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tv   Rep. Michele Bachmann R-MN  CSPAN  October 10, 2011 12:55am-2:45am EDT

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>> the house of commons reconvenes tomorrow and premises questions on tuesday. and you can also see it next sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific you're on c- span. -- here on c-span. next, minnesota rep michele bachmann in new hampshire. and former house speaker newt gingrich. after that, former of -- former obama adviser dan jones at america's future conference.
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monday, army secretary john mccue discusses possible defense budget cuts at the annual army meeting. live coverage of his remarks at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> the c-span radio is another way to keep up with politics and public affairs, offering a mix of the most relevant -- relevant events. d.c.,'re in washington listen to was at 90.1 fm. and on our iphone and about a very accurata pps. and now in our 15th year. >> republican presidential candidate in minnesota congressman vin -- congresswoman
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michele bachmann held a town hall meeting today in new hampshire. this is part of her three-day campaign tour of new hampshire. her remarks are about an hour.
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>> hi, you guys. thanks for coming out today. [applause] >> a big round of applause for congressman michele bachmann ordaz -- congresswoman michele bachmann. [applause]
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>> thank you for taking the time to come out. i'm so glad you are here. >> i want to welcome you today to this event in valdemoro, new hampshire. i want to say a few comments before i get started, to kind of put into context what is going to happen here today. first, the good lord has provided us with an absolutely spectacular autumn day in new hampshire. but i need to tell you that there are new storm clouds on the horizon and there is a political purpose storm brewing right now. at the center of the storm is president obama's ideology.
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as the one that almost tore apart our nation back in its early days in 1861, when we were still a young nation. at that time, the issue was a human rights issue, this time, it is economical. right now, our country is in deep trouble. we are being attacked by both foreign and domestic enemies. what we need to understand, we need a leader, right now, that has the ability to long term, and make the decisions that will allow future americans to enjoy life, the predicament and pursuit of happiness. we need a leader who embraces the u.s. constitution and recognize it as a one-of-a-kind sacred document. i maintain that we need a leader that knows how to create jobs, that has the track record, that helps run a small
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business and make a weekly table. we need a leader -- weekly payroll. we need a leader that recognizes the backbone of a strong america start at the dinner table. we need a courageous leader right now that has the courage that will absolutely make the tough decisions that need to be made right now, at this historic moment so that we can rebuild america to what it once used to be. here is the best part, that the leader, who has all of those qualities, and many more i have not named, is right here, standing in our midst. it is a great honor, and i want to tell you right now, it is a great honor and a privilege to introduce to you the next president of the united states, michele bachmann. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you, tim, what a terrific introduction. thank you for being here. please find a seat. maybe we can find a few more. this is a good problem to have. we are glad you are here. we welcome everyone for coming. what a glorious day in new hampshire. aren't we thrilled to be able to be here? this is the best auditorium we could ever ask for. thank you for taking on what is arguably the number one weekend of new hampshire, to think that you are here on this sunday afternoon doing your duty as an american citizen to help choose the next president of united states. people in new hampshire take this very seriously. on behalf of the rest of the nation, i want to thank you for taking this as seriously as you do. this is your time. let me introduce myself, again, my name is michelle bachmann. i am running to be the next president of the united states
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in 2012. [applause] i believe that with everything that is within me that 2012 is our last chance. i believe that we can get it set on the right course, but it is going to be a very difficult proposition to do. it could be done, but i am not here to sugar coat, it is going to be very difficult to do. we can do it. we are americans. we are in the live free or die state. we do know how to make tough decisions and it can be done. it is your day and it is your time. i want to give you as much time as we can for all of your questions. i want to open up with a few remarks. what i want to say is the matter what course of action we take going forward, the first place we have to begin is in cutting spending at the federal level. you need to consider --
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[applause] you need to consider that this year your government is spending 40 percent -- 40% more than what is taking in. that is breathtaking. it would be one thing if it were one year and just what emergency, but it is not. it is one very long protracted bad habit. they have been doing this for a long time. let me give you a little context. the day that i took office, i have been fighting for five years in washington d.c. and i am 55 years old, i spent my whole life in the private sector. for the last five years i have been fighting in washington. we were 8.67 trillion dollars in debt. it took us two hundred 19 years to get $8.70 trillion in debt. we were gasping for air. how are we going to pay that
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off, let alone balance the budget? every year you spend money, you hear about a deficit. that is the amount we spend too much of in that given year. that is one problem, overspending in one year. the bigger problem is all of the accumulated over spending over a number of years. we are paying that a credit card. it was 8.67 the day i came in. anyone want to guess what is today? $16.70 trillion. that is why you did not see me as much as i wanted to be here this summer in new hampshire. i needed to be in washington, d.c., i was one of the lone voices in the wilderness of washington saying, no, stop, we cannot do this. the question was will we give barack obama another $2.40 trillion blank check.
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this was the other option. we had enough money coming in to pay the interest on the debt. we could have paid the interest and then what we needed to do was set our priorities. what we did to do was do it now appears set the priorities now. stop overspending at now. now is when we had to do it. [applause] the big mistake that congress made this summer was to keep the game going. they did not want to stop. it is a lot more fun to spend money than to get your act to get a. it is a lot more fun. imagine if you did this in your own life. imagine if he spent every think you make in a year. -- if you spent everything you make in a year by june. you spend it all until you find some foolish banker to give you a check so you can keep up that level of spending until
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december. then you start all over again next year. are you better off or are you worse off? you are worse off. you will not even make it until june at the next year. you have to be making interest payments on your debt. maybe it will only make it until may. then, you see how every year you get in a worse position than you were before. that is where we are today. we have doubled, practically doubled the national debt in what it took us 219 years to acquire. at a certain point, the music is going to stop that is why it was imperative upon us this summer. we should have stopped this summer rather than adding two $0.40 trillion. that is only going to get us through until next year. then we are worse off next year than we are now. then, who is going to say no?
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at a certain point, we will say no. it was like if there was an iceberg in front of the ship. if there is an iceberg and you see it and you know it is there, when you have to answer for all the spending you have made, if you know that day is coming, would it not make a lot more sense to get your house in order now? you see people take their credit card and they cannot control themselves. they put it in the freezer so they cannot get at their credit cards. they cut them up. i am telling you, we should not only freeze it, we should cut them up, we should say no, you cannot have access to those cards. [applause] you are the ones that have to go out and get the second and third and fourth jobs to pay off all of their spending. all of their spending did not result in any jobs. barack obama told us, give me a
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trillion dollars, he wanted borrowing authority. there was no money to give him. he borrowed a trillion dollars and he said he was going to create 3.5 million jobs. he lost about two 0.5 million jobs. the equation did not work very well. what we understand is this dramatic government intervention, going back to the $700 billion bailout which i was one of the chief of voices in washington saying, do not do the $700 billion bailout. do not give the secretary of the treasury -- for the first time in the history of the nation, a blank check for $700 billion. i had said to the secretary behind closed doors, when they were telling us be had to give them the support it, i said, what is your evidence? -- when they were telling us p.
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had to give them the authority, i said, what is to of evidence? he said, i have nothing. i said, you cannot have my vote. we should not have given him the vote. that $700 billion led to the automobile bailout which led to the plea in dollar -- which led to the mortgage bill of. on and on quico. now we are -- on and on we go. now we are at the point where it goes on and on and on. someone has to pay for that. here we are where we have doubled the national debt. you see it all starts with spending. i am a former federal tax litigation attorney. that is all like it cannot work with taxes. that is my background, expertise. i get how devastating high taxes on businesses and individuals
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and families and farmers. i have seen it. i have seen people lose their businesses. i have seen people lose their houses before. it is not fun to see. taxes are so high. they are so out of control. you may be no a couple of people who have a house in foreclosure or near foreclosure or their house is under water. they owe more on it than the house is worth. this is happening all over america. it is not funny, it is reality. there are people that are paychecks away from losing their house. there are people who do not know if they are going to have a job much longer. we are seeing it in new hampshire. it is real. that is why america cannot wait. we need a different kind of a president in 2012. one that is bold and different. a constitutional conservative. someone who is going to say what they mean and mean what they say. that is the kind of person i
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have been every day i have been in washington d.c. i have taken the voice of the american people to congress. now, i want to take your voices into the white house where it has not been heard. that is my goal. [applause] i promise you this is your time. let us get to your question. i cannot wait to hear what you have to say. thank you so much. >> if you raise your hand, i will bring the microphone to you. >> we have one right here. >> i think she was first though. >> welcome, congresswoman. in a world where many foreign leaders have very little respect for women in general, how will you stand up to some of the leaders of those rogue nations when they look down upon women anyway? will you stand up to them with all this? >> i absolutely will. you can kiss -- count on it.
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i have raised five biological children and 23 foster children. if i can stare down and raised 28 good kid, i can stare down and raise a -- step down a road dictator. -- stare down a rogue dictator. the united states is not respected around the world. we are not respected. it is not because barack obama is a man or i am a woman, it is because of the policies. barack obama has put forward a persona of weakness regarding the united states. one of the greatest areas of weakness is when he put they let between the united states and israel. one of the first president to do that. that was a very bad decision that the president made. i believe he helped to create a climate of hostility in the middle east, unlike anything we have seen in the last 40 years.
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i am very upset about what the president has done and the fact the president has led from behind. that is his administration. that is his foreign policy. when i am president, i will lead from the front. i will not lead from the -- behind. i will not step one toe out of the united states and apologize for the next states of america. that will never happen. [applause] the united states is the greatest force for good at the history of the world has ever seen. this is why our economic strength is so vital. let me answer this, and i will get to your question, the international monetary fund has said this may be the last election, if we do not change course, the last election when the united states is the noble one economic superpower of the world.
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by 2015, what other nation will eclipse us? china. this is the other thing you need to know. reagan understood this. if you want to be the military superpower of the world, you have to be the economic superpower of the world in order to support that. right now, we are sending right now we are sending interest payments over to china. they lost other first aircraft carrier. guess who is paying for that? we did. by 2015 our interest payments will be so large that we will pay for the entire people's liberation army of china, which is the world's largest employer. our interest in debts will be so high within 10 years that we will spend more money financing the interest on the u.s. debt than we spend on the entire u.s.
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military. there will be choices that have to be made. and how much do you want to think that our politicians in washington will choose our military over welfare payments? these are very important times that we live in. that is why i say this is the election of all elections in 2012. we have to choose wisely. we cannot just have the other team in another jersey this time. that is not good enough. this is the election when we have to have a constitutional conservative who gets these problems in washington, who from day one will know what to do. that is what i bring to this field that is different than anyone else. i have been fighting on the front lines, even and taking on my own party in instance after instance. i believe that you put principle over party. it has to be about the nation and we have to get the country
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back. >> congresswoman bachmman. ann. my question to you is addressed to you as your experience as a tax litigator. we pay taxes over a lifetime through w2 income. yet, we all know there is a large underground economy, cash earners that did not report their fair share. what do you do about that and level the playing field for us? >> one reason why you are seeing such a large underground of what you might call black market is because people, there's a tax theory that says any time you tax people more than 20% of their income and that would be from all sources. that would be state, local, federal, your sales tax. once it reaches more than 20% of a person's income on average,
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human behavior says that is too much. i need to keep more for myself. so unfortunately, people then break the law by not reporting net income. so what that says is that we are taxing people too much money. i think that is true. we are taxing people too much. the government is doing too many things it has no business doing. we need to back the government of of doing things is doing right now. there are departments i was shut down for instance. we need to completely cut back on what government is spending. and then we will not need to tax people at that level. >> another question over here. then i moved to the other side. >> hello. we talk about cutting spending and the democrats say we do not care. we talk about taxation, and that certainly affects -- people's incentive. and the democrats call as
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greedy. but what we have seen in the last couple of years more than anything is the double down or tripled or quadrupled the on regulations and policies that have been driving business out of this country for 50 or 60 years. why are we not talking about cutting those and making better sense of regulations so we can stop driving jobs away? >> you are right. that is one of the key components of my economic recovery plan. part of what i want to do is introduce a mother of all repeal bills. so when the liberals get in power and they have the mother of all spending bills, obama's trillion dollars spending bill, i want a mother of repeal bills. the number one thing i learned from job creators. i am a job creator. my husband and i started our own company. we think turning a profit is a good thing. we want more people to turn a profit in their business. the job creators tell me that the regulatory compliance kills
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them and is more aggravating and more of a hassle than anything else they deal with. and the number one regulatory problem there is today is the government takeover of health care called obama-care. that is the number one regulatory burden. three weeks ago there was a study that said the number one reason businesses are not hiring is because of obama-care. it makes sense, because obama- care costs. you just put an extra price tag of a minimum of another $3,000 on the head of every additional employee that you hire if you have over 50 employees. to you know who that hurts more than anyone? unskilled workers. you want to know why we have african-american youth unemployment at 45%? it is because you have regulatory burden. the regulatory and burden more than anything else is keeping employers from hiring these good kids, or hispanic kids, in that 30% range of employment.
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good kids that want a job cannot work. we are talking about people here legally and they cannot work. it is because the regulatory burden is keeping employers from hiring them. i was considered the chief critic of barack obama on obama- care period as a badge of honor as far as i am concerned. and i am the chief author of the bill to repeal obama-care. and also the chief author of the bill to repeal the jobs and mortgage destruction act, also called the dodd-frank bill. it does to financial-services what obama-care does to health care. it destroys it and makes it more expensive. how many of you heard this last week that there was to be a new $5 fee on debit cards? thank you very much federal government. thank you very much barney frank. thank you very much chris dodd for budding that in place, because the government thinks it is doing such a wonderful thing when a squeeze is on one side.
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but then the squeeze comes out another side. that is why this regulatory burden is killing job creation more than anything else. it is the regulatory burden that is killing job creation. that 1.8 million -- i am sorry, $1.80 trillion in compliance regulation every year does not include dodd-frank or obama- care. that is one thing you need to know that i will not rest, as nominee of the republican party, until i can also elect 13 more like-minded u.s. senators to go with me to washington, d.c. so we have a 60 seat filibuster- proof senate so that we can repeal obama-care. you have to have 67 years to get rid of it. and i am going to elect them. -- you have to have 60 senators to get rid of it. in my last election, at nancy pelosi made me one of her top targets to defeat.
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i decided just for spite she would not win. i would. so i raise more money for my reelection than any member of congress in the history of congress, and they did it with an average donation of $45. it was a movement and a voice that we sent to washington, d.c. that is the movement i want to take to the white house as well. we do not have to have it, special interest money. if we band together, we can do this thing. do not worry about barack obama having $1 billion. did you hear about that? he will need $12 billion and that still not be enough to give him reelected, because i go all over the country. i want you to know, that people have made their mind up. the cake is baked. barack obama will be a one-term president. for granted ort take that lightly. i am going to fight as hard as i can, but i want you to know the
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american people have made up their mind. and that is just the democrats. they do not want them. you know the republicans will not vote for him. >> over here. >> welcome back to new hampshire. >> thank you. i like your choice of clothing. i did this all myself. >> the last few weeks we have seen what has been going on in new york city with the occupy wall street. that is spreading and other towns throughout the united states. and the media is making a big -- between occupy wall street and the tea party. if anyone would be able to comment on what comparison that is, i think it should be you. one comment with to make about occupy wall street in comparison to the tea party movement. >> a first call i would tell the i did by wall street -- the occupy wall street movement to
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go to the gates of the white house. and never forget, it is barack obama that had a gigantic dam is when it came to campaign contributions from wall street over john mccain. it was the democratic contributions from wall street that got him elected. that is where they need to go and focus their energy. so the tea party was truly organic. people all across the country. what i love about the movement is that it is made up of democrats and independents. it is made up of republicans. and of a political people. it is made up of constitutional conservatives, people that to of never voted today in their life. the tea party movement is an idea of. an idea that is in line with our forbearers from the 1776. it is our forbearers that said that we are taxed enough already. that is the tea party. it is our forbearers that said
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do not spend more money than what you taken. act within the limits of the constitution. that is what the tea party move meant is saying. that is the movement identify with pair. that is the movement will take the country back. this is it. it is 2012. we have to win in 2012. we have to change things in 2012 because if we do not repeal obama-care in 2012, we will never repeal it. let me tell you why. because it was so metastasized into the federal government and into your state government and all the private health insurance plans, until those plans collapsed because that is the intent, by the way, that all private insurance companies will collapse and fall into the government because the original goal has always been a socialized medicine. that is what barack obama wants to see come about. there was a study done by a group that said 114 million
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americans would be thrown off a private health insurance. then it will go running to the government. this is not a good picture. in the bill, i would it -- one of the people that discovered -- there were 105 billion in the obama-care bill. you will not find one story written about that before the bill was voted on. how could you have senators and members of congress to vote on obama-care to spend $105 billion. that is a lot of money, even for washington. and not know that is in the bill. how could they do that? nobody read it. nobody read it. because the bill did not even get printed until three hours before they voted on it in the senate. that is right. nancy pelosi said, you have to pass the bill to know what is it. and so you know that money is used for? it is postdated checks.
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barack obama is busy catching those checks right now to implement obama-care today all over the country. you see we only have one election. we only have one chance when we can get rid of socialized medicine, and it will change our country forever. forever. in the future. we made by some chance to elect a republican again and the future, but we will never again control the agenda if obama-care stays in place. that is why this is so serious. that is why when you hear candidates say to you, i will issue an executive order. you can know that they do not understand how serious a repeal of obama-care is. or when they say, i will issue 50 waivers to the states to get rid of obama-care. you can know they do not understand what it takes to get rid of obama-care . the only way to get rid of it is to repeal it.
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that is the only way. and you do that through the united states congress. it is not going to be easy. this is the granite state. this would be like pushing of big granite boulder up over granite mountain. this is going to be really tough to undo. but i am here to tell you today in new hampshire i am up for that fight. that is why i am running for president, because i am absolutely committed to the full scale repeal of obama-care. it is not good enough for our nominees to say they will sit behind a desk and wait to have the bill put on their desk. it will take a president who is going to be willing to be a leader and go out before the election and a left 13 more like-minded senators and even after the election it will be hard, because that bill was nothing but special interest groups. that is all it is. it will take one tough cookie to fight the special interest groups. i am up for that.
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that is why i wanted to consider well on your choice for who you make your nominee. our candidate has to be committed to the fight, not just the issue, but the fight to get rid of it, because that is what it will take it. it rid of dodd-frank, which remember is the jobs and mortgage destruction bill. and also change the tax code. i was the only tax lawyer in congress different times when i have been there. i am the only tax lawyer running for president. i want to lead that fight. that is the job killing center of the universe -- the tax code. i want to change that and make pro-growth policies in america. that is what we need it -- grow the economy and the jobs follow automatically. because the job does not create jobs. the private sector does carrot >> it will go behind you again. she is wearing a lovely color
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red. >> a beautiful republican red. wantwant to tell you ii a lot of money. i call that in december that she would win the iowa staraw poll. i endorse this lady. she is phenomenal. i think she is the answer. i beg you as a victim of an illegal immigrant that we came all the way from texas that you take our governor down. he is not securing our borders. those illegals are walking free and not being prosecuted. i have been a widow since 1996. you understand the legal immigration. i beg you from texas that you fight for us, because illegal immigrants, you guys are walking free. he came in my house and my
1:32 am
governor, governor perry turned a blind eye. they are being taken from the court's dockets. this woman understands illegal immigration. he is not doing it in our state. i beg you take that pop be down on the 11th. -- that puppy down on the 11th. >> this is an issue we can address, a legal immigration. i am terribly sorry about your husband. of the sympathy of everyone here today. it is a terrible thing. it is something that most americans have had it up to here with. and minnesota, we had our own troubles with illegal immigration. i do not know if there is a state in the union that has not been impacted. not only the physical problems that you have to deal with but also the financial problems that this country had to deal with. go to there is a great study done to talk about the financial costs associated with illegal immigration.
1:33 am
this is something where the federal government should be apologizing to the american people for failing to deal with this issue. it is in that both political parties. both democrats and republican administrations where they have not done the right thing by the border. i will. i will build a fence on every model, every yard, every fourth, every inch of that southern border. and i will fully resources all of the border guards. and i will tell them, if you uphold the laws, i will have your back. rather than have the federal government go after our border agents for upholding the law, i will have their backs. i will tell you one thing i will not do. i will not sue the state of arizona for trying to protect their own people. that will not happen, either. we need to make sure that our ice agents know that we enforce the laws on the book. the laws are good. that is not the problem. we need to stop with the magnets
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for illegal aliens. no more taxpayers finance the benefits for illegal aliens. that has to stop. and our official language of the federal government must be in english. we are english speaking language. we need to be in a english. we dealt with this problem before. it was in the mid-1960s when things changed. i will deal with this issue. >> welcome to new hampshire. one way to cut medical costs would be to do something with tort reform. i wonder what your thoughts would be. >> i agree with you. we need to have medical malpractice reform and to have a cap on suits. and on judgments. it has been out of control. and that has led to a defensive
1:35 am
medicine. there are whole communities that cannot get obstetricians' because it does not pay for them to be in practice any more. this is a very real issue and it gets passed on to the rest of us. costs are the big issue in health care, and that is what needs to be addressed. under my plan, i want to repeal obama-care. and then once we do that, i want to allow every american the privilege of being able to buy any insurance policy they want anywhere in america with no minimum mandate. do you know you cannot do that now? there is a monopoly with insurance companies in every single country in america. and i want to break the monopoly and let every american by any policy they want. you want to talk about returning to a free-market system? i love the free market. imi complete fan of the free market. and i want to make sure that anyone can buy any policy they want anywhere in america with no minimum mandate. then of like people to be able to said aside whatever money
1:36 am
healthed ot p to pay for care. i want people to be able to set i.d. aside tax-free to pay for their premium, your co-pay, your deductible, your medical devices, whatever it is, pay for it with tax-free money and have a true medical tax reform. -- medical malpractice reform. that is where we need to begin. then we need to back the federal government out of that industry, because the federal government artificially increases the cost and moves people towards held savings accounts. that is what works. that is individual responsibility. that is what has become part of the problem in this country -- too much dependency, not enough personal responsibility. we have to have a mind-set change in the country as well. >> the next question is right in front of you. i am kneeling down. >> the third rail of politics which would beat medicare,
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social security and medicaid. how would you do with that? we are dealing with the great block of voters -- how do we deal with this? >> they do not need to be frightened we need to look at this. it really is a math problem. we recognize, if you have the gooa business, would you run ate same way that you did 45 years ago or 80 years ago? that is what we are doing with these programs. they have to be modernized and updated. i think the most important thing we have to do is let people know who are currently on social security nothing is going to change. absolutely nothing. we will keep your promise with you. but we also have a promise to keep the younger people. and so we need to reform and change the system for younger people. medicare is on a fee-for-service program. barack obama has said that system does not work anymore.
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so this is not even a republican-democrat issue anymore. the best system in my mind would be one that ms. daniels talked about. he is the governor of indiana -- mitch daniels. he said if we had a system of health savings accounts that we would see real savings. i think we should examine those ideas and put them on the table. i would be happy to leave that national debate. again, this should not be an-. this should be a positive. i was in the white house earlier this summer and we ask the president, what is your plan for saving medicare? rather than being afraid to talk about it, we should talk about it. because that is how seniors will not be frightened if we have positive solutions so that they know we want to save the system. because we know within nine years the medicare hospital trust fund, part b, it will be dead flat broke. again, here is a big ice . out there. you have this ship going right
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words that iceberg called broke. do i really want to see a beautiful, frail, 85-year-old woman one day be told, i am sorry there is no more money left. you cannot have your hip replacement. i love senior citizens. i care about them. my stepdad is 87. the last thing i want is for him to find out, sari, the covered is bare. but it will be bare andiin less than nine years. so we must. to me, this is a moral issue. in issue of morality. do we love senior citizens or not? i do. i love them. it is the morality issue. i will not let them go without. so let's fix it, and not be a free event. on social security, this is
1:40 am
something we can look at. their population is far different than our population, but we can certainly look at what would work for our system. again, people who are currently on -- that is number one -- people currently on social security, nothing changes. it is for people moving up to that system, where i think we can do a far better system for young people than what we have today. not brought out in the debates. >> the other thing a lot of people do not know when it comes to social security. let's say your name is bob smith. people think there is an account and wash. named bob smith. and all of the money you have been sending over the years to washington, you have to go and knock on the social security office and say, i would like to have my dividend that i paid in. they say, what? when they go to open up that door for social security the
1:41 am
only thing that flies out our mods' and fathers and i know you's. -- moths and feathers and io u's. the politicians went in and secure social security money and they blew it on big government welfare dependency programs. so it is gone. they have already spent your money. that is a transivesty. anywhere else, you would be in jail for doing that. but the federal government has gotten away with that that has to end. we no longer can spend at the level we are. that is why when i started today i said the number-one thing is spending. that is really the problem is too much spending. we have to go with what works. and that is what works in your life and in your business. that is what works in your church. it is not spending more money than what you take in and living within a budget. what a concept.
1:42 am
i say what i mean, and i mean what i said. i do not overpromise. this is going to take very serious tough love. i am not interested in going to washington so i can be there for two terms. i feel the same way you do about this country. you absolutely love it. you are like me. you see 23t5 years down the road, just like john adams and the founders did. they saw us sitting here today. and they paid an unmentionable price so that we could be here. now the question is, will we pay the price of common sensean and just stop spending away the future of america? i am here to tell you it will come faster than anyone thinks, this day of reckoning.
1:43 am
i do not mean to be melodramatic. but i do not think that we can say it enough. it is going to come sooner than anyone thinks. and so let's deal with it now. this is the last chance, in my opinion. this is the last go around to catch the brass ring of liberty. i think this is the last turn around the carrousel. if we do not do it now, why did not know that there is another day. that is why this is so imperative. >> just to the right. >> you should have our red hat on or something. >> i am pleased to introduce you to our national committeewoman. >> give phyllis a hand. thank you for what you do. >> she had a quick question for you. >> i love being back. i wish i could come back earlier but i was fighting the debt ceiling all summer. >> we missed you. i'm sure you'arre aware new
1:44 am
hampshire has been playing chicken with nevada trying to figure out who was on first regarding the primary. we have a state law here that says we will be the first primary state. i am just wondering what your feelings are that we really are -- we go up to december, but we found ourselves in a situation where we really have our state law that we need to comply with. and we do not -- [inaudible] what are your feelings on that? >> all i know is that i want to be your number one. i want to be your sweetheart in new hampshire. i am going to be here competing and hopefully successfully in new hampshire for that spot. i know this year the jockeying was set by a florida.
1:45 am
i will follow whatever role new hampshire comes up with. there are a lot worse places that you could be campaigning then new hampshire. , we will be delighted to be here. i think the message that new hampshireites have toldmessage k to them. new hampshire hate's high taxes and overspending. what they want is someone genuine. they do not want a phony. for me, i spent five years in every single battle on the front lines, a tip of the spear on obama care, fighting it, tip of the spear fight in dodd-frank, a tip of the spear fighting against the trillion dollars stimulus and the bailouts. i have been there fighting. one thing people should know
1:46 am
about me is that this is not just talk. i have five years of action laying myself down on fight after fight after a fight. you can know that when i go to the white house, you have someone who is absolutely going to do these very tough things. do you know how tough it is going to be to cut 40% out of the budget? do you know how tough that is? do you know how tough that is to shut down department's, like shutting down the department of education or shutting down the epa? [applause] phyllis, is going to take some doing. you do not think we are going to have some blow back from that? we have not benefited from the department of education. i do not think the epa is benefiting job creators. we have 50 epas across the
1:47 am
country. the 50 states can deal with those decisions. those are state issues. there are things we can deal with on the federal level, but it is time to change course. that is what my candidacy offers to the american people, a change in course. and i am up for it sooner rather than later, so if you want to have it in december, i am up ford in december. because the people i talked to across america, they wish the election was today, and that is the democrats. they wish the election was today, and i wish it was too. people will talk to me about obama and how we need to change things in d.c. our changes coming. it is 2012. we cannot see this as just another election. it is not. it is not another election. it is our last chance. we can i get it wrong with this nominee. it has got to be someone who really gets the problem, who understands the times that we
1:48 am
live in. they have to know what to do, but the most important ingredient is they have to have the political courage to do it. i have been there. i have been there where i have been the only vote. we need to have someone who is willing to do that, be the only vote. do you know what i see when i go to cast my vote? i see all of your faces. i see the people in the district i represent. that is who i serve. i am not serving leadership in washington. i'm not serving special interests. i serve the people of this country. i will tell you one thing that affected me. there was a guy at quitting time punching out who should by hand and said michelle, if you are president, there is only one thing i want from me. and we need to give the country back to the people because i have a 6-year-old grandson and i do not think we're going to go on. i said, you bet i will. you bet i will give it back. i said what is his name? he said his name is is it.
1:49 am
he said i do not think this little boy is going to grow up and see what i know today. the guy who waited on me at the airport at the information desk was from argentina. he came here in 1970. phyllis, he said this country is not the same country that he came to in 1970. my heart sunk to my toes when he said that to me. but the thing is, i knew that he was right. i knew that it was true. but i know better than that. i know we're better than that. the people i talk to all across the country, they want us to be that country again. i know we can be. for instance, the dollar. i am taller -- i am tired of seeing the dollar floating in not worth anything anymore because we have lost 12% of the value of the dollar justin -- just in the time that barack obama has been in office. when the dollar is not tied to
1:50 am
anything of value, washington just runs the printing presses and then we lose. they are stealing from us. this is the other thing i want to do. legalize american energy production in this country. legalize it. [applause] we should be drilling. we have more energy in the united states than any other country. we are most energy-rich and the -- energy-rich nation in the world. you would not know that, would you? with 25% of the: the whole world. we have that much coal. this is that minimum 1.4 million high-paying jobs. that is where i am going to start as president. that is a freebie. legalize american energy and the private sector creates 1.4 million high-paying jobs. so that all the men out there who want to provide for their
1:51 am
families can. do you know how sad that is to see a man or woman who wants to provide for their family and they cannot tax this is a country filled with people who want to provide for their families. let's give them work. legalize american energy. start there. there are so many avenues where we can start. i cannot wait to get started. [applause] >> the next question is going to come from behind you. >> ok. >> the last question i asked was to frank jensen and he did not listen. i came from a perspective of not trusting obama and thinking he was a liar and i would appreciate if he voted for that -- voted against that bill. he did not. you did, and i appreciate that.
1:52 am
to anyone who follows it, it is readily apparent that obama has far out ideological views, correct? he does not like america. he associates with radicals. he is a liar. he supports the occupy wall street crowd. he disparages the tea party crowd. it could be the diaz marxist beliefs. he has policy -- it could be that he has marxist beliefs. his policies are bringing us down, and some people believe he is doing that on purpose. will you address these things and hit them hard and not be afraid of being called a racist? that is what was happening in 2008. no one would hit him hard. [applause] >> i do not mean to the area when i say this, but the thing that i would look forward more than anything as the republican
1:53 am
nominee is taking obama on in the debates and holding him accountable for four years of destroying the country. that is what i would look forward to doing. it would be a pleasure. absolute pleasure. >> real one more question right over here. >> what your thoughts about getting rid of the department of energy? >> it is going to be a very long day. i will start early. i will go to the department of education and turn the lights off unlock the door there. [applause] >> then i will go to the epa and turn the lights off and lock the door there. and we will go over to the department of energy and say, now any more of those loans you have left lying around here? and then we will turn off the lights and lock the door there.
1:54 am
wouldn't be wonderful to turn those government buildings into for-profit centers and have businesses come along and buy a lot of those buildings? that is so we have to do. we would all be a lot better off too. >> this will be the last question. >> you talk about tax code changes. what is your feeling about the fair tax? >> this is a consumption tax, essentially a national sales tax. what it would envision is that all other taxes would be eliminated and we would only have national sales tax. they're estimating about a 23% sales tax, and then of course, that would combine with wherever there is that the state level. there is controversy about it. if you have a brand new system, is certainly one to consider.
1:55 am
what is up healing is that -- appealing is that everyone would participate in that system. that is part of the problem we have today. today, the estimates are that only 53% of americans pay any federal income tax. 47% do not. that is wrong. what i would like to do is lead a national debate, whether it be a national consumption tax or, the other tax being proposed is a flat tax, where everybody would pay the same tax, 10% or 15%, whenever this. you would not get deductions. you just pay a flat rate. i would like to lead the debate. this is such a huge change, you have to have in from the american people, whether they want to go with a national sales tax or a flat tax. but the biggest each year -- biggest issue -- i think we can
1:56 am
all agree that the current one does not work? we have unanimous consent there. 3.8 million words, by the way, it doesn't work. the matter what tax system we taken, -- no matter what tax system we take in, we have to cut back on the spending. we have to have a system where everyone participates. everyone should pay something, even if it is a dollar. everyone needs to pay something. we all benefit from this menacing country. everybody needs to pay in. -- from this magnificent country. everybody needs to pay and. you're going to have to have some kind of enforcement mechanism, some way, but not the irs. here is the other thing under the irs. under obama care, that is who enforces obama care. they're hiring 16,000 new irs
1:57 am
agents, as if we did not have enough, to enforce obama care. so if you need any more reasons to get rid of it? remember. one chance. if there is one thing you remember about today when you leave, take this with you. there is one chance to get rid of president obama care, and it is this election. you can add executive order the way. you cannot waivered away. -- you cannot executive order it away. you cannot waiver it away. it has to go through the congress and i have the will to make that happen. i will not leave office until it is done, and i will pay attention to that until it is done. are we done? >> we are. >> ladies and gentlemen, michele bachmann, the next president. whether you going to do to find out more about michele bachmann?
1:58 am
many of the people know this next gentleman. he is the son of the former governor of new hampshire. we call in the ax man, and you are going to see why in a minute. i would like to introduce you to tom thompson. he is going to talk to a little bit about something michelle is going to be joining in. >> thank you. thank you for coming to new hampshire and bringing us this beautiful weather. i appreciate your words on energy and on spending, cutting spending and cutting the size of government. that represents what we have. for you and others who might not know, this was my father's acts when he campaigned for years ago across the state of new hampshire. i am deeply concerned about this election in 2012, just as your and others here. it is not so much about me, it
1:59 am
is about my grandchildren. 5-week-old young daughter and 8- year-old grandson. i want the america that most of us who have gray hair here today realized. it is going to take someone with a republican body to lead us out of this mess that president obama has gunnison and tear. thank you for coming to new hampshire -- that obama has gotten us into. thank you for coming to new hampshire. i have one other thing. this is a picture of michele on april 29th at the presidential summit in manchester. she does not know how to swing the ax. i would appreciate if you would not mind signing up for me. >> i will be happy to.
2:00 am
>> you'll be seeing this all over washington, d.c. [laughter] [applause] >> thank you, tom. >> we have we have to pledges. i do not want to lose one. >> it is down. my pledge to the american people, i will work tirelessly to cut regulations with charges. we will cut spending and reduced they national spending.
2:01 am
i agree they should do what they're on in the federal government should stay out. secure our borders by using whatever means are necessary. become energy independent. up hold, follow, and protect the united states constitution with all my might. [laughter] -- [applause] thank you for this great effort that you're doing. >> i want to thank you again. thank you for bringing these media folks with you. i will be sure to load up for you.
2:02 am
>> be better double down on our orders. i want to thank you so much. god has blessed this nation. it cannot take it for. is that what has happened. i thought i saw a lot from the state and minnesota. you can hear the hourglass won tips over.-- win it this is the election that will change the nation. let's make it positive. thank yo u, everyone. >> give a big round of applause for the next president of the
2:03 am
united states. thank you very much for coming. >> no. has and i were undecided. he cannot be here today. >> i will be back. >> thank you. what is your nejd? >> chri-- name?
2:04 am
>> christa. that is an immigration policy worked. did you catch that? i'm so happy. >> you should be in the white house. i wish i was today. i tell you. we would get everything started in the back on track. coming back to naples. i love it down there. it is beautiful. this is a beautiful place to be.
2:05 am
thank you so much. i want your vote from the very beginning. >> the new something wrong. we felt this is how it would get rectified. >> thank you. i need that support. you tell everyone you know. thank you for coming today. what is your name? >> greg. >> hi greg. thank you for carving out some time and coming. i want your vote. thank you. who is this for? thank you. what is your name? >> i am rose mary landry.
2:06 am
i cannot wait for you to be president. you are the most common sense person in the world. i am completely irish. i want you to give this opportunity back everybody. i know you can. you are the light in the sky. i really love you. i want me to become president. >> will you tell everyone? i need you to go tell everyone. thank you. is there something you want me to sign? >> no. , i don't. i think she wants to sign. one more.
2:07 am
> > i am the one who called your office. >> thank you. hi. >> my son is in the air force. they were fighting with the debt ceiling. $500re looking at cutting billion. my dad is in the air force to. tell them how grateful we are. >> hello. thank you for coming. thank you for taking your time.
2:08 am
i would like this. you have done it. it is the best constitution. >> that is wonderful. i am glad to have it. >> it is good to see you. i am glad you guys were here. it is great to see wonderful faces. we will find out. we will try. what is your name? hello. i am michele.
2:09 am
>> i watched the decline of my country over my lifetime. >> it is hard. the good thing is we know the formula that works. don't read as to just have to put into place. i am so glad you came. you want some help to get your card? >> i am fine. >> thank you, sweetheart. we want your vote. >> it is good to me. thank you very much. thank you so much. thank you.
2:10 am
>> if she keeps a common the only tax she pays is what is over.
2:11 am
thank you for bringing it formate. >> i well. thank you for coming. i want your vote. >> hello. you fit together. >> i have been watching you. that you came. i need your vote. >> that he had been here. >> my wife and my special agents.
2:12 am
thank you for everything. i wish you well. >> you have a of memory. i need your vote. thank you. hello. i am so happy you are here. we afford to being back here. i love the hampshire. the people are great. i am more than happy to be here. would you tell everyone that i need your vote? thank you.
2:13 am
>> there for a strong american now. it is good to get out there. thank you. do you need some help? >> i got it. our country needs it.
2:14 am
>> oh my word. you guys are on your way. >> tomorrow. >> how long have you been on vacation? is that what happens in real- world? have you been on it? >> and certainly have. i have not seen it.
2:15 am
where did they go? d. g. getting? good. -- did you get it? good. i did a town hall there earlier.
2:16 am
what was the name of the restaurant? okay. good. what is really get is the lobster roll. adobe a good place to go. we came up and pastor bus. >> it is awesome. it is. it is a lot of fun. we drove up on our way. >> it is on tuesday. this will be fun. ihello.
2:17 am
you got a shirt. the good. how are you? me that you. you are the best. thank you. >> can you take prisoners information? goodbye. goodbye. we love you pureed tell everyone you know. goodbye.
2:18 am
>> conservative leaders and republican presidential candidates were in washington this weekend. now remarks from newt gingrich. quite see where here at external -- you're here at an external -- @ a historical monument. i do not know if you watched it. the lead in marietta said in the lead media said this was a two-
2:19 am
person race. i said they may be right, but they have the wrong to people. it is interesting that the two guys that got the most money have lost the most votes. maybe having a heart and they bring matters a lot. i think we are in a period of enormous challenge. we have judges to do not understand the constitution. we have an academic class whose alienated from the american people.
2:20 am
we have a lot of work to do. recently, i released this 21st contract with america. it outlines the scale of change. and me give an example. -- imagine. we say goodbye to folks. we start signing between 50 orders giving the government away from obama and back toward the american people. you can go. you will see a section. we will release all these
2:21 am
orders by october the first next year. if we parts of this. the ticket to be part of this. i do not know what all it will be. around three, 45 or 4:00 on the afternoon of the inauguration, about the time that president obama gets them to go back to chicago, i will sign an executive order #1 which will abolish every white house bizarrczar. [applause] a 1 it to come today to talk about a historical crisis
2:22 am
abraham lincoln said if you debate someone who does not agree that two plus two equals four probably cannot win the argument. make no difference. imagine if by 5-4 boat the supreme court decided that two plus two eagled five. -- equaled five. the only recourse to get to a supreme court reverses or to pass a constitutional amendment declaring that two plus two equals four. to any of you believe that five appointed lawyers decided a coofive it equaled five that we
2:23 am
would change our systems? said people say that may well explain obama's budgeting system. this is absurd. it cannot possibly be true that the founding fathers wrote into the constitution a very elaborate and complex process of amending the constitution and said that the supreme court is but 4-4 and justice kennedy get up in the morning. he becomes the one person constitutional convention. this is an absurdity. there is no judicial supremacy. it does not exist.
2:24 am
let me be clear. judicial supremacy is factually wrong. it is morally wrong. it is an affront to the american system of self-government. one of the major reasons that i am running for the united states is the ninth circuit court decision at in in 1962 that one nation under god was unconstitutional. that decision to me had the same effect that the dread scott decision extending slavery to the whole country had. if the appeals court could be so add a touch of america, that if it seat to lot children
2:25 am
from saying that comment that we had come to a point when we need it a constitutional crisis to reassert the branch's legitimate prerogative to teach the judiciary that they cannot be anti-american and expect us to tolerate them radically changing our society by judicial difference. what i'm saying to you is in the best part of the american revolution. redecoration. a very large -- read the declaration. a very large portion involves the judges. the founding fathers deeply distrusted judges and but the lawyer class was dangerous and that he cannot give unbridled power or it would undermine and destroy free society.
2:26 am
this is an absurdity. this would be an oligarchy. we are faced with when the great crossroads of american life. it is very dangerous. if judges think there unchallengeable, they are corrected. -- de are unchallengeable, they are corrected. whether it is one judge in california who thinks he knows the definition of marriage or one who rules that not only can schoolchildren not say a prayer at their graduation that they cannot use the word " benediction, god" and if they do
2:27 am
they will lock up his superintendent. the idea that an american judge becoming a dictator of words is so alien to our traditions and such a violation of our constitution that that particular judge should be removed from office summarily. he warned in 19th century that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. with each passing decade, the judges have become more hostile to the american tradition. the openly talk about using foreign sources of information. the american constitution is so old and antiquated.
2:28 am
a justice who believes that should not be serving on the american branch. -- bench. [applause] [applause] we have a very lengthy paper. this outlines how profoundly anti american model is. it is taught in every law school. it is profoundly wrong. this is the very behavior of law schools that teach power. there's the balance of power.
2:29 am
there must be no supremacy. this is worse than that. the courts cannot possibly take on the legislative and executive branch. they would lose. one of the most important things we would score. this is a more complicated topic. as a republican nominee, i will challenge the president to three hour debate with a timekeeper and no moderator.
2:30 am
one of these debates should be on the declaration of independence, the constitution, the paper, and the nature of the american judiciary. jefferson is the most clear example of taking on the judiciary. the jeffersonian eliminated 18 out of 35 federal judges. he just a paulist -- he just abolish their offices. i am not as bold as jefferson. i think the judge in san antonio will be an important signal. i think the night court should be saw notice.
2:31 am
in tackling the bank which he said which is a formally century situated power i thought was bernanke. he said this is their opinion. he said i had a different opinion. he spends this explaining why it may be the law of the case. lincoln refuses to enforce the dread scott decision. people who come in and say if the court speaks it is as if god has spoken. to be fair, having someone from the party recognized god as an important step in the right direction -- [applause] on the issue of god in american
2:32 am
public life, a country created because we are endowed by our created, they have been his starkly wrong since the late 1940's. it got worse and worse and more a speculator. -- secular. the courts have become out of touch with reality. the idea that they will take on responsibility for defending the united states is a fundamental violation of the constitution. congress should pass a law repudiating every interference of the courts and returning them to the congress and the president. on abortion, they have a stupid
2:33 am
decision over here and have modified it twice since then. they do not know what they're doing. they may be right. we should explore whether we have the equipment to define life and insist that it be the law of the land. this is something we should look at very seriously. on marriage, to be quite clear, and issues like the defense the marriage act, we should say cannot be appealed. the congress cannot decide what can be appealed. they refuse to let the supreme court hear about it for 40 months until they finish wiping out all the judges. the seven want to establish this on the ground before you get to.
2:34 am
explain to us your rationale. by what right where you dictate speech to the american people? how can you take your court over and tell us this is about free speech? judges who knew when they are wrong there would be held from the congress would have a sobering affect about how much power they had. presidents can follow the precedent of lincoln. i would instruct them to ignore the recent decisions on the supreme court.
2:35 am
i would interpose the presidency. the source of that is franklin del mar roosevelt. -- eleanor roosevelt. roosevelt brought in his attorney general. they will be executed. it should happen within three weeks. congress has the power to limit the appeals. the men they will have no clerks.
2:36 am
we're not like to pay the electric bill for two years. since he seems the rendering justice you do not need this either. i am paraphrasing the papers in which he is defending. he said this is the weakest of the three branches. the modern model is opposite the american tradition. i am only outlining for years item #9. you can tell this. the struggle we're going to have with the lawyer class over shrinking their power with how we should be paid.
2:37 am
justin that one zone. we have other zones, how we create jobs. how we get this under control. how can we replace the environmental protection agency? this has common sense and cooperation. how do we control the border? you can do this. we are suspending any law that would protect th-- prohibit us. each of these steps will be met with substantial resistance by
2:38 am
the reactionary forces who had dreamed of creating a radically different america. each of these steps have to win if we will give our children and grandchildren the prosperous country that our children and grandchildren gave us. i think this will be a tremendous struggle. if you are for me, it you're going to say i sure hope newt does it. no one person can do this. the president can leave the american people and change things. if we shrink the power of washington by applying the 10th amendment, but to bring citizens back home. i came today.
2:39 am
i came to take this opportunity to outline for you one of the great historic decisions we will make over the next few years. we rebalance. we insist on judges to understand the constitution. only people who are dedicated to the original document will get any court appoint an at any level. let me just close and say to all of you i am here to ask you to be with me for eight years and stand side by side to make sure
2:40 am
we reclaim america from the forces of socialism, class warfare, and the one to make it does not teach our children about the history of this great country. we will beat barack obama. we will defeat them. we will reclaim america as the land of the free and the home of the braves. thank you. >> watch more video. see what political reporters are saying. with the website, it helps to
2:41 am
navigate the political landscape with twitter feet and facebook updates. links to media partners in the early stage. it is all at campaign2012. >> next, van jones speaks at the campaign for america's future. then a hearing with justices and since it achillea -- antonin scalia. monday, the former utah governor and u.s. ambassador to china. you would get a form policy speech.
2:42 am
it begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. we will be in new hampshire for a town hall meeting. both events will be available live on c-span. >> its is a story on the topic of your choosing. it has a good beginning, solemn and bill and mending. >> they did a great job of capturing video. if you need a little bit more help, go to
2:43 am
>> i find this useful to read the rules carefully and make a checklist of what you need to do. this becomes clear. >> he can work alone or with others. if you are a good writer, get this. you will increase your but others. >> we can use your others. there are resources for you along the way. this process is both fun and extremely rewarding. of a little bit of effort, everyone can do this.
2:44 am
>> van jones discuss how the teen party movement has become so successful. it said it must be time for principles and not a person. they hosted this conference to promote the progressive movement. his remarks are about 45 minutes. >> whoa. we will ask a view not sitting down to please take your seat. i have been told that i have two minutes. since that only have two minutes,


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