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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  August 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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european monetary stability fund could work as at last resource to stabilize the european monetary system. the objective is not to be allowed which would be a contradiction to the european critics and would not be in aaccord with the german constitution. that is the main problem, and it is our problem too. financial support by the monetary stability fund would not mean to take over the debt, but to take a temporary credit. however, the idea to set up the lender as last resort which has found support of the government has attracted critics from the
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european federal bank and also from the french government. many questions are still open including who would pay into the fund and how independently it would be from the commission. that's the -- how the economic should be organized in the future. the french president was in favor for permanent directory european countries and inclusion of other member states. as a compromise only emergency situations, the euro zone countries are meet on an exclusive basis. although the european commission made several proposals to reform the stability and however, the proposed measures represent the
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commodity nomine tore and that's very important, you know, and you change the treaty you need all the accept of the member states, and you know in germany they have to be of the parliament and other member states sometimes need a vote of the population, and that's why nobody offers a list on the treaty and nobody is in favor to change again the e. u. treaty to try to handle problems within the list country. according to the proposal member states coordinate national budgets in a structured manner. each is a so-called european semester. this process stops already generating in 2011. further more, member states are forced to comply with the
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stability and prospect of the sanctions. if they comply with the deficit or 60 percent debt criteria, it risks losing. this could be a lot of money. nevertheless fishers and farmers are entitled to subsidies, but they are paid from the national budget and this puts punish on the national government and parliament to be in line with all the proposals. if a member state fits the budget, it has to leave the deficit in the e. u.. as soon as it recovers, the money is paid back with interest. in addition to budgets, the commission also plans to introdyings natural economic civilians. an early warning system is going to assess indicators like great balance competitiveness, private
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debt and prices. in most serious and controlled cases, the commission would make country-specific recommendations, and could also propose placing a member state in an excessive balances position. for your area of countries, the enforcement mechanism in the case of serious competitive breach could be, unfortunately the proposal did not pick up the proposal and the european central bank to start deficit procedure automatically. it is very important you make no political decisions on the recommendation and then later on reresolve this and later years and make a political decision about that, but you have to get the acceptance of the member states too, and that's the problem we have.
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i mentioned it, in order to include a compliant state to exclude noncompliant states on sanctions to avoid -- also the proposal to temporarily restriblght voting rights in noncompliant countries will not have a majority and advocated two weeks ago was dropped. nevertheless, the commission reforms proposal has many of our requests, and it's a step forward in the right direction. at least we can expect reform under stability to be adopted still this year since it seems to be based on a consensus between member states, but the problem with not to implement it in this year and the great problem, and i hope we can jump
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to a good solution. in conclusion, financial market reform is an extremely difficult task about on the european and at the global level. also important prospects have been taken, but a lot remains to be done. the same for the european union, we can't afford to lose the advantages of the euro, a euro is a must. without the euro, we can't forget the european soul and the european market. when you need a single market, you need a single currency and it's very important, otherwise when you don't have this, you cannot come out like what we had a few years ago. we cannot afford to lose the advantages of the euro. we have to use all our energy and political will now to get
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the job done while the window of opportunity is still open. the crisis can be defined as a crucial and specific part of the situation or a trimming point. in the case of the european union, there's two options that break apart and emerge from the crisis stronger than ever. in my speech the last sentence is i believe in the latter option. it's very difficult and complicated, and you see to bring all the 27 member states with different interests gives you only one example. for example, germany has about nearly 25 percent of the gross domestic product in manufacturing, in industry. great britain has about 60 and 70 percent and france has less. in london and united states have
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less, but the industry we have a problem because we need our products to be exported not only within the e. u. but on the global market, and that's very important for us that we have to stay with euro and i hope we can reach it. thank you very much for being here and for your attention. [applause] >> thank you very much. i think what this did was in previous events with had a lot of questions on the greece crisis and financial services and we didn't get the full picture. i think this is the full picture, and i appreciate you doing this, and also -- we have a little time for
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questions and answers if there is interest. mike? please introduce yourself. a little louder. >> you made a treaty suggestion, if i understand you correctly -- [inaudible conversations] i guess that's what you said somewhat in the manner of the reference, but that -- how's that going to work because of paper or a bond generally needs to have the rating available for investors before they issue to assess whether they want to buy it, and a fee
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is paid to the rating agency, but this doesn't seem to conceive fees coming from the issuers but from the purchasers. there's so many instruments will there be enough perks for each to make that work? >> we are thinking about the european rating agency should be a foundation, and money to a foundation and financed and it is only based on what i mentioned ratings of the funds not of companies because a lot of companies -- we had the problem in germany and in the e. u. that the ratings come out and saying in the moment when the crisis started, the ratings reduced, yes, and it was a push against the euro and everybody was asking why it was reduced at that moment because most of them
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know it, but there was a budget deficit, but in that moment the ratings are coming out and everybody was concerned right at that moment, and there were other interests and the interest in the ratings agencies and politically, you must see that, and let's try a foundation which will be financed and which operates as no relation to the european parliament to the commission or to the european federal bank, and that's very important, and the other part to collect money is that the federal banks when i guess they make a proposal or say something about the rating that they can collect the money, and that is the idea to get a little bit more competitiveness on that market because the european -- nothing against the free american ones, but in the moment
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greece was ending and bank rating and with spain and that is the problem we have, and say, okay, let's look to try another way or to add something on that. >> i want to react -- >> introduce yourself. >> i'm a specialist on class action lawsuits. i didn't expect you to talk on class actions. i think you will not take a good lesson from the united states partly because our supreme court made a decision that class actions cannot extend to help protect german investors from actions of u.s. banks or others, and the ikb example is not likely to be extended because that was an scc litigation
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case. class actions have great promise for protecting against future crisis and collecting on the current financial crisis. the problem, i suggest, which is not on the litany you identified, there's a trillion and three dollars of ceos on debt obligations some referred to by german investors, most of them won't participate in a class-action lawsuit even if the european union fostered class actions because the accounting rules make it possible not to, as you put it, use fake statistics or fake accounting. to be a part of the class action lawsuit, you have to mention loss, and if you are hiding loss in bonds that don't claim value, then you don't have a loss to a claim. your european union that is about to release passed the bank
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test, and that's the stram issue in the headlines today. the test at the 91 banks only count the trading losses and allow the banks to hide the bonds they purchaseed which they don't have to record as losses, so i would suggest we're here for a good mission to pursue class action litigation because more class action lawyers on the street may protect against things more than financial regulators, but to have class action lawsuits, you have to have an accounting system that forces real losses to be registered. >> okay, thank you. >> with that said, all the things about class actions, but what i would like to mention is all of accounting and also in the accounting department, and in germany normally under the german law it was only allowed to count the acquisition costs
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at the highest amount you had, and then you make a devaluate it and only perhaps to ride it out to maximum acquisition costs. here you have value basis, and that was the main problem to get paper profits on it not realized on it, and it can -- it could go over the acquisition costs, and then you have pushed all the bonds on it, and they went up and up, the increase of profit and equity on the other side and you had a very good assets of value, and later on the nothing everybody has a devaluated to ride down all the assets and there was a problem. everybody has to go into that direction, but i think a little bit about the fair value is the
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best principle i have, and it's one of the issues, i think, because of financial crisis coming out. >> a question back there? >> yeah. i'm john koet to hear a penalty to greece for misrepresenting its membership application in the e. u.. is there no provision for say ending the membership of greece in the european union or penalizing them some way so that they understand that this kind of deception doesn't work for the union. it's been a disaster. i don't understand why something or more hasn't been done? >> that's the problem, and
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that's why we would like to have and everybody states it's clear if they don't fulfill the criteria, the negative criteria that's with us. i will not blame the last government, but it was a political decision. everybody knows it. . .
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it's parliament that have to [inaudible] and the commissioners looking over the budget to and the deficit is too high or whatever and house to change and the [inaudible] and they decide what they have to do after the commission can vote okay to reduce it in that way because the mechanism is the problem. in the prior year's you have an election that is evaluating to
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get more competitive in the market. that was but under the year of we have to% before the crisis of for the same interest in the moment still 2% so the profit is from the euro but when you profit from the euro [inaudible] we get out of these proposals judgment between zero to 2% otherwise the high inflation rate somebody told us okay it's not that budget and deficit and
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the have and higher inflation rate and that takes between two to 4% to review the budget deficit or reduce the debt. that is the proposed lifeline because we need stability for the industry. >> dinham marshall. i wonder if i could ask the speaker to comment a little bit about one of the most burning issues coming out of the pittsburgh and toronto and that is on the rebalancing side. i wonder what you could expect and tell us we might expect to see in terms of german steps toward rebalancing with respect not only to the e.u. but globally.
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>> you're talking about the balanced budget, rebalancing the budget, right? >> rebalancing in terms of domestic demand compared to the export as a means for growth. >> you know from the interest rates or the interest in total are increasing and increasing. and in the same way of reducing the population we are expecting that in 2015 our population is shrinking from 80 million to 60 million. there is a social security you have to fulfill and pension and social welfare and those things and the interest and total, the portion is increasing and
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increasing you get problems otherwise and you can only make the two steps you can do to increase your inflation.ñ this is not a good solution and you can reduce the budget and i think the americans will lead to do the same. we have a discussion in the g20 with mr. obama against it and now i hear that the united states will go also the same direction because there's not an alternative. >> the budget will have to bring more to the market but you increase the other consumption. you know, the increasing
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consumption is a problem of the population and the population says we are in the momentum of the on the plan there rate. we have data in the moment and some parts less than 5% and when we are feeling as a consumer we have a good and safe charge to also spend your money and they say okay we have similar programs and to consumers and germany which doesn't work so i prefer to say nikkei good economic policy and in a moment
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we are increasing all the chinese people are buying the bmw and mercedes and the highest advice is because now the of 5 billion nobody to pay. >> cash for clunkers.mñm >> it was a push for the industry. now it is working and the chinese would like to have a bmw and audie [inaudible] >> ok. thank you. >> thank you i very much. [applause]
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>> thank you all of you for coming. i think this gave you a little taste of what the transnet dialogue mean. i do get more knowledge about europe than you ever wanted to know but that is the price for lunch. [laughter] on that i wish you all a very nice summer. enjoy the nice weather outside. have a nice weekend and see you then next time. thank you. [applause]ww? [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> colorado democrats will hold a primary. washington journal is live at
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7:00 eastern and this afternoon at 3:30 eastern, investigative journalist the jeremy scahill speed said a training summit. -- speaks at a training summit. we will focus on president obama's relationship to the progressive movement for it our guest will be with us. our special week-long series on energy concludes with the president and ceo of the solar energy company. "washington journal" on c-span every day at 7:00 eastern. journalist jeremy scahill speaks today at the annual campus progress of training summit. his books include "blackwater,"
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our live coverage is here on c- span at 3:30 p.m. eastern. >> politics, books, history -- is available anytime on cspan radio in the washington/baltimore area at 90.1 fm. also on line and around the world that cspan radio is available any time. it's free to check with your phone service provider for any additional charges. cspan radio -- even more available on your phone. >> the color of the democratic party held a rally yesterday following a competitive primary
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this week in which senator michael bennett debated the former house speaker. this is a little more than one hour. >> good morning, >> please welcome the chairman of the national democratic party, jim kaine. [applause] >> thank you, guys. this is great and thank you very much present is an honor to be back in colorado. i grew up in kansas and used to
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come here in the summer for fund in denver. you put on a great convention in 2008 and every time i come here i get warm feelings. bring your -- give yourselves a round of applause. [applause] i am excited to be here because of so much good work that has been done by color road democrats over the years, doing good work for people. you will hear from a number of democratic party representatives. i will be brief. you as a party have gotten the national reputation for strong party and pulling together and showing unity. here we are two days [applause] two days after a challenging election between two wonderful democrats. this democratic party in colorado is pulling together. you set an example for colorado and four democrats all over this
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country. give yourself another round of applause. [applause] you will hear later today from somebody who set a wonderful town the other by, andrew romanoff. give him a big round of applause. >> the mike: went off but i don't know how to turn it on. >> you will hear a great democrat, andrew romanoff. give him a round of applause [applause] there is a lot at stake in these elections. as democrats, we have done what we as -- have always done, which is the heavy lifting to get the change. instead of losing jobs, we are gaining jobs. we are reforming wall street, we are doing health insurance
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reforms, all the things we want to do. we are not there yet but the only way we can get there is to put good partners in place in november and keep moving forward, not backward. is everyone for that? yes. [applause] with great candidates like your may are running for governor and joe garcia [applause] we have the house speaker and majority leader in the senate and you guys are holding onto majorities, right? absolutely [applause] with michael bennett, you'll have a state senator who has expertise in business, expertise in education, trying to break down that gridlock that can get in the way of getting things done. he is the kind of person we need to have in washington. we have so much good work to be done. it will only be done if we continue to have strong
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democratic majorities and michael bennett will be a great senator for colorado and help the president obama. [applause] michael will talk a little more about his opponent but you know some things about his opponent, ken buck will likely cut unemployment benefits for coloradans. he will take away women's rights in the event of rape and incest. it does not stop there but the choice is clear between a candidate who will do the good wor that coloradoans demand and keep moving forward. is everybody on board for collecting these great democrats this fall? absolutely. [applause] let me now introduce a great congressman. i told him i would try to keep
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the introduction down to less than 30 minutes. this is a great congressman. i love a lot about this guy. he has smart ideas to go out to people and listen to them and when you do that, you are always a good public servant. let me bring in your congressman ed perlmutter. [applause] >> thank you, governor. i have two questions for you -- are you fired up? [applause] are you ready to go? [applause] all right, change began right here in colorado to turn this nation a round. that change has to keep going. we have to move forward. just as the president said, we want to put the car in d 4 democrats and not r for
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republicans. [applause] this is a time in our state's history when we can keep this country moving forward. we do that together because we are better together than we are apart. we have a great state. [applause] we have a great nation. democrats across this country have helped reverse the eight years of the george bush era of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, prosecuting wars without paying for them, and letting wall street run amok without police. it is our turn. it is our time. we will keep this country moving forward. i know we will do it in a unified manner. the united states of america, this is one of the best states around and we will continue to move forward. we have great candidates up and down the ticket [applause]
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we have gotten through the first quarter. we have a lot of work to do, ladies and gentlemen, to bring this the home. we will get people out for early voting and will work every single day to get this -- keep this state blooper it is my pleasure to introduce our lieutenant governor who has been working so hard on behalf of this state answer i on behalf of public education, barbara o'brien. [applause] >> thank you. what a crowd. this is good for us. we are so blessed in this state to have some innate leaders who have stood up for colorado and to know that we had a tough senate fight but it was between two outstanding leaders who have the best interests of colorado in their hearts. i know that when we go forward,
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we will back michael bennett but we will also backed andrew romanoff because he has the talent and skills to continue making wonderful change for colorado no matter what he does next. let's hear it for andrew. [applause] it is a really hard to create change and make progress. there are always all sorts of reasons not to do anything as we hear very often from the republican side of things. we are making progress and we have to keep pushing forward. we have got to make sure that we win this election and that these great candidates who are putting themselves out there come home winners and make sure we keep moving in the path we have set up. i want to thank you for being here today and want to thank everyone for coming together and i can't wait to see the great campaigns we will put together
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to make sure that the democrats get elected and keep leadership moving in a good introduce our great state treasurer, kerry kennedy who is also moving [applause] us forwardus forward. >> thank you. thank you all for being here today. thank you for showing your support for the democratic party. and the work that we are all doing together that makes colorado's such a wonderful place to live. over the past year, two amazingly talented, caring, and dedicated man have shown us how deeply they care about our state. and how deeply they care about us. those of us who call colorado
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home. center michael bennett and speaker andrew romanoff have worked tirelessly for many, many years to improve opportunities for others. they have selflessly stride to open doors for children who are born in the poor and disenfranchised homes to give them the power of opportunity that all kids deserve. they are both selfless leaders and a great man. like and a hard fought contest between two and exceptional opponents, after the 14th inning, after the third overtime, after the last shootout, one emerges the winner. today, we congratulate senator michael bennett. [applause] senator bennett goes forward with the full support of the democratic party and was an -- and with the full support of
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thousands of people across colorado of every political affiliation because he has earned it. he has shown us that he has a vision to build a world-class education system that he will and the partisanship in washington, that he will work to solve our nation's most pressing problems including bringing down the national debt and that he will bring the openness and transparency and the accountability to washington that this nation deserves. we are lucky to have senator michael bennett as their candidate representing the democratic party and fighting for the people of colorado. . i want to thank you all for being here. we will all work together to win in november. we have wonderful candidates up and down the ballot. thank you very much. is my privilege now to introduce a great friend and a gray color of a leader, senator mark udall.
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[applause] >> is always a treat to be introduced by kennedy, would you agree? [laughter] i want to keep this short and sweet. bloviating is encouraged on the floor of the united states senate. i take part in that on occasion or two but i am not the main event hear bertha want to ignore our great dnc leader, gov. tim kaine whose leadership is so sharp and is quite a contrast to his counterpart at the republican national committee. [applause] in turn, i also want to recognize our wonderful state party chair, pat lawes, whose leadership has been steady [applause] and thoughtful and i think you would agree that is quite a
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contrast with our counterpart at the republican party here in colorado. i will not get into name calling. today, i will introduce two young man who have given -- i will shout and. i will introduce two young man. i want to emphasize talented who have given a great deal to our party and more importantly the public service for colorado. i could not help but think about a famous speech that the of or roosevelt delivered 100 years ago and i want to share with you. he said it is not the credit that counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or the door of deeds could have done them better, the credit belongs to the man who actually is in the arena, whose
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face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly without power and without shortcomings but who does actually strive to do the deed, who knows great enthusiasm, great devotion, who spends himself and a worthy cause, who at the best nose in the end that the triumph of high achievement and is worse if he fails but at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. his words may be -- may seem antique in our era of 30-second sound bites but i believe their eloquence still has power. roosevelt was telling his audience than and reminding us today that our democracy works because people like michael bennett and andrew romanoff are willing to get into the arena.
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most important -- [applause] as rough-and-tumble as politics can be and there is plenty of evidence to fuel our cynicism, i believe there is honor in politics. particularly politics that elevates our public discourse and debate. there is a nobility of purpose in public service. i would like to think that teddy roosevelt were with us today, he would still be in the iran and quite possibly as a democrat this time around. i bet he would also be championing renewable energy, conservation of our land and water and wildlife, and i am pretty sure he would be appalled that there are voices in the party of lincoln who are talking about repealing the 14th
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amendment. [boos] let me stop channeling teddy roosevelt and get on with the job of introducing two men who have been in the arena for last year. they have waged a strong campaigns. they brought new people and new voices into our politics and that is healthy. most important, they stand together today united in fighting for our values and for our issues as western democrats. please join me in welcoming speaker andrew romanoff and senator michael bennett. [applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you. i accept your nomination -- [laughter] wrong it thank you all -- wrong speech. thank you all for your support of the most junior/senior senators in the united states senate, the very honorable mark udall. [applause] i am not the democratic for the united states senate. i came to support the man who is, our next center, the hon. michael bennett. [applause]
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i want to say a few words first in things to al the thousands of coloradoans who supported our campaign. thank you for the bottom of my heart for the support you should. [applause] -- the support you showed. [applause] i am very proud of our grassroots team and proud to see so many folks standing together in this united democratic party today. for not just my sake and not just michael's sake and not even for the sake of the democratic party, i am asking you today to throw your support fully and unequivocally behind michael bennett to the united states senate. [applause] i say this not for the sake of
6:47 am
the democratic party because the truth is, the party is just a vehicle. it is a means to an end. the end -- the means we share is a higher standard of living and better quality of life and a cleaner and healthier environment, stronger schools, more jobs, those goals which we share will be better advanced by michael bennett than any other candidate in this race. this is an easy call for me and it should be an easy call for all of you, as well. [applause] this is a time of so much pain for so many people across this state and across this land. when so many americans that michael and i have met it during the course of this campaign have lost so much. we have met families have lost their jobs and their homes and their savings and their pensions but have not lost their voice is quite yet, but almost
6:48 am
lost their fate. we need to restore that. that effort begins today. the campaign for the general election, the campaign for colorado, the campaign for america begins today here and now. we should lead that effort to gather. i am proud to stand with senator bennett, senator udall and so many other talented candidates in the state house and senate k with leaders anderry kennedy, i hope you will send them to office as well in november. [applause] this campaign is better than one single candidate, bigger than a single party, it is a cause for the betterment of america itself. it was 3/4 of a century ago that franklin roosevelt looked across the country in the midst of a great depression and sought 1/3 of america bill housed and ill clad and ill marriage.
6:49 am
we are in the midst of a deep recession, the worst since that period. we need men and women of goodwill across this state and across this country to join us in this effort in a common cause to make life on earth for every human lucky enough to live on this planet a better and safer and healthier place to live. i know that is what drove michael bennett into public service. i know that the hope for he and his children is what we all hope for our children, the chance to fulfil their potential
6:50 am
a safe place to live. we can do that in the richest nation on the face of the earth in this century if and only if you will join forces together. every answer of energy and every dime and every bit of talent and treasurer and time you put into the campaign, i am asking you today to dedicate to the campaign of senator bennett and all the other talented candidates with whom we share this stage today. it is my pleasure to introduce senator michael bennett. [applause] >> thank you, everybody. thank you, thank you, thank you all for being here today. a round of applause for all the elected and talented people here. join me to say thank you to them. [applause] thank you, andrew, for those words and thank you colorado. andrews legacy with the democratic party runs deep and will only continue on in the years to come. he is the man who has spent his entire career working for the people of this state and for our party and colorado is a much better place for having andrew as their leader. [applause]
6:51 am
-- as our leader. andrew inspired thousands of coloradans across this state to volunteer for him and make phone calls and make -- and go door- to-door and that is a tribute to him and the man he is. for those who supported and volunteer for andrew, i hope to learn your support in this race. [applause] when i said on tuesday night that there is far more that unites andrew and made that divides us, i meant it. would he and i are both committed to fighting for the color of working families. with, for better health care of, for providing to those of suffering and this economy and for economic solutions through the colorado leadership in the
6:52 am
new energy, it. a round of applause for [applause] this] andrew and i both believe that our kids are our future and that our public schools and their teachers need our support now more than ever. [applause] if we are able to remain globally competitive, we must ensure that our children have what they need to excel and that means providing a good education everywhere so that the zip code kids are born into does not determine their fate. [applause] a major fight that andrew has championed and we both share is the deep distrust of the current way our campaigns are financed.
6:53 am
i applaud andrew [applause] i applaud andrew for his conviction to this issue and truly hope that some day we find a better solution whether it is the fair elections now act for public financing which we both support or some other option that helps clean up the potential for undue influence in our democracy. speaking of which, another effort we both feel strongly about is passing the disclosed act which would help bring accountability to the disk -- supreme court decision earlier this year. [applause] this essentially allows unlimited corporate influence over alexians with no accountability. i agree with and through that we
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must change the way elections and government runs if we are going to put people back in the driver's seat. [applause] and we both know, and i know this is what drove enter into public service to devote his life to this work, that this is not about -- this is about the people and not about us. this is about future that coloradoans deserved and that the leaders can't confront difficult challenges. we can do that together starting today. [applause] even though we may all occasionally have disagreements, at the end of the day, we know that in order to move this country forward, we need to have a real discussion about the facts. there is quite a conversation to be had as we head into the fall.
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as we face and as their working families face the most savage economy since the great depression, we need to get to work providing every child with the education they deserve, controlling the out of control spending bedstands to saddle generations to come with debt and doing everything we can, everything we can to create a good paying jobs right here in colorado. [applause] we all will reach out to democrats, republicans, and unaffiliated voters and build a coalition of men and women who care more about getting something done for colorado than playing political games. [applause] my opponent in the general election has made clear his views of where he wants to lead
6:56 am
the country. ken buck wants to cut off student loans for the students in colorado who currently rely on them. i believe that would only hurt our ability to compete in this global economy he supports tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. [boo] he wants to slap a 30% tax hike on working families. i believe working families need tax relief. [applause] and he believes that social security is "horrible policy that needs to be privatized." i believe so security is a sacred contract between our country and did seniors and we should do everything in our power to protect it for future generations. [applause]
6:57 am
his positions are not colorado positions. this is about stream -- and extreme politics. we want to be the first generation to leave more not less to the next generation. [applause] this campaign needs to be about the issues, a grown-up conversation about what is best for colorado and her people not negative attacks, name-calling, and political games. working together, we can keep our eye on the ball fighting for working families and turning this economy around and providing a better education for the next generation and
6:58 am
providing accountability to reduce our national deficit. together, we will be focused on these solutions and solutions for colorado and not get distracted by the old politics that has stopped progress. that is why i am running for the united states senate [applause] and that's why i am asking for your support and your willingness to hear me out and earn your support and your blood sweat and hard work this fall. thank you for coming out today and we will win in november. [applause]
6:59 am
>> we want to mention one other race and that is not a done deal. we need to send john higgenlooper and joe garcia to the governor's office as well. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> >> "washington journal" is next with had fines and your calls and at 3:30 eastern, jarratt scahill speaks at the annual training summit for journalists. in about 45 minutes, we will look at president obama's relationship with the progressive movement. progressive movement.


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