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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  July 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'll examine that a. i'll look at the claim, and i'll turn to you and say, i agree with you or i don't agree with you. but if i agree with you, here's a check for 18 months lost pay, lost income. but then, think long and hard because then in order to get that big check, lump sum, full payment, you got to release bp. you got to sign a piece of paper that you won't sue bp. in return, if you like the amount of that check, here. now keep in mind, this program is entirely 100% voluntary. .
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>> mr. feinberg, i am here and i want emergency payments. i cannot work.
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ok? fill out the form. by the way, in a couple more weeks if you want, fill out the form on line. you don't have to go to an office. you can fill out the form electronically. i don't care. we have 35 claims offices that bp said up all over the gulf. you can go to one of those claims offices. you can call a 01-800 number for you can make an appointment for you can do it in your living room on the internet. i am out of work. the fishing boat dry dock. i cannot work. fill out the form. corroborate your claim. here is a check for six months and you don't have to sign anything. take the money. if later on you don't want to participate any longer, don't. you still keep the six months. it is a gift.
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wait a minute, mr. feinberg, it says i have to corroborate the claim. i have an all cash business. nothing illegal about an all cash business. that's fine with me. how are you going to show me that you are losing $8,000 per month or $6,000 per month. you have to show me something. you cannot walk in and say give me the money. show me your tax return. i lost it. all right, you lost your tax return. show me a profit and loss statement, a checkbook, a check stub, something. well, i don't know. tell the captain of the boat or your priest or your share of or the mayor. come on in and have them out for you. that is good enough.
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i have to have something to avoid fraud. i have to have something that verifies your claim. i am not looking to get fancy here. i want to get the money out to people who need it. i am working for you. as to whatreative you offer in the way of corroboration. i will bend over backwards to corroborate these emergency payments. i have to have some corroboration. this is so i will know how much to give you per month for six months. no obligation. well, mr. feinberg, i am losing $7,000 per month but bp put me to work on a vessel skimming or whatever and then makes up $6,000 so i am mali about $1,000. all right, i will give you $1,000. you have mitigated and reduced
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what you are out of work so i will reduce that amount. whatever you are getting. emergency payments. when the oil stops and we all have a better handle on where it is going and how it is spread, then you come and say, ok, now i want a lump-sum payment. i am a shrimper. and i think that shrimping, i am out of luck for three years. well, that is what you say. i am looking at this and asking the experts down in the parish. you will not be out of luck for three years. you are out of luck for two years. i will give you $143,000 if you
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release cbp from any lawsuits. you can go sue somebody else if you want but in return for $143,000, here is the check, you signed away that you will not sue the paper. -- you must do bp. release, sign your name, or you are not treating me fairly, i don't think it's enough, i don't know about the future, i don't want the money, don't take it. don't take it. go file a lawsuit. wait, come back, one year later, this program will be up and running for i think three years. no rush if you want to wait and see. that is up to you. that is how the program will
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work. that is not how the moratorium will work. the $100 million is different. that is altogether different. that is not part of my program. you will ask questions about it. i want you to know what will happen. these are moratorium oil rig workers. this i which lost only. because of the moratorium on the oil ri. they are what is going to happen. somebody will add up all the oil rig worker claims for lost wages and divided up based on $100 million that is in the kitty. there are 1100 workers and here's $1 million/11 or whatever it is and that is what you get and that is all you get. there is no more money on the moratorium. will not add to the $100
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million. that is a one-shot contribution. keep in mind, i cannot help anybody here if you do not file a claim. i am worried that there will be too many people that for whatever their reason or motivation will not file a claim. if you do not file a claim with the gulf coast claims facility, i cannot help you. now, if you have already filed a claim with bp, that is good enough. you do not have to read-file. when i take over from farrell when i take over from bp, you don't have to come in and start all over. as i have explained over and over again in louisiana, when i take over, we are not reinventing the wheel.
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it is already in place. we already have a bp program. i want the program made better. i think the bp program is not swift enough, especially with small businesses that are waiting. it is not fast enough. we have to accelerate the process but we have to make it more efficient. we have to get the money out quicker. i realize that. but i am coming here to louisiana with my boston accent, i am coming here to louisiana urging the citizens of louisiana to take advantage of this program. do i need a lawyer, mr. feinberg? you don't need a lawyer to file. we will help you fill out the claims. i am not adversarial to the people here. i am trying to get the money out. you don't need a lawyer. well, i want a lawyer. bring a lawyer, bring a priest,
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bring your wife, bring your husband. i don't care. bring your accountant. i don't care who you bring. i don't care who helps you. i will say this, you don't need a lawyer to fill out these forms and in fact, i suspect in the next few weeks, just as with my 9/11 victim compensation fund, we will have lawyers if you want one to help you for free. for free. if you think you need one. that is how the program will work. it is not just wages. if you have a business and you are losing revenue, mr. feinberg, we cannot shrimp. we cannot harvest. we cannot steps. we can't use sightseeing boats.
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file a claim. lost profits from that business are compensable. know if my business is eligible because there is no oil on the beach. there doesn't have to the oil on the beac you cannot fish. you cannot schrempp. you cannot process a trend. you are a food processor. you are a wholesaler. filed a claim. you will be eligible. the amazing thing to me are the number of people who so far have not filed a claim even for
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emergency payments where you are not giving up any rights whatsoever. the main reason i am here today at the request of governor jindal and the local parish is to promote this program and to urge everybody to take a vantage of the program. if you are not eligible, so you're not eligible, you still have all your other rights. my goal is to make sure that whatever you can get in court to after years of litigation with lawyers, i will do better and i will do quicker. that is sort of the overview of the program. i welcome the opportunity to respond to questions from this audience.
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yes, sir? >> i am glad you came to houna and i am glad you're working for me. i have 20 vessels and i have been trying to get a claim with bp. i have a contract [unintelligible]
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and i tried almost every day, i called in and i never talk to the same person that is one of my questions. the other question is, [unintelligible] [unintelligible] >> you asked two questions. let's make sure i understand the questions per it i take it that the first question is you are not getting any response from bp to your questions. is that the problem? >> yes, sir. >> there is a guy right here, daryl willis, he will chat with you and you'll get responses to
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your questions or he will get back to and give you a response. >> whenever you get down to [unintelligible] i talked to darryl wills and told my problem. i never got a response. >> two answers, you'll get a response and secondly, in about two weeks, i will leave here today and you'll give me whatever information you need. believe me, you will get a response. >> thank you. >> on oysters or shrimp or fishing, keep in mind, this is very important -- are you going to be able to file a claim even though the oil has not reached
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your oysters? because they won't let to harvest the oysters or you cannot sell them, yes. file a claim. i will not require that the oysters actually be harmed by the oil. that is not required. if you can demonstrate that the market for oysters has dried up because of the oil even though the oil has never reached your oysters, we will take care of you. >> one other thing -- i work on the bayou north of grand isle. we had all their leases. >> >> i don't understand the question. >> the leases.
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>> the oil has harmed the oyster beds? >> the oil has turned the fish. >> that is a valid claim, you cannot get to the fish. the fish do not have to be swimming in oil. we will take care of this. as long as you file a claim. >> ok. >> yes, so far, we are talking about in, and affecting our revenue. my question is, should we be hit with a hurricane in our community be flooded and our homes and our properties be covered with oil, what happens then? i know insurance will not cover all damage to our property. >> i will look at the problem but they hurricane comes along and damages your home this summer with oil caused by the oil spill because of that natural disaster, you have a claim.
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>> good day, sir. my question is, i was employed by an oil-field service company and that was laid off due to the business climate in the gulf of mexico because of the oil spill. am i entitled to file a claim and for lost wages? >> you have been laid off as a direct result of the oil spill. and if it was not for the oil spill, you would still be working? i will take a look at that. these questions come up. i think you are eligible. i think you are. you have been laid up directly as a result of the oil spill. you have a valid claim.
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>> sir, is your criteria going to be any different in your program as opposed to the bp program? >> our program will pick up where the bp program left off. i am hoping and i believe that we will find more eligibility than under the eep program. we will find more people and businesses eligible and we will process the claims faster. right now, thanks to darrell and bp, bp has done a pretty good job of processing wage loss claims. they have not been as effective as they should be in processing business claims. lost business profits. we have to do better on that. i think it is fair to say that
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you do not have to refile. we will pick up where bp left off, accelerate the process of not only individual claims but business interruption and loss profit claims as well. >> my husband owns part of the crab dock but he is also a fisherman for it originally, they were compensating us for his fishing loss even though they have not gotten around to dealing with the business claims which is a common complaint. they have now stopped compensate us for his fishing losses since he owns part of a company even though they are separate. how will that be handled under your program? >> file one claimed. the claim form will say a, lost fishing or wages, b, crabs or whatever. in one claim form, you will file both claims and we will process them together.
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>> by on a -- the biggest soft shell crab company in the state. i do not have a soft shell crabs at all for it i want to know that bp will come and eat those crabs. >> i am not sure i understood the question. you all in a soft shell crab business. >> i own the biggest one in the state. i have krebs' going to pewaukee and the east coast. -- i have crabs going to hawaii and the east coast. [unintelligible] bp only has 15% of that oil and the rest is on the bottom of the gulf. will you eat those crabs? >> i don't know whether i will
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eat the whole crab or not. a [applause] but, when you file your claim, you will state in your claim that you want to be compensated for the entire loss of the crab, and not part of the crab, in other words, your revenue that you are losing is because you cannot ship that crab around the country. >> bp put me out of business. i don't have crabs at all. i will not sell crabs like that to the public. they have oil on the gulf oil -- on the bottom of the gulf of mexico. how will get that oil off the bottom of the gulf of mexico? >> i can help you with the claim but i can't help you with a technical way of getting rid of the oil from the bottom of the gulf. let me ask you a question, you are an expert how long do think it will be before you will be able to harvest those crowds
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again on the bottom of the gulf? >> over 30 years. >> that you have a total loss. >> i used to work in the oil fields for 36 years. bp and companies like them, i used to do the deepwater oil rigs. i went to be the fourth three spuiill and i could not get an appointment i talked to bp on the telephone. nobody ever called me. i could have stopped that league along time ago. >> i am not here [applause] i am not here to stop the leak. i am here to urge you to try to get compensated for your loss. that is what i am here for.
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>> >[unintelligible] >> in spite of the bp assertions that claims were being paid on average of nine days, all of my large loss claimed that i filed on behalf of my client, none of them have been paid. i think i am running an average of 53 days for all claims. will claims that have been sitting there for 53 days get any priority once you take over? >> yes, we will immediately prioritize claims that are already in the inventory. >> secondly, will there be put forth a standard set of data required? we have been sending in pdf format tax returns and they come back and they want monthly statements, and now they want
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three years of checking account records. it changes every single day. it is completely arbitrary. >> i agree with you that the current decentralized system is a shambles. i am agreeing with you. what i am doing in the next couple of weeks, not months, when we set up this centralized online and in the offices, we will have systematically consistently what we want. you will know what we want and that is all we want and we will not change from claims office to claims office. >> next question, is that third- party administrator going to admit the same? will the same people be adjusted for inflation or will you bring in new folks? >> they have done a fairly decent job but they need direction. they are a local company and i like that. we will set up a new
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infrastructure. you must be a lawyer. we will set up an infrastructure that is going to systematically, consistently make it easier to file, find out where your plan is, and process that claim. >> lastly, are you going to make the computation process public? we are dealing with -- let's say one of my clients get a check and i ask how they can up with that amount. they will not tell us. is that going to be transparent? >> let me tell you something about transparency. the methodology that i will use to calculate the claims will be public. you can challenge it if you think it's wrong. it will be made available to anybody who wanted. that is first. secondly, if governor general has complained to me about any thing, it is the absence of
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reliable data as to where the claims of our -- homeland security in washington, a very, very concerned about the lack of really transparent good data very we will get that the data. we will make that data available. not personal information, that is private. we will get the type of data that everybody needs to see how the program is working. that we will do. >> i appreciate that, sir. mr. feinberg, i have been pulling my hair out for the last 50-60 days dealing with this as an attorney with few skills sets. does a complicated process and all attorneys are not bad votes. i would appreciate if you take a look. unless you intend to bring in a legion of a free lawyers, i hope those folks have my client's interests at heart the way i do. thank you. >> if they don't, they have every right and they would not
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be so bad of retaining you for, frankly. >> thank you, sir. [applause] >> we are caught in the middle because we cannot file a claim with bp because we are in the moratorium and we do not fall in with you all either. there are thousands of us who are independent contractors and a cat file unemployment. i am sure that no one will want those on numbers. i am not sure that businesses under the moratorium can get anything from be paid. next week that that cajun dome, there are 20,000 attendees already registered. this should tell you the scope of the people who are affected that have nowhere to go. ason't know where we fall businesses because we cannot -- right now, we are at 85% loss of business.
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most of the vendors that we service are at 85% and 95% and some are moving ahead of the area and try to send their people to texas. it is greatly affecting us. i want to know where all of us can go. >> man, you are exactly in no- man's land. i want you to understand the dilemma here. if your business has been adversely impacted by the moratorium, not the oil spill, the moratorium i think it fair to say that you are not eligible for any of the $100 million moratorium. you are not eligible under the program i am administering. you are not right now, you are only -- your only hope is a lawsuit. i am not advising that because i'm not sure you can win.
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all i can say to you -- of all the questions i have heard here today, the one that is the most distressing to me is yours because i can only do what i can do. i can help fishermen and shrimpers and oyster harvesters and boats and people who are impacted by the oil spill. that i can help. and i can direct oil rig workers who are harmed by the moratorium to go to the $100 million fund. businesses impacted by the moratorium, i don't have a satisfactory answer to you, at least not now, i don't, i'm sorry. thank you. >> my husband is a charter captain but he is an inland a charter captain and work in montana in the summer. he comes back usually in october
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and works the winter here. well, he is working on a claim. i have been told not to turn it in yet and i have been told to turn it in now and get him in the system. my first question is, when do i turn it then -- >> turn it in now. >> my second question is do i say for this year and hopefully next year we will not need it because his customers will come back and fish or do we go for two years? >> right now, come in and get six months of emergency pay without waiving any rights. later on, six months from now, when the oil has stopped, we hope, then you will sit down and you will come in and you will seek what you believe you need to make yourself fall next year, the year after or the year after
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depending on how long you think the oil spill will adversely impact her husband's business. >> filed a claim. >> that's correct. >> i am a shrimp processor from louisiana. when the oil still started -- still started in april, we had inventories. we also chose to work when the season was over. to make a point, i think we're being penalized for that. we work product, we sold product, and we sold off inventory. consequently in the month of may, in the month of june, we made a meager profit. bp is basing their claims of profit and loss. we talked to them and set to take a look at production figures which are way off compared to last year and inventory figures which right now i am about 15% of inventory of what i had last year.
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one hour before we came to this meeting, we got denied a claim. will your system take care of me that has no inventory now and not getting too much more? >> i am surprised that you said one hour ago you were actually denied a claim. you actually got word from bp, a claim denied? >> let me rephrase that. does not a denied claim. they said we are not eligible for any funds and the month of may or june but maybe by august or september when we start showing losses, maybe we will be eligible. how do we survive until that point? >> if you are out of inventory, you are already suffering losses. you have no inventory. >> correct. >> i don't understand. you are already suffering losses. you have nothing to sell because there is nothing in your warehouse. understand and you
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are smarter than made them i did you have a valid claim, my friend. i think we should talk before i leave here today. >> i would love that that i want to make sure i have the right information. >> i would love that. >> we are in a joint venture with bp and h 20 filtration system. we are able to bring up 720,000 gallons per minute and 2,000 feet wide and 800 feet deep which is an issue that no one is addressing. with the local boats, we're putting it down 100 boats to put this down. i would like to talk to you afterwards, also. thank you, sir. >> i am a commercial fisherman.
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i registered this year. i have been a fisherman all my life. this put me out of business for a while. [unintelligible] >> if i understand correctly, are you asking whether you have to refile for a plane? you better give him the microphone. did you file a claim with bp? >> yes. >> you will not have to file another one. was it denied? >> yes. >> again, if you have filed a claim would be paid -- with bp
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and the klan has not been decided, you don't know what happened, it is sitting there. it has not been resolved we will resolve those claims in the next few weeks. once i come in, i cannot do it now. we are setting up the new system but to do not have to refile. we will resolve that plan in the next few weeks. >> thank you. >> my question is about caspe andh. how will you handle that as far as people being transparent. many people will be afraid to put a claim in with bp because they have been working for cash. >> listen carefully about cash. you would be amazed how many
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times i get questions about cash. there is nothing illegal in getting paid in cash. it is not illegal. there are plenty of people who get paid in cash and that is perfectly ok. nobody says that is illegal. now, when you file your claim with me and you say that you are out of pocket, you have lost wages that you only receive in cash, i need you to help me prove the amount. i have to know the amount. there are various ways you can show me the amount you can sure make a tax return, you can show me a profit and loss statement from your company, you can show me text or check stubs, you can even come to me and said, mr. feinberg, here is my capt. who i
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work for, he will vouch for me. i don't care. i have to corroborate it somehow. listen carefully -- let's say you are able to cooperate in the cash -- corroborate the cash. i will give you six months worth of cash, but you will get a 1099 form from me. you'll get the irs. i have to send you a form from the internal revenue service for it i cannot violate block. i have to send you that 1099. it is up to you after that. i am not looking, ladies and gentlemen, i don't need a tax return to corroborate your cache. what i need is something. i will be as generous as i can, but i cannot violate the law, i
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cannot accept the claim from an undocumented worker. it doesn't have to be a citizen or have a green card. it has to be a lawful worker. i cannot violate the immigration law or the irs. i will work with you guys. i will work with you to make this program work. understand that there are legal limitations. one other thing that is important, very important. mr. feinberg, if i come to you with a cash corroborated, will you send my file to the government? absolutely not. this is a confidential submission. you will not send it to any government, state, local, federal, irs, immigration?
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i want to know, mr. feinberg, when you get this information, is a confidential and is it sealed away? the answer is yes. we will provide some important data to governor jindal and others to make sure that they understand the overall program and how it is working, general statistics. we are not going to disclose to anybody your private file. >> thank you. >> i would like to know how long it will be before the oil rig workers get paid? >> how long before the moratorium rig workers get paid. well, not on my watch, at least not yet. i will try to get an answer to that question. i do not know the status yet of where that wanted million dollars is. as soon as i can find out, you are not the only person asking
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that question. public officials here in the parish are asking me a question. that is at the top of their agenda. i will try and get an answer for you as soon as i can but again, that is not part of my program, yet spread i am hoping it will be and i will let you know as soon as i can. >> everybody from cbp is saying that you are responsible for this. you are saying -- they are saying you will issue the money to the oil rig workers. and when i put my claim in, the be people -- the bp people say you are the one issuing money for the oil rig workers. >> this gentleman said that when he tried to file a claim, bp said no, you have to wait until ken feinberg takes over. >> they took my clan but they say they cannot issue money until you give the final word.
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>> right. >> that's just as bad. you are able to file the claim with bp but they say they will not pay that plan because they are waiting for mr. feinberg. let me just tell you, daryl willis is right here from be paid. they have paid out already about $150 million worth of claims before i ever showed up. i thinka, you should talk to darrell about getting back claim paid in process. if it is a tough case or a problem area, i will take a look at it. i will be up and running within the next two or three months -- weeks. i will get to that claim as soon as i can. >> thank you. >> mr. feinberg, i am the principal chief of the navajo nation. recognizedargest
6:43 am
indigenous native tribe and have over 13,000 citizens. they live in the sixth parrish of bill louisiana coast which has been hit hardest. nearly 6000 of our families have been impacted by the closing of traditional fishing grounds as a result of the infiltration of the oil into the area. i am requesting that our tribal leadership and staff members meet with you personally as soon as possible to explore the unique situation that the tribe is in currently. commercial fishing is the single largest industry of our tribe. we have fished of these waters before you became a french colony and before there was an oil industry in this country. our existence is being threatened by this oil spill. i have the information for you to contact me and would prefer a private meeting without the political senators.
6:44 am
we are a sovereign nation with their own constitution. >> if i understand this correctly, your concern on behalf of indian tribes is not simply loss of fishing rights or whatever. it is the natural habitat, the whole area has been adversely impacted by the oil spill. natural resources are threatened. absolutely, you have a claim. you absolutely have a claim. and the individual members who are each adversely impacted by the oil ruining scenic land and fishing rights and swamplands and marshes and the physical injury to the land is absolutely
6:45 am
compensable. you should file a claim. >> not only that, but are bear grounds and in the mountains have been affected by the oil spill also. to the lady earlier about being a lawyer and going to the process, we filed for federal recognition three years ago which is only supposed to be an 18 month process and 30 years later, here we are. every time to get close to the mark, it changes. >> i cannot compensate for physical injury before the oil spill years ago. to the x stands that the oil spill -- to the extent that the oil spill has adversely impacted your use of the land and the fishing rights and the marshes and whatever else, that is absolutely compensable i don't know if you have filed a claim yet. you should file a claim. we will help you file that claim. that is because it is
6:46 am
compatible. >> that is what the meeting is for to meet with you and sit down and talk. >> thank you. >> mr. feinberg, you mention the that you will be an operation in three-four weeks, will you have an office and do you anticipate the same offices as bp presently has? >> yes, we will maintain the 35 offices that bp has set up around the gulf. we may add some. i got a call from the attorney general of texas saying that galveston needs an office. we may supplement with additional offices and
6:47 am
additional staff. we want to try and make it as convenient as possible including electronic on-line filing. you don't have to go to an office. we will do what we can to make sure it is accessible second question -- you managed the 9/11 disaster from start to finish, is that correct? first of all, what period of time did it take to complete that management and how do you envision this oil spill disaster as compared to 9/11? >> 9/11, we resolve 7300 claims for death and physical injury in 33 months. it was less than three years. this program that i am setting up will be, in effect for three
6:48 am
years. now, you imply an interesting question. mr. feinberg, you are around for a. three years but we are not sure how long the affects of this oil spill will last. we may not be able to fish for seven years, six years, eight years. 30 years. how will you deal with this problem? here is what we will do -- we will sit down with you or the how longnd we will seay you think it will take you for your business will be restored. he says never, all right. we will have experts from around the country and the area. we think it probably will be
6:49 am
three years. here is a check for three years. you don't need to check -- take the check. if you take the check for three years, you are releasing be paid. that is your choice we think three years and here is the check of the what, otherwise you don't have to take it. >> my last question is, mr. feinberg, i assume you communicate with the president on a fairly regular basis. since you are touring the entire gulf coast and he has also, i would ask and plead with few that you, from time to time, reflect your ability to understand the tremendous impact of the people of the gulf coast and the president would show some sympathy for the people here and realize some of the
6:50 am
actions that his administration has taken. i hope you can voice those opinions to them whenever you have a chance. >> let me say a couple of things about that. i do not speak to the president at all. that is because i am not working for the administration or be paid. i am an independent. i am setting up an independent process. this is not political. i am working for you. fortunately, your message -- there are people in this audience who do work for the administration. i am sure your words will get back to him. >> thank you very much.
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>> these three and then we have to break. >> last year, i made over a thousand dollars fishing. this year, i probably lost $50,000 because but -- because i'd bought a different boat. how can i determine what my losses are on my claim? last year and had a small boat and many problems with the boat so i only made $8,000. this year, i bought a bigger boat but have lost about $50,000 in trump already >> last year you owned a small but and made a thousand dollars and this year you had a bigger boat and would have made $50,000. show us that you would have made $50,000.
6:52 am
explain it, corroborated, we will pay it. if you cannot corroborated, it is $8,000 or something in between. >> how would i go about that? >> you have to sit down and explain to our people what your plan is and how you would have made $50,000. if it is not speculative, we would pay a. if it is too speculative, who knows what you would have made? the question is, can you corroborate the $50,000 and talk with us about your plan. >> also on our claim, the claim that we filed with bp and get $5,000 per month, is that the same claim that you will take care of? >> if you filed with bp, you do not have to file again. we will inherit that claim and process it as soon as we can.
6:53 am
two more questions. >> once you take over in a couple of weeks, how long after wars before people will get a check in their hands? >> if it is an emergency payment when the takeover, we hope to process that claim within 24 hours and pay within two or three days thereafter. >> does the business have to be directly affected? if you have a restaurant and you can show that your sales have decreased the last two or three months, can they file a claim also? >> they can file a claim. whether a restaurant will be compensated will depend on if it is eligible. how close is it to the coast? how dependent is it on the fishing? we will have to make some judgment calls. i cannot pay restaurant in boston that says it cannot get schrempp. i am certainly willing to pay
6:54 am
restaurant on the gulf coast. >> if someone is to go to work for bp, will that affect the emergency payments? >> if somebody goes to work for be paid, that will not affect their emergency payments. except in one way. we will deduct, obviously, the amount you are getting from be paid as wages as a substitute for you being out of work. if you're going to get $5,000 on employed per month, you are now getting $3,000 per month from bp, that is a $2,000 went, that you will get. you will not be ineligible. >> if you work able to patrol during the season, will that affect your final payment? >> will seasonal variations have an impact on your payments?
6:55 am
sure, we want to know what those variations are and factor those into the overall calculation, yes. >> we filed a claim on shrimp. the family is like 10 brothers and sisters have oyster beds. do we have to file another claim for a bat and as each individual have to be on that claim? >> it is a business, you file one claim. it is 10 different siblings that are all working and have their own in come ahead and their own share, they file separately. if you have a business, file as a business, if not file individually. we will process it either way. >> we filed the oysters on the shrimp plant also? >>sure, let me say this before i turn it back over to our leader. i will come back as often as is necessary.
6:56 am
my frustration is a people do not file a claim. i want to try and help. i have this money to distribute, but i can only help if the claim is filed. i am acting independently. i am enormously grateful to governor jindal who helped set up this entire day of meetings. i will do everything i can to help you folks. i wish you well. i cannot imagine what you are going through. i hope to be able to help you in some way, thank you very much a [applause] . >> i think everybody agrees to thank mr. feinberg for being here. we obviously want him here in the future and we want everyone to file a claim. mr. feinberg will be meeting right here with the media so if you want to accumulate here,
6:57 am
that will be fine. in addition, we will have the media here. i want to introduce some of our elected officials. we have the senator, the state representative, our councilman, we have a number of people on boards and agencies. anybody else? >> one question i want to ask mr. feinberg but i want the public to ask the question first is that we have a number of people because their claims have been so delighted that we need a moratorium with the banks and loan institutions to stop them from possibly foreclosing on businesses, homes, and people's assets. we need a lot of help in that area to protect those people that are going through this situation right now.
6:58 am
[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> kenneth feinberg oversees the $20 billion fund created by bp to handle claims related to the gulf oil spill.
6:59 am
monday, he speaks to an audience at the economic club of washington and takes questions. our live coverage begins at 8:40 a.m. on c-span 2. >> cspan is now available in over 100 million homes bringing you a to collect rent -- a direct link as a public service created by america's cable companies. >> coming "washington journal of we will take your calls and questions. this morning on "washington journal," the discussion on the political news of the week. also, the former assistant secretary of state for african secretary of state for african


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