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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 16, 2013 6:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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is a little strange to me. >> what are they doing on this legislation? >> they are trying to up date this law that was passed in 2001. they're trying to put in place a new way for schools to operate. it is essentially a band-aid approach right now. no child left behind had benchmarks the people could not meet. the house and the senate are working on it. they are very far apart. i think the hope is they can have a similar idea that they do with student loans. i think this'll probably scoot into next year. it is not as controversial as it used to be. >> fawn johnson, derek wallbank thank you very much for your time. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> i know in my small experience, you do see people, journalists, who would not cut
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it today. that does not mean they are not good at what they do. the demands of their generation and ours are very different. all the people who decry what this media saturation --doing to us is a valid valid complaint. take your time and get your facts right, that will always be true. we saw it on the healthcare rolling, the boston marathon bombing, and pendulum swings back and forth. people are considering how important it is to get their facts right. >> more about journalism today with political reporter patrick gavin. tonight at 8:00. >> next, kentucky senator rand paul hat -- at the faith and freedom coalition conference.
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he was elected in 2010 and is the son of former republican, smit and presidential candidate ron paul. this is about 15 minutes. >> thank you. i hope everybody has got a comfortable seat because i can go on for a wild. [laughter] -- four a while. for a while. to lead a nation, you need not only legal authority, but moral authority. [applause] this constellation of scandals shows the president is losing his moral authority to lead the nation. last year in passes -- pakistan the-- a girl was shot in
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head by the taliban for being a girl and wanting to go to school. if you have not seen the youtube videos, i suggest watching them. she is incredible. speaking out for the education of girls, watch and you will just be amazed. she never met the perdue poet , whenew up in pakistan women could be highly educated and prime minister, but this is one of the poems and it reminds me of her. upon evaluating the firefly in daylight. the chilean -- the children in our age have grown clever. why would anyone want to kill an innocent young girl? what kind of religion or distortion of a religion would want you to kill a young girl? she an theinsisted on exposing daylight. her crime was to believe in enlightenment, that out of
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darkness, a flicker of tolerance can grow and grow and overcome ignorance. americans are cnet -- are seen by pakistanis as invaders and infidels. we will not in a thousand years bring enlightenment to pakistan. only pakistan can do that. when it begins to police pakistan better, when girls who long for nothing but freedom and education are embraced rather than gunned down, then we will begin to make progress. my heart breaks for her. and her family. it breaks for all those who suffer under violent oppression in the name of religion. it breaks for those who cannot and teachers,ets for those who cannot speak without being gunned down by extremists. i can only hope the violence done to her can motivate those who do believe in islam and peace and tolerance to stand up unanimously and proclaim that this violence does not represent them. it cannot represent a religion.
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this reform has to come from islam itself. we have to -- they have to acknowledge the taliban does not represent them. it saddens me that in these countries continue to persecute christians. it angers me to see my tax dollars supporting regimes that put christians to death for blasphemy in islam. countries that put muslims to this for converting to charity. i say no more monies to countries who are doing that. [applause] there is a war on christianity, not just from the liberal
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elites here at home but from the worldwide. your government and you are having to pay for it. you are being taxed to send money to countries that are not only intolerant of christians but openly hostile. christians are imprisoned and threatened with death for their beliefs. in pakistan, a christian sits on death row. her crime, according to her, is that she dared to drink from a glass that the law and to a muslim coworker. to the coworkers, they say she insulted the prophet. in our country, we would refer to this kind of stuff as gossip and it would get nowhere. in their country, as christian sits on death row. recently in pakistan, a 12-year- old girl with down syndrome was imprisoned and charged with a death penalty crime for burning a koran. after weeks, she was right -- released.
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a doctor was tortured and held without charge for nearly a year. he was shackled with his hands behind his back four months and was finally imprisoned, likely for the rest of his life, for the crime of helping america get bin laden. do you think we will get informants? our you and i are forced to send billions of dollars to pakistan every year. how do your leaders respond? 90% of congress voted against my bill that would have put restrictions on aid to pakistan. , egypt, and libya pakistan would get no more foreign aid from u.s. taxpayers until they turn over the assassin to kill the ambassador and pledge and verified that they can and will protect our embassy and in the case of
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pakistan, that they release the doctor. [applause] overwhelmingly, i was voted down. is it any wonder the congress has a 10% approval rating? 90% of the american public favors putting conditions on this eight and washington has not figured it out. , theypt and pakistan burn our flag. i say not one more penny to countries burning the american flag. [applause] have tried through good intentions to make the world a better place, our actions have often backfired. during the iraq war, a quarter of a million christians fled iraq. saddam hussein was brutal, but his government was was secular and therefore relatively safe place for christians. christians fear the new government worse than the
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hussein government. the government we put in place cost christians by the hundreds of thousands to flee iraq and go into syria. now we have 2 million christians in syria and what is going on? we are talking about arming islamic rebel that will be shooting at christians. makes no sense. syrians have lived as christians since the time of christ. i have had a friend of mine, and arab a name, in my wedding, who is a christian. i asked him how long, and he set a heck of a lot longer than you have. he said, we have been christians since the time of christ. there have been christians in the middle east for a long time. what we have to figure out is what we will do. the senate is now attempting to armed forces in syria, many of whom are al qaeda. a misguided out of attempt to stop the violence in syria. instead, i think their actions will bring more violence and
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more purpose -- persecution of christians protected in syria. before the arab spring, christianity flourished in small outposts. i fear the arab spring is becoming an arab renter. today's, christians in iraq are on the run and yet we continue to send aid to people who are chasing them. they burn the american flag and the mob says death to america. toe of your money is sent haters of christianity. even if all of this was not occurring, we do not have the money. who must borrow the money from china to send it to pakistan. aerican soldiers spent decade to liberate iraq, and taxpayers paid 470 million dollars in aid, the president
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of open doors describe what is going on there as religious side. before the toppling of hussein, a city of iraq was home to 75,000 christians. now the numbers have dropped to 25,000. christian homes are set on fire and bombs are placed on cars and christian families are receiving threatening letters, to leave iraq or be kidnapped and killed. american soldiers have risked their lives for the sake of the country's liberation. our young men and women have fought for a noble cause but the unintended consequences is under fit -- unforgivable. no amount of money will make them our true allies. they are not allies of israel and i fear one day, your money, our money, will be used against israel. it makes no sense. should we be staying at sending f-16's and tanks to egypt when president morsi stands up and says jews are descendents of pigs and dogs? i say no more f-16s, no more
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tax, no more money to egypt until they pledge and recognize publicly the right of israel to exist. [applause] in egypt, costa christians, shop owners, they sell icons and statues, they received threatening letters. islamic hangs kidnapped christians. chanting been seen amen to the destruction of israel. he did not just stand by, he seemed to be saying, amen, amen, to destruction of israel. i cannot imagine we would still want to send more money to egypt. that is how we respond. the consensus here is going to increase. when we had the sequester, the president close down the white house, and found an extra 250 million dollars to send to egypt. we have money to send to egypt but not enough for air traffic
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control or meat inspectors. it is clear american taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on christianity in the middle east and i believe it must end. pope john paul ii talked about a culture of death, a war of the powerful against the week. as christians, we know we must always stand with the most defenseless. i believe no civilization can long endure what does not respect life. [applause] i am a sponsor of the life at conception act in the senate and i will stand up for the unborn as long as i am privileged to be in office. [applause] i began my defense a long time ago. i remember standing up in my church as a kid and talking about how my church has to be
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more active in these affairs. i remember being a little bit nervous in my hand shaking and not being very good i'm trying to get better. these days, christians are unified, or seem to be, and our defenses are not yet born. i absorb you to remember the 19- year-old sent into battle. war is not a game or sport. any politician who speaks with preemptive or with a gleeful -- -- a gleeful ms. -- fully i pray for their and to war. i recall no utterance of jesus in favor of any war or any act of aggression. his message was one of nonresistance. i do not think we should not defend ourselves. i believe individuals and countries can and should. but i cannot imagine jesus at
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the head of an army of soldiers. i think as christians we need to be wary of this doctrine of reactive work. we must and should stand with our fellow christians and our jewish friends in the middle east and around the world, but that does not necessarily mean war all the time everywhere without any consideration. jesus himself reminds us in the sermon on the mound when he proclaims, blessed are the peacemakers, for should -- for they should be called the children of god. to countries who persecute christians. i will not rest until this ends. as christians, we understand the right to life, the freedom of religion, pre-exists all government. the rights are not granted by other men. they are granted to us by our creator. god help us in this troubling time to make wise, moral decisions and to listen to the voice of god who lives and
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breathes and resides in us all. thank you and a man. -- amen. [applause] >> what a start to our luncheon and the kickoff. >> next, florida senator marco rubio. he served in the florida house of representatives from 2000 to 2008. he was elected into the senate in 2010. his remarks are 20 minutes. >> west should start. -- let's just start. >> thank you for that introduction. it was very kind. you have overcome very strong adversity and have been successful in your life despite
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your affiliation with the university of georgia. [laughter] i wanted to acknowledge that because it is not easy. i just upset six or seven people. [laughter] thank you for recalling that race. it was difficult at the time. i was asked by recorder -- reporters, it is like david and goliath. how are you going to win? i have to remind them that david one. i am not sure people remember that. i would have to remind people, david won that fight. he won it convincingly. they give for having me today. we have reached an important moment in our nations history where we are debating critical things that go to the essence of who we are as as a nation and a people. before i begin, i want to egg knowledge those of you who are here from florida. we are glad you are here and grateful to see your support, and for the blessing and honor i -- of serving do
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you in the senate. we are debating issues that i think are at the essence and core of what makes us special and different. we have to start from that point. if you lose the view of that, the other issues do not make as much sense. you have to believe the united states of america is exceptional, not something people throw around all the time. there is no dispute. what we have here is unique. and raised was born in this country and it is all you have ever known, when all you have ever known is freedom and liberty and the fact that you can say what ever you want against the government and cannot put you in jail, you can worship in any way you choose, or not, if you to do that, as well. when you grow up in that sort of freedom and liberty, sometimes it is easy to take that for granted. i think we are constantly reminded and should be that this has not been the case for most of human history. even today, even now, even in the 21st century, in most parts
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of the world, those freedoms and liberties are not respected. they are not protected, they do not exist. there are people all over the world today who have to hide when they worship and who they worship. they cannot admit it or openly criticize governmental leaders as i am about to do pretty sensibly. [laughter] [applause] we have to understand what we have is special. anything that is special like what we have is worth reserving and protecting. that is the central issue we face, whether in our society, economy, the central essence that we face today as a challenge is how do we keep america that special place unlike any other in human history. the reason is because, though our rights come from god, as our founding documents state, those rights have not always been respected and human nature has shown a willingness to violate them or deny them.
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we fight against those headwinds in america every day and this is in contrast to what most of human history look like. tomorrow -- to most of us who are influenced heavily by it, it is especially challenging, a time where we are told we should silence our phase were separated from how we express ourselves in the political process. this coalition of faith and freedom gets it right in the sense that faith and freedom are intertwined. for americans, it is. what i hope to do in the next few minutes is not to -- just to advocate you stay involved but encourage you to do more. i think we are called to do more in that regard. knowing the diversity of faith in this room today, i will rely on my personal fate, the christian faith, for guidance to some of the things i have looked at, in times i am discouraged and times in which i wonder, what is the purpose
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of all of this? why do you run from office when everything you know about politics tells you you cannot win? why get engaged in the political discourse simply because you disagree with someone on the definition of what a marriage is, you are called a bigot or a hater. these things are the ones that motivate me. they remind us of what extraordinary individual and personal obligation we have, and what extraordinary obligation we have as a people and a nation. often times, i turn to the book of matthew, where jesus is talking to his disciples and he is trying to explain to them, not just to them, but in words that were meant to influence us about our role in life and the world, no matter what it is you do, it is important to say. sometimes, you think worship is something you can only do in a church or synagogue. it is something you can do in your daily life in your workplace. you dedicate whatever you do to god. that is worship. [applause]
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it is important you clap. those are good water breaks. [laughter] he starts out by saying, you are the salt of the earth. what is that meaning? 2000 years ago, they did not have refrigerators were ice. man made them. salt was a preservative. salt was used to preserve meat and food, designed to preserve. it was a valuable commodity and was designed to preserve valuable things. it was not like today, where you could drive to the corner grocery store and pick up 2000 calories quickly. back in those days, food was valuable. people died it -- of food and starvation. what he was saying to the disciples and us today, no matter what your faith, salt is preservative, that is what you are. you are called to preserve something valuable and important. we understand that at a personal level. if each and every single one of
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us has an obligation to we know, the values make a difference in peoples lives. as americans, we we are called to preserve this extraordinary place. not a perfect country i any stretch -- by any stretch, but the greatest nation in human history even as we speak i'll even even as -- speak, with the challenges we have, there is not a place on earth i would trade for the united states. i thank god that he allowed me to be alive and a 21st-century american. there is no other time and place i would rather live. not because it is without problems or here we have the freedom and liberty to solve them in the right way. you are the salt and the earth -- of the earth. -- oneisions of marriage of the things that make us
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exceptional is there is no nation that is more compassionate, that has used its power and health to help those in the world more than we have. hitsa major catastrophe another nation, it is america that response. you can see it, and we are in the throes of the immigration debate, which is divisive, but at the essence of our immigration policy is compassion. we want to be the place where they succeed. orderly andough an legal process, but we believe these things. we are motivated in that regard by our compassion, by our understanding there are people on earth who are denied the right to be who god meant them to be, and we believe if you give them a chance to do that, it will change their lives, our country, and the world.
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we are called to preserve those values. [applause] we as a nation and you as a person are the salt of the earth. jesus goes on to say, the salt loses its value, then what can be seasons? what replaces it? what can you do to save the salt and what else would you use instead? that is a question to us as people motivated by our faith in political endeavors. who will speak? >> amen. >> what nation on earth will replace us? if we are not the ones who stand up and say, we respect people's views and do not minimize these issues. they are difficult. especially when you ascribe a person in a personal situation to it. this is a tough issue. at the end of the day, we do not believe we know every single human life, whether they can think or not, whether they are born or not, whether they
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have a lawyer were not, whether they are registered to vote or not, every single human life has value. every single human life matters. every single life is worthy of the protection of our laws, our society, and our people. who will say that if we do not? if we stay silent because it will help us lose the next election or offend somebody, who will say it instead of us? who will be the salt if we are not the salt? if we lose the value, what will replace it? the same is true for america. look around the world. statistics tell us the most persecuted groups in the world from a numerical point of view is christians. i am not just talking about remote areas. i am talking about china and egypt. they are christians. sisterssh brothers and understand persecution all too well. it has been the story of jewish people for over 5000 years. people who are persecuted because of their faith, who
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worship in hiding, who are killed in bonds and places in -- of worship destroyed, if we do not speak out, who will? when tyrants rise and radicals threaten the use and safety of the world, it when america does not step forward and say this is wrong and something should be done about it, who will? i do not advocate america try to solve every civil war. i am saying to you there is nothing to replace us. i promise you it is not the united nations. [laughter] i promise you it is not china. [applause] i promise you it is not the european union. the willingness or the power to be an influence on the global stage, there is nothing to replace. by the way, it is a reminder the greatest our country has had in the world has been our
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example. the example that says, we believe here that every human being is endowed by their creator with certain rights and it does not matter how your last name is pronounced or where you come from or what circumstances you have had to overcome. we believe you have a god-given right to go as far as your talent will give you. no matter where in the world you come from or where in the world you go, they can look to america and see something doing here what they were told they could never do. you see people have accomplished things they were told for generations was not possible for people like them. we have proven that if free people can govern themselves, for all of human history, people have been told you cannot govern yourself, that would be chaos, you need leaders to tell you what your rights are and protect you from yourself, but in america, we believe the opposite and we have proven it. in our economy, our laws,
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respect for our constitution, we have proven not just that a free people can govern, but in the process, free people from all corners of the planet can get together in one place and billed the single greatest nation the world has ever known. ,f we lose the american example what replaces it? nothing. pay off. instability. lack of liberty. that is what replaces us if the salt loses its value and if america declines. jesus went on to say, you are the light of the world, the city set on the mound could not be hidden, nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel ask it. it is set up on a lampstand, where it gives like to all the houses. that is a call to us. our values are not about us hiding it or talking about it in polite and private conversation. our values are tested through time. to values have been proven
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be essential values for a strong society and ultimately, a strong nation. not because we sit in judgment of others and not because we do not respect others views and differences. in a we should respect their views. and they should respect hours. to stop speaking of the values that we know that works. mistake.ig it means we would hide the light. we would hide the light. the same with america. the time has come for america to retreat from the world and ignore the issues that are around us. it is a call for us to hide our light. again, we cannot do that. because if america's light is extinguished, there is no other lights. there is no other nation. there is no other example. we are called not to hide our light, but to shine it. and to lead by example.
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the principles we believe in and stand for, the freedom and liberty to go as far as you can go the dignity. and we will be an example to the world of how these codes will be put into practice and the process. i will conclude with jesus' last admonition. they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly father. what that says we want people to to know by our words and our actions. as much of the conversion of christianity was in the example that they live life. people would look at these guys
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that were sinking him -- singing way to thee colosseum. they were showing compassion. against everything the world tells us that matters. thatnt against everything pagan society, the roman society knew to be right. how could people have this kind of peace? how could they go into the situations? what is the source of this? it was their fate. they did not convert people by preaching but by living in their example and their light. the same is true of our nation. time and again, people have told us you do not want with america has. you do not want to that. people like us from place like
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this cannot live like that. eventually, that place is going to collapse. others are predicting that now. it is not sustainable. free enterprise is not sustainable. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. democracy cannot stand. you need strong leaders that put people in line and stop chaos. america's light has proven them wrong. eventually, people said how can they have this great nation? why are people always trying to get in but nobody is getting out? [applause] and people of america, our light must shine. andthers will look to us glory to our heavenly father. thank you for the opportunity to speak. i appreciate it.
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[applause] >> former florida governor jeb the brother of former president george bush. he served as governor from 1999-2007. this is about 20 minutes. >> thank you all. thank you, councilman. thank you for inviting me. it is a joy to be with you all. i thought i would start with a quick bush family update. my dad is doing better. late last year he announced he was -- he told everyone to put the harps back in the closet.
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he decided he would get well out of the icu unit. he is getting stronger every day. my dad and everyone who has a bush as their last name, we are incredibly happy about that. the family says he has a new caregiver. her name is barbara bush. [laughter] she is pretty tough. a lot of you were at the reception and asked about my brother. he's staying out of the limelight. marvin is doing really well, since you asked. thank you for asking. [laughter] in reality, george and his wife are doing very well. they have opened up their library. i'm very proud of my brother for all sorts of reasons. and very proud he has maintain a posture of not chirping on the sidelines even when it must've been pretty easy to do.
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[applause] the final part of the family update is that my life's hope has come true. i'm a grandfather. [applause] i have a 22 month old munchkin. i secretly call her 41. last week they were in texas and brought prescott walker bush into the world. you will be happy to know i will not spend much time rehashing the results of last november. let me say that we got beat because our brand is perceived to be tarnished and reactionary rather than hopeful and positive. increasing numbers of americans are defaulting to a false choice of economic security from
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government because we have not been offered a compelling alternative based on economic opportunity. you might be surprised not be spending much time pointing out the failures of the obama administration. they are clear for all of those who want to see them. rather than relive the election or critique take the presidents policy, i want to talk about how conservatives in government. it is interesting and important that we address these pressing problems. when strain of conservatism should be dominant? we should focus on how to govern again. as for me, our path is through a hopeful and optimistic message based on conservative but suppose, a recognition of traditions that have helped to
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make the united states the greatest country on the face of the earth. for the mission statement, how can we be in every young country again through high sustained, economic growth. all citizens have a chance to benefit from that growth. today in washington, the press brings in the argument of austerity versus stimulus. according to the narrator, they say republicans are all about austerity. the other side is all about stimulus. austerity is all you have now. let's turn that around and get some austerity to washington so prosperity can take root again
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in the real america where people work, live, and dream their dreams. [applause] our path out of this mess that we currently face is to grow economically and reject the new normal that sets a ceiling on our aspirations as a nation. you must have heard about the new normal. it is that we cannot grow like we used to. the new normal is that we have to expect we are on a path of a slow climb and there's nothing we can do about it. listen for it. it is all around us these days. i have a visceral reaction. i feel sick to my stomach. should we set higher expectations on our aspirations? yes. we should grow in real terms over the next decade to come. if he did that, the two percent growth would create jillions of
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dollars of additional economic activity. simply by growing at two percent more than what we plan to do today by changing the new normal to what it used to be. that was the norm two decades ago. we can do it again. we had to change dramatically the policies we have. how can we grow at 4%? by the way, 4.7 trillion economic activity creates revenue. the whole idea of redistribution of wealth if you are generating that kind of revenue would create more benefits for government. we would be able to cut taxes again.
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how do we change this? entitlement reform. tax reform. we need to have an economically driven system where young, aspirational people that would create benefits for us on our terms and not in a broken system that does not work. we need to radically change our education system so just more than 40% are in college or career ready by the time they graduate from high school. finally to recognize a loving
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family life as a society -- as a principle of our society again. we have massive amounts of natural gas and oil resources. there's a source of innovation for all sorts of parts of energy and conservation and renewables. last year, we transferred out $300 billion of money that went to countries that hate us are ready or unstable vatican hit us in a heartbeat. $300 billion goes out in a heartbeat. the u.s. could be the largest producer of oil and gas in the world. this is the greatest innovation that is taking place in our country since the commercialization of the internet. problem is that it is not cool like internet is.
7:13 pm
not cool in the places that define coolness. it takes place in places like north dakota and western pennsylvania. it would create a lot of jobs. it is creating possibility for us to invest in our own country and become energy secure that -- so our security policy can be modeled to our own values. we should celebrate this great american success rather than trying to create barriers to make it not happen. the oil and gas revolution that is taking place in our country will allow us to industrialize. think of the hollow out of our economy in many places in our country. more power would be generated by natural gas. consumers would save hundreds of billions of dollars because he would have the last -- lowest
7:14 pm
gas prices in the world. it would allow us to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in our own country. what should we do? let's approve the xl pipeline for crying out loud. [applause] we should have rational regulation for fracking so we can protect it and keep sustained rather than trying to create rules around it that would make it impossible for to be fully exploited to the benefit of job creation in our country. we should open up federal lands and waters. it should dramatically increase for our country's economic security. we need to the energy secure as fast as possible. we should great short-term incentives for natural gas and transportation for freight and
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trucking. 3 million barrels per day of oil and diesel is used. if the cut that in half, 1.5 million barriers of oil around the world that could come from america. we should create a commitment to conservation. we have seen reductions in our own use of gas that saves consumers money's is that we should let market forces decide where to invest. i do not think it is appropriate to have the government we having add venture-capital arm inside the department. did not seem to work out that way. that would only create one percent. we need more than that to be successful. 10 years from now, we will all be 10 years older.
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if that is the case, we will have fewer workers taking care of a larger number of people that that country has a social contract with. allowing them to retire with dignity. we cannot do that with the rate we have in our country. part of that is a pessimism in our country and part of it is fix ahanging demographic. broken immigration system to allow people to come and have them learn english and play by our rules and pursue their dreams in our country with a vengeance to create more opportunity for all of us. this is a conservative idea. if we do this, we will rebuild our country in a way that will allow us to grow. if we do not do it, we will be in decline. the product to the of this country is dependent upon young people he put to work hard --
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equipped to work hard. look at japan. look at china. look at europe. they're all facing the same problems, but none of them have an immigrant experience to embrace people. american values and american ideas. if we can do this, we will create a lot more energy. immigrants could former businesses and native americans. they love families. they bring a younger population. immigrants create an engine of economic prosperity. what should we do? anything that comes out of washington -- a great country
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ought to be able to do that and the u.s. should do that before we increase and challenge the rest of the system and that is what is being proposed in washington. hopefully it will get done. we need to do move to an economically driven system. 75% of all immigrants competition by family member. shouldn't we narrow the definition down? we can expand the number of immigrants who can, and work hard in our fields and in stem related areas across the spectrum of our economy and make it more a strategic investment for long-term. canada is the place we want to look to. to have more economic immigrants. they have more economic immigrants. they had seen sustained economic
7:19 pm
growth. giving them a path to legal status, but pay a fine, learn english, not receive any federal welfare payment, they should not violate laws for an extended period of time. in doing so, we will have sustained growth. how will we sustain it? 40% of our kids are college or work ready. too many young people have shattered dreams because they do not have the skills to be successful. we accept this. there is a complacency that is damaging. most people say that is an urban issue. that is an inner-city issue. i could go to a good school. if we measure ourselves to the best in the world, the schools that our kids go to are not that good.
7:20 pm
we have made our standards so low -- [applause] we excuse the way of the god- given talent of young people not being fulfilled as someone else's fault. in florida we tried a different approach. we graded schools 100% based on student learning. a, b, c, d, f. we're limited social promotion in third grade. we focus on early literacy. we extend school choice to empower parents to make decisions for their children. we need much higher standards than we have today and
7:21 pm
evaluating teachers on student performance. in florida, we went from the bottom of the pack to near the top with these reforms. if every state made a commitment to ensure that all drinking the power of knowledge, we would be far better off. it is hugely important for our country success. we must focus on a shared believe of strong families and faith as a backbone of any american renewal. it is important. when we deprive our families of fathers and mothers, our schools and religious institutions, what happens? without purpose, they begin to crumble. so does the culture that defends them. some of you might know i was
7:22 pm
raised episcopalian. we should read the bible, work hard and honestly and not complain. barbara bush emphasized the not complaining part is i remember. [laughter] all young husbands and dads, it would not be easy to emulate. i had a great appreciation for what i started out on my life's journey as an adult. the things that my parents did they were right. they were more than right. it was an anxious time. it is often exhilarating in many ways. i lived overseas and moved back. moved to houston. moved to miami. build a business. work hard.
7:23 pm
went to all the baseball games. went to all the children's plays. it required humility and lots of prayer. i saw firsthand the role that strong families, strong and loving parents, playing a successful community. i watched as first-generation, cuban-americans come here to have a better life for their children. i watched and learned as my own children grew older and began to make their own decisions. i learned that love and forgiveness was everything. what my mom knew when she was young, everything starts in the family. my journey brought me to the catholic church. first it was for the love of my wife who is a devout catholic and an inspiration to me. 39 years married.
7:24 pm
[applause] but then again, that is probably how many husbands convert. they convert to their wife's religion. but then i began to understand and love the blessed sacraments. love and compassion of the teachings of the church. it is a god-given blessing. [applause] unfortunately we are facing a crisis on the family front in this country. 42% of the babies brought into the world today will be brought out of wedlock. women are increasingly choosing not to marry. worse, men are increasingly not engaged in the rearing of their offspring. a transfer payment or another rule or regulation.
7:25 pm
government cannot fill this void. there are fantastic faith and community-based groups providing support for america's families. they recognize the incredible work they do. we have to reclaim the family as a force for good. families do not look like they used to, and that is ok. they have to be supported of a single mom or dad or a grandmother taking care of young children. our america's children in loving homes and taught the difference between right and wrong and hard work and justice and walking humbly? now that i'm a grandparent, everything has come full circle. things are not as black and white as they used to be. there is a lot more gray now. i spent a lot of time
7:26 pm
reflecting. every day i hear of a new challenge. i know my own children will face those challenges as they raise their own kids. i wish i could take away the heart ache that i know is coming. reading a word for the first time. holding your breath every time your child gets behind the wheel. for now, i try to live my life in a way that will connect with god and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. as abraham lincoln suggested, plant flowers. let me close by asking -- and all the problems we hear about each and every day, would you rather be the age you are today or start over at the age of 21? i would take 21 in a heartbeat.
7:27 pm
if i could go back with my beloved, maybe two credit cards to make it easy. i would do so in a heartbeat. the future of our country can be incredibly bright. it will be bright if we all resolved in the struggle and focus on making it so and returning to and half of workers and meaning -- and returning to a life of meaning. faith and family is what they should be about. you do not have to go back to be 21. we can do it ourselves. if we do it, we will restore america's greatness. let's get to work. thank you. [applause] andormer alaska governor vice presidential candidate, sarah palin. she was the finals eager at the faith and freedom coalition.
7:28 pm
this is about 25 minutes. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. i am delighted to be here. todd and i are here because of you. you have taken time out to be here and be involved. we were talking about this backstage. it is not about me or us. it is about you being involved in trying to defend our republic and save our country. thank you for being here. out byot going to start getting so blubbery ou. -- on you. you do my heart well. it is good to be with friends.
7:29 pm
it is so interesting to be in washington. i do not get back are so often. it seems to get more and more surreal. [laughter] ask ralph if he encountered any protesters here. speak now or forever hold your peace. facing the critics is something i do well. [laughter] [applause] easy to spot them in the parking lot. there are cars and give them. what gives them away his reelect obama bumper stickers. that bumper sticker might as well say, yes, i am still gets. , rolled my truck window down and i said, really? theirs there in pink? --
7:30 pm
thinking? -- one replygot, i got, one guy said, i am not a racist. i said leader in my. i said leader and i. i said to vote for somebody else to show that you are not a noble head. now more than ever it seems so orwellian over here. terms like "leading from behind" meant following. the other day the white house testified bragging that they used "unleased untruthful statements." where i come from that is called "a lie." the government lied in benghazi
7:31 pm
and americans died. the scandals are being rebuilt. people are waking up to what is going on. the scandals are coming at us so fast and furious. it reminds me of a comedy routine that my really good friends at saturday night live could think of me as a friend. doing more for those unemployment numbers than obama has ever done. what snl does is they have this skit where they do this take newscast and they read absurd news reports. then they finish it with an incredulous "really?" our government spies on every single one of your phone calls but cannot find two bostonians.
7:32 pm
really? it built an apparatus to sneak into all the communications but it missed the fort hood mass murder of our own troops despite this islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions and on his own business card. there were no red flags there. really? our government passing the affordable care act. that is the affordable care act. it's result? making our premiums more expensive. now hiring up to 16,000 armed
7:33 pm
irs agents to implement this act. the irs cannot figure out how it managed to spend over $4 million on a training conference because it didn't keep its received. really? you try that with the irs. it gives me the same reaction that i get from so much of what saturday night live does. i do not know whether to laugh or cry. you just tune out. i think that is what a lot of good are doing to washington today. dc is one hot mess. where is our commander-in-chief. we are talking more new interventions.
7:34 pm
in these radical islamic countries they are not respecting basic human rights. they scream over an arbitrary red line. we have someone who knows what they are doing. let allah sort it out. we are gathered today in a city that is a scandal. it is just another saturday afternoon in dc. to me this one feels different. something more is going on than your garden-variety corruption. this is shaping up to be a teachable moment. what is going on? it shows
7:35 pm
something fundamental about our relationship to our government. for the perfect teacher we need to look no further than becky. she is a wife and mother and living in small-town usa. before last week you probably have never heard of her. she came to washington recently to do something that no american should have to do. that was to beg for her right. she came to washington not as a dem but as a bit tour, a lawyer. she had been singled out for her political believes. she came to washington not to apologize but to evangelize. she had been treated by her government as an uppity hick who needed to be brought down in an avalanche of red tape.
7:36 pm
she came to washington not as a subject but as a citizen. she made her case better than i ever could have. part of what she says, she said where i come "we are patriotic americans. we peacefully assemble." we exercise our right to free speech. we do not understand why our government tries to stop us. "i am not a serf. i'm not here today to beg my lords for mercy. i am a wife, a mother, a citizen. i'm time i government that you have forgotten your place." i have had the honor of meeting thousands of americans like
7:37 pm
becky's. so many human have they are calling out to government that has not called out. they have systematically usurped the place. when our founders declared our independence, they pointed to a long train of abuses from arrogance and dictatorial governments. that train leaving the station again. the challenge is to see it for what it is and to stop it in its tracks. the problem is not bureaucrats in cincinnati going rogue. it is not honest reporters and their parents being targeted for doing their job. it is not 20 something security contractors leaking government documents.
7:38 pm
the problem is government grows so big that it intrudes into every aspect of our life. it has grown so arrogant that it thinks that we work for it rather than it working for us. the problem is this is the power of government. elitists to sustain for the rights of we the people. the scandals infecting the city are a symptom of something bigger. it is not matter if it is a republican or democrat sitting on top of out of control government, everyone is infected. no party is immune. i am listening to those independents.
7:39 pm
libertarians are saying it is both sides of the aisle. they've perpetuated these problems. the good old boys i'm not been part of the solution. they put this on cruise control. put it on the ted cruz control for a week and see where it goes. i think we would see some solutions. investigate them. let's punish the guilty. did you know the fbi is investigating the irs of the tea party conservatives scandal?
7:40 pm
they have not contacted one tea party yet. the fbi does not know who is even leading the investigation. nothing to see here. that is what they want us to believe. move along little people. irs lawyers who are in charge of this donated to obama over republicans 20-1. both of the lawyers who made political contributions overall, 95% of them came to obama. that is nothing. at the un and education department and national labor relations board, 100% of their attorneys donated to obama. it is not just me saying that.
7:41 pm
investigate. we can not kid ourselves that we can stop at just that. we could rebuild our majority. they want to basis over one rate over another. i say this to someone who is kind of fertile myself. i do not think that is where we want to go in society. how we will incentivize the hard-working responsible families who want to follow the law.
7:42 pm
the first act is to break the law. we are slightly acquiescing to a totalitarian state if we just sit down and shut up. i refuse to do. we have nothing to gain by loudly condemning the tactic while we retreat. we are a freeborn people. the day we stop worrying about this tear any lurking around every corner, which barack obama just told a group of graduates that they should ignore and forget about.
7:43 pm
that is the day that we lose our freedom. that is the day we stopping citizens and become subjects. they forget the words we spoke some of the words we must be willing to say today. that words that launched the resolution. patrick and he said "i know not what course others will take, as for me, give me liberty or give me death." we must be willing to say that today. i am so glad that you are here. i'm so glad you made the sacrifices away from family and work and home to be here. i cannot thank you enough.
7:44 pm
it is just so encouraging for normal average everyday americans skew our counting on you to have that stiff spine and pushed back this movement that is tyranny. americans like becky. they already know all of this. not only do they value their freedom but you're willing to fight for it. and hundreds of towns across america, so many americans are fighting the good fight. i know because i have met them. i have been in their home.
7:45 pm
they have been a mine. they are the rock upon which we will build this new majority. they are the voice that can reach millions of others of patriots of all race and color and creed that value the dignity and opportunity of freedom. they have kept safe with everything we love about this land of the free. we will have no hope of reclaiming our country. we will deserve it even less. this is the message that our leaders need to understand. you do not discredit and dismiss every hard-working american.
7:46 pm
too often leaders are not doing it. we the people have to do it. we cannot count on our politicians in washington, dc to do this for us. this speaks to the idea, the action needed on a local level. i ran for city council. i was a small town mayor. you have to start on a local level affecting that change. you do not just except the good old boys trying to shut things down in your own hometown either that are not part of a liberty loving populace that is here running their businesses, raising their families, assuming that everybody understands what our constitution says, assuming it is in our heart and soul that we will follow our constitution, start on the local level
7:47 pm
affecting that change as you work on these higher levels of politicos who happen to be in charge of our country. a start on that local level or do both. it just do both. local and national. time is wasting. we will reclaim our country if we do not keep faith with those americans. they knew that this land was dedicated to our god and he has blessed it. we do well to rededicate it at this time to our one true heavenly father. we are not going to come up in her own simple minds with a solution. the challenges are too big. we need to ask at hands of
7:48 pm
protection and the blessings of our father to fall upon our nation. this is what god is all about, grace and mercy and forgiveness. if we ask for this and rededicate our land to our lord, things will turn alone. i know at least you all can appreciate that. they are the unsung heroes. they are out there be fusing to retreat. we must, we will fundamentally restore america.
7:49 pm
would that i want to thank you again. i want to ask you to keep up the good fight. we cannot get tired. we cannot weaken our resolve to defend this republic and make our politicians be accountable and follow our constitution. you are the unsung heroes. i happened to be given a microphone. i'm speaking on behalf of you who love this country as much as i do. who love and value life and our kids, some who perhaps will face more challenges than the rest of us will face, yet we understand the dignity of human life. we understand there are got the standards of perfection and then there are the world standards of perfection that are superficial and often materialistic and do
7:50 pm
not matter. you all know what really matters. that is why it is so good for us to be encouraged and be fed by you knowing you're out there. you've got our back. we've got your back. with that, i thank you. happy father's day tomorrow. happy father's day to our founding fathers. in their honor, let us do better for the country that they have bestowed upon us. thank you all so much. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [applause]
7:51 pm
[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] thank you so much for being here. >> i hope to do more of the same and remind people they are empowered by our constitution. and the rule of law we are under and remind them they can live out what we have been talking about for the last five years on the road. wonderful. thank you.
7:52 pm
so nice to meet you. very cool. thank you. great to see you. thank you. how are you? >> i am from virginia. how can we take power out of washington? it is so good to meet you finally. it was my honor. it really was. thank you very much. >> right on. >> thank you. >> i'm from north carolina.
7:53 pm
>> thank you. do you play basketball? >> no. [laughter] >> oh, right on. >> i am from texas. >> where in texas? >> dallas. >> i want to go to a basketball game. >> thank you. >> i am another one of your alabama girls. >> where are you from? >> birmingham.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. god bless you. >> i just graduated. >> thank you. >> i would vote for you. >> thank you. >>. it. -- got it. >> i am doing great. how about you?
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>> and do not push. >> ok. >> thank you. >> can i take a picture but mark >> and here you go. does that work? did you catch my funny line? they will debate this. >> make sure i got it right. >> we have 2. [laughter] >> what is your name? >> mary. i am a teacher.
7:56 pm
thank, god. >> my whole family loves you. keep up the good work. >> thank you so much. i am honored to meet you. [indiscernible] >> i like my 1982 here. -- hair. [laughter] >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much.
7:57 pm
>> what is your name but mark -- name? >> donald. you are very dynamic. we need you. >> we need you. thank you. i appreciate it. >> can i get one? >> yes. >> pretty picture. sure. theirrybody has them in dorms. >> they are so unflattering.
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>> thank you. >> thank you for your encouragement. [indiscernible] >> where you from? to nicky. >> i will. >> we want you to run. you look so pretty. >> thank you. >> you have no idea. >> i love you.
7:59 pm
>> i am from russia. >> it is a pleasure to meet you. >> a good to see you. thank you. that makes me proud. >> we are going to keep moving. >> the c-span library has reached a milestone. there are more than 200,000 hours of original programming, public affairs, history, and nonfiction books searchable and free. a public service. america's cable company. ," with patricka gavin. followed by prime ministers
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