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tv   American Politics  CSPAN  July 12, 2010 12:30am-2:00am EDT

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because some might not be able to vote in his constituencies but i'll be happy to have a meeting for the member responsible for electoral reform. >> number 10, mr. speaker. >> can i first of all welcome the right honorable lady to the house. and the honorable members constituency and it's completely unacceptable today that 58% of the housing in her constituency is not of a decent standard. we do have a huge backlog of work to be carried out. we've plowed 170 million pounds back in social housing schemes this financial year which the last government promised but didn't fund. clearly the decent homes program will have to be looked at in the spending review but i understand the force of argument in her constituency particularly. >> thank you, prime minister. is the prime minister aware that some 7,000 counsel homes need to be brought up in the home standards.
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the last government committed 22 million towards addressing this problem. will his government honor that commitment to my constituents? >> as i said we've actually filled in some of the black hole left by the last government because a promise of extra spending was made but the money wasn't found. and while we made the 6 billion pounds of cuts to start sorting out the finances we used some of the saved money to fill in the black holes so that social housing schemes could go ahead. clearly the decent homes program is important. we have tongue it's value for money but her constituency has very great needs with so many substandard needs. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my 9-year-old constituent says she and her brother learned to swim because it was free. paisley is worried her little sister won't be able to learn because this government wants to charge in her letter paisley says please, please stop this madness. will the prime minister listen to paisley and have a rethink? >> well, first of all, can i
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congratulate the honorable lady and many people in this country think it's a good time to go into the politics and go media and can i congratulate the warmth of the g mtv sofa to come onto a green bench here. she raises an important case. i have to say to her that not all labour councils were able to deliver the free swimming pledge and this is one of the things like many other things i'm afraid it's then again on sunday night on c-span at also, at you can find past prime ministers questions and links to the house of commons and prime ministers website.
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>> on tuesday, the queen travel to new york city were she addressed the united nations assembly for the first time since 1957 for her remarks are about 20 minutes. >> i have the honor to invite your majesty to address the general assembly. mr. president, secretary- general, members of the general assembly, i believe i was last here in 1957. since then, i have traveled widely and met many leaders, ambassadors and statesmen from around the world.
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i address you today as queen of sixteen united nations member states and as head of the commonwealth of 54 countries. i have also witnessed great change, much of it for the better, particularly in science and technology, and in social attitudes. remarkably, many of these sweeping advances have come about not because of governments, committee resolutions, or central directives - although all these have played a part - but instead because millions of people around the world have wanted them.
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for the united nations, these subtle yet significant changes in people's approach to leadership and power might have foreshadowed failure and demise. instead, the united nations has grown and prospered by responding and adapting to these shifts. but also, many important things have not changed. the aims and values which inspired the united nations charter endure: to promote international peace, security and justice; to relieve and remove the blight of hunger, poverty and disease; and to
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protect the rights and liberties of every citizen. the achievements of the united nations are remarkable. when i was first here, there were just three united nations operations overseas. now over 120,000 men and women are deployed in 26 missions across the world. you have helped to reduce conflict, you have offered humanitarian assistance to millions of people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies, and you have been deeply committed to tackling the effects of poverty in many parts of the world. but so much remains to be done. former secretary-general dag
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hammarskjold once said that 'constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon'. good nurses get better with practice; sadly the supply of patients never ceases. this september, leaders will meet to agree how to achieve the millennium development goals when each nation will have its own distinctive contribution to make. new challenges have also emerged which have tested this organization as much as its member states. one such is the struggle against terrorism. another challenge is climate
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change, where careful account must be taken of the risks facing smaller, more vulnerable nations, many of them from the commonwealth. mr. president, i started by talking about leadership. i have much admiration for those who have the talent to lead, particularly in public service and in diplomatic life - and i congratulate you, your colleagues and your predecessors on your many achievements. it has perhaps always been the case that the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all. i know of no single formula for success, but over the years i have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal, and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration, to work together. since i addressed you last, the commonwealth, too, has grown vigorously to become a group of nations representing nearly two billion people. it gives its whole-hearted support to the significant contributions to the peace and stability of the world made by the united nations and its agencies. last november, when i opened the commonwealth heads of government meeting in trinidad
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and tobago, i told the delegates that the commonwealth had the opportunity to lead. today i offer you the same message. for over six decades the united nations has helped to shape the international response to global dangers. the challenge now is to continue to show this clear and convening leadership while not losing sight of your ongoing work to secure the security, prosperity and dignity of our fellow human beings. when people in fifty-three years from now look back on us, they will doubtless view many of our practices as old-fashioned. but it is my hope that, when judged by future generations, our sincerity, our willingness to take a lead, and our determination to do the right thing, will stand the test of
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time. in my lifetime, the united nations has moved from being a high-minded aspiration to being a real force for common good. that of itself has been a signal achievement. but we are not gathered here to reminisce. in tomorrow's world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be united nations. [laughter] [applause] [applause] [applause]
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>> i wish to express our appreciation to her majesty queen elizabeth ii for her inspired statement. i request the representatives be kind enough to remain in their seats " are her majesty heads out of the general assembly. then the meeting will stand adjourned. >> while in new york, the queen and her husband, prince philip, visited the former site of the world trade center known as ground zero. she paid respects to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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watch world leaders from the white house to around the globe.
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you can do this in our spirit video library and on line. it is washington -- your way. next, but remarks for michael steele as well as the republican candidate sharon angl,. then a discussion of the future of education in saddam followed by a speech from the prime minister of spain. the nevada republican party held its annual convention on friday, posting rnc chairman michael steele. here is a look, starting with german steel. this is the key minutes. -- this is 50 minutes.
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are you ready to win? you have your work cut out for you. we have some things to do. it is important that you pull yourself together and pull yourself up by your bootstraps sampling over and help a major pull themselves of an elite over and help the crazy aunt pulled himself up we're going to bring the change that this country needs. we're willing to bring the change that nevada needs. right out, but what you have a great new chairman and he is
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quite a guide. he is ready to rock and roll and strengthen this party. congratulations on your leadership. . he has a great team and a great partnership. he has the wonderful national committee. thank you both for your leadership. thank you also much. this partnership is sure anchor. this is the team that will lead down the force. they will need your help. they will need your time they will need your commitment. -- they will need your time. and they will need your commitment. the age of obama is about to end.
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[applause] you have a great candidate running out there. she is grassroots 24/7. she is the mom and dad, the grocer, the entrepreneur the student, the everyday person that is just trying to get to the next day, to make a just a little bit better. she understands that she will be the next united states senator from this great state. sharon angle. i want to thank denny. there is a whole lot of mess that comes out. you are one hell of a stand-up guy.
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i really appreciate your getting out there and doing, the fight. -- doing the fight. people can come together, despite the battles. the cans over here in the camps over there. tonight, the republican a party -- republican party of nevada is ready to win. is joe here? joe, come knocked him out, baby tree come off the mound. -- come knocked them out, baby. come knock them out. we need to. you've got to get to d.c., baby. you have such a great team come here.
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from the governor to the u.s. senate, local races, you have a chance to take some new steps. what i want to talk to you about tonight is how we do that together and what that is going to mean. because that is important. it is very important. thomas jefferson once said that when the people fear the government, there is tyranny. when the government fears the people, there is liberty. at this hour, my friends got our government does not fear us. harry reid does not fear the people of nevada. president obama does not fear the people of this country. because if they did, there would
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not have been a health-care bill shoved down our throats and there would not have been a captain trade bill out of the house. there would not have been the takeover of the auto industry's and financial institutions. the people have made it clear that is not what they want their government to do. what they want their government to do is to create a pathway of opportunity and get the hell of the way and allow us to reach the american dream but ourselves. -- by ourselves. [applause] that is what the people want the government to do. i travel this great country and i get to spend time in the grassroots of america and i have never seen such a powerful and her as i have over the past year -- if such a palpable anger as i have over the past year. we have to ask ourselves why are the american people fearful?
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what is it that scares them so much? is it because we love our country? yes. for some people in washington, that is a novel idea. the people of this country so much that they are afraid for her. they are afraid for her future. they are afraid for their children. that people would love this country so much that they would dare to stand up to its government and say good -- say "enough." that they would go to a senator's office or a state representatives of this and say that we cannot -- office and say
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that we cannot afford any more of your burden. people love their country so much that they want the government to get out of the way so that they can realize that little thing called the american dream. we won it for ourselves and our children. -- we want it for ourselves and our children this is the place where -- and our children. this is the place where an idea can become reality. that is the greatness of our people. of you. to let anybody tell you for this country -- or this country that we are not special. we are. we are. we are.
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what is it about america that makes us exceptional? is it the water that we drink? no. is it because we are nicer people. if you have ever been in rush- hour traffic, you know that that is not the case. no. it is freedom. the freedom to wake up every morning and work, not for someone else's dream, but for your own. america is supposed to be that place where the tentacles of big government cannot harass you. you are free to work hard and to pass it on a lasting legacy of values and well as to your kids. a worldwide america's success is
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not the enemy. let me repeat that. i understand that the president got on the plane and went to washington. i hope my words catch up with him. success is not an enemy here in america to aha and the reason is quite simple. wheat expect to succeed. we expect it to succeed it. you do not get up and say that you want to start a business to so it can fail. you do not wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say that all you want to do -- to be today is poor. that is not america, full lips. you know it, i know it but harry and very do not.
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they don't. [applause] so, we are going to have to educate them. the way that we do that is by talking about what we believe. sharing our stories. teaching them through our actions. running our businesses, raising our kids, saluting the flag, being proud to be an american, recognizing the exception listen that has defined as for over 230 years. -- the exceptional lesson that has defined as four or 230 years. we try harder and we try to do better. not for ourselves, but for all. we need to help those folks in
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washington understand that. we need to send some good congressman there. electing a good governor for the state. success is getting harder and harder every day. especially right here in nevada, where you have double digit unemployment. foreclosure rates are through the roof. the people are dispirited and have lost confidence in themselves and that should never be allowed to happen. it happens because somewhere in that glorious long career of harry reid, he stopped caring about people. he became more concerned about washington and the interest of
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their that pad his coffers every election cycle. the deals that he can cut, the deals that often land on the backs of hard-working taxpayers. i do not have to make this stuff up. you have witnessed it, over the past year. i am not telling you something you do not already know. what i am asking you to do is to go out and share that story with the people of nevada. help them appreciate what six more years of harry reid will mean for them. just the thought is scary in and of itself. but you have the facts. not just the facts, but the heart.
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the people in the state. those that won a better life for their kids. -- wanted better life for their kids. we can afford -- we cannot afford to be the regeneration that gives up on prosperity. it means too much to our kids. as small business owners, two turnovers, risktakers, there are one to the board about their accounts receivables and worry about an employee they may have to lay off at the end of the week. they will have to worry about whether or not that contract that will put him at the top will come through. they will be agreed on when their account calls and tells some -- come january, your
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premiums are going out. thank you, harry, but no thanks. it's time to retire harry reid. [applause] lee picture perfect do though, weren't they -- president obama and harry reid were the picture- perfect duo. talking smack. sharron angle is about to smack harry upde the head come november. [applause] let me ask all of the hear
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something -- how is that hopey changey thing working out for you. barack obama talked about hope without an action plan and harry reid bought into it. he talked about change without telling us what he wanted to change. harry reid succored the people into a bad deal. when the two of them are teamed up, the people woke up and they stood up for liberty. when harry met barry and past the giant welfare package called the stimulus, what did we do? we did not wine, we organized and the sharron angle nominated to defeat -- and nominated sharron angle to defeat harry reid. got harry's pal, nacy together in the house a -- when
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together,l na,ncy got we did not shrug our shoulders. we raised up a principled, conservativeandidate. to goodashington pushed back on them. when harry reid is saddled us with controlling shares in car companies that union bosses had driven into financial ruin, we did not complain. we drove ourselves to a tea party in harry's backyard. [applause] when harry reid started counting down to the end of the bush tax cuts, we started counting down to november 2nd and the end of harry reid and his democrat majority in the senate and the house. americans have had enough. they have had enough. the fog is lifted from their eyes, the kool-aid has been drained from their veins. they are asking one simple
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question -- how we take our country ck? i'll tell you. we take our country back when we retire harry reid. we take our country back when we fire nancy pelosi. we take our country back when we send good, conservative, principal leaders to washington. when we elect a governor who understands people. when we elect state officials from comptroller to attorney- general who are going to fight for the people, not against them. it's time to go on offense because the electoral march is already on from massachusetts to new jersey, virginia to hawaii, the freedom agenda is winning the day. [applause] some of the may be worrying that too much damage has been done to
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america. that we are so deep in the hole that we cannot dig our way out. some comments i made recently might have gotten some people to thinking i feel that way about r efforts in afghanistan. but i want to take this moment among friends to clarify. because i know my remarks may have been a little bit confusing or misunderstood. afghanistan is a war we can win. it is perhaps the hardest place in the world to win a war, but this is america. with the right leadership, the right resources, and the right rules of the engagement on the ground, we not only can win, we must win. we will win, and we will not leave our soldiers alone in the battle. [applause]
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we will not leave our soldiers alone in the battle. let me clarify further. for the sake of all those brave heroes who have lost their lives, and i met a goldstar mother this evening, it was an important moment for me. to stand with the mother of a soldier. it reminded me of the times i stood with moms and dads of soldiers -- as lieutenant governor, i would see them off to war. the moms and dads i stood with as their sons and daughters came home.
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we don't take this lightly, folks. a lot of our friends and neighbors have lost their lives. their families have suffered. but we stand with them. we pray for them. because of slow we do. it's not a debatable point. it's not a political opportunity. it's what makes us americans. for all of those still fighting, please know that i am the republican national committee stand squarely behind your effort, willing to give whatever support is necessary to win decisively, completely, and
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secure america's future today and tomorrow. that is what this fight is about. i hope no one misconstrues that. [applause] we have in this room men and women who write checks, keep writing them. we have in this room, men and women who ock on doors and sign and volunteer. we have in this room candidates for office. what all the candidates for office, what ever office, please stand for a moment so we can thank you. [applause] please stand so we can thank
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you. support them. [applause] this is your front line. these are the folks who are going to put it on the line for you in november. what you can do between now and then is here. it's here. it's here in our own hands. whenever you can do, do it over and over and over until we win. ground to 1 inch of harry reid and those out there who want to tear apart. they tell us nevada is a blue state. really? i don't think so.
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there may be some blue people from what harry has done to them. but you represent the new light. you represent a new beginning. the republican renaissance is in your hands. the reemergence from the dark days of 2006 and 2008 into a better opportunity, right now, your chairman, your national committee man, your national committeewoman, they need your continued commitment and support. they need you to do one extra day, one extra hour, one extra minute. to help us win. just as we cannot take any seat for grad, there's no law that says democrats own every seat.
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we have already seen that story, or rather that lie, defeated in massachusetts. [applause] we have seen a defeated in hawaii. and we will see harry reid defeated here in nevada in november. [applause] before i windup, i want to do one more thing. because it's important. and the national chairman and i get to do this. if you are a college republican, a teenage republican or young republican, please stand up. please stand up. [applause] i'm the chairman, stay standing. i did not say sit.
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i see some young bloods over here. if you are a college republican, a young republican are teenage republican, stand up. now was not the time to be shy. i want you to know you are already empowered to leading. you cannot have to ask for anybody's permission to do what you do to help the party grow, expand, and reach new voters and reach your generation. folks, you are not looking at the future of the party, this is the rightere and right now. these young men and women right here are our voice and we need to make sure they are empowered to go well and deliver a new message about a new party and a new day. [applause] empower them further. encourage them, support them.
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anybodygoing to dog out here but we need to have more of them in this room the next time we gather. let's think about the future right now. let's think about the opportunities you can do right now for them. for all of you who are . anding, don't stop you want to do it, do it. you want to run the campaign or run for office, you want to raise money, you want to strategize, you want to be in the room, take your buttnd put it at table because no one is going to let you in otherwise. you have to show them you are ready to lead. [applause] if you do not, you will not be taken seriously. afford to let your generation slip through our fingers.
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and don't screw it up. [laughter] thank you. [applause] we are going to pull out the stops for sharron angle. we're going to pull out the stops to sharron angle elect. i don't want to hear any excuses, i don't want to hear any nonsense, i don't want to hear any stupidity coming out of this party about anything other than harry reid possibility. we don't need to fight inside our own house. i'm tired of it. and tonight. [applause] -- and it tonight. if you are ever going to rally for any thing, rally for this
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woman, because if you don't, i'm coming back here and it won't be pretty. . . he is a veteran and someone who has run a successful business. he will be your next congressman from the first district, right? [applause] he is going to bring a business sense to washington, thank you,
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lord. they need it. he knows to -- how to make payroll. he knows how to make ends meet. he knows when to stop spending, especially when there is no money left to spend. joe hech. [applause] total package. i like this guy a lot. he is a doctor, a veteran, a small-business owner purity is going to take the people of nevada to washington. -- small business owner. he is going to take the people of nevada to washington. you'll be there with him as a partnership in the united states congress. go do it, buddy, go do it. elect him. [applause]
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now, some things are a given, but we are not assuming anything. we are about the business of reelecting dean heller. [applause] send him back to congress. we need some help. we need some help. make sure he gets back there, because the first vote i need him to cast is for the next reblican of the speaker of the house. -- for the next republican speaker of the house. you see a lot of candidates are running for office, for attorney general, for comptroller, for local offices. these are serious individuals ready for serious times, and i am glad they are running. we need republicans and patris who will not only live up to the badge of honor you give them
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with your vote. they carry a little bit with them. wherever they are conducting the people's business. we need republicans and patriots who will not drink the political kool-aid any longer and forget th core values that have defined the leadership of this party for a generation. there is going to be a lot of bloo sweat, and equity put into your campais. honor the people who sent you to office for doing a good job, and remember how you got there. as my mom used to tell me, i've brought you into this world.
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i will take you out. we will take you out, let's make a pact to night. that we leave this convention, that our fight is not with each other but with every democrat in washington for ruining our economy, weakening our national defense, and robbing the future from our kids and grandkids. ronald wen -- ronald reagan had a wonderful quote. he said simply, we win, they lose. [applause] as republicans, i did not want us to lose faith and the power and ingenuity of the american people and the people of nevada.
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do not lose faith in them. do not lose faith in those who can rebuild an economy and reste community is. as our republican renaissance unfolds, we must once again unfiled are frigid once again display our core beliefs said government should -- we should once again display our core belief that government should be limited, people get to keep more of their own money -- what a concept. by the way, how you become a millionaire on a senator's salary? with your help, we can restore the birthright of liberty and prosperity generations of
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americans have always has gone to their children. -- always passed on to their children. come november in nevada and all across america, we win, they lose. deal? is the deal? -- is it a deal? we win, they lose. are you of for that? are you ready to do that? we win, they lose. i cannot hear you. what is going to happen? tell me one more time. >> we win, they lose. >> now you have got the spirit. god bless america, god bless our
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troops, and god bless the good republican of nevada. [applause] >> earlier that day, senate chairman sharron talk for 20 minutes. here are her remarks. >> i hope you can see me. good evening, republican levers of liberty. thank you so much for being here. that is a little better.
1:20 am
i heard someone say, did not expect you to be so little, and i said, do not let it fool you. i have been fighting about this all my life. there are old adages about folks a little on the short side. i am so glad you are here, and i am so grateful for those wonderful warnords. thank you, danny. now we are cooking. i want to tell you people have been worried about five primary we had. -- about the primary we had. i wanted to make this night and
1:21 am
night we could be proud of, where we are all united in one effort with one focus, and that is to defeat harry reid. [applause] denny, su, bill, will you stand up? thank you very much, bill. robin? said, all of our wonderful candidates, we have a number of great candidates, and are only focus during the primary was to defeat harry reid, and now we are going to take out all the way to november 2, and that is why i need your help.
1:22 am
thank you so much. i want to talk to you a little bit tonight about how we are going to do that. we have an opportunity to take back a seat that belongs to we, the people. we, the people of nevada have a senate seat that has been too long occupied by a career politician, a good old boy, who makes a deal on every bill, and i hold him personally responsible for what is happening in our nation, and the reason i hold him personally responsible is because he did not just vote for these bills -- obama proposed these things, but harry reid dispose of them.
1:23 am
he is the one that brought every one of those policies into fruition, and he did it in the most good old boy, corruption as usual, washington, d.c., establishment way, and that is by making deals, and he told us if your legislature is not making a deal, you do notave a good legislator. we are tired of that kind of politics, and that is why we are going to make a chae on november 2. [applause] it is interesting though. desperate men do deaths -- desperate men do desperate things, and harry reid is a desperate man, and you have been listening to his desperate commercials on television. i want to a you a simple
1:24 am
question. if harry reid had such a difficult time in the past, why would you believe anything? this man has been waterboarding our economy for the next year and a half with the stimulus and obama care, and he has got washington, d.c., and the rest of the nation in such a fog that businesses cannot see the way out, and that is the problem with our economy. as long as they are looking at that fog and they know there are a couple of rocks to hit before they even see what is next, they know harry reid has some plans, and know th is cap and trade. we know he is going to let the
1:25 am
tax cuts run out, and that means a tax increase. we know he said his agenda is amnesty. that is why our businessmen are saying, i am not sure i can take our risk, because they cannot e through the fog, and i thought it was interesting that obama said we have got a bright new day. he has n even ridden around las vegas if he has not seen the lights are out in nevada. this is not a bright new day. all i can say is he must have his bright lights shining on that fog, and that is what is hitting him in the face. this is an economy that is a disaster, not only for our state, but for our country.
1:26 am
we have an opportunity to get out of the fog, to give some certainty to our businessmen, and to oer them an opportunity as well to take those risks. harry reid answers are to extend unemployment and give temporary jobs. the real answers are to pay back the debt,ut by the spending, and pay for our economy so that our businesses can provide permanent, full-time jobs with the future. we want something that will i actually diversify our economy. we know the problem is there is no discretionary money across the nation, and that is why people have stopped coming in -- that and obama telling them if
1:27 am
they are coming to las vegas, they are coming on a junket, but i would say to you that harry reid agreed. he agreed with obama, we saw hundreds of convention leave because of those brash words, and what we need to do is make sure we do not depend so much on any industry that when we do see this kind of natural ebb and flow of our economy, that we have a fallback position. we have folks here, and they know their economy thrives on the mining industry, and they also know they are in jeopardy because of harry reid. he is looking at the 1872 mining law. we need to make sure that stays
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intact, that it is just the way it is proposed. we also have to make sure our government is not using things to shut off areas of our state to prospecting. we need mineral exploration, so we need to allow that to happen in our state. we have an opportunity here to do some really positive things, and the first one is to deat harry reid. when we defeat harry reid, the eyes of the nation are sll going to be upon us, and they are going to be wondering, what does nv want to do next, and we are going to tell them, the first thing we would like to do
1:29 am
is repeal obama care. [applause] we have got some other ideas we would like to do. we would like to take that $500 million -- $500 billion in the stimulus, the $500 billion coming in from the tarp, from one trillion dollars, and pay back the deficit right now. we can do that, and we need to, because we want to get out of the fog. we need to give our country the confidence we are going in the right direction, but also our neighbors throughout the world. we want to let them know we are no longer using our credit card for paying off the debt. we are paying off a credit card.
1:30 am
we need to cut back on the spending, and you have heard me say before we need to do this in a 5 times 5 way for the next five years on a prioritized list of expenditures, and the prioritized list needs to be in an a, b, and c priority. a being what our federal government should spend money on. b and c seeing the things we have been spending money on, but we are not getting the best ba for the buck. those conservatives say, where would you cut? we have departments we could cut that would be better served at the state level, and we have to attend the amendment that our founders gave us but says, you
1:31 am
should get things done at the state level. ronald reagan knew this. rember, ronald reagan had it right, and if he thought a one size fits all policy making bureaucracies that fits no one -- we have seen that with no child left behind -- is sends money to states, and we cannot do what we do best, which is to put that money in the classroom, where the parent and teacher and child are the stakeholders. we want to do that ourselves and keep our money here. ronald reagan knew we can do that and it would be better served.
1:32 am
there are other departments where we are spending federal dollars, and we need to start cutting back there. we then take back our economy, and we know how to do that by simple things like auditing the fed, liquidating fraudy mac and phony mae, ande can secure the borders, and forceful laos. -- forceful laws. -- enforce the laws. if we know what is going to take to get our economy where we needed. we know as americs that our constitution has worked and will work again.
1:33 am
we know ronald reagan was right when he said the government is not the solution, the government is the problem, and that is all harry reid is giving us raising big government takeover, so it is time to take back our vernment by making it a less regulatory government and a lower taxation government. that will invite our business back to ameri, and that is the climate your u.s. senator needs to help create in this stage so we can take back our economy in in nevada. we also have some potential we need to explore, and those include a secure a test site that we have been doing nuclear research and development on for years, and that we have been transporting since 1974 this
1:34 am
nuclear material. we nd not be afraid, and the governor knows this. he is our person who has been promoting this. people need to understand we need to bolster our economy, and one of those ways is to take something harry reid has demonized for years and explore the potential. let's take a look at what we have got. finally, i would like to say this again. remember, we have the right contract with america, and that is our constitution. [applause] we have the right message for america.
1:35 am
it is reagan's message, lower taxes, more individual freedom and cuts to spending we have the right angle to defeat harry reid. [applause] i know all of you in this room can vote for me, but i want you to do me a favor. i want you to send out to all of your relatives and friends -- i want you to tell them that may t -- they may not be allowed to vote for me, but they can help us by sending money to we need their help, and i need your help, and i need a unified party that understands like reagan did that if you're 85% in agreement with me, you are my
1:36 am
friend. we are ready to go. we are ready to defeat harry reid. we are ready to take on the challenge, and we are ready to tell him, keep your eye of the ball, because the ball is not out here with social security, although it is a big part of its. social security has been rated and pillage by harry reid for years. -- raded and pillaged by harry reid for years. we need to talk about that, because that is part of the debt harry reid has created, so let's remind him it is about the economy. the ball has been over here with the department of education. the ball has a part to do with the department of education, because they are spending dollars that would be better spent in the state, but remind them, it is about the economy.
1:37 am
the ball is not about sharron angle. the ball is about harry reid, and i is about the economy harry reid has been systematical destroying through tse policies of bailout, cap and trade -- we can go on and on and on. remember, it is all about 14% unemployment. it is all about the largest foreclosure rate in the nation. it is all about the largest bankruptcy rate in the nation, because our citizens in nevada are suffering. remember the ronald reagan misery index famines -- misery index? we are living it, and the ball
1:38 am
is about our citizens and their jobs and their homes. that is what it is all about, and harry reid can blame everyone, everything. try to get your eye off the ball, but the bal remains at home with our jobs and are home and our children and our grandchildren. are we going to pass down debt and deficit, or are we going to pass down liberty and freedom? we have the opportunity to pass down liberty and freedom, so let's go, and let's take back our senate seat, republican of liberty and lovers. thank you
1:39 am
[applause] that is why i am running for reelection. i appreciate your support. [applause] >> harry!
1:40 am
>> all the we have and the other -- the list is long. we should be proud. we are creating thousands of jobs with the economic recovery plan, clean energy projects, and small business tax cuts. [applause] all of which put nevadas back to work. we are fighting to keep these greedy wall street bankers in check. [applause] we think, in the next week, they will be in check really good, because we will finish that report. [applause] we passed health insurance. [applause]
1:41 am
for all of the naysayers, look at the public opinion poll and the majority of the minions -- americans are glad that we did what we did. [cheers and applause] with wall street's record, we're making the promise that he will never again be asked to bail out -- with wall street reform, we are making the promise that you will never again be asked to bail out the big banks. affording good health is the
1:42 am
right of every nevada and, not the privilege of a few. -- nevadan, not a privilege of a few. everymaking bp pay for cent of the disaster. [applause] we are not about baililng -- bailing out the richest companies in the world. we are not saying we are sorry. [applause] that is not all that we're doing to move nevada forward. we are making this state the world leader in clean energy. [applause]
1:43 am
thehave cracked down on abuse in credit card companies and mortgage fraud. we have outlawed discrimination based on gender or race. [applause] we're keeping tobacco out of the hands of children. the tobacco companies can no longer freely adapt our children to tobacco. [applause]
1:44 am
with the help of the good men you will see in just a moment, we have killed the amount and -- killed yucca mountain. [applause] there is more. we're just getting started. as long as our list of accomplishments, power to do list is even longer -- our to-do list is even longer. i could not have done this without you. i will not be able to continue fighting without you. [applause] you have all started to see what we're up against. it will not get easier. the party of no is stepping in front of us at every chance they get.
1:45 am
our opponents want to protect insurance companies to deny health care to the sick. they want to get free passes to the wall street bankers who are restless -- who are reckless. we're not giving them a free pass. [applause] can you imagine this? they are apologizing to bp. they caused the biggest man-made environmental disaster in the history of the world. they compared the recession to -- that wiped out our jobs to an ant -- an insect. that is a direct quote. our opponents hope for our failure. they think that when our economy loses, they win. nevada is a gambling state. we know that. we never back those who bet on failure, especially the failure
1:46 am
they are causing. [applause] it is remarkable that they think when the unemployment goes up or another foreclosure happens that their poll numbers go up also. that is not true. this country is not the place for people who cheer for failure. i know you do not. we have to demand success. i am grateful that you agreed. we have a lot of work ahead of us. am grateful to have you as partners. we're also fortunate to have another teammate on our side -- barack obama. [cheers and applause]
1:47 am
this good man -- when this good man ran for president, during the campaign he came to nevada 22 different times. [cheers and applause] why did he come 22 different times? he knew how important nevada was in that election. he knew that the road to the white house ran right through nevada. [cheers and applause] he knows how much more we have to do. he is here tonight because he knows that i am not going to give up. he knows that you are not going to give up. [cheers and applause] he knows we are a state full of fighters. we're going to fight with everything we have got to get back on our feet, to help our
1:48 am
economy recover and prosper. always remember, the economic hole that we're in was not done by harry reid or obama. [cheers and applause] he knows that we're not going to stop until this economy turns around, until every nevada andn can go to work again -- nevadan can go to war again. it is my honor to welcome him to nevada for his 24th visit. it is my honor to welcome the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] ♪
1:49 am
♪ [cheers and applause] >> nv! nevada! hello, nevada! opend brac it cheers and applause] -- [cheers and applause] hello, nevada! >> si, se puede! >> it is good to be back in vegas. [cheers and applause] . this is a pretty good crowd.
1:50 am
i know you are disappointed that i am not singing tonight. [laughter] [cheers] listen, i love being in vegas again. [applause] i love this town. maybe not as much as my singing. for some reason, every time we come here, air force one is a little more crowded. [laughter] i am seeing people in the couches. >> [unintelligible]
1:51 am
>> i love you back. i love you back. there are a couple of other people i want to mention. congresswoman dina titus is in the house. [cheers and applause] love her. the secretary of state ross miller is in the house. [years and applause] one of my earliest supporters, not just here in nevada, but all across the country, state senate majority leader stephen schwartz men is in the house -- shortened -- schwartzman is in the house. state speaker -- speaker of the state assembly barbara boxer lee is -- barbara buckley is here.
1:52 am
give it up for the killers. [cheers and applause] these guys, for the fourth of july, they performed for military families on the south lawn. they have been unbelievably nice. they do not look like killers. [laughter] one of them is tall, but they do not look like you would be scared of them. [laughter] they're wonderful people. we are grateful to them. how about sarah mclachlan? [cheers and applause] she was -- i met her backstage. she was delightful. she has a couple of beautiful daughters. i am always partial two daughters. -- to daughters.
1:53 am
despite the entertainment, the digs, the old friends, the main reason i am here is because there is a guy from searchlihgt, -- searchlight, nevada, who has been fighting on behalf of nevada for most of his life and is now fighting for working families all across america. that is your senate majority leader, harry reid. [cheers and applause] >> harry! harry! harry! >> i have known harry since i arrived in the senate five years ago.
1:54 am
we have become dear friends. he is a man of principle. he is a straight-shooter. he is a man of his word. [applause] he comes across as a soft- spoken. you know how he is all like, "well, you know." [laughter] even when he is in front of a big crowd, he is like, "well, you know." [applause] we are trying hard. that is just how harry is. anybody who knows harry knows that he is made of strong stuff. this is one tough guy. [cheers and applause] a lot of people talk tough.
1:55 am
harry is a tough. -- is tought. a lot of people in washington forget where they came from. harry remembers every single day. [cheers and applause] a lot of people, instead of taking the tough votes, showing leadership, making difficult decisions -- they do what is politically expedient. they end up making the choices that get them the best chance of staying in washington. that is not harry reid. he does not always do what is easy. he does not always do what is popular. he always does what is right for the people of nevada. [cheers and applause] . it is time to get him in there for one more term. [applause]
1:56 am
as and a majority leader, he has always done what is right. -- as senate majority leader, he has always done what is right. you have to send him back. he likes to brag about this. he brags in his own way. "well, i used to box." [laughter] not the most was talented guy. i was not very fast. i was not big, obviously. [laughter] but i could take a punch. i could take a punch." [applause] - would outlast-0 the other guy. that is exactly how harry reid has been able to orchestrate one of the most productive
1:57 am
legislative sessions in the history of america. that is how he is going to win this race to serve the people of nevada one more time. [cheers and applause] he has taken his lumps. we all have. but i have no doubt that the people of nevada will realize the quality of public servant that they have in harry reid, partly because he knows that, no matter what kind of lumps he has taken, they are nothing compared to the lumps that the folks back home have been taking. [applause] harry comes from humble beginnings. he knows what it is like not to have a lot. he knows what it is like to see your folks scraping by and have
1:58 am
i'mell you, no, sorry, cannot afford this and that. he has been there. when he hears the stories of those of you who are losing homes or jobs, when he hears the stories about people who are feeling it, after doing the right thing, somehow they have gotten the short end of the state. that is who he identifies with. that is who he is fighting for. [cheers and applause] i just came from the birthplace of another harry -- harry truman. he was a lot like harry reid. in 1948, harry truman campaigned
1:59 am
across this country, making the case against the do nothing republicans -- do-nothing republicans. [applause] for the last two years, harry has been dealing with the do- nothing republican leadership in the senate, just like character men. -- harry truman. despite their tactics and political maneuvering, he has been making progress. he does not give up. he does not give in. he keeps on fighting duty outlasts them. he has changed -- he keeps on fighting. the outlasts them. he has changed the landscape of america. [applause] we have taken quite a few punches as a nation. about 17 months


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