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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  October 6, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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us played with our delegation to fight against the nationalization of proxy and corporate compensation law, and that was not accomplished. those two important areas have been moved into the federal court, and out of delaware, and that is going to cost delaware tens of thousands of jobs and there few reasons for corporations to be headquartered in delaware. they have been here because we originated the uniform commercial code, and we provided a unique report that understands what they are producing. now that they have been nationalized and dodd-frank will send it in a federal court. >> some people would say that the collapse has been bad.
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that money was wasted on the bailout. you'd think that it was necessary? >> the problem that i had with the program was very little transparency and very little accountability. what upset delawareans that i talk to is that billions of taxpayer money went to bailouts these major banks and wall street institutions without any accountability, with low interest rates. they paid billions of dollars in these bank executives walked away with the bonuses. that what is what upsets people. there was not a lot of accountability, certainly not enough to prevent just that. that is why people are upset. they lost their jobs and took pay cuts, and they're
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experiencing a pay cut and they are walking away with million- dollar bonuses. >> they call it moral hazard. if you reward people for bad behavior, they keep doing it. if there are no hazards, there are no morals. we've rewarded financial institutions like aig for doing stupid things. they are going to keep doing stupid things as long as you reward them. this bailout was a lot of populist talk but it did not filter down to people. it did not really fix the problems. if we need to separate investment banking, take all the risks that you want, from depository banking where we the taxpayers for the federal deposit insurance corp. backs of our financial system. i lived in the world of finance for 30 years and i understand the differences.
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those are safety regulations at that i support, but some of the biggest banks supported dodd- frank because it is a way for them to get a competitive the advantage against the middle sized banks that we have here in delaware and others. that is where that growth in the jobs are. -- and the jobs are. criticizing the bailout and all the practices of not supporting the bill that fixes the problems. that is the difference between glendening. -- glenn and me. he rails on about the effects of deregulation. >> the cure is worse than the disease. if i had a cough, you might give heroin to get rid of a nagging cough but then you make me a headache.
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we've got corporations addictive. we have shown -- -- we should have let gm go bankrupt. it would've been reorganized and it would be creating far more jobs today. what we did was violate the constitution and the bankruptcy laws of the united states by putting the bond holders at the bottom of the pile. that is why we're not getting the investments. >> it would emerge from that bankruptcy process, and in the process we saved tens of thousands of jobs across the country. it is where we need them the most. >> the jobs would not have gone away. we would have a more vibrant company and invested in by private investors.
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we have almost $2 trillion of investment capital sitting on the sideline, that are afraid to invest. >> i think we have exhausted this topic for now. the next issue is on health care. it continually remains divisive. those in favor of collett progress. we do not need to establish a that. better management of health care and a means for people to control the cost to something that people want to see resolved. therefore, what you want to see happen in the short term for justice problem? >> i do not want to see government health care. it's basically at tax bill. they have admitted saying that
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it is the tax bill. that is what they argued in federal court. it creates 17,000 new irs agents at a cost of $10 billion. irs agents, healthcare? i think of heart attacks when i think of irs agents. >> compensation is the solution, it works. we have the best system in the world and we need to extend that through state high risk pools, funded by tax credits, funded by health savings accounts -- the way that singapore does it. singapore has the highest rated health care system in the world as rated by users of the system in a word. i do not frequently " the "new york times," the problem with their health care system big government, big labor, big health insurance premiums, and big businesses. we need health care policies and
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by individuals with collective polls. we need interstate health care compotation. if we had 6000 companies around the united states competing, we would bring costs down. but you cannot increase the demand and reduce the supply of health care providers and do anything except create long lines, reduced service. the solution is competition. that is how we got cellphones in the internet. we had one provider, ma bell, and now we have cellphones, twitter, and so forth. >> you know where we stand in i believe it is a work in progress. there certain things that i would change. but doing nothing is clearly not the answer. health insurance premiums have
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doubled in the last 10 years. the employee contributions have gone up more than that. that means money out of the middle class families pockets. that means less money for foods and for college and for retirement. we have got to work in particular on getting our arms around cost. that is what i would do as a member of congress. i will continue to work on addressing cost, patient- centered medical help. and i'm sure we have enough time to talk about that. electronic medical records are another opportunity to improve safety. >> let me jump on this because i know you agree on the electronic record issue. >> can i jump in here just to say that if one of the outcomes of government tax care is that mcdonald's is going to cut out
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their health insurance. many other major employers are g out their health insurance because they have now read the bill that nancy pelosi final let them read. there's too much mandating by special interest. a lot of people do not want to pay for that coverage. i do not want to personally pay for sex change operations in my health insurance. but those things are being mandated. that is raising the price and not containing costs. >> that is not accurate. there's something that i have discomfort with,. general requirements about what the basic benefit plan ought to look like. that concerns me. i understand the rationale behind it, the major that individuals and families have a plan that is meaningful. but it also drives up the cost. there's no specificity even still.
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that is what the next member of congress is important because they go to work with the agencies that have to establish those regulations and tell them what they are. we need to make sure that when we put a mandate -- i'm very uncomfortable with that. people who have health insurance, make sure that they have affordable plans out there. >> there are analysts that belief is the uninsured and the crisis of the uninsured, because when they use health care, it is in a crisis situation for them, it drives up costs. >> that is exactly right. they go to the health board and they have an acute situation, they end up in the emergency room, the hospital treats them, they are not able to recover compensation for that care, and
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that gets shifted off on everyone else who has health insurance. >> by not mandating care, would that take care of the problem? >> what i am saying is that we need to make sure that there is of affordable plans for people who right now and do not have health insurance so that they can afford it. people who do not have insurance? they are basically poor and they decide that they cannot find -- they cannot find affordable coverage for their family. >> the differences that this should be done on a state level. we have 50 states. we can have 50 state laboratories to see what works. it has a series of national mandates. we can do this with health savings accounts, but tax credits, and we can do it with grants to people who are truly in poverty.
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we can do that for the state of delaware. delaware knows what is best for delaware. >> i was without insurance right out of college. one of the things about this bill -- college students who may be listening, and now they can stay on their parents and be covered until age 26. that is a transitional time for all of us when you often do not have coverage. >> average costs have gone up 5%. this is not containing costs. for many years, but when i started my business, sitting at the kitchen table with my wife, i worked at that three pages of mclean -- pigs of mclean. >> his getting the american --
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is getting the tax burden under control. we need to get our economy moving in the short term. we have the worst recession in my lifetime. 35,000 delawareans out of work. 10 million more americans out of work. in the short term, we have to get our economy moving again. i do not believe that we can afford to have anybody's taxes go up. if by the end of the year, if nothing is done between now and then this bush tax cut will expire, which means taxes will go up. i do not think it makes sense for anybody's taxes to go up
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while we need to continue to stimulate the economy. the second part of that is that increasing deficits and the national debt. we have to keep our eye on that for the long term. i would only extend these tax cuts for maybe three years while democrats and republicans sat down and work on a comprehensive plan to get our deficits and national debt under control in the long term. we have got to address both of those. guess what? you need different actions to address each. that is why i thought the peace in the paper by the economics professor from the university of delaware made sense because it made a disclaimer in dealing for the need for stimulus and job creation in the short term, and the getting the arms around the deficit in the long term. and you have to keep tax policy in that mix. it makes no sense to do that in isolation, to talk about tax policy without considering what you're going to do on the
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spending side. no ordinary family and delaware would do that, a figure out what you would spend money on without figuring out how much revenue and salary you're making. to deny what they think you for being progressive. -- >> i want to thank you for being progressive. what we need is permanent tax cuts. tax cuts like the rest of the world. no capital gains taxes at all in the former soviet union, in russia of all places. businesses will thrive when you have stable, permanent tax cuts. we will add millions and millions of jobs. cutting deficits -- canada cut their rate to 15%. their unemployment rate fell to 7.9% in at the same time, the national debt fell below $950
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billion. you can do both. kennedy proved it, reagan proved it, we can do it. if you increase taxes like ms. pelosi was to increase, my response was that we need to leave the united states of america. >> i think two to three years, and that is to force the other side to come to the table, to get democrats and republicans. i don't have a lot of company -- comfort with the confrontational bannered that glenn will be able to bring people together to address issues that we're both concerned about, which is the mounting debt. it is for the take democrats and republicans together, because if you do not, the other side is uses something that one side wants to cut as a political weapon. what are you going to do?
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>> i am glad u.s.. " we need is to cut spending. there is a lot of waste, fraud, abuse. i was the part-time head of the federal agency of the national capital planning commission. i saved a lot of money and i can tell you long stories about that. the base realignment and closure iraq helped us with military costs. there were basis that the military did not want. they did not get rid of them because congressman would not let them leave their district. we need a commission, a bipartisan commission that cost costs through expert testimony, and here's the key -- has a straight up or down vote, no politicking. the current cost cutting commission is just advisory to the president and has no power to put into one of the congres''
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upper down. >> if called for across-the- board cuts, i have called for the bipartisan commission. that could work as well. we've got to have something where you put democrats and republicans working together to get our arms around this problem. they approve and up to this point that they cannot do it. -- they have proven up to this point that they cannot do it. my job is to make sure that we have the revenue, to support the expenditure side of the budget. we were fortunate in the 1990's. the result of tax cuts was stronger business growth, more money for families. it was a very positive thing. the problem was -- >> spending went up 80% of what you were there. was
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secretary of finance, we cut personal taxes and business taxes 20 &. >> and when you left the other administration, delaware had an $800 million deficit. >> you can mentioning this number. it never made any sense to me. every year by the constitution, the government is supposed to have a balanced budget. what he is referring to is after the near financial collapse of 2008 caused by deregulation on the financial markets, the economy went into the tank and there were not revenues. >> business managers plan ahead. they know that there are rainy days. that they your debt look ahead and anticipate problems is what is at issue here. >> he obviously does not understand. >> i understand all of the
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accounting and cooking the books and taking the money from here. >> first of all -- >> yu said cooking the books. we need to allow mr. carney a chance. >> he talks about the governor all the time and rightly so when it comes to the fiscal discipline of our state. he created the rainy day fund. we do have those. >> i need to move on. this is a question coming to you first. social security was a long time republican priority. it was the focus of president bush. this is 2010. where you stand on a? >> it is not the time to do that at all. we have to look at the big picture.
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government is too big. the deficit is too big. we've got to grow the size of the economy. we have paul hold spending at 2008 levels, not 2010 levels, and increasing it only for inflation and increasing population. broke the size of the economy. -- grow the size of the economy and get things back in balance. debt destroys not just jobs, but social security and our national security. -- and the mollen and hillary clinton have both said that the greatest threat to america's national security is dead. we soon will not be of little for our military. our interest on national debt is exceeding what we spend on national defense. if interest rates go all little bit as they always do, we will not be a battle for our national defense. this is not the time to tinker with social security.
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i think there should be options for younger people but we can address that down the road. the fundamental issue is to get our economy growing so that that debt does not destroy our ability to pay social security. >> i do not agree with those in the party to propose private accounts. you need to look back of the last 10 years to see what would happen if people were relying on individual retirement accounts or private accounts. we need to do things to shore up social security in the long term. this is a program that has provided security for millions of people in our country for a long time. we need to make sure that it is their, particularly for those who have worked hard and paid into the system. we do need to encourage retirement savings and i support tax credits to do that, iras and that kind of thing. you could augment the social security program but we need to protect social security as it is
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and not privatize it. piquancy today if they had gone the way. >> saving and investment is what made us great, not indebtedness. we're becoming debts slaves and i did not want that for my grandchildren are anybody here, young or old. judy is the alarm bells sounding? >> it is not the first time but it is huge. >> baby boomers are preparing to leave the work force. it sounds like this is a very large problem that is on the back burner. >> their big alarm bells ringing elsewhere -- everywhere. that is why am a strong supporter of health care reform, in particular, getting our arms around costs. medicare, the unfunded liability in medicare is seven times the unfunded liability of social security. in some ways, it is a bigger
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problem. we've got medicare, we've got social security, we of that growing deficits and debt. we have got -- that is an alarm bell ringing loudly. >> absolutely we have to control the debt. we want to say that people, we're going to cut you off from services and cut it that way? no, we are americans. we're going to grow our way out of this problem. we're going to cut taxes, if create incentives, and expand the size of our economy, create jobs and create tax revenue. the seven years i was with ronald reagan, the economy grew 40%, and more importantly, while it cut tax rates, tax revenues increased 88%. we added 17 million net new jobs. we can do that again with biotechnology and nanotechnology. we would see tax revenues increase. we would solve the deficit problem.
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i started a home health-care agency and i know all little bit about health containment. at the boots on the ground level, government there is the problem, not the solution. >> let me get back to social security and get a flat answer. should the retirement age be raised. >> no, because will have to be done to strengthen the social security. we will have to sit down and broken down. you do not have a position on that. >> we have to come back with a comprehensive plan. you cannot do it in little silos. you have to look at the whole picture. >> france's rage there social security retirement age. it is one of the things that we need to look at. that needs to be a bipartisan commission, straight up or down vote. we've had too many advisory commissions just about politicking. >> neither one of you're saying you're against it. you are for looking at it. >> we need to put it out on the
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table to show the american people. the social security system when it started, retirement age was 65, basically what it is today. the average age of survival was 63. it was called old age survival insurance. if you won the lottery and you live to age 75 or 80, you have some coverage. people save for their own retirement. we need become a saving and investment country again. we do that by growing the economy. >> there are no easy answers for what needs to bed down with social security, medicare, and the deficits. that is why we need the approach that i have been advocating, working together, coming up with a comprehensive plan, looking at both sides of the ledger, only extending tax cuts until we have that plan in place. all those will be very different. >> i don't understand -- you do not understand, having not been a businessman, people will not
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take the risks. if you're going to pull the rug out from under them again, they will not create jobs. >> you addressed indirectly so let me let mr. carney respond. 15 seconds. judy you do not need to be a businessman to make these kind of decisions. >> our next issue is national security. american sporting planes today, tonight, tomorrow, in europe, they're quite uneasy at the terror alert that was issued. there's some statements made by the times square, getting his life sentence _ is the ability of our society. evaluate the state of our national security. >> united states of america has the strongest military in the world. we're the greatest force for freedom and democracy around the world. as a member of congress, i will work hard to keep that. but we cannot just be strong.
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we have to be smart as well. that means diplomatic policies that do not undercut other efforts of around the world. that means better counter- terrorism efforts to fight terrorism in remote and dangerous parts of the world like afghanistan and the badlands in pakistan. that means providing the necessary equipment for our brave men and women who are fighting battles in far off lands in wars that we have not experienced before. it also means taking efforts to shore up a homeland. there was a report that just came recently concluded that the most serious terrorist threat that we have is domestic threats like the times square bomber. i know a little bit about working with local law enforcement agencies. i served as the chair of the delaware criminal justice
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council and we were together with federal agencies and the fbi and the local police. those are the kinds of things that we need to do in addition to keeping our military strong, having smart, and diplomatic policies around the world, and finding ways to fight terrorism in the remote and dangerous parts of the world. >> your bottle? >> national security is essential. we do have the strongest military. if the problem is the debt threat. according to hillary clinton and at mullen, debt is destroying our ability to maintain our national security. let's get specific. i work with the central intelligence agency with bill casey, i have flown off and on carriers, and i have seen how wonderful they are. we have to provide the assets. the chinese are threatening us with the development of a carrier missile. we are failing to build a space- based based interceptor portion
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of our interceptor system. that is vital. that can reduce the number of troops that we have to keep overseas. this administration has deferred a missile defense system. they are only building it on the west coast. we have made vulnerability and some say less than five years to rein in intercom a total ballistic missiles. if we have a shield that can shoot down missiles when they are low and slow -- >> let's open it up for discussion. >> i think that was the wrong discussion. that which we need a strong and smart approach. instead of working on an anti- intercontinental ballistic missile system, we need to work on counter-terrorism efforts, fighting terrorism in remote parts of the world. when i hear from people in the way i feel about it, i feel very uncomfortable with our position in afghanistan. i have always believed that afghanistan was the war of necessity.
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that is where the terrorists trained and that is where they still operate today. i always felt like that we took our eye off the ball going into iraq. you we will get to the war in iraq. >> the point is staying focused on fighting terrorism and republic -- remote areas like that, as opposed to building a missile shield around the country. i think it is a question of focus and priorities. judy there are terrorists in this country. do you support efforts by national security officials to be granted broader powers to wiretap internet communications, e-mails, facebook postings, instant messaging, if it is someone that they feel is a suspected terrorist's? weakening privacy rules? >> i think the question really is, how much information they have that the suspect is
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involved in those activities. at the same time, respect and protect our rights and freedoms as americans. that is a very difficult thing to do, a very difficult line to draw, but we have to do it. we live in a very dangerous world with terrorists who want to kill us and want to explode themselves and take down thousands of people in major metropolitan areas in our country. >> let's put this in a way that everyone understands. we need to secure our border. if we of terrorist walking across our border right now. the first responsibility denied states government -- in-line >> walking across our borders where was george it wherever they come from. they come in from mexico from any part of the world. we need to secure our border and perhaps we will talk about that later. in addition, the central responsibility of the united states government is to provide for the common defense. we need to defend our country
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against north korea, or ron, nations that meanness harm. big i ran, nations that mean us harm. -- iran, nations that meanness on. it is near sighted not a bill that shield. the technology is there, and by adding that layer to the air and sea portions, we will be far more secure and that creates us greater options. it the world's knows that we're building that system and we're not bankrupting our military with this massive accumulation of debt, then we will have more ability to negotiate and boy -- and avoid conflict. we can project force and that means we can keep crazy people from doing stupid things. >> strong and smart. emphasis on both. we need to have the strongest military in the world as we do,
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and we need to know how to deploy it and win. and we need to be smart about the investments that we make in our military. we continue to fund obsolete weapons systems because members of congress continued advocate for putting them into the budget, even though the joint chiefs have not requested them. we need to be smart about the way we deployed military strength. >> i've talked about obsolete weapons systems. jim on that note, have to say that my part of the job is over. we will not be involved in the other half of our program for this evening. we're going to turn to the university of delaware students for their questions. the audience here in mitchell hall, you'll see the questions on the monitor. the responses here are limited to one minute. we will first hear from an education major asking about resources in the classroom.
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>> every year at the win and i have education courses and i see classrooms with your and your resources necessary to accomplish what ever did vote to reject the difficult task of educating children. what would you do to change is growing transport teachers keep losing resources as opposed to gaining resources to get our children the necessary tools? >> with obviously need resources, but there are smarter ways, wiser ways to do education. charter schools were free will. walking around and less affluent neighborhoods in wilmington, i was excited to see the number of kids in charter school uniforms. some people with tears in their eyes said, why can my sister and brother go to them as well? we need to increase competition. the government is not the
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solution. with some $125 million to the department of education and we give $100 million back and about $50 million of that goes into compliance. only $50 billion goes to the classroom. nothing operates effectively that way. we need to do it smarter. we need though local level working best. >> education has to be a top priority. students coming up today are competing not just against kids who are growing up in maryland and pennsylvania and new jersey. they're competing against kids coming up in china and india and indonesia. we need to have high standards and make sure that all of our children are able reach the standards. the way to do that is with strong principals and excellent teachers in the front of every classroom. the question was about resources in that cluster. that is small compared to the
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state and district level here in delaware and it should be but it is an import level. the resources that we provide for our disadvantage students so that they get into a classroom and they should make possible for teachers to do a better job, particularly on raising student achievement or so students that have the most difficult challenges. it is an important function and it is one that i will work to continue. >> we mandate to much teaching to the test. >> this is a soon-to-be graduates of the university of delaware. she shares concerns about entering the job market. >> i'm going to be graduating in january and with unemployment at 10% i'm competing with people who are exponentially more qualified and in the work force before long time. i am wondering what economic policies you will enact in order to help recent graduates like
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me. >> we talked about this a while ago. strengthening small businesses, providing tax cuts for small businesses, and i like the idea of a payroll tax holiday for small businesses. i believe that there are great opportunities in new energy and technologies and research tax credits for businesses to spur innovation. manufacturing tax credits to help businesses set up operations here in the state. in terms of this particular individual going out into the marketplace, one of the things that has been very helpful for some of the university of delaware students in our campaign is to get involved with an internship. maybe the pay is not great. when i coached football here, i got a few hundred dollars for each season. it was an opportunity to meet people and you find someone who is willing to hire you and make an impression.
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someone hires you down the road. that is a good opportunity. >> debt paralyzes employers so that they are not employed. but tax cuts, we will get an explosion of new jobs, and nanotechnology, biotechnology, distribution -- all sorts of area. some of the best employees i ever hired, i did not needed. they ask, how oyster business working? they hung out and ask questions. -- cal is your business working? they hung out and ask questions. create your own jobs by creating and suggesting solutions. we are americans. we have overcome the revolutionary war, the civil war, to world war lipscomb month and we can do this again. we can do it the american constitutional way by cutting taxes and regulations and employers will create jobs. we can create the next microsoft, the next apple. there is life after death.
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>> we're going them through on your next discussion. this comes from a continuing education student here at the university of delaware who brings up of issue a dramatic health care costs. >> president bottle like to cut medicare. what part of medicare would you both back with you agree to cut the advantage option of medicare that covers the cost beyond the 8% payment for fixed-income medicare recipients? >> no, it is not a bad idea. it is a bad idea. i would cut waste, fraud, and abuse. the congressional budget office is that there are $100 billion a year on waste, fraud, and abuse. we can do that by creating competition even within a federal agency. we can do a better job. ma medicare is the problem in
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health care the way that ma bell was the problem in communication. some people can remember when telephones were big and connected to wire in the wall. we had the telecommunications revolution in the reagan administration because of innovation. they were wise enough to note that when they opened up the playing field, millions of investors and inventors and innovators would create what they did create, cellphones and site telecommunications. we can do the same thing for medical technology. >> the issue is medicare. >> the only way that we can get our arms around the budget deficits and the national debt is to been the cost curve down. those costs are rising across the board. the estimates are that medicaid -- medicare fraud is a $62 billion organized crime industry
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every year. the way that i look at it, there is $60 billion right there. we need to implement some of the things i talked about earlier in terms of patient-centered medical health. it is a concept of changing the way the incentive system and the delivery system of health care services in providing higher- quality. also, electronic medical records which enables doctors and providers and hospitals to provide care without the duplication for greater safety. that is a number of things. >> let's move on to our next didn't question. the university of delaware is in the forefront of alternative energy research. this student is asking about wind power. >> what is your opinion on windfarms that are going to be built on the delaware coastline? in addition, i want your opinions on alternative energy sources. and what you think would be the best ones to use your and
8:43 pm
delaware. >> as i have said several times before, i am a strong supporter of alternative energy options, particularly focusing on creating jobs and told you injuries -- and whole new industries here in our state. it is a great opportunity. someone is going to build those turbines, towers, and other components. and we ought to build the right here in delaware. businesses have to make the investment to have the equipment and facilities to make them and resource the steel. we need to attract the turbine maker to set up operations here. it is a tremendous opportunity to create whole new industry here in our state. and they're going to be hundreds of other towns and produce up and down the east coast. delaware can actually lead the way if we get out there first. one of the things i will do as a member of congress is make sure that federal agencies do their
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job. >> that may sound nice because he tried to start a company called delawind and to a taxpayer money to pay salaries for businesses that just went to washington to get more tax payer money. i propose that we have a huge national prize for an efficient electric storage systems so that we can effectively use wind power and solar power. the problem is storage. with windmill's in the water, that cost four times as much to pour concrete. it's more expensive if you honestly apparel retailer the retail cost energy produced on land. every time you build a wind turbine, if you have to build a gas turbine. that gas turbine has to be spending 27/7 -- 24/7.
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>> which will have to put a hold on the rest of that discussion as we move on to the next to the question. it comes from a sophomore history major. >> my question is, what is your position on the policy of don't ask don't tell? do you think it should be overturned? >> mr. urquhart? >> i think we should follow the advice of the professional military service chiefs. they understand how things work in the field. i would like this is a study by them. i do not let it rest by politicians of either party. afghanistan which is so important to us, this war, protecting us here at home, it is being fought by small unit leaders. first and second lieutenants out there with small groups. we need a professional military to evaluate this issue over time. i think that everyone who wants to serve their country should
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have that opportunity. but the nuts and bolts of it, the mechanics, that has to be determined by the professional military people who understand what it is like to have five guys in the tiny village in afghanistan, how that would work. i want to see that a bag with about the professionals. i want the career politicians to stay out of it. >> i would vote to overturn don't ask, don't tell. we've learned that it just does not work. we're doing without thousands of dedicated americans who want to serve their country. they are being kicked out of the military because they are being exposed and it should not happen that way. i would vote to overturn don't ask, don't tell. the military people that i have talked to indicate that it is unnecessary and it needs to go. >> let's move on to the next question. the polarization of politics is on the minds of done that student. yet if you are elected, you may
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have the ability to break this -- break the stalemate. what would you do to restore bipartisanship in congress? >> i alluded to this earlier. when a the first things i would do in going to washington is find like-minded people like myself, people who share the same approach to creating jobs and getting our economy moving, people who share my view with what we need to do with health care, with getting our arms around deficits and debts, and addressing the challenge of global climate change. i mean democrats and republicans. i have worked from that group to influence the other members. that is the only way to do it. if you do not do it, what will happen is that the democratic caucus will have the far left driving the agenda, and the republican caucus having the right wing driving the agenda,
8:48 pm
and nothing will get done. i would be one of those people that were somewhere in no middle, to get some consensus. >> unfortunately the and middle got us up massive debt which is destroying our national security, jobs, and family. i am a coalition builder. you cannot build a business from scratch unless you can bring people together with a common objective. i would do that. but i want to emphasize my independence. i stepped to the establishment in my party and i won. i will stand up for the truth. the proposal does not -- i think the most essential thing is to reestablish the trust of the american people. 80% of americans do not trust the congress. leaders lead in sacrifice. that is why i propose cutting the pay, perks, and the privileges of members of
8:49 pm
congress starting with me. that will not balance the l balance -- so that we can balance -- we can believe in our leaders again and all than to establish this country. they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and the sacred honor. >> this brings me to a question that i have. quick answers, please. if you're elected, but committee which led to serve on? >> i had been focusing on talking to delawareans up and down a part state trying to understand the challenges and problems that they're facing. at the end of the day, i work for them. if they see fit to let me to this office. i am not thought much about washington at all. i've been thinking about serving the people are state. the only way to figure that out is by having conversations with people, by talking about the problems that they're facing, the struggles that they have in this difficult economy. and their solutions, what would they do to address some of the
8:50 pm
problems that we face today in america. >> have you thought about this question are >> i spent a lot of time in the house and senate. ways and means, finance, on services. all. -- arms services. we need to get the debt down to create jobs and ensure our national security. jim was with one to the next question. the topic is on the reliance on foreign steel. this is on the mind of this university of delaware student. >> i'll like to know, given the united states dependence on far north, what you think the best way would be for our country to in the that? >> mr. urquhart? >> we're the greatest producer, the most resources of energy of anyone in the world. we need to use what we have been blessed with here. we have onshore resources in the west. in the eastern united states, in alaska, and we need to use those
8:51 pm
resources. and we need to respect states' rights. louisiana has a far better idea of how and where to drill and delaware does with respect to louisiana. delaware has a better idea about not drilling offshore to protect our sea coasts. alaska has proven reserves. colorado has proven reserves. their steel in pennsylvania. states need to decide this without mandated interference by the federal government. of course we need to create more energy here and you can. we are still americans and we can do this. >> we need to start -- stop our addiction to oil. one of the positions they take is in opposition to the president's proposal to drill for oil off the east coast and off the coast of delaware. i do not think it makes sense for our state. i don't think it is worth the risk and continue several lance
8:52 pm
the we have on fossil fuels. -- the reliance that we have on fossil fuels. in we need to focus on innovation. we need to continue to produce electric vehicles. hybrids. we need to change the way transportation occurs. we need to envision a new future that does not have the carbon-based fuels. there will be a transition period for sure, but we need to focus on innovation. we need to incentivize that innovation and at places like university of delaware and professors that work here working on new technology. >> i want to throw something in. you're minute was up. if either of you were elected, we will be riding the train -- >> are you expecting not an assassination attempt crush margin you will be on it and tracked with the other delegation from delaware.
8:53 pm
does this nation need to look at improving the link between wilmington in harrisburg chris a margin absolutely. we should be building the high- speed trains here in delaware. there was incentive money for the development of high-speed trains, but guess what? where the trains going to be made? in china. we need to make things here in america again. we need to innovate and develop the technologies year and keep the manufacturing of those technologies here in the united states. and transportation, high-speed trains -- that this is an opportunity to do that. judith we need to do this in the private sector. with trillions of dollars of investment capital, there's a crisis of confidence. --dmills' down a wonderful sound wonderful, but compared
8:54 pm
to nuclear or gas turbines, delawareans, do we want at thousands of dollars to our bills at a time when everybody is pinching pennies? >> that is it. gentleman, you have concluded that question portion of this evening. it is now time for closing statements. in the order of our record this evening, our first two-minute comes from mr. carney's. >> once again i like the fake university of delaware, delaware first media, the aarp, and the american cancer society for hosting the debate tonight. i am proud to be a native delawareans. i have lived your almost my entire life. i went away to dartmouth to play football again education and came back here to get a master's in public administration. i would help people make a difference in our community. i have tried to do this my whole career. i've had a great privilege to
8:55 pm
serve the people of our state as an elected official. i've always tried to live up to the promise to always remember that the power of the office comes from the people. i am privileged to represent. i have gone to the most every community in our state, where i grew up and every place in between. if, another great diversity and strength of our people. i have come to know the challenges that we face. delawareans right now are struggling. they are out of work or their pay has been caught and they are having a hard time paying their bills and raising their kids. like most people, and frustrated with what i see in washington, d.c. to much bickering in fighting. but it is not enough to criticize what is not happening in washington. my opponent wants to take us back to the failed policies of the past. he wants to repeal healthcare reform and roll back wall street regulation. delaware is looking for leaders
8:56 pm
to have solutions for the challenges that we face to get our economy moving again. i will be that kind of leader and i will be that kind of congressman. i want to thank everybody again for coming out tonight, and i hope you'll consider voting for me on november 2. thank you very much. >> mr. urquhart, you're statement. >> i appreciate this opportunity. i am a job creator. my opponent is an honorable man, but he is a career politician. i have lived the american dream. but that dream is being turned into a nightmare. it is being turned into a nightmare by debt that destroys jobs, that destroys our national security, and is destroying our families. i know how to create jobs, i know how to cut taxes, increase the size of this economy, and grow our way out of the problem. my dad went to work when he was 14 years old as a copy boy. i started working with my grandfather as a plumber in
8:57 pm
harrisburg when i was 12 years old. i was the first one of my family to go to college. i was blessed with my wife and i built businesses and employ people and created capital to create other jobs. i do not need to go to washington to have the job. in fact, i proposed pay cuts for myself and other members of congress to create the confidence that this country needs again. i'm a proven job creator. i hope you will send to washington to create jobs and rebuild our great economy. i have proven that they stand up to the career politicians in my own party and be independent. if you want an independent voice in washington for delaware, if you won a jobs creator, i ask you to vote for me, glen urquhart. remember the second half of my last name is hart. we need more heart in washington. let's put heart back in the congress and i ask you to send
8:58 pm
me their and i hope you will visit my website. thank you very much. , bless you. and i have enjoyed coming here to delaware which came to 33 years ago. >> this has been an enjoyable evening from this perspective as well. i thank both of you for your honesty, for your addressing the issues that were on the table, especially those brought to us by the students. it has been an interesting evening of issues. thanks to both of you. and also to the students who provided them and to our audience and mitchell hall, and on behalf of delaware first media, and the center for political communications, ibm nancy karibjanian -- i am nancy karibjanian. thank you for joining us. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> coming up, a debate between florida candidates for senate.
8:59 pm
later, look at a house race in pennsylvania's seventh district. >> 17% of those who cross our border have committed crimes previously in this country. >> we need to secure our borders. we need federal immigration reform and that needs to be led by our next united states senator. >> now through election day, we're covering more than 100 debates around the country. if you miss one, you confined all one of the c-span video library. it is washington your way. >> poll released today said that 12 hotly contested race it could decide who controls the house and the 112th congress. republican challengers are beating congressional incumbents in a 11 of them. the poll shows a boost for
9:00 pm
democrats. not one of the 12 challengers is reached 50%. summer within the margin of error. you confine their political coverage -- you confined our political coverage at c- we could to a campaign debate between senate candidates in florida. host: caller: [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> we are going to change it up a little bit. he loves being an underdog.
9:01 pm
>> from orlando, the battleground state. we bring you florida is abc news senate debate better. >> we are here for the debate. it is being broadcast live across the state. this is the first prime-time debate for the three candidates, marco rubio, charlie crist, and kendrick meek. we have a pretty loose format. each candidate has 60 seconds to respond prepa. will make sure all the questions are answered. we will begin. >> thank you.
9:02 pm
i am running as an independent because i think washington is broken. we need a change of tone. abraham lincoln said that the government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. i think that is true. the it is why i run as an independent. there is a bright fraction. and the only candidates who can win in november and crashed that tea party in washington. it is time to have common sense back to buy four of floridians. when the extreme right wanted to punish teachers and schoolchildren, i vetoed that bill to stop it for you. when they wanted to change the way women would be able to make a decision about their own life and force them to get into ultrasound in the it and then the budget on this, it is too much to the right. i stopped it, too.
9:03 pm
i have done it as your governor. i would do it as your signature. when did she write said they wanted to raise the age of eligibility a social security, i said no way. if you want a new voice in washington and a better way, someone who will fight for you, in some of the respective parties, and i would ask for your vote on november 2. thank you. by thank you prada -- >> thank you. i want to thank the affiliate's for all the work you have done. i'm learning to be your next united states senator. i think floridians will have to take a stand. if you want a united states senator that is going to stand with the oil company and special interests and will stand with healthcare companies from denying health care, then you should vote for marco rubio. if you want to learn who will
9:04 pm
stand by and be a very weak united states senator pell not speak up when it is time to speak up, in the need to vote for charlie crist. if you want a candidate and center that will stand with you against oil companies, not allowing them to drill off the coast of florida as i have done or if you want someone who is going to stand by the decisions that have been made as relates to health care, then you are looking at the candidates that will stand up for you. if you want to make sure if we create jobs here in florida working with leaders in coming up a solution sell will create jobs now, you are looking at your candidates. if you are looking for a senator that'll stand up for the middle class and make sure they get tax cut and not prevalent to ideology, then you are a living
9:05 pm
at the candidates that will stand on behalf of this. i look forward to this debate. i hope he can make a sound decision. >> thank you. >> thank you for hosting this debate. america is the greatest country in the history of the world. that did not happen by accident every generation of americans have confronted and sought decree challenges of their times. it is not going to continue automatically prepare its major
9:06 pm
blow it in 10. what this is very simple. do you want to say on that road? do you want to go to a direction that will allow list to keep america where it deserves to be. that is the choice. if you like the way things are going in washington, to support the way they are taking it, they are people who support this. if you want your next u.s. senator to be someone that will stand up with the direction of washington and offer a clear alternative allow us to be barred children what they deserve, the greatest nation, and the only one running the will do it. .> let's begin the questioning this is important issue. one in six floridians receipt -- and governor charlie crist it out a tough new at the suggestion openness to reform
9:07 pm
such as raising the retirement age make people work harder for their money. >> i think it is important to point this out. every idea i have advocated would not change it. one of the seniors that is out there is my mother. she is 80 years old produce to depend on social security. for you to suggest that i would advocate edit them harm her is an outrage. every year they go in and take the surplus and uses it to use other things but there as more people retire, we will run into a big problem. there have to be answers to that
9:08 pm
problem. they should and lie about my record. >> he talked about raising the age of eligibility. he said it was on the table. he said he would restructure household security. he is talked about privatization pr. the facts are the facts. this is what is said to the people of florida. we a 26 days to go in this election bah it is truthful. it is honest. the people of florida have a right to know what marco rubio would do. he would privatize social
9:09 pm
security. i am the only one in this race to a said that i will protect and preserve social security as we know it today. the raise they aged fallibility and restructured household security. it was a promise that was made to you. it is a promise that i believe needs to be honored and respected. it i am elected, i will do that for you. >> out as they first want to put out an ad pra. the only one that always fought against private physician -- privatization. he said we should privatize some social security. i'm the only one that fought
9:10 pm
against georgia you bush. i think it is important, but get this issue about who is telling the truth. he is very interesting. this whole thing has come and gone. i am saying we should expand the middle class work force so we can pay into social security. one puts already in but back to work. make sure seniors that is working hard every day in pain to the trust fund, that we do not change the game on them.
9:11 pm
it is important to note that there is only one candidate here that has a track record of standing up to social security. i think it is important that we do not allow this political tailspin. craigslist try to wrap this up. on the question of privatization, i just want a yes or no, is still on the table? but it is not. they are taking pairs out of the system. i said it to the "was street journal, " they make characterized -- journal." he mischaracterizes. craigslist be clear about what marco rubio has said about social security. he said he will raise the age of
9:12 pm
eligibility. he said that. he said everything should be on the table. those are the facts. >> there are clarifying it. marco rubio said he is open to privatization of social security. charlie crist said he is open to privatization of social security. and the only candidate here who has been no. >> we have not heard an idea about how to save the system. >> it is a goal. cried sybil? digite double unemployment. they do not want political talk back. craigslist talk about -- quack''
9:13 pm
let's talk about a solution. >> we need to move on. >> i think it is important we realize were so security is today and let the mixture. i am an optimist. i'm hopeful the economy will continue to improve. there were different estimates by different people that are not american citizens. if we can find a path to earn citizenship for those 11 million people, if so security is still being challenged, we have another way and opportunity to pay for it.
9:14 pm
>> we have to move on. >> of 3 if you made that list. >> to either one of your opponents deserve to be among america's most corrupt? >> she had to live at the fact federating presented. i worked with speaker rubio. he put forward things that i thought were questionable. that is why use the plan to get rid of him. it put in a manner thousand dollars for a flight football field that he plays on in miami. yes of millions of dollars if he steered to a university.
9:15 pm
is it wrong? they also tried to put into the budget things for a friend of his the one it to get business on the turnpike rita i had to veto it three different times. people want public servants that are there to serve you. this is how i comport myself. >> let said it rright. it is paid for independently. >> you put $800,000 into the budget. >> that is not true. >> he said i steered money. the florida house consistently offered leaner budgets and the governors office. if you want a leaner but to come a shoving dead behind our budget.
9:16 pm
the stock about corruption. that is old school politics burd he said he wants to go to washington and a writ of hard- core politics, but he is participating. what direction is our country had it? a moment ago, the governor said he supports amnesty for illegal aliens. >> that is not true. >> that has been called nonsense. i hope we can have a debate about the issues. >> i think it is important to look at the political discourse that has taken place. the airwaves are full of attacks. you have mr. rubio, you have me, that a different things about different candidates. the bot
9:17 pm
and line is how we get people back to work. we started talking about the middle class, i think it is important we expand middle-class jobs. i do not think it is a trivial issue here, marco. >> in de have a plan to do it? >> i do not have a plan to do it. i want to create jobs and incentives for them to move forward. you did you vote against health care and products that can be supported by the office of the united states senator and helping local communities. helping local communities meet the needs of individuals who need jobs right now. you are saying you believe in a lot of things you should say no to. i believe we should say yes to extending middle-class opportunities in this state. it is very important.
9:18 pm
i think you want to be elected. i am on board the train it trying to resolve issues here in florida. >> by the numbers, you borrowed and spent over $150,000 per job created or saved. >> i think what we should have done -- do you believe we should have gone into a depression? >> the bill was not passed as a bailout of government. governor charlie crist support did you prepare you said it will stimulate the economy. 3 million americans have lost their jobs this is an example of clear choices. if people think the stimulus words, then you have to go for one.
9:19 pm
the stimulus has been a massive failure. the only thing it has stimulated is the national debt. i'm the only one year but would have voted against the stimulus . >> let's have governor christie their rebuttal. but this is the problem and the reason i'm running as an independent. giggling at each other because one is a democratic left and won the republican right. the and one is the republican right. i do not know how you give a camp in the eye and say i do not care about you. there is 60 billion more individuals to doctors say because the money. it is also important to cut taxes he said we need a tax cut. it also reaches across and extends the tax cuts who are
9:20 pm
small business owners. that would produce jobs for our people. i'm the only one second to lead republicans have a good idea if you want someone to go to washington and come to the aba, i in your guy. -- and come through the fog, i am your guide. >> you recently endorsed your opponent charlie crist. charlie crist is run more democratic support they need our. how do you explain the democrats sought support for your candidacy and their embrace of a man who a few months ago declared and felt to be the true the race? tax-cuin >> the governor and i are neck and neck in this race. our goal is to be the next united states senator. we cannot allow marco rubio to
9:21 pm
defederalized. we need to put people back to work. robert redford is a personal friends. he left office in the middle of his term in a kickback to florida to endorse the governor. i have beloved democratic supporters. i have independent supporters. this race is far from over. marco is saying that he was to bring about change i'm the only one that is sitting here that is willing to stand up to special interest burden of -- interest. i think voters will look at me and know that i'm the candidate best of the for educators by bringing about smaller class sizes.
9:22 pm
who stood up for the increase the minimum wage? i did. my other two opponents were against it. who is the pro-choice candidates here? i am. i am protesting against offshore oil drilling. i think it is important. i can get to you how much i appreciate sitting at this table. >> thank you very much. it is important figures understand we are talking about to prepare i am very proud that robert wexler endorsed my campaign. he is in my friend for a long time. yes sir the people well. and in grateful to him. -- he has served the people well. i am grateful to him.
9:23 pm
i think it is important that you understand that only did robert wexler endorse my campaign, i am also supported by robert dole, a former united states senator, great american, and true hero. it demonstrates the kind of candidacy but i putting forward. we can bring the bipartisanship together to try to fight for the people of florida. george washington address this. it is punishing gridlock is going on in washington. he was the first and last independent president of the united states. in that address he said if we continue to have this partisanship and make the parties is stronger in we may cripple the
9:24 pm
country we have started. look at what is happening right now? the democratic president has proposed tax cuts. the republicans of all people will not do it. >> my values are pretty straightforward. i know job secreted by everyday people that are expanding businesses. the job of government is to make it easier and not harder. washington is making it harder. i believe the federal government cannot spend more money than it takes them. both of these gentlemen have supported policies that do that. these are my values. the values can be found in the voting record. governor charlie crist as republican six months and now he is changes position on virtually everything because he
9:25 pm
is trying to take away democratic votes from kendrick meek. >> the big issue is health care. marco rubio has taken six different positions on health care. you are supposed. of a point, you said you would voted for it. did he misspoke. indeed the new said he misspoke. try to clear this up. quite i am against it. i think we have to fix it. there are parts sector good. there are parts that need to be changed. they take away the health insurance co. discriminatory policy. if you have a pre-existing condition, you do not coverage. it allowed sinn people of to the aged 26 to be able to continue
9:26 pm
to recover by their parents policy. the things they do not like about the bill are the fact that it takes five and $2 billion of the medicare advantage. in a state like florida, that is back. - bad. marco rubio talks about the fact the we have to repeal it for th. is also talked about women's rights. he has talked about the fact that you are not pro-life and as you want to repeal roe vs. wade, overturn roe vs. wade. i am pro-life, but i am pro-life women. extremistst is and the view. you been drinking too much tea.
9:27 pm
it is wrong. >> you misrepresented my position on the issue of social security. the stock about this health care bill. i think the health care bill is a disaster. these policies are being dropped. either part-time workers will lose their coverage. we have and the premiums will go up. we have broken every promise that is made to burda they said it would not raise premiums on anybody. that is not true. they said it would lower the cost of healthcare. that is not true. this bill is a disaster. it must be replaced with ideas that allow them to buy companies in america. it to allow individuals to have
9:28 pm
the same tax benefits their employer has. it will allow them to pull together and provide insurance for their members. this will cost a lot less money. i think it is very important that you pay close attention to a marco rubio is saying. everything he identified, that is what the insurance companies did a year ago. now they are using the health care bill. they are running scared right now. 85% of the medicare dollar hastedhas to go to war care. we have small businesses that are getting a tax cut right now. when you hear them talk about
9:29 pm
what they like, it appeared the reasons, i think you pass to understand -- you have to understand this issue. when you have a family member in the hospital looking at pop corn fields and see they cut the covers, charlie crist and talk of new ones. i'm not to take any advisor many when he bailed out of the republican primary. he was to run a primary all over again. he is going to be there for you in the time of need. they are both willing to roll back company. we worked hard to protect every day people against the insurance companies. they want to empower them all
9:30 pm
over again. i'm the only one here that understands 35 floridians lose their insurance every week. that is a fact. that is not fiction. >> we introduced a plan called "cover florida." if you do not have insurance are you recent luster job, you can get coverage less expensive than it would be before. before, it would have cost six other dollars a month to get an insurance plan. after, it is down to about $150. how do we do it? no government mandate. no tax increases. this is what he needs.
9:31 pm
>> this is the opposite of what i said. i'm the only one that will stand up and offer a clear alternative. it is a fact. he even voted for a more radical bill fell as proposed earlier it would have created the public option. it is one step toward a single payer system. a would never have voted for this bill. >> i want you to speak to a quote about ronald reagan. ronald reagan called for a more .his is the government of th did reagan have the right message? why are why not? >> we should have a leaner and meaner government right now.
9:32 pm
we did have eight years of an administration that both these gentlemen are fighting to bring back. the facts are that middle-class families are earning less than they earned since these bush policies have been in place. when read this issue of health care, i am sure marco rubio -- i guess this thing, but quite a bit. you have to look at what is happening in real florida. people do not have insurance. 19 million floridians and we have individuals that do not have insurance right now.
9:33 pm
they say it is another day at the office. we have a crisis burda we need leaders but will stand up for those everyday people who punch in and punch out t. we have to look at it from the point if you want to go out. i am frustrated a. it down to who has held insurance and who does not. >> i believe washington is broken and both parties are to blame. the republican establishment did not endorse me.
9:34 pm
i believe both parties are to blame. i am offering a clear alternative. the facts are clear. this bill is a disaster. is broken every promise in may to the american people. they borrowed and spent $150,000 for jobs they claim they have saved or created. this is grown our national debt by $800 billion. our grandchildren will work their whole lives to pay it up. two and a thousand doctor of laws in florida. this is another example. if you like obama care and the stimulus plan, you can vote for charlie crist and kendrick meek. if you want the one that offers clear alternatives, the only one
9:35 pm
running that will. >> marco rubio talk that when he was running in the republican primary that he did not get much support. things change. i want to explain why i'm running as an independent burda i think but -- independent. i think both parties are to blame. he has embraced overturning roe vs. wade. heard the senior citizens with the social security program, not supporting teachers. i'm not comfortable with it anymore. it is not honest to stay with it. i only had my allegiance to you per t
9:36 pm
>> you have called for the extension of the bush tax cut for all categories including those earning more than $250,000 a year. even though they said it reduce our deficit by a 2 1/4, if that is the case, why are you willing to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to provide these tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% or 3%? >> the bush tax that are what the taxes are now. what i said is it is a bad idea to raise taxes on anybody b. a growing number of democrats
9:37 pm
have begun to agree with this. our debt problem is not because the american people are not paying enough in taxes. it is because washington cannot control spending. and the rate we are going, the deficit will grow in the next -- double in the next five-years. by 2015, our annual deficit could be $2.10 trillion. 900 billion of that would be introspectivinterest. we need a stable and affordable tax code. i have advocated rolling back discretionary spending.
9:38 pm
we must do both things. he is willing in companies tax breaks it is ok with them to on $700 billion of additional debt. they will have to pay that debt back. the super wealthy came about as some support. ears only one candid here
9:39 pm
willing to stand up for the middle-class. -- there is only one candidate here willing to stand up for the middle class predict i am the only candidate here that says voted for pay-go. i think it will bring us back. >> i support it. i think is the wrong time to raise taxes on anybody. and never voted on the new tax. marco rubio voted to raise property taxes. i reduce the budget by a $7.4
9:40 pm
billion. i understand what it means to veto earmarked. he said about five under million dollars in earmarks did by thunder million dollars in earmarks -- he said about five 500 milliion dollars in washington. >> on the issue that is never raise taxes, he broke a pledged never to raise taxes. he does raised by $2 billion. you should have lines and
9:41 pm
endorse our budget. these tax increases are not as on individuals. small businesses are creating jobs. the restaurant and i was in last week said use the atari more people. -- he was not hiring more people. this direction is the wrong direction. >> only 2% or 3% in that tax bracket are creating jobs. you want it individuals to get tax cuts. you want to make sure they get their tax cut. i think it is important to we have leaders that are willing to
9:42 pm
stand up to those individuals. >> the speaker said he did up with these items in the budget. are you saying you did not put $800,000 in for astroturf? >> i have nothing to do putting that in there. the budget i proposed spend less money than what you propose. why did you sign on to our budget? >> why did up? -- why did it up? e up?dn't you lin d think the war in afghanistan can be worn? how you define victory?
9:43 pm
>> the discussion that is going on right now is very important. i think it should be commended and a part of this discussion. the intelligence the we have picked up is very important. i think the redeployment of our men and women is pivotal. defining victory? is it killing osama bin laden? is it making sure we bring about the taliban and capture all of that? it is a very slippery slope. we have military families that are here in florida that need
9:44 pm
their loved ones back home. no one really things about them in this process. cystinuria of 2009, i encountered a number of military -- since october of 2009, i encountered a number of military family. there are real families. who is clapping when they are sitting in veterans' centers throughout florida waiting for care? that is what we have to think about. >> we deployment begins next july. >> i think it is important that we start looking at that. you are right. these are the brave is in fine is sharon women.
9:45 pm
-- these are our bravest and finest young men and women. the war in afghanistan is extremely important. it is by providing a level of security on the ground. they are providing a level of security on the ground protect . whenever one afghanistan to become a base of operations for the taliban. pakistan is a nuclear power. it is a nuclear state. the notion it can fall into the hands of a caliban like reaching is unacceptable. >> we can all agree the we have a deep and abiding respect for the people who serve in our military. florida is a state that has a
9:46 pm
significant number of military bases. we have a department of veteran affairs in my administration. leroy collins was serving there before you is tragically killed. -- before he was tragically killed. is it successful? is it appropriate to remove the troops next summer? general petraeus is an excellent military leader. i know him personally. i had the opportunity to get to know him. i think it is important that this says is a fine by security. it is defined by safety. the duty of government is to ensure domestic tranquillity. we have two major military weaponry does not expand around the globe.
9:47 pm
when need to make sure that does not happen in iran with ahmadinejad and. >> of one to make sure we clarify the issues. >> we have the discussion of redeployment. security is very important. >> sees a reassess. reassess.y >> i think it undermines our mission. the in in the nose when we are going to be. >> i think it -- the enemy knows when we are going to leave. >> i think it is important. if at that time they feel it is the right time to come home -- [inaudible]
9:48 pm
developing a high- speed rail that will create jobs. you also want to cut discretionary nondefense spending back to a level of two years ago. are you willing to tell the folks in florida that if u.n. high speed rail may have to wait? >> there is no shortage of their programs. nothing is more important than dealing with this long-term debt issue. this long-term debt problem is simply unsustainable. that is a priority over virtually everything our country faces. even people like hillary clinton had said the national debt has a significant national security component.
9:49 pm
this national debt issue has to be solved. it is perhaps the predominant issue. >> that is the problem with the decisions in washington. there are one to borrow money that we do not have any the eye of you to our children and grandchildren. if you like the kind of behavior from washing, d.c. anything they are placing as in the right direction, you are probably not going to vote for me. you should go for kendrick meeks his voting record is identical to nancy pelosi. if you what your next senator to be someone that will stand up and say this national debt issue is the most seriously face, and the only one running that is going to do that. but when you are a governor, and you realize a couple years ago the economy fell off the cliff,
9:50 pm
you have to leave and strike a balance. that is leadership burd. was proud to welcome him to my state for the first time since to a sworn in as president. we needed the funds our allocated in order to keep us from losing jobs. 60,000 additional floridians would not have this coming to their home. we worked very hard in our administration. three different times i called to get it done. i thought to get them back here to improve our transportation. the argument is that the decree 289000 jobs for people. it is all -- create 28,000 jobs
9:51 pm
for people. it is all about jobs. correct i am glad you are having this debate. i think mr. rubio means what he is saysays. he wants to make sure he stands up on the path of right wing ideology. >> it relates to the issues he stands for. he did not provide the leadership to bring the .esources back here prepar i think it is very important we understand that high-speed rail
9:52 pm
will create over 20,000 jobs. marco rubio just said he would family detainee and senator dement -- would stand with dick cheney and senator demint. is not willing to take a stand on a comprehensive immigration reform that undocumented workers no longer take the jobs that are citizens and residents in this country. >> we are when the states that had a ban on gay adoption. you supported that produce it you believe traditional mother and daughter to adopt is best. the appeals court found that to be unconstitutional. would you clarify what your
9:53 pm
position is on gay adoption in florida and they do not ask not tell policy. >> i would be happy to. you are talking but individuals and how they live their lives. some people in washington want to tell people who they should love and who they should not. center demint talks about to should teach our children. that is unconscionable. we need to have common sense of what is right for the child. when i was saying it is not appropriate, it was because that was the law. alice the attorney general of florida. i understand respecting the law.
9:54 pm
the court changed it. they said the law was unconstitutional. that is in line with what i talked about when i ran for governor. do you want to know where i stand? i'm a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. i believe in less government and more freedom. i do not want to impose my will on other people. i also understand we need to live within our means. >> used to be the biggest conservative in the world. the governor talked about leadership. virtually everything in florida it is worse off today than it was four years ago. florida was once one of the
9:55 pm
strongest economies in the country. you broke your pledged never to raise taxes last year this brings to light it dramatic choice we have here in florida. the solution is either a government spending program or a tax increase. almost every problem can be solved by a tax increase according to them. i do not stand for that. >> it is important to note that i'm the only candidates here that is endorsed by the pro- choice community. i am the pro-choice policy maker. i am the only candidates who will continue to stand up for the middle class.
9:56 pm
it is mind-boggling for the governor to stand here. for all the kids or foster care, he said he thought it was inappropriate. in 2006, he said that jim davis did not have the values he possessed. that is his opinion. the need someone who will stand on behalf of the people of florida. marco rubio has raised another point. he is willing to go along with the tea party on issues. >> we have less than a minute left.
9:57 pm
>> i said he stood in the schoolhouse door on this issue. >> nobody has fought harder for minorities in this day and i have. he stood firm on this issue of gay adoption. >> i hope the people at home to understand what is going home here. if you want some on the far right, marco rubio, far left, kendrick meek,. >> thank you of very much. it is a stimulating debate. >> the governor attended debates
9:58 pm
continue tomorrow night. president obama appears at a political rally for martin o'malley. live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can find more on this by visiting our web site. you will find campaign debates. it is all at itics. up next, an update on this year's congressional races with the managing editor bob husak. it in-house race in philadelphia. quite the supreme court has
9:59 pm
started its new term. you can learn more about the highest court was c-span latest book "the supreme court." it reveals unique insights about the court. it is available in hardcover wherever you buy books and also as in e-book. >> we recently set down with the managing editor of "the hill" newspaper. this is 14 minutes. -- 40 minutes. host: this could be who controls the house. guest: we are partnering.
10:00 pm
there is not a lot of reliable house polling. it is internal. it is the first of a series. they are democratic freshmen that came in with president obama. the good news for republicans is that they are up and 11 of 12 races in seven of the 12th, and they are within the margin of error. eat, and some are still in the ballpark. if democrats can see some momentum, the can retain control of the house. host: what kind of districts to these 12 members represent? guest: a combination ranging from virginia to ohio to illinois. these are battleground districts, districts that democrats and republicans are vying for. basically, these are the freshmen that came in on the
10:01 pm
wave, and republicans want to wave them away this year. and several of the lamb, john mccain one. so these are conservative- leaning districts. especially on health care. some democrats who voted yes on health care, that has hurt them. some of them have had, three of the 12 that we surveyed, voted in no on health care. those democrats are in decent shape. host: let's dig into the specific races. let's begin with debbie halverson. guest: she voted for health care. she is down 18 points to a conservative candidate. this is in illinois, and she's having trouble. as far as all the 12 we look at, she is in the most trouble. down 18. if you look at the undecided voters, even if she wins those, she will not pull through. there's a lot of time before
10:02 pm
november 2. maybe she can come back, but it looks unlikely. host: on the front page of the "new york times" there is a story about has president obama will be pushing his base to get back out there, especially the younger voters who voted for him and helped him get the presidency. he will do an mtv appearance. he is going to be trying to get this base out and they put aside your hard feelings and come out and vote. pretty much admitting that the independents are gone. but trying to get the base going. is that enough for a person like debbie? can she when which is the base and no independents? guest: the midterm is really just about the base. for presidential elections, a lot of people vote. in midterms, not as many of the republican base, for the first time since 2004, as fired up. and they're going to show up. the question is, will the
10:03 pm
democratic base show up? they have been divided. robert gibbs calling it the professional left, and liberals of said that they did not get a public option 9 health care. and joe biden sent to the liberals to stop whining. and realizing what is coming if we do not win this november. joe biden said it -- says if we lose control of the house, it will be the end of the road for the white house agenda. so this could be a tea party congress. but in debbie's case, basically that is a conservative-leaning district. so there is not a huge a liberal base. so that strategy for her will be different from what the president's strategy will be. host: what is she doing over the next couple weeks? was sort of outside groups are as the personalities can she depend on or the republicans, in this case, depend on in order to win? guest: you will certainly not see president obama going into your district. she was about local issues. these democrats who are
10:04 pm
struggling, they're not going to be talking about health care reform. they may be talking about wall street reform, but the health care reform bill is not going to be addressed. stimulus could be addressed to some degree. but they will try to make this more a local issue. and we have also seen at democrats on the attack. democrats have gone after republican candidates in that effort to say this out a referendum on president obama. this is a choice. unlike the other candidate. look at the incumbent and decide which is better. did not just vote against your congressional candidate because or upset president obama. host: what is happening in maryland's first district? guest: frank is there and he is one of the ones who voted no on the health care. he beat andy harris a couple years ago. frank has a very strong ground game. it is a strong district. he has to display his
10:05 pm
independence. it is a far drive from washington, but he goes home every weekend. that is a very close race. that is one of the races that republicans really need to win if they're going to when the house. it is such a republican district. the democrat is vulnerable, but he can say i voted in no on health care, and easily done by a few points. it looks like it is helping him. host: is it a really conservative district or sort of a moderate republican district? guest: that what is more conservative. but critics say that andy harris was too conservative to the district, and he knocked off a longtime incumbent in the republican primary a couple years ago, who ended up supporting the democrats in the last election. the republican party was divided. they're not as divided in that district this time around. and harris is now up a little bit. that is a positive sign.
10:06 pm
when you talk about things, it has shifted so much. so harris lost last time to the democrat, so there's only so much he can do. when the wave comes, it wipes out people. democrats are trying to minimize the damage, trying to save some people like that democrat who are close. as some point, there will have to make the decision, the democratic congressional campaign committee, and where they're going to invest in seven races. if certain democrats are down big in their internal polling -- you put resources were you can win races. they do not want to lose the 39 seats republicans need. host: you said when a wave comes, it wipes you out. there's not much you can do. looking at the 12 races on the front page of your newspaper this morning, is that the case with this type of district -- any election, it does not matter. this is the type of district
10:07 pm
that can get wiped out by a wave. guest: that is right. when you look back to 2004, you had the presidential election of course with george bush and john kerry. there was also the redistricting process. if you were an incumbent in 2004, you had a lot of job security. since then, volatile times. to thousand six, democrats picked up 30 house seats. 2008, they picked up another 24. now republicans look like they will pick up dozens of seats, wiping those guys away. when i talk about health care votes, some of these guys did vote in know. it that might help. but some of these guys who voted in know are going to lose. -- who voted in know how -- host: let's go to new mexico's second district. pearce is a name that long time c-span viewers may know.
10:08 pm
the unspoken on the floor when he ran before. guest: now he is trying to win back his old house seat. this is interesting because pierce got into the race after teague voted for climate change. soon after that, he said i am in. now teague is down by four points. he ended up voting in no on health care. this is one of those races where these are former members. so it is tough to run as an outsider or maybe someone who ran the last time. the newcomers are doing better than the longtime incumbents and this is you have seen before. experience really does not matter this time around. basically, that is a close race. pierce is up. you can look to these races and divert ways. republicans are doing well, but they're not doing great. they're not winning in a lot of these reasons by double digits. but it is still very hard to
10:09 pm
knock off incumbents in congress. it is very difficult. the fact that they have a leave now, more people are focused on the, and undecided voters usually go with the wave. that is a good sign for the gop. host: what you see as far as money being pumped in to the district? guest: that is one or both parties will invest heavily in teague and pearce. they will get a ton of money. you'll see people like karl rove and others playing a major role. democrats are crying foul with that group, complaining to the irs about how they're doing their business. everything from campaign ads to campaign tactics to anything, it is anything goes now. it all comes down to winning. we have seen a number of places get extremely ugly, and it will only get worse. host: we're talking to bob from the "hill close quaid newspaper
10:10 pm
about their front-page story. unions the steering funds to liberal allies cannot these types of democrats we're talking about that are in trouble. they're not seeing money from typical democratic groups. does that hurt their chances? guest: it does. someone who is upset with that type of story is rahm emanuel, who used to have the house democratic campaign committee. he has said committee to back these conservative democrats because if you do not, we're going to lose the house. and we're going to have a republican speaker. so unions are still smarting from some of those no votes. and the committee has tried to work with some of the groups to say that the bill is passed so let's get over it. unions, even though it did not have a public option, that bill -- still, this is our the left is divided. they're upset about certain votes it did not get done.
10:11 pm
the congressional agenda will be very different next year, no matter who is controlling the house. regardless, there will be a lot more republicans on capitol hill. host: rep -- richmond va on the phone. i will put you on hold. let's go to jerry, republican line in rogers, arkansas. are you with us? caller: hello. i have a comment. first of all, the democrats, with the top democrat being obama, they have not than anything to help this country whatsoever. they have brought it down. i am is a disabled vet, and i tell you what, i cannot stand to see what is happening here to our country. i really believe that not only do we need to get rid of the crooks up there, which are the democrats right now, but i do
10:12 pm
believe what the republicans get in, i think maybe we should start impeachment against the top dogs. what do you think? guest: there is definitely a lot of danger there. we found that this is clearly a national election. most voters, two out of three, will have president obama on their mind. some who are not fans of the president, and some who are fans of the president. but certainly, the republican base was to send a message to the white house that they do not like how this administration has done its business. congressional republicans who were smarting after the 2008 elections, and president obama told him i won. congressional republicans want to say after this election, we won. host: democratic line. caller: good morning. i really do not understand your view on the the polling. i have a few things i would
10:13 pm
like you to jot down. the 99'ers, the people of of work for more than 99 weeks. then we have the choice group of people. these two groups of people are white voters. and then we put in gays and lesbians. there's another aspect. a large chunk of america, they are white voters. and then we have african- americans. we have hispanics. and now the muslims. i just picked up seven chunks of the country were the republicans have angered them. republicans voted no on everything. i do not understand -- who are you polling saying that the republicans are leading?
10:14 pm
host: we will leave it there. let me show you the front page of the "new york times." it says, latino turnout expected to lag in the midterm vote, and it is a setback for democrats. guest: our polling focuses on battleground districts, and there are a lot of liberal districts like nancy pelosi's districts where she will win. talking about the latino voters, immigration reform is something that president obama promised to do in the 2009. he pushed that back to 2010. the administration did not make a real big push for immigration, comprehensive immigration reform. they did make a last-ditch effort for a scaled-down bill, the dream act, and that did not succeed. latino voters are not pleased about that. and congressman you're pushing for immigration reform are not pleased to back a dime.
10:15 pm
host: the america's national gas alliance was at part of the poll. the first one out today looking at freshman incumbents, democrats, and those in trouble. about 12. about two-thirds of voters-these key battleground districts will be thinking about president obama when they choose the next member of congress. guest: it means no matter where democrats are doing, looking at the congressmen and congresswomen from the district, that they're going to be talking about local issues. but national issues, whether it be the stimulus, climate change, health care reform, those are the issues that people are thinking about. the economy, jobs, deficit. whether it is anger over those bills or the fact that democrats over promised on the stimulus -- they said unemployment will be lower than 8%. now it is at 9.6%.
10:16 pm
the president has said, listen, he knows it is tough out there, but the made a little bit of progress and do not want to go backward. host: there is a longtime democrat. would he not be biased? guest:mark penn is a respected pollster, and he has been respected and employed by a lot of different firms in washington, d.c. one of the things when deciding this, we wanted to do actual phone calls. you get a lot of polling that is unreliable. when we did our research, we found that mark penn is one of the bus posters. the findings he has come up with are not exactly democratic- friendly. we knew there would be criticism, but we're confident in his polling. host: a tweet that says phone poles are worthless. guest: this is a combination of
10:17 pm
both land lines and cell phones. basically 400 calls in each of these 12 districts. the incumbents of poll results that holon people can look at the polls and the margin of error. their various questions. host: in the poll was up on their website. delaware, democratic line. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. ghostly registered democrat that will be voting for christie no donnell -- christine o'donnell. this is the first time that i have seen a poor person or middle-class person could actually run for the senate without having millions of dollars in advance or being part of the elite. also, i am an unemployed teacher. i was unemployed for two years. i got unemployment for six months of that, and i have been
10:18 pm
under employed cents. i am not custodian making $8.50 an hour. a and obama misread his mandate. he did not have a mandate to go completely left. he had a mandate to get us all jobs. guest: that this an interesting take as far as the wealth of members. we adjusted our top 50 of the wealthiest members, and there are a lot of what the members of congress. but generally speaking, the pattern as people make their money and then run for congress. but you do not see a lot of pork people in congress. christine is the underdog in delaware. there's no doubt about it. congressional republicans won in mike castle to win the primary. he did not. christine was helped by the endorsement of sarah palin. the democrat is the favorite. certainly the white house is relieved that christine won
10:19 pm
because it increases the chances that they will retain their seats. host: there is another battleground district, the third house district race. >> it is kathy running against mike kelly. she is down 14 points. this is the republican-leaning district. she is one of the democrats who knew what she got elected, she had to work and getting reelected. but she is down double digits. she is one of the ones that is clearly in trouble. and republicans have to win a seat like this and they're going to win control of the house. if you did the polling numbers, the health care reform is not popular in her district. it is not popular in a lot of districts. democrats favor a repeal of the health care law. obviously, independents are very
10:20 pm
much in favor of the repeal, and republicans are in favor of repeal. if you did some, even in new mexico, 49% of democrats support the repeal of health care. that is almost half of the democrats in the district. that is an astounding indication of which party has won the message war on health care reform. kathy voted yes. teague voted in no, and he is closer in his race. host: have the democratic campaign committees given up on this seat? guest: they will not said publicly that they have given up on anything. nancy pelosi, even though she is many democrats in her caucus, they do not agree with her. some are saying i may not vote for her for speaker next year she is fighting for all of them. but at some point, and those decisions are probably going to be made in mid-october. who are we going to elect?
10:21 pm
you're going to try to sit? even though the democratic campaign committee has a cash advantage over the republicans, there's only so much money to go around. in way for elections, money does not matter as much as it does in a non-wave elections. host: david on the republican line. caller: i have been following this election since scott brown's victory. i understand barney frank is in trouble for a lot of people, that would be their wildest dreams. in fact, millions of americans. any comments? guest: he is running against a former democrat marine new conservative pundits are talking up this republican candidate. this is a very democratic district. president obama won i think 63%
10:22 pm
in barney frank's district. they're saying the right wing media and pundits are after him. that is likely to stay in the democratic column. if barney frank loses, house republicans will probably win about 80 or 90 seats, and i do not think that will happen. host: he has focused on raising a lot of money, and that is hurting fellow colleagues who are used to getting monetary support from barney frank. guest: that is a great point. you did various german like the chairman of the arms services committee -- you look at various chairmen. a committee chairmen from west virginia. basically, all these resources, and if you look at who raises the most money in the house and the senate, it is leadership officials and committee chairmen. you have committee chairman spending all their money on their own races, are most of it, and it hurts some of the ball marble ones. host: we talked about the
10:23 pm
chances of republicans taking back the house or democrats holding on. if people are going after these committee chairman, what is the likelihood they're going to get knocked off by republicans? guest: i think a couple of them could be. ike skelton could be. john spratt has been targeted before, but he may survive. he is from a safe democratic district. but those two are the big trophies that house republicans want. but come mid-october, republicans will look at their internal polling and decide, well, maybe we should not go after them. let's not spend all the resources to get the chairman. host: virginia, independent line. caller: i wanted to comment that the president campaigned on a program that he would unite the country and we would move forward for the average person.
10:24 pm
he hid the fact that apparently he is totally against wealthy people and the capitalist system. he's got to the last two years of destroying our capitalistic system. that is why we're stagnate right now. if you look at what is going on with the people that are going to vote next month, i think you're totally underestimated what is going to happen. i think it is going to be an overwhelming landslide for the conservative approach. that is why our president has stopped becoming a president, and he went on almost 100% on the campaign trail. he sees it coming. guest: a lot of predictions right now are that republicans are going to win the house. no doubt about it. one of the things, looking back to 2006 and the elections, there's a lot of anger out there. you had katrina, trouble with the iraq war, and ethical issues hurting republicans.
10:25 pm
that year, democrats won 30 seats. this year, obviously a lot of anger. you can make the argument that there's more frustration. the and implement rate is higher than it was. that year, democrats won 30 seats. republicans need to win a net of 39 seats. there are a handful of seats that republicans will struggle to attain. they may lose a double seats. therefore, they may have to win 43 or 44 to win a net of 39. the one thing i think is a real possibility is that on november 3, we may not know who is going to be leading the house next year, because a lot of races come down to 1000 votes, recounting the legal challenges. so on november 3, we may not know. on the other hand, we could know very early on november 2 that republicans have it and we will have a speaker boehner next year. our polling is showing that basically this thing is not over yet. host: any point out in this story this morning of your first poll here that this is a glimmer
10:26 pm
of light for republicans, but not one of the 12 republican challengers have reached 50%. so that goes to what you're talking about. these could be close races on november 3. especially in the 12 districts. guest: that is right. basically what you have candidates that are not over 50%, then they will say we can define the republican party and attack their pledge to america, we can go after them and try to tie them to john boehner, tried to tie them to george w. bush. a lot of those strategies have not worked, and democrats are still struggling for message. if we look back to 2008, and the democratic message was hope and change. and now people are saying, what is the democratic message of this year? basically, they have tried a lot of different messages. the one obama keeps coming back to is we do not want to go backward, we want to go forward. but polling is showing that the republican message is resonating
10:27 pm
much better this year host: one of those tight races is the fourth district of colorado. marcus is down 3%. guest: in colorado, once again, another battleground district. those who one of voted yes on health care. i think she voted no the first time. but this is one of those races republicans have to win. you have to take up these freshmen. of these 12 freshman, basically republicans are going in need -- are going to need to take out eight to 10 of these freshmen. at a minimum, six of them. so that is a tight race and one that could be decided by a debate or could be decided at the last second. host: sacramento, republican line. caller: i was just wondering, when our our white leaders coming back to congress?
10:28 pm
there has always been white people there. and all these je -- host: all right, the tone of your comment is inappropriate. we're having a conversation about campaign 2010. you need to stay on topic. you cannot call in with that kind of agenda. we're cutting you off and moving on. romeo, michigan, democratic line. go ahead. caller: i want to make four quick points. i am veteran. i am elderly, world war ii, and there is mention out there that republicans would try to privatize the va. if they do that, you have a march on washington. number two, social security, the want to change. i wish c-span would get an authority on there. because you get into the details
10:29 pm
on social security, and it protects itself and we're good for the outer years. people do not understand that. number 3, the report came out yesterday about jobs being sent overseas to china. they're sending money into our campaigns, and that money is being sent out. and because of the extreme court -- the supreme court ruling, that about being identified. guest: well, a lot to tackle. as far as the privatization part, that is a buzz word you hear democrats talking a lot about, whether it is social security or medicare. most social security. the republican congressman from wisconsin has a new budget blueprint. it is in somewhat controversial. republican leaders have not fully embraced it.
10:30 pm
democrats say privatisation. republicans said that is not true. the fiscal commission will have to deal with that. they're coming up with a major report, the bipartisan commission set up by president obama. their report comes out december 1. it will look at defense spending, tax cuts, and arrange of entitlement spending. and this debate over pushing up the retirement age for social security, privatization, certainly is going to be coming back. host: michigan's seventh district, dead even. i assume economy is the number- one issue. guest: the economy has been hit very hard. this is one of those races where out of the 12, the democrat that is doing the best, even in the race. this could be a reason because this is not exactly a fresh face for republicans. a former member. it is tough to run on the outsider coming to washington to
10:31 pm
shake things up. this is still pretty good news for tim whalberg. michigan, ohio, and pennsylvania, and virginia i throw in, republicans have to do very well. the economy is hurting in a lot of this district and in other districts. we look at the senate race in nevada. unemployment very high in nevada. republicans are going after the senate majority leader, harry reid. that is a tight race, and it could go down to the wire. we might know who wins that until later in november. host: what about nevada third? guest: it is a tight race. titus is only down three gives the republican. that is not bad. but she is down. she could be up a little bit. or joe heck could be up more. it is not double digits.
10:32 pm
nevada is one, like harry reid, and harry reid's sun is running for governor in nevada. the effect of the top of the ticket, reid, what it will do to titus is unclear. the issues in the ballpark. host: republican line, minneapolis. caller: thank you for c-span. i love your show. i want to make a point because there's a certain edge to the guests of voice. like he is trying to be very convincing. i do not believe that there is a democratic party anymore. i think it is a democratic socialist party. and he had a caller referring to christine o'donnell. and he said the white house is happy that she won because it
10:33 pm
gives them the edge. but the caller called in to say he was going to vote for christine. but i am very concerned for my country. there was a gentleman from the armed forces committee speaking, and our defenses are being torn down. i do not look at polls. i just have this gut feeling that something is really not right. and you guys are so optimistic. even the young lady here on this show, your hostess, she almost sounds like she's a democrat. i am so perplexed. have you guys look at that? can you address that at all? guest: our publication is definitely a independent, and we do not take sides.
10:34 pm
as far as christine o'donnell, she could win. no one predicted that she would beat mike months ago. the polling showed she was going to win. and there was a last week attack against her that did not work. now she's basically the republican nominee, who was behind in the polls, and the wave is very big in delaware. but delaware is not like other states. it is not a deep blue state, but it is bluer than most to clearly went for president obama in 2008. we have heard congressional republicans will not be spending a ton of money there. she does not need to have a ton of money because she is such a darling for the republican right. money will not be a problem for her. host: two races in ohio where
10:35 pm
part of this. guest: yes, the democrat is only down three points from the republican. but mary is not doing as well against kilroy. she voted yes on health care. republicans across the country, if you look at their web sites, house or senate, they're talking about health care and repealing health care. some analysts are saying they may be over promising. it will be very difficult to repeal the health care law until they have control of the white house. but kilroy is down by nine points. her colleague is down by three. kilroy is one that is one of the biggest ones in trouble. host: pensacola, florida, independent line. caller: i have been listening to your show, and my question is,
10:36 pm
with the polling, if i went by that, i would not vote at all. i am independent and in northwest florida, which is super republican. but i still believe it is my right and obligation to vote. but when i hear a pollster coming on months before the elections, telling me that my vote is not even going to count, i feel that we're being dishonored with our voting. when you look at how the polls are done, he set out of 18,000, they called 400 people, and those people have already told him who is going to win the election. guest: if you look at polling, some of it is accurate. and over the years, we have seen that polling has been inaccurate. most famously, hillary clinton in the democratic primary in new hampshire after barack obama won
10:37 pm
iowa, and basically was deemed too is going to win new hampshire, hillary clinton was going to be done, and barack obama had a clear path to the democratic nomination then the pundits, poles, the media, hillary clinton won. and that became one of the most protracted battles for democratic nomination in history. it is important to vote, no matter what the polls say. this gives you a glimpse of where the races are. it could change dramatically. also, there operatives on both sides of the aisle, some data to look at ways to -- look at which race to invest in and which one to not two host: virginia has two races on the battleground congressional districts. guest: this is the race, the establishment in washington heurt.
10:38 pm
hurt is up by one point in our poll. in virginia 2,all are within si. >> one more on this list of 12 districts. arizona's first district. [applause] yes, -- guest: yes,gosar is beating kirkpatrick right now. that is an area brendan t. party is quite popular. there are some areas where it is more popular than others. perhaps because of voter security, but the tea party is very popular in that district. she is down, but certainly could
10:39 pm
come back and win. host: bob husak, managing editor of "the hill" talking about new polls out. this is the cover of "the hill" newspaper this morning, talking about the 12th batter brown districts. the next issue will focus on what? guest: the second installment will be open seats. that poll and will come out next week, and we will be coming out with that with analysis on our website and newspaper. if a wave comes, republicans should do very well in open seats. and once again, these are not seats where a liberal member retired. the third one will be second term lawmakers. we will be focusing mostly on democrats, but we will be
10:40 pm
focusing on a couple of reports that -- republican that are in battlegrounds, districts that they really need to retain. the last one will be longtime incumbents that republicans are targeting. that will be right on the eve of november to. that will show -- november two. that could >> on tomorrow's of the " washington journal," of first amendment case before the supreme court. the role of grass roots in this year's election. and the former ambassador to pakistan, ryan crocker. "washington journal" begins live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c- span. >> 17% of those who cross our
10:41 pm
border have committed crimes previously in this country. >> we need to secure our border. we need federal immigration reform in -- by our necks united states senator. >> covering more than 100 debates around our country. you can find them on line at the c-span video library. it is washington your way. >> this is what they do on the battlefield. greatness and was what he did between battles. >> part two of our interview with ron turn now -- chernow. it is the first large-scale one volume biography of our first president. >> c-span's local content vehicle are visiting
10:42 pm
congressional districts as we look a hotly contested races leading up to the midterm elections. >> nice to meet you. how are you? nice to see you. how are you doing? are you from delaware county? ok, i hope you will vote for me in november. could deceive. -- good to see you. >> [laughter] pleased to meet you. >> candidates in the seventh district, the democrat is bryan lentz.
10:43 pm
he was a prosecutor in the city of philadelphia. he served and iraq. he is very ambitious. he was going to run for congress in 2006, when joe sestak who retired from the navy decided to come back to his home town in the district, where he had lived for many years, and run for congress. he did a phenomenal job of fund raising. rahm emanuel and other party elders told lentz to go away. we've got someone with a lot of money. so he is a moderate democrat. -- macho democrat. lentz ran for the state house and was there for a couple of terms.
10:44 pm
the republican candidate is pat meehan. he was the u.s. attorney for southeastern pennsylvania. he made several major convictions for political corruption. he has great credentials. he is a local boy with deep roots. he was the party candidate for district attorney and delaware county. he has a lot of experience as a political operative. he ran the campaign's of arlen specter when arlen specter was a republican, and the very conservative rick santorum. he is very well connected. >> one of the reasons that this raises some interesting is because it is a taste test for
10:45 pm
the messaging that republicans are trying to put across in these types of districts that that think our left. -- you have to help me get a job. they are out of work and they worry about, we're i'm going to find the next opportunity -- where my going to find the next opportunity? >> the stock market went through the roof and a lot of people met a lot of money. but there was not enough focus on the jobs. at particularly jobs here. >> the seventh congressional district is unique in that it has been a republican strong loan -- stronghold since the civil war.
10:46 pm
delaware county is right outside philadelphia. it includes ethnically diverse old pork times -- old port towns. republicans have an engine the district but it is shrinking. -- at an age in the district but it is shrinking. delaware county which is 70% of the district has been voting for democrats in national and state races for a long time now. the representative from the seventh district is running for the senate and creating the open sea. he is the first democrat in 26 years to have won election there. the democrat that preceded him was from the watergate era. it took watergate to get another
10:47 pm
democrat in there. >> you add to that the fact that these are two good candidates, and that makes this exciting. when you run for congress, these areas -- these rosset -- these races are won and lost -- a cost about half a million per week to be on the air. this could really come down to who has the more compelling narrative to put on tv. >> for more information on our coverage of the midterm elections, visit our web site c- >> the two candidates running in pennsylvania seventh district appeared on local philadelphia stations. this is 20 minutes.
10:48 pm
>> this is in dc-10 -- nbc10 @ issue. >> a lesson day, 2010. who will be the next u.s. represented in pennsylvania's seventh district and what will that mean for jobs, taxes, national security, and health care? good morning. democratic congressman joe sestak is running for the senate and did not seek reelection in the seventh district. with me running for the open seat of the democratic and republican candidates. democratic bryan lentz and republican pat meehan. the election is seen by many as a referendum on president obama and the last 21 months. when he took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, the deficit of about one trillion
10:49 pm
dollars, a situation where the economy was declining at a 6% annual rate. given that this was the greatest recession since the great depression, why is it unreasonable to say that the president and congress that supported him should be given not more than 21 months? >> i want to thank you for being here to talk about the issues. i am talking to business people who are trying to figure out how to create more jobs. there is the uncertainty that has been driven by the actions of this particular congress. the congress that nancy pelosi has led, the one that my opponent is deeply attached to it. the real issue is business people not knowing what is coming in. i've been a prosecutor and i get the feel for the pain that people have. i can understand it and i understand the concern they have with the joblessness. what is happening is not working. we have spent $800 billion of
10:50 pm
the stimulus and still have to% unemployment. >> glenn hubbard is the head of the columbia business school. he has been critical of president bush. apparently he did not listen to mr. hubbard. now he is criticizing for the obama and says that america is close to a disruptive pinnacle. >> the destructive tipping. i think he is referring to is the national debt. it is a major problem. neither party has faced it in congress. in delaware county and the seventh district, it is a choice between pat meehan and, who had an economic plan the other day that at over $20 trillion to the deficit. his plan would add over one trillion dollars, that is the tipping point. i want to talk about resolutions, making sure that capital is available.
10:51 pm
it is the number-one issue for business. >> let me pick up on what has been brought up. the stimulus. it is important to the congressional budget office in the second quarter of this year that the stimulus actually make sure that the unemployment rate was 1.8% lower than that would have been. >> talking to people right now who are out of jobs and see if it works. we are $800 billion more in debt. we have a new generation that has to pay that off. and people are still waiting in the unemployment lines. we created the circumstances with the same policies that have been coming out of this congress. brian is trying to distance himself but he adopted the same policies that created the uncertainty. they're worried about congress is going to do on labor issues and cap and trade. >> on the stimulus, was a
10:52 pm
smartly targeted? >> as with anything the government does, it was far from perfect. but the teachers and school district received a 22% increase in funding as a result of this, ask the hospitals which were the number one employers in the seventh congressional district. if pat said he would go to washington and vote against things that help the seventh district. if you are interested in that that, why are you advocating an economic plan that will add to that. i've not late of a single thing that he would cut the save the deficit. >> tell us what you would do in headline fashion to get jobs and. >> the first thing is to get back capital small-business is. businesses throughout delaware county and the seventh district are pleased to do things, to purchase equipment, to hire employees. let's get that capital flowing.
10:53 pm
that is why the small business credit act that they just passed is important. innovation -- the only way to compete overseas is not making things cheaper but making things better. we did better tax credits and grants and programs that exist. innovation. an employee training. we need to make sure we have the best trained and best educated. giving companies an incentive to train their own employees and hire and give people the skills. and equipment purchases -- we ought to say that people can take a one under% right of -- a 100% right off. those things should be done immediately. to employersing that need ways to have demand created for their products and services. you talk about creating a payroll tax holidays, keeping money in your pocket and allow small-business owners to keep their doors open.
10:54 pm
i discussed the idea of creating real incentives for investors that will allow them to take capital gains write-off. take the risk right now. the biggest factor is to hold down the cost of government. looking at the out-of-control spending, one of the things being replacing the health care so that we can create a sense of certainty for business people to create investment. >> let's talk about this. if we're spending too much as a nation in our federal government, if you would cut all discretionary spending, you at best will eliminate the annual deficit. some say it will only half it. what would you cut? >> we're taking that dollars currently being spent and take the stimulus dollars that have not been spent. let's take the dollars that have been spent right now for the bailout and put them back into the reducing the deficit.
10:55 pm
i have talked about going across the board and doing firm budgeting in every instance. that is one place to begin. let's make sure that dollars are being spent smartly and appropriately and for the things they should be. >> you have to locate everything. everything has to be on the table. pat said that he would cut the stimulus already in the t.a.r.p.. he has not identified a single program that he would cut. i would look at defense. i think secretary gates has done her heroic job of working with the defense budget. it is the biggest item on discretionary spending. >> what might be cut and a moment. more ahead. stay tuned.
10:56 pm
>> you are watching nbc 10. >> we're back. the seventh congressional district looks like an upside kite. because the parts of montgomery county and upper back marion. with. democrats bryan lentz and republican pat meehan. up what defense spending. we spend about $3 billion a year in 2000 under president clinton. we're up to $600 billion. should we go back to the clinton era level? >> you cannot be serious about tackling the debt and deficit if you're not willing to take on the defense industry and to finance defense spending. we spend a hundred billion
10:57 pm
dollars a year in afghanistan. we could revolutionize the rail system serves the northeast. i think we should make that goal. >> we are in afghanistan because of osama bin laden. the fact of the matter is, no one is against taking a real look at defense spending. i looked at it earlier on with the base realignment commission coming together. they make sure that they were educating and principal cuts in defense. they made sense. i do not mind looking at defense cuts but we're going to fight for the things they were. i'm going to fight tooth and nail to get one program in this region. >> this is an era of tough choices. the be-22 was made in the seventh district. one person said that it cannot be used in hot weather or cold weather or sand. the list of what the osprey can i do is longer than what it can.
10:58 pm
it looked at the iraq mission reports and said that we need to look for alternatives. i know it is here and a lot of good people work on it but is it the best use of taxpayer money? >> those that use it the most that are on the line, the marines and the soldiers in the theater of war. it is proving itself on the battle line. the military themselves are asking for. >> the chairman of the on services committee criticized us for suggesting cutting any defense funding. he is medically to his economic plan that that's over -- billions of dollars to the deficit. who is in a better position to defend the osprey or the czech -- chinook? the marines are using it in afghanistan because it is good and because it helps.
10:59 pm
as a former infantry officer, i can make the argument in congress as why the chinook and the osprey should be preserved, and i can make the same argument. >> he came up and talk to me about that and his position that he would not cut funding. but i am not afraid to take this on. i'll have to disagree on that. >> do you not have the courage or you genuinely believe that the v-22, people criticize did not having maneuverability under fire, is the best -- and the f- 16 did not have this. >> the reason that it is a good piece of equipment is because of vertical insertion being a key ability and terrain like afghanistan. afghanistan.


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