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tv   Conservative...  CSPAN  February 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we say so we will do it for free. [cheers and applause] i had a fancy on my show yesterday. she is obviously the spokesperson for the koch industries. i said i would say this opportunity to say i work for you. where is my check? i have not received one. if they are so offended by the existence of the company, what are they still even making money off of all of their products? you know that they are. there is that.
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we are out here as part of the movement. i have been working and ready and blogging since 2001. i had never really got out and held up a placard to protest. for a conservative to do that, it was sort of odd. people were so fed up, we have been protesting for less government. here comes a movement that got started via a canadian company called adbusters receives money from the tides foundation who is funded by george soros. we are protesting for less government and they are protesting for more government. how is that patriotic? it is not. we are protesting for less government intrusion. we are trying to keep the government out of our cafeteria, bank accounts, churches.
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i can go on. they want complete nanny state babysitting from cradle to grave. that is what they define as liberty. we have also had a lot of successes. 2010, the tea party helped assure that republicans took a victory in the house of representatives. and we are going to do it again with the senate in 2012. one of the things the grass roots have assured is that this president -- barack obama has already been beaten. the media is keeping him on a lifeline right now. this is the same media that has
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been telling you that the occupy wall street movement is an all encompassing universal movement made up of peaceful people. my colleague has a list of over 300 criminal acts, drug selling, drug using, child abandonment -- this was the group that also shot up the white house and through smoke bombs, but we are the violent, raging, racist, hillbilly, and gunslinging klan. and in closing, because you know i could go on, i have a challenge for this grassroots movement. even people doing the not so glorious work of petitioning,
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phone banking, and going door- to-door. it does not matter if you are on television or have a blog read by millions of people. you are just as important as the next person and on -- do not let anyone tell you differently. the challenge and have is this. we can change out the politicians. we can put forward legislative efforts. we can do all this during the election but it is not going to matter if we do not change the hearts and minds of the american voter. that is where it starts. politics is downstream from pop culture, so support your conservatives that are in entertainment. get involved. be a liberty evangelist. small hearts and minds, and then we will see a permanent change in the electoral process. thank you.
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>> a tough act to follow. >> are really tough act to follow. when asked what is the biggest difference between the tea party movement and occupy wall street, the first thought on my mind was soap. similarly related, in every rally i have been too, the 9-12 march in washington, throughout the country, i think everyone picked up their trash. everyone picked up their trash. there was not a single wrapper from any tea party here in the country. they were doing race baiting. there was not a single races than any event in the country. but it occupied events, we have people saying go home, jews and we hate the jews.
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we care about this country, and they care about themselves. i have been asked a number of times, why is it that the tea party movement folks are fighting for economic freedom and less taxes. you guys are blue-collar, middle-class types. why would you want to do something that is against your own interests? i said, that is just it. the tea party movement is about more than our interests. it is about a set of values we think america is losing. we are for economic freedom because we believe the individual can make choices about how to spend their money and it is not the government's place to make those choices for us.
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and i think that is really -- i think it is the seriousness of the tea party movement that stands out from occupy wall street. i occupy wall street is no different from any other g- eight protests that has taken place for the last 20 years. it is anarchists, women college students, and free market types. the tea party movement was very focused. we are 50% of america. we care so much about this country. our goal -- the reason why the tea party started was because a whole host of americans individually decided that they were fed up with america. we were fed up with the leadership in washington, and we were fed up with republicans. that was the key thing.
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we were fed up with republicans. it was not obama. it was the active republicans supporting charlie crist over marco rubio. it does not matter what you believe, it matters what party belong to. i think he partyers around the country recognize that the republican party no longer represented their interests as economic conservatives. and so -- but i think the major thing -- you know, it was not just dislike of the republican party. it was anger at ourselves too, because we let this happen, and we were not going to let it happen any longer. the other panelists have brought up one of the key differences between occupy wall street and us is that we have really made a difference, not only just in terms of policy, not only in terms of pushing the house to the right.
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we made a difference directly in elections. it is not just elections to get republicans elected. it is elections to get conservatives elected. that is the goal. i want to stress that. if republicans take the senate and that senate is not conservative, then we have all failed. we have to take our victories in 2010 and bring them to 2012. there is a great panel going on in the other room right now with two leaders who are going to make that happen. one is ted crews from texas, and the other is richard murdock, who is going to unseat dick lugar in indiana. so, you know, so -- that is it, and i will finish here. our movement has changed.
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the press has said our movement was dead every six months, and then we win 2010. we rise and push for grass- roots change, and we are going to be doing that in 2012. i just want to ask the question of all the folks up there, who here is a tea party supporter? [applause] so, folks, that is your answer.
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thank you. >> i think i am going to have to get some reparations for my time. >> we will take care of that. >> you guys made the case with such eloquence, i do not have much to add. but i do want to say, i got involved in the tea party movement because i bought a home at the height of the housing boom. i have a wife and three daughters and i am a forklift driver. i wanted some answers. and you know where i got my answers? with the government manipulation of the free market. that is what got me motivated. when i first saw the occupy protests -- i will not even call it a movement -- the protests, i was hopeful that we shared something in common.
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the question i want to put to you guys is, is there any redeeming quality in occupy? >> they started, they claimed they were mad at the banks being bailed out. guess what? we were too, but where the heck were they three years ago when we started protesting? >> you talk about going into enemy territory and winning people over. is there any opportunity there or is it so manufactured that there is no chance? >> where i come from in st. louis, it did begin selling as a grass-roots movement. we knew it has been hijacked by the acorn group. they bullied the original founder of occupy st. louis out of business. if they are so upset about wall
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street and the bank bailouts and everything else, welcome to our club number one, and number two, why is it the majority of you say you are going to vote for barack obama? i know you have seen the videos where they drive to these things with their hybrid cars and their apple phones and their obama stickers on their cars, and you go out there and interview them and they say barack obama, barack obama, barack obama. but he is the wall street candidate. nobody has gotten more money from them. >> with so much going on, is there a danger -- are they trying to marry us to the bank bailout somehow?
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>> what i would take from occupied is they are like sybil. they have multiple personalities. you do not know where they're coming from. one needs banking. one loves capitalism. they are all over the map. the tea party movement has remained relatively stable in terms of what we believe and our core values and things like that. with the tea party movement needs and the conservative movement in general, and what we can take from this is, i admire the level of fight that the left brings to what they do. we like keeping things we say civil. we are not in civil times. the left changed the definition of pedophilia to across generational sexuality.
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that is nutty. i had a panel on race relations and people were saying african- american. there is no african-american. there is only american. [applause] and let me tell you something else before i lose the microphone to one of these pretty ladies. i have been all over the world. i have lived in france. i have lived in china. i have travelled throughout africa, 23 countries, various other countries, and i have never heard of anything like the french dream or the chinese stream or the cuban dream.
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but they all know what the american dream is, and that is what we are fighting for. and as the national spokesperson for the tea party, the only black national spokesperson, which throws the left into a spin -- >> wait a second. lloyd marcus of the tea party express. >> lloyd is one of my friends and he is definitely black. he is probably blacker than i am. i defer. the occupied people are all over the map. they do not know what they stand for. we all have the same core values. all you white people, none of you are at the same color. there are no black people on the planet that are the same
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color. we're in hyphenated americans. that is what we stand for. >> how do we hang the ugliness, the violence, how do we pin that to liberal politicians? >> let them use their own words and their own actions. nobody likes to argue more than me. i love to argue. i know we love to fight and have our point, but here is what i tell you. go quiet and ask the questions. it is the hardest thing in the world, but these people are completely remarkable. they stormed the dream summit from americans for prosperity.
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they said if people want to walk out the front door, walk out. i was behind a world war ii vet in a wheelchair and said, i am walking out the front door. if i can take on hitler, i can take on these bums. that brave man went out there with his veteran hat on and went out there. another thing we have to do that is crucial. independence is very important to all of us. there is a big discussion about coopting. am i going to be coopted if i
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work with this group? will i be coopted? stop asking that question. you have one question. do i or do not want to win? that is it. you are individuals with your own god-given freedom. there is no such thing as coopting. but you have to work together because the left does not have that argument, does not have that consternation, does not have that vision, and we do. we need to pull together for winning. define it and do it. >> i want to add to jennifer's. and also address the question about pinning the violence in the occupy movement on liberal politicians. you do not need to panic. they have redone it. barack obama, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, debbie wasserman schultz have already spoken out
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in favor of the occupy movement. i feel like saying her name again just to see what happens. debbie wasserman schultz. they have already endorsed this movement. this is something i find fascinating. everyone in st. louis, my city, a great city, we had a parade. we had a veterans day parade and we also had a parade for the returning iraqi veterans from iraq and afghanistan. now, what is fascinating about this is that there were individuals who wanted to have a parade in new york city for the iraq and afghanistan war veterans, and new york said no. but what does new york to four months on end? they allow the occupy wall street protesters to march without a permit, defecate
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without a permit, and the raping, and the dragging, all of the crime associated with it, all of that. but we cannot have a parade to welcome our veterans home? remind them of this. when you go home, when you talk to democratic official, say do you condone the violence in this movement? do you still endorse this movement after witnessing over 300? of documented violence? all of these people have criminal records. that does not even include over two thousand individuals who have been arrested at various protests because they will not abide by the law? do you condone this? to support it? next time you see them.
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>> i think that is exactly the answer. we have to wrap up. we have some minutes left. i want to give each of you a chance to wrap it up and speak. we will go down the line starting with amy. >> a just want to echo what dana said. i mean, look. they are out here, outside of this hotel protesting as because we are a threat to their agenda. that is the bottom line. if we were not a threat to their agenda, they would not be here. they would not be paying attention to us. it is the same thing with the media. it is the same thing with the left. we have to keep up the fight. we can not back down. if not us, who? if not now, when? the only way we're going to change it is to put people into office who believe in the constitution, believe in the people, and believe that the power should be put back in the hands of the people in this
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state and not the federal government. that is the answer. washington is not the answer. washington is the problem. >> i was on bbc world and they were having protests and they were actually crediting some of those protests with occupy. people have been protesting for hundreds of years, and now all of a sudden they are part of the occupy movement? i will make a prediction. in a few months, the occupy movement will be more lonely than whoopi goldberg's e- harmony profile. >> i am going to say one thing. i am a mother. i'm a wife. i know life is busy. i get it.
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i want to remind you of something. between now and november 2012, your children, your grandchildren, they are not going to remember how many soccer games or ballets you attended, but they will remember if you live to free, and if you do not rise up right now, every day of your life and take action, they will remember. and you need to stay on your feet. that is right. because i'm going to remind you. i'm going to remind you of something. it is not simply that god blesses america. it is the work of people here on earth in this nation on behalf of liberty and justice that have brought forward this great nation. we are going to defend liberty every day of our lives. now is the time.
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>> our men and women go overseas. it is super hot the revers to melt your face. i'm not sure the exact temperature, but it is hot. what we do here is just a candle to the flame they have. you are already involved because you are here. get involved. all politics are local. raise the scene in your own district. the epicenter of activism. get involved. and again, and ask them. get them on record. do you endorse? do you condone? and if you need to, come and get me. i would love to have you.
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>> i would like to conclude by echoing what amy said. we have to keep our eyes on the prize. the occupy wall street movement is irrelevant. the in the prize is the powers that be, the establishment, whether on the left or the right that is trying to deprive us of our individual freedom and economic liberty. they are a much bigger threat. that is why we have to elect conservatives like ted crews and richard murdock to the senate. we have to keep the house, not just with a house republican majority, but create a house conservative majority. and only then can a true defeat of barack obama mean anything. we have to defeat barack obama, but we need to win it, and when
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we do, we need to win it for conservatives. for conservatives. that is what the tea party movement is all about. it is not about getting republicans elected it is about upholding the principles of our founding fathers and insuring those liberties for future generations. >> when you look at the professionalism, passion and class of all of these panelists and all of you, i think that the american people know which side they need to stand on. i want to thank all of you thought. i think with that we will wrap it up because we are running a little over time. thank you so much. >> thank you.
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>> the results of the cpac stopple or an out of the conference came to a close. mitt romney came in first with 38% of the vote. rick santorum came in second with 31%.
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newt gingrich had 15% texas congressman ron paul finished fourth with 12% of the vote. congressman paul which the winner of the poll for the last two years. the result of the main bank -- maine republican caucus have been announced. >> thank you very much, tom. >> thank you very much, tom.


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