our thoughts are with you. we hope that something we do, we're saying tonight, might trigger some information to help find your precious child. what is the late yef as far as you know in this investigation, sir? >> the latest we know is that
7:49 pm
there were reports that morgan was seen, or someone that they think is morgan was hitchhiking on the bridge. but again, after 9:30, there is no -- there are no further clues, and so this is the important piece, is that does someone have any information. maybe they saw morgan get into a car with someone. >> and dan, we have a picture now of the bridge where she was last seen. but i want to clarify, because there are so many different reports and things sort of -- it's a game of telephone. was she seen getting into a car, or was she seen looking for a ride? >> no, she was seen -- she was seen on the bridge, but, again, there is no report that she was getting into a car. and that's the piece that the police hope that someone will be able to give information. that they saw morgan maybe getting into a car and would be able to give a description. >> yeah, and if we could get a description of that vehicle, that would be, wow, a great breakthrough. >> yes, it would.
7:50 pm
>> cops have released a time line of where they believe morgan was the hour before she vanished. 8:20 p.m., she tries to reenter from outside, apparently she can't get back in because she doesn't have have her ticket stub. 8:48 she calls her friends inside at the constant, tells them she can't get back and is going to try to get a ride home from some friends. 9:00 p.m. morgan spotted outside the arena walking through the parking lot toward a field. 9:10 p.m. witnesses see morgan walk through a parking lot at lan gann field. the lot is often used for rv park. 9:20 p.m. seen walking on coakley road railroad bridge. investigators believe this is where she was hitchhiking. and she may have gotten into a car. don clark, cops say multiple witnesses saw her hitchhiking. what do you do with that information? >> well, jane, you've got to take all this information and put it into a pool here. and here's what has to take place. law enforcement has to continually keep going back over these leads time and time again
7:51 pm
because as i hear all this information a little bit here and a little bit there, and all they can do is keep going back, and invariably you will find something every too many you go back that you didn't find the first time. >> everyone, stay right there. we're just getting to this case. we're going to have a lot more details on the desperate search for morgan.
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
as you can tell, we're pretty distraught. with her absence. and want her back home as soon as we can. we miss our little baby. she is our precious daughter. and we hope that this attention can help bring her back to our home. >> that poor mother. oh, i can't even imagine. police say morgan was wearing a black t-shirt with the word "pantera" peld on it in tan letters. black tights, black knee-high boots. cops have now released this photo of a necklace she was wearing. it's a swarovski crystal
7:55 pm
necklace made up of large crystal chain links. it was a gift from her brother. so this is important information because if, for example, somebody was trying to sell that piece of jewelry, hawk it at a pawn shop, call police immediately. phone lines lighting up. kathy, new york, your question or thought? >> caller: yes. how are you? >> how are you doing tonight? >> caller: good. if she was hitchhiking, why did they find her cell phone in the parking lot with the battery out of it? >> all right. angie crouch. >> yeah, that's what's particularly troubling about this. they found her purse and her cell phone without the battery at nearby lanegan field. this was the day after she disappeared. police say they've gotten more than 400 tips in this case. and one of the problems is the outfit she was wearing, a tall blond girl wearing boots and a black outfit, matches the description of hundreds of other girls that were at that concert. so they're trying to run down all of these leads, and in many cases it's leading them nowhere. >> what about the cut on the chin and the wobbly blond with
7:56 pm
four men? >> some witnesses say -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> yeah, i just want to say that's hugely important because that's new information. what we could be looking at if she slipped and fell is she could have had a head injury, and we know in certain cases a blow to the head can cause a behavioral change. and by all accounts her behavior was very different that night than would be expected for her. >> dan harrington, we really appreciate you coming on. i'm only asking this question in a sense of trying to help find your daughter. did she have any history of alcohol or drug use at all? because if she cut herself falling, which police say yeah, she may have had a cut from a fall, and there was a report of a wobbly woman, is it possible somebody slipped something into her drink or that she would have been drinking alcohol? >> you know, the -- morgan's history is not one where she was a heavy drinker or using drugs. and so the thing i think we need to focus on is the information that's been verified by the police. you know, there's lots of -- you
7:57 pm
know, in the blogs and other kinds of things lots of information that, you know, is rumor and innuendo, so to speak. and i think the important thing is the information that we do know. and the information that we need now is either someone seeing morgan or even knowing of someone after the event that maybe had some behavioral changes or acted strange that they could report to the police. >> sir, let me go back to the photo, the video we have of the actual -- if we can see that one more time. the actual -- there's a circle, and we see her outside the concert, but we're not sure it's her. i mean, are they trying to make that sharper so that -- there it is. what are cops doing to try to zoom in on that to see who she was hanging with and what was going on there, sir? >> i don't know the information of that. >> yeah. all right. we only have a couple of seconds. don clark, can they sharpen that image up? >> they can, jane. they can do a lot with
7:58 pm
photographs. >> and we've got to leave it right there. thank you, fabulous panel. you're watching "issues" on hln.
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