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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  August 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i read every port that a lot of the candidates have all of their campaign material contract overseas and not in this country. >> question from this gentleman over here with the super-t- shirts on. talking about candidates saying growing jobs here but they are making or ordering the materials from places overseas. that is their prerogative. the direction i have given my campaign is to buy american, and to buy it from here. yes. >> my name is gabe and i am from the great state of minnesota. i wanted thank you for speaking to us but i want to address one concern, and that is you have not stood for me and my friend. you have not stood for us. that is really hard for me as someone who supports the national organization for marriage, someone who stands for the definition of marriage between one man and woman -- i
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thought our country was about life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for everyone, no exception. i want to know, when will you stand up for me and that is what i want to know from you today because you are discriminating against me, and it hurts, it really does. >> the german and a friend is asking a question about gay marriage or traditional man ag -- the gentleman in front here is asking a question but a marriage. i understand we have a difference of opinion on this issue. let me give you my perspective and i am sure you will give me yours or have giving me yours. from my perspective, i am not the point nor i him every -- ever at the point saying every domestic relationship is the same as traditional marriage. the relationship between a man and woman in a traditional marriage is important for our country, society, and coulter and i think it should remain elevated not just in our words but under our laws that is why i supported and offered laws as marriages between a man and woman.
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>> i support that you have your moral values but that is something that is hurting my future and how i get to live my life, and that is something -- for someone who talks about government that gets out of your lives, why this government get involved in our marriages. >> the question -- the german ones to know why the government is dead -- gentleman wants to know why the government gets involved. i think every state has an history of the country laws defining or addressing marriage. this is not a new thing, but an important thing. we would just have a respectful disagreement, sir. go ahead. with the nebraska shirt on. [inaudible] i think the gentleman was asking about the cut line of large versus small.
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the statistic, 6 million or so businesses -- 5.9 million or so have 500 employees or fewer and most of those have 100 employees or fewer. >> is anyone towards a bad -- this will be the last one. turkey ranch -- turkey hill ranch. >> and the arab world, 99.9% of the land mass is owned by arabs. and you tell me why they cannot find room for a palestinian state other than israel? >> the question about why we can't get a palestinian state -- >> why doesn't have to take land from israel when they own most of the land? >> the question about land available other than from israel for a palestinian state. it is a long and involved issue with a lot of complexity.
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we should stand by our friends in the world, we should stand by them strongly. one of our best friends in the world is the nation of israel. we stand by them shoulder to shoulder. there should be no daylight between us and israel. unfortunately the current president has repeatedly stuck his thumb in the eye of israel in a way that undermines the friendship and undermines their security interest and ours. it is not helpful to them and not helpful to us. now you have been denied as nations -- united nations or people -- declaring, this anemic organization, think about declaring a unilateral palestinian state without israel's concurrence or agreement, without america's concurrence or agreement. all it would do is reflect a coalition between hamas and fatah. pick up the hamas charter -- the
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words and tones stand for the destruction of israel, hostility towards the united states. we should not have the united states or anyone else unilaterally imposing anything on israel. thank you for coming out. i know the sun is hot. i appreciate you being here and i appreciate the chance of sharing a few thoughts with you and i hope you'll come to the straw ballot, vote for my campaign. turn. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> good to have you back. >> ready? i want to get in the front row.
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you have to have a plan? what is the plan? >> you need a pan. >> are these ready to be flipped? what do you think? ready to roll? all of them? >> table at the time? >> you are good. >> where you from? >> northern iowa. not far from minnesota. about 10 miles from minnesota. >> what kind of operation the you have? what is that? [unintelligible]
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>> pretty busy out there. >> i missed the. i have been gone all summer, so i have not been able to grow. is that rachel's left that i hear back there? >> are you just try to poke me? >> it is really important in the sense it is the first test. the early states are important, and we look forward to competing in all of them, and the first up is iowa. -- step is iowa. [unintelligible]
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>> what kind of -- [unintelligible] >> does this make or break for you? >> i am confident we are going to do well at the iowa straw poll tomorrow. our goal is to move toward the front of the pack. i think we will. well, i make a mean pork chop. is not about rhetoric. it is about results. if you look at my record on results in minnesota at growing jobs, cutting spending, health care reform the right way, those are the things republicans and iowa people, and everyone across the country wants to see. what do you think?
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flipping them? take the rest of these off? >> there has been a lot of talk in this race -- [unintelligible] >> it really does not. >> do you still believe you are the right man for the job? what do you bng? >> i bring a record of results. i have cut government spending to historical lows, cut government spent -- cut taxes. those other kinds of results people across the country want. do you want some pork?
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the 7 . already? >> -- these have been flat already? >> where you from? [unintelligible] >> are you down here for of all fair, or just today? you have to cook all whil while? [laughter] >> that is good. >> and if you do not do well tomorrow? >> i am confident we will do well. >> if you do not move from the back of the pact to -- for the
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front? >> we're confident we can get that done. >> will you have to quit? >> you did not give me a very good, complete answer. >> i thought it was really good. [unintelligible] i felt really good about it. i thought it went well for the campaign, helps to advance the message about getting things done. >> a lot of people are focused on the words between you and michele bachmann. is that part of the debate? >> the back-and-forth between her and die, the question that was as was answered, and there are some differences between the candidates, and that started to show last night. we have never been close social
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friends, but we ha always worked together. she h done some wonderful things with her life, but her record of results in congress is really nonexistent. if we're going to have a nominee and ultimately a succeful candidate and president, that person is going to have to have leadership and results, not just giving talks about it. >> de think she is done? >> we will just wait and see. >> how does the overall debate change? >> i do not know if we will know the answer of that tomorrow, but all i can say about the momentum is from my standpoint it went very well, we are happy with results, and i will add to our momentum going into the straw poll. we are waiting for the pan. i am going to have to go. thank you for the opportunity.
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[laughter] thank you. good to meet you. wants to do it here? >> he is a political science major. i told her we would g a picture. camera? here we go. >> did it work? thank you so much. really nice to media. -- nice to meet you. >> where are you studying? >> the university of iowa. then what? >> teacher or professor? >> professor, probably. thank you for the hospitality.
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>>o we get to eat now? >> sign it? all right. >> i already started yesterday. sign that one, too? >> all right. >> thank you. [unintelligible] >> you want to go this way? ok.
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>> whats your first name? >> kevin. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> sign this one, too?
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>> thank you. i appreciate it. >> hey, guys, how're you doing? this is my wife mary. >> this is my wife georgann. >> i'm supposed to be at work. [laughter] >> i'm supposed to interview today. >> one time i was golfing with the guy who got a hole in one, and he was supposed to be at work.
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>> it is good. no i am here. >> what have you been doing to get some sunshine? >> we do a little fisng. i like to be outside. i try to save my vacion during the summer, where a short week, and go fishing. we have a whole light. -- le. sun valley light, it is a little private lake. >> how was the water quality? >> unbelievable. >> fish? >> good fish. [unintelligible] >> he has a vacation and come in southern iowa. -- home in southern iowa.
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>> good luck. >> i appreciate it. of representatives, the republican from georgia. let's give a big iowa welcome to newt gingrich. [applause] >> it is good to be here. thank you all. isn't it great to be at the iowa state fair? this is actually the best state fair in the country.
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it is the this time we have been here, and our grandchildren, maggie and robert, are with us. and he'd pick up where we talked last night about urgency, about getting things done, and about working at a time when you have to go different parties involved. -- when you have to make different parties involved. i worked with ronald reagan and we developed the program. we had to find a way to bring the american people together, so that they would say this was the right thing to do. tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of ronald reagan signed a three-year tax cut that launched the recovery that enabled us to create jobs for year after year, and it could only have been done by having
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the american people bring above democrats and republicans together. when i became speaker, with the contract for america, we had republican house and republican senate, but we had a democratic president. under our constitution, that means you have to find a way to work together. the trick is, we fought very hard, but we also fought with the idea of finding a way to make things work. when we pass welfare reform, the most successful entitlement reform of your lifetime, half the democrats in the house voted for welfare reform, because the people of the united states had concluded that giving people money for doing nothing was destructive, and so there was a genuine bipartisan coalition. when we passed the balanced budget -- people say bill clinton takes credit. he was president. he certainly did at least half the credit, because if he had
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not signed the bills, we cannot have done it. the you have to find a way to work together even if at times your having arguments. i want to start with the idea, what if we took seriously the current problems of the united states, and what have we decided that we, the american people, going to insist that politicians in washington learn to work with each other? i want to bring three specific proposals to you today. this is not about what i would do in 2013 if i were president. we have problems we need to solve this summer, and we need leadership that is willing to work to solve it this summer. that is why it is so important to work now to do things this summer. [applause] i am going to give you three proposals. that are predicated on you convincing the members of congress to come back to washington, cut off their vacation, and decide that this
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is a serious enough situation that we are to start over. notice what i just said. if all they are going to do is come back on both sides to fight each other, they ought to stay home. it does not do the country any good to have people come back just to fight. but if they would be prepared to say this is a serious enough crisis, we are going to start over. erase the board, and i would include in this the gang of 12, which i think it's a disastrously bad idea. let me talk to you about how i would do it. the first rule is going to sound silly, and all i want you to do is bear with me for a second, because i did spend 20 years in the u.s. congress and i have been studying this business since august of 1958. the first rule is, in both the house and senate, for the first three days of the week, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, they only bring up things they agree on.
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this first of all requires them to find things they agree on. otherwise they will look stupid and there'll be no business. second, what it will do is the opposite of what we have been doing. we have been building issues bigger and bigger and bigger. now is either you have to raise taxes and i won't play. you have to cut taxes are i will not play. it has become such a big disaster that now they are saying let's play stupidly. that is not any way to run a country. if you can find a way, step by step, that you could agree on something, let's pass it. you will get a lot of small things done, and you will start to build a habit of working with each other. i tried to convince the senate republicans when they were in the majority that one of things they should do is find junior democratic senators that have good ideas and passed them.
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just to create a framework. people tend to forget that in 1984 when the reagan administration was being too slow on apartheid, a number of junior members worked with ron dellams on what was a very heretical coalition. we said if you believe in freedom, you have to believe in freedom in south africa. you had young republicans have been a senior democrat pass legislation that neither leadership thought to pass. we are going to get together and get outside arco caucus and conference and find ways to find things we can agree on. it would start to break the ice. people would start talking to each other and it would get a little better. second, instead of waiting for november for a super powerful,
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extraordinarily brilliant 12 people to do the work of 522 other people, i would argue -- and by the way, iowa is one of the places i have gotten this from, that they ought to come back and monday, and every subcommittee in the house and senate should be assigned the following task. take every aspect of government your supervising, bring in experts from business on lean six sigma, and apply it to rethinking the whole thing. i will give you an example that will surprise some of you. our legal visa system is a mess. it is an embarrassment. it makes it more expensive and more difficult to be legal and it is to hire a coyote and come in illegally. i would take lean six sigma and over the entire state visa
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process. this was first done in government and iowa, in order to redevelop the business attraction program by applying this kind of thinking to make it faster and easier. the developer believes it is worth $500 billion a year. the entire supersecret intelligence committee of 12 is only trying to get $1.50 trillion over the next 10 years. that is a very different approach. we have talked with ibm, american express, and visa. they have very sophisticated anti-fraud systems. the u.s. government has no effective anti-prod system. if you apply prod system to medicare and medicaid, you could save up to $100 billion the year. if you applied to food stamps,
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it could save $20 billion a year. i just saved in that one device almost as much money as the entire committee of 12 is going to try to save, but it is a new idea. it is a different way of thinking things. it is not conservative or liberal. is just being smart and applying modern techniques and management to do things intelligently. i second challenge to the congress is simple. starting next week, actually have every member doing their job, track every member, and every month, find savings. have as your goal pre-empting the committee of 12 by finding enough savings before thanksgiving that you do not need them. the new can add intelligent savings. -- then it you can add intelligent savings. i am against an arbitrary $500 billion cutting of defense. i think it is a stupid idea. i think you ought to have a
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level of national security you need to have to defend that threats against you. while i am a halt, i am a cheap hawk. i think if you apply lean six sigma, you would save an immense amount of money, but it would save intelligently by taking out waste rather than cutting out programs because you cannot figure out how to manage. it is a fundamentally different approach. we desperately need to get this economy running again. let me be very clear. every american of every background should be worried. i don't care if you are rich or poor, what your ethnic background is, your geographic region, i don't care which party you belong to. we are teetering on the edge of an economic disaster. look what is happening in europe. look at the riots in great britain. look at the collapse of greece.
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look at our the italian and french bonds are today. look at the bubble in china which is eventually going to break. say to yourself, how comfortable am i that the current policies are going to avoid the depression getting even worse? as a historian, i am not comfortable at all. when you bounce along at 9% unemployment, you have a grave risk of sliding down rather than growing up. a third challenge to congress is to come back on monday, and let's start with a couple of things. six democratic senators have sent a letter to the president's asking that their states be allowed to drill offshore. you can put together a bipartisan majority in favor of liberating american companies on american soil to produce
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american energy, in order to be in a position you do not have just sent $400 billion a year overseas. i got some heat from some conservatives because i favor ethanol. i voted for gasohol in 1984. ronald reagan signed it. we had a simple. if our choice was iowa or iran, we like having money in iowa. we would rather have money in south dakota than saudi arabia. i talked to a lot of sophisticated ethanol people and i believe in it. i believe in it years ago. i thought was right for national security. i believe that all american energy -- most of the ethanol
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people i know are prepared to eventually get rid of the subsidy if we move to flex fuel cars and tanks so the customer has a genuine choice. as oil prices go up worldwide, ethanol becomes general it -- genuinely commercially competitive, if you have a gas station that carries it and a car that uses it. i reject those that say we have to do exactly what big oil wants. i am for drilling offshore and opening up lots of land for oil. i think american oil is vastly better than iranian oil. but i am also for ethanol, solar, and wind. here is a fact you should keep in your head. we have more total energy in the united states than any other country in the world. we have more total energy in the
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united states than they have in russia. you have a federal government which is anti-american energy. it just boggles the mind. i don't want to get involved in an ideological fight. i will oppose this example. there are a lot of things we can do. i hope the house will repeal immediately the dog-franc bill, which is a disastrously bad bill. you go into any community bank in iowa and ask about the devastating impact of dodd- frank. we need to repeal sarbanes oxley. it does no good. it is just a dump bill d --umb bill. we ought to have a national conversation about this.
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we own 69% of alaska. 69 percent of alaska is federal land. alaska is twice the size of texas. that means we currently have in federal land 1.5 texases. surely we could designate one half of texas as national parks, forests, wilderness areas. that would be 125,000 square miles. and then we could say with the rest of alaska, what if we could find minerals, oil, gas? that means to be opening up an area the size of the entire state of texas. if governor harry gets in the race, he will tell you, that is a really big area. there is no reason we cannot have an honest discussion about this. the roosevelt created -- i get
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some heat from the far right because i really believe we ought to have a healthy environment. how conservative you are, having a river in the middle of a city catch fire is not a good idea. i wrote books called -- saying there should be a common sense, green conservatism. i am happy to have a dialogue with everyone in the country that says, can we identify a large parts of nevada, parts of alaska, and get back to being a country that favors economic development, favors job creation, favors the production of resources? you notice i did not talk about what i would do in 2013. i came to recruit you to call your senators and congressmen to
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say to people, we need leadership this summer. we need action this summer. as far as i am concerned, i want to be a citizen this summer helping my country get back to work, helping my countries of its problems. we have plenty of time to run for president later. thank you very much. good luck, and god bless you. [applause] is former house speaker newt gingrich with his wife. >> these look good. >> pretty good technique. >> i could to the other thing. >> was the pan hawaii? -- pan hot?
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>> a couple over here. >> here you go. a big photo opportunity. new future, newt. that's right. now.u're in trouble >> you go for it. good form. >> doing pretty good right now.
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>> we have flipped everything that needs flipping. >> i want to know which one of you is from the food channel. >> how do you feel about last night? >> good. we have our grandchildren here. how coulyou not be happy at the state there? >> how do you describe the atmosphere here? what is a like to get out and talk to people? >> it has been clear all day today. people keep walking up to me and speaking well of last night and promising to be with us in january and getting pictures and walking with me. you will see how many teachers
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-- people are excited about what we are doing. >> sarah palin is here today. rick perry is here today. >> the more the merrier. we have six months to have a national conversation about the right policies in washington. as i said last night. , i wish there were immediate things that they could do to start turning around the economy immediately, starting with repealing the dodd-frank bill. showed the country that they understand we are in real pain. in the house, if republicans have real control, they shod have all the subcommittees' to the right work in september and find all the money we need to findn september and october by having all 435 members d work,
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not just the six members on the house committee. i thought last night was a great place to start talking directly about that. we need to replace the select committee with the whole congress. do something to help america now. >> how does your campaign moves forward? >> we never invested here. our goal is in januar we are looking forward to january.
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brand science, as it affects alzheimer's and mental-health. all time as a loan is a $20 trillion public and private cost by 2050. i want to talk about new and different ways to fix america. that is what this campaign will do. we are attracting more and more people with that kind of positive message. people who have never gotten involved in politics are saying, this is about my family and my life. i want to be involved. ry much. you vert >> god luck. >> it has your name on it. >> i'll take it.
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>> that was a highlight. thank you. entirety online. we take you back to a live look at the state fair as minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann arrives. [applause] >> without further ado, from waterloo, minn., michele bachmann.
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[applause] >> hi, everyone, from one island to another, my name is michele bachmann -- iowan to another, my name is michele bachmann. i am running to be president of the united states in 2012. [applause] did anybody catch the debate last night? we sent a signal all across the united states, and it is this. with your help tomorrow, in ames, iowa, we are going to make barack obama a one-term president. [applause] it does not get any better than that. it is going to be a great election coming up, and you're going to send a signal. this is where barack obama got
6:43 am
his start. this is where he is going to come to his and, in iowa. -- end, in iowa. did you get the change and the hope you believe in? it is time for real change. we're going to repeal obama- care. [applause] and today the 11th circuit court of appeals already made their decision that unconstitutional individual mandate is unconstitutional. as nominee of the republican party, i will not rest until i elect 13 more titanium-spine senators, and we are going to repeal obama-care, dodd-frank,
6:44 am
turned the economy around, and it will not take more than three months to get the whole shooting match up to speed. we're going to do it. are you coming out tomorrow? come on now. come to our tent. we have randy travis live for you in our tent. we're going to have a little texas band and lone star. we want you there, because tomorrow is the day we make a downpayment on taking the country back. i'm coming out to shake your hand and see you now. god bless you everyone. good to me you. -- meet you.
6:45 am
>> according to your husband, i am a barbarian. you treat me like a second-class citizen. shame on you! shame on you! shame on you!
6:46 am
shame on you! shame on you! what about rights? equal rights for every american. >> thank you. god bless you too.
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theht's our coverage at iowa state fair continues with remarks firm democratic national chair. democrats, the chairwoman of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz. >> thank you to be "des moines register." thank-you to the iowa democratic party. i want to sing the praises of
6:49 am
your chair, who is doing a fantastic job making sure that people >> this is my first time to have the privilege of being in iowa and the first time at the state fair. this bear is legendary, and i was absolutely thrilled when we made plans for me to be here. the reason i am here is the same reason that i would democrats are working in the trenches every single day, and that is to make sure that like president obama has said so many times, americans and by wednesday to understand that we are at a crossroads. we are at a crossroads in america where we have a very stark contrast, a very clear choice we can make. next november, we can make a decision to go in the direction
6:50 am
that the nine republican candidates last night pledged a rigid inheritance to, that the tea party wants to reject making sure reject corporate america, that we protect the most -- even in a question where in getting a handle on our deficit and dealing with our economy and getting it turned around long term, their response to our proposal to have a 10-1 cut to revenue ratio, they all raised their right hand and said no revenue, no balance, no compromise. that is unacceptable. i am here to tell you i think that is unacceptable. thank you. the other choice that americans will have is to continue in the direction that president obama and his leadership have taken us. we have gone, under president obama's leadership, in the month before his inauguration remember let me take you back to a time when we were bleeding 750,000 jobs a month, and passport, --
6:51 am
and that was thanks to the failed policies of the past which all republican presidential candidates are embracing once again. bass or 2.5 years later and we are 17 months straight -- fast forward and we are into private sector job growth to 0.4 million private-sector jobs created, 2200 jobs a month created in iowa in the first six months of the year. just look at the recovery act. that is just a small snapshot of light in iowa your only at 6% unemployment. 34,000 jobs were created right here in this great state. that is real leadership. what we need to do, in addition to continuing to create jobs and get our economy turned around, is we need to come together.
6:52 am
i know is going to sound a little funny from the chair of the democratic national committee to say we need to come together and compromise, but that is what americans are looking to us to do. they want us to come together and work together. we need a little unity in america right now. that is what democrats have been committed to under president obama's leadership. you saw in the debate leading up to the debt ceiling and unacceptable rigidities on the part of the republicans in congress who refused to establish some balance, it refused for many weeks to even sit down and work together with the president and with congressional leadership to finalize a plan that would get this deficit reduced over the long term. [applause] thank you. we ended with the debt ceiling deal that as president obama said, it was not perfect.
6:53 am
it was not the deal that he would have written if left to his own devices, but you know what? i am a mom, and as a mom with young kids, one of the things i always talk to my kids about is, i know you wanted 100% your way, but the reality is, that is not what life is about. we are not going to come together and solve our nation's problems if one party rigidly insists on it being 100% their way all the time, crosses their arms and stamped their feet and refuses to compromise and work together. that is not what america needs. what america needs is for us to come together and make sure that beyond creating jobs, beyond getting the economy turned around, that we ensure that we never put insurance companies back in the driver's seat when it comes to your
6:54 am
health care decisions. under president obama's leadership, we made sure that you cannot be denied or dropped from your coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. if your 26 years old, up to the time you are 26 you can stay on your parents' insurance. if you are a senior citizen, will make sure that prevented screenings are part of your health care so that you can stay healthy, and not only access health care when you are sick. we made sure that equality means something in america and repealed under president obama's leadership the "don't ask, don't tell" policy which is absolutely unacceptable in an america that is committed to equality. we made sure that we passed the first bill that was signed into law by president obama meant something significant to women in this country, though lillie ledbetter their pay act, to ensure that if your woman, you get equal pay for equal work,
6:55 am
and the lot is enforceable. that is incredibly important. my message to iowans and to americans and to all of you here at this fair is that we had an opportunity to come together. we need to reject the politics of the past. we need to reject the notion, as mitt romney said on this very stage yesterday, that corporations are people. really? is exxonmobil a person? general electric? do they have human life qualities? no, they don't. it is absolutely imperative that americans understand that in order to make sure that we can get a handle on our economy, make sure we can quicken the pace of recovery, as president obama is so committed to do, that we go back to washington and make the kinds of investment in infrastructure is that president obama will be championing, make sure that the
6:56 am
millions uncle construction industry workers that lost their jobs in the recession have an opportunity to get back to work, fixing our nation's roads and bridges, getting our electric grid modernized so that we can make sure we can really create jobs. let's extend the payroll tax cuts. let's come together. that is the bottom line. at the end of the day, the middle-class and working families and small business owners need a champion. they have one in the white house. they will continue to have one in the white house with your help and your advocacy. we need to make sure, and as a mom, as i said, with three young kids, the reason i am in public service as a member of congress, the reason i made a commitment to president obama that i would work as hard as i possibly could to bring him across the finish line and help him stay at work doing the work that we need to
6:57 am
have done for this country is because the future of my children, the future of your children is at stake. the future of my parents' generation is at stake. as someone represents a district in south florida with literally hundreds of thousands of seniors who depend on medicare, to ensure that they can stay healthy. the difference between barack obama and congressional democrats and all the republican presidential candidates is all of them committed to end medicare as we know it. get the safety net out from under our seniors and privatize social security. those policies need to be rejected. we need to make sure that when we sit down at the table together to insure the long- term security of medicare. medicare needs to recent
6:58 am
preserve, not ended. we need to make sure when it comes to medicare, should we be adding another 64 under dollars in premiums to our senior citizens? -- $6,400 in premiums to our senior citizens? [unintelligible] >> we need to work together, and i know we can. i know we can come together. democrats are committed to that. president obama is committed to that. we will work together every single day from now until election day to get this economy turned around. we will do it with your help. thank you very much.
6:59 am
>> live coverage of the candidates and vote. >> as a journalist, i'm preparing myself for the very small salary that i will be starting out with. >> to be a good journalist, du have to set aside your bias and report the truth. >> the reason people like fox news and the movies so much is that it is an experience that people love and hate. >> the media conference at george mason university, ethics, commentary, and where journalists get their news and information in this multi-media environment. sunday on "q&a."


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