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tv   Presidential Straw Poll Results  CSPAN  February 11, 2012 4:15pm-4:30pm EST

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senators on a regular basis. step three. the one i do worry about is our friend and massachusetts, scott brown. he should win reelection. i just warn you, i guess to live in massachusetts -- are used to live in massachusetts. it is a tough state. he helped polk the first hole in obamacare. -- poke the first hole in obamacare. in the white house, all we have to do is replace obama. he was a very good candidate in 2008. he is not a good president. a year ago, he decided he would go back to being a candidate. for the last year and for this
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next year, you have candidates obama. you did not having a guy being president. it is like william henry harrison. he has decided that it is too much work and he is going to be a candidate. when you are trying to negotiate with them, for get it. you are talking to a candidate. we have all these candidates. the reason for that is unlike 1952, eisenhower-taft, these guys were auditioning to run the party in different directions. what happens? we now have a reagan republican party. it is what you have conservatives supporting each of these candidates. it is called a winning.
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it is not a problem. it is confusing, but it is winning. we're not auditioning for a fearless leader. we do not need a president to tell us what direction to go. we want the paul ryan budget. [applause] this is very easy. it takes all of these liabilities and makes them fully funded and controlled by individuals. it takes bentinck down to 20% of gdp in 10 years -- it takes spending down to 20% of gdp. when the president to sign this stafuff. we do not need someone to think it out or designed it. we had a house and a senate.
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the leadership now for the next 20 years to be coming out of the house and senate. focus on a lasting the most conservative republican who can win and the most conservative republican who can win in each set state -- senate seat. [applause] this is a change. the democrats have been running everything out of the house and senate for a long time. this is a change for republicans. the democrats have been doing it. obama has made two decisions since he was president. they came to him and said, the stimulus bill. sign the health care bill. he tripled the number of troops in afghanistan. he decided to participate in
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libya. those are the two things the democrats did not hand them and say do this, this. they are used to having a president who reads from teleprompter spirit we can do better than that, but we need someone to understand his job is to be captain of the team and signed legislation that is already prepared and has been there for conservatives. we're going to when. we just have to remember, the only thing lacking is a great deal of work. lining is not work. if we do the work, out --whining is not work. if we do the work, we will remain america. we will not decrease and wheat -- we will not be in greece and we will not be chicago. [applause] ♪
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>> we're going to win this. let's go. ♪ --ladies and gentlemen ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. good to see you. [applause] this exciting three-day conference. we have two main events left. we have been exciting results of our polling numbers.
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and then we will hear from gov. palin. [applause] great power in store for you. let me get started right away. these polls are sponsored by the great washington times, an institution that we care for and respect and is part of our conservative movement family. i will introduce to you its president. [applause] >> thank you very much. hello, everyone. that was a great boxing match we had earlier today. congratulations, the eyes of the nation have been on us this last three days. all of you are part of that historic occasion that is done much to clarify the heart and
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soul of the conservative movement. where we stand and where we are going. thank you and -- the washington times is marking its 30th anniversary this year. our founders launched the times in 1982, president ronald reagan was just two years in office. it was right at the height of the cold war. washington had only one newspaper, the liberal "washington post. however, the leader of the free world read the washington times first every day and the white house sent a car to fetch three bundles of our newspapers at 4:00 every morning. of that, we are most proud. since then, the media has
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transformed into a 24-7 multimedia, a multi platform monster with a taste for destruction. major polls revealed that 70% of the say the press is out of touch with average americans. only 44% trust the media to accurately and fairly report the news. over two-thirds of us are weary of political bias. only congress gets worse favorability numbers than the press. patriotic conservatives continue to seek out and protect traditional america. they also seek a narrative that articulates a genuine american values clearly and without apology. the washington times is a patriots destination to provide evidence that america is strong, resilience, and intact, and we will prevail as the true shining city on the hill.
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a 21st century beacon for the world. every day, the times provides argument, but it also provides answers with credibility and a sense of what works. in this epic battle to define america in 2012, the accuracy of the news and information that you consume about politics, policy, culture, and national security is absolutely critical. please note the washington times is your reliable resource for every year left and however you get your news. our greatest audience trend is now in regions of the country where there are highest concentrations of conservatives. our audiences have expanded to tens of millions do toward digital channels -- due to our
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digital channels, our website, and a morning radio show from washington. i am here today to announce this pivotal election year, the washington times is committed to becoming the official newspaper of 2012. [applause] the washington times have long shared a profound concern to move this country in the right direction. we're very proud to once again sponsor the cpac straw poll. many would say that we have heard the very finest speeches ever yesterday from three presidential hopefuls. i am sure you are as excited as i am to learn the results of the 2012 poll. we have one more speaker coming
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up. she is a remarkable, a courageous, and significant reshaped the has american mind said. i think i know -- i think you know who i mean. thank you for your time and on behalf of all of us at the washington times, thank you for your tremendous work to improve our country. may god bless you all and god bless america. [applause] >> thank you very much, tom. ladies and gentlemen, the gentlemen who has been doing our straw polls for 20 years, he still looks pretty young to me, right? he has been here 20 years in a row during this for us at his own expense. for that we thank you, tony. for the first time in our history, comments have been
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made, what about your straw poll? it is not scientific, but it is a great measuring stick. 10,000 conservative activist in the same place at the same time. what's at a national poll of conservatives and launched -- and eyeballs those results at the same time and see where that those-- and the bdivulge results at the same time. >> thank you. i almost feel like president obama with a teleprompter. they are empty, like much of his words. [applause] we were backstage a moment ago and will talking about the first
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time we did a straw poll results. there ratan reporters -- there were 10 reporters. we had only a 400 people that participated. have things changed over those years. that is congratulations to all of you and the job you have done. i want to thank al for letting us do this. two new things this year. those of you who voted no that we have moved into the 21st century. we conducted a straw poll online for the first time. thank you very much for those of you who participated. and for your patience. retested this down in florida -- we tested this down in florida and it worked there and it worked.
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this year. it allowed us to conduct a survey from 9:00 on thursday. we did not close the balloting until 1:00. everybody who wanted to vote got to hear every one of the present a candidate before they voted. in addition to conducting the straw poll a different way, with the help of the washington times, we're able to conduct a telephone survey also identified conservatives nationally. we asked the same questions to both the telephone responder and the same we asked to you. that is what i want to share with you today. what you'll see is that there are a lot of commonalities. there are some differences. at the end of the day,


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