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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  June 15, 2010 1:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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table. section 4. the reirement of claus6-a of rle 13 foa 2/3 te to considereport from the committeon rules on the same day it is presented to the house is waived th reso y resolution reported through the legistive day of june 18, 2010, providing for considation or disposition of y senatemendment to the housamenent tohe senate amendme tthe bill.r. 4213 amend the internal reven code 1986 to extend certain expiring provision and for othurposes. . ction it shall be inrder at any te through the legislative day june 18, 10r te speaker entertain mions that use suspd the rules. the eaker orer degn leader or hi designee on the designation ofny ma for consideratn pursua tohis section.
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gentlewoman fromaines t regnized for one hour. ms. pingree: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. spea for the purposes of debaton i yield the stomary 30 mut to gentlewoman from north caronadr. foxx. all time yield during consideratof the rule is for debate only. i ask l members may have five legislative ys to revise and extend their remarks a insert extraneous merl to the reco e speaker pro mpore: without object ms. pingree: i yieldmy such te as i may consume. the speakepro mpore:he gentleman is recogzed. ms. ngre thank you, m speaker. mr. speake houesolution 1436 provides for conseration of h.r. business lendingd act of 2010. undeastructured rule with e hour o generalebate wh 30 nute control b the mmittee inancial services and 30inutes controlle the commite on small business. the rule makes in orr an amendmenin the nate of a bstitute consiinof e text of.r 57as reported
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byhe committee on inancial es with thadtion o title 3,hich would establish the small busiss admistration, a pogram to provide equityfinancing support earlystage ad high gr sma businesses. it alsinclud a managr's amendment ich kes a number of important changes tthe base tex e ru makes in order 17 dments which are printed in pa c of the rules cmmitte report accompanying the rule. the aments are each debatable for 10 minutes the provides on mion to commit. h.r. 5297 withrithout instructio. consideration of h 5486. a sma businesobs tax li act of 20 under a closed rule. the rule pvides one hour of dete contrled by the committee onays anmeans. dditi to paying for e costf small binsses leing fund act, it will provide a number ofta x breaour nation's ruggling smallusinesses. the rulelsoides one motioncommit h. 548
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with or without instructions. the rule then provides tt these two bills ll b combed on adopon before addional, the rule waive clause 6 o whih ll allowor saay considerion to friday, june 18 a providing for consideratio of any senate amdmento h.r. 4213, the american loopholes act 20 finay the rule als lows e speaketo entertain motions to suspe the rules through june 18. mr. speaker, today thhse will take up t very important piec of dictly help sma binesses aroundhe cotry. these bills will pvide much need the siness that is make up r counies and are e backnef our economand econic recovery. these ls entreprenes grow and create as preside obama said last fall sma businesses needs to be o
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hiest priority becse wn sml businesses are succeeng, erica succeeds. in ord for sma busisses to succeed,mu give them thts they need to gr. one of the tos is the ability to access capital. when g baco mainech week, i heft thea stories from busin owners acrosshe state. when the credit marketried up, theye hard. now that the economy has stard to make a recovery, are still unae to accs the credit ty need to expand, rere, and grow. aba ago iosted an evt on helping connect small busisses wh capital. the resp was owhelming. hundredsf small buness small business own showed up. so my we need an overflo roomo accommodate th mand there are businesses of all types and sizes and many h driven hours toome to the wosh they came to this ming because they felt they had nowhe else to turn. as a small bness owner myself, i know what a challenge
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it can be to make edset when i srted my last business fore the credit cru i was fortate i had a small community bank to work with that gave m access toapitl i needo stt my busines t foranwho have tried to get the mone necessaro art, operate, and pand the business over the past fw years,t hsn bn s eas today have an opportunitto make credit labl to millions osmall businesses ro the cntry. toy we cn asshe leers who ow firsthand th erce those busnees make to a community. today we can make it ease your r companies get access to fincing at will help jobs ow, expand, and creat the congressiol service estimates that the instments made bythis bill will stimulate $ blion of nding to sll businses. small siness orsnd nkers ike have told me they think the bill's a good idea as the economrecovers it wl lpncrease lending by o cal financial instituions i
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maine. as the owner of a boat yar in sacco ine to me, iis imperati we pport omall sinesses and ensurey are rey to go once the economy fully recovers. they me a good point. althgh ware w seeing siof economic recovery, econistsl us that we could still face doub dip ression iwe aren carefu thout acss t capital, i afraid theecovery will be limited to wa street and not maintreet. by invesng in sma bues, we c keep the momentum goi and make sure the economic rovery turns into jobso people in mystate and across the couny. mr. r, let me tell you a little bit more about what i heard from the pople who live my state. onperson in my district who helps small siness owners told me recently he i convincethat the inability of small businesses access capil is the nbe on pediment t ecomic growth
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for ou naon. he also ide worked with successful entpreneurs who rvived the having difficult time re-establishing eir cred lis cessing moneyor growth evenhenhey have real profitablepportunities. the banksre not nearily ingnless yoha hard llatal ahey are shutting down crit l customers who pay theiills even on ti for example, over e past 17 years one small manufacturing company s grown fro a sole prrietorship to plin17 pele. they havborrowedoney to invest heavily i the mchiner and technogy nessary to produce a hi qualy prodt. but ashe economy stalled out theyerac a shortfal reipts andeeded to refince but had be struggli to he capit theyeed. theyre contuingo pride jobs a ship pucts all over operating costs of doing their business. ifhey had access to capital, th could also coin to ma innovativ ne dis.
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increasing daily and witut financing they anae to grow their company and provi jobs. small businesses are dperat for credit to expand and grow, and that's why th bill is s important. ashe economyicksup, smal businessn mnd elshere his uny need to have e capito epand and gow their businees. thout access toatal, thesbusinesslso not be ae torow. i lookorwardouppting latetoday and i reser the bance of my . thspeao teorhe gentlelady reserve e gentledy fro north lina. ms. thank you, mr. speake i thany coeague from forieintime. i will urge my cleagu on se f e aieo vote no on the rule and non this llie that my lleagu and i will be able to e-- explain why. inase there arsome folk
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still listenin what we wre other side of the aisle were talking abouin the las o the one minutes were enhile ago i hey have very selected memories. they talked about whathe economy was ke when presidt obama ok office. and ey blame everything on foer presi bush, but they failed to mentiver, evever that they were in charge of the ngress the las twyes of presidentus adminira, d th were e ones in charge of what was happening in ter o spending money and w oeconomy w situation.nrtunate it'sery prent bushecause heas prident, but they were in arge of the congre. mr. speake it's unfortunate that again find myself before
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y amazed by e stunng arrogance of the liberal democrat responble r ingi this ru before us tay. is rule whi provide for coioof.r. 52 7, e sml business ldi t, and accompanyi leslatn h.r. 5486, bill intended to he immene stf h.r. 5297. consideration of this legislation which will cos xpayernotr$32 billion, comes at a timehen th democrs havedemotrated a complete paralysis presenting the anal bget resoluon nessar fr guiding congressional spending decisions. all knowha many small bunesses hav not been able to get available cred. hover t democrat respse isnfortunate predictible.
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borrow more mey foren nders and futur generations, and spenit onetnoer in a long string of bailouts, eate a lot o federal government js, an othing toreally help small busisses. e way we can help a businees i this country is to lower taxes ross t board and not continue tcreate necessary, inefficient vernment programs whicon't delivewh they need to an with t m speaker, i see balancof m. the speaker pro mpore: t gentledyeserves. the gentdy from maine. mspingree: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the ms. foxxthank you, mr. lina. speaker. i'd now likeo yid five minutes mdtinguished coeague fr cifora, m intock.
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e speaker pro tempore: the gentleman omifora is recognized for five nute mr. mcclintock: thank the ntleladyor yielding. . speaker, t sporter o this bill tell us that it's going toincrse lending to smallusinesses. they are creating a $30 llion slfund to me loanstomaller banks, therefore encouragg smler banks to makeoans to small businesses or they sa i beeve it is aplndid example of what like to ca mcclintock's second w of politicaphyss,he more we invest in our mistakes, the less wilng we arto correct them. 's apparently escathe supporters' tention that we e already doingrecise what the propos new small business lending fund uldo fo the isting tarp capital rchase program. th's just not my conclusion that's toncsion othe tarp. pector general of he wrote to theinancial rvices committee on y 1 and observed ote, i terms
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its bacne, its participants, itapplication press,nderhaps its ing soce from sighperspectiv small business lending fund would essell be an extensioof ta's capital purchase program. if this scheme actally rked, we wouldn't need this ll, wod w banks would already leing li crazy. e only problem is, it does . t some members cabear to fa the american people and admit that they squandered bins of doll o working instead th brings more of o the same. no this plas an dional $3biion of taxyer money at risk of the we are told don't y. we'll get that when have we har ts song before? s, whe theyailed out fannie mnd freddie mac and accordg to the federal budget office, taxpayers ve now lost $145illi headingo $400
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billn. don't wt will be pa back. what'sely to happen to $3billioput risk by this ll? won't touch is money, ty es don't ed it and they d't the federal ealement to come with it. only those banks whosfinances unsoundill aept these fus wi nchance they'll actually be paid back. in fact, by removinghe eclinspecr genel from risk isht of these funds,at and ju tbe clear,he's graee that a me of this money will ly be lent to sm binesses in th fit place. in fact, any comrcial or industrial loawill cot toward the requiremes this not necessarily stoans to sml businesses now, after a failed $700 billion tarp, $30 bli mht t sod like a lot of money, but let's pu it in
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perspective. the combinedlean and econic costs of the gulfil ill are currently estimaed ound $17 billi. so in term of econom dmage th bill could actually cost more than cleaning u the entireess in the gulf. that'srue, small businesses are having greifficty geing loansso are ho buyers . why is that? publisector borrowing has crowded out the public pool th wou otherwise ve bn avaiable to make private sect loans to smal busine and homebuyerand consumers. under thisdministratiod this congrthe governnt isrunnina $1 trlion annual deficit. that'roughly $20,000 r every family four in america. ll, wre does that money co fro ll, we borrow . from wh dwe borw ? well, we borrow from the
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same capital pl that wou otherwise have been availabl to loan to sll business and her emplors sking to add obs or loan to homebuyers seeking tre-ent the housing market or loanfor coumer purchases. remember 2/3 oeconic gwth depends upon the coumer purchas. but that monenow is n availaeo lone tomployers to expanthe onomy becaus ernment has now boowed it inrder to expand government. th is corof the proble now, i'd offer an amendment to rbid tsef tis tar 3 ney r a very simple reason. if the government borrows tha that same monen't be ess, availab to to another business. governmt cannot inject a single dollar into the econo until ihafirsken that same llar out of that same
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ecomy. but, of course, this andment waforbidden undethrule 're noconsidering. thef oppose the ru and i oppose th underlying ill. the speaker pro tempore:he gentleman yields back. gentlelady from ma ms. pin: i yid two minutes to the gentleman from rhode island, mr. laevin. e sak pro tempore: th gentleman from rhode island is regnized for two minutes. r. langevin: i a unanimous consento revise anextend the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. langevin mr. speke, i thank thgentlelady for yielding and i re in strong suprt for thile and the underlyinlegiion that provides relief to small businees by exndinlendin opptunities and offering tax incentiveso help them grow small sinesses he absolutelthe backbone of the american econo, and the especially importa in home state of rhode islandre they make up of our employers. now, more than ever we have to assume ery poiblenu createoband gethe -- get
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none of us can be satisfied that our economys rforming where it shou be, espially in my ho state where we havehe fourth ghes unemploymentate inheation 12.5% none of us can aept that status quo right now. anongrs st absoluty support the owth othe small business and help stimate e re eine of our nation's economy. american prosperitabsoluly depen on the success of small nesses. in the innovate spirit of the amicanple -- and the innovive irit of the amican people. m comed to bringing reli to small businesses that are strugglininur state and i urge my coeaes to support this bill anlet's ve our sll businesses wh they need to cree the jobs that wilget america ba on track thank yor. spe, ani yield ba the balance of my time the eaker pro temre: th geman yields back. the ntledy from rt carolina. ms. foxx: thank youmr. speaker.
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y know, this bill ibeing promoted as neceary to incrse the availabili for small businses. but as my colleague fro lifornia so eloquently pointed out, it's really a lout for ban tt are in y pos. d wt nobodyas point out next i credibly t money doesn'tave to bavailable foo years androbably wll t be avaable for two years. sohais th goingdo gain to helpmall biness hateed helpight now? and,gain, as my colleague pointedout, i crees30 bon lendi fund for banks with ss than $10 billioin asse. it also is going to apprate $billn to stes to shore up their sma business lending anguaranteed progrs.
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butldn't be doing that either ave no business going in a shoring up progra tat e ates have when they haven'been rponsible the usef their money. but what this bill is goi to do is deen our debt problems, duplicate e goal of e iginal $700 billion ta progra amr. mcclinto pointed out. we have nearly 10% unemployment, a t so-called ecomic leadersp of the rulingiberal democrats has proven to be a faire. iss tarp 3, andts billion prtag is not going to bany different than the prev mechanisms that they'sed to try to stimula the econo. rather thanrosing sound onomics like lering taxeand recing regulatory burdenthe democrats ntinue to advocate misgde policies
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thatxpandhe governnt's control and incree the natios debt. the simpltruth that taxpayer can't ford another the original bailo bill,arp 1, was $700 billion. in 2009 our colleues ohe oter se of the ale ram through a so-lledtimuls bill costing $1.trilon, pt of that's the costthe intere o$410 billion omnis appropriations bill for f.y. 2009, triion fiscal year 2010 budget they creased the debteiling by $1.9 trilon, the national debt now ds a13 trlion. the taxyers lost $145 billion by baing out fane and
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freddie. approach $400 billn overall. recely theuropean unand e international netary fund pledged $5 billion to bail out e bant nation of greece. americ taxye are on th hook for $4.8 billion in loan e i.m.f. s foth the euroan union the i.m.f. have alsonnounced a $1 trlibailout plan that could pu tax -- aerican taxyers on thhook for $50 billion in additinal loan guarantees to bail out other financially irresnsible members of the eupean union d news tay is that spain is aost ready to go banupt andt our suor and yet thng liberal democrats ntinue tspend our nation inta financial yss. ve jt go over a t
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mbers, a i want too over th one more time to ma sur the americ peopleully undersnd what theeople in chargee agenda of this congress are doing. they've been in charge, by t way, mr. spear, since nuary2007, which is w most ofur problems began haening. so l me go over it again $700 billfor the megabank, a $38 billio sndg bill, a410 billion omnibus ending bill, a $6 trillio fiscal year 2010 budg, $1.9 trillion deb ceiling crease, $6.8 billion to international monery fund loan guaraee programor
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countriesn europe -not even stes- and an additnal $50 blion in loan guarantees for bailing ouother fincily irresponsie members ofhe european union. and, agai it's going to crea -- this bilis going to create unnecessary programs. already under tarp 1, th gank bailout treary created these programs, as mr. mcclintock pointed out,o it' a ear dication that rp 1 was a failure. if drats havto bri th bk ancreate $32 billion more to do what the $700 blion tarp wa't able to do. so what we're eings ur friends on the other side of the aisle crtingore taxpayer-funded jobs at the federal level, job for average amecansnd n money
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foll businesses. and yeou unemployment rate when they promisedwihe fit stimulus bill tt it would never go above . bert eitein is credit the same thing er and over again andxpecng rults. the americanpl a righ question why ar our fries onhe oth side of the aisle dointhe me tngs over and over again and expecting differe results fr wt they've gottn the past. d wi ti reserve the balan of my te. the spear pro tempe:he gelady reserves the gentlelady from maine ms. pingree: thank you, mr. eaker. my colleague from north carolina has lked a little bit out the content of this ll, and i know it will be debated at greength after we'v fished dete on this le. i want to mentn a cole of
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points from my perspective why i'm he suor this bill day and why i somewhat disagree oner nn that we'ret dointhe same thing ov a over again. i'm not actually doing the me thinover and oveagain. i'm a freshm membeof congss, unli my colle, the present from the fmer n administon, president bush proped the tarp to cgress. many of my collesn th other side of t aisle actually voted in fav of that bailout of wall street. manbelieved it was critical toevivinour onomy just as i blieved sport the recovery ac ke surwe did, yes, in fact, send a considerable amount of money io our home districts, whether itas for inastrture construction or to sore uphe js ofur ma surth wreoniners, to to build projects in our districts, to continue to ma sure we support our education system and i am pleased to see that the ecomys makinge
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improvemen ow, i woulbe the first to say it's not improving st enough, at jobaren growing fast enough my home distri we lt too much in r manufacturing sment. we've givetomany js aw offshoring and we haveone so my things over the wo decades, i believe,hat this cntry h hurt our fundamental emy. but i llay wt i ink is different about what wee doing toy and at made m very pleased irsteard the presidt announce this is we're finally lng aft me of our small busesse for my year ana lf in congress, as i mentned before, i've been meeng with smalbusinesses, meetg with the banke that loan t mey, holdina workshop as i did around access to catal. i was flred with theumber people o came to that workshop, with pele who drove om all over state, even outside of my dirictbecae they were so desperate to make sure they got more iormation aboutow to acss tha difficu cap, whetheit was someone who was ready to
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art a small buness, en i a tough economy, o it was someone who said me, you know, i want tdo a little pansion. i want to build my own inastructure hwhili ve the portuny or i'm justrying to survivlong enough unl the econom improves so iantill be ther smyusiness can be therehen i hope tngget better. well, i desperately hope things gebetter my homstate of in we expecfor a nny . we hope thtourists will b busy in ourtate. that the lobsterisherm will get a lot of bster, maybe pase some real este and build a new home. for us, that is critic. r many our sma bunesses who i hear from regularly, they still can nd the capital that ty need. we haveuge at building indust in our state and we have m with boat builders ho say the floor plan lend proposal and what we're able to access through the sml business admistration isn't
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enough. ur bksren'ab to access enough capital. wewithhe very bankers that you mention. meet with the bankers, many with good crit b ty ootin me, we wish the s.b.a. h a little bit mor when you tk about sort of government programs that do do us any good, i ju want to remd us, 're talkinabout the smal busines administration. you owmy guess is that there are a lot of my the who e ve happy to de of go to the ribbon cuttinghen a new business is opening backed by a loan guarantee from t small business admtration. i ery confident that many of y mee with your bkers and you hear your banks say, i wish we couldust a little bit more of that sport from the sb.a. guess is that manyf you, while you're proclaiming that this is some ndf democratic, left-wing libera agea are happy to say, we wa to ke ia little bit easier for businees to thrive
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anlourish. and somew you get down here and this rns into a left-wing demoaticgenda because you're not interted inoting or it today, i have to say sometimes i'm mpletely nfounded about exactly which party i'm in i el ptty much liki'in the party of coon sse. we're listeningo our constituents,ur small businesses who evedy proudly proclaims the backbone he american econom and in mstate,t is the backbone of our economy and we listo them and they say, we'retill having little trble accessing the capital. and the president comes bore us and he says, let's mke sure 0 llion go to all busi, t just wall street, and big biness, let's not make se wel outhe big banksas was done under the bush administration, let's direct ts money to the small bunesses who he been askg this forear d a ha. i'm frankly amonfounded abo this, why anyone wouly no to sma businesses, anybody wod belie that ts
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economic recessi is , that it's oto jalky and u all kds of excuses abouwhy yodon't feel le otg for someing yme, why you don'want to continue helping ourtrugglg smal siness businesses, w y n't want tinue touild bs in this co that'wh people arking us despaty do. it's my belief if we sp o so,f we don't hp our sml businessfrankly, if we dohelp our states at are strgling to have lo guarantee progmshemselves, whoave done allent job of supporting busins and economic growth, if 're not there to those entrepreneu o have a good idea today an araeady isinessnd want to expand wh a good idea, we shouldn't urprised ato many enomies are arting to move ahead of uin this dfilt te. frankly, don'unrstand why anyone who won't support this rule and the derlying bill. i hope people will ange their mi thi abo the small
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siness administration,he small businesses that we can help today and the great good we couldo help pport jobs in this country. rerve the lance of my time. . e speaker pro tempore:he ntlady fronorth carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. spr. i realize th my gu o e other side of the aisle sometimes n't understand why the republicanvo agast thei l-ncved lislation , t it's rely becaus we have a vydifferent philosophy about whatakes thisountry susful. we belve t wed adhere to thcatalingsic - capitasic soety that has always made it succsful. it i'the government that makes usuessful. it isn't making money fom hardworking taxpayers sing d giving ame burecracy, that mey back to
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taayers th'smade this countruccesul and th bill ivery misnamed. it't the smallusiss bill, it's a bailoutof banks, smler banks an the bier --egabanks that were bail ouby t democrats imarily withhe helpf present bush. this inot a sma business bill b aank bailout bill. i'd now like to yield e minuteto m colae, mr. the speaker pro tempor the gentleman from minnesota is cognized for tee minutes mr. paulsen: thank you, mr. speaker. i ank my colleague. mrspke also riseoday in oppositn ru and here's why. i offered thre andments bere therus comtt and -sponsored a frth and sdly nonef themere maden order for today's bill. in my top concern an the concern of all monstituent ntinues toe jo believ everytng tt
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congress does should b looked at through trism of is it helping orting job g and is going to put americans ck to work? unrtunely shington has no pursued a pro-jobs agenda over the last few years e thstimulus wassigned weave lost abouthe million jobs and we continue to growndpend our way t our tion's debt to a larger a larger pcentage of our gd.p. spker,ma bunesses have creed outwo of three of eve three et new jobs in the united states since the early all businses are also reonsible for rugy lf, half otherivately gerat d.p. in thunitedtates. this is where oujobs are going come from in the future. thiss where te reve will me froin the fuhr what has congress done in terms of focusing on l business rtunately, n muc that's w i offered a spefic amendment in the nature a substitute that would have l.l.c.'s to der their ince revestedn their companor
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buness. stead they would havtoay the tax only oe e money that is withdrawn from the company. ifmall busesse wou receive streef and they could inve that money in their coany hire workers, th would be a tr econoc stus to put people back to work. more than 2/3, mr. speaker, of all small siness income is taxed ta rates. d now the majorityarty is ing et these rates rise athe end of thear, forcall businesses to even shoulder aighe tx buen. so this amdmt wuldrovide real incentives r small businesses tgrow without creatingther bailoutll oforrowing and spending even moreovnment money. i also offered an amendnt that would have strcken the section that would treat s corporations dferent. why should a small busir small businessorporatione targeted for higr interest rates? a study sed by the s.b. demonstrated they already shldered the highe tax burden oy business
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structure. ifnything ey shoulbe lowered fothose rte ament by the - withh nsored and gentlewoman from illinois, mrs. biggert,ho also, i was als not maden order, and that amendmt woulhave prevent nid ovions of th leslatio the underlying bill, from tang effect unl certain tax ovision thats benefit small busiss are exteed until012. mr. spea the nber one issue i really hear about is jobs. is all busineel w can we hlp them? and e uncertainty ty face right w coming from coss and the bigger amendmen is a much br approach because it would have addressed at level uncertnty, focing time and attention of theeeds and erns of sallbusinesses and making sure t know whatertainty they can do in terms of providi -- wther they are going to dploy their capil. mr. spke thesere the amendmts i thinkould have cong toocun real true to smalbusiness growtand king tarted approach. it wldave b smart, sttegic, a iouldrge a
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vote on the rule becau these amenents wernot included as an o i yield back. e spear o tempore: the gentman yields back the balance ofis time. e gentlelady from main ms. pingree: i would inquire the the gentwoman om north carolinae ha remaining spears. ms. foxx: we do, mr. speer, we'll be uing more of our time ms. pingree: i reserve. e spker pro mpe: the gentlelady reserves. e gentlelady from nrth carolina. . foxx: ank you, mr. spear. ere her reasons w this re d this bl deserve no votes. thbill lacks proper ovsigh foth tarp threeogram becae it wouldot be subject to the effective oversig of the specia inspecreneral for tarp otheise knowas sig tarp. lieve my colleagu mr. clinto, pointeout someof this concernn hismark but on fruary 19 o this year sig tarp'satchdog sent
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a letter to t assistan secretary for finaial ility. concerned exessed treasu's decision to remove tarp 3 the oversight and warn s ve wld be terrly wasteful d could lead to asignifican exposure twast fraud, and abuse if all ts weren'enough, amics should knhatarp 3 creates more unctainty like the original tarp megabank bailout, the federalovernment willnce again at its scretion be ableo reach intoherd rooms and etbooks of private sector firms and employees. the useof the original tarp by so banks begets use of the obama adminiration's pay czarnd othera fce wh closed thousands of dealerships. so the use of e igal ta insred the democr to pursue qte, respbility fee, quote anotrtax on financial firms.
1:39 pm
through tarp three many small and midsized banks may soon find theederal government as their w senior ptner. th approach is particularly disturbing given avbility sens cost-free ternives, some of them offered our democratic colleagues such as mr. kanjorski's bill,.r. 3380, the promoting lending to america's small business ba, whh host as bipartisan list of 123 co-snsors, including myse. fortunately e erican peoe ve choice between the same old tired libera agendar new innovative sns being offed g.o.p. some of the n-cost proposals ofred by houserepublican leadership to president obama anosed mandate orhalin regulation expected have an
1:40 pm
onomic cost. resultinjoloss or have a despairet --ispare impact onmallusiness. eliminat jb-lling fede ta ineases, freezing mestic discretnary spe at lye's levls, removing necessary barriers t domestic energy production, oviding an incenti for companies t repatriate earnings back to thenited states, and increasing expos throughre agreements beneficial to doic j ea. to tt list iadd a few more items such as rescinding unspent stimus funds, reforming th ort syst, a unceaintfacingll sinesses. suspending the job-killing s-con ac and shrinki theost of theederal minmum wageparticully foroun d inexend rker seeking ball m speaker, there are alternatives to the bad legislatn bng proped by
1:41 pm
our colleagu on thother def thaisle. agn i will urge my colleages to vote no o the rule an n on the underlying bill. i reserve the balance of m time. thspeaker prmpore: the gentlelady resers. thgentlela from maine. ms. pingree: thank you, mr. eaker. i have to sayy lleae contues to a as though we don't have a problet there with our economy. th someh as happened the lastdmintration you can justake thisaisez faire attitude ande can just say it will get better on its ow we don't need to do anything. or sehow this recovery has already be good enough. well, i don't hear anne out there sayi it's good enough. that therare enough jobs, th there ienough support, d e inreing a couple of thgs that i rect read that reinfce this issue that there isn enough creditand leing go on, pticuarly to help our small businesses wh as have said bere, are one of the important
1:42 pm
ennes to drive thieconomy. a port by the u.s. congressional joint economic committee that was released in mayound that smallusinsses have been severelyurt b the title ndinstandards that resulted from the 20 financial cris. i just wt to quote a couple sennc from that report. thetightiredit conditioxperienc busineese curtailedheir ability to meet pyroll prode the pducts d service that is are demand. 29 small business hiring was 20%below it 2001 to 2007 avere. as further evidencof the impact tha tit credit businesses, hiring in md-sized d larger estlishments has been increasg since the le of 2009 while small busine hiring contins to
1:43 pm
decline. i don't know how much more evidce we need than w we ar every weeke bu it is clear small businesses in r districts are still struggling. there was some qstion out whether or nothe bankers even etbas already hd ppen. enty o moy tolend, people wereust noshowing up to take i want to readrom a letter fr the dependent mme baer of -- community bankers of aerica. says this act wul offer pitato intested community bato use to increase sma business cret. go on to sa notabl leveginghe0 billio funds th commuty banks woulpotentially support many mes that in lome to smalusinesses. as much as $300 billion additional lendg. well, i dot know anyone who anyzes our businesses out there who says tit wouldn't be gd to have more cit, more avbili, more
1:44 pm
leing, more growth iour busses. haven't growing in that path we haven't been grinfast enough. and we hven't done a sufficient amount of spo, availability of cedit and grow in small busesse have been, according hi port, a fairmounfor so of our gger d midsized bunesses butet we are wa the one who is say, now i'm oig to quo from professor ha of du unerty, his quote, small d medi-sized firms are the employment gwt in the economand they are being squeed. it went to say, results show arch extraordinary4% of small businesses rescted their capital thescapital projects create jobs bo td tooned and over the longer term. analysis suggests th businees areot spending on capital projects because o
1:45 pm
borowi difficults. fing the edit problem gs a ng way toward creang t conditns for robust employment growt we can ta arod is all we want but it's a simplprobm that we' all known abouer since this econy arted going d. bas titened otheir lenh. bunesses have been struggling, many of them just wao hang on. some ofhem actually want grow. and profesor harvey g us resul swn an extraordinar 44% of small businesses restricted their capital spending below desired levels becausof borrowing difficulties. borrowing difficulties, that' almost hf of sll busesses fficulties me they cat getugh ney borrow. theyant to borrow money. he are legitimate businesses, many with gd cdit ratings, who juswant get enough of it. and he's the bkers saying to us,es, thisou put potentily 3 billi dollars
1:46 pm
in aitional lending into our economy at a time when people are just startingo feel hopel, where consum credit is gng up a ttleit, but we're not doing enough. it'easy to stand back and say, oh, no, , , thsn't the government's job, t remember what hped before started assisting in th rrle recession. weere going nowhere. we were losing a tremendou amount of job i d't like spending this money any more than anybody lse, nerhat my colleagun the other side of the aisl may say. ody likes to increase th dit or feel like we're spending more money, b are we reallyoingo our backs on the smalbusinesses the commity banks en hal us have troub accessing the credit wed, can't you give us a hping h we helped out wall street, we helput the biginanal institns. now we lly have a big before us to helthe backbone of our binseand we're going to say no. i reserve theancef my
1:47 pm
time. t speer pro tempore: the gentlelady resers the balae of her time. the gentlelady om north carolina. ms. foxxthank yo m speake what we needgas cross-e-board tax cuts, we don't need me government contl. it's interesting that our colles have two different tax one is blame everhing on the previo adminiration. but theext o the last democrat whopoke during one minutes made a speech telling us how everything was greaand how much better everythinis going so it's a little hard, i'm sure for themecan people to wonder what i theolicyf this group that's in charge of the congss. i n would like toieldwo minutes tistinged colleague fr tennessee, duncan. thspeaker pro tempore: th
1:48 pm
entlan is regnized. mr. dunn: mr. speaker, than you very much. thank the gentlelady from north carolina for ying me te. don't think i'd take that much time, but each work day every member of congress receives a pblication called "congress dail" a few months ago the "congss day" had a cartoon that showed the president and his secrety reasury hollering out ", an, an th it showed the banks wiuge bags full of money anhenocal exins pulling back saying, no no, no. and then the crux of the problem. the bankhave plenty of mey to loabut they've got the examiners at theocal lel aying no, no, no. this is something that both ministraionsave aged on because president bh and his secrety of the treasur started this back befo president obama even mento ofce urging e bas to make more loans to small businesses but they can't ibecause the examiners have tned down
1:49 pm
at every kind oloan tha theyanteto me expt to people w didt ne loans. just weekend befo last i had a banker in east tennsee tell that theyad turd down a $5.5 million loan. they had plen of neto loan but theknew the exiners would turnhidown a few mths ago e chairman of the banking chn, one o e most rcted bks in this country, told a group of us that it was breakinhis heart because thehave pley mey to ln but twere ving to stroy people's businessesrning down loans that in any other time they would have made. and we will neverreally rrect this problem until we t the top banking regurs toget on their examiners on the local lev to giving some businses me flexility and start makg some lans. noonly did the banks tell me this, they're in a catch 2 position. ey c't -- tch 22 position. thecan't compin publiy
1:50 pm
because the examiners will come down othem. small busess peoplerom all types of businesses a telling me tcan't gethe loans ause the examiners are telling them no, no, no. thepeaker pro temporethe gentleman's time h expired. the gentlelady om maine. ms. ngree: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady fromaine resees. the gentlelady from north carolina. ms. foxx: thankou, mr. speaker. as my colleague haspote out, there are lots ifrent p expectives from our folks on the othe of the aisle- persctives from our folksn the her side of the aisle. they chand the line of talki to depend on whatt is they want tpoint out. want to say ain that we have mor proems with our economy. we have a problem with ending, not a prlewith revenu b a problith spendin
1:51 pm
and i want to point oute commentand so contrt positis from when r lleaguese in the minority to now. in may of 2006 then minority pelosi declarote,urared -- national surity problem is a naonal secury issue. hey w only be making our ys, our clhes and our comte, they' beaking ou foign -- they'll be making our foreigpolicy. keep in mind the time they said this the total public debt was $8.513 trilli. now, when they've creaa debt of over $13 trilion, suddenly it's not aroblem. or in december of 2005 when she deed, ote,emocrats support pay-ayou-go, no deficispending. if something is important to you, fure out to pay for , buo not ma m grandchildren and childrenave to pay for itr anybody's
1:52 pm
ildren and grandildren have toay for it, end q. agn, keep in mind tht the me she sd this t debwas $8.107 trilli. now,hen ey've created a debt oov13 trillion, they seem not to be concerned about theirhildn d granhildn. the ruling liberal democrats pride their fcal irspsibility is also a far cry from march, 2005 when outrageecring that, quote, on theepublican party's watch th federal government coed the worst budget deficit in amican history, $412 bll in fiscal yr 2 $412 billion of deficit spendg. e ght be ashamed of that. we ought to be ashamed to tell r children thathat's what we've done to them. wought to be ashad to tell r gndchildren, of which have three, that this is what we have de them d their generation. that's the heit of fisl irresponsibity, and i est it's also fiscally immorand
1:53 pm
the abuse of our childn angrandchildren and generations yeto ce o in thr time wilface t challge perps like iraq, perhaps likeid perhaps like a tsunami or other tul disasters d look arod for resources to respond to tir cris and their time and say, oh, oodness, the resources spt by this ongress and by the previous cgress, what a e. enquote by mr. hoyer. under republic rule a $412 billion fit wacoider a threat tr descendents. $1.42 trillion defit under democrats is somehow excused for so reason. what a shame deed. mr. speer, when the liberal mocrats seized control of congressn january of 2007, the number of ployed person stood at seven million
1:54 pm
and the unemployment rate was4. oh, how times have changed. oday, e numbers mo than doubled. 15illion americans unempyed stinga stagring.7% unemoy rate. the se npartisan officials government rl source ta diffent sty than t leral democrats inpate search of a scapegoatwo have you to belie. mr. speaker do not need to continue to bo money and put our children and grdchildn to greater debt. the evence is in. the liral democrat agenda has failed. ty need to go bache drawing brd and come back solutions to eir re real proems. and do we hear from small business people? do we hear fromplo are out of work? absolutely. ever weekend. this isn't the time to blame
1:55 pm
threpublicamity for t disappointincollapsef governance we've seen si the libal mority seized ctrol in 2007. i yield back. thspeak p tempore: the gentlelady yieldsack th balance of her tim the gentlelay from maine. ms. ingree: thank r. speaker. leme just say a few thin in conclusi. we debated a little bit today about whethe not this bi is portant, and i jt want to say this is a ctical need that we are fulfilling today. this bill will pport sml busisses when they need it most. ss t the financinghey ed to rvive d grow and ee the jobs that will drive our economic rcovery. i eally knownyone could opse this. kw is is essential becausi hear it from businesses throughout the25 towns in my dtrict, and i knowhiis esstial bause i've own a business my much mult fe for many years iwd a itting company.
1:56 pm
i grewhe business and eventually ployed 10 people in a town of just 350 year-rou residents and le many wom who startheir own business, i know hard it is to start your busine expand your busiss on credit card or have go to your husband to co-sign on a oan. w, i own a inn and restranthat grows their own gets and ilkn what it is meet payroll and guing with bank to gea loan. i know how imptant it is but it -- when businesses are coming to us and sayg this is theirrobl, how cod we ssly tell them no? d when facg a tough onomic crisisike isne, it is vital that we do everying our power to suppt the small businesses reate64% of new js in is country, that cprise
1:57 pm
moren 99% ofll employer companiesnd a the bone ofhe communi tt st of us live in. this bl is an imrtant step inuppng those sma business and ensuring tha they have theecessary capital to stay in bess and expand as theconomy recovers. this business is more anust sply an investment in sml business. frankly, it's an investme in and whatould be more importanat this moment in time. i urge a yes vote oth evious question and on the rule. i eld back the balance of my me and move thereous eion on the resolutio the speaker pro tempore: thout jection, the previous question is ordered the question is on adoption o the resolution. the favayye those opposed, . the ayes have it. e resoluti is agreedo. and wit objectn -- m foxx: mr. speer, on that eque the yeas anna. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and ys are requested. alin favor of tang is vote by thyeas and nays wilrise.
1:58 pm
a suffient mb having risen, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursua to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceengs on this estion will be postponed. uant to clause 8 of ru 20, the chair will ptpone motions to suspend the r on ich a corded vote orhe as and nays are ordered or on which thvoteurs objecti under cl of ru 20. recorded votes on stpod questions will bken late for what purpose do the gentlewoman fr califni se gnitn? wooly: mpeer, i move that the house suspend the
1:59 pm
ruleand ree to house relution13. speaker pro tempe: the clerk will report the title of the resotion. the clerk: hoe relution 1389, resoluti rogzing the immeasurableontrutions ofathers in the healt velmentf children, suppoing sponsible grter invot of fathers g in the lives of their ildren, especiay on fatheday. the speaker pro tempore: pursnt to the rule, th gentlewomafrom california, ms. woolsey, and the gentlen from sconsin, mr. petri, ea will control0 minutes. the chair recognizes t ntlewoman from california. ms. woolsey: mr. eaker, i request ve legislative days during which membe may revise and extend d insrt extraneous material on h.res. 1389 in t recd. th speer pro tempore: without objecon. ms. wooly: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as ma consume. the speakepro tempore: the genelady is recnized. . olsey:r. speak, rise today in support of house
2:00 pm
resoon 1389, to honor and celeb fatr's day this sunday, and to recognize th involvement of our natios father their children's lives. th rolion recoizes the special bond between father and chi byelebratg th significant a pive impacts of an involved father has on hishild and the entire father. every year the third sunday june famils across the country take time to celebrate the dad inhe famil new frs andxperienced fathers alikere honored for the hd work and deep love it taketo be -- whether it be rough home cooked meal, a ca or even simplehone ca we stop once aear to thank fathers for evything ey do in our live rtunately 25lion children in americtoday are living apart from their biogical fathers. this mea that one out of
2:01 pm
every three ilen grow withouth biological father present this the lives. faths a significt and influeial role in thei ild's developmt when suppo fathers are involved in their chdr's ves,heir children e mor likely to enjoy learning,arn eir we cebra th fathers who are tive role models f their children. commemorating theard work and dedicationf fathers on father's day, we encourag sponble fatherhoodnd happy ccessful and ster families and communities. withhai reserve the balanc of my time thspeaker pro teore: the ntlelady resers balance of her time. e gentleman from wisconsin. mr. petri: mr. speaker, i yiel myself sme as i ma consume. the speaker pro temp the geleman is recognized. mr. petr i rise in suppt of the resolutionefore us, hse resoluon the imasurable contribio of fatrs in the healt
2:02 pm
velopment of children, suppting resnsible fatherodd encging greater involvemof fathers in tivesf theirchdren especially oath day and real oevery day. chilenwith ined caring thers ve irove educational outcesompad withldren whose fas are abse. a number of stiesuggest thatathers who arnvolved nurturing and plfulh their fanthavechildren th hher i.q.' as we as letterlinguisticandognitive capaciti. toddlers wth involved fathers go on to start school with higherevelsf academic readiness. handle t stresses and d ca frustrns associated with schoolg more rdily than children withesvolved faers. the inuence of aatr's involvemenondemic achievement extends io adolescence anyoung adulthood. for inance, a u. departmen ofducation study fnd that highly invold bigical fatherha children who were
2:03 pm
childr to earn mtly % less lily than her chilen to repeat a gde. faths play a signicant rle inhaping the character of their childr by snding me with tir sons and daughters, beig stern ye fair disciplinarians and listening to their experiences, faths moldshape children to the men anwotheyl come. they instill important value and prepartheir children f th challenges a rtunitieahead b demonstrating tr leerip. on fher's day and every day, we hon our fathersnd lebrate the spl nd tween a father a a child. i'm honored to rise today support of this rsolution. colleagues to d the sa and i reserve the balance ofy ti e spear pro tempore: the gentleman serves. e gentlelady from foia. ms. woolsey: doethe gelen -- mr. petri: i have sveral requests for time. colleague from my the speakepro tempore: the gentlelady from california
2:04 pm
coinues to reserer tme. ms. woolsey: continue to reserv mr. petri: i yield such time heayonsumtoy coeague from east tenness. the eaker prtempore: the gentleman is recognized. >> thanko mr. speaker. thanke gentleman from sconsin for yielding me this time. of tsresolutiecsef a very meaningful te spent a a judge in tnnessee. i spent 7 1/2 ys as crim court judge before coming to coss tryin t flo criminal cases,he ost serious cases. i have nevoten the firstay i was jge the chief probation counselor for 1 me that 98% of theefeants in felony cases came from what he referred as broken homes. he was not exactly rightn that, it was n quite 98%, but as wellve 9 that came
2:05 pm
om fa-absenhouseholds. that's the key. i went through over 10,000 judge, because 97% or 98% of the people felony cases in crimalourt plead guilty and th apply for probation. i would get eight, 10, 12-page reports inttheir family d rk backound and so for. anevery day for 7 1/2 years i would re defendant'sather left home when dendant was 2 and neve returned defendant's father lt home to get a pack oigarettes and never came back. when you read at tusands of mes overeveral years,it real mes anmpressi. and i know that many woerful and many outstanding people have comefrom broke home and en from father-abst households it's an amazintatisti that the gentlewon from calornia gave aew minutes ago whe she said that one out of ery thre children in aricaare livingpar fr their
2:06 pm
biological fathers now. we need to get amess as some way, especially to the young n this countr that maiage is very, ve imrtant. and that the role of fatherhood very, very import and that its harful to a great mny young people when a ther leaves d removes hielf om th raising oa chil child is reallyssed to have two loving parents. and certaiy we all know a appreciate the very, very portan rol of mothers. but the ro o fathers a important aswe and not just for young men. ie in the past thatany prostitutes and mwon o in trble have had abusive or very negative or bad relatishs with tir thers. sot imrtt to young gis aswell. but i eecially impoant young boys. the real crime, root of th
2:07 pm
crime prm in is count is father abnt househos. the ugs and alcohol are involved in mostcrimes but they a secondary to the problem of fatr absent hoolds. neeto encourage where fathers have left their lives, we need to encourage mothers to get the boys into bcou fi otherale, good male ro models within theamily or with the neighbooo and weee to encourag more men to teach in elementary schools and leadoy scout troops a do thinglike that because unfortunately many, ny y boys are growing up, millions of young boys are growg up wit a good male role mod until their lives. i remember several years ago drivg to the aort to friday afteronere finished our session and there had been ahool shting in ink oregon. d they d the tionalea the ym on the nationalcbs news a he said chirenare inneglected inhis ctry like neve before. i hope that's nt true, but
2:08 pm
that is what he said. it is a growg problem and is rutio i hope, will call attentn to the great importan ofhers in the le - live of their chdren, esciallywe appr father's day here. i yield back the balance omy time. e speaker o tempore:he geleman reservhe balance of h time. thgentlady from clifornia. ms. woolsey:tinuto reservmy time. the spkepro tempore: the gelela continues to reserve. the gentlen from wisconsin mr. petri: i yield such time as he may consume to my clleague from pennsvania, joe pitts. thspker o tempore: the gentman is recognized. eaker.tts: tnk y, mr. i rise in support of h.res. 89, and commend my colleague, mr. spsorihis resoti. we often hear about deadbeat andelinqnt it's eao rget that millions of dads across america are strivingo ood husban and posive role models fo thr kids. it iimportt for us to
2:09 pm
recognize thos dads and e tremenus importce promoting faerhood in amera. ere'no denyine invaluab role at a father plays in a child's life. all knowhat children with involv and loving fathers ve a sigficant aantage they tend to perform better i school. lf-estm.a healthy exhibit positive soal behavior. d avoidr use and othr iminal aivit but tisind of stistical research reallyust affirms what we already knowe true fatherhood is important. ovng father plays gral role in the family. and healthy famies are the undation for a hlthy ciety. this ia ptisan issue. and i'm gd that rublicans and democratar joining effort to hor responsible fatherhood. country rely on thwork of
2:10 pm
famies t keep our neighborhoodstrong churches, commy servic clubs, and school brd should remember how critical fathe are in creang sbleamilies and therefe stable commits. irgmy colleags t recognize the poance of fatherhoodnd to support this resoon, h.res. thank yi yield back the spker pro tempore: the gentleman from wisconsin. mrtr i urge support fo e resoluti befores. have no further requests for time. and yid back. the speaker pro tempore: t gentleman yields back the balance of hisime. the gentleladyrocalifornia ms. woolsey: speaker, i personally hav the great privilegeo have raed sons and have a son-in-law who e the most wonderful thers on ts earth. roud of em and i juhght i'd take this
2:11 pm
ment right no be able to express th. r children, my grandchildren, teddy adjulia, ke, eddie, carlo, and lca are grea th betterecausey have such great dads so, mr. speaker,rge my eaguo suppor h.res 1389honoring a celebrating father's daynd recognizin the involvemenof our nation's faths in tir children's live with that i yield the balae of my time. the ker pro mpore: does the gentlelady wish to reserve balance of her time? ms. woolsey: yes, mr. speaker. i would like to reserve y time. and i'd like to recognize gentman from nth carolina, mr. mntyre. for as much time ahe may consume. the speaker pror the geman ecognized. mr. mcintyre: thank you, mr. eaker. k permsiono rese and exte remks. the speaker tempore: without jection.
2:12 pm
. mcintyrethank you. mr. speake i rise in st support of hes. 1389, a solution thatognizes the fathers in the healthyf deveent of cildren, supports responsible fatherhoodd encourages greater involvemt of fathers in the ives of t children, especially with thceleio of father's day coming uphis weekend. on june 20ur nation will celebrate the ecial place that fhers have in our countr from helping with howork, to playing ll, reading a bo, to offering advicend suppor or listening a ending time with children. ch a every day fathers of l ages contributohe mental, moral, spitual, and physical development of ,eenags, ad, yes, adults. accoing to the national fatherhood itiative, children withnvolved loving father e siificy me ly to doell i school, have a healy sf-eeem, exhib empathy and good bevi, and avoid high-risk activities such as druuse and crimal activi. res. 13 recognizes the commitmentf fathers and the
2:13 pm
ndful rk that both pants obehalf their ki and i encourage my colleagues to join us as we all recommit ourselves tbeing the best fathers that we n be honori our fathes and grdfatrs everywhere. inonsion, i would like to publicly thank my own fher, dr. uglas c. mcintyr for the great example he' been t me throughoy life and the dication and support hs own. indeed may we all intend an exemplify the type of examp wld want our own children one y exhibit en they hhat opportunity to a father. thank you, mr. spear. i k for a yes vote on this important bill. the spr pro tempore: the gentlelady from california. mswoolse thank you, mr. speaker. i'd just like to congratul ngressn mcinty as the author of this piece of leation. thanyou very much. and withhat - the speaker pro tempore:oes the gentlelady yield back? ms. woolsey: with i yld ck theaker pro mpe: all time has been yided. e question is will the house house resolution 1389.agree to
2:14 pm
so many as are ifavor say aye. ose posed, n tpinion of the th--he gentlelady californ. ms. woolsey: i would aor a recorded te. the speaker pro tempore: is the gelelady asking for e yeas and nays? ms. olsey: yes. the spker o tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. all those in forf taking this vote by the yeas nays will rise and remain standing. a suffient number having arisen, thyeas and nays are ordere puuant tclause 8f ru 20 and the chair's prior annocement, further proceengs this moon will be posoned. for what purpose does the gentlewoman omaliforni ek recogition? mswoolsey:r. speer, morph at the house suspend the rus and agreto house resotion 1414 a amended. theaker pro tempe: the the relution. t e titlof the clerouse resolutn 1414,resoluonongratulati urban prep charter academy for
2:15 pm
young men, engeood campus, the nation's first all-male charter scho for achiing 0% college acceptance rate for all 107 members o its first graduating clas of 2010. the eaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from california, ms. olsey, and the geleman from wisconsin, mretr will each ctrol 20 mnutes. e aiecognizes the gentlewoman om cifni ms. woolsey: mr. saker, i request five legisate ys ri whi members can inser material into the rerd. e speer p tempore: without objection, so ord. ms woolsey: mr. speaker, i yield myself as muctime as i maconse. thepeaker pro tem: the gentlady ireco ms. wosey: mr. saker, rise today in suppo of hous resolution 1414 which honors and congrul urb prep arter academfor young me in englewood, illino, in all 107 embers of itfirst aduating
2:16 pm
ass for achieving a 100% college acceptance rate. stens in america often face exaordinary challengeso completinhigh school. in ouration's lgest cities, only 53% sdents are graduating from high school on time. in t chicagoublic school district in particular african-amican males are dropping ouat a rate of over % anonly one in 40 of those who finh hi school are graduang from colle. the students athe engleood campus on the urban preprter ademy -- of t urban prep charter academy young men have bucked these national and local trds, mr. speake their very first graduating class achieved a 100% college acceptance rate and wilenroll in more than0 different colleges and universities tis fall. the graduates of urban prep
2:17 pm
displayed markable am academic achievement and communy engagement andeceived arly $4 million in college scholarships a grant when nationally only 28% of afrin-amecan male high school graduates arenrolling in college, the 100%cceptance rate at urban prep englewoois remarkable accomplishment for these students, their families d thcommity. aselas forhe facultynd staff ofrban pre englood. the gruas serve aole models for the communi and mind us tt we must doore to increase america's clege attendance if we are to succeed in a 21 century quhe -- onomy. mr. speaker, once again i express my suppfor.res. 1414 a congratulate the seniors t urbanre charter academy r young men for their emic achievement
2:18 pm
in colle acceptance. i want to thank representave bobby rusr bringing this resolution to the floor and i urge my colleagues to pass the resolution. i resee the balancof my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reservethe bance of her time. e gentleman from wisconsin. mr. tri: mr. speaker, i yield yself as much time as i might consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleis recognized. mr. petr i rise today in support the soluone ushouse resolution 1414, congratuting urban prep charter academy for young men englewood campus forchieving a 0% college ceptance rate for all 107 members of its first graduating class of 2010 in 2002 aroup of motivated african-american civicusiness and edtional leaders ganized by former house franciscan president tim king termined to establish a w highool ichicago focused on providing a song college preparatory high school opt r boys in undeerved
2:19 pm
african-americanommuits. african-american mal have been and continue tbe the lowest performing mographic in chicago's public schools. a recent udy, a university o chicotudy, published in6 repted that only one in 40 african-americaboys in chag public schools eventually grduate from a four-year university. the icago board of education approv urn prep academy charterpplication in005 and urban pr openedity fir school, urban prep chart academy for ung men englewood mp, this subseque epteer. first charterigh scho for ysn the country, rrently en-- country enrolls 550 stents their second school ened in e east garfid park couldn't in --ommunity in 2009 and a ird will open th falin the south shore communit the min that urban prep academies is to provide a
2:20 pm
comprehensive,igh quality college preparatory education to young men that resus in aduas succeedingollege. urban pr's fst graatin class, the class of 2010, is well on its way to fulfilling the school's miss the eire aduating class has been acptedo mo than 80 colls and univeres and will receive nearly $4 millio in sholarships and inrants. ' eig-hour day consists of a heavy math and scienccourseoad d emphasis on studying a foreign nguage, plus periods of elish evy day. in dition, students spend more than an ur a day with mentor. thschool foreste an environment whe sdents can thrive -- foresters an environnt where students can thrive. failure is not an opti. a 100% llege acceptce rate is clearlyhenomenal. the studentsshould be commended for all their harwork and
2:21 pm
abily to bt the odds in addition, today ecognize tim king, the presidnt and c.e.o., the facultynd staff r providing these students with the support andite encouragement they need to succeed. i support thisesion and ask my colles to do te same and having no requests for me i yield ck tance o ti. the eaker pro tempore: t gentlen yields back the balance of his time. ms. woolsey: mr.peaker, have no further speakers d would ju like to have my closing marks. the speaker o tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. mswoolsey: and my remarks would be to ur my colleagues to suppo h.res. 1414. wihat i yield back he speaker pro temporethe gentlelady yields back the bae of h te. l timeas been yieldeback. the quesons, will the ho suend the rules andgree to house resolution 14. those in favor y aye. those posed, . in the opinion of the chair2/3 of tse voting having responded in the affirmative- the gentlelady from california.
2:22 pm
wosey: i object to the vote on the grounds that quorum inot present and i make a point of order that quorum is not prent. the speakerro tempore: pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20 and e chair's prior ancement, fuher proceedings on this motion will be postponed. fowhat purpose does the gentlelady from california ek recogniti? ms. woolseymr. speaker, i move thathe hou suspend the rules and agree to house resolution 1322. the ear pro tempore: the clerk will reporthe title of the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 1322reluti celebrati the 20th aniveary of the aert einstein distinguied educator fellowship program and recognizing the signicant contributi of albert eitein fellows. the speaker pro tempore: pursuanto the rul the gentlewomafrom california, ms. woolsey, and the gtleman from wionsin, m petri, each will corol 20 mutes. he chair recogzes the gentlady from california. ms. woolsey: mr. spker, i can iv legislative days durng
2:23 pm
which members mavise and exend aninsert extraneous terial o hes.322 into the ecord. the saker pro tempore: without jectio so orred. ms. wosey: with that i yld myself as much time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore:he gentlelady is recognized. ms. woolsey: mr. speaker, i rise today in rogniti of e imor role of science, technoly, enginring and math, known as sem, educators in our scs and in our untry. the alert einstein distinguished educato felwship program recognizes kindergarten through th gde teachers acritical voices in he national convsation o education policy. the program acknowledges excellence in teaching and the value of a teacher's service to the community. this program brin out outstandingeachers to the washinond.c., ar so they n be i measuresed in and hlp shape -- immersed innd he shaplow policy anthey
2:24 pm
combine their eerience for the betrment students across the country. this ycommemorates the 20th anniversary t einstein fellowship progm. over the coue of the past 20 yes, 173 feows have serv in this import progra this ar tre are 24fellows rresentg math, scnce, technology, career andechnical education, ecial ucation and gineerg teachers. they have come fr 47 state the district of columbia and puerto rico, with a diverse rae oexperience and background. ucatorlowship provides congress direct access to teachers whco strt from their classrooms and bring with tha fithand understding of h sool rks. einstein fellows have also seedn most of the federal agencies including the department of energy, departmt of education, tational institof health, national row asonauticsnd sce
2:25 pm
adminition, nationaoceac and atmospheric ainstration, tional scnce foundation, national instite of standards and tenologyndffice of science and technology policy. in these agencies, fellows a directly involved with educatnal outreach activities, curriculum devopment, teacr aininggrant proposal review, rogr anis and important and improvementnd other acvities where t expience of a sm educator proves actical insight and vital t. these teachers servingn our nation's cap tal le another important voice -- capitalend anotr important voice for the studes who ll be torr's leaders. these students are entering a world that requires the concrete ills create, creative thinki and innovaon that em education ovides. alumni of the program maintain leadersh roles in ste educatio which amplifies the
2:26 pm
valley oe llowsh. einstein fellows who return to their classrooms and communities bring a wealth of new skills, knowledge and an enhanced perspectiveorow their aching fits to the larger pictureour cntry's education poli. these teache renew their efforts tinspire their students ancourage the to pursue stem patays. einsin fellows have agone on to teacd mentor teachers inniversity programs, coordinate statewide effts on stem crick limb itiates contin serving - initiativ and continue serving in congress. congressmahonda, w is not hereoday, wanted me toxpress his strong support for the eistein llowship prram. but he is feeling under the wer andan be here. sosk unanimous consent, speaker, thaa statemt by cong hondin support of the resolution be included in
2:27 pm
the record. e speaker o mpore: without objection. ms. woolsey: mr. speaker, once again press my support for th20th niversary the alrt einstn distinished ecator llowshiprogram. i want to thank represtative honda for bringing this resotion to the floor and i urge my colleagues to the resolutio i reserve the lance of m me. the speaker prmpor the gentleladreserves the balance of her time. thntleman from wisconsin. . petri: mr. eaker, i yld myself such time as i might coume. the speak pro tempore: th ntleman's recoized. mr. petri: rise in support of the resolution, 1322, celrating the 2h annirsar of the albereinstein distinguished educator fellowship program, recognizing the -- recognizing t sigficant contributions made the albert einstein eows. distiuished educars fellowship program offers current plic or private -- elementary and secondary teachersith demotrated exllencetehingn portunity to serve in the national public picy ara.
2:28 pm
einstein fellows areelted rough a cpetive selection process,o spena school year in a congrsion office or one of a nu of federal execive branch dartnts. einstfellows ovid pomakers and fedal agencies wi a rl world perspective tir ialuable contributions help provide a practicalnsight and a unique, ledg-- unique knowl base inhe formulation, application and implementationf federal policy some of the contributions eitein feows include creating web-basedence educatn programs an establishingnd evaluating progms on school refm and teacher prepation. as educators wor torovide t nation's students with a high qualiteducation, einstn flows enrh students' educatn in a tld mann, byduti them in the clasoom and guiding the policy that will dect eir
2:29 pm
educaon in the future. i encourage my colleagues to support this resotion, i have o reests for time and yield back the balance of myime. the speaker prtempore: t gentleman yields bacthe balancef his time the gentlelady from cafo. ms. woolsey: mr. speake i'd like to ask unanimous consent th the au of the lt resolution -- h.res. 1414 -- be ble speak out term. i mean, we've priously talked bout thiand we havanother invidu -- they were ld -- the eaker pro mpor ds the gelelady wh to yield te to theentleman ms. woolsey: can i yield ti out ofhis time i wld yield time to congremanush from ccago to speak on h.r. 14. for as much time as he may consume. gentman's recognized. the mr. rush: tnkoumr. speaer. and want t thank the
2:30 pm
gentlela, chairwoman woolsey, for elding te. i want to also tnk chairman miller and ranking mber klei doty leader yer f workingith my office in bnging this important esolioto the floor toda . mam speaker, we ve ahae to vote on important congressional resoluti congrats ling urban prep charr academy for young n gelwood campus. th na's fst all male charter high schoor aceving 1% coege acptance ra for all 107 members of its first graduating class. over $4 millio in grants and scholarships tthis one class.
2:31 pm
the first of its kin i the nation. at a time, american malesre gruating from high school and most lar urbanpreminantly acscol district th young graduates urban prep are now shatteng the stereotypes that have surrounded - the sue of black ma dropouts, but they are also setting a standard in establhing a modhat w hope will be replicated in otheschool dis all around is nation. the accomplishments that these studts and teachers, administtors and familiesn this esemed hig schoo urban prep, have achied are exemy important not oly to my disict and to the african-american community, but to tnati at large.
2:32 pm
engelwood district where uan prep isloted has been -- te lack of opportunitieshas led to expection of ugs, violce aang acvityn cent years today urban prep standsas a tional symb, academic excellence. the engelwood communit represents pride and and inspatn. they are countless, hardworking and resilien engelwood families where the sa aspirationnd desires that you and i the rest this body have. to obtai college education, a quality educatio, and to ha the opportunitto bld a better life for themselv. mr. speaker, as a formermember of the engelwod high school vidsery uncil -- aisory
2:33 pm
cocil, i can recall working withthe princal005 trying to get the urbn prep arteaped. believe so much and so strolyn tim king. and it sers as a model for outanding academic achievent and establish a solid foundaon in the community that willa us all proud. recved a lot of push from the bod of ucation. chicago boarofducation. and even from e community. they did no s african-american males on a leve rivaing any rich
2:34 pm
distrif e thfirst graduating cla has shownon the shadow of a doubthat ban prep is foreal. that black mal wl learn. annoth is imssib if and to work ongo live a eam work to make sure tat that dream does come true. 2009 stud the americ council of edutinreported african-aman males who graduate from higschool go on to clege. compared with % of all other udents. well, agai urbanrep graduates ha shatterebo thecords and they are provtheir hard wrk, commitment, and dication, t expectation oigh standards of the parents andachers and overall community, they are pring agaithat nothing is impossib. i am extremely proud of what
2:35 pm
urban prep has , what they have been able to accomplish in the last five yrs, and that not on inclus the students but also the families, teachers, staff, and of course the adership of the pipal who is an ostaning young mn and i know his fher quite well. for the sake a strong nationalnomy and a more stableommunity around wod, w need more educator strong black male ro models and black male leade. all th students, all t arwatchi this debate today i say toou, congratulaons onlyour hard work. you have been an inspiration to ur country and may god continue to ble you and all your future enavors. the motto of urban pr is, we
2:36 pm
believe. mr. speaker, i attended the graduati l saturd. and to see all these yng men in their gradtion regalia all ming from differen backgrounds, bacrounds w have been able to transfor and transcend th baiers an walk across this stage to receive r dloma. not only, mr. speaker, are they graduating with a highscho ploma,ut every last onef them has a scholarship to full four-year college in america,georgewn, rd, morehouse, university of illino, all across this nati urban prep is sendg its graduates to represent my
2:37 pm
communit thiscommunit this nation inhose colleges. them will bsuccessfult of thankou, mr. speaker. i yield back the bance of time. the speakepro tempore: th lemayiel back the balance of his time. the gentlelady from california. mswoolsey: mr. saker, i'm plea to recogniz th gentlewoman fromryla, ms. edwards, for as mu time as she may consume to speak on 1414. the spker pro tempore:he gentleladys recogze ms. eds: i thank the gentwomafo izing. i know ware a bit out tur today but irise today in supporof a resolutionth congtulaterban prep charter academy on the wonderful accomplishment of sending every one er their 107duates on toollege this year. fosome studentsetting an education is a simple feat, t for ny studes in ourrb nters that'sot tru this is thecus commity, the population thaservedy ur prep.
2:38 pm
i knew urban prep for so time ago. their motto we belve. want toay here that i believe in urban ppand the phenomen work that they do unearth dribbling and gruation rat among african-americanen in ico's urba centers. we canearn manyesss from the periment a indeed that experint is ing looked at across the country even in mmunities like the one i represent inryland's fourth congressiol distct. i know firstndhat the caliber ofedators urban prep playsn imptant role in the lives of their students. iant to speak today aboutne of thoseducators because in no one is this more prevalent than in urban prep dr. brew. 's an azing and dynamic edator and mentor, a high school teacherho makes history come alive. ph.d. cipient from the university director of athletics at urban prep. and a ntor to my s and one of my stf members wn he ved right he in prince
2:39 pm
gege's county and marand and ta and coached. was exciteto johe start-up urban pp because he nted to mentor ricaamerican men to thei fuest tential. he'sust o othe many reasons whyrban prep is able to create an enronment that not only educates but teaches studen the itance of strivingor ccess d contributing tour communities. . spear,oin mr.ush anwholrtedly sporting this rolution and in the shared belief th country eds moreducors likehose at urb ep, schools like the urban pep chart acemy. for me of ou young people, afcan-ameran men the education uld come at a charter scho could come at a prive school, it culd cme for the erwhelming majority of them in a regular public scho, bue fact that if were to sceed as aaon we he to begin to educate some of our most vulnerable and most challenging communities and that'sexactly whatrb
2:40 pm
do. it doesn't matt what the school is,t matters that it educates our yungpeople. so i salute the 107 graduates of urban prep w aren't going to jt finish highchool but who are going to go on to coege make aontrution to their communities in the way that so many of their mentors have made a contribution to hem. thank you. i yield the balancof my te. the speaker pro mpore: the gentlelady ylds the balance of her te of the the gentleman fr california. mssey: mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to support h.res. 1322 which celebrates the0th anniversar o the eiteinellship -- fellowship. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro mpore: a time has been yieldeback. the question is willhe h suspend the rules and pass h.r. 1322 so many a in favor say aye. the oppod, no. in thenion of the chr, 2/3 of those voting having respd in t affir, the rus are suspended,he bi is passed, d without objectn the motion to reconsiders laid un the table.
2:41 pm
ms. woolsey: mr. speaker. the eaker pro tempore: the gentlady frocalirnia. ms. woolsey: we would ike to ask for aorded v on this lastne. the speaker prtempore: t and nays? asking thyeas mswoolsey: i am asking for the yeas and nays. the speaker pro mpore: the yeas and nays are requested. all ose in for of taking this vot by the yeaand nays will rise d remain stdi until counted. a fficie number hang arisen, the as and nays ar ordere pursuao clause 8 of rule 2 and thchr's prior announcement, further proceedings on this tionwill be postpon. for whaturpose does the gentlewon fromalifora ek recognition? ms. olsey: mr. ker, i move that the house suspend t rules and agree to h.r. 4855 as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk willeport the title of the b the clerk: h.r. esblh the work life balance award for employers that have
2:42 pm
deveped and iplemented work li balanceolics. thspeaker pro tempore: uant to the rule, the ntlewoman fraliforni mswosey, and the geman omiscons, mr. petri, eh willonol 20 minutes. the chair now recoizeshe gentlewoman om clifornia. ms. woolsey: mr. sp i request five leslive days during which me revise and extend and insert extraneous merl on h.r. 48, as aended, into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection,o orded. . woolsey: mr. speaker, i yield mylf such time as i may coume. the speaker tempore: the gentwomaisecogze ms. olsey: mr. speake se today to pport the passage of h.r.855 a amded. the wo life balanc awar act. a bill introduced with cairman miller thanks to chaian milleror his hard work in briging this leslation foard. so want to thk my repuican colleagues, ing member klein and representive kath mcmorris rodgers, the ing member of the work
2:43 pm
forcprotection subcommitt, fothei supportnd for their hard work. h.r. 4855 as amended esblhes an awardt the department of lar to be presented annually to employers of any sze that have exemplar work le policies. the bill also sets up an inpeent board apinted by the secretary of labor bed on recodationfromongre to delope appli ocess and establishriteria r eluating work life balancpolicies of applicants. the board is so charged with proving awardee recommendatis to the cry. the bod will const of representatives fr cdren and famiesroups, state and cal governments, business business organization and lar. the work force ptection subcmittee held a hearin on the intruced bill in ari our witnesses stified that the bill could be improved by establishing broad gidelines for the boaroonsider i
2:44 pm
establishi i criteria. a result, h. 4855 as ended providesn dermining criteria theoard m consider those workife policies whi prove access to employees regardless of wge level, job posi, orumber of hours worked. two, ensure hat orkers ca use the polics without risk of penalty. three, allow worke t exercise the policy with regard members. nge ofaly in addition,oard may als evaluate other factors affecting the quity of the workplace, includi emplee benefits and compliance with bor anhealth andafety laws. finally, the bill eires the secretary to collect data from the application process, this data is important because it will tell us not onwhat policies are being offer, bu also what policies are actually ing utilized by works and employs. rking mothersagazine an the a.l. fred p.sloa
2:45 pm
foundation also gi out awards to companies with outstanding rk life balanc policies they are great pgrams. and this award i not intended to splant ese or other ongoingut comem effos. creating t rewd at the u.s. department of lar is importt for a number of reasons. . whh proves unpaid leave r qualifying employee the is no national poli to support wok-life balance. message that the federal government supports a courages work-life balance. with that i reserve the bance of time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves the balance of her tim thgentleman from wconsin. mr. petri: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i y nsum the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's recognized. work-life balance award act, esblishesn annual award with the dement ofabor exemplary woife balance i
2:46 pm
policy. this billepresents the bipartisan effort to highlight being used employersoe rrently theiemploys meet the competing demands of family and rk. h.r. 4855 uld ghlight be pracces by employers and encrage- encourage nnovation and the adoptionf work-life balance policwhich we hope willouragether compies to adopt similar programs. it'smporta to te thathe bill does n create any mans or new requirements. any ployers accomdate plee reques for grter woplacflibitwithout the use of government mandates which can increase the cost of employment and sfle tive arrangements. ifmprs want pursue this award, they will do so voluntarily and with nenalty if they choose nodo so. nor will this award conferany specific gornme procurement otaadvantage onhe recipients.
2:47 pm
the only advantagel be that elated to the employer being hlves as t wning this award anproviding these types of flexility in their workples. the appropriate that theill setsut a process bywhh the criteria for receivi this awarwi be detned. for us in coness tolaim we know best aut what nstites propriatflexibil the rkace ando lock tt in so it cldot be chged with aer act of coress wuld be frankly premption white house d ensure that this award would lose i neconcepts of fleibility emrge and employs respond employee needs in new ways. this award wod compliment simir private sector awards and showse public and prate organizations that maintn and ulize policieto help their employees toind ways to maintain productivity while providing workplalexibility e award program wod be
2:48 pm
hoed at e u.s. departmentf labor and funding for the program would come out of exisinfunds at t labor department. i'd like to thank th sponrs of the bilarticuarly the mainpoorcongsswoman woolsey, for working to create this bil a biparsan manner and for intaining an open dialogueith interestedarties throughout th pross and avin requests fo time yieldack thbalance of my time. the spear o tempore: -- i resve thealance of my tim the speakepro tempore: the gentleman reserves his time? e gentlelady from california. ms. woolsey: mr. speer, i'm easeecnize the gentlen fromaliforni the chairman of the educion and labor committee, mr. er, for as muchime ase may consume. the speaker pro temp the geleman's rzed. mr. miller: i thanthe like to commend congresswoman woolsey for leadership on the work-life balae issues and her capacis chair of the rk force protection subcommittee. her commitme othese imrtant ises ia grt asset tthe educatand labor i am pleased to sve wh her
2:49 pm
in suorting legislation befe usoday to recognize family riendly workplaces the work-life balance act will recognize employers of any size for thr emplary work-life balance policies, not only will the awardet atandarfor beractes, it will shine a much-need lht on the concernsf working families. over the past0 yes, america's working families have changed cralmt you -- dramatically. while once a single bread winn could support a mide class family, todayhat siation appea to be a relic of th past. omenow make up half of the work force share a great sponsility for finclly supporting the mily. while womenow arel partne ioving for families, many rein the primary care giver for thei children and other fily meers. balancing a career and family responsibilies can seem impossie atimes butn todas economy, achieving balance isecessary. and women are nodoing this alone. ireingly men are becoming more involved with child ce and elder care responsibilities. good employers rnize this
2:50 pm
and understand the importance of providing flexibilitto their employees. they have rightly revamped family leave pocies to attract and retain best works. employers understahat family-friendolicies not only help workers lance work and family, butlso improve loye' bottom line. tse polics increase retention tes, drease abseeism, ove pructivity and morale. what's good the modern mis od f busins. buinesses thatreoi right --oing the rht things toromote the better work-le balance should be recogned. it goes to the heart of our nation's compitiveness anhow alue o nation'sfami. paren should ner have to choose between theipaycheck d taking a day off becse their child needs to see a doctor. this is precisy buy i'm -- why i'm a strong supporter of the bill before us today, the work-lifealance ards ac thisill see for compies that wish to improve their currt appointments -- polies so they can be more accommodating tohe needs of their workers. it will also give perspective
2:51 pm
polics a g up when they're looking for places to go to work. the proof will binhe results. when ploys choose to implement pro-familiar poli they rthbenets oa healthi, more productive work force. i urge my fellow cls to-- colleagues to yes with me today on ts bi. ank you very much to the authoofhis legislation, congresswoman wools, and i yield thealance of my ti. the eaker pro teore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from wisns. mr. petri: mrspeaker, iave no fther requests for time and d back the balance omy ti. thspeaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back t balance of his me. the gtlewoman from california. ms. woolsey: mr.peaker, many ars ago when my childr wer t patients themselves, i was wog --parents themselves, i was working full t outidof thhomwith four childr. it a struggle to meet both the needof my family wll as the job and as the human resources manera staup elenics company, about 30 yes ag i was aware thaany
2:52 pm
of my employees were going through the very same struggles that i was. unfounately some 30 yes later, nearly every singl parent is under these pressures. men as we as women. nd they are desperatfor work-life balance. one of e main reasons i ran for cgrs over 18 yes ago watoight for working families. i was a new member when paed the family and medical leave acand ew what an importa step were taking parcularly for working women. to provide job, protected family and medical leave, for certain workers, even though it was unpaid. but the benefits proved by mf - fmla not suffic. mo than 100 million leaves haeen taken under faly and medical leavectnearly two in three workers are not covered by the act and even if the mcan't take advtage of its provisions cause they simply cannot afford to take unpaid
2:53 pm
ave. dly, the united states lags far behi the rest of the wld in providing work-life benits to eir employees. is unacceptablehat our country which is the number-one economy inhe world canarely compete with developing tions in thirena. woers should notave to choose between work and family and ultimely we in congress need to do much more. however, e effort for wo-life bance musbe waged on allronts and rrtlyany of the business worre leading the way. these companies know tha providg work-life benefits increases renon, decreases bsteism an increases productivity and lyalty. asmended will regnize these ployers for their eorts and create an incentive for others. it will alssestandafo
2:54 pm
best practis and shine light on the needs of working families. mr. spear, i hope we will vote for the second step afr the family and mecal leave act at this congress will ke to suort working amerins, men and wen, and help them lae the challenges themeetn doing a gd job r eir families and aood b for theiemployer. cause it must be possible an we can make -- help make that happen. thank you ry much. i yield ck. the peaker pro tpo: the gelelady yields back lance of her tim all time has been yielded. theuestion is, will the house suspend the rules and pass h.r 55 as amended. those ifavosay aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2 tho voting having responded in the affirmative, e rus arsuspended, the bill is pass and wiout obction th motion to reconsider -- mr. petri: mr. speaker. the spkepro teor yes.
2:55 pm
theeas and na are being requested. all those in favor of taking this vote by the yeas annays wl rise and remain anding unl und. a sufficie number having arisen, the ys and nays a ordered. pursuant to clause of 20 d the chair's ior announcent, fther proceedings on this motion will be posed. pursua to clause of rule 20, proedings will reme on estions preslpostponed. votes will b taken in the owg order. spending the rus with rard to house resolution 1383, adopting huse solution 1436 and suspending les with rega to .r.4855 the first ectroc vote wil beonduct d as -- conducted as
2:56 pm
a 15minu vote. thclerk will report tle of theesolution. clk: hoe soluon 13le 3, rolutioonoring dr. rry ce on his retirent national f.f.a. adr. thker pro tempore:he question is will thhouse sud the leand ree to the resolutio members will record their votes by ectronic device. this is a 1minute vte. [captioning made possible by the inc., ooperation with the unitedtates house of reesentatis. any use of e closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or ommercial purposes is exessly prohibited bthe u.s.ouse of
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e speaker pro mpore: without objection, five-minut tingill continue. the nfinhed busine ithe ote on adoptof house resolution 1436, on which the yeas and naywere ord the clerkl repo the title of e soluon the cle: house calendar
3:27 pm
number 203,ouse resolution 1386, a bill consiration of the to consider the internal reven de tprovide tax incentes formall biness job creation and proving for consideration .297 to create the small business lenng fun ogram to direct the secretary of the treasury to ke capital instments in eligible stitutions in orr increahevailability of credifor small businesses and her rposes. the speaker pro teore: the estn son thadoption of the resolution. members will record theires by electronic de. this a five-minute vote. [ctioning ma possible he nationacaptioning institute, inc., in cooperation with thenitestates house of representatives. any u of the clos-caption coverage of the house oceedin for political or mmercial purposes expresprohibited by th u.s. hoe represeatives.]
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he speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 228. the nays are 186. the resolution is adopted. without objection, e moon reconsider is laid on the table the unfinished buness is the voton motion he genewoman from california, ms. woolsey, to suspend the rules and pass h.r. 4855 as amended on which the yeas and nays were ordered. the clerk will report the titl of t bill. the clerk: h.r. 4855, al establish the work-life balae award for those who have developed work-life balance policies. saker pro temre: the questiois will the hoe suspend the resnd pass the bi as amend. members will record thr votes by ectronivice. this is a five-mite vote. [captioning made possible by e national capt institute, cooperation with the united st house of representati any usof t closecaptioned
3:37 pm
coverage of the house commercial pposeis l or expressly pribited by the .s. house ofeprentates.]
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theaker pro ore: on this vohe yeas are 249. the nays are 163. 2/3 of those n responding in t affirmative, thrules are not suspended and the bill is not passed. mbers will please clear e aisle. the hoe will be inrder.
3:45 pm
r what rpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? >> pursuant to h.res. 1436, i call up h. 5486 the sll bune jobs tax relief act of 2010and ask r its immediate cosiration. thspeaker pro tempore:he clk will report the tle of the . the clerk: h.r. 5486, a bill to amend the inteal revenue code of 1986 -- the speaker pro temre: the clerk will suspe. the hse wl be in order. members clr the aisles. the erk will report the titl
3:46 pm
of theill. the clerk: h.r. 5486, a bill t mend theernal revenue co of 1986 to provid tax incentis for smalbusiss creation d foother purpes the speaker pro tempe: panto house resolution 136, the bill is considered read. the lemafrom michigan, from micgan, mr. camp, each will contl 30nutes. the chair recognizes the ntlemanm michigan, mr. levin. r.evin: ank you. i'l wait, i ow you want the ustoe in order, so t. the saker pro tempore: the gentlen is corrt -- so ll wait. e speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is correct. the e will be iorde embers please clear the aisles. the gentleman fm michigan. mr. levi thank you i yield myself sh time a i onsume. thepeakropore: the gentleman recogzed. mr. levin: this bill, h.r.
3:47 pm
5486, the sml busiss jobs tax rief acof0is,n w words a continuation of ou work to sr and to really ime the quality of li il of our communities. since thbeginning of this year our economy has created 982,jobs. that is a reversf2 stra months ofobosses aery long streh, indeed. but we all know that toomany, far tooany people today are out of work,nd t unemployment ra remains at a verynacptably high 9.7%. so, somethin considable had
3:48 pm
be done, but we have to do more. according to t s.b.a., and think we al know thi small rms create64%f the net new jobs between 1993 ad the third quarteof8. o small binesses hlp lead job creation in theecovery, but today small firms are having difficultyaccessing capital. so whatoes this bill ? provides a total o $3.8 billion in tax ts to help american small businesses. 's partf the partnership between the publicnd the private sector, relying he prive sector to do the job creation. i nt to emphasize, bill des not a a de to our deficit.
3:49 pm
idoesn't even add a pny to our defic. -- deficit. let me explthe provisio in h.r. 5486. fir oall,elating to busineto, smalbusiness stock, and capital gns, presently there's an exclusn of 75% becae of the recovery t, and imize at. would incasehe exclu to 100%. it provisreliefor small busefrom tax penalties when that is indeed appropriate. it also increases the deduction r starp c rxpenses notelated to catal or equipment. it increases it from5,000 to $20,00
3:50 pm
so these are importan stuli f small biness,elp them createore jobs. to help them create more jo. as i said earlier,his is offset, you will not add a dime or indeed a nny to the federal deficit it cles two provions at have ady passed th house. one relates to what is ometimescalled a grandchild of black liquor, itelates -- relateso byproducd right w,his isot beg usedr abusednd what ts does, builng othe work we d in earlier lls to prevent people from receiving a wind fall from uninnded application of rewable f credi. the seconpartelat to what
3:51 pm
are called grantor rtain annuity trusts. want to justay auick word outhis thisclearla loophole. this islearly an abuse. here's wt happens to try to put it in theimest ter a trt, a short-tm t is usuly cated by soone for hild then, the person who created the trust takesack thvalue, t's say, in a few nual payments system othere's giftaby the granto e way it rks toda all of the increase ithe lu of the stocs so outside of the gift tax. so essentiall what has happenehere is a paper transaction that lds to
3:52 pm
escape of taxation. this pvides, in our billthat there has to be a 10-year term for the tst to be sure tha the ust h actl subsnce. this chage raises $5.297 what thimeans, breaking it about $500 billion per y at frompayers is lost today through paper transactions. we close the loophole. so again, because of this, there is not any addecost an als i might say so, will be discussing thi i guess toorrow, it ovides money for the small business lending package, h. 5297, so tat is
3:53 pm
so budge neut th providese aitional important small loan help, all businesloan hp, so badly needed. it's hard to underand y ple would vo again ts. plus, a provision that is2 billi worth and it es to states and local gornments d they he writt us ur that we provide som so that they can flow of lns tomall businesses in theistat. so in a rd, we have bill, it's esseially a two-fo it providesistance, need assistance f job creation b small busine. anit pays f -- it'said so i ge very ch that
3:54 pm
somehow the other side can cross the bridge and join together instead of creating obles a votfor this bill and thents partner. i rervehe balancef my time. the speaker prtempore: the gentleman serves. the gentlemafrom micgan. mr. camp: thank you, mr. speaker. i eld my sh time as i may consume. the spker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. camp: ask unanimous conse trevi a extend my remar the speaker pro tempore: wbjectionso ordered. mr. camp: this bill coains many positive featur a a meegative one,hus i reluctantly plan to oppose it. i'm plead to s it cludes some tax relief, albt limited, for small businesses, including isions ghimpede both republicans and democrs. i'm also pleased that unlike earlier versns oth
3:55 pm
legislation, the most obctionable revenue raiser a provsion thacould ovoke retaion ther countries and eve obamadministration offialwarned would viote trty obligatns haseen dropped from the bill. despite t positive features ll voting against the bill r several important reasons. first, while theax relief in here is welcome,t'not enou. won't actually help sma buinessecreate the jobs we need to reduceur sornly higunemploynt rate. while iould support furthering lower tax on small sines thlast thing ty need isigher taxes, whichs exactlythey are facing from this congress. just last mth, e jority pushed through an $11.2 billn tax hiken certain sma busine that would subject their prits to employment xes. the end of 2010, all individual income tarates, a ell as taxes ovidends and pital gain, are scheduled to
3:56 pm
rise dramatically. because so ma sll businessesayaxes at the individualevel, the fear o these icreases is chilling ex-taxes and ring and job eation the maty tax recor tax policy afctingmall business is sp at bst. second is bill, like others before it, provides a stark remindeof the majority's view of theays and mnsmittee as an a.t. machine to fund other spending. enerate $7.1 billion in to ditionatarevenubut would ly provi $3.6 billion ilief over the xt dade. the rt of the money raised will be us to offset the cost of anhebill, h. 4297, reported by the financ seice committees that creates ather tp-like program. me might call it tarp thre i'm ad theajority found offsets that are ss
3:57 pm
economilly maged th some thatreviously passedhe house. theracte using permanent changes in tax receipts to fu teporary sndg disappointing and eten futher andger tax hikes in the futu. perhs as soon as the end of this month wh the major hopes to complete actiona financial syemeform bi. mr. speake especiallwith the umployment rate continuing to hover near 10%, our s busines the engines oeconomic gwth d job creation, neelp. but this bill i'tnough an itakes us fuher down the dangerous road of higher spending our nation cannot afford i reser t balance of my time. the speaker pro tempe: the ntleman reserves. the gentleman from mgan. . levin:efore yiel i want to say t mr. cam i listen intently andn't understd your opposition. ou like the prisns, yo
3:58 pm
don't like wh we onc passed, if you don't lwhat we've passed before,nd disagree th you, it's even more of a reason to vote for th bill. and yotalkabout permanent changes, we're closing a loopho permanently. you want to e -- y want us to close it temparily? and wre prenting a provision coming into fect athould never into et. so i just ge ppllistenin to the qty of this discussion, a i think so far itll pots to everybody on both s of the aie voting for th bill. helps small bune, th's bn acknowledged. and you dot challenge the tax cus terms of their merits you tk about another tat in another byou didn't like. i think it'hard to find -
3:59 pm
you find it hard t find anythingou like. i now yie two mines to another member of our committeeour stguished colleuerom massachusett mrneal. the speer pro temporethe ntman recnized for o minutes. mr. neal: thank you. i nt to thank mr. levin. mr. spear, i stand in support this sml buness bill fore us da aition to the several tax breakshamr. levin poind out, the bill will eate a nding nd for our community ban to tap into. that's pps t most salient part of this proposal. to g capital flowing, tot catack into th markelacethers a opportunity for small businees acrthe country toe advantage of what herofors become a dried up resource and that's the ailability of pital. ile the data tells us the
4:00 pm
economy proving, our sll businesseback homare still stggling. mu of that is due to the fact that lines of credit tighted up or in many instances simply gone away. those business are doing their beo keep everyone o the payroll, even though sales e slow, inn atempt to climb back. but the regulatorhave kept the atrg hand banks at otherwise might lending. noccept yulely,on ow how you can be opposed to this legislation. communy banks provide more than half of the small business loans in america that are less than $1,000 in massachusetts alone, nding to small businesses throh ths.b.a. program has doubled ov the last ar. thiseglatiill help eve moe.
4:01 pm
if yocare abe get the back onheir feet d the proposals to provide tax relief, greater lending posbilities that the proscts to grow a invest is an incorrated in this very piece of legistion. always we would find amgsthe 5 in this ititution, a diffent wato dit, but that's not the proposal front f us. i thank you, mr. speaker. thspeaker o tempore: the gentem from michigan. mp: i eld myse such ti as may conse. and i respond the cirman and y, it's rlly abou the ealityhis lslation nd not the rto and exuding capital ins on the sae of sll businesstock is a great provion, the probm , th is afted so narrowly that the small
4:02 pm
businessesave to be c coations. as we know, only a fractionf smalbusiness will be quified as small busineeso take advaage of thi provision. this is the largest piece of this so-called business relief bill. and whle it'great to talk goingo be verlited. t's as i said in my sment, there arme positive thingsn this bi obviouslcling the black liquorhree loophole is important, but on balce it's no goingo ea jobs, a, and b,here wilbe tempory provisions pa with peanent tax ncrees. anthir tevenue in the estate tax area is really e that oughto be reservefo whe have to deal wh the staax reform. the lawsxpired. bis are ng tough the
4:03 pm
cgresto reinstate the estate ta th really appropriateo that area and i thin is solutely unconscioble that we ha gone althis timwith no estate tax,ith everyonunderstandg that the majity is goi to create a retactetivdeath tax ll tt is going tcome ck in beginning of the year. th ierthat provision should be. again, i reluctaly oppose this bill d some this don't go faenou. i yield o minutes t distinguished membe of e ways d ans committee, the gentleman fm illinois. the speaker pro ore: the ntman is recognized for o minutes. mr. roska cman levin id it's hard tfind anythg that the minority likes. a few things that we like, we would have liked a smulus that r we wou he liked a stimulus whe unfloiment pea at 8 as
4:04 pm
long as our childrennd grandchilen we being hot th a $tllion obligati. we would have liked if last month's unemployment numbers weren'toosed up by simply cens eloyees joining the ranks. wld have liked it, mr. eakerif during the health care debate, a thghtf approach had beepuforward that wasn't goi to cost employers like cattepiar in my me state $100 millioin the first year or john deare $1 million we would havliked the things. what thmaty is langut is sort of happyife oflow extations and that's not a bad way to through le but we c do so much more t this. therare things that are here thae decent and marginally ok anightlyetter butis
4:05 pm
that howim the lights are in this thichamber and that's o exptation that mething justort of ok? this isn increa in governmet spding after all. so i think that cano so muchetter. hy is it, mr. eaker, we are halfway through the tax yr and research and deent tax credit i't resolved this ajority in this congress why is iat the deathax is a complete.m. big youity ianswer to thehairman, i have aloof respect for him and his work and sincerity, but i nt t echo m ca's observatn that this is so narrowlyrafted and being oclaimedy the samfolks at promid gat things in the stimulus, that i think we can do better and i will pose the bill. and i eld back the speaker pro tempore: the the leman from michigan.ed. mr. levin: yoy do better.
4:06 pm
you won't vote for anything. and now, mr.ange, i eld to hitwo minutes to exn why this is aill that needs to votedn on aipartisanass. zwirbled e gentleman from new york is yielded two mr. ran thanku, mr. chairmawhen life gets rough for me, i try to put melf in the shoes of the other guy. wh a rough time toe inhe nority. weve so many people with pend dreams that haven shattered,y are out of wor angry. the economy has been blown wide open and we find thatherder of t day with the opposition ith they just have to say no. it must be awd to say what i would do if this bill was defeated. it must be terrible to talk
4:07 pm
about the past things th ven'ed when somee has just lost their home or can't pay their rent or put food on the table oret cthes for their ds. it's a rghime r all americans and anybody who beeves that democrats alwa get it right, well, it diffict to do gut loud, we have do something. $787 bilon we voteon, tryi to get us out of this economic mess. anall the money just floated on the top for the big nks. now we'rerying to s what really wos, listenio the calls of smsiness people. trying tmake sure they have capital to get the inventory to provide the oods and services, hireple. d asone mits this is whe the major jobsome for crying out louotimes the late john kennedy says, the party st asks too much of yo these people are out of work
4:08 pm
they aren'democrats and republicans, they'ramican people. they worked hard f the gnity. they are the ones that supported our countrduri goodimes. and now that times are rough, hey have to listen to debates between repubcans and democrats as to, gee, this i wh i wldo if i was in charge i don't thinthat's fair. d i really believe that the vots are no to go bieve th all we can do is come up with ideas, have them ridicule and then just say no the speakerro tempore: the gentleman's te s expire mr. levin: i yield to the gentleman an additional minute. mr.angel: i know from te to me when my party asks me to rry too much weight that morally i don't belve ian do it, th somehow there are people on ouride ofhe aisle to say i did it t because my party ask me to do it, i d noto be opposed buis the
4:09 pm
right thing tdo. noyou ha to find the issue. if it'tealth care, if it not education, i it'sot nationasecurityhow about the opportunity to work to maka living torks t dignity to have the pride to raise your family and indd to pay taxes. is going to be our last opportunity for this year. maybeexyear thrrks will be change in the phoshy if y want tocall it that a work together. i hope on everything we comep th to improve the qty of life the people of ts great nation athe opposition ca come up with mething except just say no. the speer pro tempore: the gentlem's time has expired. the gentleman from michigan. mr. levin: mr. speaker, i yield yselsuch te camp: mrspear, i yield myself such timas i may consume. he speaker p tempore: the ntleman is recognid. mr. camp: this bills going to
4:10 pm
spend taxpayers' money and have an obligatioif we are ing to spend taxpayers' money we t effecty. onridanight the treasur released a port our debt will exed the gross domestic oduct of cntry we had expert testimonyhat sa wn your debt gets to 9 g.d.p. you los1% of econic gwth, which bs. slates into omillion this bill, because of how narowly draft no small businesslle advantage of t excsionf catal gas becausey have toe c corporatns. and there's trend we have n is thabusinesses are ing organized throuh entities. that'sowmall busins america is beg organized. while this is great rhetoric, th bill isn't gointo b effecte in doingnything. let me just sa i heard the forchairman sayhat
4:11 pm
republics ju say no. on the health care bill, we had viable ternate inac i will say the te on the health ce bill was bipartisan opposition. only morit pportethat gislation. etr it has been stimulus or health care or ey, we have d viable alteatives on the floor that we have brought forward. this rtul bill, i think that better work cold haveen done, more efftive work cod he been done. and in this era of gh and frkly in this er of the highest debtver this country has seen, weave anbligation atif wre going to spd taxpars' dolls, it done in an effeve way and hows results i reserve. speaker pro tempore: e ntlemafrom michi mr. levin: two mites tor. blumenauer of oregon. thspeaker pro tempore: the geman is recognifor two minutes.
4:12 pm
mrblenauer: thank you. is leglation is persal for me. we've watched o cntry come back from the brink in the fall of 28 in my state of oregon, lped byecery act fus of aut $6 billion. weave en ae to sbilize and make some progress. is it enough? absolutely not. but we areaking -- iave had a steady paradof pple coming to my office thanking me for the investment that wama i terms of infstctur in terms of health care, in terms of making sure that we didn't have layoffs of public emoyees. nowe have a provisiohe that an oppo to focus small biness. it is a package, as the cirman ieces here. wo p itironic that our friends artelling us it'not enough. these are sll pieces, yet they were ng on e other hand, the legislatn we had that
4:13 pm
c.b.o. has scored over one milln jobs s or created was too big. well, we ought to be chipping way as wn on th, having $30 llion for a sll business nding fund, being able to provide a cole billion dollars of tax exclusion for small business capil foaon, is a positive item. you know, one of the thingth stkes me as ironic is that ou friends onhe oer side of the aisle ignore the fact that t legislation th we ha previously 42% ofit was for tax ts andreg the imct of thelternativeinimum tax from hiinmilend upper-middle iome families. every famiy in america that r $250,0 a year got a tax cut lastear and getting
4:14 pm
a tax cut this year. we've tried tax cutso help ve things forward. th is s business lending. we're moving ahead with ckages. the spker prtempore: the i yield an additional minute. that. umenauer: i appreciate ese are part of an ongng effort th is making a ffence. th job lses peed the month that president obama took fice. t his fault. they had been building for 22 months. now we're making some progre. is it enough? all of us agree that it is n. but i would suggest thato dismiss this because th thi it doesn'soe everythg is, i'm afraid disingenuous. urge support of this gislation and for us to contue with the task of reblding america, reformi the tax code a getting th
4:15 pm
most out ofhese invesents. thank you, and i yield back the speak pro tempore: the geleman from. mr. cap: i yield t cusma one nu to e distinguished minori leader, the gentleman from ohio. the speaker pro tpo: the minority lead is recognized. mr. boner: i thank m colleague for yielng. ll before us tays supposed to babout helping mall businses and we do ne to help sma businesses. thy are the engines of eco groh in our country. and when you loohe jobs rt that came out last moh, there were only 4000 private sectorobs cred. if really want this bill to work and we really want sll businesses toe able to begin ring once again,hat they reallneed to do is repeal t jo-killing health care law that was passed this chamr on rch 21. the het of that law is mething th's calledhe individual mandat and the individual mandate
4:16 pm
foces americans to buy health insurance her theyant to or not, whetr they can afford it or not. and for small nees, if don't provide heah insurance, guessha he government's going toax it. this is preventismall buness from hiring addionaleople. in 20 stes and e nation's leading small business organizations agree thathis law is unconstitutionnd there fighting to verturn it. . theederal government ouldn't be in the nessf making you buy health insurance and xing you if you don. we should repealhe job-killing health care law and replace it with rors that will wer th costf health insurance and help otect american jobs. myolleague fr michigan will be offeringa prop tonight repeal the unconstitutial iividual mandate whicis at
4:17 pm
the heart of this new la and his id is posted right now on and americans are saking out on i ani would pe my colleagues ill get engad and e what the american pele have to say about th individual mandat and e taxes assoctedit it. but it's ptty clear. when geto the moon to recommit, we wiffer aotion that ll eliminate the membein this houswill have an opportunity totand up for their constituents or tooo the other way. iyield ck. the speaker pro temporee gentlen fromichigan. mr. levin: i now eld two minutes to mr. pascrell. the speaker pro teore:he gentleman is regnized for two mis. mr. parell: thankou, . speaker. i rise in stro support wshould stop loo away.
4:18 pm
let's focus on whathsubject reallis. the final months of the last administrion you d a loss of $7,0 jobs avera -- 725,000 jobsaverage. his ishe first crease, the leman that jusleft the floor, this isheirst increase that we've had in t prive ctor in over two y . soou are te party ofo. there's no choice abo it. everincee hi 750,000 in janry of 2009 we've had an improvementry month now we are final in the plus area. it took us eight yearso get into the ss, it's going to take us re than a year and half to getut of it. this legislation is incredibly importt becae it will hp this country's small businesses, th middlend alrdy exiing, by king the tax code work for tm. after years of miuideta policies, the previous
4:19 pm
administration, which on helped extraordinary -- extrrdinarily wealt indivials, the ways anmeans committee is focusingts efforts on thel engine of the arican onomy. 1 tax cutin the stulus, 1/3 investment inhe infrastructure, 1/3 investment i informational technology, ener, bs and tax credits. that record is unparalleled and the tax cuts of ts year and last yeaare e largest in the htory of th country for any two-year period. because we help the middle cla. that's what our p iall t. according the smallness administration, small businesses ha generate64% ofhe new jobs over past 15 years and y must be at the forefront the economic recovery day. how dare someo come before th body and talk --an have
4:20 pm
one mo me? mr. le andditional minute to e gelen. mr. pascrell: me in front of this body antalk about teir alternative to the heal bi? their alternative to our hlth bill wou have started the dismantling of micare. ad thenguage of the alternative. while ouecony going ronger, unemployment is sll tooh, which is we're dicting aid to our small businesses. t bill assists alread established smbusinesses by building he recoveract's exclusion of 75%f busins capalainso now orarily clude 100% capal gas from qualify stocks. therebencouraging investment inmall businesses that create jobs but a encountering problems with the restricted acce to credit. the bill also helps people who want to star new business by
4:21 pm
quadruplg ctions and increasinghe cap for startup ex pensions expees. thiseglation is imperative in recovery. i ask that we all vote for it. thk yo mr. speaker. e speaker pro tempore: the ntlen from micgan. >> i reserve at thitime. the speer proemporethe ntleman reserves. the gentlemafrom mn. mr. len: i now yield two minutetothe lelady, the istinguished memr om pennsylvia, allyson schwtz. the speaker pro tpore: the gentlewoman isecognized for two tes. ms. schwartzthank you ve much. i thanhairman for s wo. i risin support of thsmall business jobs tax relief act which when merged witthe small business jobs credit act wll inease ldi t small businesses, expand entreeneuhip d put americantoork. the bi offers sml buss addional capit to p rough capital gains tax cu, relief from erous tax pents -- penaltiesnd expanded productions for startu cost it provides funni to create a
4:22 pm
small business lending pooth will make loans availae to l businees thrgh our small communi banks busine access to mneeded caital, to acquire n equipment, to renovate, tma or other business growth ents opportunities. it is rd to overstate how importa access toital is for small bess. so thctn is critically important. last week during budget committee hearing, ben beke responded tme when i outlined our actio to help our small businesses. he said, quote, i'glad that toness is explori these diffent programs, r making credit ailableo our sml businesses. and he talked additionay out the need to parcularl attentive to new and startup compies, a critical to our economic recovery and job growth. all these comments demonstrate the wisdom of the action that we e tking today to sport
4:23 pm
small business growth. i urge my lleagues to vote yes on this latest iniate,to rk with sinewnerin the ivate sector, to strengthen our economy, spur notion and ejobs d i yield back. the speaker pro tpore ntwoman yields back e bance of her time. the gentlen from miig. tentleman reserves. mr. levin: l me now yield two minuteto the very distinguished memberrom new jersey, mr. andrews. the eaker prtempore: ntleman's recognized for two mutes. mr. andreask anims consent to revise and extend my marks. the speakerro temre: without jection,o ordered. mr. andrews: ihank the airman for yielding. s inmerican politics and othis flo that membercome the floor a praise small business to th heights. people frequeny te stistics that say that small businesses create most of the new private ctor jobs they're righ and theyraise sml buness men d business women an
4:24 pm
i think after all the wordit timthat we had some aions that actually benet sml busine people in t country. th bill provis such actions. provides access to credit for small businesses who desperately need it, i think amecans are frustrated and sll business people share therustation. that after aancing hundredof bilionof dollars to banks, manyf those dollars don't seem to fi their way into loans to small businesses. the unrlying bill beginso dress at probl in a very signifint way. it ea prtice that this chairman and his predessor ben of extendingax cs to small bunesses, a small business that bu a laptop truckr some other pie of uipment, they can expense that, can effect cut their taxes binvesting in their business within the economy. and then whave theroc statemt by the minority leader th in order to help all
4:25 pm
businesses, hwants to repl a law at helps small businesses for the first time buyealth care. what the new hlth care l says is this, that a person running a small software compa or a restntr -- restaurant should bable to buy health sunce ith the same volume discothat locheed martin small business people have be king f that portunity fo a veryong tme. the w e esident signs prides tha it's very important to understandhat wi a the respec theinority leader did not correctly state thempac ofhe bill small business. small ness person has 50 or fewe -- mr. levin: iield the gentleman an adtional mine. e speaker pro temre: the gentleman is regniz for one minute. mr. arews: small busines person has 50 or fewer fultime employees, theris no mdate on that busio do anything. so l theecord corry
4:26 pm
reflect the state othe new law. a business that chooses to provide health iurance to its employs ll have the sam ility that a huge comny has to health insurancat a discount,f they oose. a companwith fewer than 50 full-time employees doesn't have do ything. ma of the small businesses that d choe to iure their employees will get a signifint tacut to help themo that. all these words, isn't it time ad somloans r small business, me tax cfor albusine a some affordable health ca for small business? if you wa words, tahe nority's approach. if you want acti, pport this bill. i yield ck the balance of my time. the speaker prtempore: time has expired. the geneman from michigan >> continue to reserve. the speaker pro tempe: the chair wnote that th gentleman from micgahas 10 mis remaining and the gentleman from michigan has six minutes remaing.
4:27 pm
mr. levin:i noyiel two muteso the gentlelady from texas, ms. jason lee. th speaker proempore: the gentlewomais recogzed for two mines. ms. jackson le i thank the gentleman for his leadership and i thank the full comttee o thwaysnd m f bng a feline for small businesses and i k my colleagues on t floor of the house to join them. thout this effort small busiss doors across america will clo and frankly i belie it is importa, as my lleague jt said, let us walk the lk antalk the talk. for it is nowime to invest in allusinees, which in acty create the backbone of the economy of ameca and provide for employment in our rural and urbaeas across th natio in fact, thinit is importan toote thill is paifor. by closg the black liquor loople and thether loophole ill create $8 billion to
4:28 pm
sure that we can do the ri thing for ourmall i come from an area that is now beg impaed by a major oil spill. i visit businesses whose dos are closinfo lack o assistance and i'm demrad tha we have president who realizes -- glad that we have a president whrealizes who iportant and is readto sign this bill. sml businesses e in need. whate ha here is an otunity for banks to refocus their lending policies and give startup edit and access the dollars to help build these sml businesses. many of uheardf t redirectons of theoneys th we lent big banks in der to he thehelp aerica. we, unfortunatelthey couldnind the dos of small businesse many ofy onstituents. and so i am eag to have this leslation passed that's paid for to provide startup costs fr
4:29 pm
small busins that always have had a majormpediment in getting inthe doorf these nks. thereforany relief of sm businessstartups is a , by increasing the amount allowed to be deducted fromhe bottom line. the capitagains issues as well that wi bvery important and i believe nally we need to holit these ban accountable asking themo prova pl to ense that they are providing lending to these sinesses. i ask for supportf this gislationnd i yld back. mr. camp:r. speaker, i'm prepared it to close once the chairman has made s closing statement. -- prepared to close once the chairman has made his closing statent. the speaker p tempore: the gentleman from micgan. mr. levin: reserve thealan of my time. the speak pro tempore: th ntleman rerves. the gentleman fromichiga mr. camp: thank you, mr. airman. i yield myself such me as i the eakepro tempore:he tleman icoized. mr. mp:ou know, i agree with much of what the speaker just said today about the importanc
4:30 pm
ofmall business,he job creaon that small business beenesponsible. you can see stiscs where 80% of the job creion in recent arhas been because of small business. certainly if we'rgoing to rever as aeconomy, small business wi lead the way and needs to rer. and we've seen over the past few years the wmall business has been organized, they're pd througentities. the vast majity ofma bunesses are passed thugh entits. so wh does the majoty do? they pass a business bill at doesn't apply to the marity ofsmal business. this provision he, which is the bulk otheir billthat cludes pital gas t saf certain smalness stock, only appliesqualified all businesses well, what's a qualifiedmall busiess? a corporion. that's how most lae bunesses ogani so this ll won't donything anin whi we have record debt, t largest in the history
4:31 pm
of this coy, wl $ trillion, estimate fro the trearyepartment that in 2015 the debt wilexceed the sie of the entire economy of the united states for the firs te in htory, before w s taxpers' dolrs, we ought to do it in way that's effective. tre are things at we could do for small business and iill say the majorithas madehis ll bter than it was the first time byropping some of the controversial ovions that wouldave potentiall used ourrading partners to retaliate against us and viously clong the black qu pvision is something at i tnk eve repubcan supports as well. . it doest we shou loo the other way and pass it, becse it doesn't elt the standardthat thicongress
4:32 pm
meet the sndardst this congress should be meeng duri this difficult time. yield tthe the gentleman from w jeeyor some comments. one minute. mr. garrett: i know o leer was speaking momt ag with regard to wt is goig to be coming shortly, which is the .r a mion to recommi hat will ruce the reglatory burden by realing the so-called individual mandate fr the recently passed health care bill. y do i talk out that now? i have a bill, the reclaiming indidual liberty act which ulrepealhat mandate. the authorittoulate us aspectsf our economy is broad, but not that broad to be able to imposen individual mandate. what we kw by doing so weill hurt not only the individual and this country as well. of
4:33 pm
so i coend the gentleman r his worinhigard and the m.r. that we wl se a few momentbecain that m.t.r. st as reclaiming the invial liberty act, we recogze that the constitution prohibits the expansi of gornment authority in the are if we had t ability to do that , uldn'te have donit la year with gard to th au industry? could maate peopeo buy autobiles. we can't do it in ts area. and i mmend your work. mr. cai thank the ntlen for his coents ande mas a very important point and in osing, i just want to s we look at the sts th the individualandate i particlarly go to go hit hard on sll businesses d how icult that's going to make it f them toontito be able to expand and hire workers and know that the small is rtually a frau that 90% t smallusinesses wot ableo qualiffor that because is snarrowly draft.
4:34 pm
the rhetoric of saying we are doing all these grt things, but the rty, there is nothing there. ae end of t 2010 when the indual income tax rates crease as wells onividends and capital gains, it's going to hit small business particularly hard because most small businessesile as iividuals ahas going to me ituch mo difficult for them to expand and make it much more difficult r them to hire and job creation tooccur. and alsowoulsa that another difficult problem is that tbill, while gerates $7 blion in tax venu it only provides about $3.5 billion in tax rie so again, taxes are being raised peantly for temporary spendin other parts of our ecomy. and it' undstanding that mo of that extraevenue will be used to help pay fo another tlike program, ta 3 as some call it, that going to be
4:35 pm
coming our way. soagain with our unemployme rate contig to be at a lingeri 10%, the difficult of e all business, thengines of economic growth, the help y need, this bill n enou. agai it takes us down the roa of higher snding that o nationnot afford t is time and i yiback. thepeaker p tempore: the gentleman yields back th balance of his te. the gentleman from micgan. r. lev: i ask thatll members have fiveegislative da to revi and extend their res insert extneous material into threcord the eaker pro tempore: without objecon, so oered. mr. levin: anybody who has listenedto this debate if they e atll objectivel be completely puzed by the arguments of t minoty. they sais bill won't do anytngbut th tey y there are tax increases topay
4:36 pm
for that permanent. at's wsehan a lame aent. it'scompletely whout merit anis vaccuous. the bill is sced in terms of smallusess catal gains ta almost $2 billion. th's nothing? it provides relief from penaies er $175 million sma business. thas nothing? it provides an increased eduction for startup expeitures that provides ov hf a bilon dollars scored that's noing? what nothing are yo
4:37 pm
argumen. and so you come here, i think afraid to vote yesecause it ll blur your political message. yosayou age with these rovisions, but then you're going to vote no. u just't appant to be caught being bipartisan. it's going to blur apolitical message. i don't derstand your argument thae taprovisionsre u n't argue these loholes. they're loles, au cricize us r clos opho permantly and then yosay it's f spending, but ou don't really allenge the validity of the spending.
4:38 pm
weo pay for some mons for the second bill that's coming p,ecause provides loans to small businesses d also pres stas thatav itten us supporting this bill, inuding your state, mr. camp, sayi that they'luse this moy well to help collateral upr so itworse puzzling. i think it'sathetic effort ind an excuse to vote no. sohen ye upith an argument at you have a motion to remmit -- he speaker p tpore: member are reminded tdirect their comments to the chair and not at oth members mr. vi i will be glad to do that, mr. speaker. so then it's said there is a motiono recommit t repl an
4:39 pm
invidual mante all i can sa that the individual mandateas the basis of the republ health care prosal in 199 a 1994. and now you ce up ansay y want eliminate it. this is anotheentagled position of yours. u'reying yoursels into knottrying toppose a bill that will provi help f small busine. maybe is usels to pe fr biartisanship to the oer side. close askin for suort. e speaker pro tempore: all time for debate hxpired. pursuant to house resolution 1436, the preous question is dered on t bil the qstion is on engrossment and third reading of the bill.
4:40 pm
those in favor y e. those opposed, no. theyeas have it third reading. thclerk: bill to ame the internal natiol revee code to provide tax incves r small busissnd tax atio the saker pro tpore: further consideraon of h.r. 5486 postponed. pursuant to cuse of rul 20, proceedings wl sume on a motion to suspend the rules priously postponed. e unfinished buness is the votef the mion of theth geleman from -- the gentlewoman from california, ms. woey andgree to house sotion 1389 onich the as and nays were orded. the clerk will rert t title of the resolution. the clrkhouse resolution 1389, resolutrecognizing e
4:41 pm
immeasuble contributions of fathers and the hethy development ofhildren pprting responsible fatherhood and encraging thers in the livesf thei chdn espeally on father's day. the speakepro tempore: will membsgree to theouse resolution. members willecord their votes bylectronic device. ts will a -minute vote. [captioningade possibley th in, inperation with the uned states hou representatis. ny use of the closed-captioned coverage of thhouse proceedingsor pitical o commercial rpes is expressly prohibited by u.s. house of representaves.]
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