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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  October 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i think this is part of the way it has to work. >> to understand that people thk it is-? -- you undstand that people negative?s >> it when the ads on issues are false. congressman toomey as a guy is a good person. i have had a beer with him. that was after we debated. you are right. >> we are quickly running out of time. gun laws in this country, do you like where they are? would you like to see more or less?
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>> i think the second amendment is a fundamental right. i always have. it is spelled out in the second amendment of t constitution. this is pretty high up. it is important to me. i am glad to have the endorsement of the nra. this is something and joe differ on. i think law-abiding citizens and not have their legitimate rights to fire arms constrained. . . . . forcing it in some places. >> i lived my entire military career with weapons. i know how to use them. i know how they should be used.
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i have defended the second amendment for 31 years. those 1 million hunters that go out for the family tradition, whether it is for hunting or self-defense, and they must be able to have the right always protected. i also know that back in the mid-90's when military weapons were banned, the death of law enforcement officers by the weapon dropped by 20%. i think criminals should have steady aim and they would never get a gun. laws?
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>> if i could respond to this. >> i'm the candidate you has the endorsement of the pennsylvania state troopers. my record in support of the second amendment. and the support of law enforcement and being tough on crime. >> look, they supported what i said. >> time for closing statements. you are first. >> thank you all for tonight event. thank you. two days ago we stood in the national constitution center. the above as were those words were protected for 21 years. it is we the people, not leave the corporations. we --the corporations. it is about the people. as i went through the backroads
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comment that if you to invest in the middle class and lets small businesses prosper, watch out china. i loved being in the military. i loved serving after it helped my daughter. i would ask for your vote. i would ask you to come out and vote no matter who you vote for, to honor those men and women. they are serving our nation in war today. come out and vote on behalf of them. >> thank you. thank you. i just believe strongly that our federal government it off on the wrong track. for the last four years coming sestak joe has supported and attended that has nationalized industries with a staggering amount of spending and unaffordable deficits and debts
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and government run health care. if he is argued it should go further. it is preventing us from having an economic recovery. i am very bullish on america. i believe we can have a strong recovery. we can restore prosperity. we will do with job growth. we need to clear away these steps. -- threats. spending is not under control. we need to have lower taxes so it can maximize incentives. i would appreciate your vote to we can turn things around. >> thank you very much. thanyou at home for watching this. do not forget to vote on election day. thank you for theol who wrote in their questions. we greatly appreciated.
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election day is drawing near. do not forget to vote. thank you. we will see you later. good night. [captiong performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> next, president obama at a campaign rally with harry reid in las vegas and then at 7:00 a.m. washington journal. >> live from denver, the
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colorado senate debate beginning at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> now, president obama takes part in a get out the vote rally. this is the president's third visit to las vegas this year. the senator is in a tight race against republican sharon engle. ♪ ♪ clear clear
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>> thanksgiving for being here. flu >> i see search light represented. we have some people representing this area.
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>> i want to thank the student and teachers here, especially the principal here. my wife and i are products of the clark county school system. five of my grandchildren went to public school in clark county and right now, 11 of my
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grandchildren are attending public school in nevada. i know how smart the kids are and know we need to move them along. >> we'll do everything we can to make sure our kids have everything we can did to make it possible. it starts with this. no one is going to threaten to take away the department of education. you see the department of education is so important to fund schools just like orr.
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it helps kids from orr be able to afford to go to college. >> there's been talk this week talking about what this person or that person looks like. i know each of you look like a nevada an to me. flu we are fighting a tough fight.
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there are three important issues on my mind and on your mind. jobs, jobs, and more jobs. the single most important of my job is to create jobs. we have a long ways ago, let me give you some good news. a few hours ago, we announced a huge highway job. it's going to create tens of thousands of jobs. it will ease traffic in the middle of las vegas. there's more goodness. i was present when we had the
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president of the mayor of china and a company in china bringing 1,000 jobs to nevada. they've already leased the properties and signed the deal. they are going to build lez lights and wind mills. that's the opposite of my opponent who wants to ship jobs overseas. >> the commissioner of transportation was here and said we are going to have a train from south california to nevada.
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that will bring 35,000 jobs. renewable energy jobs. those jobs my opponent mocks and calls designer jobs. thousands of are in progress now. sun, wind, geothermal. this week we were able to announce joint power from the north to the south part of the state. we'll be able to sell that power to energy hungry california we
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announced that significant number of schools and churches will be supplied with solar energy.
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share angle says the unemployed are spoiled and social security recipients are on welfare. again, these are her words, not mine. she's someone whose foreign policy strategy consists of taking your job and shipping it overseas. her message is this, when the going gets tough, the american middle class is on their own. you've heard some of her ideas. like phasing out social security and medicare. those are her words, not mine. they are not regulated enough,
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she says. no, in fact they are too regulated. the cause of the bp oil spill t are worst. privatizing the veteran's
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administration. doing away with the department of energy education. doing away with the epa. she doesn't believe insurance companies should be required to give mammograms -- to pay for mammograms or colonoscopies, offer cover autism. i've heard what she wants. she wants to take the country back her point town newspaper
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endorsed me or her home town mayor, a republican who endorsed me. her home town senator who endorsed me. here is a post card i got from an everyday nevada an. she said, if sharon angel is elected, we'll be walking
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backward into the future. we don't want to take the country back, we want to take the country forward. i can't do it alone. i need your help.
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something special reminding us we are all in this together our job as sit accidents didn't end with the elections. you don't get back on your feet unless you stand up. today, i have three simple requests of you. first, go vote.
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tell your family and friends to vote. knock on doors. finally and third, i want e here to give a good nevada welcome to someone who visited our state 22 times during the run for the presidency. a man i work closely with the president of the united states, barack obama. [applause]
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hello vegas. it is good to be back in vegas. it is good to be back in nevada. i am fired up. are you fired up?
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tli a couple of folks i want to make mention it. first of all, congresswoman shelly berkley is in the house. an outstanding woman deana titus is here. senate majority leader, former governor bon bob miller is here. my dear friend, my senator from illinois, dik derbon is here to help his partner, harry reid. i want to say to all the people from orr school, thank you for your hospitality.
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thank you. whenever i'm coming to investigate as, suddenly a whole bunch of my staff want to come with me. i've already told them they have to obey themselves. the main reason you are fired up. because in just 11 days, you have a chance to set the direction of this state and this country. not just the next five or ten years but the next several decades.
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if i'm going to be able to live out the dreams of the snashths i want to have a partner in the senate named harry reid. harry reid does the right thing.
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>> things don't always work out perfect perfectly he is always thinking, how am i gonna give the folks in nevada a better shot at life. and so, i want everybody here to
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understood what is at stake. i appreciate everybody saying obama. i want everybody to say harry reid! harry! harry! harry! harry! >> that's right. i need part unders like harry and tina and shelly. look, it all depends on you. just like in 2008, you can defy the wisdom
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>> there's no doubt this is going to be a typical election nobody has been hit harder than nevada. things were tough before the crisis hit. between 2001-2009, average middle class families in america
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lost 5% of income when the republicans were in charge you saw the cost of health insurance go up health insurance go up, tomb jobs shipped overseas. too many folks working two and three jobs their theory was you cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and cut taxes for
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families to fend for themselves that was their theory. >> the no month after that. we loss almost 8 million jobs before my policies and harry reids were put into affect.
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although we are proud to be democrats, we are prouder to be american. [applause] >> i know there are a whole bunch of republicans out there that feel the same way. they realize what a big mess they have made. we have skrued up so bad, it's going to take a long time before the housing market really recovers. our best bet instead of trying to help obama and harry reid, we are going to sit on the side lines and just say no to everything.
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their theory is that people will forget that we were the ones to cause this. they are basically betting on all of you having am knees ia they are hoping you might forget who got us in this mess in the first place you have not forgotten. we have not forgeten. that is the choice we have in this election. we have a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and the policies to get us out. we have a choice between the
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past and the future. falling backwards and moving forward, a choice between hope and fear. i don't know about you, i want to move forward. of the republican committee was asked, what would you do if you went whack to congress. he says we are going to do the exact same thing, pursue the exact same agenda before we took office. their policy is the worst and they want to go back to that same policy. does that make any sense to you? they could have gone off to the
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desert. that's not what happened. they want to do the same things they did before. why would we buy that now? we are not going to imagine the economy is a car and the republicans drove this car into a ditch. and it was a really deep ditch. they drove away and left the car down in the ditch.
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we went down into the ditch. it was muddy and hot. we had to make sure we got that car out of the ditch. we are pushing and pushing. the republicans are sitting there siping on a slur pay fanning themselves. they say, no. and then they kicked some more dirt down into a ditch.
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we kept on pushing. finally, we get things pointed in the right direction. we feel this tap. it's the republicans. they say, excuse. we'd like the keys back. we tell them. you can't have the keys back. you don't know how to drive. if you want, you can ride with us but you got to ride in the backseat. we are putting middle class
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families in the front seat where they belong. you ever notice if you want to go forward in your car, you put it in d. when you want to go backwards, you put it in r. i want to go forward. i want to go foerdz. because of the steps we have taken we no longer face a depression. a lot of folks are seeing homes
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loose a lot of values. it keeps me up at night and harry reid up at night. it keeps us up at night. neither of us were born with a silver spun in our mouth. we were working folks. government is not the answer to all our problem we believe in the words of lincoln, the government should do for people what they cannot do for themselves. we believe in america to invest
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in the future of its people and the education of our children and the skill of our worker. in america, where we look at one another. i am my brother's keeper, i am my sister's keeper. that's the choice in this election. if we give back, we want to give back to companies here in america. clean energy, solar panels built here. wind turbines built here, we want electric cars built here in
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the united states by american workers. if the other side gets the keys they want to give a $700 billion tax cut to the top 2%. they don't have the money. the only way to get it is to cut education from china in the 21st century, the country that educates the best, south korea or germany or india, they are not playing for second place.
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neither does the united states. we play for america. that's why democrats and congress helped to take away tens of billions of dollars going to banks they gifted those to fund college scholar ships millions of young people. that's the choice that we face. families discern relief.
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they promised to roll back congress reform or healthcare reform. that's the old way of doing business. we have a new way. we are moving forward. we are not moving backward. i just came into las vegas airport. we are doing work there putting
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people back to work because of harry reid, deana and shelly. we need to continue with the best infa structure. and by the way making sure social security is still there that's a choice in this election. we have some big problems. the same special interest we have been battling for the last
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two years, they are fighting back hard. they are powering hundreds of millions into a bunch of phoney front groups running some negative ads. you don't even know who is running these ads. they have you'll these names like "americans for prosperity." "mothers for mother hood." i made up that last one. we don't know who is funding them. is it the oil industry, the insurance industry, speculators. they won't tell you. they won't say. they don't want you to know this
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is not just a threat to democrats but a threat to democracy. the only way to fight it is with the millions of choizs all those who fought for change in 2008, we have to fight for change in 2007 you can go line up now to vote. sdont wait.
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if everybody shows up in 2010 that showed up in 2008, we will win this election. so many of you got involved for the first time. you understood we were in a defining moment of our history we've been grinding out change dealing with the new yorks you can't crowd. you think back to election night
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two years ago the inauguration and beyonce was singing. that was so much fun. the work to bring about actual change is so hard. you may get discouraged and loose heart. you see someone in your family that still doesn't have a job and you think maybe what i did didn't matter. because of what you did, there's somebody in nevada able to get cancer treatment without mortgaging their house. because of what you did, there's a small business owner who kept their doors open in the face of
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the recession. because of what you did, there's someone going to work today to ai that construction site. there's a child today getting healthcare. there's thousands of brave mend women who have come back from iraq. because of what you did, america is a better place. we are just in the first quar r quarter. this country was founded when 13
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colonies pushed together. we hold these truths to be self evident. they are endowed with certain unalienable rights. nobody believed that the slafs could be freed except they believed. folks didn't believe women could win the right to show except women believed. nobody believes we could get workers right but they believed. we got civil rights because somebody out there believes. imagine if i turn our grandparents and great
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grandparents. somebody is saying something mean about me. you would not be here today. we got through war and depression. we have made this more because somebody somewhere has been able to stand up in the face of uncertainty. that is how change has come. that's the spirit we have to restore in 2010. if all of you have going to go out and vote if you are talking to friends and neighbors we are
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going to restore the american dream, the vegas dream with harry reid. god bless you. god bless america. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> our troubled economy isn't news. paychecks are flat, home values are falling. it's hard to pay for gas or groceries. your credit card probably raised your rates.
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you are paying more for health insurance that is covering less and less. flu >> this was the moment when we ended the war and secured our nation and secured our nation. >> next, live, your calls and
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comments on washington journal and abc news leads a discussion on midterm elections comparing and contrasting the house of representatives. the rules that run parliament and congress sunday on q&a. we'll talk with christian dorsey


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