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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 16, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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. right now on "showbiz tonight," when sarah met oprah. brand-new bombshell revelations from sarah palin's interview today on oprah. palin's new slams against levi johnston. >> when you see the road he is on right now. >> she how screwed up the katy interview. >> i don't blame people for thinking i was not qualified. >> is she preparing for a talk
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show and should oprah watch her back. >> the screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up. what's the truth? tonight "showbiz tonight" with the dramatic new public way brad and angie are trying to put the rumors to rest. and tonight, the startling big bucks offer to carrie prejean for her solo sex tape. should we say sex tapes? will carrie go for it? the offer? tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. tonight when sarah met ohm ra. the much-hyped face off between sarah palin and oprah winfrey was revealed to the world today.
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"showbiz tonight" is here to tell you in word, wow! there is a good reason they are calling the revelations a tell all. she is telling all about the shocking pregnancy of her teenage daughter, bristol and her feud with the baby's father, soon to be "playgirl" center fold, levi johnston. the katy couric who many say did her in for good. it made for big news breaking today. she is the former governor of alaska and running mate of john mccain. she is the queen of daytime talk who in the last election supported the other guy. >> please welcome sarah palin. >> today on the oprah winfrey show, oprah and sarah palin shared the same stage. right off the bad they shot down rumors. >> there were reports last year that i had snubbed you during the election by not having you on my show. did you feel snubbed?
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>> no offense to you, but it wasn't the story of my universe. >> even if she is not feuding with oprah, she got others to keep her plenty busy. on today's oprah she settled scores with the media. >> i was naive to think that the media would leave my kids alone. >> levi johnston. >> heart breaking to see the road he is on right now. >> katie couric. >> there is the perky with the microphone. >> for the first time today, palin shared details about the surprise pregnancy of her teen daughter, bristol in the presidential campaign. >> perfectly honestly, she was embarrassed. she called me in tears saying oh, mom. not just wasilla, but the whole world. they knew off the bat that the kids would be a part of it, good, bad, or ugly and it would be taxing on them. >> what's now tax suggest her
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daughter's ex-boyfriend who is the father of bristol's baby. >> everybody is waiting on the levi question, i know. >> 19-year-old levi made a career out of bashing palin and making embarrassing claims about her home life. he is posing nude for an upcoming spread in "playgirl" and on oprah, palin could not resist getting in a dig or two. >> i hear he is in hollywood now. if that's the case, we don't want to mess up the gig he's got going. aspiring porn. >> palin is trying to make peace with levi. >> he will forever be the father of a most beautiful baby and i continue to hope for the best and pray for levi. >> then the infamous interview with katie couric. the interview that virtually enjoyed her image overnight in the campaign. >> what are newspapers and magazines did you regularly read
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before you were tapped for this to stay informed? >> i read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press. >> which are specifically. i'm curious? >> all of them. >> on oprah, palin admitted the obvious. the couric interview was not her best moment. >> people didn't only know me from that interview, but i don't blame them for thinking i was not qualified. >> she reveals she didn't answer the question partly because she was annoyed. >> it was more like are you kidding sidney. >> she was discovering this nomadic tribe from some neanderthal state in alaska asking me how do you stay in touch with the real world. >> palin didn't directly answer the other big questions. is she planning to host her own talk show or thinking about running for president? with her new book, going rogue, she is proving love her or hate her, she is say powerful voice
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who cannot and will not be ignored. >> when you think how did palin do, could we see a sarah palin show. the host of washington watch and tv one network and long time supporter of president obama, kimmer is pin is an editor of "in touch weekly" who often defends sarah palin. sarah palin did a decent job, what do you think? >> yeah. real simple. it's her and oprah. oprah asked a question and she gets to repeat what she wrote in the book. as these things go, obviously this was not the same interview that katie couric gave when palin couldn't answer anything with any sense whatsoever. clearly how folks are looking, if you love sarah palin before the interview. you still love her. if you thought it was nails on a chalkboard, you probably feel the same way. >> what do you think, kim? >> probably to a certain extent,
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that is true. people who like her will like her more and people who don't may continue to not like her although i think she came across likeable. # blap >> she was very open about her family and relationship with todd and her daughter's pregnancy. that is one thing that people relate to. she is funny. she makes jokes. she's good. >> i will tell you what. she is lucky this interview took place before the mccain folks came at her later in the week. people questioning certain aspects of her book. if she does any interviews after this, she would have to answer the discrepancies. she has to answer those questions. not sure he wants to. >> it will be interesting to see the places she going for a new
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interview will be asking her the questions. we knew she was getting publicity not because of the book, but levi johnston will not stop talking about her and bashing her. watch what she told oprah about the father of her grandson. >> i don't think a national television show is the place to discuss the things he is doing. i hear he goes by the name ricky hollywood now. if that's the case, we don't want to mess up the gig he's got going. aspiring porn. it's heart breaking. >> are you with me? it would be a lot better for palin to stop taking digs at levi every time she talks about him? she should be above this? >> levi is getting under her skin. she cannot resist firing back at him. it's no different than we saw earlier in the campaign. she can't take the criticism.
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if she chooses to run for president, i don't think she can be under that scrutiny. she is the father like that, let him say what he wants. he is getting paid and she is getting paid. >> i have to say something about levi. i think she handled it well. she couldn't have said no, i'm not commenting because people then would say why isn't she commenting. he's a teenager and said something we all realize that he is being brought into things he doesn't understand. he is exposed to hol weed and the lime light and she also did say that. he is 19 and suddenly exposed to the lights of hollywood. >> he knows what he's doing. >> she saying look, he's a teenager and she welcomed him to thanksgiving dinner. i think it was adding a gesture that he is welcome to the family
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and it's between him and her daughter to work out the schedule to see the child. >> hold on. >> the ricky hollywood. >> she is making a dig and at the same time she was being sympathetic and everybody saying she should do the talk show. she did say on oprah, you have nothing to worry about. what do you think? would that be a hit show if sarah palin did one? >> no. i'm sorry. stick to what you know. being a talk show host is not it, sarah. >> i asked for a straight answer. appreciate it. here's our show biz question of the day. should sarah palin get her own talk show? what do you think? >> you heard from carrie prejean's sex tape. there is big news that there might be many more carrie sex tapes out there. there is a big offer on the
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table for her to sell them. also tonight the new reports that brad and angelina are breaking up. we will show you the way they are trying to put the rumors to rest. also this. >> believe it or not, some people are actually announcing their intention to kill themselves to avoid confronting the fictional dooms day. >> the shocking and disturbing news that the movie 2012 is making people think of killing themselves. this is "showbiz tonight." >> now the show biz news ticker and more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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>> are it's a huge disaster at the box office and it's a good thing. the movie about the disastrous end of the world pulled in $65
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million in the u.s. and $225 million worldwide in the opening weekend. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson with a.j. hammer in new york. the 2012 panic. sure, the blockbuster movie shows what happened if the world started coming to an end, but what it doesn't show right now at this very moment, there people all over the world who believe when 2012 comes, we are all toast. some are so scared, they are threatening to commit suicide. this is one scary story. we did digging to find out what's really going on. >> hundreds of miles from the tremors of hollywood -- in this quiet suburban california community, a senior scientist sits dumbfounded. >> i never thought i would be doing this. >> what are she doing this in the mountain view, california
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office at the nasa institute is in 4s words mind-boggling. answering the strangest of e-mails on a topic that is scientifically bogus. >> i don't know why so many think the world is going to end. >> many believe it will come on december 21, 2012, a crucial date in the mayan calendar. it has been on thousands of websites and hundreds of books. although there is no truth behind any catastrophe, the new movie, 2012, about the earth's fears. the trailer directions viewers to a fake website warning of world destruction, even a survival lottery. nasa bombarded with questions from the public had to post a special section on the website just to dispel the myths. he said it hasn't worked. he still gets e-mails accusing
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the government of a 2012 cover up. >> may you rot in the hell you made for yourself. >> some people are actually announcing intention to kill themselves to avoid confronting the fictional dooms day. he is not the only scientific calming 2012 fears. >> none of this is true. >> an astronomer at the griffith observatory said tour guides were so overwhelmed they had to issue a press release. >> it has. it has been a tremendous amount of interest by various media outlets in getting real facts on the ground about 2012. >> people will know it's a movie. when the world is going to end, it will not look as spectacular. >> as for the scientist, he is anticipating 2012 for different reasons. it may bring a little calm to
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his scientific world turned upside down. >> in 2013 it will all be over, but maybe somebody will think up another disaster. >> what are the oughts? >> that nasa guy dr. morrisson said he is going to check out 1220, but maybe not for the next few days. atlantis is just fine this afternoon. we think he is probably pretty busy with this. >> the phone lines kept on rippinging and ringing. you know what people were calling about? carrie prejean. so many calling in, our operators were working all weekend long. regina in oklahoma is no long or team carrie. >> when carrie prejean started out, i was behind her and felt like she had credibility and she was just standing up for what she believed in. now i think she has no credibility. i wouldn't buy her book when it
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ends up at the dollar store which it will because it's not going to sell. people need to write her off. >> we appreciate your call. >>enance fre california thinks everybody is ganging up on carrie and that's not right. >> i think that people are so jealous that this woman is so beautiful and they are looking for something, some way to break her down. she has her opinions and i wish her good luck. >> thank you, nancy. let us know what you think about this or anything else on your mind. >> the show biz phone lines are open. 888-sbt-buzz. leave us a voiz mail so we can play your call here on "showbiz tonight." the new blockbuster revelation about farrah fawcett's will. who is getting something and who is not? you will not believe who may be getting nothing. not a dime.
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zilch. this new sarah palin interview has everybody talking. listen to palin's new slam of levi johnston. >> he is on a road that is not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes what it is that he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> sarah revealed how she screwed up the katy couric interview. controversial conservative ann coulter will have her first reaction to palin on oprah. >> rosie o'donnell to the confessions of her love life just out. this is "showbiz tonight." these are more stories from the newsroom and they are making news right now.
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janet jackson's stunning revelation. she said michael jackson's personal doctor is to blame for his death. janet points the finger at conrad murray. murray admitted giving michael proep fol, one of the drugs that killed jackson. in the janet jackson interview, janet said murray should no longer be allowed to practice medicine. >> steven king is speaking out about rumors he is going to retire. the "new york times" bestseller. in an exclusive on one interview
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with my good friend robin meade, host of morning express here on hln. king reveal fist the retirement rumors are true. >> this book is acclaimed already. i don't know how many days it has been number on amazon. i wonder if it starts the retirement rumors again. >> when i talked about retiring, i had this accident where a guy hit me with his van and broke a lot of stuff on the outside of my body. i was in a lot of pain. i was miserable a lot of the time. this is too much work. i can't do it. little by little, the miracle is we get better. if we don't die, we get better. i enjoy what i do. >> no retirement going any time soon. >> not retiring.
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>> a lot of our fans would like carrie prejean to retire. a lot of people writing in about carrie. her sex tape and walking off larry king and interview with donald trump aftercary diss said him. >> honestly, miss prejean had her 15 minutes. she is rude and said everybody else is inappropriate. she needs to go away. shannon c. said she should have left donald out of the mix. she better watch out because donald always has the last word. sign up for our facebook and twitter pages. >> now the show biz lineup on "showbiz tonight." when sarah met oprah. the shocking new slam on levi johnston today. >> he's on a road that is not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes quite yet what it is he is being handled and orchestrated around.
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>> controversial conservative ann coulter right here with her first reaction to palin's new interview with oprah winfrey. the unbelievable reports that there a lot more carrie prejean sex tapes and she could get big bucks for them. rosie o'donnell's revelations about her love life. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. ninininininininininini
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>> explosive revelations to oprah about levi johnston. >> he's on a road that is not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes quite yet what it is he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> what's really going on with levi and bristol? the real story behind that katie couric interview. conservative lightning rod ann coulter with her reaction, the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." carrie prejean gets an offer
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for her solo text tape. will she take it. are there more tapes out there? startling stories that brad and angelyne are splitsville. more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker." tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. it is 30 minutes past the hour broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. when sarah met oprah. sarah palin makes for much anticipated appearance. >> it was sarah palin's first interview with oprah winfrey. she goes on to sell her new book called going rogue. nothing was off limits and it
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made for big news today. sarah revealed all about what she really thinks of her almost son in law levi johnston and why she wasn't happy with how america found out about her daughter's pregnancy and what she felt about the katy couric interview. >> it was annoyed and it was unprofessional of me to wear my annoyance on my sleeve. >> conservative lightning rod ann coulter. how does she think sarah held up on oprah and the outrageous carrie prejean sex tape scandal. what does she think about that and a porn distributor is offering carrie millions for tapes they claim they have of her. ann is the author of the best selling book out in paper back. ann coulter joins me here in new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you talk about sarah pail 99 your book.
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her new interview on oprah winfrey. what do you think? what it a good idea for oprah to be the first place sarah went to talk about her book. oprah endorsed our president, barack obama. >> and refused to have sarah palin on in the campaign. >> she refused to have anybody on. >> she had obama. >> not during the campaign. >> but it's a big story. the vice presidential nominee. it did seem a little bit of a diss. >> they addressed that on the show, but in any event -- >> that's a great question. she is not doing the usual book media tour in new york and l.a. and the big city. she is on the sarah palin bus going to tuscaloosa and grand rapids. she is going to where her fans are. sure, i think it's better for oprah than saila, but it was a terrific interview. >> they left no stone unturned
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and it was interesting to hear her speaking frankly about intimate subjects including her real feelings about the guy who was almost her son in law, the father of her grandson, levi johnston. let's take a look. >> are you aware of the other things that you are really the parent and bristol raised piper and you and your husband don't get along and you are really not a shooter and all those things. >> dihear he said i never really went to hockey games too. i don't want to comment on it because he's on a road that is not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager and i don't think he realizes quite yet what it is he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> i liked that in way because for the first time in the back and forth exchanges she said constructively things, but at the same time she still feels the need to take digs at him every time she talks about him.
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do you think she should ignore him alling it? >> she was asked the question. last time she famously gave a blow off answer to katie couric, everybody jumped down her throat. she did answer it. the thing about levi johnston is, the media's obsession is outrageous. this is not even her child. al gore's son had problems and joe biden's son had problems and there has been this gentlemen's agreement that the press doesn't go after the children of the vice presidential candidates. we are comparing apples to apples. people like levi johnston -- >> separate from that, ann, every time sarah talked about
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had him and she said nice things this time, but she takes digs. maybe take the high road and say i'm not going to talk about him. i will answer your questions, but why take a dig? >> she has taken the rhigh road. >> watch her take a few digs. >> she was speaking honestly. she is right and that was good advice and he ought to listen. he is going down a bad path. he is not the kind of young man any woman would want his or her daughter hanging around with. what could sarah palin do. the media covers this like this is a guy who invented a cure for cancer. while leaving gore's children alone and leaving biden's children alone. this is not her child. >> he did a commercial. let's move on to the katie couric interview. this got a lot of play and she was frank about the interview. katie couric asked the question. i thought a legitimate question
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looking for insight into sarah palin's world view. what forms that world view and what newspapers and magazines do you read. she knows she fumbles the answer. everybody made a big deal out of it. >> obviously you read books and magazines. why didn't you name some? >> obviously i have of course all my life read them. i am a lover of books and magazines and newspapers. by the time she asked me that question even though it was early on in the interview, i was already so annoyed and it was unprofessional of me to wear the annoyance on my sleeve. >> you couldn't think of any? >> it was more like are you kidding sidney. >> i don't want to debate the merits, but i think it was a legitimate question. i did not buy what she told oprah about why she answered it the way she did or saying i read
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the "new york times" or whatever. >> what was going on there with katie couric and charlie gibson is you have the morning tv hosts who are normally doing inexpensive get aways and here's a nice recipe. charlie gibb and katie couric are not games that are dropping the review of books. this was katie couric trying to impress the editors by coming up with this quiz show question. it was like the guy who said name the leader of swazy land. what are the last five books you read? what are your five favorite operas. >> we are getting into the question, but the newspapers and magazines will tell a person what informs your world view. >> no, it was trying to be snipy and sarah palin was absolutely right. obama was never asked to name his favorite books and magazines.
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more over, she was absolutely right that whatever answer she gave, it would be jumped on. my guess is she reads guns and ammo. overall do you think she did a nice job? we have an explosive story to talk about. getting even more heated today as a porn distributor and they want to pay her for eight alleged sex tapes she did for her boyfriend. they said she could stand to make millions. a lot of people have been calling her a hypocrite for talking about family values while she knew she made the sex tapes or the we verified. what do you say to that? it is hypocritical, isn't it? >> don't do it, carrie, don't do it. this is where the rubber hits the road. you are being offered a lot of money, do not take it. yes, it was a bigger problem on
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friday or thursday when it turned out she lied about how old she was and it wasn't when she was 17. she was 20 and it's not a sex tape with somebody else. >> it's not confirmed. >> that's what the story is. >> steer clear. we have to wrap it up. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> the most famous and glamorous couple in hollywood are splitsville? startling reports that angelina and brad are breaking up. could it be true? we will show you the way they are trying to put the rumors to rest once and for all. also the shocking news today from farrah fawcett's will. who she left out and who she included. rosie's personal revelations. confessions about her love life just revealed. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> time for the news ticker. more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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welcome become to "showbiz tonight." are we about to see a brangelina
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break up? are brad pit and angelina jolie headed to splitsville. one of the many stories making news right now. brand-new screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up. the end is finally near. tonight i'm going to reveal a dramatic new very public way brad and angie are trying to put the rumors to rest. also making big news, rosie o'donnell's bombshell confession about a relationship with long time partner kelly carpenter. she let something slip on her radio show and it's huge. farrah fawcett's will shocker. radar online reported that farrah did not leave a single penny to her long time love ryan o'neal. a correspondent for extra and also an entertainment journalist with $5 let's begin with brangelina. look at the headlines on all the
11:45 pm
celebrity weekly magazines. and style weekly with the headline angelina's a total fake and angie's adopting without brad. star has mind games with a picture of jennifer aniston and angelina. we have seen this before. more of the same here? what we have been seeing? or does this raise a big red flag? >> no red flag at all. these magazines are trying it sell their magazines. what if they put brad and angie in love. they are completely a couple. they did walk the red carpet, but they have this loving touch that they shared. this one moment. there is no truth to these rumors. they are trying to get out there a little bit. >> trying to get the magazines to fly off the shelves. >> speaking of the public appearance, nobody told brad and
11:46 pm
angelina about their problems. i want to show you the pictures we got today of them from this past weekend. they publicly attended a museum gala in los angeles where they got a look at an exhibit. does this seem like a dramatic public showing to put the ka bosch on the rumors? >> the media and the tabloids are obsessed with breaking them up. i don't know why. they figured out how to have a semi normal relationship and raise a family under the circumstances. why they are obsessed with breaking them up hurts me. it breaks my heart. >> they are not so they would have attended that no matter what. now to rosie o'donnell's confession about her long time relationship with kelly carpenter. they lived together for five
11:47 pm
years. rosie spilled the beans. she let this slip. what happened was when kelli moved out two years ago, i got the dog because i wanted another chile or something to love and i got the dog. just a couple of weeks ago, rosie said on howard stern's show she and kelly were working through stuff. >> we have been together for 12 years and a family is a family is a family. we will stay a family. kelli and i are working through a lot of the stuff we have and the children are the priority. i don't know that we will be together. we are working through it. >> i was amazed that she kept this a secret for two years. do you think that rosie was keeping the fact that she moved out private for the sake of the kids? >> it could be for the kids and the story is that she is talking to a pet psychic.
11:48 pm
rosie, she does wear her heart on her sleeve and lets it all out. the fact that she kept it and was living apart from her partner for two years means something. part of that is because of the kids. she loves them deeply. you see that and they shelter them from the public scrutiny. kudos for doing that. >> they are very committed to their children and keeping their family together. i want to move to the bombshell report about farrah fawcett's will. radar online reporting that farrah fawcett left $4.5 million to her son, but not one pen to her long time boyfriend ryan o'neal or good friend ark lan a stewart. are you as shocked as i am. >> when the celebrities die, people see their true colors. people claim they should be
11:49 pm
entitled to money. if farrah wanted them to have money, she would have included it in her will. the same with michael jackson and his dad. it shows where their heads were. >> in an interview with barbara walters for 20-20 before farrah died, ryan o'neal said that farrah agreed to mer him. >> why don't you go do it? >> we will as soon as she can say yes. or she can nod her head. i promise you, we will. we will. >> very quickly, were you stunned that ryan was left out? >> i was shocked and you have to remember they weren't married and they might have had separate accounts. he might have his own money and property. he might have all the property in his name. while she didn't say i want to give you this, there a lot of things we don't know yet. we have to reserve our -- all
11:50 pm
that was until more comes out. >> we don't want to be insensitive, but i hope somebody is helping redmond manage that money. >> good to see you. >> oprah is apologizing to robin givens. big controversy after oprah had mike tyson on the show. why robin was upset. oprah says she is sorry. and this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. tonight hollywood's a list, lauren bacall gets an honorary oscar. they presented oscars off camera over the weekend in a ceremony
11:51 pm
month as head of the ceremony in march. governor's awards event. "showbiz tonight" caught up with lauren bacall and asked her how she felt when she found out she was getting the award. >> i was in shock. i thought they made a mistake. i hadn't expected it at all. then i welcomed it. so there you are. you never know how you are going to respond to these things. >>
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i truly wanted to sock her. and i truly wanted to sock her. >> that was mike tyson on oprah talking about wanting to hit robin givens that moment spelled big controversy for oprah and a big apology. tonight oprah apologizes to robin given as but her interview with mike tyson. a few weeks ago oprah interviewed tyson. he was once married to robin and admitted on oprah that the relationship was abusive. if you notice the audience laughed after the first time mike said he wanted to quote, sock her. he and oprah were talking when mike and robin sat down with barbara walters and mike was
11:55 pm
upset by the things robin was saying. let's take another look. >> were you surprised that she was saying those things? >> yeah. i truly wanted to sock her. you know, at that particular moment i truly wanted to sock her. but i just didn't do it. i was young, i was really. >> did you sock her afterwards? >> no, not afterwards. i didn't sock her. i wanted to sock her. i had socked her before. >> after that interview, robin wrote oprah saying she was deeply disturbed by how oprah handled some of the interview. oprah had robin on the show and they had an emotional exchange. >> i am a woman very much like all the women in your audience and in the audience out there with love for you, tremendous respect, tremendous admiration, and i think i wouldn't be honest if i didn't, if there wasn't a part of me that wanted you to go, when he said, oh i have socked her before.
11:56 pm
to say, that's not right. and it wasn't right. and it was painful. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> i would say to you and to every woman who has ever been hit, i feel that i did not handle that as well as i should have. and i feel that i could have gone further and should have said more to clarify that what he was doing and what he was saying was wrong. so i -- >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> i apologize to you. and i apologize to every woman who has ever been in that situation. >> oprah also said that she thought the audience laughed after mike said he wanted to sock robin because they were uncomfortable. robin givens is the spokesperson for the national domestic violence hot line. >> moving on. you got them. friday we asked you to vote on our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. just handled the right results. sarah palin, a good idea to sit down with oprah. 44% said yes. 56% said no.
11:57 pm
even split with that. here are some of the e-mails we received. we heard from shannon in utah. i think it was very smart of sarah palin. i think it will help women everywhere relate better to her. we heard from tim in tennessee. i don't think it was a good idea, it seems the more she shows her face the more people turn against her. appreciate you writing. and we appreciate your watching. that is "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. don't forget you can catch "showbiz tonight" on the 11s -- take care. tonight on "the joy behar show," she's been called everything from the joke to the gop's brightest star. we'll get the lowdown on sarah palin's one-on-one with oprah. speaking of one-on-one, sex tape star carrie prejean is back in the news with seven more alleged solo performances. does this girl have any friends? and love them or leave them. love them or hate them. you can't get away from them. tabloid darlings heidi montag and spencer pratt.
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tonight on "the joy behar show," sarah palin made her much-anticipated appearance on oprah today. it will be a ratings bonanza. was it a shootout at the okay corral? we'll discuss. then carrie prejean has been a very busy girl. in addition to writing and promoting a book, she's made eight sex tapes. i wonder how she finds time to go to church. finally, a reality tv couple not named jon and kate. spencer pratt and heidi montag will join me to discuss their new book, "how to be famous -- blah, blah, blah. there are a lot of other words. i'll give you the rest of the title later. all that and more starts now.
12:01 am
today was like christmas morning for both conservatives who love her and liberals who love to hate her. sarah palin appeared on oprah for one full hour and touched on everything from katie couric to levi johnston to "saturday night live." with me now, matt continetti. author of "the persecution of sarah palin." randi rhodes, radio talk show host. and kinky friedman. great to see you tonight. great to meet you, kinky. i don't think we've met. >> it's a pleasure, joy. >> did you see the interview? >> yes. >> give me your take. general idea of it. >> i thought it was a soft-focus interview. it was a human interest story. i don't think oprah threw many hardballs at sarah palin. they wanted to talk about what the emotions were like. fitting for oprah. i thought she did great. >> what about you, kinky?
12:02 am
were you attracted to her? >> she's a cute little booger -- >> she is. >> she does a good tina fey impersonation. what can i say? it puts me in a diabetic coma with too much sarah. randi loves me, right? i just think what's more interesting is what it says about us. >> well, oprah asked about the infamous katie couric interview, specifically the part where she was asked what she reads. watch. >> i was more like, are you kidding me? are you really asking me? to me it was in the context of, do you read? how do you stay informed? you are way up there -- it seemed like she was discovering this nomadic tribe from a neanderthal cave in alaska asking me how do you stay in touch with the real world? i rolled my eyes and was annoyed with the question.
12:03 am
i know there were hours of tape that was shot and i would think that those few minutes that were edited together, packaged together and shown to the american public and people only know me from that interview. i don't blame people for thinking i was not qualified. >> you know, she says that she rolled her eyes when katie asked her, what do you read? i remember that. she didn't look like. unless she was having a stroke. i did not notice her rolling her eyes. she looked like a deer in the headlights like, what, right? >> she did. you know, she keeps saying that -- first of all, she's blaming everybody for everything through this whole interview. she blames mccain for not being able to protect her children, blames the staffers for not being able to answer the way she wants to answer. she's blaming -- she's very good on this show because she's talking about others. when you ask her about herself, what do you read? what informs your world view? she's weighing it in her head thinking if i say i read the liberal "new york times" i'll get clobbered. i'm thinking she wants to say she doesn't read because that's her base, nonreaders.
12:04 am
>> you think so? you think so, matthew? you're part of her base. >> what's interesting -- i read plenty. i read plenty. >> he looked like he was a gay man watching liza minnelli watching this interview. >> i was a straight man watching sarah palin during that interview which is the same thing. let me tell you, the thing we're talking about here is the katie couric interview. to me that says how important that one interview was to shaping everyone's perception to sarah palin. if she wants to make herself a future, she has to go up against katie couric again. >> she says nicolle wallace in the mccain campaign told her to do the interview with katie. she didn't want to do it, i guess. she said, do it, because katie has low self-esteem. in other words, she did the interview because she pitied katie? what kind of spin is that? >> sarah palin spin. it seems like -- randi talked about deer in the headlights. that would make sense if you were sold on the interview like
12:05 am
a total oprah-like person. all of a sudden i get 12 questions on your stance about abortion. you'd was be like a public figure -- you would be a little shocked, what's going on here? >> she was running for vice president at that point. >> i'm saying in the moment, joy. you have to weigh that. >> katie couric is a network news anchor. >> what was told to -- to sarah palin. >> she didn't do well with charles gibson either. >> she has excuses. what would be her excuse about not knowing any supreme court cases, for example? remember that, kinky? >> i don't know why she particularly would. roe v. wade, there's some -- >> that's the one she knew. >> i know brown and the board of education. i know there's a few. >> right. that was a bad one. >> dread scot was bad. >> dread scot was a bad one. >> do you think since you're running for governor of texas -- >> i think so, yes. >> -- you'll have to know certain things? do you think it's legitimate to say a future vice president
12:06 am
should know stream court cases? or am i just being picky? >> i don't think you're being picky. i'm a musician at heart. i mean, it's a giant step down from musician to politician. i might blurt out the truth. it's possible. >> go right ahead. >> these politicians -- they're a very sorry lot. mark twain was not wrong about them. all i'm saying is the word is veneer. she doesn't have the veneer these other guys and gals have. >> what's the veneer they have? >> a phoniness, a career -- >> she doesn't have that? >> no, no, she is raw and brittle and that's why i think she irritates me. she seems to be a -- >> that's an excellent point. that's why she irritates some people and appeals to others. that rawness and authenticity people see. it was bill clinton, i read about this in the book, bill clinton got it. he said, look, i see why when people look at sarah palin, they see themselves. they see the same challenges i face every day -- or people looking at her.
12:07 am
they see the big family with all these problems. bill clinton understood it. kinky friedman does, too. >> she can't keep playing this double standard thing where women are treated so badly and the whole segment on oprah about her clothes. >> here we go. we're going to show something. palin also addressed the wardrobe controversy during the oprah interview. listen to this. >> that whole process of getting you to the stage, you walked in and there's the wardrobe? >> yes. >> they had already provided the wardrobe for you. was that fun, exciting? i think that would be kind of cool. >> it was, practically speaking. oh, good, because i don't like to shop and that's one less thing for me to worry about, never thinking it would be a big controversy because it wasn't a controversy with other candidates. where did they get their clothes? who's styling their hair and all that? that was the double standard i talked about, too, in the book. >> that's a lot of baloney. right away she's the victim. they made fun of al gore's clothes. they made fun of john edwards' hair, hillary clinton's pantsuits.
12:08 am
she's the only one she made fun of according to this. that's why she gets on everybody's nerves. >> it's also true. people did make fun of her in the clothes. >> she says it's a double standard. >> i'm sitting with someone who made fun of her in the clothes. i remember it well. >> they were upset about the amount of money spent on the clothes. >> she didn't spend the money. >> just like they were upset about the amount of money edwards spent on his haircut. remember clinton on the tarmac, he got a haircut. that was like news for a week. it's not a double standard. it might be wrong. >> i think it was wrong no matter what. >> it wasn't a double standard. >> she said she didn't like wearing the fancy clothes, that she was just a country girl. levi, what's his face, her son-in-law -- the baby daddy. he says in a "vanity fair" article she loved the clothes. she was in love with all the clothes. she's kind of two faced. >> according to levi. levi says a lot of things i'm not sure would be backed up with the truth.
12:09 am
we don't know. i did hear one story when researching my books, i heard one story they handed a leather belt, part of this wardrobe to todd, he looked at it and said, i'm not wearing this. he thought it was too ritzy. he didn't like it. >> her toddsy? >> yeah, the first dude. >> todd! kinky, what do you think of todd? >> no feelings. yeah, i'm not -- this thing reminds me of the blagojevich deal with when blagojevich, the governor of illinois, how most of us found it very amusing and entertaining and the people that were so enraged about it, deeply offended, were the other politicians who were furious with him. >> with blagojevich. >> because they're just like him except they're more sophisticated. far more sophisticated. they don't use the "f" word every four seconds. that's the basic difference. >> dick cheney uses the "f" word. he's not so sophisticated. >> no, he's not. >> we're going to take a break now. we're going to come back with more sarah palin.
12:10 am
i want to talk about more of the oprah winfrey interview. it was terrific. stay right there.
12:11 am
12:12 am
12:13 am
she's a joke. i mean, i just can't take her seriously. we have serious problems in the country. the idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the republican nomination, believe me, it will never happen. republican primary voters are just not going to elect her. >> what does he mean by that? a talk show host. >> they elected an out of work
12:14 am
actor years ago. >> george bush not the greatest -- that's conservative columnist david brooks' less than flattering take on sarah palin on "abc this week." we're back talking about palin's one-hour interview with oprah winfrey. before i go further, kinky, you said before this whole palin thing reflects more on us than it does on her. what do you exactly mean by that? >> i don't agree with her on virtually everything except one point and that is she's right about the katie couric thing. new yorkers tend to -- they've got their -- they're culture bound. most people don't go five blocks out of their own neighborhood. yet if you are from alaska or texas or someplace else, i saw this with the bbc when i did an interview in scotland once. the people in london on the line were saying, kinky, what are you doing up there in the wilderness up there? i mean, not only is scotland a very cultural place which gave the world sherlock holmes --
12:15 am
robert louis stevenson, and -- >> the kilt. >> the scottish people were very insulted by the london attitude of the bbc toward -- >> the elitism of it. >> that's all it is. some of that. >> david brooks is an elite in the republican party, like the intellectual type of -- charles krauthammer and those guys. >> they don't like her. >> they don't like her. >> wait a minute, charles krauthammer doesn't like her? >> only bill kristol likes -- >> bill kristol likes her. >> you're absolutely, right, though. it's a difference between the elites of the republican party and the grassroots of the republican base. so david -- i'm just not sure david is right that these republican primary voters wouldn't vote for a talk show host if that talk show host had their values and that's the most important thing. any voter does, that's what they vote on, does this person share their values? >> the base does not give you the middle of the country, does not give you the independents. >> that's a big problem. >> listen to what she tells oprah about the campaign after
12:16 am
her daughter's pregnancy was revealed. >> a pr person from the campaign came into my room and said, okay, we're going to react to this. we're going to send out a press release and i read it and it was the we're getting happy basically to become grandparents. i said no, no, no, no. here's our opportunity. let's try to help tackle the problem of teen pregnancy in america. >> that is what you said, but that is not what was put out. >> rewrote it and then a couple hours later, news scroll across the screen, and there it is, the message that i didn't want sent. just a little bit of an indication of problems to come about what i would be able to say and how i would be able to speak or not speak my heart and my values. >> do you think that the mccain campaign knew that the kid was pregnant before they asked her to be vice president? >> she says they did. >> do you believe that? >> no. >> i don't believe it either. >> in my book i talked to the vetters on the campaign, and she
12:17 am
said the first thing she told them was, listen, my daughter is pregnant. and -- >> and i'm preaching abstinence and my daughter is pregnant and they went along with that? >> they relayed that information to mccain. >> she said -- >> high picked her anyway. >> she says when they showed up. >> they had a previous interview. she didn't mention this in the "oprah" interview. >> she got a "d" in school once. she disallows the mccain campaign from allowing her to protect her children. you know as a mother you talk about the base and sharing values. there's not a mother in this country that would let a politician serve her kids up like that because of her blind ambition. those are not family values. that was a bizarre segment. >> what do you think of that, kinky? >> i think you've got to, as a renaissance texan, you know, it strikes me that you have to let -- like manny ramirez, you have to let sarah be sarah. i don't especially like the woman. i don't agree with her on anything, but that's her long suit which would seem to be herself.
12:18 am
>> she wants to solve the teen pregnancy problem. that's one of her issues. >> have at it. >> maybe she should think about teaching birth control, then, and she doesn't. then she says she is espousing abstinence and then drags the pregnant daughter around with her who obviously didn't practice abstinence. the hypocrisy and double standard she puts out there is why people react violently to that. >> i don't think it is that hypocritical. she is pro-contraception. that was a big misconception in the campaign that i talk about in my book. she stood for abstinence and thinks people should wait until they're married to have sex. her daughter and levi obviously didn't and they have to deal with that. i thing she actually attracts more people who are like, you know what, i can sympathize with that problem, joy, then she repulses by people saying you're being a hypocrite, betraying your children, not protecting your children. people know she is going to try to protect her children. >> let me say something. oprah -- you know, i love the oprah. i got to love the oprah. >> who doesn't love the oprah? >> the audience loves the oprah. you know what it's like to do a
12:19 am
live show with the audience. when you talked about this beautiful baby as a gift there was no applause. that means the audience wasn't buying it. >> that's interesting. oprah didn't shy away from ask ing about her pseudo son-in-law. >> i don't know if we call him levi. i hear he goes by the name ricky hollywood. if that's the case, we don't want to mess up this gig he has going, this aspiring porn, some of the things he's doing. it's kind of heartbreaking. >> you see, on the one hand, it's heartbreaking. on the other hand he's -- what did she say? ricky hollywood and this kind of aspiring porn. so she puts him down in one breath and then it's heartbreaking and i want the boy to come for thanksgiving and we love the boy. see what i mean? >> i think this was the weakest part of the entire oprah interview. if sarah palin entertains national ambitions she's going to have to put that personal stuff behind.
12:20 am
ronald reagan was viewed as distant by his own family. he wasn't a particularly good father because he was so apart from everything. had his principles and he just stuck to them and all the negativity, all the levi johnstons of the world, they would bounce right off of him. >> that's true. you know -- >> i knew ronald reagan -- he would disagree that his father -- >> ronald reagan jr. what would he say? >> he loved his dad. >> maureen wrote that book criticizing -- >> i worked with him for a long time. >> the thing is, to your point, levi keeps popping up in her face. i mean, in the articles i've been reading he says that she calls the little trig, her little retarded baby. maybe it's not true, but maybe it is. >> that's not true. that's not true. >> it makes her look bad. and that she's only out for the money, that she quit the governorship because she's a quitter and wanted to make one money with her book, yet she presents herself as some kind of a queen of, you know, family values and people respond negatively to that, matt. >> everyone is fact checking sarah palin. who has fact checked levi johnston?
12:21 am
it's his word against -- >> true. i'm going to have him on one of these nirgts and fact check him. i want to check out "playgirl" also.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
you know, i've never met her. look, i'd look forward to sit down and talk with her. obviously we're going to hear a lot more from her in the upcoming weeks with her book coming out, and i would look forward to having a chance to actually get to meet her. >> yeah. hillary clinton tells abc's "this week" she'd actually like to meet sarah palin. back discussing all things palin after she appeared on oprah today for a one-hour interview. was this interview too soft for oprah?
12:25 am
she never asked her about the death panels, not one word on the death panels. >> she didn't get into the health care and death panels and that stuff. you know, joy, i'm sits here and thinking about, you know, we're talking about what a bonanza it is every time she gets on the tv. i want matthew to know we don't hate her. >> we liberals love her. >> we love her. you guys maybe, but i've talked to people who hate her. >> i wanted her to be either the republican nominee in 2012 or even better the independent nominee in 2012 because she'll pull votes -- i mean, it's a beautiful thing. she'll keep doing -- she'll have five-part coffee with hillary. what is with carrie prejean who does that, too? they all complain about how it turns out but go back for more and more and more. prejean, 20 sex tapes. >> eight. she has eight. don't exaggerate. >> i heard she did it 19, 20 times. you know? >> she's always alone. that's my favorite. she can't get anybody to do it with her? >> how do you send a message to
12:26 am
a guy, i miss you, by doing that? do it too good and he doesn't -- >> kinky, you're looking up at the sky. you act like you're bored but you're not bored. >> i think there are some things dull about too much sarah palin. >> he can't take it. >> i do think -- >> how about we talk about your book? >> how about not shooting fish in a barrel? how about that idea? i mean, what happened -- you know? i mean -- >> he's got a point. >> we did that for eight years with george bush and he still destroyed the country. even though you shoot the fish in the barrel they still jump out and bite you. what about your book? let's talk about your book for a second. >> "kinky celebrity pet files." this is a book my editor suggested the only book selling outside of sarah palin are pet books and celebrity books. >> really? i have pets. >> you do? see, if we'd known each other prior to this -- that's why god created volume ii, you know? >> what do you have, dogs or cats? >> i personally have dogs. i've had cats in the past. i think the book shows a lot
12:27 am
of -- it shows how important animals are to great and famous people living and dead. like from churchhill to hemmingway to mark twain. hard to get kind of people, like tom robins and tom waits and brian wilson of the beach boys, you know? so that's what came out of it to me, how important animals are in their lives. >> they are, they're great. >> since you don't want her to be president, nobody on this panel wants palin to be president. you want her to be the candidate so we can destroy the republicans in the next election. i realize what you are saying. say she wants to be a talk show host. do you think she'd be good at that? >> you're the host. you'd be the expert on whether she would be a good one. i think she would be a good one because she has a built-in audience. she will always attract eyeballs to the screen. >> you know what you need when you're a talk show host? a level of curiosity. does she have that? >> i think she does. i think she absolute lie does. i think she absolutely does.
12:28 am
>> to be a talk show host you have to be able to talk, be able to speak. you has this problem with prepositions at the end. >> the rest of the country can understand her. just the people in new york. >> thanks to my panel. we'll be right back.
12:29 am
12:30 am
i've got to turn to a tragic story tonight. it appears the body of 5-year-old shaniya davis has been found in north carolina. she's been missing for a week and even more shocking, today, her mother, her mother, was charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse and prostitution. here to discuss the case, investigative reporter michelle sigona. jane velez-mitchell, author of "i want." and host of "issues." first on the phone from north
12:31 am
carolina is gordon anderson, crime reporter for "the sanford herald." gordon, can you bring us up to date on the case? what's the latest? >> i returned from a press conference at the fayetteville police department where they said they have not made a positive i.d. on the body located around 1:00 p.m. today. that came as a surprise. everything that we had been told up to that point is they expected to have made positive i.d. by this point and now they're saying they have not and don't expect to tonight. >> this might not be shaniya's body? >> it's possible, but the language that the police are using at this point seems to indicate that they're moving forward as though it's her. obviously they can't do anything as far as charging the -- mother or mario mcneill until they make that determination. from the language they're using it sounds like they're working on the assumption it is her. >> the mother's been charged with human trafficking, correct? >> that's not something i have confirmed.
12:32 am
the public information officer with fayetteville pd said if the body is determined to be shaniya's -- then the case could lead to the investigation of a larger human trafficking operation down the road. so that is an element in this. >> thanks very much, gordon for talking to us. okay. michelle, is there anything in the mother's background that would suggest she would do such a heinous thing by selling her child into human trafficking? >> not according to everyone i spoke with, although she does not appear to be as stable throughout her past, up until recently according to bradley lockhart, shaniya's father, he said, look, antoinette davis had stepped up to the plate, recently had a job, place a live, that's why i let my daughter stay with her after october 9th for an extended period of time to be able to give her a chance to be a mother. never would he ever imagine that she could possibly be faced with the charges she's faced with now.
12:33 am
>> the child was last seen in a hotel surveillance video with this guy, mario mcneill. what do we know about this guy, michelle? do you know? >> here's what we know. that particular surveillance was taken last tuesday on november 10th, that morning and according to investigators shaniya and mario were only at that motel for one hour. think about it. antoinette reportedly last saw her child at 5:30 that morning. this was at 6:11 in the morning. from that particular point on someone from the hotel that wednesday evening contacted investigators and said, hey, i think shaniya was here. investigators went out there, pulled the surveillance and were able to issue the photos out to the media quickly and over a period of time that's when mario allegedly stepped forward and said, look, i'm the one that had the child. they were able to charge him at this time with first-degree kidnapping. at this point, antoinette and mario are held at the county jail under the special management section of the jail. this is an area that holds
12:34 am
high-risk prisoners and they're only allowed to come out one time a day to take a shower. >> now they're saying it might not be shaniya. >> i think they're trying to be absolutely careful and safe and they wanted to keep the body there to have the fbi come in so they don't destroy evidence. the last thing you want to do is go and remove a body for quick identification and found you've destroyed evidence in the process. they'd rather take it slow, this was approximate ly seven miles away from the hotel where she was seen. the only missing child in the area. it seems, tragically it's very, very likely this is the child. >> what is the mother saying? >> the mother called police and said, i left my daughter on the couch at 5:30 in the morning tuesday and that's the last time i saw her, one of the reasons she's accused of filing a false police report and also accused of human trafficking which is obviously a very serious charge in essence saying that the you gave your daughter up for sexual
12:35 am
servitude. you facilitated the prostitution of your 5-year-old child. this is a monstrous allegation but it happens a lot more than you think, joy. you go on google, daughter sell sex and a whole bunch of stories will come up. a couple training their 12-year-old daughter to be a dominatrix, another mother selling her 19-year-old. when we think of human trafficking we think of international cartels bringing in women from third-world countries. that's true. that does happen. home-grown child sex trafficking is a very, very serious problem. sometimes it's just a case of mother making a deal with somebody. another individual, to give that child away for money or drugs. >> okay. north carolina has the death penalty for first-degree murder. so he would get it if they convict him, mcneill. what would the mother get? >> he's only charged with kidnapping at this point.
12:36 am
>> so far -- >> if shaniya's body, if that is the child, wouldn't he be charged with murder if there's evidence? >> here's the thing. he was seen with the child and then there's this gap of time and then the child -- or a body is found. so we don't -- haven't connected all the dots. is there another individual involved? we don't really have all the answers but we do have the big question. how is it possible a mother could be accused of something this heinous? in all my years as a journalist, i can only say one thing. there's only one thing that can destroy a mother's maternal instincts. >> drugs. >> drugs. police say drugs have been found at this house and also this man who is arrested has a history of drugs. a rap sheet. he's an ex-con. he has a history of drugs. i would bet my bottom dollar drugs are at the heart and soul of this tragedy. >> when you hear of human trafficking, you think of it in thailand and the philippines. you don't hear about it or think about it as an american issue. it is, isn't it? >> it's a huge issue. >> how big is the problem?
12:37 am
>> the u.s. department of justice says at any given time up to 300,000 children in the united states are at risk for being sold into sexual slavery. throw away kids, runaways. the young kids running around the streets, say, why aren't they in school? those are the kids who end up in sexual servitude and it's a real, real problem. >> it's also a billion dollar business in some countries. in thailand, specifically, it's a billion dollar business. >> it is. >> what's being done by the fbi and the cia in this country? >> there are a host of laws on the state level and the federal level. part of the problem is coming out of denial and realizing people do go to children for sex. businessmen, people -- the last people you'd think of are the ones who go over to thailand and are using children for sex. they're trying to get away with behavior they don't think they can get away with in the united states. as we're seeing in cases like this, there are allegations this is also happening in the united states. >> uh-huh. michelle, do you think that this
12:38 am
is such a horrific thing for americans to even look at and that's one of the reasons it doesn't get dealt with here? it's so horrendous and hideous. >> this case is -- it's one of the worst i've heard in a long time. i mean, especially to actually have a mother faced with these sort of charges and to possibly be sold into the sex trade. again, you know, as jane mentioned, she is, antoinette davis, and also mario mcneill are innocent until proven guilty. actually antoinette did appear in court earlier today around 2:30 this afternoon. >> what did she say? >> she didn't say anything, according to investigators. she was just -- she had a preliminary hearing and right now she's being held on $50,000 bail. mario mcneill held on $100,000 bail at this time. this case is horrendous, to possibly have this child sold into these kind of conditions, number one. number two, if this body does, in fact, turn up to be shaniya davis, the fact that she could have -- the torture she could have went through and been tossed off and left on the side
12:39 am
of the road, it makes my stomach turn. it makes me sick. >> do you think this case will shine a light on human trafficking? >> absolutely. yes. >> what's so tragic is when you see the picture of the child going into the hotel, she's hanging on to the man's shoulder and trusting so she's not even concerned because it appears that she -- it would appear that she knows this individual and trusts him. take a look at the photo right there. >> you said something interesting. you said only drugs would kill a mother's maternal instincts. what about him? he is a druggy too or just a predator? >> he is an ex-con, has a rap sheet and part of that rap sheet involves drugs. i don't want to speculate. i will say as a recovering alcoholic, myself, when an addictive craving takes hold, you are not in charge. you're a zombie. you will do whatever it takes to justify and find that substance of choice. >> that's why you have to have other people looking in on your children.
12:40 am
>> exactly. >> thank you very much, michelle, thank you very much, jane.
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
obviously everybody wants to know about this sex tape that surfaced last week. there is one, correct? >> you can call it whatever you want to call it. if you want to call it a sex tape, that's fine. >> what do you call it? >> it was me by myself. there was no one else with me. i was not having sex. i sent it to my boyfriend at the time. i was a teenager. i cared about him. i trusted him. i was by myself. i sent it to a boyfriend. it was for, you know, private use, but does that justify what i did? no. it was the biggest mistake of my life. >> she makes them by herself. she's such a little camera hog.
12:44 am
that's the ex-beauty queen turned drama queen on "the today show" admitting to making a sex tape. since then, news of seven more tapes has surfaced, just in time for the holidays. maybe she made one for each night of hanukkah, who knows. joining me to discuss this, and other things are spencer pratt and heidi montag, authors of "how to be famous" and perez hilton, author of perez hilton's "true bloggywood stories." >> hi, everybody. heidi and spencer, you wrote a book on being famous. >> as did perez. >> as did perez. all of you then. is she doing it right? >> i'm impressed if she hits it off the bat with seven tapes. i heard to come out with one sex tape but coming out with seven, that's setting a bar i have to live up to. >> what do you think, perez? >> i think carrie prejean is a hypocrite and a liar and i love her. i love her. >> why do you love her?
12:45 am
>> because she's so stupid, but she doesn't know how stupid she is. you know, goes back to what i first said. she's a dumb beep. >> let's take a look at the moment that made carrie prejean a household name. >> i think it's great americans are able to choose one or another. we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage, and you know what? in my country and my family, i think that i believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there, but that's how i was raised and that's how i think that it should be between a man and a woman. >> okay. you know, perez, you're the reason she's so famous. now that she has this sex tape, do you feel vindicated? >> i feel like this last two weeks have been wonderful, and, you know, carrie prejean makes heidi montag look like a genius. >> she is a genius. >> i love you, perez.
12:46 am
>> be nice to heidi. >> be nice to heidi. you know, listen, perez, one thing i have to say to you, she did answer the question honestly. she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. i don't happen to go along with that. i think it's people who are in love want to get married they should get married. that's what she believes. shouldn't she get some credit for that? >> absolutely. she gave the politically incorrect answer in her words. even watching her interviews recently, she's like, i didn't want to be politically correct, but i flip that back to her and say, do you want a politically insensitive miss usa? no. you have to know what you're running for. >> heidi, what do -- think about it? >> before we get into this joy, i have a question for perez. i'm loving your outfit. did you borrow that from your wifey lady gaga? >> i got this on my own at american apparel. shameless blog. i paid for it. >> heidi, your christianity was on full display on "i'm a celebrity get me out of here." let's take a look at that. >> i just don't know why there's
12:47 am
such mean people and tory saying she's this christian and born again and blah, blah, blah. it's like, christians don't do that. now i'm just going to try to pray to forgive them and try to get spencer to forgive them. i'm not going to be, like, best friends with them. i'm going to love them like jesus tells me to love them. >> heidi, you have also posed topless. >> i have posed topless. >> you're a good christian girl. how do you reconcile those two things? >> there was no nipples. technically posing topless is nipples. >> oh. >> would you make a sex tape? would you make one? it makes you famous. >> i don't think i would make one. let's clarify, not only did she make a sex tape but she's a see solo artist in the sex tape. that's unique. that's new. a new type of pop culture. i'm impressed with her antics because i don't think it's on accident. >> perez, why do you think she made a sex tape all by herself? >> because she's horny.
12:48 am
you know, and also just to clarify something that you said earlier, joy, or that was shown on the program, she claims she was underage, 17, but according to this ex-boyfriend that sold or leaked the video, she was definitely in her 20s and i have this big announcement. i have secretly been working on my own book, a new book, "true bloggywood stories" where i talk about carrie and will i am and all the controversies i've been in this year. it's juicy. >> politically speaking, why do you think conservatives hate here? prejean? perez? she seems to get the liberals -- why do liberals hate her? i'm sorry. did i say conservatives? oh my god, no. the liberals hate her. the conservatives i think like her. but even now with the sex tapes i think they're turning. >> i think what's interesting is she was a blank canvass for a lot of conservatives. they were projecting all of
12:49 am
these ideas on to her and whom she could be. but the more we find out about her, the more we learn she's anything but that. >> uh-huh. do you think she's a hypocrite? >> yeah. >> i mean, a little bit. >> a pretty one. >> a very pretty one. a beauty queen one. none of us are perfect and that's the thing about christianity. we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect. it's a crazy world we live in. if we do it on purpose, which she very well could be like perez is saying, maybe she made it last month, maybe she made it half a year ago after he got her fame off of perez. >> when i saw you two last there was controversy about babies. are you planning to bring a baby spiedi into the world? or are you still fighting over it? >> we're definitely not solo artists, that's for sure. babies are -- >> that's funny. in other words, carrie prejean cold not have the baby by herself. >> we definitely make perez the godfather, because no one knows pop culture better than perez and we would need our kid to be in the limelight. >> a lot of people don't like you for some reason.
12:50 am
they hate you. why? could it be anything other than your famous for no apparent reason? maybe that's why they don't like you. >> jealousy. >> they're jealous. >> shout-out to japan. >> perez, thank you for being with us. i appreciate you coming by. you can buy "true bloggywood stories" online the first week of december. back with me, more with heidi and spencer and more questions for them.
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
you don't know who you're talking to. let's play. let's play. you want to play? boom, you want to play? where does it end? >> okay. that was spencer pratt acting crazy on nbc's "i'm a celebrity get me out of here." i'm back with the couple that everyone -- why do they hate you? >> it's just me. >> i think you're kind of funny, the two of you. also, i see your book in here and you have acknowledged me. why me?
12:55 am
what did i do to deserve this? >> well, dear, getting heidi on "the view" is -- >> i got her on? >> -- contributing to the how to be famous -- >> that's true. everybody who helps to make you famous is acknowledged. >> who is part of it, who have been in it. >> we were talking about you guys having a baby. he was against it. you were for it. have you decided what to do? >> i think we've decided to wait for a little bit. i have an album coming out. >> he wanted that. you're the run who was in a rush. >> i was in a rush. i just performed at miss universe and have my album coming out and i'm going to perform at the world cup. >> you're too busy. i can understand that. and the other thing is, is this some act? like, when the cameras stop rolling are you home watching masterpiece theater? >> no. not at all. i wish it was an act. >> you actually act like this when you're home with each other? >> what do you mean, act like
12:56 am
what? >> the way you carry-on on the videos. >> every show has different editors and different producers. every show has a different purpose for their audience. >> you also -- i think you think that you're very handsome, which you are. >> i'm gorgeous. >> okay. levi johnston is doing a spread -- >> big fan of levi. >> -- in "playgirl" magazine. >> i'm doing my own -- eight, actually, my own eight solo masterbation videos. i'm going to send them to heidi. >> in my day during the lincoln administration, if you made a sex tape, your career was over. now it makes you famous. >> that's right. we don't have a sex tape in there because we think it's so dirty and below the belt that we don't suggest that for anyone.
12:57 am
obviously it's instant fame, but it's true. all the people in the tabloids -- >> kardashian girl -- >> they're all porn stars. >> here's a couple questions from viewers before we go. morgan asks, heidi, what kind of life do you expect to have with spencer in 30 years? >> i expect to have the best life in the world. every year gets better. >> how long are you together now? >> three years. >> almost four. >> almost four years. >> so a while. you know, almost our one-year wedding anniversary for our elopement. >> you see yourself as a geriatric couple on tv some day? >> with the walkers. >> the whole thing. spencer being president. >> oh, i hear music. no. bye, joy! >> the other question is why are you considered celebrities? what do you contribute to the world? that's obvious. you contribute so much. >> thank you, joy.
12:58 am
>> thank you. >> the book is called "how to be famous." thanks to heidi and spencer and all my guests tonight and thank you all for watching. good night, everybody. breaking news tonight.
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight. live, north carolina. a 5-year-old little girl vanishes without a trace from the child's own home. mommy tells police she left the little girl on the sofa 5:30 a.m., one hour later the baby is gone. how does a 5-year-old girl go missing from her own sofa? the child wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear. shaniya's favorite blanket found discarded, covered in feces in the neighbor's trash. bombshell tonight. in the last hours the search for baby shaniya comes to an end. after grainy surveillance video
1:01 am
surfaces of shaniya in the arms of a man at a hotel 40 miles away, police find little shaniya's body hidden in dense woods. the man in that surveillance video, 29-year-old mario mcneil confesses to kidnapping shaniya but then clams up. in a heart wrenching and disgusting twist, shaniya's own mother is now charged with selling her 5-year-old girl into prostitution. there are really no words to describe this mother. i hate to even give the word "mother" to her. and her cohorts. animalistic behavior. tonight, shaniya's sister with us live taking your calls at this hour as that tiny body is being processed in a morgue.
1:02 am
we want justice. for shaniya. >> her body was located, a small child, a little while ago off of walker road. about 100 feet off of the road. at this time a positive identification will be made by family. >> breaking news right now coming to us from fayetteville, north carolina. cnn has confirmed investigators have found shaniya davis' body. >> we were acting on information that we received, reliable information. we felt at that time that's what led us out to walker road. >> police have charged shaniya's 25-year-old mother with human trafficking and felony child abuse. >> are you antoinette davis? ma'am, the state of north carolina alleges that on or
1:03 am
about the date of november 10th, 2009, that you did engage in human trafficking with a child as the victim, knowingly provide shanika davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude. do you understand that charge? >> at one point in court she put her hands up over her face, hiding her face, and she should. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. there's no easy way to report this. after surveillance video emerges showing little shaniya at a local hotel, hope was alive. that hope is gone tonight. little shaniya is dead.
1:04 am
>> police have found the body of missing 5-year-old girl shaniya davis. the body was found near a north carolina highway, south of sanford. >> we are currently waiting for the fbi to come out to the scene to help exhume the body for evidence and other information. we can only say that we did discover one off of walker road. >> you're also charged with felony child abuse. do you understand that? human trafficking, ma'am, is a class "c" felony. it is punishable by 261 months in prison. do you understand that? the other charge of felony child use for prostitution is a class "e" felony. that is 98 months in prison. do you understand that? knowing these charges, what are you going to do about an attorney?
1:05 am
>> straight out to gurnal scott with wptf radio. gurnal, this is certainly not the ending you and i expected, especially after that grainy surveillance video emerged showing her, albeit in the arms of the man now who allegedly kidnapped her, going into a hotel room. we knew that wouldn't have a good ending. but to discover her body has been hidden, hidden not far from that hotel. i mean, the time period we thought that we could find her alive. >> that's true. seven miles south of that hotel that she was last seen in. those surveillance video you that said that we all saw gave us all hope. but now everybody has left. us covering the story, many people who have been close to it, wondering how could this have happened. >> how could it have happened? wait. gurnal. put him up on the screen. how did it happen? well, according to the police, her father normally took care of
1:06 am
her, her biological father, but he had to go traveling for work. and he left her. he thought mother finally wanted to be a mother instead of the animal that she has apparently proven herself to be according to police. so he goes out on a limb and he lets the mother take care of the little girl while he's out of town. he's gone practically no time and she's dead. that's what happened, gurnal scott, according to police. this mother who, p.s., is pregnant, here she is in court a couple of hours ago. allegedly sold her child into prostitution. her 5-year-old girl. and we have video of the man taking the 5-year-old girl into a hotel room. play it, liz. >> are you antoinette davis? miss davis, the state of north
1:07 am
carolina has charged you with two felonies. this is your first appearance. and also two misdemeanors. do you understand why you're here today, your first appearance, ma'am? ma'am, the state of north carolina alleges that on or about the date of november 10th, 2009, that you did engage in human trafficking with a child as the victim, knowingly provide shanika davis with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude. do you understand that charge? >> out to justin moss, reporter with wncn, was at the crime scene today. justin, thank you for being with us. describe the crime scene. and i assume you're referring to the spot where the little body was uncovered. >> well, nancy, the media actually was kept quite a bit
1:08 am
away from the crime scene, so we didn't actually get up to the crime scene, itself. >> okay. i understand. you can tell me about the crime scene. give it your best shot, justin moss. >> what i can tell you is where we were we were in a pretty rural area. it's near a highway, highway 87 up in lee county. that is about 30 miles or so from where we are in fayetteville. now, police had been searching that area. they were combing the roads. they were combing the woods. and they tell us they found the body about 100 feet off the road into the woods. but nancy, they are not releasing many details about the crime scene, about the body itself right now. >> we are taking your calls live out to carol in california. hi, carol. >> caller: hi, nancy. first of all, could i just tell you that you look absolutely beautiful this evening. >> well, hold on. before you say another word, mommy has been up since 5:27 this morning. >> caller: well -- >> because lucy has been sick. and you know what? >> caller: aw. >> i'm just -- when i heard
1:09 am
about this story -- >> caller: yes. >> -- i've been thinking and praying about shaniya all weekend. >> caller: i know, nancy. >> and i would get up and stay up all night with them when i think about what has happened to this little girl, carol. >> caller: yes. nancy, i had this figured out last thursday mostly because nothing in this case was making any sense at all and also because shaniya was an exquisitely beautiful child. so i was wondering whether the man in the video was going to molest shaniya or hand her off to somebody, why would he do it in a hotel in such a public place? >> excellent question. out to marlaina schiavo, our producer on the story. what can you tell me, marlaina? >> well, nancy, we've been trying to figure out exactly how and why this was all happening. but what we do know is the police aren't confirming this but we know this was the ex-boyfriend of shaniya's mother's sister. we know there were drugs involved. we don't know exactly all the
1:10 am
details because we're only getting it piecemeal. but we do know that, i mean, sort of the picture is kind of worth a lot here. i mean, we know the intention and we know where he was. so we can only assume of what he was about to do. >> back to justin moss, joining us from the police department. justin, what more can you tell me about the scenario police believe happened? everybody, you're seeing that video right now. there you are seeing mario andrette mk mcneil, 29 years of age, carrying 5-year-old shaniya into a hotel room. okay, nothing good is going to come out of that. go ahead, justin moss. >> yeah, nancy. not releasing many details at that point. at this point. as you said, she was last seen at the hotel. they were there apparently a short time and a few days later mcneil turned himself in. but shaniya hasn't been seen since. that was the last confirmed appearance.
1:11 am
until they found the body today. again, not confirmed to be shaniya davis, but police are pretty much assuming it at this point. >> okay. justin moss, you've told me now three times that police aren't telling you much. i hear you. what can you tell me? what do you know? do you know anything about when the body was discovered, how the body was discovered, what took police there, anything about the crime scene? what can you tell me, justin moss? >> sure, nancy. they aren't saying exactly what led them to the crime scene. they are saying that they got information from a reliable source that led them to the area they were searching. they started searching that area yesterday. about four hours into the search today they found the body, about 1:00 this afternoon. so immediately they roped everything off, would not let anyone in, and a short time later they did confirm they found a body, believed to be shaniya davis.
1:12 am
>> as far as this particular search, we were acting on information that we received, reliable information we felt at the time. that's what led us out to walker road. and of course we located something. so.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
you're also charged with felony child abuse. do you understand that? human trafficking, ma'am, is a class "c" felony. it is punishable by 261 months in prison. do you understand that? the other charge of felony child abuse for prostitution is a class "e" felony. that is 98 months in prison. do you understand that? you're also charged, ma'am, with two misdemeanors -- resisting a public officer and false report to a police station. do you understand that?
1:16 am
both of these, ma'am, are a class 2 misdemeanor. each of these is punishable by 60 days in jail. do you understand that? that's in addition to these other charges. those are misdemeanors. >> did you have any hesitation at all about sending her to live with her mom, antoinette? >> of course, you know, i had some reserves, however, you know, she had been trying. i know that she had been working for at least six months. she had been trying to get her life back on track. she said she had just recently got her own place. so i was wanting to give her a chance. she had asked if she could be a mother. and i felt that she was sincere in asking. and i figured to give her a chance. >> that is little shaniya's father. he was on the cbs "early show" this morning, heartbroken over his decision to let her biological mother take her, even
1:17 am
if briefly. everyone, we are taking your calls live. and joining me right now is a special guest. this is shaniya's sister, who's with us tonight, cheyenne lockhart. she's joining us out of fayetteville, north carolina. cheyenne lockhart, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> miss lockhart, when did you discover the news about shaniya? >> actually, i think it was the day that she went missing about noon. my brother called me while i was in school and told me. >> and what were you told? >> he was just crying, saying that she was missing and stuff and that her mother had put her on -- she went missing about 5:00 -- about 5:30 that morning he said. and that her mom was saying she put her on the couch. >> how well did you know the mother?
1:18 am
>> i knew her enough, but i -- you know, i was never really friends with her. but her mother, i would never think that she would do something like that. >> why do you say that, cheyenne? >> she seemed like the sweetest woman. i mean, she didn't come from much and stuff, but if you just met her, you know, she had the sweetest voice, she had the sweetest personality. and especially toward me. i would never think that she would do anything like that. >> it's my understanding that department of family and children's services had been to the home on many occasions and that there was a problem with drug use in the home. were you familiar with any of that? >> i did know about antoinette using drugs, but i -- i knew of dss going to her home, but i never knew that somebody told me she wasn't supposed to have her. so i didn't know of that.
1:19 am
>> i'm sorry. i couldn't hear you. repeat? >> i was told that she wasn't supposed to have shaniya. but i did know about -- you know, i knew she did drugs and stuff. >> do you know what drugs she was on? it's our understanding it was cocaine. >> yes. i mean, i didn't know for a fact, but i figured that. but i did know she smoked marijuana. i always thought that she did cocaine. >> now, she's pregnant right now. who's that baby's daddy? >> i have no idea. >> cheyenne lockhart, shaniya's sister, what can you tell me about the little girl, shaniya? >> she was just -- she's so loving and caring. she's so -- she's always happy and giggling. like you would -- nobody -- you would never think anybody would do that to her. she's just the sweetest little girl. >> everyone, we are taking your calls live along with shaniya
1:20 am
davis' half sister, cheyenne lockhart. out to the lines. patricia in maryland. hi, patricia. >> caller: hi, nancy. i just want to hope lucy gets better, and i pray for her. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> caller: and my question is straight off the bat this mother, she's evidently had problems with child protective services before. now, does she have any kind of sexual abuse in her record? >> i've already checked into her record as best that we can, patricia. she does not have a criminal conviction on her record. but we know child services has been called to that home on many occasions. and what i don't understand is why she had children in the home at all. we know shaniya and her 7-year-old brother often in the home, and there's another infant at stake. now she's pregnant again. >> they'll continue to build a case, to try to tie up loose ends, to put information
1:21 am
together as far as charging somebody again, if that does turn out to be shaniya.
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
ma'am, it's very important that you understand that you have a constitutional right to remain silent, that you should not speak about the facts of this case with anyone unless it is to an attorney who is properly representing you. do you understand that? if you talk to anyone else, ma'am, it can act as a waiver of
1:25 am
your constitutional right to remain silent, and it can be used against you in a court of law. it's very important that you speak only with your attorney. do you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> i've been feeling hopeful every day that someone out there would do the right thing and take my daughter somewhere, to a hospital, police station, just anywhere, drop her off at walmart, anywhere. i don't care. that somebody bring her back to the people that love her. >> that was shaniya's father on cbs "early show" this morning. we are taking your calls live. there is no easy way to report the latest on this case. when we saw video of little shaniya being carried into a hotel room -- liz, let's show that video, please. there was hope that although the child had been abducted that she was still alive.
1:26 am
here's the video i'm telling you about. that is 29-year-old mario andrette mcneil. he's got $100,000 bond tonight. carrying little kidnapped shaniya into a hotel room. gurnal scott, how long did he stay in that hotel room that we know of? the video surveillance should reveal it. >> yeah. from what we know, that mario mcneil and shaniya davis only stayed in the hotel for about an hour. as soon as police found out that that video existed, they made a race to that hotel. didn't get there in time to catch the two of them there. but it's still not known if they searched whatever room they were in. but they were only in that hotel for a very short time, just an hour. >> so he leaves with the little girl after an hour? >> yes. >> all right. gurnal scott, joining us from wptf radio, gurnal, we assume that he was in a vehicle, correct?
1:27 am
>> assuming -- taking into account the time it took to get from the mobile home park in fayetteville to sanford, they would have to travel by vehicle. >> and tonight, gurnal scott, he is admitting -- i guess he has to. we can see him to kidnapping the child. but then he clams up and won't say anything about her murder, correct? >> they're calling him extremely uncooperative in this case.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
breaking news in the frantic search for 5-year-old shaniya davis. police say the body just found dumped along the highway could be shaniya. >> we are currently waiting for the fbi to come out to the scene to help exhume the body. for evidence and other information. so again, we do not have a positive identification on that body as of yet. we can only say that we did discover one off of walker road. >> this body was found about seven miles away from the surveillance that we had last seen of shaniya in the arms of a man by the name of mario mcneill. that man has since been charged with first-degree kidnapping.
1:31 am
>> you can't get any more evil than a case like this. in fact, investigators are going to start looking into why that little girl was being brought into that hotel room in the first place. >> this as her own mother appeared in court today on prostitution charges for offering up her 5-year-old for sex. did this little girl ever have a chance? >> charges that were just named, human trafficking and the promotion of prostitution, obviously all very serious charges. obviously, this is a very disturbing crime in and of itself. >> the weak link is obviously the mother. none of this stuff makes sense. if they're going to break this case, she's probably the weak link and the one that they're going to use to break it. >> i just ask that they let her go and bring her home safe. we all miss her and love her very much. shaniya, if you're listening to daddy, i miss you so much, honey, and i'm waiting for you. i'm not going to give up, and you don't give up, either, honey. >> do you know mario mcneil, the
1:32 am
man who was seen on surveillance carrying her into a hotel room and was later arrested? >> no, i don't. >> when you heard about that, when you heard that a man had been seen with her at a hotel room and then you heard that her mom had been charged with child prostitution, what goes through your mind? can you wrap your head around that possibility? >> just everything inside of you falls out and you just lose all train of thought and reaction is none. you just -- you just hope for the best. >> that is shaniya's father, bradley lockhart, on cbs "early show." straight out to marc klaas. everyone, we are taking your calls live. marc klaas is the president and founder of klaaskids foundation. his daughter was taken. she was molested and murdered. and that is why he is a victims' rights advocate and has been for years. marc klaas, i've just been sick about this story, physically sick.
1:33 am
weigh in. >> well, i think we have to be clear. this woman pimped her child. that's what she did. she sold her child into prostitution. there is no punishment great enough to meet the crimes that she has committed. really the moral crimes that she's committed and the legal crimes that she's committed. however, shaniya is really the tip of the iceberg, nancy. the department of justice estimates there are between 200,000 and 300,000 american children that are victims of human trafficking. and in each one of those cases there is a pimp that is out there exploiting those children. now, the united states does take this issue very seriously, but relatively few resources are directed towards the domestic side of the issue. almost all of the money that is -- and it's a huge amount of
1:34 am
money. almost all of the money that the united states invests in human trafficking is invested in the global issue. and that's based on the theory that the united states was only a source of -- or was only a destination location for human trafficking, but it looks like we're actually funding a lot of our own destination, we're a source society as well -- >> of victims. we're a source of the victims, of these child victims. and you know, to you, eleanor dixon. let's unleash lawyers. with me eleanor odom, peter odom, anne bremner. eleanor and peter out of the atlanta jurisdiction. anne bremner high-profile lawyer out of seattle. eleanor, here's the kicker. people think all this money is traded for child prostitutes, for a 5-year-old girl. this mom probably sold her own
1:35 am
girl for a hit of crack. >> exactly right, nancy. especially looking at someone with a drug problem. she killed her child. she may not have dealt the final blow, but because she sold her child into prostitution she's responsible for her murder. >> well, obviously, peter odom, felony murder. you commit a felony and a death occurs during that felony, you sell your child to a pimp, your 5-year-old beautiful child to a pimp to get raped and sodomized for money -- >> exactly. >> -- and the child dies, surprise surprise. that's murder. that's felony murder. >> felony murder. >> on that mother. that's it. and in that jurisdiction you can get the death penalty, which in north carolina is lethal injection, the needle, for felony murder. >> nancy, if even a small part of these horrendous allegations prove true, then this mother is in terrible trouble. this is just inhuman as you can get. >> put him up. the mother's in trouble? the mother's in trouble? >> as well as mr. mcneil. as well as mr. mcneil. >> the girl is dead. do you think i care about the mother?
1:36 am
do you think i care about that woman? that i'm paying for her cot and her three hots? no, i don't care about her being in trouble. and to you, anne bremner. i assume the defense will use her pregnancy to their advantage. right? >> i don't know. i think you're going to hear a lot of people say there's a special place in hell for both of these people. we don't have all of the dots -- or the connecting the dots and the evidence right now, but what you just brought up was excellent. felony murder. and the best defense of her right now, nancy, is that she's not charged with felony murder. that may happen. and of course robbery -- or excuse me, rape or the kidnapping. other enumerated felonies could lead to the death penalty in north carolina. so the best defense for her right now is where she is based upon the charges of class "c" felonies and misdemeanors. >> the reason they haven't been charged with felony murder yet, to the two defense attorneys, is because we're waiting for the formal autopsy identification.
1:37 am
all right? >> but what i'm saying is right now they haven't spoken of it and it will not talk a rocket scientist of a prosecutor or a quantum leap in prosecutorial discretion or -- >> look at her. >> -- to make that, nancy. and what i'm saying is -- >> look at this woman. dr. ellyn gamberg, psychotherapist, help me out. you've got the sister, the half-sister saying that this mother was mild-mannered, calm. and according to police and by all outward appearances, i don't know -- i don't have the case file in my hand. she sold her 5-year-old to a pimp to get raped and sodomized. ellyn? >> nancy, she is desperate, deranged, and an excuse right now, especially carrying another child, an example of why there should be in a case like that of mandatory sterilization, this woman should not be having a child and should not have ever had the responsibility of the child she had.
1:38 am
>> i can hardly take it. i want to go to a renowned guest. dr. joshua perper, chief medical examiner in broward county, author of "when to call the doctor." dr. perper, you have performed literally thousands, thousands of autopsies. have you performed an autopsy on a child that has been murdered and sexually molested? >> well, you have to make a very careful examination of the outside of the body for the presence of any injuries and make a determination what was actually the cause of death and many times those children are sometimes smothered. they are strangled. or they may be hit and beaten. and then it's most important to find out whether there was sexual assault. and in this particular case the body was in a swampy area. so the outside of the body might
1:39 am
not show a great deal. but if there are bite marks, then the imprints can be matched to a suspect. and in addition to that, samples taken from the mouth, from the anus, and from the vaginal area would be protected and they can be tested for dna fingerprinting -- >> dr. perper, that was my next question. there's really no delicate way to put it. but if the outside of the body was decomposed, the canal within the vagina, the anal cavity would have been protected and hopefully dna would be obtained from there. dr. perper, my question was have you ever performed an autopsy on a child victim like this? >> yes, i did. and it's very upsetting to the performer. you know, i'm used to do autopsies, but that's one of the most difficult examination to perform by a forensic pathologist.
1:40 am
>> the detectives are out there. they're out there with our command staff. and they're just trying to get that body exhumed so they can get a positive identification and get it to the medical examiner's office for cause of death.
1:41 am
1:42 am
1:43 am
the news no one wanted to hear in the search for a 5-year-old girl who's been missing for nearly a week. they believe shaniya's body has been found. >> i can tell everybody that a body was located of a small child a little while ago off of walker road, about 100 feet off of the road. >> police in fayetteville, they've been searching all morning after getting a tip that she'd been dumped along a highway in central north carolina. >> police have charged shaniya's 25-year-old mother, whom you see here, with human trafficking and felony child abuse. shaniya lived with her father until last month. he says he was hesitant to let her stay with her mother but felt she deserved an opportunity to be part of shaniya's life. >> police in north carolina also have filed kidnapping charges in the case against 29-year-old mario mcneil. he was captured on surveillance
1:44 am
camera last tuesday, right there, carrying shaniya into a hotel room 30 miles from her home. police say he admitted to taking her but his attorney says he will plead not guilty to the charge. >> knowing these charges, what are you going to do about an attorney? i have your affidavit in front of me, miss davis. i have examined it. and i'm going to appoint you a member of the public defender staff. do you understand what i'm doing? do you have a public defender helping you on any other matter, ma'am? we'll appoint a member of the public defender staff to represent you. i'm going to continue your case until december the 3rd. do you understand that date, ma'am?
1:45 am
>> do you know mario mcneill, the man that was seen on surveillance carrying her into a hotel room and was later arrested? >> no, i don't. >> when you heard about that, when you heard that a man had been seen with her at a hotel room and then you heard that her mom had been charged with child prostitution, what goes through your mind? can you wrap your head around that possibility? >> just everything inside of you falls out. you just lose all train of thought and reaction is none. you just -- you just hope for the best. >> that is shaniya's father, bradley lockhart, on cbs "early show." the mother now behind bars, charged with pimping her child, selling her into child prostitution. you are seeing stills from a hotel video of a 29-year-old defendant, mario andrette mcneill, carrying the baby along the hallway at a local hotel. not long after that her body has been found. there's no easy way to explain
1:46 am
it. right now we don't know cause of death. we don't know the condition of the body. but i know as i came to work today i could hardly leave the twins just to go to work. and god willing, i'll see them when i get home tonight. and i can't imagine handing one of them over to someone to sell them into prostitution. i can't even imagine it. this is the reality that the prosecutors are dealing with in this case, according to police. to you, eleanor odom. i was asking dr. perper about this earlier. and i recall my over a decade in
1:47 am
court prosecuting violent crimes, but when you go home at the end of the day i could never shake it. how do you do it, eleanor? your specialty is crimes on women and children. when you see those crime scene photos, when you see the autopsy photos, unless you attend the autopsy yourself, as you and i have both done, and you see that the child has been mutilated and harmed the way this child obviously was, how do you get up in front of that jury and explain it to them? >> nancy, i think you just have to tell them the truth. as horrible as it is, you can't, you know, gloss over it. you have to say how it happened. and you know, you just deal with these things by going home and hugging your own child and taking care of yourself. but all i can say is we're doing what's right for the victims of these awful crimes, and that's prosecuting those defendants. >> to brian rice, detective bergen county prosecutor's office, brian, thank you for being with us.
1:48 am
brian, obviously the way to get the real truth is to crack one defendant against the next, one suspect against the other. you've got the mother, and you've got this former boyfriend or whatever he is, mario andrette mcneill. there he is. there's the mom. and also please, liz, i thought you were about to put up the video of mcneill with the little girl in the hotel room. there they both are. but if the prosecutor wants to seek the death penalty on the whole kit and caboodle, you don't want a lighter sentence on one in exchange for testimony. so how do you crack it? it can't be that hard. >> well, certainly she's going to be the weak link, and investigators are going to have to find who's the best person to try to influence them to get them to talk? in this case it looks like it's going to be her. i think they're going to be able to use some emotion. they're going to be able to use some theme development and hopefully get her to talk. and that's hoping they haven't invoked the miranda rights. because once they invoke and say the magic word lawyer the investigators have to stop, as you know. >> out to the lines. mary in wisconsin. hi, mary. >> caller: hi, nancy.
1:49 am
>> what's your question, dear? >> caller: god bless you for being the voice for all the little shaniyas who can no longer speak for themselves. my question is does the mother have other kids at home? and if so, she's pregnant now. is somebody going to take that child? i don't think she should ever be able to have children again and she shouldn't even be able to have contact with children. so i was just wondering if somebody's going to take the baby and -- >> well, mary, all we can really do at this point is pray. pray. but my educated guess is that she will never see freedom again a day in her life. i want to go out to marlaina schiavo. we know that dfacs, department of family and children's services, has been at the home on many occasions. we know one child was burned badly. they claim that was an accident. we know drugs, specifically
1:50 am
either crack or cocaine was in the home, that marijuana has been in the home. allegedly. these are reports that have been sent. there's not been a trial on these issues. what more do we know about other children in the home? >> the day shaniya went missing, there were reports and they were saying it was a brother. we heard from sources that this was the sister's son. we are not sure that that was shaniya's brother. there were reports of an infant being in the home. we have not confirmed either of the reports. >> is her pregnancy confirmed? >> it is confirmed by the man falsely arrested for shaniya. >> out to the lawyers, eleanor and peter, she can give birth in the women's correctional facility and the child goes to the biological father or be put in a foster home. >> correct.
1:51 am
>> what are about it? >> absolutely. look at mary kay letourneau. >> do i have to? >> it's a figure of speech, but they are off to social health services. >> she has some of her children. >> antoinette will 20 a lot more time.
1:52 am
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1:54 am
miss davis, the state of north carolina charged you with two felonies. this is your first appearance and also two misdemeanors. do you understand why you are here today? your first appearance, ma'am? >> straight back out to gunnal scott. what are the facts we know right now that can convict this mother? >> what we know is we have a body. we are waiting for the identification from the medical examiner's office in chapel hill. if this does prove to be shaniya
1:55 am
davis and all the indications point towards that with the amber alert being canceled after they found the body, this mother could be put on the hook for murder as well as i would believe mr. mcneal who has been charged. >> another question gunnal scott, how many hours or days passed from the time that we see on video this mario andretti neal taking the baby out of a hotel room to the time the body, the tip came in about the body? >> from what we understand, tuesday and the video was time stamped before the mother called police. the video came from the hotel before 6:53 in the morning tuesday when the call came in to police. the body was found today. we are looking at six days. at least. >> a lot will depend on how long shaniya had been dead. what i am getting at is feasibly
1:56 am
and practically speaking, did he have time to pass this girl off to another perpetrator or is the most simplest scenario the easiest that he is responsible for her death? we will find out a lot when we have the autopsy report. tonight our prayers go up to heaven for little shaniya. let's stop and remember army sergeant michael vaughn, killed iraq. from a family of military vets, a smile that lit up a room. loved catching, hiking, making music and making people laugh. a wrestling champ at virginia tech and being a cop. leaves behind parents george and debra. thanks to our guest and especially to you for being with us. the winner of our number one fan
1:57 am
contest, kristin and friend adam. he loves the show so much, she got a tattoo to show her devotion and a quote that said hello, friend. other than being called mommy, that's the greatest compliment i have ever had. see you tomorrow night at 8:00 sharp senior. until then, good night, friend. > i'm a.j. hammer in new york. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. bombshells from sarah palin's interview on oprah including her new slams on levi johnston. screaming headlines of brad and angelina may be breaking up. angelina is trying to put the rumors to rest. that's the news break. tv's most provocative news show starts at the top of the hour here on hln.
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