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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  July 15, 2011 4:30pm-6:30pm EDT

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between now and november 2012 between the parties. whoever the republican nominee is, we are going to have a big, serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide america forward and when the future --win the future. i am confident i and i am confident that we will win the debate because we have the better approach. but in the meantime, for everyone's a while we can sit down and do something that actually helps the american people right now. >> you consider raising the debt ceiling fairly routine, but at this point is economic, garden. how can you get any agreement with congress? >> -- it is economic armageddon. how can you get any agreements
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with congress? >> i will keep working hard on it and i hope that this debate has focused the american people's attention a bit more and will subject congress to scrutiny. i think increasingly, the american people will say to themselves, you know what, if a party or politician is constantly taking the position constantly taking the position of, "my way or the highway ," constantly been locked into ideologically rigid positions, then we will remember that at the polls. it is cumulative. the american people are not paying attention to the details of every aspect of this negotiation, but what they are paying attention to is, who seems to get something done? and who is posturing and scoring political points? i think it will be in the best interest of everybody who wants
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to serve in this town to make sure that they are on the right side of that impression. and that is, by the way, what i said in a meeting two days ago. i was very blunt. if i said the american people do not want to see a bunch of posturing. posturing. they do not want to hear a bunch of sound bites. what they want is for us to solve problems. and we have to remember that. that is why we were sent here. last question. >> mr. president, i wonder if you have seen any sign at these daily meetings that republicans are being more aligned with the american majority, or in the same place that they were in on monday? >> it is probably better for you to ask them how they are thinking. i do think that -- and i have said this before. speaker banner was in good faith trying -- speaker boehner was in
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good faith trying to see if he could get a big deal done. my hope is that after some reflection and after we have looked at all of the options that there may be some movement, some possibility, some interest to still get something more than the bare minimum done. the bare minimum done. but we are running out of time. that is the main concern at this point. we have enough time to do a big deal. i have reams of paper and redoubts and spreadsheets on my desk -- printouts and spreadsheets on my desk. we know how we can solve the -- a signal begin portion of the debt for a significant time frame. but in order to do that, we have to get started now. that is why i'm expecting answers from all of the congressional leaders sometime
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in the next couple of days. and i have to say this is tough on the democratic side, too. some of the things that i have talked about and said i would be willing to see happen, there are some democrats that think that is absolutely unacceptable. that is where i do the selling, trying to sell some of our party that if you are a progressive, you should be concerned about debt and deficit just as much as a conservative. and the reason is, the only thing that we are talking about over the next two years, five years, or more, is the only thing that we're talking about is the debt and deficit, then it is hard to get our kids in colleges and rebuild $two trillion worth of crumbling infrastructure. if you care about making investments in our kids and making an investment in
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infrastructure and basic research, then you should want our fiscal house in order. so that every time we propose an new initiative somebody does not just throw up their hands and say, oh, more big spending, more big government. it would be very helpful to us to be able to say to the american people that our fiscal house is in order. the question now is, what should we be doing to win the future and make ourselves more competitive and create jobs? whatever the government is doing that creates waste, we should eliminate it. thank you, guys. thank you, guys. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> this weekend on c-span, live
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from salt lake city, the nation's governors look at the nest -- lessons of 9/11. look for live coverage saturday at 5:30 p.m. eastern and sunday at 1:30 p.m. eastern. the national governors association this weekend online come on c-span radio, and on c- span. >> this is the members from here at the library of congress. a private room for senators and house members. if they can also have their personal records held here at the library. how many congressional records are there? you will find out in c-span's original documentary, "the library of congress" airing this monday night. we will tour the iconic jefferson building, the great hall and the reading room. we will look at treasured collections, including the original thomas jefferson library, and papers from george
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washington to calvin coolidge. discover hidden secrets in the collection and the technology to hold and preserve the collection. the library holds the personal records of over 900 current and former members of congress. >> the c-span networks provide coverage of politics, public affairs, nonfiction books, and american history. it is available on television, radio, online, and social networking media sites. find our content any time through the c-span video library. and we take c-span on the road with our of digital bus and local content vehicles. it is washington your way, the c-span networks. now available in more than 100 million homes, created by cable and provided as a public service. >> more now on the debt and
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deficit negotiations. house republican conference secretary john carter talked this morning. we will show you as much of this as we can until the national governors association gets under way around 5:00 p.m. eastern. >> "washington journal" continues. host: on your screen is congressman john carter, republicans of texas, and as i mentioned before the break, he is a member of the house appropriations committee and also serves as secretary leadership position to the republican conference in the house. well, there's a headline, congressman, on politico, panicky hill scramble for deal. are you feeling a sense of panic about the situation? guest: there's a lot of tension. you can't deny theension that is everywhe. a lot of the debate is taking place behind closed doors. many people are wondering at's going on. th read the paper just like you do, and don't feel sometimes that they know what's
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happening, and we're coming up on the deadline that, if you believe certain pundits, is a pretty serious deadline. type well, thas th thing i wanted to have your understanding of. if i go through the editorial pages and the opinion pages today, we have a number of pundits, as you suggest, that this is -- this is a real waterloo for the country, nation taken to the limit, it says, the failure of the republicans and democrats to reach a deal would be an unmistakable symbol of how an increasingly dysfunctional system can no longer manage partisan differences mh that's a political analysis. but you see all kinds of concerns. the treasury secretary has suggested that our full faith and credit would be tested. we pay more because our bond ratings would be lowered. but then you have people arguing on the arg i'd, disarm the democrats onebt. you can take the default, social security, military pay off the table. and arguing, such as this one, deficiencies plague debt limit
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talks. the notion that leaving the debt limit intact will trigger defat is another monstrous lie designed to bamboozle the american public. how concerned are you about this actual debt limit and what its impact would be? guest: wl, what really underlines all this is the lack of trust, and obviously because we hide theall a lot of times, because there are false statements made out of washington, the lack of trust for the american people for washington, d.c., it's amazingly bad. they don't trust the treasury department to be telling them the truth about the debt limit. and they say, how do you know, you've never tried. and you hear these people -- just on your call-in just a little while ago, there's a big reserve out there that we should know about. people have all these false impressions, many of them false, and some of them confusing, which cau them to not trust the reports that come from all branches of the
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government, but particularly congress. host: what is your understanding of what will happen? guest: my understanding is if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we're going to reach a point -- it may be in august, and i'm no economist, and i'm as much in the dark on exactly what would happen as the ordinary citizen, and honestly, most people, with the exception of out of trained economists over there, are in the same mode. but the question is, what will happen? probably we will he to start choosing who we pay and don't pay. we don't have to threaten our elderly with social security. that is a political ploy. that political ploy has been used up here most of my lifetime. they're going to accuse their opponents of taking it away. that's just the way it works up here, and that's not good policy. but the bottom line is, some
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things will be changed. we will be to the point where, because we have been running this government now historically for quite a few years, by barring money to spend on projects we approve, and that barring is about -- what is it, about 40% now of everything which we have up here, and so we reached the point where we spend our revenues and we have to have money to fin, a project. so one of the things that has to be faced is the debt service and the bond and the debt of our country ait comes due. i' been told, i don't know this for a fact, that we're going to have to rework quite a few hundreds of billions of doars worth of bonds in the month of august, which would be abou $500 billion worth of extra spending or extra funds we would have to put out. and the issue, the real issue is everybody pretty much agrees if we don't extend the debt service, the debt limit, we're
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going to see a raise in interest rates. host: all right, so if that's your understanding, and you have the vote, what's your -- what is your bottom line? how important is finding a solution to you? guest: well, i came here almost 10e years ago with the attitude we need to change the direction of what's going on up here and quit spending money we don't have, and the vast majority of new freshmen that were elected this year came up saying that their goal was to change the direction that this country's going, and all we're trying to do is say, the way we change direction is quit spending money we don't have. therefore, let's start dealing with some of this money that we're spending, and let's start cutting back on spending, and we're asking, i think that it changes the way america works by starting to reduce spending as a redirection or the
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extension of the debt cling. host: john carter spent 20 years as a judge in texas before coming to congress. and in fact, his twitter handle is @judgecarter. we're going to go to phone calls for him and continue our conversation with you about the negotiations in washington over the debt ceiling. let's begin with a call from spartanburg, south carolina. walter is a democrat. you're on for the congressman. caller: hey, john. how yo doing, sir? est: doing well, thank you. caller: i have two points. my one point is we're giving $850 million a week to the top 2% and we're going to take that out of medicare. that's not really fair as far as i can see. and my other point is, on september 10, 2001, donald rumsfeld came out and said we lost $2.3 trillion at the pentagon. has anyone even checked to see where that money is at? we really need to find that money and straighten out a little bit there. what can we do about it, john?
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guest: your second question is my understanding is the oversight committee is looking into those statements about misdirected funds or lost funds at the pentagon. that was quite a while back now. buttill, i'm an old judge, if things look like they're bad, you ought to look at it pretty closely because they probably are bad. that definitely needs to be tracked down to find out where the money went. i don't understand the statement that we're giving $800 billion or whatever your nuer was to the top people. i assume you're talking about tax cuts. or tax breaks in some form or fashion. i don't dispe that, but it doesn't sound like something that i know that we're actually giving money to the top bracket. i honestly think we need to -- but now is not the time. we don't have the time to do it now, but we need to completely rework how we tax ourselves.
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but you can't load taxes on the american public and expect this country to recover. that has been proven as a way to just throw you into the doldrums in your economy. and quite honestly, you can look back at history, and the best way you can make this world work is get the private sector hiring people. host: st. joe, missouri. angela, a republican. good morning tousm you're on with the congressman. caller: good morning, sir. how are you? guest: i'm doing just fine. caller: have you ever scratched your head, sir, and asked yourself why it is that president barack obama continues to want to keep spending money that we do not have? he has increased discretionary spending 24%, and we are now nearly -- our debt is nearly the size of our entire economy, and it's just going to kill job creation. have you ever stopped to think, sir, that perhaps barack obama
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wants a debt crisis? the people out here who call in to this c-span channel who are democrats don't even understand why republicans have stated that they want to -- they do not want barack obama to have a second term. they don't understand why people say that. and the reason is because he's destroying our country, and you guys have got to hold his feet to the fire and cut spending. because in a fewears, we're going to have a complete meltdown, and all these people callinin and crying about their social security and stuff aren't going to have it anymore. and they don't understand that, and the media is not telling them that, and the democrats are not telling them the truth. and our country is in trouble. host: thank you, angela. guest: an jell, you've got lots of opinions in that short statement. of course, i am a republican, and i believe it's a free market that's the solution to the problem, and i believe that we need to cut back on spending every place we can, and i want
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to, othe issue of the entitlement, social security, and medicare, the's no proposal. you know, the only group in washington that has an actual budget that has been passed by any of the entities here is the house of representatives. the house budget, some call it the ryan budget. it's really the house republican budget, which was overwhelmingly adopted in the house of representatives. its target is to save medicare and to save social security, because they will tell you, both of those programs are going to go broke. and to do it without touching the benefit of those people who are in either one of those programs, and also touching the benefits of anybody that's at an age in which the age is 55 and up, wherehey are planning, plans on them getting that. but we do want to make sure
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that the folks in their 30's and their 20's who are working and paying into these programs have those programs there when they reach the age, and therefore, we got this to make some intelligent adjustments to those programs. host: your governor, rick perry and the governor of south carolina have a piece they authored together printed in "the washington post" this morning a pledge washington lawmakers would do well follow, they say there's a three-part solution to this. we oppose an increase in the federal debt limit unless three common-sense cditions are met -- host: you are a cosponsor of the balanced budget legislation. why is the time right now? gut: i don't think it's ever been closer to right now. i think most people know we had a balanced budget amendment vote back in the 1990's, and
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that failed by one senator's vote. and that was -- and that was the -- that was because there was turmoil in the economy at that time. we are way past that level of turmoil in this particular situation. the truth is many of us sll believe that operating their budget, like businessmen operate their budget, is actually the right way for us to operate t government. don't spend the money you don't have. you just got to learn to live within your means. and if we don't examine things that way, the accounting procedures that taking up here, and i'm no accountant, but they're about as confusing as anything you could possibly think about. we need to get back to:sense operations in this government, which means ife got a spendi proem that's capped our spending, reducing our spending, just like you would
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do with your own budget. let's cut the spending that's currently on the books and try to get it back to a reasonable level of providing services and the needs, but not overproviding or overspending and not wasting money, and let's make it constitutional. host: let me just approach the question from a tactical point of view. "the wall street journal" editorial page, on your side of the debate in most of these thingssaid on this week that the timing for this would give -- it's not goingo pas it would give the democts in the house a chance to vote for it, to go into the election saying -- guest: i read that. host: so, from a tactical point of view, is it the right time? guest: well, nothing in this town happens if 's not politics. so you look at everything both through a political view and through a country view.
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quite honestly, there's quite a few in the senate that are going to be up for election this time that are getting control is important to the republican party, so we can move our agenda. and we'll give them what was voted on for the balanced budget. that's politics. at some point in time, we have to -- in my opinion, we have to do what's right even if, unfortunately, it gives people a fse -- a declaration that they've done something that they really don't stand for. host: "washington times" has a big story on the politics page about the g.o.p. push for the balanced budget amendment. earlier, we showed you a clip from speaker boehner yesterday, reiterating his support. a quote from steny highwayer on the other -- steny hoyer on the other side said, by making it historically difficult to raise revenue or raise the debt ceiling in order to pay our bills, the republican amendment would impose severe hardships on millions of americans.
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guest: i disagree with mr. hoyer. i don't think -- to call balancing your budget a republican policy, then the whole world, except the government, operates on a republican policy, and i don't think he wts to vender that ground to us. but the truth is everyone else, including business and human beings, they are forced to go and follow a balanced budget. you know, if you went to your banker -- and i talked to a community banker yesterday, and you said, i need a line of credit for a million dolrs for my business next year, he said, wel you maxed out all your credit cards, you've already borrowed more than you can afford to pay, and you're missing payments, why do you think that we should -- and the only way you can make your payments is when you borrow money from me to make your interest payments. you're in a position where it's untenable for your business. we're not going to loanou the money.
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that is the issue that the american businessman and the american that sits at their breakfast table talks about finances. the only place in the world where you could not have to worry about running up your credit limit seems to be waington, d.c.. host: st.t. petersburg, florida a michael. caller: thank you for taking my call. you dinot have to be an economist to understand what is going to happen if we do not raise the debt limit. these are funds that we have already spent. you can take the words directly from timothy geithner's mouth speaking about what happened in this event, and it would effect social security.
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it would be saudi arabia and china that would be getting paid. it would be our state workers, our fire fighters, our teachers, our policemen, and our elderly that would be effected. we talk about taxes a lot. what is wrong with going back to the clinton days of taxes? things are going very well. i think everyone can agree on that. this is what we are talking about going back to. ronald reagan did the biggest tax breaks, and the largest tax hikes. tax breaks -- there is a place for them. is great for the economy, but you have to roll back so it does the effect the economy. you have to roll back to the taxes that were there. if we are not talking about going back to 1940. we are doing these -- we are
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talking about a simple 3% raise and corporate rates. this is not new stuff. host: let's get a response. guest: you have a lot there. i have a memory that starts at the tail end. i do not think even the democrats are proposing raising corporate rates, because frankly, everybody including mr. geiger, is acknowledging that our corporate rates are the highest in the world, and we are basically at a competitive disadvantage in the world economy. even democrat's plans that are being proposed on the hill are talking about lowering corporate rates. the fact that you are saved by the actions of not raising the debt ceiling we have to take it from the social security
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recipients, that is just not correct. the executive branch -- they are the chief executive of this country. they make the choices as to who they will take the money from. if the president feels like the appropriate place to do it is from the elderly, i disagree with him. i think there are plenty of other places we can go to reduce what we will have to have been read it does not have to be done -- have. it does not have to be done on the back of the elderly, which the president suggested. it is his choice where we make the spending cuts. he has to make that decision. that is a choice that gets made by them, and they can go lot of other places, and, quite honestly, i would like to see legislation passed that in these fights and debates we
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protect social security, taking care of the health care of all elderly that earned it, and the pay of our military. so, we have a differt view of the world. host: the next call is from ohio. this is bill, a republican. good morning. caller: i would like to start off by saying first of all the time a life-long republican, but not for long. i will be leaving the republican party. why? i fee this republican agenda is mply immoral. if it goes against any religious teachings. the republicans keep saying we need cuts, cuts cuts. i hear president obama saying we will did you cuts, but we want an increase in taxes on the wealthy, yet the republicans say
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no. all we want is a sacrifice by the elderly, the court, and the middle class. that is simply immoral, representative. we see it in places like ohio where they're trying to cut wages and benefits for average workers. what are republicans going to man up and say the wlthy need to pay more? they are doing extremely well. average americans have lost wages, benefits. the republican agenda is wrong. i wish some republicans would stand up and say that. guest: i completely disagree. if you are a lifelong republican, you have changed your mind and adopted the democrats talking points. other than that, i disagree with pretty much everything you have to sit. host: a gentleman by e-mail from illinois? --
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where will the jobs come from? guest: i am from texas. released a moratium, andtop the road blocks on drilling for oil and gas in our state, and we will reinstate its 200,000 jobs we lost. the government is interfering withprogress in the state of texas. we are very blessed to of the lowest on unplowed rate in the nation because of our free market policies it we have adopted. there are a lot of places where there are sitting to make sure that it looks fair, and there is no confusing world coming at all white. then all will start to invest in the future of our profits. >> congressman, as you kw, for
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many years, this your asks us by twitter -- i will agree with you. whatever is the deficit quite a bit. that is a painful vote for me. -- we have raised the deficit quite a bit. that is a painful vote for me. i believe we always to the country and the view that people realize that we are doing things we cannot afford to do. we need to start making changes in how we spend our money. we have the same that we use in the courtroom. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. well, for the last eight years, which have been spending more than we make, and we have not seen different results. we will not see different
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results and so we start acting like responsible citizens, both in the government, as well as what you have to do back home when you have a debt crisis. host: the next call is susan, hanover, pa.. she is dead in the time. -- she is an independent. caller: the reason we are facing this debt, all these people ha voted to have these bills. these bills exist. they need to be paid. they were all for these bills to create this debt, not to mention the amount of time we have been in war. the amount of time we have been in war has overwhelmingly been voted for by the bush administration. that is where our amount of debt has risen. unbeknownst to the american
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people, we did not really know that we were borrowing billions of dollars in china, and could not pay $1 bet. they decided to put the saudi in debt. my question is, why are these -- why aren't these high almighty political people -- they are setting the american people up. they're taking advantage of us. now, there are striking against the lower and middle class people. the republicans want to pad their pocket. they do not want to do anything to make them pay their share. i wish the american people could strike a role making proposal. we could actually decide whether or not these characters, and i
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cannot even a complement them by saying there are politicians. they do not represent themselves as the brain sells. that act as if they're in junior high school. if any of them have to work for a fortune 100 company and meet their goals,nd be evaluated -- host: i think you made your point. congressman, there has been a lot of accusationsf child- behavior. -- childish behavior. you think both sides have been acting responsibly? guest: i think the walkout can sometimes be proceed that way. if you do negotiating the practices sometimes they call for one side or the other labor disputes, football disputes, you
5:05 pm
have people that act that way. maybe it is part of the strategy of making ur point. i disagree with the lady's comments. i know people on both sides of the aisle. there are people working it 17, 20 hour days, working diligently to get solutions to problems. it seems to be the national pastime -- i was surprised at how much diligence there is up here. it is unfortunate people always have to have someone to blame. sometimes, you have to op. even if the past haunts you,
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>> we are going to leave this conversation now to take you live to the governors' meeting at salt lake city, utah. the governors' association is bringing together leaders of u.s. states, commonwealth, and territories. this year's conference will focus on the state's role in supporting education, promoting innovation, and increasing u.s. competitiveness. the first forum focuses on the mutual interests of the u.s. and china.
5:07 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to officially open the u.s.-china governors forum. visit to theent's united states in january, hillary clinton and chinese foreign minister signed a memorandum of understanding supporting the establishment of a u.s.-china governors for rum. since then, the national governors' association has partnered to provide a forum in
5:08 pm
which governors could discuss such issues of mutual concern as trade and investment, and educational exchanges, and cooperation on energy and environment. those efforts have culminated into this meeting today. a truly historic meeting. an opportunity for us to hear from one another and exchange ideas. leaders tasked with finding new opportunities and finding new partnerships for the future. will your brief presentations on each of these topics by both u.s. and chinese governors and then we will open to the floor -- opened the floor to discussion. i would like to turn the program over. >> thank you.
5:09 pm
>> good afternoon. on behalf of the chinese people's association of friendship with foreign countries to welcome you. the state department, utah government, chinese foreign ministry, ministry of commerce, we have worked hard for this forum and provided active support. i would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all. >> i would like to call up two
5:10 pm
individuals for greetings from president obama. i would like to call up the united states state department and the ambassador. >> on behalf of the president of the united states, he sends greetings to all of those attending the national governors' association the 2011 annual meeting. a positive constructive and cooperative relationship between the united states and china is essential to the success of both countries in the 21st century. closer engagement at the national level will build strategic trust and create new opportunities for our companies and workers.
5:11 pm
forearms -- forums help to strengthen our bilateral relationship. governors around the world share, and opportunities and challenges. working together, we can find areas of mutual cooperation that will draw our states, territories, and provinces closer together and help us build a brighter world for future generations. i congratulate you on the launch of the first ever united states- china governor forearm and wish all the best for a productive meeting. barack obama, president of the united states.
5:12 pm
>> i am honored to raise the message of congratulations to the governor's form. -- forum. i would like to extend my warm congratulations to delegates from both sides. over the past -- are exchanges -- china and u.s. have a 165 of sister cities. our exchanges have been expanding. this has not only contributed to
5:13 pm
local development and prosperity, but also boosted the growth of the overall china-u.s. relationship. i wish the four of success. -- forum success. [applause] >> we have much to talk about. let's go ahead and get started. we're going to focus on four major themes. trade and investment, energy,
5:14 pm
environment, and education. following are open and points, we will have a question and answer session with oliver governors. i would like to start with trade and investment. u.s. governors and chinese provincial leaders, as the chief executive officers of our respective states have a strong mutual interest in harmonious bilateral economic relations. our economies have become interdependent. according to the u.s. department of commerce data, china is the third largest u.s. export market, second largest export market for u.s. agricultural products, and has been our fastest-growing market for a decade. with u.s. exports growing by more than 450% since 2000. u.s. exporters have lost market share to competing nations during the same period it, according to the american chamber of commerce of shanghai. the u.s. population -- a growing
5:15 pm
chinese class of consumers that offers u.s. exports is exciting to create investment opportunities. likewise, u.s. states and territories stand ready to encourage and facilitate business investment in this country. u.s. affiliates of foreign companies employ 5.6 million people in 2010. importing an annual payroll of $408.5 billion. an average salary per u.s. employee of about 70 prague -- $73,000. that is 33% higher than the average compensation level for domestic based companies. through ongoing dialogue and interaction, we must strive to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships between u.s. states and territories and chinese provinces to trade and
5:16 pm
investment opportunities. it should capture not only traditional business to business relationships, but also travel, tourism, and cultural exchanges. such opportunities and exchanges facilitate relationship building in trade and investment, which include securing partners to help parties navigate transactions. strong bilateral relationships among the u.s. and chinese public and private sectors also help us appreciate the riches we each rain and it would support a more predictable market environment where access to capital is strong, workforces are skilled and educated, and regulatory practices are transparent. a predictable market environment improves dab, improves trust, -- depth, improves trust.
5:17 pm
>> thank you. the chinese delegation is headed by a party secretary and the major members include the following. these provinces are located in the southeastern coastal area of china. they have their own strengths, a distinctive characteristics. to enable the audience to have a
5:18 pm
better understanding of those four provinces, they have made short films about their own provinces. trade and investment, the governor has made an introduction about the topic. for this topic, the chinese speaker is the party secretary. before his remarks, please watch a three-minute short film. >> located in the south of china's delta region is known for the cultural heritage and
5:19 pm
the beautiful west lake. more than 30 years rapid development has seen -- is one of china's strongest and most economically diverse economies and manufacturing powerhouses. it as much of its reputation to a private economy. more than 6 million people across china are doing business with 1.5 business meant realizing their ambitions abroad. it is also a standout for its modern manufacturing, clothing and textiles are enjoyed a worldwide. they are the newest engines of the economic growth. the province is famous for its
5:20 pm
commodities markets. largeste world's international market place. in 2010, the total market turnover reached $196 billion. it is best known to some for its exports oriented and economy. the total exports and imports is currently over $250 billion. for the past two years, the superport rent and the top, the world's four cargo volume. the development is owed it to the depth and strength of cultural heritage here. kolter and community blossom. -- culture and community
5:21 pm
blossom. it is a beautiful place to work, live, and a visit. the environmental law and attracts millions of international visitors every year. the vitality and its rapid ongoing development is the consequence of the help investment and business environment here. the flourishing trade, modern infrastructure, a modern masterpiece and success story. >> working hard to promote trade relations and closer investment
5:22 pm
relationships. >> of governors of the united states, france from the media, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. the chinese navigation have come to this city and we have stayed here for three days. in the past three days, we have experienced friendship and cooperation and hospitality. the first chinese-u.s. governor for on the initiative by leaders of two countries are being held in salt lake city.
5:23 pm
please let me extend our heartfelt thanks. warm congratulations on the opening of the forearm. -- forum. it is a step for words between china and the u.s. and promoting international cooperation. in our delegation, we have representatives from an eastern coastal area of china, central china, and western china. we could use this opportunity to work together with our friends in the united states for, and investment and to promote greater progress between the two countries.
5:24 pm
we will introduce to you about our respective provinces. i want to take this opportunity to brief you on trade and investments. it is located in the western coast of pacific and southeastern coastal area of china. it is one of the most developed provinces. we have contributed to more than 7% of china's economic growth every year in 2010. our exports are $185 billion. 11.5% of the china's total. that means of all the exports made in china, one time comes from our province. -- one-tenth comes from our
5:25 pm
province. it is also the third largest import. over the past 10 years, our trade with the united states has increased by at 6.9 times an annual increase of 21.4%. the u.s. is also important for investment. most of these enterprises have become the major profit makers of the company'ies. merck established in 1994.
5:26 pm
in 2010, the market turnover exceeded $380 million. in july 2010, it opened a new plant and it is estimated at $1.4 billion. the u.s. has become the host of the most investments by april 2011, it has established a total of 410 enterprises and institutions in the united states. 15% of our enterprises investing abroad. it is based close to chicago and it has been the most successful
5:27 pm
chinese enterprises investing in the united states. it has 28 subsidiaries in the united states, implying more than 5000 people -- employing more than 5000 people. these companies are the beneficiaries of business exchanges. they represent -- demonstrates the achievements made in the fast economic growth in china and interconnection between the two economies. it demonstrates the need for the two countries to work together to build a partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, a corporate agreement,
5:28 pm
we have every reason to believe that as we work together, the business exchange and investment cooperation will lead to more fruitful development in a larger scale. there is a comprehensive framework agreement providing strong balanced growth. we have seen a new milestone in our economic cooperation. we are paying more attention to develop economic growth pattern. we are paying more attention to the biological industry,
5:29 pm
manufacturing, and new energy. more and more enterprises are working toward a larger investment and working overseas to lay groundwork for further multinational development. they have an indispensable role to play. we are ready to work together with the u.s. to work together for a bright future for our business cooperation. we should step up efforts. work together to expand our trade and promote a more balanced china-u.s. trade relations. there will be for topics. they are very important topics.
5:30 pm
we have reached consensus, but what matters most. it's about implementation. one of them is to promote china-u.s. trade cooperation. we have been seeking opportunities and development in a global restructuring to >> we are balancing our trade with the united states. we will take a holistic approach to promote further liberalization of trade and investment, to lift restrictions on exports and promote more balanced development of trade at the international level for people in the two countries. second, let's work together to
5:31 pm
create more open and borrow investment in ireland. these governments of the two countries should work together with our legal system to provide full international treatment to the other side and make our investments more transparent and predictable and create a level playing field. we have already established national level and trade cooperation zones in the vietnam. we have set up 4654 trade institutions in more than 130 countries and regions. we hope we can have such similar cooperation with the united states.
5:32 pm
it was our pleasure yesterday. we signed two intergovernmental documents. there were six corporative projects. they work for our sister cities and a number of cooperative projects. we signed 40 projects worth several billion u.s. dollars. this will be a good outcome of our business. to furthertogether substantiate the china-u.s. cooperative partnership in terms of high-speed rail and education. china and the united states have common interests and great potential of cooperation.
5:33 pm
our national governments should work together to tap potential in these areas. we should further substantiate our cooperative partnership. at's work together to set up bridge for our friendship. economic cooperation is based on mutual trust and friendship between the people. to expand our trade and investment cooperation is not only about making profit. it is about forming understanding friendship and promoting dialogue among cultures. i believe it is more important than anything else. i have stressed one point over again and again on many
5:34 pm
occasions. we should have direct links in terms of cladistics, information, and transportation between the two regions. we should have these direct links between the hearts of people. with these links, we can overcome any difficulties and solve problems. we should use the opportunity to promote people to people exchanges to win more public support for the growth of china- u.s. relations. the u.s. has a saying, let's make trade while the sun shines. we should seize these valuable opportunities. we have seized opportunities for
5:35 pm
development. we have a blueprint of development. we have the process of development. i will be expecting our friends in the united states -- thank you. [applause] >> mr. secretary, thank you for your presentation and for the big deal to introduce the providence to us. -- the province to us. the governors of the united states understand that with mutual respect -- mitchell
5:36 pm
respect, with student exchange, that gives us -- with mutual respect and student exchange, that gives us the confidence to move fall with the way you speak up. movew move-- mo -- forward the way you speak of. we now will to energy and governor fortuno of puerto rico will speak. >> thank you. if we want our economy to grow, energy is the issue we need to address. it is important to our lives. our countries have the largest economies in the world. we both have significant
5:37 pm
environmental interests in developing cleaner and cheaper energy resources. each of us are extremely dependent on fossil fuels. 1/2 of u.s. electricity is provided by coal. china uses coal four 3/4 of its electricity. in 2009, china became the second largest oil importer in the world. the united states is the largest. each of our country's are taking countries areoun taking positive steps. we are recommending comprehensive energy reform to replace excessive dependence on
5:38 pm
fossil fuels. we want to replace oil with cleaner, cheaper, and safer alternatives including natural- gas and wind energy. the need for alternative energy is acute, especially for hawaii and the u.s. territories. in puerto rico, we realize 69% on foreign oil. a why and the -- hawaii and the u.s. territories are not connected to the u.s. power grid. it debilitates our respective economies and a facts consumers and businesses alike. -- and effects consumers and
5:39 pm
businesses alike. in the case of puerto rico, we have energy policies that focus on renewable energy generation and natural gas. in 2010, we passed legislation setting up renewable standards . it requires that 15% of our energy be produced by renewables forces by 2020. we also created a green in a refund -- a green energy fund to jump-start these markets and create jobs. we are diversifying our fuel resources to include natural gas, which is abundant in our country. a key part in our diversity --
5:40 pm
our diverse indication strategy is building a natural gas pipeline to access cleaner and cheaper natural gas. it will allow us to lower our emissions into the environment by 2/3. we are also developing a market for electric vehicles. i have signed an mou to incentivize the creation of zero emission vehicles. we have enacted a renewable fuel standard package. it requires that 7.5 billion gallons of renewable fuel be blended into the nation's gas supply by 2012. two years ago, we increase that amount to 36 million gallons by
5:41 pm
2022. china issued a five year plan that propose to generate 11.4% of electricity from non-fossil sources. 27 states, puerto rico and the district of columbia, have enacted res. other states have enacted clean energy standards. our countries are making great strides to diversify our energy supply. through a joint $150 million investment, china and the u.s. are collaborating on clean energy research for the implementation of clean coal technology at the university of west virginia. clean vehicles at the university of michigan and at the berkeley
5:42 pm
laboratory. we are working together on the electric vehicle demonstration projects in los angeles and shanghai to share data and consumer preferences. we are developing standards for charging stations and battery testing. congress established the 10 year framework to facilitate the exchange of information in six key areas, electricity, water, air, transportation, conservation, an energy efficiency. the framework includes partnerships between china and american cities. there is a partnership with a chinese city focusing on implementation of plus again hybrid vehicles. as governors, we look forward
5:43 pm
to enhancing both of our country's economic security. [applause] >> thank you, governor fortuno. >> my talk will be on the development and cooperation of new energy. the governor gave a comprehensive briefing on the new energy situation in the states. both china and the united states are the biggest energy consumers and producers. other countries are highly complementary in the buildup of energy. there is a prospects for cooperation. we have a province which in
5:44 pm
energy cooperation. now let's watch a video on this prior events -- this province. >> this city is located in a plateau called the roof of the world. it plays a crucial and irreplaceable role in protecting china's environment and water supply. based on its resources, it has undertaken strategic action in the area of green development and environmental protection. the largest ecological protection project in history has been carried out here over the last six years. the goal is to stop ecological deterioration in the rivers.
5:45 pm
places dry out for years appear to be glittering once again. in the western province, the ground has one of the highest densities of multiple mineral resources in all of china. the experimental recycling zone for china is also located here, opening another avenue for green development. the development of hydro power and solar and wind energy stance in the front line of china's energy development. new energy and material industries are developing rapidly. in the near future, this city will become a low carbon and clean energy state. the original primitive culture and more take at the environment
5:46 pm
cultivates screen products, such as handmade -- the result primitive culture and environment cultivates products such as hantavirus made products. they share the opportunities and achievements of brain development. these are the grand promises that the -- and green developed. development. >> now may i and by the governor to make a presentation. -- invite the governor to make a presentation? >> madam vice president and ambassador, governors from the
5:47 pm
united states, friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. it gives me great pleasure to join the other governors from china and the united states to discuss a few topics related to development and cooperation. the financial crisis broke out three years ago. it is still exerting an impact on the world economy. although my city is invested in a far western part of china and is high on the plateau, it went through the heart time of the crisis. -- hard time of the crisis. prices entails new opportunity. in history, each economic crisis gave birth to new industries and a revolution in
5:48 pm
science and technology. bringing the economy and low carbon technology -- green economie and low carbon technology are leading the way in this round. how should we respond to the global climate challenge? we are looking for a way. to seize this new trend of grain development -- green development. it may not be known to people, but my city is an important eco city for china and the whole world. it has a strategic application to protecting the safety of the. >> environment and tackling --
5:49 pm
it has a strategic application for protecting the green environment and tackling climate change. we have put our commitment to action. we have found an effective way to achieve green development by developing being secular economy. we have set up a secular economic pilot zone. it is the largest such pilots in china approved by the
5:50 pm
chinese government. we will focus our efforts on developing an industrial chain of oil and gas recycling, the comprehensive utilization of coal and a biosector with cattle futures. all of these will help us form an industrial framework with a circular economy with unique advantages and intensive use of resources. our objective is to build the biggest industrial base for the economy of china and achieve a better life for the people at the same time.
5:51 pm
this means strenuous efforts on our part. just now, governor fortuno shared his insight in the utilization of new energy. new energy is also a topic i will talk about today. it is an important part of developing a green economy. my city is well equipped to develop a new energy sector. we offered the best sunlight, and land resources, power grids, transport facility and conditions in developing the pb sector in china.
5:52 pm
it is one of the best areas to develop the pb sector. the network develops 50 megawatts. it is expected to reach 2,000 megawatts in five years and 2000 -- and 5,000 megawatts in 2020. a second city is emerging as a base of solar power in china. on wind power, we ran third in china in total resources. our capacity can stand well above 12,000 megawatts. in five years, 1,500 megawatts
5:53 pm
megawatts will be completed. we are rich in carbon it of high quality. -- carbonate of high quality. there is 100 million tons of recoverable chloride, accounting for 90% of such resources in china. in a moment -- at the moment, we are using advanced technology to extract lithium from the lake. this provides us with key support to develop lithium related to new energy vehicles. the huge potential of the circular economy in my city
5:54 pm
offers development opportunities and corporate mission -- cooperation opportunities. we are trying to address the lack of talented people. we worked with the china academy of sciences to develop a demonstration base and cooperated with germany and japan to develop pb projects. together with the state of utah, we set up a science innovation coalition and a strategic alliance of industrial technology innovations. i also want to tell you that given our preparations over the past two days, institutions of higher learning, companies, and research institutes have signed
5:55 pm
eight agreements with their counterparts from the united states in about 18 projects. most of the projects are located in the state of utah. of course, the path for cooperation is broad and open. we welcome more cooperation partners, particularly american companies with advanced technology. we are preparing for the development of the pb industry meeting this august. i would like to extend a warm welcome to all members in the audience who have an interest in this sector. we have noticed that in recent years, the u.s. government has put in is a reform high on its agenda and has introduced a new energy plan, which has
5:56 pm
attracted a lot of attention. we work hard to develop an energy system that is stable and clean. before i came to the united states, i had an interview with low carbon every day. thearned from them bacthat family of an american architect from california has lived in a solar powered house for five years. the sunshine has given them much happiness. this tells us that new energy is not just a plan pursued by the government. it is an expectation of the people. it is the common choice by all.
5:57 pm
let us join hands to develop green energy. that the bright sunshine like up every corner of the world so that we can create more opportunities to enjoy green development and for the generations after us to live in a better environment. this is the common pursuit of us all. thank you all. [applause] >> thank you, governor. thank you for introducing us to your province. with that, our third topic is that of the environment. i will call on the governor of the great state of iowa to lead the discussion. governor? >> thank you, governor gregoire. thank you to the chinese
5:58 pm
ambassador, potential -- provincial governors and madam li. the united states and china enjoy a strong trading partnership in agriculture products which china. that is the united states' second largest export market. economic development for rural areas is important for both countries. we value products as safe and reliable. agriculture-related machinery and value added manufacturing products compose an important part of the trading relationship that we have. china exports wood products and fruits and vegetables. we are appreciative of this
5:59 pm
important partnership we have in trade. i have set a goal in the increasing exports from our state. the president has a goal of increasing american exports by 100%. i recognize that both of our countries can benefit from trade. we should support international engagement. fast-moving advancements in technology are increasing crop yields and allowing the development of new opportunities in biosciences. many governments are seeking ways to further energy development in agriculture and rural communities. they are the key beneficiaries of this. technology advances allow for the production of biofuels and state and reliable food. we can have the efficient production of traditional biofuels and ethanol provide
6:00 pm
additional opportunities for the future. china is interested in the development of biofuels. in the second quarter of this fiscal year, there were six initial public offerings for chinese biofuel companies. we need to remain committed to buy oil field development in both of our countries to it reduced the -- by a fuel -- biofuel to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. wind energy is important to our rural communities. iowa currently has the second- largest number of installed capacity for wind generation in the united states. we are second only to texas. texas is a much bigger stake. there has been tremendous growth
6:01 pm
in china. mr. party secretary, in your province, we saw the wind turbines. if you fly across the state of iowa, you will see a lot of those as well. with china and the united states combining to use 40% of the world also energy and being overly dependent and reliant of imports for fuel needs, biofuel and wind energy are mutually important and beneficial in areas where cooperation -- for cooperation between our two countries. i am interested in working with the chinese leaders to advance by a fuel -- biofuel and wind energy and to produce low-cost energy that is environmentally
6:02 pm
beneficial for both of our countries for our economies. we can improve the standard of living for people live on the land in rural communities. we have also overcome the challenges. we have had our individual challenges with natural disasters, disasters that and that people live in rural communities. floodwaters have caused widespread damage in the united states and china. both countries can work together to build more resilient communities and avoid some of these disasters in the future. i encourage continued partnerships through a variety of avenues, including sister states. we established our first sister state in my first visit to china in 1984.
6:03 pm
i have fond memories of that trip. we came through beijing by rail. we met with a band and they presented my wife with a bouquet of flowers. the friendship has existed ever since. we have had wonderful exchanges over the years. our lieutenant governor just visited the province in june along with other locations in china. in 1984, i was a young governor. i wanted to develop cultural and economic partnerships. i continue to be excited about the province that was made. there were improvements in the lifestyle in china that have occurred since that time. we are appreciative of the opportunity to sell our soybeans and corn in our marketplace.
6:04 pm
it has made a big difference to the farmers in our state. we worked with you in developing corn sobrieties that meet the needs of china and the chinese farmers. i look forward to working with my fellow american workers and with you the chinese provincial governors to find additional avenues for partnership. thank you very much. [applause] >> we heard about environmental protection and cooperation just now. the governor of iowa has made an excellent speech. the chinese government has attached great importance to environmental protection.
6:05 pm
in southwestern china, the beautiful scenery is unique. we will watch a short film about that province. >> after 60 years, a pilot recognize this farmer. -- recognized this farmer. he rescue him when his plane crashed. after all of -- he rescued him when his plane crashed. this is the starting point that serves as a -- served as a lifeline during the second world war.
6:06 pm
it has a modern communication network linking china to other countries. yunnan is china's gateway to this part of the world. the beauty of the city takes everyone's breath away. several rivers pass through yunnan. a diversified climate makes it one of the richest places or flora and fauna on the planet. it is a living museum of human wonder. 26 ethnic peoples have lived in the city for numerous generations. there is a balanced relationship
6:07 pm
among different people and between people and nature. in yunnan, ecological balance takes priority. yunnan tries to be a leading province, striking balance between environmental protection and economic development. yunnan is where colorful cloud appeared. colorful yunnan. yunnan welcomes you. >> having watched the film, you
6:08 pm
will fall in love with this place. we would like to invite the governor of the yunna prov ince to make some remarks. >> ambassador, governors, special representative, ladies friends, wen, defenddear have heard the exciting speech made by the governor of iowa. the state has made good use of its resources to promote environmental protection. you are a few is governed in the united states. i had the opportunity to sit beside you and your wife during dinner last night.
6:09 pm
you left me with a deep impression of your outstanding leadership and your excellent wife. gentleman and dear friends, in 1933, a book witwas a big hit in the world. it was written by a british writer. it was called "lost horizon." it describes the eternal place in china called shangri-la. people enjoyed prosperity, harmony, and immortality. since then, shangri-la has represented things that are beautiful and the eternal.
6:10 pm
in 1997, a group consisting of a geologists and tourists discovered that shangri-la is located in yunna province, china. this has attracted attention. as a representative of yunnan province, i am privileged to take part in this forum and to follow up on the speech made by the governor of iowa. i would like to explore with you environmental protection and conservation. we have contributed to the
6:11 pm
magical attraction of general law and the beauty of yunnan. we have worked with a grateful heart and a sense of responsibility to protect the environment. in recent years in particular, we have stepped up our efforts in environmental protection. we have launched the protection project to raise awareness of our people about in by mental protection and encourage -- people about environmental protection and encourage people to participate in this process. we have introduced an action plan to protect diversity. we want to protect 1/10 up world's fishes. we have introduced the program
6:12 pm
to protect the lakes and the river systems. and to restore the river systems to their natural state. we have worked hard to build sewage treatment plants. after 2012, we will have sewage treatment and garbage disposal facilities in all areas. in energy and resource conservation, the energy consumption per unit of gdp and the admission of -- the mission of co2 has been reduced from five years ago. we have increased the florida
6:13 pm
coverage from 53% -- forest coverage from 53% to 60%. global warming and over consumption of resources has sounded an alarm to the people of the world. we should pay more attention to him by mental protection and take more measures to protect -- attention to environmental protection and take more measures to protect nature. we need to review the
6:14 pm
relationship between man and nature. industrialization has estranged us from nature. nature is so profound and rich that knowledge of man is limited. we should get closer to nature and hold nature in awe and promote harmony with nature. we should make sound environments an important force for development. we should make the environment into a productive force and develop an ecosystem for the
6:15 pm
benefit of people who have worked in protecting our environment. we should change our lifestyle. we have taken too much from nature. this has posed a threat to the? >> environment. -- this has posed a threat to the indictment. -- to the environment. we should save electricity, oil, and paper. we should pursue an environmentally friendly lifestyle. we should improve environmental protection.
6:16 pm
we should set up a global environmental protection system and coordinate our efforts in this area. developing countries should have more support and assistance from developed ones in the area of in bimetal protection. -- area of environmental protection thank you. [applause] >> thank you for introducing us to the yunnan province. thank you for your expression of your environmental ethic and our mutual commitment to environmental protection. we look forward to working with you. our last substances -- substantive area is education. we have the chair of our
6:17 pm
education committee, who is from the great state of missouri. >> it is an honor to join everyone on this historic occasion. as leaders in our states and provinces, we know that educates is since represent the backbone of a strong -- we know that educated citizens represent a strong economy. we want them to be prepared for college and careers. the primary responsibility for education rests with governors and states. we spent $425 billion on
6:18 pm
education. total u.s. spending on education comprises 5.5% of gdp. collectively, the miners have embarked on two recent groundbreaking initiatives. -- governors have embarked on two recent groundbreaking initiatives. we have developed, and education initiatives. we are setting the bar high for future generations. these standards focus on the knowledge and skills of our young people need for success now and in the future. second, governor gregoire is leading governors in an initiative to dramatically increase college completion and productivity. her leadership is having
6:19 pm
significant effects in states across the united states. y's economiesuntrie become more independent, strengthening the ties between students in our countries will be an important component to success in the global economy. our relationship is not just about exchanges between leaders of our governments that we have today. it is also about relationships between our people, between our business leaders, scientists, and the young people. the highest number of exchange students in the united states are from china. more americans are studying in china than any other foreign country. these exchanges are critical. in the more our people learn to cooperate and collaborates, the
6:20 pm
more china and the united states will have the cultural and language skills to underpin effective diplomacy and war policy that will enable us to find solutions to many -- diplomacy and foreign policy that will enable us to find solutions to many global problems. china is our number one country of exchanging students between our two countries. we thank you for your continued confidence and investment. we expect to continue to grow bilaterally in that growing enterprise. the united states and china are cooperating closely to achieve the goals and initiatives agreed to by president obama and president hu to increase dramatically the number and diversity of composition of
6:21 pm
american students studying in china as a means to enhance our people to people ties between our two nations. by reaching across borders, we can share knowledge and research, and generate promising and growing partnerships, and leverage the power of innovation to create jobs and expand opportunity to make sure our children are winners in this changing, growing global economy. thank you for being with us today. [applause] >> our last topic is young people and youth exchange. governor nixon made a good presentation. people to people exchange is a
6:22 pm
new highlight in china-u.s. relations this year. the next projects -- province is a place that has traded many people. now let's watch a video on its people. >> it is located in the eastern part of china. it has the third largest river in the world. it has an area of 140,000 square kilometers. it has a population of 68 million. it has beautiful mountains and rivers and a rich culture.
6:23 pm
the river basin in the northern parts of the province has influenced china for over 2000 years. it is one of the nation's great producers of energy. its exports totaled 1/6 of the country's. -- of the country. the province has rich education and strong innovation capability. it has over 100 institutions of higher learning.
6:24 pm
emerging industries are developing fast. there are six pairs of sister cities. there are 18 american cities in the top 500. >> now let's invite the governor of anhui to make his
6:25 pm
presentation. >> honorable governor gregoire, ambassador, governors, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. education concerns the destination of the nation. young people are the future of the world. education and the youth exchange have always been a lively topic of the national governors' association. -- national governors association. thank you for the opportunity to discuss this topic on young people and education. anhui is located in the eastern part of china. it covers 130,000 square kilometers. among the more than 30 provinces
6:26 pm
in china, we are the most dynamic. the economy has been growing at about 10% for 10 consecutive years. president obama once said that the vacation is the economic issue of our time. -- education is the economic issue of our time. we have 12 million students in school and more than 2000 institutions of higher learning. looking ahead into the future, i can feel they have the task on my shoulder. education concerns the destiny of the country and each and every one of the people. our goal is to ensure equal educational opportunity for all
6:27 pm
of our children and build a lifelong learning tradition in china. anhui is the first province to make compulsory education universal and ensure that all students from rural and urban areas have equal opportunities for education. we are pushing forward in education to reasonably allocate our resources in the education and to give equal access to education to all our kids. ladies and gentlemen, education must be an open and inclusive process. we need to reinforce each other in our interactions. 100 years ago, young people came to study in the united states,
6:28 pm
becoming the front-runners in the china-u.s. exchange. in the new era, we are increasingly interconnected. education has become one of the pivots. 20 institutions of higher learning have exchanges, including maryland and ohio. anhui has more than 10 universities, such as howard, that carry out exchanges with a number of american universities. a number of young people from howard are studying chinese language and culture. there are some young people and american teachers teaching in
6:29 pm
american universities. these present good foundations for our future cooperation. we have every reason to believe that as we build cooperative partnerships between our countries, the educational cooperation between our two countries hold even greater promise. we would like to work with you to create a brighter future. i would expect the following. one is that we would beat and cooperation in higher learning and to make such cooperation and engine in our -- we would be cooperative in higher learning and made such cooperation and engine in our relationship. relationship. we need


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