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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  August 24, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> he did not preserve the senate in my job. thank you very much. take care. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] . .
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>> ms. sherrod was forced to resign out of -- after comments recorded out of speech. this is 20 minutes. >> shirley was interested in how we're settling lawsuits filed against the usda, being a
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planet than one. it is fair to say that we both feel it is appropriate and necessary for the senate to take action as quickly as possible to make sure that the appropriation for those cases are made and we get those cases settled as quickly as possible, as well as those that have been filed a band -- against the department by native americans and hispanics and women farmers. in the prior administration, there had been a number of claims that for whatever reasons were not fully investigated. we have reopened those cases but we need congressional action. the statute of limitations to make sure the we do justice to those folks not treated fairly by the department. shirley was also very interested in the work we were doing with an independent consultant, the jackson lewis group, hired by as some time ago prior to this incident in which we asked them
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to go out to a number of states to take a hard look in our current procedures and policies in terms of how we deal with folks who come into the farm service agency offices and the rural development offices to see if there are ways that we do not have these problems of discrimination in the future. that work will be completed sometime this year, and that becomes relevant to the next up ford for the department and for shirley. i did my best -- at a think it is fair to say -- i did my best to try to get her to come here and stay at usda on a full-time basis. we talked about the office about -- and her unique skills. we also talked about the opportunity that would be made available if that was not something she was interested in doing to return to georgia and her position as a state director. for reasons that surely will get into, that does not fit what she
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needs, what she wants, and what she deserves. we talked about the possibility of utilizing shirley's unique characteristics and her passion, her undying passion, to see discrimination routed from this country so that when we get a report from the consultant that tells us the steps that we need to take to improve our processes and procedures at all levels, it is my intent and hoped that we can ask for her to assist us in some sort of consulting way for full implementation improper implementation of those recommendations. and at think that there is no one in the country better suited to assist us in that effort and shirley, having been a victim of discrimination, having had a family who suffered a painful loss as a result of discrimination, having served as a director of rural development
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in knowing all well the programs, and having worked in georgia to begin changing things in that state said that there was fairness and opportunity, there is no one that can help us better in that position than shirley. if we're looking forward later in the year to reconnecting once the report is concluded, and we talked briefly about the steps we have taken internally within usda if all in our study of the circumstances and some of the steps we are taking to improve decision making at usda. with that, shirley. >> good morning. i want to say thank you to the secretary for the updates and the discussion we have had this morning about what happened in the steps that will be taken in the future so that hopefully no
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one else will have to deal with what i have had to deal with over the last four to five weeks. i enjoyed my work at usda, and does most of you know, i did not work in government prior to about a year ago. i only lasted 11 months but i did enjoy that work and would want to say that were continue. i just not think at this point with all that has happened i can do that in the new position that was offered for as state director for rural development in georgia. it does not mean that i am not interested in network, because i certainly am. i was working on many of those issues long before coming to the government and would have to be able to work on many of those issues -- which helped to be
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able to work on many of those issues in the future. -- would hope to be of the work on many of those issues in the future. i had support from around the country, many pieces of mail that i would like to answer. i need a little time to be able to deal with that. to take a break from all that i had to deal with over the last few weeks, and i look forward to some type of relationship with the department in the future. we do need to work on the issues of discrimination and racism in this country, and i certainly would like to play my role in
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trying to help deal with it. so thank you. >> questions from members of the media? >> catullus -- [inaudible] >> it starts with the responsibilities that i had to take personally for making sure that constructions -- instructions given to staff are clear and complete and comprehensive. it requires us to take a look that's travel schedules to make sure that we have sufficient staff in various offices. at that time this incident occurred, i was on travel, the chief of staff was on travel, so we need to do a better job of coordinating travel schedules. we obviously need to look at the process that was used for political appointees in terms of actions and steps. we need a much more collaborative process in
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engaging the undersecretaries and senior staff members before decisions are finalized. we also need to make sure that everyone has contact information that is accurate and complete. we have the established protocols for contacting the folks who may be in this issue grayson -- a situation to make sure that their rights are fully protected. political appointees were treated different than a career appointee, and we you need to make sure that there is a more fair system for political appointees of that what shirley went through does not happen again. that is the goal. these recommendations are in the process of being adopted into our procedures now. >> at the afternoon that ms. sherrod came out and clarify her comments, it was clear what happened, yet you stood by your decision. what has changer mines and then? what is -- was a pressure from
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outside of farming? >> it was not pressure, but because i was not necessarily in the office, i did not avail myself of the full of ice and range of counsel. i was not aware that the undersecretary had attempted to get in touch if me to suggest that we needed to take another period of time to review. there was obviously -- when the full transcript of what her remarks were made known to me, it was obvious that this was a circumstantial situation were comments were taken totally and completely out of context, if and that the main message, one that was very supportive of what we're trying to do at usda, was not inconsistent as i had relief of the very consistent with what we're trying to do. what she was trying to point out was that there is and has been for some time issues of discrimination and bias and prejudice in this country at usda because of the enormity of
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our department having so many opportunities to intersect with people. there needed to be an effort to make sure that the usda was an example an exemplary when it comes to civil rights, obviously with the claims filed against as in the past we have work to do. all that transpired in a couple of days, and let me to believe that i had made a mistake which i acknowledge and certainly contacted shirley and ask for her forgiveness and she was gracious enough to give it to me. >> ms. sherrod, is this a satisfactory conclusion to what you have gone through over the past five or six weeks? would there be more of a sense of completion if you had stayed in this building and work on problems of discrimination rather than going off and taking
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a break and not been directly involved in the process? >> the secretary did push really, really hard for me tuesday and works from the inside in the position. it is a new position. look at what happened now. i know he has apologized and i accept that. a new process is in place and i hope that it works. i do not want to be the one that tests said. i think the i can be helpful to him and the department it by just take a little break and look at how i can be more
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helpful in the future. i guess that is enough to be said. >> can i say this? it is important to understand why shirley has a unique opportunity. in her work in georgia, she was beginning a process of going into counties and areas of her state where there were deep poverty, high unemployment, not much are reach -- outrage from previous efforts from usda, and she was making strides to make sure that those counties that have been ignored in the process were recognized, appreciated, and helped. that is the kind of work that i suspect -- i do not know -- but i suspect will come forward with the recommendations from the two-year review of our programs. at that point, we can tailor an opportunity, if you will, to
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meet the unique characteristics and shirley can help us implement those recommendations with the focus where she is not worried about administrative issues, having to deal with personnel or budgets or things of that nature, the details, the day-to-day details of a senior position. she will be able to spend a personal time and balance that time, as you pointed out, she and her husband had been struggling with this for 45 years as she has that children and more importantly now grandchildren she wants to spend time with. it's perfectly understandable, but i do not want anyone to think that she cannot be a significant help here. i believe that she can. that is why i offered her the opportunity that i did, but at that this might be a better fit for her and at the ec will be able to devote the time and attention and passion that she wants.
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>> you have a vision of what you want your future collaboration to be? >> as far as my role with the department, that will be strictly up to the secretary and i think that he is looking at getting that report in before we can discuss it. i have no idea how long that will take. i do not know the timetable for that. it does not mean that i will not be speaking out. i had many, many requests from around the country from people who want to hear from me. i like to hear from them because i would like to know -- i like to hear about efforts that are being made in communities that are dealing with the issue of racism and discrimination, and i would really like highlight them because i know that there are people out there who cared, who want to work on the issues, who
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are working on the issues. i think we need more of that, we need to hear those stories as we move forward. that is what this country needs. we are a great country. there are people who care. we are hearing too much from those who would want to point out the negative right now, and i would like to concentrate on the positive. >> what was the exact role -- the exact position in the duties darien, and were you tempted to take it? >> yes, i was tempted to take it. i am not sure of the total -- the secretary can speak more to that than i can at this point. i was tempted. >> the off rate -- the office of our reach was created by the congress to make sure that
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people understand and appreciate what programs usda offers and have access them. as shirley's work in georgia. it out, there are a lot of people that have no idea how broad the scope of this department is, and because of poverty or difficulties of managing governments at the local level, they are often overwhelmed by the application process, but the complexity of the federal bureaucracy that they have to work through. the idea of this office in working with our civil rights office was to do a better job of integrating into those communities in making sure they understood what was available and what they have -- that they had access to the programs, because they have not had access and they're precisely why we created these programs. what surely would have done in that position is that she'll have overseen that effort to make sure that we were penetrating. in the position i am thinking of in terms of the study coming
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forward, she can also do that but also focus more time and dig deeper than she would have if she had administrative responsibilities, which is what she would have had as a senior executive. >> did you speak to anyone from the white house, and if you did, can you tell us who was? >> i did not speak to anyone at the white house. as i said earlier, this was my responsibility and i had to take full responsibility for it and i continue to take all responsibility for it. i'll take it for as long as i live. i pride myself on the work that i do it and i know i disappointed the president, i disappointed this administration, i disappointed the country, i disappointed shirley. i have to live with that and i
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accept that responsibility. that is what you have when you have this kind of position. my belief is that despite the difficulty in challenges and the problems that we have seen, and what pour shirley had to go through, maybe, just maybe this is an opportunity for the country to have the kind of conversation if the shirley thinks we ought that have, and maybe, just maybe this will put a spotlight unnecessarily on this incident -- but with all the media attention, maybe there will be a spotlight on the efforts that usda is trying to make, trying to solve cases from almost 30 years, is trying to reopen cases they were denied access and review in previous years, is trying to engage in a culture transformation so that our work force is modernized and is as the verse is the country is, and is engaged in an effort to try to get the program that usda to the people most in need, not necessarily the most -- the best connected people but the people most in need.
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to me, if we're going to make anything out of this, apart from shirley's circumstances, that is what i have to do. and that is what i am committed to doing. i am very serious about this. i came into this office committed to try to close the chapter of civil rights that has been a difficult chapter for usda and other assorted chapter. we want to create a new chapter and this unfortunate circumstance has given us the opportunity to have a conversation with the nation, and it is personal pain and have to endure for that, i am happy to take that. >> this question for shirley. you said that you're going to sue blogger andrew breitbart. >> i do not want to discuss that right now. i do think that a suit will be forthcoming, but i do not want to discuss it at this time.
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[applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> and about 10 minutes, c- span's campaign coverage continues with florida voting primings -- with primaries. we will have live coverage focusing on the floor of primaries in the democratic primary races. watch the canada speeches live. later at 11:00, more like results with the arizona republic senate contest between john mccain and j.d. hayworth. we will bring you those election results plus fund calls and
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feedback on facebook and twitter. it is live on c-span. earlier today, house republican leader john boehner called on the president obama to fire his account -- economic team in light of the economy. we was a part of that now. -- we will show part of that now. >> you're trying to make decisions without knowing what the next day will bring. i watched my dad and other folks in our neighborhood agonize over the same kind of decisions. i had to make them myself when i was running a small business in westchester that before i got involved in the political
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process. when i travel around our state, i talk to employers not only trying to create jobs but trying to keep the people they have on the payroll. the problems of being and of washington don't stop to think about how employees are members of the family. you watch them start a family, you in here when they're trying to find a good house around the schools, you run the hospital when people are sick. these are bonds that cannot be measured from spreadsheets coming from this bureaucracy or this bureaucrat. it's in tangible as these bonds are. and they have been frayed by a struggling economy. right now america's employers are afraid to invest in an economy that is stalled by a stimulus spending and hamstrung by uncertainty. the prospect of higher taxes, stricter rules, more regulation
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has employers sitting on their hands. and after the pummeling they have taken from washington of the last 18 months, who can blame them? while visiting in our state, president obama -- hundreds -- of a few miles away, hundreds of all high ends or wedding at a job fire -- i job fair were they learned that employers were not hiring again. employers are "scared to death." that is what is happening in america. when i met with the president last month at the white house, i conveyed my belief shared by many economists that the ongoing uncertainty hurting small businesses and preventing the creation of private sector jobs. not long after we spoke, he signed a $26 billion stimulus spending bill that funneled
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money to states in order to protect government jobs, and even worse, funded by a new tax that makes it more expensive to create jobs here in united states and less expensive to create jobs overseas. listen, this cannot continue. i had enough and i think the american people have had enough of politicians in washington talking about wanting to create jobs while doing everything possible to prevent jobs from being created here in our country. i'm going to propose five actions that president obama should take immediately to break this economic uncertainty and help more americans find an honest day's work. first, the president should announce that he will not carry out his plans to impose job killing tax hikes on families and small businesses. unless congress acts, virtually every american will see their taxes go up on january 1.
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if present obama stated that he wanted to stop some tax hikes and not others, once again putting government in the position of picking winners and losers and pitting taxpayers against taxpayers. according to an analysis by the nonpartisan joint congressional -- joint tax committee, that is the official scorekeeper for all tax policy in our country, at a small business incomes in america, that is half, will see higher taxes under the president's plan. of course, the same washington politicians who spent the last 18 month borrowing and spending our economy into the ground are now fretting whether we can afford the cost of stopping these job killing tax cuts. only in washington would be acceptable to think that the taxpayer should pay for the privilege of keeping more of their hard-earned money. we will not solve our fiscal
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challenges and to we cut spending and have real economic growth and we will not have real economic growth if we keep raising taxes on small businesses. one of obama's predecessors said, "and economy constrained by high tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget just as it will never create enough jobs." that president was john f. kennedy. let me be clear. raising taxes on families and small businesses during a recession is a recipe for disaster. for both our economy and for our deficits. period, and the story. -- and the story. that is what president obama should work with republicans to kill all these tax highs. the president said now is that he will veto any job-killing bills into his desk by a lame duck congress including card check, and any other tax
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increases on small businesses. the house passed a cap and trade energy tax but it remained sitting in the united states senate. a member this -- this plan to raise energy prices in america will, as president obama said, raise our utility costs -- i think he said that they will skyrocket. the national energy tax will wipe out many of the manufacturers and family firms here in ohio that are just barely hanging on. also this card check bill, the top priority for the public sector unions that provide money and put. foot soldiers for democratic campaigns around that figure. it eliminates all workers' right to a secret ballot in the union elections, making it easier to organize while putting
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employers at a firm disadvantage. card check is essentially a how- to guide for destroying small business jobs. when i asked the president about this in a meeting last month, he accused me of scare tactics. other democratic leaders looked at me as if they did not know what i was talking about. the very next week, the president told a union crowd that he will open " keep on fighting for card check." democratic leaders refused to rule out the process of forcing these job killing bills through a lame-duck session after the election, after the voters have had their say. their failure to level with the american people only compounds the ongoing economic uncertainty that we see in our country. president obama should announce that he would veto these job- killing bills and i pledge the republicans will work with him to sustain those vetoes. >> that is part of his remarks
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to the city club of cleveland from earlier today. we will show you the entire event in about an hour at approximately 9:30 p.m. eastern after our 2010 coverage of primary results in florida. host: voters in five states went to the polls today in primary elections for senator, governor, and members of congress. vermont, florida, oklahoma, arizona, and alaska are all holding primary elections today, and tonight on c-span, if i'll live coverage of campaign 2010 continues with election results, interviews, and your phone calls. think of rejoining us this evening. we'll be live for the next hour or so and then we will be live although later in the evening for arizona and alaska primary results. this first hour that we are on the air this evening, we want to
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concentrate mainly on large debt. florida had senatorial and gubernatorial primaries today. the polls disclosed in the pan hold of -- in the pan held of -- the panhandle about 30 minutes and marco rubio has been declared the winner. he and charlie crist were supposed to meet in the primary but he became -- crist became a independent. and kendrick meek has been declared the winner in the democratic senatorial campaign there. he won over billionaire jeff greene. in the gubernatorial race in florida, alex sink had been declared the winner in the democratic primary, and in the republican primary, between bill mccollum and rick scott, it has
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been declared to close to call at the moment. at the moment, rick scott is maintaining a bit of the lead. a little letter, we will be joined by a a reporter from " role coll." he will be talking politics with this. we will be talking about florida particularly, but also national trends and politics. we want you to weigh in. here's how you can do it. the numbers on the screen. -- are on the screen. we have set aside the fourth line for florida voters for this first hour. 202-628-0184. you can also join the
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conversation on facebook. you can also send us a tweed, which we will hopefully be able to find time to read on the air. mark rubio had been declared the winner of that republican senatorial primary. kendrick meek has been declared the winner in the democratic primary. bill mccollum and rick scott are the undecided race in florida right now. right now, rick scott has a short lead. we're. the start -- david drucker will be joining us to talk about these races and talk about some national politics, but in the meantime, we want to hear from you. we're going to start in search side, florida -- surfside,
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florida. caller: i wanted to get my opinion on the campaign between meat and the non-politician but a high bank row. i thought it was important to go with meeks with the experience, because i do not feel that if you go with the millionaire or the billionaire, that they had touched with the average middle- income person. host: so you voted today? caller: yes, sir and i voted for kendrick me. host: what about the gubernatorial primary? alex sink? caller: yes, sir. host: what was it about kendrick me that drew you to him? >-- kendrick meet that treaty to him?
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caller: it was important to have someone to identify with that populism, the economy being so difficult in florida and people losing their homes and their jobs, i felt like they had a better grasp on that situation. host: what was the turn out like? had you heard anything about turnout? caller: surfside is a small community and netbook light pole loyal voters, it looked like a medium turnout. host: thank you for calling in today. philadelphia, could evening. and we're going to move on to raleigh, north carolina. caller: our you doing? i just felt like it is time for the democrats to stand up. we need to make a comeback. i feel like it is great. host: what you feel is great, michael?
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caller: i am african-american, 23 years old, and i am not going to live. i feel that it is great that change has come. it is just the fact that everything is good. the one thing i like to say before we get off is that it is not right out inner-city people are still -- i just cannot understand. i saw someone on your program is said that inner-city chicago kids, the schools are not good. i do not understand why we can donate billions to haiti but he cannot take care of our own country. inner-city kids are struggling. i do not understand what is going to take on that. host: we appreciate hearing your perspective. and we're looking specifically at florida this evening. for this first hour, we want to look specifically at florida.
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more rubio, republican nominee for senate, kendrick meek, congressman kendrick meet is the democratic nominee -- were declared the winner. he is leading with about 55% of the budget but he has been declared the winner. alex sink has been declared the democratic nominee for governor in florida. bill mccollum and rick scott are still battling it out at this point. david drucker of "role coll" joins us from the russell office building. kendrick meat has beaten jeff greene. what should we read into this? >> i think you read into it that someone whom most floridians have never heard of it, but that was not a flawed character, could not secure the nomination. he is a run-of-the-mill institutional democrat and i think that at the end of the day, florida voters decided to
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vote for something normal. if jeff greene had been a more outside the box type of candidate who was not just a billionaire self-funded with a bunch of flaws, this guy ran for congress in california as a republican some years back. never mind the yacht stories, there were a lot of questions surrounding him. now what we know with a three- way senate race, it will be interesting with a democratic representative, a lifelong republican turned independent five minutes ago governor in charlie crist, and marco rubio, as much as he has been embraced by the right in the republican party and a lot of tea party activists, when you look in his policies, it is mainstream, normal sort of republican candidates. it will be an interesting campaign in the sunshine state. >> given the recent polls, it looks like charlie crist made the right decision becoming an independent. he is leading in the three-race
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right now. caller: there is a new poll out yesterday from the democratic firm that shows the former state speaker rubio at 40% and charlie crist at 32%. we've seen a couple of reports back and forth where rubio or crest is ahead. the problems are going to be that he does not have a statewide party apparatus and to get out the vote machine that both mr. rubio and mr. meek are going to have with the republican and democratic parties respectively. at some point man, charlie crist is going to have to become more overt in whom he plans to caucus with or align himself with if he were to become elected. i think that is when it change the race. all indication that he is given
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is that he would join with the democrats although he declined to say so specifically. i think he is hoping to turn this into a two-man race with him and rubio. given the atmospherics' nationally, given a lot of the polling and florida, and the fact that you're dealing with an incumbent governor where things are not going well, even if it is not his fault, i did that mr. rubio and relief profit from that -- i think that mr. rubio can really profit from that. charlie crist could end up in third place once this solidifies after labor day. >host: who has got the money? guest: or rubio has the money. he has been raising money hand over fist. i think kendrick meet will have money because florida is an
8:41 pm
important state and he should be doubled or raise some. it will be interesting see if governor crest can raise enough money to stay competitive. i am not saying that he cannot. running as an independent is actually a smart thing to do, it can set you apart. voters are clearly upset with the establishment and they are not happy with washington. the problem with gov. christie is that people will wonder where ernor crist isov that people will wonder where he stands. i think a lot of that is going to weigh on him, and with all the money flowing through the democratic and republican nominees, i am not quite sure where he can get his money. and this is a competitive governor's race in florida. whoever wins tonight between
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bill mccollum and rick scott that will set up a lot of money. he is clearly likable and raised a lot of money before. it is not like the guy does not know what he is doing. but in this case, people are going to start to pick sides. i that they will go with mr. crist, and for mr. rubio, it's easy for him to get the middle of the road and the conservatives an independent. host: the stock about the republican gubernatorial fight for the nomination. it looks like rick scott as a percentage point lead over bill mccollum. guest: this is been an interesting race. alex sink is a very, very formidable candidate. republicans did not want her to run for the u.s. senate.
8:43 pm
despite all the grief when charlie crist jumped into the race, charlie crist kept out alex sink and that made republicans in washington very happy. she is a really tough customer in this campaign. but the atmospherics we just discussed, this was the republican nominee's race to lose until rick scott and bill mccollum got into this food fight. they have been throwing daggers at each other. when you have something like that happening, voters decide that they do not -- they are not interested in seeing fighting. they start to lean toward that canada. once the primary is passed as, whoever the republican nominee is can go after alex sink. it will be more than even fight. the republicans could have been
8:44 pm
in charge in this race, had the republican primary not turned into such a mess. there are primaries at times they do not get as nasty as this and prime's whoever it is for a tough fight in the general lesson. but this really got nasty and at a sign -- and out of hand. now people will see nominee as flawed. he decided he would embrace the arizona immigration laws. rick scott has a lot of personal flaws in the running of a hospital company that he on. that could come back on him in the general election. is going to be interesting to see the way that this thing turns out. it should be a fight to the finish, but right now, i give the advantage to alex sink slightly. for: let's take your calls david drucker talking about the
8:45 pm
florida primary races but also the national politics. indiana, you are on the air. caller: i have a question on marco rubio. after he won the nomination, because i don't think anyone ran with him, [unintelligible] have the american, nobody ran with him. it's like they did not want to. guest: if you do not have an opponent, you win by default. even before crist dropped out, rubio was far ahead. that is why he decided to quit and run as an independent. he concluded that he could not be rubio and that is why we are where we are.
8:46 pm
host: orlando, if you are on c- span. caller: i voted on the second day and had voted for kendrick meet, and right now i am on the fence about kendrick or trawls right now. i've butted for alex sink as well, and i think the democrats are going to have a good year, despite what everyone says. host: edward fulham orlando, if you say you're not sure if you're going to vote for congressman meek for governor ist. what the -- what is going to decide for you? caller: rubio's policies are leading us back toward george dubie bush. he wants to keep the bush tax cuts permanent. right now i am on the fence.
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host: between kendrick meat and charlie crist. guest: i think this is a good indication of what possibly could happen with the democratic vote. the decision is going to be between the governor and the congressman. it's interesting because i would have guessed -- i was wrong there, that once crist left to run as an independent, he will run as an independent who lean republican. that's what made rational sense to me. instead he is gone after the democratic vote. ever since he left the gop and announced as an independent, it's been angling for that. clearly that is his goal, to bugs.meek's
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15 minutes ago marco rubio took is a victory lap. here is marco rubio, the republican nominee for senate. [applause] >> thank you, guys. thank you. thank you very much. welcome to the night they said would never come.
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welcome to a moment they said was not possible. 18 months ago, we were confronted with an extraordinary challenge and many discouraged us from doing it. but tonight, here in florida, we have learned that anything is possible in this great nation of ours, even a candidacy like this one. i begin by acknowledging god through the mall things are possible. -- through who all things are possible. all the bad and good things come through his hands and for his purpose and that is something we should never forget as a people, at the nation, and we will never forget as a family. i won i think my wife who has been extraordinarily supportive while i traveled far and wide, and my four children for long the opportunity to do this. i often joked that early in his campaign, the only people who thought i could win or in my
8:50 pm
home. four of them were under the age of 10. i am grateful to them. they are an extraordinary blessing and a lot. i am thankful to my parents to encourage me to dream and open doors to made that did not even exist for them. my parents had lived a selfless light and have sacrificed tremendously for me throughout, even on this very day, and i'm grateful to them and i am hoping this is the night to continue to affirm that the sacrifices and hard work were not in vain. i think all of you for being a part of this campaign. so many people who have supported me from the beginning of my career in public service and even before from my extended family who had been here supported, through still find it hard to believe that people like you come out to support me, and i'm thankful to you for being here today. and now for the road ahead. the campaign that lies ahead is going to be a very clear one in florida.
8:51 pm
by now the united states of america is headed in the wrong caressing, and let's be frank -- both parties are to blame. washington is broken and the road is taking us on right now is the wrong road. in florida touch with that our people is going at this very simple. if if you like the direction that america is headed, if you think washington is doing the right thing, then there are two other people on the ballot and you should go for one of them. it on the other hand you are not happy with the direction of washington is taking america, if if you're unhappy with the road we are wrong, then there is only one person -- there's only one campaign in 2010 that is offering to stand up to that agenda and in its plate present a clear alternative, and that is what we have done the last 18 months, and that is what we will do these next 70 days. in every campaign and they tell you the same thing. this is the most important
8:52 pm
election in a generation, the most important election in our lifetime -- this one truly is. this one truly is, for we as a nation and has a people are on the press as of crossing a line from which we may not be able to return. we read the point where decisions are being made in washington, d.c. that may be irreversible for my children and for your children and grandchildren. and that is what this election is about. it is not a choice between republicans and democrats. it is not a choice between liberals and conservatives. if this election is nothing less than a referendum on a hard identity as a people and as a nation. that is that what is at stake these next 70 days. for us is a campaign, the most important thing we must do is offer a compelling vision of the future. let me be clear -- i am not running to be the opposition. i am not interested to be simply against people. i believe there is a better way to do things and said that the majority of floridians and
8:53 pm
america, and here in florida. his u.s. senate campaign, we're going to offer them the opportunity to vote is up -- but for someone about how -- who has a clear idea is about what is made as exceptional and unique in the history of the world. [applause] tonight i want to be brief in my remarks for a couple of reasons, one out of respect for your time and all the other people who are interested in all the other races. and my children are starting to get to our limit here. [laughter] this morning i woke up like that do pretty much over the last 18 months to a campaign retain, a schedule the tell me where i needed to be. today was a lot different. after dropping the children off at school, i would to vote. that was something i knew i was going to do today and i took it for granted until i got there.
8:54 pm
when i pulled off, i was immediately confronted by six or seven cameras at the same polling precincts i had been going to for several years. and then i realized, you are running for the united states senate. your name is on the ballot, and god willing, tonight you'll be the republican nominee for the united states senate. and i realized something else. i realized that i am just a generation removed from a very different life. by parents grew up in very different societies and we're proud of our heritage but the place they grew up and was very different from the one i grew up in. my parents grew up in a place like we're almost everywhere else in the world, what you can accomplish in life is decided for you both for you are even born. think about that for a moment. in almost every other country in the world, what you're going to be when you grow up is decided for you by who your parents are, by where you come from, by his you know.
8:55 pm
it doesn't matter how smart you are or how hard work, how big your dreams may be. in almost other the every other society in human history, how far you go in life is not up to you. it is decided for you. that is the way it still is almost everywhere on this planet except for one place -- the united states of america. a place for anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything. a place where it does not matter if it you were not born into a connected family. it does not matter if you do not run in the right circles. keep you had a good idea and of willingness to pursue, you can accomplish anything. sadly at think some of us born in this country take that for granted. we believe that that is the way it is almost everywhere else in the world -- it is not. maybe that is the lesson i learned on because i was raised in a community that knew better, of men and women who know it is possible the loser country and
8:56 pm
everything you holder, of people who understand that this place, this nation is unique, that there has never been any place like this in the history of all mankind, and even now, even today, with the challenges that we face, there is still no place on earth you with another -- rather be, but what we must always remember is that this exceptional country of ours, it did not happen by accident. this extraordinary country we have did not just happen because. it happened because the people who are in here but forested whatever they had to do to ensure that their children inherited a better life. this country is exceptional and extraordinary because the men and women who stood where we stand now confronted the great challenges of their times and in so doing, insured that the next generation was better off. the last 30 years, we have built a society unlike any other in all of human history.
8:57 pm
now it is our turn to keep it that way. that is the issue of our time. the choice the forest is very simple -- what kind of country do we want these children to inherit? a place like everywhere else? or a place like the one that was left to us? are we prepared to go down in history at the next generation of americans who did what we had to do to ensure that this exceptional place remain that way? or will we go down is the first americans ever to leave our children worse off? i think i know which choice americans and floridians are about to make. everyone here today can trace their lineage back. maybe it was a generation ago, maybe it was four generations go, but every single one of us descended from somebody who could not be to god meant them to be in the nation of their birth and so they came here, to
8:58 pm
the only place in human history where anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything. and the great cause of our time is to preserve this passion for the next generation in that way. and that is what this election is about. if we stay on the road that washington has is on right now, we will lose our exceptional as some -- exceptionalism. this is not who is in charge from a personality standpoint. the people who are running this country in washington, d.c. are wrong. the road they have us on is the wrong road. our economy is not creating jobs. politicians do not create jobs. jobs are created by every day people from all walks of life who start a business or expand an existing business. the job of government is to make it easier to do that, not harder. that is not what they are doing. our government cannot continue to spend more money than it takes sand, or send we will face
8:59 pm
a greece-like day of reckoning. we may face a world where the united states is not the strongest country in the world. the road to washington has on right now will rob us of these things. i want to tell you what the choices here in florida. if you like the direction that washington is taking as, i am not your candidate. i am running for the u.s. senate because i think washington is wrong. i want to stand up to what they are offering and i want to offer in its place a clear alternative that will leave my children and yours with what they deserve, what they deserve to inherit, what you and i inherited, what every american before us has inherited, and what we will make sure the next generation inherits, the single greatest society in all of human history. i need your help to get there. [applause]
9:00 pm
thank you. [laughter] a few words in spanish if you will indulge me. [speaking spanish] diskette portuguese tonight. [speaking spanish]
9:01 pm
9:02 pm
9:03 pm
days from today, we will be back here, or maybe in a bigger room, and on that day, we will be able to announce that we have won this race for the u.s. senate. [applause] let me tell you what that will mean. that will not be the fulfillment of some personal child the dream of mine, nor will it be the end of some political campaign. it will insure least one thing. if there is the least one voice in washington who is standing up to this agenda and saying that we must get back to the policies that allow the private sector to
9:04 pm
create jobs, it will be your voice here from florida. if there is at least one voice in the u.s. senate that says that we cannot continue to borrow money from our children's future to find the bad ideas of today's leaders, that voice will be from florida. if there is at least one voice in washington d.c.'s saying that the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest country in the world, it will be that boys from florida. there will this be one person in washington d.c. standing up to this agenda and offering a clear alternative, it will be me, your voice from right here in florida. we have 70 days of work left to do. thank you. [applause] thank you. ♪
9:05 pm
>> that was marked rubio, a little earlier in miami. one of his opponents is going to beat kendrick -- who is going to be kendrick meek, 54% of the votes over his competitor. he threw about $20 million of his own money into that race. in the republican gubernatorial primary, bill mccollum, the current attorney general is losing to rest scott, a health care executive, a 46% to 43%. about $50 million have been spent on television ads, most by rick scott.
9:06 pm
that has been a very negative grace period jeff green is about to give his speech, his concession speech in west palm beach, florida. we will go to that live when that happens. i wanted to ask you to think about marco rubio. he immediately altogether kendrick meat and charlie crist and told people if they were happy about the way it things were going in washington, vote for those guys. >> i think that is going to be the message you will hear from a lot of republicans. if you are happy with the president and with democratic congress and are happy with the way that washington is going right now, then vote for the democrats. his message might not end up working, but at this point, it is very effective messaging. we have seen similar messaging from democratic incumbents who are running for reelection in
9:07 pm
republican districts. they were elected in 2006 and 2008 when everybody was unhappy with the gop leadership and president bush spread pulling now shows that people are unhappy with the current white house and the current leadership. you are seeing democrats saying that they will stand up to the speaker of the house and to the white house. it is not surprising to hear that from marco rubio. it is a smart message. stay on point and talk about job creation and stopping the agenda on -- in washington. >> the fact that mark rubio is bilingual, is that an important thing? >> of course. you have a huge cuban community in southern florida. latinos are a growing part of the electorate nationwide. if you look at marco rubio from the standpoint of the republican
9:08 pm
party, his could be among the most important we're going to see in this midterm year. here is a gentleman that is of latin descent, looks of latin descent, has a latin name, for republicans who are interested in the their party being viable in the coming decades, this is a gentleman who could help them grow their base. he knows where his bread is buttered. he is going to need a good segment of the cuban vote in florida at if he is going to win this race. for years, and vote in florida was widely republican. that is because of the cuban exile community tend to gravitate towards republicans because of their tough stance towards cuba. it is not quite as lockstep as they used to be. this is very pulte important for marco rubio to get a large
9:09 pm
segment of the cuban community. the latino and hispanic community generally throughout florida -- it was poignant. >> we have this tweaked -- twe et. our next call is from john int georgia. caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i heard his acceptance speech tonight in english and in latino and then republican language. in the republican language, i hear him saying that he would
9:10 pm
support the party of no. one of the things that mitch mcconnell is going to tell them to vote for is the -- is abolishing or retaining the bush tax cuts. this means that americans will be paying one plan $4 trillion aberdeen next 10 years -- $1.40 trillion over the next 10 years. host: we are going to leave it there. if you could use john's comments to torque -- talk about some of the issues that we will see in the next 70 days in the florida senate race. guest: whether the bush tax cuts are allowed to expire or retained in some portion or in all portions, it is going to be a huge issue. republicans feel like they have the advantage.
9:11 pm
you have a lingering recession. you have unemployment near 10 points -- 10%. republicans are very confident in the campaigning to not allow the tax cuts to expire. you have democrats who want them to expire for all the individuals making less than $200,000. both sides are eager to fight about this. they both think they have the upper hand. marker rubio thinks the tax cuts should -- marco rubio thinks the tax cuts should be extended for all income tax brackets. mcconnell is not going to have to tell them to vote for that. he wants to vote for that. he is -- if you ask mitch mcconnell if you are going to tell anybody to vote for anything, he would laugh at you. neither harry reid or mitch mcconnell can tell any other u.s. senator what they are
9:12 pm
supposed to go out -- both to do. it is not the house of representatives. the tax cuts are going to be not the biggest issue, but one of the biggest issues and the remaining days of the midterm campaigns. if he were on the air right now, he would say, i would vote for these if i get the chance to extend them. republicans are very unapologetic about that. democrats think they can read -- painted republicans as supporting tax cuts for the rich to don't need them. this is going to be a real fight. host: this week to -- this tweet -- if you want to join the conversation on twitter --
9:13 pm
you can also join the conversation on facebook. to gail in miami, good evening. how are you tonight, sir? i did vote for meek. i think his gentle soft-spoken approach is a relief to many people with all the usual approach. however, after hearing marked rubio giving his speech with his fdr society approach, he is appealing to the latino population, i was very
9:14 pm
impressed with that speech. here is a speaker with a silver tongue. he is going to be a formidable opponent. that is going to be a real race. charlie crist is going to be thrown out. i do not see him anywhere. host: so you agree with what david said? even though it -- charlie crist could end up in third place? >> i definitely. just listening to that speech and known that mr. meat is very popular -- meek is very popular. the country is changing. i think that is a great thing. i've not heard charlie crist personally be a very -- i don't
9:15 pm
see him as having done anything. host: are you excited about alex sink as the democratic nominee for governor? caller: i do not have any opinion at all. i did not -- yes, i did vote for her. host: thank you so much. cincinnati, bob, independent line. caller: i am a former reagan conservatives. i have sent money to wisconsin, nev., and washington state. after hearing marco rubio and
9:16 pm
his speech, i plan on sending money to florida. i think charlie crist is exactly what is wrong with the republican party, much like joe lieberman. i predict that lindsay gramm -- it seems to me that a lot of people are worried about the tea party. i see disaffected democrats and republicans who constantly want to be reelected coming the next third party. the nice thing about the internet is that those of us to understand politics and keep track of the races can send our money to target candidate that we feel have independent conservative values like we do. i do not consider myself a republican. host: thank you. david? guest: i think the caller is emblematic of -- i as seen in a
9:17 pm
number of states where the number of people registered to republican and democratic parties have decreased. the number of unaffiliated voters have gone up. myself -- a mild state of california is like that. -- my home state of california is like that. although it is still a very democratic state. it also tells you where campaigning and politics are today. here is a diet that we can send money wherever he wants and he doesn't have to give it to a national party apparatus. i find it interesting to who he decided to send money to. he is sending it to ron johnson. here is a guy who may not be
9:18 pm
conservative across the board, but when it comes to the issues that republicans care of all right now, it's quite conservative. here you -- he watches marco rodeo on television and he decides he is going to send money -- marco rubio on television and he decides he is going to send money down to florida. they sent money all over the country. they raised a ton of cash. republicans aren't finally -- the tide has turned for them a little bit. host: on the republican gubernatorial side of the election, but rick scott is maintaining a 3% lead over bill mccollum. that race has not yet been called. democratic senatorial campaigns, kendrick meek about 46% -- jeff
9:19 pm
green conceded about 20 minutes ago. here is his concession speech. >> thank you. please be seated. are you out there, mom? thank you for being out here tonight. i spoke a few moments ago and and i congratulated him with -- on his victory. i will be endorsing kendrick meet as the democratic nominee chosen by the people here in florida. it came out during the campaign that i had given $500 to the candidate early on, but i told him i would increase that to the maximum allowable to help him get elected. [applause] thank you. i got into this race because i wanted to raise some serious issues about the way government is run. i feel privileged to of had the
9:20 pm
opportunity to raise those issues and to meet some wonderful people across our great state. while this effort may have fallen short, i still believe that we must work hard to ensure that the failed policies that would be pursued by the two republicans in this race and have no doubt that kendrick meek is running against two republican spread i saw what happened firsthand to this country's economy when george bush controlled washington. failing to regulate the financial markets led to a meltdown. i worked hard to make sure that the work of my lifetime did not disappear. if we let marco rubio and there it kind back into congress, it will be a friend once again. there are big differences between the candidate in this race. i look forward to hearing the debates on the issues.
9:21 pm
ladies and gentlemen, i have been privileged to live the american dream. my grandparents came to this country with absolutely nothing. my parents, they came to florida 40 years ago after my father lost his livelihood in new england. we move from a comfortable home to a small apartment here in florida. that experience is something i will never forget. it has put me in touch with some many people going forward today. i never tired of the course of my career to create -- to make sure i did not become a victim of the same wall street shenanigans that took down some many people. i'm glad to have had the opportunity to stand up and speak out and draw attention to some of the serious issues that i think must be addressed. let me think a few people who are so important to me and selling foreign to this campaign. i want to thank my wife who has been with me every step of the way. [applause]
9:22 pm
your love and your support and our son are the most precious things in my life. thank you. the one good thing about losing this i will be able to spend a lot more time with my wife and our 10 month old son, malcolm. today, for the first time, to gain the confidence to walk across the room. he used only walk a few steps. he realized that if he kept walking, he would fall the rest of the way and pick themselves up. today, for the first time, he walked 20 or 30 steps. i think i will be losing some of my pregnancy weight sen. i want to thank my mom, barbara. she came to florida 40 years ago. my mom came here 40 years ago and sheet shaped the course of my life. i want to thank the many people who participated in this campaign. for the professionals involved
9:23 pm
guide is to the thousands of volunteers the became part of it. i cannot tell you how much i appreciate all of your efforts. having never been and a camp -- in a campaign like this before, i have never in my life seen such long hours and such dedication as i have seen. i have never seen anything like it. i really want to tell you how much i appreciated. sometimes i can be difficult. i know that. i have never seen the dedication like i have seen in my campaign. the contest ahead will be a big challenge i intend to support him every step of the way. i did that because even though we disagree, at the difference between what kendrick and the democratic party represents purse is what the two republicans stand for it are far more profound. marco rubio and charlie cristobal turn back the clock on
9:24 pm
everything. from social security to medicare to a woman's right to choose to the most fundamental and basic liberties that we enjoy our society. most of all, they will follow a failed republican economic policy, which rarely bankrupt this country. it's still threatens everyone of us today. we simply cannot let the republicans back into power. i have seen it up close. i understand how beholden they are to the special interests. we need to stand together behind our democratic nominees so that every child in florida, every grandchild can have the opportunity to live the american dream. thank you again, each and every one of you for being here tonight. to all of you supported me, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you again. [applause]
9:25 pm
>> that was jeff green from about 20 minutes ago in west palm beach, florida. he is getting about 31% of the vote. kendrick has been declared the winner at 55% of the primary vote for the democratic senatorial nomination. about 60% of the vote has been counted at this point. kendrick is due to come out in hollywood, fla., to make his victory speech in just a few minutes ago. here is the realm at the western diplomat hotel. in just a few minutes, he will be coming out and we will be bringing that to you live. in the meantime, david, did jeff green stand a chance? guest: i do not really think so. he was an unknown quantity in the primary. i'd seen billionaire candidate
9:26 pm
blow a lot more than he it did to get less votes. on a year like this, anything is possible because we had some ups said. we had some unusual things happen. at the end of the day, democratic lot primary voters but with somebody the least was a democrat. they knew he had history in the party. there is nothing wrong with doing that. there are plenty of members of congress who are multimillionaire's and better than that, but you need to establish a connection. if mr. green had started earlier than he did and rally billed to the groundwork county by county in florida, he would have stood a much better chance. he got into the race late. his message was fine. it is not just about the message. is about the messenger, obviously. democratic primary voters were not going to see him as credible.
9:27 pm
kendrick comes from south florida. that is not a bad place to be when you are a democrat. [applause] >> thank you so there amonte. -- thank you so very much. hello, florida.
9:28 pm
[cheers] all right. all right. first of all, i just want to thank god for this victory. [cheers] i am truly humbled by the people of goodwill in this great state of florida. i want to thank all of florida for believing, not only in my candidacy, but putting me on the ballot by signature the first time in the history of this state. i want to thank everyone that
9:29 pm
works every day. i want to thank the school bus drivers that i greeted this morning at 4:30 a.m. that know what it means to live by paycheck to paycheck. i want to thank them. i want to thank our seniors who went out and voted and cast their ballots early this morning at 7:00 looking for representation. i want to thank all those individuals who voted in the last election for the first time that voted in this primary for the first time. [applause] i want to thank president obama for helping me with this
9:30 pm
victory. i want to thank president clinton for coming down here and holding a rally. bill nelson and alex sink, who is going to be the next governor of the state of florida. [applause] to the campaign, to all the volunteers, to all the people who kept believing, for all the people when time scott ross in this campaign, there are those who count as out, you counted as can. i want to thank florida for doing that. i want to thank my family, my wife. [applause] my daughter, lauren, my son, kendrick. and my mother, u.s.
9:31 pm
congresswoman. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, our friends are a part of organized labor throughout this state worked very, very hard, i want to thank them. i want to be short tonight because we have so much work to do. there are some many floridians who are counting on a real leader to be the next united states senator. i always said that i was the david in this race. if we just kept the faith and we kept marching economy kept knocking on doors and we kept making phone calls and we kept putting out yard signs and kept putting congress dickers out on the cars and we kept listening,
9:32 pm
we would be victorious on this night. i want to thank every it already and that cast a ballot in this election to make me the democratic nominee. [applause] in de case. i am the real democrat in this race. -- i made the case that i am the real democrat in this race. i have the will and the desire and the energy to play a double shift to get florida back to work to make sure that people have health care, to make sure that we protect our environment. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, i had to talk -- i want to thank him for a great campaign. he called and west as well as they continued to move on.
9:33 pm
i had an opportunity to speak with jeff greene. he gave us his blessing and that he looks forward to campaigning with us. i want to thank him for that phone call. one thing that we have to keep in mind is that this election is not about those that are running for office, it is about the people of this date and we have to continue to keep that focus on people that are end -- in rural and urban florida. they will be represented all the way down to the southernmost point in key west, ladies and gentlemen. i am prepared to work for every vote in the state of florida, the democrat, republican, or independent. i know what nbc punched in and punched out every day. -- i know what it means to punched in and punched out every day.
9:34 pm
haveeople of this state's the opportunity to see the-of politics. -- muddiness of politics. you can count on me. i will not bail out on you and i will not leave you behind. i will log start changing on issue -- i will not start changing on you. we made history in this state. the state of florida was not for sale, will not be for sale, and we will stand up and continue to deliver. the business.ut [cheers]
9:35 pm
thank you. thank you. thank you. i want to mention a few things because i wanted to leave here and i want you to know what we stand for. this election is going to be about were the candidate stands. i am running against two conservative candidates for the united states senate that have similar records. i think is very important that everyone here in this room know by electing me to be your next u.s. senator, i will be the only candidate in this race that was against offshore oil drilling before and after the spill and will make sure that we protect florida's environment. i will be the only candidate,
9:36 pm
the only democratic candidate, that has always been against the privatization of social security and fought against in the u.s. congress. i will be the only candidate that stood in their but sonia sotomayor when she was up for her nomination and i stood up and said she was the right selection. [applause] i am the only candidate and will be the only candidate that will stand up for a woman's right to choose to what happens to her body. i will be the only candidate that fought, legislate, and will continue to work towards comprehensive health care for every american and every floor ready and. -- korean. i will be the only candidate that is willing to pull back
9:37 pm
from the top 1% of the bush tax cut and give mortis -- bush cat -- to the small businesses. when you make me your next united states senator, i will stand up to make sure that you continue to see what you are seeing now, our men and women coming back home to our families from iraq and afghanistan. it is important for military families that we reunite them and continue to hunt for those who have harm our country. i think it is also important to know that anything that came out of this primary, it showed that this campaign has the strength, the integrity, the will and desire to win against the odds. i may not be goliath before
9:38 pm
november 2, but when november 2 gets here, i am still going to be comfortable playing david. we know when the polls close, ladies and gentlemen, in this great state of florida on november 2, i will be the next u.s. senator from the state. [applause] [cheers] thank you. mywant you to know that t campaign is based on the struggle of floridians. my campaign is based on making sure that children have someone to -- what helped floridians
9:39 pm
make a decision in this election was the fact that i had a real florida story. i grew up here in florida. my mother was born here. my children were born here. they grew up in the public- school system. diagnosed with dyslexia in the third grade. single mother. three children on her palm, divorced twice. that is where i come from. i attended florida a&m university. i became a state trooper, change car tires in this state. did the things that i had to do to understand the needs of people. served as a skycap at the airport. service worker in this state. when on to serve this state and state legislatures and congress.
9:40 pm
some people call it a career politicians, i call it public service. i think it means something. i think it means something. florida, as we march on, as we continue to knock on doors, as we continue to listen, as we continued to count all 67 counties in, we will when in november and when you leave here tonight, i want you to know that hope marches on. believe is not just a slogan. the dream and doors. -- endures. thank you. i love you could i look forward to being our next u.s. senator. god bless america.
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
host: kendrick meek, part of the powerhouse meek family. this is c-span live coverage of campaign 2010 primaries. primary elections in five states tonight. tonight, we are concentrating on florida. he continues to lead. he has been declared the winner. 54% over his competitor jeff greene. david, he lent his two opponents together as well as the two conservatives. >> i think you can see where he is going. he knows that -- he needs to
9:43 pm
take away those democratic and independent -- to have been supporting charlie crist. that is how he will set up a two-man race with marco rubio. people will get back from labor day and they will start to focus on this race was the summer has concluded psychologically. he has a good shot at this point. i still give the edge to mark a rodeo or -- marco rubio. he has more of a message that most of the voters are interested in at this point. he referred to his two opponents as the two republicans in the race. he referred to them as conservatives in a similar policies. that was not a shot at marco rubio. everyone knows where he stands. did that with a shot at charlie crist. he is trying to get charlie crist out of the way.
9:44 pm
that will be his initial focus in this three-man race. you'll have mark karr wrote lumping -- marco rubio lumping crist and meek together. host: we are going to spend a few more minutes talking about florida. we will come back after the polls close in arizona and we will be able to cover the arizona primary. senator mccain the main character in that primary. right now, we are looking at florida. bill mccollum and rick scott -- still has not been called. >> scott is maintaining a consistent 3% lead over bill mccollum about 60% of the vote has been counted. anything you want to comment on right there?
9:45 pm
guest: >> scott may pull this off. we will see what he will do in a head-to-head race with alex sink. she has been around for a politics for a long time. we will see if greg scott house what it takes to compete as a politician -- rick scott has what it takes to compete as a politician. this is about whether you have the political savvy and the ability to connect with voters. rick scott touched a nerve with republican primary voters. he is going to need some soft democrats. we will find out if he has what it takes. things do look good for him right now. host: david, i am just looking -- a few go to our website, you'll be able to get all of these election results. i am looking at some of the
9:46 pm
numbers now. we have the actual vote totals on there as well. marco rubio, over 900,000 votes. kendrick meek and jeff green together, at 650,000 votes. guest: republicans appear to be more energized. more republicans are voting in the primaries that are democrats. that kind of intensity ken bode well for the party with the greater intensity. right now, if you take that intensity and you put it together with the republican lead on a generic ballot in terms of who you would vote for, that really looks good for republicans. it looks good for marco rubio. there are more marco rubio voters today than there were a democratic primary voters for senate. that could tell us something. it could also tell us, on the
9:47 pm
other hand comment that you had a competitive gubernatorial primary on the republican side. that added intensity there, you did not have the top of the ticket for democratic governor. it just shows what the polls have been telling us. republicans are more excited, more enthusiastic to vote in november that are democrats. caller: i want to mention that in the last five years, four of those years i have lived in florida and in miami. i had a chance to really watch marco rubio progress as the speaker of the house. i can tell you that he predicted the crash.
9:48 pm
he offered a remedy, which was a tax swap that would have eliminated the property tax on people's homesteads. in exchange for aid to 0.5% sales tax. -- for a 2.5% sales tax. that would have really, really helped avert the disaster that we saw. he predicted this. merkel rubio is a visionary -- marco rubio is a visionary. as a historian, if i were going to compare him to any political leader in the united states history, it would be thomas jefferson. host: david? guest: what the gentleman shows is that people across the country have been watching it mark a rodeo -- marco rodeo. he is eloquent. he talks to brass tacks in
9:49 pm
terms of actual policy. he has broken the political axiom. marco rubio does not buy into that. he really seems to be about telling people what he would do if elected. it definitely has been well- received among conservatives, particularly his policy ideas in terms of the real-estate crash. it is emblematic of the fact that here is a candidate, whether you agree with him or not, he talked to had a lot of policy. i would not have advised him to do that. so far, it is working for him. host: our last call this evening is from fort lauderdale. caller: good evening.
9:50 pm
i am a registered democrat here. i voted for kendrick today because you have to vote within your party. i am very disappointed in charlie crist. i would like to see him be seated. i am going to support marco rubio in november. charlie crist, i voted for him for governor and he says one thing and then he gets in there and people start talking to him and he changes his mind. he is not a reliable person. he will tell you he will vote for this particular agenda and he does not come through. there are numerous examples where he has changed his position. he has told us he was pro-life.
9:51 pm
so many other examples, like he said he would give back his campaign money to republicans when he was running as a republican for senate. yet, he changed his mind. but he gave the campaign money back to mr. greer, who he appointed as the leader of the state republican party, who is now indicted with 13 counts of fraud. costco thank you. david? guest: look, here is what you have to do any statewide race. you have to have crossover appeal. now this gentlemen says he wants to support marker rubio. a soft democrats. he is going to need those kinds of voters in order to win this race. that is what it comes down here.
9:52 pm
he is going to need independents who lean both right and left. it is not to -- enough to get your party. florida is a very competitive state. it shows you what it takes to win. you have to give voters from the other side to support you. i think this also shows you for some voters, charlie crist change of party or decision to exit the republican party and run as an independent is not going to wear well. the only thing that voters hate more than a policy they disagree with is that they'd -- is when they do not know what you are for or against. host: you got your senate candidate all picked out for florida. in the gubernatorial race, you have alex sink, a question mark on the republican side, andbud
9:53 pm
chiles. guest: anything is possible. in a state like florida, it will be hard for an independent at the gubernatorial level. he could end up eating into a few votes here and there. we will have to wait and see. clearly, charlie crist will be some sort of factor. it is a little different because he is a sitting governor. he has one -- run statewide several times and won. people know his name very well. we will see if he can compete. host: the polls close in arizona in seven minutes. any comments you want to make about arizona? guest: senator mccain is going to win. i am really curious to see it
9:54 pm
who wins a couple of the republican house primaries out there. the third congressional district. the eighth district runs tucson and southern arizona, that ought to be interesting. arizona is a very interesting state. it's one democrat -- it swung democratic in 2006. it will be interesting to see if they can gain any ground. host: thank you so much for joining us on primary night to talk about the results, particularly florida. we will be back at about 11:00, after the polls closed in arizona and get some results. we will bring you john mccain and theirhay worworth victory and concession speeches. we will also be taking your calls. we will see you at about 11:00.
9:55 pm
we will see you in about an hour or so. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] im mctague , j looks at the economy and home sales. after that, as part of our week- long series examining defense issues, colonel robert sova talks about the use of the unmanned aerial vehicles in afghanistan. the heritage foundation continues its weeklong conference on homeland security. it will focus on the role of the private sector and -- in that security forces. see that live wednesday morning at 10:00. >> we now have a generation coming up that really did not
9:56 pm
have the arts in the public schools. these are now the 20 year olds. i am very concerned about that group of people because it is not clear to me that when they get to be 45, they will come to the arts. he heads the kennedy center for the performing arts parade sunday night, he will talk about helping struggling arts organizations. >> we're all pawns on a chessboard and we're playing our parts in the drama. >> i come before this body to personally express my sincere regrets about the encounter with the capitol hill police. >> i cannot walk away and have you guys for a way campaign because i am enjoying. >> -- annoying. >> watch more at c-span video
9:57 pm
library. it is washington, your way. [applause] >> earlier today, house republican leader john maynard called on president obama to fire his economic team. he also talked about small businesses, immigration, and the construction of a mosque near ground zero. he spoke at the city club in cleveland for close to an hour. >> we of stayed in touch and our paths have crossed many times. i want to thank the city club for hosting me today and for all of you that came here this morning to take part in this discussion.
9:58 pm
working at my dad's bar in cincinnati, i mopped floors i did dishes, and waited tables. i watched him agonize over the same kind of decisions. i had to make the myself when i was running a small business in west chester back before i got involved in the political process. i talk to employers who are not only tried to create jobs, but are trying to keep the people they have on the payroll. the powers that be in washington, some stopped to think how for a small-business employees are like members of a family. he watched and start a family. you lend an ear when they're trying to find a house in the -- in a good neighborhood. these are bonds that cannot be measured from spreadsheets,
9:59 pm
coming from this bureaucracy or this bureaucrat. it is intangible as -- they have been frayed by the struggling economy. america's employers are afraid to invest in an economy that is stalled by spending. the prospect of higher taxes, stricter rules, more regulations, has employers sitting on their hands. after the polling day have taken from washington over the last few months, the can blame them? while visiting our stay last week, president obama attended a political fund-raiser and at the same exact moment, just a couple of blocks away, hundreds of the highlands are waiting in line at a job fair were day learned that companies are not hiring right now. the organizer said, that
10:00 pm
employers are scared to death. that is what is happening in america. i met with the president last month at the white house and i conveyed my belief that this ongoing uncertainty is hurting small businesses and preventing the creation of private sector jobs. not long after we spoke, he signed a $26 billion stimulus spending bill that funnels money to states in order to protect government jobs. this cannot continue. i think the american people have had enough of politicians in washington talking about wanting to create jobs to get reelected while doing everything possible to prevent jobs being created in
10:01 pm
our country. i am calling the proposed five actions the president obama should take immediately to break this economic uncertainty and health of more americans find an honest day's work. f. burke, the president should announce that he should not carry out his plan to impose job-killing tax hikes on families and small businesses. unless congress acts, virtually every american will see their taxes go up on january 1. president obama stated that he won is not some tax hikes and not others. once again putting government into the position of picking winners against looters and -- losers and pitting taxpayer against taxpayer. the official scorekeeper for all tax policy in our country says that half of small business income in america would face higher taxes under the president's plan. of course, washington
10:02 pm
politicians who spent the last 18 months borrowing and spending our economy into the ground are now fretting on whether we can all afford the cost of stopping these job-killing tax cuts. only in washington is that its affable but think that the taxpayer should pay for the privilege of keeping more of their hard earned money. we will not solve our fiscal challenges until we cut spending and have real economic growth and we will not have real economic growth if we keep raising taxes on small businesses. one of obama's predecessors once said, "and economy constrained by high tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget just as it will never create enough jobs." that president was john f. kennedy. but be clear. raising taxes on families and small businesses during a recession is a recipe for disaster.
10:03 pm
for both our economy and for our deficits. period, and of story. it is why president obama should work with republicans to stop all of these job-killing tax hikes and he should do it quickly. second, president obama should announce that he will veto any job-killing bills sent to his desk by a lame-duck congress, including card check, national energy tax, and any other increases on families and small businesses. the house passed by capping trade national energy tax. that bill remains sitting in the united states senate. remember this -- this plan to raise energy prices in america will, as president obama said, raised our utility costs -- i think he said that they will skyrocket. the national energy tax will wipe out many of the manufacturers and family firms
10:04 pm
here in ohio that are just barely hanging on. also pending is a card checked zero which will -- which is that top priority for public-sector unions that provide money and put soldiers for democratic campaigns around the country. but eliminate all workers' right to a secret ballot in the union elections, making it easier to organize while putting implores hepburn disadvantage. card check is essentially a how- to guide for the store in small business jobs. when i asked the president about his support for card check last month, he accused me of scare tactics while the rest of the democrat leaders sitting around the table looked at me as if they did not know what i was talking about. the very next week, the president told a union crowd that he will "keep on fighting for card check." democrat leaders refused to rule out the possibility of passing these job-killing bills through
10:05 pm
a lame duck session after the election after the voters have had their say. if there beyer to level with the american people only compounds the ongoing economic uncertainty that we see in our country. president obama should announce that he would veto the job- killing bills and i place the republicans will work with him to sustain those vetoes. third, the president should call out -- colin democrat leaders in congress to stop obstructing republican attempts to repeal the new health-care laws 1099 mandate. it is argued wreaking havoc on employers. this law punishes -- creates more than 164 bureaucracies programs and commissions, and by the end of july, washington had already wrapped up nearly 2833 pages of regulations to direct
10:06 pm
bylaws implementation. one of the most controversial mandates here require small businesses to report any total purchase that would run more than $600. if you want to buy a new -- all landscaper buys a new lawn mayor, they have to report that purchase to the federal government. if you are a mom-and-pop grocery store and you buy $1,000 of groceries from 15 different vendors, if you have to file 15 different forms. if what is the point of making employers and on japan nearest and $17 billion to comply with this law to send paperwork to washington where it will cost another $10 billion to file its away? you want to talk about overhead -- that is why republicans attempted to force the vote to -- to repeal this job-killing mandates. the democrats instead intended
10:07 pm
use an opportunity to put another job-killing tax on job creators. president obama should call on the congress today to repeal this mandate without delay and without strings attached. fourth, president obama should submit to congress for its immediate consideration and aggressive spending reduction package. when congress returns, which could force washington to cut non-defense discretionary spending to 2008 levels before the stimulus was put into place. that would show washington is ready to get serious about bringing down the deficit that threatens our economy. for his part, for the data, says we should wait and talk about it next year. i say let's talk about it right now. all of the stimulus spending has gotten us nowhere but it comes from somewhere. without which we are now borrowing 41 cents of every dollar that we spend for markets and our grandkids.
10:08 pm
think about that. 41 cents of every dollar of the government's spin's this year, we are passing the bill on to our kids and our grandkids. in britain, another country wracked by ready, when treasury minister left a note for his successor. the note said, i am afraid to tell you, there is no money left. i am not afraid to tell you there is no money left. we are broke. in fact, card debt is on track to exceed the entire size of our economy in the next 10 years. the government has no plan in place to pay this back. congressman that -- congress did not even write a budget this year. they canceled it altogether. without a budget, washington will try to get away with spending at current levels. i do not think we can allow that happened. all of this borrowing was the rest of causing the damaging spy in interest rates which would cripple any things like job
10:09 pm
creation in our country. we cannot allow all politicians in washington to try their same scare tactics because they do not have the courage to say no to whatever union or special interest has other hand out. that is not governing and it is certainly not leadership. these last gasp of but failing government clinging to the discredited believe that more spending and more taxing and more borrowing can solve all our problem. republicans are ready to work with president obama to take the first up on the path to fiscal sanity. lastly, employers and small- business owners are brightly frustrated by taxes that no one in the white house, the president, not the vice president, not his economic team, no one is listening to them. farther reason for this is that virtually no one in the white house has run a small business are created jobs in the private sector. this lack of real hands-on
10:10 pm
experience shows in the policies coming out of this administration. if the american people are asking, where other jobs? all the president's economic team has to offer is promises of green shoots that never seemed to grow. the worse things get, the wagons get circled in the continued to defend the indefensible. we've been told that the president's economic team is exhausted. already his budget director and as chief economist have moved down the or are about to. clearly they see the writing on wall and the president should, too. president obama should ask for and accept the resignations of the remaining members of his economic team, starting with secretary geithner and larry summers, the head of the national economic council. this is the substitute for a referendum on the president's job-killing agenda. that question will be put before the american people in
10:11 pm
due time. but we do not have the luxury of waiting months for the president to pick escaped that -- to pick a scapegoat. we tried 19 months of government as a community organizer and it has not work. our fresh start knees began now. today i like to talk to you about how we go about achieving the fresh start that i think we will be needing. in may, republicans lost the american speaking out campaign to give taxpayers, families, and small business owners a direct line to their elected representatives. online and a town hall meetings, americans are sharing their solutions for building a more responsible government and a better country. all you have to do is log on to the website, posted idea of a run, comment on someone else's, or even vote on someone else's. thousands of ideas are percolating at a website.
10:12 pm
this effort will culminate last month with the release of a clear and positive agenda focused on getting people back to work again, because jobs is the issue. where are the jobs, that is the question i hear almost everywhere i go. this will reject the washington knows best policy and offer a fresh start focused on unshackling small businesses, on leasing, to open your -- unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, and helping families across the great nation realize the american dream. this will not be some documents handed down by the washington powers that be, those that think they know what all, and the same old same old. and it certainly will not based on the idea that sitting in washington, if cutting backroom deals on a 2000-page bill, represent something like who. we're building this agenda from the ground up by listening to
10:13 pm
the american people. never before has the need for a fresh start in washington been more pressing. i discuss what we're up against in terms of addressing the immediate economic uncertainty, and be on the sound bites and headlines, there is an entrenched and uncertainty. a fresh start, all the kicking the can down the road, and all the interest they continue to process to keep doing so, i have said that if i were fortunate not to be speaker of the house, i would run the house differently. i do not mean differently from the way that democrats are running at today. i mean differently than but democrats or republicans in the past. that means challenging the old ways in washington, getting to the bottom of what drives people crazy and then trying to fix it once and for all.
10:14 pm
i look at spending. we do not need to stop spending so much, we need to stop spending so irrational it. the common logic is that government spending creates jobs, to build a hiking trail. yet even when spending is not a record setting level, each dollar the government takes is taken directly out of the private sector. this is a lose-lose proposition, plain and simple. on the front end, washington's investments in the economy are not nearly as officials because government spending decisions often put a premium of political expedience rather than sound economic policy. as we are learning now, the deficit spending always comes due. here is an example of how out of hand that things have become. we see this in washington all the time when politicians take victory laps for spending
10:15 pm
billions of dollars and continue to provide unemployment insurance. these benefits are held up as a jobs plan, a stimulus for the economy. keeping workers on the unemployment rolls instead of fostering small business and private sector growth is not a responsible jobs plan. the american people would agree and so would die that unemployment insurance is an important safety nets, but it is not a responsible jobs program. the american people know what is going on here. they know that when the bill comes due, it is their pockets that washington is going to look to for a bailout. that is the president's plan to raise taxes. we need to have an open, honest conversation about the scope of our fiscal challenges. that means sacrificing short- term commitments to long-term commitments. it is a lack of bad faith and -- it is bad faith to start by
10:16 pm
opposing job -- taxes on families and small businesses. failing to rein in these debts are our fault, both republicans and democrats. we should not punish small business owners for our inability to make the tough choices that we are elected to make. we should look at every government program and ask ourselves, is it right for our kids and grandkids to pay for this? mitch daniels recently said, "you would be amazed at how much government you never mess." he is probably right. [laughter] just as we reevaluate how the federal government spends money, which it also rethink about how the federal government collects money. washington's backwards accounting a sense that tax relief expires all the spending will always continue, setting up
10:17 pm
higher taxes and more spending. that is unless congress increases the taxes. congress regularly ends up rubber stamping and haphazard collection of tax policies from one year to the next. this is a prime meant for example of this. more provisions get added each and every year. the with any ever seen the fallout of the package. the research and development tax credit, exemptions for the film industry, an extension and modification of a tax credit for the steel industry fuel -- how about the mine rescue team training tax credit, or taxing critics that we can invest in
10:18 pm
the district of columbia? are they worth it? many of them are but we could go ahead and extend all of them temporarily, usually right at the last minute so that washington can continue to pander to the loud voices instead of implementing the best ideas. for washington that is business as usual. it is no way to run a business and certainly no way to run the government. we need to take a long hard look at the undergrowth of deductions, credits, and special carve out that our tax code has become. washington sometimes calls tax cuts are really specially disguised spending programs. it was our jack kemp who once said, "not all tax cuts are created equal." we need to bring simplicity to our task as a that we can make it a vehicle for sustainable, pro-growth policies, not
10:19 pm
transfer payments to the favored few. by trying to build a recovery on government stimulus spending and failing, washington kept the private sector up while the private sector has had a boom. since february 2009, the private sector has lost jobs all the federal government has grown by hundreds of thousands of workers. we're not tessin more government jobs but better paying ones as well, federal employees now making more on average than double what the private sector workers are paid. what is more appalling is that this gap has more than doubled since president obama's first year in office. during a time and may end of american workers, private-sector workers, either lost their jobs or took a pay cut just to keep the one that they already have. it's nonsense to think that the taxpayers are subsidizing the salaries and pensions for federal bureaucrats who are
10:20 pm
making it difficult to have private sector job. as we speak, the obama administration has lined up 191 rules and regulations that could each have an estimated annual cost to our economy of $100 million or more, and some of them even over $1 billion. that is 191 new layers of red tape waiting in the wings, on hundred 91 effect of taxes on employers and consumers that keep people out of work and hamper innovation and investment. small businesses cannot plan for the future with ever-changing roles. i wish i could tell you exactly what these new rules are, but there is no transparency. i've actually said a letter to the president asking for full disclosure so that would assure them with the american people. we received a response but no details on what these new regulations really are.
10:21 pm
no matter who is in charge, the federal government should not be able to issued job-threatening rules on a whim without public warning more proper scrutiny. entangled tax structures and bureaucracies run amok, a tired, broken, and bloated washington. now more than ever we need a fresh start to put power back into the hands of the american people. as one citizen on american speaking out said, "just get out of the way." republicans led by paul brian have already identified $1.30 trillion in specific spending cuts that could be implemented immediately. this common-sense steps like canceling the unspent stimulus funds and the park bailout to put the brakes on washington out of control -- the t.a.r.p. bailout to put the brakes on the out of control spending spree. we could limit federal spending
10:22 pm
on an annual basis. reducing current spending and impose a hard cap on future growth, and we can save taxpayers more than $340 billion and make sure that this is the last washington spending spree of its kind. to restore balance between the federal government and the public sector, republicans have called for freezing both government pay and government hiring. instead of a growing the government, let's focus on growing small-business is around our country. last month the part of our american speaking out prided, republican lawmakers met with some of america's employer communities to hear their concerns and talk about ways to in this economic uncertainty. one of the ideas mentioned was a freeze on new job-killing regulation. that is something washington could do to get the private sector breathing room. by now republicans are fighting
10:23 pm
for common-sense legislation offered by congressman from kentucky that requires congressional approval of any new rule that imposes a cost of more than $100 million on our nation's economy. i think this initiative would serve as a much-needed restraining order against unelected busybodies and bureaucrats who overstep their boundaries and make it harder to create jobs. president reagan once said that there ought to be a lot again saying that there ought to be a lot. i could not agree more. to break the current uncertainty and hoped the pendulum swings the other way. once businesses get up off the sidelines, we need to keep him in the game. one idea that ways and means but -- ranking republican proposed as part of our stimulus plan would allow small businesses with fewer than 500 employees to take a tax deduction equal to
10:24 pm
20% of their income. this would free up extra capital and allow for new investment in new hiring and was a better solution when we offered it last year, and it continues to be what we think is a better solution. we also heard a lot of talk in washington about the manufacturing sector. but no action. congress has yet to act on the pending trade agreements with colombia, panama, and south korea. these agreements would level the playing field for american workers, farmers, and businesses and pave the way for creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs right here at home. passing these free-trade agreements was a critical plank in our jobs plan, that house republican whip eric cantor in night presented to the president last december. the best case second made for the solutions is that they work, and some of them are working
10:25 pm
right now. after republicans lost the state's solutions project to bring republican governors and legislatures together the fight the government policies and promote better solutions to the everyday challenges that the american people deal with, let's look at what two republican governors who had been in office only a matter of months have been able to accomplish. in virginia, gov. bob macdonald injured office facing an unprecedented $4.2 billion deficit. his predecessor propose closing the shortfall by imposing the largest tax increase in the state's history. gov. donald ripped used to balance the state budget by making not harder for virginia families and business owners to balance their own budget. in new jersey, gov. chris christie injured office facing an $11 billion budget deficit. it was left behind by his predecessor. it was all kimmitt up by some
10:26 pm
new property tax for the homeowners in new jersey. both governors forge bipartisan cooperation, set priorities, cuts spending, close their shortfalls, and did so without raising taxes. unless washington provides leadership and put in place policies that promote job growth, our engine of economic growth will continue to face difficult choices year after year. for 20 years now, i have watched leaders in both parties but the big issues, the tough issues, and then i watch them look away. now we're just out of time. we've run out of roads to kick the bucket down. it is time to put grownups in charge. it is time for people to except responsibility and it is time to do what we say that we are going to do. these are the values that i
10:27 pm
learned growing up with my 11 brothers and sisters, the values that i passed on to my daughters, and i've also told my girls how i was raised, to never except the next best thing for myself or my country. this is the time. no more uncertainty, no more muddled messages. of america's strength is in her people, hard-working, industrious, always pioneering, always innovative. we will confront these hard choices together and we will tackle these challenges together. i want to thank you again for the opportunity of being here today and a lot of board to your questions. -- and i looked forward to your questions. [applause] >> today we're listening to a special space featuring john
10:28 pm
minority -- house minority leader john painter. we're going to return to our speaker momentarily but first we have a couple of matters to remind you of and please be formulating your questions for the time when we return. please make them breathe into the point. we remind you that members and guests alike are welcome to submit questions a day. as gary muscleman said the beginning, those who are not members please consider joining and help support the nearly 100 years of the city club of cleveland. this friday, on august 27, admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, will address the city club. away from this friday on september 3, the city club will welcome terry stewart who is president and ceo of the rock- and-roll hall of flame. and there are other programs coming up in the future that are
10:29 pm
listed in the programs at your table. today we're pleased to welcome guests at table hosted by baker hostetler, he bought, and we thank all those organizations for supporting us today. now we will return to our speaker for our traditional city club questions and answers period. guests are welcome to submit questions. holding the microphone today is kerry miller there in the back. i like to remind you that we're asking for brief questions. no speakers, please. first question. >> the president has formed a commission on the deficit will come out after the election. you have any hope that they will come out with meaningful reforms or is this just a trojan horse for raising taxes? >> i did not think any of us
10:30 pm
know what the outcome will be. i am hopeful after having talked with former senator alan simpson and erskine bowles, the two people sharing this commission. i am hopeful that it will take a look at the long-term challenges our country faces. there are 18 members of this commission, with 14 of them needed to make recommendations. .
10:31 pm
>> i think you'd have to ask the ministrations.
10:32 pm
>> figure poser said she'd propose these ground 0 marks. what are your comment on his statement? >> i do not understand what should be investigated. the american people are concerned about this. no one doubts the right of these people to build a mosque where they see fit. just because they have the right to do something does not mean that it is the right thing for them to do. the american people overwhelmingly believe have this is not the right thing to do. >> would you comment on the
10:33 pm
connection between our immigration policy and what it ought to be? >> the issue of immigration has been a very divisive issue for the last several years in america. a large number of illegal immigrants and undocumented workers are in our country. we have to remember this. the united states allow more than 1 million people annually to come here legally. 1 million people. more than all of the countries in the world put together. i think that when you look at how open our arms are, it is clear the we are a nation of immigrants. we are upset because we are unable and unwilling to secure our borders and secure our laws.
10:34 pm
i do nothing to the american people will allow congress or washington to move down the path in terms of any thing else looks a comprehensive reform until they have some confidence that we are willing and have the ability to secure our borders and enforce our laws. >> will come back to cleveland. -- welcome back to cleveland. nice try, by the way. >> thank you. tough economy. candidates with private sector business experience to know how to build jobs are people who come from the government to spend their entire careers in the government and never had a job in the private sector. [applause] >> i used to play softball for
10:35 pm
the -- in the last guy in the world who should be standing care as republican leader of the house, having 11 brothers and sisters. we did not have much current of an america, you can be anything you want to be. you can do anything that you want to do. america has been an opportunity machine for 200 years before the day 20 years. the bigger the government
10:36 pm
gets, the smaller the people get the bill i never wanted to do this. i thought the government it was choking the to selling the golden egg. i believe that what washington is driven to take an active role in the government. sometimes i wonder. accidents asking me all the time. i tell them to get a real job. many people have sound judgment on behalf of their institute. >> good morning. thank you forthcoming. he mentioned paul ryan.
10:37 pm
it will offer medicaid and social security. it only has 13 co-sponsors. and is important that he said his gop colleagues are too afraid to endorse a plan that they agree with. you indicated the roadmap will not be part of the agenda of this far and you had doubts about how good the policy is. can you tell us which part to the plan you have doubts about? >> he and his colleagues on the committee has done some really good work in putting this plan together.
10:38 pm
it is not a budget. it is a 75 year plan written by a handful of members of done work at trying to figure out how we address the problems facing our country. it is time that we have an adult conversation about the challenges we face. we face big challenges both in the short term and in the long term. our job, all of us, have a responsibility to lead our country in better shape the more we found it. you probably will have a hard time finding an american who believes that is the case. we are not going to solve that challenge by giddy into the scare tactics and political nonsense that goes on. i know it will not be easy.
10:39 pm
the sooner we have this conversation about the problems they face and the potential solutions, millikan zero done and what the real solution are. we will never bright in the future for our kids. >> the administration for a whole host of recent ones to wean united states off carbon based field. every analysis shows that nuclear power does the. the only reposited in -- it has stopped dead in its tracks. halladay can take back congress, what position with the party face. >> most republicans have supported them for the 20 years i have been there provo
10:40 pm
american people would be shocked to know how much nuclear waste is lane just miles from their home. we cannot but the mountain finish. it is not politically correct. we have invested tens of billions of dollars in a storage facility that is as safe as anything we are going to find. even if we are not willing to store it, why would we begin to process much of this waste? you can reduce the waste by about 90%. when the french can produce 82% of their electricity and nuclear power, there is no reason why the united states cannot the de it is just a matter of will. it has not been politically correct to support nuclear energy. we are hearing about bringing
10:41 pm
more resources in the interview field and reducing our and dependent on foreign sources of energy. we have to do all of the above. it means the we ought to have renewable. i am for wind. i am for solar and oil and gas explorations. i think we can do it in an environmentally sensitive way. we also need new coal technology. we need nuclear power. they understand that you cannot grow an economy without energy.
10:42 pm
good morning. we purchased many resources from other countries such as steel from china. why do not we use the resources that we have in america such as the seal the east of the manufactured in ohio? >> we still produce a lot did steal in ohio. -- we still produce a lot of steel in ohio. it is critically important. those countries have access to
10:43 pm
our market. we are the most open market in the world. it will easily give us better access to their market, creating jobs here in the united states. >> thank you for coming today. it helps the republicans -- hoehling kucinich helps take back the republicans -- [applause] i am curious if there has been a discussion of what we can do to push back the unelected fourth branch of government, the regulatory branch. what specific plans? it seems they've taken on new power every day. i wonder if you could share some insight on how we can do it. >> a lot of this is a congress fault. we have reduced members to be near voters. i remember growing up in the ohio house.
10:44 pm
you learn pretty quickly how to the legislature. members are not legislators anymore. they are voters. when you look at the laws of our past, you will see hundreds and hundreds of rulemaking is required by some agencies. you will see dozens of regulatory filings that have to happen. it led by zia as too much your health insurance will cost. they cannot the year. the rules have not been written yet. this is what congress needs to provide proper oversight of the executive branch agencies. i think the congress has given a
10:45 pm
far too much they need to provide effective oversight. congress wants to pass a law. fembot to make it clear what we are doing and write it into law and not leave it to the unelected busybodies to write a new role for us. you cannot comply with them into you know what they are. many have to find a way to provide record-keeping and what ever remedial action might have to take. every regulation costs someone something. when we look at why we are losing manufacturing jobs in america, it is because high corporate tax rates have the second highest in the world. where more regulations on american businesses and in other country in the world but a >>
10:46 pm
welcome back. in the financial package that was just passed, there appeared to the control over fannie mae and freddie mac. the government has spent billions trying to bail out we get a handle on that. they are going to publish every financial institution in america to pay for the sins of a handful on wall street. the three biggest problems the lead to the downfall, fannie mae, a freddie mac, and subprime lending. in and of the three are addressed in this bill.
10:47 pm
>> would you comment briefly on global warming. do you think it is a concern? if cap and trade is not the right approach, do you have a strategy would recommend? >> over the last 100 years, there has been a change in our climate. how much man is responsible for this is of for debate abortiv --
10:48 pm
response for this is up for debate. he began to scratch your hand and -- you begin to scratch your head in wonder what this is. before we jump of the deep end of imposing a national energy tax, we ought to have a evidence about what the facts are. we would have more energy. we would have cheaper energy. we would have cleaner air. this is a common-sense step toward addressing the issues of climate change in co2 in a way that would benefit all americans. [applause]
10:49 pm
thank you. this form is now adjourned. -- forum is now adjourned. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> starting in a little less than 15 minutes, and a campaign 2010 coverage continues with results from the arizona republican senator contest between senator john mccain and a j.d. hayworth.
10:50 pm
while we wait, three other states have primary elections today. earlier, florida's democratic congressman meeks and his -- won his.
10:51 pm
>> thank you so much. hello, florida. [crowd chanting] first of all, the one to thank god for this victory. i am truly humbled by the people of good will. i want to thank all of florida for believing that only in my candidacy of putting me on the
10:52 pm
ballot by signature, and the first time in the history of this state that that has happened to the i want to thank everyone that works every day. i want to thank the school bus drivers that i greeted this morning of 4:30 a.m. and know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. i want to thank them first. i want to thank our seniors that went out and voted. they voted for the first time.
10:53 pm
i want to thank president obama -- [applause] for his victory. i want to think president clinton for coming down here. bill nelson will be our next governor. there are those that pounded us out. discounted us in. i want to thank my family.
10:54 pm
bacto ladies and gentlemen, our friends that our report -- that are a part of organized labor that work hard, i want to thank them. how i want to be sure tonight. we have so much work to there is so many floridians that are counting on a real leader to be the next united states senator. today they spoke. i always said i was the david in this race. we just kept the faith they can
10:55 pm
marching on and knocking on doors and kept putting up yard signs and bumper stickers, and we kept listening, that we would be victorious on this night. i want to thank every viridian that cast a ballot in this primary election to make me they democratic nominee and provincially the next senator of florida. i am the real democrat in this race. i also made the case that i have the will and desire and energy to play double shift to give florida back to work to make sure the people have health care, to make sure we protect our environment. and i am sorry to have you
10:56 pm
waiting down here for a while. i had to talk. allen to thank him for a great campaign. he called in which does well. i had an opportunity to speak with jeff greene. jeff greene gave his blessing. he looks forward to campaigning with us. [applause] i want to thank him for that phone call. one thing that we have to keep the mine is that this election is not about those that are running for office. it is about the people of this date. we have to continue to keep that focus on people that are in rural and urban florida record southeast florida will be represented down to the southernmost point in key west. i am here. i am prepared to work for everybody in the state of florida.
10:57 pm
i know what it means to punch in and punch out every day. i think if we have learned anything in is that the people of this date had the opportunity to see the money and is the politics. let me tell you something. when you are dealing with the medinas of life -- muddiness of life, i will not leave behind. i will not start changing on you when you need me. because the people of state of florida felt with me tonight, there is 26 million plus dollars being spent. how we made history. the rest of florida will not be for sale.
10:58 pm
let's talk about the business. [chanting indiscriminately] i want to mention a few things. i'll let you to leave here. i want you to know where we stand here for. this election is going to be about where the candidates stand. i am running against two conservative candidates for the united states senate that have similar records th. by electing me to be your next united states senator, i will be the only candidate that was
10:59 pm
against of surer oil-drilling before and after the trip. i will make sure we protect florida's environment f i will be the only democratic candidates that is always consistently against the privatization of social security and voted against it in the u.s. congress. i will be the only candidate that stood in their court justice sotomayor when she was up for her nomination. i say to is the right selection into a make an outstanding supreme court justice the i'm the only candidates and will be the only candidates that will stand up for women's rights to choose. i will be the only candidates that will continue to work for


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