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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2011 12:24pm-12:54pm EDT

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mean for house speaker john boehner of ohio. he defined the terms of the debate in ways that were unusual for in the house speaker. it was a rocky road along the way. the questions that remain -- what is the lingering effect? yesterday, 66 house republicans voted against this. we will be looking at whether we will be looking at whether the house republicans can move beyond this and there have been some differences in approach among republican leaders with
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speaker boehner. that is something that we will see how it moves forward. host: is the speaker vulnerable to the threat to that post? guest: no. last week, there were such questions about what would happen to boehner. last week there were questions if whether the house would even pass the bill. for now, given that this is about to be enacted, and the healthy votes yesterday, i think this is pretty positive for him. the one question they will be looking at in august is the political impact of all of this. how it will play out at home for members of congress. the polls have shown that the
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negative. been host: how would you describe the relationship with democrats in congress into the president? guest: i think a lot of them -- i was at a press conference yesterday with progressive democrats. they were very unhappy and openly sell about the president. they felt that he did not stand tough enough for democrats and express their views. we will see how that plays out. among the grass roots and rank- and-file democrats, voters -- of this is in some ways
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>> the vote on the nation's debt crooling is under way. it started at 12:15. 60 votes are needed for passage. according to a tally for associated press, 61 senators said they will vote to support the package. including 40 democrats, 20 republicans, and independent, joseph lieberman from kentucky. 20 senators said they will oppose it while the rest are undecided. and we understand that there are at least right now a dozen no votes. we will continue to follow the action on the senate floor. after the vote, we expect the statement by president obama on the outcome of the vote. we are planning live coverage of that when it gets under way from the rose garden this afternoon. we are also anticipating reaction from house democrats and republican leaders after the vote. we are planning live coverage of that from c-span. right now your phone calls on the debt ceiling from today's "washington journal." host: thanks, crichard
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cohen. let's hear from all of you. linda, on the air. i think we lost her. we will go to a democratic caller in san diego. caller: i am very glad congress got the job done. this is the best deal that president obama wanted to get. is is as good as he could. this is done in behind us now. i know something is coming up in september for the continuing resolution. the republicans are holding the country hostage again.
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it is probably a good deal. the democrats are upset and the tea party are upset. it probably hit right in the middle, which is a good thing. host: there is a headline in the papers this morning. the front page of the "washington journal." the tea party sees no triumph in compromise. orlando florida. caller: sorry we got cut off. i have a comment first for c- span. when people call in, have them turn their tv on mute or turn it off. please try and keep color on topic. that is so important. on the debt, i am very
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disappointed. myain disappointment is the legislature has not had time to actually read the bill and read what is in it. one person was on the other day. he is a reporter -- not far right or conservative. right or conservative. he said the white house had an intent was to pass this at the last moment, so that people would not have a chance to read it. they did not want people to go in and see what was there. i was in shock to hear him say that. this has happened in the past
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where the legislators have voted athe last minute on something and do not have time to read is. there are a lot of details in this billhat down the road, they will find out that they regretted having voted one way or the other on this. host: we will continue to take your calls for the next 15 minutes and then we will be joined by four members of congress. we started this conversation during the debate last night on facebook. we will continue it this morning. we will continue it this morning. we will continue it this about . here is one. let me show you a tweet.
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send a us your tweets or an email. new haven, ohio. mike, independent caller. are you with us? let me go on to ed, republican, cape cod, ma. cape cod, ma. caller: yesterday's vote along with today will produce the following. our friends on the left want to talk about how america has been taken hostag but several times the debt ceiling has been increased since the mid 60's.
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let me straighten that out a little bit. they are only half right. in the mid-60's, we had a great society. several times since then, americans, taxpayers and hard- working people have had to pay a ransom, 70 different times. today will mark the end of the beginning of america taking itself back. host: next is mike, new haven, independent. caller: the woman from florida in the last man that talk is right. i am outraged. has anybody read the bill? this administration has been as transparent as a brick wall. the old republican plan, they had two wars -- everything was
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off the books. now everything is on the books. we have been in trouble. they have been playing smoke and mirrors for the last six to eight years. it is evident that we the american people will have to pay attention. we have not had audget in almostwo years. if any legal companies did not have a budget, they would be in jail. our lobbyists our representatives or congress? nobody has ever backs in washington. host: here is a comment posted on facebook. you can pt your comments on facebook.
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maryland. caller: i am outraged about the whole mess. we should be talking about jobs. we should not be talking about cutting safety net for people, it was not their fault they lost their jobs. to 30%-90%, jobs were outsourced during the bush years. it was a secret well-kept. filibusters in the senate have a lot of what this president would have liked to do about jobs -- apart from both houses for holding the american people hostage in one form or another. this was an egregious, what the
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republican party did in the house. i am sick of my tax dollars continuing to go to companies that will continue to outsource our jobs out sort -- outside of this country, not bringing revenue back. i am going to educate my family can't friends and my neighbors. -- my family, my friends, and my neighbors. would you try to get a democrat in republican on and may be a mediator? and keep them in check when they start talking to the american people. host: if you were watching last night's vote in the house, you probably heard applause with the arrival of the congress woman get real difference. -- gabrielle giffords.
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sh voted yes for the deal. she said in a statement later that issues had to be here for this vote. the last time she voted was on january, seven, on a routine bill that atacted little notice. here is more about her return. here is the twitter message put out by her staff. she has returned to washington to support a bipartisan bill. turn on c-span and now. heard the applause from many members in congress.
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she was following the debate even when it was clear that her vote would not be pivotal. here is the tweet from her friend. republican, pomp and a beach, f. pompano beach, florida. caller: i have no problem making -- paying extra taxes. i have no problem paying 20%. there are people out on the reets. there is no way we should pay the same wage as middle class taxpayers. i am outraged at that.
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there should be tax increases by far. host: washington will set up a super committee. they need to act in november. caller: that is one thing i've but like to see. i want them to express their trade not free trade. host: joe, philadelphia, independent scholar. -- caller. caller: i was democratic, but i will become an independent. we need to stop listening to all of the stuff that is already done. it is already water und the bridge. let's move on to the super committee. i have made a list. eliminate all loopholes in offshore tax havens, give territorial provisions, repeal all nasa loss, -- , repeal the
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bush obama tax cuts, term limits and benefits for government elected officials and employees, replace social security with interest for all of the money borrowed from the account over the years that was giving -- given phony congressional ious. crease the age to 74 full but crease the age to 74 full but 70 for full the 70fo benefits. those that need medical attention the most are barred for two years under the government rules for social security. the supreme court should review the balanced budget amendment
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for equality, fairness, and follows the rule of law. the same rules should apply to the budget amendment that are not linked to congressional rules. 60 vote passage in the senate in minimum 218 votes for the house. host: williams, a democrat, hallandale, florida. caller: america must remember that were our brother's keeper. look around you and see how our nation is falling apart around us. if we do not do athing and try to help ourselves, we cannot blame who we put in office. when 2012 comes, think about that. are those names. to help or hinder you?
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we are not stupid people. if we let one part to get away with this stuff, we will have problems. that is why we have checks and balances. we must remember that we are all brothers and sisters. host: left headline this morning. here is -- last headline on the debt ceiling this morning. here is the "washington post."
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independent, maryland. caller: good morning. there has been a lot of talk about how people have held this holding hostage. 95 democrats are against it. this bill increases the debt. economists have predicted about $4 trillion added the next decade. the cuts are only in the current rate. next year, the budget will be even worse and larger. if we had a credit to hit right now, it would be better than 10
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years down the road. thanks, c-span. host: here is the headline in the new york times. what this deal means for aids for states that are struggling right now. -- aid to states that are struggling right now. virginia tops the list, followed by maryland. new mexo, hawaii, wyoming, conn., and massachusetts makes up the top 10. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. there are some of points that i believe should be made. it is something that was in a speech on the senate floor about budgeting. when either the harry reid or john boehner plan talks about making cuts in spending, they
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are not making cuts. they are spending less money than they planned on spending next year or down the road five or 10 years. it is an increase in spending. it is not as large as originally planned. that is the first thing the american people need to know. plan has real spendg cuts, which is what we need. democrats are still blaming republicans and all of this nonsense. the fact othe matt remains that we did n get into this debt problem, because our government taxes too little. it is not because our government lets corporations have a free rein. that mentality is outdated.
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the reason we are in this problem today is because our government spends too much money. there is no oversht in these programs thatostly democrats and republicans have a hand in it as well. host: was the vote in the senate a step inhe right direction? caller: a baby step. host: we will talk more about that with members of congress coming up in a few minutes. some more headlines. some more headlines. the wall street journal says it is part of 2012 campaign fodder. the washington times has a quotation. quotation. he says he thinks the president did a good job here.
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yesterday, president obamaut out a video to his supporters talking about the debt deal can't put out the details about a fund raiser that will be happening tomorrow, wednesday, in chicago on the day of his birthday. let's go to chicago, democratic caller. hcaller: i feel this super committee is unconstitutional. we did not in vote for them. they should not be making our laws. if we need a super committee to write our laws, maybe we need to get rid of congress, since they cannot do their job. the cbc voted no. this is a monstrosity of a right wing bill.
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the tea bag people took the country hostage. they were willing to throw this country over a cliff just for their stupid right wing ideology. host: we got a lot of commons last night when we reported that ffords returned to the floor. here is nancy pelosi on her return. >> there is not a name that stirs more courage, respect, then the name of congress woman
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gabbie >> a live picture from the white house rose garden this afternoon where we are expecting shortly president obama making a statement on the outcome of the debt ceiling vote that just took place in the senate. that vote was 74-26. 60 votes were needed to pass. we will have the complete vote breakdown for you later. right now we are waiting the president's comments. he is expected to sign the bill sometime today to avoid that national credit default. we are also expecting reaction from house democrats and republican leaders after the vote. house minority leader nancy pelosi was scheduled to speak at 1:00 eastern. we will have that as soon as it gets under way here at c-span, and also again coverage of republican leaders as they talk about the outcome of the vote in the senate.
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again a queek peek at members of the press standing by waiting for the president to come to the rose garden to make a statement on passage of the debt ceiling and the deficit reduction agreement. that was just reached in the senate. again the vote outcome in the senate 74-26 in favor of the debt ceiling agreement. while we wait for the president we'll take more of your phone calls from this morning's "washington journal." host: we are back on tuesday morning, august 2nd, getting
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your thoughts on last night's vote in the house to approve this debt deal. action moves over to the senate today. around 12 easter on c-span2. we want to see how this may play out. conservatives are warning and lasting political consequences as the republican presidential field offers conflicting positions on the debt ceiling compromise.
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republican from georgia. what are your thoughts on this debate, last night's vote, and the action today? caller: i am worried about cuts in education. i am a 22-year-old college student and i received telegrams. there was an extensive application i had to go through to avoid the loopholes. i do not understand why you cannot cut back on medicaid. i see people that just have to write down their income on a piece of paper and that is it. they can still get medicaid. there needs to be an application like the financial aid application that we can weave through all these false
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applicants. host: democratic oliver north carolina. what do you think? caller: what do i think? concerning the debt ceiling, we did not get in this problem in one day. i do understand that washington needs a change in spending, but we did not get here and in one day and with a fragile economy, we just cannot cut our way out of this fragile economy because people are still losing jobs every day. host: turn your television down so we can hear your comments without feedback. more on 2012 with the deal already fodder for the campaign. gop candidates already responding. president obama recorded a video to his supporters


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