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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  August 30, 2010 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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and for about 30 years most people have very little discretionary time and discretionary money and they don't participate in the arts as much and then they tend to come back into the arts when they're 45, 50, 55 year old. their children maybe growing their careers, may have done well and they start to find their way into the arts audience members or board members or volunteers as donors. we now have a generation coming up who didn't really have the arts very much as children and didn't have the arts in the public schools certainly. these are now the 20 years olds. i'm very concerned about that group of people because it's not clear to me that when they get to be 40, 45, 50 that they're going to come to the arts. and i do worry about where our board members and our donors and our audiences are going to come from 20 years from now. so i've been working a lot to try and create some programming just try and bring that generation into the arts, maybe at time when it's not "normal" past their school years, but to try and excite them about the art so that they do become our leaders in the future. that is a great concern to me. >> michael kaiser, president
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> for a dvd copy of this program, call 1-877-662-7726. for free transcripts or to give us your comments about this program, visit us at q-and- "q&a" programs are also available as c-span podcasts. >> tuesday night did 8:00 p.m. president barack obama would have an oval office speech discussing the troop withdrawal from iraq and a shift of focus to the war in afghanistan. our live coverage begins tuesday
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night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c- span. >> ssa i signed at best -- a disaster declaration for the state of louisiana. this morning i signed at disaster declaration for the state of mississippi. >> the fifth anniversary of hurricane a katrina -- look back on how the federal government responded to the crisis online at the seas and video library, all three, every program since 1987. it is washington your way. >> trackfrench president and nis sarkozy addressed french diplomats. he stressed that french troops will stay in afghanistan for as long as necessary. he also talked about sanctions against iran and called for a review of the international monetary system. france is scheduled to hold the presidency of both the g-eight
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and g-20 in 2011. this comes to us courtesy of france 24 television. it is 45 minutes. >> this is compasses are wrong and the middle east. it is the case in europe were that treaty of lisbon and the decisions taken to deal with the financial crisis have prospects still to be developed if we're to make the european union a level player. the global economy has not yet produced a path of solid of sustainable growth, while the g-20 must prove that it has the determination to pursue the necessary reforms. at the big table where the decisions are made, new actors
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have joined to recognize powers with good reason. they're calling for their right to be recognized. but they also have to except that with these rights come duties and responsibilities. and they have to recognize that there are amazing success means that they must go beyond the reach it affects -- rigid requirements of their national problems. at this moment in history, when fate hangs in the balance, when the determination and unity. in order to pitch the scale in the right direction. if they recognize powers in the emerging countries do not manage
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to come to an agreement on the goals to be achieved and the means to achieve them, if we are not able act jointly to combat the terrorism and economic imbalances and climate change, then we will have failed in our duty. at this moment in history, france must assert its vision, its determination, but it must is -- just as easily try for each of the major challenges for progress and ambition and the unified everybody behind the g- 20. ladies and gentleman, ambassadors, the fight against terrorism remains a major priority. since 2001, al qaeda possibility to launch an attack on western
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countries has been said that the gala reduce. on the other hand, al qaeda and those who claim to represent it have raised their violence in certain states like pakistan. each country is concerned with a specific situation -- there's not operational coordination between the groups from one end to the other, but if the situation deteriorates, then we could see the emergence of a continuous chain linking the terrorist bases in southern afghanistan with those of yemen, somalia, and other places. this is a major concern, and the crisis of terrorism. regarding afghanistan, it is very fashionable on the part of commentators for their analysis.
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we're told that the taliban will be coming back to power and we need to abandon the afghan people. it is true the taliban remain strong in the south and east. on the other hand, there's no major violence in the west of afghanistan. the coalition and the afghan government have been able to adapt their strategy and are continuing to do so. i believe that we will succeed if we continue our resolute action, and all the parties must fully assume their responsibilities which were clearly established at the london and kabul conferences. we have to defend our interests where the taliban poses a threat so that they confide by themselves and provide civilian aid to the population. and that is what france is doing in its areas of responsibilities. the human toll is heavy and this weekend grew even heavier,
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unfortunately, but i'd like each of you to imagine what it would be if we were not there, what this human toll would be there if we were not there. let us not forget what the taliban did in the past. but thousands of afghans that they continue to kill. it is vital that the afghan government improve its governance of the country. fight corruption, like drug trafficking, and to offer reconciliation to those who renounce violence, but cut off all ties with al qaeda and respect afghan institutions. lastly, the afghan government must take serious action to prepare itself to take over the security of the provinces and districts to be stable enough to be transferred to and control. and our action is in support of peace and should not be support -- subject to artificial timetables or the whims of the
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media. we know what the results of the killings of the media in the 20th-century -- the premise of the media and the 20th-century, those of you familiar with history will be aware of this. this is a transition, and a gradual transition, and orderly transition with the allies -- from the allies to the afghan authorities, and we will be there as long as necessary and as long as the afghan people so wish. the victory will be possible without the support of pakistan. this country is courageously dealing with the impact of the unprecedented flood it is facing, and enormous economic and social challenges, it must
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defeat terrorism at home, and france will stand alongside pakistan in its fight against all forms of terrorism. i told the president of pakistan that the less ambiguity there is, the more the international community will be convinced that it makes sense to help the government. with regard to yemen, the stability of the entire arabian peninsula in that state, a year ago pilots was threatening to spill over into saudi arabia, several countries assumed their responsibilities. a fragile truce was there, but the problem remains. it can be solved only through dialogue and vigilance in yemen. on the other side of the gulf, in somalia, the stakes are clear.
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they now have the capacity to extend their combat far beyond their borders. their victory in mogadishu would transform somalia into a base for al qaeda. it would destabilize an entire region already made vulnerable by the conflict in this a done -- sudan, which would be catastrophic. france contributed to regional stability through its military presence in djibouti in response to requests from the african union and its european partners. after training 500 soldiers in djibouti, 200 somali troops are being trained in uganda, where we have retrained 5600 men. everyone must understand that somalia, yemen, pakistan, afghanistan, our major challenges for the security of each french citizen.
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it is not a remote concern which has nothing to do with us. there will not be any easy solution. the european union must continue its effort and we will continue to be present in this part of the world. lastly, the barbarity of one branch of al qaeda was demonstrated again when it refused all offers of negotiation and murdered a man. these terrorists are trying to expand their influence in the vast desert regions. this territory is as large as your. how can they do this alone? for the first time in july, the terrorists were dealt a severe blow it thanks to an attack led by mauritanian forces. let me tell you, that day marked a major turning point.
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the only strategy cannot be to pay ransoms and to free prisoners in exchange for hostages. this cannot be sustainable. france plans a full support in order to train and by the mobile forces that they need to destroy those that threaten to destabilize the entire region. france also stands alongside of syria, morocco, and libya. their fight against terrorism is also our fight. is there a security that cannot be separated from ours. the rock of gibraltar is only 12 kilometer away. there's an extended use of executions, including the most appalling tide of executions
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dating from the middle ages, stunning, with which one woman is now being threatened. france considers that we're responsible for her safety. a run fuel violence and extremism in the region and it is considered a threat to international security in a key area for proliferation. i wanted to understand -- i want you to understand that france supports production during -- under international standards. that is what i said in the campaign and a cause controversy but i remain there. civilian nuclear energy is the energy of the future. no nation can have the exclusive right to hold the technologies or the benefits of nuclear energy. peron has every right to
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civilian nuclear energy. and that is why france solutes -- salutes the bushar nuclear power plant which will be colleague: project field by russia. -- which will be fully fuelled by russia. we needed to impose sanctions on iraq that it did not change its policy. we are at that point now. the security council, the united states, the european union, if and others have taken strong, unprecedented measures and it is high time that everyone knows the great consequences of a policy that would allow iran to continue its nuclear arms race. it would lead to widespread proliferation in the region, and military intervention would be
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a major international political crisis. we will therefore resolutely implement the sanctions and i urge all countries to do the same. summit said the sanctions do not work for the reason that may lead to war. that is wrong. they'd fail when they are too weak. sages do not work when they do not have a clear objective. alice is simple -- our objective is to megaron understand that is choices, and the increasingly high costs. -- is to make iran understand that there is a choice, and the increasingly high costs. is are wrong ready for that? we will say. when the six meet the iranian negotiations, i want a good agreement to be reached in the coming months. if the ron complies with a lot
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-- if iran complies with a lot, they should be consulted on on agreement. if a credible agreement cannot be achieved, iran's isolation will increase immeasurably. we would have to take steps to protect and defend states that felt threatened. some people claim that this is just one cause, and the lack of the solution to the israeli/palestinian conflict. that is clearly wrong. those who kill in kandahar -- who does not believe that a police solution between the israelis and the palestinians would completely change the equation in the middle east? the outcome is uncertain. it is a matter of commitment and determination. of peace agreement can be signed
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within a year. the revival of the direct negotiations on september 2 is creating enormous expectations and a--- they must not be passed -- dashed. that is the best guarantee of israel's security and its complete integration in the region in keeping with the arab peace initiative. it is also the only part in the interest your reduce extremism and restore faith in the future. the entire international community must support this process. france proposes that all the second conference in support of the palestinian people to develop the economy and the structures of the future state, and with the egyptian cochair, france would like us second union for the medtronic -- met
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attorney and bond -- mediterranean fund. it would demonstrate a capacity of all participating countries to build a better future for the people of the mediterranean. everyone knows on what condition peace can be signed in that area. if peace between syria and israel is equally possible. france is renewed regular dialogue with damascus and it is involved alongside turkey in seeking an agreement with our ambassador and there's, and he has my full confidence. at the time when hope is returning to the region, it would be intolerable for a 11 to -- 11 on to lapse into violence once more. anon collapse in the
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violence was more. we are that friends of all the lebanese people. the international community's action is to ensure the stability of the the first -- the diverse lebanon. ladies and gentleman, ambassadors, we waver between the best and the work. last winter it the worst possible outcome, that greece crisis, has become a crisis of the europe, if his credibility would be called in the question. i allow me to remind you now to the storm has passed of a few simple truths. firstly, the public finances of eurozone or less damaged.
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commentators making extraordinary comments a few weeks ago. i was in canada and everyone was proclaiming about europe's lagging the rest of the world and praising the growth of asia and the united states. the same people are saying exactly the opposite. contrary to what is often said, the europeans were able to react effectively. when we had to say breez -- save greece, a financial guarantee plan was mobilized. it would been better to take swifter action, but in your, the decision making process involves 27 sovereign nations. history will remember that as always, the european -- europe overcame its problems by choosing solidarity and unity.
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what history will remember is that these problems represented an opportunity for the eu to make you progress set -- to make new progress. what history will remember is that once again, a franco-german understanding allow this progress to take place at the crucial place. but i take away from this ordeal is that we mistreat and the effectiveness of european institutions. the next page, the next step will be economic government. whatever necessary, meetings between the 16 members of the eurozone, but only a few months ago, the words european economic government were taboo. we could not use those words, except france. today, europe recognizes that true european economic
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government is necessary and even essential. now must be establishing concrete terms. france and germany have made ambitious proposals that were submitted at the council of ministers meeting, and in october, that would take the necessary decisions on the basis of proposals, but you're can not limit itself to economic issues, however important there may be. there are issues such as security and defense. we will not defend europe with procedures and battalions of paper. to defend our vital interests, the of nuclear deterrence, and in the face of new challenges, the europeans are lagging behind. they should also participate in ensuring the security of the sea, an essential to our trade, and now the security of
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cyberspace. i heard our british allies statement on bilateral cooperation with france, and we're prepared to discuss this with them without any taboos, and we will take important decisions at the next nato summit at the end of november and at the next franco-british summit. in november, how will be at the nato summit in lisbon where we had dropped -- adopt a new strategic some -- concept. we must adapt our structures to the new international such a question, and the new threats which called for a closer relationship between nato and the european union. with russia, we have common interests if moscow with -- wishes. we did have an unprecedented partnership to guarantee the security of the entire space. the cold war is over. we will make specific proposals next month pertaining to the
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relations between russia, the eu, and nato. and with the summit in early december. ladies and gentleman, ambassadors, 500 million citizens and an economic clout, more than 35% of direct investments, analysts 60% of all public development aid, the e.u. holds the necessary cards to assert itself as a global economic power. but it must have the will to play these cards cannily as part as a strategy aimed at concrete results and reciprocal benefits. europe represent the world's largest market, and europe is the largest importer in the world. we must not have any conflicts in this regard. we must cooperate with the rules
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of fair trade. we must open up markets which have been too close to us. i denounce europe's naivete and its relationships with its major partners. we must fight to impose compliance with rules of fair trade. it is not protectionism. we must stop social dumping. we do not want to asked our farmers to apply laws which only apply to europe and exonerate producers outside europe. and we continue to import products that cannot comply with environmental standards, which as it goes against the rule of fair trade. we are asking your to undertake trade negotiations with less naivety. the european union must also stay at the head of
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competitiveness. france will be all the more powerful if it sets an example for what it does on its own behalf. our ambitions with the prime minister and the minister of the economy to reduce competitiveness gaps with a high performing countries and to improve our growth potential, and that is why we have to free up taxes on over time hours. we decided not to replace one of every two civil servants taking their retirement. we decided to eliminate the professional business tax, which existed only in our company -- country. politicians on all sides denounced the lack of investment by our current -- companies. a business tax was levied against investment, and that is why we adept at the tax
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provision that supports corporate research, and it is the most attractive of all the countries. and we've granted our universe is -- universities complete autonomy, and we're reforming our retirement regime. europe requires this, and france will continue to reduce its public deficit, which will be 6% in 2011, and 3% of gdp in 2013. the issue of competitiveness is key, and i am perfectly aware of the fact that the tax system must be used to prevent relocation of industries abroad. and i have asked counselors to look at harmonization of tax regimes between france and germany. on the 12th of november, france will assumed that she does 20
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presidency for one year, and the presidency of the e--- -- g-8. t-20 represents 80% of the planets well, and it was set up at france's behest. until now, the g-20 has always met at a time of crisis. it was very interesting. we had to take risks am asked. the g-20 has accomplished all lot of work, which i will not dwell on, particularly as it will draw all of the conclusions in november based on what we have decided. now we have to address a new situation where we have relative comb. and i perfectly understand that


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