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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  December 26, 2009 6:15pm-6:30pm EST

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remarks after a close. but before i do that, are there any particular point to would like to in? >> my mind is slightly mushy at the moment. i want to remind people there is a matter on the whole witnessed question of unilateral is an versus multilateralism. there is more of a continuing here with previous administrations before george w. then they may have been
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willing to admit. there is a lot of continuity. they are very, very different, clinton and bush, but i think it would be wrong to see the bush administration simply as an unusual and a typical aberration. it is not like that. >> that brings this question to a close. just to say we will of course be pursuing that to assume there is a documentary said rival, we will have still being added. that concludes the first of our sessions on the dimension, and tomorrow, if we pursue the same
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thank, it will be on the united states and the interrelated united nations aspects. with that, i think everybody who has -- thank everybody who has spent time here this morning and our witnesses. thank you. c-span3 c-span2 [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> embedded in afghanistan, a freelance journalist observing how the u.s. uses a unmanned vehicles for drones. >> there are two units. one handles the north, one handles the south. the south is the bigger and this year of the two. i would guess 100 predator drone. they look like giant model airplanes, about the size of a small compact car. the reapers look about the same,
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but they are about twice as big. in their noses, they carry a bunch of different sensors, radar, cameras, things like that. the exact number depends on what your carrying and where you are flying, but it is not impossible for one of these of woolworth's -- one of these orbits to soak up vast amounts of data. he can think of the drones as manned aircraft, if the man is sitting on the ground, talking to ground troops and air controllers. they actually use a chat program, like instant messenger, to do a lot of the communications. the drones are fairly precise as
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far as these things go. they do not carry large weapons. it is a far cry from a be-one bomber dropping a 2,000 pound bomb. the predator is about a quarter of the size of the reaper. we can find a use in bosnia, and it is very efficient for what it does. instead of carrying bombs, it can carry missiles. weight is fuel, and fuel is time. it performs some kind of strategic level mission, looking for big bad guys.
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the payload is a little smaller. >> drone units in afghanistan did not handle the attacks. drone operations are bifurcated. most drone operators, the guys that steer them, sit in these trailers. most of them are in las vegas. they work at aircraft spaces in nevada. the guys in afghanistan launch and recover drones and are responsible for small area operations, usually about air bases.
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these contractors are constantly looking drones from the air strip, and they pass them off to the guys in las vegas. they fly around a return to drown -- around and return at the control of the drone of two guys in canada are -- to guys in kandahar. they look for any activity. they took a plane and they took the pilot out of the cockpit and put the satellite dish in. the pilot will always control the aircraft. we did that because a regular person could not just sit up there in a small cramped space.
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no big need for a footprint. flexibility allows you to do that. >> they have video cameras and tv cameras and also have radar taking these snapshots. what you do is in the morning tape one snapshot. later you take one other, and you compare them. it d.c. a corner that looks disturb like somebody was chopping the ground up, he might have spotted a roadside bomb that they have. when you are not looking. but if you have the snapshot and compare them, you can spot where
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it has been buried. so that is what they do, visiting the area. so this is a rebirth. >> same design, they just scaled it up. they were able to just put a larger telescope with better optics. if you need to respond to
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contact on the ground, about to underdogs. there is a sensor package under with radar waves. we are certainly trying to keep roads clear. >> he was embedded at can our airports base in southern afghanistan in october. to find other programs, check out our website at go to the search box in the upper right-hand corner.
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>> president and first lady obama marked the holiday season and discussed sacrifices made by american troops overseas. they are followed by duncan hunter of california, with the republican response. he also talks about american troops and republican priorities. this is about 10 minutes. >> >> as we gather to celebrate the holidays, we want to take a moment to send greetings from our family. >> this is our first christmas in the white house, and we are so grateful for this extraordinary experience. not far from here in the blue room is the official white house christmas tree, and 18 foot tall douglas fir from west virginia decorated with hundreds
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of ornaments designed by people and children all across the country, each one a reminder of the traditions we cherish as americans and the blessings we are thankful for this holiday season. >> that is right. we have parents without a job who have struggled to put things on the christmas tree, families and neighbors who have seen homes for clothes, and folks wondering what the new year will bring. but there is still so much to celebrate this christmas. a message of peace and brotherhood continuing to inspire more than two dozen years after jesus' birth, the love of family and friends. the bonds of communities. men and women who are far from home, risking their lives to protect hours. soldiers, sailors, airmen,
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marines, and coast guard men, i have no greater honor than serving as your commander in chief. i have been altered by your eagerness to serve at the naval academy at west point. i have been energized by your dedication. we have been moved by your determination. wounded warriors in walter reed and bethesda are fighting to recover. and i have been profoundly affected by patriots who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. after years of local tours of duty, as we carry on our mission in iraq and afghanistan, your readiness to make that same sacrifice is an inspiration to us and every single american. >> as first lady, one of my
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privileges is keeping the house altogether, juggling play dates and soccer games, doing everything they can even at the try to hide their own fears and worries. i have met kids, a grandparent and residents and relative stepping in to care for wounded warriors, trying to carry on after losing the person they love most in the world. and through it all, these people still find the time and energy to serve their communities, as well. running the pta, raising money to help those less fortunate than they are, and more. even these families can use a hand during the holidays. if you live near a military base, you can reach out to your
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workplaces, schools, and churches. there are so many ways to help. even buy green over a home cooked meal. even if you do not know a family nearby, your family can help by donating or volunteering at organization supporting military families. >> you can also reach out directly to forces around the world. kids can make a card that will bring a smile. adults can send a care package or a prepaid card making key to work a little easier. even if it as a simple as saying thank you. there are more ways to help pat for all of those spending the holidays for way from home, whether at a base, iraq, were afghanistan, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers


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